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Agenda • Viel Technik auf kleinem Raum Notebooks und Desktops • PS bis zum Abwinken Workstations • Ein Blick in die Zukunft Client Virtualisierung •Q&A

Viel Technik auf kleinem Raum Notebooks und Desktops


Š2009 HP Confidential

HP Commercial Notebook Lineup 2010/2011 HP Mini


HP ProBook

13.3” 15.6” 17.3”


HP EliteBook

14” 15.6”

12.1” 14” 15.6”

15.6” 17”


S series

M series

B series

P series

W series







Netbook performance, durable design

Full performance, latest Intel & AMD technology, three screen sizes

Full performance, ultra thin, durable, streamlined design

12 month lifecycle, Common Accessories, 3 months transition

Focus on Manageability (vPro), Reliability (HP DuraCase) and Stability

Processing power, graphics performance, reliable and manageable

1/1/0 Warranty 9 months lifecycle Short transition (2m)

1/1/0 Warranty 9 months lifecycle Short transition (2m)

1/1/0 Warranty 9 months lifecycle Short transition (2m)

1/1/0 Warranty Global series (Intel) 12 months lifecycle Medium transition (3m) Early Evaluation Program

3/3/0 Warranty Global series 18 months lifecycle Long transition (5m) Early Evaluation Program vPro, HP DuraCase

3/3/0 Warranty Global series 18 months lifecycle Long transition (5m) Early Evaluation Program vPro, HP DuraCase


HP ELITEBOOKS – MAXIMUM RELIABILITY Aircraft inspired construction

Display latch mechanism

HP DuraKeys

Metal Alloy Hinges

HP 3D DriveGuard


©2009 HP Confidential

Full Magnesium chassis

Anodized Aluminum areas

Military Standard Testing Most HP EliteBook PCs and Mobile Workstations are engineered to meet tough U.S. military standards for drop, vibration, dust, humidity, altitude, and temperature. MIL-STD-810G:

Pressure Testing

Drop Test

HP 3D DriveGuard

Spill Resistant Keyboard With Drains

The notebook lid is subjected 136kg of pressure

The test program comprehend a series of 26 drops (76cm) on each side of the notebook

Protects the HDD and the data against drops, bumps and shock

Helps to avoid getting any liquids in vital areas of the notebook


Humidity Exposure

Sand and Dust

EliteBook models are exposed to high humidity conditions

From -20 to 140 degrees operational temperatures

Š 2010 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained here in is subject to change without -tice – HP Private

Übersicht der Desktops Gut

HP Compaq 6000/6005 Pro

Price for Value Erweiterte Lösungen, netzwerkoptimiert und energieeffizient – ideal als Einstiegsgerät


HP Compaq 8000 Elite

Maximum Flexibility Energieeffiziente PCs mit stabiler Intel Technologie, maximaler Stabilität und Sicherheit, Chassiswahl und höchster Verwaltbarkeit

Am Besten HP Compaq 8100 Elite

Maximum Performance Intel’s neuste Core iX Technologie, kombiniert mit optimaler Grafikleistung, Stabilität und Verwaltbarkeit

-Stabiler Lebenszyklus von bis zu 15 Monaten -Keine Technologiewechsel

-Stabiler Lebenszyklus von bis zu 18 Monaten -Keine Technologiewechsel

-2 Prozessorenhersteller -Breites Spektrum an Grafiklösungen

-Intel vPro Technologie -Maximales Spektrum an Grafiklösungen

-Stabiler Lebenszyklus von bis zu 18 Monaten -Keine Technologiewechsel -Intel Core i3, i5, i7 Prozessoren -Intel vPro Technologie in 4. Generation -Maximales Spektrum an Grafiklösungen

-2 Formfaktoren -Sicherheitslösungen (SW und HW) -Servicefreundlich (ohne Werkzeug) -Zentral verwaltbar, Wake on Lan

-3 Formfaktoren -Sicherheitslösungen (SW und HW) -Top Servicefreundlich -Optimierte zentrale Verwaltbarkeit

-2 Formfaktoren -Sicherheitslösungen (SW und HW) -Top Servicefreundlich -Optimierte zentrale Verwaltbarkeit

-Energieeffizient, geräuscharm

-Energieeffizient, sehr geräuscharm

-Energieeffizient, sehr geräuscharm




©2009 HP Confidential

HP Z WorkStations

The right tools for right now HP Z800 HP’s ultimate in performance and expandability

HP Z600 HP Z400 HP Z200 HP Z200 SFF

Maximum power in a compact footprint Enhanced performance in an affordable package

Putting workstation power within reach Workstation performance in a small form factor

HP Z WorkStations

Maximum Memory1

Maximum Storage2


HP Z800

192 GB

10.0 TB

Up to dual NVIDIA FX5800

HP Z600 HP Z400 HP Z200 HP Z200 SFF

48 GB

6.0 TB

Up to eight displays or dual NVIDIA FX1800

24 GB

8.0 TB

Up to NVIDIA FX4800 or dual NVIDIA FX1800

16 GB

4.5 TB

Up to NVIDIA FX1800 or Dual NVIDIA NVS 295

16 GB

2. 0 TB

Up to NVIDIA FX380 or Dual NVIDIA NVS 295


Reinvented from the core outward Streamlined style, with brushed aluminum and integrated handles

Tool-less, modular design for ease of expansion & serviceability

– Designed for state-of-the-art technologies and advances – Maximizes airflow and minimizes power and cooling costs

– Accommodates more and faster I/O, larger memory and storage configurations, and higher-performing processors

Z inner beauty, see the difference HP Z800

“Competitor's cases have the same design as four years ago, while the HP's gleaming aircraft-like case was designed by BMW Designworks USA inside and out. Easy choice.” – Charlie White, DVICE Dell

ENVIRONMENTAL LEADERSHIP • #1 Green Ranking among 500 largest U.S. companies • All HP workstations registered as EPEAT® Gold

Minimize energy consumption

Minimize power and cooling costs

Minimize materials

Energy Star® configurations available on all workstations

HP WattSaver lowers off-mode energy usage to <1 watt

Workstations designed for easy disassembly

HP SkyRoom reduces carbon emissions

HP Custom BIOS reduces power consumption

At least 90% recyclable

Hardware and software innovations reduce carbon footprint

85% efficient or better power supplies on all workstations

Packaging 100% recyclable

Helping our customers strengthen their environmental commitment – and their business 13

©2010 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P

Today HP is at the core of how DreamWorks animation works Our servers, storage, and workstations enable compute-intensive animation HP Halo Collaboration Studios allow face-to-face meetings without travel

Films created during our 10 year partnership include: Shrek 1, 2, 3, & 4, Monsters vs. Aliens, Kung Fu Panda, How to Train Your Dragon, and more

Š2009Š2009 HP Confidential 14 HP Confidential

Why HP Workstations? HP offers a full range of workstation solutions to meet the needs of the most demanding customers HP maintains close relationships with all major ISVs HP workstations offer unmatched improvements in performance, reliability and design, and are one of the most ecologically friendly workstations in the market HP has 30 yearsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; experience in the channel and offers its customers and partners the most attractive set of benefits



©2009 HP Confidential

HP Client Virtualization Video

HP can Deliver/Optimize the Complete Client Virtualization Solution Access Devices


Key Partners

End-user segments


Task Oriented Basic Productivity

Server Hosted Computing Access Protocols

Converged Infrastructure

Knowledge Worker Application Management

Performance User

HP Blade Workstation

OS Delivery

Traditional clients, client-hosted




HP Rich Clients with Citrix XenClient USER PROFILE

User Profile




My Life HP Client

My Work


Synch Server


XenClient Requirements • CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo, Core 2 Quad, Core i5, Core i7,

• Graphics: Intel Graphics GMA 4500, Intel HD Graphics • Memory: 4 GB RAM recommended • Disk: 160 GB recommended • Wireless LAN: Intel Centrino, Broadcom Wireless Adapters

• Intel vPro Highly Recommended

System Center & Partner Integration

• HP EliteBook 14”: 8440p, 6930p 12”: 2530p, 2540p, 2740p* • HP Desktops HP Compaq 8000 Elite PC HP Compaq 8100 Elite PC • only with Intel gfx & vPro



The Simplest Enhanced Features Solution at our Best for Mainstream Price Business Use


Flexible Powerful, Flexible, Innovative!

High performance

Superb Remote Computing

HP t5740 HP t5745 HP t5550 HP t5565 HP t5570

HP t5325 HP ThinPro

Windows XPe Windows ES


More secure, reliable, thin client

HP gt7720

HP 4320t

HP gt7725

Windows Embedded Standard

HP ThinPro Windows ES

HP ThinPro

Windows CE 6.0 Windows ES HP ThinPro

Client Management •

HP Easy Tools Practical update, setup and cloning tool – exclusive solution from HP

HP Device Manager Easy to use, highly secure and comprehensive thin client management solution

HP Client Automation End to end HP management solution for thin clients, desktop PCs and virtual desktops

Example Healtscare • Records always retained in the data center • Secure, backed-up, archived • Small footprint • Mount anywhere quick release

• Wireless thin client for constant connectivity • Easy integration with touch screens and other custom interfaces • Mobile thin client for mobile users

• HP client management solutions allow IT to manage all devices from a single console

Example Finance • Windows XP or Linux images • RGS for media-rich applications

• Data stored in data center, never on client so data is more secure, backed-up, & archived

• RGS delivers remote collaboration with “just like local” feel • Global support for global operations • Rapidly reconfigure the trading floor • Multi-monitor experience 22

• Low heat, low noise, minimal size

Why HP Client Virtualization? HP is the only vendor to offer the complete choice of hardware for your virtualization needs HP maintains close relationships with key ISVs â&#x20AC;&#x201C; VMware, Microsoft, Citrix Through its acquisition of Neoware in 2008, HP has gained expertise around the client solutions HP has 30 yearsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; experience in the channel and offers its customers and partners the most attractive set of benefits



Š2009 HP Confidential

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