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May 2014


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2014 Candidate Profiles Read why each candidate is running for election and their plans if elected in June.


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ocal elections matter! In June voters on both sides of the river will be asked to determine who will fill the open seats for Mayor, City Commission, County Commission, Park Boards and School Boards. In the 2012 June election roughly 29 percent of the eligible voters determined who would lead our schools and cities. Did the other 71 percent of voters not care or were they just too busy?

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Chair’s Corner

It’s ironic – fewer people vote in the local elections but local elected leadership has a direct impact on our daily lives and wallets. Local elected leaders hire our children’s teachers, determine where new schools will be built, decide which roads will be built and which will be repaved, plan new neighborhood development, garbage pickup, property taxes, sales tax – all determined by the public elected officials.

Our cities have just started to address and manage the changes that come with economic and population growth. Resources will be stretched and it’s important that we elect strong, forward thinking leaders who will lead our cities and schools into the opportunities ahead. Learn more about the candidates in this issue of the Chamber Connection which features candidate interviews and information. The Morton-Burleigh county joint county jail proposal will also be on the ballet in June. This proposal will require the approval of a home rule charter and ½ cent sales tax in both counties. It’s a complicated issue but one worthy of your attention. The Chamber Board of Directors had the opportunity to hear from Sheriff’s Shipman and Heinert on the pressing need for new jail facilities. They shared with the Board shocking information on the number of inmates in our county facilities and the costs associated with shipping and housing inmates out of county because we just don’t have enough room in the current facilities. The Board voted to support the joint jail proposal. We believe our counties working together is in the best interest of our community and the taxpayers investment. Finally, I want to thank those candidates who put their hats in the ring and are running for office. Thank you for being willing to share your time, talents and energy to ensure Bismarck/Mandan remains a great place to live and do business. I wish best of luck to those who are elected and offer the Chamber as a resource as we move forward together. See you at the polls on Tuesday, June 10th!

MIKE SEMINARY - MAYORAL CANDIDATE WHY ARE YOU RUNNING FOR MAYOR AND WHAT QUALIFIES YOU FOR THE POSITION? I want to see the successful implementation of the identified key areas and corresponding critical initiatives developed from our strategic planning efforts. The next four years of commission and community partners collaboration, will set the groundwork for the next 30 years. Successful implementation will require knowledge and understanding of processes and delivery systems that can only come from direct involvement and knowledge of the process along with the investment of hands on experience. As a Bismarck commissioner with six years of roll up your sleeves and bring in the coffee pot teaming experience, I have the in-depth knowledge of the process used to arrive to this point, and more importantly, I have paid very close attention, and know how to move us forward. WHAT ARE THE TOP THREE ISSUES THE CITY COMMISSION SHOULD ADDRESS IN THE NEXT THREE YEARS? • Bismarck is a rapidly growing city – it must be a safe rapidly growing city. Safety is very important. • Effective and efficient delivery of all services Bismarck citizens, and our visitors have come to expect. Efficient delivery systems are very important. • With dramatically reduced federal highway funds, how do we pay for badly needed “new” roads? Efficient transportation systems are very important.


IDENTIFY ONE AREA WHERE YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE IMPROVEMENT FROM CITY GOVERNMENT? First of all, Bismarck department heads and staff, across the board do a darn good job! That said, we have made great strides in how our community development and planning department provides its important services. I would like us to make more improvements in the time it takes to issue certain permits. Every year mother nature gives our builders and contractors about 100 days to deliver; new homes, roads, sidewalks, shopping outlets, restaurants, schools, other public buildings, home improvements, etc…. Every day we can shave off from our internal delivery systems will be well spent by generating revenue streams in our city. HOW DOES THE COMMISSION ADDRESS FUTURE FUNDING REQUIREMENTS FOR INFRASTRUCTURE? I have had many meetings and discussions about our funding mechanisms and how the current ones, and/or others might serve Bismarck as we grow. Options are briefly discussed in the (soon to be discussed and hopefully adopted) updated growth management plan. Bismarck residents have come to expect well delivered public services. Additionally , as a growing city we have “lists” of needs and those we can implement will require a funding mechanism. The next mayor and commission will likely have many “funding” discussions, and if I am Bismarck’s next mayor, I will ask for them. WHAT KIND OF COLLABORATIVE PARTNERSHIPS SHOULD THE CITY COMMISSION ENGAGE IN TO ACCOMPLISH ITS GOALS? These are covered in our strategic plan and are a work in progress. --- there are many ranging from; • NDDOT for transportation planning. • Human/Social service agencies for addressing “soft-infrastructure” needs like: – Housing for our homeless – Meals for our hungry – Safe havens for our at risk populations – Health-care services for our needy • Other political jurisdictions for identifying delivery system(s) efficiencies. • Home builders association, BMDA, The Chamber and others to move forward the implementation of the updated Growth Management Plan.

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DENNIS ROHR - MANDAN CITY COMMISSION WHY ARE YOU RUNNING FOR CITY COMMISSIONER AND WHAT QUALIFIES YOU FOR THIS POSITION? It has been an interesting experience working into the responsibilities of being a city commissioner for the City of Mandan for the last four years. I found the first four years to be one of learning about the many facets of city government in ways I did not experience when working as Chief of Police in Mandan for 22 years and working in municipal government for 42 years. This was especially true in learning about the portfolios I have: water treatment, waste water, engineering and public works. These areas of operations involve large funds and are essential to the health and well being of Mandan. I quickly discovered that there are many opposing views and citizen interests and the need is for the commission to balance these views and interests with the need to insure the overall well-being of our community. Mandan is growing and with this growth it is important that good foresight and planning allow for a healthy growth while avoiding problems in the future. There has to be a good balance between the need for citizens to pay taxes in order to receive services and keep our infrastructure viable while keeping costs and expenditures at a reasonable level. We currently have a very good working relationship within the city commission, while the competency level of the city staff is very good. I have strong desire and determination to serve the citizens of Mandan. But this is only one part of the task in fulfilling the role of being city commissioner. I have the time and interest to expand my knowledge of city business while striving to make informed decisions. I am willing to take the time to prepare for city business, planning and communicating with others. WHAT IS YOUR TOP PRIORITY THE CITY COMMISSION SHOULD ADDRESS IN THE NEXT THREE YEARS? How we determine funding sources to keep our infrastructure in good condition while minimizing future expenditures through the use of good planning strategies. HOW DOES THE COMMISSION ADDRESS FUTURE FUNDING REQUIREMENTS FOR INFRASTRUCTURE? HOW DO YOU THINK THE CITY OF MANDAN SHOULD APPROACH SPECIAL ASSESSMENTS? In recent decades there has been an increasing dependency on funding from federal and state government to help pay for roadways, water projects, waste water projects and other major projects. Any cutbacks in funding from the Federal or State government can have a significant impact on local governments. The current trend is troubling. Federal and State aid can erode the local official’s accountability to voters, increases the publics and the state’s dependence on the federal government, weakens incentives to restrain government spending, and even encourages state lawmakers to design and expand their spending to maximize federal aid to their states. The city commission must be acutely aware of any dependency we have on funding from outside sources and how that dependency impacts our budget applications. There is an advantage to obtaining funds from outside sources but a dependency can develop that enslaves the community to overly restrictive rules and regulations or takes away some self reliance on how our community develops. Simply stated: “One must be aware of the advantages FRONT: Levi Andrist, Amanda Peterson, Leslie Bakken Oliver, and disadvantages in how we obtain funding.” Brenda Blazer, R.J. Pathroff In focusing on local taxes and revenue sources, there appears to be a debate BACK: Jeffrey Nelson, James Cailao, Monte Rogneby, Seth Thompson, John Kapsner, Joel Gilbertson on the value of using property taxes verses sales tax. There has be a balanced approach whereby people are not overburdened with taxes. As a city commissioner, I have some dependency on our finance department in their budget projections. I look to the demographics of people and 200 North 3rd Street, Ste. 201 businesses to see what the trends are. Bismarck, ND 58501 Special assessments can be developer driven or result from improvements, 701-258-7899 • 877-629-0705 repairs, and special projects. I am for having a balanced approach with Offices also in Fargo and Williston, ND, and Moorhead and Minneapolis, MN developers to keep city debt at a reasonable level. I am still studying and learning about the dynamics of special assessments. 4 | Chamber Connection

Bismarck’s Legal Team

SHAUNA LABER - MANDAN CITY COMMISSION WHY ARE YOU RUNNING FOR CITY COMMISSIONER AND WHAT QUALIFIES YOU FOR THIS POSITION? I am running for the Mandan City Commission position to serve my community and offer my time, effort, energy and attention to detail in this time of rapid growth and development within our city. I am well qualified for this position, as I currently serve on the Planning and Zoning Commission as well as the Comprehensive Plan’s Advisory Committee, both in a capacity to plan for the development and growth of our city. I have also been employed in a diverse realm of business, from abused child advocacy to manufacturing to mining and presently in utilities. I believe this diverse background has given me a depth of understanding in both the public and private sectors to act as an effective bridge in this role for Mandan. WHAT IS YOUR TOP PRIORITY THE CITY COMMISSION SHOULD ADDRESS IN THE NEXT THREE YEARS? Infrastructure: Effectively address and plan for the upgrades and/or replacements needed to maintain our aging infrastructure as well as planning for expansion which will place exponential pressure on the existing infrastructure. HOW DOES THE COMMISSION ADDRESS FUTURE FUNDING REQUIREMENTS FOR INFRASTRUCTURE? HOW DO YOU THINK THE CITY OF MANDAN SHOULD APPROACH SPECIAL ASSESSMENTS? The commission should look at all possible ways to fund infrastructure, including state and federal grants or cost sharing, including sales taxes or other mechanisms, leaving special assessments as the funding choice of last resort. Our community should look to our corporate partners and land developers to pay for their fair share of the infrastructure costs rather than transferring that burden to the city to bond and build. Mandan then must assess special taxes on the properties affected and manage the debt load. It may be a better, faster, and cleaner method to require the developer to simply put the infrastructure in place and add this cost to the lots for new or re-development. In the case of rebuilding or replacing existing infrastructure, I would like to encourage our city staff to look to other impact alleviation funds that may be available due to the income growth of our state before using our traditional funding mechanisms, such as taxation increases or special assessments to the affected properties.


Bismarck-Mandan Chamber

Membership Mixer Thursday June 26th, 2014 5:00 - 7:00 pm at Cloverdale Foods Co. 3015 34th St NW • Mandan ND 58554

Enjoy Cloverdale products & cold beverages with other local members!

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JOSH ASKVIG - BISMARCK CITY COMMISSION WHY ARE YOU RUNNING FOR CITY COMMISSIONER AND WHAT QUALIFIES YOU FOR THIS POSITION? It has been an honor to serve the City of Bismarck the last four years. Working with citizens to ensure that we have strong neighborhoods, quality infrastructure and making Bismarck a great place to live and raise a family is a passion of mine. My experience over the last four years has taught me the importance of working with my neighbors and fellow residents to strive towards our vision of being “…a preferred destination place and prosperous community where people enjoy living, learning, working and playing…” I hope to earn their votes and trust again this election to build upon my positive record over the last four years. WHAT IS YOUR TOP PRIORITY THE CITY COMMISSION SHOULD ADDRESS IN THE NEXT THREE YEARS? Fully Implementing the Strategic Plan: It was an honor when Mayor Warford asked me to chair the City of Bismarck Strategic Planning process. Bismarck citizens, community leaders and our local business leaders wrote the roadmap for our community. With well over 60 percent of the plan either substantially completed or started, we are on the right path to carrying out that directive. I want to see it fully realized. HOW DOES THE COMMISSION ADDRESS FUTURE FUNDING REQUIREMENTS FOR INFRASTRUCTURE? During my tenure on the commission, the biggest concern I have heard is that of special assessments and how we pay for the local portion of our infrastructure needs. Moving forward we need to examine how we fund necessary public improvements. With decreased federal investments in infrastructure, Bismarck needs to form an infrastructure investment task force, including local business leaders to study how we fund water, sewer, roads and the other necessary investments to ensure our steady growth continues at a sustainable rate. The infrastructure investment task force would be charged with exploring how other communities fund public improvements, examining Bismarck’s current model for funding public improvements and making suggestions on how Bismarck should fund them in the future. Done right we can create a model that is right for Bismarck and our businesses and citizens.

KIM BADENHOP - BISMARCK CITY COMMISSION WHY ARE YOU RUNNING FOR CITY COMMISSIONER AND WHAT QUALIFIES YOU FOR THIS POSITION? I want to ensure Bismarck maintains all the wonderful qualities I found when I chose to move here. The work of the commission is very similar to a previous employment where I worked with a team of six people who oversaw a two billion dollar operational budget. We evaluated contracts, ensured facilities were maintained and oversaw a police force. I am familiar with listening to constituent concerns, evaluating their requests and balancing them with needs and requirements, while thoughtfully managing taxpayer dollars. WHAT IS YOUR TOP PRIORITY THE CITY COMMISSION SHOULD ADDRESS IN THE NEXT THREE YEARS? Road infrastructure, commercial development and residential development are the priority issues the commission should address. All three affect the entire city. Additional road infrastructure should be developed to alleviate increasing traffic. We need to encourage commercial growth in all geographic areas of Bismarck, with a focus on dispersing traffic, providing options in new areas of town while not losing a vibrant downtown. HOW DOES THE COMMISSION ADDRESS FUTURE FUNDING REQUIREMENTS FOR INFRASTRUCTURE? Infrastructure needs pose unique, less frequent and often more costly expenses than day-to-day operational expenses. I would encourage the development of innovative public/private partnerships where and working with State Government for infrastructure projects. Relying on federal assistance is impractical given the current federal budget circumstances. 6 | Chamber Connection


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STEVE MARQUARDT - BISMARCK CITY COMMISSION WHY ARE YOU RUNNING FOR CITY COMMISSIONER AND WHAT QUALIFIES YOU FOR THIS POSITION? I want to be able to help the city of Bismarck with their growth issues as I have with the school district the past eight years. I think I would bring an asset to the commission and the knowledge to help in many areas being president of the school board for two terms. WHAT IS YOUR TOP PRIORITY THE CITY COMMISSION SHOULD ADDRESS IN THE NEXT THREE YEARS? Manage growth in the city: As with the school district, we had to manage growth. We brought in outside consultants and visited with the public, “our bosses,” to get an idea if we and the consultants were headed in the right direction before we moved on to ask the question, “where is the city growing?” HOW DOES THE COMMISSION ADDRESS FUTURE FUNDING REQUIREMENTS FOR INFRASTRUCTURE? We would have to take a look at different funding mechanisms to utilize with some of the projects, whatever they may be. It would have to involve communication with the public, along with all parties at the table, in a decision that would be best for the city. On the school board, we have had those discussions at many different times for our major construction projects while keeping all departments up to date and involved in the process.

MYKA MILLER - BISMARCK CITY COMMISSION WHY ARE YOU RUNNING FOR CITY COMMISSIONER AND WHAT QUALIFIES YOU FOR THIS POSITION? I am running for city commission because I want to get involved in my community and I feel that my generation needs to be involved in the decision making process. I am qualified in the fact that I am of legal voting age, I am a U.S. citizen, resident of Bismarck and I filled my required 300 signature petition before the April 7, 2014 deadline. WHAT IS YOUR TOP PRIORITY THE CITY COMMISSION SHOULD ADDRESS IN THE NEXT THREE YEARS? Funding for such projects and public awareness of where their money is being spent. Funding for city employees including fire department and police department. Affordable housing ie.. property taxes. Protecting our residential areas and help keep them residential. HOW DOES THE COMMISSION ADDRESS FUTURE FUNDING REQUIREMENTS FOR INFRASTRUCTURE? We need to focus as a city on fixing whats here already, use local contractors for building and planning. Fixing our roads that are in existence but have been pushed aside for other projects, focus on the quality of work not how much we pay for it, the cheapest bid is not always the right way to go. We as a city can not focus on building new elaborate things while our existing structures waste away in turn it ends up costing more money. No more frivolous spending of city money. Using the money we have for the betterment of the city as a whole not just one area.

8 | Chamber Connection

NANCY GUY - BISMARCK CITY COMMISSION WHY ARE YOU RUNNING FOR CITY COMMISSIONER AND WHAT QUALIFIES YOU FOR THIS POSITION? First and foremost, I love Bismarck and I wouldn’t live anywhere else. In this period of unprecedented growth, it is critical that our city commission take a long view in every aspect of governance. We have only one opportunity to guide this explosive growth in a manner that retains and enhances the quality of life we cherish. My parents, former governor Bill and Jean Guy, believed in public service. They passed down to each of their children basic North Dakota values of community, integrity, accountability and thrift. They believed that you take care of today but still plan for tomorrow. I’ll apply those values to every decision I make as a city commissioner. WHAT IS YOUR TOP PRIORITY THE CITY COMMISSION SHOULD ADDRESS IN THE NEXT THREE YEARS? Affordable Housing: Almost every issue, goal and objective circles back to affordable housing. We are all affected by this issue. Artificial equity and higher property taxes caused by skyrocketing home values, a shortage of affordable homes to purchase, and rising rents are squeezing every age group and economic class. City government must do all it can to streamline their regulatory functions, while maintaining high standards, so the inventory of available homes and apartments catches up with demand. HOW DOES THE COMMISSION ADDRESS FUTURE FUNDING REQUIREMENTS FOR INFRASTRUCTURE? City government should rethink the concept of special assessments for infrastructure. Private developers can build the below ground infrastructure, traditionally built by the city, “better, faster, cheaper” with the city ensuring quality through appropriate and timely inspections. The lower cost of that infrastructure is built into the cost of the lots. Developers, both small and large, can utilize short term bridge loan funding to accomplish this infrastructure build out. Quick response to the demands of rapid community growth requires collaboration with state and county governments to most efficiently leverage funding. Our current strategic, growth management and transportation plans are ambitious and visionary. City government must work closely with other government entities in order to accomplish those goals and objectives.

Chamber Connection | 9

DUANE POOL - BISMARCK CITY COMMISSION WHY ARE YOU RUNNING FOR CITY COMMISSIONER AND WHAT QUALIFIES YOU FOR THIS POSITION? I am running because I have a fundamental belief in the system. This is not my first or only commitment to public service. I served two terms on the ND Judicial Conduct Commission and currently serve on the State Health Council. I have been a volunteer in the community for a variety of organizations, and as a family, we value volunteerism and community participation. Beyond belief in the system, I believe we all owe something back to the communities that have given us our opportunity to thrive and I want to ensure a safe and vibrant community for our children as they return to Bismarck to start their families and careers. I think we should all participate in our government at whatever lever we are able (run, campaign, testify, and vote) depending on our circumstances. In my particular case I am fortunate to have the support to be involved at this level. WHAT IS YOUR TOP PRIORITY THE CITY COMMISSION SHOULD ADDRESS IN THE NEXT THREE YEARS? Public confidence: I think recent events have resulted in skepticism and distrust of the commission. I think this rift needs to be repaired. The public must have confidence in the motives and decisions that come from the city commissioners. We need to respect the peoples input, inform the public when there is information relevant to a decision that may be contrary to their information, and provide for greater participation when controversial issues arise. Open informed and frank discussions go a long way toward rebuilding public trust. We need to rebuild that trust if we are to be effective. HOW DOES THE COMMISSION ADDRESS FUTURE FUNDING REQUIREMENTS FOR INFRASTRUCTURE? The commission should address future infrastructure needs through planning. First leverage existing infrastructure rather than building redundant new services and second cluster intensive resource needs together so that systems are not overbuilt for a few users in an area. Make a plan and try to stick to it. These actions help reduce the costs associated with infrastructure growth. In terms of going beyond what we have and long-term build out, when infrastructure is needed to support energy industry growth we should approach the oil impact revenues from the state. I am a fundamental believer in user pay models. There are times when certain types of public spending can be view as investment but we need to be clear in that definition and focus the spending of local taxes on those investments and maintaining the existing infrastructure already serving the community. The other issue that needs to be addressed is sustainability. We need to account for sustainable revenue to maintain and service additional infrastructure before it is built.

10 | Chamber Connection


WHY ARE YOU RUNNING FOR CITY COMMISSIONER AND WHAT QUALIFIES YOU FOR THIS POSITION? I am running for city commission primarily because I believe small business needs a voice on the commission. I have spent my whole life working in and managing a small business. Small business are the engine that keeps a city running and I believe my 23 years of experience working in small business qualifies me as a candidate. I have also been very active working with our elected officials for the past ten years to show them different perspectives on how to accomplish their goals. WHAT IS YOUR TOP PRIORITY THE CITY COMMISSION SHOULD ADDRESS IN THE NEXT THREE YEARS? The shortage of quality employees in Bismarck: We need to be promoting families to move here. But to do so, we need to insure that Bismarck becomes a “destination city” and has all the necessary attractions, such as available and affordable housing, good schools and a variety of extra-curricular activities available to them. HOW DOES THE COMMISSION ADDRESS FUTURE FUNDING REQUIREMENTS FOR INFRASTRUCTURE? I think you can compare it to planning for retirement. A portion of what is collected needs to be put away for future use. That future use should be infrastructure funding. I believe the current tax base can support future growth, and the new money that comes in once taxes are collected on new development, can once again be “reinvested in retirement.”

DOUG PHILP - BISMARCK CITY COMMISSION WHY ARE YOU RUNNING FOR CITY COMMISSIONER AND WHAT QUALIFIES YOU FOR THIS POSITION? I’m running for city commission because I believe the city needs both fresh ideas and capable leadership. Being a long time resident of Bismarck qualifies me. Plus my ‘petition of nomination’ being filed with the city containing 392 verified signatures (required is 300 signatures) puts me on the ballot. Speaking more to the heart of what qualifies me, I have 12 years of experience serving on the Board of Trustees at Prairie Family Church, prior owner of a construction business and two years study through INSTE Bible College. In general, life experiences qualify me as well. WHAT IS YOUR TOP PRIORITY THE CITY COMMISSION SHOULD ADDRESS IN THE NEXT THREE YEARS? Long range planning is paramount for the city commission on issues especially Bismarck growth. The Future Land Use Plan (FLUP) is an example as a plan to be followed for at least the next 25 years. HOW DOES THE COMMISSION ADDRESS FUTURE FUNDING REQUIREMENTS FOR INFRASTRUCTURE? Depending on the infrastructure, traditional funding sources are available through Federal and State funds; tax specials, mill levies and sales tax as well. I’ll add as a tax payer, none are of particular appeal. Since these funding sources and others all deal with public money the bigger question to ask would be, “is the project something the public desires?” Then involve the residents by asking them if the project is necessary. If the answer is “yes,” the manner of funding should likewise require the input of residents.

Chamber Connection | 11



WHY ARE YOU RUNNING FOR PARK BOARD AND WHAT QUALIFIES YOU FOR THE POSITION? I am running for my third term and looking forward to being part of bringing a YMCA to Mandan and seeing this project through. I grew up in this community and want to be part of something special by contributing back to a community that gave to me 20-30 years ago.

WHY ARE YOU RUNNING FOR PARK BOARD AND WHAT QUALIFIES YOU FOR THE POSITION? In my four years on the Mandan Park Board I’ve experienced working with a great team as we’ve developed new facilities and programs that have enhanced the recreational opportunities for Mandan citizens. I would like to continue to serve the community as we face challenge of new growth and development.

HOW DO YOU PLAN TO ENSURE THAT BISMARCK/MANDAN WILL CONTINUE TO ENSURE A GREAT QUALITY OF LIFE WHILE THE CITY GROWS? By ensuring that Mandan parks continues to be fiscally responsible and not over extending our community. Growth is good but it is how we control this growth that makes the city of Mandan what it is today.

HOW DO YOU PLAN TO ENSURE THAT BISMARCK/MANDAN WILL CONTINUE TO ENSURE A GREAT QUALITY OF LIFE WHILE THE CITY GROWS? Mandan is growing rapidly and our citizens deserve quality recreational opportunities. We need to be consistent with all user groups and maintain the current facilities we operate while staying within a budget the citizens can comfortably live with.

HOW WILL YOU BALANCE THE INCREASING DEMAND TO DEVELOP AND MAINTAIN FACILITIES WHILE MAINTAINING FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY? This is a great question and one that is difficult to answer. But I would say that this can be achieved by having open discussions with the Mandan Park District, Mandan School District, and the city of Mandan. All three entities need to be on the same page in order to make sure that our community facilities continue to grow with the growth in population.

HOW WILL YOU BALANCE THE INCREASING DEMAND TO DEVELOP AND MAINTAIN FACILITIES WHILE MAINTAINING FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY? By being fair and consistent with all user groups and by listening to and communicating with the citizens of Mandan. Also, by thoughtful planning and careful spending, we can best utilize the taxpayer’s dollars. By doing so we can maintain existing facilities and programs while developing new opportunities for the community.

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WHY ARE YOU RUNNING FOR PARK BOARD AND WHAT QUALIFIES YOU FOR THE POSITION? I am running for Mandan Park Board to give back to the community. I also want to educate the public about the importance of the park district and how much of a part of their life it is. When collecting signatures door-to-door this spring, I learned many people are unfamiliar with the park district and the duties of the park board. My goal is to change that by helping Mandan residents understand what the park board does for their community. I will offer a fresh perspective to the board and provide innovative ideas for the community. I am excited to see my hometown growing, and I look forward to helping retain all the things I love about Mandan while embracing new opportunities.

WHY ARE YOU RUNNING FOR PARK BOARD AND WHAT QUALIFIES YOU FOR THE POSITION? Growing up in Mandan, I always enjoyed the many recreation options available. I have very fond memories of riding my bike across town to play frisbee golf, playing teeball, exploring neighborhood parks and learning to swim at the (then) Community Center. I want to ensure that our children and future generations have the same and additional opportunities that I had. I enjoy being active in the community and watching my hometown grow. I feel that I am uniquely qualified for this position as I have been very active utilizing the park’s programs from my youth into adulthood. I have been active in basketball, volleyball, softball leagues and other programs. I currently have children in the Mandan After-school Care which is a park district program. I also have board experience as I serve on the Architectural Review Commission, Planning & Zoning Commission, and Mandan Soccer Club board. I am also a member of the Mandan Progress Organization and a volunteer parent for the Mandan Hockey Club. All these experiences have prepared me for serving on the park board. I am dedicated to our community and I want to be a part in the ongoing strengthening of our city.

HOW DO YOU PLAN TO ENSURE THAT BISMARCK/MANDAN WILL CONTINUE TO ENSURE A GREAT QUALITY OF LIFE WHILE THE CITY GROWS? I plan to listen to the residents of Mandan and let them have a voice within the community. Working together, the park board and citizens can do great things for the community. Many topics discussed at recent park board meetings reflect the growth Mandan is experiencing. This growth is something many have not experienced, so it is important for the park board to adapt to changes and consider what is best for Mandan. As a lifelong resident of Mandan with a young family, planning for future generations is important to me. If elected, I would ensure the park district continued to provide activities for individuals and families. Preparing for coming years will guarantee the park board will keep up with the growth Mandan is experiencing. HOW WILL YOU BALANCE THE INCREASING DEMAND TO DEVELOP AND MAINTAIN FACILITIES WHILE MAINTAINING FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY? With a growing city, it is important to determine what can add revenue to the Mandan Park District. Maintaining and developing facilities costs money. My number one concern is maintaining the current facilities to use them as much as possible. With a growing city, adding facilities will need to be an option. Input from the community will be vital when deciding the best facilities to maintain and where development is needed.



HOW DO YOU PLAN TO ENSURE THAT BISMARCK/MANDAN WILL CONTINUE TO ENSURE A GREAT QUALITY OF LIFE WHILE THE CITY GROWS? As the community grows, so do the recreation needs of the growing population. As those needs grow, the park district must continue to grow as well by adding new facilities, parks, trails and programs. This will take foresight and planning but by offering more quality recreation options to our residents, we will achieve a healthy, active community that will strengthen our great city. HOW WILL YOU BALANCE THE INCREASING DEMAND TO DEVELOP AND MAINTAIN FACILITIES WHILE MAINTAINING FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY? The park district has consistently done an exceptional job creating and working within their budget. We need to continue this history of success. There is a lot of competition for funding, so we need to keep searching for additional funding sources. By working together with the park district and individual interest groups to forecast and prioritize facility needs we will be successful in developing a solid long term strategy.



im is L

THE 24th ANNUAL CHAMBER GOLF SCRAMBLE June 9th, 2014 • Hawktree Golf Club

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WHY ARE YOU RUNNING FOR PARK BOARD AND WHAT QUALIFIES YOU FOR THE POSITION? Bismarck is an incredibly vibrant community, offering its residents a wide range of recreational and cultural opportunities. With so much to offer and even more potential to grow it is vital to have a representative on the Bismarck Park Board who recognizes the need for progressive action. My experiences as a Grand Forks and Bismarck park and recreation commissioner have provided me with the knowledge and expertise needed to effectively represent the people of Bismarck.

WHY ARE YOU RUNNING FOR PARK BOARD AND WHAT QUALIFIES YOU FOR THE POSITION? As the current president of the Bismarck Park Board it has been my pleasure to spend the past four years serving the citizens of Bismarck by furthering the cause of parks and recreation in our community. My years of service on the board attest to a record of impartiality and fiscal responsibility. In light of our community’s unprecedented growth I continue to believe the park district must focus on maintaining its existing infrastructure while looking forward to future growth of park district facilities and programs.

HOW DO YOU PLAN TO ENSURE THAT BISMARCK/MANDAN WILL CONTINUE TO ENSURE A GREAT QUALITY OF LIFE WHILE THE CITY GROWS? My background in healthcare and my love of cultural and recreational activities help me to be keenly aware of the important role a park system plays in the health and wellness of a community. I have always been, and will continue to be, an advocate for meeting the needs of our residents by staying well-informed on current and future trends in the world of parks and recreation and in our city.

HOW DO YOU PLAN TO ENSURE THAT BISMARCK/MANDAN WILL CONTINUE TO ENSURE A GREAT QUALITY OF LIFE WHILE THE CITY GROWS? No single entity can ensure quality of life in a growing community. As a park commissioner I will continue to work with my fellow park commissioners, other governmental bodies, community groups and park district staff to ensure the park district’s facilities and programs contribute significantly to Bismarck’s quality of life as our community grows.

HOW WILL YOU BALANCE THE INCREASING DEMAND TO DEVELOP AND MAINTAIN FACILITIES WHILE MAINTAINING FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY? This is a major challenge we face as a district. There is a definite need within our growing community for more recreational space while several of our current facilities need renovation. While daunting on the surface, we can accomplish our goals by identifying new funding sources (outside of taxing property owners), revisiting our current fee structure, and investigating every opportunity for cost savings. For the past four years, I have provided bold leadership with fiscal conservatism to the board.

HOW WILL YOU BALANCE THE INCREASING DEMAND TO DEVELOP AND MAINTAIN FACILITIES WHILE MAINTAINING FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY? The ability to maintain existing facilities and meet the needs of a growing community continues to be the single biggest challenge facing the Bismarck park district. If you take a deep dive into the park district operating budget it is no secret that most programs are subsidized to ensure parks and recreation programs remain accessible and affordable to all citizens. The debt load the park district carries is a real indicator that the current level of property taxes, user fees and grants do not adequately support park district expansion and development. I believe the solution to this problem will be for the community to provide an additional sustainable revenue stream to assist the park district with debt retirement and capital projects. In the end we must all ask each other, do we value quality of life in our community and to what level are we willing to support that which we value?

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HARLEY ENGELMAN - BISMARCK PARK BOARD WHY ARE YOU RUNNING FOR PARK BOARD AND WHAT QUALIFIES YOU FOR THE POSITION? I am running for the Bismarck Park Board because I truly care about this community. It has been my life-long home and it has provided a safe environment to raise my four children in. It has presented my wife and me with both personal and professional opportunities. I believe that I can make a difference by applying my 40+ years of private/public sector business, marketing and management experience to the challenges facing our park district. Coupled with roughly 20 years of coaching experience ranging from the varsity high school level to youth programs, I believe I can bring a unique perspective to the board as it grapples with fiscal and growth issues. HOW DO YOU PLAN TO ENSURE THAT BISMARCK/MANDAN WILL CONTINUE TO ENSURE A GREAT QUALITY OF LIFE WHILE THE CITY GROWS? No one commissioner, whether park or city, can ensure that Bismarck maintains its’ quality of life. It is up to the community as a whole to work towards that goal. What I believe I can offer is the opportunity for citizens’ viewpoints to be heard, thoughtful consideration given and appropriate decisions made. It is important that we work to bring together those that have diverse opinions, innovative ideas and a strategic vision so the district will have a long term plan of action. HOW WILL YOU BALANCE THE INCREASING DEMAND TO DEVELOP AND MAINTAIN FACILITIES WHILE MAINTAINING FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY? In light of the district’s current debt, it is unrealistic to assume that the district can maintain existing facilities and explore growth without a change to its funding mechanism or enhancing collaborative partnerships with business and/or organizations. Many groups have already worked closely with the district on projects of special interest. The board should continue to seek collaborative relationships as a means of augmenting funding of existing and new facilities and programs.

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SHELDON WOLF - MANDAN SCHOOL BOARD WHY ARE YOU RUNNING FOR SCHOOL BOARD AND WHAT QUALIFIES YOU FOR THE POSITION? I am running for the school board to ensure Mandan students can receive the education they need to lead a productive life and make a successful contribution to society, while maintaining fiscal responsibility to the citizens living in the Mandan Public School System. My wife Cheryl is a school teacher in Bismarck, and we have two children in the Mandan School system. A daughter who is a freshman and a son who is a sixth grader. I am a current school board member appointed by the board to fill a vacated rural position and a member of the district facilities and finance workgroup. As my children went through grade school, I was a member of the Lewis and Clark PTO. My education includes a bachelor of science in accounting and business administration and a master of management from the University of Mary. My work experience includes insurance sales, auditing for a large multistate employer and am currently the Health Information Technology Director for the State of North Dakota. Other leadership roles include serving on non-profit boards, state employee councils and professional organizations. IN YOUR VIEW, WHAT HAS THE SCHOOL BOARD DONE WELL OVER THE LAST FIVE YEARS? WHAT HAS THE SCHOOL BOARD DONE POORLY THAT YOU WOULD CHANGE? The school board has done a great job over the past five years ensuring students have what they need to succeed. For example, they work to ensure teacher pay is competitive with other school districts. This helps to keep well trained teachers in the school system and provides for a continuity of education for our students. Another example is working to ensure we have enough class room space to ensure reasonable class sizes. They have done this by working with the community to build Red Trail Elementary School and finally, they have looked at ways to minimize expenditures, i.e. refinancing higher interest rate loans to lower interest rate loans and sharing of staff between schools. I don’t think there has been much done poorly over the last five years by the school board, however, there are still a lot of things that need to be done. For example, we need to strategically develop a facilities plan for the next five to ten years, taking into consideration our aging facilities and our growing community. Additionally, we must evaluate and react to ever changing federal, state and local financing models and educational requirements. Finally, and most importantly, proactively create educational opportunities to ensure our students are well prepared to lead a productive life and contribute to society after they graduate from Mandan Public Schools. HOW WILL YOU BALANCE QUALITY OF EDUCATION WITH A FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY – PROVIDING A QUALITY EDUCATION WITHOUT OVER-BURDENING TAXPAYERS? Balancing a quality education with fiscal responsibility is never easy. However, it really comes down to looking at what programs, staff, facilities and resources are needed to provide an education to our students, so they can reach their potential while ensuring the system remains affordable. Currently, a process that I think works well is to work with the facilities and finance workgroup. This group is made up of citizens, board members, administrators, educators and other support staff. Through this process, major funding decisions can be discussed, and modified as necessary, for recommendation to the school board, who can then modify, approve or deny the recommendations that have been vetted through multiple stakeholders.

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BOB KLEMISCH - MANDAN SCHOOL BOARD WHY ARE YOU RUNNING FOR SCHOOL BOARD AND WHAT QUALIFIES YOU FOR THE POSITION? Mandan Public Schools and the city of Mandan have been good to me and my family. I was employed by Mandan Public Schools for 29 years and all three of my children graduated from Mandan High School. I would like to be able to give back something to the school district and community and feel this is the best avenue for me to do so. I worked in the school district as a coach, teacher, principal, technology director, curriculum director, and leader of the district’s school improvement process (AdvancED). With this type of background, I feel I can contribute some background knowledge to the discussions by the board. Also, having attended school board meetings as an administrator, I believe I have a good idea of its functions, procedures and structure. If the voters of Mandan agree, I would be happy to serve on the school board. IN YOUR VIEW, WHAT HAS THE SCHOOL BOARD DONE WELL OVER THE LAST FIVE YEARS? WHAT HAS THE SCHOOL BOARD DONE POORLY THAT YOU WOULD CHANGE? I think the district has done a good job of planning for the growth of the school district. Passing bond issues is never easy, but with good honest communication with the community they were able to express the need for new schools and the upkeep of our existing schools. I don’t believe the district has anything that I believe was a poor decision that I would need to change at this time. HOW WILL YOU BALANCE QUALITY OF EDUCATION WITH A FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY – PROVIDING A QUALITY EDUCATION WITHOUT OVER-BURDENING TAXPAYERS? Recognizing the limits of our resources is crucial in this regard. I don’t believe we can spend based on want, but rather on need. Our children deserve the best but it must be the best we can provide without creating undue burdens on our citizens. In some instances, we may have achieve goals in a step by step process as funding allows.

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MARNIE PIEHL - MANDAN SCHOOL BOARD WHY ARE YOU RUNNING FOR SCHOOL BOARD AND WHAT QUALIFIES YOU FOR THE POSITION? I’m running because I believe in contributing time and talent to the community I live in, and as the wife of an educator, I respect and want to support teachers. While I’m a Bismarck native, my family is new to Mandan. The schools are where we have made our first connections to the community and I’ve been very impressed. I’ve found everyone from the bus drivers to the teachers to Superintendent Bitz to be responsive and committed to their work. I’ve got three boys in the schools (twins in second grade at Lewis & Clark and a 7th grader at the middle school) all of whom need different things from the education system. Their teachers rise to the occasion every day. I’d like to support what they do, and ensure that the district remains strong, well-run and prepared for the challenges future growth will bring. My qualifications are two-fold: I’ve been in the communications field for more than 20 years and I’ve long been active in my children’s education and the community through my volunteer and board activities. Much of my volunteer board experience is educational – five years on the Dakota Montessori school board in Fargo, three on the Missouri Valley Montessori school board in Bismarck, and six years (including three years as president) with the Apple Creek PTO. I’m a board member of the West Dakota Red Cross board, and the Bismarck Mandan Unitarian Universalist Fellowship where I’m also involved in religious education. I’m a co-chair of one of the Leadership Bismarck Mandan professional days (and a 2008 graduate of that program); and a volunteer with the Dakota Digital Film Festival. I have found that my communication skills (I’m currently the Director of College Relations at BSC) are helpful in board settings, and I hope to be able to offer those skills to the Mandan School Board. IN YOUR VIEW, WHAT HAS THE SCHOOL BOARD DONE WELL OVER THE LAST FIVE YEARS? WHAT HAS THE SCHOOL BOARD DONE POORLY THAT YOU WOULD CHANGE? I’m very pleased with the diversity of the current board. I think a board with a range of age and experience does better work, especially when it serves a diverse population like the 3,300 students from a variety of backgrounds and socio-economic situations in the Mandan schools. I think the new schools were vital and well-vetted, and I’ve been very pleased with the reading programs at Lewis & Clark. Ensuring that every child gets the support she or he needs at key points in the learning process is right and important. I know that 18 teachers left Mandan for better paying jobs in Bismarck this past year. That is too many. That brain drain is one of the reasons I decided to run – Mandan should be able to keep its teachers and pay them a competitive salary. I know that is being addressed and I want to help. We need to do our best to keep good teachers – their work is invaluable. We will see the benefit of that effort in the classroom and in the community for years to come. HOW WILL YOU BALANCE QUALITY OF EDUCATION WITH A FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY – PROVIDING A QUALITY EDUCATION WITHOUT OVER-BURDENING TAXPAYERS? I believe that doing what is right for education is in the best interest of the whole community, but that must be balanced with the fiscal realities of the community. As Mandan grows, the tax base too will grow, that helps. I think we need to be the best possible stewards of taxpayer dollars, leveraging every dollar wisely within the district. I believe the district does that now. I believe that fiscal stewardship, well communicated, inspires trust. Then, if and when the taxpayer is asked to do more, he will understand the necessity and trust in the board’s process.

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SCOTT HALVORSON - BISMARCK SCHOOL BOARD WHY ARE YOU RUNNING FOR SCHOOL BOARD AND WHAT QUALIFIES YOU FOR THE POSITION? I am running for the School Board because I have devoted my whole life to the education of kids and I wish to continue in that capacity. My background in education and the fact that I have served on the board and helped guide BPS through the challenges of unprecedented growth. IN YOUR VIEW, WHAT HAS THE SCHOOL BOARD DONE WELL OVER THE LAST FIVE YEARS? WHAT HAS THE SCHOOL BOARD DONE POORLY THAT YOU WOULD CHANGE? I believe we have done a good job of planning and taking action to address the challenges that we have faced with the tremendous growth in our student population. We have been very open and transparent in our approach to address these challenges. Community input has been a critical component of the process. While I wouldn’t do anything differently, I believe we always need to look to improve as a board and a board member. HOW WILL YOU BALANCE QUALITY OF EDUCATION WITH A FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY – PROVIDING A QUALITY EDUCATION WITHOUT OVER-BURDENING TAXPAYERS? With our mill levy and cost per student compared to other large schools in the state I believe we have done a good job of being prudent with our budget and are not falling behind in providing for educational needs of our students. I have always believed education is an investment and as in any investment we must make sure we are getting the highest return. The bond vote was a strong indication of the tremendous support that the people of Bismarck have for education. As a board member we cannot do anything to jeopardize that support which means we need to continue to scrutinize expenditures to make sure they are financially sound.

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KARALEE HARPER - BISMARCK SCHOOL BOARD WHY ARE YOU RUNNING FOR SCHOOL BOARD AND WHAT QUALIFIES YOU FOR THE POSITION? I have been interested in the workings of the Bismarck Public School District since my two children started in the district three years ago, attending Prairie Rose Elementary and most recently Lincoln Elementary. I have proudly watched them learn and grow. I know that my boys and their classmates have many more years to stretch their imaginations and flourish as they learn about the world and their place in it. My desire to help my children succeed, along with my passion for giving back to the community, has inspired me to run for a seat on the Bismarck School Board. I want to provide fresh ideas and positive solutions for Bismarck students and their families. Currently, I serve as co-president of the Lincoln Elementary PTO and am a parent representative on the Bismarck Public School Health Council. Leadership roles I have held in the past include being treasurer for the Prairie Rose Parent Teacher Club, as well as president of the University of Mary Alumni Committee. My qualifications for a school board position include having more than 15 years experience in human relations, negotiation skills, conflict resolution and public speaking in the public and private sector. I have worked within the mental health and substance abuse field prior to joining the North Dakota Department of Health. I earned a bachelor’s degree in Addiction Counseling and a master’s degree in business management from the University of Mary. IN YOUR VIEW, WHAT HAS THE SCHOOL BOARD DONE WELL OVER THE LAST FIVE YEARS? WHAT HAS THE SCHOOL BOARD DONE POORLY THAT YOU WOULD CHANGE? The Bismarck School Board has had numerous successes in the past five years, including reinforcing the wellness policy. This policy reinforcement demonstrates the value of the health and well-being of our children and the Bismarck Public School staff. Another success is the recent implementation of the Zpass, which is a welcome additional safety measure. The ability for Harlow’s Bus Service to have access to the exact l ocation of every student who rides the bus is invaluable. In my opinion, the school board has not done anything poorly. However, as with anything, there are always opportunities for improvement. HOW WILL YOU BALANCE QUALITY OF EDUCATION WITH A FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY – PROVIDING A QUALITY EDUCATION WITHOUT OVER-BURDENING TAXPAYERS? I will consider how one thing causes something else to occur and will take time to methodically weigh the facts.

20 | Chamber Connection Michael Holly –Bismar

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WHY ARE YOU RUNNING FOR SCHOOL BOARD AND WHAT QUALIFIES YOU FOR THE POSITION? Nor I have been in public service for most of my life and after retiring from the ND National Guard last August Offi with 31 years of service, I decided it was time to get involved in local government. Because I have always this had an affinity for education, the Bismarck School Board felt like a good fit, given my life experiences. Sec Guardsman has held the position. In this p Having been educated in Bismarck schools and then choosing Bismarck as the place I wanted my daughters toAfrica grow Command, up, providesheme with a was responsible for c multi-generational perspective. I can relate with new parents, grand parents, and everyone in between. As a parent, I have been active in my Ghana, Togo, andvery Benin. When he retired, Support, responsible for years planning, co daughters’ schools. I was on the Roosevelt School PTO for 11 years and am currently the Century High SchoolMilitary PAC vice president. Over the domestic operations matters. I served on several community advisory boards, providing input on boundaries, school closures and principalall selection. Mr. Holly is actively involved in the eme While I was stationed in Ghana, the American Ambassador appointed me to the Lincoln Community School Board of Trustees. During my tenure Incident Command System instructor an we developed and implemented an expansion campaign in order to handle our projected growth that was caused by the development ofProgram, a large oila nation Management Accreditation discovery. So in a sense I have already experienced what Bismarck is facing. excellence and accountability in emergency Holly is currently supporting several rur My professional and educational experiences will also help me be a valuable board member. In the military I learned the importance of procedures and with two local-level jurisdi accountability, effective communications and the need to provide strategic direction to those responsible for administration. When decided planning. Mr. Holly alsoI is activelytocollaborat Management Organization, and pursue a master’s degree, I chose to study public administration because I believe government leaders are mostDisaster successful when they understand comprehensive professional and practition the underlying concepts of administration and are able to apply them to the issues at hand. Ghana.

Mr. Holly his Bachelor of Scienc IN YOUR VIEW, WHAT HAS THE SCHOOL BOARD DONE WELL OVER THE LAST FIVE YEARS? WHAT HASreceived THE SCHOOL Masters of Public Administration from the BOARD DONE POORLY THAT YOU WOULD CHANGE? programs in emergency management and pu If I had to pick one accomplishment, it would be the selection and empowerment of Tamara Uselman as superintendent. leadership Bis-membe Mr. HollyUnder is an her active community for over a decade and is currently marck residents approved an $86 million bond for the several new schools, the district established a feeder school system and adopted a new gradethe vi Advisory Committee. He served on sever alignment that moved 6th grade to the middle schools and 9th grade to the high schools. member of the ND Department of Public I While these are good things, I have a hard time giving accolades directly to the current school board, as it has appeared to be ahe passive partner, While in Ghana served on thenot Lincoln international election observer.the Mr. Holly pre the driving force. Bismarck is a rapidly growing community and while the Bismarck commission has a strategic plan to guide this growth, Directors McCabe United Methodist Chu Bismarck School Board has nothing. This is troubling because the school district expects to gain another 3000+ studentsand over the next several Mr. Holly Issues has two children, years. Increases like this are going to demand the consideration of additional school buildings and boundary adjustments. that can’t beSamantha, a TN, and Rebecca, age 16, a junior at Century planned or resolved overnight. You can find more information on his cam I am also concerned with how the board provides educational oversight. An effective board should do more than approve a proposed budget. It has the responsibility to ensure whatever resources it provides to the administration are meeting the goals it has established. Take, for example, the implementation of common core state standards. The Bismarck School District had over two years to conduct training and development; yet when the new standards were implemented this year, the community seemed very surprised. Regardless what one thinks of the standards, the board should have required a detailed implementation plan from the Superintendent, tracked its progress and actively interacted with the community. As an elected body, the school board needs to lead; not just set policy and watch from the sidelines, especially concerning issues that may have a significant impact on the community. Boards are elected to be responsible and accountable to the people they represent.

HOW WILL YOU BALANCE QUALITY OF EDUCATION WITH A FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY – PROVIDING A QUALITY EDUCATION WITHOUT OVER-BURDENING TAXPAYERS? By design, the education of Bismarck Public School students is the responsibility of the district administration. However, it provides this education on behalf of the residents of Bismarck as represented by the Bismarck School Board. In order for this to be a successful relationship, the board must provide clear expectations and instructions to the Superintendent so she can effectively administer. Without clear expectations the Superintendent has to guess what the board wants. Conversely, without establishing clear expectations, the school board has to hope the Superintendent intuitively knows what it desires; and I have never believed hope was a good way for the government to plan. I can’t argue this has worked in the past, but it is not the best course for our future.

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KARL LEMBKE - BISMARCK SCHOOL BOARD WHY ARE YOU RUNNING FOR SCHOOL BOARD AND WHAT QUALIFIES YOU FOR THE POSITION? I grew up in Bismarck and my kids are growing up in Bismarck. This community has provided so much for me and my family. I am willing and ready serve this community. Representing the students, educators and all citizens in the Bismarck School District as a school board member is the most effective way for me to serve this great community. I work as a Development Officer for the State Historical Society of North Dakota Foundation. My wife is a Registered Nurse with Mid Dakota Clinic. We have a son in high school, a daughter in middle school and our youngest daughter is in elementary school. I am very involved and active in Bismarck community committees as well as serving on the Parent Advisory Committee at Century High School and multiple volunteer positions with youth activity organizations. My experiences in life and work give me excellent communication skills. I am a hard worker that will listen to the people of the Bismarck School District to make sure our kids are getting the best education possible with responsible decisions. IN YOUR VIEW, WHAT HAS THE SCHOOL BOARD DONE WELL OVER THE LAST FIVE YEARS? WHAT HAS THE SCHOOL BOARD DONE POORLY THAT YOU WOULD CHANGE? The Bismarck School Board has done a good job for the school district and I thank the school board members for their service to our students and community. The addition of a new high school and two additional elementary schools has helped to address the increasing student population. It will be very important for the future of education in the Bismarck school system. Bismarck is experiencing tremendous growth and the increasing number of students will be an ongoing issue. Effective communication with parents and all citizens are extremely important as we address all the needs of the Bismarck School District. Planning, collaboration and communication with parents, educators, community program providers and students are necessary as the board makes decisions regarding the increasing number of students, support for students with limited resources and special needs, school funding and use of technology in learning, common core standards and standards of grading. The more parents and community members know about the issues and planning, the more they will understand what the district is trying to accomplish. As a public servant, I am committed to listen, educate and communicate effectively with everyone.

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HOW WILL YOU BALANCE QUALITY OF EDUCATION WITH A FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY – PROVIDING A QUALITY EDUCATION WITHOUT OVER-BURDENING TAXPAYERS? It is important to me to have the highest quality of education and resources to provide for the school system. I will be fiscally responsible without over-burdening taxpayers. I will look at the needs of the school system; identify the solutions and available resources and their potential costs or savings. Through communication, common sense and responsible use of resources, we can provide the highest quality of education. Education is the most important thing for our Bismarck kids. I will work hard to provide the best schools and best methods of learning to ensure they are ready for the next step they choose.

MATT SAGSVEEN - BISMARCK SCHOOL BOARD WHY ARE YOU RUNNING FOR SCHOOL BOARD AND WHAT QUALIFIES YOU FOR THE POSITION? I grew up in Bismarck and graduated from Bismarck High. I currently have two children in elementary school and our third will enter kindergarten in a few years. I feel strongly about working for the District that provided me with my education and enjoy having the opportunity work for the schools educating my children. The nice thing about running for the school board is that qualifications really aren’t a pre-requisite. Regardless, I think my work on the Board, whether as a board member, vice-president, or president, has provided me with the opportunity to develop valuable decision-making skills that can only be obtained through service on a school board. In addition, my experience on the Board has reinforced the importance of transparency and the necessity of giving parents and area stakeholders a voice in education and operations. Finally, my experience as an Assistant Attorney General has provided me with the necessary tools to be a board member. My representation of the state in complex and contentious cases has provided me with unique problem solving skills that I believe are beneficial to the Board. I also think the management experience I have gained as director of two legal divisions within the Office of Attorney General qualify me for the position. I currently manage the division of Natural Resources and Indian affairs. IN YOUR VIEW, WHAT HAS THE SCHOOL BOARD DONE WELL OVER THE LAST FIVE YEARS? WHAT HAS THE SCHOOL BOARD DONE POORLY THAT YOU WOULD CHANGE? I am proud of the work the Board has done over the last five years, whether it is school construction projects, changing the grade levels in the schools, or the boundary process. All of this hard work was done with input from parents, teachers, and community members. If I had the opportunity to suggest something different, it might be to ask the community to consider approving funds for more substantive building remodeling identified by our consultant. Bismarck has a large number of old schools whose needs and expenses will only become greater. HOW WILL YOU BALANCE QUALITY OF EDUCATION WITH A FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY – PROVIDING A QUALITY EDUCATION WITHOUT OVER-BURDENING TAXPAYERS? As a taxpayer myself my goal is never to over-burden the taxpayer, but the appropriate level of taxation is often a very difficult question - it can vary from year to year. As a board, we must constantly listen to the public to find the appropriate balance. In my opinion, you cannot focus only on education and ignore the associated costs, or vice versa, without throwing the two out of balance. I think we must constantly be aware of how they relate, but really focus on how we can maximize our efforts to help our students excel in positive learning environments


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RISSA WILLIAMS - BISMARCK SCHOOL BOARD WHY ARE YOU RUNNING FOR SCHOOL BOARD AND WHAT QUALIFIES YOU FOR THE POSITION? I am running for the school board because I believe there is an under-represented population of students and families within Bismarck Public Schools. A couple years ago, I mentioned going to a school board meeting, and my son’s principal said he couldn’t remember the last time someone from the south end of town had been to one. Poverty and homelessness is a reality for too many kids in BPS. I know what it feels like to heat water in a coffee pot to wash my hair before school or go in early to shower in the locker room because the utilities have been disconnected. I also know how it feels to go from that, to owning a home and business, and even being successful enough to give someone else an opportunity to get back to work. I don’t have a college degree. I have three semesters at Minot State University, with four part time jobs and for one semester, a 3.65 GPA. I have half a dozen or so credits from the Community College of the Air Force, from various leadership courses during my four years of active duty, and I have a diploma from an accredited trade school. I earned that diploma while working 60 hours a week at two jobs, and my lowest final grade was a 96.5%. I am qualified because I’m dedicated, hardworking and intelligent. IN YOUR VIEW, WHAT HAS THE SCHOOL BOARD DONE WELL OVER THE LAST FIVE YEARS? WHAT HAS THE SCHOOL BOARD DONE POORLY THAT YOU WOULD CHANGE? One of the things the school board has done well in the last five years is hire Tamara Uselman to be our superintendant. I sat on interview boards for both rounds of interviews, and the first group of candidates didn’t present a solid leader. The first thing I wrote on the page when Ms. Uselman introduced herself was, “dynamic.” She has a tough job, but she stays positive and looks for solutions. I also think the school board did a fantastic job with the community forums and boundary meetings regarding our new schools. They stood there with bullseyes on their backs and tried to hear every side they possibly could. I’m not looking forward to times like that, but I intend to serve honestly and with dignity, and always work towards the best possible outcome for everyone. One area that I have heard a lot of negative feedback about is communication. I’m not sure what the answers are, but many people have told me on several topics, that they did not feel like they had all of the information in a timely manner, or felt like they were told one thing and then the opposite was true. I don’t believe it was due to a lack of integrity by the school board but I definitely feel that is an area we could address and improve. HOW WILL YOU BALANCE QUALITY OF EDUCATION WITH A FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY – PROVIDING A QUALITY EDUCATION WITHOUT OVER-BURDENING TAXPAYERS? My plan to provide a quality education without overburdening taxpayers is to utilize other community organizations to whatever extent possible. I’m sure there are some guidelines regarding volunteers, as there should be, but if a local senior center has willing and able participants, maybe even some retired educators, one of the many needs in elementary schools is for people to listen to students read. As a parent in my son’s first school, I was trained as a volunteer to do just that. Every day I showed up at 10am and listened to groups of children read, and corrected mistakes when they happened. It wasn’t that difficult to commit to one hour a day, and I believe there are other individuals willing to do so. I would also love to see a mentoring program for at risk students, if there isn’t one already. I can’t possibly be the only person in Bismarck willing to give up a little of my time to encourage a kid who feels like giving up. I’m a strong believer in positive reinforcement and giving kids specific goals, then helping them see the necessary steps to reach those goals. One last bit of wisdom from one of my favorite educators: The most important thing we can give our students is our time. That is exactly why I want to be a member of the Bismarck School Board.

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JIM BOEHM - MORTON COUNTY COMMISSION WHY ARE YOU RUNNING FOR COUNTY COMMISSION AND WHAT QUALIFIES YOU FOR THE POSITION? To give the citizens a choice who they would prefer to represent them on the commission. With my experience on the school board and legislature, I feel I have a lot to offer the citizens of Morton County, rural and city. I get along with people and would like to continue to represent them. WHAT IS YOUR TOP PRIORITY THE COUNTY COMMISSION SHOULD ADDRESS IN THE NEXT THREE YEARS? At this time the joint jail proposal is the number one issue that we are asking of citizens of Morton and Burleigh counties to decide which way we should proceed. Taxes are always a concern and we need to provide the services at the least possible cost and keep taxes as low as possible. Roads are going to be more and more of an issue as traffic increases. HOW DOES THE COMMISSION ADDRESS FUTURE FUNDING REQUIREMENTS FOR INFRASTRUCTURE? With the oil boom, the infrastructure growth funding is a major issue. We need to look at private funding where possible and work with the cities, counties, and the state to help with the major issues.

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WHY ARE YOU RUNNING FOR COUNTY COMMISSION AND WHAT QUALIFIES YOU FOR THE POSITION? I am seeking another term as county commissioner because I thoroughly enjoy the work. I want to see Morton County continue to grow. The county right now is turning the page to a higher level of public service. The citizens have demanded a more accountable county government that will provide professional and timely service. I enjoy being involved in these new changes and demands. It is rewarding to see the county move forward. I have served eight years as a Morton County Commissioner. During that time, I have worked with Social Services, Elderly Services, County Planning and Zoning, Metropolitan Planning, Mandan City Planning and Zoning, Bismarck-Mandan Development Association, and County Parks. I have also had the opportunity to work with the various communities within Morton County. WHAT IS YOUR TOP PRIORITY THE COUNTY COMMISSION SHOULD ADDRESS IN THE NEXT THREE YEARS? Jail Overcrowding: Currently there is a shortage of jail space in both Morton and Burleigh Counties. This is causing a public safety concern. This can also become a liability concern if this problem is not addressed. Morton and Burleigh Counties are currently working on the final plans for a joint jail to be constructed in Bismarck. The joint jail question will be on the June 2014 ballot. HOW DOES THE COMMISSION ADDRESS FUTURE FUNDING REQUIREMENTS FOR INFRASTRUCTURE? Right now Morton County is asking its voters to approve a Home Rule Charter. The county was very careful not to increase overall county governmental powers during the creation of this Charter. The only area that the county government would have increased powers is in the area to levy a sales tax. Right now the voters are being asked to approve the Charter so that the county can use a sales tax to pay for the construction of a new jail. This Charter could also be used to assist funding other projects as well. These other projects could include road and highway projects, water projects and county park development. It must be pointed out that even though the Charter can be used to fund infrastructure projects, the Charter is written so that the voters will still have the opportunity to vote if they would want the additional tax or would want the infrastructure project. The county commission cannot use the Home Rule Charter to approve a new tax without voter approval.



WHY ARE YOU RUNNING FOR COUNTY COMMISSION AND WHAT QUALIFIES YOU FOR THE POSITION? I worked as a member of the government relations team and an elected leader of our state’s largest general farm organization for over a dozen years. This experience gives me a great understanding of the work of county government. I have a great desire to serve the citizens of Morton County as their commissioner.

WHY ARE YOU RUNNING FOR COUNTY COMMISSION AND WHAT QUALIFIES YOU FOR THE POSITION? I am running for the position because I feel my experience in the last two terms is valuable. We have been through two floods, numerous infrastructure projects, seven budget cycles and we are currently working on a detention center project. I am currently the chair person on the commission and have held the sheriff and detention portfolio for both of my terms. I would like to see the project to completion.

WHAT IS YOUR TOP PRIORITY THE COUNTY COMMISSION SHOULD ADDRESS IN THE NEXT THREE YEARS? Morton county will continue to see population growth, the commission needs to ensure that this growth is good for all. We need to develop budgets that are adequate to meet the projected needs of our county and employ a strong county workforce to deliver these services. The safety and wellness of our citizens should be the number one priority of our county government. HOW DOES THE COMMISSION ADDRESS FUTURE FUNDING REQUIREMENTS FOR INFRASTRUCTURE? The need for adequate infrastructure is very important to all. Our roads and bridges, along with other services, are of vital need to promote and continue our strong economy in Morton county. We will need to utilize and explore all options to maintain these needs and services.

WHAT IS YOUR TOP PRIORITY THE COUNTY COMMISSION SHOULD ADDRESS IN THE NEXT THREE YEARS? The top priority issues in Burleigh County are jail space, flooding issues and the importance of maintaining the quality of life we have enjoyed here. I know that is broad but it is foremost in my decision making. We need to keep our county safe. HOW DOES THE COMMISSION ADDRESS FUTURE FUNDING REQUIREMENTS FOR INFRASTRUCTURE? Future funding is an issue. I think a good example is that we are trying to pass a sales tax for the funding of our combined Burleigh, Morton detention center. We have combined our Home Rule Charter with the sales tax so it will sunset when the project is complete. We must also look to our legislators for help because of the oil boom. We are not considered an oil county but we are experiencing many of the impacts. We are seeing many impacts in our social services department. Not only from oil but from the affordable care act as well. The state needs to step up and take the pressure off the local taxpayer. I would like the state to run the entire the Burleigh County Social Services department.

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WHY ARE YOU RUNNING FOR COUNTY COMMISSION AND WHAT QUALIFIES YOU FOR THE POSITION? Burleigh County is in the beginning stages of a 20 – 30 year growth expansion at the rate of 3 percent or more per year. Burleigh County will face new problems as a result of both population and commercial growth. As a result of my years of service with township government and the Burleigh County Commission as well as being a life-long resident of Burleigh County, I have gained the knowledge, understanding and experience necessary to continue to serve Burleigh County. WHAT IS YOUR TOP PRIORITY THE COUNTY COMMISSION SHOULD ADDRESS IN THE NEXT THREE YEARS? The health, safety and welfare of our citizens. I encourage responsible development of our resources – water, wind, coal, oil, natural gas, agriculture products and our biggest and best resource - people. HOW DOES THE COMMISSION ADDRESS FUTURE FUNDING REQUIREMENTS FOR INFRASTRUCTURE? Burleigh County relies strongly on the state gas tax distribution funds for the major portion of infrastructure funding for roads and bridges. On special road and bridge projects Burleigh County may receive some federal and or state funding. Burleigh County maintains township roads in all 46 townships and receives funding from those townships. There will be a measure on the June 10th ballot to allow a Home Rule Charter to establish a ½ cent sales tax for a combined Burleigh – Morton Detention Center (jail), which I strongly support. The Home Rule Charter and ½ cent sales tax will end when the Burleigh – Morton Detention Center (jail) is paid for.


WHY ARE YOU RUNNING FOR COUNTY COMMISSION AND WHAT QUALIFIES YOU FOR THE POSITION? I feel that it is time I gave back to the community that I have called home since 1971. My family and I have lived in Bismarck, Wilton and now rural Burleigh County and I feel that my time spent here qualifies me to be a county commissioner. I have been an attorney and a business owner for 30 + years and my experience in those fields also lend themselves to governance. WHAT IS YOUR TOP PRIORITY THE COUNTY COMMISSION SHOULD ADDRESS IN THE NEXT THREE YEARS? Because I would be the junior member of the commission (by time served, not age, of course!) I would hope that the first years of my service would be a time of listening and information gathering. I will listen to the needs of the county residents and the county government and use that information to make appropriate decisions for the needs of all. I’m certain one issue is potential impact from western North Dakota moving here. We need to be prepared for that eventuality. Any decisions that I make with regard to the needs of the residents and the county services will always be weighted heavily against what will be best long term for all, and not a knee-jerk reaction to the latest supposed crises. HOW DOES THE COMMISSION ADDRESS FUTURE FUNDING REQUIREMENTS FOR INFRASTRUCTURE? If there was anything I learned from the 2011 flood, it’s how much we rely on competent and swiftly acting governmental decisions to ensure the safety of our residents. Having well planned and maintained infrastructure is key to being able to act and react in a competent and swift manner. Now, paying for that infrastructure is of course a matter of ever changing debate. I will work diligently to ensure that property taxes remain at a level that is minimally burdensome to property owners while still maintaining the standard to which the residents have become accustomed. North Dakotans, as much as all citizens, dislike paying taxes. Yet, no one can live in a vacuum and simply provide for their own existence. Roads, bridges, avenues of safe passage all need attention for the common good. Keeping quality high and costs low is a balance that is the target of the changing debate.

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WHY ARE YOU RUNNING FOR COUNTY COMMISSION AND WHAT QUALIFIES YOU FOR THE POSITION? I am running for the Burleigh County Commission because I do believe that life is not what you get but what you give. I have the time and knowledge from working with FEMA and the Burleigh County Water Resource District to move this county forward to assist with improving infrastructure, planning for the future population growth, and building partnership with other counties, private businesses, and individuals to make Burleigh County the première spot in North Dakota to live with family and friends.

WHY ARE YOU RUNNING FOR COUNTY COMMISSION AND WHAT QUALIFIES YOU FOR THE POSITION? I served on the 2013 Home Rule Charter Commission for the jail funding issue. I have since decided that it was my civic duty to offer the voters a choice and bring another perspective to the decisions that come before the commission. I work hard for all the groups and activities that I join. It’s what I was taught to do. The qualities I would bring as a commissioner are a dedication to the issues, a vision for the county growth that will continue to challenge us and a readiness to glean the facts, make a decision and move forward.

WHAT IS YOUR TOP PRIORITY THE COUNTY COMMISSION SHOULD ADDRESS IN THE NEXT THREE YEARS? The primary issue is one of developing a VISION of family which includes churches, schools, roads, green space, recreational facilities and businesses. As the county continues to grow there is a growing need for additional business and personnel. This issue needs to be addressed immediately. Burleigh County needs to develop a specific vision of what we want our community to feel like, to be like, and to look like in the next 25 to 50 years. To accomplish a develop plan of the future it takes identification of specific goals, deliberate thought, planning, and focus. It takes getting people involved so that the best ideas come forward and get serious consideration by the community.

WHAT IS YOUR TOP PRIORITY THE COUNTY COMMISSION SHOULD ADDRESS IN THE NEXT THREE YEARS? Educating the public on how real property is assessed and taxed, including the public sector budgeting process. There are many local entities that levy taxes on our land, our homes and our businesses.

HOW DOES THE COMMISSION ADDRESS FUTURE FUNDING REQUIREMENTS FOR INFRASTRUCTURE? The immediate need for funding is Burleigh County is roads and bridges. Currently the funding for 85 percent of the infrastructure is gasoline highway taxes. The County Highway Department receives about ¼ of a mill or for 2014 approximately $83,000.00 from the property taxes collected. Additional funding for infrastructure needs can be obtained with grants from several government agencies. These are some of existing statutes that provide funding. With the rapid growth in the state of North Dakota, these statutes are outdated or inadequate. All county commissions need to get involved in making a case with legislative bodies as they have means and authority to augment county budgets in this era.

HOW DOES THE COMMISSION ADDRESS FUTURE FUNDING REQUIREMENTS FOR INFRASTRUCTURE? If the voters support a new county jail, a ½ cent sales tax brings together the entire trade region to pay their fair share. Our county jail population is not all home-grown. We drafted the language for the home rule and sales tax to terminate as soon as the bond is paid for. This ½ cent is for one purpose only, a cooperative effort by Burleigh and Morton Counties to pay for the new jail bond. There should be a discussion about user fees instead of property tax. One example is recording fees and the limits that can only be addressed by the state legislature. It will take an organized effort by county commissioners in the next legislative session.

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MEMBER PROFILE Featuring Eric and Sandy Vogel with



Q: Briefly tell me about yourself and your role within the organization. A: My name is Sandy Vogel and my husband Eric and I are the owners of Northland Auction and Storage

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Q: Briefly tell me the history of Northland Auction & Storage. A: Northland Auction and Storage has been a family owned business since 1988. My parents (Fred and Della Kraft) were the original owners and founders. I was very fortunate to move back to North Dakota from Colorado in 2005 to work alongside my Dad and learn the ins and outs of the business. In 2011 my husband Eric and I (along with my parents) made the leap to ownership (and they to retirement). Q: What differentiates your company from its competitors? A: Northland values each and every one of our customers. We know that customers today have a wide variety of places that they can choose from, but offering our customers the little things really does matter. A beautiful, clean facility, a free lock with rental of a storage unit, a cold bottle of water on a hot day, shoveling your storage unit door out for you in the winter are just a few of the things that we offer our customers. Our car auction is a one of a kind operation in our area. We are happy to provide the communities we serve with the super fun / stress free option of selling their vehicle through the auction. We take all the stress, hassle and guess work out of selling the “auction way”! Q: How has the growth of Bismarck-Mandan impacted your company? A: We are happy to say that we have been able to add to our customer base. We have added new friendly faces to our auction as well as met some really great people through our storage business. It has been fun to hear the stories that people have to share as they walk through our doors.

Q: Northland Auction & Storage has been a member since 2005, why do you continue to renew each year? A: We appreciate the value of the services that the Chamber has to offer. The meet and great socials, the business after hour’s events, etc. are all wonderful ways for business owners to keep their finger on the pulse of the latest and greatest things happening in the area. Q: What should Chamber members know about your company that may assist them within theirs? A: A catch phrase that has become over used in the area is the phrase “we are so busy” (as if this is somehow a problem)….. We as business owners pay a great deal of money and put a lot of time and effort into driving the business to our front doors. We never want our customers to ever feel as though we are too busy to help them out! We instead want our customers to know that, yes we are busy; but we are never so busy that we can’t take the time to offer our customer the service that they deserve. We have succeeded in getting them in the door, let’s make it a great experience for each and every one of them! Without the customer, we have nothing! — Sandy Vogel - Northland Auction & Storage

Northland Auction and Storage holds auctions on the second and fourth Saturday of each month.

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Leadership Bismarck-Mandan (LBM) is now accepting applications for the 2014-2015 program. LBM consists of ten, half-day issue days and a full-day orientation beginning in September and ending in March with a closing retreat. A graduation luncheon will follow. Topics covered include: diversity, communication, natural resources, local issues, community characteristics, human services, military affairs, law, education, economic development, agriculture, faith, ethics, values, servant leadership, legislative affairs and political involvement. Sessions feature presentations by community leaders and are infused with skill building activities. The purpose of the program is to engage emerging leaders in business and community issues. Selection is limited and the application deadline is Aug. 5, 2014. The cost of the program is $495. Only one absence is allowed during the program. Interested applicants may apply online at or may contact Susie Kocourek at or 701-223-5660.

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On August 7th, the Bismarck-Mandan Chamber of Commerce will once again be celebrating local businesses and their accomplishments. “Innovative business and people makes our community thrive,” said Kelvin Hullet, president of the Chamber. “Celebrate Bismarck-Mandan gives us the opportunity to showcase businesses, large and small, that are showing success.” Each year the following awards are presented. Granite Award This award is presented annually to a company that has been in business for at least 50 years, has been a Chamber member for the last five years, and has shown a commitment to the community. Small Business Person of the Year This award is presented to an individual or to business partners. The nominee should have a substantiated history as an established business owner. The company’s ability to grow also is considered. The winner of this award will be submitted for the North Dakota SBA awards. New Entrepreneur of the Year This award is presented to an individual who has served as a majority owner in a company for the past three years, increased employment opportunities, demonstrated entrepreneurial potential for long-term business success and economic growth, has overcome obstacles, has used technology creatively, and has invested in the community through social responsibility and community service. Mike Fink Award for Steady Growth and Profitability This award is presented to small businesses that have been in business at least five years, have shown revenue growth over the last four years by at least 20 percent, and are currently members of the Bismarck-Mandan Chamber. Please join us on August 7th at 11:30 a.m. at the Ramkota. Tickets are $30 for members and $40 for non-members. Registration is available online at www.bismarckmandan. com/events.


Leadership Bismarck-Mandan, the program credited with producing some of the area’s top leaders, is winding down and will commence with a graduation ceremony on May 21, 2014. Throughout the past seven months, 19 students have participated in bi-monthly “Issue Days” to gain exposure to the current community affairs and build their leadership skills. The following students will be recognized during a luncheon, which is open to Chamber members, leadership graduate family members and Leadership alumni: Jason Anderson-Bank of North Dakota Jason Anderson- Bank of North Dakota Josh Blikre- American Bank Center Karen Erickson- Bismarck State College Jed Fluhrer- Security First Bank Andrea Fonkert- MDU Resources Amber Haman- HIT, Inc. Jordan Hatzenbuhler-MDU Resources Group, Inc. Sandi Himmelspach- Aetna Gina Huck- NISC Neuley Kienzle- Bremer Bank Karl Liepitz- MDU Resources Group, Inc. Lauren Meiers- Schwan Pontiac GMC Deidre Olmsted- Kadrmas, Lee & Jackson Scott Ritter- Aspen Group Susan Ronning- Bismarck Police Dept. Michelle Walker- Anne Carlsen Center Derek Weigel- Cornerstone Bank Lee Weisbeck- Starion Financial Josh Wiens- Shiloh Christian School/McDonalds

The Leadership Bismarck-Mandan graduation luncheon will take place on Wednesday, May 21 at the Seven Seas Hotel & Waterpark in Mandan. Registration begins at 11:15 a.m.; lunch and the graduation ceremony start at 11:30 a.m.. Purchase tickets online at or by calling the Chamber at 701-223-5660.


4501 Coleman St, Ste. 204, Bismarck

Wells Fargo Advisors are hosting the Membership Mixer this month on Thursday, May 15th. Join fellow Chamber members for refreshments, hors d’oeuvres and some business after hours. Mixers are free for Chamber members to attend. Please consider attending and bringing colleagues from your workplace. RSVP’s are appreciated and can be made by calling Amanda at 701-223-5660.

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LUNCH AND LEARN: “BASICS AND CURRENT EVENTS IN EMPLOYMENT LAW� Date: Wednesday, May 28, 2014 Location: Time: Presenter: Fees:

The Chamber 11:30AM - 1:00PM Peter Tiede $15 for members; $20 for non-members Lunch is included

*No refunds are given for cancellations made less than 48 hours in advance.

The attorneys at Murnane Brandt advise employers on a regular basis about issues of employment law. This Lunch and Learn seminar will cover employment law in North Dakota. Employment law is an area of perpetual concern for employers, and is an area that Murnane Brandt is called upon to advise on regularly. Peter Tiede, a 20 year attorney with the firm will talk about North Dakota employment law, covering such subjects as: The at will employment doctrine, and its exceptions. While North Dakota is an at will employment state, there are several laws, both state and federal, that limit and define the application of the doctrine of at will employment. The presentation will cover at will employment, and laws applicable to it. The presentation will also talk about how to escalate discipline of at will employees, up to and including terminations. Non-competition agreements. By statute, North Dakota treats non-competition agreements very differently than other states, severely limiting and even prohibiting such agreements in many circumstances. This can be a substantial constraint on employers in times like the present with very low unemployment. The presentation will cover noncompetition agreements, how the North Dakota statutes treat them, and when they are permissible. Finally, the presentation will give a brief overview of new developments in the law, both in terms of legal developments, and in terms of typical questions and trends the firm sees advising clients. Register online at or by calling Amanda Schumacher at 701-223-5660. 34 | Chamber Connection




The Bismarck-Mandan Chamber is excited to host its 24th Annual Chamber Golf Outing. Members are invited out to the greens at Hawktree Country Club Golf Course in Bismarck on Monday, June 9. The four-person scramble format begins with registration/lunch at 10:30 a.m. and a shotgun start at 11:30 a.m. After a day of golf there will be socializing, dinner and awards/prizes. Players will have the opportunity to form teams or be assigned to one created by the Chamber. The $150 per person entry fee covers all event costs including a pre-game lunch, post-game dinner, green fees, golf cart driving range and putting green and of course, door prizes. Register online at events or by calling 701-223-5660. Space is limited so participants are encouraged to register early. The deadline to register is Wednesday, June 4. Reservations must be cancelled at least 48 hours prior to the event to avoid being responsible for entire payment.

FRIDAYS AT THE CHAMBER Date: Location: Time: Fees: Presenting Sponsor:

Friday, June 6, 2014 The Chamber 12:00PM - 1:00PM Free to Attend Daniel Companies

It’s almost that time of year, SUMMER! Once again the Chamber is hosting our member appreciation lunch. We appreciate your member support throughout the year, so please stop in and accept our small token of appreciation. Join the Chamber staff and fellow members for a fun and informal way to network, one Friday each month this summer starting on June 6th from 12:00pm1:00pm. Chamber staff will serve brats, fixing’s and refreshments. There is no cost to attend, but free-will donations will be accepted. Stop in for a quick bite to eat and enjoy some warm weather on our patio. Please RSVP online at event or by calling Amanda at 701-223-5660 so that we can plan for plenty of lunch.

BRINGING LAS VEGAS TO YOU! Date: Location: Time: Tickets:

Friday, June 6, 2014 Bismarck Aero Center 6:00PM - 10:00PM $30.00 or $50.00 (includes entry into grand prize raffle)

Can’t Get to Vegas? We’re Bringing Vegas to You! 2014 JA Casino Night at Bismarck Aero Center On June 6, 2014, the spirit of Las Vegas is taking over Bismarck Aero Center at the 9th Annual Junior Achievement Casino Night. Though the money may be play, the fun will be real! Bismarck Aero Center will be turned into a gambler’s oasis for the night with black jack, poker, paddlewheel and roulette spanning the club, there will be no shortage of places to play. After getting their fill of the Vegas life, players can “cash” in their winnings for tickets to enter into a bucket auction. There also will be a raffle for one of two grand prizes! Other bucket auction items that have come in include items you don’t want to miss out on a chance of bidding on!

Lunch Sponsor:

Music, hors d’oeuvres, a cash bar, and an endless amount of fun will help round out the Vegas experience for all players.

Event Sponsor:

Tickets are $30 or $50. A $30 ticket is good for admittance to the event as well as $75,000 in cold, hard play cash. The $50 ticket is good for admittance, $75,000 and entry into the raffle. This is the only way to be entered into the raffle, a great ticket for the “high rollers” in the crowd and only 200 will be sold. Participants must be at least 21 to attend, and though this is a benefit for Junior Achievement, it is intended as a fun evening for adults. Remember, what happens at Casino Night… stays at Casino Night

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LUNCH AND LEARN “SCALABLE CLOUD COMMUNICATION SOLUTIONS” Date: Wednesday, June 25, 2014 Location: Time: Presenter: Fees:

The Chamber 11:30AM - 1:00PM Greg Sickler $15 for members; $20 for non-members Lunch is included

*No refunds are given for cancellations made less than 48 hours in advance.

Learn about the latest in Complete and Scalable Cloud Communications Solutions for your business. If you’re interested in learning how to slash your communications bill while adding new voice, messaging, fax, and video features, we would like to see you at our Lunch and Learn presentation. Join us for a delicious meal and an informative discussion on how to bring your business communications into the future while saving money.


Date: Thursday, June 26, 2014 Time: 5:00PM - 7:00PM Location: 3015 34th Street NW, Mandan

Cloverdale will be hosting the June Membership Mixer on Thursday, June 26th. Join members of the Bismarck-Mandan Chamber for some hors d’oeurves, refreshments and business after hours. Mixers are free for Chamber members to attend. RSVP’s are appreciated and can be done online at or by calling Amanda at 2235660.

Bring your phone bill for a free analysis and we will throw your name into the drawing to win a tablet. Register online at or call Amanda Schwieters at 701-223-5660.





to receive updates and reminders on Bismarck-Mandan Chamber events and news. **You may receive up to 4 messages per week. Message and data rates may apply when sending & receiving text messages. Text STOP to 57711 to opt-out. Text HELP to 57711 for assistance or call 800-211-2001. To view our Privacy Policy, please visit

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Oil companies asked, and Sanford Health listened.

In a step to meet the tremendous challenge of providing health care in the booming oil fields of western North Dakota and eastern Montana and after working with leaders in the Bakken, Sanford Health is introducing an innovative new service – O.P.C. mobileMED. The service will provide health care services directly in the oil fields for oil-producing companies (O.P.C.) and their subsidiaries. The key to Sanford Health’s plan centers on partnerships with companies serving the Bakken oil fields and includes deploying two mobile clinics on wheels that can move around to meet the needs of employers and one modular clinic – initially in Watford City. The project will mean an initial investment of $2.7 million along with $4.8 million in annual operating expenses. By being in the heart of the oil fields, Sanford Health will focus on building and maintaining a healthy work force with convenient medical services that allow employees, who have an industry-wide 80 percent injury rate, to feel better soon and get back to work more quickly. “With populations swelling at unprecedented speed, both energy companies and related industries are thriving, while the health care industry has struggled to figure out the best way to meet the demand,” said Kelby Krabbenhoft, President/CEO of Sanford Health. “Sanford’s approach is unique because we are not just another clinic providing stand-alone occupational medicine, we have the support of one of the nation’s largest fully integrated health enterprises.” The mobile and modular clinics will provide workrelated and non-work-related health care services, such as employment physicals and screenings, and acute care for sore throats, coughs and other illnesses. Sanford also will do lab work, X-rays, and provide access to telemedicine, emergency transportation or referrals for advanced injuries.

“Sanford made a promise to improve health care in the region,” said Craig Lambrecht, MD, president of Sanford Bismarck. “This service is another delivery on that promise.” Employers will be able to customize their program by choosing from a menu of services that fit their specific needs. “O.P.C. mobileMED is a win-win situation for the industries and local communities,” said Joel Blanchard, MD, medical director of Sanford Health Occupational Medicine and O.P.C. mobileMED. “Providing direct, on-site services to oil field employees will decrease the burden on local health care facilities, reducing overcrowding in clinics and emergency departments.” Employers interested in learning more about O.P.C. mobileMED should call (866) 310-5222 or email

Give your future the attention it deserves

Trust & Investment Management to acheive your financial goals - from a team you can trust. Bismarck | 401 N 4th St ■ 355-4820

Joe Heringer, J.D., CTFA Personal Trust Manager

Mike Senechal, CRC Trust Officer

Bob Willer

Business Development Manager

Chamber Connection | 37





BISMARCK CANCER NDGT LOCATIONS CENTER STAFF RUNNING TRANSITION TO ONE FOR CANCER CORPORATE NAME Numerous staff members from the Bismarck Cancer Center will be participating at this year’s Fargo Marathon on May 8 - 10. The staff has formed a “Hope on the Run” team and is encouraging others to participate with them. To date, there are staff members participating in the 5K, 10K, ½ marathon and full marathon. For $15 anyone can purchase a “Hope on the Run” t-shirt and participate on the Bismarck Cancer Center Team, so simply support the team. All money raised from t-shirt sales will benefit the Bismarck Cancer Center Foundation. Anyone interested in participating or purchasing a t-shirt can contact the Bismarck Cancer Center at 701-222-6119.


North Dakota Guaranty & Title Co. announced on March 26th, the transition to one corporate name for all eight of its North Dakota offices. “As our team strives to continue providing the best title and closing services throughout central and western North Dakota, it is important for our customers to know we are one team – one company here to serve their needs,” said Nick Hacker, President. “Unifying our names into North Dakota Guaranty & Title Co. provides increased continuity of services and a recognizable brand for our customers. This change will help customers get through the challenges of relocating from one town to the next, knowing they are in good hands when they sell their home and move to a new market and purchase another.” The eight North Dakota offices now operating under the North Dakota Guaranty & Title Co. name are: • North Dakota Guaranty & Title Co., Bismarck, N.D. • Dickinson Guaranty & Title Co., Dickinson, N.D.

The day a high school sophomore stabbed 21 of his classmates and a security guard in Pennsylvania, Bismarck Public School administrators were huddled around tables going through scenarios and planning for the worst: a school shooting.

• Dunn County Guaranty & Title Co., Killdeer, N.D.

The City of Bismarck, Bismarck Police Department, St. Alexius Medical Center, Sanford Health, and Bismarck Public Schools are collaborating on a Full Scale Active Shooter Exercise at Horizon Middle School when classes are not in session. Students will not be involved in the drill, but there will be upwards to 100 adult volunteers taking part in the day-long exercise, which will be set up in the morning and implemented in the afternoon. Law enforcement from Bismarck-Mandan and BurleighMorton Counties will be utilized, and other private and public school representatives from Bismarck-Mandan have also been invited.

• Minot Guaranty & Escrow Co., Minot, N.D.

The exercise is being led by the Bismarck Emergency Management office. The City will alert the public that there will be drill occurring that day.

38 | Chamber Connection

• Mandan Guaranty & Title Co., Mandan, N.D. • McKenzie County Guaranty & Title Co., Watford City, N.D. • Renville County Guaranty & Title Co, Mohall, N.D. • North Dakota Guaranty & Title Co., Williston, N.D.


Sean Hannity, host of Premiere Radio Networks’ The Sean Hannity Show and FOX News’ Hannity with Sean Hannity, will be a keynote speaker at the 22nd Annual Williston Basin Petroleum Conference. Hannity will join several oil and Sean Hannity gas industry leaders and CEOs to address this year’s theme, “Bakken Strong,” and discuss the role oil and gas has in strengthening our state and nation’s economy, job growth and energy security. “I care about this great country and believe in the American dream,” said Hannity. “I am thrilled to support the effort to make America energy independent, and get America back to work.”

Hannity is one of the most prominent and influential conservative voices in the country. His program offers a mix of news, commentary, and guest interviews. The Sean Hannity Radio Show, is syndicated to more than 500 radio stations and has a listenership that spans the millions. Hannity is currently ranked No. 2 in Talker Magazine’s Top 100 Talk Hosts in America and was listed as No. 72 on Forbes’ “Celebrity 100” list in 2013.

In October 2003, he received two NAB Marconi Radio Awards for Network Syndicated Personality of the Year and is a three-time consecutive winner of the Radio & Records National Talk Show Host of the Year Award. Hannity is also the author of three New York Times #1 Best-Selling books. “We are thrilled to host Sean Hannity at this year’s conference,” said Ron Ness, president of the North Dakota Petroleum Council. “Hannity has traveled the nation and has a keen understanding of how places like North Dakota and the Bakken can drive growth, innovation, energy security and the revival of rural America.”

In addition to speaking at the conference, Hannity will record segments for his radio and television programs from the conference and western North Dakota during a tour of the Bakken with Billings County Commissioner and industry leader Jim Arthaud of MBI Energy Services. Hannity agreed to come to the WBPC after interviewing Arthaud on his radio program. Hannity will speak at 9:30 a.m. CDT on Thursday, May 22, 2014. Special $25 tickets will be available for Hannity’s address for members of the public. These passes will only be good for Sean Hannity and will not include admittance into the exhibition or talks by other speakers. For a full agenda of speakers and events or to register, visit

Bankers. Experts. Friends.

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ST. ALEXIUS RECEIVES DONATION FROM STUDENTS On Tuesday, March 25, Saint Anne School’s fourth grade class presented a $356 check to St. Alexius Medical Center Foundation. The students and their teacher, Paulette Tescher, hosted a school-wide bake sale to raise money for St. Alexius’ Alex Town and Children’s Center renovation.

Along with a lesson in goodwill, Tescher’s students learned about statistics and marketing. “Accepting gifts from children is a special opportunity,” said Kilee Harmon, St. Alexius Foundation’s development director. “Children get so excited about giving because they know they are helping someone, and it’s fun to see the joy in their eyes. We are very grateful to Mrs. Tescher and her students for the work they did and for the donation they made to Alex Town.” Alex Town is a 7-bed unit with a small-town theme named after St. Alexius Children’s Center’s official mascot, ‘Alex The Cat.’

40 | Chamber Connection

Alex Town’s community and neighborhood motif will include a fire station, police station, train depot/tunnel, toy store, pet shop, central park, civic center and zoo/ aquarium/planetarium. In addition, the unit will feature new technology to allow each room to be utilized as a Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. The goal of the imaginative environment is to enhance a child’s healing process. Alex Town is expected to open in mid-April of this year.


Sleepy Hollow Theatre & Arts Park announces 69 classes in the performing and visual arts at Bismarck High School. Four separate weeks are offered June 2-6, 9-13, 16-20 and 23-27. Instructors include Rebecca Young-Sletten, Ali LaRock, Paul Noot, Job Christenson, Jean DunnGefroh, Marueen Bry and Ashley Restemeyer. Some of the classes are Geisha Accessories, the Art of Harry Potter Mini-Camp, Creative Sculpture, Musical Theatre Performance, Musical Theatre Vocal Techniques and Storybook Theatre. Printed brochures are available at the Bismarck Parks and Recreation office and all area schools or on-line at Call 701-400-2501 for more information.



The Bismarck-Mandan MSA was ranked as the 5th fastest growing metropolitan area (communities with populations of 50,000 or more) in the country based on 2013 Census population estimates. Other North Dakota cities are also among the fastestgrowing communities in the nation: Williston led the way as the fastest-growing micropolitan area (communities with a population between 10,000 and 50,000) with Dickinson and Minot ranked as the #2 and #5 fasting growing micropolitans, respectively; Fargo is in the #4 spot of fasted growing metropolitan areas; and Williams County grew by 10.7% between July 1, 2012 and July 1, 2013, faster than any other county in the nation. Statewide, 38 of North Dakota’s 53 counties gained population over the 12-month period. The census numbers do not include individuals who work in North Dakota but maintain a residence outside of the state.


The Aviation Works for North Dakota is pleased to be hosting the 11th Annual Aviation Career Day May 7th, 2014 from 9am to 2:30pm at the Bismarck Aero Center. This event is designed to provide local area 5th graders with an opportunity to experience the unique industry of aviation up close. Aviation Career Day has a record 700 5th graders from 11 different local elementary schools participating in this interactive aviation career learning experience. Students will attend short hands-on presentations from multiple professionals within the industry and will be able to ask them questions. Some of the presenters include ND Game & Fish, Air Traffic Control, ND National Guard, AEND, TSA, Aircraft Rescue & Fire Fighting, and many more.


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MDU RESOURCES RINGS TWO STUDENTS AWARDED CHEVY THE BELL On Tuesday, March 18, MDU Resources visited the New SCHOLAR SCHOLARSHIP York Stock Exchange to commemorate the company’s 90th anniversary of business.

To mark the occasion, CEO David L. Goodin, joined by members of MDU Resources’ leadership team, rang the NYSE closing bell.

More than 6,800 text and online votes were cast by the friends, families, peers, teachers and neighbors of ten Chevy Scholar finalists over the course of two weeks to determine two $5,000 scholarship winners from the West Dakota Chevy Dealers of western North Dakota. The finalists were chosen from over 175 applicants.

In the end, Ashley Kilzer, a senior at St. Mary’s High School from Bismarck, N.D. and Emily Falcon, a senior at Turtle Mountain Community High School from Belcourt, N.D. earned the votes needed to win. Students either nominated themselves or were nominated by family, friends, parents, teachers or coaches. Finalists were determined by their community involvement, academic achievements, extracurricular activities, volunteer work and personal essay.

7th Annual

AUTISM AWARNESS WALK June 14th, 2014 • Horizon Middle School

9:00AM Registration & Educational Resource Fair 10:00AM Opening Ceremony 11:00AM Irish Auction • • • • •

Kidz Korner Face Painting Ride your Bike or Scooter DJ and Dancing Healthy Snacks and Water

ORGANIZE YOUR TEAM TODAY! For more infomation contact Sherris at 701.425.6151 Amy at 701.400.5292 Or visit

42 | Chamber Connection

“Western North Dakota is filled with incredibly bright and promising young people,” said Christian Kostelecky, president of the West Dakota Chevy Dealers. “Narrowing down the 175 applicants to ten finalists was very difficult. All Chevy dealers involved in this program are incredibly proud that we can help these students attend college. They are great representatives of their communities and Chevrolet. They are destined for great things.” Although the program provides only two grand prize $5,000 scholarship winners, the dealers recognized the other finalists with $500 awards. “We want to acknowledge the effort and excellence of all of the finalists. We were so impressed with what they give back to their communities, and what they have accomplished already in their lives,” said Kostelecky. In addition to the scholarships, a nominator from Harvey, ND received a $500 cash award through a random drawing. To learn more about the Chevy Scholar Program go to


Better Business Bureau of Minnesota and North Dakota (BBB) is again calling for nominations for the premier award in business ethics – the BBB Torch Award for Ethics. The Torch Awards for Ethics recognize upstanding companies which display outstanding ethics in their dealings with customers, employees, vendors and their community. All for-profit businesses of any size, owned or operated in Minnesota or North Dakota, are eligible. Nominees must be in good standing with the BBB; however BBB Accreditation is not a requirement to compete for the award. The nomination deadline is May 6, 2014.


Monday, 5th 5:00 pm Burleigh County Commission Monday, 5th 5:30 pm Mandan School Board (recorded) Tuesday, 6th 5:30 pm Mandan City Commission Monday, 12th 4:30 pm Mandan Park Board (recorded) Monday, 12th

5:15 pm Bismarck School Board

Tuesday, 13th 5:15 pm Bismarck City Commission

“Our Torch Awards for Ethics shine a light on those companies that set an example for all of us,” said Dana Badgerow, president and CEO of Better Business Bureau of Minnesota and North Dakota. “They recognize market leaders that stand out in their industries and demonstrate excellence not only to their customers, but also their employees, vendors and communities.”

Wednesday, 14th 5:15 pm Burleigh County Planning Commission

Nominations for the 2014 BBB Torch Awards for Ethics are open to the public. Companies can be nominated online by visiting or by sending the company name, contact name, address, phone number, and email along with the nominator’s name and phone number to: BBB, Attn: Mackenzie Kelley, 220. S. River Ridge Circle, Burnsville, MN 55337; or by faxing the information to 651-695-2487. Business owners or employees may also nominate their own firms.

Monday, 19th 5:30 pm Mandan School Board (recorded)

Entrants are judged on six areas of their business: Leadership Commitment to Ethics; Communications of Ethical Practices; Organizational Commitment to Ethical Practice; Organizational Commitment to Performance Management Practices; Organizational Commitment to Ethical Human Resource Practices; and Organizational Commitment to the Community. Nominated companies will receive an official entry form from the BBB. An independent panel of judges will decide the award finalists and recipients. Winners will be announced live at the BBB’s 2014 Torch Awards for Ethics ceremony in October.

Thursday, 15th 5:15 pm Bismarck Park District Board Monday, 19th 5:00 pm Burleigh County Commission

Tuesday, 20th 5:30 pm Mandan City Commission Tuesday, 27th 5:15 pm Bismarck City Commission Wednesday, 28th 5:00 pm Bismarck Planning Commission Thursday, 29th 3:30 pm Burleigh County Social Services Thursday, 29th

5:15 pm Bismarck School Board

Meetings can be viewed LIVE (unless otherwise indicated) and are replayed several times on Government Access, cable channel 2. Government meetings are also available for online viewing (LIVE and Video on Demand) at

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Ask About Our Corporate Rates!

Bismarck • (701) 222-3311 180 E Bismarck Expressway

Fargo • (701) 239-4303 4303 17th Ave South

Grand Forks • (701) 757-7000 4040 11th Ave South

Bismarck Expressway Inn (701) 222-2900 200 E Bismarck Expressway All Locations Include: FREE HOT BREAKFAST • FREE LOCAL CALLS • FREE HIGH SPEED INTERNET CONNECTION INDOOR POOL AND SPA • SHUTTLE SERVICE

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 The Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation, in conjunction with StageWest Entertainment, is excited to announce that three North Dakotans will join the Burning Hills Singers for the 2014 Medora Musical.
Damon Fichter, Dickinson, and Delanie Wiedrich, Hazen, will join the Burning Hills Singers for the first time this season. Both were selected after February’s auditions in Bismarck and Fargo, where they beat out a talented field of performers vying for a spot in the 2014 Medora Musical. Misti Koop, Grand Forks, will return for her second season in the Medora Musical.
 “This audition season we saw well over 1,200 singers and dancers from all over the country – and the talent level was at an all-time high,” says Medora Musical Executive Producer and Director, Curt Wollan. “It was particularly impressive to see so many first time auditionees from North Dakota who were so well prepared. “These new, young Burning Hills Singers stood out at the auditions because of their wonderful stage presence and beautiful voices. They will certainly make North Dakota proud during this Medora Musical season.”
 First-time Burning Hills Singers Delanie Wiedrich couldn’t be more excited about her new summer gig. “I’ve watched the Medora Musical since I was five years old. It was my first experience with musical theatre and really sparked my interest and love of the stage,” she says with a smile. “At first I thought that Mr. Wollan was calling to inform me that I had not gotten the job! It wasn’t until I received the contract that I realized it was real; now I get butterflies every time I think about what is to come this summer!”
 Damon Fichter recalls getting the call while in school, “I quickly listened to the voice mail, while also trying to hide it from the teacher, and when I heard the news, it took everything in me to keep me from cheering. Initially, I was ecstatic, anxious, nervous, in disbelief, and amazed.
 As of now, I have calmed down – only a little – and I can’t wait until we start rehearsals.”
 Wiedrich and Fichter will join Medora Musical veteran, and Grand Forks native, Misti Koop, as members of this year’s Burning Hills Singers. Koop, a graduate from the University of North Dakota’s Master of Arts in Theater program and current East Grand Forks music teacher, performed in the 2012 Medora Musical and is excited to return in 2014.
 The full lineup of very talented Burning Hills Singers, Coal Diggers Band members, and Medora Musical Host(s) is nearing completion for this year’s Show and will be announced at a future date.
The 2014 Medora Musical shows every night, June 6 to September 6, at 7:30 p.m. MDT, in the 2,900seat Burning Hills Amphitheatre.

Welcome New Members

The Chamber of Commerce encourages all members to do business with each other. The following companies and organizations have recently made an important investment in their business by joining the Chamber. Please consider them for your professional and personal needs. To find a complete listing of Chamber members, view the Member Directory online at Country Financial 715 E Broadway Ave Suite 130 Bismarck, ND Candice Muller (701) 221-0658 Financial and Insurance services. Action Ads Marketing Bismarck, ND Michael Gregg (701) 340-8917 Take action, be noticed. Unique exclusive, indoor TV ad program. Our TVs are strategically mounted in high traffic and popular businesses. Captive, engaged consumers. SaveCoin of Bismarck-Mandan Bismarck, ND Michael Gregg (701) 340-8917 SaveCoin is a local daily deal and coupon website that loves to save you money. We feature amazing deals and coupons on products and services in Bismarck-Mandan. NDSU Development Foundation/Alumni Association Bismarck, ND Randy Schmeling (701) 471-7665 Non-profit organization for benefit of higher-education. L&L Brendel Const. & Roofing LLC 1410 Industrial Dr. Bismarck, ND Larry Brendel (701) 391-1687 Residential and Commercial roofing. The Dental Suite 3000 N 14th St. Suite 2D Bismarck, ND Dr. Ashley Wangler, DDS Dr. Nicholas Wangler, DDS (701) 255-0469 The Dental Suite is committed to providing high quality restorative, cosmetic, prosthetic and surgical dental care. The Dental Suite accepts new patients and many insurance plans.

Aesthetic Center of Plastic Surgery 115 W Century Suite B Bismarck, ND Debbie Paulson, RN (701) 255-3311 We offer plastic surgery techniques, both surgical and non-surgical, that are available to help maintain or improve your appearance and hopefully translate into increased self-confidence and assurance. Batteries + Bulbs 1515 Burnt Boat Dr. Bismarck, ND Bill Condon (701) 751-7080 Household batteries, replacement batteries, automotive batteries, cycle and marine batteries. Light bulbs including LED, CFC, fluorescent tubes etc. Quantum Productions Bismarck, ND Nolan Johnson (701) 460-1342 Quantum Productions is a locally owned and operated production company specializing in Television and Online video advertising, music videos, and documentary film. K & L Investments 300 N. 31st Street-Shop Bismarck, ND Derrick Rittenbach 701-258-6070 Commercial and residential property rentals. Oahu Hawaiian BBQ and Sushi Bar 2626 State Street Bismarck, ND Kiky Rizky (701) 751-6248 Oahu Hawaiian BBQ and Sushi Bar is North Dakota’s finest Asian fusion deliciously wrapped in a Hawaiian state of mind with a touch of Oriental Thai and Japanese cuisines. Bismancoupons PO Box 503 Bismarck, ND Kay Hanson (701) 426-0714 is a simple and easy to use website to post coupons and offer shoppers the ability to search/ print coupons by category including; restaurants, gas, health and beauty, lodging and more.

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Ask a Pro with







100 W. Broadway Suite #2, Bismarck, ND 58501 701-751-4140


2101 46th Ave SE, Mandan, ND 58554 701-751-3999


A: Injectables remain a great alternative for those who need some facial correction, but don’t want surgery. The “liquid facelift” can be accomplished with neurotoxins (Botox and Dysport) and dermal fillers (Juvederm, Perlane, Radiesse and others). While the injectables are not the same as surgical results, they can provide remarkable rejuvenation to the face. I offer many of the FDA approved fillers and remain on the forefront of the latest injecting techniques.


A: Building a new home requires many

decisions. The most important of all may be location. A few things to consider when choosing the right location include school districts, nearby shopping and restaurants, child care, parks, recreation, and even to some people demographics. Think about your family’s lifestyle and services used. Is one neighborhood more convenient than others? Are you willing In addition, we offer a professional make- to switch school districts if necessary? up line, laser treatments, pulsed light Take a walk through neighborhoods treatments, medical grade peels, facials, and observe people’s lifestyles. Do the and top skin-care products. Treatments families have kids the age of your family? may be combined for best overall results, Choosing the right location for your and this is all discussed in a free consult. family will make your new home that much more enjoyable.


4431 Memorial Hwy, Mandan, ND 58554 701-663-8401

Q: DUE TO HEALTH ISSUES, I DON’T QUALIFY FOR LONG TERM CARE (LTC) COVERAGE. WHAT OTHER OPTIONS MIGHT BE AVAILABLE? A: There are a number of Annuity products on the market that you can add a LTC rider for an additional cost, often with limited underwriting. This is just another option that can be explored when looking into LTC Planning.

Since this is an annuity product, you should first determine that an annuity fits with your retirement strategy. An annuity is a long-term, tax deferred investment vehicle designed for retirement. There are charges and expenses associated with annuities, such as deferred sales charges for early withdrawals. It is important to understand that optional benefits in annuities, such as LTC riders, vary greatly in price and the features they contain, and have restrictions and limitations.

Examine the different products to see what triggers LTC coverage, what exactly is covered, like assisted living and home care, how much is paid per day, how long the LTC benefits last, and what early withdrawal penalties may be. Review specific company prospectus for details regarding benefits, limitations, risk, and costs, associated with these products.

46 | Chamber Connection

Annuities earnings are taxable as ordinary income when distributed, and if withdrawn before age 59 ½ may be subject to a 10% federal tax penalty. If the annuity will fund an IRA or other tax qualified plan, the tax-deferral feature offers no additional value. Not FDIC/NCUA insured. Not bank guaranteed. Not insured by any Federal Government Agency. Financial Advisors do not provide specific tax/legal advice and this information should not be considered as such. You should always consult your tax/legal advisor regarding your own specific tax/legal situation. Keith Eliason is a registered representative and investment advisor of Securian Financial Services, Inc. Member FINRA/SPIC. Securian Financial Advisors of North Dakota is independently owned and operated. 4431 Memorial Highway, Mandan, ND. TR#898129 DOFU: 4/2014

Ask a Pro with



new season comes pesky allergens. The biggest allergen offender is pollen, which is released into the air during spring to fertilize other plants. These allergens invade our body and in some people cause allergic reactions. It is estimated that 35 million Americans suffer from spring allergies. These reactions may include watery or itchy eyes, runny or itchy nose, sneezing, and congestion.

Many allergy sufferers turn to overthe-counter (OTC) products to help relieve their symptoms. If you only suffer from eye symptoms, go with an antihistamine eye drop. For nose symptoms, pick a nasal spray, and if you suffer from multiple symptoms, an oral antihistamine is probably the best choice for you. The non-drowsy antihistamines available are Allegra, Zyrtec, and Claritin. Benadryl is a good night time antihistamine due to its drowsiness effects. The good news for people who suffer from allergic rhinitis is that there is now an OTC nasal steroid called Nasacort. It is still prescription strength, but now comes at only a fraction of the cost. Nasal steroids help reduce inflammation and open up nasal passages.





3101 North 11th Street Bismarck, ND 58503 701-224-9521

Q: WHAT SHOULD I DO FOR THE UPCOMING ALLERGY SEASON? A: Spring is here, but along with this


701 E Rosser Ave, Bismarck, ND 58501 • 701-751-9500


by over-scrubbing, over-cleaning, or over-treating. Sub-zero temperatures can damage the outermost protective layer, exposing facial skin to irritants and bacteria.

Hydration and exfoliation are the keys to smoother skin for spring. Dry skin can feel raw and sensitive so many people are likely to skip exfoliation. However, I recommend sloughing off dry skin cells with a gentle exfoliator. Try a mildly abrasive cleanser or mild exfoliants with glycolic or lactic acids help eliminate flakes. Exfoliate only a few times a week. At night, apply a moisturizer with glycolic acid, lactic acid, or salicylic acid, which helps the gentle sloughing away of dead skin continue while you sleep. Use a gentle moisturizer frequently year-round to keep your skin moisturized. Finally, always use a sunscreen with an SPF 30 or higher to prevent sun damage and skin cancer.

Talk to your doctor for long term treatment with all OTC allergy medications.


500 N 8th St, Bismarck, ND 58501 • 701-222-6100


Dakotans are diagnosed with a new cancer. The top four cancer diagnosed in ND are breast, prostate, lung and colorectal. These cancers account for 46% of all cancers diagnosed in ND. The good news is that survivorship is growing. Nearly 70% of people are surviving more than five years. In fact, nationally the number of post-treatment survivors has grown to nearly 13.7 million, with almost 33,000 cancer survivors living in North Dakota.

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Dr. Mirzai Re-Certified

Cedric Theel Earns Awards

Dan Lee

Dr. Michael Mirzai, child and adult psychiatrist at St. Alexius Archway Mental Health Services, has received a passing score on his maintenance of certification examination. This achievement confirms Dr. Mirzai’s ongoing board certification in adult Dr. Michael Mirzai psychiatry. It also extends his Jason Schneider service as Diplomat of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology for another ten year period. Dr. Mirzai received his medical degree from Meharry Medical College in Nashville, Tenn. and completed his adult psychiatric residency and child and adolescent psychiatry fellowship at Scott & White Memorial Hospital in Temple, Texas. Dr. Mirzai joined St. Alexius Medical Center in 2012.

Dykema Named Business Banking Manager


Jenny Holzer

Cedric Theel Toyota in Bismarck recently earned their sixth consecutive prestigious Toyota President’s Award. Awards are given annually to Toyota dealers throughout the country that achieve top customer satisfaction ratings. Toyota Sales Excellence was earned by Cedric Theel Toyota Sales Managers Dan Lee and Jason Schneider. Toyota Sales Society was earned by Jenny Holzer and Ben Sandstrom. Toyota Parts Excellence was earned by Parts Manager Jenny Bloom and her staff. Toyota Comptroller Excellence was earned by Serena Jangula and her staff.

Jenny Bloom

American Bank Center is pleased to announce that Kevin Dykema has accepted the position of Business Banking Kevin Dykema Manager. Kevin has been with American Bank Center since November of 2004 when he started as a Commercial Ben Sandstrom Serena Jangula Lender. Since then, he has held department manager roles for both the Business Banking and Mortgage Banking Departments. Kevin has a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of North Dakota with majors Credit Collections Bureau in Banking and Financial Economics and Financial Management. He is a graduate of the Dakota School of Promotion Banking and the Graduate School of Banking in Madison Missy Lynn (Bismarck) to Sr. Collection Director Level II. Wisconsin.

48 | Chamber Connection

Cash Elected to TE Board

A Basin Electric Power Cooperative employee has been elected to the Touchstone Energy® Cooperatives board of directors. Ted Cash, Basin Electric manager of media services, will be seated to a three-year term on Ted Cash the board. Cash led the development of Touchstone Energy‘s Cooperative Web Builder program and has served as a Touchstone Energy board alternate for four years, Touchstone Energy regional member for three years and is chairman of the Touchstone Energy Strategic Communications Committee. In Cash’s 15 years of employment at Basin Electric, a Touchstone Energy cooperative, he has assumed leadership roles in event management, marketing and advertising, strategic planning and Touchstone Energy branding. Since 1999, Cash has been involved in every facet of the Touchstone Energy brand, from the distribution and generation and transmission cooperative levels to the national level. In the community, Cash has held leadership roles in numerous advisory groups, including vice president of the Missouri Slope Areawide United Way board of directors; Vanguard Investment Committee memberelect; and member of the Basin Electric Executive Steering Committee. Cash holds Bachelor of Science and Master of Business Administration degrees from the University of Mary in Bismarck, N.D. He resides in Bismarck with his wife and son.

Ellison Advisor of the Month

Bruce Ellison

Securian Financial Advisors of ND, Inc. is pleased to announce that Bruce Ellison is Advisor of the Month for March for the second month in a row. Bruce has been a Financial Advisor with Securian since December 2013 and is located at 4431 Memorial Highway in Mandan. Anderson Joins Starion Financial Hires Hanson Alliance Real Estate as Operations Manager

Rachelle Anderson moved to Bismarck in 2006 with her husband and children. She has a bachelor’s of science in Production Management with Rachelle Anderson a minor in Economics. She has worked as a purchaser, logistician, bookkeeper, administrative assistant, and in human Brian Hanson resources. She excited to start her career in real estate.

Brian Hanson has joined Starion Financial as the operations manager. He is located at the bank’s Mandan location. In his role, Hanson is responsible for the day-today oversight of the deposit operations and accounting departments. He manages and partakes in projects, partners with bank departments in achieving strategic initiatives, Kupper Chevrolet Employees ensures compliance with regulations and manages Awarded applicable third-party vendor and service provider Numerous Kupper Chevrolet employees have been relations to maintain service levels. honored with General Motor’s Mark of Excellence award. Hanson comes to Starion with more than ten years Wade Huber, David Hanson, Keith Feist, Jason of banking experience. He earned both his Bachelor’s Knudson, Gene Van Lishout, David Wald, Al Braun, Shane degree and Masters of Business Administration at the Hill, Rodney Sandvig, Erik Olson and Royce Nelson have University of Mary – Bismarck. received the Mark of Excellence award because of their He is actively involved in several performing art commitment to excellence, obtaining sales objectives ventures and volunteers with El Refuge, an international and maintaining superior CSI scores. organization dedicated to creating a positive culture for youth.

Dr. Benedict Roller Receives Benedictine Spirit Award St. Alexius Medical Center

awarded Benedict Roller, MD, the Benedictine Spirit Award during the center’s 2014 Doctor’s Day celebration. The Benedictine Spirit Award is presented annually to a physician who provides distinguished service to Benedict Roller, MD patients and upholds the mission and values outlined by the Sisters of St. Benedict of Annunciation Monastery. In 1988, Dr. Roller joined St. Alexius Medical Center as an Emergency department physician. That same year he was named medical director of Metro Area Ambulance, a position he still maintains. For his commitment to customer service and for significantly exceeding performance requirements by living the mission and values of St. Alexius, Dr. Roller received the Higher Standard Award in 1992. Since 1993, Dr. Roller has been the chair and medical director of St. Alexius’ Emergency department. Additionally, Dr. Roller has served as president of the medical staff and was a physician representative on St. Alexius’ Board of Directors. His love of teaching and mentoring keep him actively involved in the education of residents, medical students, as well as nursing students. Dr. Roller was named UND School of Medicine’s Teacher of the Year for Southeast AHEC (1987-1988) and Southwest AHEC (1989-1990). Additionally, he has served as an EMS instructor and has taught many ATLS, ACLS, and PALS courses. Dr. Roller is a fellow of the American College of Emergency Physicians and is a member of the American Medical Association, North Dakota Medical Association, 6th District Medical Society and the North Dakota Medical Directors Society.

Moldenhauer Selected for 40 Under 40

Chad Moldenhauer

Gagne Joins ICBND

ICBND would like to welcome Kyndra Gagne to their staff. Kyndra recently moved to North Dakota with her husband Chris, who is the Deputy Sheriff in McLean County, from River Falls, WI. They currently live in Washburn and are expecting their Kyndra Gagne first child in August. Kyndra has past experience in administrative work, website and graphic design, and marketing. Kyndra is also a professional photography and has her own photography business, Kyndra Lynne Photography (www. She enjoys providing personalized photo shoots and artistically enhanced images to capture family’s milestones. Kyndra is an avid readers and says there is nothing better than relaxing with a good book.

Nelson Named Top Advisor in State for Third Consecutive Year

Once again, Troy Nelson of Edward Jones has been ranked the No. 1 financial advisor in North Dakota by Barron’s Bianco Realty Sales Awards magazine in its 2014 Top Bianco Realty has named Shirley Thomas and Judy Financial Advisor State-by-State Maslowski Associates of the Month! Shirley and Judy Rankings, which recognizes the had the most closed sales at Bianco Realty for the month top 1,200 advisors in the country. of March 2014. Thomas has been a licensed REALTOR® Troy Nelson This is Nelson’s third consecutive since 2001 and Maslowski has been a licensed appearance at the top of the state REALTOR® since 2007. list. Nelson’s office, one of 12 Edward Jones offices in Edgewood Vista Promotes Bismarck, is located at 1701 Burnt Boat Drive. He and his branch team – Senior Branch Office Administrators Petersen Terry Krenz and Sharon Dorner and Branch Office Edgewood Vista is proud to Administrators Laura Lohstreter and Linda Volk – can be announce Kristie Petersen on reached at 701-255-1196. her promotion. In addition to her current position of Dining Services Manager, Petersen Keller and Dyke Named Clinical accepted the position of the Coordinators Dining Services Specialist. St. Alexius Medical Center Petersen has been with recently named Mari Keller Kristie Petersen Edgewood since the summer clinical coordinator for Heart & of 2009 as our Dining Services Lung Clinic and Wendy Dyke Director for the Bismarck Village. She comes to as clinical coordinator for the Edgewood with over 23 years of excellent experience, Radiology department. a degree in Hotel/Restaurant Management, Serve As clinical coordinator for Safe and HACCP certifications. The Specialist role Heart & Lung Clinic, Keller is is a development and consulting role within the Mari Keller responsible for coordinating Dining Services management function. The Specialist nursing staff and promoting provides consultation through training, advice, and positive working relationships recommendations. The Dining Services Specialist works with other disciplines, with the Corporate Dining Services Director to implement departments and families. corporate dining service policy and programs. She graduated from University of Mary with a Bachelor of Pandolfo Promoted to Branch Science in 1985 and accepted a registered nurse position in Manager the psychiatry unit at St. Alexius. The Bismarck branch of Wells Wendy Dyke In 1986, Keller joined Heart & Fargo Advisors is pleased to Lung Clinic in the allergy/asthma announce that Kirk Pandolfo department. has been promoted to branch manager. Pandolfo is responsible Dyke will oversee and assist the radiology staff with for day-to-day operations of the procedures in her position as clinical coordinator. She joined St. Alexius in 2005 as a life safety technician and Bismarck branch and its three began her career as a nurse in ICU in 2008. In 2013, Financial Advisors. Kirk Pandolfo Pandolfo has been with Wells Dyke joined the interventional radiology team.

K&L Homes is proud to announce owner, Chad Moldenhauer, was selected for the Professional Builder Magazine 40 Fargo Advisors for one year and Under 40 Award. Moldenhauer was has over 25 years experience in the financial services picked for his accomplishments industry. and innovation in home building.

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ASK-A-PRO PERKS NEWS Starion Financial’s Lindsey Matter Nexus Innovations Hires New Receives National Recognition Solutions Specialist Lindsey Matter, mortgage banker at Starion Financial, has been named to Mortgage Executive’s Top 1% of Mortgage Originators list. Matter is located at the bank’s Mandan location. Each year, Mortgage Executive Magazine compiles the most Lindsey Matter comprehensive list of The Nation’s Top 1% of Mortgage Originators. The publication seeks to recognize and celebrate the service, dedication and hard work that leading mortgage professionals put into serving their clients. To be eligible for consideration, originators must have had at least $30 million in loan volume in the 2013 calendar year. Matter produced more than $40 million and closed 168 loans in 2013.

The Sleep Inn & Suites in Bismarck, ND Wins Prestigious 2014 Platinum Hospitality Award

The Sleep Inn & Suites hotel of Bismarck, ND was recently announced as a recipient of a prestigious 2014 Platinum Hospitality Award from one of the world’s largest hotel companies, Choice Hotels International, Inc. (NYSE: CHH), franchisor of the Sleep Inn & Suites brand. “The Sleep Inn & Suites hotel’s commitment to excellence and outstanding guest service has earned it this well-deserved recognition as one of the best hotels among the Sleep Inn & Suites brand,” said Stephen P. Joyce, president and chief executive officer for Choice Hotels International. “We here at Choice Hotels are very proud to award this distinguished honor to the Bismarck Sleep Inn & Suites hotel.” Platinum Award status represents a tremendous accomplishment for a hotel and its entire staff. Each year, only the very top hotels in each brand are eligible to receive this elite distinction. As a top performing property among the company’s more than 5,100 U.S. franchised hotels, the Bismarck Sleep Inn & Suites hotel is among the top percentage of properties within the Sleep Inn & Suites brand. As one of the company’s top franchised hotels operating under the Sleep Inn & Suites flag, the hotel has demonstrated an exceptional focus on guest satisfaction and dedication to providing superior service. Additional award criteria are evaluated by Choice Hotels through its official property ranking reports.

Kirkwood Bank & Trust Promotes Miller and Lemar

Bobbi-Kay Miller

Becky Lemar

Kirkwood Bank & Trust is pleased to announce that BobbiKay Miller has been named Retail Banking Manager. Miller, a Hazelton native, joined the bank in 2007 as Loan Officer/Branch Manager of the downtown location. She is a graduate of the University of Mary and has 20 years’ experience in the banking industry. Becky Lemar has been named Operations Manager. Lemar is a native of New Salem, and began working at Kirkwood Bank & Trust in 1993.

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April Larson has joined Nexus Innovations in the Bismarck branch office as a Solutions Specialist. April is a graduate of Dickinson State University with a Bachelor of Computer Technology Management and a minor in Management. April has been in the technology business for four years and excels in Microsoft SharePoint, user support and troubleshooting, client communication, training, and documentation. Nexus specializes in custom software development, SharePoint, strategic services and project management. The firm is located in Bismarck/Fargo, and serves the northern plains region.

Kingsley Joins BisMan Transit

Patricia Kingsley

selling bus tickets. Kingsley has more than 12 years of customer service experience, most recently serving as front office manager for an area hotel.

Mathern Joins Bianco Realty

Tori Mathern

Bianco Realty is excited to announce the newest REALTOR® to join their company: Tori Mathern. Tori looks forward to helping you with all your Real Estate needs, achieving your dream of home ownership and providing a Tradition of Excellence!

KK BOLD Featured at a Gaming Conference

Stephanie Schoenrock

Klingfus Joins Housing Agency’s Planning Staff

April Klingfus was recently hired by the North Dakota Housing Finance Agency (NDHFA) as a housing outreach officer in the agency’s planning and housing development division. Klingfus will be responsible for researching funding sources, April Klingfus reviewing market studies, identifying community needs, developing local housing strategies, and providing development guidance. Prior to coming to work at NDHFA, Klingfus was employed with Wells Fargo as a home mortgage consultant.

Patricia Kingsley has recently joined Bis-Man Transit as Clerical Assistant. Kingsley will assist new clients with transit applications, applicant data entry, helping riders figure out Capital Area Transit (CAT) bus routes and

Marci Goldade

Two KK BOLD employees were featured presenters at the 2014 Great Plains Indian Gaming Conference and Tradeshow April 1, 2014, at Mystic Lake Casino Hotel, Prior Lake, Minn. Stephanie Schoenrock, vice president, and Marci Goldade, media director, led a workshop titled “Maximizing Your Media in Today’s Digital World.” Schoenrock and Goldade discussed the tools needed to develop and implement a strategically sound marketing plan in the highly competitive environment of Indian gaming.

Lauinger Joins Kupper ChevroletSubaru As Marketing Specialist

Viva Lauinger recently joined Kupper ChevroletSubaru as Marketing Specialist. A Bismarck native, Lauinger and her husband recently moved from Detroit Lakes, Minnesota. As the previous Marketing Director for a non-profit in Detroit Lakes, Lauinger has extensive experience in all Bismarck Aero Center Promotes aspects of marketing, advertising, and public relations, including social and traditional media, community Stone relations, design, and media placement. She is excited to Bismarck Aero Center (BAC) work on campaigns for Kupper Chevrolet-Subaru and to has promoted Chris Stone to be a part of their team. Lead Flightline Technician. Stone Lauinger is getting active in the community and has been with the company as joined the Bismarck-Mandan Young Professionals. She a Flightline technician since likes spending time with her husband, stepdaughter and 2011. Before BAC, Stone worked dogs enjoying the outdoors. as a Civilian Military Security Officer for almost 15 years. Stone Chris Stone Starion Financial Rated FourStars will prove to be a great fit due to his hard working attitude, by leadership and professionalism. Some of Stone’s new Starion Financial has been awarded four stars in role responsibilities will be to adhere, train and enforce’s Safe & Sound Ratings service for the customer service standards and expectations, leading quarter that ended September 30, 2013. This is the Fuel Quality Assurance Measures, training employees highest score a financial institution can receive. These on all operations and safety procedures, and delegating ratings are comparisons to both industry and peer norms tasks to optimize efficiency and customer satisfaction. and standards and key absolute benchmarks. Bismarck Aero Center’s continual growth has made this For more than 16 years,’s Safe & Sound position possible and we are grateful to have Stone step service has given consumers information on the relative up to the new challenge. financial strength and stability of U.S. commercial banks, savings institutions and credit unions. They are a leading publisher, aggregator and distributor of personal finance Eider Earns Promotion content on the Internet. Stacy Eider of Cornerstone Bank has been promoted to Lead Underwriter. Stacy has been working in the Mortgage business since August 2001.

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Ribbon Cuttings

Ribbon cuttings are conducted by a committee of Chamber volunteers called Ambassadors. Businesses qualify for a ribbon cutting if they open, move, and remodel, are under new ownership, change their name, or offer a new product or service. To schedule a ribbon cutting, please call Susie Kocourek at 701-223-5660 or email

BAYSIDE TESORO & LIQUOR/SOMETHINGS BREWING COFFEE SHOP Bernie Schafer, Manager and Diane Hauck, Coffee Shop Manager, located at 2701 46th Avenue S.E. in Mandan.

BENCHWARMERS SPORTS BAR & GRILL Mike Kihlstrom, Kitchen Manager & Brandy Jude, General Manager. A new business owned by Dave Herner, located at 100 Santee Lane in Lincoln. Phone: 751-2520.

SUPERIOR INSURANCE Heidi Rue in her new location at 2021 East Main Avenue in Bismarck. Phone: 354-7100. Member

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ONCE UPON A CHILD Tricia Arenz in her new location at 1401 Skyline Boulevard in Bismarck. Phone: 255-3400. Member

ST. ALEXIUS CLINIC Gary Miller, CEO and Sr. Nancy Miller in their new building located at 2500 Sunset Drive in Mandan. Member

SHANKS GOLF SHOP Johnny McGrath in his new business located at 2390 East Bismarck Expressway in Bismarck. Phone: 751-4227

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Bismarck-Mandan ChamberConnection 1640 Burnt Boat Drive P.O. Box 1675 Bismarck, ND 58502


Date: 5/15/2014 • Time: 5:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. Location: Wells Fargo Advisors - 4501 Coleman St, Ste. 204, Bismarck

NEW MEMBER ORIENTATION learn what we’re about.


Date: 5/21/2014 • Time: 11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. Location: The Seven Seas Hotel - 2611 Old Red Trail, Mandan

LUNCH AND LEARN: BASICS AND CURRENT EVENTS IN EMPLOYMENT LAW Date: 5/28/2014 • Time: 11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. Location: The Chamber - 1640 Burnt Boat Drive, Bismarck


Date: 6/6/2014 • Time: 12:00 p.m. - 1:30 p.m. Location: The Chamber - 1640 Burnt Boat Drive, Bismarck



government affairs recognizing achievement education


Date: 6/6/2014 • Time: 12:00 p.m. - 1:30 p.m. Location: The Chamber - 1640 Burnt Boat Drive, Bismarck


Date: 6/9/2014 • Time: 10:30 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. Location: Hawktree Golf Club - 3400 Burnt Creek Loop, Bismarck

June 18th, 2014 7:30AM - 9:00AM The Chamber

community involvement


Date: 6/13/2014 • Time: 7:30 a.m. - 9:00 A.m. Location: The Chamber - 1640 Burnt Boat Drive, Bismarck

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