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Microsoft Studio H (Redmond, WA)


Our Firm



Corporate Workplace Environments

WHEN IT COMES TO BUSINESS, CULTURE IS STRATEGY. Culture is the most important factor in determining a company’s success. Acquisition, cultivation, and retention of top talent are critical success factors in an ever-changing and demanding business environment where innovation determines an organization’s ability to remain competitive and relevant. The current pool of leading talent is heavily influenced by globalization, demographic shifts, and the need to rapidly adopt emerging technologies. To respond to the needs of a multi-cultural workforce and the changing expectations of new generations, workplace designs must

address the growing trend toward inclusivity and flatter organizational structures. One size misfits all. Focusing on people, we design healthy workplaces that facilitate a diverse range of work styles and preferences, encourage movement throughout the day, provide opportunities for collaboration that reflect the desired culture, and empower employees so they feel inspired and remain engaged. Understanding the user experience is the key to unlocking a company’s competitive advantage – translating into increased performance and productivity.



Interior Design Capabilities

B+H offers a full range of interior design and space planning services. Our teams of interior designers create environments that seamlessly integrate people, the environment, technology and the ultimate purpose of the space. As specialists in interior design, B+H helps clients create thriving work communities. We excel at large, complex projects that are driven by innovation, collaboration and sustainability. We provide the following interior design services:

Our teams believe in creating healthy environments, bringing natural light into the workplace and using design to foster community. We understand how a well-crafted environment can shape our clients’ brands and reflect the values that drive their organizations. That’s why we create branded environments that promote our clients’ unique positioning and help them achieve their objectives. Our designs reflect not only who are clients are, but where they want to go.


STRATEGIC PLANNING • Master Planning • Functional needs analysis • Programming • Test fit real estate analysis • Corporate standards • Facilities Management

FACILITIES SUPPORT SERVICES • Move implementation • Post occupancy evaluation • Artwork program • Graphic Design and wayfinding • Ongoing Facilities support services

• Space Planning • Design documentation • 3D Axonometric planning, 3D renderings and animations • Global Benchmarking and trend analysis • Planning review for code compliance • Furniture procurement • Furniture inventory • Furniture disposition • Ergonomic assessment • LEED workshop • Comprehensive Construction documentation • Consultant selection and coordination • Preparation and management of Bid and Permit documentation • Project Management Services




Approach as a Practice Our design philosophy reflects the values of our Principals – pragmatic, innovative, collaborative and sustainable. All our designs evolve through a clear process that is based on a full understanding of each client’s philosophy and business plan. We come to the table with extensive research and valuable experience... but no preconceptions. Our teams commit maximum energy and resources to every project and provide value engineering until the program, design and budgetary requirements are met. We believe in a collaborative approach to design and encourage input from our clients throughout all stages of the project. Our technically complex projects require high levels of coordination between all stakeholders. When many parties are involved, we believe projects run smoother when the consulting team communicates in one voice to the client.

We are committed to delivering high-performance and sustainable buildings. Our teams create designs that contribute to human wellbeing and enhance the health of our planet, while also meeting immediate client needs and helping them achieve operational savings. We think globally and act locally. We believe buildings should be timeless, sensible and inspiring to both their inhabitants and surrounding communities. This is why we strive to understand the local cultures, construction methods and aesthetics in all the areas in which we work. The experience we gain in one part of the world can shape work we do across the globe. This integrated process allows us to bring the best of international practice to projects around the world.



Heenan Blaikie LLP (Toronto)


Relevant Experience


Social Media Company Location Toronto, Canada Size 18,000 ft2 | 1,670 m2 Status Completed 2015 Client Confidential

This social media company promotes engaging, social experiences for its users. Accordingly, they required an office reflecting the same collaborative, inspiration-driven experience for their employees. This project moves our client from a cramped, outgrown (so, overcrowded) site into a much larger facility that allows for rapid growth, fosters collaboration, and feels like a home away from home for both employees and guests. The team wanted a decidedly non-corporate and more residential look and feel for the space, while maintaining the functionality a workplace. Eschewing private offices or panelled workstations, the design balances open collaborative spaces and quiet zones, allowing people to work anywhere within the facility – whether standing, sitting or perching. Audiovisual and connectivity feature throughout the site, ensuring virtually every square foot is usable for multiple settings. Common areas feature full service amenities to provide collaborative buzz throughout, and quiet spaces allow

for occasional heads-down work while 1-2 person rooms allow for confidential calls or briefings. We promoted sustainability by retaining the existing flooring and mechanical features. Reinforcing the collaborative nature of the company’s workplace ideology, all staff are assigned space in an open bench; a full service café with daily meal service reinforces the importance of staff and guests feeling at home. The Library functions as an important bridge of workspace wings and provides a living room and open meeting space. The “Commons” is truly a multifunctional space, including a kitchen, lounge, cafeteria, meeting spaces, town hall, games and recreation spaces. Office space is scaled for growth, meaning this rich, attractive space represents them now and in the future. Awards Toronto ARIDO Award of Excellence 2015



McCarthy Tétrault LLP Location Calgary, Alberta Size 57,600 ft2 | 5351 m2 Status Completed 2014 Client McCarthy Tétrault LLP

This Client’s Calgary office was given the opportunity to lease the top four floors of their current building, allowing them a space in which they can create new workplace initiatives that are more closely aligned with their other offices. We worked with the firm to create a new 12,000 ft2 client centre on the top floor, complete with extensive audio-visual solutions attuned to their technology needs. We also created a new multi-functional lounge to be used by staff during the

day, while also becoming a large gathering space for firm functions when opened up to the reception area. We improved adjacencies between practice groups, and created inviting amenity spaces on all floors. New glass office fronts help to bring natural light into the centre of the floors, so that all staff will have access to daylight. The new 57,600 ft2 office gives the Client a clean, contemporary and enduring design.



The Centennial Building Location Calgary, Canada Size 60,000 ft2 | 5,574 m2 Status Completed 2010 Client Confidential Collaboration Gibbs Gage Architects

This project involves relocating the client from their current facilities to 60,000 square feet on 3 floors within a new office tower in 2010. As part of the deliverables, B+H is working with the client to establish new office furniture standards, assessing the re-use factor of the existing inventory and as well as providing branding services. This organized and process-driven design project was awarded after a nationwide RFP and interview process.

Awards Interior Designers of Alberta Award Office Category Honourable Mention



Teine Energy Location Calgary, Canada Size 19,000 ft2 | 1,765 m2 Status Completed 2012 Client Teine Energy

The client’s proud Albertan roots called for a workplace that reflected an environment that spoke to their core business. Reflections of familiar Alberta landscape components are utilized throughout the office; silhouettes and shadows of oil derricks, drill stems and pump jacks translate into strong angles in the Teine Energy space. Steadfast and solid materials were selected to provide a link to Alberta’s energy heritage. Diffused lighting and softened backlit glazing treatments were layered in order to ease the impact, offering a gentler contrast of materials. Furnishings and accessories reflect a balance

of classic and contemporary design with touches of gold metallic accents, providing a sense of luxury and richness. Focal classic furniture pieces stand out against a contemporary backdrop – the dynamic and intriguing graphics provide a visual statement about what Teine Energy is all about: energy, technology, unity and history. Awards Interior Designers of Alberta Award Office Space Over $80.00/sq ft: Bronze



Corporate Oil & Gas Company Location Calgary, Canada Status Completed 2015 Client Confidential B+H was responsible for the interior revitalization of two historic buildings for this corporate client, who wanted something unique and was prepared to step beyond traditional corporate design trends. With modest achievements and a mission to treat historical preservation as an opportunity, our interior design reveals a beautifully functional and non-typical business work environment. Our design strategy for building one increased social and collaborative spaces featuring training, education and breakout areas as well as multi-functional common spaces echoing a town hall environment. Concurrently, building two was designed in a complementary fashion offering a landing pad of comfortable and inviting openconcept offices, the staff kitchen and cafĂŠ. Working with the historic architecture, our team focused on modest enhancements that turned heritage

spaces into something sophisticated and modern. The design features clean and sophisticated touches with millwork clad and painted finishes that reference the spaces’ history and preserved classic details including the molding and wainscoting. However, to ensure that our design solution prominently addressed our client’s expectations for brand identity and company culture, we used the corporate colour scheme to highlight fixtures and features with high visual interest. Attention to sound also played a huge role in the artistic-meetfunctional goals of the combined space; we added acoustic panels to the wooden slats. Awards Interior Designers of Alberta Award Office Space Over $80.00/sq ft: Silver



ruby Offices Location Toronto, Canada Size 13,000 ft2 | 1,200 m2 Status Completed 2016 Client ruby Corp.

This website development company owns and operates multiple web-based dating services. Under new leadership in 2016, there was a shift to rebrand the company and their subsequent restructuring and rapid growth led them to look for new office space to accommodate for their expansion. The new design is intended to act as a tool for the attraction and retention of talented millennial staff, to reflect a fresh face for the company, and to inject a sense of fun and energy into the workplace. Headquarters for employees of various functions including business development, call centre representatives, and graphic designers, the space is designed to create an open and transparent feel while also addressing the needs of the company’s diverse staff. Using carefully chosen furniture, a bold colour palette, commissioned art and installations, and other decorative elements, the office space features both modern and timeless design elements with minimal details and a focus on technology. Workspaces accommodate for varying levels of privacy according to the function

and needs of different employees including traditional private offices, seating areas with divisional panels, and open concept bench seating. Featuring distinct zones in addition to the workstation areas, the office includes spaces that contribute to a strong sense of work/life balance through fun environments that spark creativity, offer respite, and encourage collaboration. Designed to feel separate from the office to provide an area for staff to retreat, regroup, and reinvigorate, The Lounge is a bar and recreation area accessible through a portal clad in bright red acoustical material to match the brand. Central to the office is The Hub – a lounge area with residential furniture for a laid-back feel – used as a common gathering space for employees. Visible from all areas of the office, The Hub encourages staff to use the space as required. Finally, an art gallery wall displaying commissioned paintings and installations acts as an inspiration space.



Fasken Martineau Location Calgary, Canada Size 28,000 ft2 | 2,601 m2 Status Completed 2015 Client Fasken Martineau

Our current project for Fasken Martineau is a 28,000 sq.ft. renovation of this law firm’s existing space. A past inconsistent approach to planning and furniture selection has resulted in a situation where their existing office space does not optimally suit their needs. Our main goal is to develop space and furniture

standards in order to meet the design and functional needs of the firm, and to provide them with a bold, new space that speaks to the entrepreneurial spirit of the firm. We will be transforming their space over three construction phases, with a completion date at the end of 2013.



Heenan Blaikie LLP Location Calgary, Alberta Size 27,415 ft2 | 2,547 m2 Status Completed 2011 Client Heenan Blaikie LLP

The design team conducted visioning sessions with the representatives of the Executive team and, inspired by their culture, created an edgy and modern space positioned to make a statement in the typically conservative Calgary market. Modernist furniture classics and luxury office systems shine against a backdrop of sophisticated materials in soft, neutral hues that echo Calgary’s earthy surroundings. The reception area opens to a row of glass panels that pivot, creating a space which instantly transforms the firm’s principal common area from a boardroom into a lecture hall, a recption venue, or into sections for individual study or small gatherings.

Awards Canadian Interiors Best of Canada Award Association of Registered Interior Designers of Ontario Award of Excellence Interior Designer of Alberta Award Office Category - Gold



Bow Valley Square Renovation Location Calgary, Canada Size 61,000 ft2 | 5,700 m2 Status Completed 2012 Client Oxford Properties Group Certification LEED® Canada-CI Gold Collaboration BKDI Architects Located in Calgary’s downtown core, Bow Valley Square is a four-tower complex that houses office and retail space and is a busy hub for pedestrians. It was built in phases between 1972 and 1981, and was in need of a revitalization. B+H Architects were responsible for the interior transformation, helping to redefine this premiere downtown location. The exterior façade has been redesigned while the two retail levels were renovated and upgraded with new store front criteria and graphic design throughout. The project also includes creating new entry

sequences for the east and west entrances, to allow more natural light in and to make the space more welcoming as people travel into the complex and through it. Awards BOMA Canada - The Outstanding Renovated Building of the Year Canada Interior Designers of Alberta Award Special Projects Category: Silver



Gardiner Roberts LLP Location Toronto, Canada Size 38,800 ft2 | 3530 m2 Status Completed 2016 Client Gardiner Roberts LLP

After occupying the same offices at Scotia Plaza for over 20 years, Gardiner Roberts LLP was keen to see how their office and culture could be realized in other locations. An initial test fit of Bay Adelaide east yielded a 10% reduction in office space and they seized the opportunity to take advantage of the amenities of a newly constructed office tower. Working closely with the Gardiner Roberts design committee, B+H was able to demonstrate the potential of the building’s floor plate. The practice area was streamlined into an efficient work plan. Collaborative workrooms situated in each corner are equipped with technology to facilitate universal office sizes equate equal status for all lawyers, regardless of status. While lawyer offices are located on the perimeter, glass office fronts were positioned to allow natural light to flow through. A gradient acid etch pattern, referred to as a “cloud” provides visual privacy at eye level which diffuses into clear glass above for natural light to flow through into the

office core. All interior offices for clerks utilized this same glass with sliding glass doors The creation of a client centre was centered around the reception. A variety of meeting room sizes, catering facilities, and a large multi-purpose conference room with skyfold and integrated technology affords Gardiner Roberts with enhanced and integrated conference abilities not available at their previous location. Their monthly tool box seminars can now be located within their premises instead of hotel conference rooms. A firm lounge anchors this facility that not only provides staff dining and coffee breaks, but a TV lounge with superior views from floor-to–ceiling windows. With the provision of audio visual devices, this room is also used for ad hoc meetings and staff functions. With these added amenities, Gardiner Roberts is now able to host evening events for clients and to be able to use this space for charitable endeavors.



Corporate Oil & Gas Office Interiors Location Calgary, Alberta Status Completed 2017 Client Confidential

The project's goal is to take the successful corporate vision of the company and create the next generation of future thinking accessible workplace that is suitable for all demographic of workers. The project will include many programmatic elements that exist in the current space, but ultimately include many new areas as well. The company was not happy with the 'white' environment that was created in their current space and wanted an environment that really expressed their ideas.

As an overall team - B+H was able to coordinate with the base building Architecture team to provide some building modifications as the basic structure was being built. This included openings for a continuous interconnected stair set through 14 floors. There was also slab modification to certain floors for additional loading for the conference centre, as well as a fitness facility.



Microsoft Studio H Location Redmond, USA Size 39,990 ft2 | 3,715 m2 Status Completed 2015 Client Microsoft Corporation

Designing Microsoft Studio H came with one critical direction—create one team. The 260-person OSG Design Team had been spread out across multiple buildings on Microsoft’s Redmond campus, so we designed an interior to consolidate staff and provide maximum flexibility and access to amenities as well as each other. Having built a strong relationship with Microsoft on past projects, we knew their Workplace Advantage strategy came with protocols and a near-mathematical approach to workplace engagement and improvement. With that personal and in-depth understanding of their needs,

we pushed Microsoft to comfortable extremes. Our Advance Strategy team conducted a visioning session to learn how Microsoft pictured the collaborative workspace in Studio H. From past experience we know that “collaboration” means more than what’s understood on the surface, so our focused client-designer visioning session went deeper to explore what unique characteristics Microsoft and its staff couldn’t do without. We learned that fluidity in footprint and circulation leading to and away from a common space—aptly named the Hub—was the fount of their startup-vibe inspiration.



Microsoft RTC-6 Location Redmond, United States Size 50,500 ft2 | 4,690 m2 Status Completed 2017 Client Microsoft

Team cohesiveness, social and cultural connection is at the heart of this Turn-10 studios project. Gaming software projects often take up to 2 years to develop and require over 150 people. Designers were challenged to come up with a creative, professional space that makes groups

of 150+ people feel like a single, cohesive team. Spatial layout was constructed to encourage people to travel between floors and connect in a central gathering space. Visitors are greeted by an inspiring entrance expressing the company’s brand featuring authentic race cars.



Telecommunications Office Location Toronto, Canada Size 44,230 ft2 | 4,109 m2 Status Completed 2017 Client Confidential This Telecommunications company sought to relocate their executive offices and create an environment that was evocative of a global Fortune 500 company with a special focus on providing an integrated audio/visual solution throughout the office. Their new location included one floor dedicated to non-executives that had previously been located outside of the downtown core, and a private floor for the CEO and upper management team. To accommodate offices for non-executives and to take advantage of the natural light afforded by the space, B+H guided out client in the creation of inboard

offices with glass office fronts. Non-exterior facing offices were unassigned, to be used by visiting Bell employees. Workstations are located on the perimeter with low panels that provide privacy while seated, and allow natural light to flow in. Additional spaces include collaboration zones with proximity to a coffee bar, and meeting and copier rooms that create a central hub to facilitate workflow. Finally, the design incorporated historic artifacts from the client’s archives to create a sense of legacy in this brand new space.



Jackman Reinvention Inc. Location Toronto, Canada Size 18,530 ft2 | 1,720 m2 Status Completed 2013 Client Joe Jackman

The location selected is a two-floor, 18,530 square foot space in a west-downtown heritage post-and-beam structure. New materials like marble tile, concrete floors, stainless steel and wood plank recall the building’s industrial past, while furnishings are sleek and modern. The workspace is laid out with creativity in mind. “Breakout booths” flank a cluster of glass-fronted boardrooms, allowing groups to filter in and out of boardroom meetings and start up spontaneous offshoot meetings nearby. The large kitchen serves as an inviting social hub, while playful graphics and comfortable open areas make the lower studio spaces feel more like a home. While the upper studios are left largely raw to

showcase the grandeur of the wood-framed space, the office’s bright back stairwell features walls, treads, risers, ceilings and doors, all fully coated in Jackman’s signature “reinvention red,” echoing the energy of the firm’s design minds. Jackman moved into their new space in the spring of 2013. As posters, graphics and props pass through the office, the space serves as an ever-changing stage for Jackman’s work and a true representation of who Jackman is as a firm. Awards 2014 ARIDO Award of Merit



Google Toronto Location Toronto, Canada Size 13,000 ft2 | 1,200 m2 Status Completed 2016 Client Google Inc.

A steady increase in client traffic, coupled with a shortage of conference rooms created a need for a floor that would be devoted to meeting and collaboration space. Unlike the other workplace floors, this new one was to have particular focus on the client experience. The design was to be harmonious with the rest of the facility, yet it needed to be distinctly elevated. The aesthetic should be playful – but not trendy. The mood had to be fun and colorful, but with a level of sophistication.

– auditorium facility for tech talks, large training center and multi-functional meeting rooms and collaboration spaces.

Google Toronto renovations entailed creating of a conference floor – with centralized reception

Awards 2016 ARIDO Award of Merit

Instilling a local identity to a global brand was achieved by creation of a graphic programme – by utilizing images that evoke Ontario wilderness. (on elevator lobby shot – those blue doors are actually maps of Ontario lakes) see image on the top right.



Google Waterloo Location Waterloo, Canada Size 100,000 ft2 | 9,290 m2 Status Completed 2015 Client Google Inc.

Inspiration for “Waterloo Project” was drawn from freeways as a medium for connecting workers to colleagues both near and far, while providing connections to basic human needs like food, rest, and shelter. Employing scenic routes as an example, the freeway can also serve as a destination onto itself with activity nodes present along the route. The project itself posed a unique challenge. Located in a historic multi-building site that had been merged into a single complex through multiple renovations, the client was looking for much more than just a superficial fit-up. Our team rose to the challenge and proposed an adaptive reuse of the space that not only addressed the client’s needs, but also tackled the complications posed by the building’s unique structure. This included the demolition of a floor that didn’t align with the others, the pouring of two new slabs to accommodate this removal, and the installation of elevators, a grand staircase, and new exterior entrances.

These additions were done in cooperation with the architecture side of our firm. By combining the expertise of both interior design and base-building architecture experts, we were able to meet the full scope of the client’s needs. This type of crosscollaboration allowed our interior design team to leverage the expertise of their peers to create unique time and cost saving synergies. This client also desired a highly sustainable space. We were able to help the team implement sustainable solutions within the projects, such as a green walls , LED lights, bike friendly spaces, strict adherence to environmentally friendly product/furniture standards, and landscaping features. Awards ARIDO Award of Excellence 2016 CaGBC Innovation in LEED Award, Commercial Interiors 2017



International Hi-tech Company Location Jiangsu, China Size 506,000 ft2 | 47,000 m2 Status Completed 2017 Client Confidential

This project is being custom designed and built for the International Hi-tech Company by Industrial Park of Suzhou Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. The site is located at southeast corner of SIS Park and upon completion, will be used as its’s R&D centre as well as house their other related business functions. Phase I of the project can accommodate 1,500 people, with Phase II doubling that capacity to 3,000 people in total. The project comprises a series of new amenities, and will be integrated with existing buildings in SIS Park. The Master Plan layout has the plot defined as three individual units, with the west building being proposed

for Phase I and the remaining two buildings earmarked for Phase II. Three staggered podiums on ground level help define the three public areas, including a west courtyard housing the Envisioning Center, which celebrates arrival to the campus with a generous drop-off area. A secluded courtyard on the north will blend the campus with the existing landscape and enlarge the central green axis, which runs east-west through the park, providing a green pedestrian entrance. Finally, the north courtyard will also house sports facilities, which may include a soccer field and basketball court.



Shaw Media Location Toronto Canada Size 12,800 ft2 | 1,189 m2 Status Completed 2013 Client Shaw Media

B+H provided full services to design and complete a multi-phase renovation to create a brand supportive workplace. The planning strategy employs Shaw’s new workplace programming directives along with design collaboration with the internal Shaw facilities group. The space employs a more dense planning approach, to allow for new ad-hoc meeting areas that are key to the

various business units. The design is brand conscious and delivers a high impact solution. Awards Interior Designers of Alberta - Design Excellence Award Office over $80.00/sq. ft. - Second Place


Henkel Canada Corporate Office Location Mississauga, Canada Size 60,000 ft2 | 5,574 m2 Status Completed 2012 Client Hertz Henkel Canada

The corporate offices of Henkel Canada are designed to house their three Canadian divisions under one single brand, in one location. As well, a key objective was to apply global brand standards to the Toronto office. The new standards apply to the physical space, types of finishes and furniture. Henkel’s vision for its new offices is one in which the space and amenity needs of the component divisions are met while shared resources are centralized, creating greater efficiency and enabling knowledge sharing between employees. Accordingly, separate spaces were created for Henkel Canada’s three

divisions to address their particular needs (for example, the adhesives division has a direct connection to a lab space used for continual testing), while a central core and circulation spine were used to connect areas used by all employees. These common areas include conferencing, informal meeting, staff facilities, and a large lunchroom. The design also maximizes access to light and views by locating the private offices on the interior and the workstations that are used by the majority of staff in the open area with direct access to natural light.


Harbinger Communications Location Toronto, Canada Size 10,000 ft2 | 930 m2 Status Completed 2013 Client Harbinger Communications

Harbinger Communications is a leader within the Canadian Marketing landscape. As business has grown significantly for them over the past few years, Harbinger was beginning to feel constrained in their charming, but highly-compartmentalized multi-level space. The mandate was to assist in the site selection process and then to create an interior space that would be inviting and would stimulate creativity and collaboration - while acting as showcase for the innovative work that they do. To achieve this, a common studio space was created in the centre of the office. Ninety percent of the staff was seated in this

open office environment while the remainder work in glassfronted spaces that are closely connected to the studio. To further the interaction between the staff, a large multipurpose space was created– serving as a lunchroom, casual meeting space, yoga studio, town hall and screening room. The finished product is a warm and inviting space that is bright, fresh and reflective of the young creative minds that walk through the door every morning. The graphics and signage developed for Harbinger were bold and impactful yet also playful keeping with the client’s ideology.


Directors Guild of Canada Location Toronto, Canada Size 11,000 ft2 | 1,022 m2 Status Completed 2011 Client Directors Guild of Canada/Directors Guild of Canada, Ontario Chapter

A bold mid-century inspired palette and classic, modern furniture assert themselves against a neutral canvas of light walls, black feature ceilings and residentiallyinspired flooring. A custom reception desk and carpet draw from the same design aesthetic, bringing a residential feeling to the workplace. Splashes of colour help to ground the design and wood is used extensively to enhance warmth and texture.

The new office layout provides for a wide range of versatile spaces for quiet reflection and collaboration, and to encourage conversation and social interaction. Multipurpose spaces can also be used in assorted configurations to suit various activities, with the ability of the reception, boardroom and lunchroom to transform into an elegant evening space with adjoining dining and bar facilities.


Wessex Capital Partners Limited Location Toronto, Canada Status Completed 2011 Client Wessex Capital Partners Limited

Located in the heart of Toronto's financial district, this modern yet elegant design reflects the client's design vision for a clean and elegant aesthetic. In order to maximize the space, light colours and glass were utilized throughout. Partially frosted glass walls surround the boardroom and offices allowing light to penetrate the entire space while maintaining a sense of privacy.

Elegant wood accent walls and classic furniture add an element of sophistication to the design. Awards Interior Designers of Alberta Award Office Category Silver


AGF Managment Ltd. Head Office Renewal Location Toronto, Canada Size 875,000 ft2 | 6,970 m2 Status Completed 2006 Client AGF Management Ltd.

This project involved both a feasibility study and subsequent renovations to AGF’s three floors of offices within the TD Bank Tower at the Toronto-Centre. This renewal includes department space reorganization, creating distinctive identities for each division of their business, improved work

flow, enhanced teaming opportunities, better utilization of common facilities, and rationalization of circulation. This is a major renovation to create different identities for their various customer groups and to develop better working environments amongst internal staff.


Corporate Oil & Gas Company (Calgary)


Research & Application


Research+ Application Drivers for Change

1 Aggressive Cost Reduction



Do More with Less

• Reduce first-cost • Reduce real estate • Reduce churn/life-cycle costs





Innovate & Grow Business Share

Business Agility

Talent Attraction & Retention

Future Proof

Choice & Control

Virtual Technology

• Faster decision making, and organizational learning

• Adaptability re: headcount changes

• Greater workplace satisfaction

• Flexibility re: changing work styles

• Greater connection to the Brand


Sample Research PROJECT OUTLOOK AND INSIGHTS B+H Benchmarking Canadian Metrics B+H currently benchmarks North American and Global trends measuring employee density and support metrics. These are key drivers in determining efficiency and appropriateness of final real estate decisions.

Global Trends

• Allocation of space, per function. One size does not fit all. • Consideration, of a single size office. • Flexible space, less formal meeting space and more collaboration area. • Shared amenities, no token gestures. • Budget focus on Technology and IT. • Focus on comfort, and the ability to work anywhere at anytime. • Libraries being reduced or phased out.

Percentage breakdown of average legal practice

22% Bussiness Support 52% Cellular Legal Practice Floor

11% Common Support

15% Front of House


Area per Fee Earner

78 m2


Support-to-Fee Earner Ratio Aspirational



Advance Strategy At B+H we help our clients not only do things right, but do the right things. Our Advance Strategy advisory practice connects business and organizational goals and objectives with optimized solutions – at a workplace, building and portfolio level – systemically and transparently.


Vision As a global firm founded in Canada, we bring a unique perspective to our projects. Enterprise Vision has helped our clients increase core business market share by 20%.

Workplace Strategy Workplace Strategy 1.0 introduces and designs appropriate progressive workplace overlays to meet benchmarking objectives and optimize your footprint. We then connect your workplace change opportunities to real financial models – identifying the ROI and delivering actionable solutions and predicted results.

Development Solution Development Solutions focuses on building smart demand models and overlaying supply to plan superior building programs. We connect user trends, technical innovation and market supply data to development scenarios – identifying highest and best use solutions, whilst future proofing proposals.

Sustainability As national members of the United Nations Environment Programme on Sustainable Buildings and Climate Initiatives, we are able to work with the broader construction industry around the world to promote the vision and lessons learned in Canada. Our approach is to keep it simple: use local, well researched materials; push building envelope design improvements and increase thermal performance; use natural ventilation and passive solar heating; encourage green roofs and focus on daylighting and energy efficient lighting systems. Last but certainly not least, bind a functional, straight-forward technology to pleasing, innovative architectural design solutions.

Performance The Advance Strategy team works seamlessly across the B+H organization at a global level, integrating strategic planning results with end-to-end services – ensuring successful results, nothing lost in translation.

Functional Programming Programming occurs on every project, utilizing both high level and deep dive analysis. Our team works on the executive level, and hands-on with the users refining both their needs and their wants. B+H has a series of effective tools to spark conversations and excite change. The outcome is measurable, and is weighed against our clients’ real estate asset to determine efficiency, adjacencies, and work flow.

Capital Financial Our firm understands and supports your internal processes with validated and transparent information. We consider all factors in capital investment and depreciation (including leasehold improvements, FF&E) in the development of your solution.


Jackman Reinvention Inc. (Toronto)


Additional Information


Our Leaders

MANAGEMENT Dan McAlister Chairman Bill Nankivell Chief Executive Officer Lisa Bate Regional Managing Principal, North America Karen Cvornyek President and Regional Managing Principal, Asia Steve Cavan Chief Operating Officer Jennifer Futol Principal | Global Director, Marketing and Business Development Doug Demers Managing Principal, Seattle Patrick Fejér Principal | Design Peter Heys Principal | Interior Design Phillip Jones Managing Principal, Middle East Bruce Knapp Managing Principal, Vancouver Robert Marshall Principal | Global Director, Planning & Landscape Katrina Stevens Director, Human Resources NA & MENA



Dan McAlister Chairman

Bill Nankivell CEO

Tõnu Altosaar Senior Principal | Director, MENA

Lisa Bate Regional Managing Principal, North America

Mark Berest Principal, Toronto

Ralph Baumann Principal, Shanghai

Mohsen Boctor Principal, Toronto

Steve Cavan Chief Operating Officer

Karen Cvornyek President & Regional Managing Principal, Asia

Doug Demers Managing Principal, Seattle

Ian Donlan Principal, Shanghai

Emultaz Elbrabaa Principal, Toronto

Patrick Fejér Principal | Design

Alan Fraser Principal, Toronto

Jennifer Futol Principal | Global Director, Marketing & Business Development

Peter Heys Principal | Interior Design

Tom Hook Principal, Toronto

Jim Huffman Principal | Senior Design Director

Phillip Jones Principal | Managing Director, MENA

Bruce Knapp Managing Principal, Vancouver

Stéphane Lasserre Principal, Singapore

Olivier Lopion Principal, Singapore

Coco Lin Principal, Shanghai

Stephen Herscovitch Principal, Toronto

Robert Marshall Principal | Global Director Planning & Landscape

Chris McQuillan Principal, Toronto

Paul Morissette Principal, Vancouver

Adèle Rankin Principal, Vancouver

Stéphane Raymond Principal, Toronto

Sonny Sanjari Principal, Toronto

Sam Shou Principal, Shanghai

Alex Stanichevsky Principal, Toronto

David Stavros Principal, Toronto/ Asia/MENA

Kevin Stelzer Principal, Toronto

Susanna Swee Principal | Executive Vice-President, Asia

Guy Walter Principal | Director of Planning & Landscape, Asia

Mario Sarandi Principal, Toronto

Celine Wang Principal, Shanghai

Eddie Wu Principal | Director of Landscape Architecture


380+ staff across 9 studios worldwide









Toronto 481 University Avenue, Suite 300 Toronto, Ontario Canada M5G 2H4 T +1 416 596 2299

Dubai Suite No. 1501, API Tower Sheikh Zayed Road Dubai, United Arab Emirates P.O. Box 25436 T +971 4 3889913 F +971 4 3889914

Shanghai Suites 2301-2303, The Exchange - SOHO 299 Tongren Road Shanghai, China 200040 T +86 21 3360 7861 F +86 21 3360 7862

Vancouver 400 - 1706 West 1st Avenue Vancouver, British Columbia Canada V6J 0E4 T +1 604 685 9913 Calgary 215 10 Avenue SW, Suite 201 Calgary, Alberta Canada T2R 0A4 T +1 403 265 3101 Seattle 225 Terry Avenue N. Seattle, WA 98109 T +1 06 999 7364

Hong Kong 12/F Admiralty Centre Tower 1 Unit 1203B, 18 Harcourt Road, Admiralty, Hong Kong T. +852 3158 2123

Singapore 100 Beach Road #32-01/03 Shaw Tower Singapore 189702 T + 65 6226 1353 Ho Chi Minh City Resco Tower, Level 6 94-96 Nguyen Du Street District 1 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam T +84 8 3822 4497

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B+H Interior Design (Workplace)  
B+H Interior Design (Workplace)