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Empowering Generations: How Two Local Students and a Nonprofit Founder Are Building Hope in East Pasco

In the heart of East Pasco, where the sun kisses the land and the warmth of community shines bright, a beacon of hope emerges amidst the struggles faced by single mothers and their families. It’s a story of resilience, faith, and the power of partnership, led by Stacy Hester, the founder of Solo Moms, alongside two local students, Katalina and Annabelle.

Stacy Hester’s journey is one etched with trials and triumphs. A single mother at 22, she navigated through the thorns of domestic violence and abuse, yet emerged as a beacon of hope for others. Inspired by her own hardships and a deep-seated calling to help others, Stacy dedicated her life to supporting single moms in East Pasco, combating generational strongholds of trauma, abuse, and addiction with unwavering faith.

“These women aren’t burdens; they just need a chance,” Stacy affirms, her words echoing a sentiment of empathy and empowerment. “We’re looking for safe people and safe places,” she emphasizes, highlighting the sanctuary Solo Moms provides for those in need.

As Solo Moms expands its reach, a new chapter unfolds with the introduction of transformative initiatives: the Trauma Team, Trauma Retreats, and the Healing Hub. These endeavors aim to provide holistic healing for families, addressing deep-rooted wounds and nurturing growth.

Katalina and Annabelle, two spirited students with hearts brimming with compassion, caught wind of Solo Moms’ mission and were inspired to lend a hand. Drawing from their experiences as Girl Scouts, they spearheaded efforts to support the Healing Hub, crafting presentations and organizing supply drives to rally their community behind the cause.

“Our goal is to get more people involved and make a

difference,” Katalina shares. “We want to create a safe space for children to learn and thrive,” adds Annabelle.

Their partnership with Solo Moms exemplifies the ripple effect of compassion and collaboration, bridging generational divides and fostering a culture of support and empowerment. Together, they are sowing the seeds of change, nurturing a future where every family has the opportunity to flourish.

The vision for the Healing Hub is ambitious yet rooted in a steadfast commitment to serving the community. With properties generously provided by Make a Difference Inc., Solo Moms aims to transform these spaces into havens of healing and hope. From the restoration of an old school into a vibrant resource hub to the creation of a Healing Village with tiny houses for independent living, the possibilities are boundless.

“We are building not just structures, but pathways to transformation,” Stacy affirms, her vision clear and unwavering. “Our mission is to rescue, restore, and rebuild lives, one family at a time.”

As Katalina, Annabelle, and Stacy continue to weave their threads of compassion and dedication into the fabric of East Pasco, they inspire others to join their journey. Together, they are rewriting the narrative of adversity, turning generational strongholds into stepping stones towards generational blessings.

To those who feel stirred by the story of Stacy Hester, Katalina, and Annabelle, here’s an invitation to join this transformative journey. Whether you’re inspired to volunteer your time, contribute donations, or simply learn more about how you can make a difference, we encourage you to reach out.

Contact Stacy Hester directly at solomoms120@gmail. com or visit the website here to explore ways to get involved.

Scan Here to Check out Katalina and Annabelle’s presentation for The Healing Hub:


What Are You Doing to Stay Active and Excited About Life?

In honor of National Small Business Month, one of our financial partners, Addition Financial asked us to share some of our business journey and why we chose to work with them as a financial partner. I thought that I would share some of those to show how important it has been in the entrepreneurial journey of Avalon Park Group, and myself, to have a strong financial partner.

Early dreams of cycling glory in the Tour de France gave way to a new path. Instead of chasing after elusive victories on the cycling track, I found my calling as an entrepreneur, and embarked on a journey that has led me around the globe.

The inspiration behind Avalon Park Group’s diverse portfolio of companies stems from the three-decade adventure of building a town from scratch in East Orlando. From real estate ventures to community events, our journey has been fueled by a passion for innovation and a commitment to serving diverse industries on a global scale.

In the pursuit of our business goals, Addition Financial emerged as a steadfast ally, understanding the unique needs of Central


Beat Kahli


Stephanie Lerret


Marielle Fernandez


Kenzie Farrish

Florida’s business landscape. Unlike impersonal banking giants, Addition Financial embodies the essence of local banking, with a team dedicated to fostering community connections and supporting entrepreneurial endeavors.

As with any entrepreneurial journey, challenges have been plentiful, from navigating economic upheavals to weathering global crises. Yet, through perseverance and a steadfast belief in our vision, we have overcome obstacles, emerging stronger and more resilient with each trial.

While growth remains a constant pursuit, our focus does not lie in expansion, but on nurturing the next generation of leaders within our organization. As we pave the way for a seamless transition of leadership, our commitment to local communities and core business values remains unwavering.

Beyond the realm of business, Avalon Park Group remains deeply rooted in the local community, organizing free events and actively participating in charitable endeavors. From supporting healthcare initiatives to serving on advisory boards, our commitment to community engagement is integral to our identity as business leaders.

As we continue to navigate the ever-changing landscape of business, let us remember the importance of finding the right partners who share our values and aspirations.

Avalon Park Sun is

by Avalon Park Group.

Interested in Advertising with us? Email Marketing@AvalonParkGroup.com or call 407.658.6565. 3801 Avalon Park East Blvd. #400 Orlando, FL 32828 www.AvalonParkSun.com
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Pasco Tax Collector’s Staff Raises $8,070 for Cindy’s Pets

Tax Collector Mike Fasano announces that $8,070.60 was raised during the month of March 2024 to benefit Cindy’s Pets, one of the featured charities of the month at the Pasco County Tax Collector’s Office. Cindy’s Pets was created to help seniors with pets who are part of Pasco County’s Senior Services Program and are recipients of Meals on Wheels.

“Cindy’s Pets has been providing food for the pets of seniors in the Meals on Wheels program for 14 years in Pasco County,” comments founder Dr. Missy Nurrenbrock. “Basically, when we realized that many of these seniors were feeding some of their delivered food to their pets because they could not afford to buy pet food, we decided to form a group to take care of that problem. As volunteers, we rely on donations to be able to buy the pet food and deliver it to approximately 300 pets each month. For many years Mike Fasano and his Tax Collector’s offices have been very enthusiastic supporters of our efforts. Due to him and the funds his organization raises for us, we are able to continue providing help to seniors to feed and keep their pets. We could not do this without his help. Thank you, Mike Fasano, and the Tax Collector’s offices, for helping so many in Pasco County.”

“Pasco County is home to some of the best charitable organizations in the state,” comments Tax Collector Mike Fasano. “We support

many through our Charity-of-the-Month program. Cindy’s Pets is an organization founded and run by loving and compassionate individuals who truly care about the people and animals they serve. I applaud Dr. Missy and Mike Nurrenbrock, and the team of volunteers, who make sure that pets of the elderly receive good quality food each month. We also extend our thanks to a very generous community for their support of this fine organization!”

For more information about Cindy’s Pets please contact (727) 372-9333 or visit the website www.cindyspets.org. For more information about the promotional and charitable giving programs at the tax collector’s office please contact Assistant Tax Collector Greg Giordano at 727-847-8179 or visit www.pascotaxes.com.

Pasco Tax Collector’s Office Collected Over $9,300 for Special Olympics of Pasco in February

Special Olympics of Pasco was the featured charitable giving organization at the Pasco County Tax Collector’s office in February. Special Olympics of Pasco is a sports and training program for people with intellectual disabilities. In Pasco, 1500 students participate in Special Olympics. Training in almost two dozen different sports is provided free of charge to participants.

During a special event at Cypress Creek High School Pasco Tax Collector Mike Fasano, joined by athletes who participate in Special Olympics of Pasco as well as coaches, parents and volunteers, handed to Amy Selvey, Pasco County’s Director of Special Olympics, a check totaling $9,382.04, which was the full amount raised on behalf of the program.

“We’re overwhelmed by the generosity and commitment the Pasco County Tax Collector’s Office has shown toward the athletes of Special Olympics of Florida,” said Special Olympics of Florida’s Regional Director Jessica Ott. “Mike Fasano and everyone in his office have done so much for our athletes and our mission to ensure that people with intellectual disabilities are treated with dignity and respect and given the opportunities they deserve. We’re incredibly grateful.”

“Special Olympics of Pasco has long held a special place in my heart,” states Tax Collector Mike Fasano. “I’m proud that our staff and our community support an organization that helps bring purpose to so many young lives. The athletes and the volunteers who work with them are some of the kindest, most positive people I have ever met. So many of the athletes have intellectual challenges that make life difficult as it is. To find that their unique athletic talents can be used to not only bolster themselves but all of Pasco County’s Special Olympians is truly a wonderful thing. To see the joy on the face of an athlete as they cross the finish line, or their team wins a game, truly touches one’s heart. I extend my thanks to the many people in our community who stepped up to donate to Special Olympics of Pasco. Your gift means more than you may ever know!”

For more details regarding the charitable giving program, or services provided by the Pasco County Tax Collector’s Office, please contact Greg Giordano, Assistant Tax Collector at 727-847-8179 or visit www. pascotaxes.com. For more information about Special Olympics of Pasco please contact Amy Selvey, Pasco Special Olympics Director at 727-492-8413 or visit www.specialolympicsflorida.org/westcoast

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[PHOTO – Far left – Tax Collector Mike Fasano shakes hands with Special Olympics Director Amy Selvey. Center – Special Olympians who represent Pasco. Far right – Tim Couet, Chief Deputy Tax Collector.]
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Coming together to create a healthy community
COMMUNITY CORNER Marielle@AvalonParkGroup.com

Tax Collector Mike Fasano’s Offices Will Feature CARES “Pet Project” as May’s Charity of the Month

Tax Collector Mike Fasano’s offices will feature CARES (Community Aging & Retirement Services) as the charitable organization for the month of May. CARES has served the elderly residents of Pasco County for over 50 years. All proceeds from the promotional effort will benefit programs run by CARES, specifically the Pet Project, a program to help the elderly take care of their pets.

CARES provides programs and services that help older adults stay in their homes by providing support to them, their caregivers, and families. The May promotion shines a spotlight on the CARES Pet Project. Donations will help supply pet food, pet care products and other support to assist the elderly in keeping their pets well cared for. Those most in need of support, individuals who are recipients of the Meals on Wheels food delivery program, are the primary beneficiaries of the pet food provided by CARES.

“CARES is grateful for the support of the Pasco County Tax Collector’s Office,” comments Kristin Amato, Chief Executive Officer & President of CARES. “Here at CARES, we treat our clients like they are family and that includes their pets. We appreciate your support in helping us care for our clients’ pets, which are true companions giving unconditional loyalty and love to their owners!”

“It is my belief that a public servant has a responsibility to do whatever he or she can to assist

those who are less fortunate,” states Tax Collector Mike Fasano. “The CARES Pet Project has been a top priority of CARES for the past several years. It is an exciting program that has demonstrated its value to our vulnerable seniors. With this support our seniors must no longer choose between buying medications for themselves or food for their pet. I am excited that we will once again be able to support the neediest seniors in our community.”

Donations can be made at any of the five tax collector locations in Pasco County. For those who would like to give online, the tax collector’s office’s charitable giving arm Pasco TC Gives has a webpage through which donations for the CARES Pet Project (Charity of the Month) can be made: https://www.govhub.com/fl-pasco/tc-gives/ donate

For more information about CARES and the Pet Project please contact CEO Kristin Amato at 727-8636868 or visit the website www.CARESFL.org For more information about the promotional and charitable giving programs at the tax collector’s office please contact Assistant Tax Collector Greg Giordano at 727847-8179 or visit www.pascotaxes.com Donations may be mailed to: Pasco County Tax Collector’s Office, P.O. Box 276, Dade City FL 33526-0276.

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