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Together for Mental Health: You Belong in Avalon Park The National Alliance on Mental Illness, NAMI, recognizes the month of May as a time for bringing awareness to mental health. The focus of the 2022 national movement is on the message of “Together for Mental Health.” By coming together, the Avalon Park community can help all of its members feel a sense of place and belonging and support a culture of strong mental health through the resources available. Abel Genoa, founder of Avalon Park based non-profit Projecthinkforward, says, “In our everyday lives, we assume that good mental health only has to do with internal feelings, but that is only the beginning. Our mental health is a mixture of multiple things, with living in a positive community being a main factor. Living in a place such as Avalon Park where you have the tools & outlets to express yourself in a positive way through many outlets. Making friends with likeminded interests, as well as exercising and using the many running paths we have all attribute to a positive lifestyle and mental health stability.” Feeling accepted and welcomed by being a part of a community is where a sense of belonging begins. Whether through civic groups, church groups, volunteering with a local organization, or just neighbors who say hi when they see you, having people around you who make you feel safe and comfortable is essential for optimal psychological well-being. A strong social network is one of those things that may not seem important but can make a big difference when life gets hectic. Having friends and family nearby who can provide emotional support can be a huge boon to your mental health. Furthermore, keeping up with your favorite people face-to-face instead of online keeps you present and connected to your community. It’s also good for them—keeping in touch with friends and family helps prevent depression. Groups like the Rotary Club of Avalon Park, the Avalon Park Kiwanis and Post 409 American Legion, are a great way to start building the strong social network. For a full listing of the

clubs and organizations in Avalon Park visit the online directory here and select the organizations category. Additionally, spending time with friends, family and neighbors is a great way to stay positive and healthy. Avalon Park offers many opportunities to do just that, from meeting up at a favorite local restaurant to getting together at one of the many community events, there are multiple ways to have healthy social interactions in the community. Access to mental health resources is also key. Projecthinkforward is a non-profit organization based in Avalon Park, offering sponsored therapy to those that cannot afford it. They also curate a regular podcast where different mental health specialists discuss various mental health conditions. As well as other forward thinkers in our community to discuss life skills, growth, and much more. Access the latest episodes online. Another key resource is the accessibility to mental health counselors and therapists in Downtown Avalon Park. For contact information and listing of the providers, visit the directory here and select the medical category. The benefits of physical exercise far exceed just the physical benefits. According to TheHelpGuide.org it can also boost your mood, improve your sleep, and help you deal with depression, anxiety, stress and more. From joining the local YMCA, to shooting hoops at the amenity center or taking a swim in the pool, there is a wide range of ways to get physically active in Avalon Park. With such a variety of organizations and opportunities, Avalon Park is a community where all can feel like they belong. Whether you are living, learning, working or playing, or maybe even all four, in Avalon Park, you belong here! So, Avalon Park, let’s come “Together for Mental Health” this month and every month to ensure everyone feels like they belong!


Coffee Hour with BEAT in MENS SANO IN CORPORE SANO, (a healthy mind in a healthy body) and understand the importance of mental health.

May is Mental Health Month and as I reflected on writing this Coffee with Beat, I was reminded of the findings AdventHealth made several years ago through a community health survey. AdventHealth and Avalon Park Group were trying to determine what medical specialists Avalon Park needs in its goal to become the healthiest community in central Florida and the conclusion was that we need more psychologists, psychiatrists, and counselors. The resounding cry was that above all other needs mental health was one of the most critical and where any community, including ours could improve. While we are not counselors at Avalon Park Group, although my wife Jill holds a Ph.D. in Psychology and is my closest advisor, we believe

the mind there are counselors, music and dance performances, art classes, and more. For the spirit there are several churches of all faith bases located near Avalon Park. In Avalon Park, everything for your daily life will be at your fingertips, you do not have to leave the community, and that the sense of belonging and safety becomes real. We continue to look for ways to improve the mental health opportunities for our community from bringing mental health doctors to the community to adding programming that will create positive outlets for all needs.

he reminded the congregation that first and foremost the community needs God. And while there are many needs, such as clean water, enough food, and shelter, the foundation should remain routed in faith.

We believe that the composition of a healthy community I also truly believe has a direct impact giving back through on both the physical community service and mental health helps with positive of its stakeholders. mental health. Building communities There are countless that are holistically opportunities to strong includes a focus give back and help on establishing a place in the community. I where the residents encourage you to have a strong sense of look around to the belonging and safety. local schools, nonWhen you know your profits and service neighbors, they often organizations to see become friends that where you can help you can relax with the most. and check in on you in good and challenging times. Around this time With the focus on last year, I attended mental health in the That sense of the inaugural church May, I encourage you belonging and safety service started by our to explore the different is also complemented long-time friend Pastor ways we can continue with outlets for mind, Dale Brooks in Bithlo. to build a healthy community together. body and spirit. And In his sermon, understanding not all people respond to the GET IN TOUCH same outlets, having a diverse offering - Have an inclusion for the Avalon Park Sun? is important for the Email: info@AvalonParkSun.com health of the entire community. We are - Editorial Staff: building Avalon Park Publisher: Beat Kahli to be programmed Content Editor: Marielle Fernandez and to provide outlets Stephanie Lerret for all. For the body Graphic & Layout Editor: Kenzie Farrish there will be activities 407.658.6565 like yoga in the park 3801 Avalon Park East Blvd. #400 Orlando, FL 32828 and youth sports. For

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Update from Pasco County Commissioner tional books. When I was a kid, I’d ride my bike and spend hours in my local library. New River Library has a wonderful discovery garden program as well as an occasional I hope you all had ukulele jam session. a wonderful month Thank you to the citiof April. It is amazing how quickly this zens of Pasco County year is moving as we for supporting the renovation through enter May. We are the General Obligafortunate to live in tion bond program. a community with Check out New so many exciting River Library just things happening, I down the street from appreciate you takAvalon Park Wesley ing the time to read these updates every Chapel at 34043 State Road 54. month.

Warriors Hockey Program and AdventHealth Center Ice. It is estimated 22 veterans a day die by suicide. One suicide a day is too many. We are here to support those who served our great Nation. Hockey Heals-22 will be June 10th and 11th at AdventHealth Center Ice in Wesley Chapel. Please come out to opening ceremony on June 10th at 6:30 p.m. or the closing ceremony on June 11th at 5 p.m.

brings events and visitors to Pasco to shop in our stores, eat in our restaurants, and stay in our hotels.

Please check out Pasco County’s website at MyPasco.net for all the latest information. I hope you and More great news On April 26th, I had from Pasco County’s your family have a In April, I spoke at tourism office, Flor- great May! the rededication cer- the great honor of ida’s Sports Coast! emony for New Riv- participating in a er Library. Libraries press conference for In February of 2022, About: Commissioner the amount collected Mike Moore represents are an important part Hockey Heals 22 event. This event is from visitors staying District 2 on the Pasco of our community: County Commission. 22 continuous hours in Pasco hotels was they are a meeting He lives in Wesley of hockey to raise up 59 percent over space, they provide Chapel with his wife February of 2021. access to computers awareness for preand three children. vention of suicide This is great testaand the internet for among veterans. The ment to the work of many, along with event is a partnerthe Florida’s Sports programs, makerspaces, and the tradi- ship between Tampa Coast team that

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Pinecrest Academy Updates

Mrs. Clavell’s class celebrated Earth Day having fun with their friends, making pudding dirt cups as a snack, and giving their wheat grass a trim. Keep exploring Panthers!

New River Elementary Updates NRES Reptiles are working on their fitness! #FoundationInspiration

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Check out our may events. there is something for everyone, and We can’t wait to see you soon! virtual options available online!


Pasco Animal Services Offers Free Pet Vaccines & Microchips

can bring up to three pets per family. Dogs must be leashed, and cats must remain in carriers, while you stay in your vehicle. Please check your pet’s vet record to determine which services are needed. Rabies vaccines require you to purchase a county pet license.

Bring up to 3 pets to drive-thru event May 21 It’s your pet’s best shot for a healthy life! Join Pasco County Animal Services (PCAS) as we team up with Petco Love for a FREE, drive-thru vaccine and microchip event Saturday, May 21, 2022. “We encourage pet parents in Pasco to take advantage of this free resource to help reduce the spread of disease and ensure the health and wellness of our community’s pets,” said PCAS Director Mike Shumate. “All you have to do is pull up in your car, and our team will take care of the rest – administering shots and inserting microchips.” What: Free Vaccines & Microchips Event When: Saturday, May 21, 2022 | 9 AM-12 PM Where: Lokey Subaru of Port Richey 11613 U.S. Highway 19, Port Richey, FL How: Register here: https:// www.signupgenius.com/ go/10c0f4da8a72ca4f9c25-free1 You must register ahead of time, and space is limited, so sign up ONLINE today! You

As part of their campaign to vaccinate one million pets nationwide, Petco Love has provided DAPPv vaccines to protect against distemper and parvovirus in dogs and FVRCP vaccines to protect against panleukopenia in cats. Elanco has provided rabies vaccines for both dogs and cats, and Friends of Animal Services is providing microchips for both.




Coming together to create a healthy community