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The Road is Always Greener Why traditional neighborhoods emphasize connection and accessibility, and how their use of streets and parks make for a more connected, successful community.

In last month’s article, we discussed street design, accessibility of public spaces, and how mixed-use developments work in harmony PAGE 2 with a diverse community. Now, we will delve further into both the street networks of traditional neighborhood developments along with parks and other open spaces to understand how they interact and influence traditional neighY & A V A L O N P A R K A R E Eborhoods. X C I T E D As T Opreviously ANNOUNCE mentioned, key characteristics of traditional neighborhood developments are its variations of living which then lead to streets PAGE 3 spaces, mixed-use land with consistent speeds and uses, a main street, and an traffic volume. In other easily navigable and walkFEATURING words, conventional subable design. While all of urban developments are these features play off and ultimately dominated by interact with one another, the automobile with less it is “context-based” street regard to pedestrians. design which allows for traditional neighborhoods On the other hand, trato work in this way. ditional neighborhood ck, pizza & drinks will be available for To reiterate a prior concept, developments are, again, purchase. extremely supportive of “context-based” street det or a lawn chair & enjoy the movie, while multiple modes of transsign is an approach which PAGE 4 port and also emphasize practicing social distancing. proposes that streets can smaller blocks to increase M B E R 1 3 , 2 0 2 0 | M O V Iand E Sshould T A R Tanswer S A Tto7the P M walkability and create a varied needs of a certain network of streets, allowing L I N E L O O P F I E L D | F Rarea, E E Awhether D M I Sinstitutional, SION for multiple routes of transF S T E T L E R D R , T A V A R Eresidential, S , F L 3 2or7 commer78 port. This, again, ties into cial—and the streets of the mixed-use aesthetic of traditional neighborhood traditional neighborhoods: developments do just multi- and single-family that. Typically, this design homes are blended with model includes organized blocks, alleys, and patterns apartment and townhome living, which generates a which, with the help of natural buffer for traffic public spaces, foster a flexand is further maintained ible transmission of foot, by generally lower speed bicycle, and automobile traffic. To contrast, conven- limits for motor vehicles. PAGE 6 This aids in constructing tional suburban developsafer spaces for pedestrians ments often feature large and bicyclists, and the orCOMMUNITY blocks and low-traffic local ganized network of streets streets that feed into streets UPDATES with higher levels of traffic, and blocks renders it easy




and accessible for residents to find their way around the neighborhood. As we have examined in these articles, the many facets of traditional neighborhood developments must work in conjunction with one another in order to exist. Just as parks and open spaces rely on context-based street design, so too does street design depend on the existence of parks and open spaces. Like mixed-use spaces and combinations of different sizes and types of living arrangements serve to buffer traffic, large, often circular fields of grass are utilized for the same reason: automobile drivers must slow down and become mindful of the roundabouts that permit the flow of automobiles in one direction, which effectively and naturally mitigates traffic. This, however, is just one use of open spaces and parks in traditional neighborhood developments.

Parks and open spaces can act to establish the perimeter of traditional neighborhood developments in order to disconnect neighboring areas that might consist of different land uses, and they can also be utilized for gathering or recreational purposes. As an example, the presence of a park or open outdoor space, sometimes including a lake, in the heart of a pedestrian shopping center allows for things like relaxing, fishing, and holding events that promote business for surrounding shops and restaurants. And like street trees work to reduce visual pollution, parks and green spaces afford visual breaks from the architecture of a built environment. Public social interaction is essential to building a strong community, and parks provide the space to do that, unlike conventional suburban developments whose majority of parks and outdoor spaces are composed of fenced-in backyards, where there is little opportunity or chance for social interaction. Overall, it is clear the ways in which street design influences public spaces, just as public spaces influence street design. Traditional neighborhoods do much to create synergies between elements, displaying a true concern for their residents’ needs rather than focusing on the influence of the automobile as conventional suburban developments do.


Coffee Hour with BEAT

Giving Back with Gratitude this Thanksgiving Season

As we kick off a month that is well-known for gratitude, I would like to start by thanking my wife Jill and my entire family. It is not always easy to understand the intense requirements of business. Its a packed travel schedule, long workdays and working on the weekends. For almost 25 years, Jill has supported me and Avalon Park Group. I am very thankful and do not take this for granted. I would also like to thank all the team members, which I consider close friends and family, from Avalon Park Group for their passionate, dedication, and hard work for our many enterprises around the globe. Additionally, I would be remised if I did not recognize my appreciation for Avalon Park Groups’ business friends, partners, clients, vendors, bankers, and government entities we work with every day. Thanksgiving is the time to look back and while doing so, I am deeply thankful for the United States of America. As an immigrant from Switzerland,

this country has offered me everything I could ever dream about. As a young man, who barely spoke English, I arrived in Florida with the dream to build a town and find success as an entrepreneur. I was welcomed with open arms to this community, as a human being, and as a businessman. As a businessman, I learned in order to earn you have to invest. Many years ago I heard a

your dream and by working hard, being honest and obeying the law you can reach all your dreams. It is not only an honor to be able to give back in thankfulness to the community which allowed me and many other entrepreneurs to be successful, but I see it as an obligation and honor to give back to the community and less fortunate. Giving for Avalon Park Group often means identifying a need and filling it. Almost 20 years ago, Avalon Park Group


the strong foundation for a great community. Without those gifts we would not have what we have today, a wonderful town, where people can live, learn, work, and play. A town where people can find a strong sense of belonging and safety. Hence giving back starts early and should never end. We are also replicating this giving model in our Avalon Park Tavares community. Pinecrest Academy Tavares is one of the first major features of the community, which we have been blessed to truly start a community partnership. From sponsoring teacher’s breakfasts to community events, we are looking forward to continuing to give back in this community!

Sometimes people believe giving is just money. I strongly disagree, there donated school sites for speech from the late Richare so many ways of givAvalon Park Elementary ard DeVos, the owner of school, funded the Timber ing back, as in time and the Magic basketball team talents. I am thankful that Creek high school footand billionaire entreprethe Avalon Park commuball stadium, and built neur. He told his fellow nity is among the best I the Timber Creek Bands church friends in Fort have experienced when Lauderdale that he experi- marching field. A high it comes to giving time ranking Orange County enced something interestas volunteers in schools, ing. He would start to give Public Schools school offiwith local seniors and with cial asked me, “How can 10% of his income to the community service clubs. I you afford to do all those Church as required by the admire anybody spending donations, Avalon Park Bible. However, he then time to give back, somehas barely started, and decided to give more of his income, and at times to with just few homes cannot times it is easy just to send a check, and much harder possibly be making you give more than he earned to invest time and passion in a given year. Rich DeVos money.” By the way, my when giving back. So, in CFO also wondered what said, “The more I donatthe spirit of the season, as I was doing when “giving ed, the more my fortune I look to new and familaway with both hands.” grew.” iar ways to give back, I encourage you to do the I am thankful and glad I am fortunate and deeply same! thankful to be in this coun- that Avalon Park Orlando started with giving. It was Happy Thanksgiving! try where you can pursue


Pinecrest Academy Tavares

Pinecrest Academy Tavares kicked off October by wearing PINK! We donated the money we raised from wearing PINK to the Pink Tea of Mt. Dora; a local charity group that helps women with low cost mammograms. We had our very first TEAM HUDDLE, where our staff was treated to food, fun and team building! The remainder of the month have focused around CLUBS! CLUBS are in full effect! We offer before/after school clubs ranging from Robotics, Sports, Music, Art, Cooking, Yoga, Lego, kindness and our own School News team!


Tavares Chamber Update

Hello again from beautiful Downtown Tavares; and welcome to November! We can’t believe that it is almost 2021. Visit our website (www.tavareschamber.com) to join the Chamber, and visit our Facebook page (@TavaresChamberOfCommerce) for the latest news! Throughout this tumultuous year, our mission to develop strong bonds in our community remains our top priority, and we look forward to a great holiday season and the coming new year! Please join us on November 12th at 5:30pm for Business After Hours aboard the Dora Queen! Registration on our website is required. September Monthly Business Luncheon, Board Members and guests. Photo Credit: Byron Faudie

The Dora Queen, our November Business After Hours sponsor, is our Featured Business this month! The Dora Queen is an 80-foot New Orleans style paddlewheel boat located in Tavares, Florida. We offer 2-hour Lake Dora cruises Wednesday through Sunday and provide a unique venue for private events.

WORK (Cont.)


Interview with Anne Timm from INOFEA The 5th Floor is an international collaborative pro-work space where members are able to enjoy international collaboration benefits in our 5th Floor locations and connections throughout the world. We would like to introduce you to Switzerland member, Anne Timm. 1. How did INOFEA come about? INOFEA has been founded in February 2014, as a spin-off of the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland. We own a patented enzyme technology which makes enzymes used in the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals and food ingredients 20 times more stable and recyclable. This helps our customers to reduce their energy consumption by about 15%. Since our enzymes can be used for sustainable continuous manufacturing processes 20 – 50% less waste occurs, which is economically and environmentally of high interest. 2. Could you give us a short overview of INOFEA?

We have very experienced, skilled and motivated team members in INOFEA. One of them is our Head of R&D and Production, Dr. Rita Correro, who developed our enzyme technology in the recent years. In her team there are Lars Grossniklaus and Anna Ruf, both working intensively on our customer projects. On October 01, our new Business Development Manager Nilesh Shah joined the team having like myself, many years of industry experience. We are working with top Pharmaceutical and Food companies, have supply and license agreements in place. Our customers value the benefits our technology brings. We add additional benefits to biocatalysts by immobilization and shielding of enzymes. The shield-

ing is like a cocoon, providing a better stability to the enzymes. 3. What makes INOFEA future-oriented? We support our customers to reach their sustainability goals. Take the food industry as an example; food companies need to ensure that we have for the fast growing population on our planet sufficient healthy food and on the other side to use our resources of farm-land in an efficient way. The reduction of energy and other raw material consumption is essential. More and more people move away from eating meat and alternative protein sources become important. We are with our technology exactly supporting these future oriented targets.

4. INOFEA is a company founded and based in Basel. What do you particularly appreciate about this region? The region of Basel is a very lively region, we have here many startups and large international companies, so it is easy to get in contact with our clients and partners. And of course, the proximity to the University of Applied Sciences, two of our founders are working there as Professors and support us from a scientific point of view. Finally, the fifth floor offered us the wonderful opportunity to bring our labs with the offices together, we have now the privilege to work in new labs perfectly equipped with all what we need.

Why Business Connections are Important

Networking is a job; creating relationships lasts forever. It is part of the human condition to desire connections because connections create feelings, and feelings are the crux of prosperous businesses. Aside from the many physical and mental health benefits of creating genuine connections, relationships also improve business. In other words, if people feel like a business not only cares about them, but also identifies with them, then they are more likely to support a business. To further elaborate, there are clear differences between networking and connecting: networking is an activity through which people are able to develop a clientele and transfer information. Connecting, on the other hand, is a form of relationship building, which does more for a business than networking alone.

In the words of the late poet Maya Angelou, “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” A business person may meet twenty people a day through networking, but through connecting via emotion, the business person will not be forgotten. This can lead to many benefits for a business, such as new referrals, and referrals received through real connections increase the quality and likelihood of securing leads. In the context of coworking,

coworking is arguably the best way to create long-lasting relationships. Connecting and building an emotional repertoire via coworking with others outside of your business, then, often results in an explosion of new ideas that can only exist through this mutual kinship. Coworking also allows for a diverse pool of connections which helps to remind that there is something to learn from everyone; ideas are made malleable and those with whom one connects can aid in forming an idea into something to be put into action. In addition, building genuine relationships through coworking can lead to

joint work and new partnerships and collaborations as well as introducing you to specialists and others who can help your business. One of the most important things essential to building and maintaining a successful business is empathy—not only seeing others for what they have to offer, but for who they are. With a concern for the matters of the heart, a new sense of satisfaction can bloom from the knowledge that you are directly impacting and helping others.

For more information on The 5th Floor in US or Switzerland or to learn more about how you can do business with this 5th Floor Member, please e-mail us at Info@The5thFloor.US.




THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS Snack Shack, pizza & drinks will be available for purchase. Bring a blanket or a lawn chair & enjoy the movie, while practicing social distancing.



Coming together to create a healthy community

An East Orlando Health Alliance


Personalized Family Medicine in Tavares We’re taking extra precautions to keep you safe. • • • • • • •

Katie Sanford, MSN, APRN, FNP-C, is an advanced practice registered nurse with more than a decade of diverse clinical experience in health care. Katie provides compassionate care to patients of all ages.

Contactless registration Frequent sanitizing Masks worn by everyone Online check-ins and bill pay Social distancing Temperature checks Virtual waiting room

SPECIALTIES • • • • • •

Flu shots and immunizations Minor injuries Sick visits School, work and sports physicals Well-child exams Women’s health

Now accepting new patients. In-person and video visits now available. To schedule an appointment, call 352-742-8830 or visit CentralFloridaPrimaryCare.com.

AdventHealth Medical Group Family and Internal Medicine at Tavares

1755 David Walker Drive | Tavares, FL 32778


Katie Sanford, MSN, APRN, FNP-C


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Three Cheers for the Red, White and Blue! Hip Hip Hooray!!!

share the world’s highest standard of living and enjoy freedoms other countries only dream about. Our democratic experiment continues to evolve and there is still much work to be done; but we ALL love living “And on a day we meet under Old Glory’s proto walk the line And set the wall between tections. us once again. How we each deal with Frost says, ‘Good fences We keep the wall bea worldwide pandemic make good neighbors.’ I hear that annoying Pub- tween us as we go.” is unique. I’m not myOn Wednesday, we self…lonely and irritable. lix announcement, “We should all awaken with are all in this together.” Frost’s meaning is that More illness than I have a smile, feeling great, good neighbors respect ever had. I can’t go to the I’m thinking to myself thinking about working one another. Perhaps movies, a concert or play. while consuming my together to heal our diGrumpy must be my new own carbon dioxide and we’ve lost some of that vides for the next four stale breath, fighting off this year. normal. years, and offer three hypoxia…who is WE? cheers for the red, white, Let’s make the WednesI am praying that I don’t I’m am looking out for and blue. day after election day to ME! Please just tell me have to wait until Janmeet with our neighbors, when I can get vaccinatuary 1st for civility to put aside our differences, The Village Idiot return to our lives…I’m ed! and remember the things hoping for things to change on Wednesday, In 1914, poet Robert Frost we all have in common! wrote the Mending Wall. First and foremost, we November 4th. The vitriol and acrimony of this election cycle is no surprise. 2020 has been a year of discord. It’s like a bad court docket…Mask v. No Mask, Black v. Blue, Dem v. Rep, Don v. Joe, Titos v. Jack, Dodgers v. Rays, Louisiana v. Mother Nature.

Here’s the thing; I think we have lost the perspective that We Are ALL Proud Americans. Social interaction has been replaced with social distancing. Since March, we just wave to our neighbors; no more grilling ribs and having a cold beer together on Saturday afternoon.

Frost’s poem depicts a pair of neighboring farmers working together on the annual chore of rebuilding their common property divider. He wrote:

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