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November 14, 2020 10 AM - 2 PM at Town Park You are invited for a day filled with a showcase of crafters, artisans and makers at the annual Fall Craft Fair in Downtown Avalon Park on Saturday, November 14th, 10 am – 2 pm in Town Park. Local vendor

booths will feature homemade items such as holiday decorations, stained glass, baked goods, woodworking, candles and more. A new addition this year to the event is the “Picture Patch.” The Picture Patch features 5 unique backdrops to capture your best pictures. So, don your favorite outfit and take photos in front of one or all five! There will be a professional photographer on site available for $25, so the perfect opportunity to snag this year’s family photo in front of your favorite backdrop. Or take endless selfies in front all 5! This event’s featured themed backdrops are: Thanksgiving, Christmas Front Porch, Avalon Park, Good Vibes Only Neon and a special M&M theme from One Way Coffee and Media Style. Proceeds go to benefit the Encore at Avalon Park Foundation.



And back by popular demand is the Mimosa Bar with proceeds benefitting the Encore at Avalon Park Foundation. Social distancing and will be required at



face this

masks event.


Coffee Hour with BEAT

Giving Back with Gratitude this Thanksgiving Season

As we kick off a month that is well-known for gratitude, I would like to start by thanking my wife Jill and my entire family. It is not always easy to understand the intense requirement of business. Its a packed travel schedule, long workdays and working on the weekends. For almost 25 years, Jill has supported me and Avalon Park Group. I am very thankful and do not take this for granted.

grant from Switzerland, this country has offered me everything I could ever dream about. As a young man, who barely spoke English, I arrived in Florida with the dream to build a town and find success as an entrepreneur. I was welcomed with open arms to this community, as a human being, and as a businessman. As a businessman, I learned in order to earn you have to invest.

ly thankful to be in this country where you can pursue your dream and by working hard, being honest and obeying the law you can reach all your dreams. It is not only an honor to be able to give back in thankfulness to the community which allowed me and many other entrepreneurs to be successful, but I see it as an obligation and honor to give back to the community and less fortunate. Giving for Avalon Park Group often means identifying a need and filling it.

I am thankful and glad that Avalon Park started with giving. It was the strong foundation for a great community. Without those gifts we would not have what we have today, a wonderful town, where people can live, learn, work, and play. A town where people can find a strong sense of belonging and safety. Hence giving back starts early and should never end.

Sometimes people believe Many years ago, I heard a giving is just money. I strongly disagree, there SOMETIMES PEOPLE BELIEVE are so many ways of giving back, as in time and GIVING IS JUST MONEY. I talents. I am thankful that STRONGLY DISAGREE, THERE the Avalon Park community is among the best I ARE SO MANY WAYS OF have experienced when it comes to giving time as GIVING BACK, AS IN TIME I would also like to thank volunteers in schools, at all the team members, Encore Assisted Living AND TALENTS. which I consider close community, at the service friends and family, from speech from the late Rich- Almost 20 years ago, Ava- clubs, such as the Avalon Avalon Park Group for ard DeVos, the owner of lon Park Group donated Rotary Club and Avalon their passionate, dedicatthe Magic basketball team school sites for Avalon Kiwanis Club. I admire ed, and hard work for our and billionaire entreprePark Elementary school, anybody spending time many enterprises around neur. He told his fellow funded the Timber Creek to give back, sometimes the globe. church friends in Fort high school football stadi- it is easy just to send a Lauderdale that he expeum, and built the Timber check, and much harder Additionally, I would be rienced something interCreek Bands marching to invest time and passion remised if I did not recesting. He would start to field. A high ranking when giving back. So, in ognize my appreciation give 10 % of his income Orange County Public the spirit of the season, as for Avalon Park Groups’ to the Church as required Schools school official I look to new and familbusiness friends, partners, by the Bible. However, asked me, “How can you iar ways to give back, I clients, vendors, bankers, he then decided to give afford to do all those doencourage you to do the and government entities more of his income, and nations, Avalon Park has same! we work with every day. at times to give more than barely started, and with he earned in a given year. just few homes cannot Happy Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is the time Rich DeVos said, “The possibly be making you to look back and while do- more I donated, the more money.” By the way, my ing so, I am deeply thank- my fortune grew.” CFO also wondered what ful for the United States I was doing when “giving of America. As an immiI am fortunate and deepaway with both hands.”

LIVE (Cont.)

Five Reasons to Choose Apartment Living 1. Location There is no better place than the center of Downtown Avalon Park for apartment living. With easy access to community events and businesses on the bottom floor, what you need is never farther than an elevator ride away! 2. Increased Safety With a secure front entry system, elevators, staircases, and balconies, apartments are often the safest places to live—not to mention the protection and lookout offered by having neighbors! Multiple entry and exit points are essential for safe living, and living in close proximity to other people and families reduce the chance of occurrences such as large items being stolen from your apartment from happening. 3. Maintenance If there an issue were to arise in the apartment you rent, worry not—you can call the property manager or landlord to take care of it for you, completely eliminating the responsibilities that come with homeownership. Not only does this contribute to an apartment’s lower cost, it also saves you the stress of fixing the problem, freeing up extra time to relax and enjoy the amenities

that are also maintained and cared for by the complex! 4. A Sense of Community Apartment tenants obviously live in extremely close proximity—next door, down the hall, the floor above or below—which does much to foster a sense of community. With gathering places like clubhouses and shared amenities like pools and gyms, it is easy to meet and interact with your neighbors, creating personal connections that cultivate a safe and inviting environment. Reaching out to your neighbors greatly reduces feelings of isolation, and connecting with them can help to remind you of the world’s small kindnesses. 5. Flexibility Renting an apartment is not a huge commitment akin to buying a home, which allows you the ability to explore options and relocate when desired. Because affordable apartments can be found in cities, traditional neighborhoods, and the suburbs, you are able to choose your location without being tied down by a huge financial commitment like a mortgage.

For more information on The Flats give us a call at 407-273-4337 or email Info@TheFlatsAtAvalonPark.com. By Raven Halle

LIVE (Cont.)

Avalon Church Opens Food Pantry in Avalon Park

It was the beginning of March as we listened to the news, the lockdowns had just stated. Restaurants and businesses were forced to close their door as friends and families being home quarantined. Many were furloughed from jobs or even lost their jobs, their only source of income.

reach to help families purchase groceries, run errands, pray with our neighbors and be a helping hand. Requests for provisional food bags started to grow. This is the time we started the Take N’Go and Drop N’Go food pantry. Our neighbors that need the help could come once a day to pick up a provisional food bag with non-perishable canned food, and at the same time, drop off donations of food and clothes to help others in need.

We learned that many families in our own and loved community were being affected, without hesitation and a deep sense of urgency our church family started the Love Your Neighbor out- Since March, the Take N’Go

food pantry has provided families with over 700 food bags. The white trailer parked in front of Avalon Church has been a great place to come take a bag and share a few items with neighbors. Families may come Monday to Friday from 9am – 4pm when the

trailer is open with food bags and ready to receive donations. We love our Avalon Park community! By: Jennifer Campos, Director of Outreach and Missions – Avalon Church

LIVE (Cont.)

From the Desk of Commissioner

Maribel Gomez Cordero Dear residents of Avalon Park,

program has helped more than 850 families avoid being evicted. You In our efforts to slow the spread of can find out how to receive assisCOVID-19, Orange County contin- tance by visiting ocfl.net/Evictionues to offer free COVID-19 testing Diversion. throughout the County to anyone who needs it. Orange County pro- I am wishing you the best in these vides free facemasks and hand coming holidays, and I hope sanitizer to those tested, and do that you have a healthy and safe not ask for insurance. To book an Thanksgiving with your family appointment visit ocfl.net/Testing and friends. Orange County will also continue to offer crisis assistance to individuals, families, landlords and small/micro businesses. Our Eviction Diversion Program is still available to qualified landlords and tenants. This CARES funded

I advise you to keep following the CDC guidelines. As always, if you have any question, please email me at District4@ocfl.net and follow me on social media. Stay safe!

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Encore’s Visitation Policy

We are so happy to announce that visitors are allowed, once again, at Encore. The following visitation policy guidelines are established in compliance with Governor DeSantis’s Executive Order 20-009 lifting the ban on visitation in longterm care communities and his update to that order made on October 22, 2020. This is a significant step forward in achieving our shared goal of reuniting residents with their loved ones. We know that families are anxious and looking forward to wrapping their arms around their loved ones. We also know the importance of returning Encore to a place that residents know as their home, where they can freely visit with their families, volunteers are welcome into the building once again, and they can go to the hair salon – all things that contribute to their quality of life. We are constantly in a balancing act of keeping the residents safe and allowing for socialization, visitation, and resident engagement. Introducing safe family visitation is the first step in striking an important balance between resident engagement and keeping the residents safe

and protected from the coronavirus, which has been our number one priority since the pandemic began. Our Visitation Policy is as follows: - Visitors will be allowed by appointment only. All visits will be scheduled and coordinated through the Reception Desk. - Visits will be conducted in Carnegie Hall. - Visitor temperature checks and a symptom/exposure screening questionnaire is to be completed by all visitors before access is granted. - It is essential that residents and visitors practice good hand hygiene and wear masks throughout the visit. - Visits will be limited to 30 minutes. - Visitors and residents are to maintain a social distance of at least six feet. - Visiting spaces will be cleaned and disinfected between visitors. - The number of visitors per resident is limited to no more than two per visit. - The facility shall set a limit on the total number of visitors allowed in the facility based on the ability of staff to safely screen and monitor visitation. - The facility shall limit the

number of visits per week by one visitor - Indoor visitation will be suspended if there is a confirmed outbreak of COVID-19 within the facility. - Outdoor visitation will be allowed regardless of the facility infection rate. - Residents are able to leave for overnight visits with their families. - Facility management will notify residents, their representatives, and recurring visitors of any changes in the visitation policy. Special visitation provisions can be made for visitation by essential caregivers and compassionate caregivers. The definition of these two types of caregivers is below: Essential caregivers are those who have been given consent by the resident or his or her representative to provide services and/or assistance with activities of daily living to help maintain or improve the quality of care or quality of life for a resident. Essential caregivers are those who have provided care and services before the pandemic and those who request to continue to provide these services. Care or ser-

vices provided by an essential caregiver must be identified in an addendum to the resident’s Service Plan and may include bathing, dressing, eating, and/ or emotional support. Compassionate caregivers provide emotional support to help a resident deal with a difficult transition or loss, upsetting event, or end-of-life. Compassionate caregivers may be allowed entry to the facility on a limited basis for these specific purposes. Other than end-of-life situations, a resident may be visited by one such visitor at a time. Essential caregiver visitation and compassionate caregiver visitation needs to be arranged through the Director of Nursing or the Administrator. Please let me know if you have any questions.

LIVE (Cont.)

Mayor Jerry L. Demings Launches Orange County Citizens Safety Task Force First Meeting Scheduled for Friday, November 6 Due to multiple Orange County shootings that have resulted in two fatalities involving children 17 years of age and younger, Mayor Jerry L. Demings has created a community task force, aimed at reducing and preventing gun violence and violent crimes in the community.


in-person and virtually. All full Task Force meetings will The participants include be streamed live on Orange young adults, youth mentors, TV. In alignment with CDC faith-based, leaders, behavguidelines, we ask that you ioral health professionals, wear a mask while in the community advocates, law Magic Gymnasium building. enforcement, education and In effort to maintain six feet prevention professionals, and social distancing, please send service-based organizations. only one reporter and photographer. The members will focus on “To be successful, we will the areas of prevention, inneed a comprehensive apAttached is the Orange proach to stop the victimiza- tervention, law enforcement County Citizens Safety Task and prosecution. tion of families and neighForce member roster. For borhoods,” Mayor Demings more details visit, www.ocfl. When: Citizens Safety Task said. “The solution does not net/SafetyTaskForce. Force Meeting, November 6, reside with government and 2020 at 1:30 p.m. – 3 p.m. law enforcement alone. It Mayor Demings is available will take a collaborative effor interviews on Wednesday, fort of individuals represent- Where: Barnett Park Magic October 28, 2020 at 10:00 a.m. ing diverse backgrounds who Gymnasium, 4801 W ColoThe location for the media can help identify community nial Dr, Orlando, FL 32808 availability is the County The meeting will be held solutions to longstanding Administration Center, 201 S.

Rosalind Avenue, Orlando, FL 32801 – 1st floor lobby. About Orange County Government: Orange County Government strives to serve its citizens and guests with integrity, honesty, fairness and professionalism. Located in Central Florida, Orange County includes 13 municipalities and is home to world famous theme parks, the nation’s second largest convention center, and a thriving life science research park. Seven elected members make up the Board of County Commissioners including the Mayor who is elected countywide. For more information please visit www.OCFL.net or go to the Orange County Facebook and Twitter pages.

Orange County Citizens Safety Task Force Members Co-Chairs: • Jim Coffin, Executive Director, Interfaith Council • Rod Love, President, Community Synergy Group, Inc. Members: • Rachel Allen, Peace and Justice Institute, Valencia College • Honorable Aramis Ayala, State Attorney, Ninth Judicial Circuit • Rolando Bailey, Evans High School, Orange County Representative, District 2 • Patricia Brigham, League of Women Voters • Charles Brown, Bridges International • Lisa Coffey, Student Services, Orange County Public Schools • Ruth Cedeno, Orange County Representative, District 3 • Mimi Chan, Martial Arts Instructor, Wah Lum Temple & Host of Culture Chat Podcast • Bishop Kelvin Cobaris, The Impact Church of Orlando • Jonathan Cox, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, UCF • Fernando Cuevas III, Orange County Representative, District 1 • T.J. Legacy-Cole, Orange County Representative, District 6 • Eric Debose, Orange County Sheriff’s Office & Mentor • Lisa Early, Families, Parks & Recreation Department, City of Orlando • Alondra Gittelson, Survivor, Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School Massacre & University of Central Florida student

• Pastor Terrance Gray, St. Mark African American Methodist Church • Adam Hartnett, Neighborhood Ministries, St. Luke’s United Methodist Church • Cory Austin Jackson, Valencia College Student • Samantha Love, We The Future Movement • Ricky Ly, Jacobs Engineering & Advocate • Bishop-Elect Derrick McCrae, African-America Council of Christian Clergy • Chief Mike McKinley, Apopka Police Department & Orange/Osceola County Chiefs of Police • Honorable John Mina, Orange County Sheriff • Miles Mulrain, Jr., Activist and Founder of Let Your Voice Be Heard • Myesha Murray, Apopka Boys & Girls Club • Nancy Oesch, Retired, Orange County Resident • Javier Andres Pineiro, Florida Department of Health & UCF Student, Orange County Representative, District 4 • Chief Orlando Rolon, Orlando Police Department • Patricia Rumph, Pine Hills Community Council • Ruben Saldaña, Founder of Ru Camp, Orange County Representative, District 5 • Pastor Gabriel Salguero, Calvario City Church & President of the National Latino Evangelical Coalition • Michael Scott, Executive Director, Helping All Youth Achieve “HAYA” • Andres Toro, Orange County Resident

LIVE (Cont.)

OUC Announces Plan to End Coal-Fired Generation Public Workshop will be held November 17

Today, management at Orlando Utilities Commission (OUC – The Reliable One) released its recommendation to significantly reduce the use of coal no later than 2025, eliminating it no later than 2027. The result of the utility’s Electric Integrated Resource Plan (EIRP) process supports its strategic plan for Net Zero CO2 Emissions by 2050, as well as interim targets of 50% CO2 emissions reduction by 2030 and 75% by 2040 . Using solar as the main source of new energy, OUC will also invest in energy storage and other clean technologies to ensure reliability and resiliency are maintained.

The recommendation strikes a balance, allowing achievement of OUC’s goal of Net Zero CO2 Emissions by 2050, while directionally aligning with City of Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer’s 2017 aspirational proclamation to achieve 100% renewable energy generation by 2050. Specifically, OUC will: • End coal-fired generation. The plan calls for significantly reducing coal-fired generation no later than 2025 and eliminating it no later than 2027, using coal-to-natural gas conversion as a technology bridge. Both converted units will ultimately be retired no later than 2040.

After gathering input from multiple community forums and a four-month-long online survey period, the Advisory Council – a 12-member, independent group representing Orange County, the City of Orlando and the City of St. Cloud – was responsible for ranking four key attributes – Affordability, Reliability, Resiliency and Sustainability – and determining how they should be weighted when scoring potential energy portfolios.

• Accelerate solar and energy storage as primary strategies. To allow for the acceleration of these resources and overcome the challenges of cloud cover and partly sunny days, energy storage technologies will be used to maintain reliability. OUC will continue to monitor cost and performance developments for new and existing clean technologies, such as hydrogen and small modular reactors.

Management at Orlando Utilities Commission (OUC – The Reliable One) released its recommendation to transition the Stanton Energy Center coal-fired generating units. The full OUC Management Electric Integrated Resource Plan (EIRP) Executive Summary is available at OUCRoadmap.com. Here are five key takeaways:

aligns with City of Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer’s 2017 aspirational proclamation to achieve 100% renewable energy generation by 2050.

• Leverage future clean technologies to ensure diversity for reliability. The recommendation provides a roadmap to diversify the utility’s generation by incorporating technologies, such as wind-by-wire generation, to greatly reduce dependency on solar and storage. • Strive to maintain competitive rates for customers while achieving strategic goals. Advancements of this magnitude require significant investments. However, the recommendation delivers the best value. “For nearly a century, OUC has provided reliable, affordable essential electric and water services to our customers,” said Clint Bullock, General Manager & CEO. “As we evolve to deliver clean energy and value to our customers, we’ve made significant investments in innovative, sustainable solutions. This EIRP energy roadmap – which is the result of a comprehensive, sophisticated analysis – will allow us to meet the critical Net Zero CO2 Emissions by 2050 goal, as well as interim targets of 50% CO2 emissions reduction by 2030 and 75% by 2040 as we

move toward a cleaner, greener future.” OUC remains committed to public feedback throughout the EIRP process. The public is invited to attend a workshop on November 17, 2020 at 2 p.m., to further discuss this process and its results. For a list of locations and to RSVP for this workshop, visit OUCRoadmap.com. The results of the EIRP will be approved by the Board at a later date. In the future, EIRPs will be considered every five years moving forward as technology and economic conditions change. Siemens PTI supported the development of the EIRP and evaluated the list of energy portfolio options for the utility to consider. Essence Partners led the strategy for stakeholder engagement and facilitated that process. The OUC Management EIRP Executive Summary, as well as other educational materials, are available at OUCRoadmap.com.

5 Things to Know

1. Coal-fired generation will be significantly reduced no later than 2025 and eliminated no later than 2027. Both Stanton coal-fired units will be converted from coal to natural gas. Both converted units would be retired no later than 2040. OUC’s recommendation directionally

2. The recommendation provides a path to Net Zero CO2 Emissions by 2050. The recommendation supports the utility’s strategic plan for Net Zero CO2 Emissions by 2050 goal, as well as interim targets of 50% CO2 emissions reduction by 2030 and 75% by 2040. 3. Solar and energy storage will be primary sources of energy. Using solar as the main source of new energy, OUC also will invest in energy storage to maintain

reliability and resiliency by including wind-by-wire generation and other clean technologies, which we will continue to evaluate as they mature and become available in Florida. Energy storage is critical to maintaining reliability and resiliency – despite being called The Sunshine State, Florida experiences an average of 277 (nearly 76%) partly cloudy days per year and cannot rely on solar alone. 4. Out of all the options reviewed, this recommendation provides the most value for OUC customers. Advancements of this magnitude require significant investments which directly translates to customer rates.

However, The Optimized Portfolio delivers the best value. 5. The community gets to weigh in before final approval. Stakeholder engagement is the foundation of the EIRP process, and OUC remains committed to public feedback. The public is invited to attend a workshop on November 17, 2020, at 2 p.m. The final portfolio will be approved by the OUC Board at a later date.

LIVE (Cont.)

The City of Orlando & OUC: Driving Electrification Together By Chris Castro and Linda Ferrone The City of Orlando and OUC – The Reliable One are charged up about how our partnership is powering electric vehicle growth throughout Central Florida. Together we’re raising awareness of the environmental and economic benefits of EVs as we seek to reach our carbon emission-reduction goals in the coming years. Why EVs? According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the transportation sector is the largest contributor of greenhouse gases, a leading cause of climate change. Electrifying transportation would reduce global CO2 emissions, which in turn would improve air quality and public health. EVs play a critical part of OUC and the City’s goals of improving air quality and reducing carbon emission levels. The City has made a bold commitment to transition 100% of the City’s fleet vehicles to electric and alternative-fuel vehicles by 2030, including the entire LYNX public transit fleet – a commitment that joins California, New York City and Seattle, among others, and will result in at least one third of

the country’s transit buses being electric by 2045. OUC has committed to investing $45 million in electrification programs aimed at putting more than 40,000 EVs on the road in Central Florida by 2030. The utility also has set a goal of reaching Net Zero CO2 by 2050, as well as interim targets of 50% CO2 emissions reduction by 2030 and 75% by 2040 from 2005 levels. OUC has installed more than 200 EV charging stations and expects to have a total of 300 in place by spring 2021, making Orlando one of the top 10 most EV-ready cities in the nation. Additionally, the state of Florida ranks third in the nation for number of charging stations, with nearly 1,500 as of last year. Increasing the availability of charging stations alleviates “range anxiety,” an obstacle to EV ownership. EVs may cost more than their conventional counterparts, but the price difference is often offset with rebates, tax credits and savings on fuel and maintenance. Consider, for example, that if you drove an EV 10,000 miles per year you would spend about $300 annually on charging costs versus from $660 at $2 per gallon to $1,000 at $3 per gallon on gas for a car that gets 30 mpg.

Already, the state of Florida ranks fourth in the nation for EV sales, with more than 47,000 sold as of June 2019. EVs in Our Community: One of the most visible ways OUC and the City, together with LYNX, is bringing EV technology to Central Florida is with the introduction of 14 battery electric buses on Orlando’s streets. Thanks in part to a $1.9 million “Low or No Emission Grant” from the Federal Transit Administration, these LYNX “ebuses” will eliminate 420,000 kg of carbon dioxide annually. Downtown also soon will be the site of the largest highspeed EV charging facility in Florida, thanks to a $500,000 grant awarded by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. The City, OUC, Orange County and Power Electronics, the maker of EV charging equipment, are working together on the project, the Robinson (Street) Recharge Mobility Hub. Set for completion in early 2021, the hub will feature up to 22 fast-charging stations with the capability to serve all types of EVs. EV drivers will be attracted to the site’s close proximity to the downtown business dis-

trict, where they can shop, run errands or grab a bite to eat while waiting a mere 10 minutes to “top off” their charge or 20-60 minutes for a full charge. Chris Castro is senior advisor to Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer and the Director of the City’s Office of Sustainability & Resilience. Chris leads the Green Works Orlando initiative launched in 2007 to transform the City of Orlando into one of the most environmentally-friendly, socially inclusive and equitable, and economically vibrant cities in America. Linda Ferrone is Chief Customer and Marketing Officer for Orlando Utilities Commission. Established in 1923 by a special act of the Florida Legislature, OUC—The Reliable One is the second largest municipal utility in Florida. OUC provides electric and water services to about 400,000 accounts in Orlando, St. Cloud and parts of unincorporated Orange and Osceola counties.


Timber Creek HS Wolves Update We are excited to announce the Timber Creek High School Athletic Hall of Fame. Timber Creek High School opened its doors in 2001. During the last 20 years, a great number of individuals have competed in athletics. With this long history of individual and team athletic success, we are pleased to announce that Timber Creek High

School has created an Athletic Hall of Fame. The Timber Creek Athletics HOF has been organized by the Timber Creek Athletic Booster Club. The Booster Club is proud to present this inaugural class of outstanding athletes and contributors to Timber Creek Athletics. Join us in wishing our inaugural class a big congrats!

John Wright – TCHS first Principal Championship Team-2009 Boys Volleyball (TCHS team State Champion 30-0) ATHLETES - SPORT(S) AND GRADUATION YEAR: Jason Carapellucci – Wrestling/Football 2002, Adam Donachie - Baseball 2002, Reggie Cox –Football/ Basketball/Track & Field 2004, Lemuel Jeanpierre –Football/Basketball/Weightlifting 2005, Corrie Brooks – Softball/Soccer 2006, Cameron Stevens – Football/Volleyball/Soccer 2007, Jalana Childs – Girls Basketball 2008, Jessica Yingling-Cain – Volleyball 2009, Tyler Marincov – Baseball/Football 2010, Christine Turner - Lacrosse 2010, Adrian Ellenberger Rivera – Soccer 2011, Jacob Rooney – Lacrosse/ Football 2012, Jacques Patrick - Football 2015, Carrie Lawrence – Soccer/Flag Football 2015

November Sports Calendar Mon, Nov. 2, TBA - Boys Varsity Soccer

Mon, Nov. 16, 6PM - Girls JV Basketball

Fri, Nov. 6, 7PM - Boys Varisty Football

Mon, Nov. 16, 6PM - Girls JV Soccer

Sat, Nov. 7, TBA - Boys Varsity Cross Country

Mon, Nov. 16, 7:30PM - Girls Varsity Soccer

Sat, Nov. 7, 7:45AM - Girls Varsity Cross Country

Mon, Nov. 16, 7:30PM - Girls Varsity Basketball

Tues, Nov. 10, 5PM - Girls Varsity Soccer

Tues, Nov. 17, 6PM - Boys JV Soccer

Tues, Nov. 10, 6PM - Boys JV Soccer

Tues, Nov. 17, 7:30PM - Boys Varsity Soccer

Tues, Nov. 10, 7:30PM - Boys Varsity Soccer

Wed, Nov. 18, 4:30PM - Boys Varsity Basketball

Thurs, Nov. 12, 6PM - Boys JV Soccer

Wed, Nov. 18, 6PM - Girls JV Soccer

Thurs, Nov. 12, 6PM - Girls JV Soccer

Wed, Nov. 18, 7:30PM - Girls Varsity Soccer

Thurs, Nov. 12, 7:30PM - Girls Varsity Soccer

Fri, Nov. 20, 6PM - Boys JV Soccer

Thurs, Nov. 12, 7:30PM - Boys Varsity Soccer

Fri, Nov. 20, 7:30PM - Boys Varsity Soccer

Sat, Nov. 14, 3PM - Girls Varsity Cross Country

Sat, Nov. 21, 4:30PM - Boys Varsity Basketball

Sat, Nov. 14, 3:30PM - Boys Varsity Cross Country

Fri, Nov. 27, TBA - Girls Varsity Basketball

Click here for more schedule information and the Timber Creek Athletics website.

LEARN (Cont.)

Voting: What to Know WHAT TO KNOW: EARLY VOTING October 19th – November 1st, 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. Yes, including Saturdays and Sundays. 20 locations. Voters can choose whichever location is most convenient for them – they do not have an assigned Early Voting location at which they must vote. WHAT TO KNOW: ELECTION DAY November 3rd, 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. Voters must vote at their assigned polling place. We have not had to reduce the number of polling places. We have an abundance of poll workers, and are no longer accepting poll worker applications for the November election (https://ocfelections.com/resource-allocation-report). FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS What’s the best Early Voting location to get footage/interview voters? A link to live Early Voting turnout, broken down by location, can be found on our homepage. What’s the busiest precinct/polling place? A link to live Election Day turnout, broken down by precinct, can be found on our homepage. On our homepage is also a link with a list of all precincts and their polling places. What precautions do you have in place for people voting in person?

All Early Voting sites and polling places will be provided with COVID-19 supplies which include: - Plexiglass shields - Hand sanitizer - Wipes - Disinfectant spray With these supplies, poll workers will regularly sanitize the check-in area, voting booths, ExpressVote, and tabulator. We also encourage all voters to bring their own protective supplies (mask, gloves, hand sanitizer, etc.) and bring their own blue or black pen, if they choose, to mark their ballot. Poll workers will mark 6-foot intervals outside and inside the early voting sites and polling places to help maintain social distancing. Voting booths will be spread out, and all have plastic screens around 3 of the 4 sides of the tabletop. Pens will be at the check-in stations to be handed to voters if they do not have their own pen. If they take a pen, it will be returned to a box at the tabulator so it can be sanitized before being given to another voter. Tissue will also be available at the check-in stations for voters to handle the stylus to sign the checkin tablet, or pen to mark their ballot. November 5th, 5 p.m. is the deadline for voters to cure their vote-bymail ballot, if necessary.

LEARN (Cont.)

Saturday, Nov. 7th at 10am Saturday, Nov. 14th at 10am & 12pm

train until the end of the year! call today to reserve your trial spot: (407)275-1700


Downtown Avalon Park Featured Businesses of the Month

Downtown Avalon Park is home to more than 90 shops and restaurants. Each week a different business is featured where you can learn more about their product and services and their participation in the community. Visit us online to see past and current featured businesses.

The 2020 leasing season has been anything but normal. Shelter in place orders, Tenant Declarations and the Eviction Moratorium has left self-managed Landlords confused and at risk of not understanding nor following guidelines accordingly. Avalon Park Lease, Inc. can help!

The brain develops faster in the first five years of life than at any other point, and studies show that the human brain is never more receptive than during this time period. Understanding a couple of key facts behind children’s brain development can help parents and caregivers better support a child’s learning during this critical time. Dr. Laura Jana, a pediatrician, award-winning author and member of the Primrose Schools Early Learning Council, employs four key connections to help explain why the first five years are critical for children’s development: 1. Connecting the Neurons. Babies are born with more than 100 billion nerve cells in their brains. These neurons must connect and communicate with each other in order to form the circuits needed to think, learn and succeed – something neurons do at the remarkable rate of 700 connections per second in the first five years of life. In fact, peak development of sensory pathways, such as hearing, vision and language, occurs during the first six months of life. Parents can make the most of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity by nurturing their child’s natural desire

Avalon Liquor is located in the Publix Shopping Center. Avalon Liquor is available for delivery on Drizzly, UberEats, and GrubHub! Get your favorite beer, wine, or spirits delivered to your door today!

Sunday – Thursday: 11 a.m. – Midnight

We are proficient in the COVID19 Memorandum and have a team of real estate attorneys that are available to answer any questions that may come up during these uncertain times. In addition, property managers are adopting new strategies while following CDC guidelines including offering virtual tours, property showings while respecting social distancing and providing masks and hand sanitizers to prospective tenants. The rental market doesn’t appear to be slowing down as many families still want to live in amenity rich communities that offers top rated schools. Investors, if you are thinking of leasing your property it would be our pleasure to provide you with a free rental market analysis. Now,

more than ever, is the time to have well educated property management representation in order to protect one of the largest investments you have. Tenants, if you are looking for a rental property, please browse our listings tab at www. AvalonParkLease.com. If there are not any properties that fit your criteria please still reach out to us as we are more than willing to contact you as soon as a property becomes available that fits your needs.

to explore, asking meaningful questions, and creating as many learning experiences as possible!

and Workforce Development. All parents strive to raise happy, successful children, but over time

2. Making Connections with Caring, Responsive Adults. The everyday back-and-forth interactions adults have with babies – from babbling to singing, cooing and other responsive gestures – shape brain development far more than parents and caregivers may realize. Research from The Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University reveals that a strong relationship between a caring responsive adult and a child is so powerful, it can literally serve as a protective buffer against the potentially negative effects of stress and adversity on the developing brain. Start building this relationship with your infant by responding to his babbles, gestures or cries with the appropriate eye contact, words, or a hug. This supports the development of your little one’s communication and social skills. 3. Connecting Language and Literacy Skills with Future Life Success. Reading and talking to young children is fundamentally important to their development. Betty Hart and Todd Risley, child psychologists at the University of Kansas, found in their landmark 1995 study that the frequency and quality of words spoken to children has significant implications on their vocabularies, IQ, literacy skills and future academic success. Parents don’t need to wait until their child can sit up, hold a book or even focus on the words to start reading together – the earlier, the better! 4. Recognizing the Connection between Early Skills

Friday & Saturday: 11 a.m. – 2:00 a.m. 3588 Avalon Park E Blvd, Orlando, FL 32828 (407) 250-4847

Avalon Park Lease, Inc. 4031 Avalon Park East Blvd Orlando, FL 32828 www.AvalonParkLease.com 407-603-7070

certain skills have become more relevant for success in today’s workforce. Instead of focusing solely on academic success, parents, caregivers and early educators are also focusing on instilling essential traits and skills like grit, perseverance, compassion and problem-solving. Early childhood is when the foundation for these attributes is built and nurtured. Modeling these skills and traits is one of the best ways parents can help their child develop them. A Focus on the First Five Years: Four Key Connections to Foster Your Child’s Development The first five years of a child’s life are special for many reasons. Recognizing the rapid development that takes place during this critical stage and fostering the above connections will help ensure your little one gets the most out of this once-in-a-lifetime learning opportunity! To learn about Primrose School at Avalon Park, visit www.primroseavalonpark.com or call 407737-1500. For more helpful parenting tips and information, visit our blog at www.PrimroseSchools.com/blog and sign up for the Pointers for Parents newsletter.

If you are interested in having your Avalon Park business featured as a Business of the Week, please reach out to us for more details: Info@AvalonParkSun.com! We would love to answer any questions you might have!

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Interview with Anne Timm from INOFEA The 5th Floor is an international collaborative pro-work space where members are able to enjoy international collaboration benefits in our 5th Floor locations and connections throughout the world. We would like to introduce you to Switzerland member, Anne Timm. 1. How did INOFEA come about? INOFEA has been founded in February 2014, as a spin-off of the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland. We own a patented enzyme technology which makes enzymes used in the manufacturing of pharmaceuticals and food ingredients 20 times more stable and recyclable. This helps our customers to reduce their energy consumption by about 15%. Since our enzymes can be used for sustainable continuous manufacturing processes 20 – 50% less waste occurs, which is economically and environmentally of high interest. 2. Could you give us a short overview of INOFEA?

We have very experienced, skilled and motivated team members in INOFEA. One of them is our Head of R&D and Production, Dr. Rita Correro, who developed our enzyme technology in the recent years. In her team there are Lars Grossniklaus and Anna Ruf, both working intensively on our customer projects. On October 01, our new Business Development Manager Nilesh Shah joined the team having like myself, many years of industry experience. We are working with top Pharmaceutical and Food companies, have supply and license agreements in place. Our customers value the benefits our technology brings. We add additional benefits to biocatalysts by immobilization and shielding of enzymes. The shield-

ing is like a cocoon, providing a better stability to the enzymes. 3. What makes INOFEA future-oriented? We support our customers to reach their sustainability goals. Take the food industry as an example; food companies need to ensure that we have for the fast growing population on our planet sufficient healthy food and on the other side to use our resources of farm-land in an efficient way. The reduction of energy and other raw material consumption is essential. More and more people move away from eating meat and alternative protein sources become important. We are with our technology exactly supporting these future oriented targets.

4. INOFEA is a company founded and based in Basel. What do you particularly appreciate about this region? The region of Basel is a very lively region, we have here many startups and large international companies, so it is easy to get in contact with our clients and partners. And of course, the proximity to the University of Applied Sciences, two of our founders are working there as Professors and support us from a scientific point of view. Finally, the fifth floor offered us the wonderful opportunity to bring our labs with the offices together, we have now the privilege to work in new labs perfectly equipped with all what we need.

Why Business Connections are Important

Networking is a job; creating relationships lasts forever. It is part of the human condition to desire connections because connections create feelings, and feelings are the crux of prosperous businesses. Aside from the many physical and mental health benefits of creating genuine connections, relationships also improve business. In other words, if people feel like a business not only cares about them, but also identifies with them, then they are more likely to support a business. To further elaborate, there are clear differences between networking and connecting: networking is an activity through which people are able to develop a clientele and transfer information. Connecting, on the other hand, is a form of relationship building, which does more for a business than networking alone.

In the words of the late poet Maya Angelou, “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” A business person may meet twenty people a day through networking, but through connecting via emotion, the business person will not be forgotten. This can lead to many benefits for a business, such as new referrals, and referrals received through real connections increase the quality and likelihood of securing leads. In the context of coworking,

coworking is arguably the best way to create long-lasting relationships. Connecting and building an emotional repertoire via coworking with others outside of your business, then, often results in an explosion of new ideas that can only exist through this mutual kinship. Coworking also allows for a diverse pool of connections which helps to remind that there is something to learn from everyone; ideas are made malleable and those with whom one connects can aid in forming an idea into something to be put into action. In addition, building genuine relationships through coworking can lead to

joint work and new partnerships and collaborations as well as introducing you to specialists and others who can help your business. One of the most important things essential to building and maintaining a successful business is empathy—not only seeing others for what they have to offer, but for who they are. With a concern for the matters of the heart, a new sense of satisfaction can bloom from the knowledge that you are directly impacting and helping others.

For more information on The 5th Floor in US or Switzerland or to learn more about how you can do business with this 5th Floor Member, please e-mail us at Info@The5thFloor.US.

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2020 Events


July 4th October 9th - 10th October 24th

4th of July Oktoberfest Spooktacular

November 26th December 5th December 5th

Turkey Trot Avalon Aglow Grace Foley Rock Your Socks 5K

Movie Under the Stars: 4th Fridays Monthly (Sept - April) Food Truck Nights: 3rd Sundays Monthly Fridays National Anthem: FB Live Noon

We Sell & Install: • Floor Tile • Wood-like Tile • Carpet • Laminate • Hardwood Floors • Baseboards

• Granite • Bathroom Tile • Kitchen Backsplash • Pavers • Custom Cabinets

Plus We Also Offer Professional Painting for Interior and Exterior

RE/MAX Inn ovation is here to he lp with all of your Real Estate needs .

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Office Phone:


Office Address: 3742 Avalon Park E. Blvd, Orlando, FL 32828


PoloFloors@yahoo.com www.PoloFloors.com


3738 Avalon Park E Blvd. Orlando, FL 32828

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Need a SPARK?

The dictionary defines a spark as anything that activates, stimulates; an inspiration or catalyst. Are you in need of a spark? We have heard from numerous business leaders that they are tired of working from home, need to interact with others, no longer inspired and “Zoomed Out”. Many of our members have been working countless hours to keep their business open, relevant, and profitable. They are starving for something different and resourceful. Entrepreneurs started their business with a spark, an idea, or a concept which grew into something. Many of us have come up with new imaginative ideas to update our business model to stay afloat during this pandemic. Others are just trying to cope. How about you? Are you “Hot” for a Spark? Do you need your inspiration ignited? The East Orlando Chamber has been sparking with our members for several years helping them with their goals. We have sat with members, listened to their successes and challenges, and heard about their needs. The Chamber staff understands the concerns of our business members and works to help with their issues. We have walked members through our database to connect them to potential clients and customers, created personal introductions, and referred them to other businesses who can help. We have adopted a customer service focus with a concierge benefit to help our members with issues on various levels. We have heard from members who appreciate the outside views and suggestions. One member stated, “It is hard to see through the forest when you are standing in the middle, not knowing which direction to turn.” They thanked us for helping them see through the trees and lead them on a path out of the woods. We have sat down with members who found themselves stuck in a rut and reenergized them when we made out of the box suggestions. This member said, “I used to play out of the box and once I fell in, I couldn’t see all that I was missing and forgot how to think creatively.” We are passionate about our members and take pride in helping them grow. We evaluate their scenario, connect the

Immediate Career Opportunities Available!! ®


Nautique Boat Company is celebrating 95 years of excellence building world renowned boats in Orlando. Nautique is a subsidiary of Correct Craft and has been on the waters of the world with a passion for innovation since 1925.

Nautique values people, performance and philanthropy with a passion for making a difference. Do you love to work with your hands and create quality, award winning products? Would you like to be part of a team that builds the world’s best watersports boats? Do you have experience working with hand tools and small power tools? If so, here is your opportunity to put those skills to work, earning great pay while being part of a team that takes great pride in building a high-performance, quality product.

Nautique Boat Company currently has 50+ job openings that need to be filled immediately Some of the open positions include: Upholstery Assemblers, Grinders, Lamination Technicians, Gel Coat/Fiberglass Technicians, and multiple various Assembler positions. Nautique offers competitive entry level pay starting at $13 - $15 per hour depending upon experience. Shift hours are normally 5:30am – 4:00pm, Monday – Thursday (overtime may be required at times due to the needs of the business) In addition to competitive pay, there are great benefits including: • Incentive Bonus Plans • Health, Dental, Vision, Short-Term and Long-Term Disability, Company Paid Life Insurance, Voluntary Life Insurance, and Flexible Spending Accounts • 401(k) Plan • Paid Holidays • Paid Time Off (PTO) • Education Assistance • Job Stability

For detailed information on these positions or to apply online, please visit the “Careers” section at:


dots, fuel their inspiration and watch the glow of success fill their eyes when the spark ignites. Members are not charged an additional fee for a spark session, all we ask is for an appointment. Our members are the focus, and we are here as a resource, advocate and connector to allow our member businesses thrive. If you are interested in becoming a member and wish to schedule a spark session, contact us at 407-277-5951 or email us at eocc@eocc.org. Please visit EOCC.org for more information and to join the Chamber. We’d love to assist you in reigniting your business.

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Bowigens Beer Company Earns Gold Medal at the 2020 Great American Beer Festival

Avalon Park Amber recognized at world’s largest professional beer competition Bowigens Beer Company was awarded a Gold medal at the 2020 Great American Beer Festival (GABF) competition, presented by the Brewers Association. The best beers in 91 beer categories covering 170 different beer styles (including all subcategories) were awarded gold, silver, and bronze medals during a virtual ceremony Friday, October 16, hosted on The Brewing Network. Bowigens Beer Company was recognized in the American-Style Amber/Red Ale beerstyle category for its Avalon Park Amber a Malt sweetness, caramel flavors and a touch of toasty notes are balanced by a classic piney bitterness from American hops. This copper colored, medium budy ale is well rounded and perfect for year round drinkability. Bowigens Beer Company is a Brewery and Taproom located in Casselberry, FL that prides itself as an American Craft Brewery focusing on innovative, culinary inspired and artistically crafted beers. “It’s an honor to be awarded a gold medal at this year’s GABF. Our team works tirelessly to produce what we consider some of the best beer in the world. It’s always nice to earn a

serve as a symbol not only of brewing excellence but also the resiliency of the craft brewing community as a whole.” For more information on the GAFB competition, including a complete 2020 winners list and photos, visit GreatAmericanBeerFestival.com. Started in 2015 as one of Central Forida’s first craft breweries Bowigens Beer Company has also been one of the most award-winning in that timeframe with multiple awards at the US Beer Open Championship, Best Of Craft Beer Awards and Best Florida Beer.

little recognition for that effort. This is a big win for our crew, Cheers!” said Bobby Bowen, Co-Owner/Head Brewer at Bowigens Beer Company. Judges for the 34th edition of the celebrated competition evaluated 8,806 entries from 1,720 breweries from all 50 states plus Washington, D.C. Socially Distanced judging took place in 35 sessions over 18 days with strict

safety measures in place. “This year’s GABF competition may have looked a little different, but the beers entered into the competition were as impressive and innovation as ever,” said Chris Swersey, competition manager, Great American Beer Festival. “This has arguably been one of the most challenging years breweries have ever faced, so we hope these awards

For more information on Bowigens Beer Company visit: www.bowigens.com On Facebook @Bowigensbeercompany On Instagram @Bowigensbeercompany

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Let’s stay healthy together at the Avalon Park YMCA! Call 407-381-2512, visit ymcacf.org, or stop by the Avalon Park YMCA today to learn more about programs and membership. For information about the Y’s enhanced safety measures and latest reopening details, please visit ymcacf.org/reopening. The YMCA of Central Florida is a nonprofit dedicated to strengthening our community.

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Solymar Travel’s Travel Tip!

You are probably anxious and ready to travel once ca’s most scenic routes towards some nice, relaxagain. I don’t blame you after being cooped up ining cabins nestled in the mountains of places like, side your homes during these past eight months George, North Carolina, and Tennessee. These to what I like to describe as the Pandemic hiberpopular destinations are less than a day’s drive nation period. During this Pandemic, traveling away and offer the best options for a family vaby car has become the most enticing option for cation surrounded by wildlife and breathtaking many families at least this fall and winter seaviews. To feel like they are getting the full expeson. Of course, there are still some risks associatrience, many travelers prefer cabins with rused with traveling by car so make sure to follow the CDC guide- tic, wooden interiors. Other amenities travelers look for are large lines plus the State & Local Travel guides for added precaution. porches, fire pits, fireplaces, hot tubs, game room, and a large central kitchen for the area where everyone can come together. This season more American families will be driving along Ameri-

Asheville, North Carolina

North Georgia Mountains

Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Asheville, NC, is the perfect mountain escape filled with natural wonders and big city amenities. The vibrant city center is surrounded by breathtaking scenic vistas and the highest peaks of the Appalachian Mountains which means outdoor adventure with plenty of nature to explore for all seasons.

If you are looking for an intimate getaway, look no further than Blue Ridge. This small secluded town in the Appalachian Mountains is a true gem. Stay in a cozy cabin and spend your day hiking to local waterfalls or horseback riding on forested trails in the National Forest. Some favorite destinations include Blue Ridge in the Chattahoochee National Forest, Ellijay, and Bavarian-inspired Helen, Georgia.

Sitting on the border of the Great Smokey Mountains, Gatlin, TN has something for everyone. Outdoor recreation includes hiking, fishing, camping, wildlife sightseeing, and skiing. Pull on your hiking boots and view wildlife and snap photos of waterfalls or grab your gear and fish in one of the many great lakes and streams nearby.

Stop by your community travel agency to plan and book your next year’s vacation and also get a free face mask!

Lisette Soldado & Victor ‘Jay’ Lozada | (407)203-5000 | vacations@solymartravels.com 13013 Founders Square Dr. Unit 120

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The Show Must Go On

MCP is excited to con�nue live performance magic with the proper COVID-19 safety precau�ons!

https://magiccurtain.net/tickets Shows coming soon Purchase �ckets at MagicCurtain.net/Tickets

Upcoming 2021 productions Li�le Ones Theater (K-5th) Disney’s Aladdin, Jr. Family Theater (Ages 8-18) Addams Family Main Stage (Age 8 and up) Disney’s Descendants

Follow us on social media, sign up for our newsle�er or visit our website for show details. 2860 S. Alafaya Trail, Suite 120, Orlando, FL 32828 * 407-282-8368 * Newsletter@MCPTheater.com https://magiccurtain.net * www.MagicCurtain.net

ht ps:/ www.facebo k.com/MCPTheater/

htps:/w .instagrm.co /magicurtainproductions/

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Sign-Up for Our Annual Turkey Trot 5K!

5KTurkey trot our virtual race will take place

November 22-29, 2020 on a course of your choosing!



ONLINE PRE-REGISTRATION: $20 nov. 15-22 @ 5pm: $25 week of event: $30 Sorry no refunds. packet pick up nov. 30th - dec. 4th from 10am-5pm at avalon park group offices. race medals will only be available to prepaid registrants who register before nov. 13th. optional tshirt $10.

www.avalonparkfoundation.org info@avalonparkfoundation.org

sponsored by:




3831 Avalon Park Blvd East, Orlando, FL 32828 (407) 380-3300 | www.papagios.com

DINING (Cont.)

Coming together to create a healthy community

Moving Forward With Physical Therapy at AdventHealth Waterford Lakes Wondering whether you can resume physical therapy? Or have you been putting off getting started? Maybe you’re struggling with a chronic condition like lower back pain, or you’re recovering from an injury.

Much of medical care, including physical therapy, has traditionally been done face to face. But virtual care services may now be available for many medical reasons, including physical therapy.

reach out to your therapist to talk about how you can still receive much-needed care.

Strengthening Our Safety Practices As you work one-on-one with your therapist to imDepending on your condiprove your physical health, take comfort in knowing Physical therapy can imtion, you may now be able prove your mobility, ease to consult with your physi- our therapists are doing all pain and get you back cal therapist virtually from they can to keep you safe the comfort of your home. to your normal activities and healthy. This includes sooner. Despite these maYou may even be able to washing their hands often have an online video visit. jor health benefits, you and practicing social disYour therapist can remotely tancing when possible. may still be hesitant about scheduling your first or go over your therapy goals next therapy session. It’s and other key parts of your During your therapy sestreatment plan, such as: understandable. But know sion, your therapist will that our physical therapists • Exercises to build up wear a face mask and other at AdventHealth Waterford your strength personal protective equipLakes are here to make sure • Stretches to increase flex- ment when appropriate. You will be asked to wear a you get the care you need ibility safely. mask, too. In fact, as part of • Ways to manage pain, such as ice or heat therapy our safety policy, we give Flexible Care Options • Other ways to care for a mask to everyone who comes into our facilities. If your condition or injury yourself, such as massage is limiting your life, physical therapy can be an effec- In some cases, a video visit To further protect you and tive treatment. According may be the best option, es- our care teams, we’re proto the American Physical pecially if you need to stay actively screening every Therapy Association, phys- home and away from other health care provider and ical therapy can help you people. For instance, if you staff member for signs of regain or maintain strength, have an underlying health illness. That includes all flexibility and function. condition, like heart disphysical therapists. At When you see a therapist, ease, that puts you at high every point during your you’ll learn exercises and risk for serious illness from visit to one of our facilities, other strategies to help you coronavirus, according to we’re focused on keeping get the most out of each The Centers for Disease you safe. That way, you can day. Control and Prevention. If focus on getting stronger. you have such concerns, Some of the other safety

measures we have in place include: • Checking temperatures of all visitors and staff • Cleaning and sanitizing all workout equipment and high-touch surfaces like door handles and chairs • Letting you wait in your car for your therapy session • Limiting the number of people allowed inside our facilities • Redesigning waiting rooms and places of care to help with social distancing We’re Here When You Need Us We want you to be able to live your best life possible — pain-free. So when you’re ready to get physical therapy, we’re ready to care for you and keep you safe. To schedule an appointment with a physical therapist, call AdventHealth Sports Med & Rehab Waterford Lakes at 407-6584637 or visit AHSportsMedCentralFL.com. Our offices are located at 626 North Alafaya Trail, Suite 209, Orlando, FL 32828.


Personalized Family Medicine in Avalon Park We’re taking extra precautions to keep you safe. • • • • • • •

Dr. Diahann M. Alleyne is a board-certified family medicine physician in Avalon Park, near East Orlando. Dr. Alleyne has extensive experience providing whole-person care to patients ages 12 and up.

Contactless registration Frequent sanitizing Masks worn by everyone Online check-ins and bill pay Social distancing Temperature checks Virtual waiting room

SPECIALTIES • Geriatric medicine • Integrative medicine • Pediatric medicine ( ages 12+)

Now accepting new patients. In-person and video visits now available. To schedule an appointment, call 407-303-6285 or visit CentralFloridaPrimaryCare.com.

AdventHealth Medical Group Family and Internal Medicine at Avalon Park 3701 Avalon Park West Blvd., Suite 205 | Orlando, FL 32828

20-AHMG-10171_PCP_Alleyne_AvalonPark_SunOrlandoFamily_Nov2020_Ad.indd 1


Diahann M. Alleyne, MD

10/16/2020 6:36:01 AM


Playing with Our Food: Have Fun with Your Family in the Kitchen

This time of year, spending time with your family is so important. As we’re home together more, I can’t think of anything better to get your kids laughing alongside you than playing with our food. But don’t worry! I’m not talking about pushing it around on your plate and not eating it, or having a food fight at the dinner table. Rather, let’s learn to have fun with some creative activities you can do in the kitchen or at the dinner table that the whole family can enjoy.

be the nose, and a slice of red pepper for the mouth! Or you can make a palm tree using slices of banana as the trunk, and sliced kiwi fruit for the branches. See what else you can come up with: cars? Boats? Houses? The only limit is your imagination!

passing it from person to person. (Be careful not to shake for too long, unless you want to make butter!) 3. When you’re done, the cream should be thick and you can use it for dessert. (It’s especially delicious over some freshly-cut fruit or berries.)

the state of Florida. 3. Find a cheese that came from a foreign country. 4. Find a food you’ve never tried before. 5. Find a package that has a recipe on it and make the recipe. 6. What is the recommended serving size of pasta?

Host a Family-Friendly Cooking Challenge: Split your family up into two teams. Pick an ingredient or two that every chef must use in their dish. Give yourselves a time limit, and see who can I always wanted my daugh- come up with the best and ter to enjoy food and cooking most creative meal. Enjoy with me. So, when it came your meal together and comtime for meals, we would pliment each other on a job make food into a game. Play- well done! ing with your food can be a creative activity and stimShake it Up: ulate your senses. Here are Sure, whipped cream is easy a few ways to have fun in to make, but have you ever the kitchen and maybe even thought of making it while learn about and try some having a dance contest? new foods! It’s fun for the whole family and helps you get a little Make a Food Collage: exercise along the way. This is a fun activity for kids 1. Place 1 cup of heavy whipof all ages. Take fresh fruits ping cream and 1 tablespoon and vegetables, cut and slice of powdered sugar in a cold them up to create a piece of jar or container. The containartwork. er should have enough room for the cream to expand. For Example: a face can be (Make sure it’s sealed tightly made up of a tomato on top to avoid any mishaps!) of a slice of cucumber for 2. Put on some music and eyes, sliced avocado can be dance with the container, the eyebrows, a carrot can shaking it vigorously while

Have a Blindfolded Smell and/or Taste Test: Set up small jars with different spices, maybe some lemon or lime, herbs like cilantro, dill, or parsley, onion, banana, or whatever you have on hand. Blindfold your family members and have them guess what the ingredients are.

I hope you’ve found some inspiration to (safely) play with your food and involve your family! Connecting and having fun together is an important part of growing healthier, and who wouldn’t want that? I wish you joy and laughter as you try these activities with your loved ones. Until next time!

Have a Grocery Store Scavenger Hunt: This is perhaps one of my favorite activities. Here’s how you play: create a list for your next trip to the grocery store and have your kids find each of the items. (These are just a few suggestions.) See what else you can think of!

- Chef Gary

Example Grocery Story Scavenger Hunt: 1. Find a fruit or vegetable for each color of the rainbow: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet. 2. Find one item in the produce section that came from

Chef Gary Appelsies is the Director of Healthy Eating at the YMCA of Central Florida. For more tips on connecting your family over food, healthy recipes, and personalized advice from the chef, visit ymcacf.org/ programs/healthyeating.


Giving Thanks You Didn’t Need Dental Care in the 1800’s

Can you imagine maintaining a 17-year letter-writing campaign to five different presidents to secure a national holiday? Sarah Josepha Hale did just that between 1846 and 1863 to secure a national Thanksgiving holiday. Perhaps it helped that Ms. Hale was a writer by trade, because in 1863 President Abraham Lincoln, the final president to convince, agreed to support legislation ushering in the national holiday that year. Believe it or not, there is a lot to be thankful for when it comes to your teeth as well. Times have changed a lot since 1863, not to mention since the days of the “first” Thanksgiving! Here are our top three

things to be thankful for when it comes to dental health: Sedation: If you believe having your wisdom teeth pulled was trying, imagine what it might have been like before the days of sedation! Not until Massachusetts dentist, William Morton used anesthesia in 1846, was sedation used for tooth extraction.

in the time of Lincoln. While the French had been experimenting with straightening teeth in the 1700’s, the results and efforts to achieve the desired result would be a far cry from the approaches used today.

vision to protect against accidental overdose and addiction.

With the country still amidst the turmoil of the civil war, Lincoln believed recognizing Thanksgiving as a national holiday could be No doubt teenagers a way to officially, and around the world are universally, give thanks, thankful for this cosmetic despite the separation of advance! the country.

Safer Pain Management: In the 1800’s the pain blocker of choice was By the time Lincoln was one still used today, president, sedation meth- morphine. Back then, ods were on the rise, but however, it was used in in the case of the Pilits whole form known as grims, they would not laudanum. Mixed with have been as fortunate – alcohol and administered nor, as comfortable. via glass or dropper, this most potent formulation Modern Orthodontics: required enhanced superOrthodontics as we know it has been influenced tremendously by technology clearly not available

This month, let us give thanks officially, as we do each day throughout the year, for those for whom we hold dear. EliteDentistry.com 407-413-8223 13000 Avalon Lake Drive St. 201 Orlando, FL 32828

To SUBMIT your local LIVE news.... to ADVERTISE, to REGISTER or to RECEIVE the Avalon Park Sun email: Info@AvalonParkSun.com


The Rotary Club of Avalon Park Puts Service Above Self

In spite of the ongoing pandemic, the Avalon Rotarians have been busy planning for fall. Their club’s motto “Service Above Self” is unmistakable when you look at their past projects and future plans. Being mindful of social distancing, they have announced ways to serve our community through well thought of plans. “Safety is our number one priority,” stated Greg Meunier, President. “We take great care in planning our events and service projects with putting the health of community first.”

Community Clean Up – This weekend you will see Rotarians about our community cleaning up around ponds, sidewalks and green space.

Wine Walk, Dec 5th 6 pm – 9 pm Kick off your holidays in Avalon Park with an evening of shopping, sipping, and strolling. Each stop along the Walk will feature wine tastings, festive drinks, and holiday specials. Benefiting The Sacha Patin Memorial Scholarship Fund. NEW this year the Wine Walk will Veterans Memorial Garden – A clean-up project with the have two starting points: one at Founder’s Square & the Girl Scouts took place on Friday, September 18. Other other in the lobby of the Avalon Park Group building groups helped such as TCHS, American Legion and mid- on Avalon Park Blvd- both locations will allow you to dle school volunteers. check in / register and be given a map of all of the great participating locations. During the walk enjoy local live Publix Project – Weekly food donations from the graentertainment, Christmas Caroling, Food Sampling, & cious management at Avalon Publix are delivered to an Live Music. east Orlando church to help their community. Tickets will go on Sale on Monday November 4th on Little Free Libraries – In addition to the Little Library in Eventbrite - this page will have a link to purchase soon! Founder’s Square, two more locations have been addThis annual event is presented by the Rotary Club of ed. Feel free to take a book or leave a book at the new Avalon Park locations at Encore At Avalon Park and the Avalon Park Pavilion. If you have a service project idea of your own, you are welcome to Storm Drain Labeling – This is an ongoing project recontact the Rotary Club of Avalon placing some of the old labels with new ones for Orange Park and present your idea. InterCounty. Give these Rotarians a shout out next time you ested in meeting these wonderful see them around with wagons working on the storm folks? Rotary Club of Avalon Park drains! meets every Wednesday at 7:30 am at the Avalon Pavilion.

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Congratulations to Our Spooktacular Winner: Julius! Julius was drawn out of all the Spooktacular raffle participants to be the winner of a $100 Avalon Park Giftcard of his choosing and a VIP seat on Santa’s float at Avalon Aglow on December 5th! Congratulations Julius! Please see your email for more information!

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Three Cheers for the Red, White and Blue! Hip Hip Hooray!!!

share the world’s highest standard of living and enjoy freedoms other countries only dream about. Our democratic experiment continues to evolve and there is still much work to be done; but we ALL love living “And on a day we meet under Old Glory’s proto walk the line And set the wall between tections. us once again. How we each deal with Frost says, ‘Good fences We keep the wall bea worldwide pandemic make good neighbors.’ I hear that annoying Pub- tween us as we go.” is unique. I’m not myOn Wednesday, we self…lonely and irritable. lix announcement, “We should all awaken with are all in this together.” Frost’s meaning is that More illness than I have a smile, feeling great, good neighbors respect ever had. I can’t go to the I’m thinking to myself thinking about working one another. Perhaps movies, a concert or play. while consuming my together to heal our diGrumpy must be my new own carbon dioxide and we’ve lost some of that vides for the next four stale breath, fighting off this year. normal. years, and offer three hypoxia…who is WE? cheers for the red, white, Let’s make the WednesI am praying that I don’t I’m am looking out for and blue. day after election day to ME! Please just tell me have to wait until Janmeet with our neighbors, when I can get vaccinatuary 1st for civility to put aside our differences, The Village Idiot return to our lives…I’m ed! and remember the things hoping for things to change on Wednesday, In 1914, poet Robert Frost we all have in common! wrote the Mending Wall. First and foremost, we November 4th. The vitriol and acrimony of this election cycle is no surprise. 2020 has been a year of discord. It’s like a bad court docket…Mask v. No Mask, Black v. Blue, Dem v. Rep, Don v. Joe, Titos v. Jack, Dodgers v. Rays, Louisiana v. Mother Nature.

Here’s the thing; I think we have lost the perspective that We Are ALL Proud Americans. Social interaction has been replaced with social distancing. Since March, we just wave to our neighbors; no more grilling ribs and having a cold beer together on Saturday afternoon.

Frost’s poem depicts a pair of neighboring farmers working together on the annual chore of rebuilding their common property divider. He wrote:

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The Kiwanis Club of Avalon Park The Kiwanis Club of Avalon Park has kicked off the 2020-21 school year with resuming several of their programs with the local schools. Some of the including sponsoring K-Kids at all of the elementary schools, Builders clubs in the middle schools and Key Club at Timber Creek as well as East River and Lake Nona as well as CKI at UCF. Most of these clubs are still very active in serving the community with projects as well as holding virtual meetings.

The Club also resumed it’s Kiwanis Terrific Kids awards at all of the elementary and middle schools, and the special teacher of the month awards at each school. The weekly Kiwanis reading program is resuming as the club is working with some of the elementary schools on a virtual reading session on Thursdays.

Congratulations to the Kiwanis Teacher of the Month Award Winners! Avalon Camelot Castle Creek Eagle Creek Moss Park North Lake Stone Lakes Timber Lakes Avalon Middle Timber Creek HS -

Bridget Wagner Lisa West Samantha Schurr Heather Bielski Cassie Ventura Amy DeMott Natalie Huff Jennifer Lawniczek Cody Hammermeister Timothy Crawford

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