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S p h a o n t s S o r e H Fact File: Max about making your own Fi nd out e musical instruments on mor pages 16-17.

Fact File: Cat Age: 9 ading, Likes: finding things, re g, cycling, basketball, skateboardin things king having adventures, ma sister waking Dislikes: shopping, my evil villains rs, me up early, fish finge nture and Favourite books: adve out how to ab s action books, book make stuff op. I like Favourite music: hip-h ments and making my own instru , too making my own music Favourite food: noodles


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Age: 9 Likes: cats (of course), cy cling, computer games, reading, watching films, having adventures Dislikes: Tiger being anno ying, annoying, anyone being an my sisters being noying, flying Favourite books: history bo oks, funny stories, magazines. And anything by K J Sparkling but especially the Timberland Finch books Favourite music: Pop. Stu ff I can sing to – I love karaoke! Favourite food: grated ch eese sandwiches and chocolate (but not at the same time!)

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Fact File: Ant

Age: 7 cially my imals but espe mputer, n a y n (a ls a im Likes: an on my co ckles), playing pet hamster, Pi ts, reading, taking photos, en doing experim dventures ga n vi a running, h beans, heights Dislikes: baked em), drains (falling from th nature ks: science and Favourite boo h lots of facts in. wit books - books nce of Running, by ie Oh, and The Sc . y a D e n o Gladst : I’m having ic ing Favourite mus so I like anyth s, n o ss le rd a bo key ng to I can play alo : spaghetti Favourite food

Fact File: Tige


Age: 8 Likes: playing fo swimming, re otball, skateboarding, ading comics, having muddy adventures! Dislikes: being bored, spiders , having bath Favourite boo s ks: books abo ut sport, books about big truck s, comics Favourite mu sic: rock and p op. Anything with drums! loud Favourite foo d: toast and m armalade

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t a e f e D

I’m cold!


Come and look at this!

That’s not a comet!



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We have them now!

What are we going to do? X-bots can’t stand magnets. Let’s make one.

Oh, no! It’s on autopilot.

We’re being sucked in!

Can you steer this? Piece of cake. 5

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02/04/2012 10:30

sucked in!


We meet at last! Hand over my watches!

Now I can complete my evil plan.

Behold … the X-machine!

I will rule the world!

You’ve shrunk our school!

Lock them up in the NASTI cells!


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02/04/2012 10:30

What now?


You found us!


Nice work, kids. Dr X you’re under arrest!


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02/04/2012 10:30

te news

Greenville’s most up-to-da

Monday 4th July

GREENVILLE NEWS Scientist X Behind Bars! respected Dr X, one of the most tional scientists at NICE (Na on of Energy), ati Cre the Institute for lowing an has been arrested. Fol tor Textor pec Ins by investigation ice Pol y Cit ille env Gre of the en into Department, he was tak questioning. custody yesterday for

Greenville’s most up

-to-date news

Shrinking Plot E X

It turns out that Dr X’s groundbreaking work for NICE has be en a cover for a mor e sinister operat ion. In his hideout underneath the NICE building, Dr X ha s been busy bu ilding NASTI (Nano Sc ience and Tech nology Inc). NASTI ha s been developi ng a secret weapon called the X-m achine. The X-machine has the power to shrink things to micro-size. Dr X intended to use his machine to shrink the world so th at he could be the greatest and m ost powerful pe rson in it! But unfortuna tely for Dr X, he was shrunk to microsize in the proc ess.


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Monday 4th July


Thanks to the he roic exploits of four brave child ren, Max, Cat, Ant and Tiger, from Green Ba nk School, Dr X’s pl ans have come to nothing. It is thought that the children, al ong with the scientist Dani Da y, helped to fo il Dr X’s plans. Da ni Day, recently promoted to Se nior Scientist at NICE, managed to restore Dr X to normal size so he could be safely locked aw ay. Although the full story ha s not yet been told, the childre n are due to be interviewed today at the famous WOW! magazine wher e all will be reve aled.

02/04/2012 10:30



Dear Mayor,

ely d to let you know that Dr X is saf Further to my last email, I wante ape there. The world was in great esc ky luc a had We . jail in up locked e State everything! He shrunk the Empir danger. Dr X was going to shrink er. He Opera House and the Eiffel Tow building in New York, the Sydney the ed in Egypt! These kids have sav even wanted to shrink the Sphinx X. world. They were too smart for Dr Regards Inspector Textor Inspector, Greenville City Police Dept.



Hi there, Inspector Yes, I thoroughly agree. The children are real he roes. I can’t imagine what it wo uld have been like if Dr X’s plan had succeeded, can you? We must think of a suita ble reward for them – any id eas?  Best wishes Rita Wright Mayor of Greenville

s Thi ngo to d

Write a draft email back to the Mayor as if you are Inspector Textor. 9

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K J Sparkling – Up Close and Personal The well-known author K J Sparking speaks to one of our guest editors, Cat, about writing and rats!

you. I’ve pleased to meet ry ve m I’ J. K oks. Cat Hi mberland Finch bo Ti ur yo l al ad re u like my Cat. I’m glad yo K J Hello to you, stories. a series get the idea for rn into u yo d di e er Wh Cat boy who can tu of books about a s and then helps to nt any animal he wa ? es solve crim I’m not sure get asked a lot. out looking for ideas I on ti es qu a go K J It’s ers, but I don’t ted with about other writ nd me! With Timberland it star le try op fi pe d - they come an you get older, a daydream. When daydreaming is not a good and tell you that it is a fantastic way to k idea. But I thin just sitting and staring , me ti wild. I spend your imagination run and letting your end a good daydream every thoroughly recomm t when you’re in lessons no g day (of course, I was just sittin y, da e on , ay yw ng a bird kids!). An e window, watchi staring out of thand I thought ‘Wouldn’t it – a greenfinch – e could just turn into a on be great if some this character just strolled en th d bird?’. An into my head. away? erland straight mb Ti t ou ab ng hi everyt ydreaming! Cat So you knew was as easy as daa shape, size, g in it wr ly on K J Not quite. If work began. I had to give him m into ings that make hi and th e Then the hard th l al – ur likes e colo hairstyle and ey en I had to think about what he ters in Th ac . ar on to put my ch a real pers iter, my job is erous or uncomfortable, wr a As . es ik sl di ng are exciting, da ing to react. It’s like situations that go e ar ey th how so I have to know new friend. a ow kn getting to


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s Thi ngo to d

Why not spend 5 minutes daydreaming and then try and make up your own new character?

02/04/2012 10:30

Cat What is your favourite animal that you like turning Timberland into? K J It would have to be a rat. I have a pet rat, called Winsto n. Cat What made you pick a rat for a pet? K J Rats are misunderstood. The y are actually intelligent, friendly creatures and hardly eve r bite (unless you try to annoy them). Rats are very clean and are constantly grooming themselves to keep tidy. I wish I could keep so clean and tidy all the time! Oh, and they are also active at night. I work best at night, so Winston keeps me company. Cat I don’t like their tails. K J They are a bit scaly, but you get used to them.

Fact File: Winston

Age: 1 Likes: a nice fresh bed of hay, climbing up things, chewing bits of wood, escaping Dislikes: being by himself, being hungry Favourites music: he does seem to get a bit excited when there is some heavy metal on the radio Favourite food: a slice of apple once a week (with the pips removed)

Fact File: K J Sparkling

Age: it’s a secret! Likes: meeting new people, reading magazines (especially WOW!), my pet rat, Winston Dislikes: not finishing things, Winston escaping, losing things Favourite books: romance and thrillers Hobbies: daydreaming, writing, ice skating (watch out for my new TV show Sparkling On Ice) Favourite music: jazz and classical Favourite food: cornflakes with ice cold milk. Oh, and biscuits. I always have a packet of biscuits next to me when I’m working


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Bot the difference! See if you can spot the 10 things that are different in the bottom picture. re





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s er w s 40 An n p. o

02/04/2012 10:31


Eco worrier

I’m an eco worrier t I’m worried about our plane r I’m an eco worrie ? How much warmer can it get I’m an eco worrier caps I’m worried about melting ice I’m an eco worrier p. They’re dripping off the ma I’m an eco worrier rs I’m worried about polar bea I’m an eco worrier kchairs. Soon they’ll be sitting on dec I’m an eco worrier I’m worried about penguins I’m an eco worrier their wings. They’ll need sunscreen for

Remember to recycle Everything you can: Clothes, paper, tins and plastic, Your old pots and pans Collect them up, put them in the right box . Landfill sites are filling up, It makes me cross! No more waste – there’s no more space! Go green, recycle, and save the human race

I’m an eco worrier t I’m worried about our plane I’m an eco worrier ? How much warmer can it get Nathan, aged 10

Big Green Planet It’s big, it’s green, It’s the best planet I’ve ever seen. Dotty, aged 6

s Thi ngo to d

N_wowmagazine.indd 13


Amy, age 9

Did you know ... Did you know that this type of poem is called an acrostic poem? The letters down the left hand side spell out a word, too.

Turn off the tap


Join in my rap, Turn off the taps , Let’s get hip Don’t let them dr ip Get in the bath – Don’t make me la ugh! I’ll have a shower , To save water an d power. Jacob, aged 7

Can you make up your own Big Green Poem? Why not try an acrostic poem using the letters in your name?


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De fem leseheftene som inngår i " In the News", egner seg både til veiledet og selvstendig lesing og inneholder gode oppgaver til førlesing...

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