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American Blind Wholesale Outlet Commitment to Customer Service By: Mark Berger | Photos By: Guillermo Garcia The past couple of years has enabled home and property owners to rethink their interior and exterior designs. Out with the old, tired and dated materials, and in with new, fresh and colorful ideas. Because federal and state governments invested billions of dollars into infrastructure and keeping people from losing their homes, many took the funds to spruce up their homes. Projects often ranged from clearing out debris or a paint job on the outside to replacing furniture and rugs inside. Also, a possibility would be changing one’s curtains to give the appearance better appeal. That’s why the folks at American Blinds Wholesale Outlet in North Providence prides itself on not only offering the widest selection of blinds in the area, but also exceptional customer service. Owner Francis Clark said that the latter is the foundation of their company. For several decades, the staff has made blinds their mission and have succeeded by forging their own path to success. “When you contact us, you will speak with an actual person instead of an automated operator. Our 60 Shop In RI

staff has been with us for a long time—20 years on average. That starts with a six-month training course for new employees to understand the industry and our way of doing things. We don’t just say we offer great customer service. We prove it every day by going above and beyond what customers expect,” Clark said. The company, located at 360 Sunset Ave., has been in town for 22 years. Prior to that location, they spent more than a decade in Smithfield. Clark, who graduated from Bryant with a business degree, went into the industry because “it was something different” from the financial and other similar disciplines that recruited him. From there, he worked at Manufacturing Blinds in the mid 1990s. He purchased that company from the prior owner and set out on his professional journey. One aspect about American Blinds’ services that sets him apart was selling directly to the customers instead of through retail made a big difference. Since he did not go that route, that translates into passing on the savings to their customers. Also helping was Clark’s ability to create quality products based on his own experience.