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A letter from the editor

Welcome back Stuttgart! We hope everyone is well and rested for another year in the heart of Baden-Wuerttemberg. In this edition of the Stuttgart Citizen we take a look back at 2021 and take a step forward toward 2022. We kick off the magazine with a selection of selfhelp books readily accessible at the Patch Library, everything from learning how to knit, snowboard or even how to build that perfect resume. We always like to remind everyone that you can find many of these titles in the library’s digital section, making checkout living room couch friendly. 2021, I think, for many us felt slightly longer than its advertised 12 months, but actually, no it was only 365 days. So please join us as we take a look back at 2021 and experience the year all over again — if you dare. When the changing of calendars also comes the 2

1st Quarter 2022

creation of New Year resolutions, and with that we have more than a few stories focused on health. Andy Munsterman, the garrison’s resiliency integrator discusses the results of the Stuttgart community’s Community Strengths and Themes Survey Assessment (a mouthful we know) and tells us where we are health-wise as a garrison. And most importantly, he tells us how we can improve from where we are. Our very own Paul Hughes treks to the newlyreopened Army Wellness Center, where once in 2018 he was told he was as fat as a jelly donut. Read his funny and informative story about how the AWC can ignite that fitness flame, or listen to one of the center’s patrons who’s already lost 30 lbs. And the ‘coup de grace’ to fitness excuses is new 24/7 gym access at Robinson Barracks. You told us you needed it and we’re glad we were able to deliver.

It may have taken a few months longer than we wanted to, but we’re excited to cut the ribbon. The gym is just one of many projects we’ve undertaken to help improve the quality of life at RB. If you’re picking this magazine up this February you may have Olympic fever.. Did you know one of our very own Stuttgart garrison employees will be heading to XXIV Winter Olympics in Beijing as a correspondent for NBC. Read his story inside. Finally it’s with great sadness that we’re announcing the passing of one of our teammates, Larry Arnett. Larry was a larger-than-life figure at the Kelley Gym, known by friends and family as the type of person who would give you the shirt off his back. Again, welcome back Stuttgart, you’re the reason why we’re glad we live here!


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U.S. Army Maj. Gen. Charles Miller, U.S. European Command director of plans, policy, strategy and capabilities and Maj. Gen. Piotr Blazeusz, the deputy chief of General Staff for the Polish Armed Forces, sign a memorandum of understanding Jan. 21, 2022, for a Polish liaison officer to join the USEUCOM headquarters staff. Photo by Rey Ramon

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Letter from the editor


Contributors Bardia Khajenoori, Paul Hughes, Geoff Morris, Dr. Becky Powell, Bill Butler, Cameron Porter, Joel Wasko, Andy Munsterman

At the Patch Library

Chaplain’s Corner: Resilience in the Lives of Military Children

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Get your fit on 24/7 at the RB gym

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2021 as it happened

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From the historian 55 Years Ago: The Big Move

Spring Bazaar plans 2022 return Wellness from every angle at the AWC Patch postal clerk helps bring Olympics to American viewers

Meet your LRC Physical resilience and you in 2022 Local German school gets new coat of paint


The Garrison remembers Larry Arnett


The Big Question: What are your goals for 2022?

1st Quarter 2022


At the Patch library

With this new year comes new challenges, and new opportunities to grow and learn new things. Maybe you might like to become a master gardener or maybe spruce up the old resume, the Patch Library has something for everybody. Living in the land of slopes and Teutonic woods maybe some woodworking or snowboarding would be more your fancy. And no one knows more about going after your goals like Captain Ahab in Herman Melville’s Moby Dick. Read these and more at your local library.

The Practical Woodworker A Comprehensive Step-by-Step Course in Working with Wood This practical book demonstrates all the techniques of woodworking from choosing timber and using tools to design and construction; the core of the book is 20 step-by-step professional-looking projects such as a storage chest, bookcase, wine rack, picture frame and dining table, shown in 1200 detailed photographs and diagrams. Garden DIY 25 Fun-To-Make Projects for an Attractive and Productive Garden Packed with complete plans and easyto-follow construction tips, Garden DIY offers a creative mix of both practical and decorative projects for any gardening enthusiast. These 25 fun and useful outdoor projects range from easy to intermediate to advanced, and each is handily color-coded to its skill level. Inside this book, brother and sister team Samantha and Daniel Johnson present 25 hands-on projects for aspiring horticulturalists. From a potting bench, planter box, and trellis to compost bins, a brick birdbath, bird houses, and a mason bee lodge, these beginner-friendly projects come with clear step-by-step color photographs to guide you through each process.


1st Quarter 2022

Knitting for Dummies This revised and refreshed third edition of Knitting For Dummies features new knitting patterns, refreshed and additional projects, a new bibliography and suppliers list, and improved step-by-step knitting instructions. Plus, from the book, you can access step-by-step instructional videos online that enable you to see and practice the knitting techniques found in the book. Experienced and novice knitters alike can benefit from the step-bystep instructions and informative videos included in this new edition of Knitting For Dummies! Moby Dick Melville wrote of his masterpiece, one of the greatest works of imagination in literary history. In part, MobyDick is the story of an eerily compelling madman pursuing an unholy war against a creature as vast and dangerous and unknowable as the sea itself. But more than just a novel of adventure, more than an encyclopedia of whaling lore and legend, the book can be seen as part of its author’s lifelong meditation on America. Written with wonderfully redemptive humor, MobyDick is also a profound inquiry into character, faith, and the nature of perception. The Resume Makeover 50 Common Problems with Resumes and Cover Letters — and How to Fix Them In this solution-oriented guide, bestselling careers author John J. Marcus zeros in on the 50 most common resume writing problems and offers easy-toperform fixes for each. Among other crucial lessons, readers learn how to identify and deal effectively with job history problems, skill-set deficiencies, poor visual presentation, and formatting problems. A compelling feature that distinguishes The Resume Makeover from all the competition is its unique quick-reference, “Before & After” format. Each chapter focuses on one common problem and offers a proven solution, along with before-and-after documents illustrating how a few simple changes can significantly improve a resume.

Moving Mountains or The Art and Craft of Letting Others See Things Your Way In his classic text on how to organize one’s thoughts into a logical and enjoyable presentation, Boettinger outlines ways in which presenters will not only have their ideas heard but also understood and accepted. A guide to the art of persuasion, describing the effective presentation of ideas and use of resources. Snowboarder’s Start Up: A Beginner’s Guide to Snowboarding Here is the essential beginner’s guide to the fastest growing sport in the country according to the National Sporting Goods Association. The most important questions—how to stop, how to turn, and how to avoid the crash and burn syndrome—are answered because the author takes the reader along as he learns the sport himself. Basic gear, preparation, technique, and safety are also discussed. Descriptions and images courtesy Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Photo by Dimedrol68/

By Geoffrey Morris Stuttgart Citizen volunteer

Chaplain’s Corner: Resilience in the Lives of Military Children

Photo by DenisProduction/

The Effect of Chapel Relationships

By Dr. Becky Powell Religious Support Office

Relationships are significant in the resilience of all children. However, relocations and deployments interrupt the significant relationships of Military Children. Relationships within chapels can supplement and support Military Children in resilience and development. Chapels can play a role in a child’s resilience during normal times as well as trauma. Relationships are significant in the development and resilience of children and adolescents. The interruptions of PCS and deployment can be mitigated by the religious practice and chapel relationships. PCSes “have the potential to create an overwhelming emotional reaction in an individual to the point that they are unable to function during or following the incident, or are unable to cope psychologically with an event” (Hauser, 2014). Everyone, child, adolescent or adult needs support - whether or not they are military. In talking about resilience and crisis issues, one UK chaplain says “... not just the Soldiers who are dealing with this. Their children are dealing with this” (Hancock, 2011). A person feels alone upon arriving at a new duty station. They may feel like the formless and void

which begins the Genesis creation narrative. They are not sure where to find friends or resources. As they transition, they begin to notice new people and support, and chapels are uniquely visible. There have been military chaplains as long as there have been militaries. Chaplains support people of all faith groups. US Army Chaplains have a threefold mission to nurture the living, care for the wounded, and honour the dead (US Army, 2009). Chaplains have a massive task to provide these basic services to military personnel and their families. Therefore resilience and religious support are tasks of all members of military communities and especially the chapel volunteers. It takes continued chapel planning to support Military Children, but these efforts improve resilience for the whole community. Military families describe chapels and chaplains as important parts of celebrating and surviving military life. Adults who were raised as Military Children have a continued sense of connection to their upbringing through a chapel’s community. Parents today describe and appreciate the relationships and resilience that chapels provide. “These programs are extremely valuable to help our children understand that God is in charge even if they cannot control their lives that are constantly in turmoil due to

PCS moves and parent deployments” (Tolson, 2011) Resilience can be supported through significant, trustworthy relationships. Chapels provide education and worship which enhance intergenerational relationships. As chaplains build relationships with volunteers and participants, they fulfill regulations and build the community’s resilience. USAG Stuttgart chapels offer weekly worship for many traditions. The chapels also provide Religious Education programming weekly for Buddhist (online), Jewish (online), Protestant, and Catholic personnel. Contact your chaplain for more information! Bibliography Hancock, S. (2011), Man of God: Day in the Life of an Army Chaplain, watch?v=KnEhIONm6VQ, accessed 10 September 2014. Powell, R. (2007), A Friend Who Teaches Me, a PhD dissertation submitted to the University of Bristol, England. Tolson, G. (2011), “Bicentennial Chapel Grows Faith through Youth Outreach,” mil/article/54591, accessed 10 September 2014. US Army (2009), AR 165-1, Army Chaplains Corps Activities.

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1st Quarter 2022


Capt. Marcus Elledge, USAG Stuttgart executive officer, and Chris Ragan, MWR director of Sports and Fitness, cut the ribbon signifying 24/7 access at the Robinson Barracks gym, Jan. 13.

Story & photo by Marcus Fichtl U.S. Army Garrison Stuttgart Public Affairs Office

Residents at Robinson Barracks will be out of workout excuses thanks to a newly-installed cypher lock providing 24/7 access to the local post gym Sept. 13. The newly expanded gym hours is the centerpiece of a Robinson Barracks betternment project that’s not only seen increased access to the fitness center, but improvements to post lighting, chapel heating and general facility renovation. “Access to a gym day or night is one of those small quality life improvements that really hits on one of the Army’s fundamentals – physical fitness,” said Capt. Marcus Elledge, Robinson Barracks working group leader and resident. “It’s projects like this that fulfill our promise to the garrison motto ‘I’m glad I live here.’” A fulfillment Elledge acknowledges the garrison fell a bit short with after COVID-19 threw garrison services out of alignment two years ago. He said that at the start of the pandemic when all gyms were shut down, major staffing shortfalls had disrupted the opening of the Robinson Barracks fitness center the most. Not only was the RB gym the last to open, it opened irregularly before settling on a time that for many felt only benefited a portion of the community. For Sgt. Andressa Almeida who spins records every morning at the AFN Stuttgart studio on RB, 24/7 access is the perfect belated Christmas present. At work by 5 a.m. when the gym opened and home 6

1st Quarter 2022

after 1 p.m. when the gym closed, Almeida said that getting to gym was near impossible for her and many of her colleagues at the station. She said that while many of her fellow residents understood the mission constraints the coronavirus had put on the garrison, they also felt like the forgotten children of Stuttgart. “I was driving thirty minutes to Patch most days,” Almeida said. “I tried German gyms but it didn’t work out. I missed the American gym culture – I missed seeing people from our RB community.” And as the voice AFN Stuttgart, Almeida was ecstatic when she was able to share the good news of the Gym’s new hours, not just as a Soldier presenting information over the air but as a local resident who had her voice heard. “I like to talk about the fact that we made this happen as a community,” said Almeida. “The community saw a need, and the garrison made it happen for us – that’s the part that makes me feel great.” Even with a dozen major projects completed on RB, including 24/7 access gym, Elledge said the garrison isn’t done. “I’m hoping that the work that we’ve discussed here shows that the garrison takes the community input seriously, and that we are listening,“ said Elledge. For information on how you can receive 24/7 access to the RB Gym or any of the other gyms on post go to

Photo by RomarioIen/

Get your fit on 24/7 at the RB gym

1st Quarter 2022


Spring Bazaar plans 2022 return

1 Story & photos by Joel Wasko

FMWR Marketing We saw the return of many beloved events in 2021; however, one stood out in particular… The Spring Bazaar, known in USAG Stuttgart as being the largest annual shopping extravaganza in the community, and hosted by the private organization Harriet R Tubman Chapter #190 OES in partnership with Stuttgart Family & MWR. The shopping experience spans four days, is attended by as many as 90 European vendors, and receives thousands of visitors to shop for unique merchandise from all across Europe. The excitement is difficult to ignore from the time you walk into the spacious tent. The delicious scents of international foods unfold as you pass by the chocolate, cheese, wine and Belgian beer stands. People indulge with free samples of English Cheddar cheeses and steamed puddings from Little Box Kitchen, or a little Projito from Sant’

Antonino. The shopping buzz continues as people try on dirndls and lederhosen, choose the perfect décor for their home, or pick out the perfect gifts for their family or friends envied as uniquely European by most. For vendors like Ashley Wintjens and Etienne HM Wolters from Wolters Antiques, it is an event they have looked forward to for the past 8 years. They travel from Maastricht, Netherlands and bring along their fourth generation antique business, which has also evolved into custom building of many furniture pieces. A new sofa custom built for the military community, which moves so frequently, will be presented at the next Spring Bazaar by Wolters Antiques. “Stuttgart is a very good bazaar, one of the best and one of our favorite in Europe,” said Ashley Wintjens. Bringing back this favorite event was undeniably challenging. In March 2020, the Stuttgart community watched as the tent was raised and vendors set up their stands for eager shoppers. However,

the shopping event never came to fruition. It was canceled one day before the event was to start due to COVID-19. As the unrelenting uncertainty continued in 2020 and 2021, event planners dealt with the ever-present realization that large events might get canceled, yet that did not deter planners from moving forward. The Spring Bazaar date was moved from its usual March timeframe to May with the intent of reducing risk and awaiting vaccinations to become available. The calculation worked and the Spring Bazaar 2021 was successfully executed for all in the USAG Stuttgart community to enjoy, albeit with mitigation measures including online appointments for 1 hour sessions, masks, and social distancing. Nevertheless, the event sales were as strong as ever, but more importantly the smiles on the faces of people at the event were back, genuine and very much needed. The planning for Spring Bazaar 2022 is underway. A majority of vendors have already registered. The tent company is prepared to set up their fest

1 2


Patrons check out the 2021 Spring Bazar.

The Harriet R. Tubman chapter #109 OES who cohosts the event. Courtesy photo


Antiques and handcrafted wares are just some of the items you can find at the Bazaar.

4 8

1st Quarter 2022


A business woman shows off some of the wine she is selling.


Phone: 0163 556 33 33

• • • • •

2 tent again. The USAG Stuttgart community will be able to look forward to another shopping extravaganza May 5 – 8, 2022 on Parade Field and in the Panzer Fitness Center, Panzer Kaserne.

May 5, Thursday, 10 a.m. – 7 p.m. May 6, Friday, 10 a.m. – 7 p.m. May 7, Saturday, 10 a.m. – 7 p.m. May 8, Sunday, 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.

the community. Their hard work in the Spring Bazaar, many other events and their own programs, allow them to give back to the community in many ways. “We are ready for the Spring Bazaar in 2022 and to give back to our community as always because that’s what we do. Like our motto says, We Put in Work!”, said Dee Dimond, Harriet R. Tubman OES District Representative.

The Harriet R Tub­ man Chapter #190 OES, a private organization in USAG Stuttgart, plays a big role in

For more information on the Spring Bazaar, visit Stuttgart.


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1st Quarter 2022


Wellness from every angle at the AWC Story and photos by Paul Hughes U.S. Army Garrison Stuttgart Public Affairs Office

“I’m literally as fat as a jelly donut!” I laughed out loud at the beginning of 2018 as my health assessment results were revealed live on American Forces Radio (where I DJ’d at the time). 27% fat it said, the exact same fat percentage of Germany’s favorite pastry. Like John F. Kennedy, I could say “Ich bin ein Berliner,” though a bit less proudly. I was on a whole “new year, new me” kick, but before I even stepped foot in a gym I wanted to understand what I was dealing with, and well, become less like the donut. As part of a radio feature for AFN Wiesbaden on health, I had recently undergone a full range of services at the Army Wellness Center (AWC): Body composition analysis, metabolic testing and Vo2 testing, and I was being coached on a range of information about diet and exercising. As the results were revealed, it became clear that I was in an unhealthy state — and fast forward to today, things have begun to slide again, and as I look at my brethren in the Panzer food court’s Popeyes Chicken

The Stuttgart Army Wellness Center team.

line, I may not be the only one. “I don’t want to say it has been completely the blame of the pandemic, but I think a lot of people’s health has declined,” said Jovan Duhart, Stuttgart’s Army Wellness Center Director. “People are realizing that they are increasing in mass, and their physical activity levels have gone down.” After the pandemic forced the closure of the AWC in 2020, Duhart is back doing what he loves to do. Motivated by his own journey with his body, he’s helping clients with their health goals on a daily basis, as well as leading the wellness center team. Growing up in a “food desert,” a term for a low income area that lacks access to quality foods and nutritional information, Duhart was raised and surrounded by people who were unhealthy. But his curiosity as to why some people were healthier than others drove him to understand the basics of nutrition and training. This ultimately saw him become a Crossfit athlete and the leader of health educators at the AWC here in Stuttgart. Two of Duhart’s team, Olivia Phillips and Keri Russo, both stress the importance of “wellness from every angle.” They provide regular client health education with a range of services, from classes on nutrition, to coaching on sleep habits. From a client’s very first session they will identify changes that can lead to immediate health improvements. “The small changes that people are making because they’ve come here and worked with us have made a huge impact on their lives,” Phillips said. If exercise, nutrition and sleep sound familiar, they should. These are the three components of the Army Performance Triad, the comprehensive plan to promote health and readiness amongst soldiers. The program is broad, but the AWC can offer something more tailored to your individual needs like they did for Army Maj. Wyatt Britten, an Operations Officer at U.S. Africa Command, who went into the AWC by chance one day.

Olivia Phillips, a health educator at the Stuttgart Army Wellness Center, talks wellness with a customer. 10

1st Quarter 2022

Top of page: A Patron at the AWC receives counseling on how to lead a more healthy lifestyle. Above: The USAG Stuttgart Army Wellness Center Director Jovan Duhart. Bottom right: Olivia Phillips, a health educator at the Stuttgart Army Wellness Center, administers a test.

Britten knew he wanted to lose weight, but he was not seeing clear eyed about the truth of his physical situation. After his free physical assessments — which can cost up to $5,000 at a private practice — he attended classes on nutrition, and with his health educator, set goals and made an action plan. “When you have a checkpoint to let you know if you are on track, your mindset changes,” Britten said. “Your commitment is higher when you have a process and people to be accountable to.” Britten’s attitude on wellness changed, from being something he would get to eventually, to an integral part of his lifestyle. Four months after his first meeting at the AWC, he is already down 30lbs and 7% body fat. Britten’s results are amazing and his experience was similar to my own interactions with the AWC. Your health educator provides you with a health journey, a visual pathway of what your care will look like tailored to you. You’ll learn exactly how many calories you burn per day before exercise, making you more conscious of the importance of activity and nutrition in reaching your health goals. Four years after my first trip to the AWC, I have

clearly fallen off the wagon and am currently made up of 26% body fat. A healthy range for someone my age (39) is 8-19%. So, it’s time to get serious again about health and wellness, and maybe pass on my former spirit pastry — the jelly donut. Duhart said, “When the people come in, and they’ve decided right, I’m going to change. You feel excited because you have the tools to help drive that process forward.” Looks like I know just where to start again.


ow did you find out about the AWC? Med center referral, a friend, your command? I first heard of the Army Wellness Clinic at Fort Leavenworth in 2016. While at Camp Humphreys, Korea in 2020, my battalion commander took us on a tour of the facility there and we learned the capabilities of the clinic; unfortunately, that clinic was chronically booked at capacity and I couldn’t get in. During inprocessing this summer at Stuttgart, I learned that USAG Stuttgart had an Army Wellness Clinic — and as a matter of chance, my daughter injured her finger and we needed to get a splint from the Physical Therapy Clinic which is co-located with the Army Wellness Clinic, I stopped by the desk and made an appointment for me and my spouse.

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hat were your first impressions at your appointment? I was impressed with the professionalism of Keri and the equipment was in good shape. Keri took us through the Bodpod and gave us good analysis of our physical condition.


id you already know your goals, or did you work them out with your service provider? I knew that I wanted to lose weight — though I was not seeing ‘clear eyed’ about the truth of my physical situation at the time. Keri gave me a class on nutrition and I put goals, short and long-term to paper and made an action plan.


as there anything surprising in your results that you were not expecting? This won’t sound surprising, everyone knows it’s true, but when you have a checkpoint, in this case a monthly assessment to let you know if you are on track for weight, body composition, and basic health metrics such blood pressure, your mindset changes. Commitment is higher when we have a process and people that we have to be accountable to.


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ow did your experience (if at all) change you or your attitude towards your health and wellness? It provided accountability to ensure that I am conscious of the volume and types of food that I am putting into my body. My focus on wellness went from being something that I’ll get to someday to seeing tangible results on a weekly and monthly basis. I believe that this is especially important given the current pandemic. We know for a fact that people with excess fat are significantly more likely to succumb to COVID-19. We ought to be protecting ourselves with every tool that is available — not just vaccines. It is our responsibility to remove excess fat and give our bodies a better chance to fight COVID-19 and other diseases as well. We have a unique and free resource to do just that here in USAG Stuttgart with the Army Wellness Clinic.


hat did the experience mean to you as a whole? It means that I’m on track to live with better habits and have a more healthy, happy, and productive life for my family and my Army.


ÎÎFor information on Sleep or stress management, healthy nutrition, or to get your body’s composition, metabolic rate or Vo2 fitness tested search for Army Wellness center Stuttgart. ÎÎThe Army wellness center is co-located with the Gym at Patch Barracks, active reserve, dependents, civilians and contractors are all eligible to use it’s free services. Call 590-1601 or CIV 06371-9464-1601 for an appointment today.





WETTGASSE 12 • 71101 SCHÖNAICH 07031-651549 MOBILE 0178 77 700 76 1st Quarter 2022


Patch postal clerk delivers Olympics to American viewers By Bardia Khajenoori U.S. Army Garrison Stuttgart Public Affairs Office

U.S. Army Garrison Stuttgart Postmaster Larry Baricuatro was skeptical when the leave request first came across his desk last year: a postal clerk had requested time off to serve as a television correspondent at the Summer Olympics in Tokyo. “At first, I was like, ‘Right…you’re [kidding] me,’” he said with a laugh. “But then I found out it was the real deal.” As it turns out, Euan Leith - responsible for registered and accountable mail in his day job at the Patch Postal Service Center - has a professional background in sports and television production, with two Olympic

Euan Leith sorts mail at the Patch Post Office. Photo by Bardia Khajenoori

Games under his belt even before moving to Stuttgart. Having joined NBC’s broadcasting team in Japan for the one-year-delayed 2020 Summer Games, he’s now packing his bags again to serve as an associate producer at the 2022 Winter Games in Beijing. “Everyone here knows I’m kind of a sports nut,” Leith said. “I’m incredibly lucky - after the first time, I thought I’d never get to go again.” His path to the Olympics began in his native Texas, where he maintained a keen interest in sports growing up and eventually earned a degree in broadcast journalism. After two internships - first with a Major League Soccer team and then with a regional sports broadcaster, he joined Universal Sports, a network that provided more comprehensive coverage of sports which generally received only seasonal attention from large audiences. “That involved a lot of waking up at 1 a.m. every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to cover things like cross-country and alpine skiing, curling, bobsled, and skeleton,” he explained. Although Universal Sports shut down in 2015, there was a silver lining for Leith: being invited to 12

1st Quarter 2022

join the “sports desk” team at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, producing sports and culture pieces. ‘Marquee’ sports already had full-time correspondents in Rio, Leith said, so production staff could volunteer to cover events like archery, equestrian, and rugby sevens. “I’d rather go watch sports all day than sit behind a desk, so of course, that’s what I did,” he said. Upon returning home and getting married, Leith chose not to relocate to the east coast for a position with the Olympic Channel, the effective successor of Universal Sports. Instead, he did freelance work for teams in Denver, where he was living at the time, wrote about fantasy sports, and generally picked up whatever opportunities he could to keep actively engaged in the sports world. “If there was a ball on the ground or in the air, I was there,” he said. Leith joined the production staff again for the 2018 Winter Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea, and had already agreed to work the Tokyo Games as his wife started a new job in Stuttgart. The couple moved to Germany in February 2020. “I thought I would have three months of downtime, go to the Olympics, and then find a job on base, but then everything shut down due to COVID and the plans changed,” said Leith. He joined the garrison postal team initially as a temporary hire to support COVID operations, but the time eventually came to discuss his plans for Tokyo with his supervisor, Ray Hayes. As his initial term was approaching its end, Leith understood that he could effectively be resigning early. Hayes, however, was more than receptive and was even able to keep him on the staff after the temporary appointment expired. “It was an opportunity not only for him, but also for the garrison to have one of its people be a part of something historic,” said Hayes. “Automatically, when he told me about it, I felt as though I had to support it.” Leith’s teammates were also fully on board, as was Baricuatro, Leith’s second-line supervisor and a former competitive athlete himself. “When I was boxing in the Army, going all over the place to compete, that’s stuff you can never forget. He can tell those stories to his grandkids,” said Baricuatro. “We were very excited for him and proud of him.” But while Tokyo was “an incredible experience, as all Olympics are, it was definitely different” with COVID mitigation measures such as no spectators, Leith said. “It was so strange without crowds. Watching diving, the only sound was the splash as they entered the water, maybe a few claps from other athletes there.” Leith underwent a two-week quarantine within the Olympic ‘bubble’ during which he could only travel between his hotel room, workplace, and a designated grocery store. The third and final week offered an opportunity to leave the bubble and explore. He added that the COVID-mitigation approach at the Beijing Winter Games will be even stricter, with

Euan Leith does a live broadcast at the Rio Olympics. Courtesy Photo.

the ‘isolation bubble’ requirement lasting the entire length of his three-week stay. Even so, he remains unfazed. “They could put me on the wing of the plane and I’d still go,” he said. “I would have done any job, even getting people coffee, if it meant being able to go there and be at the Games again.” Meanwhile, the postal staff are resilient and used to adapting to any absence, said Baricuatro. “When people get sick or get hurt on the job, we don’t get replacements; we’ve just got to keep moving forward, and that’s what we do. The mission doesn’t stop,” he said. “Luckily, this time it’s a good thing.” Leith, for his part, is eager to emphasize his appreciation of his teammates and the enabling role they play. “I’m incredibly fortunate to work with people who support me, because they don’t have to,” he said. “It’s a work environment without resentment, which lets me live out the passionate side of what I was doing before.” So, when members of the Stuttgart garrison postal team watch coverage of the upcoming Games, they’ll do so knowing one of their colleagues is again helping to bring it to them.

Euan Leith shows off his NBC Olympics sweater at work. Photo by Bardia Khajenoori

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2021 as it happened

Photo by Wikicommons

The end of 2020 was dominated by the pandemic, but as we moved into 2021 vaccines brought us closer to a pre-pandemic U.S. Army Garrison Stuttgart, even as COVID-19 variants tried to do their best to throw a wrench in things. Come with us as we take a look back at 2021, the highs, the lows and the COVID things that dominated our news feeds here in Stuttgart and across the globe. Before we begin let’s remember 2021 wasn’t all doom and gloom - indeed at times people were doing their best to make it downright comical. Like the story of the guy who got lost hiking, but ignored calls from his rescuers because his cell phone said “unknown number.” Or the fact that in Saudi Arabia, 40

camels were banned from a camel beauty contest for allegedly having cosmetic surgery. Popstar Shakira complained that while visiting Barcelona, her handbag was stolen by wild boars(!) with bystanders apparently “doing nothing to help.” In fairness, they probably had enough on their plate, without marauding pick pocket boars to worry about. An Italian man got into hot water when he tried to dodge the COVID-19 vaccine by wearing a fake arm to his shot appointment, and here in Germany a man got in trouble for driving his car to his driving test so he wouldn’t be late. Meanwhile, Demi Lovato hit headlines for singing to ghosts, to help them overcome trauma… while the efficacy of that treatment is open to doubt, here in the physical world, we all could do with a little of that. Here’s 2021 as it happened.

Photo by Wikicommons

By Paul Hughes U.S. Army Garrison Stuttgart Public Affairs Office

Photo by Becca Castellano


ÎÎThe United States formally rejoins the Paris Climate Agreement, an international treaty aimed at limiting global warming. ÎÎParents rejoice as DODEA announces a return to in-person teaching. Garrison news slows to a trickle as parents make the most of their newlyquiet homes.

Photo by ju_see/


1st Quarter 2022


Photo by Rick Scavetta


ÎÎJoe Biden is inaugurated as the 46th U.S. president. His running mate Kamala Harris makes history as the first woman, first Black and first Asian-American vice president. ÎÎStuttgart also sees a changing of the guard as the garrison welcomes Command Sgt. Maj. Billy J. Norman to the garrison leadership team. His arrival coincides with the first mass roll-outs of the COVID-19 vaccine. ÎÎStudents remain in virtual classrooms to slow the spread of COVID-19 and the monthly garrison newspaper The Stuttgart Citizen, gets a much talked about facelift and releases as a new glossy magazine.

ÎÎThe container ship Ever Given runs aground in the Suez Canal, holding up billions in trade. But thanks to scorching demand, even with the temporary stoppage, the canal sees more than 20,000 ships and 1.27 B tons of cargo make the passage, a ten percent increase from 2020. ÎÎThe front cover of the March edition of the Stuttgart Citizen features hundreds of members of the local community as Stuttgart celebrates Women’s History Month. ÎÎThe Stuttgart Military Community recognizes the local American Red Cross volunteers as they augment health clinic staff. ÎÎFormer-Air Force Capt. Santiago Duque-Ayala, becomes the first Special Operations Command Africa member to be inducted into the newly created Space Force.

Photo by Marcus Fichtl Photo by Yvonne Najera

ÎÎPrince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh and consort to Queen Elizabeth II, dies weeks shy of his 100th birthday. ÎÎApril is the Month of the Military Child and 13 Stuttgart High School alumni commit to joining the military through several different paths, including service academies, active duty and reserve enlistments and ROTC programs. ÎÎA forthcoming road works improvement project outside of Panzer was announced that would disrupt traffic flow on and off the Kaserne for more than a year.

Photo by Jason Johnston



ÎÎA devastating partial collapse of a 12-story condominium in Surfside, Florida, kills 98 residents, prompting officials to reevaluate building codes along Florida’s coast. ÎÎThe garrison joins much of the world with an “Equality for All” event. The movement would culminate with Juneteenth becoming a federal holiday. ÎÎThe “masked class” of 2021 graduates with an outdoor drive-in ceremony on the High School parking lot. The class of 2021 is the first class of seniors to spend their entire school year under pandemic conditions.

Courtesy Photo

Photo by Marcus Fichtl Photo by Marcus Fichtl

Photo by Wikicommons


ÎÎA cyberattack shuts down the main pipeline carrying gasoline and diesel fuel to the U.S. East Coast, an outage that will last nearly a week. This prompted officials to put out a statement asking Americans to not fill plastic bags with gasoline after a run on gas stations. ÎÎOutgoing Garrison Commander Col. Jason Condrey’s last official duties include recognizing “Volunteers of the Year” in a drive thru ceremony. He then officially opens the 2021 Spring Bazaar, back after it’s 2020 cancellation, before handing over the Garrison colors, and responsibility for the garrison to Col. Matthew Ziglar on May 19. ÎÎLines stretched around Patch Barracks as the Stuttgart army health clinic, launches a vaccination drive for kids aged 12-17. Incredibly, the majority of the community’s 1500 offspring were vaccinated in a single day.

1st Quarter 2022


Photo by Paul Hughes

Photo by Andrey tiyk/


1st Quarter 2022


Photo by Marcus Fichtl


ÎÎThe 32nd Summer Olympic games begin in Tokyo a year after being postponed. The U.S. tops the medal count with 113 medals, including the Army’s very own 1st Lt. Amber English who won Women’s Skeet. ÎÎNot to be left out, the Stuttgart Citizen reports on Soldiers of the 52nd Signal Battalion competing in German sports badge activities hosted by the Reservistenkameradschaft, Reutlingen — a German reserve unit south of Stuttgart. ÎÎA relaxation of the strict Coronavirus restrictions, leads to merriment and fun as community members celebrate Independence Day together with a fireworks display over Panzer Kaserne.

Photo by Paul Hughes

Photo by Marcus Fichtl


ÎÎThe last American troops withdraw from Afghanistan since occupying the Central Asian country shortly after 9/11. More than 3,500 coalition troops, including 2,400 U.S. service members, gave their lives over two decades of fighting. ÎÎDoDEA kids return to the classroom as the new school year began on August 24 - masked up, but in person. Days later the students would receive a visit from some of America’s top women soccer players as they toured Europe with Armed Forces entertainment.

ÎÎSpaceX makes history with the launch of Inspiration4 — the world’s first spaceflight with an all-civilian crew. After orbiting the Earth for three days at an altitude of around 575 km, the capsule splashed safely in the Atlantic Ocean off the Florida coast. ÎÎThe 2021 C.A.R.E Fair takes place on Panzer Kaserne as emotional ceremonies marked the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. ÎÎOff post, Stuttgart welcomes the return of its JAZZ Open music festival. The Stuttgart Citizen team reports live from the concert of ex-Oasis star Liam Gallagher.

Photo by Marcus Fichtl

Photo by Marcus Fichtl Courtesy Photo

Photo by Arkhipenko Olga/


Photo by Rachele Pezzuti


ÎÎTyson Fury knocks out Deontay Wilder to retain the WBC title in a heavyweight fight for the ages. ÎÎNot to be outboxed, the IMCOM Europe boxing championships takes place on Panzer Kaserne, as Stuttgart punched above their weight to bring home the overall trophy. ÎÎBIG news for the community as dog parks across the installation receive a second gate allowing easier and safer exit for the garrison’s furry residents. ÎÎCol. Matt Ziglar avoids a garrison mutiny, and allows a socially distanced Halloween to go ahead across the post. Spookily-clad, sugardosed children enjoy trick or treating from Panzer Kaserne to Robinson Barracks. Along with Halloween, in-person Retiree Appreciation Day returns for the community’s 3,000 retirees and family members.

ÎÎOlaf Scholz, of the center-left SPD party, is sworn in as Germany’s new chancellor and promises a ‘new beginning’ after replacing Angela Merkel. Merkel’s 16 years at the helm are third only to fellow conservative chancellor Helmut Kohl and Germany’s first chancellor Otto von Bismarck. ÎÎThe holiday season kicks into gear with the annual garrison tree lighting that guest starred Santa and Stuttgart High School’s European champion girls volleyball team. Across the street Army beats Navy in the local Army-Navy game on a frozen Panzer Kaserne turf field. ÎÎSpecial Operations Command knocks it out of the park with their viral Christmas video and the U.S. Army Europe and Africa band play jazzy renditions of Christmas favorites across post. ÎÎChildren from the Stuttgart Elementary school came together to donate hundreds of toys to children quarantined in the Panzer hotel because of COVID. ÎÎIn a not at all contentious improvement, new speed bumps are warmly welcomed at Robinson Barracks, just one of a dozen Robinson projects that have brought 24/7 gym access, new landscaping, better heating at the chapel and a refresh of installation lighting. ÎÎThe connection to the “frog road” that joins Patch and Panzer avoiding the A81 is finally reopened after a year-long closure. ÎÎThat’s it for 2021. COVID-19 continued to bring challenges, but vaccines brought hope as the garrison reopened and moved toward normality.

Courtesy Photo

Photo by everst/

Photo by Paul Hughes


ÎÎTen people, including a nine-year-old, die, and 300 were injured on the first night of the Astroworld Festival due to a crowd surge during a performance by rapper Travis Scott. ÎÎThe last major group of unvaccinated residents receive their first dose of COVID-19 vaccine, as the 5-12 age group line up at the Stuttgart High School for their jabs. Off-post, Col. Matt Ziglar, and Command Sgt. Maj. Billy Norman, attend several wreath laying events during Volkstrauertag, Germany’s day of mourning. ÎÎThere was nervious excitement in Zuffenhausen as a massive WWII bomb is unearthed near Robinson Barracks. Dropped during the bombing of Stuttgart, it was discovered during construction work, and successfully defused and removed.

Here’s to 2022! 1st Quarter 2022


Meet your LRC

almost three years. I started working here after I retired from active duty By Cameron Porter service. 405th Army Field Support Brigade Other service: I served in the Army for 28 years on Name: Javier Gonzalez active duty and retired as a master sergeant food service Job title: Food Service Program Manager and Plans and senior noncommissioned officer. Operations Logistical Specialist Hometown: Brooklyn, New York Assigned: Logistics Readiness Center Stuttgart, 405th Family: I’m married to my wife, Rahwa, for about 15 Army Field Support Brigade years. We have two sons, ages 27 and 8, and my daughLocation: Panzer Kaserne, Germany ter is 15. Experience: I’ve been working at LRC Stuttgart for Can you explain what you do and what your responsibilities are at LRC Stuttgart? I’m the food service program manager for LRC Stuttgart, which includes supervisory responsibility of the Originals Café warrior restaurant located on Panzer Kaserne. On a daily basis I monitor account statuses as well as quality and productivity of the food service program to include the meal menus and the nutritional program. I also provide culinary arts training, coaching and mentoring to all the Soldiers, Army civilians and local national employees at the Originals Café. As a plans and operations logistical specialist for LRC Stuttgart, I synchronize, coordinate and plan daily operations for an LRC with two divisions — which is the supply and services division and the transportation division — supporting U.S. Army Garrison Stuttgart.

Q: A:


Why is the service you and your team provide to the Stuttgart military community so important?


It’s important because it helps build and maintain morale. A well run warrior restaurant with a variety of nutritious, healthy and delicious food choices is a morale booster for our Soldiers and a morale booster for the entire community. Providing nutritious and delicious food choices helps sustain our warfighters, and it’s essential to the overall mission. And having a well-organized plans and operations section with a strong foundation and structure at LRC Stuttgart is critical to sustaining daily operations. Within plans and operations, we have seven reoccurring reporting requirements between two commands — the 405th AFSB and USAG Stuttgart — and as the food service program manager I provide reports to four commands on an ongoing basis.

Q: A:

What do you enjoy about your job, and what motivates you? Service before self has been a major part of my life and my culture for many years. I love taking care of Soldiers, and I love doing my part to serve the USAG Stuttgart community. Wherever I go I love taking care of people and serving others. I also love tackling challenges, and I work with a great team who also looks forward to taking on big challenges and finding solutions. With more than 30 years in the food service business, I love to see my customers enjoying their meals, even more so during special events and holidays. I love planning big events like Thanksgiving, Fourth of July and culinary arts competitions, for example. When you plan and execute a special event and an amazing meal, people talk about it for a long time.


TKS - Connecting Service Members for 30 years Join the celebration, get connected, and save! Starting in February, TKS will celebrate 30 years of service to the U.S. military community in Europe for the whole year. Since 1992, TKS has proudly connected service members with custom-tailored telecommunication solutions. This year also marks TKS’s 10th anniversary as an elite USO Worldwide Strategic Partner, donating over $500,000 annually in support of their cooperative mission in improving the lives of service members and their families while stationed overseas. As part of its anniversary celebration, TKS will host a number of free giveaways, sales promotions, and special local events throughout the year. Connect with TKS on Facebook or at a local TKS shop for information on all of their upcoming promotions and special offers. TKS shops are conveniently located throughout Germany in an Exchange facility near you. TKSCable I



1st Quarter 2022


Name: Nate Holmes Job title: Supervisory Supply Management Specialist and Installation Property Book Officer Assigned: Logistics Readiness Center Stuttgart, 405th Army Field Support Brigade Location: Panzer Kaserne, Germany Experience: I’ve been working at LRC Stuttgart for about 2.5 years. I’m the property book officer for the U.S. Army Garrison Stuttgart area of responsibility. Before that I was the manager of the Central Issue Facility in Stuttgart, and before that I was a supply technician at CIF. Other service: I served 13 years as an active duty

Soldier and five years in the Army Reserve. When I completed my service as a Soldier I was a staff sergeant and supply noncommissioned officer. Hometown: Petersburg, Virginia

Q: A:

Can you explain what you do and what you are responsible for at LRC Stuttgart? I’m the property book subject matter expert for USAG Stuttgart, and I’m the supervisor of nine local national employees assigned to LRC Stuttgart. I manage all the day-to-day operations involved in the reception, issue and turn-in of equipment for USAG Stuttgart and LRC Stuttgart. We make sure that all this equipment is accounted for properly. We manage the accountability of all the equipment for all the directorates and services within USAG Stuttgart – such as the Directorate of Public Works and Army Community Service. Overall, I’m responsible for 30 property book accounts assigned to USAG Stuttgart and LRC Stuttgart.

Q: A:

Why is the service you and your team provide to the Stuttgart military community so important? It’s important to have some type of accountability and control aspect when it comes to equipment supply discipline and responsibility. We act as that control aspect for USAG Stuttgart to help keep everyone in check. For example, new computer equipment is purchased – someone has to ensure that this new computer equipment is catalogued and accounted for correctly. That’s our role,

and it’s very important. Some offices and sections here have old equipment in their basements and supply closets that they’re not using anymore. We’ll send teams out to those locations to make sure they have everything they’re supposed to have, and we’ll make sure all the extra stuff sitting around in basements and closets collecting dust gets picked up and turned in. We’ll do whatever we need to do to get it turned in so it’s not just taking up space and not being accounted for properly.

Q: A:

What do you enjoy about your job, and what motivates you? To be honest, when I got out of the Army in 2018 I was burnt out. I was combat fatigued. But being back to work with the Army as a civilian has been great. I’ve been blessed to grow as much as I’ve grown, and I’m not done. I’m hungry and looking for even more growth. I think a lot of the fatigue I experienced as an active duty Soldier was because I’m very passionate about my work. My supervisor used to tell me not to take my work so personally because I’m overly passionate about what I do and how I do things. But my work ethic as a Soldier has rolled over well for me as an Army civilian, especially now that I’m serving in a leadership position. I’ve tried to assist my employees and help my team work more effectively, and I believe I’ve been able to do that. For example, my team at CIF was recognized by the U.S. Army Sustainment Command recently for outstanding performance and service to the community during the COVID-19 pandemic.

1st Quarter 2022


Photo by Sellwell/

Physical resilience and you in 2022

Most of us know the well-known benefits of kettlebells, bands, jump ropes and other home exercise: energy, weight loss, and lowered mor- workout devices. tality risk. But new research shows that mod- Wearable Technology: Uses fitness trackers, smartIt’s 2022, and even though January is already erate to vigorous activity can also reduce the watches and heart rate monitors to monitor vitals, behind us, it’s not too late to reignite the fitness risk of dementia, improve cognitive function, count steps and track calories, and can even help prospark. Whether we are trying to lose our holiday improve sleep, and reduce the feelings of anxiety vide motivation with friendly push notifications to get weight or shed our COVID-19 “fifteen(x2)”, we all and depression for those with existing those extra steps. face challenges in the quest to become leaner and clinical syndromes and those without. Don’t wait for healthier. The Community Strengths and Themes Therefore, exercise will not only help But working out on your own is not Survey Assessment (CSTA) conducted last year in your physical health, but it can help the perfect for everyone. Sometimes we need the Stuttgart identified the top three challenges in physi- your mental health as well! personal touch via a buddy or personal cal health as overweight/obesity, poor diet, and lack So how do we get started with exer- time to get fit. trainer to step things up a notch. of fitness. cise? The good news is that many things “In addition to endorphins and exerwe can do to get fit can cise gains, participating in a fitness program offers be done from home, at an opportunity to interact with others, form friendValentine’s Face Special €129 work, or on base. No ships, and enjoy the social support that comes with (regular price €149) matter where you are, exercising in a group,” said Anne Marie Harcrow, the possibility of eating fitness coordinator for USAG Stuttgart’s Family better, losing weight, Moral, Welfare and Recreation. and improving your fitCurrently at the garrison there are several opporness is always possible. tunities to get fit. For those brand new to yoga, Based on the FMWR is kicking off a Beginner’s Yoga series at the American College of Kelley Fitness Center on Feb. 11. If your interest is STUTTGART Sports Medicine’s fit- in body composition and re-composition, the garriBussenstr. 37 • 70184 Stuttgart/Ost ness trends for 2022, son is hosting a Competition Preparation Workshop Tel. 0711 - 48 52 51 some of the things you on Feb. 26 – open to burgeoning bodybuilders or Microneedling can do on your own are: people who just want a better shape. Extremely thin needles are moved over the top layer of skin Body Weight Training: If you are looking for a more individualized and biological cosmetics including hyaluron are brought to the Uses minimal equip- fitness experience, FMWR has personal training, deep skin layers. This enables the production of new cells. The skins renews itself and is more smooth. ment. Not limited to just private yoga, and yoga therapy offerings. For our push-ups, pull-ups, and runners, it is time to dust off the running shoes and situps, but hundreds of start preparing for our first run of 2022: the Be a exercises working every Hero 5K Fun Run at Kelley Barracks, April 9. muscle group. Body Don’t wait for the perfect time to get fit. The stratweight training helps egy that you stick with is more important than how people to get “back to you choose to do it. Whether it’s outside, in your the basics” without hav- home gym, living room,with a personal trainer or a ing to go to a crowded group event, all forms of fitness lead to a healthier, gym. happier, and fitter you for 2022! Home Exercise Gyms: Arrange a non-binding consultation date Can use equipment like For information on these events and many other All treatments VAT free treadmills, bikes and fitness activities, you can visit https://stuttgart. barbell set, but can also or stop by one of the four USAG Tel. 0711 - 48 52 51 use less costly items like Stuttgart Fitness Centers. By Andy Munsterman USAG Stuttgart Resiliency Integrator


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A Marine paints the walls and ceiling of a local school.

Local German school gets new coat of paint with Marines’ help By Bardia Khajenoori U.S. Army Garrison Stuttgart Public Affairs Office

Students at a Böblingen school returned from their Christmas holidays to freshly-painted hallways thanks to U.S. Marines based half-a-mile down the road at Panzer Kaserne. Around a dozen young men and women from U.S. Marine Forces Europe and Africa (MARFOREUR/ AF) contributed to the project to paint hallways at Eichendorffschule Böblingen in the first week of January. “Volunteer opportunities are a great way for Marines to express different interests, learn a skill, or connect with the people they’re surrounded with on a day to day basis,” said Sgt. Sophia Lozano, vice president of the local Single Marine Program (SMP). “Some Marines have shown interest in getting to know or better understand the local German community while they’re here, and this helps them do that.” 22

1st Quarter 2022

Photos by Rachele Pezzuti

Most Marines were part of the Single Marine Program that works to connect Marines with the local community.

Organizers were put in touch with the Eichendorffschule after reaching out to the garrison’s community relations staff for ideas and contacts. Alexander Groß, head of the primary and secondary school, which serves around 350 students, explained that the painting was necessary after construction work last year, but due in part to COVID-19, had become a lower priority. With volunteer manpower secured, Groß was able to get supplies and a professional painter to oversee the work, leading it to be completed potentially years before it otherwise might have been. “I couldn’t have convinced the city to do this now without the help we had from the Marines, so I’m very, very appreciative and glad about how it worked out in the end,” Groß said. “The color is on the wall and the school is looking very nice again.” He added that the aesthetic touch-ups are a morale booster for the students and can help motivate them to keep the building in good condition.

German and American organizers work together to complete the painting project.



Call 06151-3 84 40 64


Individual planning, Germany wide and Benelux etc. Use your LQA, OHA and other allowances for your own home Mortgages available to service members, DoD civilians, contractors Also to EU/ UN / NATO employees, non-German tax-payers and expatriates More than 20 years of experience • Tel: 06 21 - 15 03 00 58


Monica Hansen Attorney at Law

Although painting the Eichendorffschule was the first organized off-post volunteer effort for the SMP, it won’t be the last. “It’s kind of a kickoff project for what SMP wants to do with MARFOREUR/AF, as far as getting us, as a unit, more connected to the local community,” Lozano said. Possible future engagements include helping out at animal shelters and orphanages. “We want to start here, but also be able to have Marines branch out into other types of institutions too,” she said. “It’s something we want to keep going even after we change duty stations, and have the people who remain here continue these relationships.” Marines may return to the Eichendorffschule later for participation in a sports day or language exchange activity, and Groß is also working to create chances for his students and those from on-post schools to spend time together too. “Both sides can win from this because everyone can learn something from the other, and maybe show the community that even though we are here from two different countries, we can do something together,” Groß said. “And it’s learning not only on a language level, but on a social and emotional aspect as well.” Lozano shared similar sentiments, pointing out that in addition to building goodwill, volunteering off-post can increase cultural understanding and provide a richer overall experience for Stuttgartbased Marines. Groß, in his capacity as headmaster of the principal board for all Böblingen-area schools, said he has already encouraged colleagues to reach out if they have a potential service project or opportunity for mutual engagement. “This is not the end, but rather just the beginning [of these partnerships] for me.” 0152•27 037 592

Results – Guaranteed. At H&R Block, we stand behind our work. If we make a mistake, we will pay any additional interest and penalties. Plus, if the IRS should call you in for an audit, we will explain your audit notice and the documentation you need to provide, at no extra cost. We have experts on hand year around to help you. All prior years can be done as well.

Can your tax services give the same guarantee? Kurmarkerstr. 30 70569 Stuttgart-Vaihingen

Tel: 0711-6 87 30 96 or 0711-120 76 24 Email: 1st Quarter 2022


From the historian — 55 Years Ago: The Big Move Defense Robert McNamara called it “a move made with remarkable efficiency and at moderate cost.” In addition to moving troops and associated materiel, the USEUCOM headquarifty-five years ago this March a new headquarters came to Stuttgart amid ters staff had to find a new home for itself. Belgium offered to host NATO and its transformations across the European theater. Since 1950, Patch Barracks had Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE), but there were limits on been home to the American Seventh Army, which was the primary combat how much more the country could accommodate. Although USEUCOM had been element of the U.S. Army Europe (USAREUR). All this stationed near SHAPE in the suburbs of Paris since changed in early 1967 when U.S. European Command 1954, that would no longer be the case. Deliberations (USEUCOM) moved from Paris, France, after Seventh during the summer of 1966 considered several potenArmy had left in late 1966. The reasons for these moves tial sites for the headquarters, but concurrent developlay within political and diplomatic changes taking place ments in the Department of Defense (DoD) drove the in the early 1960s. final choice. Budget cuts and cost savings initiatives It was a time of tension within the Atlantic Alliance, within the DoD during the early 1960s triggered sevas the U.S. and France were often at odds over leaderal streamlining actions. One such proposal involved ership within the North Atlantic Treaty Organization consolidating the Seventh Army staff with the USAREUR (NATO) and America’s growing involvement in headquarters in Heidelberg, Germany. Seizing on the Vietnam, a former French colony. After several years opportunity to align FRELOC objectives with this cost of contentious dialogue, French President Charles savings action, Secretary McNamara and other leaders de Gaulle eventually took drastic steps in April 1966 soon decided that Patch Barracks would be the optimal by pulling his country out of the Alliance’s integrated Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara site for USEUCOM’s new home. military command structure and demanding that NATO The period between the Seventh Army’s departure remove its troops from France by the end of March 1967. With less than twelve in December 1966 and USEUCOM’s arrival in March 1967 would be a very busy months to go, USEUCOM and its service components planned and executed a mas- one. General Burchinal and the command staff were given a budget of $62 million sive shift of numerous units and headquarters, comprising 70,000 military personnel for reestablishing the headquarters. They economized by using all available military and dependents and 813,000 tons of materiel. The ensuing operation was named air and ground transportation. USAFE’s 322d Air Division employed its C-130s and FRELOC, short for “Fast Relocation.” C-124s to quickly move 200 tons of files and office equipment. According to the comThe command was fortunate to have two very capable leaders at the time: mand’s FRELOC after-action report, “In most cases, staff files were released in Paris Commander-in-Chief, Army General Lyman Lemnitzer; and Deputy Commander- one afternoon and were available for use by advance personnel in Stuttgart the next in-Chief, Air Force General David Burchinal. Both had served in the Pentagon at afternoon.” Another 820 tons went overland by military trucks and with commercial the highest levels just prior to their respective assignments in Europe. General contractors. USEUCOM ceased operation following a farewell ceremony at Camp Lemnitzer was the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff from des Loges on 14 March 1967, and resumed 1960-1962, and General Burchinal was “full normal activity” at Patch Barracks on 15 Director of the Joint Staff from 1964March with about 740 military and civilian 1966. In order to focus the right amount personnel already in place. of attention on this challenging upheavThe arrival of the new headquarters sigal, Lemnitzer worked the NATO dimennificantly changed garrison life at Patch sions of the moves, while Burchinal Barracks and in the larger Stuttgart milihandled the U.S. aspects. For both it was tary community. Unlike Seventh Army, one of the most demanding episodes of USEUCOM was a joint organization. In additheir distinguished careers. tion to Generals Burchinal and Helton, the The challenge of dismantling infraIntelligence (J2) and Plans (J5) direcstructure, moving it, and reestablishing tors were Air Force generals; the Chief it elsewhere required intensive work at of Staff, along with the Personnel (J1) all levels. At USEUCOM headquarters, Air and Operations (J3) directors were Army Force Major General Elbert Helton, the generals; and the Communications and Logistics Director (J4), and his staff had Electronics (J6) director was a Navy rear day-to-day responsibility for planning and admiral. Their staffs also mirrored the new coordinating FRELOC across the theater. joint environment with all four services The service components performed most represented. Thousands of new family of the physical work. Within months, U.S. members moved into 866 sets of quarAir Forces in Europe (USAFE) vacated five ters in six different housing areas. The operational bases, four standby bases, and Stuttgart Army Air Field received a $5.5 dozens of other sites. Most units moved million upgrade, including more ramp to the United Kingdom, while the 26th space and a new hangar. Engineers deterTactical Reconnaissance Wing squeezed into mined that the power supply on Patch already crowded Ramstein Air Base. The Barracks was inadequate and invested USAFE move alone cost an estimated $1.4 in upgrades. Under General Burchinal’s billion in today’s dollars. The U.S. Army direction, the command also built a Communications Zone, Europe, the predenew three-story Command and Control cessor of the current 21st Theater Support (C2) Center to oversee theater-wide Command, picked up and moved a vast operations. network of storage depots and lines of com- The Stars and Stripes, Thursday, March 16, 1967 A later USEUCOM commander, Army munication, including 140,000 short tons o f General Andrew Goodpaster, called FRELOC “the largest single peacetime movement ammunition and 583,000 short tons of other materiel. Its own headquarters moved of men and materiel that the U.S. military had ever undertaken.” Reflecting on just from Orleans, France, to Worms, Germany. When FRELOC concluded, Secretary of how much had gone into the operation, General Burchinal reflected in his afterBy William M. Butler, EUCOM Command Historian



“A move made with remarkable efficiency and at moderate cost.”

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action report, “Many agencies contributed to the completion of the job; but, as with most tasks of this nature, it was the many thousands of hardworking people at the end of the line who earned for the command ‘a job well done’.” As it turned out, the headquarters had relocated not a moment too soon. During its first months at Patch Barracks, USEUCOM confronted an unexpected war in the Middle East, the Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia the next year, and the growing strains of supporting military operations in another theater in Southeast Asia. The move to Patch Barracks definitely signaled a new era for the command and remains a major milestone in its history.

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Gym patrons re­­marked at Larry’s compassion in service, as he always The garrison lost a teammate last went the extra mile to assist and proweek. Larry Arnett known as a warm vide a positive experience. His friends and caring pillar in the FMWR Sports and coworkers said that he was the and Fitness team passed away earlier type that would “give you the shirt off this month. He was 67. his own back,” or ” the last few bills The assistant facility manager for in his wallet.” the Kelley Fitness Center, Larry led a Larry’s presence will be missed and highly skilled and motivated team that the garrison and FMWR team mourn made his fitness cenhis loss. ter on Kelley Barracks He is survived by one of the best across …he was the his two daughters Sarah Stuttgart. A culminaArnett and Sanora tion of his experience type that would Franklin. working across multiple gyms and positions in “give you the the MWR Sports and Larry Arnett, assistant facility Fitness program. shirt off his manager for the Kelley Fitness By USAG Public Affairs

own back”…

Larry Arnett, on the left, poses with the FMWR Sports and Fitness team.


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Center, poses with Santa for a photo. Courtesy photos

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The Garrison remembers Larry Arnett


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