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September 21, 2012

Volume 36, number 38

Ramstein honors US Embassy members by Airman 1st Class Hailey Haux 86th Airlift Wing Public Affairs The roar from a C-17 Globemaster III’s engines grew ever louder as it approached Ramstein under the cover of darkness Sept. 12. The aircraft carried the

bodies of the four staff members who died during an attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya. Airmen from the 86th Airlift Wing and 521st Air Mobility Operations Wing assisted in the dignified transfer of the remains, including those of U.S. Ambassador to Libya J. Christopher Stevens,

to the U.S. Sept. 12 to 14. Ramstein community members and other ranking officials stood silent on the flightline as Airmen from the 721st Aerial Port Squadron performed the dignified transfer of the four fallen members. “Every time we perform a dignified transfer there is

a quiet professionalism that befalls us. Each member understands (that) the duty we perform to return the fallen is both emotionally and spiritually taxing,” said Tech. Sgt. Joseph Connolly, 721st Aerial Port Squadron NCOIC of ramp services operations and volunteer for the transfer. “It is an honor, and my team

Garrison ASAP wins DOD award

A U.S. Air Force Honor Guard ceremonial guardsman presents arms during a dignified transfer ceremony Sept. 14 at Joint Base Andrews, Md. Ceremonial guard members from all branches of the Department of Defense worked jointly to honor foreign service members killed in attacks at the U.S. Consulate Sept. 11 in Benghazi, Libya.

by Mark Heeter U.S. Army Garrison Kaiserslautern Public Affairs


Photo by Senior Airman Steele C. G. Britton

Top US officials honor fallen Americans by Tech. Sgt. Chyenne A. Adams Air Force District of Washington Public Affairs JOINT BASE ANDREWS, Md. — Joint Base Andrews was the chosen site for a ceremony Sept. 14 honoring the four Americans killed in an attack on the American Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, Sept. 11.

takes great pride to ensure the memories of these heroes get home to their families and that some closure is provided.” Returning America’s fallen to their loved ones as quickly as possible is the Department of Defense’s policy. The remains were flown to Joint Base Andrews, Md., Sept. 14.

President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice, former Secretary of State Colin Powell, and Senators John Kerry and John McCain were among the dignitaries present. Hundreds of State Department

employees packed a hangar on the base flightline to witness the dignified transfer of J. Christopher Stevens, U.S. ambassador to Libya; Sean Smith, an Air Force veteran working as a State Department information management specialist; and Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods,

ased on the strength of the 2011 Red Ribbon Run, the U.S. Army Garrison Kaiserslautern Army Substance Abuse Program has been named the winner of the 22nd annual Department of Defense Communtiy Awareness Award. In recognition of the honor, Maj. Gen. Aundre F. Piggee, commanding general of the 21st Theater Sustainment Command, presented ASAP employees Crystal Malloy and Kathryn Arnette with commanders’ coins at his headquarters Sept. 11. “It’s a Department of Defense-wide recognition for the great efforts that these two great ladies represent for the entire ASAP program,” said Lt. Col. Lars Zetterstrom, the garrison commander, during the coin presentation ceremony. “The Red Ribbon Run represents the commitment of everyone in the

See HONOR, Page 3

Remember OPSEC: You may never be able to determine the full capability of your adversary. Protect information.




See AWARD, Page 3

773rd CST passes AFNORTH evaluation, Page 8

Farm fest highlights pumpkins, Page 19


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Kaiserslautern American

September 21, 2012

Priority four: provide exceptional quality of life for KMC by Col. Mike Monson 86th Mission Support Group commander


Editor’s note: This is article No. 4 of 5 in a series highlighting the priorities of the 86th Airlift Wing. We’ve all heard the phrase, “If Momma ain’t happy, nobody’s happy.” Put another way, trouble on the homefront or family struggles often directly impact the ability of the Airman or Soldier to focus on their job. If you remember back to your high school psychology class, Abraham Maslow developed his “hierarchy of needs” theory, which held that unless basic physiological, safety and belonging needs are met first, it is difficult for people to achieve full self-actualization. That is, in the absence of food, shelter, safety and social/familial connections, people may never achieve their full potential of being creative, confident and moral members of society (or productive Airmen and Soldiers for that matter). So, what does all that mean for me, my family or my unit, you ask? It means that in order to operate at a high level of technical skill, energy and professionalism, leaders must seek to create homes, work and play environments for their troops that satisfy their basic human needs with robust support programs. And this is why the 86th Airlift Wing has made providing exceptional quality of life for the entire KMC one of its top five priorities. Our nation’s most precious resources, the men and women who have volunteered to serve their country and defend its Constitution in a time of war, deserve nothing less than excep-

tional, world-class quality of life and community support. They have answered our nation’s call, and we owe it to them and their families to ensure the KMC is a great place to live. The good news is that the KMC is already a pretty good place to live, but we know we can always be better. While there are many aspects that constitute “quality of life,” the 86th AW leadership team will focus primarily on two areas: first, ensuring an effective off-base housing process, and second, providing robust community support for families and single Airmen and Soldiers. With the goal of increasing customer satisfaction with the off-base housing process, the 86th

Civil Engineer Group is leading working groups aimed at reducing housing office wait times, educating inbound families on the constrained off-base housing situation, partnering with the off-base landlords and building a seamless operation between the housing referral process and the furnishings management operation. To ensure robust community support programs, the 86th Mission Support Group is leading working groups to improve access to child care and youth programs both on and off base. The groups are working closely with their Army Morale, Welfare and Recreation See PRIORITY, next page

Integrity means more to those of us who serve by Lt. Col. Thomas Ulmer 86th Operations Support Squadron commander


his is one of my favorite times of the year; college football has returned. I grew up in Ohio and naturally became a fan of Ohio State University. You may have heard of them; their football team has

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drawn some negative attention over the last few years. They had one of the most respected coaches in all of college football — a guy who brought pride back to the school, made sweater vests cool and won football games with class. Throughout college football, Jim Tressel was known as a man of integrity, moral character and high values. One day, he lost all of that.

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Alerted that some of his star players were violating National Collegiate Athletic Association rules by accepting improper benefits from a tattoo parlor, Tressel chose to ignore the information. When the scandal broke and it became clear that Tressel chose to bury the truth, he was fired and then banned from college football for five years. Tressel was at the top of his field, a hero in his home state


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and paid millions of dollars — all of it lost because he chose to compromise his integrity. It was national news and both the university and the fans were embarrassed and insulted. Tressel coached for 35 years and won five national championships. Now, he is the vice president of strategic engagement for the University of Akron, though See INTEGRITY, Page 7

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September 21, 2012

Kaiserslautern American

Page 3 HONOR, from Page 1

Photo by Spc. Iesha Howard

Crystal Malloy (second from left), a prevention coordinator and employee assistance coordinator with the garrison Army Substance Abuse Program, and Kathryn Arnette, ASAP clinical director, pose with Maj. Gen. Aundre F. Piggee, commanding general of the 21st Theater Sustainment Command, and Lt. Col. Lars Zetterstrom, U.S. Army Garrison Kaiserslautern commander, after Piggee presented commanders’ coins to Arnette and Malloy.

AWARD, from Page 1

Kaiserslautern Military Community to be drug free,” Zetterstrom wrote in the letter nominating ASAP for the DOD award. In addition to the anti-drug programming, the officials making the selection appreciated the positively focused efforts of the organization, said Malloy, the ASAP clinical coordinator and employee assistance coordinator. “They really liked the idea that we focused on health (and) on making healthy choices. Rather than looking at it as totally anti-substance abuse, we looked at it from a pro-health perspective,” Malloy said, adding that 250 volunteers contributed to the Red Ribbon Run. Reflecting on the award, Malloy recountPRIORITY, from Page 2

partners to reduce or eliminate waiting lists at the outstanding child development centers. Additionally, group members are working to highlight efforts via marketing to improve the awareness of the many family and singles support programs already offered by a multitude of agencies within the KMC. In closing, I believe we truly are fortunate to live, work and play in the KMC. Many of our on- and off-base support programs that fulfill our basic needs — including our Department of Defense Dependents Schools, Army and Air Force Exchange Service/Defense Commissary Agency, outdoor recreation, child care, sports

“I think that comes with the strength of the program. People are coming to us off the street because they feel like it’s a place where they can come for help.” — Crystal Malloy, Army Substance Abuse Program employee ed the story of a community member who recently stopped into the ASAP office for assistance, unannounced and unplanned, but in need. “I think that comes with the strength of the program. People are coming to us off the street because they feel like it’s a place where they can come for help,” she said. The 2012 Red Ribbon Run will take place at 9 a.m. Oct. 13 at the Special Events Center on Rhine Ordnance Barracks. and fitness, and housing and education opportunities — are already truly world class. With our focused improvement efforts through the 86th AW’s strategic plan, we’ll continue to ensure the KMC is not just the biggest concentration of Americans living outside the continental U.S., but that it is also the most envied group of Americans due to our exceptional quality of life. The end result is a community of professionals and closely bound families who are operationally ready to provide combat airlift anytime, anywhere and operate the Air Force’s premier installation to enable and assure strategic capabilities in support of our national defense and of our allied partners’ national defense.

both former Navy SEALs serving in protective security roles at the consulate. The U.S. Air Force Honor Guard and Band were part of the ceremonial contingent welcoming these Americans home for the final time. Service members from all branches of the Department of Defense were represented in the Joint Color Guard that presented final honors before Clinton took to the podium. “This has been a difficult week for the State Department and for our country,” she said in her remarks. “We’ve seen the heavy assault on our post in Benghazi that took the lives of those brave men. We’ve seen rage and violence directed at American embassies over an awful Internet video that we had nothing to do with. It is hard for the American people to make sense of that because it is senseless, and it is totally unacceptable. “There will be more difficult days ahead, but it is important that we don’t lose sight of the fundamental fact that America must keep leading the world,” she continued. “We owe it to those four men to continue the long, hard work of diplomacy. I am enormously proud of the men and women of the State Department. I’m proud of all those across our government, civilian and military alike, who represent America abroad. They help make the United States the greatest force for peace, progress and human dignity the world has ever known. If the last few days teach us anything, let it be this: That this work, and the men and women who risk their lives to do it, are at the heart of what makes America great and good.” Obama then addressed the crowd, providing background on each of the four Americans, and offering his sympathy to the families they left behind, including mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, wives and children. “To you, their families and colleagues, to all Americans, know this: Their sacrifice will never be forgotten,” the president said. “We will bring to justice those who took them from us. We will stand fast against the violence on our diplomatic missions. We will continue to do everything in our power to protect Americans serving overseas. Whether that means increasing security at our diplomatic posts, working with host countries on obligations to provide security, and making it clear that justice will come to those who harm Americans. “Most of all, even in our grief, we will be resolute,” he continued. “We are Americans and we hold our head high. Knowing that because of these patriots, because of you, this country that we love will always shine as a light onto the world. “‘Greater love hath no man than this: That a man laid down his life for his friends.’ The flag they served under now carries them home,” Obama said. “May God bless the memories of these men who laid down their lives for us all. May God watch over your families and all who loved them. And may God bless these United States of America.”

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Kaiserslautern American


September 21, 2012

Reported Larcenies SEPT. 11 » Ramstein-Miesenbach: One white Marc Jacobs purse, one Apple iPod touch, one pair of earrings and makeup.

SEPT. 11

7:40 a.m.: A major traffic accident was reported in Kaiserslautern after a motorist lost control of the vehicle and hit two guard rails. 10:49 a.m.: A major traffic accident was reported on Daenner Kaserne after a trailer became dislodged from a vehicle. 4:28 p.m.: An assault was reported at the Bad Dürkheim train station.

and minor traffic accident was reported in Kaiserslautern. 5 a.m.: A drunk and disorderly and provoking speeches and gestures was reported in Kaiserslautern. 5:05 p.m.: An assault was reported at the Landstuhl train station. 10:05 p.m.: An assault was reported on Vogelweh Family Housing.

SEPT. 12

SEPT. 16

7:30 a.m.: An assault, drunk and disorderly, and resisting arrest was reported in Kaiserslautern. 3:49 p.m.: A major traffic accident and fleeing the scene was reported on Landstuhl Regional Medical Center.

SEPT. 13

6:10 a.m.: A major traffic accident with injuries was reported between Schwedelbach and Weilerbach.

SEPT. 14

12:48 a.m.: Failure to obey a lawful order, provoking speeches or gestures, possession of a controlled substance, and driving under the influence was reported on Ramstein.

SEPT. 15

1:59 a.m.: A drunken driving, fleeing the scene

Take Note

SEPT. 15 » Kaiserslautern: One wallet, one cell phone and money. SEPT. 17 » Ramstein-Miesenbach: One Garmin GPS, one GPS case, two micro SD cards, one pair of ear buds, two Apple iPod shuffles, one pair of Oakley sunglasses and one black North Face fleece jacket.

2:48 a.m.: A fleeing the scene was reported at the Kazabra Club on Vogelweh. 4:40 a.m.: A drunk and disorderly, indecent language, and provoking speeches and gestures was reported at the Landstuhl train station. 10:09 a.m.: A major traffic accident with injuries was reported in Neuhemsbach. Investigation revealed a vehicle was backing out of a driveway when it struck another vehicle, causing the second vehicle to swerve and crash into a house. 5:10 p.m.: Damage to private property, indecent language, and drunk and disorderly was reported in Bad Dürkheim.

SEPT. 17

10:25 a.m.: A stolen U.S. Army Europe plate was reported in Waldmohr. 11:40 a.m.: Theft from a secured motor vehicle


• The main vehicle entry and exit gate to Einsiedlerhof Air Station will be closed Wednesday for barrier maintenance and will reopen Thursday. Alternate vehicle entry and exit to Einsiedlerhof will be through the secondary gate located about 200 yards west of the main gate. • The KMC Housing offices will close at 11:30 a.m. Sept. 28 for an office function. Customer service hours will resume at 8 a.m. Oct. 1. • The Azur outdoor and indoor pool, as well as the sauna, is closed until Sept. 29. • The 86th Munitions Squadron will be closed for a 100 percent inventory until Sept. 30. They will be unable to process any transactions during this time unless it is an emergency. Contact Munitions Operations at 480-5715/5725 for details.

Food handlers course

Did you know a Food Handlers Card is required for anyone organizing and supervising military community events that include food? A Food Safety for Volunteers Seminar will be held from 5 to 7 p.m. Oct. 4 at the Learning Resource Center, Bldg. 3718 at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center. For more information, call Spc. Cleopatra Cook at 486-8489 or 06371-86-8489.

Party train to Munich

SEPT. 14 » Vogelweh: Four Gateway laptops. » DLA Kaiserslautern: Scrap copper wiring.

The German railroad company Deutsche Bahn will offer its annual party train to Munich’s

was reported in Ramstein-Miesenbach. 4:45 p.m.: Theft from a secured motor vehicle was reported in Kaiserslautern. 4:48 p.m.: Damage to government property was reported on Daenner Kaserne. Damages reported included dents on a vehicle and scratches to a tire. 11:17 p.m.: A drunk and disorderly conduct, failure to obey and disrespect toward an NCO was reported on Rhine Ordnance Barracks. 11:58 p.m.: A domestic assault was reported in Hohnecken.


Sept. 14 — 23 volunteers, 7 calls, 35 lives potentially saved.

Oktoberfest Oct. 6. The train will depart Landstuhl at 8:17 a.m. and Kaiserslautern at 8:28 a.m. Arrival in Munich will be 12:16 p.m. The party train will depart Munich at 11:50 p.m. and arrive in Kaiserslautern at 4:18 a.m. and Landstuhl at 4:30 a.m. Oct. 7. Tickets cost €73. For details, visit

HeartLink Oct. 19

The Ramstein Airman & Family Readiness Center invites all Air Force spouses to attend HeartLink from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Oct. 19. HeartLink is a seminar specially created for new Air Force spouses. Attendees will receive a personal briefing from the 86th Airlift Wing commander about Ramstein’s mission, tour a C-130 aircraft, visit the southside gym and health and wellness center, have lunch, learn about Air Force customs and courtesies, and find out about available resources on and off base. HeartLink provides an opportunity to meet new friends, and learn about Air Force culture and Ramstein. Pre-registration is required. Call the A&FRC at 480-5100 or 06371-47-5100.


The Armed Forces Action Plan is the grass roots process to identify and deliver changes to the community. Submit your issues now for the Oct. 23 to 26 conference where volunteers will gather, work to resolve issues and brief the command on changes that are needed. There is

no issue too small or large because if it can’t be fixed locally, it will keep on going. Last year, an issue went all the way to the Department of Army so that a change could be made. If you have an issue or would like to volunteer to be part of this conference, call 493-4203 or 0631-3406-4203, or visit www.mwrgermany. com.

CCAF graduation

The semiannual Community College of the Air Force graduation diploma ceremony will take place at 1 p.m. Oct. 26 in the Ramstein Officers’ Club. Graduation rehearsal will be held at 9 a.m. the same day and location. Rehearsal is mandatory for all graduates participating in the ceremony. If you are PCSing, separating, deploying or retiring prior to this date, provide the necessary information to the education center. Members at a geographically separated unit, which are located more than one hour away from Ramstein, will have their diplomas forwarded to their first sergeant. Participation in this ceremony is optional; however, CCAF requires diplomas to be awarded in an appropriate ceremony. If you elect not to participate, first sergeants and commanders will be notified to pick up your diplomas to be awarded at a commander’s call or alternate ceremony after the official ceremony in October. For more information, email or call 480-2032.

September 21, 2012

Kaiserslautern American

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Kaiserslautern American

September 21, 2012

USAFE Firefighter Combat Challenge creates camaraderie by Airman 1st Class Hailey Haux 86th Airlift Wing Public Affairs


he 2012 U.S. Air Forces in Europe Firefighter Combat Challenge took place Sept. 15 at the USAFE Fire Academy on Ramstein. To win the challenge, participants had to complete several events with the fastest time. Each event simulated exactly what firefighters do in real life. “Teamwork is huge for the tandem and team portions,” said Staff Sgt. Justin King, 886th Civil Engineer Squadron crew chief and combat challenge participant. “You will see everyone out here cheering their teammates on throughout the whole competition, and that helps a lot.” The first event was a five-story stairwell sprint. Participants had to climb a three-story tower while carrying a hose, said Tech. Sgt. James Hickman, Fire Academy NCOIC and coordinator for this year’s combat challenge. “When competitors get to the top of the tower they must place the pack in a specific location,” he said. Once at the top of the tower, the competitors started the second event — a hose hoist. They had to carry a donut roll of hose to the top and place it in a specified area. After that was done, participants climbed down the tower, ensuring every step was touched. “Forcible entry is the third event. The Keiser Force Machine is utilized to simulate a forcible entry by hitting a mallet against a sled, driving it along a steel beam,” Hickman said. Competitors then dragged a water-filled fire hose 75 feet and shot the water at a target. “The last event is the victim rescue. Participants drag a 175-pound mannequin backward 106 feet,” Hickman said. “The time then stops when the com-

Photo by Airman 1st Class Holly Cook

Members of the Mildenhall Fire Department practice the dummy drag for the last leg of the Firefighter Combat Challenge Sept. 15 on the 435th Construction and Training Squadron Compound at Ramstein. Air Force firefighters from around U.S. Air Forces in Europe came to compete in the challenge.

petitor and the mannequin completely cross the finish line.” The challenge could be done individually, in a team of two or as a team of five, and there were trophies for each section. King won the individual competition with a time of one minute, 45 seconds. King and his partner, Tech. Sgt. Phillip Washburn, 886th CES district chief and event participant won with a finish time of one minute, 27 seconds.

Team KMC won the team competition with a time of one minute, 24 seconds and will go on to compete in the world competition. Even while competing against people from other countries, there was a sense of brotherhood and camaraderie, Hickman said. “Everyone is always helping each other,” he said. “It doesn’t matter if you are on a different team, we are always sharing strategies. I would do anything for any one of these guys.”

Sembach Air Base veterans return to visit KMC by Mark Heeter U.S. Army Garrison Kaiserslautern Public Affairs Four veterans who served on Sembach Air Base, including one who was in the advance group in 1952 that created the original installation, returned to the KMC for a trip down memory lane Sept. 12 and 13. “It’s good to come here and see that it’s become so vibrant,” said retired Air Force Lt. Col. Ed Albert, vice president of the Sembach Air Base Veterans’ Organization and primary planner of the visit. Lt. Col. Lars Zetterstrom, U.S. Army Garrison Kaiserslautern commander, and Col. Brian Bisacre, 18th Military Police Brigade commander, hosted the group for a visit and a tour of Sembach Kaserne Sept. 12. “These facilities are being beautifully revitalized,” Zetterstrom said, explaining some of the many projects that have recently been completed or are being renovated for the expected influx of people

who will work on Sembach under U.S. Army Europe transformation plans. Zetterstrom and Bisacre, along with many friends from the days of Sembach Air Base, joined the veterans for dinner that evening. “I truly love Sembach. While my duty here was often hard, both myself and my wife came to feel this was the best assignment I ever had in the Air Force. So, coming back, especially with other veterans, was very meaningful,” Albert wrote in an email response to questions after the visit. The following day, the veterans got to see their modern Air Force in action with a tour of Ramstein Air Base and mission briefing by the 1st Combat Communications Squadron. “We had more than 150 years of military service among the veterans, so every once in a while, we should definitely be able to do that,” said Kilian Blümlein, who works for the 86th Airlift Wing Public Affairs Office and provided the guided tour of the base for the veterans’ group.

Courtesy photo

Lt. Col. Lars Zetterstrom, U.S. Army Garrison Kaiserslautern commander, speaks to members of the Sembach Air Base Veterans Organization during their tour of what became Sembach Kaserne in 2010.


September 21, 2012 INTEGRITY, from Page 2

no longer involved with sports at the college level. Here’s the interesting thing. Despite the pedestal upon which America places college football, what Tressel did for a living is nowhere near as critical as what each and every military member and Department of Defense civilian employee does for the U.S. We defend our nation via hundreds of different ways, but no matter what the job, it all ties back to the defense of our nation. While integrity may be a nice thing to have when coaching college football, it is vital in terms of national defense. A breach in just one person’s integrity can have deadly effects at the tactical level. I want to use an example at the strategic level of the cost to the U.S. when one person sells out. In 2003, the Air Force was desperately in need of a new tanker aircraft to replace aging KC-135 Stratotankers. In charge of negotiating for new tankers was the principle deputy undersecretary of the Air Force for acquisitions, Darleen Druyun. Druyun, while simultaneously negotiating a new job with Boeing, created a deal to lease Boeing KC-767 Tankers for $260 million per aircraft. However, the cost outright of one of the 767s was $150 billion. Druyun’s plan almost cost taxpayers $110 million more per airplane, and we never would have owned the aircraft. When discovered, Druyun was fired, pleaded guilty and served nine months in prison. Boeing’s chief executive officer and chief financial officer were likewise fired and Boeing was fined $615 million. However, the ultimate tragedy for the Air Force occurred nine years later — today. We still do not have a single new tanker aircraft to replace the KC-135 and will not until 2017 — mostly due to one person’s lack of integrity. The other issue with integrity is that once it’s gone, it’s hard to get back. Druyun was never given a chance to regain her integrity, nor should she. Even breaches of integrity with minor results are hard to forget; it can take years to earn back a reputation of trust and high integrity. Once you sell out, people remember and will always question if you will “do the right thing,” especially in tough situations — situations common to all of us who serve. To close, I want to quote former Chief of Staff of the Air Force Gen. Ronald Fogleman on integrity of military members: “The tools of our trade are lethal, and we engage in operations that involve risk to human life and untold national treasures. Because of what we do, our standards must be higher than those of society at large. The American public expects it of us and properly so. In the end, we earn the respect of the American people because of the integrity that we demonstrate.” While this is an incredible quote on integrity and military service, I focus on it because of the man who stated it. Fogleman’s integrity was put on the line at the highest levels of the military, and he chose the high road. I’ll leave it to each of you to research the details behind his early resignation and learn about a man who stood behind his words. All of us are put in situations where our integrity is on the line — the defense of our nation demands we too take the high road.

Kaiserslautern American

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Block captains, area coordinators take charge of neighborhood watch by Airman 1st Class Trevor Rhynes 86th Airlift Wing Public Affairs


lock captains and area coordinators are what make neighborhood watches run smoothly. They are responsible for disseminating information to residents in the areas they’re responsible for, making a schedule for the neighborhood watch and keeping others informed. Block captains and area coordinators are trained through the 86th Security Forces Squadron and the 569th U.S. Forces Police Squadron. “There are two training sessions: one for anyone willing to join the neighborhood watch and a separate training for those who want to be area coordinators or block captains,” said Tech. Sgt. Gregory Stanley, NCOIC of police services. “Training lasts no longer than two hours, and in the training we provide information on how to identify suspicious behavior, how

to report it and how to set up their block schedule.” If you are interested in joining the neighborhood watch, contact the Ramstein Housing Office here and you will receive an invitation through email to begin training. “You can go into the housing office and let them know you want to join the neighborhood watch,” said Tech. Sgt. Tyrona Lawson, a block captain in Ramstein housing. “There, they look to see if positions are available and assign responsibility accordingly.” After the training, block captains can go to security forces members if they have any questions. “The area coordinators and block captains own their individual program,” Stanley said. “We’re still here for them if they need advice, but after they leave the training, it becomes their own.” The opportunity to become a block captain gives members of the community the chance to give back. “I wanted to make sure the

Courtesy photo

neighborhood is safe for my daughter to go out and play with other children,” Lawson said. “I think it’s important for neighbors to know each other and help out with their children.” For details, contact the Ramstein Security Forces Squadron at 480-1215 or 06371-47-2050, or Vogelweh Security Forces at 4897501 or 0631-536-7501.

Photo by Staff Sgt. Benjamin Wilson

Breedlove donates to make a difference Gen. Phillip M. Breedlove, U.S. Air Forces in Europe commander, turns in his Combined Federal Campaign contribution form to Capt. Angelica Hawrysiak, USAFE Headquarters Staff CFC representative, Sept. 12. Breedlove was the first person in USAFE to contribute to the CFC, setting the example for those he leads. The CFC is the world’s most successful annual workplace charity campaign that helps raise money for eligible nonprofit organizations around the world.

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Kaiserslautern American

September 21, 2012

Photos by Army Sgt. 1st Class Matthew Chlosta

Cpl. Eric Song (left) and Sgt. Brandon Taylor, both survey team members from the U.S. Army Reserve’s 773rd Civil Support Team, 7th Civil Support Command, videotape materials in a simulated biological chemical lab as part of their assessment training during their unit’s Army North External Evaluation Sept. 11 on Rhine Ordnance Barracks.

773rd CST passes ARNORTH external evaluation


by 7th Civil Support Command Public Affairs he U.S. Army Reserve’s only Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear response unit, the 773rd Civil Support Team, passed its CBRN external evaluation conducted by U.S. Army North Sept. 15. Prior to the evaluation, the 7th Civil Support Command’s 773rd CST went through an intense 10-day training period in the run-up to the final evaluation. The ARNORTH mobile training team traveled to Germany from the U.S. to conduct the training and evaluation. During the pre-evaluation timeframe, eight ARNORTH observer/controller-trainers mentored the unit’s Soldiers. “Everyone is trained on the equipment,” said Capt. Jason Zdunich, 773rd CST operations officer. “Areas that are a focus during the train-up to the external evaluation are familiarization with the equipment, communications and analytical analysis of the site. We have to figure out if it is biological or chemical. “ARNORTH conducts the external evaluation according to U.S. Army doctrine every 18 months,” he continued. “The 773rd (CST) experienced a 50 percent turnover in personnel two months ago,” said Lt. Col. Leslie Dillard, 773rd Civil Support

Capt. Chana Mason, a medical operations officer and analytical lab operator with the U.S. Army Reserve’s 773rd Civil Support Team, 7th Civil Support Command, labels test tubes during the evaluation.

Team commander. “As Soldiers PCS in and out and the unit reaches a certain turnover rate, we have to be evaluated to make sure we can do the mission,” Zdunich said, “just like other units have to do mission readiness exercises.” The 773rd CST’s mission is to support European and Africa commands in response to a CBRN incident. If the unit is sent to a suspected site, they would identify CBRN agents/substances; assess current and projected consequences before, during and after an incident; advise the on-site incident commander on response measures; and assist with appropriate requests for support.

During the external evaluation’s culminating event on Sept. 15, the observer/controllertrainers became observer/controllers only and then graded the unit on their CBRN response and tasks. “Personnel and equipment change all the time,” said 1st Sgt. Jeremy Mann, 773rd CST NCOIC. “They come in and see what the Soldiers have learned and train our new Soldiers on equipment changes and CBRN procedures.” The 773rd CST recently received new vehicles and CBRN equipment, including a mobile lab to detect pathogens. “The fact that we exceeded the standards and expectations is a testament to the dedication of all 773rd Soldiers and their families,” Dillard said. “I told them failure is not an option, and they responded. I am very proud of their performance.” The U.S. Army progressive readiness cycle requires that the 773rd CST maintain itself as a ready and deployable unit 24/7, Zdunich said. “This unit is on call 24 hours a day,” Mann said. “The ex-eval (external evaluation) tested our ability and flexibility to work these off hours. In the future, when first responders go into an unknown situation and realize they have something bigger than they can deal with, they call for support. We are that support.”

September 21, 2012

Kaiserslautern American

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Knowledge ops keep customers focused on mission by Staff Sgt. Travis Edwards 86th Airlift Wing Public Affairs Some knew them as information managers, some client support administrators. But they are the knowledge operations managers, here to keep you focused on the mission. “I’m not going to say that the mission would stop without us, but the mission would certainly be hindered,” said Tech. Sgt. Brandon Johnson, 86th Airlift Wing Knowledge Operations section chief. “We need our customers to be focused on the mission.

They can’t be focused on the mission if computer and data problems keep coming up.” Ensuring current computer configurations are up-to-date and working and troubleshooting problems are just the tip of the iceberg. Knowledge Operations managers are here to make daily life look seamless to the customer, whether the commander of a group or wing, or an Airman in the wing staff agency who’s printer just won’t work. “We’re here for our customers and we take care of them. Whether it is the general and his staff or any of the (wing staff agency) chiefs

that fall under us,” Johnson said. “That’s my main mission right now — to make sure they are all taken care of.” But to take care of their customers, they first take care of each other. It’s something they feel is important to maintain a positive work environment. Knowledge Operations is subdivided into three different categories under the 3D0 career field. X1s are knowledge ops managers, X2s are cyber systems managers and X3s are cyber surety managers. They all work hand in hand with each other to accomplish the hundreds of

daily tasks. “We keep each other grounded and look out for each other,” said Staff Sgt. Jennifer Anderson, 86th AW Knowledge Operations manager who specializes in cyber systems. “There’s a lot of teamwork that happens behind these walls.” “Some of the stuff that she might have to put off for a more important task, I can pick up,” said Staff Sgt. Anitrea Bryan, 86th AW Knowledge Operations manager. “That’s how we overcome; we use each other’s strengths the best way possible so the mission gets complete.”

Some consider CCK the jack of all trades since a majority of additional duties also lay in their laps. The 86th AW CCK shop has about 21 different additional duties divided between the three NCOs. “It’s not hard, but it isn’t easy,” Bryan said. “All the small things add up and can end up taking most, if not all, of the day to complete.” With the wing’s vision and priorities in mind, these operators of knowledge-based systems keep the customers up and operationally ready so they can continue to focus on the mission.

Multinational medical Soldiers strive for elite badge Story and photo by Army Capt. Daniëlle Hamer 30th MEDCOM Reserve Public Affairs GRAFENWÖHR, Germany — Nerves and excitement rippled through the air here this week as multinational medical Soldiers from across Europe prepared to pass the tests for the prestigious Expert Field Medical Badge. Those who earn the badge must complete a 12-mile ruck march, a written test, day and night land navigation, and three combat testing lanes that include basic combat scenarios as well as medical combat operations. Soldiers had just five days to familiarize themselves with what they will face Sunday, when the rigorous 120-hour testing phase begins. With only an average 15 to 20 percent success rate, there is reason to be nervous, but the candidates are training and practicing hard to improve those statistics. Sgt. Andrea Gray, a 212th Combat Support Hospital medic, said she is most worried about the land navigation portion of the test, but she and some of her fellow Soldiers have practiced on the course in Landstuhl both day and night. Land navigation is the same section that eliminated Spc. Travaughn Jacobs, an 8th Medical Logistics Company optical laboratory specialist, last year. Jacobs is back for his second attempt and said he feels confident. “We’ve been doing ruck marches and studying the test material at my home station in Miseau, and out here me and some others from the group have gotten together to study everything,” he said. The cadre is also taking time to ensure the candidates prepare and have the best resources. “We have mandatory study hall scheduled until 2000 every day, but often the instructors stay after as late as 2300. They bring training aids and that is really helpful for the Soldiers,” said 1st Lt. William Brant, an officer from the 2nd Cavalry Regiment,

First Lt. Ivan Corridori from the Italian army participates in a combat testing lane to prepare for the 2012 U.S. Army Europe Expert Field Medical Badge assessment Sept. 12 in Grafenwöhr, Germany.

the unit that is hosting the event this year. “It’s a lot of information. A whole whole lot,” Gray said of the instruction they receive during this standardization phase. Due to potential language barriers, different military methods and just being new to a group, Gray said she tries to include the multinational Soldiers in her platoon as much as possible. “We have some Estonian soldiers, so whatever information we have, we offer to them,” she said. “Sometimes they don’t ask questions, but you know someone else is thinking the same thing, so we bring it up.” Sgt. 1st Class Richard Stickels, cadre with 2nd Cavalry Regiment who earned his EFMB 17 years ago as a private first class, said the process of EFMB has changed over the years. “It used to be that we would do all the evacuation tasks in one lane, our medical tasks in one lane, our

warrior tasks in one lane. Now we’re spreading the missions out to make it more of a combat scenario,” Stickels said. The candidates start in one lane with a combat event where they have to react to an enemy situation, such as a rocket attack or an enemy firing on them. The candidates have to take cover, return fire, and perhaps react to a chemical condition or operate a radio to make a detailed report of the situation. Then they make their way through a series of obstacles, after which they may come upon a vehicle with a casualty. They treat the casualty and evacuate, the whole time being timed and tested on proficiency. Soldiers who pass all the events and manage to cross the finish line after the 12-mile ruck march in time, will receive their coveted EFMB shortly afterward during a ceremony, which takes place here today.

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September 21, 2012

CFC campaign begins with grand opening of teen center of Defense Dependents Schools staff, created the teen center. “It’s great. This is a new opportunity for our youth to enjoy some camaraderie after school, and it’s a great opportunity to promote the he sound of swirling CFC and the AFAP conference,” horns and flutes, mixed Zetterstrom said. with video game ping“I think it’s awesome. They ing, computer animation have the latest games, and everyand youthful chatter, thing here is top-notch,” said filled the room before the party sixth-grader Jalen Rahter. even started. The 2012 CFC, an annual Dozens of middle-school campaign for federal employees children joined Lt. Col. Lars to make donations to any of a Zetterstrom and Master Sgt. number of nonprofit organizaKenneth Wilson, of the U.S. Army tions, is open and runs through Garrison Kaiserslautern comNov. 16. mand team, to celebrate both the There are several ways for grand opening of the Sembach employees to make donations, Teen Center and the kick-off of the 2012 Combined Federal From left, Lt. Col. Lars Zetterstrom, Paige Stinson, 13, Christian Forker, 11, Tameka Grant and Master Sgt. said Mark Beachem, the U.S. Kenneth Wilson prepare to cut the ribbon to open the Sembach Teen Center and kick off the 2012 Combined Army Garrison Kaiserslautern Campaign Sept. 14. “Today’s really tying three Federal Campaign. CFC coordinator. things together. First, it’s the grand opening of the your teen representatives at the last AFAP conferFor example, all units have a CFC representative teen center, but the teen center came into existence ence told us that we need another teen center,” he who can offer assistance, and employees can donate because of two programs,” Zetterstrom said, refer- said. online at Donations can also be made by calling 493-4050 ring to the CFC and the Army Family Action Plan Using a special fund from last year’s CFC conference. that goes specifically back into Kaiserslautern or 4046, or 0631-3406-4050 or 4046. “If they have any concerns, any issues, they can “This is a long time coming. It started really last programs, Zetterstrom, joined by the garrison Family October, when some of your parents and some of and Morale, Welfare and Recreation and Department call these numbers,” Beachem said.

Story and photo by Mark Heeter U.S. Army Garrison Kaiserslautern Public Affairs


September 21, 2012

Kaiserslautern American

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Final retreat Members of Bravo Flight salute the colors at their final retreat ceremony Sept. 13 at the Kisling NCO Academy on Kapaun Air Station. Bravo Flight, along with other members of the academy, graduated Sept. 18 as part of class 2012-6.

Photo by Airman 1st Class Holly Cook

Photo by Airman 1st Class Holly Cook

Photo by Senior Airman Aaron-Forrest Wainwright


Defend yourself

A construction worker uses an excavator to remove debris to clear a path for more equipment Tuesday on Ramstein. Demolition of the old base exchange is estimated to begin Oct. 5.

Members of the youth Aikido class watch as their instructor demonstrates a new defensive move Sept. 10 at the Ramstein Youth Center. Children between the ages of 5 and 12 come to the class taught by chief instructor Silvia Eschenlauer to learn Aikido, also known as the “Art of Peace.”

Photo by Staff Sgt. Tramel S. Garrett

Photo by Senior Airman Caitlin O’Neil-McKeown

Java Cafe grand opening

Deployment line

Master Sgt. Kenneth Wilson, U.S. Army Garrison-Kaiserslautern senior enlisted adviser; Java Cafe employees; and Lt. Col. Lars Zetterstrom, USAGK commander, cut the ribbon at the grand opening ceremony Sept. 18 for the Sembach Kaserne Java Cafe.

Senior Airman Jacob Hastings, 86th Airlift Wing mental health technician, speaks during a pre-deployment briefing Tuesday at the installation deployment readiness center facility on Ramstein.

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Kaiserslautern American

September 21, 2012

Baumholder clinic adjusts to transformation with new Soldier-centered care by Stefan Alford Landstuhl Regional Medical Center Public Affairs BAUMHOLDER, Germany — While the military population around Baumholder is decreasing with the deactivation of the 170th Infantry Brigade Combat Team Oct. 9 and the continuing relocation of its remaining troops, the Baumholder Army Health Clinic is actually gearing up to start seeing more patients as a result of the transformation. The incongruity is due to a cultural shift in access to care, which changes the way incoming Soldiers are seen for health care services. The new program is being spearheaded by the clinic’s recently arrived commander. “The Army teaches us not to make any major changes within 90 days of taking command, but we don’t have a choice as events are driving us to adopt the new Soldier Centered Medical Home concept ahead of most,” said Lt. Col. (Dr.) Edward Bailey, who assumed command of the clinic June 29. The Army is still in the initial stages of implementing the SCMH model across its military treatment facilities. Previously, the 170th IBCT had its own brigade surgeon, and its subordinate units had their own battalion aid stations to take care of their Soldiers’ basic health care needs. Over the course of the next fiscal year, however, a number of smaller units without self-contained medical capability will be repositioned at Baumholder and those troops will be enrolled into the clinic’s Soldiercentered program. “The benefits are that it will allow us to have one standard (for the installation) and to provide all medical care under one roof,” said Bailey, explaining the comprehensive coverage for Soldiers is similar to the Patient Centered Medical Home program where each patient is partnered with a team of health care providers — physicians, nurses, behavioral health professionals, pharmacists and others —

to develop an encompassing, personal health care plan. The health care team then works with each Soldier over time to take care of health issues as they arise, ensure delivery of prevention screening and services, manage chronic conditions, and promote a spirit of health, wellness and trust. “The same providers who see the Soldier’s family members, will now see the Soldiers as well,” added Bailey, explaining the continuity of care will make it easier to correlate certain health issues or illnesses within the family and offer better overall preventive medicine care. The enrollment of all incoming Soldiers is a major change to clinic operations for Bailey and his staff of approximately 100 military, Army civilian and local national employees — but it’s not the only new program he’s brought online. The new commander, a former combat medic prior to being commissioned in 1993, also oversaw the implementation of a secure messaging system at the clinic at the end of July. The clinic’s 7,000-plus beneficiaries, including retirees, can now consult with their medical team via email about non-urgent health matters, to request appointments and referrals, renew prescriptions, and receive test and laboratory results. To sign up for the encrypted, secure messaging service through the contracted Relay Health system, beneficiaries provide their personal email address to their primary care clinic and will then receive an email invitation to join the service. So, while there have been some changes within those first 90 days of Bailey’s command, he views the new initiatives as “opportunities toward full integration.” The bottom line, he said, is that “we’ll continue to offer the same quality care for our beneficiaries during this period of transformation.”

Photo by Airman 1st Class Nicole Marie Curtis

Airman Frank Molina talks to members of the KMC First Four during their monthly membership meeting at the Ramstein Enlisted Club. After his speech, Molina was elected vice president.

We are the First Four by Airman Frank Molina KMC First Four vice president The KMC First Four is a private organization within the KMC. This organization is a committee of junior enlisted Airmen, ranging from E-1 to E-4, from all branches of the U.S. military. Members of the First Four look for ways to improve the community and develop junior enlisted not only as professionals, but as leaders. The organization was established in 2003 and grew slowly at first with only 45 members. Due to hard work and dedication, this private organization has grown to more than 600 members over the past few years and continues to increase in size. Current president Airman 1st Class Zachary Bach, former vice president Senior Airman Juliette White, and other council members have done a phenomenal job running the First Four and developing other Airmen. During monthly meetings, the First Four provides a positive environment, allowing members to target issues affecting junior enlisted members on base and in the dormitories. Furthermore, the First Four is the voice for all E-4s and below. “I got involved in the First Four because I saw it was a great opportunity to help other people and develop them as a professional,” White said. “The First Four is a great way to meet more people and network.” To help assist in the professional development, there are guest speakers who inform Airmen of professional development seminars and other growth, health and educational opportunities. Guest speakers include top senior enlisted officers and civilian members from their respective fields. Financial advisers, as well as representatives from the education office, chiefs’ panel, Ramstein Airman & Family Readiness Center and other organizations have also been to the meetings. Most meetings have a KMC 5/6 and a KMC Top III representative in attendance to help spread the word about issues affecting Airmen and to give insight on the various topics. The KMC First Four also provides an avenue for Airmen and other junior enlisted members to get involved in multiple organizations and various volunteer opportunities. Everyone has something unique to bring to the table, no matter what their personal interests are. The organization creates opportunities for members to give back in a way that is both beneficial to them and to the community. Members are constantly giving Airmen the opportunity to gain valuable leadership experience by taking on the responsibilities of being a point of contact or an organizer for an event. Bach, the First Four president, and various other council members brief the First Term Airman’s Center here to introduce the First Four to new arrivals from technical school. However, there are still Airmen who do not know about this organization. If you are a junior enlisted member or know a junior enlisted member from any branch of the U.S. military who would like to get involved in the community and wants to become more of a developed professional, you’re invited to attend one of the monthly meetings. The First Four meets at 3:30 p.m. the first Wednesday of every month in Martini’s Lounge at the Ramstein Enlisted Club. Yearly membership fees are $5. Sign up as a member at the monthly meetings, or email KMC1stfour/council@

September 21, 2012

Kaiserslautern American

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Air Traffic Control: You’re on their radar Story and photo by Airman 1st Class Hailey Haux 86th Airlift Wing Public Affairs Ramstein tower, this is Ironhide 19. Two A-10s, one-zero miles north of Ramstein, inbound for visual to runway two-six, full stop. Every day, thousands of aircraft take off and land anywhere and everywhere in the world. The mission of an air traffic controller is to provide safe and expeditious air traffic flow by separating aircraft, issuing safety alerts and by giving pilots a clear and precise picture of what is in the airspace near them. “Radar air traffic controllers keep the steady flow of air traffic into and out of military airfields by tracking aircraft on radar screens and providing pilots with voice instructions by radio,” said Staff Sgt. Danielle Naja, 86th Operations Support Squadron air traffic control watch supervisor. Along with knowing the different call signs and radio equipment, air traffic controllers need to know weather reports, the aircraft’s speed, its direction and its altitude. Additionally, they must be able to give pilots safety information, landing instructions and identify aircraft positions on the radar equipment. There are two aspects to air traffic control: tower and radar. “Radar is responsible for approximately 20 miles of air space,” she said. “The tower here takes care of everything within about seven miles of the runway.” Performing air traffic control can be stressful. Add in being in a foreign country, and that makes things even harder. “It was difficult for me at first to understand the German controllers with the accents,” said Naja, a Houston native. “After working and listening to them, their accents got easier to understand.” Working as a team and keeping accountability helps with the everyday stresses of being an air traffic controller. “We have the tower team concept,” said Airman 1st Class Fredrick Leary, 86th OSS air traffic controller. “No one person will ever be responsible for

Senior Airman Kyle Gibson, 86th Operations Support Squadron air traffic controller, looks through a pair of binoculars from the air traffic control tower Sept. 11 on Ramstein.

everything. There are other Airmen who back you up and help you out in the tower.” Supporting approximately 40,000 operations and more than 500 distinguished visitor movements a year, the Airmen of the 86th OSS are always training. “The technical school to become an air traffic controller is 72 class days,” Leary said. “Once we get to our first assignment, we are in upgrade training for another six months to a year and a half.” When air traffic controllers PCS they have to be trained and recertified on the new base’s systems and airspace configuration, which is where simulators come in. Both radar and tower sections have simulators that cater to their requirements. Whether a computer screen to simulate a radar “scope” or a 360-degree view from the tower of the airfield and surrounding airspace, newcomers have something to train on.

“The simulator helps tremendously because new people come in and can be nervous or uncomfortable in new conditions. The simulator allows controllers to develop those initial skills necessary to facilitate local air traffic,” Leary said. The radar team is in the process of implementing a new radar system to increase efficiency of their everyday processes. The new system is called the Standard Terminal Automation Replacement System. This new system helps radar air traffic controllers more effectively track the location of all aircraft in the surrounding airspace. “The STARS equipment has more capabilities than the old system, allowing us to be more effective and efficient with our work,” Naja said. The older system air traffic controllers currently work with what was manufactured in the ’50s and ’60s and though it works, it’s essential to keep up with the technology of the 21st century, Naja said. “With the old system we would have to type in a long command to find particular information, but with the new system all that needs to be done is click a button and we have all the information,” Naja said. “It’s a huge relief to be getting the STARS.” Even while facing the many challenges in air traffic control, including severe weather conditions, older equipment, complex traffic situations and special pilot requests, the controllers work as a team to keep everything running smoothly. “We sometimes have to think quickly, and it can be a matter of life or death,” Leary said. “Knowing that I have other controllers to back me up and help me out means a great deal.” At the end of the day, air traffic controllers do their part to help with the Air Force mission. “This is a very fulfilling job,” said Senior Airman Jeremii Van Komen, 86th OSS air traffic controller. “I feel like it’s important and that what I do immediately affects the mission.” Ironhide19, Ramstein tower. Proceed direct threemile initial, cleared visual approach runway twosix, traffic off your right wing four miles, eastbound, altitude indicates 1,300.

Ramstein Optometry Clinic: Here’s looking at you by Airman 1st Class Trevor Rhynes 86th Airlift Wing Public Affairs Which looks better? One, or two. This is a question asked to many of the patients who visit the Ramstein Optometry Clinic. “We see an average of 50 patients a day,” said Lt. Col. Judy Rattan, optometry flight commander. “Everyone from 5 years old and up can be seen by one of our four doctors any day.” Patients either set up their own appointments by calling 479-CARE, or are referred by their family physician for an optometry appointment. The doctors who work in U.S. Air Forces in Europe’s biggest optometry clinic specialize in multiple services

for their patients. “We can handle all types of appointments here,” Rattan said. “Our doctors do anything from the routine eye exam, to diagnosing and treating diseases, retraining physicals, school screenings and refractive surgery.” Because of the variety of services offered, members of the Ramstein Optometry Clinic key in on their patients needs, ensuring they receive the right care. “Every patient is different and has different needs,” said Master Sgt. Kelli Senker, optometry flight chief. “We get to know our patients during their screening prior to seeing the doctor.” Patient care starts from the time they’re scheduled for their appoint-

ment through the time glasses are adjusted after they arrive. With so many different things going on during the appointment process, Senker and the rest of the clinic staff try to ensure the best experience possible for patients. “We are a team here and any one of us is able to pick up where the last left off,” she said. “It’s a smooth operation here.” At the end of the day, the optometry staff takes pride in the customer service they provide. “When you ask any of the technicians here what their favorite part of the job is, the consensus is that we all love the interaction with our patients,” Senker said.

Photo by Senior Airman Aaron-Forrest Wainwright

Staff Sgt. Shirley Taylor, 86th Medical Group aerospace optometry technician, graphs an image of a patient’s eye Sept. 12 at the Ramstein Optometry Clinic.

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Kaiserslautern American

September 21, 2012

SMS helps ‘kick’ obesity out of America The LIONMAN Foundation challenged 1 million people to break the Guinness World Record and “Help Kick Obesity Out of America” by participating in a simultaneous “kick” event Sept. 7 in Washington, D.C. Karate Hall of Famer Grandmaster Eric O’Neal and first lady Michelle Obama helped lead the “Kick Challenge” Sept. 7 on the White House lawn as part of the “Let’s Move” prevent childhood obesity campaign. The goal was to break the world record on the number of registered people “kicking” on the same day. The Department of Defense (Military Community and Family Policy) encouraged units, programs, schools, services, children, families, friends and colleagues to embrace this challenge and create teams across the country and around the world by kicking simultaneously on Sept. 7 to jumpstart a healthy lifestyle and fight to end childhood obesity while helping to set a Guinness World Record. (Courtesy of Sembach Middle School)

Photo courtesy of Rick Pagels

Sembach Middle School students take part in the “kick” event to “Help Kick Obesity Out of America” Sept. 7.

School Notes

VES Lunch and Learn

Parents of kindergarten students at Vogelweh Elementary School are invited to the monthly Lunch and Learn from 11 a.m. to noon Thursday in the school library. Participants will learn a number of ways to help their children have a successful school year. Parents may bring a bag lunch. Light desserts and door prizes will be provided.

College Night

U.S. Army Garrison Kaiserslautern’s Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation, as well as Ramstein High School, present College Night from 6 to 8:30 p.m. Oct. 4 at the Kaiserslautern Special Events Center, Bldg. 237 on Rhine Ordnance Barracks. Learn about education opportunities available from more than 100 accredited colleges and universities from the

U.S. and across Europe. Food and beverages will be available while supplies last. Open to all U.S. ID cardholders. For details, call 493-4123 or 06313406-4123.

AFAS education grants

It’s almost time to apply for the Air Force Aid Society’s Gen. H.H. Arnold Education Grant. Online applications for the 2013-2014 academic year will be available from the Society’s website at after Nov. 1. Visit their website for details on eligibility and requirements.

Music lessons

Photo by Barbara Gonzales

RHS hosts open house Ramstein High School Spanish teacher Jennifer Walters talks with parents during an open house at the school. The open house was scheduled this year so that families could meet teachers earlier than in previous years. During the open house, families were free to check out the school and stop by classrooms at their own pace.

SKIESUnlimited music lessons are designed to teach all levels and abilities. Voice, piano, music and violin lessons are being offered for children and youth ages 18 months to 18 years. Children and youth will participate in recitals. For more information, contact Parent Central Services, Bldg. 2898 on Pulaski Barracks, at 4934516/4122 or 0631-3406-4516/4122, or the Landstuhl One Stop Shop, Bldg. 3810, at 486-8943 or 06371-86-8943.

National Banned Books Week

Join U.S. Army Garrison Kaiserslautern Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation libraries in

celebrating Banned Books Week, Sept. 30 to Oct. 6. Take the Banned/ Challenged Book Quiz for a chance to win a prize bag containing possibly unbanned books! Contact a library or visit for more details. Kaiserslautern Main Library is located in Bldg. 3810 on Landstuhl (call 486-7322 or 06371-86-7322) and the Kleber Branch Library is located in Bldg. 3205 (call 483-1740 or 06371-411-1740).

CCAF records update

Community College of the Air Force students may request to have their military personnel data system record updated to reflect a CCAFawarded certification. CCAF awards three certifications: Professional Manager Certification, CCAF Instructor Certification, and the CCAF Instructional Systems Development Certification. These certifications do not automatically flow to a member’s MilPDS record; however, the base education office can manually update a member’s record upon request. CCAF students must physically bring in a copy of their certificate to the education office in Bldg. 2120, Room 421, to have their MilPDS record updated. For more information, call 480-2032.

September 21, 2012

Kaiserslautern American

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Awareness campaign set for most common cancer among women by Capt. (Dr.) Candace Talcott Landstuhl Regional Medical Center Public Affairs


ctober is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, dedicated to increasing awareness and raising funds for breast cancer research. You or a family member may have been affected by this devastating disease, as an estimated 2.6 million women in the U.S. are living with, or have a history of, breast cancer. It is the most common type of cancer in women and the second most deadly. Breast cancer starts from unregulated growth and division of cells starting in breast tissue ducts or glands, and is diagnosed as “in situ” when confined to the originating duct or gland. It is considered invasive when it has spread to surrounding tissue or lymph nodes, and metastatic when it has spread to distant organs. The most common sign of breast cancer is a painless lump, though it may manifest as a bloody discharge, thickened or red skin, skin erosions or inversion of the nipple. When breast cancer is caught early (smaller size, more localized tissue) the treatment options can be less invasive and the survival rate is much higher. As routine use of mammograms increased from

the 1980s through the 1990s, more breast cancers were detected even before they could be felt. Early detection and improved treatments have led to improved survival. Statistics show decreasing deaths by 2 percent per year from 1990 to 2007. Improved cancer treatments include lumpectomies, neo-adjuvant chemotherapy, hormonally targeted therapy, and radiation therapy, depending on the type of cancer cells and the extent of invasion. Guidelines for screening for breast cancer have been established by several governing bodies. In 2009, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force recommended mammograms every two years for women between 50 and 74 years old. The American Cancer Society and American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommend clinical breast exams by your healthcare provider every three years for women 20 to 39; then clinical breast exams plus annual mammography beginning at age 40. Monthly breast self exams have been re-emphasized, and women are encouraged to become familiar with the appearance and feel of their breasts as part of breast self awareness and notify their physician of any changes. In addition to routine screening, achieving and maintaining a healthy weight, regular physical activity, as well as reducing alcohol consumption have been linked

to a reduced risk of breast cancer. As part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the following events are scheduled in the KMC: OCT. 13: The LRMC 5K Breast Cancer Awareness Run. Registration begins at 7:30 a.m. at the track near Gate 4 and the Army and Air Force Exchange Service Gas Station. The race begins at 9 a.m. Prizes will be awarded. Mammogram appointments can be booked at the event. Pre-registration will be held Saturday at the Kaiserslautern Military Community Center for the run and raffle for gift baskets. For more information, call Becky Muenchow at 486-6791 or 06371-86-6791. OCT. 13: The Rheinland-Pfalz Breast Cancer Survivors representatives will be at the KMCC with information on breast cancer OCT. 21: A tea will be held at the Ramstein Community Club from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. A Bavarian tea set will be given to the first 30 people who RSVP. Maj. (Dr.) Penelope Harris, an oncologist from LRMC, and Lt. Col. (Dr.) Bradford Scanlon, an LRMC plastic surgeon, will be two of the guest speakers. Speakers will also include a breast cancer survivor. Tea, coffee and pastries will be served. There will be door prizes and baskets to be given away. Mammogram appointments can also be booked. For more information, call Marina Latiff at 486-6447 or 06371-86-6447.

‘Steel Magnolias’ premieres at Hilltop Theater A heart-warming and bittersweet comedy, “Steel Magnolias” is the funniest play ever to make you cry. With the sweet gentility of Southern belles and strength and wit made of steel, the magnolia ladies will have you crying and laughing together. “Steel Magnolias” features a cast of six lovable, zany characters from Chinquapin Parish, La. Beautician Truvy Jones, pink crazed daughter Shelby, mother M’Lynn, cranky Ouiser, mayor’s wife Clairee, and new assistant Annelle face some of life’s most difficult moments with courage, humor, laughter and tears. “There is no such thing as natural beauty,” says Truvy, and she knows all about beauty. Designed and built by Eric Danzeiser, Truvy’s beauty parlor is a convincing, old-fashioned home salon that is the setting for “Steel Magnolias,” which opens today. The stage production of “Steel Magnolias” is intimate, almost as if you are in Truvy’s beauty parlor waiting to have your hair done and listening

in on the conversation. Jacqui Haggerty plays Truvy Jones, the central axle of the action whose personality is larger than life, but also gutsy and sweet. Natasha Torres debuts in the role of Annelle, the ditzy new beauty parlor recruit. Clairee is played by Lois Borsay with wonderful dry wit. Whimsical yet determined Shelby is played by Rachel Holliday, whose real life mother, Kristin Holliday, plays the hovering M’Lynn, a typically overprotective mom. Tom Navo is properly mean, cranky and funny as Ouiser. The Baumholder Java Cafe is getting into the spirit with Magnolia Specials during September. Buy a special drink and receive a two-forone admission ticket to the show on your choice of dates. The cast and crew from both the Baumholder and Kaiserslautern military communities are rehearsing long hours in preparation. “Big, glitzy shows are fun, but I think the heart of theater is in the intimate,” said director Eric Danzeiser. “(There are) a few very talented folks

performing just for you.” “Steel Magnolias,” the true life story written by Robert Harling, is a truly moving play that celebrates the strength and value of friendship, humor and love in the midst of life’s greatest hardships. “Steel Magnolias” opened off-Broadway in 1987, became a big-cast movie

hit in 1989, and was produced on Broadway in 2005. “Steel Magnolias” is being performed through special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service Inc. “Steel Magnolias,” a show the whole family will enjoy, opens at the Hilltop Theater today and Saturday and continues Sept. 28 and 29 and

Oct. 5 and 6. The Baumholder Hilltop Theater is located beside Burger King on Smith Barracks. Show tickets are $10 at the door or two-for-one with the purchase of any of the Magnolia Specials at the Java Cafe. For more information, call 06783-6-7244 or 485-7244. (By Cheryl Navo)


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Kaiserslautern American

September Mark Your Calendar

» Pick a song of rock, pop, country, soul or whatever your favorite genre may be at Armstrong’s Club’s Karaoke Night! Come on out from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. today and have a blast. Armstrong’s Club is located in Bldg. 1036 on Vogelweh Family Housing. For more information, call 0631-354-9986. » Calling all karaoke kings and queens! Join Armstrong’s Club for the Karaoke Competition at 9 p.m. today. Choose a song from the DJ’s. Winners will be selected by crowd applause. Prizes will be awarded for first, second and third place. » Spice up your night at Armstrong’s Club’s Salsa Night, from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. Saturday in Bldg. 1036 on Vogelweh Housing. Free dance lessons will be offered from 9:30 to 10:30 p.m. For details, call 0631-354-9986. » Join Armstrong’s Club for a special Salsa night, featuring a Merengue dance contest, starting at 9 p.m. Saturday. Winners will be selected by crowd applause. » The Ramstein Airmen & Family Readiness Center and Kaiserslautern Military Community Center theater will offer a special Deployed Families Event Thursday. They will show “Ice Age 4” at

5 p.m. for free with popcorn and a drink. To sign up for the movie, call the A&FRC at 480-5100 or 06371-47-5100. » The Atlantic Academy and Technical University Kaiserslautern will sponsor a presentation on “Shrinking cities — in Germany and in America? What can we learn from each other?” at 5:30 p.m. Thursday. Presentations and discussions will be held in English by researchers and city planners from the states and Germany. The growing interconnectedness on a European and global scale will demand a stronger exchange of economic, ecologic and social developments not only between European states but worldwide. There is still doubt about how planning models, planning systems, planning strategies and planning cultures adapt to “new” challenges that are brought about by urban shrinkage. Wine and pretzels will close out the event at 8 p.m. To register, fill out the form at The event will take place at the Atlantic Academy, Lauterstrasse 2, 67657 Kaiserslautern. » The Sunny Coyote Volksmarching Club is hosting a bus trip to the FULDA Civilian/Military March on Oct. 6. Cost is €25

each. Limited seats available. For details or to sign up and reserve your seat, email or call 06337-8732. » KMC Onstage is putting on a big musical production of “Hairspray” on the following dates and times: Oct. 12 to 14, 19 to 21 and 26 to 28. Show times start at 7:30 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays, 3 p.m. Sundays and during matinee. Season pass reservations began Sept. 17. General ticket sales begin Monday. Tickets cost $14 for adults and $12 for students. Children under 5 will not be admitted. KMC Onstage is located in Bldg. 3232 on Kleber Kaserne. For details, call 4836626 or 0631-411-6626.


» The Rhineland Breast Cancer Coalition, a group of breast cancer survivors in the KMC, are celebrating life and supporting and encouraging other breast cancer patients and survivors in the area. This group meets at 6:30 p.m. the second Tuesday of each month at Bambus Garden, outside Pulaski Gate by Vogelweh. For details, email RBCCgroup@ » Join the Rheinland-Pfalz Quilt Guild Sept. 29 for a fun day of fabric shopping in Neunkirchen.

September 21, 2012 We will start the morning with a guided tour of the city, which will take about two hours. At 2 p.m., the local quilt store will have a special just for our group. The shop will have a line of shelves containing all the fabric that we can purchase for €5 a meter. For more details, email Sarah Head at » The Rheinland-Pfalz International Choir needs new members. If you love music and love to sing, consider visiting to see if RPIC is a good fit for you. The choir meets Tuesday evenings in Kaiserslautern-Erzhütten. New members are welcome through September. For details, visit www. (available in both German and English). There, you will find directions, performance samples, photos and contact information.

Support Groups

» The toddler playgroup of the German-American and International Women’s Club Kaiserslautern will meet Monday. Join mothers from other cultures and enjoy a coffee together while children play and hear other languages. The group meets from 3:30 to 5 p.m. every other Monday at Spesbacherstrasse 51a, Ramstein. The fee for each play date is €2 to cover facility costs. For more information, contact Katie Pelletier at or 063839266018, or visit the GAIWC website at » Take Off Pounds Sensibly is a weight loss support group that meets from 5:15 to 6:30 p.m. Tuesdays on Pulaski Barracks in Bldg. 2919 in the first floor conference room. For details, call 0170-8007205, 06303-807708 or 483-5336, 0631-411-5336. » The Help Us Grow Securely playgroup meets from 10 to 11:30 a.m. the first and third Friday of the month at the Vogelweh Community Center. This playgroup is for parents and children up to 4 years old.For more information,call Army Community Service at 4934203 or 0631-3406-4203.

Baumholder Events

» IMCOM and Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation are excited to announce the 2012 Operation Rising Star competition! U.S. Army Garrison Kaiserslautern’s Operation Rising Star has been canceled, due to low numbers in registration. If you would still like to participate in the competition, U.S. Army Garrison Baumholder’s Operation Ris-

ing Star Contest welcomes you. Auditions will be held at 6 p.m. Oct 2. Finals will take place at 7 p.m. Oct. 10 at the Hilltop Theater. There will be cash prizes for first, second and third place, as well as the chance to advance to the Army-wide finals in San Antonio, Texas. The 2012 Rising Star grand prize consists of an all expenses paid trip for two with a professional recording studio experience and $1,000 to spend. Hilltop Theater is located in Bldg. 8218 on Smith Barracks (next to Burger King) in Baumholder. For details, call 4857244 or 0151-42304083. » Want to be a vampire? Audition for “The Underworld Haunted House.” The theme this year is Warewolves and Vampire’s and performers are needed in Baumholder. Auditions take place on Oct. 17 with the director of the Hilltop Theater. Call 485-7244 for details. The Hilltop theater is located in Bldg. 8218, next to the Burger King on Smith. » The Halloween party at Strikers starts at 6 p.m. Oct. 31. Strikers offers a haunting 8-pin, no-tap tournament starting at 6 p.m. We also encourage the children to trick or treat during authorized times. We will have a costume contest at 8 p.m. and those in costume will receive $1 off each game. » Nominations for 2013 Army Entertainment Programs (Soldier Show, Operation Rising Star, etc.) are due to Army Entertainment by Nov. 1. Selected Soldiers get the opportunity to work with the entertainment industry’s latest equipment and technologies, learn valuable skills, train and learn from the industry’s best, all while delivering a world-class experience. Those interested in applying may obtain performer and technician requirements and application by visiting Army Entertainment Recruitment Video (for use): BcGHJYlbyLE. For details, contact Kelly Jones at (210)466-1852 or, or Sgt. Rena Cunningham at 210466-2078 or rena.c.cunningham. » Need a job? Love children? Want to work from home? If you are new to Baumholder and looking for work, you can start your own home-based business by becoming a family child care provider. If you are interested in this great self-employment opportunity or want more information, call the FCC office at 485-6588 or 067836-6588.

September 21, 2012

Kaiserslautern American

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Smith CDC renovation begins by Ignacio “Iggy” Rubalcava U.S. Army Garrison Baumholder Public Affairs Children who attend the Smith Child Development Center will soon be receiving care at the Wetzel CDC while the other center is renovated. The move to Wetzel begins in October and the project is going to last about 120 days. During that time, the children and staff from the Smith CDC will move to the Wetzel CDC. “We’re going to do it very carefully, very slowly, one classroom at a time. We’ll start with our pre-school age kids. They’ll have their last day at Smith on the last day of September

Classes And Training

and start at Wetzel the first of October. The following week we’ll do the toddlers and the week after that we’ll do the infants,” said Jason Etchell, Baumholder Child, Youth and Schools Services coordinator. The children will be staying primarily with their same group and they’ll have the same staff. They will receive the same care at the same times they’re used to and at the same prices. They’re just going to be temporarily at the Wetzel CDC. Parents will still be responsible for transporting their children, however, kindergarten children attending Smith Elementary will be able to ride the daily bus with the school age children

» Join ACS for a free seminar designed specifically for family members to help you build a stronger family unit by teaching you the skills to increase your resiliency and core competencies including optimism, mental agility, self-actualization and character strengths. To register for the next seminar, which takes place at 9:30 a.m. Thursday and Sept. 30 in Bldg. 2891 on Pulaski Barracks, call 0631-3406-4203. » The Ramstein Airman & Family Readiness Center invites all Air Force spouses to attend HeartLink from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Oct. 19. HeartLink is a seminar specially created for new Air Force Spouses. Attendees will receive a personal briefing from the 86th Airlift Wing commander about Ramstein’s mission, tour a C-130 aircraft, visit the Ramstein Southside Gym and health & wellness center, have lunch, learn about Air Force customs and courtesies, and find out about available resources on and off base. Preregistration is required; call the A&FRC at 480-5100 or 06371-47-5100. » Feeling overburdened? Are you experiencing sleeplessness, muscle pain or emotional tension? Then you may be stressed. Join this informative two-part series that teaches you about different kinds of stress and healthy ways to cope. Stress Management classes are offered from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. every Tuesday in Bldg. 2917 on Pulaski Barracks. Call 493-4062 or 06313406-4062 for details. » Already know the basics of English but want to keep learning more? Then stop by ACS, Bldg. 2891 on Pulaski Barracks, at 9:30 a.m. every Friday to take part in this free, enriching, Intermediate English as a second language class. For details, call 493-4203 or 0631-3406-4203. » Learn the “street smart” version of the basic German language during Conversational German on Monday evenings or Fridays during lunchtime. For details and to find out meeting times, stop by Bldg. 2891 on Pulaski Barracks, or call 493-4023 or 0631-3406-4023. » Couples Communication is a new two-part series course being offered through Family Advocacy. In this class, learn the keys to better communication, effective listening and understanding taught in a fun learning atmosphere. Take the stress out of your relationship by enrolling today. Classes take place from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. every first and second Thursday of the month in Bldg. 2917 on Pulaski Barracks. To register, call 0631-3406-4203. » Did you know that anger is directly related to

from Smith Elementary to the Wetzel CDC. “The bus will drop them off right outside the doors of the Wetzel CDC where a staff member will greet them,” Etchell said. There are actually renovation plans for the Smith, Wetzel and dispensary CDCs, which have been closed for a couple of years. “A renovation design is complete, so we expect the dispensary CDC to be renovated as well,” Etchell said. “The first step is to renovate Smith CDC, and we expect that to begin at the end of this October.” Renovation will be only to the interior of the building and has nothing

symptoms associated with survival instincts? Learn about how anger is triggered, ways to monitor and associate patterns of anger with thought processes and most importantly, how to control anger in this three-part educational learning experience. Join the ACS Anger Management Class by registering for a session. Classes are offered from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. every Wednesday in Bldg. 2917 on Pulaski Barracks. Call 4934062 or 0631-3406-4062 to sign up or for details. » Interested in learning English or brushing up on your verbal skills? Then stop by ACS, Bldg. 2891 on Pulaski Barracks, at 9:30 a.m. every Monday to take part in this free, enriching English as a second language class. For details, call 493-4203 or 0631-3406-4203.

Chapel News

» The Ramstein Chapel is accepting bids for the following contract positions: Liturgical Service Parish Facilitator — provide Parish administrative support to the Liturgical chaplain through coordination of overall program and calendar development, information management and publicity. Gospel Service lead musician — support the Protestant Gospel Service music program as the lead musician for the Sunday Vogelweh Gospel Service, adult choir, male chorus, teen and children’s choir(s), and praise team. The lead musician will work in coordination with the Gospel Service chaplain and assist the music director in developing an effective music ministry to support the Vogelweh Gospel Service. Assist the music director in efficiently organizing and managing a diverse music program. The Chapel will be accepting bids for these positions until 4 p.m. Sept. 28. The Statement of Work and bid documents can be picked up from the Ramstein North Chapel, Monday through Friday. Bidders are invited to attend the bid opening at 9 a.m. Oct. 2 at the Ramstein North Chapel, Bldg. 1201. For details, call Petra Rausch at 480-6148 or 06371-47-6148. Catholic life teen music director — This person will lead the choir and community singing for the northside 5 p.m. Catholic Sunday Mass, during special holidays and feasts, and during other special services as needed. All music and singing will complement the style and atmosphere of the service being supported. The music director will lead the Life Teen Band to provide instruction, guidance and support of the Sr. Youth Program. The chapel will be accepting bids until 4 p.m. Oct. 5. The Statement

to do with the exterior. It will include new flooring, new paneled walls and a new ceiling. The facility’s Internet service will also be improved. “There will be better child facilities — toys and things. A couple of the walls will be removed to make child supervision easier, so we’re really excited about that,” Etchell said. “We know this is going to be an inconvenience for the families, especially those from Smith who are going to be displaced for several months, but we’re excited about it because this is really going to beautify the inside of the facility and help us provide the quality programs that I think the people we serve deserve.”

A&FRC programs The Ramstein Airman & Family Readiness Center offers the following programs: Ramstein Spouse Orientation: Sept. 24, 8:45 a.m. to 2 p.m., A&FRC USO KL Downtown Tour: Sept. 25, 8:45 a.m. to 2:45 p.m., lobby of Starbucks Reintegration: Sept. 25, 9 a.m. to noon, Bldg. 3450 Sponsoring in the KMCC: Sept. 25, 9 to 10 a.m., Hercules Theater Resume Review: Sept. 25, 10 to 11 a.m., A&FRC Intro to German: Sept. 25, 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., A&FRC Pre-Deployment: Sept. 25, 1 to 3 p.m., Bldg. 3450 Base Intro: Sept. 26, 7:30 a.m. to 12:45 p.m., Hercules Theater Pre-Separation Counseling: Sept. 27, 9 to 11 a.m., A&FRC Call the A&FRC at 480-5100 to register for the classes. Reintegration and pre-deployment briefings are open to spouses. of Work and bid documents can be picked up from the Ramstein North Chapel, Monday through Friday. Bidders are invited to attend the bid opening at 9 a.m. Oct. 10 at the Ramstein North Chapel, Bldg. 1201. For more information, call Petra Rausch at 480-6148 or 06371-476148. » Following are the Jewish high holiday service times at the Ramstein South Chapel Synagogue: Kol Nidre (evening) service — 7 p.m. Tuesday. Yom Kippur Day — Wednesday. Morning service at 9:30 a.m.; afternoon (Mincha) service at 4:15 p.m.; Torah study session at 5:30 p.m.; Neilah, Maariv, Havdalah at 7 p.m. Communal “break the fast” potluck dairy/vegetarian dinner — 8 p.m. » A Unitarian Universalist worship service and fellowship hour will be held from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. the second and fourth Sundays from September through May at the Kapaun Chapel. » Meetings for the Plugged-In Middle School Youth Group for Landstuhl, Kaiserslautern and Sembach take place from noon to 3 p.m. Tuesdays at the Pulaski Religious Youth Center. » The Rock High School Youth Group meets from 7 to 8:45 p.m. Tuesdays at the Ramstein North Chapel. For details and other events, call Anthony Amor at 01512411-2619 or visit

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September 21, 2012

Hikers enjoy 12 culinary stations in Freinsheim by Petra Lessoing 86th Airlift Wing Public Affairs


he wine village of Freinsheim will sponsor a culinary hike on its wine hiking trail today to Sunday. The 7-kilometer-long trail, called “Schwarzes Kreuz,” or black cross, is located southwest of Freinsheim and leads through two vineyards. An ornamented pillar made of sandstone from the 16th century, which shows the crucifixion scene, gave the wine hiking trail its name. Starting at 6 p.m. today, 21 locations will be set up along the route where wines, sparkling wines and juices of local vintners can be tasted. Each of these places will also serve international and regional culinary specialties such as tapas, goulash soup, meat dumplings with horse radish, pork roast with home fries, vintners’ steaks, prawns on pita, salmon with spaghetti and salad, farmers salad, potato pancakes with apple sauce, turkey strips, potato soup, onion cake, waffles, and much more. Today after dark, a fireworks display will illuminate the vineyards. On Saturday and Sunday, Wine Princess Kristina will officially open the event at 11:30 a.m. at the historical town hall. On Saturday, stores will stay open until 8 p.m. and will be open from 1 to 6 p.m. Sunday. The wine stands will be open from 6 to 9:30 p.m. today, and 11:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. The old part of town will be closed to motorized traffic.

Courtesy photos

Hikers can stop at many locations to taste culinary specialties and wines during the Freinsheim Culinary Hike Saturday and Sunday.

Visitors arriving by car are asked to park outside of town. The center is only a few steps away. To get to Freinsheim, travel on autobahn A6 direction Mannheim, take the Grünstadt exit, and follow the signs to Kirchheim, Dackenheim and Freinsheim. For more information, visit www.

Freinsheim lures many visitors to its culinary hike in the vineyards Saturday and Sunday.

Motorists: Be careful during harvest season


otorists must be careful in fall, Germany’s harvest time. In harvest time, motorists should watch out for oversized agricultural vehicles and the mess harvesters might leave behind. German automobile clubs urge farmers to clean the roads after their work is done. They are also asking motorists to be extremely careful on these roads and to reduce their speed. Fall is the time when plows, corn choppers and harvesters are working on the fields. These harvesters can reach into the lanes of opposing traffic. Motorists must watch when passing such a vehicle, especially since they are not marked properly. In many cases, motorists have to slow down and follow patiently until the agricultural vehicle leaves the main road. Another danger is the so-called farmers black ice, which is clay and mud these agricultural vehicles bring out to the streets from fields. According to officials, farmers black ice provides an increased risk of accidents, especially for motorcycle drivers. The clay and mud, in combination with rain, can make roads slippery, much like black ice. (Courtesy of ADAC)

Courtesy photo

September 21, 2012

Kaiserslautern American

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GAIWC sponsors German-American Day concert by Petra Lessoing 86th Airlift Wing Public Affairs The German-American and International Women’s Club Kaiserslautern will sponsor a free concert Sept. 30, in cooperation with the Atlantic Academy Rheinland-Pfalz, to commemorate German-American Day. The music group Baroque and Blue, with flutist Christiane Meininger, will present its new program “Americana,” with works by Georg Friedrich Händel, Roland Buchwald, Claude Bolling and Alan Weinberg at 5 p.m. in the SWR concert hall in Kaiserslautern. “Alan Weinberg is an American composer, who lives in Columbia, S.C., the sister city of Kaiserslautern. He will lead through the program,” said Bruni Pütz, the club’s treasurer. German-American Day is a reminder of Oct. 6, 1683, when 13 German families arrived near Philadelphia and founded Germantown, the first German settlement in the New World. In 1983, on the occasion of the “Tricentennial Anniversary of German Settlement

in America,” former U.S. President Ronald Reagan declared Oct. 6 as “German-American Day.” In 1987, Congress enacted a law designating Oct. 6 as German-American Day. The official proclamation was issued by Reagan on Oct. 2, 1987, in a Rose Garden ceremony. “Few people have blended so completely into the multicultural tapestry of American society and yet have made such singular economic, political, social, scientific and cultural contributions to the growth and success of these United States as have Americans of German extraction,” Reagan said in his proclamation. “Twenty-five years later, many American families live in the region of Kaiserslautern where they have become friends with their German neighbors and enriched the multicultural tapestry of present-day Germany,” said Katie Pelletier, GAIWC president. “On German-American Day, we also would like to present a certificate of appreciation to Amy Peaceman, a teacher at Landstuhl Elementary/Middle School and the United Service Organizations

Kaiserslautern for their commitment and work in the local community, fostering German-American relations.” Pütz is hoping that in future years, German-American Day can be celebrated as a much bigger event and lure many people. “I hope to be able to celebrate a German-American fest for the whole family in Kaiserslautern, which here is known as the American city,” Pütz said. “In my dreams, we’ll start it off with an American play in Pfalztheater and then have activities going on near the Rathaus and in the Casimir Castle right next to it.” It’s the goal of the women’s club to make people aware of the GermanAmerican commemoration day. “If you consider that many Americans have a German background, it’s just an obligation for us to bring both cultures together to celebrate,” said Caitlin Goodale-Porter, GAIWC vice president. Currently, GAIWC has about 300 members, almost 70 percent of which are Germans. “We are in desperate need of

American members also to join our board level,” Goddale-Porter said. “They don’t have to speak German. They only should be interested in fostering friendship and promoting tolerance with cultures.” One of the main annual events is the Pfennig Bazaar fundraiser. Profits are donated to German and American charities as well as school programs. GAIWC is also involved in maintaining the kinder graves on the Kaiserslautern cemetery, where 451 American infants born in the 1950s are buried. The club also offers a variety of interest groups such as foreign language classes, a discussion forum, art groups, culture groups, parent and children groups and youth groups. To become a new member or for more information on GAIWC, visit or call Pelletier at 06383-9266018. To join the concert, email info@ or president@ The concert, under the auspices of Kaiseslautern’s Lord Mayor Dr. Klaus Weichel, will be held in the concert hall of the Südwestrundfunk studio, Fliegerstrasse in Kaiserslautern.

Farm fest highlights pumpkins by Petra Lessoing 86th Airlift Wing Public Affairs


he traditional Hitscherhof farm fest will take place from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. Regional farmers will offer fresh agricultural products such as fruit, vegetables, potatoes, meat, cheese, wurst, bread, noodles, wine and juices. More than 80 arts and crafts vendors will display a variety of items, such as wooden puzzles, lamps, dishes, jewelry, hats, caps, scarves, purses, pottery, paintings, teddy bears, dolls, ceramic items, wood carvings, Nativity scenes, candles, garden accessories, baskets, musical instruments, dried flowers, postcards and antique furniture. The food specialties being offered include pumpkin soup, corn on the cob, bratwurst, schwenksteaks, and flammkuchen or flambe tarte (a French, thin pizza covered with bacon, onions and sour cream). For those with a sweet tooth to satisfy, waffles, cakes and a special pumpkin cake will also be available. Children can enjoy a walk through the corn maze, jump on a straw castle, or have their faces painted. Admission to the corn maze is €3 for adults and €2.50 for children. The Hitscherhof festival will offer about 50 different kinds of pumpkins, pumpkin seed oil, pumpkin seed liquor, pumpkin sparkling wine, pumpkin marmalade, pumpkin seed soap and pumpkin decoration items. “Our giant pumpkin is still growing,” said orga-

Courtesy photo

The Hitscherhof farm shows off a huge variety of pumpkins and pumpkin products as well as arts and crafts items during its annual farm fest Saturday and Sunday.

nizer Daniel Fischer. “We hope to break the record this year.” Hitscherhof is located between Thaleischweiler and Rieschweiler. Take autobahn A62 from

Landstuhl south to the Thaleischweiler-Fröschen exit. There is construction, so follow the detour signs to Massweiler. For details, visit

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Kaiserslautern American

September 21, 2012

Your submission must include the name of the photographer, the date of the photo, first and last names of those in the photo and location. Make sure all photos are high resolution. Write “Destinations” in the email subject line. Email to: editor@

Courtesy photo

From left, Staff Sgt. Christopher Alonzo, Senior Airman Sean McGinnis, Staff Sgt. Joshua Welter, Senior Airman Marcus Cripe, Master Sgt. Juan Cabal and Senior Airman Corey Rabon, team members from Ramstein’s 721st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, pose for a photo in front of Drumlanrig Castle after completing the Tough Mudder July 15 in Scotland. The Tough Mudder event raises millions for the Wounded Warrior Project and Help for Heroes in the U.K.

Photo by Jamie Miller

Sydney Miller sketches the Eiffel Tower June 23 during a family trip to Paris, France.

Photo by Brian Hudock

Darian and Liam Hudock pose with costumed characters July 27 during a trip to Venice, Italy.

Photos by Marcello Puzone Photo by MLechuga Photography

Milen K. Lechuga, Leah Reagan and Mesale K. Lechuga pose for a photo Aug. 17 during Kaiserslautern’s legendary medieval fair.

Haley Flanagan, Nicole Rider, Ashley Lara-Nisanov, Jasna Moody and Eave Jackson pose for a photo Aug. 15 while vacationing in Chania, Greece. Chania is located on the Greek Island of Crete.

September 21, 2012

Kaiserslautern American

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5 t c O , i r F – ri, Sep 21

F EVENTS Farm festival Sat, Sep 22- Sun, Sep 23 Maßweiler Don’t miss out on the Hitscherhof farm festival with farmers and a craft market (more than 70 participants). You will be entertained by the corn field maze and taken care of with many culinary specialities. The website listed below is also provided in English. For more information: Oldtimer Classic Sat, Sep 22- Sun, Sep 23 Hockenheim The perfect addition to the Hockenheim history is the Hockenheim Oldtimer Classics show this fall. This year the 35th Classics takes place from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. For more information: Fall garden market Sat, Sep 22 – Sun, Sep 23 Zweibrücken Two days filled with beautiful flowers, plants and gardening ideas! Visit the “Rosengarten,” or rose garden, to view 50 regional and nationwide exhibitors. Remember to buy flowers and plants to take home. Store your purchases in the warehouse and pick them up after the fair. Opening hours of the market: from 9.30 a.m. to 5 p.m. on both days. Entry prices: Adults €4.50, free for children up to 6 years old, and €1.50 for children between the ages of 7 and 17. Location: Rosengartenstrasse; 66482 Zweibrücken Note: There will be no parking offered on Rosengartenstrasse. Use parking possibilities at the “Festhalle” or at the “Festplatz” behind the “Badeparadies.” Pumpkin contest Sun, Sep 23 @ 1p.m. Kaiserslautern Pumpkin breeders will present their pride and joy at this contest. Not only does the heaviest pumpkin have a chance to win, but also the nicest looking pumpkin. You can find the Gartenschau here: Lauterstrasse; 67659 Kaiserslautern

Medieval market Sat, Sep 29 – Sun, Sep 30 Bad Dürkheim Take a trip back in time to the Middle Ages and time of the knights. Enjoy entertaining games, music and food. Entrance fees are €5 for adults, €3 for children and €10 for families. The event is open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Address: Ruine Hardenburg in 67098 Bad Dürkheim Farmers market Sun, Sep 30 Ramstein Visit the traditional “Ramsteiner Bauernmarkt.” Enjoy new wine and great food, such as the ”Kartoffelpuffer” (potato pancakes) or “Zwiebelkuchen” (onion cake). Farmers will present their farm animals, which will be a nice experience for the children. Check out the little booths located around the market where you can purchase different items. The market is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday shopping will be offered in all stores in Ramstein from 1 to 6 p.m. SPORTS Professional soccer: 1FCK Sat, Sep 22 Kaiserslautern Kaiserslautern’s “Die roten Teufel,” or the red devils, play at home against Hertha BSC. For more information and ticket purchase, visit Racing: ADAC Masters Weekend Fri, Sep 28 – Sun, Sep 30 Hockenheim For the fourth time, the Motorsportclub Weingarten presents, “The Big Price of the Weingarten.” The main attraction will be ADAC GT Masters with their strong horse power, including a Porsche 911 GT3R, Audi R8, Lamborghini Gallardo or the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3. Fast cars will also be presented, including Ford, Chevrolet, Renault and BMW. A wide spectrum of cars will be offered for car fans at the starting line. Enjoy the sound of the cars at the Hockenheimring! Ticket costs on Saturday and Sunday: €15 for adults, free for children up to 13 years old. For more information:

WINE AND BEER FESTS Oktoberfest Fri, Sep 21 – Sun, Sep 23 Otterberg Come enjoy live music, beer and good food. That’s what the Oktoberfest in Otterberg has to offer — a smaller version of the most popular beer fest in the world. Opening hours: 7 p.m. Friday and Saturday, 11 a.m. Sunday. There is no entrance fee. Address: Schwimmbad 1; 67697 Otterberg 32nd wine fest Fri, Sep 28 – Sun, Sep 30 Kröv The traditional German wine festivals are a great experience, and this is one of them, which takes place in a beautiful area of the Mosel River. Opening is at 5 p.m. Friday, and 3 p.m. Saturday. On Sunday, take part in the traditional “Frühschoppen” (early drink) at 11 a.m. Enjoy good German wine, food and live music. For more information and photos: CONCERTS Nickelback Tue, Sep 25 Stuttgart There is still time left to get tickets to see Canada’s hottest rock band! Location: Schleyerhalle; 70372 Stuttgart. Ticket hotline: 07221-300 300 Doors will open at 7 p.m. and the concert starts at 8 p.m. Ticket prices cost approximately €70 UPCOMING EVENTS Italian opera night Wed, Oct 3 @ 7p.m. Völklingen More than 400 years of opera history will come alive in overtures, arias and choirs. Let yourself be fascinated by the Italian way of life in this unique atmosphere of cultural heritage “Völklinger Hütte.” Tickets: €30 / Tickethotline: 06898 – 9 100 100. Address: Rathausstrasse, 66333 Völklingen

Wine fest days Fri, Oct 5 – Mon, Oct 15 Neustadt an der Weinstrasse Every year the Germans celebrate the vintage. Besides numerous other wine fests, this is one of the most known and biggest wine festivals in the world! Celebrate the vintage of new wine with lots of great food specialities, live music, fun rides and the election of the new wine queen! For more information, call 06321-9268-0 or visit Breast cancer awareness Sat, Oct 13 @ 0900 Landstuhl Track Join us for the Landstuhl Regional Medical Center Annual Breast Cancer Awareness 5K Run/Walk. The run will start and end at the LRMC track. No registration fee. Register the day of the run between 7:30 and 8:30 a.m. Race begins at 9 a.m. First 300 runners to arrive will receive a free T-shirt. All children under the age of 12 will receive a medal instead of a T-shirt. Dogs are welcome! Awards for various running categories, including best dressed “Pink Man” Award. Join us as we support the fight against breast cancer! For more information, please contact: Lautrer Kerwe Fri, Oct 19 – Mon, Oct 29 Kaiserslautern It’s time again for the most famous fair in all of Kaiserslautern. Enjoy fun rides, great food and sweets at every corner, as well as numerous shopping booths. Location: Messeplatz Kaiserslautern Sunday shopping Sun, Oct 21 Kaiserslautern Enjoy open stores all day Sunday. All stores will be open from 1 to 6 p.m. 5th Oktoberfest Fri, Oct 26 – Sun Oct 28 Ramstein The most popular festival is coming to Ramstein for the fifth time! Hurry up to reserve yourself a ticket for a tent and with that: a lot of fun! Ticket hotline and more information: 06371-592220 Ticket price: €7

For more to do in Germany, visit

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Kaiserslautern American

September 21, 2012

Was ist Los? KMC Cultural Highlights by Petra Lessoing 86th Airlift Wing Public Affairs The following is a list of performances and events happening in the KMC and nearby. Dates are subject to change.

Performing arts

Pfalztheater Kaiserslautern: • “Wilhelm Tell,” an opera by Gioacchino Rossini, 7:30 p.m. Saturday, Wednesday, Sept. 29, Oct. 2, 6, 19 and 26. • “Engelslieder,” balletts by Stefano Giannetti, 8 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 29, Oct. 2, 6, 18 and 28. • First Pfalztheater concert features works by Guiseppe Verdi, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Gustav Mahler, 6 p.m. Sept. 30. For details, call 0631-3675-209 or visit Kammgarn Kaiserslautern: • The German band Stahlmann presents hard rock, industrial, electro, gothic and metal, 8:30 p.m. today. Tickets cost €14. • The Beauty of Gemina presents dark, melodic songs, electro rock, 8:30 p.m. Saturday. Tickets cost €14. • Kilians present Indie rock, lyrics in English, 8:30 p.m. Sept. 28. Tickets cost €16. • No Music in K-town features an acoustic guitar special with upcoming singers and songwriters between 16 and 18 years old: Stefano Falco, Carsten Nothof and Elisa Raube, 8 p.m. Sept. 29. • The stage group Uzume Taiko presents Japanese percussion art, mixed with modern dance and jazz elements, 8:30 p.m. Sept. 30. Tickets cost €20. For more information, visit or call 0631-365-2607. Fruchthalle, Kaiserslautern: • The German Radio Philharmonics Saarbrücken Kaiserslautern presents a symphony concert with works by Ralph Vaughn Williams, Edward Elgar and Johannes Brahms, 8 p.m. today. Tickets cost €17 to €25. • Chamber concert: Clarinet player David Orlowsky and Vogler Quartett present works by Erwin Schulhoff, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Osvaldo Golijow, 8 p.m. Thursday. Tickets cost €14 to €24. • The German Radio Philharmonics Saarbrücken Kaiserslautern presents a “Bouquet of Melodies,” with operetta music, 5 p.m. Oct. 14. Tickets cost €12 to €25. For details, stop at the Kaiserslautern Tourist Office, Fruchthallstrasse14, visit www.fruchthalle. de or call the office of arts at 0631-365-1410. Stiftskirche, Kaiserslautern: • “A Little Market Music,” noon Saturday. Admission is free.

• Singing school choir presents “Joseph,” a musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber, 3 p.m. Sunday. English Theater, Frankfurt: • “Breaking the Code,” a play by Hugh Whitemore, 7:30 p.m. Tuedays to Saturdays, and 6 p.m. Sundays, through Oct. 27. For details, visit

Courtesy photo

North Palatinate farmers market The second North Palatinate farmers market will take place from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday in Schneckenhausen. Farmers will sell regional products such as pumpkins, apples, honey, marmalades, potatoes, cheese, fish and bread. Vendors will offer decoration items, pottery, jewelry and flowers. There will be a thresher demonstration, old tractors and historical farmers tools. Children can get their faces painted and test their calligraphy and spinning skills. A petting zoo will show off geese, goats, chickens and rabbits.


• Kaiserslautern, Gartenschau, open through Oct. 31. Hours are 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tickets cost €7 for adults and €3 for children. Exhibitions: Farmers’ life in the early 20th century; Art Forum with 15 renowned artists presenting their works; new flower show “Chrysanthemum — Color Chart of Fall,” in flower hall, Saturday to Oct. 31. Pumpkin festival with thousands of pumpkins, decoration items in store, food specialties, through Oct. 31. Sunday: Worship service, 11 a.m. in willow church. Pumpkin weighing championship, 1 p.m. near entrance. For details, visit or call 0631-71007-0. • Kaiserslautern, Japanese Garden, Am Abendsberg 1, open through Oct. 31. For details, visit • Museum Pfalzgalerie, Kaiserslautern, exhibition of 50 oil paintings by Chinese artist Qiu Shihua, to Jan. 6. Hours are 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Tuesdays; 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Wednesdays to Sundays; Mondays closed. For details, visit • Kaiserslautern, Schillerplatz, intercultural week

features market of encounters with about 20 stands offering information, music, dancing, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday. • Weilerbach, village carnival, Saturday through Monday. Stores open 1 to 6 p.m. Sunday. • Otterbach, village carnival, Sunday. • Linden, village carnival, Saturday and Sunday. • Baalborn, village carnival, Saturday through Monday. • Martinshöhe, village carnival, Saturday through Monday. • Reuschbach, village carnival, Saturday through Tuesday. • Niederkirchen, village carnival, today to Monday. • Potzbach (near Winnweiler), village carnival, today to Monday. Kerwe parade is 2 p.m. Sunday. • Neuhemsbach, village carnival, today to Tuesday. • Zweibrücken, October fest in fest tent on Schlossplatz, today to Sunday. • Zweibrücken, Rosengarten, Fall Garden Market, 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. • Mainz-Marienborn, apple fest with bouncy castle, pony riding, apple picking, cooking, Saturday and Sunday. For details, visit • Alzey, vintners fest, today through Tuesday. • Edenkoben, big wine fest along southern wine street, today through Monday.

Flea markets Courtesy photo

Pumpkin weighing For the fourth year, pumpkin breeders and individuals can take part in the pumpkin weighing championship at 1 p.m. Sunday near the Kaiserslautern Gartenschau main entrance. First prize will be €1,000. For details, visit www.

• Kaiserslautern, Pfalzcenter (across from Daenner Kaserne), Saturdays. • Kaiserslautern, Opel parking lot, Portal 4, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday. • Ramstein, Autokino, 5 to 8 p.m. today. • Ramstein, Flurstrasse 4, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. today and Saturday. • Bad Dürkheim, Saline (salt-works), Saturday. • Heidelberg, Messeplatz, Saturday. For details, visit

September 21, 2012

Kaiserslautern American

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Kaiserslautern American

September 21, 2012

What is a pentathalon anyway?


n swimming, a pentathalon is a meet where swimmers compete in all four of their individual events (the freestyle, backstroke, butterfly and breaststroke) along with an individual medley, or IM. For each swimmer, the times for all events are totaled, and the swimmer with the fastest total time wins their age and gender group. The pentathalon is a physically demanding event, but it allows swimmers to compete in more than the usual number of races, which is three in a typical meet. For the Kaiserslautern Kingfish swim team, this meant yet another victory. On Sept. 15, 58 Kingfish swim team members traveled to SHAPE, Belgium, their first away meet of the season, to take on the SHAPE Seals, the NATO Marlins and the Rota Tiburones in the first of two pentathalons scheduled for this season. The Kingfish continued their winning streak with a 533-479-328-34 victory. Of the 12 individual pentathalon titles up for grabs, the Kingfish came away with five. Annika Zimmerer (6:00.18) and Elizabeth Gorske (3:53.55) swam away with victories in the 12 and under groups. Both swam 50-meter individual events and a 100-meter IM. Danielle Davis (8:06.69), Bobby Gaston (7:46.49) and Connor Davis (6:55.07) took honors in the 13 and over groups. They swam 100-meter individual events and a 200-meter IM. Connor Davis, 18, also left the pool with all five individual first place finishes in hand. Also of note was that the girls’ 11- and 12-year-old group. The Kingfish trio of Gorske, Penelope Washington and Nagisa Reed managed a 1-2-3 sweep of the top spots.

Modern Combatives Tournament

The Modern Combatives Tournament will be held at 10 a.m. Saturday at the Miesau Fitness Center. Registration and weigh-in take place from 8 to 9 a.m. A coaches meeting takes place at 9.

Age restrictions at fitness centers

The Ramstein Southside and Northside fitness centers as well as the Vogelweh Fitness Center remind customers of the age policy posted in the facilities. Anyone 16 years of age and older is allowed unrestricted use of the facility and equipment without being accompanied by a parent or guardian. Children 13 to 15 years old may use all cardiovascular equipment, weight equipment and group exercise rooms as long as there is interactive supervision from a parent or legal guardian, or qualified fitness or Youth Programs staff member. Other activity areas (basketball court, racquetball courts and running track) require parent or legal guardians at all times. For children 6 to 12 years old, all cardiovascular equipment, weight equipment and group exercise rooms are prohibited for use. Other activity areas (basketball court, racquetball courts and running track) require interactive supervision from an adult at all times. Children under 6 are not allowed in the facility with

Photo by Janet Quinones

Noah Craig, a member of the Kaiserslautern Kingfish swim team, swims the breaststroke Sept. 8 at the Ramstein Aquatic Center during a swim meet.

“We told the kids to go after it, and they did,” said meet coach Chip Bassett. “I was really happy about that.” Noah Craig, 13, and Alyssa Nelson, 10, certainly did go after it; both of them achieved five personal best times. Sam Bassett, 13, and Chloe Craig, 11, posted four personal bests. Forty additional swimmers ended the day with at least one personal best time. Swims of the meet included Preston Harrison’s 200-meter IM

at 3:23.19, which was a 24.78 second drop in his previous best time, and Gabby Managbanag’s 50.89 time in the 50-meter breastroke, which represented a 2.28 second drop. The Kingfish host their next meet Saturday at the Ramstein Aquatic Center. They will host teams from Lakenheath, Hohenfels, Wiesbaden, Heidelberg and the Eifel. (Courtesy of the Kaiserslautern Kingfish swim team)

the exception of those facilities providing a parent/ child area for supervised play and/or those children who are supervised spectators in a sport or special event.

and alcohol abuse at 10 a.m. Oct. 13 at the Special Events Center on Rhine Ordnance Barracks, Bldg. 237. Walkers, runners, families and pets are welcome. Register early at an Army dining facility (see for dates and times), or on the day of the event from 8:30 to 9:30 a.m. For more information, email Sandra.j.magill2. or call 486-6354/1710 or 06371-866254/1710.

Free lacrosse clinic

Visit the free youth lacrosse clinic for boys and girls from kindergarten through 12th grade from 9 a.m. to noon Saturday at TSG 1861 Kaiserslautern e. V., Hermann-Löns-Str. 25, 67663 Kaiserslautern. All nationalities are welcome (there will be German and English speaking coaches). No experience is necessary and no equipment is required. To sign up or for more information, email ktownlax@hotmail. com.

Baumholder-breast cancer run

The Breast Cancer Awareness Run will be held Oct. 12 at the Hall of Champions PFC in Baumholder. Registration takes place at 7:30 a.m. and start time is at 9. This event is free. Memorable T-shirts will be available for $5 each at the Mountaineer Fitness Center.

Red Ribbon Run

U.S. Army Garrison Kaiserslautern hosts a 5K Red Ribbon Run to support freedom from drug

Baumholder-run calendar

Oct. 12 — Breast Cancer Awareness Run Oct. 31 — Monster Mash Run Nov. 16 — Turkey Trot Dec. 7 — Jingle Bell Jog Registration starts at 7:30 a.m. and races begin at 9 (dates subject to change). For details, call 485-7176 or 06783-67176.

Indoor fall soccer clinics

Sign your child or youth up for SKIESUnlimited indoor fall soccer clinics, taught by professional soccer coaches. Clinics are held from September to December at the Special Events Center, Bldg. 237 on Rhine Ordnance Barracks. To enroll or for more information, call 493-4516/4122 or 0631-34064516/4122.

September 21, 2012

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Kaiserslautern American

September 21, 2012

NOW SHOWING Gateway Cineplex (Ramstein)

Resident Evil: Retribution (R) 11 a.m., 1:45 p.m., 4:30 p.m., 7:15 p.m., 10 p.m. Katy Perry: Part of Me (PG) 11 a.m., 1:30 p.m., 4 p.m., 6:30 p.m., 9 p.m. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (R) 11 a.m., 2 p.m., 5 p.m., 8 p.m. SATURDAY - Resident Evil: Retribution (R) 11 a.m., 1:45 p.m., 4:30 p.m., 7:15 p.m., 10 p.m. Katy Perry: Part of Me (PG) 11 a.m., 1:30 p.m., 4 p.m., 6:30 p.m., 9 p.m. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (R) 11 a.m., 2 p.m., 5 p.m., 8 p.m. SUNDAY Resident Evil: Retribution (R) 11 a.m., 2 p.m., 5 p.m., 8 p.m. Katy Perry: Part of Me (PG) 11 a.m., 1:45 p.m., 4:30 p.m., 7 p.m. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (R) 11 a.m., 2 p.m., 5 p.m., 8 p.m. MONDAY - Resident Evil: Retribution (R) 11 a.m., 2 p.m., 5 p.m., 8 p.m. Katy Perry: Part of Me (PG) 11 a.m., 1:45 p.m., 4:30 p.m., 7 p.m. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (R) 11 a.m., 2 p.m., 5 p.m., 8 p.m. TUESDAY - Resident Evil: Retribution (R) 11 a.m., 2 p.m., 5 p.m., 8 p.m. Katy Perry: Part of Me (PG) 11 a.m., 1:45 p.m., 4:30 p.m., 7 p.m. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (R) 11 a.m., 2 p.m., 5 p.m., 8 p.m. WEDNESDAY - Resident Evil: Retribution (R) 11 a.m., 2 p.m., 5 p.m., 8 p.m. Katy Perry: Part of Me (PG) 11 a.m., 1:45 p.m., 4:30 p.m., 7 p.m. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (R) 11 a.m., 2 p.m., 5 p.m., 8 p.m. THURSDAY - Resident Evil: Retribution (R) 11 a.m., 2 p.m., 5 p.m., 8 p.m. Katy Perry: Part of Me (PG) 11 a.m., 1:45 p.m., 4:30 p.m., 7 p.m. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (R) 11 a.m., 2 p.m., 5 p.m., 8 p.m. TODAY -

Next to Autobahn A6, Exit 13 (Landstuhl) Merkurstraße 9, 66877 Ramstein-Miesenbach 6THEATRES,THX,EXandallDigitalSoundSystems

FRI SEPT 21 - WED SEPT 26 In Digital 3D: Finding Nemo 3D (G)Fri 15:45, Sat & Sun 13:30, 15:45, Mon - Wed 16:00 In Digital 3D: Resident Evil Retribution (R)- Fri 18:15, 20:15, 22:30, Sat 18:00, 20:15, 22:30, Sun 18:00, 20:15, Mon Wed 18:30, 20:30 Brave (PG)- Sat & Sun 13:30 Ice Age 4: Continental Drift (PG) Sat & Sun 13:30 Ted (R)- Sat & Sun 18:00 The Dark Knight Rises (PG13)- Sat & Sun 14:30 The Bourne Legacy (PG13)- Fri 15:45, 17:30, 20:00, 22:30, Sat 15:30, 17:30, 20:00, 22:30, Sun 15:30, 17:30, 20:00, Mon - Wed 16:00, 18:00, 20:30 The Expendables 2 (R)- Fri 18:00, Sat 22:30, Sun 20:15, Mon 20:30 The Possession (PG13)- Fri 22:30, Sat & Sun 18:45 For Showtimes of Thur SEPT 27 call 06371937 037 or see

Galaxy Theater (Vogelweh) The Cold Light of Day (PG-13) 4 p.m. Tyler Perry’s Witness Protection (PG-13) 7 p.m. SATURDAY - Brave (PG) 4 p.m. Savages (R) 7 p.m. SUNDAY Tyler Perry’s Witness Protection (PG-13) 7 p.m. TODAY -

Editor’s note: Schedules and synopses are provided by the Army and Air Force Exchange Service. Movie times and dates are subject to change by the individual theaters. Please check with the theater to ensure accuracy.

At The Movies

Visit for details only hours to find them, he must uncover a government conspiracy and its connection to his father’s secrets. Starring Henry Cavill and Bruce Willis.

Resident Evil: Retribution (R) — Alice fights alongside a resistance movement in the continuing battle against the Umbrella Corporation and the undead. Starring Milla Jovovich and Michelle Rodriguez. Katy Perry: Part of Me (PG) — A really fun and engaging movie that celebrates every aspect of Katy’s life, including her relationship with fans. Starring Katy Perry and Shannon Woodward. The Cold Light of Day (PG-13) — While on vacation in Spain, a young Wall Street trader’s family is kidnapped. With

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (R) — “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” explores the secret life of our greatest president and the untold story that shaped our nation. Visionary filmmakers Tim Burton and Timur Bekmambetov (director of “Wanted”) bring a fresh and visceral voice to the bloodthirsty lore of the vampire, imagining Lincoln as history’s greatest hunter of the undead. Starring Benjamin Walker and Dominic Cooper.

Puzzle courtesy of

ACROSS 1 Move quickly 5 Campfire remains 10 Scent sensor 14 Between open and closed 15 Tilted 16 Curves 17 Bogart classic 19 Be abrupt 20 Become void 21 Lone 23 Cooking vessels 25 Put a new label on 26 Elite group 29 Shift 31 Sector 32 West of Hollywood 33 Bureau 36 Ottoman authority 37 Wakes up 39 Pirouette point 40 Almond confection 42 Expected 43 Lofty 44 Columbus, for one 46 Drag 47 Frozen expanse 48 Put away 50 Race winner of fable 52 Honshu hostess 56 Autumnal birthstone 57 Terror of the deep 59 Seeger of song 60 Shroud city 61 Expression 62 Prognosticator 63 Spread 64 Nimble DOWN 1 Small freshwater fish 2 Trojan War hero 3 Abrade 4 Tramp 5 “Bananas” director 6 Mermaid’s habitat 7 ___ Christian

Andersen 8 “More!” 9 Chess draw 10 Ashe contemporary 11 Decorative 12 Fright 13 Glimpse 18 Babysitter’s bane 22 English architect Jones 24 Con job 26 Muezzin’s call to prayer 27 Corporate identifier 28 Begin 30 Minds 32 Drivers 34 “Unforgettable” singer 35 Canine cry 37 Positive-thinking 38 Takes to court 41 Less severe 43 Believers 45 Abate 46 Cinematographer Nykvist 47 Pith helmet 49 “The ___ and the Ecstasy” 50 Best in the field 51 Nobleman 53 Dance bit 54 Mister, in Munich 55 Land forces 58 “Mamma ___!”

Solutions to the Sept. 14 puzzle

September 21, 2012

Kaiserslautern American

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AdvantiPro GmbH takes no responsibility or liability whatsoever for any of the products and services advertised in the Kaiserslautern American. Readers are responsible for checking the prices, qualifications, warranty and any other factor that might help you decide whether to do business with an individual or company advertising herein.

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Apt in K'town 65sqm 3rms BIK bath storage fully furn €370 + utl Perfect for 1-2pers. Avail 1 Oct 0631-73485

ted in Börsborn - 10 Minutes to Ramstein Airforce Base, 2 garages, German Kitchen, balcony €800 +49/0172-6998366

Apt in Mittelbrunn, Obernheimer Str. 12a 145qm livespace 1big livrm w/din area 2BR, like-new BIK, bath (2sinks, shower, WC), guest WC, storage / laundry rm, rec room, own lawn in front of house, quiet area €750+util Please call 06371-15468 or 0172!Nice Apt Landstuhl Kolping Str. 6856054 9 95sqm 2BR BIK stor bath fully furn €550 +utl Avail now 0178- Apt in Ramstein, Kurfuerstenstr. 12 b, 2 min to RAB, 80sqm, liv/din 1460633 or 0152-04650641 rm, 1BR, bik with washer & dryer & dishwasher, storage, terrace, parking, perfect for single person, no pets, € 740 (heatg. + water incl.), english spoken 06371 944654

Beautiful ground floor Apt 196sqm Kottweiler, 5km RAB, 34BR, BIK, liv / dinrm, 3bath, stor, basem, 2carport, €1500 incl. util (except elec) + 1mo dep. Please call between 6p.m. - 8p.m. 06385993737

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Building Your Dreams Is O Our Business

Big nice Apt. in a quiet Area, 3Bedrm., Liv-Dinrm., Bath, G.Toil, Pantr., BIK, Balc, AFN, DSL-Internet 130sqm, sml. Pets OK, no finders fee €550 063847067 or 01638150865 / michaelx-xbraun@ Cozy furn Apartment w/ bedroom loft 15 min to Ramstein. Tel 06371-60351 or 0176 234 04388

Looking for a home? Visit our website for success at or call us at 06385-99 38 70 or 0171-2 03 82 70

INVEEST IN YOUR R FUTUREE Usee your LQA to build or buy yoourr own home! • 110.5% financing, i llow interest i rates, NO DOWN PAYMENT Germany wide • Build your own home with a 5 year warranty • Architect and interior designer costs included • Home buying seminars available • Individual planning

Einsiedlerhof 98sqm, comb liv/ din, 2BR, BIK, full bath, stor, garden, E640 + util Avail now Call 0163-8431636 Hauptstuhl, nice apartment 3 bedr. Brand new BIK, full bath, guest WC, 111sqm for 680€ + utils. Avail. immediately. No pets. Call your realtor Kurt. 01709966359 / rodehorst@abaco-wein Hütschenhausen - nice modern 3 bedroom apartment for rent. Avail. now. Living room, balcony, BIK, full bathroom, guest WC, 115 sqm for 750€ + utils. DSL avail. American TV-programs. 4km to RAB. No pets. Call your realtor Kurt 0170-9966359 or email Kaiserslautern, Modern, designer apartment, downtown Ktown. 3bed, av. 15 Oct., €1100+ut. Call 0172/6855976 or Kl-Sembach apt 2BR, newly renov. 1livrm bik w/dishwasher, 1bath basement yard €460+util Tel. 06303-3389 Landstuhl - Melkerei, Pont-AMousson-Ring 126, Apt 105sqm, partly furnished 2BR, 1.5bath, BIK lrg liv/dinrm, 15sqm balc, sm pets neg, €630 +utl +1mo dep Avail now. 06371-916689 Landstuhl - Melkerei: Nice, big apt, 160sqm, 3BR/2,5BA, fireplace, floorheating, terrace, yard, garage € 1090.- + util (for single or couple only); no pets 06371/ 943315-16 www.GermaWild-Immo

KOR T r a n s p o r t

• We W help h l you with i h every step off the h way to make this an easy process • Over 100 homes built for the U.S. Military Community in Germany • Available to servicemembers, government civilians and contractors • References available • Solid, energy efficient construction • Tel: 06371 - 61 39 42 • Cell: 0171 - 218 09 62 • Fax: 06371 - 61 39 45

Landstuhl Melkerei. Totally renovated apartm 155 sqm, for rent. 5 min to hospital 10 min to RAB. 3 bedr, BIK, full bathr, guest toilete w shower, open kitchen and livroom, garden for 1100€ + utils. Realtor Kurt 01709966359 or email rodehorst@abaco-weinstras Landtuhl/Atzel: nice 2 bedrm. apartment, livingrm., diningrm., built-in-kit., 1 bath, balcony, Basement, 520,-- € +util www.agra-im 06371/57656 Large furnish. Studio Apt. in KLErfenb. Vogelweh 5mins; Sembach or Ramstein 15mins. Avail. now. Suit. for single. € 545.- or couple € 635.- incl. util.; except elect. Call: 06301-793400 Linden, 2BR, complete furn apt, open fire place winter garden 130sqm, patio, balc, nice view, €900, Immo T. 016096096498 Martinshöhe, 10 min to hospital, 160sqm, 4BM apartmt, balcony, patio, 2 garages, E830, Immo T. 016096096498 New 130sqm aptmt in Queidersbach, 2 bm, new open bik, floorheat, patio, E820, Immo T. 016096096498 New Designer Apartments/ Penthouses at Otterberg & Ktown! From 1200€ - 2100€. Call Erwin your Realtor for details! 017661204301 Nice apt. 3Bed, 1.5bath, livr, kit, furn, garage, 5min RAB, 135sqm, €930 + util, no finders fee, please call 06371-64521


3 men €50.-/hr incl. truck

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Joe Satellite The Original since 1992

Jim Jenet Tel: 0160 - 96 99 74 61

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Industriestr. 18 • 66862 Kindsbach

Installation & Service Stefan: 0176 2284 1995 Sky Joe: 0631 3431418 specialist FOR RENT: Big new House Bahnhofstr. 27, Rieschweiler

Brand new, High quality, 232 sqm, 3 Bedrooms, Studio, Living room, Dining room, , built-in-kitchen, 3 ½ Baths, Floor heating, Terrace, Garage, Storage rooms, yard, Beautiful view, mtl. rent € 1700,-- + utility,

Call 0172-689-9000

Downtown K-Town

BUYING A HOME IN GERMANY? Feel free to call me any time, to find out about: • Owning a home in Germany • Financing options • Notary/Closing procedures Friedrichstr. 7 • Kaiserslautern Tel: 0049 631-41 41 06 10

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Kaiserslautern American

A Christian fellowship that gathers to study God’s word verse by verse so we can know, glorify and serve Christ.

Teaching the village, reaching the world!

We meet Sundays at 11 a.m. For more info call 06371-616793 or visit our website Industriestr. 50 66862 Kindsbach

Kaiserslautern Church of Christ Mßhlstrasse 34 • 67659 Kaiserslautern Schedule of Services Sundays


Bible Classes (all ages) 10:00 a.m. Worship 11:00 a.m. & 6:00 p.m. Devo. & Bible Study 7:00 p.m.

Contact Information

Tel. 06 31 - 36 18 59 92 Web: • E-mail: Herb Doyle 0 63 71 - 46 75 16 • John Phillis 01 60 - 6 42 79 95 “The churches of Christ salute you.â€? - Romans 16:16

Air Force and Army Chapel Schedule Protestant Services t %BFOOFS $IBQFM Saturday Seventh-Day Adventist Sabbath School 9:30 a.m. Worship service 11 a.m. Sunday Protestant Worship and Kids’ Church10:00 a.m. POC USAG-K Chaplains Office 493-4098, Civ. 0631-3406-4098, BLDG 3150 t -BOETUVIM $IBQFM Sunday Protestant Worship and Kids’ Church 11:00 a.m. POC USAG-K Chaplains Office 493-4098, Civ 0631-3406-4098 t 3BNTUFJO /PSUI $IBQFM (480-6148) Contemporary Service, 11:00 a.m. Sunday t 3BNTUFJO 4PVUI $IBQFM (480-5753) Liturgical, 9 a.m. Sunday Traditional Service, 11:00 a.m. Sunday t 7PHFMXFI $IBQFM (489-6859) Gospel Service, 11:00 a.m. Sunday Protestant Education Classes are available for all ages at Vogelweh, Ramstein, Landstuhl and Daenner, For more information, call 480-2499 or 489-6743.

t 3BNTUFJO /PSUI $IBQFM (480-6148) Sunday Mass, 9:00 a.m. and 5 p.m. Confessions, 4 to 4:45 p.m. Sunday Daily Mass, 11:30 a.m. Mon through Fri t 7PHFMXFI $IBQFM (489-6859) Confessions, 4 to 4:45 p.m. Saturday Mass, 5 p.m. Saturday t %BFOOFS $IBQFM Sunday Confessions 11:45 a.m. Sunday Mass 12:30 p.m. Daily Mass 11:45 a.m. Tue – Fri POC USAG-K Chaplains Office 493-4098, Civ 0631-3406-4098

All ads & pics can be viewed @

Nice furn quiet Apt, 100%, 60sqm, AFN, garden, carport, near forest, â‚Ź540 + elec. 06308-1346 Oberarnbach, 180sqm apt, 4BR, 2bath, â‚Ź1400, Immo T. 016096096498 Otterberg, completely newly renovated apartment, 180 sqm, 5 bed, 2 bath, designer BIK, balcony, â‚Ź1220+ut. Call 0172/ 6855976 or Queidersbach, new renovated 2bm apartmt, 120sq, 21st floor, patio, E980 all incl, Immo T. 016096096498 Ramstein Apt in 3 FH, 2BR, liv/ din area, bik, 100 sqm, garage possible, bath, balcony, laundryrm in basement Call 01726800432 Ramstein: 3bm aprtment, 1,5 baths, patio, yard, no pets! E 580, ImmoT. 016096096498

St. Alban's Military Community

Episcopal Services HOLY EUCHARIST Sundays 10:30

Kapaun Chapel For more information please

call 480-6148 or 06372-3163

Ramstein nice renovated apt 3BR, Bath, guest WC, BIK, big livrm, ca 104sqm w/balkony â‚Ź670+util Tel. 06303-983078 or Rodenbach efficiency Apt ideal for singl. pers sep entr, 295â‚Ź all incl. exc electr. Full furn, At least one year contract. 06301-9797 or 0179-9552506 Siegelbach, nice 2bm aptmt, 1,5 baths, balcony, E800 all incl., Immo T. 016096096498. Spesbach: 2 bedrm. apartment, living-diningrm., built-in-kit., pantry, 1 bath, basement, 585,-- â‚Ź +util 06371/57656 Steinwenden, modern 3 bedroom apt, nice view, 105 sqm, 1.5 bath, kitchen, living-dinigrm., balcony, garage call: 01608560667 Two very nice completely new apartments, 104-114 sqm, balcony/terrace, big bathrooms, kitchen, ventilation System, low energy house, in Glan-MĂźnchweiler for rent, 650-700 Euro + util, 016093020424 Weselberg: nice 3BM 1st floor apartmt, carport, E1100 all included, Immo T. 016096096498 Winnweiler near Sembach, 8 rooms, 2 bathrooms, fitted kitchen, winter garden, balcony, garage, garden, â‚Ź1300 06302-2033, 06302-609447

KMC Assembly of God Church

Reverend Chuck Kackley Phone: 06333-9931838 Cell: 0171-6574322

Services are held at Kaiserstrasse 16 A, Einsiedlerhof WORSHIP HOURS: Sunday 10 a.m., Wednesday 7 p.m. Family Night

t -BOETUVIM $IBQFM Sunday Mass 9 a.m. Daily Mass noon Mon – Fri POC USAG-K Chaplains Office 493-4098, Civ 0631-3406-4098

Islamic Services t 3BNTUFJO 4PVUI $IBQFM .PTRVF (480-5753), Jumu’ah Prayer, 1:30 p.m. For Religious Education and Daily Prayers check Prayer Schedule

Sunday Worship Gatherings at 9 & 11 a.m.

Orthodox Christian Confession by appointment Divine Liturgy - Kapaun Chapel Sun, 9:00 a.m. For more information call: 489-2496

Youth Group

Middle School Youth Group, "Plugged-In" for Landstuhl, Kaiserslautern and Sembach meets on Sundays from 2 to 4 p.m. at the Pulaski Religious Youth Center. High School Youth Group, "The Rock" meets on Sundays from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Pulaski Religious Youth Center. Dinner for Students and their Families, Jewish Religious Services "CafĂŠ" meets on Sundays from from 430 to 530 t 3BNTUFJO 4PVUI $IBQFM 4ZOBHPHVF (480-5753), p.m. at the Pulaski Religious Youth Center. Shabbat Evening Service, For details and other events, call Anthony Amor Friday, 7 p.m. at 0151-2411-2619 or visit

Catholic Services


September 21, 2012

Denominational Services

Episcopal (St. Albans) ,BQBVO $IBQFM Sun, 10:30 a.m. Korean Service 4PVUI $IBQFM Sun, 1 p.m. Unitarian Universalist Service ,BQBVO $IBQFM 2nd & 4th Sun, 1.30 p.m. (Sep through May) Wiccan /PSUI $IBQFM $POGFSFODF 3PPN 1st & 3rd Sat, 7 p.m. Confessional Lutheran (WELS) 4PVUI $IBQFM 2nd & 4th Sun, 4 p.m.

Keeping it real, relational and relevant

August-SĂźssdorf Strasse 8 Ramstein-Miesenbach 06371- 407 808


Sunday School 9:30 AM – Nursery Available Sundays: Corporate Worship 10:45 AM Weekdays: Men’s, Women’s and Small Group Bible Studies / Prayer Meetings Kirchenstrasse 2a, 66849 Landstuhl, Tel: 0 63 71 - 61 81 38 (across the street from European Country Living)

HOUSES FOR RENT All ads & pics can be viewed @

! ! ! 360sqm Luxury small Castle Rent Obernheim-Kirchenarnbach (Landstuhl school) 7BR 4bath 2liv/ din sauna 938sqm lot 2300â‚Ź +utl avail Oct 0157/74285394 housing appr !! Landstuhl, FSH, 320sqm, 6 BDR, 4 baths, garage, rent â‚Ź 2100, ZIAI Immobilien 06371 57888 !!Landstuhl 6 177m² 1300.- CR Duplex, 4BR, Terr, 2,5BA, Basement, Garden, Garage, Available to 15. Oct, Pets RE/MAX Real Estate Center, KL, Kerim Abane, Tel. 0631/4140888-0, realestate 15min Ramstein, FSH, 150 sqm, 4 BDR, 2 baths, garage rent â‚Ź 1005 ZIAI Immobilien 06371 57888 1Fam House Imsbach, ca. 20min KL, 4BR, livrm, dinrm, kitchen, 1full bath + ž shwr bath, balc, lrg garden, dbl garage, 850â‚Ź Ph. 089-528244 (until 10pm) 2 min Ramstein, FSH 270 sqm, 6 BDR, 3 baths, double garage, rent 2300, ZIAI Immobilien 06371 57888 270sqm semi detached house near Kusel, big garage and parking in front of house, enclosed courtyard with toolshed, 56sqm livingroom, 5 BR, 2 kitchen, 2 bathroom, big party-fitnes-granny room, 1400â‚Ź+ utl. 0172/6451128 30 Min. to RAB Duplex in Rieschweiler-M. higher standard, terrace, 2Balc, studio, bik, Sauna, basem finished into Partyroom w/ kitchen, electr. blinds, 2fireplace, wooden floors & tiles, Garden, Double garage. â‚Ź1400 + util Tel.: 0177-7832625 67753 Rothselberg, 1 occupation, Low energy house with heat pump and ventilation system, triple glazed wood-aluminum windows, (passive house suitable), 200sqm, open kitchen, liv/dinrm, storagerm, laundryrm, 4BR, 2bath, guest toil, garage w/ storagerm, lrg terrace with small garden, 06304-4160050 or 06304377 8 min. RAB: FSH, 5 bedr., 2 bath, garage, â‚Ź 1.310,--+ util., Landstuhl: FSH, 6-7 bedr., 3 bath, garage, â‚Ź 1.790,-- + util. I.B.u.Immobilienservice Thomas SouriĂ&#x;eaux 06374 995694 Big Home Kt Sch, 3 Bd, 2BH + up apt good for family, yard garage BIK. 5$067(,1

&+85&+ 2) &+5,67



In Christ we have victory for every challenge we face!

Landstuhl Christian Bookstore

Kaiserstr. 66 • 06371-62988 Mon–Fri 10–6, Sat 9–2 (new)

September 21, 2012

HOUSES FOR RENT All ads & pics can be viewed @

Airbase: 15 min. Waldmohr: 270 sqm brand new, house, 5 br, floorh, loft, gar E 2040,-; Wallhalben: 4 br house, gar, yard E1290,; Herschberg: freest new house, 2 br + open kitchen, floorh, storage, gar, yard E1250,- ; JR Realty - reduced fee - ph: 0170-3159692 or Beautiful freestanding house, exclusive, 4 bedr, built-in kitchen, 2 baths, 200 sqm, fireplace, garage, basement, yard, terrace, 20min to Vogelweh, 20min Ramstein, 15min Landstuhl, Avail now. Rent 1430â‚Ź + Util Tel. 0160-7232065 Beautiful house in Landstuhl Center, 120sqm, 2BR, lrg bath, nice BIK w/ din area, liv rm, big terr â‚Ź750, av Oct, call 06372-1586 lv msg Brand new freestanding house, in RAB school, 330 sqm., 7 bedrms., 3 baths., b.i.k., floor-heating, garage 2.500 â‚Źuro +util Anne S. Neumann Immobilien4you tel: 06372-803641 or 0173-8317162

Kaiserslautern American BruchmĂźhlbach: Freest. House, 4BR/2BA, open-fire-place, big yard, terrace, balcony, garage, â‚Ź 1.430,- + util, 06371/943311-16 Comfortable renovated old farmhouse, Dorfstr. 16, 66424 Homburg/Altbreitenfelderhof near Waldmohr 5min, 7rms BIK liv rm din rm 2bath 2balc terrace basement yard parking. â‚Ź1100 + utl 0163-3505337 or MGBernd@ Cosy nice 2+ bedroom-house, 1 1/2 bath, carport, nice yard, bik, basement, close to K´town, avaib. now, â‚Ź990 Realastate Bauerfeld, 01736718435, Duplex 20min to RAB, 155sqm bik din/liv rm 4BR office bath WC 3cellar rms gas&wood centr heat balcony w/BBQ garage carpk â‚Ź1000 + utl 0177-8412048 Duplex MĂźnchweiler, Gonbacherstr. 2, 180sqm, 4BR BIK, full bath, shower bath guest wc, granite flrs, floor heat, terr sm garden garage, â‚Ź1250 +util +2mo dep avail 1 Oct Call 06302-609169 or 0174-3135287 Queidersbach, house, 4rms BIK bath balc â‚Ź490+utl 06371-16904

Horbach, 3BR, renovated house, patio, â‚Ź900, Immo T. 016096096498

High Life


Duplex-Half 260 m² in Geiselberg, 20 km to K'lautern, Vogelweh school, 5 BR, 2 Bath, 2 BIK, Liv/Din-Room, Sauna, 2 Garages, Small yard, Pets allowed, Rent: 1800 Euro + util., Avail: Now. For more info please contact GI Bill Pay Service & Real Estate Tel.: 06371-465407 or 0160-1065196, Email:

Page 29 Fockenberg - Limbach: (RSschool district) freest. House, 285sqm, 5BR/3BA, balcony, terrace, yard, carport â‚Ź 2100.- + util 06371/943315-16 www.Germa

FSH 150 m², 20 km to Sembach, 20 km to K'Lautern, Sembach school, 3 BR, 2 Bath, BIK, Liv/DinRoom, Basement, Garage, Yard, Pets welcome, Rent: 1180 Euro + 30 Euro garage + util., Avail: Now. For more info please contact GI Bill Pay Service & Real Estate Tel.: 06371-465407 or 01601065196, Email: ramstein@gibill

Freest. house, Schmalenberg, renov, 200sqm, 15min Kl / Vogelw 5br, lrg liv-dinrm, new bik, 2bath furn, 3cellar rms, lrg balc, carport, â‚Ź1300 +util 0172Erfenbach, 5 min to Vogelweh, ni- SAT-TV, ce renovated house, 130 sqm, 4 6836244 BDR, 2baths, 2 garages, rent 900 Freestanding house, in RAB Glan - MĂźnchweiler, Ramstein â‚Ź, ZIAI Immobilien 06371 57888 school, 270sqm., 5 bedrms., b.i.k, School, house. 180 sqm, 4bed, 2 Eulenbis, Brunnenweg 6, studio, 3 baths., yard, dress.rm, garage, ½ bath newly renovated. Full babdrm, liv-dnrm, BIK, balc, 1.5 2.300 â‚Źuro +util Anne S. Neu- sement for storage, 2 car garage. baths, pantry, storage, 90sqm, mann Immobilien4you Tel: 06372- Nice yard. â‚Ź1275+ut. Call 0172/ 6855976 or incl. util, extra elec, beautiful view, 803641 or 0173-8317162 floor heat, 15 min from RAB, no realtor fee Rent â‚Ź650 Call: 0637150549 Exclusive Duplex in GlanMĂźnchweiler for rent & also for sale if interested. 320sqm View 5BR 2baths liv rm din rm BIK TV rm terrace 2balc cellar rms. â‚Ź1740 + utl Av 15Oct Tel. 0151-11598496 or 06372-8031920 or 0171-9377846 House 100sqm 4rms BruchmĂźhlbach Friedhof Str. 7, (ring Friedhofstr. 5 - LLs House) BIK bath garage â‚Ź485 +util 06372-4563

Restaurant Dino Family Ammirati

New Operating Hours:

Tuesday – Saturday 17 – 22 h Sunday 11 – 14 h & 17 - 22 h Monday closed PARTY ROOM Air conditioned rooms! Lunch Parties upon reservation welcome! XXX SFTUBVSBOU EJOP DPN OP DPN )PIFOFDLFO PO # t 5&- t 5&- HOURS: Tue – Sat 17–22 2 h; Sun 11–14 h & 17-22 h; (Monday Closed)

For the past 18 years one of the most popular places for Americans Your home away from home! Conversation, good music, dance and fun!

The best Pizza & Salads in the KMC area


PLAYGROUND Patio available available for kids. Mon-Fri

SPECIAL LUNCH w. salad & bread Spaghetti with meat sauce or Lasagne â‚Ź 6.-

Richard-Wagner-Str. 1 (across from Karstadt)

Wed — Mon: 10 p.m. — 5 a.m. Fri — Sat: 10 p.m. — 8 a.m. Tuesdays closed

Tel.: 06 31 - 618 25




Dancing over 30

FRIDAY’S HAPPY 24H:0O0Uh R 21:00 – ₏ 2,- OPEN DRINKS

FRIDAYS & SATURDAYS Martin-Luther-Str. 8 | K-Town

Am Fleischackerloch 66849 Landstuhl (across from Kaufland)

Opening hours: Mon-Fri 11:00 - 15:00 17:00 - 24:00 Sat & Sun 11:00 - 24:00

$ 1 = 0,80 â‚Ź

Parking available

Brauhaus am Markt Stiftsplatz l t 2-3 2 3 ¡ Kaiserslautern K i l t • b h ept We acc rs! l la US Do

WE OFFER THE BEST RATES! The only brewery in K-Town auskl Home brewed beer /brauh m o .c k o facebo Next to the famous Stiftskirche (12th century)

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All ads & pics can be viewed @





NEED TIRES? Contact us today, we speak English!

Tel: 06305-7154101 Mon-Fri 08:00-12:00, 13:00-17:00 , Sat 09:00-12:00

Ahrens Agency

FSH 160 m², 8 km to Landstuhl, 12 km to RAB, 4 BR, 2 Bath, BIK, Liv/Din, Basement, Garage, Patio, Pets allowed, Rent: 830 Euro + util., Avail: Now. For more info please contact GI Bill Pay Service & Real Estate Tel.: 06371-465407 or 0160-1065196, Email: FSH 163 m² near Wolfstein, 25 km to RAB & K'L, 4 BR, 2.5 Bath, BIK, Liv/Din-Room, Basement, 1 Garage, Yard, Rent: 1,200.00 EUR incl. util. except electric. Avail: July 15, 2012. For more info please contact GI Bill Pay Service & Real Estate, 06371-465407 or 0160-1065196, e-mail: ramstein@ FSH in Sembach 190 m², 5 BR, 2.5 Bath, BIK, Family-Room w. kitchen and fireplace, Patio, Yard, Double-Garage, Gas heating, Rent: 1300 Euro + util., Avail.: Now. For more info please call: GI Bill Pay Service & Real Estate, Tel.: 06371-465407 or 01601065196, E-mail: ramstein@gibill Haupersweiler: Beautiful, completely renovated country house. 261sqm, 6 bedrooms, 2baths, office, new BIK, living room, dining room, balkony, basement, terrace, garage, 2 parking spaces. 25min to RAB, 15min to Baumholder. €1500 +utilities. No fee! Call 06373-829148 Hochspeyer, wonderful half -timbered house, renovated in 2012, 240sqm, 7 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, 1 living-room, 1 diningroom, basement, attic, loggia, yard; 1900€ + util.; available now +49 17664628664 House 67735 Mehlbach, Haupt Str. 107, 138sqm, 4BR, liv/dinrm, BIK, new washer/dryer, 2bath, basem, attic, garage, 2balc, sm garden, 950€ +util +1mnth dep, one month free rent. 0172-6903147 House Landstuhl 3BR 163sqm liv/ din area 2baths BIK yard c-port €1000 +util 0631-79459 Oberarnbach, FSH, 5 min to LRMC, 3BR, patio, pets ok, €900, Immo T. 016096096498

September 21, 2012 House, near Altenglan, 5rms, 2bathrm, lrg BIK, balc, small garden, €900, Avail 1 Sept, 01713349183 Kaiserslautern, 5min to downtown, nice house, 270 sqm, 7 BDR, 3 baths, floorheat., fireplace, garage, yard, rent 1850 € ZIAI Immobilien 06371-57888 Kaiserslautern-City: FSH, 4 bedr., 2 living rooms, 2 kitchens, dining, 3 garages, basement, can also be used as 2 apartments, € 1.450,--+ util. I.B.u.Immobilienservice Thomas Sourißeaux 06374 995694 Kaiserslautern - Erlenbach row house, 4BR, liv/dinrm, kitchen, laundry, storage, 2bathrms, terrace, garden, avail now, €1040 incl garage 0178-8950274 Kottweiler - Schwanden (Ramstein school): very nice House, 200qm Living space, BIK, 3BR/ 2,5BA, Hobbyroom, Basement, Terrace, Garden Garage. Rent 1500€ call Kryspina at RE/MAX Real Estate Center 0631/ 41408880 or 0176/61265403 Landstuhl - City (close to hospital): row middle house, 136sqm, 4BR/1,5BA, terrace, small yard, garage, perfect for single or couple, no pets, € 1020.- + util 06371/ 943315-16 www.GermaWild-Immo Landstuhl: City house w. 190 sqm livingspace, living-diningroom, b.i.k, 4 bedrooms, 1,5 bathrooms, garage, carport a. balcony, KD Baubetreuung €1280 06371-619033 / Landstuhl: freestanding 3 bedr., 1 ½ bath, living-diningm, built-inkit., patio, yard, garage, 950,-- + util, 06371/57656 Large new luxury House 250sqm+, outdoor pool. In Trippstadt. Call: 06306-701421 / 017670322816 Miesau, nice house, duplex, near to base and hospital, ca. 230sqm, 6Bedr., 2Bathr., Livr., Dinr., storage, laundry, sunroom, patio, garden garage, available 01.Oct. mthl. rent 1.680 € + util, or 06374-915430

Call us now: 0 63 71 - 70 182

uttiion Allll--iin--oone--ssollu

Bodywork / Paintjobs

Repairs of all makes and models

Towing Service Muffler Service A/C Service Tire Service Tune ups

Break Service Detailing Rental Cars / Trucks

Opening Open Op enin en in ng ho hour hours: urs: urs: ur s: Mo-Fri: 8:00-18:00 Mo-F Mo -FFri -Fri ri:: 8: 8:00 00-1 00 -18: -1 8 00 8: Carl-Zeiss-Str. 7 66877 Ramstein Email: Reichswaldstr. 1c 66877 Ramstein

06371 - 61 41 55

KMC Center Ramstein

06371 - 80 205 20

» 24-hour Service Harley Davidson Motorcycles for rent, different models. Need motorcycles for driving test? Ask for special offers!

Miesenbach: freestanding 4-5 bed., 3 ½ bath, living-diningrm, built-in-kit., patio, yard, 2 car garage, sauna, 2.500,-- + util 06371/ 57656 Miesenbach: Super one family home 300qm living space 5BR/ 3BA, sauna, double garage, nice garden. No pets. Price € 2500 RE/ MAX Dreamhomes 4 U ask for Sonja Gray 06371/6129262 or 0160/ 3807277 Sonjagray@ Mittelbrunn, 4 km to Landstuhl LRMC, house, 5 bed, 2200sqf. €1200+ut. Call 0172/6855976 or Modern, new Ramstein House, 4 BR, 2.5 baths, nice bik, liv/din rm, fire place oven, storage, patio, balcony, garage, €1,150. Great Waldmohr House, 4 BR, 2.5 bath, bik, large liv/din rm ideal for huge furniture pieces, nice patio, balcony, great storage, double garage, €1,400. New modern Hütschenhausen House, 5 BR, 2.5 baths, liv/din rm, great bik, walk in closets, family room, storage, garage, yard, €2,040. Large French Chalet type house in Bruchmühlbach, 4 BR, 2.5 baths, large bik, liv rm, din rm, fire place rm, lots of storage, double carport, nice yard, €1,935. New modern Bruchmühlbach House, 4 BR, 2.5 baths, nice bik, liv/din rm, garage, storage, nice yard, 1,280. Largely reduced fees, call 0162-4131-878 or 06372-3211. New house, big Garden with Pond & fishes, 3 BR, 1 Bath w/ shower+tube, guest-WC, Office, BLK-dishw, liv/dinrm, balconydouble, garage-Sat-DSL, Storage, Terr, 180 Sqm, 1200+util, The House is in 67700 Niederkirchen, Sonnenstraße 16, The Homecompany Petra Jung Tel: 06385/ 993870 Handy: 0171-2038270 Nice Duplex-Half 205 m² in Mackenbach, 4 BR, BIK, 2.5 Bath, Liv/Din-Room, Patio, Yard, 2 Garages, No pets, Rent: 1600 Euro + util., Avail.: October 15, 2012. For more info please call: GI Bill Pay Service & Real Estate, Tel.: 06371465407 or 0160-1065196, E-mail:

September 21, 2012

HOUSES FOR RENT All ads & pics can be viewed @

Nice FSH 130 m², 20 min to RAB, Access to A62 1 km, 3 BR, 1 Bath, BIK, Liv/Din-Room, DoubleCarport, Yard, Pets negotiable, Rent: 950 Euro + carport + util., Avail: Now. For more info please contact GI Bill Pay Service & Real Estate Tel.: 06371-465407 or 0160-1065196, Email: ramstein@gi Nice FSH 240 m² built 2011 in Siegelbach, 4 BR, 2.5 Bath, BIK, Liv/Din-Room, Gas-Floor-Heating, Garage, No pets, Rent: 1920 Euro + util., Avail: October 5, 2012. For more info please call: GI Bill Pay Service & Real Estate, Tel.: 06371-465407 or 01601065196, E-mail:ramstein@gibill Nice House with 3 Bedrm., Livrm., Big Kitchen BIK, Bath, GToil., 2Balcony, 2Garagen, Big Yard, sm. Pets ok, DSL, AFN, No finders fee. â‚Ź750 063847067 or 01638150865 / michaelx-xbraun@ No fee House, RAB school, 193sqm., 3 bedrms., 2 baths., attic, laundry room, carport 1.380 â‚Źuro +util Anne S. Neumann Immobilien4you Tel: 06372803641 or 0173-8317162 No Fee House, RAB school, 280sqm., 5 bedrms., +studio, 3 baths., b.i.k., yard, garage, 1.870 â‚Źuro +util Anne S. Neumann Immobilien4you Tel: 06372803641 or 0173-8317162 Obermohr: freestanding, 4 bedr., 3 ½ bath, livingrm., diningm, builtin-kit., basement, patio, yard, garage, 1.640,-- + util, www.agra-im 06371/57656



Kaiserstr. 6, KL-Einsiedlerhof Tel. & Fax: 0631 • 57750

located on B40 across �Nick’s Fried Chicken“

Kaiserslautern American No Fee House, Schwedelbach, freestanding house, 170sqm., 4 bedrms., b.i.k., 2 baths., yard, garage, 1.310 â‚Źuro +util Anne S. Neumann Immobilien4you Tel: 06372-803641 or 0173-8317162

Spacious house Rutsweiler 25 min to RAB, newly remodeled, app. 150 sqm, 5BR, laundryrm, BIK, 2.5 baths, Liv/Din rm, terRamstein: frees. 4 bedroom hou- race, balcony, housing approved, se, b.i.k., living-diningroom, ba- â‚Ź900 + util. Call 01774517400 or throom, basement, carport a. 06381-40521 anytime Ramstein, nice house, 250 sqm, 5 BDR, 3 baths, fireplace, garage, rent 1860 â‚Ź, ZIAI Immobilien 06371 57888

Obernheim, 7 min to Landstuhl hospital, 5 bm free-stand house, yard, KD Baubetreuung â‚Ź1050 / kd2 baths, garage, yard, E 1100, Im- 06371-619033 mo T. 016096096498 Ramstein: town end house 4 Queidersbach: brand new du- bed., 2 ½ bath, living-diningrm, plex, 2 bedr., 2 ½ bath, living-di- built-in-kit., patio, yard, garage, ningrm., built-in-kit., patio, yard, 1380,-- + util www.agra-immobili garage, 1600,-- + util www.AGRA- 06371/57656 06371/57656 Rieschweiler, about 25 min. to Ramstein - Miesenbach, nice Ramstein / Landstuhl, brand new freest. house, 253 m², 5 bedr, 2 big 4+ bedrm-house, 3 bath, 2kitchens, 2 liv rooms, 1 dining car-garage in the house, bik, room, 1 office, 2 baths, 2 gara- yard, Raaltor â‚Ź1760 Realtor Bauerges, basement. Rent â‚Ź 1.845.--, feld, 0173 67 18 435, Im available now. Please contact: Deitrick Immo-Real Estate 0171Schrollbach (near Ramstein): 1943717 Ramstein - Obermohr, nice FSH, ca. 200sqm, 4Bedr., 2,5Bathr., Livr., Dinr., storage, laundry, patio, garden garage available now, mthl. rent 1.500 â‚Ź + util, or 06374-915430 Ramstein - School: House with 250sqm, 4-5BR/2BA, 2 seperate toilets, open fireplace, 2 built-in kitchens, 2 car garage, â‚Ź 1560.- + util 06371/943314-16 www.Germa

brandnew freest. house w. 270 sqm, big living-dining room a. open kitchen, 3 bedrooms, studio, 2,5 bathrooms, double garage, big yard, KD Baubetreuung â‚Ź2300 06371-619033 /

Schrollbach: duplex, 6 bedr., 2 ½ bath, living-diningrm., built-in-kit., patio, yard, garage, 1400,-- + util 06371/ 57656

Trippstadt / Langensohl!!!!! Nice house in a quiet area, 250sqm, 5BR, liv/dinrm, open kitchen, Ramstein 15 min, brand new 2,5bathrm, garage, 3officerm, FSH, 180sqm, 5 BDR, 2 baths, yard with pool $1850, 0637113276 floorheating, rent 1500 â‚Ź, ZIAI Immobilien 06371 57888

Ramstein City, freestanding house, 4 bedrms., 3 baths., open-fireplace, yard, office garage 1.840 â‚Źuro +util Anne s. Neumann Immobilien4you Tel: 06372803641 or 0173-8317162

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For info pls. call 06371-57888


Open: Mon – Fri 9:00 am – 5:00 p.m. KL-Einsiedlerhof Im Haderwald 7(next to Car Wash & McDonald’s)

Phone: 0631-98343

Weilerbach: Big row end house, 245sqm, 5BR/2,5BA, terrace, yard, carport, â‚Ź1790.- + util 06371/943315-16 www.Germa

Weilerbach: New renov house with a nice view, like 250sqm, 5BR/4BA, open-fire-place, 2 balSun-filled duplex - house in conies, garage, yard ₏ 2.100,- + SchÜnenberg - Kßbelberg: South util 06371/943311-16 www.Germa side, central location. Dead-end street. 204 sqm, 3 BR, gallery, 2 Weselberg, 10 min to Landstuhl, bath, tiled + wooden flrs, flr heat, feest. House, 107 sqm, terrace, gasheat, 2 terr. Property. size 554 Garage, kitchen, 1,5 bath, 2 besqm. Kindergarten next door, 200 drooms, living – dining room, geom to bus-station Ramstein thermal heating. Mobil: 0173school, 15 min to RAB. 3 km to 7818037 Lake Ohmbach. You live in neighbourhood w/ pleasant German & HOUSES / APTS American families. The house is FOR SALE avail Sept 21st. ₏1500 0151All ads & pics can be viewed @ 17422996

Weilerbach 254 Sqm/4bdrm/ 4bath, total renovated, sun rm, firepl, garage. â‚Ź1900 01624747120, more pics go:

!!! HĂśheinĂśd!!! Great one family home 3BR, large kitchen, garage, garden. Ready to move in. Price â‚Ź 235 000 RE/MAX Dreamhomes 4 U ask for Sonja Gray 06371/ 6129262 or 0160/ 3807277 Weilerbach, brand new big free- standing house with 4+ bedrooms, 3 bath, 2-car-garage in the house, yard, built-in-kitchen, avaib. Oct. 2012, no pets please, â‚Ź 2.350,--, Realator Bauerfeld 0173 6718435 Immo.Bauerfeld@tt %JBHOPTUJD &OHJOF 4FSWJDF t .VĂľFS 3FQBJS t 5VOF 6QT t /FX .VĂľFS t #SBLFT t $BS 8FMEJOH t $MVUDIFT t 4IPDLT Used cars WANTED We Do It All 'PS 64 4QFD t "TJBO t &VSPQFBO $BST All makes and models, all specs, OPENING HOURS also damaged. We pay cash

Theo’s Car Repair & Muffler Service Center

and do all customs paperwork. Aldor Automobile. Heidelberg Fair prices • Call any time

06221 - 3267304

0176 - 63707854



PHONE: 0631 91527

Car Insurance & POV Shipping s Competitive Rates s Low Monthly Payment Plan s Household Content Insurance

Call for a free quote!

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Kaiserslautern American

East of Kaiserslautern.: large Bungalow with extra apt. About 300 m² total living space, 5 bedr, living, great kitchen, 2 ½ great reAll ads & pics can be viewed @ modelled bathr, 2 car garage, Very quiet location € 299.000,--, RE/MAX Dreamhomes 4 U, LandAltenglan (Ramstein - School): stuhl, Kaiserstr. 4, 06371/ Freest. House with a big yard and 6129262 or 0170 685 0060, email a wonderful view, 170sqm, 5BR/ 2BA, open-fire-place, 2 garages, carport, 239.000€ or to rent 1.350€ + util 06371/943311-16 Hauptstuhl: Great house, 4 Bedr, 2 bathr., Kitchen, livingr, basement, small apt in extra House, 3 Garages Gardenhouse/partyr € Beautiful Freestanding House in 259.000,-- RE/MAX Dreamhomes Kaiserslautern Einsiedlerhof, built 4 U, Landstuhl, Kaiserstr. 4, 2005, living/ dining room, 5 be- 06371/6129262 or 0170 685 0060 droom, BIK, 2 Bathroom, guest email wolfgang.wiedmann@re toilete , Hobby room, Patio, gara- ge, nice garden, floor heating, solar energy, 270spm liv. space. Price: 410000€ RE/MAX Real Estate Kindsbach: nice duplex with gaCenter Kaiserslautern, Call Mi- rage built 2006, 145sqm, 4bm, 2 chaela: 0631 41 40 8880 or baths, E200000, ImmoT. 0176105 15 807 016096096498


Kaiserslautern Espensteig: Beautiful, freestanding property, 211 sqm living space, built 1999, Liv/ Dining room, 3 bedroom, walking closet, BIK, 2 Bathroom, guest toilete, utility room, balcony, patio, garage, 2 parking places, beautiful garden, 996 sqm, Sauna with extra shower, Solar energy, New oil heating system 2009, fire place in living room, Sauna, Selling Price: 289000€ RE/MAX Real Estate Center, Kaiserslautern, Call Michaela 0631/41408880 or 0176 105 15807

September 21, 2012 Kusel, 255m² property 748 m² bedr/bath 7/3 + b.i.k: 2,5 garage/ parkingpl. 2/4 balcony, terrace, garden, gas heat, more: 66501676 €275000 helm.cossm@

Kusel. Bungalow, Great view very good residential area. Could be partially furnished, more than 200 m² living space, about 700 m² property, available now € 198.000,-- RE/MAX Dreamhomes 4 U, Landstuhl, Kaiserstr. 4, 06371/6129262 or 0170 685 0060 Kaiserslautern, 5 km East.: Reemail wolfgang.wiedmann@re presentative house with high class interior, 260 m² open floor plan, over 1000 m² property, 2 car garage, Marble bathr, big open kit- Mackenbach, wonderful freechen, built in cabinets (walk in), standing house 5 Min. to RAB, Sauna, all floor heated, €368.000,- 200sqm., living-space, 4 bedrms., - RE/MAX Dreamhomes 4 U, 2 baths., b.i.k., garage yard, Price Landstuhl, Kaiserstr. 4, 06371/ 310 000 €uro Anne S. Neumann 6129262 or 0170 685 0060, email Immobilien4you Tel: 803641 or 0173-8317162

Looking for a car dealer in your area? Check out

1 week 1 month

€ 130.00 € 330.00


Nice one FH in Krickenbach, 7-8 min from RAB, 165sqm, 3BR, dble gar, partyrm, big basement, nicely landscaped 1900 property right on the edge of the forest, alu windows, new heaters, distant view, high-quality equipment, to rent / sale, avail now, 016094949476 Queidersbach: a Dream House, Very Luxury one Family House, 370qm Living space, big Living and dining room with open fire Place, Huge BIK, 4BR/2,5BA, Storage room, Wellness room, Floor heating, fresh air system, Bus System, 2 car garage with storage, very nice Yard with perfect view. And much much more. 619 000€ RE/MAX Real Estate Center ask for Kryspina 0631/41408880 Ramstein: Freest House, 11 rooms, 3,5BA, basement, sauna, yard, garage, on sale for 249.000€ - available middle of October 06371/943314-16 www.Germa Use your Housing Allowance to purchase your home - : buying in Germany is not complicated. We will inform you about all the details. We will help you - finding - financing - notarizing - moving in step by step to get your own home, RE/MAX Dreamhomes 4 U, Landstuhl, Kaiserstr. 4, 06371/ 6129262 or 0170 685 0060, email Winnweiler, new building in Hopfengärten, duplex, 130sqm per house, 1.5bath, garage, BIK, gas heating, flr heating, € 192,000, house still in building stage, we will build to your needs, Call: 0179-5267987

September 21, 2012

Kaiserslautern American

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Kaiserslautern American

HOUSES / APTS FOR SALE All ads & pics can be viewed @

Wallhalben (6 km to Landstuhl) Beautiful freestanding property, built in 2003, 168sqm living space, Liv/ Dining room, 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom, guest toilete, utility room, BIK, patio, 2 parking places, gas heating system, big yard 540sqm Selling Price: 215000 â‚Ź RE/MAX Real Estate Center, Kaiserslautern, Call Michaela 0631/41408880 or 0176 105 15807 Wonderful freestanding house 10 Min to RAB, 300sqm., livingspace, 5 bedrms., 3 baths., b.i.k., open-fire-place, basement, 2 garages Price 360 000 â‚Źuro Anne S. Neumann Immobilien4you Tel: 06372-803641 or 0173-8317162 Wonderful freestanding house, in a quiet area not far to RAB, 340sqm., living-space, 1000 sqm., proberty, 7 bedrms., 3 baths., basement, b.i.k., terrace, garage, floor-heating Price 340 000 â‚Źuro Anne S. Neumann Immobilien4you Tel: 06372803641 or 0173-8317162


!!!! 1 2 3 4 5 Beds luxury temp apts for incoming/outgoing families & TDY. Ramstein Air Base 2 mins, short walk to restaurants & shops. Beautifully furnished, 100% equipped TV, AFN, English satalite, DSL, free telephone, USA & Europe, good library & movie selection. Pets welcome. Off street parking at all locations. Call 01712679282 or email: luxuryapts09@ yahoo, com ***2, 3 + 4 TLA/TDY Luxury Apts in Landstuhl, Ramstein & K-Town. All Remodeled, Furnished, 100% equipped, Cable TV, Kitchen, Washer, Dryer, Parking etc. Call 0170-4137555 or 0172-7471366 1 to 3 bdrm American owned TLA apartments located within minutes of LRMC, Ramstein and Vogelweh. Free Internet, Cable and Calls to the U.S. Pets welcome, VAT, Visa, MC Accepted. 100% equipped 1-2BR Apts, Free internet, AFN, Phone to USA, off Road parking. 10min to RAM, Land, LRMC, Contractors also welcome. Info: 0177 1955959 or Apt / TLA close to RAB & LRMC fully furn wshr/dryer TV Long term rental possib. â‚Ź23/day / â‚Ź650 mnth 0178-3492565

Beautiful TLF House, 5min. to RAB, 4bedr., fully furnished, 017639755130, www.beautiful-tlf.jim ! ! ! ! 1 & 2 BDR Luxury Temp Apts TLA/TDY in Ramstein. 100% equipped including TV, DVD, free Compl. furnished all incl. homes Internet, washer/dryer, free calls in Landstuhl 2 bedr. apartm., to USA. reservation / questions BruchmĂźhlbach 5 bedr. house w. call: 0151-46501528 / mail:info@ yard, engl. TV, Internet flatrate, / www.ramstein- b.i.k., washer, dryer and more. / KD-Baubetreuung 06371-619033 / steintla All ads & pics can be viewed @

! ! TLA/TDY Comfortable 2BDR. Apt. in Mackenbach, 5min. to RAB, fully furnished, TV SAT, DVD, free phone, Internet, Garage; phone: 06374-1777 or 015123263824 email:

Ramstein TLA/TDY 4/5BR 2Ba house all inclusive furnished, linens, dishes/pots, wash/dryer, AFN, tel, DSL, carport 015233584979 email: tla@tla-ram / www.tla-ram

1-3Bed fully furn. 3miRAB, pets ok. US owner-op Ramstein, 5 min to base, 2 BDR 01742430124 / nbm4rent@hot apt., BIK, 100 % equipped 06371 57888

Sgm's 3 - Story, 3 bdrm, Townhome TLA! Military only. AFN, ESPN, WIFI, Free US/local calls. Ask about Sponsor reimbursement. TLA rates 01626297106

AUTOS All ads & pics can be viewed @

Caution: Some KA Classified ads have become a target for scams. Please be cautious if potential buyers offer you payment methods other than cash.

*98 BMW 320i $4000*, Inspected. E46 4-dr, Euro Spec, A/C, 217K km, 30mpg, Straight-6 2.2 L, 5spd manual. Set of wntr tires incl. View on Ram Lemon Lot. $4000 Call Mike - 0170-7417659 03 Black Chevy Trail blazer LTZ Runs great, no accidents, 115k mi., very clean, fully-loaded, custom seat covers & rims, dark tint, & towing package. $7,500 09 Peugeot 207, only 38500 mls, 1.4L, 5-speed, tuning parts, power steering / locks / windows, ABS, Alpine Radio w. USB-plug, bass box, amplifier, new tune up â‚Ź6.777 0160 92225627 / 10/2010 VW Polo 4dr. Confortline "Team", New - $23,385. Has 12,000 miles! Ger. Spec. Grey, PW, AC, PA, CL, RNS310 Nav. Aux-In, Only $15,950! Avail.24 Sep 017630314586 / kencass@ 2000 Ford Mondeo Wagon, Manual, Sunroof, Heated Seats, Summer & Winter Tires, Well Maintained - Service Record Avail, Passed Insp 30Apr2012, Spacious $2000 01733016001 2001 Opel Frontera Sport, 2.2l, manual, RHD, 75000miles, passed inspection march2012. Got new cambelt, water pump, radiator, exhaust, front break, tires; CDplayer $4000 015237683136 Lexus LS 400, built 1991, â‚Ź1500. If you like to include the spare parts: â‚Ź2500. Call: 07144-9989984

September 21, 2012 2003 Opel Astra, 78.000 mls-125 tkm, 4-door, A/C, 1.6L, 5-speed engine, blue, Radio/CD, power steering/windows/locks, service book, great reliable car, â‚Ź4.800 0160 92225627 / saskia2205@ 2003 Saturn L200, 4 Dr, Automatic, AC, 128,000 mils, new winter tires. Runs great. Clean. $4000 06372-6192123 / lpierce74@hot 2004 Mazda MX-5 Miata. 1.8 ltr. turbo, 6 spd. manual, A/C, power windows, cruise, new tires, just inspected. US spec, very good condition. $9000.00 / 0170-115-5787 2005 Nissan Pathfinder, 78,100 miles, auto, us spec, 4x4, pwr win/ locks/driver seat, 3rd row, roof rack, running boards, rear air, towing pkg $13,250 Obo 2006 Pacifica, Blue, dual AC, rear camera, premium sound, keyless entry, chrome wheels, 1 owner, service records, snow tires, 92,000 miles $7,800, jutta.mike@ 2007 Blue Metallic HHR W/ 59000miles, Remote start, new timken hubs, new rotors and pads, only 4000 miles on all weather tires Clean Car Must See! $8000 C: 015156689707 / 2007 Hyundai Sonata 3.3L V6, 107K, US spec. FWD, 5 speed automatic. Stability / traction control, leather, 6 CD premium sound, fully loaded. Excellent mechanical condition $9,000 John 016093244362 / hews25@ya 2007 Jeep Compass Limited 2x4, heated leather seats, power locks windows, mirror, tiptronic, 4 winter tires 1yr. old w/17in rims. $8500 Obo. 01794102556 06374995799 2007 Mercury Montego Premier; Tan, Leather interior, Sunroof, Very Low Miles, Power memory seats, 6-CD changer, well under NADA Book. $10,500.00 Neg. 0170-320-5917 / 0151-5069-7389 Opel Corsa, 2009, orig. 1280km, cool & sound package, AC, â‚Ź10.500 obo Call: 0152-53699038

9$7 )2506

At the American Urgent Care we offer: €


/26( <285 )$7 12:

½ &28321 )25 67 &$5( 8/75$621,& 75($70(17 2) )$7 5('8&7,21 )25 +(5 $1' +,0 %2'< :5$33,1*  Â?Â? Â? Â?Â? ­Â

• American health care providers • Same day walk-in appointments • Episodic, acute, and chronic care appointments • Routine gynecologic exams

• Routine primary and internal medicine care • Sports and work physicals • Pediatric through geriatric care

At the American Rehab Clinic we offer: • American licensed Physical Therapist • Therapist specialized in: • Orthopedic • Neurologic • Cardiac • Lymphatic

To contact us today: Urgent Care: Tel: 06371 49 50 21 Fax: 06371 49 50 11

• CertiďŹ ed Yoga instructors private and group sessions Direct billing and Provider Participant Contracts with: • Bluecross Blue Shield • Aetna • Foreign Services BeneďŹ t Plan • Coventry • Cigna • TRICARE STANDARD

Rehab: Tel: 06371 49 50 20 Fax: 06371 49 50 10

American Rehab and Urgent Care • 104 Bahnstr. • Landstuhl 66849 Health care for Americans provided by Americans

2007 Mustang GT w/Vortec Supercharger, racing suspension, and GT500 Brake upgrade kit to name just a few of the upgrades installed. Truly unique pony! â‚Ź24000 2009 BMW 335i xdrive Coupe, Barbara Red with Beige interior, premium package, pro stereo, new winter tires and rims, low mileage, auto, all serviced $35,000 Roy at 2009 Toyota Minivan; 21k mi; 7psngr; pwr side drs/wndws/mrrs/ &drvr's seat; 6-CD/AM/FM; AC; maint on sched; no acc; 1-owner; price neg; avail now $21500 2011 Shelby GT500 550 HP! Navigation! Leather! Race red! Only 2700 Miles! â‚Ź60,000.00 23,000 miles and is an '09 model green/blue color. Twin turbo engine, navigation, xenon bending lights, harmon / kardon sound amoung many other options $30,000 4 Bridgestone Blizzak WS60 Winter Tires 185/55R16 Purchased from 11Dec11 for $468. 4279 miles on them (1 season) $375 0171 180 7270 / 99 Ford F-250 Lariat 4X4 6.8L V10 Triton automatic. Starts right up, engine runs great, transmission shifts smoothly & interior is in good condition. $12500 063067010260 Audi 100 model 1998, automatic, w/ CD Stereo, AC, power doors, breaksruns great in good condition â‚Ź 1.400 obo 0172 -676 2717 Blue, dual AC, rear camera, premium sound, keyless entry, chrome wheels, good condition, 1 owner, service records, snow tires, 92,000 miles $7800 0176 324 39431 / BMW 316i, Automatic Transmission, year 95, 99 Mail, Full Leather, heat seat, power (doors, windows, sunroof) new tires, nice color (blue), inspection gaurentee, $3700 obo 015117610336 BMW 320 Model 2004 doors - 6 Gears, metalic, fully equiped e.g full leather seats, seat heating, power doors/breakes/windows/ sunroof, ESP, ABS, AC, stereo CD, garage kept, non smoking, well maintained w/ book, new Tires - Batterie and Oil change, Insp. guaranteed only â‚Ź 6.450 obo 0172 - 676 2717 BMW 520I Touring, immaculate condition, only 75,000 kms. A/C, Pwr. windows, mirrors, keyless entry, board comp. runs perfect, good gas mileage. $12,800 0170-1155787 BMW 523i in 2nd Hand since 7/ 2002! In Top Condition! New german TĂœV-Certificate 6 cyl., 170 HP; * Gray leather, online-AD: yes Snow tires, Bridgestone, M&S, 195/65R15, new, $150 for the set. Call: 0170-9864874

LOOKING FOR A COZY PLACE TO SPEND THE WEEK OR A MONTH? We can help! TLAs in Ramstein New apt for 1 bedroom for 2 people & also for families. Apts have: full furn Sat TV microw. phone comp w/DSL private parking pets OK wash/dryer also avail. Call 06371-5432 or 0171-3256002

September 21, 2012

Kaiserslautern American

One-of-a-kind, unique Volvo Coupe Turbo C70 T5, map tuning, air intake system, race exhaust, 310 Horsepowers very rare manual gearbox, Tel 01711202331 €7500 Opel Omega Caravan, 1995, 5speed, silver metallic, trailer attachment, A/C, keyless entry, allow wheels, €1520, Call 063025110 Opel Vectra, year 1991, very good condition, 70 000 miles, new tyres, new exhaust, 5 speed, inspection guaranteed €1250 017621892246 / Subaru Impreza WRX wheels with 215/45R17 Continental Extreme Winter Contact tires purchased from tirerack Dec11 for $572. 4470 miles (1 season) $775 0171 180 7270 / Toda K20A Valve Spring Set. Original price $400. Toda racing parts. Never used Asking $275 Ph.017622987498 / isabell_1_98@ VW Tiguan SEL 2009 Loaded! Leather, cold weather pkg, airbags galore, privacy glass, alloy wheels, hands free, etc. Non-smoker. $19,650 obo 01717-575406

MOTORCYCLES All ads & pics can be viewed @

Caution: Some KA Classified ads have become a target for scams. Please be cautious if potential buyers offer you payment methods other than cash.


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01 76 • 62 19 77 28

Quit Smoking Today! Army Public Health Nursing is offering Tobge acco Cessation Classes for civili- Relax, Ayurveda Massage THAI, FOOT & OIL MASSAGES an and military personnel in the PHILIPP-REIS-STR. 9 Please call for appointment Kaiserslautern Military Community 66849 LANDSTUHL AKAZIENSTRASSE 1A Area. New group begins 1st Wed- Please call for appointment 66849 LANDSTUHL-ATZEL nesday of every month from 11301230 for four weeks at the Kleber Your community, your website. DFAC, Back Dining Room Bldg. 3206. Advance registration is required. To register or for more information call Army Public Health - gentle and permanent Department at DSN 486-7002/CIV for him and her fast results - no laser BSA Troop 166-Ramstein loo- 06371-86-7002 or Kleber Health king for new/current scouts and Clinic at DSN: 483-6099/CIV: · Removal of tattoos adults to rebuild troop. Mtg Weds 06371-83-6099. · Removal of haemangioma (cherry spots) ots) 7-8:30, Bldg 1009. ian@in Reiki: Interested in forming a Rei· Anti-aging skin rejuvenation treatmentss ki Share Group? Please contact Cleveland Browns fans are invi- Jerry or Lorraine @ jerlor@t-onli- Weekend and evening appointments available ted to join the Browns Backers Worldwide chapter in Kaiserslautern hosting watch parties every The annual Kaiserslautern, ColleRamstein / Landstuhl Tel: 0 63 32 - 20 91 92 or gameday in Otterbach Live!! AJ ge and University Information Kaiserslautern / Pirmasens Cell: 01 71 - 4 93 33 69 Night will be held on Thursday, 0151-40417872 October 4. More than 1500 high brownsbackersinktown@ya Serving the U.S. military for over 12 years *with this ad, valid till September 30 - 2012 school students, plus parents and others attend each year. We typiDodds Volleyball begins soon - cally have more than 100 colleges Officials required In anticipation of and universities plus scholarship the start of the DODDS fall volley- programs on-site to provide inforball season the Kaiserslautern Of- mation and answer questions ficials Association is seeking offici- about their schools and proals for the fall season. Officiating grams. We invite all college alumand/or Volleyball experience is ni to be with us. This is a good opnot required although desirable. portunity to share information Community volleyball officials are about your alma mater. We hope particularly desired. Officiating that you can be with us this year. supports matches conducted at Please reply to: Larry_Zani@com Dodds schools throughout Germa- Thank you very ny, Italy and Belgium. In addition much for your support of the Kaito game fees officials receive mi- serslautern College Information leage and lodging reimbursement Night for travel. Certification and trai Ponytails ning will be conducted at clinics The chaplain's office of the US Twist Styles within supported communities. In- Army Garrison Kaiserslautern has terested individuals should con- a food pantry program to help mili Quick Weaves tact Mr. Dave Lock, E-mail da tary families with needs. Both can Sew Ins or DSN ned and dry good donations are Styles accepted for the program and 484-8027 or cell 0151-11670232. may be placed in baskets in the Relaxers English speaking meetings of Alrear of the Daenner and Landstuhl nique o coholics Anonymous available in M Walk Highlights chapels and at the chaplain's offiucing Welco ins the Kaiserslautern/Vogelweh Introd me! ce (building 2919 on Pulaski Bar Lil Girl Styles Area. Our contact information is: racks). For more information, conWeilerbacherstr. 110 Sams AA Hotline-0157-36123097, 67661 Einsiedlerhof tact SFC Licciardi at DAN New York 0631-4 15 53 24 many.htm Stylz 0171-640-5750 Hochspeyer American Social The Rheinland-Pfalz InternatioClub. Meet your fellow neighbors nal Choir is getting set to begin from Hochspeyer & neighboring Autumn rehearsals, and we are towns. Info on FB or email: seeking new members. If you love Certified American Dental Hygienist and Certified Orthodontics. music and love to sing, consider visiting to see if RPIC is a good fit Services we offer: Just found out your pregnant? for you! We meet Tuesday eve• Family dentistry • Implant sugery Want to develop a relationship nings in Erheuten, and new mem• Bleaching • Orthodontics with one doctor for the term of bers are welcome through Sep• Porcelain • Root canals bonding your pregnancy? Considering ha- tember. Please visit our website • Oral surgery • Full ceramic crowns • Nitrous Oxide ving your baby off-base? ameri at (available in & onlays in 1 day for all procedures both German and English). There • Periodontal • Evening maintenance Playgroup for parents with child- you will find directions, performanappointments avail. ren ages 1 month-4 years meet in ce samples, photos, and contact 06 11 - 98 87 26 50 Hochspeyer every Wednesday. information. We look forward to

Lookin for Harley-Davidson bike in any condition or parts. Check AUTOS your basement or garage and make me your offer. Pay cash, gear All ads & pics can be viewed @ too. $WTB: Harley-Davidson / 0162 Madza 626, sport edition, alloy 6409207 wheels, dark windows, CD/radio, 5 speed, good condition, year ANNOUNCEMENTS 2000, new german inspection, 82,000km, + extra winter tires, All ads & pics can be viewed @ 2750€, Call: 06371-8383958 MB 220 D, 1998, Station Wagon, great gas mileage - Diesel, white, automatic, cruise control, A/C, electric windows infront, tinted windows, rain sensor, removable trailer hitch, 245.000 km, German inspection good until 4/2013, accident free, 3.300 Euro OBO, Tel. 0175-7503767

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Hair removal

1$ = 1€*


Please gmail


a.brokovich@ meeting some new members from the Kaiserslautern area!

Now avail.: Braids, weaves & more!

OPEN: Mo - Fr 10.00 - 19.00 Sa 9.00 - 17.00 We accept VAT-Forms

Im Haderwald 19 - Kaiserslautern

(next to Pulaski Gate - Vogelweh) Pedi + Gellack & 10 min Footmassage or Paraffin Dip €39 Phone: 0631-3516955




Bah Bahnstrasse 14 65205 Wiesbaden 652 ww

American Staff

TRICARE Preferred Provider

Monday closed Tuesday- Friday 9.00 – 18.00 Saturday 9.00 – 14.00 • We accept VAT forms • Wigs (chemotherapy) • Nails and more... Neuwoogstr. 28 • 66877 Miesenbach

Phone 06371 - 71126 Saving Days visit our homepage

LIPOSUCTION* € 1.750 *starting at

(acc. GOÄ)

also Lips, Botox, Male chest reduction, Laser Lipo; free consultation

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Kaiserslautern American


Open Friday and Saturday 8 am – 4 pm Ramstein, R i Fl Flurstr. 4 Tel. 0163-1 90 57 17

,17(51(7 6(59,&(6

Call us: 06221 - 750050 Email us: Visit us:

Your Full Communication • Telephone/Internet DSL lines with fast activation! • Flatrate calls to USA • Support and Software in English • Cell Phones w/o contract

CHILD CARE Visit us on RAMSTEIN AB (Bldg. 2113) or take a look at our products on WWW.LACHMANNS.DE


Roza’s Fine Handmade Carpets Original Flemish Tapestries.

· Handmade Carpets · Authentic Kilims · Pashminas, large variety · Silver Turkish Mirrors · Evil Eye Jewelry · Carpet Mouse Pads & bags · Turkish Mosaic Lamps · Hand painted Turkish ceramics · Place Mats & Table Runners

Landstuhler Str. 13 | 66877 Ramstein-Miesenbach Cell: 01 76 - 57 44 45 47 | Phone: 0 63 71 - 94 32 27 | E-Mail: Opening hours: Mon-Sat: 10:00-18:00 | Closed Sunday

Exclusive Antique Freddy’s Furniture ANTIQUES Only 4 miles from Ramstein Air Base 62


Spesbach 6

September 21, 2012


Mon-Sat from 10:00 to 18:00 (closed Wed.)

Tel: 06372-803255 Hauptstrasse 94b 66882 Hütschenhausen

Free delivery to Kaiserslautern, Spangdahlem, Wiesbaden, Heidelberg...

Sell your old furniture! Go to

TELEPHONE SHOP WEILERBACH HOME PHONE & INTERNET ACTIVATION FLATRATE CALLS TO THE U.S & EUROPE SMARTPHONES HOME INSTALLATION Mackenbacher Str. 31, 67685 Weilerbach, Phone 06374-992138 HOURS: MO - FRI 10:00 - 12:00 / 14:00 - 18:00, SAT 10:00 - 12:00

All ads & pics can be viewed @

The 86 Force Support Squadron at Ramstein has licensed providers on and off the installation. Providers who provide more than 10 hours a week of care must be licensed. Please use good judgment when choosing child care services. For more information please contact 063714057420 or email

Arlington, VA. (September 17, 2012) - In a ceremony held at USO Ramstein Air Base Passenger Terminal, longtime USO partner TKS Telepost Kabel-Service Kaiserslautern GmbH & Co. KG (TKS) announced they will be doubling their annual commitment to the USO. Their ongoing support of United States active duty service men and women and their fami-

lies in Europe moves them to join only four other companies at the level of a USO Worldwide Strategic Partner. Worldwide Strategic Partner is a title reserved for supporters who give cash or budget relieving in-kind gifts in the amount of $500,000 annually. TKS is also the only foreign-based corporation provided to the USO. It has enabled to support the USO at the $500,000 us to make a significant impact on the lives of those who give so much level. for our country,” said USO President Additionally, TKS CEO Mr. Karl- and CEO Sloan Gibson. “TKS is a Heinz Stahl has been a member valued partner and their increase of the USO Board of Governors in commitment affords the USO the since 2007. “We are so grateful for opportunity to continue to provide the support that TKS has continually quality programs and services to our

iPhone4 white 32Gb simlock only for t-mobile / Telekom customers. With car mount and charger, bag and Cover as well as Displayfoil €250

Certified child care provider has openings in Mehlingen 7:00 bis 16:30 clock for two children. I am German, speaks English and live in Mehlingen Baalborn. Looking for U.S. families to start a German-American playgroup for kids at kindergarden age in Otterbach in the afternoons or on weekends. kristinekennedy5@google



All ads & pics can be viewed @

All ads & pics can be viewed @

19" Flat monitor widescreen, brand is ViewSonic model VG1921wm. Like new! $50 Air Conditioner made by Remko, moveable, approx 3-4 years old but only used 2-3 times, great condition! Call 0152-05639147 HTC Sensation XE used but still in email me at delacruz061987@ for pics €240

From left: Dr. Andreas Siemen, CFO Kabel Deutschland; Dr. Jörg Pillath, TKS Managing Director; Walt Murren, Regional Vice President, USO Europe; Karl-Heinz Stahl, TKS Managing Director

ongtime USO supporter TKS Telepost Kabel-Service doubles annual commitment to become USO’s first European-based Worldwide Strategic Partner

I have 3 20" old fashioned TVs for sale. Not flat screen! 100$ each. All work perfectly. Call: 01776036101

Microwave oven - large, $15, 06371 57888 Older Grundig TV w/SAT receiver (no flat screen) works great €80 for both obo Call: 06386-6711 Sony Trinitron 25" TV, traditional (not flat screen), 7 yrs old, kept in spare office, barely used, $50, Call 0163-330-5535, Lv Msg Technics Stereo receiver / amp, double tapedeck. Two Technics 100W speakers and Pioneer CD player. 220 VAC $40 Transformers, diff.sizes 06371 57888

German Telecommunications Provider TKS makes $500,000 Commitment to the USO


Compact Refrigerator $50.00 32 x 18.5 x 18.5, freestanding, small freezer section, total 3.25 cubic feet, German voltage. Gently used. $50 redridinghood441@

nation’s service men and women, tailors their services to meet the military families and recovering English speaking needs of NATO and foreign forces,” said Walt wounded, ill and injured troops.” Murren, Regional Vice President of TKS has been supporting the USO USO Europe. “Their support of the for more than a decade and with American military has been unthis generous pledge they are waivering and they have truly been a furthering their commitment to partner to our European operations.” help the USO enhance the lives of our nation’s active duty military person- In addition to providing quality Engnel and their families, by providing lish-language telecommunication critical telecommunications services products and services to our milito USO Centers in Germany and Italy. tary, TKS also donates office space Their support includes free calls to to the USO Europe headquarters the United States, Internet service and hosts an annual Sun and Fun and a state-of-the-art cable tele- Day for troops and their families at vision movie channel system. “TKS Germany’s USO Kaiserslautern.

Caution: Some KA Classified ads have become a target for scams. Please be cautious if potential buyers offer you payment methods other than cash. 29 September 2012, 7 am-5 pm, Charity Flea Market, Sulzbachhalle, Reichenbacher Straße 66c, 66879 Kottweiler-Schwanden, crockery, books, cloth, etc $Donation € toroeo55-email@ya All 11seasons / 33 DVD's + 2disc 20year reunion M*A*S*H! Collect in 66885 Altenglan between K'Town and Baumholder. Try phone more than once, €80 017696776870 Beautiful Polish tea service still w/ authentic labels. I bought when I was in Poland. Call: 0177-6036101 Calculator Texas TI-89 Titanium recommended for High School study. English / instructions. Collect 66885 Altenglan 25KM North of Ramstein AFB €50 017696776870 Canon F1 35m/m film Camera kit. F1 Body, Dented Prysm but OK function. FD. 75-200 1:4.5 Canon Zoom lens. FD50m / m1.8lens. FT1.8 / 85m / mlensbellows + more! € 380 017696776870 email later Chicken rotisserie new $25, 06371 57888 Coastal oil paintings Thanet Coast. Artist part of Picasso's scene in Spain 1920/30's I knew artist in Thanet in the 1950's He was also Turner fan ! €4000 each obo above 0176-96776870 can Skype views Danish realist painter signed Brandt. Oil Painting of the Fynsk Nyborg Castle approx 1890's In auction would cost a lot so will take lower price. €18000 Best offer above 0176-96776870 Can Skype view

September 21, 2012

FOR SALE -- MISC All ads & pics can be viewed @

Collection of leather bound, signed by the author, 1st edition books, mint cond. Over 100 different books. Authors include: Norman Mailer, William F. Buckley, Joseph Heller, Elie Wiesel, Donald Mc Dunne, John Updicke, Tom Wolfe, etc. $ 15.000 - serious inquiries only! Call: 0631-940213 or 0151-270-19822 Electric Squire Stratocaster, like new condition, comes with hardshell case, sunburst color, good beginners or intermediate guitar $400.00 Rod at yeoldingo@hot Free Cleveland Browns fans are invited to join the Browns Backers Worldwide chapter in Kaiserslautern hosting watch parties every gameday in Otterbach Live!! AJ 0151-40417872 brownsbackersinktown@ya iPhone 4s. Perfect condition, all original packaging. White, 64 gb. SIM unlocked. Buggati case included. $600.00 01511-5773434 or

Kaiserslautern American Padi Scuba Diving lessons Near Documents for Sale! USA and PHV Heidelberg Contact Gary CSA documents, coins of ny and China, private collection, for sale piece by piece. Call betPCS Garage Sale! Appliances, ween 4-7pm 0152-25194313 (Daplants, transformers, bikes, clovid Frank) thing, etc.! - Raiffeisenstr.7, 66892 Bruchmuhlbach / Miesau - Wine Rack/Holder, holds six bottSaturday, 22 Sep, 10am-8pm! les, attractive metal finish, fits per$Everything has To Go! fectly in a small, narrow space. 017630314586 / kencass@ $10; 0163-330-5535 or john@ad Winter Tires - 2 Bridgestone 245/ Porcelain dolls, over 100 to choo- 50/17 - $70 each. NP - $250 se from, all dressed. Price Obo each. Only used 2mths. Will incluCall: 0176-90796039 de 2 Pirelli's same size used 2 All 4 for $140! Private flea market in Hirschhorn, seasons! / kencass@ main street 26 near Kaiserslau- 017630314586 tern. Saturday: September 15. 2012 Open: from 10:00 to 16:00 You need these Before winter ancient object hits! Granite Alloy Rims w/tires Several oil paintings by artist 235/60R17 Worth over $1800... who gained skills with Picasso in used for 08 Town & Country.. Ma1920's! Spanish costal landscape ke me an offer!!! $750 / obo with Picasso's house. I knew ar- 015224090643 / lat_dawg1@hot tist as boy in 1950's â‚Ź16000 best offer above! Spanish / coastal 0176-96776870can Skype Views Swarovski Crystal - Attention collectors! Christmas is coming, all retired pieces reduced to half their value, All pieces over 20years old! Prices greatly reduced! Great gift for any special occasion! Private collection! Retired pieces. koala bear mother and baby, Panda mother & baby, whale, turtle. Call for info: 06332-41560 between 2pm to 9pm. Can deliver to RAB!

Jugendstil furniture over 100 years old. A variety of items, grandfather clock (Harmonium), crystal glasses, Murano glasses, Meisner porcelain figurines, Swarovski Pegasus - From the 200years old, coffee and Tea set. 1998 "Fabulous Creatures" SeCall: 0177-5211480 ries. Retired in 1998, Asking $500. Kitchen table and 2 chairs, light Ph. 06374/944828 wood, $40, 4-drawer chest $10, glass-top table and 3 chairs $40, Swarovski SC Isadora & Antonio, entertainment cabinet $10, lt brn from the trilogy (magic of dance) leather TV recliner $70. Call 2002 & 2003, w/crystal signs & displays) will sell separately, Price 06374-1277. 299 â‚Ź each obo Call: 0162Mac Book Air - 11.6". Like new! 4 2762421 GB RAM, latest Operating System and Microsoft Office for Mac Swarovski, silver, crystal, trilogy 2011, too. Original box and slee- masquerade, 1999-2001, w/cryve. $800.00 01511-5773434 or stal signs & displays, 899â‚Ź obo Call: 0162-2762421

Techno/Dancefloor Synth. "Quasimidi Sirius" with integrated 11 Ch.Vocoder (also voice distortion) + Synthesizer "Quasimidi Raven Max" + Keyboard stand â‚Ź1600 OO Model Rarilway. Digital and 4Kit Built Locos + Coaches. 2Boxed sets Hornby Orient and The Swarovski Pierrot mesasuSimplon Venice, 3Bachman + res 8". This is the first edition of 5HornbyDCC. + more in collecti- "Masquerade" series. Retired in Pics on www.classon. â‚Ź 2800 or best offer above 1999. 0176-96776870 can Skyper views Marshal Piano, black polished with piano bench. Must See! 06374-914463 $2,700.00

Page 37 German Sideboard and Highboard for Sale. Oak-rustic color, massiv. Great condition! New â‚Ź1200 each, now selling for â‚Ź250 each! Call: 0176-907-96039 Golden framed paintings, div. sizes reasonable prices 06371 57888 Gothic style, solid wood, marsh oak, length 360cm, height 180cm, depth 55cm. Location in ZweibrĂźcken in unused livingroom without any blemish. New price 23.500DM selling for 4.800â‚Ź, Call: 06337-1315 Loveseat $50, 06371 57888

Kitchen/Dining Rm Table, round table, fits 4 people, light wood color and chrome edge and legs (come off for tpt). The table top is ø 110 cm. $30 freddyvermeir@hot Large Antique Dark solid wood. 3 pull out draws, 3 cabinets above and below to store goods in. 7 feet tall. Price: $2900 017622987498. pics Livingroom Schrank (Cabinet). Free Call: 0631-96643 Oak Shelf with 2 boards. Great condition! Call: 0152-05639147

FURNITURE All ads & pics can be viewed @

Antique wardrobe â‚Ź200, 06371 57888 Bedroomset $ 250, 06371 57888 Big storage shrunk $50, 06371 57888 Burgundy Sofa and Loveseat. Like new! 06374-914463 $400.00 Cherry wood T.V. cabinet $50, 06371 57888 Dining room set oak, $100, 06371 57888 Dining table w/ 2 benches, massiv wood - oak style, â‚Ź250 017690796039 Full-size sofa bed with mattress for sale. 06374-914463 $450.00 Living room set like new, $ 200, 6371 57888


Want to stay in Europe? Carreers in financial planning available, your choice of location. US Broker / Dealer in Heidelberg seeking sales representatives. Tel. 0 62 21 - 2 35 97


NEEDED! AdvantiPro is looking for a distributor for the Kaiserslautern American in Baumholder.


L° L° V°Z `°

• About 8 hours every week • Paid in Euros, tax - free • Transportation required Must be friendly, reliable, always available, willing to find a back-up if you want time off, must be healthy (able to lift bundles of newspapers), must enjoy service to the community.

Send your resume to or fax to: 0631-30 33 55 35


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Kaiserslautern American

September 21, 2012





All ads & pics can be viewed @

All ads & pics can be viewed @

All ads & pics can be viewed @

All ads & pics can be viewed @

Red leather love seat for sale. $70 Restored turn of the century 1900 antiques, obo quick sale: round oak table with carved animal base (feet), oak / pine bed with 2 mirrored dressers, washstand, one drawer cherry desk, mahogany mirrored hallway schrank, wooden sleds, wooden low bookshelves with glass doors, oceanliner streamer trunk, oak telephone bench, jeribliemel@ or call after 9 Sept 0631-270641 Toddler bed with mattress. 06374-914463 $45.00 06374914463 TV/Audio stand pine colored, dim are 150 cm wide x 50 cm high x 35 cm deep. Can be taken apart for tpt $20 freddyvermeir@ Very old cabinet for sale. Henry II. €750

Multifamily garage / yard sale September 22, 8am -2pm, Spesbacherstrasse 10-20, Katzenbach (Hütchenhausen) 66882, various household items including small appliances, electronics, baby items, small antique collectables.

JOBS All ads & pics can be viewed @

Busy private American Dental Practice in Ramstein is now taking applications for certified dental assistants. Please submit resumes to: Ramstein Dental Care at For questions please call our office at 06371-406230

NOW also find us on facebook

Attractive 35year single black woman is seeking to find a happy relationship. annett.muller@ya Female, 45 years, 5'6, blonde is looking for a friendly, good looking american man, 45 or older.To get to know each other, and maybe for a relationship. Only serious contacts please! 01522-6519732 Is looking for a new man in her life! I'm 28/5'9/blond long hair/ brown eyes. I do have a lil one so if thats a problem dont even bother! Only serious!! $single white female inkedmel@o2.blackber Single woman, 46/160/55kg looking for an nice American (caucasian) my age, who can speak German because my English is bad... No games, Only Singles!!!! 0160/ 6737687 (Text) Slim, blonde, educated, seeks nice gentleman for friendship and exchange of experiences. SWM, 40's, very tall, handsome, warm, intelligent, loving seeks younger woman, pretty, slender, feminine, sweet, loving.. for friendship or more. greatguy1001@hot

German all levels, Mr. Vollmer, Landstuhl, phone: 06371-2470,

There have been reports of pets being sold from breeding facilities that are not managed at the highest professional standards. Please choose your pet carefully. Make sure you check the credentials of the people selling the pet, and get proper paperwork showing shots and/ or other proof of healthy condition. For further advice, consult your Veterinarian.

Home & Maintenance Service. PCS, regular & carpet cleaning w/ ref., painting, repair, trash removal, bulk & yard waste 06383927372 or 0172-6693714 Michi & Maxi Service! PCS cleaning, trash hauling, painting, regular yardwork, moving, etc. 017670610963 / 0152-13740407 Professional lessons in guitar, bass & piano, saxophone. Cell 015233696881 Translator/Interpreter Certified KL., near Vogelweh. Reasonable rates. Call: 0631-54440

Voice lessons (experienced pro3 Shih-Tzu pups for sale, 7 wks fessional singer, BM) 06372old Purebred Female (1)/ male (2) 508747 or $700 each. Adorable and sweet! Great breed for kids. Available 25 WANTED Sep. Chips/Shots/Papers included. Call 016096692218 or All ads & pics can be viewed @ I got a Yorkshire Terrier which is 1,5 years "old" and am in need of a dogsitter. I am starting my new job in Ramstein on the 1.1.2013, will be working. silkeblietschau@

Buying dictionaries all languages and foreign language guides. Call 0152-25194313 or 0160-69439449

Looking 4 a certified nurse 4 the elderly in Weilerbach, as needed Need to get rid of my two Husky or hourly. Please call after 1800 puppies! Male and female. Both hrs. 4 more info 0163-8853574 utd on shots and microchipped! 0163-8853574 Green and blue eyed! Price for Need a bigger house.. must be one €680! Sms or email €650 over 210sqm, 4BR, no oil in RAS. 015115922078 jungmi44@ya Available now or Oct, Nov. Prefer close to the A6 going towards Homburg area. €1650. PROFESSIONAL 01604258034


All ads & pics can be viewed @

! ! ! ! ! Bridge cleaners - cross the bridge into a cleaner world! PCS, yardwork, trash removal and a lot more! We except VAT Forms! 0173-3683830

New Challenge for Baseball / Softball Coaches!! The River Bandits Baseball and Softball Team, located in Saarbrücken (A6, 30min from KL) is looking for coaches for both teams and also players. Please contact: ste or call 0171-8634083

!!!!!!!!!!! FM Cleaner PCSing, cleaLOST & FOUND ning reg. trash hauling, painting, yard work, junk removal, delivery All ads & pics can be viewed @ transport, pick up service. tee to pass Landlord & Housing authorities insp 0174-5971347 Friday 07 Sept. Inside were my installation pass, Commissary pass, !!PCS cleaning, weekly, exp. 2 drivers license, 1 VISA card, 2 team over years INSP grtd 0160Debit cards. Reward 150 Euro, 91948-691 or cthompson@t-onli call 01759498915. $Lost black Fossil Wallet on BX/PX parking lot. !!PCS Stress, we will take your Lost Brittany Spaniel! Bee has PCS Cleaning stress off your been missing since Aug. 24! She hands Nicky 0176-87076932 needs medication, and her family Certified translations. Reasona- and companion dog miss her very ble rates. Call 06374-4113 or much. 016092727409; 063850179-531-0274. 993208;

Joe Satellite inal Orig The ce 1992 sin

The ticket prices are: E1-E4 - $25 • E5-E8 - $40 • E9-O3 - $45 • O4-O5 - $47 O6 & Above - $50 Individuals can talk to their First Sergeant or Maj Robbie Wheeler for tickets.

the one and only






BBC/SKY Free-View

Installation & Service and more... Stefan: 0176 2284 1995 INSTALLATION SERVICE-SALES Sky specialist quality service since 1991 Joe: 0631 3431418 0179-3437297 10 am to 6 pm

September 21, 2012

Kaiserslautern American

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