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November 27, 2015

Visit the Nurem berg Chris tmas Mark et by Me g Contr an Finley ibutin g writ er

If you are looking for a little bit of charm, romance and holiday enchantment this time of year, then the “Christkindlesmarkt,” or Nuremberg Christmas Market, is the place to go. Over two million tourists travel to Nuremberg every Christmas season to indulge in the holiday festivities. It may seem like this is perhaps a major tourist overload, but think again. The Christkindlesmarkt is actually three markets all smashed into one. There is a large market with rows of Christmas delights that extend through the town’s main square. In this market you will find traditional Christmas smokers, or figures that “exhale” incense smoke,

nutcrackers, Christmas-themed figurines and food vendors galore. There is nothing like indulging in a steaming cup of Gluehwein, or hot mulled wine, and traditional “Lebkuchen,” or gingerbread. Don’t forget to order “Drei im Weggla,” three delicious Nuremberg sausages in a roll. The second market in Nuremberg is called the “Sister Cities” market. This market sells goods relating to cities all around the globe: Antalya, Turkey; Atlanta, Georgia; Kharkiv, Ukraine; Glasgow, Scotland; Kavala, Greece; Krakow, Poland; Nice, France; Prague, Czech Republic; San Carlos, Nicaragua; Shenzhen, China; and Hadera, Isreal — all sis-

ter cities of Nuremberg. Last but not least, there is the “Kinderweihnacht,” or Children’s Christmas, with low windows and steps for the shorter people in our lives. And, of course, no Christmas market is complete without an ornately decorated carousel. With such a wide selection of Christmas markets locally, one might ask themselves, why travel all the way to Nuremberg? One reason is because of the town’s rich history. The Christmas market was originally mentioned in a document dating back to 1628. Most of the products sold at the market are made by regional manufacturers; and the stalls are made of regional spruce trees, many of them

originally constructed in 1890. If food is your motivation, the Nuremberg Christmas Market has that covered. Lebkuchen was invented in the 13th century and is sold in decorated tins. These tins have become highly sought after collector’s items. The way the sausages are made in Nuremberg dates back to 1497. Only sausages bought within the city limits are deemed “Original Nurembergers.” The sausage must weigh 23 grams and be as thick as your little finger. Wash it all down with Nuremberg’s Gerstacker blueberry Gluehwein, and you’re all set. You will be hardpressed to find anything like it. One last reason to hit the popular market is to check out

the Nuremberg “Christking”— a symbol of the market for decades. Every two years, a blond girl between the ages of 16 and 19 is chosen. She wears a gold crown and white gown and opens the Christkindlesmarkt with a speech from the balcony of the Church of Our Lady. She will make her grand appearance at 3 p.m. every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday during the market. The Nuremberg Christmas Market runs from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day beginning today to Dec. 23., and on Christmas Eve until 2 p.m. The opening ceremony will take place at 5:30 p.m today. For details, visit http://www.christkindlesmarkt.de/en/.

Photos by Mikael Damkier and Scirocco340/Shutterstock.com

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November 27, 2015

Kaiserslautern American

Photo by Nelo sa


If you wake up the morning of Dec. 6 to find a full bag of candy or presents waiting for you, it’s likely you received a visit from St. Nicholas. In parts of Germany, “Sankt Nikolaus,” or as we call him in English, St. Nicholas, brings gifts for children on “Nikolaustag,” St. Nicholas Day. Houses are thoroughly cleaned, and children clean their shoes or boots, preferably the biggest pair possible, in preparation for the big man to visit.

rstock.c om

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The joys of St. Nicholas Day in Germany

Also on this day, many children recite poems or sing songs for the bishop. Some even make a small gift for him. Other traditions include lighting candles on the Advent wreath and the Christmas pyramid with a nativity scene; and then some families read stories and sing songs as everyone waits for his arrival. When there is a knock on the door, the jolly saint comes in with his book and sack of goodies, and one of the children holds his staff for him as he asks them, “Have you behaved yourself?” If the answer is “yes,” he gives out gifts and goodies for everyone to share. The children share their surprises with St. Nicholas as well. Different areas of Germany have different customs. For example, in Stuttgart children dress up as the jolly saint and go door to door for sweets. In the Moselle region, St. Nicholas is known as the patron saint who protects the people from danger. During the time of the Celts and Romans, ships were towed up the river using manpower and later animals, a dangerous procedure, therefore shrines and chapels dedicated to the saint were built along the Moselle River in exchange for his protection. If you decide to attend the Bernkastel-Kues Christmas Market this year or the market in Mainz, do not be surprised to find Sankt Nikolaus himself make an appearance. Bernkastel-Kues Christmas Market runs through Dec. 20, and the Mainz Christmas Market runs through Dec. 23.

by Megan Finley, Contributing writer

If you wake up the morning of Dec. 6 to find a full bag of candy or presents waiting for you, it’s likely you received a visit from St. Nicholas.

The evening before St. Nicholas Day, children place letters and carrots or other food near their shiny shoes for the bishop with the flowing beard and staff and his white horse or donkey. These items are sometimes left outside, under a bed or near a window for St. Nicholas to come fill them with goodies. St. Nicholas then goes from house to house with a book where all of the children’s deeds for the year are carefully noted. In theory, if the children have been good, he fills their shoes or a plate with fruits, nuts and candies. If the children have been bad, their shoes are filled with potatoes, coal and twigs.

Photo by Birgit Brandlhuber/Shutterstock.com

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Kaiserslautern American

November 27, 2015

Lace up your skates: It's ice skating season

by Amie LaSalvia Contributing writer


inter is approaching quickly, and it is truly one of the most beautiful and magical times of the year. All around Germany, Christmas markets begin to open and ice rinks are set up. Exploring the markets and going ice skating is a budget-friendly way to

spend an afternoon or evening with family and friends. What could be better than gliding around the ice with loved ones while listening to Christmas music and enjoying the holiday atmosphere? Here are some of the best places to go ice skating this season:

“Gnomes’ Winter Fairytale” – Cologne

Open through Jan. 6, 2016 (closed on Dec. 24 and 25) As the temperatures begin to drop in Cologne, Germany, locals and visitors from all over begin to strap on their ice skates. Located in the old town of Cologne, about a 15-minute walk from the Cologne Cathedral, is where you can find the “Gnomes’ Winter Fairytale” ice rink. Once you put on your skates, the ice is all yours as you glide down the long straight runs or execute elegant turns and loops on the spacious ice. The skating rink itself is embedded in Cologne’s old town Christmas market which is one of the biggest, most attractive Christmas markets in Germany. This fairy tale experience is perfect for the whole family and is one not be missed. Opening times: 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday to Sunday Prices: €3 for children and teens up to 15 years old; €4 for adults, 16 and older Skate rental: €3

Karlsplatz Heidelberg Open through Jan. 10, 2016 (closed on Christmas Eve) This ice rink is located in Karlsplatz, known to be one of the most beautiful settings in Germany. People of all ages come to skate on the openair ice skating rink; the real-ice surface is overlooked by the Heidelberg Castle. If the adults don’t want to skate, the kids can have fun on the ice while parents relax and enjoy the atmosphere in the covered guest area. Once you have worked up an appetite, Karlsplatz has food and drink stands surrounding the rink, or you can take advantage of the Heidelberg

Kaiserslautern on Ice

Open through Feb. 14, 2016 If you are not a fan of ice skating outside in the winter and are looking for something fun to do that is closer to home, Kaiserslautern on Ice is the place to go, located in the event hall at the Gartenschau. This ice skating rink is always full of life, and there are many great shows that are held here. You can skate until your heart’s content and enjoy time with the whole family. There is a small bistro inside that offers great food and refreshments. Conveniently, right next door is Das Brauhaus, a nice restaurant to enjoy a meal and socialize after a few hours of gliding around on the ice. Opening times: 9 a.m. to noon, 1 to 3 p.m., 4 to 6 p.m., and 7 to 9 p.m. Monday through Thursday and Sunday; 9 a.m. to noon, 1 to 3 p.m., 4 to 6 p.m., and 7 to 10 p.m. Friday and Saturday; 9 a.m. to noon Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve; 1 to 3 p.m., and 4 to 6 p.m. Dec. 25, 26, and New Year’s Day Prices: €2.50 for children and teens up 15 years old; €3.50 for adults, 16 and older; €2 for school classes and students Skate rental: €3.50

Christmas Market taking place through Dec. 22, also perfect for buying small, beautiful gifts. Opening hours: 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday to Sunday; noon to 10 p.m. Dec. 25 and 26; noon to 1 a.m. New Year’s Eve; noon to 10 p.m. New Year’s Day Prices: (for 90 minutes) €4 for adults, €3 for children Skate rental: €3 During the first 90 minutes after opening (10 to 11:30 a.m.), school classes and kindergarten groups may use the rink without charge.

Graphics by ALEXEY GRIGOREV and panco/Shutterstock.com

November 27, 2015

Kaiserslautern American

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Black Friday




The season’s best deals at your TKSShop! Excluding down payments, cash cards & bill payments. VAT forms are not applicable.





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Kaiserslautern American

November 27, 2015

Traditional homemade holiday recipes by Megan Finley, Contributing writer (Recipes from www.allrecipes.com)

Making the “perfect” turkey is essential: It’s the main course that your guests look forward to every year plus it needs to be up-to-par with leftover football-frenzy food standards. No pressure right? Keep it simple yet impressive this holiday season and create a tradition-

al holiday meal with these recipes to impress your guests and have them going back up for seconds. Canned cranberry sauce and creamed corn? No way — throw the canned goods out the window this year and see how easy and delicious it is to make your holiday meal from scratch.

Perfect Turkey

Homemade Cranberry Sauce Start to finish: 25 minutes Servings: 11 12 ounces of cranberries 1 cup sugar 1 cup orange juice In a medium-sized saucepan over medium-heat, dissolve the sugar in the orange juice. Sir in the cranberries and cook until the cranberries start to pop, about 10 minutes. Remove from heat and place sauce in a bowl. Cranberry sauce will thicken as it cools. Serve with your perfect turkey

Start to finish: Overnight prep time (about 4 hours cook time) Servings: 24 One 18-pound turkey 2 cups kosher salt 1/2 cup butter 2 large onions 4 carrots 4 stalks celery 2 sprigs thyme 1 bay leaf 1 cup dry white wine Rub the turkey inside and out with the kosher salt. Place the bird in a large stock pot and cover with cold water. Place in the refrigerator, and allow the turkey to soak in the salt and water mixture for 12 hours overnight. Heat the oven to 350 F. Rinse turkey, and throw away the brine mixture. Brush the turkey with 1/2 the melted butter. Place breast side down on a roasting rack in a shallow roasting pan. Stuff the turkey cavity with 1 onion, 1/2 the carrots, 1/2 the celery, 1 sprig of thyme and the bay leaf. Scatter the remaining vegetables and thyme around the bottom of the roasting pan, and cover with the white wine. Roast uncovered 3 1/2 to 4 hours in the oven, until the internal temperature in the thigh reaches 180 F (85 C). Carefully turn the turkey breast side up about 2/3 through the roasting time and brush with the remaining butter. Allow the bird to stand about 30 minutes before carving.

Sweet Potato Casserole Start to finish: 40 minutes Servings: 8 to 12 4 1/2 cups cooked and mashed sweet potatoes 1/2 cup butter, melted 1/3 cup milk 1 cup white sugar 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract 2 eggs, beaten 1 cup light brown sugar 1/2 cup all-purpose flour 1/3 cup butter 1 cup chopped pecans Heat the oven to 350 F. Grease a

9x13 inch baking dish In a large bowl, mix together mashed sweet potatoes, 1/2 cup butter, milk, sugar, vanilla extract and eggs. Spread sweet potato mixture into the prepared baking dish. In a small bowl, mix together brown sugar and flour. Cut in 1/3 cup butter until mixture is crumbly, then stir in pecans. Sprinkle pecan mixture over the sweet potatoes. Bake for 25 to 30 minutes, or until golden brown.

Photos by Olga Nayashkova, Elena Shashkina, Madlen and Ildi Papp/Shutterstock.com

November 27, 2015

Kaiserslautern American

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Creamed Corn Start to finish: 15 minutes Servings: 8 2 packages frozen corn, thawed 1 cup heavy cream 1 teaspoon salt 2 tablespoons sugar 1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper 2 tablespoons butter 1 cup whole milk 2 tablespoons all-purpose flour 1/4 cup freshly grated Parmesan cheese In a skillet over medium-heat, combine the corn, cream, salt, sugar, pepper and butter. Whisk together the milk and flour, and stir into the corn mixture. Cook stirring over medium-heat until the mixture is thickened, and corn is cooked through. Remove from heat, and stir in the Parmesan cheese until melted. Serve hot.

Pie Crust Start to finish: 20 minutes prep time (at least 30 minutes hands-off time) Servings: Makes 4 single or 2 double pie crusts 4 cups all-purpose flour 1 3/4 cups shortening 3 tablespoons white sugar 2 teaspoons salt 1 egg 1/2 cup water In a large mixing bowl, combine all-purpose flour, shortening, sugar and salt. Blend together with a pastry cutter until crumbly. In a small bowl, mix egg with water. Blend into flour mixture. Form dough into 4 equal balls, wrap in plastic wrap or place in a zip-close bag. Chill in refrigerator for about 30 minutes and up to 2 days, or until ready to use. Make your favorite holiday pie.

Photos by idea for life, shutterdandan and Alina G/Shutterstock.com

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Kaiserslautern American

November 27, 2015

Don't be

a ‘Grinch’:

reducing conflict during the holidays by Dr. Krystal White Contributing writer


t is just as easy to be irritable and mean during the holidays as it is to be generous and sweet. Many families find themselves blissfully swimming in a sea of wrapping paper with ridden gratitude one hour and the next screaming over who is hoarding the game system, causing a mess and not helping out enough. The holidays intensify our sense of connection to those we love. Yet they often are accompanied with temper tantrums, snarky comments and irritated arguments. Feelings of glad tidings and merriment can easily be overshadowed by reoccurring resentments or nega-

tive assumptions. Often, we react with frustration and anger rather than peace and joy. When the big day is finally here, research shows many families begin to argue around 10 a.m. A study of over 4,000 households found that arguing was one of the most experienced rituals of our holiday celebrations. The key triggers of conflict were: stressful pressure to cook the perfect holiday meal, arguments over what to watch on TV, and children creating chaos or messes. In addition, during larger family gatherings we are likely to encounter other people that regularly irritate us. Psychologist Leonard Felder reports in his research that three-quarters of society has at least

Photo by Oliver Hoffmann/Shutterstock.com

one family member who annoys them. University of Louisville psychologist Michael Cunningham identified that “social allergens” run high during the holiday season. Social allergens are habits others have that get down to your last nerve. For example, relatives who always need to “one up you,” kids playing electronics at the dinner table, or a partner who forgot to buy a present as promised. When we consider the stress of the season, it’s

no wonder that arguments come naturally. Add high expectations and physical fatigue together with overconsumption of stimulation, food and drinks, and you have a perfect recipe for family drama. Very few of us are at our best during the holidays, and no one wants to be a “Grinch” during this time of year either. Here are the top five things you can do to prevent the Grinch from stealing your holiday joy: • Clearly define three things that are most important to you and why. For example, perhaps setting up the tree is in your top three because the tree lights have a joyful, calming effect on the children and remind you of being a kid again. Write down these top three experiences in advance and share them with your family. • Give yourself permission to say “no.” If a task, event or experience is not part of you or your family members’ “top three things,” consider not doing it at all. The goal is to simplify and avoid overstimulation and exhaustion. This can help you feel more grateful for the amount of quality time together and to take less time for granted. • Come up with clear expectations of who is responsible for certain chores on the big days of celebration. Specify when chores should be completed and reinforce a “team spirit.” For example, perhaps you have a 15-minute

“family cleanup time” at 11 a.m. to reduce aggravation over one person doing it all. One idea is to have a Christmas-helper jar: Each family member draws two to three chores for the day with a time frame for completion (e.g., set the table by 2 p.m., help dad or mom in the kitchen between noon and 1 p.m., separate recyclables from 11 a.m. to noon, clear dishes and load the dishwasher after dinner and before evening electronics time). • Write love notes or words of appreciation throughout the season. Jot down kind words on a sticky note for one other person at least once a day and make them feel special. This habit will train your brain to notice the wonderful things about the season rather than what is annoying. Give up a sense of perfection and worrying over details. No one will remember what side dishes you served or what present they received five years from now. But they will remember how it felt to spend quality time with you. Remind yourself that other people matter more than trying to make the perfect meal or buy the perfect present. (Dr. White is a pediatric psychologist at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center and the developmental health consultant for Europe Regional Medical Command. She specializes in healthy habits across the lifespan and evaluating developmental disorders.)

November 27, 2015

Kaiserslautern American

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SUNDAY SHOPPING NOV 29, 13:00 - 18 :0


VAT at selected stores | 130 shops | mon - sat 9:30 - 20:00 | convenient in-house parking | easy to find – follow the signs (city-center) | www.saarpark-center.de | Stummplatz 1 | 66538 Neunkirchen

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Kaiserslautern American

Make the best of your Christmas market experience How to make the most of your market visit by Dr. Krystal White, Contributing writer

German Christmas markets have inspired a sense of community cheer and holiday merriment for over 400 years. Amidst the dark days and cold nights, it is easy to be dreary and avoid venturing out. Historically, days near or on Dec. 25 have always been celebrated in multiple cultures as a crucial day of the year: Egyptians paid homage to their key gods; Romans celebrated the sun god Saturn during this season; and every year Germanic ancestors started multiple midwinter festivals near the winter solstice. These historical celebrations influence the Christmas markets we experience and cherish today. Christmas pyramids, nativity scenes and signs of Christian rituals such as mistletoe, continue to dominate market decoration and cheer. The original sentiment of the market, to gather people together, can still be felt. We huddle together in the twinkle of soft light with the sounds of laughter and merry music, knowing that the most precious gift we possess is togetherness. Navigating to a German Christmas market can be challenging, whether or not you’re new to the market atmosphere or you are a yearly market visitor. Here are some tips to help you maximize your merriness:

Good cheer needs a crowd

Sometimes more cheer is spread at Christmas markets when you have a group of people spending time together. Some can take the kids and go for a stroll, ride on the ferris wheel or visit the petting zoo while others shop around for ornaments and stocking stuffers. It’s always fun to plan a local train trip to the markets to reduce the stress of navigating, the irritation of parking and the need for a designated driver. Weekend group train tickets for up to five people is always the most affordable way to travel to a Christmas market. Plus, you can play cards or enjoy snacks during your commute — a whole day of excitement and good cheer.

Stick to a budget

It is easy to be so full of the holiday spirit

that the cash just keeps flowing. We are less of a stickler when it comes to our sense of self control during this time of year, and we tend to spend more money in the company of others. Plus, research shows that we are more likely to spend more money when we are cold. In general, without accounting for presents or actual objects purchased, most Christmas marketgoers spend 10 to 15 euro per hour on consumable products. The best way to combat forking over 100 euro for every market you visit is to plan on only spending a predetermined amount of cash. This tactic may assist you in budgeting your alcoholic intake as well.

November 27, 2015

Now that you have some tips, here are three German markets you should experience this season: Sankt Wendel

This small, local village packs in a lot of charm and visitors. After revelling in more than a 100 wooden stalls spread throughout only a few winding streets, if you arrive around the perfect time, you can be delighted as the Three Wise Men stroll through the town with live camels. Every evening at 7 p.m., the night watchman closes the market. Enjoy the market from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Dec. 5 to Dec.13.

Make new friends


Bundle up

Bad Wimpfen

The atmosphere of each individual market is completely different, but most emit a social energy. This is the perfect opportunity to chat with the locals and make new friends. It can feel awkward at first to approach others you do not know, but most people welcome smiling strangers to share their table. It can be extremely rewarding to meet people you would not come to know under normal, non-festive circumstances. Be situationally aware, but be friendly and try asking others for local recommendations or advice. Need advice for staying warm rather than layering on piles of extra winter clothing? Research the area near your market beforehand and make reservations at a local cafe for coffee and cake. A cozy inside break from the cold always feels super inviting. Also, it’s a smart move to bring a large thermos filled with hot tea. You can enjoy it in between your mugs of Gluhwein and continue to be warm, and sober! (Dr. White is a pediatric psychologist at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center and the developmental health consultant for Europe Regional Medical Command. She specializes in healthy habits across the lifespan and evaluating developmental disorders.)

Easily accessed by train, this spectacular town boasts some of the best wine and food you’ll savor this holiday season. Do not miss out on sampling the best “Dampfnudeln,” or traditional German dumplings, of the area. Plus, the market’s unique Gluehwein is made from local, superior red wine by nearby producers. There are also plenty of warm barns and inviting cafes to relax and warm up in. The market goes every weekend beginning today through Dec. 20. Opening times: 5 p.m. Fridays, 2 p.m. Saturdays and 11 a.m. Sundays. Traveling a few hours from home on “Burgenstrasse,” or Castle Road, this market is one of the best in Germany. It’s old medieval walls and cobblestone streets convey a fairy tale-like glow that will be sure to get you into the Christmas spirit. The market offers amazingly unique and often handmade items in its booths. Think handmade chocolates, cookies, scarves, hats, mittens and ornaments. You can always plan an overnight trip and sleep in a castle close by. Experience the market’s charming weekends today through Dec. 13. Opening times: 2 p.m. Fridays, 11 a.m. Saturdays and 11:30 a.m. Sundays.

Courtesy photo of Yganko/Shutterstock.com

Eat, drink and be merry in Maastricht

Kaiserslautern American

Love our recipes? Let us hear about it! Contact us at ads@kaiserslauternamerican.com for feedback or recipe suggestions. We would love to hear from you!


by Susan Grady, Contributing writer


A visit to Maastricht is about relishing the good life. Enjoying the crisp winter air with a warm cup of Gluehwein, eating traditional Maastricht delights and strolling along the cobblestoned streets while gazing at the illuminated trees are all part of the lure for tourists this holiday season.

Typical German

Christmas Duck served with Potato Dumplings and Red Cabbage

Courtesy photo of Martje Gulikers, Maastricht Marketing and Communications

The city is a bustling urban center: the capital of the province, birthplace of the euro and home to what some say is the greatest art and antiques fair in the world. Maastricht’s inner beauty doesn’t stop here — from Saturday to Dec. 29, the elegant city transforms into Magical Maastricht as the city center becomes a Christmas paradise. During the Christmas season, a large ice skating rink, a Christmas market and an enchanting carousel will take over Vrijthof square and the entire city center will bring more festivities for everyone, young and old. Children and church choirs will put the city into the Christmas spirit, and magical theater and musical performances will take place at various cafes, museums, squares and streets in Maastricht. For more details on the musical program, visit www.magicalmaastricht.nl. This charming town of only 130,000 people has several Michelin-starred restaurants. If these are out of your price range, you may want to consider dining at one of the 300 pubs and cafes in Maastricht. There is a certain class of pub in the Netherlands, called a “brown cafe.” These establishments are tiny wood-paneled pubs that serve inexpensive, hearty meals. Sjinkerij de Bobbel, located at Wolfstraat 32, is one such cafe. The name is Dutch-slang meaning a bottle for storing gin, said Taco Van der Bijl, de Bobbel’s owner. The interior is dark and cool with only seven or eight tables. The kitchen is now open daily from 10 a.m to 9 p.m. You can get several types of soup including French onion, Limburg mustard soup and goulash soup, a generous serving of quiche, sandwiches and their special coffee, Bobbelmelange. More casual dining can be found on the street. Belgian waffles are a popular street food. Sidewalk stands serve the warm, sweet, chewy waffles dusted with powdered sugar straight off the griddle to hungry holiday shoppers and tourists. After numerous rounds of ice skating with the kids on the 800 square meter rink, grab a cup of hot cocoa and enjoy the seasonal delicacy “oliebollen,” or deep-fried doughnut balls. Walk along the main shopping strip, and you will notice the decorated windows and the shops’ special winter collections. Besides eating, Maastrichters love to shop. On Groote Staat, the main shopping street, you’ll find European department stores, designer shops, interior stores with home accessories and furniture, jewelers, antique shops and galleries. During the Christmas season, artists will have the opportunity to display their light projects within the city along the Magical Light Route, giving the inner city and shops that much more of a glow. Stroll across the “Hoeg Broegk,” or the old bridge, admire the Maasboulevard and Mosae Forum shopping center and make your way to the Onze Lieve Vrouweplein, a square in Maastricht, where there will be a display of 200 mistletoeshaped lamps. The shops in Maastricht are open the first Sunday of the month from noon to 5 p.m. Better yet, shops will extend their hours for the Christmas season with additional shopping nights until 9 p.m. Dec. 22 and 23. For more information on shopping, the light route and must-do’s this winter in Maastricht, visit http://www.vvvmaastricht.nl/magisch-maastricht.html. EDITOR'S NOTE: Amanda Hayward, editor and contributing writer for the Kaiserslautern American, contributed additonal information to this article.

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Ingredients (for 4 people) 1 whole duck 4 chestnuts, peeled and boiled 3 dried bread rolls 1 apple, red or green 1 pear ½ cup parsley, chopped 1 egg 1 cup of milk 3 tsp salt 3 tsp ground White Pepper 3 stalks of celery 1 whole leek 4 carrots, medium size 4 medium onions 1 tsp tomato paste 2 bottles of dark beer, high in malt

Preparation of Duck

When you get the duck, be sure it is clean inside the cavity of the duck. Make sure all the organs are removed. Rinse under cold water. Dry it off with a paper towel. Season the duck, inside and out with salt and pepper, about a tsp of each.

Stuffing for Duck

Cut the bread rolls in thin slices. Heat the milk till warm. Peel the pear and the apple. Cut each in 4 pieces, remove the center and then slice into thin pieces. Slice your boiled chestnuts, finely. Add the parsley to the bread rolls. Pour the milk over the bread rolls. Let this sit for 5 minutes. Take two wooden spoons to work with the bread roll mixture until it cools enough to put your hands in the dough. Add your apples, pears and chestnuts. Add the spices, and egg. Again work the dough with your hands until you have a smooth consistency. Stuff the duck with the dough mixture. You can take a needle and thread and close the hole of the duck or close the hole with toothpicks. Let the duck sit to the side as you prepare the vegetables for the dish.

(Dumplings and cabbage from previous recipes)

You need a metal 9 x 13 baking dish. The deeper the dish, the better it will hold all the sauce. Cut the vegetables into 1 inch pieces. Put them into the baking dish. Add 1 cup of water and a ¼ cup beer and tomato paste. Salt and pepper the vegetables. Place the duck on top of the vegetable bed. Put in the oven at 180 degrees Celsius or 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Return to the oven approximately every 30 minutes to put more sauce over the duck, adding more beer as the fluid level reduces. After 3 to 3.5 hours, the duck should be done, with a nice brown crust on the outside. Reduce the heat in the oven, to 80 degrees Celsius. Put the duck on a plate. Let the duck sit inside the oven to rest. If your sauce isn’t nice brown in color and tasty, put the vegetable and liquid on top of the stove and turn a burner on low. Cook down the liquid so that the tomato paste will roast a bit more. When the tomato paste achieves a nice brown color, add the rest of your dark beer and 1-2 cups of water. Add more salt and pepper if desired. If your duck was particularly fatty, you can take a spoon and dip off the top layer of fat before the final step of the sauce. Then, use a drink mixer and blend all the vegetables into the sauce, creating thick sauce. Cut the duck in half, through the breast bone. Then cut the halves between the leg and the wing in a 45 degree angle towards the leg, so all four piece are equivalent in meat portions. Divide the stuffing into 4 portions and plate next to the duck. Serve potato knoedel (dumplings) and red cabbage with this dish for an awesome German Christmas Dinner. See you next week!

Enjoy your meal!

Photo by Shebeko / Shutterstock.com ock.com

November 27, 2015

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November 27, 2015

Getting crafty with the kids Fun crafts to do with your children this holiday season by Megan Finley Contributing writer


eck your walls with Christmas crafts! Crafts are a fantastic way to bring families together, and make a little holiday cheer. Many

o by Phot


watching “A Christmas Story” for the 97th time. When the big day passes, carefully store your creations away to enjoy and reminisce for years to come. Here are some great ideas to get you and your family started.

om ing.c



at c helle

kids cannot think beyond opening the presents the morning of the 25th. However, there are so many other joyous memories to make during this time of year. Start making some new holiday memories outside of decorating the tree, stringing some lights or

aft nt Cr


Orn flake w o n pS


Photo by Tracy at thekitchenismyplayground.com

Homemade Cinnamon Ornaments

Photo by

Bow Tie N

Michelle at

oodle Wre

craftymor ni

ath Craft


Photos by Plisman and Picsfive/Shutterstock.com

Q-tip Snowflake Ornaments

Homemade Cinnamon Ornaments

Bow Tie Noodle Wreath Craft

Q-tips Silver glitter Glue Scissors Blue paper Sparkly silver pipe cleaners Start by cutting Q-tips into short and longer pieces. Put strips of glue on the paper in the shape of a snowflake and have the kids do the longer ones first. One tip I have is to have them actually touching in the middle. After those are laid down, put shorter strips of glue between them. While the Q-tips are drying, take a glue bottle and line each Q-tip with glue again, sprinkling glitter on top. Once it is completely dry, cut the paper out around the snowflake. Bend a pipe cleaner and tape it in the back to hang it on the tree. Pictures don’t do justice; these ornaments twinkle so pretty in the light!

1 cup applesauce 1 1/4 cup ground cinnamon 1 tablespoon ground cloves (optional) Heat the oven to 200 F. Line a sheet pan with parchment paper. In the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with a paddle attachment, combine the applesauce, cinnamon and cloves (if using). It may take a few minutes for the mixture to come together. You want the dough to be able to form a ball without being too sticky. Add additional applesauce or cinnamon if needed. You can mix the dough by hand, it may just take longer. Sprinkle a clean surface with cinnamon (like you would with flour while rolling out pie dough). Place the dough on the surface and sprinkle with more cinnamon. Use a rolling pin to roll the dough to 1/4 inch thick, sprinkling with more cinnamon to keep from sticking. Cut out into desired shapes and place on the prepared sheet pan so that they aren’t touching. Use a skewer to poke a hole into each ornament (to attach string). Bake in the preheated oven for 1 1/2 to 2 hours, or until rock hard. Loop a decorative string through the ornament and hang on your tree. Notes: Ornaments may also be dried at room temperature over several days. Ornaments are not extremely fragile, but they can break. Handle with care. Do not eat.

Mini bow tie pasta Green paint Paintbrush Green glitter White card stock Red ribbon Glue Start by painting all of the little bow tie noodles with green paint, and shake with green glitter. Once the noodles are completely dry, glue them into a circular wreath shape on a piece of white card stock. Using a red ribbon, tie a bow and glue it on the bottom of the wreath. Let dry. Now you have your first Christmas card to send out to friends or family!

November 27, 2015

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After operating for 11 years on Merkurstrasse they decided to give themselves a birthday present and you, the patron, are the winners. You will see exciting new products in their refreshing, clean and open departments and Saturn invites you to shop at your leisure for your Christmas presents. When entering, you will be introduced to 4000 square meters of shopping space in blue and white design, giving a relaxed feeling and a perfect frame to deliver innovative products. Lower shelves give a perfect overview to the entire store, while giving a brighter, friendlier, larger and airier feel. Saturn has done away with cash registers and everything can be done in one centralized location that combines customer service, area pickup and purchasing. In addition to what is already in the store, 10,000 additional products can be ordered online and in most cases order and pick-up at the Kaiserslautern store can be accomplished and finalized the next day. Check out Saturn’s website and the regular ads in the Kaiserslautern American for great weekly deals. Saturn operates 157 stores throughout Germany employing 8,400 people. Whether you’re looking for TV’s smartphones, headphones, stereos, action cams, coffee makers with special coffees, Saturn has it all.

VAT FORMS, Visa and dollars accepted Saturn Merkur str. 62-64 67663 Kaiserslautern SATURN.DE

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November 27, 2015

November 27, 2015

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Kaiserslautern American

November 27, 2015

Bring in the new year right The best places to go for New Year’s Eve

New Year’s is approaching quickly once again, which means it's time to think about where the right place is for you, your family or friends to spend this wonderful time of year. There are many breathtaking places to go to bring in the new year while living in Germany, so why not see 2015 off with a bang in one of the world's best cities? Here are top three cities and parties in Europe to go to on New Year’s Eve. by Amie LaSalvia, Contributing writer

Photo by Ditty_about_summer/Shutterstock.com

Berlin, Germany

In Berlin, Silvester, or New Year’s Eve, is celebrated in the loudest way possible. Many of the locals celebrate on their balconies, in their front lawns, at local parks and in the streets, so no matter where you go there is an exhilarating party and great people to meet. Right as the clock strikes midnight, the best fireworks light up the sky. The biggest iconic fireworks display can be enjoyed in the heart of Berlin at the Brandenburg Gate. The city is so full of life and energy and there is plenty to do for the whole family. You can find everything from the famous “Pfannkuchenlauf,” or pancake race, a 6.3K or 10K run up and down Teufelsberg where runners toss a pancake while running, to great music at some of the stages surrounding the Brandenburg Gate and amazing German food.

Paris, France Why not bring in the new year in the “city of light and love?” New Year’s Eve in Paris is one not to miss. What can be better than watching the Eiffel Tower light show as it glitters and sparkles in the electric atmosphere of people toasting to the new year with the never-ending fizz of French champagne? You won’t even need to worry about transportation around the city; Paris’ underground transportation system is open all night on New Year’s Eve, so you will be free to wander the city and enjoy the festivi-

ties all night long. For the best view of the Eiffel Tower, head down early to the “Parc du Champ de Mars.” This park is located directly in front of the tower. Also make sure you bring plenty of drinks, blankets and warm clothing. If you’re not a fan of large crowds but still want to celebrate, head over to the “Basilica Sacre-Coeur,” or the Sacre Coeur Cathedral Plaza. Here you can see a beautiful view of the city. This is a great, less-chaotic place to bid the past year farewell. As long as the sky is somewhat clear, you will be able to view the Paris skyline, the Eiffel Tower light show and possibly some of the locals’ fireworks displays.

London, England New Year’s Eve in London is one of the biggest attractions in Europe, bringing in thousands of people to the city to see the breathtaking fireworks display. Beginning at midnight and lasting for about 15 minutes, the London Eye and Big Ben set of fireworks, filling the night sky with beautiful colors. Everyone gathers along the riverside to watch this extravagant show, so it can be hard getting

Photo by melis/Shutterstock.com

Fireworks at the Tower Bridge crossing the River Thames in London, England.




Sun: 10 am, 11 am and 6 pm Wed: 7 pm Mühlstrasse 34 67659 Kaiserslautern Tel. 06 31 - 36 18 59 92 Tel. 06 371 - 46 75 16

Photo by Amie LaSalvia

The light show in Paris, France.

a good spot unless you wait in line all day. The earlier you get there the better. If you can’t get a spot next to the river, there are a few other alternatives so you don’t miss out on this spectacular view: Get on the water. There are many boats on the River Thames that offer river cruises so you can enjoy a relaxing boat ride and have an enjoyable evening. The river cruises save the best part for last — a front row seat to the fireworks show at midnight. To book a reservation, go to http://www.riverthames. co.uk. Another great alternative is to head over to London’s Hyde Park, St. James Park or Green Park. Here, you can watch the fireworks without standing in a big crowd. If you are willing to go a little out of the way, Primrose Hill is another spectacular spot, located about four miles from the London Eye. Here you will have a picture-perfect panoramic view of the River Thames and the fireworks without having to strain your neck. If you decide this option is for you, be sure to bring your own blankets, food and of course some champagne to toast to the year ahead.

Photo by SP-Photo/ Shutterstock.com

Fireworks at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany.

November 27, 2015

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November 27, 2015

The Drink of the Season by Krystal White Contributing writer It is pronounced “Glue-vine,” and most people start sipping it midNovember. Nothing inspires the feeling of Christmas more than huddling together in the brisk winter air with a mug of steaming hot, sugared wine. There’s even a Christmas song devoted to its American relative; ever whistled the song “Here we go a Wassailing”? In high school, friends who were with me in the show choir would all gather one night during the holiday season and wander around the block singing to their neighbors. We would enjoy being together with cocoa or warm apple cider while the parents sang a little more boisterously, their sound pipes fueled by their cups of mulled wine. Luxurious afterlife rituals of Egyptian Pharaohs introduced the

spiced wine to the world, believing that adding special spices to the liquid imparted medicinal and supernatural powers. Once the spice trade was introduced, noble families utilized spiced wine to show off the wealth and generosity of their medieval households; it was a status symbol. Up until the last 100 years, spices were conserved like gold and only used quite sparingly until certain seasons. In France during medieval times, this type of wine was named Hippocras, after the famous doctor Hippocrates, as it was frequently used to treat a series of ailments. Families also celebrated winter and the Christmas market season by adding these spices to wine and heating them up. It not only masked the flavor of not-so-good vintages, but it made people merry and signified a time of joy. German Gluehwein is the king of all mulled wines. Mulled wine is

Recipes Easy Amaretto Punch Servings: 8 to 10 Start to finish: 5 minutes Need a stellar hit at a party but don’t have that much time to prepare? The best recipe for an instant crowd-pleasing batch of Gluehwein is two bottles of store bought, premade Gluehwein and a bottle of amaretto. Add little curls of orange peel in the mugs, if you want to put some effort in it, and top it off with a sprinkle of nutmeg.

"Feuerzangenbowle" (Fire Punch) Servings: 10 to 12 Start to finish: 10 minutes This is basically a heated bowl of Gluehwein that gets kicked up a notch when you suspend a rum-soaked block of sugar over it and light it on fire. The rum and sugar slowly dissolve into the prepared wine and you’ve got “wunderbar” entertainment. Try a warm white Gluehwein recipe, adding 1 cup organic apple juice to two bottles of dry riesling and 1 teaspoon of ginger.

just heated wine with added spices, but the current practice of producing Gluehwein varies quite drastically — from simple recipes to complicated concoctions, the goal is to enhance the experience. Some add fruit, nuts or cream-based spirits while others use various high-quality red wine and in some rare cases, white wine. With a growing number of small Christmas markets popping up around Germany, an estimated 4,000 markets have been added in the last seven years, it’s hard not to go to a Christmas market where almost every other person is holding a mug of the wine. That’s because it is big business. Out of all the people applying to open a booth at a market, 70 to 80 percent of applicants are Gluehwein stands. In 2002, the “Bundesverband Deutscher Schausteller und Marktkaufleute,” or the Federal Association of German showmen and market traders, esti-

Grandma's Gluehwein Servings: 10 to 12 Start to finsh: 1 hour 15 minutes A classic, traditional drink full of citrus and autumn fruit. Open up two bottles of very dry red wine; Chianti or the local favorite Dornfelder is a perfect choice. 2 oranges 2 green apples 1 pear 1 lemon peel 2 tablespoons turbinado sugar 1 small clementine 2 cinnamon sticks 2 star anise dash of nutmeg 1 whole vanilla pod* 2 bottles extra dry red wine Heat a large stock pot over medium-high heat. Slice the oranges, green apples and pear. Once water is hot, add in a whole sliced peel from a lemon and the turbinado sugar. Squeeze juice from the small clementine into the sugar and lemon peel mixture and stir. Place fruit slices in the bottom of the large stock pot. Add in the cinnamon sticks, star anise, a few dashes of nutmeg and a whole vanilla pod. Stir gently, adding in half a cup of wine. Bring to a boil for 3 to 5 minutes, making a nice syrup. Once sugar is dissolved, add the remaining two bottles of wine. Turn the heat to low and let simmer for a least 1 hour. *Available in all large grocery markets and well worth the money

mated that the average mulled wine stand has sales of around €50,000 in a single season, two times more than other stall-keepers. Strict rules prevent a glut of supply: Only one Gluehwein stand per five or ten different stands is permitted in each market. In all fairness, Gluehwein sellers are typically charged higher rents. The only way to decide if you like the wine is to sample it across various vendors. Be careful, after two mugs you will hardly be able to distinguish a difference. It’s important to remember that when you are cold, putting back four or five of these mugs in a short time is quite easy, leading to a good recipe for how not to spend your holiday season. Consume it selectively and wisely. No matter what your preference is, Gluehwein is sure to become another cold weather tradition that you look forward to every holiday season.

Raspberry Lemon Peel Muffins Servings: 12 Start to finish: 35 minutes Need something that pairs well with a nice warm mug of Gluehwein? Try Raspberry Lemon Peel Muffins. The fruit brings out the liquor’s intensity, and the lemon peel brings out the tartness of the wine. 1 cup old fashioned oats 1 3/4 cup all-purpose flour 2 teaspoons baking powder 1/2 teaspoon baking soda 1/2 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice 1/2 cup light brown sugar 1/2 cup Greek yogurt 2 eggs 1 teaspoon almond extract 3/4 cup raspberries 1/4 cup dried lemons or candied ginger 1/3 cup maple syrup 2 teaspoons cinnamon sugar Heat the oven to 400 F (200 C). Mix together dry ingredients in a large bowl. Set aside. Mix wet ingredients separately in a medium bowl. Stir wet ingredients into the dry mixture. Add in raspberries, dried lemons or candied ginger. Separately whisk together the maple syrup with the cinnamon sugar and pour one teaspoon of the mixture into the center of the batter. Bake for 20 minutes. Photo by CGissemann/Shutterstock.com

November 27, 2015

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November 27, 2015

Snapping out of the winter blues Five tips for battling seasonal depression

by Megan Finley Contributing writer


Summer is a period of fruition, fulďŹ llment, happiness or beauty. Winter is a period of time characterized by coldness, misery, barrenness or death. — www.dictionary.com

ment of snow. For others, the chilly season triggers anxiety and depression. Here are the top ďŹ ve tips for how to shed a little sunlight on your seasonal sadness. Get outside. Bundle up and spend as much time as you can outside now and through the duration of the winter season. This will help you store any sun exposure you currently have. Additionally, sunlight is the most important weapon against seasonal depression, so use it to your advantage. If you can afford it, buy a light box. As the winter months allow less sun exposure, these nifty little devices can give you a boost when the natural sunlight cannot. Look forward. Be a proactive and forward thinker. Get your holiday shopping done early. Start making plans and preparing for upcoming


Well unfortunately for many of us, that just about hits the nail on the head. The beauty of autumn has passed, and all of the beautiful leaves have fallen from the trees and have been raked, bagged and tossed away. The air is colder and the days are darker. We leave for work and school when it’s dark and return home to darkness all over again. For some, winter is a festive time of year marked by holiday gatherings and the excite-

2 3

events, vacations, projects or whatever interests you. Keeping your mind and calendar busy will make all the difference. Know your limits. Although it is extremely important to stay engaged with family, friends and communities, know when to say “no.â€? Do not be afraid to say “noâ€?; rather than overwhelming yourself with further anxiety. And if you do ďŹ nd yourself in a pickle, do not be afraid to ask for help! Exercise. Whether it is a leisurely bike ride, a brisk walk or squats at your desk, be sure to get the blood moving every single day. Elevate your heart rate. Make time for this and put it on the daily calendar. Exercise is mental therapy. As we inch our way closer to the “thick of itâ€? in terms of the winter season, keep these tips in mind and take control of your mental health.

4 5

Tech. Sgt.Trimeka Elliott “Every year, we gather as a big family, aunts and uncles and cousins even. We take turns getting the position of honor as ‘Santa,’ handing out presents and making sure everyone gets their turn.�

Lt. Col. Daniel Aldana “I always get a kick (out) of leaving cookies out for Santa Claus and carrots for his reindeer.�

Man on the street ...... What is your favorite family holiday tradition? Pfc. Tess Thomas “The holiday tradition I enjoyed most was my mother playing Luther Vandross’ Christmas album after Thanksgiving. It never failed, the day after Thanksgiving Luther Vandross or some other old school soul (or) R&B Christmas albums could be heard throughout the house.�

Patrick Pogue “Of course, the best tradition is fi nding and cutting down your own Christmas tree.� Graphic by AntiMartina/Shutterstock.com

KMC Assembly of God Church

Reverend Chuck Kackley Phone: 06333-9931838 Cell: 0171-6574322

Services are held at Kaiserstrasse 16 A, Einsiedlerhof WORSHIP HOURS: Sunday 10 a.m., Wednesday 6:30 p.m. Family Night A Christian fellowship that gathers to study God’s word verse by verse so we can know, glorify and serve Christ.

Teaching the village, reaching the world!

We meet Sundays at 11 a.m. For more info call 06371-616793 or visit our website www.CCK-Town.org Industriestr. 50 66862 Kindsbach

Kaiserslautern Evangelical

Show me your ways, Lord; guide me in your truth and teach me!

8:30 am Worship & Holy Communion

Landstuhl Christian Bookstore

Lutheran Church Sunday School Following Meeting in Ev.-Luth. St. Michaelis Church, Karpfenstr. 7, 67655 Kaiserslautern E-mail: kaiserslautern@selk.de or call 0631-64327 for directions. Scott Morrison, Pastor www.KELC.eu

Heritage Baptist Church Don Drake, Pastor

“Welcome Home!�

Sundays at 10am, 11am and 6pm Wednesdays at 7pm

KĂśnigstr. 48, 67678 Mehlingen, next to Sembach 1IPOF t www.heritagebaptistramstein.com

Kaiserstr. 66 * 06371-62988 Mon-Fri 10-6, Sat 9-2 (new)

November 27, 2015

Kaiserslautern American

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Looking for something to do with your family?


Your online portal for fun events, family activities and much more ‌


Culture shock 101

worshipping, growing, serving to the glory of God 3UNDAY 3CHOOL !- s 7ORSHIP !- n .URSERY !VAILABLE Pastor Toby DuBose facebook.com/trinityreformedpca WWW TRINITYREFORMEDPCA COM s 4EL +IRCHENSTRASSE A ,ANDSTUHL

Graphic by lines lover/Shutterstock.com

Coping with a new life, environment by Megan Finley Contributing writer Many of us have heard of the term “culture shock.â€? Culture shock is the disorientation or unfamiliar feeling a person may have when trying to adjust to life in a new place. Symptoms include homesickness, feelings of helplessness or dependency; disorientation; depression or sadness; anger; eating or sleeping disturbances; or critical reactions to the new culture. Here are some helpful tips on how to overcome culture shock. • Make friends with your new culture. Immerse yourself as much as possible. Attend local events. Shop at local stores. Learn the language whether it is through a class or app on your tablet. Meet your neighbors and befriend the locals. Practice that language with neighbors and friends. Part of

the feelings of culture shock may be because you feel like too much of an outsider. The most important survival tip for another culture is to immerse yourself in that culture. This can truly be the most rewarding, life-changing experience. • Do something new each day. Try local cuisine you have never tried before. Find a new hiking trail or path and wander. Sign up for a class at your local “Buergerhaus,â€? municipal hall or community center. Strike up a conversation with a member of your community you have never met before. Travel somewhere new, experience something different. Adventure surrounds you! • Establish stability. Establishing a routine will give you a feeling of comfort and safety. Make exercise a part of that routine to improve any negative feelings you may have. You will ďŹ nd com-

fort in the predictability of your daily routine. Perhaps after operating in your own routine for a while, you will feel a little more comfortable venturing outside of that comfort zone. • Try to see things through the locals’ eyes. Put your own world view in your back pocket for a bit, and try to understand the world the way the locals do. You may not agree with everything they say, believe or do. Just try to understand where they are coming from and seek understanding by asking questions and set aside any judgment. Life in another culture is not always balloons and rainbows. It can be an emotional roller coaster at times. However, it is one ride worth taking. Once you are back home, you will savor all the experiences, friendships and memories you have made.

Air Force and Army Chapel Schedule Protestant Services POC for Miesau, Landstuhl and Daenner is the USAG R-P Chaplains Office in Bldg. 2919 on Pulaski Barracks. DSN 493-4098, civ. 06313406-4098 Miesau Chapel (Bldg. 3175) Seventh-Day Adventist Worship Sabbath School: 9:30 a.m. Saturdays Spanish Sabbath School: 9:30 a.m. Saturdays Worship: 11 a.m. Saturdays Small Group: 6-7 p.m. Tuesdays Landstuhl Community Chapel (Bldg. 3773) Worship: 11 a.m. Sundays Children’s Youth Church: 11 a.m. Sundays Daenner Community Chapel (Bldg. 3150) Chapel Next Worship Worship: 10 a.m. Sundays Children’s Church: 10:30 a.m. Sundays Ramstein North Chapel (DSN 480-6148, civ. 06371-47-6148) Contemporary Service: 11 a.m. Sundays Ramstein South Chapel (DSN 480-5753, civ. 06371-47-5753) Liturgical Services: 9 a.m. Sundays Liturgical Sunday School: 11 a.m. Sundays Traditional Service: 11 a.m. Sundays Vogelweh Chapel (DSN 489-6859, civ. 0631-536-6859) Gospel Service: 11 a.m. Sundays. Protestant education classes are available for all ages at Vogelweh, Ramstein, Landstuhl and Daenner. For information, call DSN 480-2499/489-6743 or civ. 06371-47-2499/0631-536-6743.

Catholic Services

Daenner Community Chapel (Bldg 3150) Confession: 11:30 a.m. Sundays (Jun-Aug) Sunday Mass: 12:00 p.m. (Jun-Aug) Confession: 12:00 p.m. Sundays (Sep-May) Sunday Mass: 12:30 (Sep-May) Landstuhl Community Chapel (Bldg. 3773) Confession: 8:30 a.m. Sunday Mass: 9:00 a.m. Ramstein North Chapel (DSN 480-6148, civ. 06371-47-6148) Daily Mass: 11:30 a.m. Monday-Friday Sunday Mass: 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Confession 4-4:45 p.m. Sundays Vogelweh Chapel (DSN 489-6859, civ. 0631-536-6859)

Confession: 4-4:45 p.m. Saturday Mass: 5 p.m.

Jewish Religious Services Ramstein South Chapel Synagogue (DSN 480-5753, civ. 06371-47-5753) Shabbat Evening Service: 7 p.m. 1st & 3rd Friday Islamic Services Ramstein South Chapel Mosque Bldg. 2403(480-5753) Jumu’ah Prayer, 1:30 p.m. Ramadan Services at Sunset: June 26 & 27, July 3, 4, 10, 11 & 17 For religious education and daily prayers, check the prayer schedule

Orthodox Christian Kapaun Chapel (DSN 489-6859, civ. 0631536-6859) Divine Liturgy: 9 a.m. Sundays Confessions by appointment

Chapel Youth Program Kaiserslautern Youth of the Chapel/Club Beyond, (Religious Youth Center, Pulaski Bks., Bldg. 2869) Weekly activities available for all teens in grades 6-12! For more information about upcoming Clubs and trips or volunteering please email kaiserslautern@clubbeyond.org Protestant Youth of the Chapel Ramstein North Chapel “Vision� Middle School Ministry Tuesdays 3:15-5:00pm “Salvage� High School Ministry Tuesdays 7:00-8:45pm Info: www.ramsteinpyoc.blogspot.com Contact: ramsteinpyoc@googlemail.com

Episcopal (St. Albans) 10:30 a.m. Sundays, Kapaun Chapel

Unitarian Universalist Service, 1:30 p.m. second and fourth Sundays (Sept.-May), Kapaun Chapel

Wiccan 7 p.m. first and third Saturdays, Kapaun Annex

Confessional Lutheran (WELS) 4 p.m. second and fourth Sundays, Ramstein South Chapel

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November 27, 2015

Amazing price reductions on oriental carpets, furniture, accessories and more!

Wishing everybody a Happy Holiday Season! Don’t miss this opportunity at

free call 0800 / 000584

Mon-Sat 10-6(Wed closed) Ramstein Landstuhler Strasse 14 sweethome-ramstein.de K-Town Merkurstasse 21 - around back of building Gewerbegebiet West sweethome-kaiserslautern.de


December Special

there’s PANDORA!

n of large selectio s umed candle regular/perf s e rs/siz different colo


So many memories



Candle holder with deco, w/o candles, 60 cm (ca. 23.5”) long Opening hours: Monday - Friday: 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Saturdays 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Pirmasenser Str. "

Tel. 0 63 91 - 31 00

Let me be your gift. Christmas set made of sterling silver € 99

Real feelings. Real jewellery. Real PANDORA. Discover the best gifts for you and your loved ones in our new Christmas collection. Now available in your PANDORA Concept Store or from selected retailers. pandora.net

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Kaiserslautern American

November 27, 2015

y p p a H y a d i l o H ! n o s a Se Rathaus, 21st floor Willy Brandt Platz 1 67655 Kaiserslautern Tel.: 0631-320 4370 www.21-lounge.de

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Welcome to

Wallonenhof Otterberg Happy Hap Ha H ap pp py H Ho Holidays olidays tto oa all ll tthe he M Mi Military ilitarryy

• Family Restaurant • Delightful & beautiful in a historic building • Traditional dishes of chicken, steak, Schnitzel, pasta – something for everyone Wallonenhof - Schwimmbad 1 - 67697 Otterberg 06301 - 799 79 97 - www.wallonenhof.de Hours Monday - Friday: Noon to Late Saturday - Sunday & holidays: 11am to Late Accepting all credit cars. Mastercard, Visa, American Express

Join us, sing along and clap with us! Enjoy a fantastic show with songs from Ray Charles, Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder

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an sp


Great for parties, weddings, seminars or just a nice night out? Mon – Thu 17:30 – 01:00 Fri and Sat 17:30 – 02:00 Sunday 17:30 – 01:00

Catering / English Spoken / Parking around Rathaus/Pfalztheater Quality and Service guaranteed!

Stadthalle Landstuhl Kaiserstraße 39, 66849 Landstuhl Tel: 06371-9234-44 www.stadthalle-landstuhl.de Tickets : €15.50 at door or www.reservix.de

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Kaiserslautern American

PALATINATE & MEDITERRANEAN SPECIALTIES Delicious desserts / home delivery / Schnitzel Taxi Daily lunch specials

Don’t forget to book your Xmas party!

November 27, 2015

PARTY WITH US - separate rooms avail.!

Hauptstraße 45, 67685 Weilerbach (free parking) • Tel.: 06374-4180 | www.bauer-schmidt.com

p a H

Delivery & Take away Delive Wishing eeveryone a Happy Holiday W

Open daily from 5 p.m. - 10 p.m.


since 1985

Kaiserstr. 137 66849 Landstuhl (06371) 172 77 or 172 78


Officers Club, Bldg 302 Ramstein Airbase Mon F 7 a.m. – 4 p.m. Mon-Fri

We wish eve ry Merry Chris one tmas!

y a d i l o H Come and choose our great selection of Wines from Germany, Italy, France and Spain to celebrate this joyous time of year!

Online order: www.heimservice-napoli.de

st! Pss


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Furniture China Clothing

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www.facebook.com/annabarkerboutique Mon–Sat: 10am–8pm | Sundays: 10am–7pm KMCC Mall | Bldg 3336 Ramstein Air Base (next to movie theater)

valid Nov. thru November lid ddate t iis 27 N th 29 N b


Kaiserslautern American

November 27, 2015

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Rahmschnitzel only €8.50 Banana milkshake only €4.50 ∑


EVENING SPECIAL Argentinian Hickory Smoked Steaks

Caipirinha €5.50, Mojito €6.00 Pina Colada €6.50

Come taste our great food

! n o s a Se The best Pizza & Salads in the KMC area


FAMILY FRIENDLY RESTAURANT Wishing everybody a Merry Christmas!

Special Military price



06371 2497


er burg n e s e e u g Ch de b 200 omema w/h

Am Fleischackerloch 66849 Landstuhl (across from Kaufland)


Steinwendener Str. 33 | 66877 Ramstein Hours: Mon – Sat 5 pm – 9:30 pm | Sundays closed Every Thu & Fri open for lunch 11:30 am – 2 pm

Reservations: Tel: 06371 – 96100 | hotelanna22@gmail.com www.hotel-anna-ramstein.de

trons our pa l l a g on! Wishin ay seas d i l o h erful a wond

0631 75 00 53 08 Liebigstraße 5, 67661 KL-Einsiedlerhof



www.primaveramexican.com PRIMAVERA I



TEL. 0631/569866

Celebrate your party with us: En Room for up to 130 people in charming location...

Hotel rooms/luxury TLA apartments with kitchen

joy ou r cozy FIREP LACE!

Happy Holidays! MONDAY

Homebaked cakes w/ coffee €5


Wishing everyone

Parking available

Roast goose with dumplings, red cabbage / Dry aged Steaks



Opening hours: Mon-Fri 11:00 - 15:00 17:00 - 23:30 Sat & Sun 11:00 - 23:30

Quick Lunch €10

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MON-FRI 11:00-23:00 SAT-SUN 12:00-23:00


- WINGS NIGHT* - MEXICAN BEER+ - MARGARITA+ - RIBS* - CAIPIRINHA NIGHT+ / KIDS MEAL° * all you can eat + 2 for 1 ° half price

A6 exit KL-Einsiedlerhof Weilerbacher Str. 110

WWW.HACIENDA-KL.COM Now taking X-Mas Reservations

Tel. T l 0631 0631-56041 56041 Schlossstr. 1 • Kaiserslautern-Hohenecken (10 mins from Vogelweh) www.burgschaenke-kl.de • Credit cards • Free parking • Barrier-free entrance


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EAT TO BE HAPPY ians ans/Vegetar

Veg Welcome to the welcome home of freshness: Watch your food made in the show kitchen… Mouthwatering, fresh, delicious, perfetto…

Great desserts/coffee/wines cocktails… from our bar

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Kaiserstrasse 3 Landstuhl Tel.: 06371-9020

The Cockpit Team wishes all Soldiers and their ason! Families a wonderful & safe Holiday Season!

Fackelcenter Richard-Wagner-Strasse 1 67655 Kaiserslautern Tel. 0631-41 47 47 47

Restaurant Mon-Sun 17:00 to 22:00

Open: Mon-Thu 11.00 - 24.00 Fri&Sat 11.00 - 01.00 Sun/Hol 12.00 - 23.00


November 27, 2015

• Credit Cards welcome • Child friendly / Groups welcome / • Enjoy our roofgarden

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Monika Weber-Müller MD, specialist for Dermatology

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Open: Monday-Friday 8 am - 6 pm, Saturdays and weekends after 6 pm with appointment only

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www.sunshine-sunclub.de See you soon in our Sun Club

Daily tanning from up to 30 mins starting at

14.95 € per month

Medical Institute for Aesthetic surgery and cosmetics

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Great advice, product samples, perfect solutions.

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November 27, 2015

Kaiserslautern American

fr ac Đž

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Christmas Shopping

Dec 01- 04, 15-19 & 30-31

great holiday savings save up to â‚Ź 29.95 with easyMobile

. . . . . . . . .


Over 700 free parking spaces ces free shopping carts large choice of toys Christmas decoration watches & jewelry in-house butchery & bakeryy fish- & cheese-counter fruits & vegetables big restaurant and much more...

Monday to Saturday, 8:00 am to 10:00 pm

50% off on easyMobile activation in December – free on bonus days



MerkurstraĂ&#x;e 57 67663 Kaiserslautern Phone: 0631 5358-0




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Kaiserslautern American

November 27, 2015

Skiing with the KMC ski clubs Courtesy of the Kaiserslautern-West Pfalz Ski Club For many folks, summer is the time to partake in fun outdoor activities such as swimming, hiking, biking and barbecues. During the winter months, people can get wrapped up in spending their days bemoaning the cold and dreary winter months. However, wintertime doesn’t have to be this way — if you know where to look and where to go, the cold months in Europe can be just as recreational and exciting as summertime. Lucky for all of us, there are great ski and boarding clubs in the KMC that will help to ensure your winter is far from boring. In the KMC, we are fortunate to have not one, but two ski clubs offering trips to some of the greatest ski areas in Europe. If you‘ve never skied or boarded before, you might at first write this opportunity off but before you do keep a couple of things in mind. First, many of our members join simply for the camaraderie and opportunity to meet and make new friends as well as the opportunity to travel to beautiful Alpine villages. Second, many ski club members are at the early stages of skiing and boarding and are beginners themselves so remember, it’s never too late to learn. Kaiserslautern-West Pfalz Ski Club is a small club, generally geared toward families and people who enjoy a low-key, quieter crowd. But don’t let that fool you, this club is all about having a wonderful ski experience.

Tannenbaum Ski Club is a larger club. It is geared toward singles and couples of all ages who enjoy a very energetic crowd. The members like to have fun, and they have an infectious spirit that can make a ski trip an unforgettable experience. Membership in both clubs is open to ID cardholders who have a desire to be a part of a fun club, make lasting friendships and to get out and enjoy Europe. Each club holds socials twice a month from September through May. The socials feature trip sign-ups, entertainment, refreshments and a chance to hobnob with fellow enthusiasts. The beauty of ski clubs is the convenience they provide to their members. A Trip Captain is assigned to each trip. The TC is responsible for running and organizing all aspects of the trip from sign-ups to hotel and transportation arrangements. All you have to do is sign up, make your payment and drive to the departure point. After loading, you’ll settle in your seat and enjoy the ride. Both clubs provide food and drink on the bus. Depending on the location of the hotel, the TC may collect lift pass money and purchase the passes for you the first day. TCs will provide you with departure times, meal times and other needed assistance. Sometimes the lifts are within walking distance from the hotel; sometimes you’ll take public transportation; and sometimes the group will use their own bus to get to the lifts. It all depends on the location. When the weekend comes to an end, the bus will return you to the original parking area. The cost of each trip varies. The price for

most trips includes bus transportation, hotel room, breakfast and dinner, and food and drink on the bus. You’ll be responsible for paying for your lift tickets, lunch on the slopes and drinks at dinner. Bus trips usually depart on Friday afternoon and, depending on the weekend, will return Sunday or Monday evening. Trips can take anywhere from six to nine hours depending on the destination. Both ski clubs provide its members not only with an opportunity to ski in Europe but to see and do other interesting things as a group. For example, the clubs also take trips to Oktoberfest, area wine fests and adventure trips. They foster positive relations among their members, the KMC and the European skiing communities through both skiing and social functions. The Kaiserslautern-West Pfalz Ski Club meets from 6 to 8 p.m. the first and third Wednesday of each month at the Bistrorante Paradox in Ramstein Village. For more information, visit www.kwestpfalzskiclub.com or “like” them on Facebook. The Tannenbaum Ski Club meets from 6 to 8 p.m. the first and third Wednesday of each month at the Belgian Club, Bldg. 308 on Ramstein. For more information, visit www.tannenbaumskiclub. org or “like” them on Facebook. Skiing starts early in Germany and both clubs are already offering holiday ski trips. You owe it to yourself and your family to take advantage of the opportunities the area ski clubs offer. Photo by Volodymyr Goinyk/Shutterstock.com

November 27, 2015

Kaiserslautern American

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Kaiserslautern American

November 27, 2015

Ischgl set for a memorable skiing, ice display Photos courtesy of TVB Paznaun — Ischgl

by Thomas Warner Contributing writer A few hours south of Ramstein at Ischgl, the stage is set for another awesome season of snow, ice and memories to be made. Ischgl, located in Austria, has great restaurants, many apres-ski bars and nightclubs, fabulous shopping and entertainment opportunities at your beck and call. The winter community there kicks off the ski weekend 6 p.m. Saturday with a well-received, Top of the Mountain concert by American supergroup The Beach Boys, and one of the winterlong spectacles in the resort town will again be the Shapes in White frozen sculptures depicting various scenes involving the menagerie of the circus. A ski, wellness and leisure community spanning both through Austria and Switzerland, Ischgl has something for nearly everyone. Skiing with great snow is guaranteed through the first week of May. Village merchants offer duty-free shopping and restaurants range from casual, graba-quick-bite atmosphere to elegant, fine dining that has been said to rival what is seen in Salzburg, Vienna, and

other larger destinations. A trip to Ischgl will not wreck a person’s budget, but it will make for an unforgettable experience featuring something new and completely different. Day passes for Silvretta Arena start at €51, but children can gain free or discounted admission, and there are other options to accommodate anyone’s duration during their stay. Some people come only to see the Shapes in White show each year, where artists from many countries are commissioned to sculpt various scenes from both ice and snow. This year’s theme is “Circus” and around 20 artists from numerous countries including Great Britain, Germany and the Netherlands submitted paintings of what they could create with the frozen elements. Selections were made and 10 people got the final commissions. The finished products often stand as high as 10 meters and will hearken back to a European staple of the traveling circus. There will be lions, tigers, clowns and other imagery from the big top world, offering just one more diversion from whatever visitors were doing before they arrived. The getaway town of Ischgl is situ-

ated in Austria, along the border of Switzerland, with the Alps providing sensational skiing and actually spanning both countries. The resort is a cluster of restaurants, shops, lifts and is happy to tout a multinational vibe as vacationers annually trek there from all over the United Kingdom, Scandinavia, Europe, the United States and even the KMC. “And that’s the way is should be,” said one woman in the town’s tourism bureau. “We welcome all people to come and see what’s happening here. We have a good time year round here at Ischgl.” Assorted funparks are open amid all the lifts as well as other sites for boarders and freestylers who seek additional options. Non-snow months are chances for hiking, mountain climbing, bouldering, biking and other means of traversing the landscape there. There are 45 cable cars that carry people to and from the higher elevations year-round. During winter, many skiers prefer this method of being carried to the slopes. Chair lifts stretch up and down countless parts of the terrain, with Ischgl offering non-stop opportunities both

day and night to do something new. The Piz Val Gronda aerial tramway goes to the highest areas, with one gondola carrying 150 people up to 2,812 meters altitude. There are 238 km of ski slopes and countless off-piste runs at Silvretta Arena for the more adventurous people. Trails are marked black for extreme difficulty, red for intermediate, and blue for novice. Over 200 ski instructors are available at nearly 20 equipment shops around town for children or beginners who want a crash course on how to enjoy the slopes. Most people can pick up the sport in a few hours or a half day. If more time is needed, the instructors will do what it takes to get anyone acclimated to the snow. Calling the tourism bureau is a great way to plan a vacation or people can go through local travel agencies and on any of the various Internet travel sites. It is hard to find anything but positive reviews of Ischgl as nearly everyone who goes has come away with a positive impression. For more information, email the tourism and booking information office at info@ischgl.com or visit www.ischgl.com.

Santa is coming to Ramstein! When: 5 December 2015 Where: Ramstein USO

5X100 Ad, 46495

(2nd Floor of Passenger Terminal) Time: 10:00-12:30 & 13:00-15:00 Free snacks & beverages will be served, including hot ch chocolate! hocolate! Come meet Santa! Receive a free photo!

November 27, 2015

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Kaiserslautern American

November 27, 2015

Now ShowiNg Editor’s note: The movies listing was the most current at the time of publication. Dates are subject to change. Please check with your local theater for the most up-to-date schedule.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 2 (PG-13) 11 a.m., 2:30 p.m., 6 p.m., 7:15 p.m., 9:30 p.m. Creed (PG-13) 11:15 a.m., 2:15 p.m., 5:30 p.m., 8:45 p.m. Victor Frankenstein (PG-13) 11 a.m., 4:30 p.m. The Good Dinosaur *3D* (PG) 11:15 a.m., 1:45 p.m., 4:30 p.m. The Night Before (R) 7:30 p.m., 10:30 p.m. Rock the Kasbah (R) 10:15 p.m. Saturday The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 2 (PG-13) 11 a.m., 2:30 p.m., 6 p.m., 7:15 p.m., 9:30 p.m. Creed (PG-13) 11:15 a.m., 2:15 p.m., 5:30 p.m., 8:45 p.m. Victor Frankenstein (PG-13) 11 a.m., 4:30 p.m. The Good Dinosaur *3D* (PG) 11:15 a.m., 1:45 p.m., 4:30 p.m. The Night Before (R) 7:30 p.m., 10:30 p.m. Rock the Kasbah (R) 10:15 p.m. Sunday The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 2 (PG-13) 11 a.m., 2:30 p.m., 6 p.m. Creed (PG-13) 11:30 a.m., 2:30 p.m., 5:45 p.m. Peanuts the Movie *3D* (G) 11:15 a.m., 1:45 p.m. The Good Dinosaur *3D* (PG) 11:15 a.m., 2 p.m., 4:45 p.m. Victor Frankenstein (PG-13) 4:30 p.m. The Night Before (R) 7:15 p.m. Rock the Kasbah (R) 7:15 p.m. Monday The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 2 (PG-13) 11:15 a.m., 2:30 p.m., 6 p.m., 7 p.m. The Good Dinosaur *3D* (PG) 11 a.m., 1:30 p.m., 4:15 p.m. Creed (PG-13) 1:45 p.m., 7:15 p.m. Rock the Kasbah (R) 11 a.m., 4:45 p.m. Victor Frankenstein (PG-13) 4:45 p.m., 7:30 p.m. Goosebumps *3D* (PG) 11:15 a.m., 2 p.m. tueSday The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 2 (PG-13) 11:15 a.m., 2:30 p.m., 6 p.m., 7 p.m. The Good Dinosaur (PG) 11 a.m., 1:30 p.m., 4:15 p.m. Creed (PG-13) 1:45 p.m., 7:15 p.m. Rock the Kasbah (R) 11 a.m., 4:45 p.m. Victor Frankenstein (PG-13) 4:45 p.m., 7:30 p.m. Goosebumps (PG) 11:15 a.m., 2 p.m. WedneSday The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 2 (PG-13) 11:15 a.m., 2:30 p.m., 6 p.m., 7 p.m. The Good Dinosaur *3D* (PG) 11 a.m., 1:30 p.m., 4:15 p.m. Creed (PG-13) 1:45 p.m., 7:15 p.m. Rock the Kasbah (R) 11 a.m., 4:45 p.m. Victor Frankenstein (PG-13) 4:45 p.m., 7:30 p.m. Goosebumps *3D* (PG) 11:15 a.m., 2 p.m. thurSday The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 2 (PG-13) 11:15 a.m., 2:30 p.m., 6 p.m., 7 p.m. The Good Dinosaur *3D* (PG) 11 a.m., 1:30 p.m., 4:15 p.m. Creed (PG-13) 1:45 p.m., 7:15 p.m. Rock the Kasbah (R) 11 a.m., 4:45 p.m. Victor Frankenstein (PG-13) 4:45 p.m., 7:30 p.m. Goosebumps *3D* (PG) 11:15 a.m., 2 p.m. Friday

Ramstein-Süd / Landstuhl

For reservations & information call 06371-937037 For all movies and showtimes visit

w w w. b r o a d w a y k i n o . c o m / k m c

Grace Studio

Dance Body & Mind German lessons www.grace-studio.org

Weilerbacher Str. 110 67661 KL - Einsiedlerhof

Puzzle courtesy of http://thinks.com/

At The Movies Rock the Kasbah (R)

Courtesy of Movieweb.com

A washed-up music producer finds one last shot at redemption with a golden-voiced young girl in Afghanistan. However, when jealousy gets the better of a disgruntled ex-boyfriend, he decides to oppose the young star with talent of his own. Starring Bill Murray, Kate Hudson The Good Dinosaur (PG)

Courtesy of Movieweb.com

“The Good Dinosaur” asks the generations-old question: What if the cataclysmic asteroid that forever changed life on Earth actually missed the planet completely, and giant dinosaurs never became extinct? This film is a humorous and exciting original story about Arlo, a lively 70-foottall teenage Apatosaurus with a big heart. After a traumatic event rattles Arlo’s tranquil community, he sets out on a quest to restore peace, gaining an unlikely companion along the way — a young human boy named Spot. Starring Raymond Ochoa, Jeffrey Wright

Across 1 Distort 5 Rockies resort 10 Weaponry 14 Mideast ruler 15 Muralist Rivera 16 Christopher Robin’s pal 17 Disintegrates 19 Aqua __ 20 Method 21 Got back to business, perhaps 23 At any time 25 Groups of three 26 Whooping bird 29 Least demanding 31 Cantaloupe castoff 32 Josh 33 Mountain nymphs 36 Fitting 37 Repulsive 39 Friend, in the ‘hood 40 Decapitate 42 CD predecessors 43 Extended family 44 Grace’s husband 46 Odists and elegists 47 Dreadlocks wearers 48 Flanders river 50 Commercial documents 52 Was a nag 56 Kimono sashes 57 Gumshoe 59 Ballerina’s attire 60 “The ___ Sanction” (Eastwood film) 61 Stage workers 62 Door approach 63 “The Divine Comedy” writer 64 Shipshape Down 1 WWII volunteers 2 Chinese port 3 Lens holders 4 Feign 5 “There is Nothin’ Like ___” 6 Drink daintily

7 Fruit basket selection 8 White-plumed birds 9 Infamous 10 Conciliate 11 Camelot fixture 12 Accepted customs 13 Food fish 18 Golf’s Ballesteros 22 Jetties 24 Old-time actor Wallace ___ 26 Sourpuss 27 Mature 28 Hard coal 30 Dancing Astaire 32 Abducted 34 “Doggone it!” 35 Some progeny 37 Caribbean republic 38 Nashville venue 41 Lessens the pressure 43 Right 45 Adriatic peninsula 46 Fuel from a bog 47 Confute 49 Fright 50 Doesn’t keep 51 Agree to a deal 53 Persian fairy 54 Looked at 55 Moist in the morning 58 Animal doc


November 27, 2015

Kaiserslautern American

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All ads are displayed online!

Take a look at the website to see if your favorite item is listed with photos!


• UNLIMITED, FREE private ads with photos • Available 24/7 • Online & in print

Questions? Please call AdvantiPro at 0631• 30 33 55 31 AdvantiPro GmbH takes no responsibility or liability whatsoever for any of the products and services advertised in the KA. Readers are responsible for checking the prices, qualifications, warranty and any other factor that might help decide whether to do business with an individual or company advertising herein.

APT FOR RENT All ads and pics on class-world.com

!!! Landstuhl beautiful new high standard 4BR apt for rent, AFN+DSL, BIK, open fireplace, patio, no pets, please call 015774612556, perf for single/cpl, no fee !Oberstaufenbach 2BR Apt, BIK, terrace, quiet w/view, carport, no pets, 15min to RAB, €670+util, carport, avail.now, call 063856392 or 0176-62758373 1 BR apt, furn and warm, for single person in Landstuhl, €380. 06371-2457 2Bdr 100sqm apt, 10min RAB/Ktown, nice quiet residential, part.furnished, BIK, 1bath, big open din/liv area, storage, big balc., garage, SAT/DSL, €650+util, call 0173-3415228, engl.speaking 7min from Sembach gate, gert.lin denau@yahoo.com, furnished 56smq, BIK, bath, washer/dryer, wintergarden, garage, in Wartenberg-Rohrbach, €550, call Mr. Lindenau, 0174-809-8000

Apartment 130qm, 2BR, BIK w/ dishwasher, liv/dinrm, 1.75baths, oil-heat+fireplace, Sat-TV, DSL possible, balcony, 1 garage, seperate entrance, no pets, avail.now, call 06307/6475, 700€+util. Apt 10 min RAB, 15min to Kleber 128 sqm 3br 1livrm 1bath+guest WC small stor BIK lrg terrace 2 Beautiful Apt. 10min RAB, all cpks avail now €790+util, 0170- newly renov., 95sqm, 2bdr, livrm, 7369018 lrg.BIK, full bath, storage, lrg.terrace w/backyard, priv.parApt. in Oberarnbach 66951, king+entrance, no pets, pref.longHauptstrasse 9, 10min RAB, 3BR, term singles/couples. €550+util, BIK, liv/dinrm, 1full bath, guestcall Chris 063837760 WC, laundryrm, 2park.spots, 160sqm, €800+util, waggershau ser-g@t-online.de, call 01758080615 Beautiful bright attic apt./studio Apt. in Otterbach, K.-Adenauerin Weilerbach, 60sqm, new BIK, Str.38, 80sqm, 2BR, new BIK, liv/dinrm, full bath w/tub+shower, bath, furnished, €390+util. €140, storage, lrg. hallway, €350+util., 06301-2621 avail.now. Call 06353/939282 afBann, beautiful 1 person apt, ter 2pm or 06374/919396 new BIK, furn., 1bedrm, 72sqm, €450+util, 06371-16868

Looking for a home? Visit our website for success at

www.petras-homecompany.de or call us at 06385-99 38 70 or 0171-2 03 82 70

Beautiful Apt. in Matzenbach, 10min to RAB, BIK, livrm, 4BR, 2baths, garden for bbq, 170sqm. Good for families, fenced playground w/equip, no dogs pls, 42sqm underroof terrace. €1.080+util., 06383-99167 from 5pm on. Avail. 15 Nov. - come to the best landlord! Beautiful modern Apt. 232sqm, 5bdrms, 1lrg. livrm, modern BIK, floor heating, high quality flooring, lrg. s. and east-balcony, basmt., storage, garage, 3 bathrooms, tub, 1 chimney rm, laundry rm on the same level near kitchen, housing approved and no find. fee, 2 apt.house 0176-57700555, €1280

• Inland and foreign moves • Business and building moves • Delivery and assembling of new furniture and fittings • Packing • Furniture Storage

ft -160sq om 10 fr s m o rage ro Sto ne ance every o rs entr age for 24h r to s y & safe Eas

… international moves since 1880 06 31 / 3 57 32-0 www.umzuege-sander.de

Robert-Bosch-Str. 10 66877 Ramstein-Miesenbach

06371-92 88 406

You PCS we manage your property! Property Management Tenant Change, In and Out Inspections, Quarterly Inspections, Annual Accounts Our knowledge available for you! Construction Management Consulting Services Translation Services Oliver Harrouche

Phone: +49.163.6338740 oliver.harrouche@hrcs-consulting.com

Oct. 5, 2015 – Jan. 10, 2016

Infinite universe: Fascinating starry adventures at

Im Rheinberger · Fröhnstraße 8 · 66954 Pirmasens · Telefon: 06331-239 43-0 Mon – Fri: 9:00 a.m. – 6 p.m. · Sat, Sun, Holiday: 10:00 a.m.


Miesenbach, Attic flat, 124sqm, rent €770 p. month plus util. 4BR, 1.5 baths, kitchen, LIV/DIN-area, balcony, 5min. RAB, 5min. A6, Lricado50@t-online.de / 06371612716

Schwedelbach apt, 3bdr, 1liv/ dinrm, 1BIK, 1guestWC, cov.balc, laundry, hall, 87sqm w/basement, 1park.spot, no pets, €560+util. Mackenbach: nice 2bedr. apt., 06371-404202 or 0151-59490889 liv/dinrm., new BIK, bath, 610€+util., www.agra-immobili Möbelspedition en.de, 06371-57656

Self Storage UnserLAGER24 UnserLAGER24

Robert-Bosch-Strasse 10 66877 Ramstein-Miesenbach 06371 - 9 28 84 08

Bright apartment in HerschweilerPettersheim (15min to RAB) seperate frontdoor, parking lot, nice kitchen, bathtub, big balcony, 3 bedrooms, Size: 127sqm Phone: 0163-7769137 or amydarkstar@ gmx.de

Proud to serve you! CALL US TODAY!


- Individual planning - Use your LQA / OHA / BAH to purchase your home in Germany - Available to servicemembers, government civilians and contractors - Financing available Germany wide with 0% down - Property acquisition in the areas of Kaiserslautern, Mainz, Wiesbaden, Stuttgart, Mannheim / Heidelberg, Spangdahlem, Bitburg - More than 10 years experience

martin.sattelberger@mlp.de Tel: 06 21 - 15 03 00 58

There are countless stars in space - but how can you understand and experience the enormous dimensions of the planets within our solar system? Dynamikum shows you how: with the successful extra exhibition "Reach for the Stars - Astronomy in the darkroom" until January 10, 2016. Visitors can dive into a completely light-free space and discover with expert guidance the scale and gravity conditions as well as distances and learn many interesting facts about our planetary system. Since the dark room can be entered only by twelve people at a time, prior registration and appointment booking is required for groups. Single guests can also register on site.

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Kaiserslautern American

November 27, 2015

Have fun with the locals Christmas market

Photo by Iakov Filimonov / Shutterstock.com

Sat, Nov 28 Kaiserslautern, Edith-Stein-Haus

It has begun. Kaiserslautern’s traditional Christmas market at the Edith Stein Haus is opening its doors for you and your family on November 28 from 11 a.m. to approximately 6 p.m. Enjoy a cup of mulled wine or start buying some gifts as you get in the Christmas spirit. Admission is free, visit www.kaiserslautern.de for more info.

EVENTS Tattoo convention Fri, Nov 27 – Sun, Nov 29 Mannheim, ZRM Zorwald AG The 9th Tattoo Convention Mannheim will take place in the premises of the motorcycle dealer ZRM Zorwald from November 27 to 29. See the work of more than 120 international tattoo artists at several live contests and enjoy dancing shows, as well as live concerts. Opening hours are Friday and Saturday from noon to midnight and Sunday from noon to 8 p.m. Tickets are €10. For more info, visit www.tattooconvention-mannheim.com Advent im Park Sat, Nov 28 – Sun, Nov 29 Mannheim, Lusisenpark Dress warm for the Christmas party “Advent im Park” (Advent in the park) at the Luisenpark Mannheim on November 28 and 29 from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. Find anything from a Christmas market, concerts, delicacies from Glühwein (mulled wine) to BBQ and an extensive children’s program in the festively decorated park. For more information about the event go to www.luisenpark.de Sunday shopping Sun, Nov 29 Trier, city center Sunday is not usually a shopping day in Germany but the city of Trier is hosting a shopping Sunday on November 29 from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. Find special offers in the various stores throughout the city center. For more information see www.einkaufserlebnis-trier.de.

Sunday shopping Sun, Nov 29 Kaiserslautern, city center Whether you want to get started on your Christmas shopping before everyone else does or simply wish to take a stroll and have a cup of coffee, Kaiserslautern’s stores open their doors for you and your family on November 29. Visit www.kaiserslautern.de for more info. Charity concert Sat, Nov 28 Kaiserslautern, SWR Studio The SWR Studio Kaiserslautern is hosting a charity concert on November 28, at 7 p.m. The Mainzer Hofsänger, Django Reinhardt & Band (original gipsy music, jazz and swing) and Anna Overbeck will be providing the entertainment for the evening. Ticket price is €15. All proceeds will go to the Landesmusikrat Mainz in favor of musical children early intervention and to Lotto – the fundraiser for the refugee children in Rheinland-Pfalz. For more information call 0631-3622839565 Childrens´s musical – Snow Queen Thu, Dec 3 Pirmasens, Festhalle Many of you are familiar with the story of the snow queen (Die Schneekönigin) from the original fairy tale written by Hans Christian Andersen. The show will be in the Festhalle in Pirmasens at 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. For more information and tickets call 06331-842352. Big Christmas flea market Sat, Dec 5 Pirmasens, Messehalle Christmas is just around the corner and that means Christmas markets galore. The city of Pirmasens is holding

a Christmas flea market on Dec 5 and 6 in the Messehalle. For more information 06331/553322. Toxicator Sat, Dec 5 Mannheim, Maimarkthalle Come to a party where hardcore, hard style & hard techno music is played all night long. What is this party called? “Toxicator” in the Maimarkthalle Mannheim on December 5 from 8 p.m. to 7 a.m. More than 30 DJs and live acts are making this night an unforgettable night. This year international stars like Outblast, Mad Dog and DJ Ron will be part of the lineup. Ticket price is €42. For more information go to www.toxicator.de Christmas concert Fri, Dec 11 Kaiserslautern, Fruchthalle This special concert at the Fruchthalle in Kaiserslautern guarantees to put you in a Christmassy mood on December 11 from 8 p.m. Admission is free and there are two tickets available per person. It’s not possible to make reservations but time and place of ticket distribution will be announced in the media on time. Visit www.kaiserslautern.de for more info. CONCERTS Iron Maiden tribute Sat, Nov 28 Kaiserslautern, Irish House Calling all Iron Maiden fans. Come to the Irish House in Kaiserslautern on November 28 to be part of the tribute to this rock band. Rock to the sound of the 80’s for over 2 hours. The event starts at 9 p.m. For more information go to www.irishhouse.de

More events on: www.MilitaryInGermany.com

Gavin James Sat, Nov 28 Luxembourg, den Atelier Gavin James’ music sounds like a warm hug and I am unsure as to how that works. Either way, this 22 year old fresh faced singer songwriter from Dublin has won The Irish Choice Music Prize Award for his first EP, followed by a tour through sold out stadiums across Europe with James Blunt and isn’t thinking about slowing down anytime soon. On November 28, he’s coming to den Atelier in Luxemburg at 8 p.m. to convince you of his talent while touching your soul with his heartfelt lyrics taken right out of all of our lives. Tickets cost €25, visit www.atelier.lu for more info and take a look at his emotional music videos. SPORTS Soccer Sun, Dec 6 Kaiserslautern, Fritz-Walter-Stadium Kaiserslautern’s very own soccer club 1.FCK is playing against FC St. Pauli at home at the Fritz-Walter-Stadion on December 6 from 1:30 p.m. Ticket price is €18. For tickets go to www.fck-ticketshop.de Handball Fri, Dec 11 Mannheim, SAP Arena On December 11, the Rhein-Neckar Löwen will be playing against Vfl Gummersbach in Mannheim in the SAP Arena at 7:45 p.m. Ticket price starts at €10. For more information go to www.saparena.de

military IN GERMANY

November 27, 2015

APT FOR RENT All ads and pics on class-world.com

Two Storey Apartment , 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, 190 square meters, €1270.00, €2540.00 Deposit, €320.00 Utilities, jessikal86@aol.com, Quiet suburban-like two storey apartment located close to downtown and the three military bases Vogelweh, Landstuhl, and Ramstein. Very easy to find parking on street.

Kaiserslautern American 4BR-Duplex, €900 +util., renovated, new BIK, liv/dinrm, 1.75 baths, big balcony, basement, loft, 1garage, 1pks, garden, 142sqm living space in 66885 Altenglan, Glanstr. 27, pets ok, call 06381-6008318 or chris.huet@free net.de

House in 66904 Brücken, Petschwiesen 23, 10miles to RAB, for rent: Living area 160sqm: BIK, livrm, 2baths, 3BR, laundryrm, garage, big storage. Terrace+meadow behind the house. Basement w/many uses. School bus shuttle to RAB. €1200+util. avail 1Nov. Call Klaus: 06386-6577 Cell: 0179Beautiful 6-bedroom/3-bath 250 sq meter home for rent in Dansen- 2438947 berg avail Dec 1, €1780/mo. Huge House in Mackenbach, 3bdr, backyard, next to forest at the 2bath, garage, yard, 1635€+util, end of a cul-de-sac. American ow- Ramstein, 5bed, 3bath, garage, ned. Perfect for families. Call Mrs. yard €1735+util, avail. now, call Bierhoff at 0631-54111. Any ques- Ado 06374-915430 or 0172tions, email trasimullin@me.com 6801258 Duplex in Obermohr, w/210sqm, House in Ramstein, 2bdr, big liv/ 4BR + studio, 3baths, liv/dinrm, dinrm, BIK, bathrm, 2balc, BIK w/dishwasher, office, launpark.place, laundryrm, 120sqm, dryrm, carport, floor heating, SAT€650+util, Marktstr. 38, avail now, TV, Internet 100Mb/s max, 5km to call 0152-16179206 RAB, €1510+util. Call 0171House in Siegelbach, 5min Vo6573089 Duplex in Winnweiler, 10min gelweh/15min RAB, 4.5rms livrm Sembach, 180smq, 3BR, 1liv/ dinrm BIK, 1.5baths basement gadinrm, BIK, fireplace, 2lev., rage lrg garden €1090+util, 063741.5baths, 2nd floor studio, garden 2250

Very nice Apartment, 110sqm, 3 Br, 1 1/2 Bathr, 2 Liv/Din R, BIK, Features: basement, yard, PRK, w/shed, 2car carport, €1370+util., terr, €600+ util, 06371/52161 or call 0157-87663127, avail.1Nov 0172/9155260 For Rent - End rowhouse in Landstuhl near the American Hospital HOUSES with castle view. Year 2002, 136sqm liv.space, 230sqm land, FOR RENT All ads and pics on class-world.com 4BR, BIK, liv/dinrm, 2.5 baths, 1 car garage, patio plus extras, no !!!360sqm lrg house, Obernheim pets, rent 1040€+util., avail.1 (Landstuhl school) 7BR 4bath 2liv/ Dec.2015, no finders fee, 0151din sauna 938sqm lot 64514606 2000€+utl+dbl gar. Option to buy Freestanding 1Family house Jetthe house. 0157/74285394 hou- tenbach 270sqm, brand new, sing appr 10min to RAB, 6bed rm 2.5bath, lg bik, liv/din rm, heated floors, 10min Ramstein base, new hou- storage rm, lg attic for storage, se, 200sqm, 5BDR, 2.5baths, balcony terrace lg yard, very nice yard, pets welcome, rent €1100, area €1950 Tel: 0176-40413496 no fee, Dzepezauer@aol.com, DieFSH 240sqm live-space in Spester 0172-6823232 bach, Langewanne 12a, built year 1family house, center of Weiler- 2002,4BR, 2bathrm, 2storagerm, bach, renovated, 200sqm, 5BR, laundryrm, liv/dinrm, BIK, fireBIK, lrg livrm, kitchen, dinrm, stor- place, terrace, garden, garage, ragerm, 2baths, 2balcony, ter- studio, €1850, 0160-5912616 race, parking sp. €975+util. Avail. Herschberg: Freest. 3BR, 2½ Jan 2016, 0179-4732591 baths, liv/dinrm, BIK, hobbyrm, patio, 2 carports, garage, yard, No finders fee! New 1fam house, €1.450+util, www.agra-immobili 200sqm livsp, 3BR, BIK, 2baths, en.de, 06371-57656 liv/dinrm, carport, floorheat., electr shutters, school distr. Ramstein. €1500+util. 0160-96284596, kusm343@gmail.com

House in Spesbach, 82sqm, newly built, 1BR, livrm, dinrm, BIK, 1bath w/shower, storage. No pets. €570+util. Avail.1Dec. 06371-58490 or 0176-98940916

Check out our bulletin board for more event.coms rnamerican



Nice house in 66887 Rammelsbach, 260sqm, 5BR, 2bathrms, BIK, €1750+util, 06381-2336 or email info@juwelier-barz.de or 0151-23420861 Nice house in Queidersbach (can be used for family-businessgrandpa/ma house) 7bdr, 2BIK, 5baths, terrace, fireplace, garage, 272sqm, 1600€+utl. No finders fee, English Spoken, call 0637164521 No Finder's Fee For Renters! Various houses and apartments for rent in the KMC-LRMC and RAB area. Fore more information please contact G.I. Bill Pay Service & Real Estate at ramstein@gibill pay.com or 06371-465407 or 0160-1065196. You can view all our current listings on our website at www.gibillpay.com/realestate

KL-Hohenecken: spacious townhouse, 5mins to Vogelweh, 20mins to RAB. Very good neighborhood! 200sqm, 4 bdrms, BIK, open din/liv area w cozy fireplace. Small sunny garden, castle view, balcony. Add 1-bed app. on gr floor w BIK, 3/4 bath incl in rent, ideal for teenage kids+guests. No pets. Call Ute 0179-4887982 or Ulrike 0179-7213864

Queidersbach: Modern Duplex, 4bedr., 2½ baths, BIK, liv/dinrm., patio, yard, balcony, 1.350€+util. www.agra-immobilien.de, 0637157656 Ramstein: 4 bedr., 2½ baths, BIK, liv/dinrm, patio, balcony, basement, yard, double carport, 1.300€ + util, www.agra-immobili en.de, 06371-57656 Spesbach, nice duplex, 130sqm, 4BDR, 1.5baths, big basement, yard/carport, rent €1000, No Fee, Dzepezauer@aol.com, Dieter 0172-6823232

KL-Morlautern: freest. 4BR, 2½ baths, BIK, liv/dinrm, yard, patio, garage, 1.900€+util, www.agra-im Unique house in Steinwenden, mobilien.de, 06371-57656 175sqm, 2BR, big livrm, giant winLandstuhl, downtown, townhou- ter garden, terrace, nice garden, 3 se, 4BDR, 2baths, rent 850€, no garages, 4 parking spots, new fee, Dzepezauer@aol.com, Dieter from 2012. Rent €1340+util, 01720172-6823232 6175838 or raytro60@aol.com

Kaiserslautern-Hohenecken, 4bedr, 160sqm, BIK, 2.5bath, garage, €1220+util, call 01759855251

Brauhaus am Markt n iserslauter SStiftsplatz 2-3 · 67655 Ka

SPECIALS il a t k c o C starting at 6 p.m.

House; 2 Living-rooms, 5 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, 2 Kitchens, 320m², Garage, Big Garden 3800m², 06826-81213 Winnweiler: Big FSH 270sqm, 8BR, 1700sqm, 3BA, 2BIK, 4+park.no fee, A63ex13€1850,0152-2 8850813

Monday to Friday Lunch Buffet €12.50

with soft drinks and Nan bread. Refill drinks free.

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Mon: Mojito

Tue: Caipirinha

Wed: Strawberry Margarita

Thu: All Cocktails

only 4.50€

only 4.50€

Our Dollar rate: 1€=0.80$

Weilerbacher Str. 85 | 67661 Kaiserslautern | Tel: 06 31 - 350 25 40 Mon-Fri 11 am - 2 pm & 5 - 10 pm, Sat 2 - 10 pm, Sun 4 - 10 pm

only 4.50€

only 4.50€

We accept US Dollars!

We offer the best rates!

food specials yet? Do you know about our s! rauhauskl for more special m/b Please visit facebook.co

br Tel. 0631 - 61944 • www.


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Kaiserslautern American

November 27, 2015

November 27, 2015

Kaiserslautern American

2003 SAAB 9-5 Linear Sport Sedan, $6,995, US Spec, Automatic, Leather, Sunroof, Cruise Control, All ads and pics on class-world.com Power Seats, Alloy, Excellent Condition, New Service, Call: 017622730967, Email: info@european Olsbrucken â‚Ź220.000 daniela.mu motors.org, Web: www.european eller@voba-glm.de Moniv82@hot motors.org mail.com 5bedrooms, 2.5bathrooms 261m² 10Min Ramstein AB 06383801119 2006 Audi A4 Sedan 2.0T Quattro, 52000 miles, Excellent CondiUSA3054692937 tion, $11500. Manual 6-speed, Metallic Quartz Gray, Heated leather seats, Sunroof, Adaptive xenon lights, Bluetooth, 17" wheels, KMC area. 06374995735 TLA/TDY All ads and pics on class-world.com Schweizmj@yahoo.com


Houses for Rent + Sale. Also TLA apartment located in the city of Ramstein-Miesenbach. Call 015758288381 KEN-Immobilien

AUTOS All ads and pics on class-world.com

2006 MINI Cooper, $7,995, US specs, manual, leather, sunroof, cruise control, heated seats, alloy wheels, excellent condition, very low fuel consumption, Call: 017622730967, Email: info@european motors.org, Web: www.european motors.org

Page 37

2006 Nissan Maxima SE V6 Sport Sedan, $9,995, US Spec, Automatic, Air Conditioning, Power Glas Sunroof, Alloy, Cruise Control, Perfect Condition, Call: 0176-22730967, Email: info@euro peanmotors.org, Web: http:// www.europeanmotors.org

2007 Lexus SC430 Coupe/Convertible, $25,795, US Spec, Automatic, Leather, Cruise Control, Power Seats, Alloy, Power Hard Top, Perfect Condition, Call: 017622730967, Email: info@european motors.org, Web: http://www.euro peanmotors.org

2010 Dodge Challenger R/T Coupe, $25,995, US Spec, Automatic, Cruise Control, Power Glass Sunroof, Power Seats, 20 inch Alloy Wheels, Perfect Condition, Call: 0176-22730967, Email: info@euro peanmotors.org, Web: http:// www.europeanmotors.org

2012 BMW 640i Coupe, $48,500, Miles: 19,594 ebsmith4u@out look.com, 0172-7332688

Caution: Some Classified ads have become a target for scams. Please be cautious if potential buyers offer you payment methods other than cash.

2012 Ford Focus SEL Trim Level, Automatic, Private Sale (Dealer Maintained) Low Miles + Winter Package, $14000 OBO, Kona Blue Metallic, Charcoal Black Leather Sport Buckets Seats, Sony 10 Speaker Sound System with Subwoofer, 0173-8224734

2008 BMW 325d, $13,700 OBO, German Spec, silver, 70k miles, 6cyl, diesel, automatic, xenon lights, heated seats, cruise, 360 degree park sensors, dual zone auto A/C, iPod/USB, summer & winter tires on rims. jeromedirk@ 2012 Mercedes GLK 350, gmail.com $13,500, Good condition, Power alarm, A/C, 2001 VW Passat Sport Combi, windows/seats, $5,995, US Spec, Manual, Naviga- U.S.specs, CD player, inspection till August 2016. tion, Cruise Control, Heated current Seats, Roof Rails, Cloth Interior, enriquejohn1060@hotmail.com, or HiFi System, Perfect Condition, 0160-96874957 after 15 hr. Call: 0176-22730967, Email: info@ europeanmotors.org, Web: http:// 2012 Toyota Camry "XLE" V6 www.europeanmotors.org Sport Sedan, $20,995, US Spec, Automatic, Leather, Navigation System, Power Seats, Alloy 2004 Ford KA, standard, 60hp, Wheels, Perfect Condition, Call: 5liter/100km, clean, pet-free car, 0176-22730967, Email: info@euro Web: http:// AC, 120K mileage, summer & win- peanmotors.org, www.europeanmotors.org ter tires, â‚Ź1700, 0152-45261009


mpetent p

& co Your reliable

1 PT Cruiser, 2.2 Diesel, 2003, Green Plate, 5-speed, 4-door, new TĂœV, Air Cond, 2 sets of tires, summer/winter, ABS, power stearing, elec windows and locks, keyless entry, price â‚Ź2350, ddundkk@hotmail.de

OPEN: Mon. - Fri. 7:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m., Sat. 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. Kaiserstr. 22 | 67661 Kaiserslautern | Tel.: +49 (0) 631 351 210-0 | info@diller-automobile.com

Call us now: 0 63 71 - 70 182 1997 BMW 523i Sport Sedan, $6,495, Eur Spec, Automatic, Leather, Heated Seats, Just serviced, 12 months guarantee included in price! Perfect Condition, Call: 0176-22730967, Email: info@euro peanmotors.org, Web: http:// www.europeanmotors.org

Bodywork / Paintjobs Repairs of all makes and models Towing Service Muffler Service Break Service A/C Service Detailing Tire Service Rental Cars / Trucks Tune ups

uttiion Allll--iin--oone--ssollu

Opening Open Op enin en in ng ho hour hours: urs: urs: ur s: Mo-Fri: 8:00-18:00 Mo-F Mo -FFri -Fri ri:: 8: 8:00 00-1 00 -18: -1 8 00 8: Carl-Zeiss-Str. 7 66877 Ramstein Email: RAagency@aol.com www.rolandscarrental.com

2002 Toyota Rav4 SUV with AWD, $8,995, US Spec, Manual, Cruise Control, Power Locks, Alloy Wheels, All Wheel Drive, Power Windows, Perfect Condition, Call: 0176-22730967, Email: in fo@europeanmotors.org, Web: http://www.europeanmotors.org

2003 Ford Galaxy van 7-seats, $1995, Agard2011@yahoo.com, Silver, TĂœV new in 08/2015, mint condition, approx. 179k miles, 2.3L engine, new parts (clutch, Sharks, etc.), manual, German specs, all weather tires on now. $1995 OBO




Tires + Car Service


t t t t t t

Accident Repairs Body Work HONDA & ACURA Maintenance Warranty - Work www.honda-ecker.de Damage Estimates hauptstuhl@honda-ecker.de Tax Free Mon-FSJ t Sat 0900-1300 á .DLVHUVtU +DXSWVWXKl

Opening hours:

Mon-Fri 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. Exhaust service Sat 9 a.m. - 12 p.m. Shocks and stru ts service Oil change Brake service Battery service Inspection w/ ro adside assistance Preparation for HU/AU Retrofitting cata lyst Tire service and storage Axle and wheel alignment Alloy- and stee l rims Chassis service and lowering Air-conditionin g service 66885 Altenglan

Kuseler Str. 19

Tel. 0 63 81 – 32 20

66849 Landstuhl

Daimler Str. 6

Tel. 0 63 71 – 30 22

67657 Kaiserslautern

Hertelsbrunnenring 29

Tel. 06 31 – 4 20 43

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Kaiserslautern American

5 speed Air con All season tires Power windows Remote entry Power locks CD player BMW alAll ads and pics on class-world.com loys Just been serviced Super condition Silver in color Excellent condition 292000 km roughly 2012 VW GLI Sport Sedan, 223k miles Just been serviced $18,695, US Spec, Manual, LeaPhone: 0151-17610336 ther/Cloth, 4 Doors, Touch Screen Radio, Security System, Traction Control, Perfect Condition, Call: 0176 22730967, Email: in Austin Mini 4Sale, $2200, steve fo@europeanmotors.org, Web: leemoore@yahoo.com, 1986 Aushttp://www.europeanmotors.org tin Mini for restoration only. Engine runs but needs clutch to drive. Many new parts (carb, ignition and many others) and the body 2014 Ford Mustang 5.0 GT/CS has been stripped to bare metal Coupe, $28,895, US Spec, Manu- for paint. al, Leather, Power Seats, Alloy Wheels, California Special Pack, Perfect Condition, Call: 0176 BMW 525i Model 2000, new Ger22730967, Email: info@european man inspection, power stearing, motors.org, Web: http://www.euro power locks, air cond, leather intepeanmotors.org rior, seat heating, power windows, alloy rims w/ new summer tires, new battery and brakes. €1800. 0152-06467728 2014 MINI Countryman JCW ALL4, Blue, $34900, 12821 miles, Manufacturer Warranty, Automatic, Panoramic Sunroof, Leather, Daihatsu silver met, 4-door, 5Navigation, Auto Climate, Xenon speed, 1.0 LTR, year 2002, air Lights, Heated Seats, Rain Sense cond, summer tires and winter tiWipers, Upgraded Sound System. res, cd player, ABS, air bags, $1350, and we deliver anywhere Call or text 017680420465 with cash in hand, ddundkk@hot mail.de


Good Year Ultra Grip Winter Tires with steel rims, 175/65 R14. Excellent condition used one winter. Rims 4x100. $175, Call: 0162297-2951

Honda Accord, 2-door, burgundy, leather, air cond, ABS, 2.2 LTR, 16 VAL, Automatic, new TÜV, power stearing, air bags, summer/winter tires on rims, we deliver anywher with cash, $2000, ddundkk@hotmail.de Intake manifold, never used, for a civic type R or a Acura Acura RSX type S PRC $120, isabell_1_98@yahoo.com or 017622987498 Merc Benz, C-180, white, automatic, €1850, car has new German TÜV, no rust, in mint cond, call 0175-3213199 or email ddundkk@hotmail.de Mitsubishi Eclipse GL, red, German TÜV, no US inspection needed, 2.0 ltr, 16 VAL, air cond, 2 door, 5 speed, electric windows, 163,000 kms, $2100, ddundkk@ hotmail.de Opel Astra, burgundy, 2-door, 5speed, ABS, air cond., radio, TÜV till 2016, and we deliver anywhere with cash in hand, my phone is 0175-3213199, $1200, ddundkk@ hotmail.de Porsche 944, $5200, steveleemoo re@yahoo.com, car looks great, runs like a top and has had a recent timing belt service. The interior is clean with a crack-free dash and a working sunroof. Failed USEUR inspection due to small oil leak.

Ahrens Agency

November 27, 2015 Two seat convertible MercedesBenz 1995 320SL, with removable hardtop, European specs, excellent condition, burgundy color, heated seats, alarm, power windows/seats, cd player, A/C, jcrza sa@live.com, 06371-8382374

Hamp Synergy, $18, oil filters. H1540-PFB-004, isabell_1_98@ya hoo.com / 017622987498

2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee "Laredo" 4X4 SUV, $23,925, US Spec, Automatic, Leather, Cruise Control, Power Seats, Alloy, All Wheel Drive, Perfect Condition, VW Passat Station Wagon, 2002, Call: 0176 22730967, Email: info@ Automatic 130 HP, Turbo, Blue, europeanmotors.org, Web: http:// $2,500, Great car. Diesel with gre- www.europeanmotors.org at gas mileage (31.8 miles per gallon). Turbo (fast). 130 HP (powerful). Good condition, russellsfare ast@yahoo.com, 0175-6251089, 2009 Honda Accord EX-L $10,900 US specs, Automatic, Eugene coupe, leather, heated seats, power seats, power sunroof, power locks, cruise control, alloy wheels, mileage 89,900. Call VW Passat TDI Station Wagon, 0611-9787619 or e-mail 2002, Automatic 130 HP, Turbo, mjdaley2003@yahoo.com Blue, $1750, Great car. Diesel with great gas mileage (31.8 miles per gallon). Turbo (fast). 130 HP (powerful). russellsfareast@ya BMW 316i, 4-Door, 5-Speed, blue met, power stearing, elec hoo.com, 01756251089, Eugene windows FT, sunroof, ABS, air bags, and we deliver anywhere cash in hand, $14350, ddundkk@ hotmail.de We buy cars / all makes! Accident, broken down, Honda, Toyota - great prices! Open Mon-Sun call until 10pm 0172-7670100 al- 2012 BMW 640i 2D Coupe (Mso What's App or 0631-3579286 Sport Package) / 19K miles (very clean condition), $48,500.00, (call or E-Mail: tonicars56@yahoo.de for more information) ebsmith4u@ outlook.com, 0172-7332688 Nissan Almera TINO Diesel 2002, manual, 2nd owner, great condition, 220000km, no rust, Michelin all season tires, new AC, 5-seater, big storage space, TÜV 1 year, US inspection guaranteed €2200 OBO, call 0151-45261009

BMW 320i, 4-door, 5 speed, ABS, power stearing, electric windows FT, green met, and we deliver anywhere and my phone is 0175-3213199, $1400, ddundkk@ hotmail.de

We repair all makes and models • Engine tuning • Tires/Tire service • AC service/repair • Body Work • Brake-, Clutch-, Muffler Service & more...

Profes Servic sional e at fa ir rates!

JAGGER’S AUTO SERVICE Bahnstraße 98 • 66849 Landstuhl • Tel. 06371-150 61

Special Tax Free PCS Rates Call for a quote and find out more about our weekly & monthly specials!

67661 KL-Einsiedlerhof

November 27, 2015

Kaiserslautern American

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Grand Opening Event We’ve W ’ LLocked k d Th The KKeys To A Brand New

AUDI S5 In Our Safe.


& you can drive away a


Everyone attempting to crack the safe will be entered into the Audi merchandise giveaway.

Friday November 27th - Sunday December 13th Refreshments. Prizes & Giveaways. Special Offers. militaryautosource.com

Contact Your Local Sales Representatives: KAISERSLAUTERN | Kaiserstr. 34 | D-67661 | Office: +49 (06 31) 3 51 87 0 *No purchase necessary. A purchase does not improve your chances of winning. Prize is valued up to $53,100. Winner must be a U.S. citizen, 19 years or older and a member of the U.S. Military or civilian component (DOD or Government Contractor) on active duty. Winners must show proof of Military Status. MAS reserves the right to substitute second level prizes at their discretion. Prize photo is for illustration purposes only. Limit of one prize per person. See complete rules and regulations at event location. Offered by Auto Exchange Kaftfahrzeug-Handels-Gmbh. No DOD, Army, Airforce, Navy or Federal Government endorsement is implied. (AX9304)

Grand Opening Event We’ve Locked The Keys To A Brand New

Friday November 27th - Sunday December 13th


GLE COUPE In Our Safe.


& you can drive away a


Everyone attempting to crack the safe will be entered into the Mercedes-Benz merchandise giveaway.

Refreshments. Prizes & Giveaways. Special Offers. Contact Your Local Sales Representative: KAISERSLAUTERN | Kaiserstr. 34 | D-67661 Stephen Kelly | skelly@militarycars.com | Cell: +49(0)0160 1657081 Eamonn O’Donnell | eodonnel@militarycars.com | Cell: +49(0)170 7031 079


*No purchase necessary. A purchase does not improve your chances of winning. Prize is valued up to $65,100. Winner must be a U.S. citizen, 19 years or older and a member of the U.S. Military or civilian component (DOD or Government Contractor) on active duty. Winners must show proof of Military Status. MAS reserves the right to substitute second level prizes at their discretion. Prize photo is for illustration purposes only. Limit of one prize per person. See complete rules and regulations at event location. Offered by Auto Exchange Kaftfahrzeug-Handels-Gmbh. No DOD, Army, Airforce, Navy or Federal Government endorsement is implied. (AX9312)

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Kaiserslautern American

November 27, 2015

Limited spaces remain for $18,000 scholarship through OraANNOUNCEMENTS torical Contest. Open to U.S. citiMOTORCYCLES ADOPTION All ads and pics on class-world.com All ads and pics on class-world.com zen JR & SNR High School stu- All ads and pics on class-world.com dents. Home schoolers welcome too. More info: Oratorical. Con Adopt while stationed overseas! Calling all SNCOs; did you know test.AL.GR01@gmail.com. Hurry! www.adopt-abroad.com Adoptithat there is an all-service profes- Sign up closes 1 DEC on Intl & foster care, home stusional organization in the KMC dies. Hague accredited. Caseworarea known as the KMC Top 3? kers in Germany. US 001-888BMW Motorcycle Travel Tool Kit Interested in becoming a mem526-4442 Never Used, €50, hp2ronin@ ber? Visit www.facebook.com/ CHILD gmail.com KMC-Top-3-217061411722283 $18,000 scholarship available for for more information! CARE U.S. citizen Junior & Senior High Dainese - Track Suit - Red Line School and equivalent home All ads and pics on class-world.com BMW R1100S - Stock Muffler, Pro Estiva size 56, €700, excellent school students in the KMC area. €200, Excellent Ccondition - condition, used for 6 hours, never Provided by the American Legion. The 86th Force Support hp2ronin@gmail.com on track day, includes stock Email for info: Oratorical.Con Squadron at Ramstein has liitems: Unopened hydration kit, test.AL.GR01@gmail.com. Signcensed providers on and off Read your newspaper online: cleaning oils, carrying bag Motivaup thru 1DEC www.kaiserslauternamerican.com the installation. Providers ted To Sell! hp2ronin@gmail.com who provide more than 10 hours a week of care must be licensed. Please use good judgment when choosing IN K-TOWN SINCE 1977 Bowers & Wilkins 800 Series Diamond D3: Listen and you’ll see! child care services. For more information please contact DSN 478-7420 or civ 06371405-7420 or email 86FSS.FCC@ramstein.af.mil

Bowers & Wilkins

800 Series Diamond

R I C H A R D - W A G N E R - S T R. 6 5 67655 KAISERSLAUTERN






Play Academy ChildCare. I am a licensed & certified child care provider. I live in Rodenbach, 10 min Vogelweh & 10 min RAB. I have years of experience & references. My home is warm & cozy. Warm home cooked Lunch is provided for the children every day. Your child will have its very own indoor playground & fenced in backyard for the summer as well as weekly field trip outings. If you are in need, I am here for you MondayFriday. Age 2-5, Mon-Fri 7-5. 0176-83550843



November 27, 2015

Kaiserslautern American

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Kaiserslautern American

All ads and pics on class-world.com

Day Care mother has openings for all ages in Katzenbach, very experienced, breakfast & lunch incl. (engl spk), garden & playground, call Bettina 015770447950

Treadmill - Proform 635 CW, $400.00, timboney_52@hot mail.com, well maintained/functioning treadmill. Adjusts for speed & slope. Cross fit ski poles adjustable for tension. Emergency situation stop.

Daycare K-town area full or part time, nights & weekends. Open for all ages. Also Schopp & Trippstadt Call 0151-41281576 or 06328-8229

T-Eumex 220PC, for fast and comfortable internet communication. Isdn $15, isabell_1_98@ya hoo.com

Stearing wheel "Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback" for your PC! Love to play auto games? Wanna feel like yr r driving for real? Then dont miss this!, pics on class-world.com, â‚Ź20, copon Metal Slug Anthology, Wii game, gracz@gmail.com **See pics on played once, perfect condition - li- class-world.com ke new! â‚Ź15, copongracz@ SmackDown vs. Raw 2010, Wii gmail.com **See pics on classgame, like new!, â‚Ź12, ccopon world.com gracz@gmail.com **See pics on class-world.com The Bigs Baseball, Wii Game, perfect condition, like new! â‚Ź8, coemser@gmail.com **See pics on class-world.com

Super Mario Galaxy, Wii game, perfect condition, like new! â‚Ź15, copongracz@gmail.com **See pics on class-world.com

Open every Friday + Saturday 8 am – 4 pm

50 149,-

Ramstein, R i Fl Flurstr. 4 Tel. 0163-1 90 57 17



All ads and pics on class-world.com

M-Audio 410 Firewire w/Firewire, Digital interface for recording studio. Owners booklet included! â‚Ź50, hp2ronin@gmail.com



November 27, 2015


All ads and pics on class-world.com

Caution: Some Classified ads have become a target for scams. Please be cautious if potential buyers offer you payment methods other than cash. Beautiful hand-made purple / pink felt flower brooch, perfect gift, can be pinned on jackets, scarves, bags and more! â‚Ź12, for pics see class-world.com jennifer wilking@hotmail.com Brass plated Bed, $120, Please call 0160-512-2448 Beautiful hand-made felt shoulder bag in purple with flower design, medium size, jenniferwil king@hotmail.com



Roza’s Fine Handmade Carpets Original Flemish Tapestries.

¡ Handmade Carpets ¡ Authentic Kilims ¡ Pashminas, large variety ¡ Silver Turkish Mirrors ¡ Evil Eye Jewelry ¡ Carpet Mouse Pads & bags ¡ Turkish Mosaic Lamps ¡ Hand painted Turkish ceramics ¡ Place Mats & Table Runners

Landstuhler Str. 13 | 66877 Ramstein-Miesenbach Cell: 01 70 - 6 40 45 47 | Phone: 0 63 71 - 94 32 27 | E-Mail: rozascarpets@yahoo.com Opening hours: Mon-Sat: 10:00-18:00 | Closed Sunday

30 % OFF


Optical CENTER

OPTICAL SHOP • BRILLEN VOIGT Ramstein KMCC Mall Bldg. 3336 Phone: 06371-8020350

One Price! One Plan! One Place! All included!

Staying connected has now become easier!


November 27, 2015

Kaiserslautern American


Bracelet - Brown, handmade! Beautiful accessory for any ocation, any outfit. Treat yourself to someFOR SALE All ads and pics on class-world.com thing nice or bring a smile to your best girl friends. €10, copon Black knitted pullover. Size XS gracz@gmail.com, pics on classbut fits also for size M. €5. See world.com www.class-world.com for pictures. Janina.Wuttke@gmx.de Bracelet - Gray/Black, handmade. Beautiful accessory for any ocBob the Builder fans or just a fan cation, any outfit. Treat yourself to work work shop. Perfect for X something nice or bring a smile to mas present or just like that. Ma- your best girl friends. €10, copon ke any boys dream come true, gracz@gmail.com, pics on class$15,017622987498 world.com E

Collection of leather bound, signed by the author, 1st edition books, mint cond. Over 100 different books. Authors include: Norman Mailer, William F. Buckley, Joseph Heller, Elie Wiesel, Donald Mc Dunne, John Updicke, Tom Wolfe, etc. $ 15.000 - serious inquiries only! Call: 0631-940213 or 0151-270-19822

Dark green Roxy Jeans. Size 30. Engleby from Sebastian Faulks! Find pictures at www.class- Great book., €2, pic on classworld.com. €10. janina.wuttke@ world.com, coemser@gmail.com gmx.de For That Special Collector a Beautiful The United States CommerDresser with Mirror set, with 7 morative Presidential Collection, drawers, excellent condition spvendor@gmail.com $100, Hutch with glass door $75, and much more, call 06371- Foxy lady, small felt shoulder bag 4910590 with fox design. Discover your wild side! All bags are completely Couch, Love Seat, and Coffee Ta- Designer Hand bag. George Gina environmentally friendly made ble 1 year old, excellent condition, and Lucy. Used twice. Beige co- with wool, soap and water only! color is burgundy $300, phone lor. Paid 160 euros for the bag. €25, for pics see class-world.com 06371-4910590 or 0160-4041390 €50 017622987498 jenniferwilking@hotmail.com





(Factory Price)

Best Quality Mattresses By


Luxury Beds By


* Upholstery: Chairs, Armchairs, Lounges And More * See How Our Furniture Is Made Living Room Sets * Custom-Made (ZR (IV\[ 6\Y :WLJPHS 6Ɉ LYZ

Box Spring Beds From Our Own Factory


Page 43


* Micro-Fiber-Material Of Extras Possible * Lots (Surcharge) * Delivery Included Without Headboard * Price And Pillow

43,000 square feet showroom . free delivery . in-house HOURS: Mon - Fri 10 am - 7 pm, Sat 10 am - 6 pm upholstery . no deposit . tax-free sales . Visa accepted Merkurstr. 16 . 67663 KL . Phone 0631/350 33 90

furniture that fits! Serving our customers for 34 years

We invite you, your family and friends to our upcoming Thanksgiving & Weekend specials! Thursday, Nov. 26 – Sunday, Nov. 29

Black Friday Sale Lots of items on sale during this time throughout the whole store.

Professional kitchen tool demonstration and 20% off sale All German kitchen tools will be on sale. Come and enjoy the presentation and of course sample the delicious food by our chef Claudio. All kitchen tools at least 20 % off.

Sunday, Nov 29 from 12 - 5 p.m.

Sunday Shopping

Friday, Nov. 27 & Saturday Nov. 28

Knife Sharpening and 20% off Sale + Save the VAT Bring your dull knives along for sharpening and learn how to sharpen knives properly. Laser engraving to personalize knives will also be available. All knives will be at least 20% off, some up to 50% plus save the VAT.

Friday, Nov. 27 – Saturday, Dec. 5

Free crystal engraving Select your favorite crystal pieces and have them handengraved by our master engraver. All crystal glasses and gifts will be at super sale prices, engraving is free. Call in advance for your order.

We’re looking forward to welcoming you! Hildegard & Margret Kaefer VAT forms accepted and the whole Kaefer’s team

Eckstraße 1 55487 Sohren (Hahn Airport - 50 mins from RAB) www.kaefer-shop.de www.kaefers.com

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Kaiserslautern American



All ads and pics on class-world.com

GAP Sweatshirt: Perfect condition, like new. Size small, €5, coem ser@gmail.com German rucksack from Scout for kids, Very sturdy with many pockets and reflector as well as a candy cone for the first day of school. Paid over €100.asking $15,017622987498 Green wedges, size 40, never worn. Paid €50, asking $40. 017622987498 Handbag "Alexander": Brown, leather bag, hardly used, perfect condition! €8, pics on classworld.com, copongracz@ gmail.com Handbag "Esprit brand": Small bad, black leather, ideal if you only need to carry few things around with you like purse, cell phone etc., €5, pics on class-world.com, copongracz@gmail.com Handbag: Classy black leather bag. Hardly used, perfect condition!, pics on class-world.com, €15, copongracz@gmail.com

November 27, 2015

Kookai dress, size 40, $30, chif- Porcelain dolls, over 100 to choo- Shamballa Bracelet - Brown/Crefron material, purple, pink, and se from, all dressed. Price Obo me, handmade, adjustable in size, beige, worn once, 017622987498 Call: 0176-90796039 fits almost every wrist. Beautiful accessory for any occasion, any Like New Poker Chips with carry- Pumps, black, hardly worn, great outfit. Treat yourself to something ing case, $20.00, spvendor@ condition, size 9M!, €5, pics on nice or bring a smile to your best class-world.com, copongracz@ girl friends. €15, copongracz@ gmail.com gmail.com, pics on class- gmail.com world.com Like new: AFN satellite receiver Shamballa Bracelet - Lilac/white, d9834, hairston@tks-net.com Sandals "Anne Klein": Classy handmade, adjustable in size, fits Sandals "Anne Klein": Classy almost every wrist. Beautiful acMirrored Bedroom Schrank, shoes, brown leather, great to we- cessory for any occasion, any out$100, Please call 0160-512-2448 ar at work or for going out at fit. Treat yourself to something ninight. Only slight signs of usage. ce or bring a smile to your best Must sell 65 year old flawless soli- Size 9M, €5, pics on class- girl friends. €10, coemser@ gmail.com taire .45 carat diamond ring set in world.com, coemser@gmail.com white gold. Will accept $ or €. Call: 06332-41560 from 9 - 18:00. Selling at 1 half the value given by the Swarovski companySwarovski Crystal - Attention collectors! All retired pieces reduced to half their value, All pieces over 50years old! Prices greatly reduced! Great gift for any special occasion! Private collection!The last two Retired pieces, whale, turtle. Call for info: 06332-41560 between 2pm to 8pm. Can deliver to Shamballa Bracelet - Purple/white, handmade, adjustable in size, RAB! fits almost every wrist. Beautiful North Wave MTB Cycling Shoes Striker SBS - size 43, €90, only Shamballa Bracelet - Black/Gray, accessory for any occasion, any use on one short ride, Motivated handmade, adjustable in size, fits outfit. Treat yourself to something almost every wrist. Beautiful ac- nice or bring a smile to your best to sell hp2ronin@gmail.com cessory for any occasion, any out- girl friends. €10, copongracz@ fit. Treat yourself to something ni- gmail.com PCS Sale ! Red Fox fur coat, car ce or bring a smile to your best coat length, $300 or Euro 250. TV girl friends. €12, copongracz@ Storage Bed - (fits full size matstereo entertainment center and tress), Solid Wood, Very Sturdy, gmail.com shelving, $40. Queen size comforDelivery Not Available, I Can Help ter, shams, skirt, olives & gold co- Small grey felt shoulder bag with You Assemble The Bed. Motivalor, $25. Call Ms C @ 06783- mushroom design, perfect gift, ted To Sess! €250, hp2ronin@ 9008484 €20 jenniferwilking@hotmail.com gmail.com

The Notebook from Nicholas Sparks - wonderful book!, €2, pic on class-world.com, copongracz@ gmail.com

T-Shirt "America", perfect condition, like new, size small! €5, co pongracz@gmail.com ***pics on class-world.com Various music CDs for sale, all from the 2000er years. Single CDs from Nelly Furtado, Christina Aguilera etc. for €3, music samplers like Bravo Hits and The Dome €4. For a picture of the selection see www.class-world.com. Contact janina.wuttke@gmx.de Various size new gym bags $10.00 each, spvendor@ gmail.com Reversible throw. Fitted sheet pillow case and lining. Never used. Paid over $100, asking $65, 017622987498.

Hollister strapless top. White coWine Rack/Holder, holds six bottlor, size M. With ribbons to tie a les, attractive metal finish, fits perbow on the back. €15. For pics fectly in a small, narrow space. see www.class-world.com. Con- Six chairs; color beige, €40.00, Super Mario kart lunch cooler, Garmin 360 Navigation, $50, $10, 0163-330-5535 or john@ad tact janina.wuttke@gmx.de vantipro.de luly_arizona@hotmail.com $8,017622987498 spvendor@gmail.com


News from


Large Selection

VAT forms accepted

Tax free shopping for ID card holders at dm-drogerie markt in Landstuhl.

cosmetics, organic food and household items

5 % OFF Show this original coupon at the cashier and you will receive a onetime 5 % discount on your next purchase. We look forward to your visit.

For questions about ingredients, dm staff is happy to help.

Whether photo service, organic food, cosmetics or household items - dm-market in Landstuhl offers its customers a wide range of drugstore products. Among the approximately 12,500 articles, you can find numerous products of the popular dm-brands such as Balea, dmBio

and alverde natural cosmetics. At the bright and friendly designed children‘s area, families can find toiletries, food and toddler clothes up to size 10 for their children and babies. In addition, there is a changing table with free diapers and dm toiletries available.

This coupon is valid for 4 weeks, till Dec. 24, 2015. Only redeemable at the herein specified dmmarket, not valid for orders at www.dm.de. Only 1 coupon per purchase. Every reproduction is prohibited. Excluded from the discount are bottle returns, gift cards, mobile phone and iTunes prepaid cards and adventure coupons. dm-drogerie markt GmbH + Co. KG. Stand: 11/2015.

Redeem this coupon at dm-market: Torfstraße 2–4 66849 Landstuhl

Opening hours: Mon–Sat 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. www.dm.de

November 27, 2015

Kaiserslautern American


Wooden bookshelf. See photo on KA classifieds web page. Contact Eric and Mia at 063759949674, $150, eyates9761@aol.com



All ads and pics on class-world.com

All ads and pics on class-world.com

PCS Sale ! 220v appliances: royal blue toaster, $10, white microwave, $20, both work like new. Transformers: 75, 200, & 300W. $25 each. AFN decoder & satellite dish. Decoders run $300-$400. Dish for $85. call 06783-9008484

!!! A beautiful German white shrank with glass vitrine and lighted bar (best offer gets it) and a complete set of Black Leather Bound 1987 Encyclopedia Brittanica (make an offer) 01704019648

Art Nouveau furniture over 100 years old. A variety of items, grandfather clock (Harmonium), crystal glasses, Murano glasses, Meisner porcelain figurines, 200 years old, coffee and Tea set. Call: 0177-5211480 2 wheel trolley dark blue, 30 1/1 inches tall 49x19 1/12 wide, 3 compartments (xl and medium) used only once, brand new condition. asking $100. 06332-41560 call between 8am to 9pm. Can deliver to RAB! Acoustic Upright Bass, €800, hp2ronin@gmail.com, Hand Made in Romania, nearly perfect condition, Accessories included: GEWA soft case, German Bow, Instrument Stand, extra set of strings. BBQ Gas Grill NEW, $50.00, never been used, must be picked up by buyer, timboney_52@hot mail.com Bible study books etc, isabell_1_98@yahoo.com


Page 45 Part-time office clerk needed for car-rental agency in Ramstein. Must speak and write German and English fluently. For afternoon only. Please call 06371-70182 or 0171-7794793

Antique corner desk. See photo on KA classifieds web page. Contact Eric and Mia at 063759949674, €150, eyates9761@ We're looking for a female aol.com waitress for the Italian coffee shop at the Officer Club, Build. Blue rug with Janosch design for 302. Customer service and work little boys room. Paid €50 from experience preferred. Please appMobil Martin. Asking $20. ly daily by phone from 10am1pm: 0631-31054871 Working 017622987498 days: Mo-Fr.

PETS All ads and pics on class-world.com

There have been reports of pets being sold from breeding facilities that are not managed at the highest professional standards. Please choose your pet carefully. Make sure you check the credentials of the people selling the pet, and get proper paperwork showing shots and/ or other proof of healthy condition. For further advice, consult your Veterinarian.

Antique 100 yr.old German china cabinet, matching dining table with 4 chairs. See photo on KA classifieds web page. Contact Eric and Mia at 06375-9949674, Glass couch table 1meter width, €950, eyates9761@aol.com 14 cm height, €60, coffee house table with marble top and iron Hamster cage, used, asking $5, feet w/2 chairs, €60. 06374-1717 must pick up in Rodenbach Beige leather couch. Purchased or 0157-72670561 PERSONAL 67688 017622987498 at City Polster. Original price All ads and pics on class-world.com €1300. Real leather. Need space else Id keep it.Must pick up in Rodenbach. $500, 017622987198 or JOBS Are you 38y/o m, 6.74 tall who isabell_1_98@yahoo.com All ads and pics on class-world.com loves someone's voice, scarfs and letters? Bananasplit isn't just Antique reproduction secretary desk. See photos on KA classi- Looking for experienced tax pre- something sweet but reminds you fieds web page. Contact Eric and parers for Wiesbaden & Ramstein, of a wonderful time? Then you are Services offered: Mia at 06375-9949674, €120, preferably H&R Block trained. the one! Looking forward to hear • Family Dentistry Contact Frank at eclemons@ from you mailbox@secure.direct • Certified eyates9761@aol.com hrblock.com box.com Orthodontics • Crowns and Veneers Antique Bench, with cushion se• Implant Surgery at, storage space and wheels. Relax Station • Shiatsu hiaatsu • Ayurveda Ayurved y Relax Station See photo on KA classifieds web • Zoom Teeth * China, Japan Whitening page. Contact Eric and Mia at & Thai massage 06375-9949674, €600, • Wisdom Teeth Surgery Philipp-Reis-Str. 9 * Mon & Sat 60 min massage eyates9761@aol.com • Nitrous Oxide Please call Yoko for an appointment 66849 Landstuhl • Saturday & Evening Appointments Please call for appointment 01 76 • 62 19 77 28 German Sideboard and High- Akazienstrasse 1a • 66849 Landstuhl-Atzel 0160-91913823 Caring, Friendly American staff board for Sale. Oak-rustic color, solid wood. Great condition! New LOCATIONS Wiesbaden Dental Care €1200 each, now selling for €200 0611-9887 26 50 each! Call: 0176-907-96039

American Dental Care



Bahnstrasse 14 65205 Wiesbaden-Erbenheim www.wiesbadendental.com


Ramstein Dental Care 06371-40 62 30 Poststrasse 1 66877 Ramstein-Miesenbach www.ramsteindental.com

Certified American Dental Hygienists Tricare Preferred Provider


Rejuvenation • Skin Tightening

body-contur Institut


Providing Dental Care for the us Military for more than 25 years; LRMC Dentist for more than 10 years

67655 Kaiserslautern Rudolf-Breitscheid-Str. 46




Sonnenstraße 41e • 66849 Landstuhl • Call 06371 18169 Fax 06371 912947 • Email: Doryumu@t-online.de or visit us at www.drdoryumu.de

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Kaiserslautern American

November 27, 2015

* * **** WHY PAY MORE? * * * * * * www.

ABC travel.de/KA

PETS All ads and pics on class-world.com

06 21 72 92 0

Best Flights!

Military Discount! Fly now Pay later!

New York ... â‚Ź 424 Atlanta ....... â‚Ź 493 Miami ......... â‚Ź 523 LA .............. â‚Ź 579 Washington â‚Ź 489 Las Vegas .. â‚Ź 499 Chicago ..... â‚Ź 498 Boston ....... â‚Ź 449

Flights from OCT 26 to DEC 16, 2015

Dep. from / to Germany, RT, incl. all taxes. Prices based on availability. US $ accepted.


ys Da

from â‚Ź


p. P.

Carnival Cruise Lines: Carnival Inspiration


DEC 07


Los Angeles, California / USA, Catalina Island / USA, Ensenada / Mexico, Los Angeles, California / USA

RAYTHEON on Miesau now HIRING for a


Seeking U.S. citizen with valid US Military ID card to work as a Maintenance Technician to perform detailed maintenance, testing, repair, and cleaning on PATRIOT Ground Equipment. Mechanical aptitude along with experience in disassembly/reassembly, repair, and testing of electronic equipment desired.

Husky rehoming, â‚Ź600, tosca_77@freenet.de, We have to rehome our male Husky. Seen by vet, has all shots and has a microchip for registration. Please email or call for more info: 015115922078

Photographer Wanted for Life Documentary. Photographer Wanted to document my life to pass WANTED All ads and pics on class-world.com on to my son. You must be fit, able to withstand inclement weather, treks, flying, underwater exBabysitter needed to teach my cursions, and mountainous ter2.5-year-old daughter English in a rain. If interested please contact playful way while taking care of me at trailrunner575@yahoo.com. her at my place (near Pirmasens). The person interested should be PROFESSIONAL an English native speaker and have a car. Minijob. Call 0176SERVICES 78022575 All ads and pics on class-world.com

U.S. & GERMAN ATTORNEYS US & German Divorces • Support Issues Wills and Probate • Employment • EEO • MSPB Personal Injury • Contractor Issues • Tax


CALL 069-299-2069-0 email: maiss@up12legal.de

To apply, please go to http://jobs.raytheon.com, click on “Job Search� on the right-hand side, enter 73729BR in the “Keyword or ID� field, and click “Search�. %($87<6+227,1*



Click Today...Cash TodayŽ www.omnimilitaryloans.com “We love to say yes�Ž






Weekly - BI-weekly & PCS Cleaning Cell: 0160-91948691 InspGuaranteed E-Mail cthompson@tonline.de www.cthompson-clea ning.com

Spangdahlem A.B., Germany

Description/Job Summary

Opening times Mo-Thurs 09:00 – 16:00 Fridays 09:00 – 15:00

Voice lessons (experienced professional singer, BM) 06372508747 or ellen@iocanto.com

Center Operations Specialist, USO Spangdahlem


Culpeck Insurance GmbH Haihover Strasse 11 (opposite train/bus station) 52511 Geilenkirchen Tel: 0049-2451-2983 Fax: 0049-2451-71129 Email: gk@culpeck.com

Pedicure, Manicure, Naildesign, Hairdressing, African Weave, Brading, Thai Massage, African Art, Mag's Nail Studio, authentic clothes, call: 0162-5966852 or 063184270230 Translator / Interpreter Certified KL., near Vogelweh. Reasonable rates. Call: 0631-54440



Probably the cheapest for US-Forces throughout Germany!



German all levels, Mr. Vollmer, Ramstein, call: 063719524381, www.deutschvollmer.de



Your community, your website.

We’ve been making loans of up to $10,000 to Active Duty Military for over 64 years.


Professional Services are offered by registered businesses as well as private people. To ensure a satisfactory service experience, please always ask for credentials and deny payments up front. For cleaning services, arrange for payments after a final walk-through and inspection of the clean house.

• The Center Operations Specialist is responsible for maintaining a warm, friendly, inviting environment for troops as well as assisting with the day-to-day activities of a USO Center during an assigned shift.Â

Principal Duties and Responsibilities (*Essential Duties) Â

• Meet, greet, welcome and assist visiting guests. Orient and assist guests with center amenities, tours, classes, programs and services. Provide quality customer service in a variety of areas, including but not limited to relevant, informative travel advice and complaint resolution.* •Monitor and maintain readiness, availability, and cleanliness of activity and lounge areas (i.e. check-in area, coffee/snack stations, computer stations, media/gaming rooms, kitchen/cafĂŠ areas, pavilions/ patios and outdoor areas, rest rooms, offices, storage rooms, etc.).* • Monitor and maintain operability for all facilities and equipment (i.e. coffee makers, popcorn machines, telephones, computers, Wi-Fi accessibility, cash registers, gaming consoles, etc.).* Monitor supply inventory and replenish stock.* • Supervise volunteers during assigned shift, ensuring that quality customer service and support is provided in a manner consistent with service delivery standards, as well as USO Policies, Procedures and Core Values.* • Process cash or credit card sales, balancing money and credit charges with cash register totals at the beginning and end of assigned shift. Maintain customer profile records in Daily Cash Receipts Log.* Assist with programs and events as needed.* • As directed by Center Manager and/or Regional Leadership, assume responsibility for center operations as needed. • Other duties as assigned.

Required Qualifications

• Minimum Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Behaviors necessary to perform the job successfully. Equivalent combination of education and experience is acceptable.

• High School Diploma or equivalent. Bachelor’s Degree preferred. • 0-3 years work experience in retail, customer service, recreation facility or related role. Relevant experience in a not-for-profit, military, multicultural and/or global organization preferred. • Strong interpersonal and customer service skills.  General knowledge of military community preferred. • Demonstrated profi ciency in written and oral communications as well as knowledge of various software programs including but not limited to Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. • Fluency in English with the ability to speak, read, and write in the language of the host and neighboring countries preferred. • Strong interpersonal and customer service skills. Ability to interact with USO Leadership, the general public and military audiences at a variety of levels with integrity and professionalism. • Demonstrated ability to exercise sound judgment related to controversial and/or culturally sensitive subjects. Ability to handle confidential information with tact and poise. Must be punctual, organized and self-motivated, with the ability to quickly and easily adapt to changing organizational needs. • Ability to achieve desired results while working collaboratively in a team environment. • Ability to perform basic math and follow proper cash/donation handling and reporting procedures. • Ability to obtain and maintain proper credentials necessary to access USO Center locations and facilities including but not limited to security, credit and/or background screening, SOFA status, valid driver’s license. • Must be a strong advocate of the USO’s mission to lift the spirits of America’s troops and their families.


This is position is located at Spangdahlem Air Base in Spangdahlem, Germany. Preference will be given to local candidates within commuting distance to the location. Relocation Assistance is not provided. Resume and Cover Letter are required for full consideration.

Please apply online at: http://www.uso.org/ careers/ and click on “View Our Job Openings�

November 27, 2015

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,.($ 36 SHQGDQW ODPS HD IKEA, IKEA PS 2014 T1231. Light bulb sold separately. This lamp is suitable for OLJKW EXOEV ZLWK WKH HQHUJ\ FODVVL¿FDWLRQ A++ to D. The scale of the energy HI¿FLHQF\ FODVVL¿FDWLRQ UHDFKHV IURP $ KLJKHVW HI¿FLHQF\ WR ( ORZHVW HI¿FLHQF\ 3ODVWLF ‘ White/orange 302.798.83 White/turquoise 402.511.19

35(0,b5 SLFWXUH Motif created by Jason Hawkes. Fabric: 100 % polypropylene. Inside frame: Aluminum. W78žĂ—H55". 703.163.55

6,11/,* VFHQWHG FDQGOH LQ JODVV Burning time: 40 hrs. H3½". Vanilla pleasure. Natural 502.510.91

7,583 VZLYHO DUPFKDLU Cover: 100 % leather. : Ă´ĂŽ' Ć—ĂŽ+ Ć™ Kavat black 901.265.71

Š Inter IKEA Systems B.V. 2015

'5$&$(1$ 0$66$1*($1$ SRWWHG SODQW Ă˜9½", H51Âź". 901.660.53

.$//$; VKHOYLQJ XQLW ZLWK GRRUV : Ć˜ĂŽ' Ć˜ĂŽ+ Ćš White 990.171.86

%/$1'$ %/$1. VHUYLQJ ERZO Dishwasher-safe. Stainless steel. Ă˜11", H5". 500.572.54



Get your product and present this voucher at the checkout. At the H[SUHVV FKHFNRXWV ¿UVW scan the product’s, then the coupon’s barcode. Only valid at IKEA Kaiserslautern while supplies last and only one voucher per person. 1<77-$ IUDPH SFV Valid from November 27 Plastic. W5×H7". until November 29, 2015. Black 801.677.41

327$7,6&+,36 6$/7$'( RU 327$7,6&+,36 *5b''),/ /g. FKLSV SFV Each 5 oz. 8.67/kg. 201.296.72 801.296.69



*c6(5 UXJ KLJK SLOH Pile: 100 % polypropylene. Backing: Synthetic latex. W4'4Ă—L6'5". Dark gray 602.307.91

,.($ ¹ EUDQFK RI¿FH .DLVHUVODXWHUQ Opelkreisel 3, 67663 Kaiserslautern 6WRUH KRXUV 0RQ¹6DW DP¹ SP 5HVWDXUDQW 0RQ¹6DW DP¹ SP For more information, please check ,.($ GH .DLVHUVODXWHUQ Your contractual partner is IKEA Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG, Am Wandersmann 2–4, 65719 Hofheim-Wallau.



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