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Thracian Summer 2020: NATO partners turn heads Story and photos by Tech. Sgt. Devin Nothstine 86th Airlift Wing Public Affairs PLOVDIV, Bulgaria — Members from the Bulgarian government met at the Cheshnegirovo landing zone to watch tactical airlift sorties flown during Thracian Summer 2020 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, Aug. 19. Thracian Summer 2020 is a bilateral flying deployment allowing both the U.S. Air Force and Bulgarian military forces to extend joint warfighting capabilities through operational and tactical training. “Every day we perform interfly formations with the Bulgarian C-27J Spartan,” said U.S. Air Force Capt. Claude Van Hook, 37th Airlift Squadron C-130J Super Hercules aircraft instructor pilot. “We have conducted mountainous visual lowlevels, assault landings and take-offs and static-line personnel drops.” The 37th AS, stationed at Ramstein Air Base, conducted airlift operations alongside the Bulgarian air force for the distinguished visitors. Three C-130J Super Hercules aircraft flew an interfly See THRACIAN SUMMER, Page 2

U.S. C-130J Super Hercules aircraft assigned to the 37th Airlift Squadron and Bulgarian C-27J Spartan aircraft approach the drop zone during a Thracian Summer 2020 media day at Cheshnegirovo landing zone, Bulgaria, Aug. 19. The 37th AS dropped container delivery systems and Bulgarian air force parajumpers during the demonstration of their unique capabilities.

DOD changes child care priorities policy by Staff Sgt. Nesha Humes Stanton 86th Airlift Wing Public Affairs

A child shares a hug with her mother at Ramstein Air Base, August 9, 2019. To provide more options for parents, the Key and Essential Family Child Care Provider Initiative was created as part of a Kaiserslautern Military Community-wide effort to support military families. Photo by Airman 1st Class Taylor D. Slater

Changes to Department of Defense managed child care programs will affect Kaiserslautern Military Community families starting Sept.1. In February, Defense Secretary Dr. Mark T. Esper released a policy change memo stating, “The DOD’s system of child care was established to assist Service members as they face the unique challenges associated with the demands of military service. Over time, child care access expanded to serve the total force, but we must not lose sight of the Service member and mission requirements.”

The revised policy raises the priority levels for most military customers. As a result, single and dual DOD Civilian employees will be in a lower child care priority category than their active duty counterparts. Not unique to Ramstein, the availability of childcare for overseas military families and DOD employees has been an ongoing challenge. Some off-base German care centers remain out of reach to parents due to limited capacity and language barriers. Recognizing the struggles specific to overseas families, Ramstein team members ramped up efforts in recent years to create more provider availability. See CHILD CARE, Page 3

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Page 2 THRACIAN SUMMER from Page 1 formation with a Bulgarian C-27J Spartan, air-dropped container delivery systems and Bulgarian parajumpers, and conducted an assault take-off at Cheshnegirovo for all to see. “When we work with people who have experience operating in a coalition environment, deploying troops abroad and understanding the logistical support needed to execute the missions, it’s better to learn from them than have to start from scratch,” said Bulgarian Col. Yuri Lukanov, Bulgarian exercise director. “That’s why I love working with the U.S.” Forward locations, like Plovdiv Airport and Cheshnegirovo, enable a collective defense capability and provide the U.S. and NATO the strategic and operational breadth needed to deter adversaries and assure partner nations. “Operating from Plovdiv Airport is not going to be the same as operating out of Ramstein Air Base,” Van Hook said. “However, proximity to where we want to operate is a key advantage which helps our efficiency when identifying changes in infrastructure, improving our flexibility to meet mission requirements in the future.” The 435th Contingency Response Group surveyed and secured the terrain at Cheshnegirovo. In addition, they controlled the LZ and drop zone to uphold safety during the demonstration of the unique capabilities the two countries have been training during Thracian Summer 2020. “All of the flying and training that we’ve done has increased our readiness, enhanced our interoperability with the Bulgarian air force and heightened our ability to support each other; ultimately, persistently supporting NATO allies and partners,” said U.S. Air Force Maj. Derek Andeweg, 37th Airlift Squadron C-130J Super Hercules aircraft pilot. Continual exercises and interactions between allied and partner forces allow the U.S. and NATO to work together as a

team to enable all participants toward an international coalition. “One of my favorite characteristics of the U.S. military members is their willingness to meet new people, learn new cultures and create friendships,” Lukanov said. “That’s why it’s not only easy, but also enjoyable to work with the United States.” U.S. forces throughout the region bring unique and appropriate capabilities to complement Bulgaria’s military forces and remain a symbol of American commitment to Bulgaria’s continued peace and prosperity. “We will fly with the Bulgarian air force any day of the week,” Andeweg said.

August 28, 2020

U.S. Air Force Maj. Derek Andeweg, 37th Airlift Squadron C-130J Super Hercules aircraft instructor pilot, explains the training operations to Bulgarian government officials and military members during a Thracian Summer 2020 media day at Cheshnegirovo landing zone, Bulgaria, Aug. 19. During the media day, members from the local community were able to see C-130J Super Hercules aircraft execute professional airlift capabilities. A Bulgarian C-27J Spartan aircraft transports and exfils Bulgarian air force parajumpers during a Thracian Summer 2020 media day at Cheshnegirovo landing zone, Bulgaria, Aug. 19. U.S. Air Forces in Europe has previously held similar training events in Bulgaria, and this recurring training, conducted in coordination with the government of Bulgaria, is intended to bolster interoperability and build upon NATO’s shared commitment to regional security.

Local Bulgarian news agencies gathered for the U.S. and Bulgarian forces tactical airlift demonstration during a Thracian Summer 2020 media day at Cheshnegirovo landing zone, Bulgaria, Aug. 19.

A container delivery system falls to the drop zone during a Thracian Summer 2020 media day at Cheshnegirovo landing zone, Bulgaria, Aug. 19.

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August 28, 2020 CHILD CARE from Page 1 “We are doing everything we can to problem-solve from all angles. We’ve worked with agencies to expedite the hiring process for caregivers, increased starting salaries of Non-Appropriated Fund child care employees and got a once-closed building back up and running for youth programs,” said Melissa Wesley, 86th Force Support Squadron child and youth services flight chief. In 2018 the first-of-its-kind 86th FSS Key and Essential Family Child Care Provider Initiative incentivized military spouses to become certified child care providers. According to Wesley, that program opened 12 full-time child care spots and numerous spaces for additional evening and weekend care. With the policy change on the horizon, the 86th FSS has a dedicated four-man team charged with further developing and designing future courses of action. “We are looking at all options,” Wesley said. “We are thinking very creatively and outside the box.” This week, the 86th Mission Support Group began notifying all families enrolled in Air Force child care programs of the policy


change. The new priorities apply to all children currently enrolled in DOD child development centers, school-aged care programs and family child care homes. Due to the KMC’s blended community, several Air Force families utilize Army child care programs and vice versa. The DOD policy applies to both services, but implementation and timing may differ depending on the branch. “While these categories are scheduled to go into effect on 1 September, we (Department of the Army Child and Youth Services) still have not received operational guidance or the business rules for implementing the new categories,” said William Jason Etchell, U.S. Army Garrison RheinlandPfalz CYS Coordinator. “We are told this will come soon and will include a process for affected patrons to request an exception to policy.” Etchell said that a memo went out to all Army CDC patrons Aug. 10 to notify them of the priority changes and included a message from the Installation Management Command-Europe Director, Mr. Tommy Mize. “The intent of these changes ensures military members receive priority access to child care,”

Mize wrote. “We understand there may be concerns with the possibility of children being supplanted or displaced from on-post Child Development Centers because of these changes. We also understand off-post options are limited and that Army Fee Assistance is not available in Europe. (Our) leaders are aware of these concerns.” “Once we receive (implementation) guidance, we will notify customers who may be affected by these changes and work within our authorities to support them,” he added. Wesley said the vast majority of Air Force customers are already in high-priority billets that cannot be supplanted; however, according to the new policy those occupying a lower priority billet could be supplanted. “Another big change is in the past once you were in the program, and a valid user of the program, you would not be supplanted,” Wesley explained. “Now, if an individual in a higher priority spends more than 45 days past the date they needed care, then another person lower on the wait list would be supplanted.” Supplanting requires families enrolled at a CDC or SAC with the


Cars for everyone... even Court-knee


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Photo by dimid_86 / Shutterstock.com

lowest priority and most recent placement dates to be moved out. However, supplanting does not apply to FCC homes. If a customer is supplanted, the family will receive a written notification in order to give them time to arrange for care or to reactivate their original request with their most recent enrollment date as the request for care date. “We are doing absolutely everything we can to assist families who may be impacted by the new policy,” assures Wesley. In the near-term, COVID-19 restrictions have halted supplanting for both branches servicing families in the KMC until further

notice. Both Etchell and Wesley reinforced that supplanting will not take place if an installation’s facilities are operating at reduced capacity to meet health protection guidelines. Families already enrolled or on a wait list for a CDC or SAC on MilitaryChildCare.com require no additional action. All new requests for care must go through the MCC site. For questions on policy changes, contact your appropriate Child and Youth Services provider. Air Force programs can be reached at DSN 480-6007 or commercially at 06371-47-6007.


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Photo by Schmidt_Alex / Shutterstock.com

AUGUST 17 2:55 p.m.: Larceny of private property in Otterbach. 4:43 p.m.: Major traffic collision on Pulaski. 10:43 p.m.: Operating vehicle without valid license in Landstuhl.

1:59 a.m.: Driving under the influence in Ramstein-Miesenbach. 6:55 a.m.: Animal bite in Mittelbrunn. 7:48 a.m.: Larceny of private property in Ramstein-Miesenbach.

AUGUST 18 12:06 a.m.: Operating an unregistered vehicle in Landstuhl. 9:58 a.m.: Larceny from a motor vehicle in Otterberg. 1:26 p.m.: Major vehicle collision in Mannheim. 1:50 p.m.: Major vehicle collision near A62 on ramp. 3:31 p.m.: Major vehicle collision in Katzweiler.

AUGUST 22 1:32 a.m.: Operating a USAREUR vehicle without USAREUR license in Landstuhl. 1:36 a.m.: Driving under the influence in Kaiserslautern.

AUGUST 19 3:47 p.m.: Damage to personal property in Kaiserslautern. 4:45 p.m.: Operating a vehicle with expired plates on Kapaun Air Station. 5:01 p.m.: Shoplifting in Kaiserslautern. AUGUST 20

August 28, 2020

AUGUST 21 6:55 p.m.: Larceny from a motor vehicle in Ramstein-Miesenbach.

AUGUST 23 12:43 a.m.: Major traffic collision in Landstuhl. 1:53 a.m.: Disorderly conduct, drunkenness in Kaiserslautern. 4:06 a.m.: Driving under the influence in Kaiserslautern. 1:10 p.m.: Major vehicle collision in Kindsbach. 11:50 p.m.: Stolen USAREUR license plate in Kaiserslautern.

Editor’s note: The purpose of the weekly blotter is to deliver a chronological listing of criminal activity in the KMC. The information contained in the blotter is not indicative of crime trends or the targeting of service members or their dependents. The location and nature of the entries is dependent upon where the crime was reported and not necessarily where the crime took place.


Photo by Golubovy / Shutterstock.com

COVID-19 updates for KMC Looking for updated information regarding coronavirus and changes to base facilities? Visit www.ramstein.af.mil/COVID-19/ Posting pictures on Social Media This is a reminder that, in accordance with German Law; Kunsturhebergesetz §22 (law on copyright in works of fine arts and photography §22), “images may only be distributed or publicly displayed with the consent of the person depicted.” This means that it is illegal to post someone’s picture on the internet, i.e. social platforms without their consent. Please be mindful that the improper use of cameras without consent can lead to fines or other legal measures from the German government. GACO helps U.S. customers in Germany Even during COVID-19, the German-American Community Office in Kaiserslautern (located in Rathaus Nord) is still available to assist American customers with host nation-related topics. GACO staff is able to help with German documents and authorities, host nation policies and regulations, questions about disposing trash off base, drivers’ licenses for U.S. civilians, retirement in Germany, marriage between Americans and foreign nationals, leisure and sports activities, and a lot more. GACO is a resource to help U.S. personnel have an easier and smoother stay in Germany. As soon as USO is authorized to offer newcomers’ orientation tours in Kaiserslautern again, they will make weekly stops at the GACO. The main entrance of Rathaus Nord is currently closed to the public, but you can make an appointment if you need to discuss your matter in person. For your appointment you will need to use the entrance at Benzinoring 1 where you will be picked up. For more information, visit www.gaco-kl.de; call 0631-363-3010 between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and between 2 and 6 p.m. Thursdays; or email info@gaco-kl.de. Ramstein Aquatic Center update The filtration system on Ramstein’s lap pool failed in May and is currently being contracted

for repair. Officials anticipate opening the lap pool in August with the recreation pool opening in the fall. Once repairs are completed, the opening date will be advertised along with COVID-19 guidelines. The Ramstein Aquatic Center will be issuing full refunds for swim lessons, lane reservations, and lifeguarding courses cancelled due to COVID-19. Monthly swim passes expiring after the closure date will be refunded at prorated rates. Annual swim passes will be extended for the length of time the facility was closed due to COVID-19. Those with annual passes PCS-ing before their extended expiration date can email a refund request to the Ramstein Aquatic Center 86FSS. FSCS.AquaticCenter@us.af.mil. Ramstein Pharmacy Tent Ramstein’s pharmacy is closing the lobby to patient access and dispensing medications through the exterior pharmacy lobby windows (walk-up pharmacy). This enables patients to maintain proper physical distancing. Medication refills can be processed through TRICARE Online or through the automated refill line (06371865601), and will be ready for pick-up the next duty day after 1 p.m. Pharmacy hours of operation are Mon-Fri 7:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Attention all retirees and surviving spouses The 86th AW Retiree Activities Office is closed until further notice. For urgent situations (until we re-open our doors) that would normally be addressed to the RAO, you can email jim.barrante@ fcgh.net. RAO Director needed The Retiree Activities Office, a volunteerbased organization that supports retirees, active-duty members and spouses throughout the KMC, has an immediate opening for a new director. The RAO functions as a liaison between the retiree population and the 86th AW commander. For more information about this position or how to volunteer, please contact the acting director at Jim.Barrante@gmail.com or call 0160 454 0062.

Frequently asked Housing questions

Question: When does my Inbound TLA end? How many days am I authorized? Answer: You may be authorized up to 30 days of TLA when you arrive. Some

service members might receive an offer for government housing even if they prefer to live off-base. In these cases, the offer is made because there is government housing available to the member and loaner furniture could be delivered to the home. It is the service member’s choice to accept or not accept the home, therefore the TLA is terminated the day Furnishings Management Section could deliver loaner items. For members that have aggressively searched for housing and are authorized up to 30 days, TLA is terminated the day FMS/TMO can deliver loaner items/HHG to your new home. Question: FMS/TMO cannot deliver

until after my 30 days! What can I do? Answer: In these cases, the service member can come into the Housing Office and apply for an extension until the day their FMS/HHG is scheduled for delivery. Question: I’m PCS’ing out. How many days of TLA are authorized? Answer: Military Service members are authorized up to ten days of TLA from your “fly out” date. Anything more than ten must be approved by USAREUR G1. Question: My plane was delayed! Who will reimburse me for any additional days?

Answer: If your flight is delayed due to mechanical problems, the airline that is operating your Patriot Express flight will provide instructions on how to claim additional nights in lodging due to the delay. For other types of flight delays, please contact the KMC Housing Office for instructions. To help with all of your housing needs, visit the KMC Housing Office at Vogelweh, building 1001, call +49 631 536 6672/DSN 314-4896672 or email KMCHousing@us.af.mil Visit us on Facebook at https://www. facebook.com/KMCHousingOffice/ for the latest happenings in Housing!

Photo courtesy of the Housing Office

Question: When does my TLA start? When I attend the Housing Brief or when I land in Germany? Answer: Your TLA starts the day that you land in Germany and you’ve checked into your hotel. You should attend the earliest available housing brief in order to learn how to claim your TLA and continue to receive TLA authorization. *During days required to quarantine, you will file your inbound travel claim through your Finance Office.

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August 28, 2020

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Rain or shine, library services on Ramstein stay online Jada Jones, 86th Force Support Squadron supervisory librarian, pulls a novel from the “new adult fiction and non-fiction” section for a customer using the curbside pick up service at the Ramstein Library on Ramstein Air Base, Aug. 17.

Jada Jones, 86th Force Support Squadron supervisory librarian, hands a customer material they printed off wirelessly at the Ramstein library on Ramstein Air Base, Aug. 17.



The Ramstein library displays a sign at the front entrance indicating available times for customers to use the curbside pick-up for books, audiobooks and movies at Ramstein Air Base, Aug. 17. Customers should wear a personal face covering and have an identification card ready before approaching the pick-up window.

Story and photos by Senior Airman Kristof Rixmann 86th Airlift Wing Public Affairs As we enter the seventh month of a global pandemic the limitations COVID-19 has created are clear. The 86th Force Support Squadron, however, has remained mindful of physical distancing throughout as they continue to support the Kaiserslautern Military Community, uninterrupted, with their many services at both the Ramstein and Vogelweh libraries. Like many other facilities early in the pandemic, Ramstein and Vogelweh libraries had no choice but to temporarily shut down customer access. With the intent to resume operations at the forefront of their minds, the staff pivoted to almost an entirely virtual library service merely 24 hours after shutting their doors. With the online transition, the two libraries are able to offer many services customers

enjoyed, or even required, prior to the pandemic. Services recently implemented include: • Computer lab access via appointment • Wireless printing capabilities • Ability to see incoming titles on the libraries’ Facebook page • Storytime livestream for children • Arts and crafts livestream • Online book clubs Additionally, for individuals who recently had a Permanent Change of Station to Germany and don’t have a library card, those customers are encouraged to fill out a card application online. The most utilized service offered by Ramstein and Vogelweh libraries is their curbside pick up, which allows library members to continue to check out materials from the library, even when physical access is not possible. Customer requests for curbside pick up will be available Monday





through Friday from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. KMC members can search the libraries’ vast collection through their online catalog at usafelibraries.org prior to completing a request. Once the library has processed a request, the individual will be notified through email. When picking up items proceed to the pickup window near the main entrance of the library. A staff member will be available to assist. Customers should be wearing a personal face covering and have an identification card ready before approaching the pick up window. For more information on any one of the many services offered by the 86th FSS libraries, call 06371-47-6667 for the Ramstein library or 0631-536-7665 for the Vogelweh library. For information on upcoming virtual book clubs, virtual storytime for children, or incoming new books, visit the libraries Facebook page at https://www.facebook. com/vogelweh.base.library/.

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Do what you have to do to be where you want to be

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Staff Sgt. Christopher Atkins, 31st Medical Group family member travel screener, poses for a photo at Aviano Air Base, Italy, Aug. 18. Atkins earned a Doctorate of Business Administration, with a specialization in healthcare management, in 2019.



Higher education can seem like a daunting prospect, especially for those who have trouble maintaining the balance between their social lives and academics. Active duty service members can find it especially difficult, as the job itself can be very demanding. According to the Air Force Personnel Center, only 0.013 percent of enlisted members in the U.S. Air Force noncommissioned officer tier have a professional degree, one of which calls Aviano home. The term ‘higher education’ alone can be intimidating, but Staff Sgt. Christopher Atkins, 31st Medical Group family member travel screener, hasn’t let that stop him from seizing the opportunity while serving as an enlisted member of the U.S. Air Force. “There are Airmen who may be questioning whether or not they should pursue a higher education, and those who might’ve never considered school,” he said. “I am definitely an example of someone who never would’ve imagined having a master’s degree, let alone a doctorate.” Atkins earned his doctorate of business administration, with a specialization in healthcare management, in 2019, and hopes to inspire and motivate other Airmen to keep pushing forward in accomplishing their professional and

personal goals while serving. “You can accomplish anything when you have the commitment, motivation, drive and dedication,” he said. “We are our own worst critics, and we are the ones who dictate whether we succeed or fail.” Atkins believes motivation and drive have to ultimately come from within, but credits his mother for teaching him to never be satisfied with complacency. “I was able to see firsthand what hard work and perseverance can lead to, as my mom has been very successful in life,” he said. “I always told myself if she can do it despite the obstacles she faced, I have no reason not to make her proud by elevating myself to the greatest extent possible. Her children’s success is a testament to [her] and how she raised us.” Throughout the years, Atkins received a substantial amount of messages from both family and strangers alike who were inspired by his journey and achievements, he said. “I never take these words for granted, and always use these moments to stay dedicated to helping others and providing information or motivation when I can,” Atkins said. “This is not a ‘you must go to school to be successful’ spiel, because I believe school is not for everybody.” Learning a trade is just as useful and necessary as any degree, said Atkins, and Airmen should take advantage of educational benefits

already provided to them by the Air Force. “Set small goals,” Atkins said. “It can be easy to get discouraged by the amount of work involved if you only see the end-goal. Keep short-term and long-term goals, keep them attainable and measurable.” Do what you have to do to be where you want to be, Atkins says. His hard work, not making excuses, and always striving to better himself keep his motivation alive. “Staff Sgt. Atkins is a hard worker, is never satisfied and is always looking for the next goal to crush,” said Master Sgt. Timothy Ferguson, 31st Force Support Squadron career assistance advisor, and mentor to Atkins. “He is one of the most driven and welleducated NCOs I have ever met, and is very calculated in what he wants.” Atkins’ education required years of long hours away from his family and he attributes his success to the sacrifices his family has made. He hopes to leave a legacy for not only his children, but for the community in which he grew up in. “At some point, I told myself I am not doing this for me, but for others as well,” he said. “For my family and to denounce the negative stereotypes surrounding black males [and] our limited [career] options. I wanted to take any negative stereotypes and flip the script so that when people saw me, they saw a different option.”

August 28, 2020

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August 28, 2020

Insects, their importance for mankind Why the hornet is your friendly neighbor

Photo by Thomas Lenne / Shutterstock.com

by 86th Civil Engineer Squadron While summer may be the most beloved time of the year for many, it is also an active time for certain insects: hornets, wasps, bees and many others. In an effort to raise awareness about stinging insects, in particular, the 86th Civil Engineer Squadron’s environmental section provides facts and information to help reduce misunderstandings. The intent is to build admiration and recognize why insects of any kind are very precious and why hornets do not

intend any harm to you and your family. One point to note is German environmental laws are stricter than those in the United States when it comes to insects. Hornets, and many other insects, are protected by official regulations. Violations, such as killing or capturing them, or destroying their habitats, are punishable by law, and usually result in fees and fines. Wasps, bees, hornets and other insects have been on endangered species lists for many years due to the significant

Internet – Mobile – English TV One Stop – All companies and all service offerings We’re just outside Ramstein Air Base

decline in their numbers as a result of extensive use of pesticides, diseases and dwindling food sources. Most people’s fears of bees, and bee look-a-likes, are fueled by lack of knowledge or by knowing someone who was stung or is allergic to bee stings. Hornets, for sure, can be scary due to their size, but are actually good neighbors. By sticking to a few simple rules, even a person with allergies has nothing to fear. Hornets are actually less aggressive than wasps and sting less often. It will only sting if it

feels trapped or threatened. So do not provoke them! Stay at least 10-13 feet away from the hive’s main entrance — they will remain totally calm. You’ll actually be able to observe them fly around and see how they can be useful. One hornet can hunt and eat up to one pound of other insects a day. They especially like to nourish on wasps, flies, spiders, caterpillars and mosquitos! Having a hornet nest near your home is the best way to prevent other unwanted insects from entering your house.

The lifespan of a hornet queen is up to 12 months and her workers can live up to three to four weeks. As soon as the new queen is born, which usually happens around October, the old queen will die and her heir will fly away to build a new hive somewhere else. When the nest is empty is the only legally acceptable time to remove the empty nest (by an expert only). The hornet’s “little sister”, the wasp (protected as well), is known to be more aggressive than the hornet. Since wasps are known for inhabiting one nest for a longer period, the best time of the year to legally remove them is in April (nest building phase) or in autumn by a certified expert. Removing a living hive is not easy and not always successful. Education about insects is a very important first step toward safety and a healthy environment. Act responsibly to co-exist with our small neighbors and follow the rules and guidance provided by the host nation.


- Individual planning - Use your LQA / OHA / BAH to purchase your home in Germany - Available to service members, government civilians and contractors - Financing available Germany wide - Property aquisition in the areas of Wiesbaden, Kaiserslautern, Mainz, Stuttgart, Mainz, Grafenwöhr, Spangdahlem and Bitburg - More than 15 years experience

The CommShop Ziegelhütte 2 | 66877 Ramstein | www.bunt.com martin.sattelberger@mlp.de Tel: 06 21 - 15 03 00 58

Kaiserslautern American

August 28, 2020

This is how the insects differ Bee • approx. 0.5 inch • hairy • long mouthparts • back brown with less noticeable stripes • Sting gets stuck after the stitch — only one sting possible (bees usually die afterwards)

Wasp • approx. 0.5-0.7 inch • not hairy • very noticeable yellow-black stripes • short mouthparts • distinct wasp waist • Sting doesn’t get stuck after the stitch — multiple stings possible

Bumblebee • approx. 0.7 inch • very hairy • long mouthparts • brown or black-white stripes • less aggressive • Stings very seldom

Hornet • 1-1.3 inch • not hairy • short mouthparts • noticeable yellow-black stripes • peaceful; usually do not attack humans

Flower Fly • 0.3-0.6 inch • not hairy • have bumblebee-, wasp- or bee-like forms and drawings • an easily be confused with other insects • peaceful and harmless: they mimic other insects to appear dangerous, but aren’t

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August 28, 2020

86 CPTS goes virtual by Staff Sgt. Jourdan Barrons 86th Airlift Wing Public Affairs The 86th Comptroller Squadron is implementing a new online system for submitting and tracking finance requests. Saving time and streamlining processes, the Comptroller Services Portal opens to Ramstein personnel Aug. 31. The secure portal offers various functions to assist customers with travel pay, military pay and civilian pay. The CSP notifies customers of a change in status and allows users to track their request from start to finish. “The system gives you more accountability,” said Master Sgt. Allen Williams, 86th CPTS flight chief. “You can see at any time

where your request is.” Ramstein is not the first installation to adopt the CSP. The system is rolling out across the Air Force and will eventually expand to every installation. One of the goals of this new system is to streamline the process for financial queries by eliminating in-person wait times. “This saves the customer time,” Williams said. “Say they need to schedule an appointment for next week and we don’t have anything available. Now they can just submit their request through the portal.” In the future the CSP will provide resources such as regulations, announcements, knowledge articles, calendars and other useful links to provide

Saving time and streamlining processes, the Comptroller Services Portal opens to Ramstein personnel Aug. 31. The secure portal offers various functions to assist customers with travel pay, military pay and civilian pay. Courtesy graphic

users with up to date information regarding any financial questions they may have. The CSP will be available on any computer that has Common Access Card capabilities and

does not require the use of a virtual private network. This feature could be extremely useful while Ramstein is still in Health Protection Condition Bravo as customers will be able to submit

any request straight from home. You can access the CSP at: https://usaf.dps.mil/teams/ SAFFMCSP/portal/SitePages/ Home.aspx

How to cool off indoors when heat turns up Story and graphic by Airman 1st Class Taylor D. Slater 86th Airlift Wing Public Affairs Although cooler temperatures are on the horizon, it wasn’t long ago that local temperatures were in the 90s. Historically, Ramstein is not an area where extreme temperatures exist for long periods of time. The base typically experiences high temperatures for no more than three to four weeks of the year. Despite this, some on-base residents may wonder how to get relief from hotter months in the absence of air conditioning. The United Facilities Criteria housing policy currently prevents the use of air conditioning in base housing and dorm units, as Ramstein has not met the threshold for continued extreme heat temperatures over a specified number of days. However, the 86th Civil Engineer Squadron is dedicated to working on a solution. “Military members are our most valuable asset,” said Russell Hume, 86th CES deputy director. “We have to be able to take care of them and their family, so that’s why we’re looking at (solutions).” The 86th CES is discussing the potential of requesting a local waiver to the DOD policy or pursuing a change to the policy. Additionally they are studying the feasibility of installing rolladens or air conditioning at stairwell housing units. Rolladens are commonly used in Germany to block direct sunlight and help keep a residence cool.

While purchasing a personal air conditioner is tempting, civil engineers must make sure the electrical infrastructure to, and inside, stairwell housing is capable of supporting the additional power demand from air conditioning units before they are authorized throughout. ”Part of any engineering solution is the consideration of cost,” Hume said. “The increased operating cost from the A/C units is a substantial amount of money. But, cost is not the only driver. There are many unquantifiable benefits in investing in our Airmen and their families’ well-being.” Until a more enduring solution is approved to combat heat, stairwell residents are urged to use methods like natural ventilation or fans. Opening windows at night allows cold air to circulate around a home and closing windows during the day can help the cold air remain inside longer. Though proper preparation helps, when a strong heat wave hits there is always a risk of heatrelated illnesses like heat cramps, exhaustion and heat stroke, warns Capt. Andrew J. Keralis, 86th Medical Squadron emergency medicine physician. Keralis recommends drinking at least one cup of water every 15 to 20 minutes in warm environments to stay hydrated. Residents with heat-related medical concerns may be able to use air conditioning units in their homes provided they have approval from their medical provider.

August 28, 2020

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August 28, 2020

Operation Torch 2020: USAFRICOM preserves WWII memorials

U.S. Army Capt. Chris Philhower (left), U.S. Africa Command Directorate for Intelligence at RAF Molesworth technician, speaks with David Crow (second from left), a local from Steeple Morden who helped build the memorial, during Operation TORCH-2020 memorial cleanup Aug. 15. U.S. Africa Command Directorate for Intelligence at RAF Molesworth partnered with the American Battle Monuments Commission to host Operation TORCH-2020, where over 50 military members and their families, U.K. nationals and Boy Scout Troop #245, cleaned six WWII memorial sites to preserve American service member legacies and promote an appreciation of past American heroes among present-day USAFRICOM workforce and families.

Story and photos by Airman 1st Class Jennifer Zima 501st Combat Support Wing Public Affairs

Kaitlyn and Joshua Dunmire look at the memorial window at St. Catherine’s Church in Litlington, England, Aug. 15.

U.S. Africa Command Directorate for Intelligence at RAF Molesworth partnered with the American Battle Monuments Commission to conduct Operation TORCH2020, a memorial cleanup at six U.S. military World War II sites across England, Aug. 15. “We’re calling this Operation Torch-2020, colloquially we’re calling it Blitz Clean,” said U.S. Army Col. Brian Dunmire, USAFRICOM J2-M director and multiservice commander. “This is our opportunity to remember the 75th Anniversary of the American service members’ participation in World War II, by coming out as U.S. Africa Command participating with our community.” More than 50 service members and their families, U.K. nationals and Boy Scout Troop #245, came together to preserve these World War II legacies and promote an appreciation of past American heroes

among present-day USAFRICOM workforce and families. One of the selected locations was the Steeple Morden Memorial of the 355th Fighter Group in Steeple Morden, England. “When you think of Africa Command, you think of operations in Africa,” said Dunmire. “We picked six different locations in the U.K., five of them were bomber bases and the one here at Steeple Morden is a fighter base. We correlated those to the six major objectives during Operation Torch when we freed North Africa.” At each location, those who attended received the opportunity to hear the history of the memorial and the commemorated military unit. Then, everyone participated in scrubbing the concrete, pulling weeds, replacing the flags and filling the vases with fresh flowers. “I’m not generally an avid history researcher, but a lot of the information I found was just amazing about the heritage of the 355th FG,” said U.S. Air Force Master Sgt. Aaron Beil, U.S. Africa Command

Directorate for Intelligence at RAF Molesworth technician, who shared the history of the 355th FG. “This is the original location of RAF Steeple Morden, which was where the 355th was initially activated and flew out of. It was originally a grass airfield and once the 355th Fighter Group was stationed here they paved all the runways to be able to more efficiently fly out of the airfield.” The 355th FG was initially activated on Nov. 12, 1942, flying combat missions during WWII. Over 2,000 Airmen served at Steeple Morden, flying P-47 Thunderbolts and P-51 Mustangs. The 355th destroyed or damaged over 1,500 enemy aircraft by ground strafing, more than any other unit in the Eighth Air Force Group. They participated in fighter sweeps over Belgium, escorted B-17 Flying Fortresses and B-24 Liberators and provided fighter cover over Normandy on D-Day. “Operation Torch was a joint U.S. and U.K. operation,” said Dunmire. “It’s a way for us to honor and understand our

August 28, 2020

joint history. We have people who are in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines in all the various locations.” A Navy USAFRICOM member shared his thoughts. “I think being stationed out here it’s very important to give back to not only the Americans that were out here before, but also the British community,” Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class Sebastian Botero, U.S. Africa Command Directorate for Intelligence at RAF Molesworth technician. “With this being a multi-locational effort, I think this is all a great opportunity across all branches to give back to the community that way. It not only unifies us as a command, but also our two countries.” August 15 also marked Victory over Japan Day, when Japan surrendered during WWII, bringing the war to an end. “As time goes along the greatest generation is passing, so this is an opportunity for us to teach so that the next generation can also understand what has happened here,” said Dunmire.

Kaiserslautern American

Joshua Dunmire scrubs the 355th Fighter Group Steeple Morden Memorial in Steeple Morden, England, during Operation TORCH-2020 memorial cleanup, Aug. 15.

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U.S. Air Force Tech. Sgt. Manuel III Minjarez, U.S. Africa Command Directorate for Intelligence at RAF Molesworth technician, scrubs the 355th Fighter Group Steeple Morden Memorial in Steeple Morden, England, during Operation TORCH-2020 memorial cleanup, Aug. 15.

U.S. Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class Sebastian Botero, U.S. Africa Command Directorate for Intelligence at RAF Molesworth technician, scrubs the 355th Fighter Group Steeple Morden Memorial in Steeple Morden, England, during Operation TORCH-2020 memorial cleanup, Aug. 15. U.S. Army Col. Brian Dunmire, USAFRICOM J2-M director and multi-service commander, scrubs the 355th Fighter Group Steeple Morden Memorial in Steeple Morden, England, during Operation TORCH-2020 memorial cleanup, Aug. 15.

U.S. Air Force Tech. Sgt. Manuel III Minjarez, U.S. Africa Command Directorate for Intelligence at RAF Molesworth technician, scrubs the 355th Fighter Group Steeple Morden Memorial in Steeple Morden, England, during Operation TORCH-2020 memorial cleanup, Aug. 15. U.S. Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class Sebastian Botero, U.S. Africa Command Directorate for Intelligence at RAF Molesworth technician, scrubs the 355th Fighter Group Steeple Morden Memorial in Steeple Morden, England, during Operation TORCH-2020 memorial cleanup, Aug. 15.

Jessa and Kaitlyn Dunmire scrub the 355th Fighter Group Steeple Morden Memorial in Steeple Morden, England, during Operation TORCH-2020 memorial cleanup, Aug. 15.

U.S. Air Force Master Sgt. Aaron Beil, U.S. Africa Command Directorate for Intelligence at RAF Molesworth technician, reads the history of the 355th Fighter Group Steeple Morden Memorial in Steeple Morden, England, during Operation TORCH-2020 memorial cleanup, Aug. 15.

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August 28, 2020

721 MSS communications: Maintaining rapid global mobility

U.S. Air Force Tech. Sgt. Peter Salas, 721st Mobility Support Squadron cyber operations noncommissioned officer in charge, powers up a monitor in a server room at Ramstein Air Base, Aug. 20. Between the communications support team and the cyber operations team, the 721st MSS communications Airmen ensure personnel throughout the 521st Air Mobility Operations Wing have access to necessary resources to accomplish Air Mobility Command’s mission.

U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Jesse McClay, 721st Mobility Support Squadron client systems technician, poses for a photo in his office at Ramstein Air Base, Aug. 18. McClay is responsible for troubleshooting communications issues for Airmen assigned to units throughout the 521st Air Mobility Operations Wing.

Story and photos by Staff Sgt. Devin Boyer 86th Airlift Wing Public Affairs

force arrived at Ramstein, they required a semi-permanent work center to operate out of. “We had to get a whole setup of different offices that needed 20 or 30 computers so people could hop on at the same time,” McClay said. “We come in with all our equipment, set it up … and make sure they can log in to the network. We’re pretty fast paced when it comes to that.” While the communications support team works primarily on customers’ workstations, the cyber operations team provides another important role in the success of AMC missions. “Our primary focus is on servers and systems themselves,” said Tech. Sgt. Peter Salas, 721st

No matter the job in the U.S. Air Force, there’s one resource which remains consistent between them — computers. From sending emails to gathering intelligence, every Airman relies on them. Having access to this resource is crucial to the efficiency of air superiority, and a communications team is an essential support function for any unit. The 721st Mobility Support Squadron communications support team and cyber operations team ensure Air Mobility Command missions can be carried out by keeping this resource intact.

“Everybody needs a computer,” said Staff Sgt. Jesse McClay, 721st MSS client systems technician. “We know how to troubleshoot, fix them and get them to continue on with the mission.” With a squadron that includes many Air Force specialties, the communications team has their work cut out for them. “It’s a pretty broad range of people I support and what they do that pertains to the mission,” McClay said. “I’m in a pretty big supportive role, helping out everybody that’s under the wing.” As COVID-19 rapidly spread, the wing gained a COVID-19 task force dedicated to retrieving patients throughout Europe, Africa and the Middle East. When the task

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U.S. Air Force Tech. Sgt. Peter Salas, 721st Mobility Support Squadron cyber operations noncommissioned officer in charge, poses for a photo in a server room at Ramstein Air Base, Aug. 20. Salas is responsible for maintaining the servers for the 521st Air Mobility Operations Wing which provide access to the Global Decision Support System, a command and control software platform essential in planning and executing global Air Mobility Command missions across the world.

MSS cyber operations noncommissioned officer in charge. “Currently, what we do is manage the (Global Decision Support System) enclave here at Ramstein.” The GDSS is a command and control software platform essential in planning and executing global AMC missions across the world. As the central hub for missions throughout European Command, Africa Command and Central Command, the 721st MSS cyber operations team must ensure the system is up and running. “There’s a lot of really pertinent information and data off of GDSS that allows them to be able to track all their missions,” Salas said. “At any given time, any operations group that’s trying to do a flying

mission utilizes this system, so it needs to be up 24-7. We’re able to keep that information available to users all around the world.” The way they ensure the system remains online is through observation. They identify any vulnerabilities the servers may have, push updates when needed and ensure the servers remain in a cool environment so as to not overheat. “AMC sends us software to be able to update the systems,” Salas said. “We also do daily checks; we check for vulnerabilities.” Between the day-to-day computer troubleshooting and frequent server maintenance, the 721st MSS communications and cyber teams allow AMC to reach their goals in rapid global mobility.

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August 28, 2020

AMC welcomes new commander

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Chief of Staff of the Air Force Gen. Charles Q. Brown, Jr. salutes Gen. Jacqueline D. Van Ovost, commander of Air Mobility Command, during the AMC change of command ceremony at Scott Air Force Base, Ill., Aug. 20. The ceremony marked a historic Air Force first with back-to-back female generals commanding a major command. Photo by Senior Airman Solomon Cook

by Tech. Sgt. R.J. Biermann Air Mobility Command Public Affairs

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SCOTT AIR FORCE BASE, Ill. — Air Mobility Command welcomed its new commander during a ceremony at Scott Air Force Base, Illinois, Aug. 20. The ceremony marked a historic Air Force first with back-to-back female generals commanding a major command. Gen. Jacqueline D. Van Ovost succeeded Gen. Maryanne Miller during the ceremony, officiated by Chief of Staff of the Air Force Gen. Charles Q. Brown, Jr. Brown began by thanking Miller for her outstanding leadership during her two years in command. “What a fast-paced two years it’s been,” Brown said. “Soon after taking command, Maryanne recognized the work ahead and shifted focus at the speed of relevance based on the National Defense Strategy.” In the early months of 2020, Miller led AMC through a new, unique period in the world’s history against an unseen foe. “By leveraging innovation and a whole lot of resolve, Air Mobility Command answered the nation’s call, generating and flying our most critical missions while also safeguarding our Airmen and families,” Brown said. “Air Mobility Command delivered millions of COVID-19 test swabs around the world.” Brown detailed other innovations the command was responsible for conceiving to support

COVID-19 response operations, such as the Negatively Pressurized Conex. He also praised the command for endlessly executing rapid global mobility, which he’s confident will continue into Van Ovost’s command. Hours before the ceremony, Van Ovost was promoted to general, making her the fifth female general to ever serve in the Air Force and the Defense Department’s sole female fourstar leader. “There is no one more qualified and ready to take the reins of Air Mobility Command than Jackie,” Brown said. “We take great comfort in knowing you and your Airmen are ready to execute global reach, faster, farther and better than ever before.” Addressing AMC for the first time as commander, Van Ovost thanked Airmen physically and virtually present for their steadfast efforts to achieve mission success. “You are the reason Air Mobility Command continues to provide our combatant commanders unrivaled rapid global mobility,” Van Ovost said. “As a command, we will build upon these successes as we aggressively implement the National Defense Strategy through the unique mission sets we fulfill for our nation.” Van Ovost has years of command experience organizing, training and equipping Mobility Air Forces for America. “From the flightline to the

front-line, from the cockpit to the clinic, we will develop leaders of character with a natural bias for action and a competitive, curious and innovative mindset,” she said. “We will grow Airmen who are resilient, multi-capable and digitally-adept — instinctively exploiting advances in data, computing and information technologies — and armed with the specific skills to deliver into the future.” Air Mobility Command is the air component of United States Transportation Command, a unified, functional combatant command which provides support to the nine other U.S. combatant commands, the military services, defense agencies and other government organizations for a wide array of joint mobility missions. Army Gen. Stephen R. Lyons, USTRANSCOM commander, spoke about his experience with AMC Airmen and welcomed Van Ovost to the command during the ceremony. “This is about the great Airmen who comprise Air Mobility Command, postured and employed globally, 24/7,” Lyons said. “I am AMC’s biggest fan … I stand in awe of this Air Mobility Command team. Our Mobility Air Force stands alone as the best the world has ever seen.” Miller, who retires after more than 39 years of service, received the Distinguished Service Medal for her outstanding leadership of AMC. In her last speech as commander, she thanked her Airmen

Kaiserslautern American

August 28, 2020

Gen. Jacqueline D. Van Ovost, commander of Air Mobility Command, returns her first salute to Lt. Gen. Brian Robinson, AMC deputy commander, during the AMC change of command ceremony at Scott Air Force Base, Ill., Aug. 20. AMC provides rapid, global mobility and sustainment for America’s armed forces. Photo by Senior Airman Solomon Cook

for their service and sacrifices. “To the Air Mobility Airmen around the world, thank you for the work you do every day to fortify our national security,” she said. “You serve at the heart of this nation … You inspired me … Each and every day of my command, I was driven. I was

driven by your excellence.” As AMC commander, Van Ovost is responsible for employing and integrating all Mobility Air Forces composed of nearly 107,000 Total Force Airmen along with nearly 1,100 aircraft. AMC sustains America's military operations worldwide

through its airlift, aerial refueling, aeromedical evacuation and air mobility support capabilities. The command also responds to humanitarian crises worldwide. Van Ovost is the fourteenth commander to lead the major command since its inception June 1, 1992.

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Gen. Jacqueline D. Van Ovost, incoming commander of Air Mobility Command, listens to remarks during the AMC change of command ceremony, at Scott Air Force Base, Ill., Aug. 20. AMC provides rapid, flexible and global reach for America, running 10 major air installations in the U.S. and nearly 100 locations worldwide. Photos by Senior Airman Miranda Simpson

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Gen. Jacqueline D. Van Ovost, incoming commander of Air Mobility Command, and Gen. Maryanne Miller, AMC commander, talk before the AMC change of command ceremony at Scott Air Force Base, Ill., Aug. 20. Van Ovost will lead Airmen who provide airlift, aerial refueling, special air mission, aeromedical evacuation and mobility support. Photo by Senior Airman Miranda Simpson


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August 28, 2020

Swedish delegation visits US Soldiers in Baumholder Story and photos by Staff Sgt. Andrew Mallett 10th Army Air and Missile Defense Command Swedish soldiers, assigned to the Swedish Air Defense Regiment, visited with U.S. Soldiers assigned to the 5th Battalion, 7th Air Defense Artillery Regiment, 10th Army Air and Missile Defense Command, in Baumholder to collaborate and mutually understand the operational depth of the defense of European allies and partners on Aug. 18-20. “We aim to learn from each other in the ways our countries approach air defense.” said Lt. Col. Justin Logan, commander of the 5th Battalion, 7th Air Defense Artillery Regiment. “Each and every event we do with our partners and allies we learn more about ourselves and each other. This continues to strengthen the bonds we have with the Swedish air defense forces.” The Swedish armed forces and the U.S. military have a strong partnership, Logan explained. The Swedish visit was to observe U.S. training and standard operating procedures. They also discussed future training that the two countries will be conducting both in Sweden and throughout the European theater. Aurora 20, an air defense exercise to be held in Sweden with the U.S., has been postponed due to COVID-19, according to a state-


Swedish soldiers, assigned to the Air Defence Regiment, visit U.S. Soldiers assigned to the 5th Battalion, 7th Air Defense Artillery Regiment, 10th Army Air and Missile Defense Command, in Baumholder training Area, Aug. 18-20. The Swedish Armed Forces visit was to observe training and to collaborate with the U.S. air defense artillery unit, and to discuss future training that may take place in the European theater.

ment by the Swedish armed forces. The exercise, which will include the air defense and air force units of both countries, will resume at a later date to be determined. This engagement has not been the first time the U.S. has collaborated with the Swedish Air Defence Regiment this year. This visit is part of ongoing engagements between the United States and Sweden. The 10th Army Air and Missile Defense Commander Brig. Gen. Gregory Brady and Maj. Rory McGovern, 10th Army Air and Missile Defense Command's Deputy G5, visited Sweden in February 2020. Brady and leaders of the Swedish armed forces discussed the modernization and expansion of Sweden's air defense capabili-


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ties. They also discussed the possibility of future entry into NATOrecognized and NATO-sponsored exercises, such as Astral Knight and Tobruq Legacy. Sweden signed an agreement to purchase U.S-made Patriot air and missile defense systems in August of 2018, according to an article written in Defense News. The Swedish delegation hopes to learn more about the Patriot system from the experience of the U.S. air defense units in Europe, Swedish Armed Forces Lt. Col. Thomas Wessman, the deputy commander of the Swedish Air Defense Regiment, said. He expressed excitement for the future of our partnership. “The cooperation between our countries has been going on for about two years with air defense.” Wessman said. “We are here to learn. From the highest command, all the way from Brig. Gen. Brady, to the 5th Battalion Soldiers, the cooperation from the American air defense family has been great.”

Kaiserslautern American

August 28, 2020

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US, Poland continue to grow air defense powerhouse

Brig. Gen. Gregory Brady, the commander of the 10th Army Air and Missile Defense Command, visits Poland on Aug. 11-12 at the request of Polish Col. Kazimierz Dynski, commander of the 3rd Surface to Air Defense Brigade, in order to facilitate the planning and execution of future exercises in the European theater.

Story and photos by Staff Sgt. Andrew Mallett 10th Army Air and Missile Defense Command Brig. Gen. Gregory Brady, the commander of the 10th Army Air and Missile Defense Command, visited Poland on Aug. 11-12 at the request of Polish Col. Kazimierz Dynski, commander of the 3rd Surface to Air Defense Brigade, in order to facilitate the planning and execution of future exercises in the European theater. The two countries will be conducting the Astral Knight 20 exercise in September. Astral Knight 20 is the second iteration of a U.S. Air Force-led exercise intended to produce a valid theater-wide integrated air and missile defense architecture. The U.S. and Poland are focusing on reinforcing NATO deterrence measures and reassuring NATO Alliances and Partners of a combined tactical defense of Europe. The U.S. and Poland will also be simultaneously participating in the Tobruq Legacy 20 exercise in Lithuania along with 11 other NATO Allies. Tobruq Legacy 20 is a multinational air defense exercise. Lithuania will both host and direct the exercise. During the exercise U.S. allies and partners will safely deploy and redeploy all equipment and personnel to a host nation country and establish a combined U.S. and European surface-based air defense. The exercise will enhance the combined U.S. and European task force’s ability to

control defensive fires in central and Eastern Europe and refine the NATO kill chain. It will also enable the development of standard operating procedures. The purpose of this exercise is to enhance interoperability with NATO forces and increase readiness through the integration of land component air missile defense capabilities. “A trained and ready alliance deters real threats.” Brady said. “Participation in Astral Knight 20 and Tobruq Legacy 20 enhances our professional relationships and interoperability with ally and partner militaries. It also allows us the opportunity to demonstrate air and missile defense mission command, while simultaneously executing these exercises in Poland and Lithuania. We are proud of our strong relationship with our Polish counterparts in the 3rd Surface to Air Defense Brigade who will also be receiving the Patriot system in the near future. We look forward to enhancing our air and missile defense capability, increasing security along NATO’s eastern flank, and preserving peace.” The Polish Army will be receiving Patriot missile systems in the next two to five years, according to an article in Defense News. The purchase of American-made air defense systems has been part of an initiative to deter threats from foreign adversaries. In 2018, President Duda announced a $4.75 billion deal to purchase and co-produce a mix of air and missile.

This visit has been part of an ongoing relationship to pursue enhancement of Poland’s overall air defense capabilities. Polish Soldiers assigned to the 37th Air Defense Squadron, 3rd Surface to Air Defense Brigade visited the 5th Battalion, 7th Air Defense Artillery Regiment, 10th Army Air and Missile Defense Command in order to gain more understanding of the Patriot mid-range air and missile defense system and enhance their own training program on August 8-10 at the Baumholder Training Area. “We have a long and proud history of friendship and partnership with the Polish air defense forces,” Lt. Col. Justin Logan, Commander of the 5th Battalion, 7th Air Defense Artillery Regiment, said. “We wanted to take advantage of current training to continue to build and strengthen our partnership.” Polish and American integration into the battalion has been a valuable tool in continued learning for everyone involved, Logan explained. Training, logistics, and maintenance operations improve drastically when multinational soldiers can collaborate. “We are excited to reach the highest level of interoperability as we can with the U.S.,” Polish Army Capt. Daniel Pyza, assigned to the 37th Air Defense Squadron, said. “We want to obtain wisdom and experience as much as we can while we are here. We have always had great cooperation, and this is a continuation of that relationship.”


A Polish delegation, assigned to the 37th Air Defense Squadron, visits with U.S. Soldiers assigned to the 10th Army Air and Missile Defense Command in Baumholder, Aug. 4. The purpose of the visit was to familiarize the Polish soldiers with the patriot missile system and the Table VIII Gunnery table.

w i t e h us! t a r b e l e c e om Extensive menu including large buffet choices LUNCH BUFFET noon to 2:30 p.m. MONDAY THROUGH SUNDAY EVENING BUFFET 5:30 to 10 p.m.


HAPPY HOUR SUNDAY & HOLIDAYS 2:30 to 4:30 p.m. Mon-Thu 11:30 a.m. - 3 p.m. 5:30 - 11 p.m.

Mainzer Staße 105 67657 Kaiserslautern Tel. 0631/3615188

Fri-Sat 11:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. 5:30 - 11:30 p.m. Sunday & Holidays 11:30 a.m. - 11 p.m.


Kaiserslautern American

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August 28, 2020

COMMUNITY EVENTS Photo by Andrey_Popov/Shutterstock.com

»» Stuffed animal sleepover: Drop off

your stuffed animal for a night of fun at the Baumholder Library Oct. 1 between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. Pick up is the next day between 12 and 4 p.m. where you can see what kind of mischief they got themselves into between the shelves the night before! For more information, contact the Baumholder Library, Smith Bks. Bldg. 8332, 531-2841, 0611-143-531-2841. »» Get Fit & Eat Right challenge: Feeling like you need a reboot after the last few months? The Get Fit & Eat Right challenge is a great two and a half week course to learn healthy habits with nutritional guidance, fitness plans as well as integrative medicine techniques to help enhance your emotional well-being. Weekly support sessions will support you staying on track as well as provide access to a variety of fitness classes. Cost is $20 and registration is Sep. 1 at the Mountaineer Fitness Center starting at 7 a.m. For more information, contact, Mountaineer Fitness Center, Smith Bks., Bldg. 8820, 531-3405, 0611-143531-3405. »» Halftime sports bar now offering dine-in: The Halftime Sports Bar is

open again! Service is take-out or dine-in, Mon-Thu, 11 a.m.-2 p.m. and 4-7 p.m., Fri, 11 a.m.- 2 p.m. and 4-10 p.m., Sat, 11:30 a.m.-7 p.m., closed on Sundays. Enjoy great burgers, Reubens and classic bar food. The menu can be found at Kaiserslautern.armymwr.com/

programs/landstuhl-communityclub. Call in your order ahead of time, or stop by. 486-6107 or 06371-86-6107. »» Flea Market at Armstrong’s Club:

Whether you are new to the area, are looking to fill your home with some treasures, or need to make some room after all the online shopping the past few months, you will not want to miss the Flea Market Sep. 12 at the Armstrong’s Club parking lot from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. If you are looking to sell your goods, tables are $20 each and can be reserved through WebTrac. For more information go to Kaiserslautern.armymwr. com or contact Armstrong’s Club, Vogelweh Housing, Bldg. 1036, 541-9114/9115; 0611-143-5419114/9115. »» SKIESUnlimited: Gymnastics classes:

SKIESUnlimited offers gymnastics classes for children ages 12 months to 18 years old. For class offerings, times and prices contact Parent Central Services, Rhine Ordnance Bks., Bldg. 162, 541-9066; 0611143-541-9065/9066/9067. »» Rocky Horror Shadow Show Auditions:

Be a part of the huge annual KMC Onstage Theater production of the Rocky Horror Shadow Show by auditioning for roles in the cult classic Sep. 14 & 15 from 6-8 p.m. at the KMC Onstage on Kleber Kaserne, Bldg. 3232. Come prepared for a cold read and vocal auditions along with learning short choreography. No experience is necessary. Casting 15

roles to include ensemble. For more information, contact KMC Onstage, Kleber Kaserne, Bldg. 3232, 4836626; 0631-411-6626. »» Frozen Jr. Auditions: Based on the beloved Disney film, the story centers on the relationship between two sisters who are princesses, Elsa and Anna. After inheriting the throne, Elsa flees, inadvertently causing the kingdom to become frozen in an eternal winter. Anna must venture out to find her sister and bring her back. Auditions will be held Sep 28 & 29 from 4:306:30 p.m. at the KCAC on Daenner Kaserne, Bldg, 3109 for youth ages 6-18 only. For more information, contact KMC Onstage, Kleber Kaserne, Bldg. 3232, 483-6626; 0631-411-6626. »» German Hunting Course and Certification at Kaiserslautern Outdoor Recreation: Kaiserslautern

Outdoor Recreation offers you an opportunity to earn your certification to hunt in Germany for only 10% of what a similar course would cost on the economy until Oct. 17. The German Hunting Course is an intensive course that covers all facets of hunting in Germany. During this course, participants will learn land management, game disease and harvest plans, as well as earn the right to hunt and own firearms in Germany. Hunting license is valid throughout the EU and is lifelong. Ages 18+. Contact Kaiserslautern Outdoor Recreation today at Pulaski Bks., Bldg. 2905, 493-4117, 0631-3406-4117 for

more information and to get signed up, spots are limited! »» Baumholder German Hunting Course and Certification: Baumholder

Outdoor Recreation offers you an opportunity to earn your certification to hunt in Germany for only 10% of what a similar course would cost on the economy from Sep. 12-Dec. 6. The German Hunting Course is an intensive course that covers all facets of hunting in Germany. During this course, participants will learn land management, game disease and harvest plans, as well as earn the right to hunt and own firearms in Germany. Hunting license is valid throughout the EU and is lifelong. Ages 18+. Contact Baumholder Outdoor Recreation today for more information and to get signed up, spots are limited! Baumholder Outdoor Recreation, Smith Bks., Bldg. 8167, 531-3401/3402, 0611143-531-3401/02. »» Baumholder Fall Sports Registration 2020: Sports are a great way to help

develop self-esteem, social skills, acceptance of defeat, discipline and teamwork in children. Register your child in Fall Sports until Aug. 23 with skill camps being offered for golf (ages 5-15), cross country (ages 8-15), archery (9-15) and soccer (ages 5-15). Each clinic camp is $45. Register by phone, WebTrac or in person (by appointment only) at Parent Central Services, Wetzel Kaserne, Bldg. 8876, 531-3440, 0611-143-531-3440. »» Baumholder Fall Sports Start Smart

BOARD CERTIFIED PLASTIC SURGEON • Advanced techniques in body contouring surgery • Brazilian butt lift • Breast augmentation/reduction & lift • Lipoabdominalplasty • Short-scar brachioplasty

• Face/Necklift • Rhinoplasty • Blepharoplasty • Lipofilling • Botox®, Filler

We accept VAT-forms Dr. Bianca Knoll • Savignystr. 61 • 60325 Frankfurt • Fon: 069-7422-7979 Email: info@dr-bianca-knoll.com • www.dr-bianca-knoll.com

+ American Dentists, Hygienist and Staff + Family & Cosmetic Dental Clinic + Tricare Preferred Provider + Payment Plans Available + Emergency Services Available Kaiserstrasse 36 66849 Landstuhl

(06371) 560-8075 (06371) 594-6275 info@american-dentistry.de

Appointments available now!

2020: Fall sports are not just for

big kids! Children ages 3-4 have the chance to get out there and have some fun while learning the fundamentals of t-ball, golf or soccer with Start Smart. Start Smart is a parent and child interactive program led by a CYS specialist. Cost is $25. Registration is open until Aug. 23 and can be made over the phone, through WebTrac or by making an appointment with Parent Central Services, Wetzel Kaserne, Bldg. 8876, 531-3440, 0611-143-531-3440. »» Pulaski Massage and Yoga Studio:

Open seven days a week and conveniently located on Pulaski Bks, Bldg. 2899, stop by or call to schedule one of the many wellness services, including a variety of massages, Reiki and reflexology. Services are offered at the Pulaski location, and at Sembach and Landstuhl Fitness Centers as well. All appointments are by appointment only through the Pulaski location. 493-4156; 0631-3406-4156. »» SKIESUnlimited Drum Lessons: Don’t miss a beat: sign your child up for drum lessons today! SKIESUnlimited offers drum lessons for children that teach through performance, using basic patterns that will morph into the drum beats used in Rock 101 songs. Your child will be drumming with the band before you know it, as well as learning the basic rock beat and its variations as heard in many classic rock songs of the 60’s and 70’s. Fees are as follows: 30min session is $25; 45-min session is $30; 60-min session is $35. Register through Webtrac or Parent Central Services. Classes are available every Tue & Thu between 4:45 and 7 p.m. For more information, contact Parent Central Services or SKIESUnlimited, 486-5412; 06371-86-5412. »» SKIESUnlimited Piano Lessons: SKIESUnlimited offers

60-minute piano lessons that incorporate individual instruction with interactive lessons on a workstation to help students learn how to play. Lessons are offered on Pulaski Bks., Bldg. 2895 and Landstuhl, Bldg. 3819 and are open to ages 4-18. Before registration, contact Mr. Link for a free evaluation class, placement and scheduling at 0151-1796-1756 or bjlink@t-online.de. For more information, contact Parent Central Services, Rhine Ordnance Bks., Bldg. 162, 541-9066; 0611143-541-9065/9066/9067.

Kaiserslautern American

August 28, 2020

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Can’t-miss German day trips A-Z: Bad Dürkheim

Photo by EWY Media/Shutterstock.com

by MilitaryinGermany.com If you’re searching for something good, you’ll find it by traveling to Bad Dürkheim. “Bad,” however, might not mean what you think it means. For English speakers, it translates literally as “bath.” In truth, though, “Bad” is closer to “spa” — which means water, healing and tranquility. You’ll find those things there, along with rich history, lovely parks and — in normal times — a world-class wine festival. Why Bad Dürkheim? Traveling to Bad Dürkheim puts you smack-dab in one of the world’s most famous wine-growing regions. Nestled in the Rhine River Valley at the foot of mighty Pfalz Forest hills, the town is a key stop on the German Wine Road. Buy a bottle of Rhine Riesling and compare it to the Mosel version you got in Bernkastel-Kues. Relaxation is also a key word in Bad Dürkheim, and it comes KAISERSLAUTERN



Sun: 10 am, 11 am and 6 pm Wed: 7 pm Mühlstrasse 34 67659 Kaiserslautern Tel. 06 31 - 36 18 59 92 Tel. 06 371 - 46 75 16

in many forms. Stroll around the lovely little downtown. Stop for coffee, ice cream, pizza or something that goes well with German wine. Enjoy the tree-lined walkways and green parks. Even better: book an appointment at a spa or visit the town’s Freizeitbad for an afternoon of swimming and splashing. Dürkheimer essentials: The one thing (or two) you have to see In any ordinary September, the Dürkheimer Wurstfest is an absolute must-do. It’s the Oktoberfest of winefests, even though it bills itself as an opportunity to celebrate sausage. Though that alone is magical, the event is even more so. There are rides, booths, live music, food, drink and as much people-watching as you can handle. Since this year’s fest has

been cancelled due to COVID19, however, turn instead to the Dürkheimer Riesenfass, which is a restaurant located inside of a massive wine barrel. Better yet: book a table outside the barrel so you can marvel at it while you enjoy the delicious food and friendly service. Getting there Bad Dürkheim is a quick 40-minute drive west of Kaiserslautern, just over an hour from Wiesbaden, and about one hour and 45 minutes from Stuttgart. Bad Dürkheim is easily accessible by train. For U.S. government employees, including service members, remember to always follow command regulations, which may be different than host nation policies, when it comes to travel.

Kaiserslautern Evangelical

Lutheran Church 8:30 am Worship & Holy Communion Sunday School Following

Service in English

Meeting in Ev.-Luth. St. Michaelis Church, Karpfenstr. 7, 67655 Kaiserslautern Email: KaiserslauternLutheran@gmail.com or call 0152-54677961 for directions.

Joe Asher, Pastor


Kaiserslautern Military CoMMunity Chapel sChedule ARMY POC for Miesau, Landstuhl, and Deanner is the USAG R-P Chaplain’s Office in Bldg 3213 on Kleber Kaserne, DSN 541-2105, CIV 0611143-541-2105.

Jewish services

AIR FORCE POC for Ramstein North, Ramstein South, Vogelweh, and Kapaun is the USAF Chaplain Corps, Bldg 1201 on Ramstein, DSN 480-6148, CIV 06371-47-6148.

Messianic Jewish services

Buddhist (sGi)

Kapaun Chapel (Bldg 2781) Divine Liturgy: 9:00 a.m. Sundays Confessions by appointment

Ramstein South Chapel Jewish Shul Area (Bldg 2403) Shabbat Evening Service: 6:00 p.m. Fridays Ramstein South Chapel (Bldg 2403) Service: 10:00 a.m. Saturdays

orthodox Christian services

Ramstein North Chapel Conference Room (Bldg 1201) protestant services Service: 10:30 a.m., 4th Saturday Service: 12:00 p.m., 3rd Thursday at LRMC Chapel Landstuhl Community Chapel (Bldg 3773) For more info: ktownsgibuddhism@gmail.com Worship: 11:00 a.m. Sundays Children’s Youth Church: 11:00 a.m. Sundays Catholic services Daenner Community Chapel (Bldg 3150) Daenner Community Chapel (Bldg 3150) Chapel Next Sunday Mass: 12:30 p.m. (all year round) Worship: Sunday 10:00 a.m. Confession: 11:45 p.m. Children’s Church: Sunday 10:30 a.m. Landstuhl Community Chapel Seventh-Day Adventist Worship Sabbath School: 9:30 a.m. Saturdays (Bldg 3773) Worship: 11:00 a.m. Saturdays Tue, Wed, Fri: 12 p.m. Small Group: 6:00-7:00 p.m. Wednesday Sunday: 9 a.m. Ramstein North Chapel (Bldg 1201) Confession: 8 a.m. Contemporary Service: 11:00 a.m. Sundays Ramstein North Chapel (Bldg 1201) Ramstein South Chapel (Bldg 2403) Daily Mass: 11:30 a.m. Monday-Thursday Traditional with Communion: 9:30 a.m. Sundays Sunday Masses: 9 a.m., 1 p.m. & 5 p.m. Vogelweh Chapel (Bldg 2063) Confession: RNC or by appt. 4 p.m.- 4:45 p.m. Gospel Service: 11:00 a.m. Sundays. Sundays For more info: facebook.com\vogelwehgospelservice or email episcopal (anglican) rvgsfacebook@gmail.com (st. albans) Kapaun Chapel (Bldg 2781) Wiccan Service: 10:30 a.m. Sundays Kapaun Annex (Bldg 2782)

islamic services

Service: 7:00 p.m. Saturdays

Ramstein South Chapel Mosque Area (Bldg 2403) Jummah Prayers: 1:15 p.m. Fridays Daily Prayers: 1:30 p.m. Monday-Thursday

Wisconsin evangelical lutheran synod (Wels) Ramstein South Chapel (Bldg 2403) Service: 4:00 p.m. 2nd & 4th Sundays

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Kaiserslautern American

August 28, 2020

Kaiserslautern American

August 28, 2020

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Photo by repbone / Shutterstock.com

Movies available on the silver screen at Broadway Kino in English!



Poster and screenshots by Focus Features


Poster by Warner Bros. Pictures

Poster by IFC Midnight

Irresistible (2020)

Tenet (2020)

The Wretched (2019)

From writer/director Jon Stewart comes the comedy of a Democrat political consultant (Carell) who helps a retired ex-Marine colonel (Cooper) run for mayor in a small Wisconsin town. Irresistible stars Academy Award nominee Steve Carell, Rose Byrne, Academy Award winner Chris Cooper, Topher Grace, Natasha Lyonne, Mackenzie Davis, CJ Wilson and Will Sasso. Plan B Entertainment and Jon Stewart produced.

Armed with only one word, Tenet, and fighting for the survival of the entire world, a Protagonist journeys through a twilight world of international espionage on a mission that will unfold in something beyond real time. Stars: John David Washington, Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki Director: Christopher Nolan

A defiant teenage boy, struggling with his parent’s imminent divorce, faces off with an old witch who has possessed the neighbor next door. Stars: John-Paul Howard, Piper Curda, Jamison Jones, Azie Tesfai, Gabriela Quezada Bloomgarden Directors: Brett Pierce, Drew T. Pierce

Some of the latest blockbusters available to rent or stream! Check your streaming service for availability. ANIMATION, ADVENTURE, COMEDY



Poster by Walt Disney Studios

Poster by Universal Pictures

Poster by Walt Disney Studios

Toy Story 4 (2019)

Abominable (2019)

Woody, Buzz and the rest of the gang embark on a road trip. The adventurous journey turns into an unexpected reunion with their longlost friend Bo Peep. Woody and Bo soon start to realize that they’re worlds apart when it comes to what they want from life as a toy. Stars: Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Annie Potts Director: Josh Cooley

After discovering a yeti, three friends embark on a quest to reunite the creature with his family. However, they must keep him safe from a wealthy man and a zoologist who want to capture him. Stars: Chloe Bennet, Albert Tsai, Tenzing Norgay Trainor Directors: Jill Culton, Todd Wilderman

Ralph Breaks the Internet (2018) Ralph and his best friend, Vanellope, face various challenges as they visit the uncharted land of the Internet through a Wi-Fi router at the arcade to save the game, Sugar Rush. Stars: John C. Reilly, Sarah Silverman Directors: Phil Johnston, Rich Moore


Poster by Walt Disney Studios

Maleficent (2014) Maleficent has an idyllic life in a forest kingdom. When an invading army threatens the land, Maleficent rises up to become its fiercest protector. However, a terrible betrayal hardens her heart and twists her into a creature bent on revenge. Stars: Angelina Jolie, Elle Fanning Director: Robert Stromberg


Poster by Warner Bros. Home Entertainment

Superman: Man of Tomorrow (2020) Daily Planet intern Clark Kent takes learning-on-the-job to new extremes when Lobo and Parasite set their sights on Metropolis. Stars: Darren Criss, Alexandra Daddario, Zachary Quinto, Ryan Hurst Director: Chris Palmer


For reservations & information call 06371-937037 For all movies and showtimes visit

Photo by Monkey Business Images / Shutterstock.com

w w w. b r o a d w a y k i n o . c o m / k m c

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