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Follow these safety tips and precautions to make this school year safe — PAGE 3

Federal Employees’ Group Life Insurance open season starts Sept. 1 — PAGE 4

Stuttgart Girl Scouts experience magic at Harry Potter themed summer camp — PAGE 10

SWABIAN DELICACIES GALORE Enjoy 500 wines and food from Württemberg and Baden regions at Stuttgarter Weindorf — PAGE 11 Thursday, August 25, 2016

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AFRICOM Olympics build esprit de corps

Photo by Kevin S. Abel, USAG Stuttgart Public Affairs





Celebrate the anniversary of the Women’s Suffrage Movement on Patch Barracks. — Page 2

Learn how to be prepared and make your vote count in this year’s general election. — Page 5

Community updates on garrison services, plus activities and classes to know about. — Pages 6&7

Back to School message from your School Liaison Office to help transition from summer. — Pages 8&9


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The Citizen, August 25, 2016

Community EO leaders host Women’s Equality Day event Story by Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute

August 26th marks the anniversary of the Women’s Suffrage Movement’s GREATEST victory women achieving full voting rights following the ratification of the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The women’s suffrage movement began in 1848, when the first women’s rights convention was held in Seneca Falls, New York, led by Lucretia Mott and Elizabeth Cady Stanton. The 19th Amendment was finally proposed to Congress on June 14, 1919. The amendment could not become law without the ratification by a minimum of 36 of the 48 states. On August 26, 1920, Tennessee became the 36th state to vote “yay,” ratifying the 19th Amendment into law. The passage of the 19th Amendment is a testament to the courage and tenacity of the women— and men—who challenged the nation to live up to its founding principles. The legacy of brave women who served, and continue to serve, our nation and the Department of Defense, further inspire us to strive for liberty and equality for all Americans. On August 21, 2015, for the first time in its more than 65-year history, two women, Captain Kristen Griest and First Lieutenant Shaye Harver, graduated from the grueling 62-day Army Ranger course and earned the coveted Ranger tab. Less than two months later, 37-year-old mother and engineer Major Lisa Jaster was the first Army Reservist to earn her Ranger tab. In April this year, Air Force General Lori Robinson was approved by the Senate as commander of the U.S. Northern Command, becoming the country’s first female combatant commander. In May of 2016, the Navy’s highest-ranking female officer, Admiral Michelle Howard, was nominated by President Barack Obama to lead U.S. Naval Forces Europe-Africa. The Marine Corps graduated its first female artillery officers: Second Lieutenants Virginia Brodie and Katherine Boy at the Field Artillery Basic Officers Leadership Course on May 12, 2016. In the 96 years since the 19th Amendment was ratified, women have made strides in every facet of American life. We have learned that our country succeeds when women succeed.

To mark the anniversary of the Women’s Suffrage Movement, U.S. Army Garrison Stuttgart Equal Opportunity office and community equal opportunity leaders are hosting a Women’s Equality Day event, Aug.

26 from noon to 1:30 p.m. at the Patch Community Club on Patch Barracks. This year’s theme is “Celebrating Women’s Right to Vote” and includes a special performance by Marine Corps. Sgt. Deidra L. Freeman.

U.S. Army Reserve Maj. Lisa Jaster, center, became the third woman to graduate from the U.S. Army’s elite Ranger School, Oct. 16, 2015, in Fort Benning, Ga. Jaster, 37, joins just two other women, Capt. Kristen Griest, 26, left, and 1st Lt. Shaye Haver, 25, right, in gaining the coveted Ranger Tab. — Photo by Paul Abell, U.S. Army Reserve

U.S. Navy Admiral Michelle Howard greets guests at a reception following a change of command ceremony at the Allied Joint Force Command headquarters, June 7, 2016. Howard became the 29th commander of JFC Naples. — Photo by U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Mark Patton

Second Lt. Virginia Brodie points out an enemy position to 2nd Lt. Katherine Boy at the Field Artillery Basic Officers Leadership Course at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, May 12, 2016. Brodie and Boy are the first two female Marine artillery officers to complete the course. — Photo by U.S. Marine Lance Cpl. Julien Rodarte


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Schooling kids on safety Provided by USAG Safety Office

As summer draws to an end, children are beginning to switch their focus from swimming, camping and other fun outdoor recreational activities to heading back to school. While some children will be enrolled in school for the first time, other “veterans” will be looking forward to progressing to the next grade and all the new challenges, teachers and friends that come with it. This is also a crucial time for parents to think about the well-being of their children and develop strategies to get them back and forth to school safely each day. The following are some tips to make your children’s trips to and from school safe whether they walk, bicycle, ride the school bus or travel by automobile.


It’s particularly important to walk with your child or, when you decide they’re old enough and mature enough to do so safely, allow them to travel with friends. Instruct your child to stay away from parks, vacant lots and other places where they might become isolated and an easy target for a predator. Carefully research the route your child will travel to school, looking for well-trained adult crossing guards at each intersection. The route should be the most direct one from home to school. Make sure your child understands the importance of obeying all traffic signals and following the instructions of the crossing guards. Also, instruct your child to avoid strangers and never accept rides or engage in conversation with people unknown to your family. Ensure your child wears brightly colored clothing to help motorists see them.

Materials safety standards. Also, make sure your child’s clothing is appropriate for biking. Avoid ill-fitting clothing that can become tangled in spokes or pedals or inhibit the child’s movement while riding.

Riding the bus

Ensure your child arrives at the bus stop early and instructs them not to play in the street while waiting for the bus to arrive. Your child should understand the importance of waiting for the bus to come to a complete stop before approaching the street. Also, warn them to watch for other vehicles near the bus stop. Once aboard, children should remain seated at all times and keep their head and arms inside the bus. When exiting, they should use the handrail to avoid falling. Wait for a signal from the bus driver before crossing the street. Walk at least 10 steps away from the front of the bus so the driver can see you. Never cross the street or play behind the school bus. After getting off the bus, move immediately onto the sidewalk and out of traffic. If there is no sidewalk, try to stay as far to the side of the road as possible.

Traveling by automobile

All occupants should have their seat belts securely fastened. Small children should be secured in a car seat that is appropriate for their age and size. Drivers should be careful around children who are walking or riding bicycles to school and comply with the posted speed limit. Remember that children often engage in horseplay and can sometimes run into the road, unaware of the vehicles around them.

Once at home

Another important consideration is protecting children who will be by themselves when they arrive at home each day. The most important ground rules parents need to establish for these children are: • Establish a check-in time. Once a child arrives home each afternoon, the first thing they should do is phone a parent and let them know they’re at home and everything is OK. • Security. Children should be instructed to keep doors shut and locked at all times. They should also be given clear guidelines of what they can and can’t do. For example, children should not try to use the stove, as they can be burned or start a fire.

A final consideration is for those children wearing backpacks to school. Recent studies show that backpacks are often overloaded, causing an unnatural compression of the spine as the child compensates for the weight by bending forward or walking with an arched back. This can result in injuries that might last a lifetime. A solution is to limit items in the backpack to only those necessary for class work. Additionally, items placed in the backpack should be evenly distributed, and the backpack should be equipped with features such as padded straps. Some backpacks are now equipped with wheels and towing handles for convenience. School should be a fun and exciting time for children. Following these tips and precautions will help make it a safe time as well. Because of the large number of buses, students, and school activities each day, school-time safety should not be neglected. So remember, as we enter into a new school year, you can help assure the safety of our children by following these simple guidelines.


The majority of rules regarding walking also apply to children who ride their bikes to school. Ensure your child always wears a bicycle helmet that meets U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, Snell, American National Standards Institute or American Society for Testing and

Photo by Rob Wilson /

The Citizen, August 25, 2016

The Danger Zone area is in green on all sides of the bus where children are in the most danger of being hit. Children should stay ten (10) feet away from the bus (or as far away as they can) and never go behind it. To get out of the danger zone children should take five giant steps in front of the bus before crossing, so they can be seen by the driver. — Graphic by Kevin S. Abel


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The Citizen, August 25, 2016

Life Insurance open season; first since 2004

Office of Personnel Management has announced open season for the Federal Employees’ Group Life Insurance (FEGLI). The FEGLI Open Season is from September 1, 2016 through September 30, 2016. — Photo by Monika Wisniewska / Shutterstock Story by Office of Personnel Management

For the first time in 12 years, the Office of Personnel Management, (OPM), has announced open season for the Federal Employees' Group Life Insurance, (FEGLI). This is the first FEGLI Open Season since 2004 and will be open Season is from September 1, 2016 through September 30, 2016. During the month of September, if you are a Federal employee eligible for FEGLI, you can elect any coverage that FEGLI offers, including Option C coverage on the lives of your eligible family members. Employees who are in their first 12 months of workers’ compensation are also eligible but they must meet pay and duty status requirements before their coverage can come into effect. You do not need to be currently enrolled in FEGLI to elect coverage during the Open Season. Open Season elections have no medical exam required and no health questions to answer. Elections made during the FEGLI Open Season have a one-year delayed effective date. Coverage you elect in the

September 2016 FEGLI Open Season will be effective on the first day of the first full pay period on or after October 1, 2017, as long as you meet pay and duty status requirements. For most biweekly employees, this means your coverage will be effective on October 1, 2017. For most Postal employees, this means your coverage will be effective on October 14, 2017. Your new premiums will be effective when your new coverage is effective. You will not pay your new premiums during the one-year waiting period. The FEGLI Open Season is for FEGLI-eligible employees and qualifying compensationers only. Annuitants are not eligible to make FEGLI Open Season elections. By law, annuitants are never allowed to elect or increase their FEGLI life insurance coverage, even during an Open Season. Like employees, annuitants can cancel or reduce FEGLI coverage at any time unless assigned.

Making Your FEGLI Open Season Election

There is no special election form to use during the FEGLI Open Season.

You make your Open Season election using the existing FEGLI election form, Standard Form SF 2817, or its electronic equivalent if your agency offers one. Submit your election to your agency’s human resources office. If you submit your election by hand or electronically, be sure to indicate to your agency that this is an Open Season election. If your agency uses a shared service center or if you submit your election by mail, your agency may have a cover letter for you to attach to show that yours is an Open Season election. Your agency will give you a copy of your election as proof of receipt. Your agency will give you another copy of the election when your coverage becomes effective after you meet pay and duty status requirements. Be sure to elect ALL the FEGLI coverage that you want on your Open Season election, not just the coverage you want to add or increase. Any coverage you do not elect is waived or cancelled. If you like your current FEGLI coverage, you do not need to take any action during the Open Season. If you do nothing during the FEGLI Open Season, you will keep your existing election. You are not required to reelect your coverage.

Retiring after the FEGLI Open Season

All regular rules still apply for continuing FEGLI into retirement. This includes the requirement that for any types or multiples of coverage you wish to bring into retirement, you must have that coverage throughout your last five years of Federal service, or your entire period or periods of service if you retire with less than five years. Because coverage elected during the FEGLI Open Season will be effective no sooner than October 2017, this means that if you want to bring your Open Season coverage into retirement, you must retire in October 2022 or later, five years after the coverage becomes effective. If you plan to retire before October 2022, consider this when deciding whether to elect coverage during the FEGLI Open Season. By law, there are no waivers for the five-year rule under the FEGLI Program. For more information, view the Office of Personnel Management video overview of the September 2016 FEGLI Life Insurance Open Season. watch?v=gfO2x1Xc5uE


The Citizen, August 25, 2016

Defense Department personnel, families should complete registration, request absentee ballots

Graphic by dnd_project /

Story by DoD News, Defense Media Activity

Defense Department personnel and their families who plan to vote by absentee ballot in the upcoming presidential primaries and the general election in November should complete a registration application and request their ballots now, according to a Federal Voting Assistance Program release. To register and request ballots, complete the Federal Post Card Application using the FPCA online assistant to fill out the form or pick up a hard-copy version from your voting assistance officer or nearest U.S. Embassy or consular office. FVAP officials suggest completing a new application annually and with every move, or at least 90 days prior to the election.

State primary election dates are listed on the Federal Voting Assistance Program’s www.fvap. gov, with registration information in a drop-down menu at the top left side of the home page. To find your state’s election website for specific information on candidates, elections, contact information and links to your local election office, visit the Federal Voting Assistance Program contact page. For more information on the Federal Voting Assistance Program or help with the absentee voting process, Stuttgart community members can contact the Voting Assistance Program office Building 2913, Room 114, Panzer Kaserne at DSN: 431-2865/ civ. 07031-15-2865, services-vap.html.

U.S. Army Garrison Stuttgart will conduct a Voting Emphasis Campaign, Sept. 26 through Oct. 3 to provide the community an in-person resource on each installation for voting information such as local and national election dates, and absentee ballot registration.

Sept. 27:

Sept. 26:

Sept. 29:

11 a.m. – 2 p.m., Kelley Barracks Commissary 11 a.m. – 4 p.m., Patch Barracks Commissary

Noon – 3 p.m., Kelley Barracks Commissary 10 a.m. – 4 p.m., Exchange on Panzer Kaserne

Sept. 28:

Noon – 4 p.m., Robinson Barracks Commissary 11 a.m. – 4 p.m., Exchange on Panzer Kaserne 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Exchange on Panzer Kaserne 11 a.m. – 4 p.m., Patch Barracks Commissary

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Page 6

HoPe for tHe Day

Armed Forces Entertainment presents “Hope for the Day” your dose of inspiration and motivation to keep moving forward and to stay resilient. Come out and listen to motivational speaker Shayla Rivera 3 p.m. Sept. 1 at the Panzer Chapel and enjoy a concert with Ayla Brown, 6 p.m. at the Panzer Main Exchange side terrace (MARFOREUR/AF side). Events are free and open to all US ID cardholders. Service members and civilian employees attending the motivational speaker session at Panzer Chapel will receive credit for one hour of the annual mandatory face-to-face Army Substance Abuse Training. For more information, call DSN 421-4483 / CIV 0711-729-4483.

final Paintball CHallenge

Be there for the final showdown and take advantage of the opportunity to feel the excitement of competition with friends, old and new, on the last paintball play day of the season. The Outdoor Recreation team knows it is hard to surpass the adventure and adrenaline that comes along with paintball. Playing paintball is fun, rewarding, and best of all, played outside in nature. Not only is there variety, teamwork, and strategy, it is also a great form of exercise. Come join us on the last play day of the season see what paintball can offer you. ID cardholders must be 16 years old to participate. Non-ID cardholder guests must be 18 years old. Play starts at 9:30 a.m. Sept. 3, and ends at 4 p.m. Shuttle from ODR leaves at 9 a.m. and returns at 4:30 p.m.

feDeral emPloyees’ grouP life insuranCe (fegli) oPen season

COMMUNITY ANNOUNCEMENTS same day registration, for more information call the Patch Fitness Center at CIV. 0711-680-7136 or DSN 430-7136

storytime at tHe library

Help your little ones get a head start on early reading skills by attending the RB Library’s weekly preschool story times. Story time helps children build confidence, learn socialization skills, and make friends, while caregivers get a chance to meet their peers. Story time is fun for everyone! Story time sessions held at RB Library: Wednesdays — all ages Storytime, 11 - 11:30 a.m., 3 - 3:30 p.m., Fridays — Preschool Storytime (and crafts!), 11 - 11:30 a.m. Storytime sessions held at Patch Library: Wednesday mornings — 10:30 - 11 a.m., 11 - 11:30 a.m.

serviCe anD faCility Closures for sePt. 2

To allow maximum participation of garrison employees for U.S. Army Garrison Stuttgart’s Organization Day, most garrison facilities will be closed, Sept. 2. The event takes place on the Parade Field on Panzer Kaserne. Montieth Street (between Building 2949 and the parade field) and Kasserine Strasse (between the parade field and the Shoppette) is closed to through traffic for the event. Most Family and MWR facilities will be closed to include Fitness Centers, however Child, Youth and School (CYS) Service facilities will offer consolidated services on Panzer Kaserne. Contact CYS for information at DSN: 430-7480/civ. 0711-680-7480. For a complete list of closures visit

emPloyment reaDiness lunCHtime series – For the first time in 12 years, interview sKills

FEGLI will have an Open Season. The FEGLI Open Season will run from Sept. 1, 2016 to Sept. 30, 2016 and be effective one year later, on Oct. 1 2017. During this time, eligible employees can pick up or increase their FEGLI coverage.

DirnDl DasH & leDerHosen lauf 5K fun run

Gear up for Germany’s fall fest season with our first ever Dirndl Dash & Lederhosen Lauf. Come dressed in your favorite Dirndl or Lederhosen for a great family friendly fun run/ walk event. The course is stroller and pet friendly, and the run/walk is not timed. Race starts at the Patch Fitness Center — Patch Barracks, Building 2337, Aug. 27, 9 a.m. There will be

This class is ideal for anyone who needs to brush up on interview techniques. Topics discussed will be the different types of interviews and how to prepare for the big day, as well as what to expect during the interview and follow-up etiquette. The lunchtime Series is held at the Army Community Service Building 2915, Panzer Kaserne, Aug. 30, 11:30 a.m. – 1 p.m. No registration is required. For more information, call DSN 431-3362 / CIV 07031-15-3362.

sKies unlimiteD instruCtors wanteD

Become a SKIES Unlimited instructor and share your area of expertise with the children and youth of the Stuttgart community. CYS Services is seeking qualified instructors to teach

piano, voice, dance (pop/hip hop), art, swimming, martial arts, speech therapy, foreign languages, or other child/youth specialized programs. Must be 18 years of age or older. If you are interested call DSN 430-6281 / CIV 0711-680-6281 or email stuttgartcys@

The Citizen, August 25, 2016 – 1:30 a.m. and every 2nd and 4th Wednesday, 6 – 11 p.m. Come out and have a great time! Watch sports channels, enjoy free Wi-Fi, billiards, darts, and free movies every Friday (double feature 7 p.m. and 9 p.m.). For more information, call DSN 420-6129 or CIV 0711-819-6129.

CertifieD fitness instruCtors neeDeD

manDatory finanCial Planning for Stuttgart Fitness Centers are look- reloCation, for e-4 anD ing for certified fitness instructors below and personal trainers to help keep our community in shape. If you meet these qualifications and would like to join our team in providing fun, creative, and challenging training to the Stuttgart community in our fully equipped Fitness Centers, call our Fitness Coordinator at DSN 421-5808 / CIV 0711-729-5808 or the Patch Fitness Center at DSN 430-7136 / CIV 0711-680-7136. A German Tax ID no longer a requirement.

wHo’s got game

If you like the challenge and competition of gaming and meeting new people with similar interests, take a break from your video game console and reclaim your youth with board games. Bring your favorite game, share your experience with others, and join in to play games brought by other board game fans. Games will run 4 – 9 p.m. in the Warrior Zone on Patch Barracks, Building 2505, Swabian Special Events Center, Lower Level. The gaming night is open to the military community but you must be 18 years old to participate. For more information, call DSN 430-5404 or CIV 711-680-5404.

Digital Parenting 101: beCome an aPP exPert

Do you know how to swap faces with someone on SnapChat? Do you think Kik is something you do to a ball? Have you ever shared your secrets on Whisper? Your librarian, and resident app aficionado, will guide you through the features of several popular apps, particularly those beloved by teens. Not only will you learn how to use the apps, you’ll discover key privacy features to help protect you and your children. Discussion time will be built into the session, for you to ask questions and share your knowledge with others. If you have a smartphone or tablet, please bring it so you can follow along. Aug. 31, 5 - 6 p.m. Patch Library - Patch Barracks, Building 2343.

nigHtlife at rb Community Club

RB Community Club and Bar is open Thursday – Saturday, 6 p.m.

Financial counselors provide junior enlisted military personnel (E-4 and below) the tools and knowledge to make educated financial decisions, and gain a basic understanding of the financial aspects of relocation to include basic Permanent Change of Station (PCS) allowances. Sept. 6, 9 - 10 a.m. at the Army Community Service (ACS) Panzer Kaserne, Bldg. 2915, Preregistration required by calling CIV. 07031-15-3362 or DSN 431-3362.

family CHilD Care

Are you looking for a small, intimate caring environment for childcare? Look no further than Family Child Care (FCC). FCC providers offer lower adult/child ratios, flexible hours, opportunities for siblings to be in care together, and a small group setting in a warm, family environment. For more information, call DSN 430-4047 or CIV 0711-680-4047.

englisH as a seConD language

Classes are held at the Army Community Service (ACS), Panzer Kaserne, Bldg. 2915, every Monday and Thursday, 9 – 11 a.m. Take advantage of free English classes that are open to community members wanting to sharpen their English skills, classes include a textbook. No registration required, for more information, call DSN 431-3362 or CIV 07031-15-3362.

PinK Pin bowling Day

Join the Galaxy Bowling & Entertainment Center every Monday, Starting Sept. 5, 2016, 11 a.m. - 4 p.m., for the opportunity to win a free game of bowling. Bowlers who get a strike when the “headpin” is pink will receive a FREE game of bowling. Bowlers must notify the Galaxy Bowling & Entertainment Center staff to confirm the strike before receiving a free game of bowling. The Galaxy Bowling & Entertainment Center is located on Panzer Kaserne, Building 2998.

The Citizen, August 25, 2016

After Hours Country & Western nigHt

Dust off those cowboy boots and head over to the Backlot Bar for Country Night. Every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month you can grab a drink or two with your friends, line dance, two-step or just hang out. Country Night is a great way to kick back and enjoy your weekend. Must be 18 years-old for authorized ID card holders & their guests located on Patch Barracks at the Backlot Bar, Bldg. 2345 starting at p.m. - 2 a.m.

After Hours — sAturdAy dAnCe PArty

Come out to hear popular music hits in a relaxing and inviting environment at the Backlot Bar. Grab your friends and co-workers for an evening out to dance, sing along to the DJ music, or just hang out. After Hours — Saturday Dance Party are held every 2nd Saturday of every month Must be 18 years-old for authorized ID card holders & their guests located on Patch Barracks at the Backlot Bar, Bldg. 2345 starting at 9 p.m. - 2 a.m.

sAlsA sAturdAys

Join the fiesta party and dance the night away with your favorite Latin dance beats at the the Backlot Bar. Shake it to popular hits ideal for Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Reggaeton, or request your favorite Latin dance genre and make it a night to remember. Salsa Saturdays are held every 4th Saturday of every month. Must be 18 years-old for authorized ID card holders & their guests located on Patch Barracks at the Backlot Bar, Bldg. 2345 starting at p.m. - 2 a.m.

neW on-Post Housing resident HAndbook

Ensure that you know the rules if you live in On-Post housing. The housing office encourages occupants to report violations if witnessed, and “If You See Something, Say Something,” to your Area/Building Coordinator. See the Resident Handbook updated by the Housing Office — announcements-news/2016-residenthandbook/

APPliAnCes, in-Home mAintenAnCe

To make a maintenance request contact the Service Order Help Desk at DSN: 421-6200 or CIV. 0711-7296200. Personnel must be home for the appointment. The Stuttgart Citizen website provides tips for European appliance maintenance and use.

Winter boWling leAgue sign-uPs

Galaxy and Bowling Entertainment

COMMUNITY ANNOUNCEMENTS Center, Panzer Kaserne. Leagues include Tuesday Night Mixed League, Wednesday Night Mens League, Thursday Morning Ladies League, Thursday Night ‘Shut-up and Bowl,’ Friday Night Mixed League, Saturday Morning Youth League, and Have a Ball League (everyday). Deadline to sign-up for a league is Sept. 21. Sign up for league and USBC card at the Galaxy Bowling and Entertainment Center. Open to all U.S. ID cardholders.

vehicles, in addition to registration renewal. Clearing and shipping includes “shipping plates” and the turn-in of plates for destruction. Stuttgart community members can now make online appointments via the registration renewal appointment link available on the homepage at Appointment pages are CAC access only.

Afn suPerstAr of tHe montH

sofA, id CArds, PAssPorts

Would you like to recognize an exceptional member of your unit, organization, or overall within the Stuttgart military community. To nominate a community member, email: AFNStuttgartonline@gmail. com Details to include: Name, unit or organization (if applicable) and why you think this person is a Superstar. Winners are announced on AFN Radio. For AFN Stuttgart, AFN 360 internet radio, visit: www.afneurope. net/Stations/Stuttgart.aspx.

stuttgArt HigH sCHool’s CHeer teAm tryouts

Stuttgart High School’s cheer team is looking for high-spirited, hardworking, tough, team-minded athletes. If you are interested, fall tryouts are scheduled Aug. 29 - Sept. 1, beginning at 3:30 p.m. in the SHS gym on Panzer Kaserne.

uso triPs And events

The newest edition of the Kiosk is out for September/October with a calendar of classes, events, trips and tours, stop by the USO Center and pick up a copy or contact the Stuttgart USO Center, Building 2915 Panzer Kaserne, at 07031-15-3345 or

sPonsorsHiP trAining

Staffing shortages within the Military Personnel office will require the hours to be adjusted until further notice. The office will close during lunch from noon to 1 p.m. until further notice. Currently the MPD is experiencing longer than normal waiting times for ID Cards, Passports, SOFA cards and Military Personnel Support, especially on walk in services. The community is asked to use the online appointment system available for both ID Cards and Passports. The link to make an appointment is available on the garrison SharePoint

accessible using a Common Access Card (CAC) as well as on the MPD services page at

PAnzer kAserne ConstruCtion

Panzer Kaserne road repairs began June 20 at the intersection of Capuzzo Weg and El Alamein Strasse. (T intersection to east of Building 2913). Work is limited to that intersection. The traffic is reduced to one lane and is controlled using automated traffic signals. Repairs are expected to be completed by Aug. 27. Use caution if opting to drive through the Exchange parking lot. School is out – drive slow, watch for pedestrians!

PAnzer bACk gAte Hours

School is out, the Panzer Back Gate (by the commissary) is closed in the mornings for the summer. The back gate afternoon hours remain the same: Outbound Traffic (Right Turn Only): Monday – Friday: 4-6 p.m. (Every day, regardless of school schedule). Inbound morning access will resume at the back gate when school begins in the fall.

Coming to PatCh theater Thursday August 25

Editor’s note: The movies listing was the most current

War Dogs (R) 1800

at the time of publication. Dates are subject to change.

Friday August 26

Please check with your local theater online for the most

Mechanic: Resurrection (R) 1800 Don’t Breathe (R) 2100 Saturday August 27

up-to-date schedule:

Hands of Stone (R) 1500 Mechanic: Resurrection (R) 1800 Don’t Breathe (R) 2100 Sunday August 28 Hands of Stone (R) 1600

Become the good Sponsor who knows the right information and provides correct resources when assisting newcomers. Become better prepared to assist newcomers and minimize common challenges associated with relocating to a new duty station. Training will be held Sept. 7, 3 - 4 p.m. at Army Community Service (ACS), Panzer Kaserne, Bldg. 2915. Preregistration is highly encouraged, for more information, call DSN 431-3362 or CIV 7031-15-3362.

Mechanic: Resurrection (R) 1900

veHiCle registrAtion uPdAtes

The U.S. Army Garrison Stuttgart Vehicle Registration Office has added online appointments for community members clearing and shipping

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Wednesday August 31 Closed Thursday September 1 Ghostbusters (PG-13) 1800 Friday September 2 Morgan (R) 1800 Bad Moms (R) 2100 Saturday September 3

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Jason Bourne (PG-13) 1500

"Hands of Stone" follows the life of Roberto

Suicide Squad (PG-13) 1800

Duran, the Panamanian fighter who made his

Sausage Party (R) 2100

professional debut in 1968 as a 16 year-old and

Sunday September 4

retired in 2002 at the age of 50. In June 1980, he

The Secret Life of Pets (PG) 1600

defeated Sugar Ray Leonard to capture the WBC

Suicide Squad (PG-13) 1900

welterweight title, but shocked the boxing world by

Wednesday September 7

returning to his corner in their November rematch,


famously saying the words "no mas" (no more.)

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The Citizen, August 25, 2016

A message from your School Liaison Office Finally...The start of school is right around the corner, and our summer of transitions is winding down. So...what does this mean for you? The following is a breakdown of upcoming school events that focus on helping ease this upcoming transition for our Stuttgart families. Family and Student Welcome Events (note — the dates and times below are subject to change, so please contact the schools or school liaison office for more information) Patch Elementary School: New Families Orientation, 18 August, 10 a.m. and 1 p.m.

Patch Elementary School: Open House, 8 September, 4:15 p.m. – 5:45 p.m. Patch Elementary School: Family Preview, 26 August, 1:30 p.m. – 2:15 p.m. Stuttgart Elementary School: Open House, 26 August, 1 p.m. – 3 p.m. Robinson Barracks Elementary School: Open House, 26 August, 1 p.m. – 3 p.m. Patch Middle School: New Student Orientation, 26 August, 9 a.m. for 8th graders, 10 a.m. for 7th graders, 11 a.m. for 6th graders Patch Middle School: Open House, 12 September, Time TBD Stuttgart High School: New Student Orientation, 25 August, 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. First day of school for students in grades 1-12, 29 August First day of school for Kindergarten at Robinson Barracks Elementary School, 6 September First days of school for Kindergarten at Patch and Stuttgart Elementary, 6 or 7 September (Staggered start)

But...You still have more questions, right? What will my child need to bring to school on the first day?

You will learn this when you attend the upcoming school events, but if you want a head start, check out the school supply lists. These will get you off to a great start, but expect teachers, especially in the middle and high school, to request specific materials during the first days of school. See full school supply lists at www.

Riding the school bus: How will my child get to and from school each day?

Parents who want their children to take a school bus to or from school must complete and submit an application with the school bus office, located on Patch Barracks, Building 2307, 2nd floor. Around the 3rd week in August, bus passes will be sent to the sponsor's CMR address. These passes will include bus stop location, pick-up/drop-off times, and bus number.

Are there afterschool options for my kids?

* Before/after school programs available for Kindergarteners Kelley Barracks — Kelley CDC Annex Patch Barracks — Patch CDC Panzer Kaserne — Panzer CDC Robinson Barracks — RB SAC * Before/after school programs available for elementary schoolers, grades 1-5 Kelley Barracks — Kelley School Age Center (after school only) Patch Barracks — Patch School Age Center Panzer Kaserne — Panzer School Age Center Robinson Barracks — RB SAC (after school only)

* After school programs available for middle and high schoolers Patch Barracks — Patch Youth Center — The HUB Panzer Kaserne — Panzer Youth Center Robinson Barracks — Robinson Youth Center For more information about the above programs and others through CYS Services, contact Parent Central Services on Patch Barracks, Building 2347, 2nd floor at: DSN: 430-7480/ Civ: 0711-680-7480


The Citizen, August 25, 2016

Dress codes

Each school has its own specific dress code, and we recommend becoming familiar with that and other school rules/policies that can be found in the student handbooks.

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ool lunch used to set up the new sch DODEA student ID’s are rs, and parents AAFES new cash registe account profiles for use of ounts with the their children’s meal acc for p nu sig reto ed ne . DODEA student ID at ww

School lunches and nutrition

The Exchange provides school lunch to K-12 students on Army and Air Force Installations in nine countries overseas, and this includes our schools here in Stuttgart. The Exchange follows the same USDA guidelines as schools throughout the United States. Parents can sign up for a school lunch account at the school or directly at customer service at the Panzer Exchange.

C H A NG ES TO FR EE A ND R ED UC ED -P R IC ED L UN C H PR OG R A M ! Free and Reduced-Price meals are provided for students who qualify under Fed eral Guidelines. For the first time, applications are now being processed directly by AA FES at https:// freeandreducedapps.aafe

School website and phone contacts: Stuttgart Elementary School DSN: 431-4100 CIV: 07031-15-4100 StuttgartES/index.cfm Patch Elementary School DSN: 431-4900 CIV: 07031-15-4900 index.cfm Robinson Barracks Elementary School DSN: 430-9337 CIV: 0711-680-9337 RobinsonBarracksES/index.cfm Patch Middle School DSN: 430-7191 CIV: 0711-680-7191 index.cfm Stuttgart High School DSN: 431-4000 CIV: 07031-15-4000 StuttgartHS/index.cfm School Liaison Office DSN: 430-7465 CIV: 0711-680-7465 europe/stuttgart/programs/ school-liaison-officer-slo

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The Citizen, August 25, 2016

Stuttgart Girl Scouts experience magic at summer camp Story by Holly DeCarlo-White USAG Stuttgart Public Affairs Office

With more than 400 members, the Stuttgart Girl Scouts are U.S. Army Garrison Stuttgart’s largest girls-only leadership development program reaching out to girls ages 5 to 17. This summer, a Harry Potterthemed “Magical Adventures in Scouting” camp was held Aug. 8-12 in Böblingen. More than 100 Stuttgart Girl Scouts and adult volunteers participated in the camp that was open to ages 6-14. The camp is an example of the many programs that fall under Stuttgart Girl Scouts’ STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) initiative, which offers girl-led, girl-centered activities to help develop confidence in the above mentioned skills. According to the official website, these types of programs intend to help girls discover themselves, their values, connect with others, build healthy relationships, and take action to make the world a better place. Attributing to this year’s theme, the scouts competed in games of Quidditch and learned other magical tricks-ofthe-trade throughout the camp: care of magical creatures, broom flying, herbology, potions, magical instruments, and defense against the “Dark Arts.” These activities were intended for scouts to learn about various aspects of nature including wasps and bees, the dangers of stinging nettles, GPS reading, and even dissecting owl pellets. Scouts spent time outdoors on nature hikes, treasure hunts, and much more. “A little bit of wind and rain, as well as an unexpected visit from a wild boar couldn’t keep us from having lots of fun exploring the woods, playing and singing with friends, and learning about the

Stuttgart Girl Scouts take a closer look at a beekeeper’s box to learn about bees and the harvesting of honey during the Magical Adventures in Scouting camp, held Aug. 8-12, 2016, in Böblingen, Germany. — Photo by Marlieke Eaton

responsibilities of being a Girl Scout,” said Marlieke Eaton, troop leader and committee member of Stuttgart Girl Scouts Overseas. “This camp gives girls an opportunity to take on challenges, connect with old and new friends, and have fun,” she added. Shelby Hensley, 14, participated in the camp as a counselor for the second time this year. Students can apply to be a counselor after completing the 6th grade.

“I loved it,” exclaimed Hensley when asked about her time at the camp. “Being a part of the Girl Scouts is a great way to be taught how to be a leader, and I got the chance to connect more with the other younger girls.” In addition to working with girls of all ages and learning leadership skills, counselors participate in each of the camp activities, too. “Learning about science (herbology), was my favorite part. We got to watch different chemical reactions, and learn about plants and nature,” Hensley said. Fleur Eaton, 9, said she enjoyed the potions activity, learning to mix and measure ingredients from recipes, the most. “There were three potions we could pick from: underwater, flying and visibility. We mixed it up and even got to drink it.” “We also did ‘transfiguration’ in arts and crafts. We used Popsicle sticks, wool and yarn, then weaved it together,” Eaton said. The camp was organized solely by volunteers of the Stuttgart military community, who teamed up to make it a huge success and memorable event for the scouts.

A group of Stuttgart Girl Scouts gather for a lesson taught by David Mackovjak, a volunteer, on bees and wasps during the Magical Adventures in Scouting day camp held, Aug. 8-12, 2016, in Böblingen, Germany. — Photo by Marlieke Eaton

For more information on Stuttgart Girl Scouts, visit

About the Girl Scouts of the USA

Members of the Stuttgart Girl Scouts belong to the national organization of the Girl Scouts of the USA, which is 2.8 million members strong—2 million girls and 800,000 adults who believe girls can change the world. It began over 100 years ago with one woman, Girl Scouts’ founder Juliette Gordon “Daisy” Low, who believed in the power of every girl. She organized the first Girl Scout troop on March 12, 1912, in Savannah, Georgia, and every year since, Scouts aim to make her vision a reality, helping girls discover their strengths, passions, and talents. Today, as yesterday, the Girl Scout mission of building girls of courage, confidence, and character who make the world a better place, continues. Girl scouts are the preeminent leadership development organization for girls. And with programs for girls from coast to coast and across the globe, Girl Scouts offers every girl a chance to do something amazing. To volunteer, reconnect, or join, visit

The Citizen, August 25, 2016


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‘Wine in the city:’ Swabian delicacies galore during 12-day fest By Carola Meusel USAG Stuttgart Public Affairs Office Photos courtesy of Regio Stuttgart Marketing-und Tourismus GmbH

Annually, Baden-Württemberg’s centuries-old wine tradition is celebrated during the “Stuttgarter Weindorf,” or wine village, from Aug. 24 to Sept. 4 in the downtown area. This year, the wine village, which is also considered Germany’s most charming wine fest, will celebrate its 40th anniversary (1976-2016). The middle Neckar region has always been known for cultivating fine wines, ranging from Trollinger red to white Riesling to rosé Schiller wines. Some think that the Romans planted the first grapevines in Bad Cannstatt more than 2,000 years ago when settling along the Neckar River. Others believe that monks cultivated wine in the region. All that’s known factually is based on a historic document from 1108 stating that a monk named Ulrich presented the Blaubeuren Monastery with wine hills in Stuttgart. According to legend, there was more wine than water in Stuttgart during the 14th century, which resulted in Swabia adopting wine as the national drink. “The Weindorf is a fest that focuses not solely on wine, but on Swabian cuisine to fully experience the Swabian way of life. It’s a fest for all generations. People come together for quality foods, good conversation, a glass of wine and a swell time,” said Axel Grau, the Pro Stuttgart Verkehrsverein managing director. “It’s the variety of things offered throughout the fest that make it one of the most popular wine fests throughout Germany,” he added. Every year, new, quality wines are featured. Among those are the “Trollinger,” a light and pleasant red wine, and one of the most popular wine of the Württemberg region. For a stronger red wine, Grau recommends “Lemberger,” and “Riesling” and “Kerner” white wines. After buying the first glass of wine, a visitor can use the glass to sample wine throughout the fest and keep it as a souvenir. Wine and food were meant for each other, and the wine village offers both. More than 500 wines from the Württemberg and Baden regions can be accompanied with traditional Swabian dishes such as “Maultaschen” (meat and vegetable-stuffed noodles),

“Zwiebelrostbraten” (roast beef with sautéed onions) and “Bubaspitzle” (potato noodles mainly served with sauerkraut). Only quality and freshly-made food from the region will be offered at the fest, according to Grau. The menus throughout the various booths will also be available in English. The Weindorf also offers patrons the chance to get to know downtown Stuttgart a little better and become familiar with a few of its most notable sights. The fest spans from the Marktplatz square to Kirchstrasse and the Schillerplatz square. Here, the statue of the famous Swabian poet, Friedrich Schiller, oversees the wine fest. Some people say that the light-bodied Schiller rosé wine is named after him. The Schillerplatz is framed by several historic buildings, to include Stuttgart’s old castle, the old chancellery, the prince’s building and the “Stiftskirche,” or collegiate church. The church is Stuttgart’s oldest Protestant church and the only monument dating back to the Staufen era, making it the city’s most significant landmark. Another landmark in the square is the “Fruchtkasten” building. During the Middle Ages, the building was a storage hall for grain and also housed a wine press. Today, the State Museum Württemberg’s musical instrument collection is displayed there. The fest is open daily from 11:30 a.m. to 11 p.m. Sunday through Wednesday, and from 11:30 a.m. until midnight Thursday through Saturday. Visitors should stop by the “Infolaube” information booth at Dorotheenstrasse (adjacent to Stuttgart’s Markthalle) for information and special offers. Here, patrons travelling to the Weindorf with a Verkehrs-und Tarifverbund Stuttgart (VVS) public transportation ticket will receive a €5 voucher Aug. 28 and Sept. 4 to cash when purchasing food and beverages at any booth for €10 or more. Family days on Aug. 28 and Sept. 4 will feature face painting and live music. Guided walking tours of the Weindorf in English can be booked by calling civ. 0711-67445750. The official opening of the Weindorf will be held Aug. 24 at 5 p.m. in the courtyard of Stuttgart’s Old Castle (Side entrance “Planie” across from the New Palace, 70173 Stuttgart). For more information in English, visit

Visitors to the Stuttgarter “Weindorf,” or wine village, enjoy wine, Swabian food and good company during last year’s event. This year’s Weindorf will be held Aug. 24 to Sept. 4.

Lentils with “Spätzle,” or egg noodles, and “Saitenwürschtle,” or sausages, are some of the many Swabian dishes offered at the Stuttgarter “Weindorf,” or wine village.

Interested in finding out more about local wines? Check out the following: “Uhlbacher Herbst” Fall Wine Fest Stuttgart’s city district Uhlbach will host the “Uhlbacher Herbst” Fall Wine Fest, which is considered Stuttgart’s oldest wine fest, Sept. 8-11, around Uhlbach’s “Kelter,” or winery (Uhlbacher Starsse 221, 70329 Stuttgart). Visitors can sample local wines and Swabian food. Live music and entertainment will be offered as well. The fest will open Sept. 8 at 7 p.m., Sept. 9 at 3 p.m., Sept. 10 at 10:30 a.m. and Sept. 11 at 5 p.m. For more information, visit

Segway Wine Tour Cruise through Stuttgart’s wine hills during a Segway Wine Tour all along the Württemberg Hill and Stuttgart’s city district Rotenberg. Patrons can enjoy wonderful views from Stuttgart’s wine hills and pass landmarks, such as the mausoleum, or sepulchral chapel, on Württemberg Hill. The tour will conclude with a wine tasting at Stuttgart’s Wine Growing Museum. The tour takes off from the “Weinbaumuseum,” or Wine Growing Museum, Uhlbacher Platz 4, 70329 Stuttgart Sept. 17 and Oct. 15 at 1:30 p.m. Tickets cost €79. For English-guided tours, call civ. 0711-2228-0, or visit

Wine Growing Museum At the “Weinbaumuseum,” or wine-growing museum, located in a historic winery (“Kelter”) in Uhlbach, visitors can learn all about wine, from growing to harvesting to bottling. A wine press from 1885 is also on exhibit. Displays are in German and English. At the museum’s wine bar visitors can sample wine from a variety of Stuttgart wineries. The Weinbaumuseum, located at Uhlbacher Platz 4, 70329 Stuttgart, is open Thursday andFriday from 2-8 p.m., Saturday from 2-6 p.m., Sunday and German holidays (except Christmas, New Year and Easter) from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. For English-guided tours, call civ. 0711-2228-122. For more information, visit

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The Citizen, August 25, 2016

AFRICOM Olympics brings employee

By Nathan Herring U.S. AFRICOM Public Affairs Photos by Kevin S. Abel USAG Stuttgart Public Affairs Office

U.S. Africa Command staff and their families gathered at Kelley Barracks Aug. 12 for a day of fun, camaraderie, and competition during the sixth annual AFRICOM Olympics. Competitors from throughout the AFRICOM staff directorates, U.S. Marine Corps Forces Africa, and Special Operations Command Africa, took part in in the games, which ranged from flag football to dodgeball. “The AFRICOM Olympics is an opportunity for the entire command to get together and work on things like teamwork and some physical fitness and really just have fun and build esprit de corps,� said Sgt. Maj. Jeffery Stitzel, AFRICOM acting command senior

The Citizen, August 25, 2016


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es, families together for day of fun

enlisted leader. The event also brings together employees who may not have met previously. “It’s a great chance to network,” Stitzel said. Often employees know everyone in their own directorate but the AFRICOM Olympics is a chance to meet new people at the command. It also provided a chance for employees to spend time with their families. “School starts in a couple of weeks in the Stuttgart area,” Stitzel said. “What a great way for parents to spend some time with kids out here doing something fun with other members of the command.” For the third straight year, MARFORAF took home the commander’s cup. SOCAF was second place and the AFRICOM J2 placed third. The Spirit Award went to the J4/6 team.

Photo by Thampapon /

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The Citizen, August 25, 2016

Introducing Local Businesses Burger Place If you think Americans are the only ones who know how to make a proper burger, you surely haven’t been to The Real Canadian Burger Place yet. Let your taste buds escape to the True North where regional products, grassfed beef, home-baked buns and a total of 0 artificial flavors come together for a delicious and juicy burger that can be customized with more than 25 extra toppings. 6 days a week. Served with crispy sweet potato fries, poutine or a salad, their menu includes everything your heart desires at fair prices. A variety of vegetarian options and dishes for kids are available as well. Opening hours are Monday - Saturday from 11 a.m. - 9 p.m. Closed on Sundays.

Wilhelm-Geiger-Platz 7 • 70469 Stuttgart •

Osteria da Maria Do you know that feeling when you’re craving authentic Italian food but just can’t fit the 8-hour drive there and back into your Saturday evening? Then the answer to your prayers is called Osteria Da Maria. This romantic, family-owned restaurant offers traditional Italian delicacies, including creative antipasti, handmade pasta, pizza and wine, in a charming, 16th century farmhouse. All homemade wines and oils can be purchased to spice up your kitchen at home and help you get ready for your next dinner party. Wine tastings and action-packed cooking classes are available upon request. Opening hours are Wednesday Monday from 12 p.m. - 2 p.m., 6 p.m. - 10 p.m. Closed on Tuesdays.

Marktstrasse 9 • 71111 Waldenbuch •

Sophie’s Brauhaus If there’s one thing Germans really know how to do, it’s brewing beer and cooking like every meal is a holiday feast. Sophie’s Brauhaus has been mastering both since 1993. Grab a German lunch or take your family and friends to discover the variety of original Sophie’s beers along with hearty, culinary highlights, this is the place to go. Experience all that Swabia stands for at reasonable prices in a cozy, rustic atmosphere and watch the master brewer at work on the open brewing plant in the middle of the restaurant. Their versatile menu includes everything your heart desires from vegetarian dishes to juicy roasts, Schnitzel, dumplings and homemade desserts. Opening hours are Monday - Thursday from 11:30 a.m. - 12:30 a.m., Friday - Saturday from 11:30 a.m. - 2 a.m., Sunday 11:30 a.m. - 12 a.m.

Marienstrasse 28 • 70178 Stuttgart •

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The Citizen, August 25, 2016


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2012 Jeep Liberty, 3.7L, V6, 210HP, SUV, 23,598 miles, gas, Black Metallic, $24,995, contact, 017693136972 2012 Jeep Patriot, 2.0L, 158HP, SUV, 16,961 miles, automatic, gas, Silver Metallic, Dark Slate Grey interior, $15,495, contact 2013 Dodge Dart, 2.0L 160,, 0176- dan, 36,591 miles, automatic, 93136972 gas, grey metallic, Diesel Grey Cloth interior, $15,495, contact 2012 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon,, 01763.6L, V6, 285 HP, 49,209 miles, 93136972 SUV, manual, gas, Silver Metallic, Dark Slate Grey interior, $29,995, 2013 Ford Focus, 2.0L i4, Hatchcontact mark@americanmo back, 23,642 miles, automatic,, 0176-93136972 gas, deep cherry red, Dark Slate Grey interior, $14,995, contact 2012 Nissan Maxima, 3.5L, V6,, 0176290HP, Sedan, 24,250 miles, au93136972 tomatic, gas, Deep Purple, Beige Cloth interior, $23,495, contact 2013 Nissan Altima, 3.5L V6, 0176- 240HP, Sedan, 24,300 miles, au93136972 tomatic, gas, storm blue, black premium cloth interior, $20,995, 2012 Toyota Rav4 "Limited" V6 contact mark@americanmo SUV with AWD, $24,695, US, 0176-93136972 spec, Automatic, Cruise Control, Power Seat, Alloy, Navigation, 2013 Toyota Avalon, 3.5L, V6, Glass Sunroof, Perfect Condition, 268HP, Crimoson metallic, Black Call: 0176-22730967, Email: info@ leather interior, $25,995, contact, Web: http://, 93136972 2012 Volvo XC60, 3.2L, V6, SUV, 32,059 miles, automatic, gas, Black Metallic, Black Premium Leather, $29,495, contact mark@, 017693136972

2013 Toyota Highlander, 2.7L, SUV, 17,109 miles, automatic, gas, Grey Metallic, Grey Cloth interior, $26,495, contact mark@, 017693136972

2013 Audi A3 Quattro, 2.0L, 220HP, 6,788 miles, automatic, like new, $34,995, contact mark@, 017693136972

2013 Toyota Rav4, 2.5L, SUV, 14,837 miles, automatic, gas, Red Candy Metallic, Grey Cloth interior, $22,995, contact mark@ameri, 0176-93136972

2014 Ford Mustang 5.0 GT/CS Coupe, $28,895, US Spec, Manual, Leather, Power Seats, Alloy Wheels, California Special Pack, Perfect Condition, Call: 0176 22730967, Email: info@european, Web: http://www.euro 2014 Ford Mustang GT, 5.0L, V8, 405HP, Coupe, manual, gas, Gun Metal Grey, Black Premium Leather interior, $32,495, contact, 017693136972 2014 MINI Countryman JCW ALL4, Blue, $34900, 12821 miles, Manufacturer Warranty, Automatic, Panoramic Sunroof, Leather, Navigation, Auto Climate, Xenon Lights, Heated Seats, Rain Sense Wipers, Upgraded Sound System. Call or text 017680420465 2015 Jeep Patriot 4X4, 2.4L, SUV, 2,715 miles, automatic, gas, Deep Blue Metallic, Dark Slate Grey interior, $21,995, contact, 017693136972 Amazing Toyota Minivan (2006 Estima) with tons of features, seats 7, lots of cargo space, in Stuttgart. $6K, +4915216114223, Audi A4, 1998, 2.4L V6, Automatic/Tiptronic, 119,600 KMs/74,300 Miles, Santorin Blue Mica Metallic, $5,030, Euro Spec, 0631-3549908 Bike Rack: Yakima DoubleDown 2, with Dead Lock rack cable lock hitch-mount, near Patch Barracks 70563 Stuttgart Germany, $150 OBO, phone: 0152-5276-7136, email: Advertisement

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AUTOS All ads & pics on BMW 316 I 4door Automatic, Blue , Elec windows FT All Weather tires, very good and dependable family car $1799. OBO, 90, GERMANY, $1799., email: BMW 320d touring, HU 04/2017, Automatic transmission, 110 kW (150 PS), Diesel, FR 05/2004, 170,000 km, full leather grey, Accident-free, full serice history, full equipment, all comfort, Negotiable €8700, call 0176-62056022 BMW 525i Model 2000, new German inspection, power stearing, power locks, air cond, leather interior, seat heating, power windows, alloy rims w/ new summer tires, new battery and brakes. €1800. 0152-06467728 Camper For Sale, $29000,, Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo with Activity Package-loaded. Auto, diesel, AC, stove, frig, awning, sleeps 4. Chevrolet HHR LT, 2009, Mileage 78000 mi, Options Air Conditioning, All Season Tires, Pwr mirrors, Power locks, Power seat, Power windows, Alloy wheels, Body Sedan Doors 5, Engine 2.2L 4cyl, Auto, Patriot Military Sales Tel: +49 (0) 631 357 8231 For Sale 2010 Mercedes Benz, $ 16500.00, phone: 06155-6740, email: REDCYN@T-ONLINE.DE I have a Fantastic Range of Tires in Stock at Great Prices, €, 0631/ 91572

Cute Little Car needs a good home, €2500 obo. Mercedes A160,1999, 145,000 KM, Silver.This little car is in perfect condition inside and out with low mileage for its age.Great for scooting around town and parking!It has automatic transmission, air conditioning, power steering, brakes and windows, radio with CD player, European specs.Email: Mer, Phone:06227-384-9939. Daihatsu silver met, 4 door, 5 speed, 1.0 LTR , year 2002 air cond, summer tire and winter tires, CD player, ABS, air bags, $ 1100, and we deliver, if you have any cars for dispose of, accident, Non operational, we remove it for you, email for info ddundkk@hot Ford Escort SE, 1998 blue, automatic, US mod, all season tires, $1699, and we deliver anywhere, if you have any cars for dispose of, accident, non operational, we will remove it for you my phone is 0175-3213199 call or e-mail, Ford Ka - Model 2004, €1380, ste, Ford 140.000km, silver, 5speed, very clean. Great car for the winter, new winter tires, front-wheel drive, phone calls 0152-06786080 Ford Kuga, 2015, $28,500, German Specs. Titanium (Escape) 1.5l Eco-Boost. 150hp. 6 speed manual. Polar Silver Metallic. Leather Heated seats. Keyless entry, push button start. 4 winter and summer tires, auto headlights, and much more. eapropin@out

Good Year Ultra Grip Winter Tires with steel rims, 175/65 R14. Excellent condition used one winter. Rims 4x100. $175; Call: 0162297-2951 Gray w/ leather and 20 other options. 107,000 milesMechanically/ cosmetically in excellent condition. Maintenance records w/ service log.The car also comes w/ $1100 of extra service parts.$5500, phone: 07031819620, email: erik_fleischner@hot Hyundai Accent, GLS, 4, door, automatic, ABS, power stering, 1.4 LTR, $1550, if you have any car for dispose of, accident, non operational, we remove it for you.Email Mercedces 2011 GLK 220D CDI 4 Matic German Spec 90000 KM, Mercedes GLK 2011 220D, Kaiserslautern Germany, $21500, email: robertharrington37@ MINI Cooper Cabrio, green, inside black and part leather, new tires (all year tires) on aluminium rims, lots of extras, all services done, Accident-free, FR 09/2005, 76000km, Petrol, 85 kW (116 PS), replacement engine, Negotiable €8,400. 0176-62056022 Mitsubishi Cosama, 1.6ltr, green, 4-door, 5-speed, ABS, power stearing, German TÜV till Jan 2017, my phone is 0175-3213199, $1500, Thinking of buying a new Quality Pre-owned car, then look no further, we have over 150 cars in stock. Patriot Military Automobiles 09662-702 6280

Stand out from the German Cars! 2013 Dodge Challenger SXT Plus, Dodge Challenger 2013 Dodge Challenger Red white DVD player, Kaiserslautern West 67659 Kaiserslautern Germany, $18500, phone: 015174374670, email: colo New new + German TUV GER- MAN TUV+No US inspection Need +++ Mitsubishi Eslipes G L, Red, 2.0 LTR , 16 VAL, air cond, 2 door, 5 Speed, elec windows KMS 163,000, $1695, ddundkk@ Motorhome - See Europe in style. Fleetwood Tioga 1996, 31ft x 100 inches. Sleeps 5/6, queen master bed and separate shower and toilet. Beautiful with many luxuries. $15K OBO. Call Scott for pictures and more info 01622972951

Nissan Almera TINOdi, 2002, German specs,, 2nd owner, no accidents, TÜV summer/2016, AC, 5seat, standard, great travel car, no rust, POV inspection guaranteed, €2400, full tank goes 1100km, call 015145261009 or stefandsanya@ PT Cruiser, 2.2 Diesel, 2003, Green plate, 5 speed, 4 door, TUV new air cond, 2 set of tires summer/ winter, ABS, power stering elec windows, and locks, key less entry, price €2000, if you want any cars for dispose of, accident, non operational, we will remove it for you, email for info ddundkk@ hotmail.DE Sale by Owner: 2013 VolvoXC90 R-Design Platinum 7-seater. Execellent cond rating! Fully-loaded: Platinum, Climate pkgs, NAV, Bluetooth, sun/moon rf, BLIS, rear sensor, leather int, black metallic ext. $29,928, tiffanylanigan@ya Trailer utility $400.00, firm, 750 kilo cap, ex cond, no rust, email:

TOYOTA PICNIC 2 Liter 6 seater with manual transmission. $2000. Great commuter car that can also carry the family or cargo 145k miles, german spec, just passed inspection. Email Toyota Urban Cruiser, Used car very good, Kaiserslautern Germany, €6850, email: volker.goetz@ 016094539677 V W GOLF 16 V 75PS 157000Km 6 x Airbags. ESP, Central Look, Aircondition, Radio CD USB, Electric Windows and Mirrors.Very Nice Shape, Black Magic Color and Rear Windows with Black Foil. LED Rearlights. Good Condition. Pass Inspection!!!! 0170 - 1910484 Very well maintained 2004 VW Phaeton V10, black, 4door diesel luxury sedan, leather, wood, sunroof, summer & winter speed rated tires, cellular phone, premium stereo/CD player, Stuttgart Germany, $8,000, additional $350 for roof rack rails and large ski box, phone: 0114915143252777, email:

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Have fun with the locals MAGICAL LIGHTS

Sat, Aug 27 Ludwigsburg, Blühendes Barock

Experience an amazing light show at the “Lichterzauber” (magical lights) in the park Blühendes Barock in Ludwigsburg on August 27. At 8 p.m. a lampion parade from the castle to the park takes place. The highlight will be the show “Die Emichsburg brennt” (Emich castle is burning) at 9 p.m. where the castle will be illuminated by a fascinating fireworks display. For more info see

Photo by fujji /

EVENTS Beach handball for everyone Thu, Aug 25 Filderstadt-Bonlanden, Fildorado Filderstadt-Bonlanden’s handball club is partnering with Fildorado, offering exclusive handball training units on Mondays and Wednesdays between August 1 and 28 from 5:30 p.m. The sessions are free, admission to the outdoor pool costs €4 per adult. For more information go to Wine days Sat, Aug 26 – Mon, Aug 29 Winnenden, city center Visit the Winnender Weintage (wine days) in the historic city center from August 26 29. Enjoy a huge variety of selected wines from the local wineries, delicious food, live music and a romantic atmosphere. Every year the highlight is the election of the best wine through a blind tasting. For more info see Cannstatter Abendmarkt Fri, Aug 26 Bad Canstatt, Marktplatz Visit the Cannstatter Abendmarkt at Bad Canstatt’s market square for delicious culinary delights, regional and exotic produce as well as cheese and meat along with live music and entertainment for all ages. The market takes place every Friday from 5 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. between August 26 to

September 9. Admission is free. For more information go to Summer night festival Sat, Aug 27 Schwäbisch Hall, Stadtpark (city park) Towards the end of summer on August 27, Schwäbisch Hall celebrates the night of nights for about 5 years now. The city park is transformed into a great sea of lights: 25,000 cups with lights in beautiful ornaments and 3,500 colorful lampions, high up in the old trees, provide an unforgettable atmosphere. Also, the great musical program gives you a reason to visit the festival. At 9:30 p.m. at Siedershof, you can experience performances with torch dances. From a spot above the village, at 11 p.m. the fantastic fireworks are ignited. This is the highlight of the event. For further information, go to Pumpkin exhibition Fri, Sep 2 – Sun, Nov 6 Ludwigsburg, Blühendes Barock See the world’s biggest pumpkin exhibition at the park Blühendes Barock Ludwigsburg from September 2 to November 6. Approximately 450,000 pumpkins will decorate the beautiful park in front of the Baroque castle. During this exhibition several special activities will be offered such as sporting events, cooking tips, carving and more. Enjoy different types of

pumpkin delicacies throughout the day! For more information on what happens each day go to Segway Tour Sat, Sep 3 Stuttgart, city center Why not see the city from a different view, the Segway view. On Segways, the group will ride through the city and see the classic tour. The tour is approximately 3 hours long. Your tour guide will be Jens. The tour will cost €75. When you register, mention you want the English tour. For more info go to SPORTS Motorbike meeting Fri, Sep 2 – Sun, Sep 4 Leonberg, Glemseck The traditional “Glemseck 101” motorbike meeting in Leonberg, on the former race track Solitude, takes place from September 2 to September 4. See different types of motorbikes from the last 60 years and numerous races. No admission. You can also rock to the sounds of live music during the event. For more info see We love MMA: Mixed Martial Arts Sat, Sep 24 Stuttgart, Carl Benz Arena Mixed Martial Arts is a sport in a whole different league. Check out the MMA in

Stuttgart on September 24 at the Carl Benz Arena. This is one event you will not want to miss. Ticket price starts at €27.85. Entry from age 18. For more info about MMA go to CONCERTS Sindelfingen rocks Wed, Aug 31 Sindelfingen, Marktplatz Enjoy songs from Joe Cocker by Tribute band Cocker Inspiration on August 31, 2016, at the Marktplatz in Sindelfingen. Live Rock music with no entry fee from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. For information go to Bryan Adams Tue, Oct 4 Nürnberg, Arena Nürnberger Versicherung The Canadian rock singer Bryan Adams will be live in Nürnberg on October 4. Ticket price starts at € 80.40. Show starts at 8 p.m. For more information about the show go to Rod Stewart Fri, Nov 4 Stuttgart, Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle Rod Stewart is bringing his hits back to Germany on November 4. See him live in Stuttgart. Ticket price starts at €83.10. Show starts at 7:30 p.m. For more information go to

All events listed on and in print are subject to change without notice. Please check directly with event organizer.

More events on:

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The Citizen, August 25, 2016 Foot Massage Bath. 5 Massage Settings. With Heating. Massageball + Massagebrush. 3.3ltr. 100 Watt.220V. User Guide. Orig. Box. Food Processor Morphy Ri- $15. chards.700 Watt Motor.Die Cast Grand high-class HI-FI SYSTEM: Body.Constant Speed+Pulse Dial 2 Amplifier Threshold Model s/ Function.Quiet Operation.Durabili- 300 STASIS, Electronic Hi-Fi Amty.Bowl 2.5ltr.+Mini Chopping plifier Threshold, Model s/300 Bowl 0.5ltr.220V.Tool Box with all STASIS, linear state power ampliAttachments.Cord Storage.Great fier overall feedback free, silver, €3.600, email: hml.ziegler.nw@ HP PC Tower XP.bethmary100@ LG Freezer, good condition. For Canon BJC 7000 Color Bubble Set Printer. Incl. Cartridge and USB Cable. CD Booklet.

AUTOS All ads & pics on Volvo Model: XC90 T6 AWD RDesign Year: 2016 Color: Bursting blue metallic Upholstery: Charcoal Nubuck / Nappa leather with contour seats Transmission: 8speed automatic w/ geartronic, in or 06134-284943

Grand high-class HI-FI SYSTEM, Two Infinity High End loudspeakers, floor-standing cabinets off oak wood, height 64 inch, width 26 inch, depth 14 inch, €7.400, email:

HI-FI SYSTEM, Nakamichi CDPlayer, 1000mb Music Bank, Acoustic Isolation System, 2.500€, inclusive Remote Control 1000mb, 500€, email: hml.zieg

Great Hyundai Computer screen 17 inch. comes with stand. Dual voltage. Includes VGA monitor cord. Works great. $40 bretheleni

Panasonic Portable Stereo CD System with Remote.CD/Cassette/AM/FM Radio Boombox.220V and Battery.Big Sound.Works Gre

Volvo XC 60 T5 AWD 2016 : Crystal White Pearl/ Charcoal Leather Seats, Platinum Pack Climate Large Appliances, $Var, email:brit pickup only. Kaiserslautern city. Pack, Laminated Panoramic Roof, €80. Call Jacky 0179-5352827 Keyless Drive, Navigation, Rear Park Assist Camera, Cruise Control, Lane Departure Warning US Holding Forth the Word of Life Phil. 2:16 Navigation, Active Dual Xenon Headlights, Heated front & Rear Sunday School 9:30 a.m. Sunday Morning Worship 11:00 a.m. Seats Heated Steering Wheel, Fellowship Coffee 10:30 a.m. Thursday Prayer Meeting 7:00 p.m. Park Assist Front & Rear, Blind Pastor Bob Matthews | cell: 0176-567-34427 | office: 0711-93388243 Spot Information System, much Schockenriedstrasse 42 | 70565 Vaihingen more…250 Hp/2,5 Liters 5 CYL. Please Contact: 0711-6204885, Cell: 0172-6756002 Total Price: $ 39.900,--

Bible Church of Stuttgart

VW GTI 2013, $16999k, The perfect car! 66,000 mi, xtra winter alu rims/tires, roof rack, winter matts, new clutch, bluetooth, heated seats, satelite radio, keyless, power everything, iPod connect, plad interior, airbags. Very good cond brethelenius@google VW Passat, Wagon, 99,1.6 LTR, silver, 5 speed, ABS, power stering, air cond, winter tires, German TUV, lots of new parts & dealer maint, elec window, keyless entry, $2250, ddundkk@hot White all black interior BMW 328i, Fully loaded M Sport package BMW with 63000 miles. In good condition! Heated seats, navigation, comfort access package and so much more. Email for more details. The picture of the car is in the profile picture.

ELECTRONICS All ads & pics on 1 ea small elec. Heater 10 Euro 1 ea water cooker 5 Euro 1 ea elec. Hand mixer 10 Euro 1 ea toaster 5 Euro 1 Coffee Machine 10 Euro 1 coffee grinder 5 Euro 2 ea AEG 220v Vacuum cleaners ea 40 Euros 1 fan stand 8 Euro, AEG ÖKO-favorite, 220 volt dish washer, ex. condition. More info please call after 1700 hrs. 01638853574 AFN Decoder.Works Off


Alessis 110V/220V digital piano, chair, stand, cover, hard shell case, music books $800 06374991073 leave message B&W Speaker System Silver: Subwoofer (AS1) 220V.5-Channel Home Theatre (M-1) incl. Table Stands, Wall Brackets, Floor Stands.4 Speakers + 1 Center Speaker.Orig. Box.Great Conditi Grundig coffee maker (never used - was 200E) - 50E 06374991073 leave message

Service Times: Sunday School.................10 Sunday Preaching...........11 Sunday Evening................6 Wednesday (Prayer & Bible study)....7

am am pm pm

Nursery provided each service

Schulze-Delitzsch-Str. 30 70565 Vaihingen

Victory Baptist Church Stuttgart, Germany

Independent, Fundamental, KJV Serving the U.S. Military & English speaking community of Stuttgart, Germany since 1998

Pastor Joseph R. Passaro

Gospel Light Baptist Church

You are important at:

International Baptist Church of Stuttgart Worship Services Sunday - 0930 & 1130

Im Hasenbühl 26, 71101 Schönaich

The Church

with a Heart

for People

AWANA: Sunday 1630 Pastor’s Bible Study/Prayer Meeting: Wednesday 1900

Church Service Times: Sunday School 3 p.m. Sunday Worship 4:30 p.m. Wednesday Bible Study 7 p.m.

Other Opportunities:

Pastor’s Cell # 0157 – 741 42 321 Preaching (KJV) Old Hymns & Fellowship English Services

Reaching the Stuttgart Community with the Message of Jesus Christ

Pastor F. Moser Pastor’s Phone: 0160-9278-8754 Church Phone: 0711-696-0785 „A Church Home abroad.“

Small Group & Bible Studies Men’s, Women’s & Young Adult Ministries

Untere Waldplätze 38 • 70569 Stuttgart-Vaihingen (across the street from Patch) • 0711 - 687 - 4365


(Sundays) 8:30 a.m. – Panzer Liturgical, Bldg. 2940 10 a.m. – Robinson Barracks, Bldg. 115 and 116 10:30 a.m. – Panzer Contemporary, Bldg. 2940 11 a.m. – Patch Collective Protestant, Bldg. 2304 12:30 p.m. – Panzer Gospel Service, Bldg. 2940


(1st and 3rd Friday of each month) 7 p.m. – Panzer, Bldg. 2940* *Small side Chapel. Enter from the Galaxy Bowling and Entertainment Center side.

CATHOLIC WEEKLY MASS SCHEDULE Monday 11 a.m. – Patch, Adoration 11:45 a.m. – Patch Tuesday 11:45 a.m. – Patch Wednesday 11:45 a.m. – Kelley Thursday 11:45 a.m. – Panzer Saturday 4:15 p.m. – Panzer, Reconciliation 5 p.m. – Panzer Sunday 9 a.m. – Patch Noon – Robinson Barracks 5 p.m. – Patch

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KITCHEN AID MIXER BLUE-5 QUART STAINLESS STEEL BOWL WITH HANDLE-POURING SHIELD-FLAT BEATER-DOUGH WHIP-220V-PERAll ads & pics on HOOK-WIRE FECT CONDITION.MUST BE GOHome Theater System. Max. NE BY THE 18, ab918855@ 3000 Watts.220V.Remote.USB, Memory Card, Scart.Audio/Video/ S-Video.Digital Eingang (Optisch/ Koaxial).Headphone.Digital-PLLTuner.UKW.40 Station Memory.DVD/CD Player.4 Surround Box and 1 Center Box, Subwoofer.Orig. Box.Great Conditi

Stamm Bodyfit Meteor 100 arm and leg pedal home trainer for sale. Put it under the table and work out while sitting. Top condition, asking $45. Contact Tom at 0173 7746849. The perfect system to watch satellite programs in English or German Sony Bravia LCD flat screen color TV and Atemo AM 500 HD Satellite receiver selling as a complete set. $195. for both, al@mer Treadmill - Proform 635 CW, $249,, well maintained/functioning treadmill. Adjusts for speed & slope. TVs, Voltage Regulators, €250, Router, Belkin N150, $10, Cross fit ski poles adjustable for tension. Emergency situation stop. White leatherette case for IPAD Open: Tue – Sun 11:30 a.m. – 3 p.m. mini W/removable bluetooth keyGreek &German specialties & 5:30 p.m. – midnight board, $45.00, firm. al@mer Mondays closed / 06371-60179


Maierstrasse 3• 70567 Stuttgart • 0711 – 711 375•

FOR SALE All ads & pics on Caution: Some Classified ads have become a target for scams. Please be cautious if potential buyers offer you payment methods other than cash. $5 for two LeapFrog Didj Games: Indiana Jones + Spongebob; call or text 0152-04445052

2 each 120V Cisco Wireless-G Internet Home Monitoring Cameras Model WV54GCA, with manual CD. $40, spvendor@ White Mini IPAD. Infrequently and used. No scratches or blemishes. Latest IOS installed. $169.00. 3 ea old vintage army footlockers 06371-60179 45 Euro ea 1 large suitcase 20 Euro 1 small overnight suitcase 10 Euro 1 vintage newspaper cart (mahogany w/ceramic tile) 20 Euopen daily ro 3 Beersteins w/pewter lid 15 from 11 a.m. Euros ea 3 Beerstein w/o lid (mutel: 0711 - 68 14 11 1 nich design, kaiserslautern, spalyour Beergarden ten bier Munich) ea 10 Euros 2 ea pewter cups 10 Euros ea 2 ea Surrounded by forest & two lakes! small pewter cups 5 Euros ea 1 The place to be for young and old sugar cup and plate pewter set 10 Euros Old fashioned tea service in Stuttgart-Vaihingen trolley ceramic tile 30 Euros, e! l i h w for a e p a c s 3 sleds, $12.00 for all, phone: ... always a good reason to e 0151-5321 9555.1 plastic toboggan and 2 saucers

Family-owned Summer terrace Private parties welcome Extensive wine list

Credit cards accepted

• • • •

TV Storage Case.12 Handles.4 (NEW) Casters.Foam Interior.Black.Heavy Duty Quality.Very Sturdy.Fits TV Size up to 42"€.Perfect Condition.Used it twice.49"€L.x31"€H.x14.5"€Deep. Great Condition.Selling for a Reasonable Price Offer.bethmary100@

Party and CateringService

Take away Lunch Special (Mo – Fri) Indian Restaurant

4 Continental Sport Contact 2 summer tires on aluminum rims for sale by first owner. Size 235/ 55 R17 99W. Fits most SUVs Very good condition, used only two seasons with little mileage. On line price for just one tire is $150. Selling complete package for only $390 OBO. Please contact Tom at 01737746849. 50 Plastic Clothes Hangers. Black. Strong and Dura 50 Plastic Clothes Hangers, Strong and Durable, Black, €10,

authentic indian cuisine


ECHTERDINGEN Esslinger Str. 11 · Phone 0711 - 99 76 38 16 LEONBERG Leonberger Str. 97 · Phone 07152 -90 32 32

Hours: 12.00 – 14.30 and 17.30 – 23.00


Large selection of Sushi, à la carte and lunch menues Our opening hours: Tue - Sat 12 a.m. - 2 p.m. & 6 - 11 p.m. Sun & Holidays: 6 - 11 p.m.

Phone 0711 - 24 76 87

Adidas Traxion Soccer shoes for men size 8.5, soccer soccer shoes adidas adidas traxion used, 75385 Bad Teinach-Zavelstein Germany, €15, phone: +4932212152735, email: asti.wb@

Japanisches Restaurant KICHO Jakobstr. 19 70182 Stuttgart

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The Citizen, August 25, 2016

FOR SALE All ads & pics on AeroPilates® with Free-Form Cardio Rebounder, $150.00, email: Aeropostale Hoodie. Turquoiseblue. Lettering “aero” and zipper at the front. Size M. Barley worn. €13. Aeropostale long sleeve. Pink. On the front are pictures of peaces signs and the label name is shown. Size M. Barely worn. Good condition. For pics see €9. jani Beautiful hand-made purple/pink felt flower brooch, perfect gift, can be pinned on jackets, scarves, bags and more! €12, for pics see jenniferwil Bed Room suit, Bedroom suit, 65329 Hohenstein Germany, €350.00, phone: 061281371, email: Black knitted pullover. Size XS but fits also for size M. €5. See for pictures. Blanket Horse. 72"x52". Reversible. Heavy Quality. Machine Washable. Machine Dry At Low Heat. Great Condition. $25. Bowflex 5.1 Adjustable Workout Bench.6 Different Positions.50. Must Be Gone By The Collection of leather bound, signed by the author, 1st edition books, mint cond. Over 100 different books. Authors include: Norman Mailer, William F. Buckley, Joseph Heller, Elie Wiesel, Donald Mc Dunne, John Updicke, Tom Wolfe, etc. $ 15.000 - serious inquiries only! Call: 0631-940213 or 0151-270-19822 Cooks 10 Eggs at Once, Nonstick 4egg Poaching Tray, 3egg Omelet Tray, Brush. Stainl.Steel Lid, On/Off Switch, Audible Alert, Standby Mode, Easy Cleanup, 2Egg Holders, Beaker with Piercing Pin, User Guide, Orig. Box, Covered Low Casserole 16cm+20cm.Covered High Casserole 16cm+20cm+24cm.Saucepan 16cm.Suitable for all stovetops, including induction.Cold Handles of Stainless Steel.Dishwasher and Oven Safe.Orig. Box.NEW.Unwanted and Unused Craftsman Gas Lawn Mower, $150, 2 years old Please contact Custom-made children's kindergarten bag with name. Send me a message if you are interested in a unique bag for your child. Perfect present. All bags are made using wet-felting technique with sheep wool, soap and water only! € neg, depending on design, jenniferwil Dark green Roxy Jeans. Size 30. Find pictures at www.finditgui €10. janina.wuttke@ Elliptical trainer for sale, Vision Fitness 110 V, Stuttgart Germany, $500, email:

Eco warrior shoulder bag, handmade felt, environmentally friendly bag made using only wool, water and soap, €25, jenniferwilking@hot Felt bag, gorgeous hand-made felt bag with blue design, medium size, €30, jenniferwilking@hot For Sale, €150, ysamek@google, German 220, Whirlpool front loader washing machine. Please after 1700 hrs. 01638853574 For That Special Collector a Beautiful The United States Commermorative Presidential Collection, Foxy lady, small felt shoulder bag with fox design. Discover your wild side! All bags are completely environmentally friendly made with wool, soap and water only!€25, jenniferwilking@hot Franklin Batter Elbow Guard -sadas, baseball guard protective gear softball little league arm, 67273 Weisenheim am Berg Germany, $€ 15.00, phone: 01623305535, email: brethelenius@google Garment Bags, 2 garment bags with pockets-for up to 5 garments-durable material-weather resistant-2 pockets for accessories-full length center zipper-greatcondition (used the bags twice, Garmin 360 Navigation, $50, Griddle Cuisinart, Dual Temperature Controls for Grill/Panini and Griddle, Reversible Nonstick Plates Switch from Grill to Griddle, Integrated Drip Tray for Easy Storage, User Guide, Orig. Box, NEW, €65 Gym quality treadmill PROFORM 850T, $150.00, sells for $700.00 email: battersbyr@hot Hollister strapless top. White color, size M. With ribbons to tie a bow on the back. €15. For pics see Contact Intake manifold, never used, for a civic type R or a Acura Acura RSX type S PRC $120, or 017622987498 Items for Sale, Crane tabletop leg/arm exerciser, $25.00, Callaway Clones Golf Clubs, 3-9 Irons, PW, SW, good condition, $40.00. Contact Tom Rewis, Casa.rewis@ or 0171-363 0906. Like New Poker Chips with carrying case, $20.00, spvendor@ Porcelain dolls, over 100 to choose from, all dressed. Price Obo Call: 0176-90796039

Kitchen Aid Ravioli Maker KRAV.Attachment for Kitchen Aid Maschine.Metal Construction.Easy-Fill Hopper.Filling Scoop.Cleaning Brush. Orig. Box. NEW. Lot's of things, All Free. A stand for a terrasse Satellite Dish, A Garden Classic Spreader, A 110V Alarm Clock. A Proctor Silex Stream Excel 110V, 2 Line Cordless Phone with headset 110V, A Cuisiant toaster 110V. Moving Sale, Quality Furniture at Bargain Prices, Stuttgart Germany, $negociable, email:steerslda@ single bedroom set in Mahogany finish (bed, dresser+mirror, night table), complete Queen-size bedrm set in oak (bed w/ headboard w/multiple storage spaces, dresser+mirror, high chest of drawers), dining room set in dark wood w/ light surface (expandable rectangular table & six chairs), one Texas room set (sofa convertible to double bed, one reclining chair, one ottoman, one low dresser & one high dresser, one night table one small corner shelf & hangable double shelf), two double drawer wood file cabinets, two identical large area rugs, one German oak telephone seat w/ storage. All in excellent to good condition. Sets can be broken up. Prices low and negotiable. Must sell 65 year old flawless solitaire .45 carat diamond ring set in white gold. Asking best offer $700.Will accept $ or €. Call: 06332-41560 from 9 - 18:00.

Official New York Mets Jerseys and Equipment, Official MLB New York Mets Jerseys from MajesticTeam set of jerseys for sale! Enough to outfit your whole baseball or softball team! These are official jerseys from Majestic. They have been used for a couple seasons, but are still in good shape. The black home jerseys are in good shape. The Orange Spring Training Jerseys have some fading in the ventalated under arm area, but still are good to go. $300, brethelenius@google

NEW WMF Knife Set with Storage Block (Wood).9 Pieces.Blades made from Forged Special Blade Steel.Made in Germany. Orig. Box. Unwanted and Unused Nike Zoom New for men size 8.5, sneakers nike zoom new shoes, 75385 Bad Teinach-Zavelstein Germany, €80, phone: +4932212152735, email: asti.wb@ Nurse, Part-Time, at Dr. Elke von Berg, Nurse Stuttgart, Stuttgart Germany, email: praxis@elkevon

Super Mario kart lunch cooler, $8,017622987498

Super Mario Kart Wii Reversible throw. Fitted sheet pillow case and lining. Never used. Paid over $100, asking $65,017622987498. Swarovski Pegasus - From the 1998 "Fabulous Creatures" SeOversized Cardigan from Re- ries. Retired in 1998, Asking view. Black and white stripes. For $500.Ph. 06374/944828 pictures visit www.finditgui €10. janina.wuttke@ Target practice, eco warrior shoulder bag, hand-made felt, vironmentally friendly bag made Rock Climbing Shoes Size 10 1/ using only wool, water and soap, 2, *like new* $40 Model: Climb X €25, Rockmaster. Call: 0152-04445052 The Swarovski Pierrot measures Set of three pink vases, different 8". This is the first edition of "Masshapes but matching in color, per- querade" series. Retired in 1999. fect for shabby-chic feature or to upcycle. €10, jenniferwilking@hot Total Gym XLS - Universal Home Gym for Total Body Workout, Short, black mink coat 225E; va$150.00, email: battersbyr@hot rious winter/loden coats - rent prices; leather boots size 11 never worn - different prices Used Taylor Burner WOODS (w/ covers), Flex M. Full set Taylor 06374-991073 leave message Made Ultra-lightRT IRONS: 5–9, SW, Lynx Silver Cat L (60°) wedge, and dual flare SR wedge. Golfbag, $350 Tel 07152-3329351

Org. Thomas Sabo Charm, price new was 49€, never used, was a bday present, selling price €20, for pics please see,

Must Sell, Swarovski crystal at half the value given by the Swarovski company! The last two Retired pieces, whale $690, turtle $150. Both for $755. Will accept Small grey felt shoulder bag with best offers $/€: call 06332-41560 mushroom design, perfect gift, between 9am to 8pm. Can deliver €20 to RAB! New never worn fitted caps, New York Mets. The price is $10 ea, caps sizes 7 3/8 and 7 3/4, will mail vial APO brethelenius@google

Striped hand-made felt shoulder bag, large, trend colors, perfect gift, €30, jenniferwilking@hot

Various music CDs for sale, all from the 2000er years. Single CDs from Nelly Furtado, Christina Aguilera etc. for €3, music samplers like Bravo Hits and The Dome €4. For a picture of the selection see Contact

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The Citizen, August 25, 2016

Antique 100 yr.old German china cabinet, matching dining table with 4 chairs. See photo on KA classifieds web page. Contact All ads & pics on All ads & pics on Eric and Mia at 063759949674, 2013 pair of lazy chairs, leather €950, Various size new gym bags white. €230 for both chairs. Like Antique Brittany French Bench $10.00 each, spvendor@ new condition. Please contact for 300$, antique French Louis Nathalie at macarthurnathalie@ XIV Schrank $650, antique German dark oak buffet (top used as 3 & 2 Seat Couches, €500.00, bar) 500$.Call 06374-991073 pls leave a message.



Antique English Book Case, $75, 45 inches high, 11 inches deep, 29 inches wide. Curved Door with Glass Insets. Side Panels with Glass Insets, 2 Glass Shelves. Buyer Must Pick Up. Please Call 0159 0297 6140. Viking Sword.Handle and Blade Engraved on both Sides.Real Steel.With Black Wall Display Mount. Made in Spain.Selling for A Reasonable Price Offer, Vintage Classic Video game from Mattel - Classic Baseball. A must have for the collection. Still works great. $20 brethelenius@google Vintage handheld video game from Coleco. Alien Attack is a classic and a must have for every game collection! in great scape. Runs on 4C batteries. $20 brethele

Adjustable Full/Queen Size Bed. Headboard, Footboard and Rails. Cherry Wood.Very Sturdy.Assembly is easy, no tools required.Made in USA.bethmary100@ Adjustable Full/Queen Size Bed.Wood.bethmary100@ American Bedroom Set, €190, (or make offer), consisting of dresser with 3part mirror, and 2 night tables, solid oak with brass handles, very beautiful 06302-5554 fran Antique French Louis XIV Schrank $650. Call 06374-991073 pls leave amessage.

Antique Oak Furniture, Dining table w/4 chairs ($300), sewing machine (Singer) ($125), hall tree with bench ($300)-All items available now.Email vmdaniel2@ or phone 06314114246 (0730-1700). Beautiful antique 8-drawer vanity. Tilt mirror & mirrored side wing storage. Four parts for easy transport. Can also be a writing desk. Great condition. See photos on FIG classifieds web page. Contact Eric and Mia at 063759949676, $450, Bed, Single w/mattress. Solid wood frame. Mattress like new condition. €75, jcambr@ya

Black Queen Size Bed.Wood.75.Must Be Gone By The Brown Corduroy Upholstered Chair, $25, Buyer Must Pick Up. Please Call 0159 0297 6140 CD/DVD Storage with 12 adjustable shelves. 45"H. x 26"W. x 10"DEEP. €25. chefsteven2015@ Cherry computer desk, Hardwood desk computer, 66879 Steinwenden Germany, $150 / Bestt offer, phone: 015126732244, email: clcpalmer@ Children's room light oak w/desk and twin bed and mattress for 50 Euros. My email is zirkela2016@ Clock, $150.00, spvendor@ Complete German Water Bed Luna- 12 Years Old, May need one of two new water mattresses.It's disesembled. Must Pick up. Please contact: Couch Relax Chair, €199, great furniture use as a relax chair or bed diff moves, cover washable, like new, was new 398 euro at moebel martin, from a smoke and pet free home, cell 015145261009 stefandsanya@ Couch set, €900, stefandsanya@ Danish Bedroom Set, Solid wood, Otterbach Germany, $500.00, phone: 016097774713, email:

Dining table and 4 chairs, Dark brown dining table and 4 matching chairs, email: gosia19@hot Farmer style dining table + 6 chairs. Natural unstained wood. 6' x 3', like-new suede seat cushions. Excellent condition! From kid/ pet/smoke-free home. See photos on FIG classifieds web page. Contact Eric and Mia at 063759949676, $350, French antiques - Henry II double chair red upholstery fleur-de-lis 290E; Brittany bench + matching pair of wedding chairs 1900E; Brittany bench red upholstery 1500E; Louis XIV shrank 950E; French embroidered fireplace cover 150E 06374-991073-leave message Thomasville bedroom dresser mirror and nightstand, $80.00, phone: 0151-5321 9555

Full size canopy bed. Rose ornament on headboard & footboard. Black wrought iron w/ gold highlights. Includes 2 maching lamps and canopy fabric. See photos on FIG classifieds web page. Contact Eric and Mia at 063759949676, $250, Futon German-style, Couch guest bed futon, $60 70563 Stuttgart Germany, $60.00, phone: 0152-5276-7136, email: kris.w.mor condition. Non-smoking, non-shedding dog home. Comfortable couch and guest bed (for one). Flattens out for sleeping. I have napped on the couch about 10 times and my Mom slept on the bed for a week. Couch configuration measurements: 80&quote; long x 31&quote; high x 35.5&quote; deep Bed configuration measurements: 80&quote; long x 47.5&quote; wide x 14&quote; high Pick-up only. I can suggest a delivery company, if needed Grandfather walnut clock with Hermle clockwork, Westminster, Whittington, St. Michaels sound, Kaiserslautern, €2500 fetching price, email: Green Chinese chest/coffee table w/drawers $250; French wrought iron picture stand 80E; 2 matching cherry brown teak sideboards -1500 E each; African table + chair 300E; African masks/ artwork; oak rocking chair with cushion - $200 06374-991073 leave message IKEA Furniture pre-assembled (and gently used), IKEA, coffee table, side table, 2 shelf units, bathroom storage cabinet, sofa. 70563 Stuttgart Germany, $500, phone: 0152-5276-7136, email: Indonesian dolls/art work; orange/gold standing/laying Buddhas different prices; deLempichka reproduction oil painting - blue woman with lute $250 06374-991073 leave message Large 4 Section Closet (Schrank), $250, 7ft 4in by 11ft 5in (3 sections are 3ft 3in wide, 1 section is 1ft 8in wide). Two Clothes Hanging Rails, Many Shelves. We will help take apart. Buyer Must Pick Up. Please Call 0159 0297 6140 La-Z-Boy Rocker Recliner, $75, Dark Green Fabric, Clean and Cozy. Buyer Must Pick Up. Please Call 0159 0297 6140.

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SEPTEMBER SPECIALS Brazilian Bikini...........35€ Pedicure Shellac........35€ Come and enjoy our spa Manicure Shellac.......28€ in Böblingen! 3 Massages (Package) super deal......................120€

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The Citizen, August 25, 2016 Zither, €950 (or make offer), fran Lookin for Sportster parts or a, 06302-5554 ke ( Ironhead too ) which needs near Sembach some work, basket case or sittin longer time too. BT Ultra Classic perhaps too. Just make me your All ads & pics on offer what you have and we will Love Seat, $75, Warm Gold Fasee. bric, Clean and Cozy. Buyer Must Pick Up. Please Call 0159-0297 All ads & pics on 6140. Administrative Assistant Level Mantel Clock from the 60 era. IV, Full-Time, at Gryphon EnvironKey wind chines on the half and mental LLC, Ramstein-Miesenfull hour, $70.00, spvendor@ bach Germany, phone: 719-578All ads & pics on 3330, email: Microscope, Lomo MB-10 stereo microscope with various parts I am creating a new group on FaEnvironmental Professional, Fulland lenses included. Excellent cebook. I love riding my bicycle Time, at Gryphon Environmental, condition. €400, jcambr@ya and would like to have a group of Environmental remediation POL people that also love riding. AnyoStorage Tank Management, RamOne Each 2&3-Seat Couches, stein-Miesenbach Germany, pho- ne can create an event as we €500.00. Like new from smoke & ne: 719-578-3330, email: hrmana grow we will have a format of those who want to plan a ride.I am a pet-free home, anthracite-colored single track rider, not real technicloth front & back. New price 1450€ asking 500€. Pick up in Sie- Information Assurance Specia- cal mountain biking but love the gelbach. Call 06301-7988092 af- list, Consultant, at Envistacom trails. If you are a hardcore mounLLC. email: jpeterman@envista tain biker, road biker, family fun riter 8PM. des please join and lets get some Recliner couch loveseat leather, $390,, Iron Bow is looking for a Network events planned.This is a group for real leather black, works great not Associate to join the team. Based any nationality....Lets Ride. If inteoften used, very comfy, back pil- at Ramstein AFB, Germany - rested please visit and join the lows come off easy to carry, cell email resumes to rob.ragsdale@ group on Facebook at "Kaiserslautern Area Biking Group" 0152-06786080




Iron Bow is looking for a VDI Engineer / Systems Admin to join the team based at Ramstein AFB. Send resumes to rob.ragsdale@

All ads & pics on

Iron Bow is looking for a VMware Engineer to join the team. The position is based at Ramstein AFB. Round marble table with four Send resumes to rob.ragsdale@ chairs, $250.00, phone: 015208856178, email: Level I Military Construction Civil Solid rustic oak dining room, Engineering Program Professio€500, (or make offer) cabinet nal, Full-Time, at Gryphon Envi3,80m long, table 2m long with 8 ronmental LLC, Ramstein-Miesenbach Germany, phone: 719-578chairs. White IKEA Twin Trundle Beds w/ 3330, email: hrmanager@gryphonMattresses, $175, Buyer Must

Professional Services are offered by registered businesses as well as private people. To ensure a satisfactory service experience, please always ask for credentials and deny payments up front. For cleaning services, arrange for payments after a final walk-through and inspection of the clean house.

Pick Up. Please Call 0159 0297 6140. White luxus designer couch, 37in W X 82in L, asking $875.00 or BO. Excellent condtion. More info, please after 1700 hrs. Cell 01638853574 Wooden bookshelf. Contact Eric and Mia at 063759949674, $150,

MOTORCYCLES All ads & pics on 2001 BMW R1150RT; 38000KM (German spec cycle); Excellent condition; $4400/OBO (just reduced!); Stuttgart area thomas621@



Freest.House in Schopp, 4 bd, 3.5 bth, 242 m², 1.790, Telefon: 06375 5013, E-Mail:

TDY IN GRAFENWOEHR? SPACIOUS LONG-/SHORT-TERM APARTMENT! € 75 per night, Phone: 0961 - 38 18 9438 Mobile: 0170 - 93 13 60 9 E-Mail: busi; Prince Of India Mannheim, Indi- sches restaurant Mannheim Indian restaurant near MANNHEIM train station, Schwetzinger Str. 6 68165 Mannheim Germany, email: indianrestaurantgermany@ All ads & pics on . Polish/Russian/German via Skype. Levels A1 - C2., Polish Russian German Skype online tuition courses, $10, email: marion.abra


Summer Breeze at the Zeppelin Day Spa Enjoy a break from everyday life and gather new energy for the summer season. The Zeppelin Day Spa awaits you with soothing massages and refreshing treat 711 2048-380

PROPERTIES All ads & pics on Real Estate Services are offered by registered businesses as well as private people. To ensure a satisfactory service experience, please always ask for credentials and deny payments up front. City apt for rent Stuttgart sud, Tulpen strasse Stuttgart, €1550, phone: 7038435934, email: amelie

MRE (Meal Ready to Eat) Wanted!!! Offers to: 0170-1910484 Seeking Racquetball partner. Retired guy 63 desires a Racquetball partner, M/F, WI area, couple times a week on base for exercise, fun, NOT competition. Been years since I've played. Ready to play again. Wanted: a good quality, fully functional DIRECT DRIVE turntable i.e. Dual, Nakamichi, Denon. Phono cartridge not necessary.

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CALL 069-299-2069-0 Get rid of your Mommy tummy with Shape It Up - Personal Training by Stefanie, personal training training workout mom fit fitness sports pronatal postpartum trainer shape, Wiesbaden Germany, €4500, phone: 017683149715, email:


Results – Guaranteed. At H&R Block, we stand behind our work. If we make a mistake, we will pay any additional interest and penalties. Plus, if the IRS should call you in for an audit, we will explain your audit notice and the documentation you need to provide, at no extra cost. We have experts on hand year around to help you. All prior years can be done as well. Can your tax services give the same Guarantee? Kurmarkerstr. 30 • 70569 Stuttgart-Vaihingen Tel: 0711-6 87 30 96 or 0711-120 76 24 • Email:

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