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Go Big Orange! As a UT Alum, it's always great fun to decorate for UT Events of any kind--athletic events, building dedications, open houses, back to school welcomes, festivals, sorority & fraternity events, fundraisers, galas, homecoming, career fairs, and the list goes on! It's been my joy and honor to decorate for UT events for over 12 years! Thanks for trusting us with your events. I am proud and honored to say that Above the Rest is an approved qualified vendor for the University with a framework purchase order that is open to all departments. Our number is 5500009091. If you have questions about its use, feel free to contact Amy Dudenbostel at adudenb1@utk.edu. If you are planning a UT event of any type, we can create the perfect decor for you to make you look great and make your guests feel welcomed! Best of all, we take the decorating stress and tasks off your already busy plate which makes your planning job much easier! Inside this catalog, are several samples of UT Decor to guide you in ordering the perfect decor for your UT Event--whether balloons or fabric. We can, of course, create far more than what you see here---just ask! We love to be creative & take on a challenge. Excited to be serving you to make your next UT event look Above the Rest! With joy & gratitude, Dianna Glandon, President, CBA

This email, catalog, and any attachments thereto, is intended only for use by the addressee(s) named herein and may contain proprietary, legally privileged, confidential or copyrighted information belonging to the sender. If you are not the intended recipient of this email and catalog, you are hereby notified that any use of, reliance on, disclosure, dissemination, distribution or copying of the contents of this catalog and any attachments thereto, in whole or in part, is strictly prohibited. If you have received this email and catalog in error, please immediately notify me by phone or by return email and permanently delete the original and any copy of any email and any printout thereof.

www.abovetheresteventdesigns.com (865)-719-8110

Why Use Above the Rest Services? How We Treat Our Clients It's simple, we treat every client with kindness, respect, joy, reliability, gratitude. Our mission is to bring moments of joy to all we serve with grace and gratitude. We say "YES," treat your event like it was ours, provide on-time delivery and always clean up after ourselves. We respect your venue, your staff and your guests. We have a great time as we work with you. We are members of PEBA (Pro Environment Balloon Association) an international organization focused on wisely using balloons such as recycling and teaching proper use to clients--in other words we care about the environment too!

Education & Training Hands down, we are the most educated and trained balloon and fabric draping company in East Tennessee. Since 2006, Dianna has attended an average of 3-5 multiple day hands-on training workshops, courses and conventions annually (over 2,000 hours of training.) Dianna is a member of balloon industry wide training groups and serves as a mentor in a few. She has taught at several industry conventions. (Right: one of Dianna'a training classes) (List available upon request) Employees have received training as well.

Experience We are the most experienced and longest running balloon & fabric draping company in East Tennessee, since 2006, and have served UT for over 12 years, providing decor from small individual deliveries to largescale galas. We service corporations, schools, non-profits and also private events.

Certifications Woman-Owned, GO-DBE business Approved Qualified Supplier for UT and State of Tennessee. Dianna is a CBA, (Certified Balloon Artist, one of only 3,000 in the world, holding this distinction the majority of Above the Rest operation.)

Awards Above the Rest has won multiple first and second place awards in varying categories at international balloon conventions, including Second Place in Medium Sculpture at the World Balloon Convention, the only US team to place out of 42 countries and the first US team to win. (List available upon request)

www.abovetheresteventdesigns.com (865)-719-8110

Classic Arches Classic Arches are perfect for welcoming people to an event. 9' x 9' Arches start at $275 15' x 15' start at $475 (delivery & breakdown additional)

www.abovetheresteventdesigns.com (865)-719-8110

Classic Columns

Classic Spiral Lady Vols Spiral

Single Spiral, Double Spiral, Color Block No matter what pattern, Classic Columns work well for endless types of events. Most popular are 6' & 8' with a topper.

Start at $129, vary according to size and details added.

Color Block

(delivery & breakdown service additional) Double Spiral

www.abovetheresteventdesigns.com (865)-719-8110

Specialty Arches If you want to have a different look than Classic, we can create endless types of arches to fit your needs. These are just 2 examples. Tell us your theme, and we can make the arch to match. Long-lasting foil arches are available. To the left is our Square Flat Pack arch. It creates an elegant look. Available in several patterns. Best for inside use, though will work in cooler weather. As shown, $397 Flat Pack

Right - Magic Foil Arch - Perfect for making a huge statement that is bright and shiny. Fantastic for outside decor or when you want to use it several days, sometimes for weeks As shown - $929 (30' arch) Not shown--Our Popular Flower Arch--visit our website at the address below.

Bottom Right - Magic Frame Entrance - All foil 9' x 9' with jumbo lettering and foil embellishments - $597

Specialty Arches start at $345 and vary according to size and detail. Just ask us for details.

www.abovetheresteventdesigns.com (865)-719-8110

Specialty Columns

Magic Column with Star Top ($247) Spray Top ($299)

7' Celebration Bubbles (Custom lettering available) As shown - $149.97

Tasseled Bubble 4' tall Celebration Twist, Start at $89

Prices vary according to style. Start at $119,Vinyl lettering available starts at $25 per side

www.abovetheresteventdesigns.com (865)-719-8110

9' tall Wild & Crazy Tree $189.97

Big, Bold Balloons BIG balloons make great statements at 3' in diameter. Available plain, with hand lettering or vinyl lettering on balloon.

Chancellor Plowman with hand lettered BIG Balloon and 1 layer of tassels

Embellishments of tassels and lights available.


Mega Bouquet with 3' Personalized Big Balloon as shown - $149

Plain 3' Big Balloon with curling ribbon embellishments - $32 Plain Big Balloon with tassels $70-$119 Welcome to Rocky Top 3' Bubble with dangles - $79.97 Vinyl lettering available starts at $30 per side Confetti Bubbles - $69.97 Watch for our UT Balloons from the Heart Program late July 2021

www.abovetheresteventdesigns.com (865)-719-8110

Stuffed & Buddy Balloons

Send a Balloon Buddy Surprise to a co-worker, an award recipient or for any reason you want Balloon Buddy - $39.97(min 2 for delivery, otherwise pick up)

Stuffed Balloons 3' clear balloon stuffed with 9150 balloons (5"-9") on a tall pedestal base creates a colorful centerpiece or gift that can be popped with our Magic Wand ($79.97-$159.97. Magic Wand - $7

www.abovetheresteventdesigns.com (865)-719-8110

Helium Columns with 3' Tops

Helium Columns start at $69.97

Bubbles of Fun (above) as shown 13' tall. $119.97 Available in various sizes Twisted Bubbles (right) features curls & twists for inside only (119.97 Big Orange Bubbles (upper right) Features collars and flowing curling ribbon ($49.97)

Links of Fun (right) 5' tall, great for inside, smaller spaces. Top can be changed. ($69.97, as shown)

www.abovetheresteventdesigns.com (865)-719-8110

Leaping Arches

Versatile & Exciting! Leaping Arches will fit into budgets & venues with ease. They easily decorate stages and even fit in hallways. This helium-filled decor works best inside, though they can be placed outside in calm conditions. Prices vary according to length and embellishments, Start at $140 for 9' x 9'

www.abovetheresteventdesigns.com (865)-719-8110

Leaping Arches

Leaping Arches are also perfect for making big spaces look smaller and more intimate. Perfect for reunion dinners, graduation celebrations, athletic events, and more--just use your imagination how they can work for you.

Leaping Arches start at $140 & go up according to length

www.abovetheresteventdesigns.com (865)-719-8110

Leaping Arches

Make large outside spaces come alive! Draw attention from long distances away! Leap for joy!

www.abovetheresteventdesigns.com (865)-719-8110

Pole Wraps

re t len r squa l e e Exc und o tak t ' o r don d by ing y r e e th rice s ov d c P n r . a fo ce nd row umn s, a e p l ol po xtra s nce a er c e e p r up umfe $462 circ ight mr o t t Bo

www.abovetheresteventdesigns.com (865)-719-8110

Pole Wraps With pole wraps, it's easy to direct people to your event, to create perimeters, and set off columns in unique ways. We can create pole wraps to fit a wide range of budgets. Start at $119

www.abovetheresteventdesigns.com (865)-719-8110

Big Orange Sculptures

Sculptures make fantastic photo opportunities, sure to make your event memorable for all!

As pictured, 8' tall. Can be made shorter or taller. Prices vary according to detail and size. Power T as shown - $497

www.abovetheresteventdesigns.com (865)-719-8110

Big Orange Sculptures

In photo: Tyger Glausser, Event Planner Extraordinaire

In celebration of the 225th birthday of The University of Tennessee, we were honored to create the 9' tall sculpture for the birthday party at Humanities Plaza. Number sculptures start at $497, except for a "1", which is $397

www.abovetheresteventdesigns.com (865)-719-8110

Theme Sculptures

Fun sculptures can be designed to fit your theme.

Pictured: Track runner, cow for Barnyard Homecoming & a balancing clown for a Circus themed event. Ask us about the sculpture you want to fit your theme. Custom Pricing.

www.abovetheresteventdesigns.com (865)-719-8110

Puff Balls

Puff colu mns $69. 95

Our most popular decor! Puff Balls are an economic way to spread color quickly and a lot of space! Awesome for tent poles, ceilings, railings & more. As short columns they can line walkways and draw attention!

ls bal f f Pu .97 $35

www.abovetheresteventdesigns.com (865)-719-8110

Backdrops & Tunnels

Ugly Wall? A Checkerboard wall hides it! People Love to walk through tunnels, either short or long. Both designs shown are best for inside events. Pricing is based on length & width of wall or tunnel and details.

www.abovetheresteventdesigns.com (865)-719-8110

Backdrops & Tunnels

A self-supporting tunnel? We can do that! This 10' deep tunnel was frameless due to the special construction techniques we used. Excitement welcomed guests as they entered Neyland Stadium and got to walk through this orange and white tunnel. Want to make a positive impression on your guests in a large space? A tunnel may be the solution. Price varies according to size of tunnel. Start at $997 for 4' deep.

www.abovetheresteventdesigns.com (865)-719-8110

Festive Phrases

34-40" numbers & letters show off your message with ease! Suitable for inside events only. Can be added to columns or placed on the floor.

Pricing varies by letters/numbers in arch $25 per letter

www.abovetheresteventdesigns.com (865)-719-8110

Spell it Out

Top: GO VOLS. Always a crowd pleaser. Stands about 4' tall and 2' wide each letter. Entire phrase is about 12-14' wide - $297 Right: 6' Classic Columns with jumbo letters $597 for VOLS Bottom: 4' Classic Spiral Columns with jumbo letters - $257 for 3 columns, $347 for 4 Letters available in gold and silver Custom colors based upon availability Curls embellishments (not shown) - $5 each set

www.abovetheresteventdesigns.com (865)-719-8110

Organic Designs

Organic designs are very popular for all types of events. We can create any design you desire. Pictured are some of our UT organic photo backdrops. Top design is combined with our luxury fabric draping and was at the Knoxville Convention Center. Bottom right is at the Student Union outside the ballroom on front of a step and repeat banner. Organic Designs start $295, range widely depending on size and detail desired. (length, width, foils added, etc) Fabric draping service also available to compliment organic designs.

www.abovetheresteventdesigns.com (865)-719-8110

Centerpieces Short or Tall, we've got them all! 14" to 8' tall or more! Shown are latex centerpieces which are very versatile for many types of events. Centerpieces can be lit, exploding for a special effiect, or made out of foil balloons. Ask us and we can create an original design for you. Standard CP (left) - $29.97 Glass Vase with 9" foil football on grass- $19.97 Puff Ball CP (middle rt) - $16.97 Tall Puff Ball CP (right) - $69.95 3' Celebration Bubbles - Start at $69.97 (pricing varies) Endless designs available

Centerpieces can also be lit. Just ask.

www.abovetheresteventdesigns.com (865)-719-8110

Bouquets Sometimes a few bouquets are all you need for your event! We are happy to do those too! Bouquets come in basic, standard, and super-sized styles with 3, 5, 7, 9 or 12 balloons in a bouquet.

Standard Bouquet (above) 11" balloons with curling ribbon. $19.97 up (based on balloons in bouquet) Curly Bouquet (middle) 11" balloons with curly-que embellishments - $39.97 & up

Super-Sized Bouquet (right) - 16" balloons with collars and curling ribbon embellishments - $49.97 & up Available in bouquets of 3, 5, 7, or 9

www.abovetheresteventdesigns.com (865)-719-8110

Pop Drops

A unique way to celebrate any event! Pop Drops serve TWO purposes! During your event, they serve as decor. Then on cue, you get to create a special effect with the use of our Magic Wands. Can hold as many as 150 balloons. Watch the video in our online version of catalog to see the balloons POP! Pop Drops start at $139 (less than 100 balloons inside)

www.abovetheresteventdesigns.com (865)-719-8110

Fabric Draping We are excited to stock many yards of beautiful sheer orange fabric, silver/gray, ivory, and white luxurious sheer fabric to add fun, color or elegance to UT events! Fabric is perfect for formal UT events. See the Galas section of this catalog for more draping ideas or check out our Fabric Draping catalogs on line. Draping starts at $225 for 10' x 10'

www.abovetheresteventdesigns.com (865)-719-8110

www.abovetheresteventdesigns.com (865)-719-8110

Back to School New Vol Fest photos of the week A campus first - Five 150' classic arches soared over Staff Lot G23 to welcome students as they attended the New Vol Fest Concert featuring the bands Moon Taxi & Band Camino

To see a video of prep and final result, click this link: https://bit.ly/NewVolFestbyATR

www.abovetheresteventdesigns.com (865)-719-8110

New Vol Festphotos - Behind the Scenes of the week A team of 13 incredibly joyful people worked all day in 90+ degree heat, rain & wind to inflate five 150' long classic checkerboard arches that would span the concert space for the New Vol Fest. 4,000 balloons, 16 tanks of helium and a lot of planning went into successfully creating a very fun welcome to the 2021 year after being off campus way too long.

Nikki, Dianna, Gary

Mieka, Frankie, Christine, Nilo

Jen, Piper

Frankie, Christine


www.abovetheresteventdesigns.com (865)-719-8110

New Vol Festphotos - Behind the Scenes of the week Thanks to an Above the Rest Team for making this happen. Dianna Glandon Piper Wells Jennifer Hamilton Dave Scholosser Nilo Greenacre Frankie Orrico Gracie Orrico Emma Glandon Mieka Sunayama Christine Nazi Brook Hamilton Nikki Glandon Gary Ledbetter


Jen, Emma

Dianna, Dave Nikki

Kind Words: "It is always a joy working with Dianna and the Above the Rest Event Design team. No event is too big or too small for their team to deliver a high quality result. The expertise the team brings to any event is second to none, and Dianna is always the first person I contact when I need to bring a wow factor to my programs.

Nikki For New Vol Fest the Above The Rest team delivered on a product I didn’t think was possible. Without their work and expertise the event would not have been as big of a success as it was. Dianna and her staff took care of everything from step up to tear down, leaving the site spotless. I am excited to work with the team again on next year’s New Vol Fest!" Steven Cheppo, Assistant Director, Special Programs (photo right)

www.abovetheresteventdesigns.com (865)-719-8110


Back to School Welcome Events photos of the week A multitude of back to school welcome events happen all over campus and we make them look fantastic. Find decor specifics on style pages.

t We Studen




t da

Coffee with the Provost


f cla

ss n




e tr



on th



brid ge

Welcome to Herbert College Welome to Communitatons

www.abovetheresteventdesigns.com (865)-719-8110

Galas & Fundraisers photos of the week

Making rooms with high ceilings feel more intimate and welcoming is easy! Ask us to "lower the ceiling" with giant balloon ceiling decor! Pictured are over 700 3' and 16" balloons hung from the Knoxville Convention Center for the Haslam Business Gala. Ceiling installations in high ceiling-venues require extra lead time to install, typically 1-3 days in advance. These are custom designs and priced accordingly.

www.abovetheresteventdesigns.com (865)-719-8110

Galas & Fundraisers photos of the week

Left - 10' diameter by 15' long chandeliers adorn the Knoxville Convention Center ceiling. Not only do they reflect lighting, they sway gently in the a/c winds creating a focal point for your guests. You will hear, "WOW" from your guests and their moods will be uplifted--which leads to more donations. Custom foil and latex ceiling decor available, just ask. Visit our website for more photos.

Ask about how luxury fabric draping can give your event a gorgeous formal look. We've been draping events for over a decade! Draping available for spaces as small as 10' up to entire rooms and ceilings. Right- Criss-cross design made a beautiful backdrop for the Alumni Awards. Fabric draping starts at $245/10' As shown - 12' x 20, $597

www.abovetheresteventdesigns.com (865)-719-8110

Galas & Fundraisers photos of the week UT Celebrates 225 Years of Lighting the Way! Over 1,900 sq. yards of sheer silver/gray fabric created the backdrop an outstanding formal banquet. (lighting done by Bandit)

We love to collaborate with other quality vendors to create exquisite atmospheres such as the Annual Alumni Awards banquet. With detailed planning and a teamwork attitude from all parties involved, this event was a big hit!

Right: Ivory and gray draping of hallway at Student Union created a luxurious welcome for Business Gala guests Starts at $225 for 9' x 10' Fabric can go as high as 18'

www.abovetheresteventdesigns.com (865)-719-8110

Galas & Fundraisers photos of the week

Back to Back Evenings of Events at the Student Union Stage draping in silver/gray with criss-crossed camel overlays enhanced the stage for these two special events. Server hallway was created with gray draping and accents of camel swagged draping across the 90' of the Union ballroom. Custom Pricing, contact us Criss-cross Stage draping, 16' x 20' (as shown) - $597

www.abovetheresteventdesigns.com (865)-719-8110

Homecoming Your homecoming event decorating becomes a snap when you ask us to create decor to match your Homecoming Theme! You'll probably be surprised at what we can create for you!

Custo m Pricin g vari es accor ding t o desig n

Asking is the key!

www.abovetheresteventdesigns.com (865)-719-8110

Homecoming Top Right: 30' Magic Arches are perfect for outside events, especially when they need to last a several days.

Custo m Pricin g vari es accor ding t o desig n

Without lettering - $897 Lettering is $25/letter for jumbo letters Right: Draw attention to any event on the Union Plaza with leaping arches flying high over the ped walk.

Spirit Week included a Big Orange Pumpkin photo op on the Union Plaza. Photo frames vary according to size and detail, and start at $427

www.abovetheresteventdesigns.com (865)-719-8110

Festivals photos of the week

Every festival needs balloons to direct & excite people who attend! Events on the Pedestrian Walkway stand out when there are balloons present! Top - 8' 5-color jumbo columns - Start at $159 Leaping Arches - start at $149 Puff Balls with ribbons - $35.97

www.abovetheresteventdesigns.com (865)-719-8110

Festivals photos of the week

International Fair -30' Magic Arch welcomed students to their fun festivities. Foil is perfect for lasting a long time outdoors. Sculptured 8' Magic foil Columns with Star Topper - $187

www.abovetheresteventdesigns.com (865)-719-8110

Reunions & Employee Appreciation

Our unique and creative balloons guide and help guests guests at appreciation events such as reunions, employee appreciation, tailgates and more. Bottom: Big Orange Waves Vary according to length and height of installation. As shown - $347/arch

www.abovetheresteventdesigns.com (865)-719-8110

Graduation & Dedications photos of the week

Graduation is indeed a time of celebration that calls for balloons! Balloon drops scream CELEBRATE!

Grand Openings & Ribbon Cuttings call for sliding walls, GRAND decor and balloon drops too!

Balloon Drop pricing is custom based on venue and desire balloons. Drops start at $600

www.abovetheresteventdesigns.com (865)-719-8110

Sporting Events

Get donors and fans excited about sporting events by adding balloons at sporting events. Or for your private UT events, let us decorate your pool!

www.abovetheresteventdesigns.com (865)-719-8110

Student Involvement Students and faculty gathered together for the "Hike the Hill in Heels" event coordinated by the Center for Health Education & Awareness. This event kicked off Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

We loved getting to be part of this fun but important campus event! Let us make your next campus event draw a lot of attention with balloon decor. Sculpture pricing is custom. 20' Classic Arch below - $275

www.abovetheresteventdesigns.com (865)-719-8110

Formal Events photos of the week

Luxury Fabrics give sophistication to sorority rush week events, galas, banquets, fundraisers, and more! Ceiling to floor, it's beautiful decor.

Draping begins at $225. Length, height & detail of draping impacts price.

www.abovetheresteventdesigns.com (865)-719-8110

Sorority Events like Rush Week

Bid Day Decor

Sorority ladies work hard all year long with community service and planning events. Thanks Ladies!

Creative balloon decor brightens any event! When you don't have to spend your time decorating, it lets you focus on other event details.

www.abovetheresteventdesigns.com (865)-719-8110

Rush Week

Decor for each Rush Week theme

Make your new Sorority Sisters feel welcome. 30' Classic Arch - $475 20' Classic Arch - $275

Arches, logos, bouquets, and many other decor styles are available, just ask. We work within your budget.

www.abovetheresteventdesigns.com (865)-719-8110

We use the highest professional grade 100% biodegradable latex. The chart below shows 86 of over 200 available colors and prints. We carry the most up-to-date trending colors. Just ask if you don't see your colors. That is if you are not using orange and white. HA!

www.abovetheresteventdesigns.com (865)-719-8110

FAQ's & Helpful Answers How do we know what to order for our event? That's EASY! Just complete our Event Inquiry form on our website (abovetherestballoons.com) call (865-719-8110) or email us. (dianna@abovetheresteventdesigns.com) We will ask you several questions about your event, the venue, your event's goal, vision, and budget. We listen carefully and then provide our expert advise and direction to best serve you.

Do you provide fabric draping service? Indeed! We've been fabric draping experts for over a decade. Visit our website to see an extensive gallery of our luxury draping. We stock hundreds of yards of white, ivory & gray/silver. Limited stock of orange, khaki, taupe, red, black, blue, green, and even some sequined fabrics. All of our fabrics are fire retardant and we have certificate of such. Most of our fabrics go as high as 18' Yes, we will do custom colors too.

Why use Above the Rest Services over others? How we treat our clients--with kindness, respect, joy, reliability and we say YES! Education & Training - We are the most educated and trained balloon and fabric draping company in East Tennessee. Since 2006, Dianna has attended an average of 3-5 multiple day, hands-on training workshops, courses and conventions. She has taught as several industry conventions. Employees have received training as well. Experience - We are the most experienced and longest running balloon company in East Tennessee, since 2006 and have served UT for over 12 years, providing decor from small indiviudal deliveries to large-scale galas. Certification - Woman-Owned, GO-DBE business, Approved Qualified Supplier for UT and State of Tennessee. Dianna is a CBA, (Certified Balloon Artist, one of 3,000 in the world, holding this distinction the majority of Above the Rest operation.

What is the Delivery/Set up Service? A favorite service of our clients! No hassle in shoving balloons into your car or finding someone with a large enough vehicle to transport, or worrying about popped balloons! We do all of that for you! Fee is determined by location, access to the venue, time of delivery, and the amount of decor being delivered. For most events, delivery to campus events begins at $75. Early morning and late night service is Premium Service, resulting in higher service fee. Sunday and Holiday service is also a Premium Service. Optional pick up at our studio is available for smaller decor items.

What is the Breakdown/Strike Service Fee? Another of our client's favorite services is Breakdown Service because at the end of your long event day, you get to leave early! We take care of removing all decor we installed, including moving heavy base plates and framing! AAAH relaxing! Pricing is determined by location, access to the venue, time of breakdown, and the amount of decor being removed. Breakdown to campus events begins at $75. Early morning, late night, Sunday or holiday service is Premium Service, resulting in higher service fee.

May we do the Breakdown ourselves? Of course! If you prefer to pop and dispose of ALL of the balloons, (or give them away) have a transport vehicle, and return any base plates, poles and framing to use within 24 hours of your event, you are welcome to breakdown and save the service fee. Our studio is located at 1501 Ebenezer Road. If we are not there, please leave the items on the porch.

www.abovetheresteventdesigns.com (865)-719-8110

Contact Information Dianna Glandon, President, CBA 1501 Ebenezer Road - Knoxville, TN 37922

1801 Grenada Blvd - Knoxville, TN 37922



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