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Welcome to Above the Rest Hello Church Event Planner! Thank you for ALL you do to plan special events for your church. If you are like many other church staff members or volunteers, you probably have numerous other responsibilities to handle in addition to planning special events. Some people love to plan them, and others find it overwhelming. Sometimes those that love to plan special events simply don't have time to handle decorating details. In either case, this is exactly how our team at Above the Rest Balloon & Event Designs can serve you best. We make decorating a snap in 3 simple steps: 1. Call or email us to tell us about your special event. 2. Let us design decor to match your theme and budget. 3. Sit back and let us do the installation so you can enjoy. We are experts in creating fun, colorful, exciting, and welcoming event decor. We are THE Balloon team who can make some pretty awesome event decorations with a simple balloon or create elegance with our luxury fabrics. Let us take the decorating tasks and stress off your already busy plate and spend your time with other important event details to make your planning job much easier! Inside this catalog are photos of various church events we have decorated and will guide you in ordering the perfect decor for your event. We can, of course, create far more than what you see here---just ask! Excited to be serving you to make your next event look Above the Rest! With joy & gratitude, Dianna Glandon, President, CBA (865)-719-8110

Mission Conferences

Cedar Springs Presbyterian Church welcomed missionaries and guests to their annual Missionfest Dinner. The Family Life Center was transformed into a warm welcoming room with all tables decorated in the mission conference theme. Ask us to decorate for your church's special conferences. Call us at the number below.

Custom centerpieces with logo start at $62.95 (865)-719-8110

Volunteer Appreciation & Family Events

Your volunteers give their time, energy, and hearts to lead fellow parishioners and children. Above was a volunteer appreciation breakfast celebration. Below families celebrated each other at a tropical themed dinner. Shown: Standard bouquets (above) & Super-sized Bouquets (below). Standard bouquets start at $17.95, Super-sized Bouquets start at $24.95. (865)-719-8110

Volunteer Appreciation Dinners

The Church at Knoxville Volunteer Appreciation Gala rolled out the red carpet to recognize the dedicated service of their volunteers by hosting an elegant evening of delicious food, entertainment, and delightful decor. Decor featured gold, silver, and white ceiling swags over the guest tables and Links of Fun lined the red carpet which made guests feel appreciated. Custom pricing depends on room sizing. Just call us. (865)-719-8110

Church Anniversary Milestones

Above: Two Rivers Church Farragut celebrated their 20th anniversary with a 30' Classic Spiral arch placed at the front door to the sanctuary. Right: Grace Christian celebrated 100 years of service with gold and silver bouquets. Bouquets start at $17.95 Classic Arches start at $250* and vary according to size and embellishments. Columns start at $95. *delivery and breakdown additional (865)-719-8110

Open House Whether you are hosting an Open House or celebrating a building renovation, these are special events as they are a celebration of members coming together to create a more welcoming atmosphere for all. Left: Foothills Church held a community open house celebration and wanted a BIG presence. 3' Bubble Bouquets filled the bill. Bottom: Foothills Church celebrated their new building renovations with the community. One Sunday a 30' Classic Double Spiral arch greeted all.

Classic Double Spiral arches start at $250* and vary according to size and embellishments. *delivery and breakdown additional* (865)-719-8110


Celebrate the graduation milestone for your students at the end of the school year and make them feel your love and support. Leaping arches at First Apostolic Church for a graduation party.

Leaping arches start at $105 and go up according to length *delivery and breakdown additional* (865)-719-8110

Vacation Bible School Sevier Heights Baptist Church transformed their lobby into an exciting amusement park ride to kick of their Vacation Bible School preview celebration. Decor stayed in place for the entire week of VBS. What is your VBS theme? Chances are we can create decor to compliment it.

Screaming with excitement for VBS! (865)-719-8110

Vacation Bible School

Concept to Design - "Can you make a ferris wheel for the stage?" "Yes, indeed we can!" 12' tall ferris wheel was the stage's focal point inside of the sanctuary. *Sculptures are custom pricing. Call us to create your decor today. (865)-719-8110

Vacation Bible School

From concept to design Riverside Baptist Church was having a "Fun Run" themed VBS and wanted simple but effective decor for the sanctuary. After listening to what they desired, we drew up a few designs from which they chose the color block columns, which we turned into reality. No matter what your VBS theme is, we can create something to make your theme stand out. . (865)-719-8110

Vacation Bible School

Fountain City Church held a sports themed VBS and wanted decor that made an impact but was also mobile. These Links of Fun columns worked perfectly. Tops are 3' sports themed balloons with their color choice creating the 9' tall columns. Links of Fun came in varying heights. Start at $59.95 (865)-719-8110

Vacation Bible School

A rainbow of fun greeted VBS kids at Riverside Baptist Church. We created the rainbow and tree top. The talented volunteers built the wooden treehouse. We love collaborating with volunteers to create decor that fits your theme. Custom pricing. Just call us and we will work together. (865)-719-8110

Vacation Bible School Festive Classic Columns with Wild & Crazy tops welcomed VBS goers at Ebenezer Methodist Church as they entered the sanctuary. At the church entrance, they walked through a Leaping Arch. Classic Columns start at $105 Leaping Arches start at $85

Both designs come in any colors, lengths and heights. See Color Chart on page 30. (865)-719-8110

Vacation Bible School Follow the 2019 Yee Haw theme with adorable farm animal sculptures, arches, and columns!

Above: Yee Haw themed leaping arch with jumping cow enhancement. $159, as shown Cow Columns (6') - $115 Pig & Cow Sculptures - start at $115 each Bouquets start at $17.87

Bouquets will last 3-6 days depending on size of balloons (865)-719-8110

Vacation Bible School Are you holding a ROAR or INTO THE WILD VBS? Africa or Jungle VBS themes are full of Wild fun and beautiful messages of God's glory! There a multiple ways to create an inviting atmosphere for your stage, entrances, or classrooms with imprinted balloons, columns with animal toppers and more, We are happy to come to your church to meet with you to figure out what best fits your theme and budget. Foil heads shown below vary between 2636" which makes a great impact on column tops. (865)-719-8110

Spring Celebrations

Flowers and bright colors scream spring time and are perfect for all sorts of events--bridal showers, spring festivals, volunteer luncheons, and more. (865)-719-8110

Summer Celebrations

Kick off summer with your favorite summer themes! Above: Giant letter arches vary in length. Recommended for indoor events as wind tends to blow them about a lot. Call for pricing. (865)-719-8110

Fall Celebrations

Fall festivals can include pumpkins, hayrides, corn mazes and much more. Add the fun factor of photo frame ops for your guests to celebrate fall. If you are hosting Trunk or Treat events, we can easily create decor to match your theme and colors. Photo frames vary in size. As shown above, 8' x 8' Frames can be 4' x 6'. Prices vary according to size and detail. Most start at $250. (865)-719-8110

Christmas Celebrations

Decorate your Christmas events for the season with Christmas tree arches, holiday centerpieces, winter wonderland trees, and so much more. (865)-719-8110

Christmas Celebrations

Does your church participate in Christmas parades? If so, we can make your parade entry and float look different from all others. Shown above: Volunteers carried 5' tall letters that spelled "JOY" which shows the real reason for Christmas celebration! We can create any letters you want to share your message. Right: Christmas Angel stands 6' tall and sits beautifully on a float. *sculptures are custom pricing* (865)-719-8110

Baby Showers Churches so often help families celebrate special moments in their lives! Gender reveals and baby showers are just one. When people reserve a room, you can share with them some decor ideas. (865)-719-8110

Bridal Showers

Gold confetti filled balloons, giant bouquets and elegant columns enhance any Bridal Shower. (865)-719-8110

Weddings Before & After Even in this day of brides getting married at venue, there are many who still plan a more traditional wedding--actually at a church, Many times. brides desire a transformation of a room. As shown, we transformed this room from plain to romantic with fabric draping of white sateen. Draping pricing varies according to fabric used, style elements, and height and lengths of rooms. (865)-719-8110


Sheer fabric are most often used to create the romantic feel brides desire. Shown are white, ivory, and silver sheers. (865)-719-8110


Left: Bride & her mother waiting for ceremony to start at her tiny country church. Above: White sheer entrance draping. Bottom Left: Ivory sheer catherdral window draping (865)-719-8110


Turn your church gymnasium into a beautiful wedding reception space.

Custom pricing for fabric draping (865)-719-8110

FAQ's & Helpful Answers How do we know what to order for our event? That's EASY! Just call or email us.  We will ask you several questions about your event, the venue, your event's goal, vision, and budget.  We listen carefully and then provide our expert advise and direction to best serve you.

What is the Delivery/Set up Service Fee? A favorite service of our clients! No hassle in shoving balloons into your car or finding someone with a large enough vehicle to transport, or worrying about popped balloons! We do all of that for you!  Pricing is determined by location, access to the venue, time of delivery, and the amount of decor being delivered.  Delivery to campus events begins at $45.  Early morning and late night service is Premium Service, resulting in higher service fee.   Optional pick up at our studio is available for smaller decor items.

What is the Breakdown/Strike Service Fee? Another of our client's favorite services is Breakdown Service because at the end of your long event day, you get to leave early! We take care of removing all decor we installed, including moving heavy base plates!  AAAH relaxing!   Pricing is determined by location, access to the venue, time of breakdown, and the amount of decor being removed.  Breakdown to campus events begins at $45.    Early morning and late night service is Premium Service, resulting in higher service fee.

May we do the Breakdown ourselves? Of course! If you prefer to pop and dispose of ALL of the balloons, (or give them away) have a transport vehicle, and return any base plates, poles and framing to use within 24 hours of your event, you are welcome to breakdown and save the service fee.  Our studio is located at 1501 Ebenezer Road.  If we are not there, please leave the items on the covered porch. Fabric breakdown service is required however.

Do you do provide fabric draping service? Indeed! We've been fabric draping experts for over a decade.  Visit our website to see an extensive gallery of our luxury draping.  Yes, we will do custom colors too. (865)-719-8110

Contact Information Dianna Glandon, President, CBA Â 1501 Ebenezer Road - Knoxville, TN 37922

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