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Welcome to Above the Rest! Hello Teachers, Principals, and Parents! I could write pages about how much I appreciate what you do for today's children! Having been a school teacher and PTA president, I KNOW what it takes to make education fun, raise money, and balance full plates that swirl about madly in the air throughout each school year. Instead of writing so much, here is a very simple and indequate "THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO!" When I taught and led Student Council, the workload of planning special events added much to my already fullplate. I wish there had been someone that could have helped me decorate events, which is one reason why I started Above the Rest Balloons--to make it easier for schools to have fun decorations at their events without staff members or parents having to do all of the work. Some people love to decorate and others find it overwhelming. Sometimes those who love to, simply don't have time to handle decorating details. In either case, this is exactly how our team at Above the Rest Balloon & Event Designs can serve you best. We make decorating a snap in 3 simple steps: 1. Call or email us to tell us about your special event. 2. Let us design decor to match your theme and budget. 3. Sit back and let us do the installation so you can enjoy. We are experts in creating fun, colorful, exciting, and welcoming event decor. We are the most experienced balloon design team in Knoxville, and we make awesome school event decorations. Inside this catalog are photos of school events for elementary-high school levels. It will guide you in ordering the perfect decor for your event. We can, of course, create far more than what you see here--just ask! Excited to be serving you to make your next event look Above the Rest! With joy & gratitude, Dianna Glandon, President, CBA (865)-719-8110

School Events

Back to School Open Houses Parent Meetings Grandparents' Day Dances Fundraisers Fall & Spring Festivals Football Games Homecoming Performances/Plays Winter Formals Volunteer Luncheons Awards Banquets Sports Banquets Staff Appreciation End of Year Celebrations Graduation What did we forget that you'd like to decorate with colorful balloon decor? (865)-719-8110

Back to School

A smiling principal and a giant "WELCOME" balloon arch! The perfect way to show WVMS students and their parents that school is a great place to be! Letters are 34" tall letters, available in silver, gold, blue, rose gold, and magenta. Letter arch prices vary according to the word length and column design. Start at $100. Call us for school pricing. (865)-719-8110

Back to School

Karns High School welcomed their new seniors for a special back to school Senior Day with a series of Leaping Arches. Leaping Arches start at $115.

A.L. Lotts principals were excited about welcoming their student stars. This Star Blast arch greeted students and created a fun photo opp. All foil decor is available. Arch prices start at $195* and vary according to style and size.

*delivery/set up, breakdown service additional (865)-719-8110

Back to School PTA/PTO parents are awesome at creating fun themes for the school year! I remember space, train, and art themes from my school teaching days! A. L. Lotts parents invited students and parents to have their photos taken in a giant hot air balloon which we created for their Places You Go Theme.

Above: You have to love a funny and joyful school secretary! Thanks Rachel Hornback of A. L. Lotts for posing in this Sweet Theme photo opp full of ice cream cones and bubble gum machines! Great way to start off the year. Theme Sculptures start at $150 and vary according to design and size. (865)-719-8110


Announcing the Homecoming Queen is an important moment of Homecoming. With our Lift Off Columns, everyone at your homecoming game will be surprised! Before lift off, the columns look like regular classic columns standing on the field. When the queen's name is announced, hidden lines are cut, and the column lifts off to reveal the new homecoming queen's name. Lift Off Column with personalized name - $245* Price subject to change as helium prices change. Classic Columns start at $95

*delivery/set up service additional

Ask about our Adopt - A - School Project. Your school could be selected to receive donated decor (865)-719-8110


Above: Neon is all the RAVE for Homecoming dances with glowing balloons floating over the dance floor. Available with or without lights. Dance floor decor starts at $525, varies according to style and size. Right: Wild & Crazy Neon Tree 10' tall, $169.97 Below: Need Foil only decor? We are experts in creating foil balloon decor.

Ask about our Adopt - A School Project. Your school could be selected to receive donated decor (865)-719-8110

Football Games & Senior Nights

Kick off your football season with an arch on the field in your school colors. Perfect for Homecoming celebrations and Senior Night honors too! Classic Arch shown above is 9' x 10' and is $250* Football Season Decor Packages available so you can have decor at every home game. Mascot Designs available. Left: Football Twist Columns feature 36" foil football tops - $129.95 each* *delivery/set up service additional (865)-719-8110

It's Elementary Decor

photo compliments Balloon Masters, Buffalo

BA ord, C ren F a K y est court photo

Crayons & pencils Staples in elementary schools are a fun way to decorate many school events. Start at $79. (865)-719-8110

Fall Festivals Left: Not-so-Scary Fall Festival with friendly woodland creatures and a fall tree welcomed guests arriving to the Hardin Valley Elementary Fall Festival. Sculptures typically start at $225.

Below Right: Fall colored Wild & Crazy Tree, 9' tall, top spreads out over 8' - $169.95

Right: Classic Spiral Columns in warm fall colors with fall leaf imprints. These are 5' tall and a 3' orange topper makes it 8' tall. Classic Columns come in varying heights, endless colors and toppers. Start at $95*

*delivery/set up service additional (865)-719-8110

Fall Festivals Hosting a more traditional Halloween Themed festival? We can do that without scaring the kiddos too much!

This woven Halloween themed 5' deep tunnel arch featured "scary" ghost, skeletons, bats, spiders, and spider webs as the entrance to the "No Too Scary Haunted House" activity. "Frank" made a perfect entrance for another event. (865)-719-8110

Winter Formals Let us make decorating your winter formals a snap!

Full room decor Centerpieces Dance Floor decor Ceiling decor Organic designs (865)-719-8110

Valentine Dances

Above: Bonny Kate School Daddy & Daughters danced the night away under crisscrossed Leaping Arch dance floor. Leaping Arch Dance floor starts at $395, varies according to side and amount of arches in design.

Above Right: WVMS Student Council hosted their annual Valentine's Dance and wanted simple decor to create a festive dance floor boundary. Even with limited budgets, balloons can make a room look great. Just Ask Us. (865)-719-8110

Spring Festivals

Arches to fit your festival theme! Great for group photos!

Photo Frame to fit your festival theme! Great for group photos! (865)-719-8110

Appreciation Celebrations Research shows people want appreciation more than money. Saying "Thanks!" to dedicated teachers, staff & parents is essential! Adding balloons to any appreciation event raises the energy level and shows people you care about them.

No need to hassle with transporting balloons in your car. We deliver right to your event and set up decor for you. Bouquets start at $14.97 Above is a basic 5-balloon bouquet - Starts at $22.97 Super-sized (below right) start at $24.87 (865)-719-8110

Awards Ceremonies Left: Leaping Arches and Centerpieces set a festive tone for the Eagleton Middle Year-End Sports Banquet. Leaping Arches start at $115 each. Below: Another year, Eagleton Middle chose Puff Ball Centerpieces ($19.97) and Star Blast Ceiling Hangers to help celebrate. $49.95

Stunning all foil blue and silver staggered columns created very special stage decor for the Hero Awards ceremony. (865)-719-8110

Graduation Magic Foil Columns are long lasting and perfect for graduation.

Above: Classic Columns with a colored number arch created the backdrop for Hardin Valley Senior Awards Ceremony.

Top Middle: Let grads have a perfect photo backdrop to celebrate. Middle: Standard Bouquets that feature curlie ques lined the gym awaiting placement for the graduation celebration. Right: Star Blast column greeted graduating 8th graders for Sacred Heart.

Above: Celebrate with a balloon drop in your school colors! (865)-719-8110

Prom Themes No need to buy cardboard props and spend hours putting them together. Let us save you time & frustration! We'll create the perfect prom decor for your theme. Popular prom themes: Casino Night Hollywood Paris Under the Sea Starry Nights Mardi Gras or Masquerade Circus Fire & Ice Neon Gatsby Black & White With the use of balloons, fabric, and lights, your prom theme will come alive--and you won't have to round up volunteers, slave away for hours to plan, and then create decor OR CLEAN UP. Students won't have to work on prom day to decorate. Just call us and we will design, create, install, and even clean up for you! Following pages are just a few examples of proms we've decorated. More are available in our Prom Catalog. (865)-719-8110

Alice in Wonderland

A magical garden of flowers and mushrooms framed the dance floor for the Oak Ridge High School Prom.

10' tall mushrooms, giant flowers, and the Cheshire Cat invited students to dance the night away. Specialty prom theme decor starts at $1,000. Varies according to details of decor desired. Classic Prom decor starts at $500. (865)-719-8110

Great Gatsby

Gold confetti in plastic balloon bubbles, real ostrich feathers & fabric created a perfect Gatsby look. (865)-719-8110

A Night in Paris

Room-sized Eiffel Tower, golden globe chandeliers, feather centerpieces, French-styled photo backdrop, and fabric draped walls all available for a NIght in Paris. (865)-719-8110

Black & White Central High's prom featured dance floor columns and overhead arches that all lit up at night to create a twinkling look for prom guests. Decor available with or without lights. Lights availabe for inside balloons, hanging underneath, or uplights.

For the Farragut High prom, we combined white balloon arches with twinkling lights, fabric, and gold confetti balloons. (865)-719-8110

Casino Bets are that Lenoir City High School students had a fun evening at their glitzy styled Casino themed prom. 5' x 15' gold and silver chandeliers hung over the dance floor. Shiny Star Danglers hung over the guest tables, and a Casino themed arch greeted students.

Ask us to create the Vegas themed decor perfect for your prom. (865)-719-8110

Vegas Night

Oh Baby! It's Vegas! Left: Red and gold palm Vegas style palm trees lined the red carpet to welcome guests.

Above: Custom made, lit double-sided sign hung at the end of the red carpet walk. Left: Dance floor columns of giant playing cards, foil suits of the deck arches and "VEGAS BABY" made dancing fun for all. (865)-719-8110

Mardi Gras/Masquerade Mardi Gras/Masquerade themes are popular because they are full of mystique and bright colors. We can create simple decor like the classic column on left or make more elaborate designs like custom masks, arches and ceiling decor. Stock Mardi Gras fabrics include gold, black, purple, and sequined fabrics. (865)-719-8110

Under the Sea Right: Jefferson County High students danced "Under the Sea" as 15' strands of seaweed, fish, and jelly fish "floated" over their heads. Below: Entrance decor included colorful seaweed and bubbles.

Right: Welcome to "Under the Sea", said the sea worthy octopus who was at the registration table. Centerpiece decor available as well as room decor. (865)-719-8110

Most Popular Decor Styles Quick Reference guide to our most popular decor styles. Many others are available. (Drawings not to scale) Helium-Filled Decor

Air-Filled Decor

Puff Ball Centerpiece $19.97

Basic Centerpiece $22.97

Leaping Arch Starts at $115, vary according to length

Helium pricing is subject to change on a daily basis due to availability of helium

Star Blast Puff Ball with Ceiling Hanger Ribbons $49.97 $32.97

*delivery/set up service additional Organic Decor Designs start at $395

Helium Bouquets Standard & Super-sized 3' Bubbles start at $14.97, vary Start at $35, according to amount in varies according bouquet & embellishments to embellishments

Air-Filled Decor Classic Arch start at $250.95

Classic Columns Start at $95

Wild & Crazy Tree $169.95

Puff Ball Column Starts at $62.95

Double Puff Ball Column Starts at $95.95

Celebration Twist Starts at 129.95

Festive Flower $59.95 (865)-719-8110

FAQ's & Helpful Answers How do we know what to order for our event? That's EASY! Just call or email us. We will ask you several questions about your event, the venue, your event's goal, vision, and budget. We listen carefully and provide our expert direction to best serve you.

What is the Delivery/Set up Service Fee? A favorite service of our clients! No hassle in shoving balloons into your car, finding someone with a large enough vehicle to transport, or worrying about popped balloons! We do all of that for you! Pricing is determined by location, access to the venue, time of delivery, and the amount of decor being delivered. Delivery begins at $45. Early morning and late night service is Premium Service, resulting in higher service fee. Optional pick up at our studio is available for smaller decor items.

What is the Breakdown/Strike Service Fee? Another of our clients' favorite services is Breakdown Service because at the end of your long event day, you get to leave early! We take care of removing all decor we installed, including moving heavy base plates! AAAH relaxing! Pricing is determined by location, access to the venue, time of breakdown, and the amount of decor being removed. Breakdown to begins at $45 for daytime events. Early morning and late night service is Premium Service, resulting in higher service fee and starts at $95.

May we do the Breakdown ourselves? Of course! If you prefer to pop and dispose of ALL of the balloons, (or give them away) have a transport vehicle, and return any base plates, poles and framing to use within 24 hours of your event, you are welcome to breakdown and save the service fee. Our studio is located at 1501 Ebenezer Road. If we are not there, please leave the items on the covered porch. For fabric we do all breakdown service.

Do you do provide fabric draping service? Indeed! We've been fabric draping experts for over a decade. Visit our website to see an extensive gallery of our luxury draping. Yes, we will do custom colors too.

Do you give school discounts? Typically we offer schools extra decor as a type of discount. We do have an Adopt-a-School program in which a school can apply to be awarded complimentary decor for 1/4 of the school year. Ask us for details and limitations. (865)-719-8110

Contact Information Dianna Glandon, President, CBA Â 1501 Ebenezer Road - Knoxville, TN 37922

1801 Grenada Blvd - Knoxville. TN 37922



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