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A DAWN OF A NEW DECADE… Another year has passed and 2019 was certainly a fabulous year for the performance sector of the automotive industry With record crowds attending the Summernats, Motorex and World Time Attack here in Australia, coupled with record breaking crowds at SEMA and PRI, our industry is very buoyant. Sales of the Ford Mustang continue to defy the “norm” and it has been crowned Australia’s top selling performance (Sports) car for four years in a row. Sales do not appear to be waning either with Ford confirming that Australia is set to see more numbers of this iconic car in the coming years. The Dodge RAM has also taken everyone by surprise, selling more than 1500 units and with Toyota looking to sell the Tundra, Nissan set to launch the V8 Titan, Ford to launch the F150 and Chevrolet set to launch the Silverado 1500, we are just starting to see this segment warm up!

now open for business and provides Australian automotive product designers, manufacturers and start-ups with the tools, technology, vehicles, expertise and a collaborative environment required to innovate, design, test and manufacture for local and export markets.

In terms of the continued growth of Dual Cab Utes as a performance option, Ford, Toyota, Mitsubishi and Holden are all selling enhanced versions of their models (Ranger/Hilux/Triton/Colorado) so our focus needs to ensure that we embrace this market and adapt to market demands.

Advanced manufacturing services including 3D scanning and printing, measuring sessions, technology transfer, Computer Aided Design and prototyping will be provided. In addition, advanced product development and testing facilities will significantly reduce the time and cost in developing innovative new products for local and global markets.

The Automotive Innovation Centre (AIC) is also

Australian automotive aftermarket industry

manufacturers are currently producing parts, components and technology worth more than $5 billion each year. Our companies are world leaders in the design and manufacture of specialty products with a technological advantage such as 4WD, high performance and motorsport components. These products are purchased on innovation, performance and features rather than on price and our businesses have been successful because they have made significant investments in R&D and capital equipment and have a strong export focus. In short, there is a lot to be excited about as we face a new decade ahead! Graham Scudamore-Smith, Chairman, PRTC

TURBOSMART RELEASES WINNING ELECTRONIC EXTERNAL WASTEGATE New Product Award winner at SEMA 2019 Turbosmart recently released its much anticipated eWG Electronic Wastegate: a fully electronic actuatable external wastegate in 45mm and 60mm options. The release saw Turbosmart go back to back as SEMA New Product Award winners, with an award for the Gen-V e-WG 60mm Electronic Wastegate in 2019 backing up their 2018 win for the Universal Kompact EM Blow Off Valve. Turbosmart also won five further SEMA Global Media Awards, covering both the e-WG60 Electronic Wastegate and the Gen-V internal wastegate actuator. Selected from nearly 3000 products that were featured at this year’s SEMA show, each journalist judge selected products that would be of most interest to their publications’ readers and most likely to succeed commercially in their respective countries. Speaking of the back to back SEMA recognition, Turbosmart Chief Executive Officer, Nic Cooper said he was very excited. “I’m just so excited for my team. This has been a 4

Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine February 2020

project of pure passion for the guys and it’s been a long time in the making!” Nic said. “We’re proud of what we’ve achieved here and it just spurs us on to continue innovating and finding new ways to apply technology to our customers’ needs.” In 2016, Turbosmart rolled out the Gen-V External wastegate range and one of the key benefits of this design was the modular architecture; allowing a rotatable diaphragm housing, optional water cooling and the ability to swap actuators housings between gate sizes; ensuring Turbosmart had a gate for every customer need, no matter the size or control requirements. Turbosmart says its e-WG45 and e-WG60 give you all the flow and interchangeability of Turbosmart’s Gen-V range of External wastegates, with the kind of control never seen before: independent of any reference signal, without the need for compressed gas or boost hoses and fully adjustable from your tuning interface, there is no need for changing springs and boost control is

completely adjustable from your laptop. Mechanically actuated wastegates have been truly tried and tested over the years. Turbosmart says the Gen-V range particularly has proven itself in the harshest of environments and continues to set world records and claim fans with their reliability and performance. As boost control strategies become more and more complex however, Turbosmart explains it went back to the drawing board for a solution that maintains all the performance and reliability of the Gen-V range and adds truly infinite control. The Turbosmart e-WG operates on a current draw while providing fast and efficient boost control against up to 80psi drive pressure (e-WG60) and over 120psi for the e-WG45. As with the Gen-V range there is a provision for optional water cooling. For more information, visit www.turbosmart.com.au


SUMMERNATS CELEBRATES The 33rd instalment of Summernats was held across January 2-5 Street Machine Summernats 33, proudly supported by Rare Spares, once again proved a huge success with more than 2,200 cars – the second highest number in Summernats history – and 100,000 people joining together to celebrate the best of Australian car culture in Canberra. “Summernats 33 was simply awesome with every day being action packed and having something for everyone,” Summernats Co-Owner, Andy Lopez, said. “The best bit of this year’s Summernats, for me, is that even though we had some of the most challenging weather conditions ever seen at Summernats, every person that came through this site…walked away with a smile on their face, which just shows you how passionate our entrants and spectators are about this event. That is what the Summernats is all about.” The Summernats Grand Champion for 2020 was Todd Sorensen, owner of Rocksolid Autobody in West Ipswich, Queensland. He was the 33rd recipient of the highest Summernats honour with his beautiful 1967 Chevrolet Impala Coupe and accepted the huge Grand Champion sword from event founder Chic Henry. “To win the Summernats Grand Champion award with a street driven show car…it’s the Holy Grail of awards. It’s still sinking in really, I still can’t believe it!” Todd said. The Impala Coupe has been owned by Todd for 10 years now, and while he has been tinkering with it from the beginning, the build didn’t really ramp up until about five to six years into ownership. Todd utilised his skills in the trade to present the car in a subtle but striking design. The car was first unveiled in front of crowds at last year’s Summernats 32. The People’s Choice Award, a car not chosen by judges but by the spectators themselves, received thousands of votes with the winner for 2020 being Gareth Lougher and his 1967 White Holden HR Sedan all the way from Bedfordale, WA. The MPW Dyno Cell and Mainline ProHub 3000

hub dyno was the testing arena for some of the nation’s most powerful cars. The Horsepower Hero Award – awarded to the street registered car with the most power on the dyno for the whole event – was given to Maria Passos in her orange 2003 BA Ford Falcon 6 Cylinder “RIP SS”, which pulled an impressive 2,202hp or almost seven times the factory engine power. While the awards are the pinnacle of Summernats for many, for others, it is the coveted National Burnout Championship and National Burnout Masters that were the focus with crowds filling the grandstands and around the Burnout Track treated to performances from the best burnout competitors in the country. The Burnout Masters Winner was Rick Fuller in his bright green VF Holden Commodore Ute “FULL ON.” Rick also took out the Summernats Burnout Championship Award in his yellow VK Holden Commodore Sedan “LSONE.” The event was opened on the Friday with the largest Summernats City Cruise ever which saw almost 500 wild machines cruising down Canberra’s Northbourne Avenue. In the Meguiar’s Pavilion there was more than $20 million worth of incredible cars including the amazing Top 60 judged vehicles and the Meguiar’s Great Unveil cars. Also entertaining the crowds was Lawnmower racing – including the Celebrity Lawnmower race where the Aussies battled the Americans. Cleetus McFarland represented his home country of the USA, with Shannon Noll, Bubba, Jake Myers, Gary Myers and John Bowe successfully battling to keep the trophy on home soil with the title of the Lawnmower Race Champion of the Universe World Series Title Cup going to Shannon Noll. Traders and exhibitors enjoyed the huge interest in their products and services and attendees drew inspiration or took home some new items to care for or modify their pride and joys. The latest initiative at Summernats 33 was the Burson Garage, with multiple traders under one roof in

the Mallee Pavilion – including Burson Auto Parts themselves who made their debut as a major event sponsor – giving attendees the opportunity to purchase parts and accessories for their cars. The annual Mullet Competition also brought out some great specimens and good fun once again, while the Body Art Nationals saw top-notch artistic designs on show. The two most recently added features to the Summernats line-up, Skid Row and Drifting, were also heavily utilised throughout the fourday festival. Skid Row always had the crowds entertained whenever it was open to use, which enabled drivers to create some smoke in a safe environment without having to enter the Burnout Track. The high-performance displays of Drifting produced some tyre smoke and a driving style of another kind, but one the crowds thoroughly enjoyed with plenty of attendees hopping into cars for laps around the track. Summernats 34 will be held across January 7 - 10, 2021 at Exhibition Park in Canberra. Very Early Bird Tickets are now available at www.summernats.com.au Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine February 2020



FUTURE-PROOFING THE PERFORMANCE AFTERMARKET A look at opportunities to make money out of the growing EV carparc The world is turning to electric low-emission transport, a sector which is expected to accelerate rapidly in Australia throughout the next decade. Even motorsport is turning to EVs with the fledgling Formula E racing series growing in popularity year on year. Tesla’s Model S and Model 3 Performance target a market sector that previously would have paid the price for high performance sports cars and sports saloons, so what does this mean for the automotive aftermarket and the accessories sector in particular? While there has been lots of concern within the automotive aftermarket industry about what a potential decline of Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) powered cars will mean, AAAA member company EVUp claims there will be many opportunities. EVUp client, airline pilot Steven, explains he is as keen to accessorise his Tesla Model 3 Performance as he has been with any other car he has owned.

Steven describes himself as a revhead who has previously owned a WRX STI but as a father of two, has become more eco-conscious. “Owning a Model 3 is a small step environmentally, but I wanted to be at the start of this EV movement, and I hope that owning this car will influence others in the transition to transport electrification,” Steven said. “I’ve never spent this much on a family car, until the Model 3 came along. Put simply, they’re unique. The first time behind the wheel was pure amazement and joy. It’s on par with the first time I piloted an A380, that’s how much I rate it.” For his Model 3 Performance, Steven installed a chrome delete kit from the US, wheel centre caps, wheel nut covers from Hong Kong and paint ceramic coating done locally. The wider EV community is buying wireless phone charging pads, auto trunk openers, floor mats, touchscreen glass protection, wheel rims and paint touch up kits from overseas suppliers. Also common are paint protection film, bike and roof racks, spare tyre jacks and tools, tyre puncture plug kits, glass roof sunshades and drag performance meters. There are many aftermarket businesses watching the evolution of electric vehicles overseas, such as AAAA member MAHA Australia who is working with Porsche to deliver hoists for the all-electric Taycan sports sedan, due in Australia later this year. Four

dedicated bays are being installed at Porsche’s Melbourne workshop, with space for a cart to slide in for easy underside battery pack removal. Castrol is working with OEMs to develop ‘e-fluids’ for hybrid and electric vehicles to reduce torque stress on gears and bearings, which is compatible with components which conduct electricity. EVUP’s partner company, EVolution Australia, is working on ICE to EV conversions for eco-tourism social enterprise Jaunt Motors. Fourteen Series 2a Land Rovers create a fleet of zero-emission off-road vehicles which can be rented for the weekend by eco-aware adventurers. EVUp has a team of electric vehicle charging infrastructure specialists who are creating an intelligent, integrated and connected network of AC and DC charging for Australian EV owners. For more information about providing EV charging for your customers visit www.evup.com.au, call EVUp’s Emma Sutcliffe on 0409 040 499 or email emma@evup.com.au

PHILLIP ISLAND CLASSIC JUST AROUND THE CORNER One of the world’s largest historic car races is set for another successful event The Phillip Island Classic ‘Festival of Motorsport’ will once again have upwards of 500 entries featuring cars from every state in Australia plus entries from New Zealand, UK and America for exciting racing over three days across the 6th to the 8th of March. With the strong support of leading automotive parts supplier Burson Auto Parts as naming rights sponsor as well as long term major sponsors Cooldrive, Penrite and Shannons plus a host of other national and international brands, the Phillip Island Classic enters its 31st year in 2020. Internationally recognised, the event has been in the top six in the world on no less than four occasions and is attracting worldwide interest and larger attendance crowds’ year on year. Of special interest this year will be the UK Chevron B6 Sports Car of Andy Newell, USA Paddins Dowling’s 1939 Maserati 4CL Grand Prix car and the Porsche 356 from USA based 6

Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine February 2020

Earnest Nagamatsu along with three cars from New Zealand including the JPS BMW 635 which will be driven by another Australian legend, Jim Richards and the famous BMW M3 to be driven by Greg Murphy. Patron for the 2020 event has been announced as the celebrated Australian motorsport legend Larry Perkins, inaugural European Formula 3 Champion, Touring Car Champion and multiple Bathurst 1000 winner with Peter Brock in 1982 to 1984 in the famous Holden Commodore. Larry’s son Jack Perkins will race the fully restored Holden Commodore raced in the 2003 Bathurst event by his father. The event will celebrate the 60th anniversary of Frank Coad’s win in the Armstrong 500, later to become the Bathurst 1000, and the event will acknowledge the 40th anniversary of Alan Jones World Championship win. Peter Brock will also be remembered, as 2020 represents the 40th anniversary of his first Bathurst win. Super Sprints

for 5 litre Touring Cars will also be featured over the race days. Once again there will be more than 1,000 cars on display with the VHRR receiving overwhelming support from Australian Car Clubs of every marque including the Marcos Car Club, 403 Peugeot and Commodore Car Club. Special rides around the track will also raise funds to support ‘The Male Bag Foundation’ headed up by AFL Legend David Parkin. For more information, visit www.vhrr.com.au


MEETING THE NEEDS OF THE RACING AND STREET MACHINE MARKET Australian Clutch Services distributes its high-performance brands throughout Australia and the world The Adelaide-based Australian Clutch Services (ACS) is an Australian-owned company specialising in the development and supply of innovative clutch kits and components. With more than 60 employees, seven major brands and over 30 years of operation behind it, the company offers a range of performance street and motorsport products through the Xtreme Clutch and Xtreme Outback brands in the Australian, New Zealand and European markets. At the same time, it has developed its XClutch range specifically for the performance applications found in the American market. Thanks to its commitment to clutch development and innovation, the company says it has become a major exporter to New Zealand, Europe and America and its products are now a favourite amongst rally, racing, drifting and street machine enthusiasts all around the world. In fact, ACS’s performance brands, Xtreme Clutch and Xtreme Outback, are extensively utilised in motorsport applications around the world. “Our motorsport range has grown rapidly over the years and we have a long history providing clutch kits for drift cars where durability and performance is critical. We now have some of the world’s top drivers and teams using our products to gain a competitive edge on the competition,” ACS Managing Director, Brenton Jordan, explains. “Our motorsport upgrades are used across almost every motorsport discipline including circuit racing, rally, drag racing, time attack, drifting and endurance off-road racing. We always look to provide a variety of different motorsport upgrades for each vehicle so that the customer can choose


Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine February 2020

a clutch kit best suited to the vehicle use and performance.” Brenton believes the company’s ability to adjust quickly to new and ever-changing market conditions has been critical to the expansion of ACS’s successful export program. “One of the biggest factors to our success in Europe and America has been our ability to supply products that no one else can,” Brenton says. “Being more flexible in our development has allowed us to produce many world first performance upgrades for our Xtreme Clutch and Xtreme Outback brands. “This allowed us to break into niche markets and because of the quality and performance of these kits, the brand name quickly grew throughout the entire performance and 4x4 industries.” Stock holding is also one of the factors that Brenton emphasises throughout the organisation and ACS has continued to expand its distribution facilities around Australia. “Having the kit close to our customers and ready to go is one of the most important factors in today’s market,” he said. “With current market trends and the number of vehicles on the road, our customers need the products as quickly as possible to ensure they can support their own customer networks.” ACS now has ten warehouses around Australia with extensive stock holdings of complete clutch kits and hydraulics. It all began more than 30 years ago when ACS was founded in 1989 as Adelaide Clutch

Brenton Jordan Services. Originally, the business was focused around remanufacturing and servicing clutch components. “When we first started out, clutch manufacturing procedures were nothing like they are today,” Brenton explains. “Back then, when you needed a clutch, you purchased a rebuilt unit rather than buying brand new components. “At the time this was viable in Australia and I sometimes look back on the days of driving around picking up old worn out clutch kits from our customers around the state, ready to go through the rebuild process.” Brenton was, and still is, an avid car enthusiast and enjoyed working on restoration projects and competing in motorsport. “I had a number of restoration and racing projects. It was a massive help to have those projects when I was younger as it really helps you to understand the importance of quality components and puts you in the customer’s shoes,” Brenton said.


After the introduction of the GST and with significant changes to the production procedures for clutch components, remanufacturing was no longer a viable option and ACS completely changed its core business to the supply and manufacture of new clutch kits and components. “The days of rebuilding old components are long gone and now we only rebuild kits for very specific classic car applications or vintage agricultural applications where the components simply cannot be sourced,” explains Brenton. “The business now is almost unrecognisable from its days in the 1990s in terms of the range of products, the number of employees and the facilities.” The company originally started out in a relatively small facility before expanding into its current head office. “We started off in a small facility in Torrensville which quickly became overcrowded with both stock and employees,” Brenton says. “After the introduction of the GST and changes to our core business, we determined this facility would not effectively support the research and development which was required for manufacturing and testing, so we started scouting areas to build a purpose-built facility.”

ACS opened its new headquarters in the industrial hub of Wingfield in 2005. The development of this new facility allowed for greater stock holding and research and development resulting in a major growth period in the Australian market. “We pride ourselves on offering our customers the highest levels of service and quality. Our technical support staff and state of the art research and development facility help us to keep the highest standards possible,” Brenton said. “Each of our kits are put through a strict process for development and we don’t just look at getting the highest clamp load possible, but also focus on elements like driveability and clamping force over the lifecycle of the product.” In 2006, ACS took on a new challenge with a shift into the export market. “Moving into the export market was a major change for us as a business,” Brenton said. “There were many challenges and obstacles we had to overcome, but it has become a major part of our business and we are proud to see how highly renowned our brands are all over the world.” ACS’ first export market was New Zealand before it expanded into Europe. These markets quickly grew and in 2018, ACS expanded even further

to include a warehouse in the US holding their American performance brand, XClutch. “We are very excited to be expanding into the US market. After the success we have seen in New Zealand and Europe, it was an obvious next step for us and is already proving to be very successful,” Brenton said. Brenton credits the success of ACS to its ability to quickly adjust to changing market trends whilst retaining the highest quality, innovation and service. “The business has been built around adapting to market change. Our first major change was to adjust to the introduction of the GST by becoming a manufacturer and supplier rather then focusing on the remanufacturing services we were offering previously,” he explained. “We have worked hard to ensure we can quickly adjust our business to changes in clutch technology and car manufacturing trends which is how we have been able to develop such a diverse range of standard replacement and performance clutch kits and accessories.” Looking at future challenges, Brenton believes ACS is well placed to face the rapidly evolving automotive aftermarket and Australian car parc. “We are seeing lots of new technology in clutch, despite what people may think about the decrease of manual vehicle sales,” he said. “Dual Clutch Transmission technology is a perfect example of this change and we have already focused on expanding our range of DCT clutch kits as well as the specialised tools required for installation to ensure that our distribution network has access to the products they need to support their own local markets. “As we continue to grow, we will not lose focus on our core values or the relationships we have built with our customers around Australia and the world.” For more on Australian Clutch Services, visit www.australianclutch.com.au Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine February 2020




Australian-owned and operated manufacturer, Davies, Craig has launched an enhanced EWP Header-Adaptor to suit GM Generation III and IV SB engines. This beautifully crafted LS Series Header-Adaptor has been engineered to replace the belt-driven mechanical water pump and thermostat; and to accompany the installation of a Davies, Craig remote-mounted Electric Water Pump (EWP) and LCD EWP/Fan Digital Controller Combo Pack. Davies, Craig says these iconic GM V8 engines are becoming the ‘transplant/crate’ engine of choice, renowned for their light weight and basic high horsepower output. The Davies, Craig Electric Water Pump HeaderAdaptor, coupled to one of the EWP115, EWP130 or EWP150 Electric Water Pump Combo Kits, is said to free up the parasitic power loss inherent with mechanical water pumps. This Header-Adaptor replaces the belt-driven mechanical water pump, provides more efficient coolant flow, engine warm-up and cooling, eliminates heat soak and increases engine horsepower. For its research and development program with this latest innovation, Davies, Craig purchased a Walkinshaw V8 Commodore equipped with a LS engine. The prototype of this latest version was installed along with a EWP150 Electric Water Pump and LCD EWP/Fan Digital Controller and rigorously road tested for a number of months.


Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine February 2020

During this period the car was placed on the world-renowned Dyno Dynamics’ dynamometer at its Bayswater Headquarters and given a very solid work-out. Davies, Craig reports the throttle response was the first most noticeable improvement, once the belt-driven mechanical water pump was removed. This advanced Davies, Craig EWP Header-Adaptor allows end-users to enjoy superior engine cooling technology using Davies, Craig’s Electric Water Pump (EWP) and the LCD EWP/Fan Controller Combo Pack. Deleting the existing mechanical iron-age water pump from the front of the engine block also frees up valuable space, allowing for the installation of a high performance 14” or 16” Davies, Craig Thermatic electric fans. The EWP Header-Adaptor Kit (Part #8670) consists of the following components: • 1 Adaptor Block • 1 Adaptor Back Plate   • 2 Adaptor Spacers • 1 Plate Gasket • 4 Spacer Gaskets • 1 Outlet -16AN to 38mm (1½”) Hose Fitting • 1 Inlet -12AN to 38mm (1½”) Hose Fitting • 1 Inlet Plug -12AN • 2 x ½” NPT 19mm (3/8”) Hose fittings   • 1 Heater Return fitting • 2 Hose Clamps • 1 Screw-type Belt Tensioner

• 1 6PK1560 Belt • 11 M5 Flange Bolts Additional available components (not supplied) include: • Davies, Craig’s EWP150 Combo Kit, Part #8970 (recommended) • Top/Bottom Radiator Hoses (Retained) • Mechanical Water Pump Bolts (Retained) • Heater Hose and Joiners (if required) The LCD EWP/Fan Digital Controller mounts comfortably in the vehicle for instant visibility and access, monitoring your engine’s coolant temperature and a suite of other specific functions. These include monitoring of the EWP and Electric Fan operations, voltage, high and low temperatures as well as diagnostic checks of the Thermal Sensor and set/targeted temperature. This LCD EWP/Fan Digital Controller Part #8002 is now supplied in a ‘slimmed down’ more compact version with extra solid mounting options at both the top and rear of the unit, along with the existing Velco patch. The Connector Plug is now hidden at the base of the Controller. The LCD screen shows the present engine coolant temperature at a glance and there are also symbols to indicate EWP and Fan operation, current voltage and audible alarm if the set/ targeted temperature exceeds 10c or if coolant temperature has not reached 40c within five minutes of ignition. When used in conjunction with a Davies, Craig Electric Water Pump (EWP) this Digital Controller allows your engine to warm up quicker as it ‘pulses’ the EWP until the engine is warm and then controls the pump speed to maintain the target engine temperature. The controller will also run the pump after engine shut down to eliminate heat soak (three minutes or until the temp is 10 deg C below the target temp).


The LCD EWP/Fan Digital Controller is factory set to 85c and can be simply set at any incremental temperature between 40c and 110c. Davies, Craig says you can set the temperature you desire, normally at the manufacturer’s thermostat temperature, and allow the Controller to manage the rest. The brass Thermal Sensor equipped with a ¼” NPT thread can be mounted either in the top radiator hose with the Nylon Adaptor supplied, in the top of the radiator adjacent to the hot water inlet, in the thermostat housing or in the manifold close to the coolant outlet on the engine. Coolant flow emerges as one of the last aspects of an engine’s cooling system to be addressed; but typically, this is where a majority of cooling system problems originate. A stock standard mechanical water pump has excessive impellor

clearance and straight impellor blades, usually open front and back. At low RPM, this style of impellor produces insufficient coolant flow resulting in an engine overheating. At high RPM the same style impellor generates cavitation and aeration, again resulting in an overheating engine. Davies, Craig says there is a misconception that slowing down the mechanical water pump and thus the coolant flow may result in the engine operating cooler when, in fact, it may only reduce possible cavitation. It says the most efficient method to circulate engine coolant is with an electric water pump that is monitored by an electronic controller that senses coolant temperature and varies the coolant flow commensurate with engine temperature. Davies, Craig says its range of Electric Water Pumps (EWP) with highly engineered swept-

blade impellors and tight clearances in the volute chamber alleviate the possibilities of cavitation as the coolant flow is more evenly increased as the engine temperature increases and so on. It says the heat-monitored speed control of the Davies, Craig Electric Water Pump – which is managed by the LCD EWP/Fan Digital Controller – is an engine cooling solution with multiple benefits including eliminating high/ low RPM during acceleration and deacceleration and offering full coolant flow after hot engine shut-down as the EWP and an electric fan will continue to operate for at least three minutes or until the engine is 10c below your targeted/ set temperature. Davies, Craig says this prevents heat soak and possible hot spots that may form in the cylinder heads which can have dire consequences. For more information, visit www.daviescraig.com.au

Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine Publisher, Cameron McLachlan, takes a look at the products driving the automotive aftermarket. cameron@aaaa.com.au Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine February 2020



NEW ‘DROP-IN’ SUBARU MODULE For MY07-MY09 GT Liberty, MY08-MY12 XT Forester, MY08-MY14 WRX and MY08-MY20 STI Thanks to Bosch Motorsport Australia and its BR540 Fuel Pump, KPM Motorsport has in conjunction with S&J Automotive developed a ‘drop-in’ Subaru 700hp (525KW) Fuel Pump Module Assembly. The plug and play module is comprised of an OEM carrier and lower housing with a KPM Motorsport fuel pump mount, swirl pot, lines, wiring harness and true ethanol friendly BR540 high output fuel pump. KPM Motorsport and S&J Automotive say the development and testing of this “easy to install 700hp Hi-Output Fuel Pump Module” has crushed the long standing belief that there is a need to replace the 8mm OD factory Subaru fuel line with a 10mm variant, and run a second in-line fuel pump when pushing the EJ Boxer engines beyond 500HP (375KW).

Even at 29psi boost, the ‘Subaru 700HP Fuel Pump Module’ sustains a flow rate of 271L/H at 18.5 amps. It is recommended that if boost targets exceed 21psi, a Hi-Flow 1:1 Aftermarket Fuel Pressure Regulator be retro-fitted at the engines return line in place of the OEM regulator to ensure that variations in return fuel flow are lessened. The ‘Subaru 700HP Fuel Pump Module’ is available through S&J Automotive and KPM Motorsport at $1795 RRP For more information, visit www.SJAutomotive.com.au or www.kpmmotorsport.com.au 12

Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine February 2020

PARADIGM SHIFT FOR ELECTROMOBILITY ZF presents new electric two-speed drive for passenger cars ZF has unveiled a new two-speed electric drive for passenger cars, introducing the next stage of electromobility to the passenger car segment. ZF’s new two-speed electric drive integrates an advanced electric motor with a shift element and appropriate power electronics. The improvement in energy conversion efficiency compared to previous e-drives extends the driving range for each battery charge.  The compact design makes this new drive system of interest for passenger cars in the compact class. The unit’s modular design can also be fine-tuned and scaled up for use in sports and performance vehicles.  “For electric vehicles in everyday use, it is important to obtain as much range as possible from each battery charge,” Head of System House at ZF’s E-Mobility division, Bert Hellwig, said.   “Every percent of improvement in energy conversion efficiency translates into two percent more range.”  To increase the performance rating of the new electric axle drive system, ZF leveraged its expertise in systems to develop a new electric motor with a maximum power rating of 140 kW paired with a two-stage shift element.  “Bringing together our know-how in relation to electric motors, gearboxes, and power electronics ensures that we achieve the best possible range from each battery charge,” Bert said.   Vehicles with the new two-speed drive consume less energy, which in turn extends range by up to five percent when compared to a one-speed unit. Shifts take place at 70 km/h.  By connecting to the vehicle’s CAN communication, it is also possible – if the customer so wishes – to devise other shift strategies, possibly linked to digital map material and GPS. 

For example, the vehicle could identify from the GPS route programming how far it is to the next charging station, enabling it to respond predictively by switching into Eco-mode. More effective shifts would also be possible in accounting for topography on various types of roads, such as suburban streets, freeways and rural highways. The software in the drive can also be updated thanks to the network link to Cloud services via over-the-air updates.  For vehicle manufacturers, the new two-speed drive offers two options for using improved energy conversion efficiency. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) could either go for an extended range while retaining the same size of accumulator or utilise a smaller accumulator.  ZF says that thanks to the design of this unit that optimises installation space, the two-speed system is suitable for compact passenger cars where interior space is at a premium.  “Until now, with electric motors, vehicle manufacturers have had to choose between high initial torque and a high top speed,” Bert said.   “We are now resolving this conflict and the new drive will be compatible for performance and heavier vehicles – for example passenger cars towing a trailer.”  ZF’s modular approach combines the two-speed gearbox with even more powerful electric motors rated for up to 250 kW. This delivers enhanced acceleration and, potentially, faster top speeds. With its modular concept, the new drive can meet a variety of requirements, says ZF. For more information, visit www.zf.com/au


PROVEN COOLING PERFORMANCE For a large range of cooling requirements Over the last 35 years, Adrad says it has proven itself as a manufacturer of high quality, specialist cooling products; an achievement confirmed by its ISO9001-2015 accreditation. From locomotives and giant mining dump trucks to 4x4s, cars and everything in between, Adrad says it can provide an optimal cooling solution. High powered street machines, rally competition vehicles, speedway and track cars all depend on high performance cooling to protect their engines under punishing conditions.

Adrad’s XF fin radiator core provides cooling for every S5000 race car. Photo by Auto Action and S5000.com.au

When race vehicles were being developed for Australia’s new S5000 series by Gary Rogers Motorsport, Adrad was chosen to provide the specialist cooling for each car’s V8 engine and gearbox. Each of the two side pods contains a radiator and the gearbox cooler is mounted at the rear. These cars feature five litre engines based on a Coyote quad-cam V8, limited to 8,000rpm and delivering 560bhp (412kW) and 450 ft-lbs (610Nm). Power is conveyed via a Six-Speed sequential Holinger gearbox which is pneumatically operated by paddle shifters. Adrad explains its unique XF fin design alloy core delivers high heat transfer in a compact size that makes them ideal for this application. The XF core design is also used in water to air intercoolers for Harrop Engineering’s TVS2650 Supercharger kit to suit the S550 Mustang GT. These supercharger kits are capable of achieving over 1,100HP with supporting engine modifications to the Ford Coyote 5.0L V8. Adrad is also a regular supplier of alloy radiator

Adrad intercooler cores are fitted inside Harrop’s TVS2650 Supercharger for the S550 Mustang GT.

cores for Stadium Super Trucks in the US. These big 1.2m x 0.8m radiators are needed to keep the 600HP V8 engines cool during extremely aggressive racing. On the other hand, Hot Rods and Street Machines driven on the road may not reach high speeds but can still carry plenty of horsepower. These applications often require cooling built for show as well as go and Adrad offers high polish finishes and custom detailing options which can make the radiator, intercooler and oil cooler into a work of art. For more information, call Adrad on 1800 069 610.

Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine February 2020



READY TO RUN Available now from Aeroflow are XPRO ‘ready to run’ distributors and ignition products Aeroflow now offers a range of performance ignition products that includes distributors, coils, ignition leads and much more. It says XPRO distributors are available for the most popular V8 engines. The bodies are machined from 6061-T6 billet aluminium and utilise a chromium manganese titanium steel gear which is suited for use with all cam shafts. These distributors are ‘ready to run’ and do not require an external ignition box. The internal ignition module features a built in adjustable rev limiter. Aeroflow XPRO distributors are said to be easy to install with only three wires to connect and with weather tight connector and wiring harness included – simply connect the power, coil negative and earth. They also come with a grey output wire which is used to send a tach signal and set your built-in rev limiter or trigger your aftermarket EFI system. XPRO distributors have reportedly been developed over the last 12 months with rigorous testing on Aeroflow’s ignition test bench as well as extensive testing on different engines to ensure maximum performance and reliability. The XPRO range also includes specific and universal ignition lead kits which enable you to custom make your leads to your requirements. XPRO leads are spiral wound 8.5mm leads with low resistance and high

EMI suppression. The durable silicone sleeves with EPDM outer covers are available in red or black. XPRO coils are available in both canister style and coil packs with the various required clamps and mounts. Aeroflow says XPRO canister coils have been re-engineered for faster throttle response and higher rpm power and are effective to over 10,000RPM. Further, it says its XPRO Chevy LS style coils feature high quality internals that produce a higher voltage and spark, making for a powerful performance upgrade and a direct bolt-in for LS engines. For more information and to view Aeroflow’s complete XPRO Ignition range or to find your nearest distributor, visit www.aeroflowperformance.com or call Rocket Industries on 02 8825 1900.

THE AIR FLOW DEBATE Davies, Craig weighs in on this hot topic Davies, Craig says many a debate has been held relating to air flow in an engine’s cooling system and what is an adequate volume of air and what is not. Radiators assist with heat transfer from the core to air via coolant flow to and from the engine and adequate air flow and coolant circulation are crucial to the radiator’s effectiveness and efficiency. Scoops, lips, deflectors and recessed panels can be used to improve air flow when the frontal area of a vehicle is less than ideal. To function efficiently, the air stream on the front side of the radiator/needs to be higher than the air stream behind it. The next issue is the fan. Engine-driven fans must have a circular shroud to be fully effective, says Davies, Craig, which states the blades should have no more than one inch in clearance to the shroud. Some mechanical fans can reach a blade stall at high RPM, causing a ‘wall’ which prevents air from passing through it. Davies, Craig says the installation of a temperaturecontrolled, radiator mounted electric fan in the majority of cases is far more efficient. For this reason, consideration should be given to vehicle use for both low speed cruising and higher speed operation to ensure the effective channeling of air to the radiator while operating in both circumstances. Nearly all modern-day vehicles have an electric, temperature-controlled fan as standard equipment at the rear of the radiator and all modern electric fans have a standard circular shroud to maximise efficiency. Davies, Craig says you should pay attention the fan’s motor power (watts) and the published CFM (Cubic ft3/min) the specific fan produces; usually, the larger the electric fan, the higher the CFM. Davies, Craig publishes all the specifications and dimensions on its website: www.daviescraig.com.au Some electric fans may be enclosed in a metal or nylon cowling (or shroud) 14

Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine February 2020

which is designed to be rear radiator mounted only. At speeds of 60kmh or under, electric fans are most effective due to their total operating independence from engine revs. With ram air intake driving above 60kmh, a fan is not as necessary, says Davies, Craig, which states the use of a cowling can be problematic as encompassing the entire rear radiator core can inhibit air flow at speed. If there is a build-up of air pressure in the fan cowling or engine compartment, air flow across the radiator can stall, causing higher engine temperatures. For example, Davies, Craig notes an electric fan and cowling which covers the entire core should have “trap doors”, usually made of silicone, rubber or nylon installed to assist cooling efficiency. When cruising at low speed these trap doors will stay closed to prevent bypass while at speed, the doors will open to allow more air flow and prevent the cowling from damming the air. Since the engine compartment must be able to maintain pressure differential as vehicle speed increases, many OEMs install air dams or other wind deflector devices to increase the pressure at the face of the radiator and block the air from passing under the car. Davies, Craig says an electric fan’s operation is not ‘complete’ without an appropriate Digital Thermatic Switch, stating using either a Davies, Craig Thermatic Switch or LCD EWP/Fan Controller will activate the electric fan/s at set/targeted temperatures. For more information, visit www.daviescraig.com.au


TOTAL SEAL PISTON RINGS Available exclusively in Australia through Performance Wholesale Founded in 1967, Total Seal Piston Rings says it has been the leader in piston ring technology for over 50 years. To better service its customers, the company moved into a new 32,000 square foot facility in Phoenix, Arizona back in the late 90s. Total Seal Piston Rings says this facility houses the latest in research and development equipment, manufacturing machinery and technology focusing on developing and manufacturing piston rings for any and all applications. As such, Total Seal Piston Rings says it continues to show up on the world’s fastest vehicles, from Formula One and Nascar to V8 Supercars and World Series Sprint Cars. Total Seal Piston Rings also caters to marine, drag racing, oval track, off road, Aeronautical, Industrial, agricultural, stationary and antiques applications. If it’s got a piston ring, Total Seal Piston Rings says it has you covered and if it’s not on the shelf, it can special order a set of rings to be designed and machined to suit your needs, stating that


Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine February 2020

“nobody builds piston rings that seal better than Total Seal.” Total Seal Piston Rings explains that like all things, rings are no different when it comes to the choices available to you. Knowledge is power when choosing the right ring set for your engine and if you want a good ring set, Total Seal Piston Rings says its conventional ring sets feature either an AP steel or ductile iron plasma moly top rings, conventional second rings and three-piece standard tension oil rings. And if you want the best ring set you can get, Total Seal Piston Rings says the AP steel Gapless top rings, Napier second rings (when available) and standard tension oil rings are the premium choice for most race engine builders. Total Seal Piston Rings says its new gas ported rings provide gas-ported performance without gas-ported pistons and features strategically sized and placed horizontal slots in the ring, allowing combustion gas to enter through the groove and behind the ring to gas-load the ring for greatly improved ring sealing.

Further, it says these rings are extensively tested in virtually every form of race engine with the same increases seen in ring sealing time after time. Applications are available in both steel and ductile iron for top ring placements - when ordering simply ask for Gas-Ported on your top ring sets. Performance Wholesale are the sole Australian distributors for all Total Seal Piston Rings and specialty tools. For more information on choosing the right piston rings for your engine, contact Performance Wholesale Australia on 07 38081986 or visit www.performancewholesale.com.au  


NEW FROM HARROP Harrop has released its RAM 1500 TVS2650 Supercharger Kit The release of the RAM 1500 in Australia was warmly welcomed by V8 Ute enthusiasts with few alternatives available on the market. The 5.7L V8 Hemi powered RAM 1500 is also a staple in the USA, further supporting the development of the Australian designed and manufactured Supercharger System featuring Eaton TVS2650 technology. Harrop says the petrol 5.7L V8 Hemi lacks the bottom end power and torque of its diesel counterparts and Cummins V8 found in the RAM 2500. Paired with the vehicle’s class leading maximum braked towing capacity of up to 4.5 tonnes, Harrop’s R&D team identified the clear benefits of a positive displacement Supercharger’s linear power delivery to the platform. Harrop explains that the TVS2650 Supercharger Kit is 11 percent larger in displacement than the 2380cc factory Supercharger used on the SRT HellCat 6.2L engine and features an industry leading cooling system, with an integrated charge-air intercooler and high-density water to air intercooler system. The Supercharger is supplied with a right bias inlet cover to interface with the OE throttle body, front drive system and Air-Box delivering over 40 percent gain in power and torque with only five psi boost. Perfect for towing and off-road adventures, the Harrop TVS2650 Supercharger gives sportscar acceleration in the comfort of a sports utility. Harrop says drivability is enhanced by the integrated bypass valve that dramatically reduces drag (parasitic loss) from the Supercharger rotating group while also resulting in better fuel consumption in “off boost” everyday driving. In stock form, the RAM 1500 makes 232kW and 451Nm. When fitted with the TVS2650 Supercharger Kit and just 5psi of boost, the RAM 1500 power increases to 333kW and 580Nm, measured at the hubs in Harrop Performance Centre.

Key Features • • • • • • • • • • •

Supercharger intake manifold including charge-air intercooler Harrop TVS2650 FDFI Supercharger with RH inlet cover 6PK FEAD idler bracket 6PK Supercharger drive belt Replacement high flow injectors – 650cc Plug-in wiring looms for all necessary engine sensors Front-mount intercooler radiator and electric intercooler pump Adrad Performance custom heat exchangers High density water to air intercooler system Interfaces with OE throttle body, FEAD and Air-box Integrated supercharger bypass system, improving fuel economy

For further information, please contact Harrop Engineering on 1300 HARROP, sales@harrop.com.au or visit www.harrop.com.au Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine February 2020




The company is also the only approved Australian service agent for Motion Control Suspension Dampers and JRi Shocks Racing Shocks Australia is a suspension damper specialist and the only approved Australian service agent for Motion Control Suspension Dampers and JRi Shocks. The company acquired hands-on training facilities in June of 2019 for both brands and boasts more than 20 years of motorsport experience in OEMproduction based vehicles, high-end GT vehicles and most recently, in Supercars. The company also services and can provide alternative valving for modern aftermarket and motorsport shocks manufactured by Ohlins, Sachs, Penske, KW, Moton, Integra and Supashock, amongst others. The company utilises the latest CTW Shock Dyno for testing purposes. Racing Shocks Australia cautions that some aftermarket brands have high friction seals or are made with poor quality materials. It says this can lead to poor absorption and poor response to surface irregularities seen on Australian roads. “We have had customers call us to repair a brand they have owned for less than 12 months with leaking seals only to be told from the original reseller the units need to go back to the country of manufacture to have them repaired,” Racing Shocks Australia Director, Rob Palermo, said. “This can out-weigh the cost of the unit, but this then gives us an opportunity to educate the owners with a higher quality product. When you buy a MCS or JRi system you are buying a product for the lifetime of the vehicle that can be serviced and rebuilt locally.” Racing Shocks Australia says it is seeing more

car owners purchase higher end brands that were designed for motorsport, but due to their high precision of build, lower internal gas pressure to maintain internal efficiency and high adjustability, are being fitted on street cars which see only occasional track use. “A racing shock does the same thing as a shock built for the road, but is often lighter, stronger and custom-tuned for the individual’s specific needs,” Rob explained. “The downside is it is a more expensive system to buy outright but at the same time it lasts longer, provides more reliability and also much better performance. “We recently setup a FG Falcon XR6 street/ track car on a set of Motion Control Suspension Dampers. Previously we had replaced all of the suspension bushes with polyurethane items, fitted adjustable roll bar drop links and bigger diameter roll bars. The car had aftermarket shocks fitted with one adjuster that effected compression and rebound together,” Rob said.

pushed, the compression could be felt to support the car more and the rebound control over bumps and crests was far superior than the standard and prior aftermarket shocks fitted.

“We replaced these with two-way non remote canister units and retained the aftermarket spring rates, lowered ride heights and higher negative camber setting and so on.

“The owner was extremely happy with the purchase – allowing the owner to adjust the compression and rebound separately further enhanced his driving experience.

“The new MCS units were 1.5kg lighter per front wheel and the rears were over 1.0kg lighter. Despite the MCS units also having more overall damping forces and being fitted with rigid monoball mountings, when driven on the road the harshness and road noise that are associated with aftermarket shocks was reduced but when

“We were really impressed with the quality build and the technical assistance both MCS and JRi provided to not only us, but also to our customers to suit their needs. They go out of their way to make it happen.” Whilst the MCS and JRi brands have a relatively young racing pedigree and history, the founders behind the two brands boast more than 60 years of racing experience and have products which suit motorsport applications for circuit racing, tarmac rally, drag racing and speedway. “Between the two brands, we have covered ourselves to be able to assist with 90 percent of any new enquiries,” Rob said. “MCS are a wet strut leg specialist and build strut configurations with new or reconditioned spindles which are highly popular with owners of German makes such as Porsche and BMW. “At the same time they have made big inroads with Asian manufactured vehicles as well. Most


Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine February 2020


applications are designed for circuit racing but one of their popular builds include early 911 struts suited for Safari/rally events. “JRi on the other hand have a very diverse technical motorsport background in all forms of motorsport and are highly popular in the US drag racing and speedway markets. “In the first 12 months of supplying to the motorsport industry, a JRi Shock equipped NASCAR took victory at the Daytona 500. JRi Shocks is also the control shock manufacturer that is fitted to the new S5000 open-wheeler championship cars built by Garry Rogers Motorsport. “Jeff Ryan, the founder of the JRi company, has

invented various systems including a hydraulic ride height control system which works over coil over spring setups with eye to eye attachments, electronic damping systems which can alter the damping characteristics by a push of a button and more common designs to suit JK Jeeps, Polaris Slingshot and Harley Davidson/Indian touring motorcycles. “Further, JRi Shocks is teamed up with many custom shops in the USA and have recently come out with a Builders Series shocks range for those who want the race inspired look for their performance street vehicle or hot rods.” Racing Shocks Australia explains that while the two brands are quite different, they achieve similar performance and as both brands are designed and assembled in the USA, pricing does not come into it when trying to sell to the customer. “Often one brand will already have something on the shelf to suit a vehicle, application or category. Some customers don’t want any adjustability except for ride height, but we can still provide a shock that responds better than the standard OEM product or other high-end motorsport brands. Other customers want everything and both manufacturers can build them with one up to four-way adjustment systems,” Rob said. “Whilst not the cheapest shock on the market, the MCS and JRi shocks offer far more superior quality, adjustability, longer service life and

response to handling and road surface changes. And if they get damaged, the modular design makes them easy and cost effective to repair. “In the USA, competitors and car builders for World Time Attack events are now only just starting to understand it is not just about heaps of power and aero. You need the mechanical grip to make the car go fast and be easier for the driver to steer the car – something that lends to high quality shocks. “Often the customer is only as well informed as the workshop that supplies and fits the components to their vehicle. We are happy to assist the trade to educate their customers if they have a modern aftermarket/motorsport shock that requires repairing, servicing or needs something for a custom project. “MCS Dampers or JRi Shocks can get it built and often competitively priced against other high-quality motorsport brands with a 12-month warranty. When it’s time to service it or you need a custom setup, then we can perform the work locally.” Having a local official sales and service agent is something that can come in particularly handy for customers too, explains Racing Shocks Australia. “Recently an owner of a Harley Davidson that had JRi fork internals and shocks fitted was involved in an accident. Unfortunately, the accident occurred when JRi had no official sales and service agent in Australia. As a result, the insurer would not cover the cost of their JRI investment. Had it happened after we became official agents the insurance company would have covered the replacement cost and the owner would have got their investment back,” Rob explained. “Not many consumers or workshops are aware of this situation and should advise car owners before upgrading their shocks. Providing the customer with as much information as possible allows them to make an informed decision when comparing brands.” For more information, please visit www.racingshocksaustralia.com.au or email rob@racingshocksaustralia.com.au Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine February 2020



PREMIUM BRAKE SOLUTIONS DBA COMMITS ZF Services Australia says TRW is at the TO AUSTRALIAN cutting edge of brake development MANUFACTURING DBA delivers braking solutions for an extensive range of vehicle applications and conditions Disc Brakes Australia has just taken delivery of a new Vertical Lathe to complement its fleet of manufacturing machinery and bolster its highdemand 4000 and 5000 Series performance brake rotors. DBA says its continual investment in Australian manufacturing maintains its stance as “Australia’s leader in the braking space.”

With its technology-led approach to the design and advanced development of brake components, TRW reportedly continues to be a major supplier to passenger car manufacturers across the globe.

And from that has grown continual business as a supplier of original equipment specification replacement as well as upgraded brake components for the automotive aftermarket worldwide, including Australia. TRW’s most notable recent innovation was the world’s first aftermarket brake pad for electric vehicles. Called ‘Electric Blue’, the new brake pad has been produced in response to the global move toward hybrid and electric vehicles, and the impending demand in the aftermarket for specialised brake pads to suit such applications. For more traditional petrol and diesel-powered vehicles, COTEC is an advanced silicon coating that TRW applies to the majority of its brake pads. It results in improved contact between the brake disc and pad, promoting shortened stopping distances of up to seven metres during the first few stops after fitment, compared with other premium brake pads. This innovative COTEC coating means that TRW brake pads consistently outperform rival major brands during the bedding-in period, when the friction co-efficient and therefore brake performance is traditionally lower than usual.

With over four decades of manufacturing experience and “unsurpassed” knowledge through research and development, DBA says it has positioned itself as Australia’s most awarded manufacturer and a global leader in brake rotor development and manufacturing. DBA says that with continuous improvements in engineering along with a thirst for innovation, it has managed to consistently redefine and deliver braking solutions for an extensive range of vehicle applications and conditions. DBA explains it has grown from a small local Australian manufacturer and distributor to supplying disc rotors and pads across Australia, USA, Europe, The Middle East, Russia, Asia and everywhere in between. DBA’s range of direct replacement disc rotors and pads cater for street vehicles, performance upgrades, towing, 4×4/ SUV, military/armoured vehicles, track and motorsport applications. For more information, visit www.dba.com.au 20

Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine February 2020

It developed its High Carbon Discs as a means of reducing weight, which is often seen as the ‘enemy’ of braking systems with vehicle manufacturers worldwide seeking ever greater reductions as a means of improved efficiency, economy and dynamics. These High Carbon Discs not only offer reduced weight but also improved braking performance and lower NVH (noise vibration harshness) properties, via optimal thermal conductivity. Fundamentally this technology allows the discs to run cooler, for more consistent brake performance, better stability, plus increased resistance to distortion and thermal cracking. Tighter production tolerances also ensure original equipment quality on these aftermarket TRW components, with DTV (Disc Thickness Variation) of 12um or less, and run-out of 30um or less. All castings are made from top-quality GG15HC high carbon materials. Black Painted brake discs are another TRW signature product.

In addition to COTEC, TRW has also recently developed DTEC, a premium quality ceramic brake pad which reduces brake dust exfoliation onto the surface of the wheel rim by up to 45 percent.

Special gloss black paint is used to coat the disc, to provide a protective barrier against corrosion (as well as enhancing their appearance) and, packed in VCI paper which is moisture inhibiting, means that the discs don’t have to be cleaned of oil or rust preventative prior to fitting.

TRW produces over 12 million brake discs worldwide every year for both original equipment and the aftermarket.

The Black Painted Discs can be taken straight out of the box and fitted, a time and money saver for the installer. TRW also has a range of cast iron discs made from GG20 grey cast iron material, and then a further range of discs with integrated bearings, ABS ring sensors and fixing accessories, all to suit a myriad of original-equipment replacement and aftermarket applications. TRW’s area of expertise is broader than just brakes, offering full ‘Corner Module’ components consisting of braking, steering and suspension parts for passenger cars. For more information, go to www.aftermarket.zf.com/au or contact ZF Services Australia via 1800 ZF SALES (93 72537).


XTREME CLUTCH LAUNCHES NEW PERFORMANCE STREET UPGRADES The kits have been designed for Australian and overseas markets Xtreme Clutch has recently revealed several new performance street clutch options to suit the MK 5-7 VW Golf GTI, Skoda Octavia RS, Audi A3/S3 and the Ford Focus RS MK3. As a division of Australian Clutch Services, the Xtreme Clutch performance upgrades were developed following extensive testing in ACS’ Research and Development facility and have been tested in a variety of vehicles around the world. The new performance clutch range utilises Xtreme Clutch’s racing inspired 230mm aluminium pressure plate combined with two organic friction discs driven by a central sprung hub. Xtreme Clutch says this setup offers exceptional increases in torque capacity whilst maintaining a lightweight construction for improved throttle response. The sprung discs help to improve dampening, making them ideal for high power road applications where a standard gearbox is still used. Each kit also comes with a 4140 chromoly performance flywheel and all the associated hardware including hydraulics where applicable. “Our latest range of 230mm sprung twin plate organic kits have been designed to support a growing market for high powered turbocharged vehicles with limited bellhousing clearance for larger clutch setups,” Xtreme Clutch Mechanical Engineer, Stewart Furze, said.

“These kits are now available with the sprung hub which will be well suited to a broader range of street driven vehicles that require improved dampening characteristics.” The kits have been designed for Australian and overseas markets. With a 1000 Nm torque capacity, the new additions are expected to be popular with performance tuning groups specialising in these vehicles. “Because of the torque capacity of these kits and their intended use, these kits are likely to be popular with very high-end performance tuners,” Stewart said. “We also offer a wide range of single disc options for vehicles that have had minor modifications beyond the limits of the factory clutch system.” Xtreme Clutch is also offering ceramic upgrades for these vehicles for motorsport applications that require a higher heat capacity. For more information on the Xtreme Clutch range of products, please visit www.xtremeclutch.com.au or call 1800 CLUTCH.

Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine February 2020



ULTIMATE+ HIGH PERFORMANCE BRAKE PADS An advanced new release from Bendix Market leading brake specialist, Bendix, has announced the release of its latest high performance disc brake pads, the Ultimate+ range, designed for sports and high performance vehicles. Upgraded from the current Ultimate range, the Ultimate+ range reportedly provides high performance friction, utilising advanced ceramic formulation with the added advantages of low dust generation, low braking noise and even greater resistance to brake fade at high temperatures.

Under extreme conditions, Bendix says the new brake pads deliver consistent brake pedal feel even after a hot lap. Designed and developed for use with slotted rotors, the new brake pads incorporate the Bendix Blue Titanium Stripe for instant friction without the need for bedding in the brakes on installation. Bendix Ultimate+ brake pads come complete with Bendix proprietary brake shims featuring nitrile rubber coating that absorbs noise and vibration. Drawing on their latest OEM research and development experience, Bendix Australian engineers say they continue to bring leading edge products to the aftermarket. For more information on the new Ultimate+ Disc Brake Pads, free call the Bendix Brake Advice Centre on 1800 819 666 or +61 3 5327 0211 from overseas (8am – 5pm Monday to Friday EST), email brakeadvicecentre@bendix.xom.au or visit www.bendix.com.au


Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine February 2020

EXEDY SPORTS TUFF CLUTCHES Exedy says these are ‘Tuff’ clutches for serious performance Drawing on their extensive Original Equipment experience and rich motorsport heritage, Exedy says its Sports Tuff range of performance clutches is perfect for applications requiring extra torque capacity. “Our extensive Sports Tuff range has been designed for drivers who have modified their engines to deliver more performance with the confidence they need to get the torque to the ground reliably,” Exedy Senior Product Manager, Mark Davis, said. EXEDY’s extensive Sports Tuff Range offers solutions to for a wide variety of applications. “The Sports Tuff range is one of our largest. It includes clutch kits covering the full spectrum of uses and performance requirements, for those who just need additional torque capacity for towing, right through to the driver who has seriously increased their engine torque output,” Mark said. The range offers three levels of performance to ensure there’s a clutch kit that’s right for your specific application: · HD Sports Tuff – the HD suffix indicates that they are suitable for Heavy Duty applications. This entry level clutch offers value for money and is suitable for everyday driving, off-roading, towing as well as street and performance applications. · Heavy Duty Cushion Button selection – a cerametallic friction material clutch disc which further increases torque capacity. To ensure the action isn’t too aggressive, cushioning segments between the facings are incorporated, similar to a standard OEM type disc. This offers improved driveability when compared to conventional ceramic button type discs and means that they are still suitable for both street and performance applications. · The Heavy Duty Button range – boasting the highest torque capacity of the range. Also features a cerametallic friction material clutch disc, but the difference is in the application of the buttons. To deliver maximum performance, Exedy has riveted the cerametallic friction material directly to a robust coupling plate. Every Exedy HD Sports Tuff kit includes a high clamping force Exedy Sports Tuff clutch cover, a clutch disc lined with organic friction material and a clutch thrust release bearing. “We chose an organic friction material specifically for the HD range as it delivers a

smoother clutch engagement which makes it more comfortable for daily drives,” added Mark. With three levels of performance, Exedy says its Sports Tuff range is certainly the first point of call for those drivers looking to upgrade clutch performance. To leverage the growing popularity of bolt on performance modifications, EXEDY also offers the Devil Clutch. Designed to handle significantly higher torque loads whilst maintaining smooth engagement and low pedal effort, the Devil Clutch range is limited to a handful of popular vehicles where a requirement for a specialised clutch system exists. Exedy says it has taken its ‘No 1 for Clutch’ message to the racing circuits of Europe and The United States with professional Drift driver Karolina Pilarczyk, the double champion of Queen of Europe in 2016 and 2017. In 2019, Karolina took part in over 20 Motorsports events and 17 rounds around the world. She closed an intense season, conquering the 9th position among almost 100 of the best drivers in Europe in the European Vce Champion in the women’s league. Besides, Karolina was the only woman from Europe taking part in Formula Drift in the United States. “While I’m drifting, I use many techniques that require using a clutch that is strong, reliable and durable. Our choice us Exedy clutch,” Karolina said. For more information, visit www.exedy.com.au


ACS EXHIBITS XTREME CLUTCH AT AUTOSPORT INTERNATIONAL 2020 A wide range of new products were exhibited at the show Australian Clutch Services recently exhibited its Xtreme Clutch performance brand at the Autosport International show in Birmingham. As one of the largest motorsport focused shows in the world, the Autosport International Show which is held annually in Birmingham attracts visitors from around the globe and includes special guest appearances from F1 drivers, WRC drivers and industry leaders. Xtreme Clutch exhibited a wide range of new products at the show, including its new twin plate sprung organic upgrade for the Ford Focus RS MK3. “We have been exhibiting at the Autosport International show for many years now and always enjoy showcasing our latest products and developments to motorsport enthusiasts from around the world,” Australian Clutch Services Managing Director, Brenton Jordan, said. “This year we exhibited the products with our


Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine February 2020

European distribution partners and it was a great opportunity to show some of our latest products to our constantly expanding European distributor network as well as motorsport enthusiasts looking to find the competitive edge in 2020.” Xtreme Clutch has a long history supporting motorsport in Australia and throughout Europe. With several of the top drivers in the Irish and British drift championship as well as numerous motorsport categories in Australia currently using the Xtreme Clutch range of motorsport upgrades, the brand has been able to take what they have learnt over nearly two decades in the sport for the continued development of their street performance upgrades. “Teams and drivers around the world are always looking for the durability and performance our motorsport clutch kits offer,” Brenton said. “We made a name for ourselves in Australia around the time that drifting started to grow quickly with

our kits offering long term durability, great pedal feel and significant increases in torque capacity. “Our ability to custom produce kits for vehicles with engine and gearbox conversions is also a major benefit for all motorsport categories.” For more information on the Xtreme Clutch range of products, please visit www.xtremeclutch.com.au or call 1800 CLUTCH.


LOWER YOUR VEHICLE With Australian Made Billet Lowering Blocks from NAparts National Auto Parts Depot says it has built a reputation of providing the Automotive Aftermarket with quality solutions, products, and service over the last 25 years. NAparts’ TFI machined alloy lowering blocks are available to suit most makes and models fitted with leaf springs and it says that while many people think the lowering block market is unique to the classic car market, this is far from the truth nowadays. Indeed, the market for lowering modern 4WD vehicles is “massive and growing,” says NAparts, stating that with the current popularity of vehicles like Toyota Hilux, Nissan Navara, Ford and Holden Utes, lowering blocks are very much a modern product.

NAparts says TFI lowering blocks also have other diversified usages that many don’t think about. For instance, it explains they are often used on boat trailers and caravans – lowering them for people who want to get their pride and joy into their garages. The manufacture of NAparts blocks is done inhouse at its Campbellfield production facility and the company can also manufacture special orders for any of those ‘left of centre’ vehicles. NAparts explains it offers an extensive range of blocks ranging from one inch (25mm) up to four inch (100mm). All kits come complete and ready to fit and include blocks, U bolts and nuts. NAparts cautions that fitting lowering blocks is a relatively easy job but should always be completed by a qualified automotive technician. TFI lowering blocks are available from AutoBarn stores and most good independent automotive resellers and NAparts’ salesforce can service customers Australia wide. For more information, email sales@naparts.com.au 26

Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine February 2020

FORD FOCUS SUSPENSION UPGRADES Enhance the performance of your Ford Focus with SuperPro bushings and a sway bar kit It is well known throughout the automotive industry and in the aftermarket community that the Ford Focus handles extremely well straight from the factory. SuperPro says it believes that everything can be perfected and with the help of its engineering team, it says it has taken the Ford Focus to that next level. With improved steering geometry, alignment, handling, vehicle response and overall driving performance, SuperPro says adding SuperPro suspension parts to the Ford Focus significantly improves its driving capability.

Ford Focus Enhancement Bushings

suspension bushing products which are globally tested and sold in every continent. Because of this, SuperPro says it is very comfortable offering a lifetime warranty on all its bushings.

SuperPro bushings are generally an enhancement bushing upgrade, designed to always correct alignment and enhance your vehicle’s performance.

Ford Focus Sway Bar Kit Upgrades

Designed based on application, SuperPro says its bushings are “purpose built to outperform any other bushing on the market.”

SuperPro states that its sway bars are some of the best in the world, used globally by enthusiasts and professionals alike. Key benefits include:

It says its Ford Focus bushings are no exception, with a range of Ford Focus control arm bushings that will reportedly give you better handling and more direct response in all driving conditions. Key benefits include:

• • • •

• • • •

SuperPro says its Ford focus sway bars offer complete adjustability, giving you and your Ford Focus over 75 percent of adjustment both in the front and rear.

Maintained steering geometry Enhanced handling and ride characteristics A safer vehicle with more grip Improved tyre wear, fuel efficiency and reduced running costs • Lifetime warranty SuperPro bushings are made from a proprietary polyurethane mix, tested and refined over 40+ years to suit Australia’s harsh conditions. Using a team of highly skilled suspension technicians and engineers, SuperPro says it creates some of the best and most innovative

RCRS0095KIT is SuperPro’s complete sway bar kit for the Ford Focus and the company says it is one of the best “bang for your buck” upgrades.

Fully Adjustable Design Race Spec Chromoly with powder coating Sharper Steering and less body roll Lifetime warranty

Further, it says its sway bars for the Ford Focus have been designed to correct understeer and oversteer, correcting body roll and allowing your tyres to maintain more grip on the road when cornering.

Ford Focus Adjustable Sway Links SuperPro’s Ford Focus Adjustable Sway Links are designed to maximise the benefit of Roll Control Adjustable Sway Bars and to be used in place of that hard to find OE link. Key features include: • • • • • •

6060-T5 Alloy Link Large Ball for low friction and long life Spanner provision for on-car adjustment Eliminates sway bar link flex Allows for neutral sway bar positioning Maximises all positions on adjustable Sway Bars • Suits lowered or raised vehicles For more information, visit www.superpro.com.au


MONROE GT SPORT “Suspension performance without compromise” Monroe says its GT Sport suspension delivers the Australian automotive aftermarket a premium quality solution for lowered suspension applications which suits many popular makes and models driven in Australia. Lowered shock absorbers and springs of the past have been associated with a loss of ride comfort, but the Monroe GT Sport product reportedly ensures you can experience a sporty, lowered ride with improved handling characteristics as well as comfort and control. Monroe says this is achieved through intensive fine tuning of the shock absorber to the spring. The GT Sport is specifically tuned to a firmer, heavier spring designed by King Springs and the valving has been altered accordingly. In technical terms, the valving in the shock absorber has been modified to deliver a softer compression stroke, thus minimising any suspension harshness. The Monroe GT Sport Microcellular Polyurethane bump stop rubbers have also been specifically engineered to suit the lowered product.

While most OE bump stops rubbers are hard, Monroe says it has shortened and softened the bump stops to allow more travel and increase ride smoothness. It states that its Monroe GT Sport represents an easy to fit, purpose designed solution for customers seeking quality performance suspension with lowered vehicle good looks, without compromising ride comfort.

Monroe GT Sport shock absorber and struts key features: Monroe says the key features of Monroe GT Sport shock absorbers and struts include: • Sports performance tuning and design; • Increased compression travel; • Superior damping control with minimal suspension hardness; • Specifically designed compression bumper rubbers; and • Improved suspension reaction time, resulting in more precise damping control. • Incorporates proven Monroe Reflex technology

• Complementary strut and spring combination for maximum performance; • Exclusive twin disc design; • Teflon banded piston; • Multi-lip piston rod seal; • Superior hardchrome piston rod finish; • Nitrogen gas pressurised; and • Three-year/60,000km warranty. As is the case with all Monroe ride performance products, Monroe GT Sport shock absorbers and struts are also said to significantly improve a vehicle’s handling, steering and braking response. All Monroe GT Sport vehicle applications can be easily referenced from the Monroe online catalogue at www.monroe.com.au For more information, contact your local Monroe Territory Manager or Monroe Customer Service on 1800 088 205.

Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine February 2020



PEDDERS’ SPORTSRYDER RANGE Designed with the driving enthusiast in mind Directly aimed at fulfilling the needs of car owners who wish to extract the most of their vehicle’s dynamics, Pedders SportsRyder products reportedly sharpen a vehicle’s handling characteristics with the result equating to improved road-handling, ride quality, traction, braking and control.

Coil Springs Pedders SportsRyder coils are designed and engineered in Australia to the highest quality standards to deliver unrivalled performance, consistency and reliability. The coil springs are made of premium quality grade steel, are stress relieved, 100 percent quality inspected, loaded height and rate tested, powder coated and covered by a two-year/40,000km warranty.

Shock Absorbers Pedders says it has built its reputation on the ability to fine tune shock valving for precision handling and ride control. It has a comprehensive range to meet the needs of all drivers and applications. It explains that the gas-charged GSR SportsRyder shock range use tailored nitrogen gas pressure to enable precise control without compromising on ride comfort. Further, Gas SportsRyder sealed

struts and cartridges are high performance, heavy duty replacement units which are said to deliver a new standard of comfort and road holding ability for today’s hi-tech vehicles.

Bushes and Wheel Alignment Pedders says its urethane bushes make an ideal replacement, offering a high capacity to bear tension, compression and friction. They are also well suited to applications that require firm suspension control. Pedders recommends that while your vehicle is being fitted with Pedders’ urethane bushes, you also have the wheel alignment checked.

eXtreme XA Pedders SportsRyder shock absorbers and struts combine the most advanced technology with Pedders’ renowned expertise in the fine tuning of damping rates for superior handling. It says at the forefront of sports suspension is the Pedders eXtreme XA height adjustable coil-over. This coil over features a 30 position adjustable bump and rebound damping setting at the click of a button.

SuperCar Coilover Kit Pedders says its SportsRyder Supercar Adjustable Coilover Kit offers eXtreme ride control for the

hardcore enthusiast and are the most advanced solution for your Holden VT to VE Commodore and Ford BA to FG Falcon sedans. The separate bump and rebound adjustment allows the driver to dial in the “setup” of the cars handling balance and the full height adjustment from the base mounts maintains bump and droop travel on all four corners.

Pedders Slotted and Geomet Coated Disc Brake Rotors With a curved slotted design which offers improved performance, endurance and heat dissipation, Pedders says these brake rotors are the premium upgrade or replacement solution for your vehicle. They are made from the highest grade raw materials while the geomet coating provides better anti-corrosion protection. For more information, visit www.pedders.com.au

INTRODUCING THE KW VARIANT 5 Delivering a “quantum leap” in driving dynamics KW Automotive says it has developed innovative damper technology which has set a new benchmark for the aftermarket industry. With the introduction of the KW Variant 5 Coilover Suspension Kit, suspension manufacturer KW Automotive says it once again lives up to its market leadership in individual suspension innovations. Compared to conventional coilover suspension kits, shocks, and sports suspension kits in the OEM industry and the aftermarket, KW Automotive says its new kit relies on its successful state-ofthe-art motorsports suspension technology, with a modular solid piston damping system.

By connecting the valves in series, KW Automotive says KW Variant 5 achieves a cavitation-free function at a low gas pressure and a precise high-frequency function due to the low damper valve lift. KW Automotive says the entire system ensures low hysteresis and direct response in damping which has “never been achieved in the aftermarket industry.” It states the V5 shocks react immediately, even with small spring travel, fast steering movements, and minimal bumps.

KW automotive GmbH. Besides KW suspensions are the brands ST Suspensions, LSD Doors and RaceRoom. KW Automotive products are distributed exclusively in Australia by Scuderia Autoart.

The KW V5 can also be independently adjusted with 14 exact clicks in the low and high-speed damping forces of the compression and rebound stages. They also can be used to continuously lower the vehicle.

Scuderia Autoart says it imports and distributes some of the most sought after and leading bespoke automotive aftermarket parts from around the world with more than 15 years of experience within the European prestige, luxury and motorsport automotive market segments.

The solid piston technology used by KW in the Variant 5, with separated valves from the working tube, also offers further value such as an installation position for different axle geometries, or the implementation of fully active suspension systems. KW Automotive is part of the company group 28

Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine February 2020

Scuderia Autoart says its dealer network makes it easy for customers to purchase locally and each of its products are “premium brands with quality manufacturing, backed by warranty.” For more information, visit www.scuderia-autoart.com or call 02 9114 6886.



Brett Middleton moves on from MRT Performance after his ‘accidental’ success story After more than 25 years at the helm of one of Australia’s premier performance automotive businesses, Brett Middleton has sold the business and moved on to new challenges. Early last year, Brett and his wife Lisette sold the MRT Performance business to a new owner, but then continued as employees in a handover period. Brett was born in Geelong in Victoria but moved to Sydney when he was 19 and has lived in North Ryde for the past 35 years. After part-time jobs washing buses and delivering newspapers, Brett became a qualified design draftsman after completing an apprenticeship in Sydney, but deep down inside he always wanted to own a workshop, but never knew how to. “At the end of my four-year apprenticeship I had a growing relationship with Daihatsu and that gave me the budget to build two G200 Charades and set up the Middleton Rally Team and later MRT Performance,” Brett says.

Brett recalls the “insane sales that often saw Australian suppliers thinking we were joking when orders were placed.” he says. “We were DHL’s biggest airfreight client for several years; they were crazy times,” he says. Over the following years, MRT represented top Australian names in the USA, such as DBA, Whiteline, GFB and many more. MRT also became well known for Subaru work and its excellent product development as well as dyno tuning while developing great relationships with local manufacturers of non-OEM parts. His tuning shop grew to a staff of 20 with an annual turnover of over $6m, following a move to a much larger facility in Rhodes during 2004. This lead to an increased focus on customer cars and parts sales via the Internet in Australia. At the same time, sales in the USA peaked and distribution was handed over to much larger USA-based companies.

MRT Performance began life at Meadowbank as Middleton Rally Team in 1994 as a workshop to prepare Brett’s rally Daihatsu Charades, but it quickly became known amongst his fellow competitors as a top tuning shop and soon started trading as MRT Performance.

Along the way Brett lead MRT in a dynamic way, often challenging the trends, such as competing in the world’s first turbo diesel Subaru Forester and being the first to tune Subaru Factory ECUs. Along the way, he always had a simple philosophy in his work life.

A contract with Daihatsu Australia to build and homologate the G200 model for the Japanese manufacturer globally was later followed with a Honda Civic team in 1996, all at the same time as Brett’s team was focused on running in the Australian Rally championship.

“Do what you enjoy and the money will follow. I have never had a ‘job’ as I always enjoyed what I did and I got paid to do it!” he says.

“That gave me the cash flow and confidence to rent the premises that I later bought,” Brett explains. The shop became well known when it entered into a new unknown market, modifying Subaru WRXs, originally for fellow rally competitors and in 1998, Brett purchased his own STi. In 2000 Brett pioneered the local introduction of Factory ECU tuning with an agreement with a UK friend that became EcuTek, now a global player in this popular market segment. ”I can remember people looking at me thinking I was stupid to want to tune a factory ECU back then, now it’s a huge market,” Brett says. He believes MRT was one of the first to enter the online sales market globally, and at the same time MRT quickly became the name to choose for Modified Subaru parts and this expanded rapidly into the USA market with the first new sale of the 2001 WRX Model. 30

Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine February 2020

Brett Middleton

He claims that for as long as he can remember he has loved cars and rallying. “I grew up around cars. My father used to race at the Geelong sprints, and Sandown and Phillip Island and is a Western District Life member. He raced a Simca and later was the first to codrive and rally a Datsun 1600 that his driver literally took off the car lot of his car sales yard in Geelong!” Brett explains. He describes his best career decision as learning to modify factory ECUs back in 2000. “The industry was all about removing the factory ECU and swapping in an aftermarket one. We were the first in Australia to start tuning the factory ECU in the Subaru WRX and this then


progressed into a huge market, but at the start people thought we were crazy,” he says. MRT grew in this segment to be the largest client (globally) of the brand EcuTeK. However, not all decisions that Brett made in the 2000s were lucrative. He regrets knocking back an exclusive deal to sell a special (local) manufactured brand of part. “I never got off my butt to sign the deal as I was so distracted by many other opportunities at the time. That company went on to sell hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of those parts that we could have shared in! Brett laments. The keen snow skier believes the key to his success is attitude.

“No matter how good your skill is, it is your attitude that creates opportunities. In fact, even if you have NO skills and a GREAT ‘can do’ attitude you will go places. But a highly skilled person with a poor attitude will always have limits!” he says. Brett describes his best attributes as being ‘driven’ and ‘motivated.’ “I love sales and helping people; some people say I could sell ice to Eskimos” he laughs. Brett is married to Lisette and they have three children, a 22-year-old daughter and two sons who are 18 and 20. He says his “amazing wife supports just about any challenge I aim for”.

Brett states that MRT’s current focus is local and workshop based. “The AUD exchange currently makes it hard to grow sales overseas,” he says. He believes that MRT’s competitive advantage is that it is “customer focused” and that it is not scared to share its knowledge. “You need to be customer focused and listen to what they want; then do your best to deliver a reliable result that exceeds the clients expectations,” he says. “Our YouTube Channel has millions of views and has hundreds of videos that people watch daily. Simply search ‘MRT’ and you will find thousands of web links. “The YouTube channel has helped a lot. When we started people laughed at us. ‘Why share secrets? Why tell the people what they need to know?’ But it has helped grow the business enormously.” He points out that on top of the standard business hurdles of the high costs of running a workshop in Sydney that MRT Performance, and the industry as a whole, faces an enormous challenge when it comes to maintaining quality trained auto technicians. “The future reliable supply of quality staff is going to be critical to any automotive business. It’s sad that people under value quality mechanics and misunderstand the huge knowledge that they have and the training they do almost daily to stay up to date with the growing complexity of new model vehicles,” he says. Brett now claims to have no time for retirement and will focus on business coaching, training and sales support. For more information call Brett on 0408 261 043 or email Brett@Bretzet.com.au Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine February 2020



TMW QLD SUPPORTS SPEEDWAY TEAM TMW QLD offers more than 20 years of experience in heavy vehicle engine maintenance, servicing and repair Gladstone’s TMW QLD has thrown its support behind local speedway sidecar competitor Garry Schofield. The sponsorship will allow Garry and his team to attend more meetings across the country as TMW QLD will cover the team’s fuel costs as well as servicing the tow vehicle. With this support, the team will now take in events as far south as Newcastle. “TMW QLD continuously stands behind the community, offering greatly appreciated support in local sporting endeavours,” TMW QLD Director, Keith Windress, said. “We are very pleased to be able to support Garry and his team and we can’t wait to see what he achieves in the future.” TMW QLD is a privately-owned WPCG compliant and NMI certified company, offering expert maintenance, servicing and repair of diesel and petrol engines for heavy vehicles together with light commercial and log book servicing.

It also specialises in maintenance, servicing and spare parts supply for concrete mixers as well as repairs and maintenance for mobile and fixed concrete batching plants and also provides painting and sandblasting services in its purpose-built paint pay. “TMW QLD have made maintenance and the delivery of repair services by skilled expert personnel our core focus,” Keith said. “Our expertise is not limited to maintenance and repair either as we now actuate complete Forecourt Installations, fuel bowser services, repairs and calibrations as well as the supply, delivery and service of Spill Kits.” For more information, visit www.tmwqld.com.au 32

Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine February 2020

SHELL HELIX ULTRA AND SHELL V-POWER EXCELLING IN MOTORSPORT Shell says its quality fuels and lubricants have enjoyed a long and successful association with motorsport across the world In the fast-paced, high pressure world of motorsport, demands on the engine are vastly different from your everyday road drive. Across all motorsport series, engineers are being challenged to make sure that race engines can deliver maximum performance over longer distances and with greater efficiency. In these circumstances, engine oil plays a crucial role in ensuring that race engines provide sustained performance by reducing friction, protecting engine parts from wear and displacing the large amounts of heat generated within the power unit. Shell says its quality fuels and lubricants have enjoyed a long and successful association with motorsport across the world, including a 50 plus year relationship with DJR Team Penske and over 60 years with Scuderia Ferrari. With years of contribution to technical partnerships in motorsport and Shell’s commitment to innovation, Shell says it is able to take what is learnt from the track and transfer that knowledge into high quality products. Shell has been involved in Formula One since the beginning, powering Scuderia Ferrari at the inaugural FIA Formula One World Championship race in 1950. As part of regulations introduced for the 2018 season, each driver in Formula One can use three engines a season before penalties are applied, compared to four previously. This means that protection is essential to ensure each SF90 power unit can go 40 percent further than before. Inside a Formula One engine, race lubricants are under huge pressure and must withstand peak temperatures in excess of 1,000°C, at 15,000RPM. Shell, in partnership with Scuderia Ferrari, has designed Shell Helix Ultra 0W low viscosity oil to withstand the toughest environments, whilst delivering maximum performance and efficiency. Formula One continues to move in the direction

of greater efficiency and in 2014, regulations introduced down-sized V6 turbocharged power units. These power units must work much harder than their predecessors and reflect a universal trend across the world of motoring and motorsport alike, where smaller and more advanced engines are having to produce increased performance and fuel efficiency. Shell says this makes the role of Shell Helix Ultra in protecting the Scuderia Ferrari engine pivotal, ensuring that the turbocharger is protected whilst minimising friction in other parts of the engine to increase performance and fuel efficiency. At the end of the 2018 season, five years on from the introduction of the down-sized V6 turbocharged power units, Shell announced that 21 percent of Scuderia Ferrari’s 2018 Power Unit’s lap time improvement was delivered by Shell V-Power and Shell Helix Ultra. In 2019, the Shell V-Power Racing Team had a season to remember. It was a year where the team took an incredible 20 victories across 32 races, including the coveted Bathurst 1000, securing the Teams’ title and the number one pit garage that goes with it. The team championship was a hard fought victory that included 33 podium finishes, 20 wins, six one-two finishes and a back to back victory in the drivers’ championship by Scott McLaughlin. Together the team claimed 16 pole positions and Scott claimed the Armor All Pole Position Award for the third year running and he was the first driver in history to win the Darwin Triple Crown. Scott broke another record with a season-record 18 wins, not to mention his victory at Bathurst – the holy grail of Australian motorsport. The Drivers’ title is Scott’s second, after also winning in 2018, while the Teams’ title was last won by Shell V-Power Racing in 2017. The margin in the Teams’ points was 155 over Triple Eight, with McLaughlin winning the Championship and Coulthard securing fourth place. The team will kick off its 2020 season campaign on the 20th of February in Adelaide. For more from Shell, visit www.shell.com.au


COOLDRIVE: A CULTURE OF MOTORSPORT Motorsport has been an intrinsic element in the business of CoolDrive Auto Parts for as long as anyone can remember Now one of Australasia’s largest automotive parts distributors, the 100 percent family owned and operated business has been involved in motor sport in various ways since its inception in 1977. CoolDrive company founder John Blanchard Senior has been involved in rallying, hill climbing and circuit racing as both a driver and mechanic, and today is well known for his work as a patron and advisor with the Victorian Historic Racing Register. John Senior’s son, also John, is the current CoolDrive Auto Parts Managing Director and was a successful racer in Formula Ford before later enjoying several seasons racing BMWs and Commodores in Touring Car events. CoolDrive branding has long been a feature of many liveries as well, with various sponsorships including naming rights of the Jayair Junior Sprint Classic, one of Australia’s biggest karting events. Third-generation racer Tim Blanchard, John’s son, was also a well-regarded Supercars driver for five years after a very successful career in Formula Ford here and in the UK before taking the pragmatic decision to take a step back from his racing at the end of 2018 to concentrate on the family business and his current role as Queensland Regional Manager for CoolDrive.

Three generations of the Blanchard family (left to right): John Blanchard Senior, John Blanchard and Tim Blanchard.

Promising youngster Macauley Jones stepped into Tim’s Brad Jones Racing-run Team CoolDrive Supercar as a rookie to contest the 2019 Virgin Australia Supercars Championship. The 25-yearold finished a strong 21st in the CoolDrive Commodore in the title and now aims to utilise lessons learned to improve that outcome this season. Along with the high profile Supercars program, many of CoolDrive’s staff are also personally involved in the sport at different levels and also with car clubs and in the collecting and showing of significant vehicles. Others are four-wheel-drive enthusiasts or simply maintain a ‘weekend car’ for the enjoyment of motoring. In 2004, CoolDrive sponsored then employee, James Small’s Formula Ford assault. James has since taken on the role as Crew Chief for Martin Truex Jnr in NASCAR.

importance of motorsport to CoolDrive’s company culture,” Managing Director, John Blanchard, said. “We see Motorsport as a platform to promote our brand and to demonstrate the performance and quality of our products, and it speaks directly to our customers … the majority of whom we’ve learned along the way are interested in the sport in one form or another. “That’s why it’s important to us to have a spread of involvements.” CoolDrive Auto Parts offers the trade a comprehensive range of automotive air conditioning, rotating electrical, electrical accessories, engine cooling, engine management, underbody, braking and suspension products through its more than 30 branches in Australia and New Zealand. For more from CoolDrive, visit www.cooldrive.com.au

“Our history with the sport emphasises the

TURBOSMART POWERING TIME ATTACK CHAMPIONS Turbosmart has played an important part in the campaigns of many champions locally and internationally Turbosmart reports it is involved with Pro and Enthusiast level Time Attack competitors in most, if not all, markets it is involved with. “In many ways, feedback from use in Time Attack actually helps us with the development of new products as it’s generally a form of motorsport where the vehicles are built for one lap – one extremely on edge lap in terms of outright demands on mechanical parts, performance and reliability,” Turbosmart Chief Executive Officer, Nic Cooper, said. “We like to stay ahead of these demands and the accolades speak for themselves.” The accolades Nic refers to include the overall champion several years running and WTAC track record holder, the RP968 Porsche; the former overall champions and current runner-up and record holder, the MCA Hammerhead; former overall champion and current third placed holder, the Tilton Interiors Evo; and the fastest FWD at WTAC and Sydney Motorsport Park, the Mighty Mouse CRX.

And that is just locally. Internationally, Turbosmart has also played key roles in the campaigns of champions such as the Under Suzuki S15 (Japan), the PZTuning Motorsports/ Vibrant Motorsports Honda Civic (Canada); the Lyfe Motorsport Nissan R35 GTR (USA); the AFP Subaru WRX (Scotland); the R81:1 Audi R8 (Finland) and the Revline Porsche (Sweden). “World Time Attack Challenge is our home event in the sport being just a few kms from us in Western Sydney and arguably, is our largest event on the Australian calendar,” Nic said. “We work with most of the top Australian teams and more often than not, the international ones that are flown in also. You can find Turbosmart External Wastegates, Blow Off Valves and Fuel Pressure Regulators on all the 2019 winners and this then goes back years with similar success back to at least 2015 if not earlier. “Overseas, you have most Global Time attack (USA series) track records held by either Lyfe Motorsport R35 or the PZTuning Civic (both

Team Turbosmart) and many European and UK track records are held by Black Mamba Racing EVO, the Revline Porsche, R81:1 Audi R8, AFP Subaru, Valtonen Motorsport RX7 or the Wiborg Engineering EVO – all of which are equipped with Turbosmart Hardware.” For more from Turbosmart, visit www.turbosmart.com.au Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine February 2020



THE SUCCESS OF THE WHITELINE TARMAC RALLY SPRINT The series is attracting both experienced and novice drivers and co-drivers For the last four years Whiteline has been working alongside the North Shore Sporting Car Club to put together a unique, mid-week motorsport event in the heart of Western Sydney. The five-round series is run over a challenging 3.5km stage using a variety of tarmac roads within the Sydney Dragway complex at Eastern Creek. Whiteline explains that the series gives both experienced and novice drivers (and co-drivers) an opportunity to perfect their driving skills and meet other passionate car enthusiasts from all walks of life. “We see people turning up with cars built by dedicated race teams worth well over half a million dollars and others turning up with cars

they found on Gumtree for five hundred bucks,” Whiteline General Manager Sales and Marketing, Andrew Nolan, said. “The series has been extremely well received with an almost sell-out attendance for every round since we became involved back in 2016. “The event has also attracted some big names in motorsport over the years like pro rally drivers Molly Taylor and Brendan Reeves, X Games competitor Bucky Lasek and Japanese Time Attack legend Tarzan Yamada – just to name a few.” Andrew says the series has also created a great avenue through which Whiteline can connect with potential customers and test its products. “The open and inclusive nature of the event has presented us with a fantastic opportunity to engage with current and potential end users of Whiteline products, listen to their feedback, provide them with on-the-spot product support and show them that we’re just as passionate about motorsport as they are,” Andrew said. “Not only has this event been great for connecting with customers, it has also been a fantastic opportunity for us to develop, test and

validate new products using our fleet of Whiteline development vehicles. “The unique and varying course allows us to run our products through a range of real-world scenarios and conditions to collect data that we can then use to further develop and refine products before releasing them to the general public. “Over the years the Whiteline Tarmac Rally Sprint has evolved from a small side project to become an integral part of our brand’s identity, and a core component to the long-term success of the Whiteline brand.” The final two rounds left for the current season will be held on February 13 and March 12. For more information on how you can enter or spectate, please visit www.nsscc.com.au/twilight-rallysprint

SPECIALISING IN MOTORSPORT RP Motorsport Developments offers a range of services RP Motorsport Developments specialises in suspension design and data analysis for driver and vehicle performance as well as supplying and servicing major brands of shock absorbers to the motorsport industry. The company can also assist with race car preparation, suspension setup and race car engineering, including trackside assistance. Its customer base varies from club racers to major Supercar teams and car manufacturers who have entered events such as Targa Tasmania. Although a specialist in road racing categories, via its Racing Shocks Australia department, it has recently become involved in drag racing and is also seeking new opportunities in speedway racing. The company can also supply CAD manufacturing assistance of components. A common area it receives work is in the re-production or new manufacture of parts that are no longer available, suited to vehicles such as ex-Supercars and prototype sports cars. RP Motorsport Developments can measure antiroll bar rates fitted to the car or they can be 34

Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine February 2020

mounted on an ex-V8 Supercar fabrication jig that was once used to manufacture Larry Perkins race car shells. It currently has a 1928 Dodge rail fitted to it that needs to be straightened as part of a restoration project. The company’s recent history includes having supported 23 Red Racing in its debut year as race engineer in Supercars, assisting Matt Stone Racing win the Super3 Kumho Cup title in 2019, assisting Steve Tamasi to claim the National Sports Sedan Championship in 2018 and many other class wins and podium results with other competitors. The company’s ultimate goal would be to build a race car of its own design suited to the Sports Sedan category or World Time Attack events and to showcase its engineering expertise. While its major income is in the servicing of clientele, its website has recently added an on-line store enabling the purchase of various products it has become a dealer for including Griplockties and Nulon Race Oil Products. All products are used on its customer vehicles. The diversity of work the company has been

involved in reportedly allows it to work alongside other members of the automotive industry who are involved in motorsport who may require assistance or lack the knowledge to move forward quickly but also effectively to minimise costs. For more information, visit www.rpmotorsportdevelopments.com.au or www.racingshocksaustralia.com.au


THE 4WD SHED TAKING ON WINCH CHALLENGE The 4WD Shed Racing Team has been a long-time competitor and also sponsors Australian Winch Challenge events The 4WD Shed has had a long involvement in Winch Challenge in Australia, travelling around Victoria as well as attending rural outback events in New South Wales and Western Australia over the past five years. Winch Challenge Racing invites 4WD vehicles that have been built to compete at the ‘next level’ of a tough weekender. These vehicles require specific roll cages for safety; and big tyres, fast winches and more power have become the new normal as everyone strives to be the quickest team with the most points. A short course event is held over a weekend with plenty of short stages run under the clock while long course events represent more of a navigational and survival style event held over a longer period of time. Vehicles and competitors must survive the stages whilst being the fastest on stage with the least amount of penalties for the event.

Stages become brutal on both navigators, drivers and winch trucks as they navigate the best lines on stage. The fastest line isn’t always the smartest one and great teamwork and a capable car can see production style cars beat out the more modified vehicles. The 4WD Shed Racing Team has been a longtime competitor and is also proud to sponsor Winch Challenge events here in Australia. The team’s purpose-built vehicle affectionately known as ‘Betty’ is now being shared by owners Phil and May, who compete in the same vehicle at different events over the season. Phil has a long history of being involved in the challenge, which predates the conception of The 4WD Shed, when he raced his first love ‘Mutley,’ an 80 Series Toyota Landcruiser which competed at events both in Victoria and New South Wales. He continues to do the survival style events such as Outback Challenge and Cliffhanger. May has been attending events for a number of years now,

but 18 months ago jumped in the driver’s seat to begin competing in short course style events in Victoria. The Nissan Patrol GQ has been cut down to a Ute and upgraded both in running gear and suspension. The team explains this allows the vehicles to compete in a wide variety of terrain and conditions. Five years of racing has seen the vehicle travel thousands of kilometers and it will soon be re-shelled with a GU Patrol Ute Cab build ready for the 2020 season. For more information on upcoming events, in-cab video and build progress, follow The 4WD Shed on Facebook.

DAYCO DAVE BACK FOR 2020 David Russell will compete in the Porsche Carrera Cup and Supercar Enduros Dayco, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of engine components for the automotive aftermarket industry, has announced the first activities of the company’s 2020 Australian motorsport program. Dayco Australia explains it has been heavily involved in Australian and international motorsport for over a decade, steadily increasing its exposure through leading racing categories including Supercars, Porsche Carrera Cup and international GT/Sportscar racing. The new year is no exception as Dayco once again joins forces with long term ambassador and highly experienced Australian racing driver David Russell in both Porsche Carrera Cup and Supercars.  David will be joining Matt Stone Racing (MSR) for the three Supercar endurance races, including the inaugural OTR 500 at The Bend in South Australia this September, followed by Australia’s biggest racing event, the Supercheap Bathurst 1000, along with the Vodafone Gold Coast 600 to be held in October.  The Dayco sponsored driver will be competing with highly talented MSR full time Supercar driver and former Super2 Champion driver Garry Jacobson in one of the team’s two ZB Commodores. David is not new to MSR, having been recruited to drive for the team at the Bathurst 1000 Super2 race 36

Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine February 2020

last season. ‘Dayco Dave’ also helped secure the team an outstanding seventh overall, second in class and the highest placed Audi honours at the 2019 Bathurst 12 Hour Intercontinental GT Championship race last February. David brings more than a decade of Supercar endurance racing experience to MSR, having competed in the Bathurst 1000 with Fernandez Racing and DJR followed by two seasons with Kelly Racing. The Dayco driver has also carried the company’s highly recognisable logo in the Supercar endurance races with Nissan Motorsport across five seasons and with Tickford Racing in 2018. His Supercar endurance racing career was highlighted by a second-place finish at the 2015 Gold Coast 600 with Rick Kelly.  David will also be partnering with fellow Dayco racer and long-term GT driving partner Roger Lago, sharing race events in the Dayco Porsche GT3 Cup Car during the 2020 Porsche Carrera Cup Australia Series. He will also compete at four high profile events in the Pro category while Roger will compete in four events in the Pro-Am category, where he raced to an outright pole position top three championship result in 2019. David also plans to compete in additional Australian and international GT races during 2020 which are currently being negotiated.  For Dayco Vice President - Aftermarket Asia

Pacific, Arnold Mouw, 2020 is shaping up to be a very exciting year for the company both on and off the track. “We are delighted to see our ambassador Dave Russell back in Supercars with a team that is renowned for punching well above their weight in this most competitive sport,” Arnold said.   “The whole Dayco team locally and internationally were super-impressed with our first Porsche Carrera Cup season last year as this is a car and a series that relates to so many people around the world. To have David joining Roger Lago for an entire season across two categories ensures that Dayco will continue to gain strong coverage.  “Our motorsport involvement speaks directly to the mechanics and enthusiasts who use and recommend our quality aftermarket products. The Dayco product range is set to expand significantly during 2020, so this forms a key part of our marketing strategy, while complementing our company’s global marketing strategies.” For more from Dayco, visit www.dayco.com


MICHELIN SPONSORS 2020 JUNIOR PROGRAMME Michelin Australia has reaffirmed its support of the Porsche Junior Development Programme Michelin Australia and Porsche Cars Australia have again partnered to deliver what they call the most proven and successful driver development programme in the country. The programme remains an integral part of the Porsche Motorsport pyramid spanning across both the Porsche PAYCE Carrera Cup Australia Championship and the newly rebranded Porsche Michelin Sprint Challenge series. To be eligible as a Michelin Junior in 2020, Michelin Sprint Challenge drivers must be aged under 23 as of January 01, 2020, while Porsche PAYCE Carrera Cup drivers must be aged under 25 as of January 01, 2020. All Michelin Juniors in each series must commit to a full season and carry additional Michelin Junior branding on their racing apparel and Porsche 911 GT3 Cup cars. All eligible young drivers across both Michelin Sprint Challenge and Porsche PAYCE Carrera Cup will enjoy a massive prize pool for the 2020 season, valued at approximately $300,000. All Michelin Juniors will also be invited to attend the Michelin Junior Training day program which will take place in Melbourne in the first half of next year. The 2019 Michelin Junior Training days saw Australia’s top junior drivers receive professional coaching on sports psychology, social media, media training, branding, sponsorship and more from Australia’s leading experts. The drivers also received nutrition and dietary advice after completing a thorough physical assessment. At the end of the comprehensive two-day programme, drivers were able to compare their physical condition against that of their rivals and gain knowledge of a range of aspects

including their body fat percentage, resting metabolic rates and body mass index to name but a few. The 2020 Michelin Junior programme will again feature a Michelin Super Round, to be held at the Australian Grand Prix, from which the roundwinning Michelin Junior will receive a trip to France to attend the 2020 Le Mans 24-Hour Endurance race. The main goal for the Michelin Junior drivers is an opportunity to attend the Porsche Motorsport Junior Programme Shootout which continues to play a crucial role in the development of the best emerging talent globally and is seen as the benchmark pathway for talented drivers to progress to the highest level. The driver who wins the Michelin Junior competition in the premier Porsche PAYCE Carrera Cup Australia Championship will be nominated to attend the Porsche Junior Shootout at the end of the 2020 season. In 2019, Michelin Junior Champion Jordan Love competed against Carrera Cup Champions from the leading one-make Porsche championships around the world in a three-day, all expenses paid driving evaluation at the Portimao circuit. In addition to this, the 2020 Michelin Junior winner will also receive a trip to Germany in December to attend the 2020 Porsche Motorsport Night of Champions in Weissach. “The Porsche Michelin Junior Programme is an important element of our local motor racing programme and the Porsche Motorsport Pyramid continues to cement a pathway for the best young talent to reach the highest levels of the sport,” Porsche Cars Australia’s Head of Motorsport, Troy Bundy, said.

“Our 2016 and 2018 Carrera Cup champions, Matt Campbell and Jaxon Evans, are the best examples of this and have both gone onto established professional racing careers in Europe, with Matt recently elevated to a full factory works drive and Jaxon conducting his second year as a Porsche Junior. “Locally, we’re immensely proud to have had these two incredible talents rise through our system and we hope that this programme gives the 2020 cast of Michelin Juniors the best possible chance to follow in Matt’s and Jaxon’s footsteps. “Such a comprehensive driver development programme wouldn’t be possible without the support of Michelin Australia, who sees the potential in current Australian-based Porsche drivers and the importance to providing a programme through which young drivers can realise their racing dreams.” Michelin Australia’s Marketing Manager Oceania, Swaroop Tulsidas, is excited to continue the French brand’s support of the region’s young racers. “The Porsche PAYCE Carrera Cup Series and Porsche Michelin Sprint Challenge categories are like no other in Australia; highly competitive, showcasing door-to-door racing from an incredible group of talented drivers,” Swaroop said. “We are proud to continue our support of the next generation of motorsport stars through the Porsche Junior program. “The young drivers receive unprecedented support from both the Porsche and Michelin team to develop their skills through a one-of-a-kind training program; providing them with the tools they need to succeed both on and off the track. “To see the likes of Jaxon Evans, Matt Campbell and newly crowned Porsche Carrera Cup champion Jordan Love progress through this program is simply brilliant. Michelin is excited to be a part of their journey and look forward to seeing who will add their name to the winners’ list for next season.” For more from Michelin Australia, visit www.michelin.com.au Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine February 2020



ZF AND SACHS: MOTOR RACING IMPROVES THE BREED It is an old ideology, but an accurate one For many manufacturers and suppliers, nothing, not even the most extremes of off-road or on-road adventuring, can test automotive components like serious on-track competition. ZF Aftermarket and its Sachs brand says this is why it has been heavily immersed in global motor sport since 1923. ZF utilises the Sachs motorsport program as a development platform for its range of original equipment and aftermarket shock absorbers and clutches, and as validation of their performance and durability. Formula 1, World Rally Championship, DTM German Touring Cars, offroad racing, drifting, and of course on home soil, the Supercars Championship, have all witnessed this proactive development and testing of Sachs products. Every year more than 10 million vehicles fitted with Sachs shock absorbers roll off assembly lines around the world, in what ZF calls an impressive demonstration of its credibility and compliance as an original equipment supplier. This extensive product catalogue manifests itself into a local range of more than 2,500 aftermarket shock absorbers, together with a further 350 strut mounts and bearings, and 200 bump stops and

boot kits. Shock absorber fitments are available for performance cars, family cars, SUVs, trucks, trailers and light commercial vehicles, with a specialised Sachs MAX range for 4x4, off-roadvehicles and utes. Clutches too are a core product from ZF’s Sachs brand, with more than 1500 units on offer. Like it’s shock absorbers, Sachs clutches have a long history of performance and durability validation in all manner of motor racing, including Formula 1 and, locally in Supercars. Sachs clutches can be ordered from ZF Services Australia individually or as installation kits.

Sachs and Australian motor sport Think Australian motorsport and you think Craig Lowndes. A long time Ambassador of the brand, Craig has recently taken on the role of Product and Technical Expert for Sachs and is no stranger to the range. Craig has raced on the product for the last 15 seasons in a winning combination that most recently includes the 2019 Pirtek Enduro Cup. Craig and team-mate Jamie Whincup raced to four wins in six races while Triple Eight Race

Engineering teammates Shane van Gisbergen and Garth Tander also won a race, giving the Sachs brand five wins from six races. The knowledge gained from the Sachs competition program worldwide is utilised by its engineers to perfect products for the road, finding the optimum balance between performance and comfort without compromising quality. For detailed application information on the full Sachs range, visit www.sachsprovenperformance.com or contact ZF Services Australia via 1800 ZF SALES (93 72537).

SWAN IGNITION COILS SUPPORTS THE ‘RALLY’ TO FIGHT CANCER The Sh#tbox Rally is a bi-annual event that raises vital money and awareness for cancer research Swan Ignition Coils says it was proud to support the cause by donating ignition coils to ‘Team Greg and Goldy’ to power their 1991 Nissan 300ZX in the 2019 Sh#tbox Rally. After five years of trying to enter, the team made up of Matthew Goldsmith and Greg Otto finally took part in last year’s rally. They were one of 250 competing cars which participated along with numerous support crews to participate in the 2019 Spring Rally, held across October 19-25. To participate each team needed to raise $5000 and team Greg and Goldy raised $7000 with the entire event raising 2.3 million dollars. In the past ten years the rally has raised more than 21 million dollars for cancer research with improvements in diagnosis, treatment and support for patients, with the eventual goal of finding a cure. All cars running in the event were purchased for under $1000, with the Greg and Goldy Nissan 300ZX pulled out of a paddock with the engine laying in parts in in the boot. 38

Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine February 2020

After being emotionally moved by the charitable intentions of Matthew and Greg, the selling owner Jethro Miller offered to help restore the car, putting in more than 100 hours of unpaid labour. With the teams’ efforts and community support, the car was restored back to race condition. Along with the money raised for cancer research, the rally also had a flow on effect to the many remote rural communities that made up the rally route, with these towns seeing their populations explode for a much-needed economic boost as they catered for the race participants. Swan Ignition Coils reports that the team says the ignition coils performed perfectly well, travelling the gruelling 3500km terrain from Melbourne to Townsville with temperatures exceeding 40 degrees, putting enormous load and strain on the car’s engine. Swan Ignition Coils explains the durability of the coils had been tried and test during the production stage as Swan coils undergo thermal temperature shock test ranging from a high 125 degrees Celsius to a low of -40 degrees.

Being an Australia owned and operated brand, Swan Ignition Coils says it gets great pride from putting back into the community via supporting charitable organisations, including but not limited to the Sh#tbox rally. While the 2019 event may be over, you can still show your support for the fight against cancer by visiting www.Shitboxrally.com.au For more information about Swan Ignition Coils, visit www.acaparts.com.au or its Social Media Channels.

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