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ABOUT THE COVER Arnott Air Suspension Products is one of the global industry leaders in manufacturing and distributing quality aftermarket air suspension products and accessories

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LOOKING AHEAD TO AN EXCITING 2019 Another 12 months has passed and 2018 was certainly a fabulous year for the performance sector of the automotive industry With record crowds attending Summernats, Motorex and World Time Attack events here in Australia, coupled with record breaking crowds at SEMA and PRI, our industry is very buoyant. Sales of the Ford Mustang continue to defy the ‘norm’ and with it being crowned Australia’s top selling performance (Sports) car for three years in a row. Sales do not appear to be waning either, with Ford confirming that Australia is set to see more numbers of this iconic car in the coming years. We also watch with interest the continued growth of dual cab utes as a performance option, with Ford, Toyota and Holden all selling enhanced versions of their models (Ranger/Hilux/Colorado). Our focus needs to ensure we embrace this market change and adapt to market demands. In 2018, the PRTC held events in most capital cities. With the change back to workshop relevant events, this program stirred up enormous support in all states and I am pleased to say that we anticipate these events will continue throughout 2019 – be sure to keep an eye on each e-news to find out when an event is being planned near you! There was also a game-changing announcement in the year that was 2018, regarding the

establishment of the AAAA-led Automotive Innovation Laboratory. Co-funded by Federal and Victorian Government industry development grants, the operation of these new Innovation Labs will be led by the AAAA, providing Australian automotive product designers, manufacturers and start-ups with the tools, technology, vehicles, expertise and collaborative environment required to innovate, design, test and manufacture for local and export markets. Advanced manufacturing services including 3D scanning and printing, measuring sessions, technology transfer, Computer Aided Design and prototyping will be provided. Advanced product development and testing facilities will also significantly reduce the time and cost in developing innovative new products for local and global markets. With Australian automotive aftermarket industry

manufacturers currently producing parts, components and technology worth more than $5 billion each year, our companies are world leaders in the design and manufacture of specialty products with a technological advantage such as high performance and motorsport components. These products are purchased on innovation, performance and features rather than on price and our businesses have been successful because they have made significant investments in R&D and capital equipment and have a strong export focus. The establishment of the Innovation Lab is set to help position our industry for future growth by providing our innovators with leading edge technology and expertise and I am very excited to see how it all unfolds when the Lab launches in mid-2019. Here’s to a great 2019 ahead! Graham Scudamore-Smith, Chairman PRTC

RACING TOWARDS PERFECTION NGK Australia launches new racing spark plugs catalogue The team at NGK says it is excited to announce the launch of its first Australian Racing Spark Plugs Catalogue. NGK says it has a proud racing heritage and holds firmly to the belief that ‘racing improves the breed.’ Following the release of its Racing Spark Plugs Catalogue, professional and amateur motorsport competitors, along with car enthusiasts in Australia and New Zealand, can now select the correct spark plug for their modified application quickly and easily. “In addition to cataloguing the full range of NGK Racing Spark Plugs, our new catalogue also includes informative technical information to make sure you’re well prepared before you hit the track or take your pride and joy out on the streets,” NGK Spark Plugs Australia Senior Product Manager, James Filshie, said. 4

Topics include choosing a heat range and firing end design along with installation tips and correct tightening angles for both racing cars and motorcycles. “We have a long and successful motorsport history,” James said. “In 1964 we participated in Formula 1 for the first time. The following year we won our first race in what has become the world’s most competitive championship. “Fast forward to 1996 and NGK formed a technical partnership with Ferrari. In the following year we helped power them to four race wins. Building on that success, in 1998 we helped this iconic team achieve their 100th career win, and in 2007 not only did they win all 17 of the rounds in which they raced, but they also achieved their 200th career win. “This amazing record was rewritten once again in

2013 when NGK was there to celebrate Ferrari’s 300th Formula 1 career win.” Today, NGK Spark Plugs says it continues to develop its products as the official supplier of Scuderia Ferrari. It doesn’t matter which level of motorsport you compete in, or if you have a modified street application, NGK says it can assist you to get the best performance out of your engine. To find out more about NGK’s range of Racing Spark Plugs, visit www.ngk.com.au or call one of its customer service representatives on 1300 55 40 59.


SUMMERNATS CELEBRATES A SENSATIONAL FESTIVAL More than 2,000 cars and 100,000 people joined together for the 2019 instalment of the popular event The Street Machine Summernats, proudly supported by Rare Spares, celebrated the best of Australian car culture at Exhibition Park in Canberra across January 3-6. “Summernats 32 was awesome. We set ourselves some high goals to bring the party back to this fantastic event,” Summernats Co-Owner, Andy Lopez, said. “We are 32 years old and it’s really important that we innovate, grow and become better and that is what we did with skid row, drifting and a brand new world record. “Every person that came through this site over the four days walked away with a smile on their face and that is what the Summernats is all about.” The largest Summernats City Cruise ever saw 400 wild machines cruising down Canberra’s Northbourne Avenue while thousands of onlookers packed along the sidelines of Northbourne while with ticket sales up on last year, Thursday started early at ‘Nats, with the gates thrown open an hour early to accommodate the lines of attendees and entrants keen to kick off their 2019 Summernats experience. Day two hosted the successful Guinness World Record attempt for the largest simultaneous burnout (126 participants bettering the previous record of 119) as well as drifting demonstrations, the Blower vs Turbo Dyno Shootout featuring the ACDelco Top Doorslammer, the burnout Championship Eliminations and the Great Meguiar’s unveil, where more than a dozen neverseen-before automotive creations were unveiled. On Saturday the Showtime FMX team put on a thrilling aerial display before the annual Supercruise took to the arena.  A selection of great

cars and the large crowds weren’t disheartened by the weather and the evening rolled on. In fact, one gentleman arranged to propose to his partner in front of the grandstand, and she said yes. After the sun had set, it was time for the Philips Automotive Lighting Fireworks Spectacular, before hip-hop sensation 360 provided his unique beats on the Canna stage for the passionate fans. Sunday was finals day and awards day, with Rick Werner announced as the 32nd recipient of the highest Summernats honour, the Summernats Grand Champion, with his amazing 1932 Ford Hot Rod Pick-up. Accepting the huge Grand Champion sword from event founder Chic Henry was Rick and his daughter Danielle who assisted with the build. The Hot Rod is a work-of-art, taking over six years for Rick to complete to his satisfaction, with the last three weeks being devoted to detailing this masterpiece. The judging team could see the quality, skill and attention to detail and were convinced that it was a worthy winner. “It is totally surreal and just phenomenal. I always wanted my own Hot Wheels machine and now I own one, and on top of that we have just won the Summernats Grand Champion,” Rick said. Dozens of awards were presented to worthy recipients, including those who competed in driving events and the dyno competition, to a variety of awards that recognised various areas of car design, appearance and modification. The People’s choice award received thousands of votes, with Dean Wilson in his stunning 1937 Plymouth Coupe announced as the winner for 2019.

While the awards are the pinnacle of Summernats for many, for others, it is the coveted National Burnout Championship Final and National Burnout Masters Final that were the focus. The crowds filling the grandstands and around the Burnout Track were treated to the best burnout competitors in the country, showing their skill in powerful, wild burnout machines. The Burnout Masters Winner was Jake Myers in his blown, injected Ford Mustang with a burnout for the ages. For more information, visit www.summernats.com.au



PRO/RACE PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS CELEBRATES MILESTONE In late 2018 the company’s owner marked a special anniversary PRO/RACE Performance Products celebrated a significant milestone on the 3rd of November 2018 with this date representing exactly 50 years since owner, Graham Withers, won the final of his three consecutive Australian National Drag Racing Championships. Graham was Australia’s first Professional Drag Racer however he retired after five years of racing to focus on new business opportunities. Throughout the 70s, Graham operated a very well known and successful speed shop on the Nepean Highway in Cheltenham, Victoria.

In the 1980s, using the extensive knowledge gained throughout his drag racing career, Graham established the range of PRO/RACE Harmonic Dampers and over the past 32 years has been exporting PRO/RACE products around the world, including to major OEM engine programs in the US as well as servicing the local Australian highperformance automotive market. Graham, now 77, says he is proud that his PRO/ RACE products are designed and developed in his factory in the industrial estate of Mentone, Victoria. PRO/RACE has three streams of products: PRO/ STREET, PRO/SPORT and PRO/RACER, which cater for engines from street performance to high end competition use, including PRO/RACER dampers specifically designed for use with Supercharged engines. Both PRO/SPORT and the premium PRO/RACER products are certified to SFI 18.1, making them eligible for use in competition. The PRO/RACER product features all-steel construction with a specially formulated bonded elastomer. The splined inertia ring and hub combination eliminates slippage.

PRO/RACER dampers are spin tested to 18,000RPM greatly exceeding the SFI requirements for maximum performance and safety. Whilst focused on “the big three,” PRO/ RACE also provides harmonic dampers for classic marques such as Jaguar, Austin Healey and MG. With a mature design, it says the tried and tested PRO/RACE dampers will provide years of protection for your motor. Control of torsional vibrations is key to protecting vital components in your engine including camshaft drive train, belt driven accessories and the crankshaft itself which can suffer fatigue failure. A properly damped engine will also provide a significant difference on the dyno. For distribution details or information on protecting your engine, PRO/RACE says you should contact its team on 03 9584 3522 or visit www.pro-race.com

ATC RACING INTO MOTORSPORT Australian Transmission Components (ATC) has moved even further into Motorsport ATC has more than 25 years of involvement in Motorsport across several categories including Speedway and Historic racing and stepped up to the V8 Utes category as the ‘Controlled Supplier – Transmission’ with its Tremec TR6060 six speed in 2010. In 2017, ATC was asked by Supercars to develop a transmission solution for the new SuperUtes category it was launching in 2018. This application was always going to be challenging, explains ATC, stating diesel engines have some very specific traits not found in petrol engines and they produce a very different power delivery to petrol engines. All of this with no comparisons to work with meant there was always going to be a little ‘guess work’, but ATC explains it decided to stay with what it knew worked. As such, ATC opted to use the Tremec 6 speed unit with some ‘custom touches’ from its technicians to make one transmission fit the multitude of applications coming to the category. 6

It then had to work out ratios for the slower revving diesel engines that would produce an even ‘parity’ performance for the category. Now, after a full year of racing behind it, ATC Managing Director John Wilcox says he is pleased to say ATC has had great success with the options and application it put into place. Also in 2017, ATC’s continuing long term support of Ryan Hansford and Peters Motorsport allowed it to join with them in the exciting Touring Car Masters (TCM) series, showcasing pre-1979 vehicles. The Multispares/ATC LH Torana has been a front running car right from the start, says ATC, which states with a new car to be ready for the first round of 2019 it is expecting a very exciting year ahead. “This category has some very high calibre drivers and teams and they use some of the best motorsport transmissions available. To keep these Transmissions and Differentials operating at their absolute peak performance is a very exacting business,” John said.

“Our involvement within multiple motorsport categories has ultimately led us to create ATC Motorsport, a dedicated team to concentrate their efforts on developing solutions for all Motorsport categories. “The flow down effect to our day to day business is enormous, with continued testing of our complete product range coming under the same scrutiny as our Motorsport range. “Motorsport is without a doubt the ultimate testing ground for product development, and its great fun with some great people.” For more information about ATC’s Motorsports range of products and upgrades, call 02 6933 6888 or email motorsport@austtrans.com


ARNOTT AIR SUSPENSION PRODUCTS: TRUSTED FOR THREE DECADES Arnott Air Suspension Products is one of the global industry leaders in manufacturing and distributing quality aftermarket air suspension products and accessories

Arnott’s explains its extensive line of air suspension replacement options include new OES Air Suspension Compressors, replacement Air Springs, Arnott-designed New OE Replacement and Performance Air Struts, remanufactured OES Air Struts and Coil Spring Conversion Kits; covering nearly 150 applications with more than 300 quality products. Air suspension products which are found on many of today’s luxury vehicles provide drivers with superior ride quality, load leveling capability and increased safety. Through a three decades long commitment to R&D, engineering, manufacturing and testing, Arnott says it has solidified its position as one of the leading manufacturers of new and remanufactured air suspension replacement products.

Engineering and R & D Arnott’s explains that its engineering team frequently discovers ways to improve on these OES deficiencies, making an OES-like product that often lasts longer and performs better than the original. The product development process does not stop with engineering either. Each new air suspension replacement part requires a significant outlay of painstaking research and development.

Extensive testing Arnott states it extensively tests all new designs and products on companyowned vehicles; on the onsite test track and by driving them for countless hours. Once a new part passes every test, Arnott says it uses only the finest materials including aircraft-quality aluminum and tier one components such as heavy-duty crimping rings, oil resistant seals, and name-brand multi-ply rubber air spring bladders to create the finished product. Arnott spares no expense in maintaining an impressive fleet of test vehicles,


housing more than 45 luxury cars, SUVs, and pick-up trucks at its US facility. The test vehicle inventory – as might be expected from a company constantly researching, developing, and testing new air suspension parts and accessories for the world’s most popular vehicles – is constantly changing as new parts are made available to the marketplace and new vehicles are added to test more Arnott innovations.

Constant development Arnott says it continues to innovate with increases in research and development for a variety of new applications. With new parts being released monthly and supported by additional distribution, its continued growth is cementing its place as one of the global leaders in aftermarket air suspension products, it says. One such new product is an aftermarket front air strut for the RAM 1500 platform. The Arnott designed front strut, which is brand-new and not remanufactured, is the first Arnott air strut launched in partnership with Eibach. Both companies worked together to engineer a high-performance damper precisely valved to ride like the OES. Arnott’s exclusive partnership with Eibach translates into an option for premium performance aftermarket air suspension says Arnott. Eibach mono-tube shocks are made in the USA, have precision tuned damping and utilise digressive damping technology – meaning a smoother performance ride for the driver.

State-of-the-art facilities Arnott’s 27,870 square meter manufacturing plant is located on Florida’s Space Coast in the USA. The facility is located on an 8.5-hectare campus, just


a few kilometers from the Kennedy Space Centre and Port Canaveral, which offers the company a gateway to global shipping and logistics. Additionally, Arnott has a European manufacturing facility located in The Netherlands. Arnott Air Suspension Products’ Engineering/Research and Development center is a 6,000-square-metre building – including a large garage with multiple lifts, state-of-the-art test equipment and engineering offices.

Working to a high standard Arnott explains that it has developed and maintains a Quality Systems Manual designed to ensure Arnott Air Suspension Products are effectively manufactured, safe, reliable and competitive in the global marketplace. Its ISO 9001:2015 certification is based on quality management principles including strong customer focus and the continual improvement of robust, efficient processes. This standard was developed to help businesses and organisations deliver consistently high quality products and services, become more efficient and improve customer satisfaction.

A commitment to customers and excellence Arnott’s mission speaks to its customer focus and commitment to excellence. The company explains that its first priority is customer satisfaction, stating it believes in providing quality air suspension products to its valued customers,

offering world class customer service, and fast, friendly technical support. The number of makes that Arnott manufactures products for is continually growing and currently includes models for Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz. Land Rover, Porsche, Bentley and Ford to name a few. More than a decade ago, Arnott leveraged its air suspension knowledge in support of two wheeled vehicles. They engineered and manufacture custom tuned adjustable air suspension kits for motorbikes specializing in HarleyDavidson, Indian, Yamaha and more. Arnott’s motorbike kits enable the rider to lower their bike while stopped or parking and control ride quality and comfort from an onboard compressor and switch.

Available in Australia Arnott says it is proud to have had successful long standing relationships in the Australian market for many years. Three Point Classic is Arnott’s partner in the core buyback programme and is an importer of Arnott’s remanufactured product in Australia. World-class Arnott products are also available through several Australian distributers. For more information, visit www.arnottinc.com



WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO WIN SUMMERNATS 32’S HORSEPOWER HEROES? A whole lot of research and development and a heap of horsepower, says Valvoline That’s 2,483 horsepower to be exact, explains Valvoline, or in other words: enough horsepower to power three B Doubles across the Nullarbor Plain. With such high numbers required, you would be forgiven for being surprised that the winner of the dyno challenge at Summernats 32 earlier this year was a Holden Commodore. And no, not a late model with an LS Chev under the bonnet, but instead a black and silver VH Commodore running a Holden-based engine. Sure, it may not exactly be the one GMH put in it at Fishermen’s Bend back in the 1980s, but it is still an impressive feat nonetheless, says Valvoline. The Horsepower Heroes winning entry uses a Holden-based block from Torque Power Engineering, machined from billet aluminum with matching heads and measuring 398 cubic inches. To get a bit more fuel and air into the engine, it runs two ‘massive’ Garret Pro Mod 88mm Turbochargers. Then comes the methanol and lots of it – when you start chasing big horsepower, it is a must, says Valvoline, stating that on the final dyno run the boost was cranked up to 51psi. If you are thinking at this point that this car is some kind of ‘trailer queen’ that only gets used for horsepower runs, you would be wrong.


The Commodore is owned by Brendan ‘Bubba’ Medlyn and sees regular action on Victoria’s drag strips - it was even the winner of the popular Street Machine Magazine’s Drag Challenge in 2016 and a regular competitor in other years. The challenge calls for competitors to drive their street-driven, road registered cars around the countryside racing daily before traveling through the night to the next drag strip. With five different tracks in five different days and around 1,500 kilometers of street driving in between, the competition is a truly demanding test of driver, team and car. So, what does a winning car like this use when it comes to oil? Valvoline have been providing Bubba with Valvoline Racing 50 for his engine lubrication. “There are a number of unique conditions which lubricants used in Bubba’s high horsepower machine would encounter,” Valvoline Technical Director, Ed Kopinski, said. “Firstly, any engine oil in a car such as this needs to be compatible with methanol fuels and the reality is that all modern engine oils are compatible with both methanol and ethanolbased fuels,” Ed said. It is often said that overhead valve engines prefer mineral based oils. This is true, explains Vavoline,

as mineral oils have a better friction co-efficient making them more suitable for overhead valve V8 engines operating under high load. Engines put under enormous loads and high revs need protection and this comes from a thicker oil. Racing 50 – which is what is used in Bubba’s machine – is a 20W-60 engine oil. The 60 indicates the viscosity of the oil when hot. This oil has been chosen because a more viscous oil is required to protect the engine parts from the loads encountered on the dyno. For something like this application, you need heaps of zinc, says Valvoline. “This one isn’t a myth, it is entirely true and what is referred to as ‘zinc’ is Zinc DialkylDithiophosphates or ZDDP,” Ed said. “It is an anti-wear additive to prevent metal-tometal contact by forming a protective film and


despite being referred to as zinc, this additive actually contains zinc and phosphorous, with the phosphorous performing the anti-wear function.” Heat is normally a big issue in high horsepower applications. While methanol lowers the temperatures encountered in the combustion changer, the thermodynamic effect of producing 2,500 horsepower means a lot of heat is generated. In addition, the turbochargers would glow red hot during a dyno run creating a harsh environment for the oil passing through them. “We have found that Valvoline Racing 50 is the perfect fit for these conditions, and the recent success seems to certainly underline this point.” The transmission in the car is Pro Torque transmission based on a Power Glide with a Gear Vendors overdrive. Ed explains that in finding

the right fit, Valvoline considered a number of different types of transmission lubricants. “Hydraulic 46 hydraulic oil is normally used in earth moving equipment and is thicker than regular ATF but with more zinc for protection of transmission parts,” Ed explained. “Hydraulic oil contains extreme pressure additives enabling it to handle heat and heavy loads. “Traditional MaxLife ATF uses synthetic base oils and additives to protect the transmission during drag and dyno activities. “Full synthetic ATF’s contain more antiwear additives, which is better for road going applications. “Meanwhile, Valtorque C4 10W is a transmission fluid used in trucks and earth moving equipment

normally found on mining sites. This fluid protects the transmissions from the massive torque loads generated by this equipment. “One of the big issues for the transmission are the shock loads during launches and gear changes and the massive amount of heat produced transmitting all that horsepower. Under normal circumstances this type of power would be seen in a massively over engineered truck or crawler transmission, not an after market power glide.” Reviewing the above, it is clear every component in the car needs to be engineered to cope with 3,000 horsepower. If it isn’t, it will fail. “This journey is certainly not for the faint of heart!” Ed said. For more from Valvoline, visit www.valvoline.com.au

Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine Publisher, Cameron McLachlan, takes a look at the products driving the automotive aftermarket. cameron@aaaa.com.au 11


PERFORMANCE LSA UPGRADES FROM AEROFLOW PERFORMANCE Improve and dress up your LSA engine Aeroflow Performance, a leader in performance products, is pleased to introduce to you a variety of products to not only improve the performance of your LSA engine, but also dress it up.

These pulleys are not actually smooth either, they have a textured pattern that grips the belt thanks to Aeroflow Performance’s unique anti-slip surface finish, it says.

Aeroflow Performance explains it has developed a thermo plastic supercharger spacer which sits underneath the stock supercharger hat and raises it 10 mm to provide better airflow to the rear cylinder banks.

When increasing all this horsepower, a better method of fuel delivery is required.

By raising the supercharger, it removes a large restriction in air flow which will allow more air thus more horsepower to be gained along with the ability to reduce the intake temperatures as well. In addition, Aeroflow Performance says it has designed the thermo plastic intake spacers which give the added benefit of reduced heat transfer, as the supercharger is no longer sitting directly on top of the cylinder head but rather, 10mm above. To further increase the horsepower, new blower pulleys are available in 2.4” and 2.55” as is the blower hub coupler. The 2.55” pulley is a straight forward bolt on when you press on the blower hub coupler which then allows you to interchange with the smaller 2.4”, but this requires slight modifications to the supercharger snout, explains Aeroflow Performance.

To this end, Aeroflow Performance has developed new billet fuel rails that are a straight bolt on to use with 14 mm factory injectors or aftermarket injectors. These return style fuel rails feature larger -8orb dual inlets and dual outlets which have many benefits over the OEM dead end fuel rails which can cause hot start issues, says Aeroflow Performance. Once you have your fuel delivery sorted, it is time to look at the water system and in particular, the intercooler water pump. Aeroflow Performance says it has the solution, with its compact brushless electric water pump. The brushless design is a magnetically driven water pump which allows high flow of up to 46.6 litres per minute with the larger one-inch (25.4mm) barb and 40 litres per minute on the smaller 3/4 inch ( 19.05mm ) barb. Aeroflow Performance says this will improve

the cooling capacity and the more flow you can push through the intercooler without cavitation, the colder you can keep that intake temperature charge when moving along. For those wanting to add a touch of class and remove those factory OEM steel lines on the supercharger and replace them with some braided line/AN options, Aeroflow Performance has designed simple clip on fittings that attach straight to the supercharger and allows you to convert straight to AN style fittings. The water filler tee is a unique billet piece which replaces the factory plastic item which is brittle and can fatigue over time. The added advantage is that you cannot purchase these standard items separately and instead have to purchase the entire line kit which is a costly expense, says Aeroflow Performance. For all enquiries, please contact Rocket Industries on 02 8825 1900 or visit an Aeroflow distributor near you. Alternatively, you can shop online at www.aeroflowperformance.com

HARROP RELEASES MUSTANG GT ENGINE OIL COOLER KIT The Harrop Engine Oil Cooler Kit is said to be highly efficient and race proven Designed and manufactured in Australia to the high-quality standards expected by enthusiasts, the Harrop Engine Oil Cooler Kit suits naturally aspirated and supercharged variants of the RHD Ford Mustang GT, says Harrop Engineering. The Harrop Ford Mustang GT Engine Oil Cooler Kit was designed to be a robust solution, entirely removing the factory water to oil system that Harrop Engineering says has a risk of failure and potential to cause engine damage without warning. The oil cooler is mounted flat in front of the radiator just above the undertray, receiving cool air from the lower air intake and forms part of the ram air pressure zone. Harrop Engineering says this location is optimal to prevent hot air off the Oil Cooler decreasing the efficiencies of the Supercharger front mount Intercooler if fitted, AC Condenser and Radiator. The Engine Oil Cooler Kit is supplied with a 32mm thick, multi-pass Setrab Oil Cooler core used on high-end track cars globally. 12

This is mated to a Harrop-designed high flow adaptor block that mounts in the OEM cooler position, the adaptor plate features a thematic valve that begins to open at 70 deg and is fully open at 80 deg C.  The Harrop Engine Oil Cooler Kit is said to be highly efficient and race proven to keep engine oil temperatures low under high load for either street or track work, also increasing total oil system volume by approximately 800ml.

The Harrop Engine Oil Cooler Kit Contains: • Setrab Proline Engine Oil Cooler Core (660mm x 124mm x 32mm) • Mounting Brackets (4) • Oil Cooler Adaptor Block • High-quality AN10 Speedflow Hoses and fittings • Direct installation supplied with all hardware required to fit the kit Harrop Engineering says the Engine Oil Cooler Kit

has been extensively tested in-house at Harrop and offers Mustang owners peace of mind, protecting their investment from the prevalent failures of the factory system. Further to this, Harrop Performance Centre is offering customers a ‘Protect your Pony’ package featuring the Engine Oil Cooler Kit and heavyduty Billet Oil Pump Gear and Crank Timing Gear, addressing two known OEM deficiencies of the 5.0L Coyote. For further information, contact Harrop Engineering on 1300 HARROP or sales@harrop.com.au or visit www.harrop.com.au


PERTRONIX DIGITAL HP MOBILE Revolutionising the Ignition Box Pro Quip International says it is proud to announce the impending release of the brand new Pertronix Digital HP Mobile Ignition Box to Australia. It says this “incredible innovation” adds mobile app functionality, control and security to the Digital HP Ignition Box which on its own offers Multiple Spark firing all the way to the redline and an integrated three-step Digital Rev Limiter. The easy to use Digital HP Mobile app offers a complete and easy interface to set your rev limits, shift light, start retard, spark settings and tachometer preferences, says Pro Quip International. You can save and load multiple settings for a quick change between Street and Strip modes and the Digital HP Mobile app’s easy to read Dashboard displays engine tachometer, an active shift light, and system voltage in real time.

FOUR RULES FOR PREMIUM MUFFLERS Formed in early 2017, Racecraft says it was born with one mission in mind That mission was to produce premium mufflers and accessories to rival some of the top tier American brands at a fraction of the cost. It says it follows the rule of four for all of its mufflers: 1. Free Flowing 2. Aesthetic 3. Sound 4. Precision

Free Flowing The more efficiently an engine removes exhaust gases, the easier it becomes to make more power. This is what separates a good muffler from a great muffler, says Racecraft. It states that all of its mufflers once started as prototypes with various internal modifications along the way. “Our philosophy is simple. If one particular design does not make power, then we make changes until it does. We pride ourselves on R&D to produce the most restriction-less mufflers on the market,” Racecraft General Manager, Ian Mathewson, said.

Aesthetic Racecraft says that it understands that although Mufflers have a job, this does not mean they have to look bland. All Racecraft Mufflers are produced in high end 304 Grade stainless steel. Racecraft says that while there are other brands out there that use similar grades of material, what separates Racecraft products from the rest is that Racecraft chooses to take things to the next level with each of its mufflers meticulously polished to a mirror finish. It is also pre-loaded with user selectable themes which allows you to select the look and feel you want. Also new for the Digital HP Mobile are robust one touch security modes allowing the user to set the ignition system into a valet mode with reduced rev limit or completely secure the vehicle by disabling start. All this, along with a “massive” 187mJ of spark energy, are packed in to a sleek looking, 16 x 16 x 9cm, one kilogram, black Anodized housing. The Digital HP Mobile Ignition Box will be available from late February 2019. For more information, visit www.pertronix.com.au


“Our logo is also laser etched into the centre of the body so you can rest assured that you have an authentic Racecraft Muffler,” Ian said. “The ends are dual sealed and buffed with our signature ‘rolled and welded’ process meaning no ugly weld spatter as seen on other brands of mufflers. What you are left with is a work of art!”

Sound No muffler would be complete without giving your ears something beautiful to listen to. “Racecraft Mufflers feature our signature hitemp acoustic wool which is one of the major factors in producing the aggressive, deep note that we are beginning to be known for,” Ian said. “Internally, our mufflers are designed to keep high flowing characteristics while allowing the

exiting gas to expand and produce the wonderful symphony you hear.”

Precision The spigot ends of each muffler are precisely manufactured for a perfect Internal Diameter sizing, giving an easy and snug fit every time, says Racecraft. “We pride ourselves on this precision fit as many other brands have a ‘sloppy’ fit when inserting exhaust tube. This in turn leaves a gap which needs to be filled and is most definitely not ideal on any exhaust system,” Ian said.

Not just mufflers “Racecraft has since grown and we now supply a complete array of exhaust accessories; all while maintaining premium quality at the most competitive prices,” Ian said. “Additional products include Reducer Cones, X-Pipes, V-Band Clamps, Exhaust Tips and Stainless Exhaust Bends. “We are currently looking for Wholesale Distributors and Stockists throughout Australia. If you are interested then please visit us at the AAA Expo at booth T06.” For more information, visit www.racecraftaus.com


A TURN AHEAD OF THE COMPETITION Garrett G Series Performance Turbochargers Garrett G Series 42 turbochargers offer enthusiasts a new range of quick spooling, high horsepower solutions for 2.0 litre up to 8.0 litre engine platforms, says Garrett. The G42-1200 Compact, G42-1200, and G42-1450 turbochargers produce up to 1450 horsepower thanks to the ten blade, forged, fullymachined G Series compressor wheel with high flowing aero.

These low inertia compressor wheels are smaller in size and weight, resulting in faster boost response (compared to GTX42), says Garrett. The Garrett G42-1200 is available in standard V-band and compact compressor housing options. The V-band compressor housing is outline interchangeable with GTX42 while the new Compact option is 4mm shorter axially and 29mm smaller radially (see Figure A). Forged fully-machined 10 blade compressor wheel with G Series aero. G42-1200 flows 109 lbs/min 1200HP G42-1450 flows 131 lbs/min 1450HP

Garrett explains that the G Series turbine wheel features all new aerodynamics to improve flow and boost response. The new turbine aero wheel flows 10 percent more and has peak efficiency of 77 percent (compared to GTX42 at 74 percent with 1.01A/R). It is engineered with inconel super alloy to withstand operating temperatures up to 950C. Stainless steel turbine housings are available with V-band inlet and outlet connections in free float mono-scroll options. Divided, free float, T4 turbine housings will be available in 2019. Figure A: G42-1200 V-band vs G42-1200 Compact comp housing. 29mm smaller radially from centre of outlet to centre of outlet.

Figure B: New turbine aero has a peak efficiency of 77 percent and flows 10 percent more than GTX42. Aluminium backplate helps reduce weight. -6an water fittings come installed

For more information, contact your Garrett Performance Distributer, email turbosales@garrettmotion.com or visit www.garrettmotion.com

SACHS TORQUE CONVERTER FOR 6HP TRANSMISSIONS Now added to ZF Aftermarket’s product portfolio Vehicles equipped with an automatic transmission are preferred here in Australia, and in many international markets such as Japan and the United States, says ZF Aftermarket, which says it is responding to market demand by adding a further 20 Sachs torque converters for passenger car transmissions to its diverse OE quality product portfolio. In addition to its extensive portfolio for MercedesBenz vehicles, ZF is now offering its established Sachs torque converters for 6HP transmissions for vehicles produced by Audi, Aston Martin, BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover, Porsche, Skoda and the VW Group. “The Sachs torque converters are the ideal solution for modern automatic transmissions. They are extremely compact, fitting into even the smallest installation space while still offering high performance,” ZF Aftermarket Head of Product Management, Richard Adgey, said. “They stand out due to a high hydrodynamic power density and are individually configured for the drivelines of the most diverse manufacturers.

They ensure perfect behaviour when pulling away – regardless of whether on hilly roads or in stopand-go traffic to offer optimal driving comfort.” When a Sachs torque converter lock-up clutch is additionally installed, it further maximises the aforementioned benefits, says ZF Aftermarket. The Sachs torque converter lock-up clutch consists of a lock-up clutch and torsion dampers that together prevent wear and tear during start-up, transfer power more efficiently, reduce power losses and noise and lastly, in the process, improve driving dynamics. This enables the automatic transmission to deliver additional driving comfort due to its gentle and smooth gear changes as well as reduced fuel consumption.  The torque converter is an extremely important and crucial component in an automatic transmission. Its job is to handle conventional coupling by separating the engine and the transmission and then reconnecting it.  In this process, the pump wheel transfers the

engine’s kinetic energy to the transmission by means of an oil flow that is directed through the stator to the turbine wheel. Without this interplay between the above systems, it would not be possible to start the vehicle. To prevent premature wear in the automatic transmission and its components, ZF Aftermarket recommends changing the transmission oil every 100,000 kilometres, stating that this will enable the Sachs torque converter and safety-related components in the automatic transmission to provide optimal performance. For more information on ZF Services Australia and its parts and services, visit www.zf.com/au, or call 1800 ZF SALES (1800 93 72537). 15


ALBINS FRONT DIFFERENTIAL RELEASED Ideal for competition on or off the tarmac Albins Performance Transmissions says it is a global leader in high performance driveline components. From replacement gearsets, drive shafts and CV joints to its famous ST6 sequential transmission – used in competitions as diverse as Australian Supercars, time attack and desert endurance racing – Albins says it has forged a reputation for durable, reliable products that thrive at the extremes of performance. The latest release from Albins is a front differential designed to be compact and lightweight, while boasting a high torque rating that makes it suitable for a variety of applications. Initially conceived for the highly competitive world of 4WD Trophy Truck racing in the USA, Albins explains its small size, strength and potential for ratio alteration makes it ideal for competition on or off the tarmac. Housed in a robust billet aluminium casing, the differential shares the same crownwheel as the ST6 transmission which is rated to 1000Nm of torque.

Supplied with a planetary gear style LSD and drop gears as standard, the unit also features an internal oil pump and oil cooler fittings on the pinion side. The drop gear arrangement allows for gear ratio changes without the need to remove the crownwheel. The Albins front differential is supplied as standard with a 1350 yoke and 934-style drive flanges, with other options available on request. Since announcing the new product to distributors in the US, Europe and Asia, Albins says it has been fielding enquiries from the time attack and trophy truck markets, as well as other sectors of the off-road racing community. For more information contact Albins Performance Transmissions at sales@albins.com.au or call 03 5335 8022. 16

PAT PERFORMANCE RANGE INCREASE CONTINUES PAT’s range of racing and performance products continues to grow, including the Raceworks High Performance Range A range of Vehicle Preparation components has been introduced by Raceworks including CAMS approved Tow Hooks and motorsport decals, including numbers in Black and Day Glo, and assorted decals such as Tow, Battery Location, Battery Isolation and Nitrous. Raceworks has added SFI/CAMS approved Rollbar padding and Battery master/isolation switches with optional remote cables, and the Deutsch Connector range has expanded with the addition of DTP, HD30 and HDP20 Series Connectors. A range of Raceworks Thermal Protection products is also available, including Titanium Turbo Beanies/Blankets, Black Titanium Exhaust/ Header Wrap with stainless ties, Gold Reflective Adhesive Heatproof Sheeting, and Fibreglass Heat Shield Sleeving for use over hoses. The Raceworks AN hose and fittings range has expanded, with AN-16 and AN-20 added. Two new sizes of Aluminium Pipe Clamp Kits have also been added (two inch and four inch), and all are now a revised four-piece design, making them easier to install. Stainless weld on ferrules are available, for those using stainless piping. A new range of Raceworks 450 Series rubber hose is also now available; a submersible hose in AN-5 (8mm) and AN-6 (10mm) compatible with unleaded and ethanolbased fuels.

There is a new 0.5L baffled Catch Can (Oil/Air Separator) with AN-10 ports. In addition to being used under the bonnet these small tanks are also commonly plumbed to fuel cells, to catch fuel that has lifted up the breather line during hard cornering and braking. Three new Bosch EV14 731cc injectors; a threequarter length with Bosch plug, Short with a USCAR plug and Short with extended nose with a Bosch plug, have also been added to the line, along with a new Raceworks 4G63T fuel rail for Mitsubishi Lancer EVO IV – IX. Two new in-tank high flow E85 Safe fuel pumps are also now available through Premier Auto Trade; the TI Automotive/Walbro 525, which flows 465LPH@3bar, and the Bosch Motorsport BR540, flowing 450LPH@3bar. Both pumps are good for very high fuel pressure, ideal for very high boost applications. The Bosch pump offers 13 bar pressure relief, and still flows 310LPH at 8bar. Two new Map sensors are also available; the TI 6.5bar sensor, and Variohm Eurosensor 8 bar sensor which can be used on methanol/diesel engines running over 100PSI of boost. The Raceworks website now contains an Injector Upgrade Guide, searchable by vehicle and engine type. This details the fuel injector upgrade options that Raceworks offer, and how much power the injector supports, and the extensions, plug adapters and O-rings needed to make them work correctly. Detailed guides and diagrams on various ways to plumb a complete fuel system, a fuel cell, surge tank and a catch can are also now available. Premier Auto Trade products are available through a network of resellers and leading automotive retail groups. For more information, visit www.raceworks.com.au


ENI SPORT 10W-60 Available now through Chematek Eni’s exclusive distributor in Australia, Chematek, says as its name suggests, Eni Sport 10W-60 is a top-end Italian lubricant built for high-performance cars operating in extreme conditions from the race track and the rally circuit, to the desert and off-road.

“As a result, the engine is easy to start and the wear caused from high loads is reduced,” Cameron said. The inclusion of a low-volatility, thermallystable synthetic component also minimises oil consumption.

It is a 100 percent full PAO genuine synthetic racing lubricant offering top-of-the-line engine performance and protection, says Chematek.

Achieving ‘stay in grade’ quality in the Shear Stability Bosch Injector test, Eni Sport 10W-60’s guaranteed viscosity stability is achieved even after a long period of extreme operating.

“Eni Sport 10W-60’s special synthetic formulation ensures outstanding performance in terms of detergent/dispersant, antirust, antifoam, antioxidation and antiwear,” Chematek National Sales Manager, Cameron Laird, said. “Eni Sport 10W-60 is an ideal choice for powerful or performance engines subjected to all kinds of operating conditions, including competitions and extreme driving conditions, such as off-road or in desert temperatures. The synthetic component strengthens the oil film, which sticks to metal surfaces even when the engine has been standing for some time.

The wide viscosity range ensures the proper viscosity of the oil in every part of the engine, no matter what the driving condition or ambient temperature, says Chematek. Just one of the new-generation European lubricants available through Chematek, Eni Sport 10W-60 is available in 205L, 4L and 1L bottles. Chematek is a global company that opened its Australian division in 2017. It says it offers a comprehensive range of Eni lubricants, all backed by technical knowledge, specialised advice and fast, reliable supply.

For more information about Eni lubricants, or to place an order, call 1800-CHEMATEK or visit www.chematek.com.au Eni Sport 10W-60 is also available from a number of selected Chematek partners, including: • NSW/ACT: Atlantic Oils, 02 9829 7555, www.atlanticoil.com • National: Statewide Bearings, 08 9352 2200, www.statewidebearings.com.au • Perth: Matilda Auto Parts, 08 9356 2922, www.matildaautoparts.com.au • Sydney: Peps Auto Spares Engadine 02 9520 5488 and Peps Auto Spares Narrelan, 02 4647 2855, www.peps.com.au




Australian performance V8 sedans have finished production in recent years and new car buyers are looking to manufacturers for replacement options The Mustang GT is Ford Australia’s top selling sports car and continues to perform well. Seeing a gap in the market for a competitor, HSV are converting a limited quantity of Camaro 2SS from LHD to RHD over the next two years and there are future hopes of a RHD version from factory sometime after 2020. With the release of the locally available RHD converted Chevrolet Camaro 2SS, it is an exciting time for modern muscle car lovers, says Adelaidebased engine building and tuning workshop, KPM Motorsport. “The Mustang GT versus Camaro 2SS showdown is on!” KPM Motorsport Marketing Manager, Fergus Brown, said. “Over in the US, tuners and performance workshops have been giving modern muscle cars extra muscle for years. “Only recently have we had the RHD S550 Mustang GT in large quantities and now the Camaro is here, it is the perfect time for local workshops and manufacturers to develop performance options for them.”

StreetFighter by KPM Motorsport There are a variety of upgrade options available from America however only a handful of locally developed, designed and manufactured options are available for the two modern muscle cars described above. KPM Motorsport says it is leading the way in this area, as it has been developing, building and racing high performance Holden Commodores and Ford Falcons for years now with great results – including being named as the fastest three out of four Aussie V8s tested by Motor Magazine in 2017. In 2015, KPM Motorsport imported the first S550 Mustang GT into Australia to begin development work, ensuring they were ready for the influx of Mustang GTs into Ford dealerships and onto our roads. Recently, they took delivery of the first HSV Camaro 2SS in South Australia. Before it had even arrived, KPM Motorsport had already begun development on performance exhaust, upgrades and supercharged packages, but once the vehicle 18

was in-hand even more development and testing could begin. It does all of this development and manufacture of performance components and packages under its ‘StreetFighter’ brand name. “The StreetFighter brand by KPM Motorsport is distinguished by high quality manufacturing and attention to detail,” Fergus said. “The focus is on customised tuning to each and every vehicle, as well as developing components that are suited specifically to the RHD American muscle cars. “It is also ensured that all of its packages meet ADR approval and have driveline warranty cover. It is these areas of focus that set us apart from the competition.”

All Natural KPM has a history in manufacturing high-end performance components for the Commodore, Falcon, Mustang, and now for the new Camaro 2SS. The new 2019 HSV Camaro 2SS comes from factory with a 6.2L direct injected LT1 V8 making 339kW and 617Nm of torque. “The car is no slouch in stock form and has some bark to it with the bi-modal performance exhaust system,” Fergus explains. “As with most factory delivered vehicles there is room for improvement though, and this is where KPM steps in with StreetFighter performance options.” The first area of improvement comes with a custom dyno tune by the StreetFighter tuning technicians. Spending time developing the tune both on-dyno and road testing, they were able to get an increase to 360kW. “The already quick 2SS becomes noticeably quicker and with some tweaks to the transmission response, the shifts become sharper and more solid,” Fergus said. The second area of improvement is through the exhaust system, getting the car to sound like a performance V8 and have the distinctive StreetFighter exhaust note. KPM has developed two StreetFighter exhaust options: a cat-back option and full exhaust

system with performance, ceramic coat headers; and high flow cat converters. “When developing exhaust systems there are three criteria KPM abides by: improving the exhaust note, improving engine performance and maintaining cabin comfort,” Fergus explains. The Camaro StreetFighter system is a twin three inch system with duel mufflers and 3.5” twin skin quad tips. The headers are 1 7/8th high flow units which flow to 100 cell high flow cats, through to the rear system. “StreetFighter performance packages are all developed to improve the factory vehicle, while retaining the comfort and reliability of the vehicle as it left the showroom floor,” Fergus said. The two naturally aspirated packages available are the: - SFPI, Stage 1 Power Package: 364 kW / 488 hp – a performance air intake, catback exhaust system with custom dyno recalibration, premium vehicle badging and driveline warranty - SFPII, Stage 2 Power Package: 382 kW / 512 hp – a performance air intake, full exhaust system with custom dyno recalibration, premium vehicle badging and driveline warranty

Go Supercharged For those looking to take the power gains


to another level, KPM says it has developed StreetFighter supercharged packages which can bump the Camaro’s output up to 650hp through to 1000hp. “Supercharging is the best bang for buck power increase for performance V8 vehicles,” Fergus said. “StreetFighter utilises a 2.9L Gen 5 unit in all of our packages and is the preferred supercharger on our Mustang GT packages too, however, in a 3.0L unit.” With supercharging being the chosen method of forced induction, there are also StreetFighter driveline upgrades available. For those looking to do track or drag work, StreetFighter offers carbon tail shafts, 2000hp upgrade drive shafts, ‘Tuff Mounts’ engine mounts and transmission mounts. “These upgrades ensure the driveline can hold up to the extra horsepower on a consistent basis, especially for track use,” Fergus said. “What makes the StreetFighter supercharged packages even more appealing is that customers can drive away from their local HSV dealership with complete peace of mind. “StreetFighter work with the dealership to fit the kit pre-delivery, it is ADR approved and engineered to be road legal, and is all covered by the StreetFighter limited driveline warranty.”

Get a handle on it To match the power increases from these packages, the handling can’t be overlooked, warns KPM. “The StreetFighter handling options utilise premium German components from H&R and Bilstein, with performance lowering springs, coil over suspension and beefed up sway bars as well as brake upgrade options available, the Camaro can be transformed into a serious street or track weapon,” Fergus said. A key area of improvement for handling and brake performance is the wheel and tyre choice. “KPM has designed and developed our signature StreetFighter ‘Dominator’ lightweight, forged billet aluminium wheels to perfectly suit the Camaro,” Fergus explains. “The same wheels were also used on our Mustang GT as tested by Motor Magazine in the 2017 Mustang Shootout. With the super light-weight wheels, the braking distance was improved significantly, all as a result of the reduced rolling mass.” The wheels are a 20x10” front, 20x11” rear, and KPM’s tyre of choice is a Toyo R888R in a 285/20F, 305/20R.

Testing it on the track KPM’s initial shakedown of the StreetFighter Camaro was at the Adelaide Motorsport Festival in early December, 2018. The test took in the Adelaide Rally component of the festival, which involved tarmac rally stages throughout the Adelaide Hills and Wine Regions as well as track stages at The Bend Motorsport Park and Victoria Park race course. “This was the perfect mix of road and track to test out the vehicle and the StreetFighter upgrades,” Fergus states. For the event the vehicle was fitted with the SFPI Power Package, H&R springs and StreetFighter ‘Dominator’ light weight wheels. “The drivers from KPM were impressed by the setup, handling each rally stage with ease

and giving a good indication of what further performance potential the vehicle has,” Fergus said. “While the tarmac rally was a good introduction to motorsport for the development vehicle, the team at KPM has our sights set on further track and drag strip testing in the coming year. “Testing at the world class The Bend Motorsport Park in both time attack and endurance events will be a focus for the StreetFighter Camaro. Drag strip testing is also on the cards to set benchmark times for each performance package available.” KPM Motorsport has a history of motorsport racing in various forms over the years. “While we develop vehicle packages for road use, we know the importance of intensive testing and development in a controlled environment,” Fergus explains. “KPM has been involved in V8 supercars, Time Attack, Porsche Carrera Cup and drag racing; and has strong relationships with local and national workshops and drivers. “Our go-to wheelman and sponsored driver is Dan Day – a young up and coming driver from Adelaide, who is well known for piloting the SJ1000 WRX STI and also has a career spanning multiple areas of motorsport.”

Coming up It is still early days for KPM Motorsport and its StreetFighter Camaro, but with a history of making fast cars faster, it is exciting to see further development work and what can be done locally. “As well as our StreetFighter brand, KPM Motorsport are the official vehicle builders and dealers in Australia for Hennessey Performance, from the US,” Fergus said. “This Texas based tuning shop pumps out some of the world’s most powerful street legal cars, with a strong focus on V8s. “The partnership between KPM and Hennessey was made official in late 2018 and has kicked off in 2019 with notable vehicle builds such as a 1000hp ‘Exorcist’ Camaro ZL1, two 808hp Heritage Edition Mustang GTs, and an 850hp Jeep Trackhawk. “Keep your eyes on our social channels and Motor Magazine in the coming months for features on these exciting vehicle builds and more news of the StreetFighter Camaro.” StreetFighter performance upgrades, packages and tuning are exclusively available through their StreetFighter Specialist Workshops in every major area of Australia and New Zealand. For more information, email enquiries@kpmmotorsport.com.au or call 08 8299 9998. Alternatively, visit www.streetfighter.net.au or www.kpmmotorsport.com.au 19


XTREME CLUTCH RELEASES RACE CLUTCH For FK8 Civic Type-R Xtreme Clutch has recently released a new motorsport focused upgrade for the Honda Civic Type-R FK8. The 184mm sprung twin plate kit has been developed to cater for motorsport applications where rotational mass, torque capacity and heat capacity are critical. As a division of Australian Clutch Services, Xtreme Clutch has been working on a wide variety of performance upgrades for both the Australian and international markets. With the Honda Civic Type-R FK8 being a popular performance vehicle around the world, Xtreme Clutch was quick to develop a wide range of upgrades to suit the growing tuning market for these vehicles. “As more aftermarket performance upgrades become available for a vehicle, it is important that we offer a performance upgrade to suit, ensuring that our distribution network is able to source a clutch solution for vehicle owners that

have started tuning their vehicle,” Xtreme Clutch Mechanical Engineer, Stewart Furze, said. “The FK8 Type-R was an ideal vehicle for us to develop performance upgrades for. “Previous versions of these vehicles offered ideal platforms to develop aftermarket upgrades and this version is no different with several large performance groups already tuning the cars for performance street and motorsport applications.” The 184mm sprung twin disc adds to an already extensive range of upgrades for the FK8 Type-R and is designed to offer a solution for motorsport teams requiring an exceptionally lightweight design whilst still retaining the torque and heat capacity seen in some of the larger versions. “The 184mm sprung twin disc comes with a 4140 chromoly flywheel, lightweight alloy pressure plate and friction discs that offer low rotational inertia, helping to improve shift times,” Stewart said. “We have also integrated a sprung hub in this

particular kit to reduce shock loading on the transmission during high RPM shifts.” Also included in the FK8 Type-R range is Xtreme Clutch’s 240mm single plate performance upgrades and a range of 230mm multi plate upgrades for very high horsepower vehicles still used on the street or for motorsport applications. For more information on the Xtreme Clutch range of products, please visit www.xtremeclutch.com.au

ACS CONTINUES FLYWHEEL AND HYDRAULIC EXPANSION ACS says it has heavily invested in offering the largest range and quickest delivery times possible Australian Clutch Services says it is continuing its flywheel and hydraulic range expansion with the introduction of several new components for European, Korean, American and Japanese vehicles. ACS has an extensive range of hydraulics stocked throughout its Australian warehouses for quick and efficient supply to customers in every region. The range already covers more than 1,000 applications and is continuing to grow with the addition of replacement slave cylinders to suit vehicles such as the 2015 onwards Toyota Hilux 2.8L and 2.4L and 2011 onwards Dodge Ram 6.7L; as well as master cylinders to suit the


2008-2014 Renault Clio 2.0L petrol and various Toyota Hilux models. “Our hydraulics range has been developed to ensure the highest quality standards whilst remaining excellent value,” ACS Managing Director, Brenton Jordan, said. “These components are often vital for the successful installation of a new clutch kit and to get a vehicle back on the road as quickly as possible. “To facilitate this, ACS have heavily invested in offering the largest range and quickest delivery times possible to support our Australian distribution network.” ACS says it has also expanded its range of the latest Dual Mass Flywheels, covering a wide variety of different applications. “We have Dual Mass Flywheels available for passenger car, commercial vehicles and even specialised components such as seen in Dual Clutch Transmissions,” Brenton said. “We have recently expanded this range with the addition of several Dual Mass Flywheels to suit the 2014 onwards Fiat Doblo 1.6L, 2013-2017 Hyundai ix35 and Tucson 2.0L and the Dual Clutch Transmission in the 2008-2013 Audi A4 2.0L.

“We are always looking to provide a solution for the latest vehicles as well as niche vehicles in the market to ensure that our customers have access to a complete offer and delivery in a timely manner.” Australian Clutch Services recently celebrated 30 years of operation and is based in a purpose-built facility in Adelaide incorporating manufacturing, research and development, sales and service, warehousing, and distribution. The organisation also operates through a nationwide warehousing and distribution network and exports to New Zealand, Europe, Asia and America. For more information on the Australian Clutch Services product range, please visit www.australianclutch.com.au or call 1800 CLUTCH.


PEAK PERFORMANCE From the ground up You can modify anything on a vehicle, but braking, steering, suspension and corner weights have to be correct, or the work is lost. Knowing when and how to adjust will depend on good measurement. You might be happy to road test a vehicle – as an expert driver and mechanic – because you’ve always done that, but in today’s world, Safe-T-Stop says technical excellence is the benchmark and you should “get with the programme.” Safe-T-Stop says plate brake testing proves itself again and again, especially with modified and racing vehicles and that engineers prefer actual measurement rather than going by feel as critical brake imbalances from left to right, and front to

rear, can affect stopping performance and safety. You need to know the exact brake force to each wheel so you know (you aren’t guessing) if an adjustment is needed, says Safe-T-Stop, noting that alignment and excessive tyre drag also affects performance, tyre wear and safety. Rebound and oscillation data are also vital to proper suspension adjustment, resulting in better handling and cornering - so important, especially off-road. Corner and axle weights are another critical aspect of enhancing performance and need to be accurately measured on a modified vehicle as if the footprint is unbalanced, handling and cornering will be affected. A corner weighbridge can give you precise corner and axle weights, in moments, says those behind Safe-T-Stop. The Safe-T-Stop plate brake tester incorporates brake, suspension and alignment/tyre drag testing as well as a corner weighbridge. It takes up no workshop space as the test track can be


installed anywhere (indoors or out) and sits only 50mm above the floor (or flush mounted), so you can continue to use that driveway or workspace. Testing is so simple, says Safe-T-Stop, just drive onto the test track at walking pace and when prompted, stop. Then roll forward again and apply the handbrake. Drive off the track and testing is finished: total time - 10 seconds and your printed report is available immediately. Want to update your equipment and knowledge? Safe-T-Stop encourage you to learn more by calling 02 9832 0045 or visiting www.safetstop.com


NEW BENDIX EDUCATIONAL MATERIAL FOR THE TRADE A new Bendix reference poster depicts an exceptionally realistic braking system graphic Bendix explains that the concept for the poster design was to provide a reference guide and greater understanding on how each part works together to create a car’s braking system. To achieve a practical and totally realistic graphic replica of the system, the Bendix team says it went to great lengths to procure a complete brake system in components and rebuild it in the same layout as it had appeared in the actual car. To achieve this, measurements were taken and a special rig complete with wheels was made to simulate the chassis of the car. The wheels were necessary to enable the rig to be moved around with ease while painting white to allow the various components to stand out prior to photographic imaging. The white background made it easier for final editing so the end result would portray the entire braking system as if it was floating in mid-air. Once the close up photography shots of each component was complete, it was a matter of editing out all extraneous material from the overall image.

The final result is a practical and valuable, technical yet simple poster which involved many hours of work for the Bendix team sourcing the overall system, taking measurements for accurate placement followed by hours of skilled graphic artwork to produce a detailed and technically accurate educational poster. The new poster will be distributed throughout the

trade, TAFE Colleges and retailers. For a copy of this new and informative poster, contact your Bendix representative. For more information free call the Bendix Brake Advice Centre on 1800 819 666 or +61 3 5327 0211 from overseas (8am-5pm Monday to Friday EST), e-mail brakeadvicecentre@bendix.com.au or visit www.bendix.com.au



BRAKING SOLUTIONS From AFI Brake Manufacturing AFI Brake Manufacturing is an integrated manufacturer of Passenger and Truck Automotive Brake Products such as brake pads, brake shoes and brake linings for the aftermarket segment. It says it is responsible for every step of production, utilising the best materials from the top overseas producers for every single step of the production of its brake pads – from the making of moulds, metal stamping, material formulation and packing to research and development. In order to produce finer quality products, AFI Brake Manufacturing says it is also continuously updating its technology. As well as manufacturing its own products under its own brand names, it also provides customers’ brand manufacturing service, it says. To date, AFI Brake Manufacturing has exported its products to Japan, China, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, Sri Lanka, Iraq and Iran while also exporting to Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Africa and Australia.

According to AFI Brake Manufacturing, the human resources factor also plays a key role in its success alongside the quality of its products and services. It states that it believes good management and a highly trained workforce ensures that goals are achieved. In fact, it has obtained MS ISO 9001 quality management system awards and received the Golden Bull Award in 2011 – an award which recognises Malaysia’s 100 outstanding SMEs. In 2015, AFI Brake Manufacturing says its product quality also successfully earned it the SIRIM product certification MS 1164: 2015 as

well as the world recognised E-Mark certification (E11). Further, it says coordinated marketing, product R&D and after sales services are key to its success in both domestic and international markets as is the reputation it says it has gained for innovative ideas. AFI Brake Manufacturing is located in Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia (45 minutes flight from Kuala Lumpur International Airport) and was established in 1997. For more information, visit www.afibrake.com

MAJOR EXTENSION OF LUK REPSET 2CT RANGE Schaeffler launches new dry and wet clutch repair solutions for the Automotive Aftermarket With its LuK RepSet 2CT, Schaeffler says it is the first company in the spare parts aftermarket market to offer a repair solution for dry double clutches. Schaeffler has now extended this range with applications for Fiat, Renault and Smart models and the LuK RepSet 2CT is now available for vehicles such as Audi, Skoda, Seat and VW in the VW Group using wet double clutches. A major advantage for drivers of vehicles with a double clutch is that it allows gear changes without any interruption of the power transmission. This innovative product ensures greater driving comfort and lower fuel consumption, says Schaeffler. Recognising early the potential of the technology for the aftermarket, Schaeffler says it became the pioneer of this technology when it developed the LuK RepSet 2CT repair solution. With the latest addition, the aftermarket division now also has this repair solution for the Smart, Renault Captur and Clio, vehicles in the Fiat Group (petrol and diesel) for Fiats, Alfa Romeos and Jeeps with the six-speed FPTC635 DDCT gearbox and for Suzuki (petrol and diesel models with six-speed TCSS transmission). In addition, Schaeffler also offers repair solutions for the wet double clutches used by Audi, Seat, 26

Skoda and Volkswagen with the seven-speed DQ500 gearbox. “With these new applications for both dry and wet double clutches we once again demonstrate our innovative power and years of competence in clutch repair,” Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket Head of Transmission Systems, Rouven Daniel, said. “Our global market coverage in the clutch segment is already 80 percent and this will increase further.” Schaeffler says the principal behind doubleclutch technology is complex but can be simply explained as follows: at the same time one clutch is transmitting torque the second clutch is being positioned for the next gear. This facilitates the smooth shifting from one gear into another without any drop in power transmission or performance. The dry double clutch is used especially in vehicles with lower torque due to the resulting heat which cannot otherwise dissipate. By contrast, the wet double clutch is used mostly in vehicles with especially high drive torque of over 250 Nm. The oil cooling effect of the oil enables the transmission of higher torque levels. In this version the heat that results during shifting and acceleration from a standing start dissipates in the oil circuit.

Whether it’s a dry or wet version, Schaeffler says every LuK RepSet 2CT not only comes with the double clutch but also it contains all the components required for repair that have been precision tuned for replacing a specific double clutch system. The product is completed by the appropriate modular special tool system that is required for replacing the double clutch. The vehicle-specific tool sets for each application can be easily combined with the basic tool set. Every LuK RepSet 2CT and special tool case comes with detailed information about the technology and installation in eight languages. You can find this plus additional information about these repair solutions along with details on the entire portfolio of the Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket Division at the REPXPERT online portal www.repxpert.com.au For further information, call Schaeffler Australia on 1300 585 462.


TENNECO SIGNS DEFINITIVE AGREEMENT TO ACQUIRE ÖHLINS RACING A.B. The acquisition of the premium suspension systems and components company will be finalised in early 2019 Tenneco Inc. has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Öhlins Racing A.B. (“Öhlins”), a Swedish technology company which develops premium suspension systems and components for the automotive and motorsport industries. The addition of Öhlins will accelerate the development of advanced original equipment (OE) intelligent suspension solutions, while also fast-tracking time to market. It will also enhance Tenneco’s portfolio in broader mobility markets with the addition of Öhlins’ range of premium OE and aftermarket automotive and motorsports performance products. Founder Kenth Öhlin will retain a minority interest in Öhlins and partner with Tenneco to provide continuity in his strategic and technological vision. “I am proud of the Öhlins team and all we have accomplished over the last 43 years. We are excited to continue to deliver innovative technologies that can accelerate growth with the full strength and resources of Tenneco behind us,” Kenth said. According to Tenneco co-Chief Executive Officer, Brian Kesseler, this acquisition follows a long and mutually successful association between the two

leading Aftermarket Ride Performance product companies. “Tenneco’s 20 year relationship with Öhlins has delivered world class product in the intelligent suspension market and provides a strategic entry into advanced performance communities with premium branded products and proprietary Continuously Controlled Electronic Suspension Valve (CES) technology,” Brian said. “Öhlins’ technology team will allow us to rapidly grow our product offerings for current and future customers, as well as help us win a larger share of business in developing mobility markets.

DUNLOP DIREZZA Z3 Available from Stuckey Tyre Service Stuckey Tyre Service explains the Direzza Z3 is Dunlop’s Extreme Performance Summer tyre designed for the drivers of sports cars, performance sedans and track day vehicles who are looking for near-motorsports levels of traction and handling in a tyre that can be driven on the street, in addition to autocross, drifting and track day events. Currently used as the Toyota 86 Racing Series control tyre, it is also now available in 29 sizes from 14” to 19”. Stuckey Tyre Service says the Direzza Z3 utilises Dunlop’s latest high-performance compound, which features motorsports-derived polymers that accomplish the normally conflicting goals of enhanced grip and enhanced wear characteristics. It explains the updated tread pattern features a wider centre rib and lower void ratio to put more 28

rubber on the ground in the contact patch, and the reshaped tread profile changes the shape of the footprint to ensure more uniform contact pressure while turning, aiding grip and improving wear. The two main, circumferential grooves allow water to flow through the footprint to resist aquaplaning. The internal construction of the Direzza Z3 is designed for optimised durability and maximum handling response. The two-ply polyester casing sits beneath two wide, high-strength steel belts, which help stabilise the footprint, says Stuckey Tyre Service, while two kevlar cap plies provide reinforcement for enhanced control of the contact patch and high-speed durability. For further information, contact Stuckey Tyre Service on 03 9386 5331.

I am delighted to welcome the Öhlins team as an important part of our new Aftermarket and Ride Performance company.” The acquisition is expected to close during the first quarter of 2019, subject to regulatory and shareholder approvals and other customary closing conditions. The benefits of Tenneco’s performance product and motorsport specific product range through the acquisition of Öhlins will be gained across all of Tenneco’s global markets, including Australia and New Zealand, says Tenneco. For more from Tenneco, visit www.tenneco.com


PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT Fit Gabriel strut mounts A worn strut mount can affect the life of your: • Suspension Strut • Tyres • Coil Springs • Drive Shafts • Constant Velocity Joints • Lower Control Arm • Steering Linkage

What is the strut mount? The strut mount is the part that connects the strut to the vehicle body. It usually consists of two steel plates separated by a rubber insulator. The strut is mounted through the steel plate. A bearing is used in many Strut Mounts to provide a smooth steering response.

What is the function of the strut mount? It acts as an additional shock-absorbing device to help eliminate unwanted suspension travel. It assists in keeping the vehicle on a straight and level path under hard braking and acceleration. It aids in eliminating body sway when corning.

How do I know when to replace the strut mount? A worn strut mount will have one or more of the following characteristics: • Clunking noises • Steering stiffness • Poor steering return • Roll or sway in turns • Excessive vehicle bounce • Poor wheel alignment • Crocked or sagging rubber If any of the above symptoms occur the strut mounts should be inspected by a qualified mechanic. Gabriel offers a comprehensive range of replacement strut mounts, including the following features: • 162 part numbers • The highest quality parts • All mounts meet or exceed OE manufacturers specifications

Gabriel also supplies strut cushions Strut cushions prevent metal-to-metal contact between the strut top and the mount. The dust cover protects the strut piston rod from dirt and moisture. Gabriel strut cushions are made to OE quality and style and the range includes products for most vehicles in the Australian carparc. For more information, visit www.gabrielshocks.com.au



SACHS SHOCK ABSORBERS: RULING THE RACE TRACK Motorsport is a key development and validation platform for Sachs products Germany’s Nurburgring and Australia’s Mt Panorama have more in common than being justly regarded as two of the world’s greatest race tracks. Both circuits regularly see Sachs shock absorbers tested to the absolute performance and durability limit, as part of the German organisation’s global motorsport program. Since 1923, Sachs says it has utilised motorsport as a development and validation platform for its automotive technology products, among them the many variants of shock absorbers that are fitted as original equipment to passenger cars across the globe. Sachs clutches are also used extensively in Formula 1 and have been for almost 100 years, while its shock absorbers have been proven over decades of competition in motorsport categories as varied as the World Rally Championship, DTM and Supercars, off-road racing, drifting and sprints and hillclimbs. Here in Australia, Sachs says it has long been the choice of Supercar Champions.

Supercars’ superstar and Triple Eight Race Engineering driver Craig Lowndes raced exclusively on Sachs shock absorbers for the last 15 seasons, and in his farewell full time year in 2018, won his seventh Bathurst 1000 at Mt Panorama. Lowndes also raced to victory in the 2018 Endurance Cup and finished third in the 2018 Virgin Australia Supercars Championship, all on Sachs shock absorbers, in a fitting farewell for the megastar of the sport. Sachs’ partnership with Triple Eight Race Engineering reaped a total of 14 race wins in 2018 – including two for Lowndes – plus 12 pole positions, while the team’s three drivers stood on the podium a convincing 39 times. Craig himself has won 55 Supercar races on Sachs shock absorbers, and with plans to codrive with teammate Jamie Whincup in the 2019 Endurance Cup season, he isn’t finished yet. The 2018 season was another dominant Supercar performance from Sachs that saw the Triple Eight scorecard grow to over 180 wins over the life of the partnership.

Nothing puts the pressure on Sachs products like Supercars and DTM races, and the knowledge that is gained from these intense racing environments is utilised by Sachs engineers to perfect products for the road, finding the optimum balance between performance and comfort, without compromising quality. This proven performance translates into product capable of the reliable versatility demanded by today’s heavy city traffic and winding country road conditions, says Sachs. For more detailed information, go to www.zf.com/sachs or contact ZF Aftermarket via 1800 ZF SALES (93 72537).

HOT HATCH PERFORMANCE       2018 was a busy year for Whiteline Across last year, Whiteline released numerous performance handling kits for the growing hot hatch market.  Historically dominated by the JDM models, European and even Korean makes are starting to increase in popularity, says Whiteline, stating it has been hard at work delivering a range of products that ‘Activate More Grip.’  “On the European front, the Volkswagen Golf GTI and R (AWD) models are a modifying dream with impressive power upgrades usually followed by handling and brakes. In 2018 Whiteline released a suite of products catering for the Golf market and the response has been phenomenal,” Whiteline General Manager, Andrew Nolan, said. “It is fair to say that the WRX and STI community is being challenged by the Golf guys! “These European cars are so well built and offer so much tuneability that its really hard to fault them. In fact I drive one myself and love it!” Whiteline has not stopped at Golf either, with research and development outputting products 30

for the Renault Megane RS, Mercedes A45 AMG and Audi RS3 over 2018. But it’s the not so surprising hot hatches that have really excited Whiteline, explains Andrew. “We have developed a soft spot for two newer vehicles over the course of development and these are the Honda Civic Type R and the Hyundai I30N. Wow and wow!” Andrew said. “These two vehicles are really impressive out of the showroom which means new challenges on developing value for money handling products. 

“Without a doubt, adjustable sway bars still prove to be our best modification and on front wheel drives (hot hatches) a simple rear sway bar stiffness increase delivers jaw dropping turn in and grip levels. Combine this with a set of lowered springs and the car looks and handles like a go kart. “If you own or work on hot hatches, be sure to get in contact with Whiteline if you want unrivalled handling performance.” For more information, freecall 1300 882 355 or go online at www.whiteline.com.au


LIFTING THE LEVEL FOR RACE CARS Suspension access made easy: STENHOJ Australia delivers in-ground hoist solutions STENHOJ Australia says it is the international choice for high performance race drivers around the world and now brings the Masterlift 2.35 electro-hydraulic twin-ram lift to our shores. The design offers easy and ergonomic access to car body, brakes, tyres and suspension. Platforms are flush mounted so that cars lower than 100mm street legal can be easily driven on to the hoist.

Manufactured in Germany, this in-ground hoist is custom engineered to suit the special needs of racing cars, delivering perfect performance “every time.” With 3.5 tonne capacity, the unique superstructure with adjustable arms combines a platform hoist and full stroke wheel free lift in one, saving valuable working space for maximum efficiency and cost effectiveness.

For more information or to arrange a product demonstration, contact STENHOJ Australia on 1300 665 625 or visit www.stenhoj.com.au

STENHOJ Australia says the high-pressure cylinder system makes the system very fast and very quiet, raising and lowering in around 30 seconds. When being raised, automatic floor-levelling plates follow the platform and fulfil the recess to ensure no trip hazards. Platforms are illuminated with four integrated LED lights and equipped with adjustable support legs for wheel alignment capabilities. Better yet, says STENHOJ Australia, platforms can be used as a working table when changing tyres for optimum efficiency.




Shona Fitzgerald is the Managing Director of CRC Industries Australia, which in 2019 is celebrating 50 years of manufacturing in Australia Having transformed flat-lining operations into successful entities in previous senior management positions, it is no surprise that under the leadership of Shona Fitzgerald, CRC Industries Australia is thriving. “Once I started in the workforce, I knew I wanted to be guiding and changing organisations to create success,” said Shona, who started out as a trainee chemist in the water industry. “As a child I remember watching the Bathurst event with my Dad and he had a few cars he rebuilt. Then in my career once I worked in the Automotive industry and spent time working with Ford, Holden, Tickford, HSV and the V8 teams, it really became an area I enjoyed and still do today.” While she knew she loved the automotive industry, Shona was focused on building the best credentials she could as she worked her way through the early stages of her career. “I made the decision early that I wanted to be broad in my experience from both a role perspective and an industry perspective,” Shona explains. “This approach also kept me challenged as I don’t like being bored in a role. I stayed with a role or an organisation for three to five years and then made a conscious step to a higher role and a different industry.


“One time, I moved on from a role where I had transformed a business and it was running successfully. I was happy, but I was unchallenged. The new organisation and the new role gave me experiences, opened doors and introduced me to people that resulted in me being with CRC today. Looking back on that, I know that it was a key point in my career and while some may have thought it was strange, it was really the right decision. “You have to be clear about what you want your career path to be and you have to go after it – no one gifts you your career, it is something you must work at. I also always recommend connecting with the right people to learn from with authenticity – not just for the purpose of wanting something from them.” With such a successful career behind her and many more years ahead, it is no surprise that Shona holds dear some key values when it comes to not only doing business but also life in general. “People come first, the numbers will follow,’’ Shona said. “Seeing people grow and flourish in their roles because of the way you lead an organisation is the most rewarding thing for me and with the right teams in place, and the right strategies, you can achieve anything.” It is an exciting time for Shona and all at CRC

Managing Director of CRC Industries Australia, Shona Fitzgerald

Industries Australia right now, with this year marking an important milestone for the company. While CRC was first established in 1958 in a small Pennsylvania garage, the company started manufacturing in Australia after being incorporated as a propriety Company of Australia on 13 October, 1969. Since then, the company has grown from strength to strength with highlights including moving into larger facilities at Castle Hill, acquiring iconic Australia auto car care brand Kitten, and establishing export agreements with more than 15 countries throughout the Asia-Pacific region. “CRC Industries celebrated 60 years in the US last year and now we celebrate five decades in Australia this year,” Shona explained. “We are very proud as an organisation of this achievement and to be market leaders in our industry. We have really great people who work in our organisation and they have solid relationships with our customers while providing technical expertise in a range of industries – this has been a key part of our success.” Those customers can be found across a wide spectrum of industries and Shona says they can expect only ongoing innovation and continued customer focus into the future. “Over our five decades, we have been keenlyfocused on providing the latest technology solutions to the RMO (Repair, Maintenance, Overhaul) industry segment at our core and we will continue to grow and change with our customer’s needs into the future,” Shona said. “Across the resources market to manufacturing, utilities, defense, rail, automotive, heavy transport, food and beverage, agriculture and healthcare, we are always innovating and always seeking to provide our customers with the very best.

TRADE TALK “As a global organisation, our customers benefit from a great depth of experience and expertise and we will continue to evolve as an organisation as we continue down this path. “We will also be focusing on expanding our digital footprint in a manner which is aligned with the needs of our customers, distributors and suppliers to ensure we change as the industry changes.” When it comes to reaching those customers in the marketplace, CRC Industries is an effective marketer in the motoring and motorsport arenas with sponsorship arrangements with Erebus Motorsport and Hi-Tec Drift as well as television show, RestoMyRide. “These relationships provide us with brand awareness and engagement, exposure to current and potential customers and, in the case of our partnership with Erebus Motorsport, a large television presence along with customer entertainment and hospitality options,” Shona said. “The Erebus team is constantly improving and we were very happy to see it make it into the top five teams last year. We run our business as a family and are proud to be very family-orientated, so when we looked at Erebus, we saw that they run their business in a similar way and that there were some great parallels in our approaches. “This has many benefits for us, including the fact that by being part of the Erebus family we have access to all areas of the team which last year allowed us to produce a series of ‘Hot Shot’ social media videos profiling the individuals who work tirelessly behind the scenes which we were very proud of. “Our Hi-Tec Drift partnership capitalises on the increasing popularity of drifting and its younger demographic – this demographic is particularly important to CRC Industries as we want to be top of mind with early adopters so we can continue to grow for another 50 years. In this sphere it is our

auto car care Kitten brand which we acquired in 2004 that is front and center. “The RestoMyRide partnership is another we are very pleased to be a part of – restoring old cars is popular across all demographics and is a key area where our products are used. “The show puts a spotlight on our brand while educating the audience on how to use our products alongside a birds-eye view of how to achieve the restoration project. We love being a part of the huge amount of history that can be found in these old Australian cars which really deserve to be reinvigorated, restored and re-loved. “While the marketing and relationship-building opportunities of these partnerships are clear, at the end of the day we sponsor and support these organisations not just because of their motorsport involvement, but because they share our values of supporting their communities. And this is why you won’t find all of our sponsorship limited to motorsport and motoring applications – we also are proud to support the Australian Men’s Shed Association, one of Australia’s largest male-based community development programs and a vitally important service.” With this commitment to its community, it is no surprise that CRC Industries Australia also places a high importance on supporting Australian industry as well. “We support the industry organisations which support Australian industry and this is why we are a member of the AAAA,” Shona explained. “The Association keep us up to date with their various communications and provides a voice and advocate for the Australian industry across all government levels. We also enjoy the face to face events such as their member meetings and expos, which are also well executed and a pleasure to attend.” For more on CRC Industries, visit www.crcind.com.au



SUPERCARS DELIVERS FRAM FILTERS WIDE TRANS-TASMAN EXPOSURE What is literally the fastest way to let the Australian automotive aftermarket know that you are back in town? For Filpro Automotive, the team behind the renowned FRAM Filters brand for Australia and New Zealand, Supercars was the answer. This was the high-profile promotional platform that Filpro Automotive selected to ensure that the Australian automotive trade and DIY enthusiasts were aware that the premium quality FRAM Filters oil, air, fuel and cabin filter brand was back in Australia. FRAM Filters has enjoyed a strong and consistently growing presence in New Zealand over many years, so it made sense to partner with a Kiwi driver, Richie Stanaway, during his rookie Supercar season, it says.

The familiar FRAM Filters logo appeared on the rear wing and front bar of Richie’s Tickford Racing Falcon Supercar during the final season of the Falcon competing in the main Supercar series. This was commemorated in a strong way at Bathurst, with Richie’s car carrying the Ford Bird of Prey logo with the message, “Falcon’s Final Flight at Mount Panorama 2018.” While Richie’s results for the season were disappointing, there is no doubt that the television, online and print media coverage of his car during the season assisted to take the FRAM Filters message to the Australian and New Zealand market strongly. A double page spread image of the car at Bathurst in the Sydney Daily Telegraph proved to be a major highlight along with television, online and print media impacts of the logo throughout the 2018 season. “I have always believed that motorsport is a powerful marketing tool for aftermarket brands and have included it my marketing mix wherever I could in the past, so it made sense to ensure that Australian automotive repairers and re-sellers knew that FRAM Filters is back in a big way by using Supercars,” Filpro Automotive Australia

and New Zealand Managing Director, Roger Lassen, said. “Our involvement also assisted our brand presence in New Zealand where FRAM Filters has significant market share and knowing how proud people are of their country, having a Kiwi driver was a great compliment. “We achieved our primary objective of getting our brand message out there in the Australian automotive aftermarket and increasing front of mind brand presence in New Zealand.” Several experiential incentives were also made available to Filpro Automotive staff and customers in both Australia and New Zealand with the Tickford Racing team including corporate hospitality, pit visits, hot lap rides and other money can’t buy experiences. For more on FRAM Filters, visit www.framfilters.com.au

XTREME CLUTCH RACER WINS ALLSTARS CHAMPIONSHIP Beau Yates took out the Hi-Tec Allstars Series championship in late 2018 Xtreme Clutch driver Beau Yates won the Hi-Tec Allstars Series in late 2018 after competing in five rounds across Winton Raceway, Wakefield Park and Queensland Raceway. The Sydney-based racer brought home two wins and finished on the podium at each event, with the championship coming down to a close final round at Wakefield Park. Beau lead the championship to the final outing by just 43 points ahead of Michael Prosenik in his LS powered S13 and was able to finish the final round in third place, ensuring 82 points and the 2018 title. Beau drives a heavily modified Toyota 86 with a 2JZ engine making around 700HP and recently upgraded the driveline in his 86 with a Samsonas sequential gearbox mated to an Xtreme Clutch 230mm twin plate ceramic motorsport upgrade. 34

This is Beau’s third national title since he started competing almost 15 years ago. Xtreme Clutch explains Beau has been a big advocate for its brand for well over a decade now, stating he puts this down to both the performance and durability of the various Xtreme Clutch kits he has utilised in both of his drift cars. “I’ve been using Xtreme Clutch for the last 11 years,” Beau said. “The first time I put an Xtreme Clutch in one of my cars was in early 2007 and it was installed in my 3SGE BEAMS powered AE86 which is still used in motorsport events around the country.” When it came time to install a clutch in his stock Toyota 86, there was only one choice, says Beau. “We must be doing 20 to 25 rounds of different events throughout the year so we are getting

immense performance and reliability out of these clutches,” Beau said. Beau will continue to compete in 2019 and will be returning to defend his title in the HiTec series. He will also return to the World Time Attack Challenge to compete against the world’s best in the International Drifting Cup. For more information on the performance street and motorsport range of kits from Xtreme Clutch, please visit www.xtremeclutch.com.au


BREAKING BOUNDARIES WITH BROKEN BONES ARB supports Toby Price through his 2019 season It’s 22 days out from one of the world’s most notoriously gruelling desert race and you break your wrist – what do you do?

the Australian Outback and coastlines, so the decision to partner with him was an obvious choice, says ARB.

If your name is Toby Price, you suck it up, get your way to Peru, smash through 10 stages over 11 days of torturous off road racing... oh, and you win!

“When you’re on the cusp of signing on a professional racer, there couldn’t be anything more daunting than to learn of his broken right wrist that’s held together with a few additional pieces of metal,” ARB Brand Marketing Manager, Mark Berger, said.

Toby reached out to ARB 4x4 Accessories in the late stages of 2018 as he prepared for his assault on the South American deserts; he loves everything outdoors with a sincere passion for

“Especially as he heads into the race which could make or break the rest of his year.” Toby rode a smart race; no radical starts and just keeping himself neat, minimising time lost. Despite severe pain in his broken wrist, Toby was nicely positioned in third after the ‘marathon’ stage and at this point, it started to become more evident than ever that he might just have a race on his hands. By the end of the eighth stage, Toby had secured the fastest overall time, which he continued to hold through the ninth stage. With only 100kms to go, he just had to stick with the pack. By winning Dakar by nine minutes and 13 seconds with a broken right wrist, Toby has left a lot of people asking, ‘what can’t this man do?’ From here, Toby is weighing up his options with consideration to head to the USA to compete in the inaugural Trophy Truck event hosted at King

Of The Hammers. In and amongst other events, ARB are also expecting to see Toby size up his opportunities at the Finke Desert Race. As far as whether he will be on two wheels or four, or both, we will just have to wait and see. ARB says it is looking forward to working with Toby throughout the year on some combined projects including product assessment for the continual development of accessories which align with his performance racing credentials. For more from ARB, visit www.arb.com.au

ANDRA SIGNS NEW SPONSORSHIP DEAL ANDRA has announced that Summit Racing Equipment will once again back its Queensland Championship The Australian National Drag Racing Association (ANDRA) is pleased to announce Summit Racing Equipment will once again support the Summit Racing Queensland Championship in 2019. The three-round state-based championship develops and promotes drag racing in regional Queensland, and will take in Ironbark Raceway (round one – April 20/21), Benaraby Raceway (round two – August 31) and Palmyra Dragway (final round – October 4/5) across 2019. The winning competitors will be announced as the ANDRA Queensland Champion for their class with the awarding of a prestigious ANDRA Copper Christmas Tree trophy. After two successful years, the 2019 series will once again be run as a joint effort between the committees of Palmyra Dragway, Ironbark Raceway and Benaraby Raceway. “We are very pleased to again have the backing

of the performance powerhouse that is Summit Racing Equipment,” Palmyra Drag Racing Club President, Glen Cunningham, said. “We have been very proud of how the series has developed in its two short years and the support of Summit Racing Equipment and ANDRA has played a critical part in that development. “The great enthusiasm of the regional drag racing community of Queensland in embracing our series as it has grown and developed has been fantastic to see also, and I can’t wait to see how the series continues to grow over the coming years.” ‘The World’s Speed Shop’ has supported the three-round regional drag racing series since its establishment in 2017, explained Summit Racing Equipment Motorsport and Events Manager, Jim Greenleaf. “Since the establishment of the Summit Racing Queensland Championship we have been very

pleased to be able to play a part in what we believe is a great concept,” Jim said. “This series is an important part of our campaign to support grassroots racing and regional tracks in Australia and we can’t wait to see what the third instalment will have in store.” For more from ANDRA, visit www.andra.com.au 35


NEW AND EXCITING DAYCO MOTORSPORT PROGRAM FOR 2019 The program reaches across the entire Australasian automotive trade through front line racing categories Dayco says it has established a strong and highly effective motorsport presence over the past decade which combines memorable customer experience opportunities with broad national and international media coverage. Directed primarily to the company’s valued trade customers, motorsport is a highly effective marketing platform for Dayco Australia, with the international exposure also proving effective in promoting Dayco, a leading automotive Original Equipment and aftermarket brand across Asia, Europe and in the USA. Dayco says the 2019 Dayco motorsport program will be the company’s most exciting yet, as the program now broadens its reach across the entire Australasian automotive trade through front line racing categories both in Australia and across Asia. Dayco’s extensive motorsport marketing program once again includes Supercars, joined by International and Australian GT Racing and Production Car racing, while also supporting the development of tomorrow’s race engineers through Formula Student (SAE). Dayco continues its partnership with long term Supercar enduro driver and GT racing specialist David Russell as he once again lines up for the Bathurst, Gold Coast and Sandown endurance races, which take place in October and November. A new addition to the Dayco motorsport program for 2019 is the company’s first ever involvement in the Blancpain Asia GT Series. Dayco Ambassador David Russell has been selected to compete with the Hub Auto Ferrari

team in this highly competitive, six round Asian GT championship that commences at the Sepang International Circuit in Malaysia on April 6 and runs through to the end of September. Dayco also returns to the Bathurst 12 Hour in 2019 with David, who joins long term GT Racing partner Roger Lago and talented Australian racer Todd Hazelwood. David and Roger will no longer be racing in the black beauty JBS Lamborghini Gallardo R-EX, but this time in an Audi R8 LMS GT3. In addition to the Bathurst 12 Hour in February, Dayco will return to Mount Panorama in April for the Bathurst Six Hour Production Car race, as David takes to the wheel with his father Geoff (himself a former Touring Car racer) for the first time as endurance racing partners in Ford Falcon FG-X. Much is expected from the ‘Dad and Dave’ entry within their vehicle class of this constantly growing Production Car based enduro. David also plans to compete in a number of Australian GT Endurance Championship races throughout 2019 in line with his Blancpain Asian GT Championship participation. Dayco Australia once again lends its support to the talented students of Melbourne’s Monash University who won their first international Formula Student event last year. Dayco states the Monash Motor Sport Formula Student team will continue to punch well above their weight in local and global Formula Student competitions during 2019, developing futuristic designs and technology as they become the highly skilled mechanical engineers of tomorrow.

Dayco provides engine belts and components including thermal management technology to this exceptional Formula Student (formerly known as Formula SAE) racing team. According to Arnold Mouw, Dayco Vice President - Aftermarket Asia Pacific, the 2019 Dayco motorsport program strengthens awareness of the Dayco brand with Dayco’s customers across the entire Asia Pacific region. “We are excited about our motorsport program for 2019, taking the Dayco message across Australia in Supercars and into Asian GT racing along with our local GT involvements,” Arnold said. “We could never embark on a program as broad as this without being the sponsor of one of the most versatile and accomplished drivers in the business with Dayco Dave, who continues to be sought after by GT teams around the world due to his consistency, reliability and talent. “We involve our business partners, distributors and customers in activities around our racing program that emphasise experiences and enjoyment. These experiences have proven to be extremely popular and we look forward to doing more in 2019, particularly across the Asia Pacific region. “Another important part of our Australasian motorsport program is the global use of the images and footage gained from each of our racing involvements. “Dayco operations worldwide make use of specially produced action videos at trade exhibitions and special events to vast customer acclaim, including at last year’s Automechanika and AAPEX shows held in Europe and in the USA. Dayco also uses the imagery and videos that we generate through this program on social media and for the company’s global website. “We have produced an all new action video that we will premiere at the AAA Expo in April, incorporating the sounds and images that make the sport so appealing.” For more from Dayco, visit www.dayco.com.au



SACHS CONGRATULATES CRAIG LOWNDES Sachs Brand Ambassador Craig Lowndes celebrated the end of his illustrious full-time career in Supercar racing with a stellar 2018 season Craig took his 2018 Holden Commodore equipped with Sachs shock absorbers to a seventh Bathurst victory in October, and together with co-driver Steve Richards won the annual three-race Endurance Cup that same month. Earlier in the season Craig also claimed victory in the Championship’s Race Eight at the Symmons Plains circuit in Tasmania, where he also started from an accompanying pole position, to further add to his impressive career statistics.  By season’s end in November, the 44-yearold finished an impressive fourth in the Virgin Australia Supercars Championship.  “Craig Lowndes has really capped off his final full-time season in fine style – winning another Bathurst and the Endurance Cup is an impressive way to wrap it all up,” ZF Services Australia Managing Director, Mark Lowe, said.   “Sachs has enjoyed a six year partnership

with Craig as our Brand Ambassador and an even longer association with him racing on our products. “We’d like to congratulate Craig on a stellar career and thank him not just for his many, many successes on track, but also for the way in which he has positively represented our company and Sachs brand.  “He is an amazing individual and we are certainly proud of our partnership with him.”  Craig raced on Sachs shock absorbers in Supercars for 14 years in a variety of Holden Commodore and Ford Falcon racers, all out of the Triple Eight Race Engineering stable in Queensland. Together Sachs and Craig Lowndes raced in more than 460 Supercars races, achieved 55 race victories, over 160 podiums and almost 30 pole positions. 

With his farewell season now at a close, Craig will now take a step back from full-time Supercar driving in 2019, though he is staying with the Triple Eight outfit in a co-driver role for the Endurance Cup. Along with those events, Craig plans to contest selected races in Australia and abroad, and will be joining the Supercars broadcast team.  Craig’s final races as a full-time driver were at the Coates Hire Newcastle 500 on November 24 and 25, 2018. For more information, visit www.zf.com/au

EXEDY RACER TAKES SUPER2 CHAMPIONSHIP PODIUM Garry Jacobson claimed third place in the 2018 Dunlop Super2 Series The 2016 Super2 Series champion entered the final round of the season – the Coates Hire Newcastle 500 – with a mathematical chance of winning the title, though a race stoppage in the final race of the season deprived him of pushing for a second championship victory. Garry qualified his MEGA Fuels MW Motorsport Nissan Altima in seventh place for the first of two races on the punishing 2.65km Newcastle street circuit, needing a strong result in Saturday’s race to remain in the championship fight. He made gains early in the race and vaulted up to fourth place, fighting for third place with the Holden VF Commodore of Will Brown in the final stages, but the Exedy racer was unable to grab third place by the chequered flag. “Qualifying in seventh wasn’t where the car was in my mind, as I was trying to get a lap time in without hitting the fence,” Garry said. “I noticed a lot of people struggling under brakes and then that’s how I was able to get up a few spots. I was behind Will and although we had a bit more pace, I couldn’t get past him.” The fourth-place finish left Jacobson 129 points adrift of the series leader entering the final race. Starting from fourth on the grid, the Shepparton native held onto that position when the race was stopped due to an accident for Kristian Lindbom. With damage to the barriers, the race was declared a non-event. 38

It left Garry in third in the championship in what was his 100th race in the Dunlop Super2 Series, behind new champion Chris Pither and Paul Dumbrell in the standings. “It was pretty tricky (in 2017) following my championship win in 2016 and struggling to even get a single podium,” reflected Garry. “In the (2017/2018) off-season, I had to make a move and have all my sponsors trust in me and then take another chance on me to bounce back to form and get pole positions and wins. “To get a third in the championship (in 2018) shows that I haven’t dropped away and still have the consistency needed to get the job done. “It is a lot more competitive in Super2 than when I won the championship in 2016 and you need some luck to win it at any time, but more so these days. I’m really happy to be the highest placed Nissan after (2018), as our team was very strong. “Winning a championship and finishing third over the last three years is a pretty good sales pitch for a main-game seat – Jack Le Brocq did it after finishing third in the series. “I enjoy my racing and I’m always excited to be part of the Supercars paddock. There are plenty of other kids out there that don’t get the opportunities to keep racing, so I want to do it for them. If you don’t appreciate motorsport for what it is you aren’t really a racer at heart, so it is certainly my goal for next year to keep pushing

on regardless of where it is. “Thanks again to everyone that has supported me (in 2018) – both corporately, in media and the mega-passionate Supercars fan-base. “This year has been phenomenal, especially through the Pirtek Enduro Cup with Rick Kelly, Castrol and Nissan Motorsport and in Super2 with Matt White Motorsport. Matt and his team really put together a great outfit and I’m proud of what we were able to achieve this year.” Garry won races in Adelaide and in Townsville during the 2018 season. His 100 race starts have yielded seven race wins and the championship win in 2016. The Exedy driver holds race lap records at Phillip Island, Adelaide and Sandown, along with qualifying lap records at Adelaide, Sydney Motorsport Park and Sandown and the practice lap record at Symmons Plains. For more from Exedy, visit www.exedy.com.au

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Australian Automotive Aftermarket eMagazine - Performance 2019  

Australian Automotive Aftermarket eMagazine - Performance 2019  

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