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ABOUT THE COVER Whether you’re crossing the Simpson or tackling a weekend away, NAPA Auto Parts says it has the 4x4 accessories and hard parts any off-road enthusiast may need


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4WD INDUSTRIES CONTINUES TO FLOURISH Well, here we are again. Another year into the pandemic, and business is (still) booming! Thankfully, with the easing of restrictions around interstate travel and large gatherings, we are now seeing the return of trade shows and events across all segments of the automotive aftermarket. And if the Brisbane edition of the National 4WD and Outdoors Show held in March is any indication of things to come - with just shy of 30,000 visitors in attendance – it’s going to be a fantastic year for any business involved in 4WD accessories and modification. After a three year break, the Australian Auto Aftermarket Expo returned in April with a renewed energy and many new features, including the debut of the new 4WD Innovation Zone – a dedicated area within the expo showcasing the latest in 4WD products. A trade-focused show, the AAAE provided the perfect platform for businesses to connect with new and existing distributors and fitters from around the country, and to explore new business opportunities. We were extremely fortunate to have Justin Hocevar, Head of Asia Pacific Region for Ineos Automotive, attend a special networking event for AAAA sub-council members, where he enlightened attendees to their unique approach to not only the development of the vehicles, but also their openness to working with Australian aftermarket accessory manufacturers. It was refreshing to hear an OEM acknowleding the engineering expertise and brand equity that exists within our aftermarket sector, and we are grateful to Justin for sharing his insights with us. Readers may have seen some activity around 4WD accessories training over the past 12 months. There has, in fact, been a great deal of work happening behind the scenes to address the industry need for relevant, accessible, nationally recognised training and accreditation. The 4WD industry Council has been working very closely with the Kangan Institute to develop a new, industry-led pilot program, delivered initially to a group of Melbourne-based students. The pilot program was based upon a Cert II in Automotive


Service Technology, with additional ‘industry session’ classes delivered by leading 4WD accessory businesses on subjects such as lithium batteries, power management systems, enhanced suspension and frontal protection. We are extremely pleased to be able to share that the students of the pilot have now completed their studies, and were invited to attend a graduation ceremony at the Auto Innovation Centre where they were presented with certificates from both the Kangan Institute and the 4WD Industry Council. Alongside the rollout of the pilot program, 4WDIC committee members were concurrently working with the Industry Reference Committee consulting with Price Waterhouse Coopers as part of a project to review the existing curriculum and to develop new units of competency to offer within a new, national Cert II qualification. We are extremely pleased to see the Cert II in Automotive Accessory Fitting (AUR22021) has now been officially released, with newly created units covering, for example, frontal protection and enhanced suspension systems. In order for the course to become available to prospective students however, training providers need scale up to deliver the course, which involves not only ensuring all adequate resources are available and teaching staff are trained in the new curriculum, but also involves building the business case to make this investment in order to deliver the course. That is to say, it is time to demonstrate to our RTOs just how much demand there is for this qualification. The pilot program was an important first step and we need to keep up the momentum. The 4WD Industry Council committee will be pulling every string we can. If your business needs this qualification, get in touch with me and let me know so we can make sure your voice is heard. A quick update on some of the technical and regulatory work currently on the table: although progress has been made with the GCM Modification Code being developed in consultation with QLD,

Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine Annual 4WD Magazine 2022

Nigel Bishop, Convenor Australian 4WD Industry Council The Australian 4WD Industry Council is a non-competitive, specialist council of the AAAA. It has been formed to provide advice, understanding and a strategic approach to market issues from regulators, governments, 4WD enthusiasts and community groups. NSW and Victorian Departments of Transport, the draft codes we have seen to date have missed the mark and we continue to negotiate for an optimal outcome for industry and consumers. Work also continues in the ADAS (Advanced Driver Assist Systems) Technical Working Group on the development of a verification procedure for modified vehicles. The Technical Working Group has sponsored the purchase of specialist test equipment and engaged Luke Truskinger from the Auto Innovation Centre to conduct testing. The intent here is the delivery of an industry-led solution that demonstrates the safe functional parameters within which our manufacturers can operate. Test results and a draft protocol will be used as the foundation for discussions with State and Federal Vehicle Modification regulators. The committee farewelled a number of members last year as they moved on to new roles, stepping down from their committee positions. We’d like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the support and dedication of Gordon Scott-Worthington (ex-Hella), Matt Frost (ex-ARB), and Ben Lavis (ex- GPC Asia Pacific, and Chairman of the 4WD Industry Council). We wish them all the best in the next phases of their careers. The biennial committee election is being held in June, with an internal committee vote to appoint the new Chairman to follow shortly thereafter. As life and business returns to normal, albeit a slightly modified version, the committee and I look forward to once again hosting our regular networking events, returning to the National 4x4 Outdoors Show in Melbourne this August, followed by the 4WD and Adventure Shows in Sydney, Adelaide, and Perth. We hope to see you there!


INEOS GRENADIER’S GLOBAL ORDER BOOKS NOW OPEN A stripped back, utilitarian, hard-working 4x4 engineered for modern day compliance and reliability INEOS Automotive has opened its order books for the highly anticipated Grenadier 4x4 and launched its full online configurator. Customers with an existing reservation in all launch markets across Europe, Sub-Sahara Africa, the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand can go online, complete their Grenadier configuration and formally place their order. INEOS Automotive says this is the latest milestone towards realising Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s vision for a utilitarian, hard-working 4x4 engineered for modern day compliance and reliability. INEOS Automotive explains that the straightforward Grenadier model line-up is easy to configure with a wide range of options and accessories.

Depending on the market, the Grenadier is available as a two-seat and a five-seat Utility Wagon for those needing a stripped back off-road vehicle, and as a five-seat Station Wagon with preconfigured Trialmaster and Fieldmaster editions inspired by Belstaff. A deposit payment – refundable until the sales contract is signed – secures a build slot. INEOS Automotive has already appointed over 160 sales and service points around the world. The Hambach factory is on-track to begin series production in July 2022. The online configurator and full information on pricing, specification and the ordering process, is available at

Five years in the making In 2017, INEOS Chairman Jim Ratcliffe, a car enthusiast and experienced adventurer, identified a gap in the market for a stripped back, utilitarian, hard-working 4x4 engineered for modern day compliance and reliability. INEOS Automotive Limited was formed and a senior team of automotive professionals assembled to bring the vision to reality with a fresh perspective of 4x4 development and manufacturing.

Combining rugged British spirit and design with German engineering rigour, INEOS Automotive says the Grenadier is a truly uncompromising 4x4 built from the ground up. Engineered to overcome all conditions, INEOS Automotive says it will provide best-in-class off-road capability, durability, and reliability to those who depend on a vehicle as a working tool, wherever they are in the world. INEOS Automotive is a subsidiary of INEOS Group, a leading manufacturer of petrochemicals, speciality chemicals and oil products. It employs 26,000 people across 36 businesses, with a production network spanning 194 manufacturing facilities in 29 countries. For more information, visit

MAXLINER FLAGSHIP STORE OPENS IN BRENDALE The new store is located on Hinkler Court in Brendale Maxliner Australia has increased its flagship store location footprint with the addition of a retail showroom and warehouse in the Queensland suburb of Brendale. Maxliner Australia is the Australian arm of the global aftermarket and original equipment 4WD accessory manufacturer Vandapac Pty Ltd. The new location at Hinkler Court, Brendale will house a retail showroom, modern fitting workshop, and warehouse facility. The site is situated minutes from South Pine Road and will be the second company-owned location in Australia. “We have spent over twelve months looking for the perfect location to open our second Australian

site,” Maxliner and Vandapac Australia Managing Director, Nigel Brownscombe, said. “The ideal showroom had to offer our retail customers an exceptional and interactive vehicle accessory shopping experience and provide a convenient and accessible area to service our wholesale customers from.” To support its growing footprint, Maxliner Australia has bolstered its operational support function with the appointment of Automotive Aftermarket industry expert Steve Gordon. Steve’s role as Queensland Store Manager will strengthen and complement the existing experience of the Australian team, which hold more than six decades of industry experience. His last role was with 4WD accessories company, Opposite Lock. “We can’t wait to get the site in Brendale open to the public. The new location is the perfect location to service our customers from,” Steve said. “The large-format warehouse will translate to faster and more efficient service for our Queensland and Northern New South Wales wholesale customers. “While our retail customers will benefit from a

showroom that allows for product interaction, expert advice, and an accessory fitting service creating the ideal place for customers to personalise their vehicles.” Maxliner Brendale will be open from 8:30am to 5:00pm on weekdays. In addition to the Maxliner range of products, the Maxliner Brendale showroom will also stock a range of complementary Aftermarket products by leading brands, including Darche, Ultimate 9, MSA 4x4, Clearview, AutoPhix, Stedi, Hema, Rhino-Rack, RV Storage Solutions, Rocky Mounts Koolman Fridges. For more information, visit

Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine Annual 4WD Magazine 2022



SPREADING THE SAFE 4WDING MESSAGE Every day, hundreds of drivers are logged in and completing a Safe Operation of 4WD Vehicles eLearning program developed by Brisbane based Safe Drive Training Participants can be someone keen to get into off-roading, or corporate users who are being enrolled by their employer because they operate 4WD vehicles. The driver licensing system does not cover any aspect of 4WD operation, warns Safe Drive Training (SDT). “An employer might believe they are not required to train their personnel in the 4WD systems fitted to a vehicle, because the employee never uses the vehicle for any off-road driving.” Safe Drive Training (Australia) Managing Director, Joel Neilsen, said. “But in any other industry, machinery lockouts would be installed to prevent the misuse of the wrong systems at the wrong time. “But this does not exist in vehicles, so there is nothing stopping and no training at the licensing stage to prevent a person engaging the diff locks or turning off safety systems for normal driving. “Considerable and costly damage could occur to the vehicle from misuse of the vehicles systems. “A situation might arise where the vehicle operator does need to use the vehicle off-road and they can claim no training was provided, should an injury or crash result. It is legally a minefield. “The owner’s manual protects the vehicle’s manufacture from legal responsibility as the manual covers all the safety warning and operational information. “But employers are wrongly putting faith in the fact the employee is licensed to operate that vehicle when in reality they could have very limited knowledge and experience about the correct operation of the vehicle.” Joel says employers must realise that they have


a legal obligation to train an employee in the safe operation of any machinery. “It would be gross negligence to require someone to operate a chain saw, tractor, forklift or earth moving equipment without suitable training or qualifications. So why is a motor vehicle overlooked?” Joel said. “The Workplace Health and Safety Act does not ignore a motor vehicle. “It requires employers to train employees in the use of a motor vehicle. And importantly, a driver’s licence is not regarded as suitable training. “But society in general wrongly accepts that a driver’s license is suitable training.” The online training modules cover all aspects of 4WD operation, from how a 4WD works to operating one in mud, sand, rocks, steep terrain and water crossings. The client can select the content they want their personnel to access. If an employee operates 4WD vehicles and tows trailers, for instance, they can receive certain modules which are different to those a sales rep who operates a passenger car mostly in city traffic might receive. The content is professionally created by leading 4WD instructors and constantly updated. 4WD recovery is covered and all the common systems are explained, and Safe Drive Training has already filmed the 300 series Landcruiser and included it in the videos. When the participant completes all modules and achieves a 100 percent result on the quiz questions, the system automatically generates a certificate via PDF. This certificate can be used on the employee’s file to prove the training undertaken.

Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine Annual 4WD Magazine 2022

Joel explains that now, anyone in the 4WD aftermarket industry can add this training package to their list of products and services. They can resell the login access and profit from making better and safer 4WD operators. The landing page and even the videos can be themed for the reseller with their logos and branding added. “We will wholesale this course to partners for $33 per login and they can sell over the counter or online for $55 per person,” Joel said. “This could be used as a value add, like buy a suspension upgrade or a set of 4WD tyres and get a eLearning 4WD course, the shop can factor in the $33 purchase price in their quote. “Even experienced drivers are providing amazing feedback about how much they learned from this package.” 4WD clubs can also use this package as an induction for new members, allowing the club to then provide practical training. “Even if you already deliver driving training your trainers won’t have to deliver regular classroom presentations,” Joel said. “This not only frees up trainers, but it provides very high-quality driver education that provides all users with the same quality of content.” Resellers can simply expand their training services and start running classes using the e-learning for a client. “It really changes your training as you have participants arriving to the practical course already very well trained,” Joel said. The e-learning videos are created in Australia, so participants are not seeing content developed in Europe or the USA with different driving conditions and foreign accents. For more information, visit


DON KYATT CHANGES QUEENSLAND BRANCH NAME Family owned Don Kyatt Spare Parts is now trading under the same name in all Australian states The move comes after a truck parts business of the same name in Queensland was sold, leaving the company free to use the trademark there for the first time in over 40 years. When Frank Hutchinson and Don Kyatt started their spare parts company in Moorabbin, in Melbourne’s east, in 1969, they soon expanded to include a second Melbourne branch to service the city’s west, as well as a Queensland office. By 1980 Ed Williams, whom the company had employed as a mechanic, had come on board as a third stakeholder, and when the three men parted ways professionally, Ed took control of the Queensland branch, keeping the name but running it as a completely separate company. Frank Hutchinson has continued to grow Don Kyatt Spare Parts into one of the biggest aftermarket spare parts distributors in Australia and internationally. Specialising in 4WD spare parts under the Terrain Tamer 4WD brand, and distributing additives and diesel solutions under the Flashlube brand, Don

Kyatt Spare Parts now has 10 branches around the country, a further seven internationally and over 50 dedicated stockists, selling into over 80 countries around the world.

“The Don Kyatt name has gone from strength to strength over the 52 years since our company began,” Don Kyatt Spare Parts General Manager, Brent Hutchinson, said.

In Queensland, however, the company has only been able to operate under the name Sunshine State Spare Parts, due to the already registered business operated by Frank’s former partner, and with branches operating from both Brisbane and Townsville, the chance to use the Don Kyatt Spare Parts name in Queensland was a welcome one.

“To finally be able to use it in Queensland, as we do across the rest of Australia and the world means a lot to us, and will mean less confusion for our customers in the area as well.” For more information about Don Kyatt Spare Parts and the Don Kyatt Group, visit

Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine Annual 4WD Magazine 2022



NAPA AUTO PARTS: FOR THE OFF-ROAD ENTHUSIAST Whether you’re crossing the Simpson or tackling a weekend away, NAPA Auto Parts says it has the 4x4 accessories and hard parts any off-road enthusiast may need

NAPA Auto Parts brings together over 90 years of aftermarket industry heritage, knowledge and experience from Australia’s leading Trade and Specialist automotive aftermarket distributors: Ashdown-Ingram, Covs, Global Auto Spares and R&E Auto Parts. Backed by its own widely popular 4x4 brands – Drivetech 4x4 and Great Whites – with over 30 years of 4x4 history combined, NAPA Auto Parts says it has what it takes to help you tackle the toughest terrain. The Drivetech 4x4 story is one of humble beginnings, having started around 20 years ago as a small Brisbane business focused on hard parts. Today, they are widely considered one of Australia’s fastest growing 4x4 brands. Originally providing quality replacement hard parts for common four-wheel drives, including drivetrain, gearbox and diff components, Drivetech 4x4 quickly earned a reputation for value and being driven by quality. The range was then extended out to axles, steering components, suspension, lighting and other 4x4 accessories to offer the complete 4x4 solution, which the nation’s best automotive electrical and mechanical specialists know as Drivetech 4x4 today. Drivetech 4x4 Merchandise Manager, Steve Mitchell, says the brand is built by 4x4 enthusiasts

for enthusiasts, and they are constantly looking at creating new, innovative products to the help meet and exceed the needs of 4WD drivers. This is the same team which brought you the Drivetech 4x4 Dual Speed Winch (DT-D9500SR and DT-D12000SR), which was a finalist for the AAAA 2019 Innovative 4x4 Product award and is back again with another first-in-market product, with the release of their new patented, Drivetech 4x4 200W Wind Generator (DT-WG200). The Drivetech 4X4 200W Wind Generator provides users with a cost-effective, renewable power source to keep their sites powered – no matter whether they’re camping twenty minutes from home, or deep in the Australian outback. This powerful wind generator charges 12/24V systems and can be easily set up in just a few

minutes, giving you endless charging while you’re off the grid. This Drivetech 4x4 200W Wind Generator is said to be like no other as the generators are fitted with a patented permanent magnet rotor alternator, with a unique stator design that efficiently decreases resistance torque of the generator. The wind turbines are matched to the generator, which increases the reliability of the unit’s operation. Following this sustainable living focus, Drivetech 4x4 has also brought out its popular, high quality, light weight foldable solar panels (DTSB120 and DTSB200) designed for camping and 4WD offroading. Steve says the foldable option opens a whole new realm of possibilities for customers. “Users are no longer limited for energy resources due to not having enough space when packing for a trip. The flexibility of our foldable solar panels means users can make the most of their space, making them ideal for caravans, camper trailers, boats and 4x4s,” Steve said. “Each panel is manufactured with monocrystalline solar cells which provide better sunlight absorption and more power when compared to traditional polycrystalline panels. Backed by a 12 month guarantee and crafted with high quality, lightweight and durable materials, you can be sure these will last, no matter where you need to go.” NAPA Auto Parts also houses Great Whites, another 4WD brand which continues to be a prominent player in the industry. For over a decade, Great Whites has been lighting Australian


Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine Annual 4WD Magazine 2022

highways and 4WD tracks and is trusted by 4x4 enthusiasts, truck drivers and fleet managers. Great Whites started in 2012 through NAPA Auto Parts’ heritage brand Ashdown-Ingram. Through its high-performance output, long life warranty and outstanding design, Great Whites quickly became a household name in the automotive industry. The latest, popular edition in the Great Whites collection is the Attack Alloy Series, offering a range of powerful, LED round driving lights and light bars in a chrome finish that complements alloy and chrome bull bars. Great Whites Merchandise Manager, Luke Bolton, says that Great Whites lights are designed with market leading technology to give optimal output with fewer LEDs. This means drivers can have sleek fitting units that light up the darkest of paths. “We’ve carefully constructed these lights from the highest quality components, featuring CREE LEDs which produce higher lumens per watt to increase light intensity,” Luke said. “We also use cutting-edge iris reflector technology which delivers exceptional output, without a bulky unit. This way your lights don’t look out of place in front of your car, or in front of huge radiators and chunky bull bars on trucks. “The Attack lights are housed in a polished, marine grade aluminium body with a polycarbonate lens, so your lights are also designed to survive the harshest conditions and also come with an aesthetically pleasing backlight function.” The Great Whites Alloy Attack Series offers high performance, alloy round driving lights in 170mm and 220mm faces. Each light packs a punch, with the 170 Series (GWR10084A) offering one lux at 810m per set with 4,820 effective lumens, and the 220 Series (GWR10144A) achieving clear visibility up to 1,020m away per set with 7,920 lumens. Both lights have combination beam patterns and can operate in both 12 and 24V vehicles.

If LED bar driving lights are more your style, Great Whites offer the Attack Alloy range in single row bars (available in 12 and 18 LEDs) and double row bars (available in 24 and 36 LEDs), achieving up to 640m (with the 36 LED). Every light is equipped with an IP 68/69K rating, ensuring that they’re waterproof and have complete protection against dust ingress and water, including high pressure and temperature applications – so rest assured your lights can withstand any challenging environment. Last year the Great Whites brought out the widely popular, massive 250 Series (GWR10224A) driving light, complementing the existing 170 and 220 Series. Aptly named the 250 Series, the round LED driving light boasts a massive, show-stopping 250mm

face and is designed to suit the needs of off-road enthusiasts and long-haul truck drivers looking for more light and improved visibility in poor weather conditions. In a first for Great Whites, the 250 Series features an integrated amber bar and lights to help drivers see in poor conditions including fog, dust and even grain on farms. Each light houses 22 high-powered LEDs capable of operating in both 12 and 24V vehicles. The new 250 Series put on a show with 7,200 effective lumens and is available in a black or alloy finish to suit your vehicle. Great Whites and Drivetech 4x4 products are available through the ever-expanding network of NAPA Auto Parts stores across Australia. As of today, every state in Australia is serviced by their network of over 50 stores which means the Drivetech 4x4 and Great White accessories and hard parts you need are more readily available than ever, according to NAPA Auto Parts. Drivetech 4x4 products are also available through a wide network of authorised dealers around the country. In addition to Drivetech 4x4 and Great Whites, NAPA Auto Parts also has a comprehensive range of leading brands for automotive electrical and mechanical specialists, covering air conditioning, braking, clutch, driveline, electrical, engine cooling, servicing, steering and suspension, workshop tools and equipment and more. For more information about the wider NAPA Auto Parts range, 4WD hard parts, performance parts and accessories, visit, or your local NAPA Auto Parts branch.

Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine Annual 4WD Magazine 2022



NEW SNATCH RECOVERY KIT Made by 4WDers, for 4WDers

4WD 24/7 says there’s no recovery kit on the market with the unique combination of gear and a bag like that offered by the new Snatch Recovery Kit developed by 4WD 24/7’s Shaun ‘Shauno’ Wale and Snatch Outdoors. Having spent two decades of 4WDing all over the country and undertaking thousands of recoveries using all types of 4WD recovery gear, Shauno and Snatch Outdoors has developed what they call the perfect recovery kit, with everything you need to get you out of trouble and nothing that you don’t need. “No one sells a recovery kit with everything I wanted in it,” Shaun said. “So, we put together a 4WD recovery kit that will let you safely do almost any type of recovery, there isn’t another kit like it on the market.” After two decades and thousands of recoveries, the Snatch Recovery Kit was developed with a clear goal in mind – it must have everything you need for almost every recovery situation, but nothing that’s not needed, so you aren’t paying for gear you’ll never use. Soft shackles have been used instead of metal ones to remove weight and make this kit “so

much safer.” Instead of a snatch or pulley block, included is a heavy-duty aluminium winch ring. Removing metal and moving parts from a recovery kit makes the actual recovery safer – but also makes your kit lighter, easier to store and carry. Even the winch extension is a synthetic rope, which is much lighter and easier to store than a traditional strap, especially when it gets wet. Recovery gear needs to last and perform when you need it, so high-quality snatch straps have been used along with big, thick, tree trunk protectors and premium winch rope for the winch extension strap. It all comes in a recovery bag like no other – the heavy-duty canvas and PVC recovery bag doesn’t just hold all your gear; it also doubles as a winch blanket which is an essential for every recovery. “We hate it when the blanket slips down the winch rope, so we added a retention strap to the bag - so you can attach it to your winch hook, stopping it from sliding down mid recovery!” Shaun said. “No recovery kit on the market has these inclusions (soft shackles, heavy-duty bag, winch ring) - do your own research and you’ll see why the gear and quality we’ve packed into this kit make

it one of the best value for money recovery kits money can buy!”

What’s in the kit: • • • • • •

One 11,000KG 9m Snatch Strap One 12,000KG 3m Tree Trunk Protector One 9,500KG 15m Winch Extension Rope One 12,500KG Winch Ring Two 15,000KG Soft Shackles All stored in a recovery bag that doubles as a winch damper “Every recovery I’ve done helped me make the ultimate recovery kit for 4WDers - so this is everything you need for almost every recovery!” Shaun said. For more information, visit

MAXLINER VENTURE LAUNCHED “The most versatile canopy ever” launches in Australia Since relaunching in Australia in 2019, Maxliner Australia says it has shaken up the 4WD and SUV automotive aftermarket accessories market in Australia. In 2022 the team is set to take it a step further with the launch of the Maxliner Venture canopy. The new canopy has been engineered from the ground up by automotive industry stalwarts Maxliner Australia’s parent brand Vandapac Pty Ltd, and reportedly features groundbreaking specifications combined with electrifying styling. “Over the last twelve months, we have been working closely with our in-house R&D team to engineer a new canopy from the ground up,” Vandapac Australia and Maxliner Australia Managing Director, Nigel Brownscombe, said. “Our brief was to build a canopy that takes away the niggle points from canopies and combines it with SUV-like styling. The result is Venture.” Maxliner says the new Venture canopy design addresses issues that canopy customers don’t love and replaces these features with well thought out functional and stylish elements. An example of this is large side windows for optimal accessibility. 12

Another is the addition of handle-free entry on the rear and side windows that open with a push of your vehicle’s key fob. An additional way the Venture is challenging traditional canopy offerings is by presenting customers with two product styling options: a traditional colour-coded painted body or a modern and an aggressive black-accented version. Either style can be matched with black door moldings, flares, weather shields, side steps, and crossbars. These additions allow customers to further personalise their vehicles and offer dealers further profit opportunities. The Venture features a spoiler for good looks, but a fully reinforced steel structure roof allows a robust load carrying capacity, perfect for work or play. “We are excited to have a range of new products in 2022. The first of these products will be our new canopy. This range expansion underlines the commitment from Vandapac in developing appealing, innovative products for the Australian market,” said Johan Van Loosdrecht, the Director of Australia and Europe for Vandapac and Maxliner.

Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine Annual 4WD Magazine 2022

The Venture canopy product line-up launch will start with Australia’s most popular ute: the Toyota Hilux canopy will be available in March 2022, followed by the much anticipated Next-Generation Ford Ranger. Closely following this will be Isuzu-DMAX and Mazda BT-50, while other models are currently being considered. Maxliner dealers across Australia can take preorders for the Hilux now. For more information, to place a fleet order or become a distributor or stockist, please contact the Maxliner Business Development team on 1800 592 192.


CENTURY OVERLANDER 4X4 NOW SEALED MAINTENANCE FREE The Century Overlander, one of Australia’s most popular batteries for 4WDs, has undergone a redesign While most standard 4x4 batteries are purely designed as a starting battery, the Overlander 4x4 – which Century says is now a battery of choice for true heavy duty off-road vehicles – is a sealed maintenance-free dual-purpose battery combining starting and semi-cycling capabilities. Today’s modern 4WD vehicles demand a lot from the starting battery and in off road conditions we require even more from our battery, especially while driving at low speeds in rough terrain and using essential accessories such as winches. These accessories draw power from the starter battery and as you’re driving slowly, chances are the battery won’t be getting enough charge back from the alternator at these speeds. Ultimately, this will drain the battery, possibly leaving you stranded and causing serious long-term damage to the battery. The secret behind the Overlander 4x4 battery is the hybrid technology design, incorporating both calcium and antinomy plates producing dependable starting power plus added semicycling capabilities. This allows the battery to handle the discharge from additional accessories without damaging the internal components and affecting the overall life of the battery. Furthermore, 4x4 batteries are subjected to some pretty terrible conditions and not just extreme hot and cold temperatures, but also endless road corrugations and bumps. Century has addressed this with thicker full frame cast plates improving the strength and durability of the battery. Additionally, the Overlander has Century’s exclusive Platelock Technology – an adhesive that binds the battery plates securely together to provide superior vibration and impact resistance. This is a vastly different construction to your normal car battery. Century states it also has a comprehensive range of batteries to suit road-based 4WD and SUV vehicles, with its Ultra Hi Performance and Hi Performance batteries offering exceptional

starting power and improved durability for those who don’t take their vehicles quite as far off the beaten track.

Choosing the right secondary Deep Cycle battery In situations where high-current draw accessories are being used (such as lighting, fridges, or recharging mobile devices) fitting a secondary Deep Cycle battery is a must to keep the starting battery isolated and at full charge. Choosing the right Deep Cycle battery is vital, and Century says it has a battery available to suit most situations and requirements. If it is going under-bonnet, Century says a Flooded Deep Cycle battery offers superior heat tolerance and vibration resistance to ensure it will be able to handle the extreme conditions often experienced within your vehicle’s engine bay. Century’s N70T is a popular choice for 4x4 dual-battery systems located under-bonnet, and offers a maintainable design to allow the electrolyte levels to be topped up for extended battery service life. For confined spaces such as in the rear of a 4x4 or inside the battery compartment of a caravan, Century says an AGM (Absorbed Glass Matt) battery would be the preferable choice. One such battery is Century’s C12-105XDA, which is an AGM battery offering fast recharging capabilities and long cycle life. AGM technology acts as a sponge like material to suspend loose electrolyte within highly porous glass fibre mat separators. They’re also sealed maintenance-free and non-spillable, providing greater flexibility with mounting options – even side-mounting on angles up to 90°. An even more exciting prospect is said to be Century’s new Dual Force+ AGM multi-purpose battery, which is designed to go where no other Deep Cycle AGM battery can – right in your vehicle’s engine bay. This dual-purpose starting and deep-cycling battery features a special polypropylene case which assists with heat

dispersion – something essential for the underbonnet temperatures Aussie 4x4s can get to – along with providing up to 20x greater vibration and impact resistance for extreme off-road conditions. Regardless of which battery type and mounting location you opt for, keeping your Deep Cycle batteries fully charged when not in use is vital to maximising their service life and future performance. Deep Cycle batteries are not designed to be kept in a low state-of-charge, and will begin to degrade internally the longer they are left in that state. So, always ensure you recharge your batteries if their open circuit voltage (OCV) drops below 12.5 volts. To make battery monitoring easier, Century recently released its new BM12V Bluetooth battery monitor tool, providing a live view of how your vehicle’s battery is performing at any given moment. It monitors the battery’s charge percentage, cranking capacity during engine start up, and the amount of charge being put back into the battery once you hit the road. It can also provide warning notifications when your battery is critically low on power, so you can organise a replacement before you are left stranded. The Century Overlander 4x4 MF and N70T Deep Cycle batteries are both made and engineered in Australia especially for our climate and conditions. For more information, visit or call 1300 362 287.

Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine Annual 4WD Magazine 2022



HULK 4X4 DELIVERS INNOVATION FOR OFF-ROAD ENTHUSIASTS Hulk 4x4 says its core mission is to supply the best products for the off-roading community CoolDrive Auto Parts says its own Hulk 4x4 brand is one of the fastest growing players in the Australian off-road and 4WD market, with a massive range of the latest hard-wearing innovative gear.

rocker switches, three accessory power sockets, a Quickcharge QC3 dual USB socket, two Anderson Style 50amp plugs (input and output) and a DC voltmeter.

A perfect example of this innovation at play is the recent accolade received by the team at the Australian Auto Aftermarket Expo, which saw Hulk 4x4’s Adjustable Vehicle Door Step being named the Most Innovative New Aftermarket Product in the 4WD category.

What really sets this unit apart in the market is the industry leading Quickcharge QC3 dual USB socket, with its three amps of power capable of charging items significantly faster than standard USB sockets.

The Adjustable Vehicle Door Step is the only patented product of its kind that universally works on both the front and back doors of most vehicles, giving its users more access to the roof. With its long extendable platform, it allows for a safe, flat grip, all while being strong, yet compact and easy to transport. Also a stand-alone in the industry is Hulk 4x4’s new Six Way 12/24V DC Control Box, which makes it incredibly easy for owners to wire up accessories for their vehicles, caravans or camper trailers quickly and safely. Included within the control box are six 20amp


Earlier this year, Hulk 4x4 also introduced its new Tailgate Assist Kits in direct response to the team recognising the inconvenience of difficult to manage weighty tailgates. Easy to fit with all the mounting hardware supplied, the Hulk 4x4 Tailgate Assist Kits consist of two struts - one assisting with the soft slow down direction of the tailgate, while the other side assists with the lifting in the up direction. Hulk 4x4 has also recently introduced a new range of LED Driving Lights, built tough and perfectly suited for the outback environment. These new round LED Driving Lights are 9-36 volt

Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine Annual 4WD Magazine 2022

compatible and available in seven-inch and nineinch sizes, in either black or chrome. The product categories covered by Hulk 4x4 include Air, Wheel and Tyre Accessories, Caravan and Trailer Equipment, Cargo Management, Electrical, Lighting, Recovery Equipment, Touring and Camping, Underbody, as well as Vehicle Protection. The team at Hulk 4x4 will be at the upcoming National 4x4 Outdoors Shows in Sydney (22-24 July) and Melbourne (19-21 August). For further information and to find your nearest stockist, visit


SNATCH STRAPS VS KINETIC ROPES Carbon Offroad explains the difference

There’s a new player that’s been making its way into the recovery scene: kinetic rope. The snatch strap has been a recovery staple for many and with many successful vehicle recoveries over the years, it is included in most people’s recovery bags. So, what’s the difference between a snatch strap and a kinetic rope, and why should you pay extra for it? “Well as technology improves over the years with most things – mobile phones, televisions and so on – the humble recovery kit has also had some improvements as well,” Carbon Offroad’s James Don said. “Firstly, let’s define their use: both are used by attaching a bogged vehicle to a recovery vehicle by the use of a strap or rope to rated recovery points. “And both use kinetic energy stored in the rope when the recovery vehicle uses a ‘yanking’ method to assist the vehicle that is bogged while the recovery vehicle uses motor power to assist with the recovery.

• Kinetic Rope Cons: cost; weigh more than a snatch strap (approximately 1k heavier); slightly bulkier to store. “To summarise, both the kinetic rope and snatch strap have both good pros and some cons for you to consider when upgrading or purchasing a new recovery rope/strap,” James said.

“This style of recovery has been very effective for a long time in 4WDing and off-roading. So, why would we change?”

“For me, I would upgrade to a kinetic rope personally as it is more compliant on both 4WDs (recovered/recovering) which could see you save money in the long term with less stress on the chassis and its associated components.

James explains that there are a number of differences between the two to consider in making this decision.

“It is also much easier to pack away, especially if it is caked up with mud or sand.”

Manufacturing differences:

For more from Carbon Offroad, visit

• Snatch Strap: made from 100 percent Nylon which gives it its stretch abilities (20 percent stretch); sewn end loops; and woven flat Nylon material. • Kinetic Ropes: made from a combination of Nylon6 and Polyester (29 percent stretch); woven end for greatly improved strength and durability; inner Nylon core for stretch; and woven outer core for abrasion resistance.

Pros and Cons • Snatch Strap Pros: good on price and value; less bulky once rolled up; less weight (1kg lighter). • Kinetic Rope Pros: lasts longer; has inter-woven ends for better strength; more abrasion resistant with dual layers; has increased stretch for softer recover (29 percent); floats; faster pack away; can be used multiple times due to its design. • Snatch Strap Cons: has stitched ends (weakness that can fail); has 20 percent stretch rate; can only be used safely a few times; doesn’t float; not as compliant on both vehicles during the recovery (only 20 percent stretch); slower to pack up – you could just throw it in a bag, but winding it up makes for a neater recovery bag.

Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine Annual 4WD Magazine 2022



TAKE IT EASY With Yakima

Living it up in the outdoors doesn’t have to be hard work. For over four decades, Yakima says it has been transforming the way people travel with their trusted solutions; packing safety, design sensibility and street smarts into every product, so you can ‘Take It Easy.’ Yakima recently launched two new products into the Australian and New Zealand markets – the Yakima RoadShower and the Yakima StageTwo bike carrier. For sandy feet, dirty paws, and muddy gear, the Yakima RoadShower is a trusty sidekick that

provides a little bit of luxury in the outdoors – the convenience of pressurised water in the middle of nowhere. Available in two sizes – 15 litres or 26 litres – the RoadShower heats up from the sun’s rays, delivering you warm water anytime you need it. The unit has two locations for universal fitment on roof racks/ platforms or side mounting for campers and trailers, comes standard with the 140cm long hose and optional FlexHead Showers (long or short) available. Next to take the stage, is the Yakima StageTwo bike carrier. This all-new hitch mount bike rack is not only designed with modern bike geometry in mind covering wheelbases up to 132cms /52” and wheel sizes 16” to 29”, but it is also offroad and camper rated*. It also covers a huge range of bikes including kids to mountain bikes, road and gravel bikes, BMX to heavy e-bikes up to 27 kgs per tray (with a two-bike capacity*) and add the StageTwo + two option to carry up to four bikes. The stadium seating tiered architecture increases ground clearance on rutted trails or steep driveways,


Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine Annual 4WD Magazine 2022

while the offset tray design further minimises biketo-bike interference and maximises functionality. The StrongArm hook quickly secures your bike with zero frame contact and the tool-free locking SpeedKnob 2.0 makes install easier than ever, while the forward-facing remote tilt lever means fast access to the rear of your vehicle and integrated locking cables, combined with the ability to add your own lock for added security. Available in two colours, Vapor and Anthracite, and offering Yakima’s exceptional Limited Lifetime Warranty, the StageTwo is a perfect accompaniment to those who will be riding for years to come. For more information, visit or *Some size and load restrictions apply


NEW SOLUTIONS FROM NORWELD Norweld has substantially reinvested in equipment and technology Norweld Australia says this reinvestment has helped put the company at the forefront of tray and canopy production at its Cairns-based manufacturing site.

To capitalise on this rapid growth, Norweld also added fleet tray and canopy packages to its tool bag with dedicated trade orientated products launching in mid-2021.

With the addition of a custom-made CNC router, additional welders and third brake CNC, the team has been able to increase productivity and efficiencies during the 4x4 industry boom.

This included a partnership with Milwaukee to deliver its ever-popular Packout kits to Norweld customers.

Further to this, Norweld has employed 15 people since COVID-19 first hit our shores, growing the local manufacturing job opportunities for locals of the Cairns Region.

This tool solution allows for easy and organised tool storage that locks to the canopy floor for transit. With this and a few other tool focused products, Norweld is now supplying vehicles to large commercial customers within the resource and energy industry. With this increased capability and production output of its manufacturing facility, the Norweld team says it is dedicated to delivering larger orders on time around the country. To help support this, Norweld has expanded its national footprint with six new agent locations now offering the Norweld product throughout regional Australia.

Norweld explains that its products are backed by an “industry leading unconditional guarantee for life against faulty workmanship.” Finally, Norweld has also been busy exporting to the United States, with a number of containers being sent to the USA. Like Australia, the United States is experiencing a dramatic increase in local travel and in turn, the hunger for high quality products such as Norweld Australia trays paired with a Four Wheel Camper Pop Up Camper has grown. With great feedback from the states, and support from Four Wheel Campers as a distributor, Norweld says it is continuing to grow their export capabilities. For more information, visit

Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine Annual 4WD Magazine 2022



FORD RANGER/BT-50 REAR DIFF HOUSINGS Dwiz Diff Housings now has “super strong” diff housings with 2550kg load rating in production With a growing demand for customers who want to carry more and more weight, Dwiz Diff Housings has designed another new product to add to its product range.

locally sourced components, and tested in our 4WD hire fleet on Fraser Island over seven years.”

“We now have started production of Ford Ranger PXI,II,III/Mazda Bt-50 Rear housings to suit with an increased load rating of 2550kgs,” Dwiz Diff Housings’ Todd Gerbich said.

• • • • • • • • • • •

Track Correction kit for the VDJ Landcruiser including Chrome Moly Axles, high Clearance Plates and a massive 3020kg Load Rating with a retail price of $4750.00 incl GST plus shipping,” Todd said.

“All of our Housings come with relevant engineering certification to allow for use in GVM increases. They are designed to suit all OEM parts, and it is a simple, bolt on, replacement job.

Inner Tubing and Blocking to outer case Uses Factory components Chrome moly spindles Strengthened in critical areas Thicker bracketry Retains factory axle design Coated black in Raptor Coating Increased axle load rating Suitable for both Ford Ranger and BT-50 Australian designed, manufactured and tested Increased strength (up to 199 percent stronger than standard) • SSM and ADR Approved • Retail price of $3950.00 including GST plus shipping

“These diffs are completely manufactured from

“Other products in our range include our Rear

For more information, visit

“Dwiz has been able to increase the rear axle load 700kg over the original factory rating of 1850kg. “We have incorporated our patented design of inner tubing, and blocking to the outer case which has seen great success in our Rear Track Correction kit. By using this design, we are able to retain a similar look to factory, without sacrificing ground clearance.

Dwiz Diff Housings says the benefits of its front housing design include:

“We also have GU Patrol/80/105/70 series Front housings available with significant load increases.” If you believe there is a demand for these products within your local customer network, Dwiz Diff Housings invites you to contact Todd on 0450 256 355 or to make an enquiry to become an agent.

DBA VENTURING FURTHER INTO 4X4 TERRITORY DBA has stepped up its presence in the 4WD and off-road space this year with new products and an increased market presence As the financial year draws to a close, iconic brake manufacturer Disc Brakes Australia (DBA) is looking back on a successful 12 months, with the 4WD and off-road segment being no exception. Earlier this year the company decided to take its 4WD product offering to one of the leading industry shows, the National 4x4 Outdoors Show in Brisbane, Melbourne and, for the first time, Sydney. The Brisbane leg back in March provided the perfect opportunity for the business to present its multi-tiered range of 4WD brakes to the market. “The business is entering a new phase, backed by our aspiration to offer the optimal braking solution for every application,” DBA General Manager of Sales ANZ, Shane Jeffreys, said.

“We are now in a position to provide the customer with a complete brake package, from high-volume deals for fleet, mining and direct replacement applications, all the way to brake upgrades for the most discerning 4WD enthusiast.” The backbone of DBA’s 4WD and off-road range is its tried and tested range of 4000 Series brake rotors. Cast from high-carbon alloyed iron and undergoing Thermal Stability Profiling (TSP), the rotor’s unique metallurgy performs exceptionally well under intense braking, be it off-road or when carrying or towing extra weight. The rotor features DBA’s patented Kangaroo Paw design for improved cooling characteristics and optionally the unique T3 slot design, amongst other available surface designs. The rotors are complemented by two upgrade brake pad options - DBA’s Street Performance and Xtreme Performance ranges. While the former offers a slightly smoother braking experience with its semi-metallic friction composition to suit daily street driving and offroad use, the latter uses low-copper, carbon fibre infused friction, allowing drivers to push their vehicle to its limits whilst enjoying uncompromised stopping power. Recognising the use of many 4WD and pick-up vehicles in fleets performing either on- or off-road


Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine Annual 4WD Magazine 2022

duties, and even as daily drivers, DBA has released a complete range of OE-replacement brake rotors and pads under its Street Series brand, complemented by brake calipers and brake cylinders. Featuring most of DBA’s hallmark technologies, the Street Series range offers unparalleled value for money whilst providing an improved braking experience compared with the original equipment. DBA’s offering would not be complete without a special mention of arguably the most important new vehicle release in the off-road segment for 2022, the Toyota Landcruiser 300 Series. True to its ambition of being ‘First to Market,’ DBA recently released the OE-replacement Street Series and upgrade 4000 Series brake rotors for the allnew Cruiser. Street Series brake pads and various upgrade and performance pad options will follow within the next six months, together with calipers and brake cylinders. To find the right parts for any 4WD or utility vehicle, DBA invites you to go to ‘Part Finder’ at For more information, call DBA’s Customer Service on 1800 730 039.


XTREME OUTBACK CONTINUES TO EVOLVE The performance is in the details

Xtreme Outback is constantly engineering heavy duty clutch solutions for 4x4s from around the world. As a division of Australian Clutch Services, Xtreme Outback products are sold throughout Australia via an extensive nationwide distribution network but are also exported to Europe, Asia, the Middle East, New Zealand and the United States. With such a large product range being required to cover so many different vehicle applications, the ACS engineering team are regularly reviewing vehicle applications and existing listings to ensure maximum market coverage. With an in-house research and development facility based in its Adelaide headquarters, ACS says it is able to accurately measure a wide variety of clutch performance parameters. “When we go to develop a new heavy duty clutch kit, we are looking to provide as much torque holding capability whilst also minimising any negative changes to the driveability,” ACS Mechanical Engineer, Stewart Furze, said. “We measure clamping force, bearing load and release characteristics to try and provide the best


balance possible for that particular clutch setup. Every clutch is going to be different, so it is critical to analyse each application to ensure our products meet the quality, performance and reliability we know our customers around the world demand.” Xtreme Outback says it recognises that with constantly changing clutch technology, it is important to keep up with the latest OE products and ensure any performance upgrades are designed and developed accordingly. “As new vehicles continue to evolve in clutch technology, we are having to change our product development to suit each specific application,” Stewart said. “For example, when looking at vehicles that are fitted with dual-mass flywheels, we review that vehicle and develop a performance upgrade that is most suitable. In some cases, this means we can develop a single-mass flywheel conversion whilst in others that are more susceptible to increased noise and vibration, we are now producing heavy duty upgrades that can be installed onto the dualmass flywheel.”

Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine Annual 4WD Magazine 2022

Another focus is offering a range of options to tailor a performance clutch solution to a specific vehicle use. “It is rare for us to just offer one upgrade kit for a vehicle. We will normally offer a variety of solutions including different friction disc materials and pressure plates to ensure the customer can select a clutch that is most suited to their driving and vehicle modifications,” Stewart said. “There is no point putting a performance clutch solution designed for motorsport use in a daily driven tow vehicle with limited performance modifications, so our range has been carefully developed to try and offer staged alternatives for our customers around the world.” For more information, visit or call 1800 CLUTCH.


A COMPLETE 4WD BRAKING OFFER Protex says its customers are spoilt for choice when it comes to finding braking solutions for their 4WDs

With a specialist Ultra 4WD range of rotors and pads right through to hydraulics and components in its Ultra range, Protex says it has all of your 4WD needs covered.

Heavy duty range for 4WD, SUV and demanding off-road conditions Whether its towing, off-road adventures or everyday city driving, four-wheel-drive (4WD) vehicles need high performance braking systems. Protex says its Ultra 4WD range delivers the right stopping power in all sorts of challenging driving conditions. While specifically catering to the needs of 4WD and SUV vehicles engaging in off-road driving and towing, Protex Ultra 4WD is equally suitable to everyday driving.

Tough brakes for heavy-duty activities Protex says its Ultra 4WD range is developed from the latest innovations in design and manufacturing and therefore offers many benefits including: • Anti-corrosion: the disc rotors are coated with “Ultracoat Z360” coating for anti-corrosion protection and faster fitment. • Better stability: high carbon rotor formulation provides better stability under high thermal stress such as off-road conditions and towing. • Enhanced cooling: custom slotting and various vane designs for optimised cooling and heat dissipation, especially relevant to high heat loads that often accompany heavy braking. • Environmentally friendly: copper-free brake pads for minimal environmental impact and cleaner waterways without compromising performance. • Quieter braking: optimised, multi-layered shim on all pads with the addition of chamfer and slots to reduce noise and vibration. • Short bedding-in time: ceramic pads are pre-scorched for instant braking performance straight from the box.

Protex Ultra for 4WD Perfectly suited to 4WD, the Protex Ultra range covers everything from premium hydraulics right through to components. Protex delivers high performance hydraulic braking solutions with an exceptional range of cylinders and calipers covering a wide range of 4WD vehicle applications. Key features and benefits include: • Extensive cylinder range covering all major cylinders: Brake, Clutch, Wheel and Slaves • Engineered to OE Fit, Form and Function • Quality materials for leak free performance • Proven product dependability and durability Callipers are proving to be especially popular with the 4WD market and Protex says it has one of the largest range of calipers to suit the toll that off-road driving can bring on calipers. With more part numbers continually being added, Protex Ultra 4WD covers all the popular 4WD applications including Toyota Hilux, Ford Ranger, Mazda BT50, Mitsubishi Triton, Nissan Patrol, Mitsubishi Pajero, Toyota LandCruiser and many other models including SUV. For more information, visit Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine Annual 4WD Magazine 2022



BAPCOR: SUPPLYING THE PARTS FOR EVERY 4WD JOURNEY BAPCOR says it is the Asia Pacific’s leading provider of vehicle parts, accessories, equipment, service and solutions

Through its Specialist Wholesale Group of businesses, BAPCOR now has a major focus on Australia’s growing 4WD market of hard parts in conjunction with its established retail accessory offering. Whether the parts are for general upgrades or very specific 4WD applications to handle Australia’s tough terrain, BAPCOR says it has the replacement parts market covered through their well-established specialist businesses with industry leading brands and products covering brakes, suspension, steering, drivetrain, bearings, electrical, lighting, diesel products and 4WD accessories including recovery gear.

ROADSAFE Roadsafe 4WD is a specialised division providing one of Australia’s largest 4WD parts ranges. Recognising the need for high quality components and consistency in supply, Roadsafe 4WD has engineered and developed an extensive range of essential steering, suspension and associated components for the 4WD industry. These include rated recovery tow points, diff drops and upper control arms, panhard rods, long rods, trailing arms, driveline spacers, bracketry, strut mounts, battery trays and underbody protection. The team at Roadsafe 4WD design and engineer products for specific 4WD vehicle applications focusing on each vehicle’s steering geometry and driveability. Every Roadsafe 4WD product


is manufactured to handle the toughest off-road situations. To learn more about Roadsafe, go to

BLACKHAWK 4X4 Blackhawk 4x4 is Australia’s very own premium 4WD essential gear manufacturer. Each Blackhawk product has been specifically designed to be robust enough for serious off-road use, offering improved handling without reducing a 4WD vehicle’s overall OE quality.

Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine Annual 4WD Magazine 2022

The heavy-duty range of Blackhawk 4x4 upper control arms are a necessity for independent front suspension vehicles, by correcting wheel alignment and tyre clearance for vehicles that have been lifted over 30mm. These premium quality suspension components have been designed with ease of fitment and ongoing serviceability as priorities. To learn more about Blackhawk 4x4, visit

MINI FEATURE The new Roadvision Stealth Series is a range of LED Bar and Driving Lights that offer a sleek and modern appearance, specifically designed to provide superior performance and durability. The Stealth Series range of LED Bar and Driving Lights feature Osram LEDs, Thermal Management Technology, a tough yet lightweight aluminium housing and polycarbonate lenses. This 4WD lighting range has been designed to deliver the highest performance and withstand the harshest conditions. To learn more about Roadvision, visit

DIRECTION-PLUS Direction-Plus says it is one of Australia’s most trusted brands for technically superior, best in class kits and accessories for diesel powered 4WD vehicles. This quality brand includes Throttle Controllers Pre-line Plus Filter Kits, Fuel Manager Pre Filter Kits, Provent Oil Separator Kits, Transmission Oil Cooling Kits and much more. Direction-Plus says it is the first line of defense for your customers’ diesel engines.

PROTEX Protex provides a complete 4WD brake replacement and enhancement offer. Designed to withstand the challenging conditions Australia can offer, this braking range delivers optimal braking performance when it matters most from towing heavy loads or touring the remote outback. Protex 4WD Brake products can be used straight from the box, saving on fitting time. Combined with the specialised range of Ultra 4WD rotors

and pads right through to hydraulics and brake components, Protex says it has all your customers’ 4WD needs covered. To learn more about Protex, visit

ROADVISION Roadvision products are built tough for work and play. They provide the ultimate high performance LED lighting solutions, with product that has been engineered and tested specifically for Australian conditions and adventure driven 4x4s.

To learn more about Direction-Plus, visit

Customer service focus With an extensive range of 4WD parts, BAPCOR’s specialist businesses also offer the industry highly specialised and knowledgeable team members with an unrelenting focus on delivering excellence in customer service, backed up by a nationwide distribution network. For more information, visit

Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine Annual 4WD Magazine 2022



REPCO FILTER SERVICE KITS Setting a new standard

With the growing trend of workshops buying complete Filter Service Kits, as opposed to individual filters, there’s a need to provide a program that not only covers the most popular vehicles on road but also adds value to the workshop. Repco says its Filter Service Kits contain the high quality, recently “up spec’d” Repco Synthetic Blend media Oil Filter (improved Life, Flow and Efficiency), an industry leading quality Repco Air Filter, a Repco Fuel Filter and, where applicable, the Repco Anti- Viral Cabin Filter.

ULTIMATE LUBRICATION FOR YOUR 4WD Morey Oil says it is the lubrication specialist

4WD and AWD vehicles have now become extremely popular vehicles among many, be it for the height, stability, towing, adventure or for the extreme four-wheel driver. These vehicles, compared to regular cars on the road, have more serviceable areas including front and rear differentials plus the transfer case, which means more oils and more oil seals. Morey Oil says its Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer (HDOS) is suited for use in all these oils. Morey Oil states its HDOS will keep the oil “Newer for Longer,” maintaining oil pressure in the engine, rejuvenating seals in the differentials and transfer case, maintaining smoother gear changes in both automatic and manual gear boxes, preventing metal to metal contact on gears in differentials, reducing wear and delivering smoother operating power steering units. Basically, where there is an oil, Morey Oil says you should add Morey’s HDOS to it for the ultimate protection. When it comes to grease lubrication, Morey Oil asserts that some standard greases – even some of the quality greases – are just not good enough.

But it says what really sets the Repco kits apart from all others, is the inclusion of a handy accessory pack at no extra cost to the customer. Repco says its 4WD Filter Service Kit program has set the “new standard” in convenience by offering a complete service solution all in one box. It states that only Repco’s Filter Service Kits contain a handy accessories pack with all things needed to complete a service. The Accessory pack contains two quality white cotton rags, one oil funnel, a pair of nitrile gloves and, where relevant, a sump plug washer – just add the oil and you have all you need. So, no matter whether the service is being conducted in a workshop, out the back of a mobile mechanic’s van or on the side of the road, the customer has everything in the kit to get the job done. The Repco Filter Service Kit program will continue to grow with a further 10 courier vehicle kits to be released to the market in June, each will also have the convenient accessory pack included. For more information, visit 24

It says if you are doing any sort of four-wheel driving especially where beaches, creek crossings, dirty dusty roads, mud and slush or the extreme of everything are involved, then only a high-quality grease will do the job.

Grease contamination can be a very costly expense, that can be prevented. But even if the vehicle has an underbody wash after fourwheel driving, if the contamination has already penetrated the grease, or the grease has been displaced, the damage has already begun, warns Morey Oil. It says Morey’s BigFoot Fire Orange Grease is the answer. With its very sticky/tacky nature, it says BigFoot grease will prevent this from happening and even in the toughest conditions of water-dirtmud, this grease “stays in place.” Morey Oil says this is the grease that everyone is talking about; a superior quality lithium complex grease used in a large variety of industries. For further information, please contact Morey Oil Head Office on Free Call 1800 637 173 or visit


Harrop Engineering has reintroduced its clever exhaust upgrade for the popular V8 powered Nissan Y62 Patrol platform. Building on Harrop’s successful TVS Supercharger system, the Mid-Section upgrade increases the exhaust diameter to 2.5 inch into three inch to provide a much needed deeper and throatier V8 growl while retaining good manners under cruise conditions and towing. This upgrade is a direct, bolt-on replacement to the factory mid-section that retains the factory catalytic converters and rear section.

Mid Pipe Upgrade features: • Suits naturally aspirated and forced induction vehicles • Bolt in replacement of factory mid-section • Made from 408 grade Stainless Steel

Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine Annual 4WD Magazine 2022

• Size: 2.5” into 3” including X-Pipe and dual inlet muffler • ‘HARROP’ embossed primary muffler • Supplied with all new gaskets and fasteners This upgrade is perfect for enthusiasts looking for a reliable and cost-effective acoustics enhancement for their V8 Y62 Patrol, providing a significantly deeper exhaust note at idle and under throttle without drone. For more information, contact Harrop Engineering on 1300 HARROP or or visit


COOL RUNNINGS For LandCruisers and Prados

Australians have had a love affair with four-wheel drives since they first appeared in numbers on our shores, with Toyota’s LandCruiser one of the stars of the show.

the early GRJ120 petrol to the KDJ150 turbo diesel. Parts are stocked for diesel and petrol models.

Just in the first half of 2021, more than 10,800 200 series wagons were sold which was an astounding increase of 70.3 percent over the same time the year before. In just one week in June 2021 more than 1,000 flew out of showrooms.

While different models are catered for with a different range of cooling parts the range includes cooling fan couplings, radiator hoses, thermostat housings and thermostats, water pumps, welch plugs, cooling fan blades, gaskets, air conditioning belts, radiator caps and coolant expansion tanks.

When you add in the number of older LandCruisers still on the road this makes a number that would have your eyes watering, particularly if you’re a workshop operator, and what all these vehicles need are parts.

HPP Lunds’ LandCruiser catalogue has parts listed as they pertain to each model with the years covered from 1964 through to 2015. LandCruiser Prado models are also covered from 1996 to 2009. The LandCruiser catalogue is 326 pages.

HPP Lunds explains that it stocks a wide array of the most commonly needed LandCruiser and Prado spare parts and with a hot Australian Summer on our doorstep, says it is time to stock up on cooling parts.

Tabbed, coloured and labelled outer stripes on each page enable you to easily recognise to which vehicle the page refers, such as Toyota Land Cruiser FZJ75 – 4.5L 1FZFE Petrol 4WD [08/199209/1999]. Most of the line items in the catalogues also come with notes to add more clarity. Both these books are available in hardcopy and also can be downloaded from

These parts are available for LandCruisers ranging from early vehicles such as the BJ40 3.0 litre diesel to the later models such as the VDJ200 turbo diesel, or if you’re talking Prado then from

Approximately 99 percent of Lunds’ parts are

directly imported from the manufacturers with stock available in the company’s Brisbane warehouse. Lunds 4WD parts are also listed on AutoInfo (Oscar) with more than 28000 entries. For more information or to obtain a copy, contact the HPP Lunds Call Centre on 1300 306 781.

Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine Annual 4WD Magazine 2022




Protect your engine with Ryco’s new Universal Fuel Water Separator Kit Ryco has recently launched a new Universal Fuel Water Separator Kit, complementing its extensive Vehicle Specific range. There are many ways water can get into a diesel fuel system, whether that be through condensation, water crossings or just a contaminated tank of fuel; and Ryco says the only way to protect your engine is a fuel water separator filter system. Ryco says its new Universal Fuel Water Separator Kits is a great pre-fuel filtration kit for added protection for the fuel system.

The Z980UK Universal Fuel Water Separator Kit includes quick connect fuel hose fittings and improved rubber washers for a quick and simple installation with no need for timely, error-prone thread sealant. Ryco explains that this universal kit is ideal for all diesel applications. The Z980UK filters down to 10 microns making it the perfect solution to be fitted before the existing filter. The kit will protect the vehicle from the risk of costly fuel contamination, giving the owner peace of mind whether they are filling up at their local bowser or enjoying an offroad adventure. “We offer the widest range of filters on the market, with products to suit most makes and models of vehicles, including cars, motorcycles, trucks, buses and agricultural machinery,” Ryco Group Marketing and Communications Manager, Peter Reale, said. “Every product we release is designed to meet or exceed original equipment specifications and is


Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine Annual 4WD Magazine 2022

backed by our team’s unrivalled level of technical, marketing and field support. “As part of our commitment to innovation and quality, we design and test our filters in Australasia’s only dedicated filtration laboratory – our curiosity driving us to constantly search for smarter solutions in an ever-changing industry.” For more information, visit



Direction-Plus says it has the essential 4WD parts range for protecting against water and particular contamination Direction-Plus PreLine-Plus is an innovative prefilter system for 4WD diesel fuel systems which ensures a high degree of water separation and particle pre-separation, designed specifically to cope with extreme weather conditions and poor fuel quality. With a 100 percent water separation efficiency rating (based on 300um droplet size) and a long service life that meets the specifications set by leading manufacturers of diesel fuel injection systems, Direction-Plus says this PreLine filter system reliably protects 4WD fuel systems from

corrosion, abrasion, and reducing the frequency of repairs. Direction-Plus Fuel Manager Pre-Filter Kits are designed specifically to cope with extreme weather conditions and poor fuel quality removing water and other contaminants from Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel (ULSD). Direction-Plus says installing a Direction-Plus Fuel Manager Pre-Filter kit between the fuel tank and the OEM fuel filter will remove the majority of water and particle contamination. This leaves the OEM fuel filter to do the final and finer filtration and ensures a strong first Line of defense for diesel engines. Direction-Plus says its TransChill transmission oil cooler kits significantly extend transmission life for hard working 4WD vehicles used on or off the road. These application-specific designed and tested aftermarket transmission oil cooler kits can reduce automatic transmission oil temperature by as much as 33C with no risk of overcooling.

Each Direction-Plus TransChill transmission oil cooler kit arrives complete and ready for specific 4WD vehicle application fitment, including the air or water variant oil cooler, stainless steel mounting bracket connection hose, adapters, and fixing hardware. Selecting the right transmission oil cooler kit that has been designed and tested for specific vehicle applications is crucial. Direction-Plus says its TransChill range of transmission oil cooler kits have undergone detailed testing for 4WD vehicle makes and models operated in Australia, under local off road, highway and urban traffic conditions. For further information, visit

Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine Annual 4WD Magazine 2022



TAG EXTREME RECOVERY TOWBAR LAUNCHED “The Most Extreme Recovery Towbar” has arrived Built in Australia, the new TAG Extreme Recovery (XR) Towbar has been engineered for professional trade and fleet applications as well as adventurous off-roaders who need to get themselves and their convoy out of challenging recovery situations. The TAG XR bar reportedly provides a more useful and versatile alternative to your standard towbar, fitted with loads of features to make it a must have for all four-wheel drives. The TAG XR Towbar is a Class Four Towbar featuring a 50mm Square Hitch Receiver, including two WLL 4500kg Load-Rated Recovery Points integrated into Three-Piece Design sidearms with bevelled edges to suit soft-shackles. TAG Towbars says for “unrivalled strength and pulling power,” the XR features an 89mm x 89mm Extreme Duty Reinforced Crossbar, finished in a textured powder-coat for style and durability. It states off-roaders will appreciate the flush chassis-mounted profile which provides maximum offroad clearance for improved departure angles. The Trailer and Anderson Plug Mounts are protected from ground impacts as they are both

mounted on top of the bar, providing peace of mind and ease of access. The TAG XR Towbar includes an Extreme Duty Drop Hitch in a matching powder-coat finish and TAG Towbar’s Zinc Tow Ball to reduce corrosion and wear. Rated at 3500kg towing capacity/350kg ball weight, the kit comes with high quality Pin and Clip and D-Shackles for performance and reliability across the whole system. TAG Towbars says the TAG XR Towbar has been engineered using state-of-the-art 3D scanning technology, ensuring precise fitment to vehicle OEM mounting points.

The bars are a Three-Piece bolt-on design for ease of fitment, only requiring one person to install. The TAG Extreme Recovery Towbar is available across most current 4x4 Cab Chassis vehicles such as the Ford Ranger, Isuzu D-MAX, Mitsubishi Triton, Volkswagen Amarok, Toyota Hilux and Landcruiser. TAG Towbars says more models are regularly added to the range, including some style-side Ute and SUV applications coming very soon. TAG Towbars says the new TAG Extreme Recovery (XR) Towbar is a must have for any 4x4 vehicle. It is available now. For more information, visit

COMPLETE SUSPENSION SOLUTIONS Raw 4x4 says it has you covered

Whether it is a lift for a customer’s 4WD to give it that greater street presence, or if it is for some serious 4WDriving and hitting those corrugated tracks, Raw 4x4 states it can customise a suspension solution to meet the individual needs of the driver. Raw 4x4 knows that Australia’s unforgiving terrain is some of the most diverse and demanding in the world and says that it is essential that every 4x4 is equipped with the right suspension components to tackle these conditions. It explains that the technology used to design and develop Raw 4x4 shock absorbers and struts

is based on years of experience designing and developing products specifically for Australia’s harsh operating conditions. The Raw 4x4 brand was created by Powerdown, which has been designing and developing suspension components for the heavy commercial vehicle industry since 1983. Raw 4x4 says its engineering team, based in Beresfield, New South Wales, is dedicated to researching and developing shock absorbers and suspension components, with some of the most advanced testing facilities in Australia; including one of the largest dynamometers in the country; accurately measuring the dampening capabilities of a shock absorber. This testing of performance and durability is followed by on-road testing carried out on Australia’s diversified road and climatic conditions.


increased ground clearance, Raw 4x4 suspension also reportedly improves the overall feel of the vehicle, enhances the load carrying ability, and improves off road articulation, whilst increasing comfort and control. The team at Raw 4x4 says that they do not believe in a one size fits all approach to suspension design, with an understanding that every 4WDriver has a unique purpose for their vehicle. Raw 4x4 designs and develops a complete range of heavy duty suspension equipment to survive the toughest of conditions; with the range offering multiple leaf, coil springs and shock absorber options; to design the perfect package to suit load carrying and ride handling needs.

Raw 4x4 explains that upgrading suspension is essential for vehicles that have been fitted with load bearing aftermarket accessories, travelling prolonged periods on corrugated tracks, or for customers who want to improve the performance of their 4WD.

Raw 4x4 says it can give you the confidence to take your 4WDriving adventures to the next level with its complete suspension solutions, and states that finding the perfect upgrade is simple with the RAW 4x4 online kit builder at or by speaking to one of its sales team on 02 4949 0000.

Allowing for the fitment of bigger tyres for

For more information, visit

Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine Annual 4WD Magazine 2022


TERRAIN TAMER HEAVY DUTY PARABOLIC SPRINGS The springs are proving very popular

Traditional 4WD leaf springs are often thick, heavy and clunky, adding to the weight of vehicles that are often dangerously close to meeting their GVM limit. Terrain Tamer has developed a range of Parabolic Leaf Springs, applying its own carefully researched design and modern technology to an already wellestablished idea from the trucking industry. The popularity of these springs was such that in 2020, Terrain Tamer expanded the range to include both Heavy Duty and Extra Heavy Duty Parabolic Spring Designs. These springs utilise all of the same features as the original range of Parabolics springs, but are designed for more robust capacity vehicles, such as those used in military and mining applications, where a load of up to 700kg might be required. Terrain Tamer’s Parabolic Springs contain fewer leaves than regular leaf springs and get their name from their tapered ‘parabolic’ design, meaning the spring is thicker in the centre and thinner toward the ends, rather than the usual linear style. This design directly addresses the GVM issue, eliminating the weight of often heavy, thick,


traditional leaf packs and dramatically reducing the unsprung weight of the vehicle, essentially freeing up the weight needed for practical use. This makes them both safer on the road, and in the workshop where a two-man-lift to fit a heavier leaf spring might prove to be impractical, or impossible. This lower unsprung weight also acts to create a more comfortable right when the vehicle is unloaded, addressing the varying and everchanging applications that the modern day 4WD is used for and ensuring it is comfortable whether empty or loaded. Effectively coupling a more comfortable ride with a strength not afforded to traditional springs, the Parabolic design also helps the spring to flex while still providing the strength needed to bear the weight of heavy loads. This is particularly useful in 4WD applications that carry excessive load on the driveline, or when challenged with difficult terrain, as the flex afforded with a Parabolic Spring allows the spring to give a little when the driver hits a bump in the road. This allows the differential housing to rotate with

Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine Annual 4WD Magazine 2022

the springs and effectively providing a smoother ride, reducing the shock transferred to the crown wheel and pinion, stopping the wheel from spinning and maintaining safety and drive. Further, Terrain Tamer says its extensive research and development has shown that the new shape provides better axle articulation, as well as almost no interleaf friction, allowing the spring to compress or extend with ease without touching each other until there is a reasonable load on the vehicle. This feature means the springs are not only quieter, but also acts to help minimise issues with rust build up. For more information, visit


BILSTEIN OFFERS SUSPENSION OPTIMISATION Optimum protection against dust even without a tube for Jeep Grand Cherokee and Commander Jeeps of all kinds are among the stars of the offroad scene. Even the rather comfortable Grand Cherokee III (WH, WK, built 2004-2011) and Commander (XK, XH, built 2005-2010) models perform impressively off-road. What’s more, Bilstein says it has various options in its range to further improve the handling of both models – both on and off the road. Workshops will wonder, however, why most of these Bilstein shock absorbers have neither a boot nor a tube to protect against dust. After all, this important detail is found on every passenger car shock absorber and should be present on an off-road vehicle all the more – shouldn’t it? Were the accessories simply forgotten in the end? Rainer Popiol, head of the BILSTEIN Academy, gives the all-clear, explaining that “on both models, Chrysler engineers already decided not to use dust boots or tubes with the original shock absorbers. The problem was solved elsewhere in terms of design. That’s why various Bilstein shock absorbers for Jeep Grand Cherokee and Commander are also

supplied without additional dust protection and can be installed as they are without hesitation.” The Bilstein B6 4600 shock absorber, for example, is available as a suspension upgrade for the two Jeep models. Bilstein says it stands for better handling for off-road and on-road while its precise tuning reduces the uncontrolled movements of the high body typical of off-road vehicles and SUVs. At the same time, steering precision and suspension load capacity are increased, ensuring more vehicle control, safer handling and better traction. Bilstein says its B8 5100, in turn, is the ideal shock absorber for increased ground clearance and optimum grip. Thanks to its extended design, it also fits perfectly with height-adjustment kits. Grand Cherokee and Commander Jeeps can be raised by up to 50 millimetres and the Bilstein monotube technology and the patented degressive valve system of the Bilstein B8 5100 are specially designed for these requirements. For the Grand Cherokee, the “normal” Bilstein B6

is also available, which is not a dedicated off-road damper but an improved OE replacement. Bilstein states that its additional damping force ensures more traction, more precise handling, optimum road grip and increased track stability in everyday use. At the same time, body movements are reduced. Bilstein says those who use their Jeep as a towing vehicle for horse trailers and the like can also look forward to improved handling and enhanced driving safety – although this naturally also applies to the Bilstein B6 4600 and B8 5100. For more information, visit Photos: Copyright Bilstein 2022

Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine Annual 4WD Magazine 2022



PEDDERS EXPANDS TOWING AND LOAD-CARRYING RANGE The latest addition to the Pedders GVM+ program is the popular new 2021-onwards Isuzu MU-X Pedders Suspension and Brakes, an Australian family-owned business, is continuing to expand its product offering in the towing and load-carrying space with a heavy emphasis on safety. As more and more Aussies load up their 4x4s with accessories, equipment and trailers that are tailored to make their vehicles a home away from home, businesses like Pedders have an obligation to educate consumers on the effects of weight on their vehicles. It is no surprise that adding weight to a vehicle reduces its braking performance and increases it’s stopping distance, however it also reduces handling capability, creates wheel alignment issues and irregular tyre wear, and puts a strain on the vehicle’s suspension and driveline. This is where the Pedders GVM+ program comes in. Pedders offers a range of GVM+ Upgrade packages to suit popular 4x4s and Utes that – via a second stage manufacturer license and engineering certification – provide a boost in certified GVM rating and Payload capacity.

These upgrades to suspension and often the braking system, plus axles, have been engineered to safely carry additional weight over and above OEM specification. The benefit to the consumer is peace of mind that they have additional load-carrying capacity for things like dual batteries, water tanks, fridges and other touring items, plus they remain legal in all states and territories of Australia. The latest addition to the Pedders GVM+ program is the popular new 2021-onwards Isuzu MU-X. After the Pedders GVM+ upgrade, the MU-X is certified with a 3200kg GVM rating, which equals a boost in Payload capacity of up to 400kg. Pedders offers GVM+ Upgrades pre-registration on brand-new vehicles as well as post-registration on vehicles that have already been registered, and the range of vehicles is always expanding. With the new MU-X kit now in market, the team at Pedders are working on GVM+ Upgrade kits for the 2022 Ford Ranger, Toyota LandCruiser 300 Series and other new 4x4s. Pedders’ commitment to safe towing and loadcarrying doesn’t stop with GVM+ Upgrades – the business is now investing heavily in braking systems and innovative new brake products. Pedders offers a range of brake upgrade solutions for popular 4x4s and Utes, from performance rotors and brake pads right through to complete brake replacement packages like the Pedders Rear Drum to Disc Conversion for dual-cab utes and the Big Front Brake Kit.

When combined, Pedders says a Pedders brake upgrade and GVM+ kit provide a total towing and load-carrying undercar solution that’s fit for purpose and designed to handle heavy loads. For more information, contact your local Pedders outlet or visit

OVERLOADED FLEET VEHICLE SOLUTIONS Six Wheeler Conversions says it has the answer to this common problem In recent years, there has been an increasing number of fleet and service vehicles on the roads, particularly in the recreational market. One concern that many of these vehicle operators have in common is overloading. A number of fleet and service vehicles with trays and canopies have reached their weight capacity even before the vehicles are loaded with people, fuel, tools, and other accessories. Depending on the vehicle, this can be the case even after the standard 300kg GVM upgrades have been fitted. When fleet and service vehicles require loads to complete their daily tasks, overloading becomes all too common. However, an overloaded vehicle is not only a safety concern but also a violation of the law. It can lead to considerable fines for the driver and company and can also void any insurance policies. 32

The operators of these vehicles are taking a risk every time they pull onto the highway and Six Wheeler Conversions says it offers a solution that will help operators avoid this unnecessary risk. The company provides GVM upgrades on a range of standard utes that will ensure the vehicles are safe and compliant. It can be applied to vehicles with a wide range of carrying and towing applications. The conversion typically increases usable payloads up to 1.8 tonnes with GVMs of 4,495Kg, providing a more comfortable, user-friendly drive.

payloads, increase load space with larger trays, and improve vehicle ride, stability, and performance. It says this investment will ultimately save businesses money while making drivers safer with vehicles that comply with the law.

The company says this payload increase is often close to one tonne above the base vehicle’s specifications. It also retains the OEM vehicle’s original safety systems and car handling characteristics.

All of the conversions are fully compliant with Six Wheeler’s federally certified Second Stage Manufacturer approvals on a range of vehicles. These include the Toyota Landcruiser 70 series, Toyota Landcruiser 200 series, Toyota Hilux, Ford Ranger, Mazda BT50, VW Amarok, and Isuzu Dmax.

Six Wheeler Conversions say its builds increase

For more information, visit

Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine Annual 4WD Magazine 2022



With SACHS Shock Absorbers For those consumers looking to upgrade their vehicle’s shock absorbers, ZF says they should look no further than SACHS MAX, a range of SACHS shock absorbers for four-wheel-drives, off-road and utility vehicles. A brand of ZF Aftermarket, SACHS shock absorbers are distinguished by their original equipment quality and innovative technology and are now reportedly ranked as the number one shock absorber in European car parc coverage. With the ideal combination of performance and dynamics, ZF says SACHS shock absorbers ensure perfect grip and cornering behaviour – with these benefits, and more, extending to the SACHS MAX range. Supporting vehicles with up to a two-inch lift, SACHS MAX shocks absorbers have been designed specifically with Australia’s harsh conditions in mind.

NEW LOOK ROADSAFE LEADING THE WAY Roadsafe says it now has one of the largest 4WD parts ranges across a number of key product groups

Roadsafe has been an Australian specialist in steering and suspension products for more than 40 years and with its recent vibrant brand refresh comes a renewed focus on its constantly growing 4WD product range. Roadsafe says it is renowned for its industry leading on and off-road product development expertise and innovation that continues to lead the way in quality replacement parts for Australia’s highly specific and discerning 4WD market. “There are four key elements to the Roadsafe 4WD value proposition, which is reflected in the new “4” themed branding, packaging, and marketing for this 4WD product range,” Roadsafe General Manager, Tania Allatt, said. “Passion – designed by four-wheel drivers for four-wheel drivers. It’s what we do, it’s what we know. “Innovation – it is in our DNA. We are innovators, leading the industry with our team of best-inclass engineers, parts interpreters and our R&D Innovation Centre. “Performance – engineered beyond standard OE specification to offer exceptional performance, you’ll notice both on and off the road.

With larger pistons and an increased bore size, the shock absorbers are incredibly durable, while continuing to offer the ultimate in safety. This big bore design results in a reduction of heat and subsequently an improvement of consistency with heavy loads in rough terrain, especially when towing. ZF says the advantages of SACHS MAX extend beyond off-road usage though, with the shock absorbers also offering superior comfort in the day-to-day city driving environment.

“Sustainability – we care about our impact, so we source ethically through our supply chain and ensure that our suppliers respect their local environments.” Roadsafe says it now has one of the largest 4WD parts ranges across a number of key product groups, including rated recovery tow points, diff drops and upper control arms, panhard rods, long rods, trailing arms, driveline spacers, bracketry, strut mounts, battery trays and underbody protection. By offering such a detailed 4WD product range,

Roadsafe says it provides application specific solutions that are comprehensively tested and constantly updated to best suit the highly diverse Australian 4WD car parc. The Roadsafe 4WD range covers everything from daily driving 4WDs to Specialist Offroad vehicles. Roadsafe says total quality is assured through Roadsafe’s in-house research and development that includes gruelling cyclic, FEA, destruction and drop testing regimes that ensure only the most durable and reliable parts make it to your 4WD workshop. Drawing on one of the largest ranges of automotive chassis parts available in Australia, these resources enable Roadsafe to innovate by providing complete solutions for 4WD vehicle specific applications, focusing on each vehicle’s steering geometry and driveability. All Roadsafe 4WD replacement parts meet or exceed OE specifications, offering exceptional performance that is supported by a comprehensive national warranty.

The SACHS MAX range has fitments for the most popular four-wheel drive, off-road and utility vehicles from manufacturers including Toyota, Ford, Holden, Isuzu, Volkswagen, Mazda and Nissan.

“The quality engineering behind every Roadsafe 4WD component ensures exceptional performance and reliability,” BAPCOR Specialist Wholesale Product and R&D Manager, Troy Schipper, said.

The SACHS MAX range consists of almost 60 part numbers and has been very recently updated to cover an additional 580,000 vehicles on road to add to its already extensive coverage.

“The Roadsafe 4WD range is without a doubt one of the largest available, backed by four decades of experience and knowledge from our people who know and understand the specifics of 4WD vehicles.”

For more information, including fitment details, visit 34

Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine Annual 4WD Magazine 2022

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