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The french connection

AAMIR { {KHAN The education REFORMIST!

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(Why he thinks education matters)

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Volume 1 Issue 4 October 2011

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The education system is often (let’s say always) blamed for everything that is wrong with the students of the country, and many times, rightly so. The grades of a student who fails three subjects in his first year exams suddenly get inflated when given for re-evaluation. Students are not educated or trained at institutes, but go through a process of ‘mass production’. Students from more than 50 per cent of colleges come across as replicas of each other when it comes to knowledge. Some teachers do not want to invest the time and energy to adopt teaching methods and pedagogies that are innovative, and encourage students to think out of the box. They are happy going along with age-old practices, some of which belong to the pre-independence era. Many textbooks have not been updated since the seventies! And of course, no one in our country has learnt to be objective. So, if the teacher is in a bad mood, God help the student whose paper is being corrected. One can’t help but think about ‘Virus,’ the khaddus principal from the ever popular 3 Idiots. A strict disciplinarian who wants definitions learnt by rote from textbooks and assignments to be submitted on time, no matter the level of creativity and knowledge required to complete them. Real life is not that different. In this so called ‘rat race,’ where is the time for inclusive education, which Aamir Khan professes in Taare Zameen Par? Do our schools have the time and infrastructure to support special kids during regular hours? No wonder that the cause of education came to be much closer to Aamir’s heart after doing these films. The actor, who has nothing to prove to anyone, is open about his passion for education today, even though years ago he quit studying to pursue Bollywood. He believes that education has to move beyond cramming for exams and lead to real and sustainable knowledge. So he went right ahead and endorsed teaching movements and started education campaigns. Who better than Aamir on our cover this month? The quintessential perfectionist. The life-long learner. The passionate artist. Even as I hope that the youth develop a similar passion towards a cause, the team at Youth Inc is working hard to bring you the serious stuff: in education, decline in numbers of students opting for pure science and the importance of learning foreign languages. For the fun quotient we take you through Pondicherry and show you how proud India is to host the Grand Prix, for the first time. Now we shall have F1 racecars zipping through the fast lanes near saddi Dilli. We all wish to make a difference in society, be it through politics or social work, so we embark on a new series which tell you the how and where to go about it. Looking forward to a rocking Diwali. Enjoy!

Nitish Shah

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contents OCTOBER 2011

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Cover Story


AAMIR KHAN (Educate) The Education Reformist!

The man of many talents continues to create waves of awareness through his films and endorsements. From scriptwriting, to producing, directing and acting, Aamir Khan seems to have mastered it all. Youth Inc goes head-deep into the actor’s fulfilling life. Do check out the career options in special education too. 2

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editorial connect Write to us at

SIZZLER OF A SIX-PACK I thank you for the wonderful article on six-pack abs. I found it extremely helpful, and motivating. I have been trying to work on my abs since last year. The superb tips offered in the article from a gym trainer himself provided me with more information on how to work out, and how to do it right. I must say that I am even more motivated to make my six-pack pop! I look forward to more stories relating to body building and fit bods from Youth Inc. Pradeep Arora, Student, Chennai

TECH TEMPTATIONS Suchita Parikh’s article Tech Cheats had me literally laughing out loud on the train on my way to college. The article was very well written and her two ‘scenarios’ at the start were a great and apt comparison. It’s unfortunate, but it’s true: Technology really acts as a catalyst for cheaters. My only question is, in the first scenario, why was it the woman who invented the fire? Suneeth Sequeira Student, Kolkatta

HEALING HANDS I am a medical student and I found the story A Time to Heal very useful as I didn’t manage to get into the 4

mainstream medical field because of my percentage. I am happy to know about physiotherapy as an option. In fact, I did more research on this topic and found that it is a very lucrative field in India. So all I want to say is thank you very much for giving me hope to pursue a career in the medical field. Shantanu Vohra Student, Hyderabad

the point. It was also pleasing to read about top level universities enrolling their faculty in team building skills in order to enhance their leadership qualities. Unfortunately, as the author says, “leadership is often taught, but so rarely learned.” Ragini Shrestha Entrepreneur, Mumbai

COSTLY CAREER SKINNY ON THE SAT Since I took the SAT last year, I know what it’s like to feel the pressure of that oh-so-annoying exam that lurks over your shoulder. You guys offer some good advice on self prepping for the SAT. I would however have liked information on SAT prep classes, where you can take them, how much they cost and so on. When I decided to take prep classes, it took me forever to find one. Having someone tell me where I could have gone for extra help would have been a lot less stressful. Tarana Sethi Student, Delhi

LEADING THE PACK The article Take The Lead was really well written. I liked how the author didn’t get too political on the topic of Rahul Gandhi (which, let’s face it, most people do) and stuck to

The article Invigorate your Career lists so many academies that teach people how to manage spas and learn about beauty treatments. But, all of them are so expensive and not so affordable for students. I'm sure there must be other academies that offer good courses and are affordable at the same time. It would be great if the writer could have done a bit more research for this article. Sameera Rai Student, Bangalore

HiFiSalmanKhan Salman Khan Fans @Youthinc_mag It was wonderful article..posted few days back.. thnks. :) Jonthanjosh Jonathan Pimento Got my hands on a copy of @Youthinc_ mag today. Good stuff bundled in there! Jonthanjosh Jonathan Pimento JoannaPimento pimento Got my hands onjoanna a copy of @Youthinc_ @Youthinc_mag the August edition was mag today. Good stuff bundled in there! great, very informative! love the variety!

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educate Tattooing is fast becoming a craze in India; but artists are few and far between

K E E I PI N S D E яГо


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13/09/11 2:49 PM

NewsNewsNews New News _EDU NEWS

Around the World

St Stephen’s College ventures into business education


t Stephen’s College of Delhi University has launched a management centre called St Stephen’s Institute for Management Excellence (SSIME). The new institute will offer an Accelerated Development Programme (ADP) for mid-career professionals. Courses are scheduled to begin in October 2011. The programme has been created in partnership with the Jones School of Business at Rice University in Houston, Texas, USA. Post-programme certificates will not be issued from Delhi University since SSIME, albeit closely allied to St Stephen’s College, remains an independent organisation. Course modules include customer-centric strategy, operations and information, global competitiveness and finance, each of which will be taught by an expert in the area. Guest speakers will also be invited to offer an added insight to different topics as part of this mid-career programme. The institute also plans to offer training and research in business management. The director of SSIME is college alumnus Sanjay Saigal. The institute will run from the India International Centre (IIC).



IM-B students who have taken up the PGP (Post Graduate Programme in Management) no longer need to worry about attendance; neither do they need to undergo a summer internship with a corporate house. Instead the management institute prefers if the students explore entrepreneurship, work for an NGO or take up a research project under a professor. Further, individual instructors will now decide if there should be a cap on attendance; and if so, what should the cap be. Interestingly, before this change was implemented, students with less than 75 per cent attendance would lose one grade point. 6



he Supreme Court has ruled that students, who are aggrieved with their class 10 and class 12 examination scores or with their professional entrance or job recruitment test scores, can now move an application under the Right to Information Act 2005. This will allow students to have a look at how their tests were evaluated, rather than just applying for re-tabulation of marks. The newly introduced re-evaluation of answer sheets will include whether the examiner missed out awarding marks where deserved. Previously, students had to wait for two months to get a copy of their answer sheet.

Madurai gets its first online school library


endriya Vidyalaya in Madurai has become the first school in Madurai to successfully run an online library. This library will cater to the needs of thousands of the school’s students. Visitors to the library’s site can access 17,487 books, approximately 74 magazines and four of the top English dailies. The library website went live last year in June using the ‘auto lib software system’ and has since garnered around 1.3 lakh visitors. Students are able to access a good deal of resources such as e-books, reference material and other syllabi, using this online library even after school hours. Besides being an online library, the site also has different categories of information such as a creative corner and thinking skills. This online library has also proved to be of great help to CBSE school teachers.

Youth Incorporated ║ OCTOBER 2011

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16-09-2011 12:16:36


News NewsNews



ommon Admission Test (CAT) score cards, which generally have a one-year validity period now come with an expiry tag. CAT 2011 will be conducted across 36 Indian cities between October 22 and November 18, 2011, while the results will be announced on January 11, 2012. The scorecard will thus be able to be downloaded from the CAT website only till December 31, 2012.The main reason for setting a validity period is because IIMs keep receiving requests for scorecards from candidates.


From 2013, only one entrance test for MBA aspirants



n India, starting in 2013, MBA candidates will have to give a single common test, as opposed to the multiple entrance exams that students are obligated to take if they wish to get admission to management courses. This common test will cover admissions to MBA, as well as postgraduate diploma in management. Known as the Common Management Admission Test (CMAT), this test will be open to all All-India Council for Technical Education (AICTE)- approved institutes. This move has been made with the hope to reduce the stress as well as the financial burden on students. However, autonomous B-schools like the Indian Institutes of Management will continue to conduct the CAT.


hen Stanford University offered a free introductory distance learning online degree in artificial intelligence, thousands of people signed up for the course that begun in September 2011. It happens to be the world’s first totally free and open-access, university-level course. Roughly 58,000 people signed up for this course in August itself. One of the course instructors happens to be the renowned artificial intelligence expert Dr Sebastian Thrun. The aim of offering an online course was to bring education to places that can’t be reached.

Trinity College to include Bollywood hits in its syllabus


rinity College, London, which has over 30 centres across India, has included Bollywood and Indian classical music in its curriculum, after the international success of AR Rahman’s Oscar-winning score in Slumdog Millionaire. The college, which just celebrated 125 years of existence in August, features Bollywood music in the electronic keyboard section of the music examination. The college has also offered Carnatic music, indigenous to South India, under a pilot project in London. The college has plans to include it in their syllabus permanently. OCTOBER 2011 ║ Youth Incorporated 7

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status of


With popular disciplines like finance and management taking front seat, are the pure sciences slowly declining in India? Youth Inc finds out 8

Youth Incorporated â•‘ OCTOBER 2011

8science.indd 8

13/09/11 3:10 PM


ecently, when I met a young student at a social event, like every nosy Indian, I asked “So what are you doing these days?” The answer pleasantly surprised me. “I am pursuing my graduation in physics and want to get into research after I finish my master’s.” Surprise, not for the fact that he knew exactly what he wanted to do with his life. Many youngsters know that these days. But because he is so interested in something that is not management or finance, which are the only fields that are super popular today. Adopting a career in the pure sciences not only takes a lot of courage, but also a lot of determination to go through life without some of the benefits that other fields offer. “I have spent my entire career in teaching, and only I know how I have managed to run my life and family for all these years. When my children expressed the desire to opt for fields that are betterpaying and less demanding, I did not object. Even though I love my subject and my children too had the liking, ability and aptitude to study science and get into research afterwards, they just did want to,” says Prof Dr M T Pandya, who teaches microbiology at Jai Hind College in Mumbai. Dr Pandya’s opinion is voiced by youngsters across the country. “I have the aptitude for science, but I just don’t have the patience to work in a laboratory doing research, for which the credit will be claimed by the professor or guide. I’d rather opt for engineering, which does not take me too far away from the subject but gives me monetary results much faster,” says Deep Mehta, a class 12 science student. Deep’s commerce counterpart, Archit Pathak, was clear when he made the choice. “My parents were very keen I take up either physics or mathematics and had already planned to send be abroad for a master’s programme, followed by doctoral studies. I just didn’t want to spend my life under such pressure. I literally had to sit them down and explain that I am not up for such hard work, I want an easier life and hence I am opting for a career in commerce. I knew they would throw a fit so I got my grandparents to moderate the

discussion,” he says. All was well that ended well, for after his Bachelor’s in Management Studies (BMS) he got placed from campus itself at `2.5 lakh pa. He is happy, and wants to opt for an MBA after a couple of years. In his own words, “My life is set!” Well known scientist Dr Jayant Narlikar opines, “Today students by default opts for engineering, medicine or commerce, since that’s where they think the best careers lie. This is in such stark contrast to the scenario in the 1950s and 60s when India’s science laboratories, departments and universities were getting established.” The direct effect of this present trend, many scientists and professors feel, will be felt a few years, may be even a decade later. The fall in the number of students opting for science at the bachelor’s level will create a void when it comes to personnel of high scientific calibre. This is already being felt in some cases, as there is a shortage of talented teachers for the subjects. The reason for students shying away may be more deep rooted than that. Human nature often demands instant gratification. Of course, it can also be blamed on out capitalist impulses. Science, and especially research, is hardly that field. In fact, it is a long shot. And like everything else that doesn’t pay immediate and measurable benefits, science too is quickly dismissed. In such a situation we can only hope that pure science finds an appropriate role. yi

The earliest scientists

Many scientists contributed to the world of science, but great Greek philosophers Plato and Aristotle are considered to be the foremost. “No one in the history of civilisation has shaped our understanding of science more than Aristotle, who exerted a profound and pervasive influence for more than two thousand years,” said scientist and author Gary B Ferngren. Plato’s dialogues have been used to teach a range of subjects, including philosophy, logic, ethics, rhetoric and mathematics. Aristotle’s views on the physical sciences profoundly shaped medieval scholarship and zoological sciences; some of his observations were confirmed to be accurate only in the 19th century.

Pure and applied sciences Pure science: Pure science is the exact science of the development of scientific theories. The research done to postulate such theories is, at times, done without consideration of its application. Its counterpart is applied science. Pure science is sometimes used to refer specifically to physics and pure mathematics, but chemistry and biology may also be considered as examples. Science can come from many different forms and measures; but still, everything we see around depends on science.

Pure science has many meanings of ingeniousness and wonder, which can leave one’s mind astounded at the things that science can do. Applied science: Applied science is the science of applying knowledge from one or more natural scientific fields to practical problems. Many applied sciences can be considered forms of engineering. Applied science is important for technology development. Its use in industrial settings is usually referred to as research and development. OCTOBER 2011 ║ Youth Incorporated

8science.indd 9


13/09/11 3:10 PM



Minal Patodia explores the career prospects of learning a foreign language in India

f you are fascinated by other cultures, enjoy speaking to people from different backgrounds, stretching your mind beyond the limits of your location or want to relocate to another country, learning a foreign language might just be the answer. The world today is a global village, where intercommunication is important for trade and industry, cultural endeavours and diplomacy. Versatility in a foreign language can launch your career with multinational companies and government organisations and secure you the job of your dreams. Learning a foreign language, however, should be about passion, not money. You should be fascinated by the culture of the country, its language, history and people. After all, learning a foreign language will require you to immerse yourself in the culture of that country. Your worldview will expand considerably as your proficiency increases. You will be able to watch movies made in that language, listen to music, read great literature and converse with people from there. Learning a language then, entails more than just grammar and words; language is the carrier of meanings that make you a part of another culture. After all, when the British brought English to India, it was to impart their cultural values to natives here. Today, the options for learning a foreign language are great. You can take a formal class through an

10 Youth Incorporated â•‘ OCTOBER 2011

10 Foreign.indd 10

16-09-2011 12:21:56

L YGLOT’S WORLD institute that teaches the language with certification, or you can opt for more informal training through the ‘teach yourself’ range of DVDs and books. The Internet is a vast repository of free resources for language training. One can listen to the pronunciation of words and learn the basic tenets of grammar through free online websites. There are also some online training classes available where one can regularly converse with a native speaker or personal tutor on Skype to hone one’s skills. You can even download and install software that will teach you to read and write a language through audio-visual resources and translations. Looking at the number of international companies that are coming to India today, knowing a foreign language is not a waste; it is almost an essential skill. French, Spanish and German are popular European languages in the business world. One can also give private tuitions or teach at a language centre if a teaching career is of interest. Furthermore, to cater to the nomad in you, speaking a foreign language can get you short and long-term jobs in the tourism and hospitality industry across the world. Also, if you decide to move abroad, your language skills may come in handy; for example, if

you move to the United States, it’s very important to know Spanish. Reema Dalal graduated in history and sociology from Sophia College, Mumbai, but her passion was in French literature which she studied for two years while in college. Her interest in the language was immense and she learned the language for six years until

in French. Although I had always planned to do something with my language skills, the opportunities were limited in India in the 1990s. Starting off, I worked in the French consulate in the visa section for three months. From there, I got a break with the French Trade Commission as a trade officer, and that was a great

Looking at the number of international companies that are coming to India today, knowing a foreign language is not a waste; it is almost an essential skill she was fluent. Currently she works with a multinational company, the Muzeo Artwork India Pvt Ltd, which provides art for hotels in France and the Middle East. Dalal is working as a project manager, coordinating with the team in France from India, getting in touch with the hotel owners, getting the order confirmed and making sure that the supply is carried. She says, “My language skills are important in my job; my team in France and even my boss speak only

opportunity. After that I worked with the Belgium Trade Commission; when the Prince of Belgium came here with 30 companies, I was setting up meetings for them. I was then working with Option International in 2007, a private firm that helps companies in France to establish business in India. My knowing French has been essential to all my work.” Dalal has found her niche in the trade and business world, coordinating for companies between France in OCTOBER 2011 ║ Youth Incorporated 11

10 Foreign.indd 11

16-09-2011 12:22:51


Listening and reading in the language will familiarise you with its words and pronunciation. An hour spent on your mp3 player can be more productive than an hour in class.



and phrases that stand out while listening and reading and memorise them. Use the dictionary and make your own vocabulary list and learn it. Your vocabulary will have to be extensive and the more you learn each week, the better. Start using these words and phrases in your speech; don’t worry about accuracy until your vocabulary is extensive, just familiarise yourself with using the words.

4 India. Entrepreneurs such as Neel Shah, director of NV Machinery Pvt Ltd, have found that it is much easier to work on projects across international borders if one knows the language. Shah today reads emails in Russian on his Blackberry and replies instantaneously in the same language. He says, “My business has grown by a 100 per cent since I have learned the language. Earlier, when I went to Russia to discuss trade of manufacturing parts, I would use translators. However, I found that they often got the meaning of my words wrong as they are not familiar with Indian English. One has to know all the idiosyncrasies of the language you are translating from to get the meaning right. Since I have learnt Russian, work has become that much easier and nothing is lost in translation. Furthermore, I can speak to locals as I explore the country and learn about their culture and values.

This is a gratifying experience.” Steve Kaufmann, a Canadian diplomat who speaks over nine languages and founder of the Linguist Institute, has these tips to offer those who are learning a new language.


TIME: The more time you spend immersed in your language, the better your fluency and proficiency will be. Immersion means actual time spent listening, reading, conversing and studying the language, not discussing the language in your native tongue. Learning a foreign language is a painstaking process that requires a commitment of time and patience.



much time as you can listening to audio files in the language you are learning. Read children’s books and when you are familiar with all the words, move to the next grade.


for someone to come and show you how to use the language or tell you what to do. If you want to learn the language, use some content of interest – say a favourite movie, book or song. Figure out all the important words and practice saying them. Teach yourself the way a curious child learns about the world, and you are sure to succeed.


HAVE FUN: The most important

aspect of learning a new language is to have fun and make new friends. The logic of the language will become clearer to you in its own time. Meanwhile, remember to communicate as much as you can as often as possible without being afraid of making mistakes. This is the best part of learning!


12 Youth Incorporated ║ OCTOBER 2011

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16-09-2011 12:24:54

WHERE CAN YOU LEARN? There are institutes in India where you can learn a foreign language in a classroom setting and receive an internationally recognised certificate. We pick out a few of these:


Alliance Française in India Alliance Française has both online learning classes as well as taught classes. French is the official language of 41 countries and one of the most important languages in the world. The institute offers certification in DELF (Diplôme d'Études en Langue Française) and DALF (Diplôme Approfondi de Langue Française), official qualifications issued by the French Ministry of Education to certify French language proficiency of foreign students.


Goethe-Institut The Goethe-Institut is the world’s largest provider of German language training courses. It is available directly at all major metro cities in India. You can learn at your own pace at an institute near you or through distance

learning. The examinations are internationally recognised, and once you pass a level, you may take the next one at any time. There are online exercises available through the website for free, including chat and email options as well as a virtual Second Life platform for you to practise your learning.


Instituto Cervantes Spanish is the most widely spoken language in international communication after English. The Instituto Cervantes offers Diplomas in Spanish as a Foreign Language (Diplomas de Español como Lengua Extranjera - DELE) that are recognised by the government. It is based in Delhi and has partnered with other institutes across metros to administer the DELE certification. Furthermore, the institute has parted with Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) to offer a Spanish Virtual Classroom with up to four levels of proficiency. You can learn with this cuttingedge technology with comfort and flexibility for only `4,200.


The Chinese Language Institute Indian traders have already begun to learn Mandarin to strike business deals with China, as trade between the two countries is set to touch the $100 billion mark by 2015. Take a lesson in person at the Chinese Language Institute or via distance learning. The online crash course has 50 lessons from beginner to advanced levels, especially tailored to visitors and businessmen. The online course costs `6,790 ($150) and lasts three months.


The Russian Centre for Science & Culture, Mumbai The Russian Centre has been in Mumbai for over 35 years, conducting morning and evening classes for Russian language learners. It has a library of over 20,000 books, including periodicals and Russian literature texts which learners can browse through. There is also an auditorium and conference room for events. The Centre has special intensive classes for businessmen, and will soon be adding a language training class for children. yi

With 45 letters, the longest English word is

‘pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis,’ which refers to a lung disease caused by inhaling tiny particles of silica. In Chinese, the words 'crisis' and 'opportunity' are the same.

Canada is an Indian word meaning 'Big Village'.

The sentence 'The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog' is a pangram, which is a sentence that uses every letter of the alphabet.

The Khoisan language from Namibia and Botswana, !Xũ, has the world's largest consonant set: 48 click consonants and 47 non-click consonants, with 24 vowel segments.

OCTOBER 2011 ║ Youth Incorporated 13

10 Foreign.indd 13

16-09-2011 12:25:16


Best FOR W

hat is and is not appropriate behaviour at work is best defined by your immediate bosses and superiors. In corporate culture, celebrating a birthday with balloons or streamers may be frowned upon, while in other places, opening a bottle of wine is not amiss. One must keep a keen eye on the trends set by the upper management while still being individualistic.

Dress Code There are some corporate companies that have a strict dress code and enforce long sleeved collared shirts and dark pants or long skirts for employees. In such cases, it is relatively easy to follow the beehive trend. Problems generally occur in workplaces that may have casual work styles where one is free to wear what one likes. The ‘smart casual’ look is still the benchmark to strive for. Don’t

wear flip flops and t-shirts on a daily basis; your appearance counts for a lot in making a good impression. A sharp appearance shows confidence and self-esteem and will certainly reflect well on your appraisals in future years. Women should note that while it is fine to wear smart western clothing, in a traditional country like ours, skimpy clothing is a no-no. Opt for tailored and well-fitted clothing that looks good!

14 Youth Incorporated ║ OCTOBER 2011

14 Etiquette.indd 14

13/09/11 3:12 PM



WARD {Dos and Don'ts of Workplace Etiquette} Networking or Faffing?

A break from your work is justifiable and necessary in short doses, especially in creative fields. Facebook and Twitter are important elements of any marketing field and key tools for networking. In our digitally connected world with social media options on phones and computers, it is a little too easy to lose track of time with status updates. Make sure that the time you spend online does not portray the wrong impression. Playing an online game is only acceptable if it lasts about five to 10 minutes and you play about once in a day as a breather from intensive work. Some such games can build your focus and re-energise your mind. Self discipline is usually the issue in these cases; before you know it, you may be spending hours exchanging chickens on your farm at Farmville. Just remember that counting your chickens online may lead to an embarrassing situation, leaving you with egg on your face!

Voice Modulation

Your tone of voice and accent is important while working. Remember to be courteous and to say please and thank you wherever possible. Don’t use abusive language even if it is commonly used by seniors as it may be

misinterpreted or taken out of context. Err on the side of caution! When things are not going smoothly, it is all the more important to keep your cool and be calm. If your managers raise their voice at you, give them a calm, even-toned reply. If it continues, you can politely ask them to please lower their voice and maintain a professional demeanour. The same goes for those having fun – make sure that you do not disturb others with raucous laughter while taking a time-out. Finally, talking over the phone with your friends or family should be done in a quiet area away from co-workers. Chattering endlessly on the phone while at work will never reflect well on you! BBMers should also beware; other than text-cramps in your fingers, constant messaging can cause harm to your career too!

E-mail and IM

Always write e-mails in complete words and sentences while sending to colleagues or acquaintances, no matter how frivolous or urgent the task may be. Senior managers need to shoot off hundreds of mails each day, requiring speed, complex processing skills and excellent communication. Large companies even test the speed with which one can write a formal letter

while hiring employees. The same holds true for organisations that use instant messenger for communicating with each other. Don’t use shortcuts and acronyms that you may use informally with your friends; write in complete words with punctuation.

Body Language

According to communications expert, John Borg, over 93 per cent of human communication takes place non-verbally. Take some cues from our Neanderthal ancestors who communicated in grunts and gestures rather than words; the way you say something is far more important than the content of what is said. Eyemovement, facial expressions, body posture and gestures play subtle but important roles in establishing trust and facilitating communication. The best body language should show that you are smart and alert with a straight back and neck. Slouching is never a good thing, especially when at work. Also, ensure that you do not invade someone else’s space, make defensive or aggressive gestures, and that your emotions are under control. Understand how to interpret body language by buying a book on the subject. Reading body language can help you understand behavioural cues as well as maintain personal and professional relationships. Follow these basic tips for workplace etiquette to ensure that you make a good impression at work! Ensure that you invest time learning more about the dos and dont’s of workplace behaviour. Turn over the page to see communications trainer Maya Daswani’s tips on etiquette.► OCTOBER 2011 ║ Youth Incorporated 15

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MAYA DASWANI, AN INTERNATIONALLY RECOGNISED SOFT SKILLS AND FINISHING SCHOOL TRAINER AND CEO OF PERSONA POWER, GIVES HER TAKE ON WORKPLACE ETIQUETTE Hooray! Out of college and into a job! Being out of college feels like a permanent holiday, but this holiday cannot last. Soon, you will be competing for jobs, promotions, name, fame and wealth. When applying for jobs, you will realise that the college style of life is over! At work, no one dresses, acts or talks like a teenager. So, what skills do you need to attract people to like you, hire you, retain you and promote you? Sure, you go for a job interview with your academic knowledge and technical ‘hard skills’, as proven with your education and internships, (if any) on your resume. But at interviews, at work and in real life, you need something else. Nervousness sets in, and there are issues of introductions, dress codes, make up, handshakes, exchanging business cards, attending dinner meetings and more. Suddenly, only your personality and communications skills are on display! Now, you feel a need for soft skills. Self confidence, telephone skills, impressive body language, communication and interpersonal skills all come into play. People are judging you by the cover, just like you judge them! Here are some valuable tips to be confident and attract attention for climbing the ladder to success. First attract with your outer personality Invest in a full-length mirror and privately scrutinise yourself. Are you standing on your own two feet,

straight and tall, without bending a knee? Practice your broadest of smiles; avoid plastic smiles. Only confident people can hold a true smile naturally. Talk to your mirror; introduce yourself, what you do, and introduce others without ‘eh’ or ‘ers’ to think. Use your right hand to gesture more and don’t point with fingers. Look around the room, without moving your feet. Speak clearly and confidently, stress important words and use a smile. Is your voice clear and gentle? Practice listening skills by nodding and small remarks. Allow others to speak. Never interrupt in the middle of a sentence. Start with, ‘Excuse me for interrupting, I’m…’ Always end with graceful goodbyes for a good day. Your clothes speak volumes about you Dress fashionably smart, but don’t bring attention to your body, only to your work. Your dressing style will depend not only the occasion, but your rank also. Favourable professional colours are white and all the pastel to medium tones. Dark tops are suitable only in the evenings. Most business jackets are in dark colours teamed with light coloured shirts. Summer and outdoor events are times for light coloured jackets. Attractive ties can contrast or match one colour in the shirt or pant. Belt colour must match shoes. Many people notice you from down to up! Closed shoes go with Western wear and strappy styles require clean, pedicured toes.

Build attraction by grooming Sport a fashionable hair style to frame your face and no fly away hair with the help of hair spray. Ladies should have a hint of make up, clean lightly polished nails and comfortable heels. Say no to plastic bags, bulging bags or plastic pens. Ready to speak now Introduce yourself with all that confidence! Give your full name C-LE-A-Are-L-Y. And no more college responses of Yah! Nah! Professionally, it’s a proper “Yes,” and thanks or a smiling, “No,” thank you. Actions are louder than words Respect others and gain respect too. Always knock before entering, even if the door is open. Sit upright with your chest slightly forward to show attention. Avoid crossing your legs and showing the back soles of your shoes. Like kids, the best way to learn is by copying. Observe successful people and imitate their best points. Communicating and getting along is a skill All smart people shower sincere compliments and thank people for their ideas or help, loudly and in public. Only criticise in private, explain gently and have constructive solutions handy. Apologising for errors makes you more respectable and not weaker. By now you’ve gained insight into professional stature, confidence, image and style. You’ll soon be climbing the ladders to success in your professional life. Good luck! yi

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hichever the year, whatever the college (or even school), it is the time of exams. It may not be final exams, but exams none the less. The scores matter since either they form a part of your final evaluation or they are key for your entrance to a higher education institution. The Common Admission Test (CAT) begins this month for a seat in the coveted Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs). It is followed by several other entrance exams for which students are fervently preparing. Students opting for chartered

accountancy, cost accountancy and company secretaryship have exams in November and December. Semesterend exams are around the corner for most degree college students and a certain percentage counts towards the final grade; so, they cannot do without perfect prep. And of course, schools have their term-end exams around this month. The stress Since our education system is one that depends all on exam scores, it is impossible that students and their parents not be stressed about it. “Do

I even have a choice? Even with what I would consider a great score for my son’s capacity (84 per cent in the class 10 ICSE exams), he couldn’t manage to secure a seat in the college of his choice. I have to worry about the future course of his education,” says teacher Pooja Jhaveri, whose son Mitul is in class 11 now. She is not alone. In fact, a recent survey shows that pressure to perform in exams is causing students to adopt severe methods to deal with stress: pop memory-enhancing pills, smoking, eat junk food. The study says such students - many of whom are taking OCTOBER 2011 ║ Youth Incorporated 17

17 Tests.indd 17

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the crucial examinations - believe they will be called failures if they don’t score decently. The time is such that the stress is felt by everyone - the student, parents, family in general, and in a few cases, even the neighbours! In such a situation, it is imperative that a system is devised for dissipating some of the pressure and helping those involved to de-stress at the right time. In this light, there is an opinion that if the stress is reduced during the weeks preceding D-Day, it helps lighten up the general atmosphere in what is termed as ‘exam homes’ – or homes

where a student is appearing for an important and decisive exam. The pressure and its solution “The main pressures that a student feels are parental and peer. During the exams, parental pressure takes precedence. Parents need to be counselled and made to understand that marks are not the end all and be all everything,” says Manju Nichani, Prinipal of KC College, Mumbai. She adds that marks are important, but not more important than the kids, and she is in favour of counselling. She

advocates a long-term of counselling for HSC students since in addition to board exams, they also have to appear for a multitude of entrance exams. “This last-minute kind of counselling is geared more towards students and if need be, parents,” says Malthi Arunachalam, who works as a counsellor in several schools in the country. According to her, it is essential that the family is made aware of the ill effects that undue pressure can have on children, and that is what she begins with. “I start by giving them the worst picture. This picture is

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constructed from real life incidents, so they do not undermine the seriousness of the situation,” she adds. Malthi then gradually brings them from the negative to the positive, heavily emphasising on the need for a relaxed atmosphere at home. In most cases, it works. Often, it has been observed that a feeling of lack of preparation can lead to pre-exam anxiety and in some cases intense stress. Students who are emotionally ill-equipped to handle

stress, further encounter problems like a sluggish memory, demotivated learning, low confidence etc. As a result, with exams fast approaching and preparation always seeming inadequate, they start feeling helpless. It is important for students to understand that if there is anyone who can be of help are the parents. “Even parents are highly stressed, looking at their child preparing day in and day out. Everyone wants the student to do well, which often translates into constant nagging. This nagging is at its peak during the exam weeks,” says counselling psychologist Shital Ravi of Disha Counselling Centre, Mumbai. Ravi opines that counselling in such scenarios helps put things into perspective. “In the last few days, if goals are set and parents are kept in the loop by children, parents will back off,” she adds. With counselling, home


• Try to combine everything and learning the larger, main concepts first • Then break down the large amount of material into the main concepts • Know the format of your examination really well, including the evaluation • Practice, and more practice will build confidence to face the exam room • Practice/ revise more than one subject in a day. Variety helps • Change your attitude - Think this is only a test and there will be others • Take things in a positive way. Remember all the hard work you have done already • Ensure that you get enough and sound sleep. Every person is different; so while you may not need eight hours, but make sure it is enough • Do something relaxing when you feel you are prepared for what you have studied; it'll help you retain stuff better

management changes, which results in a more relaxed home. When in doubt, parents should keep motivational quotes handy, read inspirational stories, cover the study place with stress-busting posters etc. This will help students ward off any unwanted distractions and will help them stay focused. After all, students are still teenagers and a lot of their strength and self-confidence comes from their parents’ perception of them. The more positive the parents are, the better the kids will do! In addition With not many days left, it is time to concentrate. If you are tensed, find a way to deal with your tension. Determine the source, and if it is due to lack of preparation on your part, then pull your socks up and adopt a realistic approach to make the most of

the time you have left. With a rational approach, you will be able to achieve much better results as compared to panicking and popping antacids. Anyhow, if you think that you are well prepared for the test but are still distressed, then find the source. A little nervous energy does not hurt, but it should not overwhelm you. “My last minute advice to students preparing for exams is that they should be able to relate better with whom they trust and love. They should be open about their problems and talk to parents if they are facing anything unnerving,” says Malthi. She adds that it is better to face the ‘music’ from parents at this stage when at least some remedial measures can be taken. “After the results are out and the kid has scored badly, nothing can be done except shifting blame and moping,” she opines. Ravi agrees. She also thinks there are other things that students could do in advance. “Get hold of appropriate textbooks early on and familiarise yourself with them. Try to do some preliminary preparation,” she says. She also suggests keeping in touch with other students appearing for the same exam. “It is very useful to have a short chat with another student everyday to discuss progress and problems,” she says. So, if you started reasonably in advance and are realistic, you will not face too much of a problem for your exams. After all, the worst part is the preparation. All the best! yi OCTOBER 2011 ║ Youth Incorporated 19

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20 Youth Incorporated ║ AUGUST 2011

HARVARD UNIVERSITY, USA 20speedy.indd 20





ntrepreneurship is the single-most sought after business subject across the world for ambitious and innovative students. Those who want to learn more about starting a business from the ground up can learn at these top institutions that are renowned for the subject across the world for a speedy start-up! Some lucky students may also apply for incubation and funding for their startups while studying.


OCTOBER 2011 â•‘ Youth Incorporated 21


UK 20speedy.indd 21

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Babson College, Wellesley, USA Babson College is well known across the world for its entrepreneurship programmes across the world and regularly tops the lists of all major university-ranking publications for entrepreneurship, such as the US News & World Report, the Princeton Review and the Financial Times. Set in charming New England, just 14 miles outside of Boston (so city life is not too far off), Babson is known for its student-run clubs and peer support. The entrepreneurship curriculum includes an intensive focus on technology management and supporting roles such as private equity or venture capital. Raghu Tadepalli, Dean of the Graduate School, recently highlighted the institute’s standard for excellence while saying, “[Babson College is] producing the world’s best entrepreneurial leaders – and, with our new strategy, we will continue to advance our global reputation for outstanding graduate education.” Naveen Venkataraman, an MBA student from India, highlighted the importance of global networking and peer support at Babson: “Plenty of students come from business families, some have started their own independent businesses and there are students who come in from the industry as well. Babson has a strong international class (41 percent this year) and students here are building an understanding of business opportunities and challenges (business structure, regulatory, funding and labour) from around the world. Whether you want to share your next big idea or seek sources of funding or you feel down due to a failed deal, your classmates are of such nature and backgrounds that they constantly coax you to stay positive and guide you to seek the next step. Unlike many other schools, wanting to work for a start-up or starting a business isn't considered crazy. It is actively encouraged and helped.”


Stanford University, USA The Graduate School of Business (GSB) has seen a spike of interest in entrepreneurship courses over the past ten years, and almost each and every student takes at least one course in the subject. The school’s proximity to Silicon Valley, home of a thriving venture capital industry, is an added boon. Courses focus on the case-study method with guest lecturers such as funders, managers, innovators and advisors who provide reallife scenarios of challenges facing start-ups to students. With courses such as Technology Entrepreneurship, Facebook in 2011, Evaluating Entrepreneurial Opportunities and Design for Extreme Affordability, GSB maintains its reputation as one of the premier business education institutes in the world. Tanisha Drummer, an MBA graduate in 2007, said about her experience at Stanford that it was the greatest growth experience possible for her. She said about her experience, “I love the small, inclusive, collaborative culture. I liked the emphasis on social innovation and entrepreneurship.

And the School’s culture and values were directly aligned with my personal values and career goals. I participated in a variety of professional and social clubs, including the Black Business Students Association, Marketing Club, Admit Weekend Committee, Admissions Ambassador, Women in Management, Wine Circle and I took a leadership role as President of the Black Business Students Association. I’ve learned that personal development is constant and necessary to becoming a better leader and manager.” She went on to say, “This is a play hard, work harder school. People are focussed, but love to have fun.” With San Francisco a hop, skip and jump away, you certainly won’t be lost for choices of places to go!


London School of Business, UK


Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Sloan), USA The Sloan Masters in Leadership and Strategy programme is not only by the London Business School (LBS) but also by MIT and Stanford across the Atlantic. It is geared more for successful entrepreneurs and managers with in-depth experience of running a business. It gears executives and managers with about ten years of experience to go to the next level in leadership. LBS has a summer programme for emerging entrepreneurs, through which they can learn how to launch and sustain a business. Students also get the opportunity to analyse and pitch their business ideas to investors and get their feedback. The Entrepreneurship Summer School allows students to research the feasibility of their business in their proposed market while developing their skills to sustain a successful start-up. Cheryl Mainland, who is receiving her MBA in 2011, said, “I chose London Business School because of its location, reputation and the opportunity and flexibility to pursue my interests in fashion retail. In terms of key benefits, the opportunity to learn about entrepreneurship and apply that learning to my own start-up has been invaluable. The programme has certainly given me the tools and confidence to pursue an entrepreneurial career - something I’m not sure I would have done before London Business School. Additionally, the School community has not only been extremely supportive but has also provided a much stronger network than I imagined.” MIT has one of the world’s leading business schools with renowned faculty. MIT Sloan graduates have gone on to launch more than 650 companies. Nearly half the School’s alumni are senior executives, while 20 per cent are presidents and CEOs. The college offers a range of courses for budding entrepreneurs, from the short six-week Strategy and Innovation certificate course through executive education and programmes in Technology, Innovation and

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Entrepreneurship to the MIT Sloan Fellows Program in Innovation and Global Leadership. Every summer, the MIT Entrepreneurship Centre provides current students and recent alumni with the opportunity to extend their learning by working on their own start-up companies through Summer Startup Central. Moreover, students may compete for the MIT $100K Entrepreneurship Competition which is awarded to outstanding teams of student entrepreneurs who submit business plans for new ventures showing significant business potential. Seph Skerritt, a successful entrepreneur, joined MIT Sloan in 2006 as part of the first MBA Entrepreneurship and Innovation (E&I) cohort. In 2008, he launched his one-man start-up, Proper Cloth, which helps men design custom-fit dress shirts online. He wrote at least six business plans while in school, usually with an E&I colleague. The program, he said, provided a ‘support group’ that helped confront the challenges and uncertainties of start-up life. “That’s how you decide if it’s really something you want to do, or if it’s something you’re going to pull off, if you’re going to find the funding for it or if you like the space,” he said.


INSEAD, France INSEAD offers a truly global focus for entrepreneurs through its MBA programme, which offers 19 electives in entrepreneurship, as well as through student clubs and events. For those looking for a more intensive entrepreneurial experience a support system of events called The Entrepreneurship Accelerator is designed to promote entrepreneurship among INSEAD MBAs. The Accelerator offers bootcamps, access to external projects, entrepreneurial sales training, pitch mentoring and a Global Entrepreneurship Forum (GEF) bringing alumni and MBAs together for a day of events. Events such as the Business Venture Competition and the INSEAD Private Equity Conference are all supporting mechanisms for budding entrepreneurs. Furthermore, the college also has an ‘Entrepreneur-in-Residence’ programme, where high-impact entrepreneurs and investors mentor students with practical support and provide real-life experience of challenges faced by start-ups. Kristina Vetter, an entrepreneur and student at INSEAD, said about the programme, “In a globally interconnected world, INSEAD provides amazing international career opportunities as well as a real edge in understanding and formulating global business strategies. INSEAD’s programme is designed to teach management skills with an international perspective. The incredibly diverse student body reinforces those learnings on a daily basis.” She went on to mention the generous scholarships available for students, “While I believe that the INSEAD tuition is an excellent investment in my future, the scholarship I received significantly cushioned the financial burden. This is an important consideration

for students who plan to embark on an entrepreneurial career after INSEAD. Entrepreneurship will most likely be a lower-paying career track at first than a corporate career, so it is important that student loan obligations are not too stringent; INSEAD’s generous scholarships help free up funds that allow students to pursue their ambitions and start out on their own.”


Harvard Business School, USA


University of Pennsylvania -Wharton, USA Approximately half of Harvard Business School (HBS) graduates report starting a company at some point during their careers. The graduate curricula represents this; The Entrepreneurial Manager is a required first-year course for HBS MBAs, while second-year students can take up electives in entrepreneurship, do independent research and build their own business plan. The Arthur Rock Centre for Entrepreneurship was founded in 2003 to infuse the School’s leadership perspective with an entrepreneurial point of view. Their student resource centre offers research material, legal advice and mentoring for start-ups. Furthermore, Entrepreneurs-in-Residence provide counselling and give informal lectures to students. Kimball Thomas, an MBA graduate in 2011 and copresident of the Entrepreneurship Club, says “HBS provides a confrontation with issues, a challenge to your way of thinking, whatever your background. In Leadership and Corporate Accountability (LCA), we deal with tough issues about race and sexual orientation and hear from people from all over the world. In Strategy, we’re always pushed. How do we make our businesses more profitable? But also, how do we make them more fulfilling, for us and for our employees?” Well-deserved praise indeed! Wharton is considered by many to be the best business school in the world. It was the first school to develop a fully integrated curriculum of entrepreneurial studies. Wharton is also home to an influential centre of entrepreneurship, the Wharton Entrepreneurial Programs (WEP), which has its own newsletter – Get It Started. Furthermore, the Wharton Business Plan Competition is open to all University of Pennsylvania students who want to start their own business. All participants can benefit from business plan workshops, judge feedback and one-on-one mentoring. Poornima Vardham, an entrepreneur from New Delhi, went to Wharton to build her leadership skills to move to the next tier. She says, “The Wharton community has some of the finest brains from across the world. Just hearing all the different perspectives in class has made me a more globally attuned person. Through Wharton, I’ve become involved in a project that promotes education in North Africa. I’m helping them with corporate strategy so they can expand into different countries and broaden their education base.” OCTOBER 2011 ║ Youth Incorporated 23

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Does the early bird get the



achna Jha had ‘good’ SAT scores, great academic grades and was extremely keen on getting into Columbia University - an Ivy League university. Ordinarily, Rachna’s chances of getting into Columbia would be around 14 per cent, but because she applied for the Early Decision Programme, her chances of getting admission were close to 40 per cent. In fact, she was finally offered admission to one of the most coveted universities in the US. Does Rachna’s story show that early decision increases your chances of getting admission? Few universities

will actually claim that a student has better chances of getting admission if they apply through the Early Decision (ED) Programme. In fact, Harvard University’s website states, “There is no incentive whatsoever for Early Action (EA) colleges to admit weaker candidates early and then have to reject stronger Regular Action candidates. Diminishing the quality of the student body would be antithetical to the goals of any institution.” However, statistics speak for themselves: for the class of 2009, Cornell University admitted 24 per cent of applicants who applied for regular admission as compared

YOUTH INC TELLS YOU IF EARLY DECISION INCREASES YOUR CHANCES OF GETTING INTO IVY LEAGUE UNIVERSITIES to 41.7 per cent of the students who applied for early decision. Similarly, Amherst College accepted 35 per cent of ED candidates as compared to 17.7 per cent of regular candidates. Again, at the University of Pennsylvania the numbers were 17.9 per cent and 34.2 per cent for regular vs early decision applicants. (Statistics obtained from college reports.) ED has ramifications on the SAT scores as well. Research by Christopher Avery of Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government showed that applicants with a combined SAT score of 1400 to 1490

24 Youth Incorporated ║ OCTOBER 2011

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who applied for early decision were as likely to be accepted as ‘Regular Admission’ candidates whose scores range from 1500 to 1600. Similarly, an ED candidate with scores ranging from 1200 to 1290 had a greater chance of being accepted than a Regular Admission candidate with scores ranging from 1300 to 1390 (all scores mentioned here are on the old scoring scale). Applicants who are admitted under the ED programme cannot initiate new applications and must withdraw their applications from all pending universities. Also, keep in mind that you are not allowed to apply to two universities for Early Decision. Even though the ED Programme works best for those who don’t require any financial assistance, many schools like Dartmouth College will match the financial need of students if admitted under this programme. Other schools let you off the hook if their financial aid offer does not match the financial need you demonstrated. James Fallows of The Atlantic has a contradictory view of the entire ED Programme. “Today’s high school students and their parents have no choice but to adapt their applications strategies to the way early decision has changed the nature of college admissions. Tomorrow’s students should hope that the increasingly obvious drawbacks of the system will lead to its elimination,” states Fallows. Fallows on his website claims that universities such as the University of Pennsylvania have increased their number of students through the ED Programme, “When US News published its first list of best colleges, in 1983, Penn was not even ranked among national universities. Last

Early Decision is the Early Admission Programme offered where you must commit in advance to attend the university if admitted under the ED Programme. Harvard and some other institutions offer the Early Action Programme. EA is non-binding and if you are admitted under this programme you are not obligated to enroll at the university. However, you cannot apply for EA or ED to more than one university. You can still apply to as many colleges as you like for Regular Admission if you apply to one college under the EA programme.

’s in t a h W or the it f leges? col There are obvious reasons why colleges prefer to admit students under Early Decision. The more students a university admitted, the fewer acceptances the university needs from the regular admission pool to fill its class— which would make the university look better statistically. For example, consider a college that needs 1,000 students to fill its freshman class. Suppose the college receives 10,000 applications per year and has an average enrollment rate of 50 per cent (for every 100 students accepted, 50 attend the college), the college would have to issue 2,000 acceptance letters in order to meet their need for 1,000 students. This college’s selective percentage would be 20. Now if this college introduces an ED programme, and admits 250 students, then the college needs only 750 more students to fill its freshman class. But suddenly the college’s statistics improve. The college is likely to receive the same number of applicants – say 2,000 through ED and 8,000 under regular admission. But now the college has to admit only 750 students from Regular Admissions and hence the college’s selectivity percentage is now 9.4 and it is likely to shoot up in rankings.

year, it was tied with Stanford for number six — ahead of Dartmouth, Columbia, Cornell, and Brown in the Ivy League, and of Duke and the University of Chicago. It also made unusually effective use of the most controversial tactic in today’s elitecollege admissions business: the Early Decision Programme.” Despite Fallows’ views, ED and EA Programmes have their advantages. Harvard and Princeton had dropped all EA processes in 2007. However, in February 2011, they restarted a less restricve EA Programme. If you decide to apply to any school for ED or EA, it is advisable that you make an educated choice. If you are admitted under the ED programme, you will have to attend the college, so be sure that this college is your first choice. yi OCTOBER 2011 ║ Youth Incorporated 25

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{Become the leader of tomorrow { Looking to make a difference in your community or for India as a whole? Youth Inc shows you how with the first of our multi-part series

olitics may be considered a dirty word for a majority of us. While democracy is the so-called buzz-word for India’s political system, the ‘scam after scam’ phenomenon has become an integral part of almost every political party, institution or event. Corruption is commonplace in government offices and secondnature to some of India’s politicians. Are you really satisfied with the way India is being governed? If you, like many others, are keen to become a torchbearer in an effort to make a difference in India, actively participating in the field of politics may just be the path for you. India wants you(th)! One of the loudest cries heard at political gatherings across India is that the youth should enter the field of politics. In fact, these cries that call upon the youth to lead the country have echoed right from the time of India’s independence. It started with Gandhi’s request to the youth to actively participate in the freedom movement and continues right up to today’s pleas by young political leaders like Rahul Gandhi, Milind Deora, Varun Gandhi, Jyotiraditya Scindia, Naveen Jindal, Priya Dutt and Sachin Pilot, amongst others. A notable event took place in the 2008 Rajasthan assembly elections.

26 Youth Incorporated ║ OCTOBER 2011

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Interestingly, when Congress won, it was credited to the brilliant performance and votes of 30 or so Indian Youth Congress (IYC) members, who opposed a senior incumbent and emerged as winners. Youth wings Most political parties in India have affiliated youth wings. For instance, the Indian Youth Congress (IYC), the youth wing of the Indian National Congress party, is a striking example that depicts the country’s eagerness to encourage the youth to make a difference and to lead the country. With its informative web site (www., becoming an IYC member is a breeze with illustrated directions. Check with the political party of your choice and start volunteering in the youth wing. Youth-driven parties The phenomenon that involves the youth forming their own political party instead of just playing puppets to major parties is not new. However, these parties have hardly managed to take off, giving rise to the question whether such youth-driven parties can compete with the big names in India’s political scene. However, a party for the youth, by the youth and of the youth needs to come to life, given that the youth of today have a desire for change and are brimming with fresh ideas.

Pathway to politics • Opt for the political science stream • Volunteer in youth wings of political parties to learn the ropes • Be abreast with current affairs • Have a strong desire to make a change • Start small, create awareness videos and be a part of awareness rallies in your area

Youth Political Parties Muddassir Usmani, who owns a fashion merchandising company, was one of the key players that attempted to start a youth-driven party. He says he was always interested in politics, but was passive until the shocking 26/11 terror attacks. He however was faced with a number of issues. “We met a lot of experts, politicians and people of interest to understand the nuances in this arena. People don’t usually take a 24-year-old seriously if

Entry Age of Young Politicians • Agatha Sangma, 28 • Milind Deora, 27 • Varun Gandhi, 24 • Sachin Pilot, 28 • Jyotiraditya Scindia , 31 he is talking about starting a political party. The minimum required age is 25. The state elections were that year itself, so we had to wait another five years, and not many were up for that,” says Usmani. He is of the opinion that youth-driven political parties are the way to go, since youth wings these days, are only about meaningless protests, senseless banners and other such illogical methods. “Youth-driven political parties are the only hope, but they need to be ‘marketed’ well. You need a popular face to promote it, some excellent fund-collectors and people who are

• All India Democratic Youth Organisation • All India Federation of Democratic Youth • Yuva Janata Dal • Indian Youth Congress • Revolutionary Youth Association • Democratic Youth Federation of India • All India Youth League • All India Trinamool Youth Congress

in it for the right reasons and for the long haul,” explains Usmani. Here are the steps you need to take to start a youth-driven political party: • One needs to be at least 25 years of age. • A registration application along with certain documents needs to be submitted to the Secretary of the Election Commission of India. The accompanying documents include copies of the youth-driven party’s Constitution, an affidavit signed by the party’s president and general secretary that states that no member of the party is a member of any other political party, and particulars of bank accounts in the name of the party. • A non-refundable demand draft of `10,000 as a processing fee in favour of the Secretary of the Election Commision needs to be drawn. • The above mentioned documents must reach the Secretary of the Election Committee within 30 days following the formation date of the party. If you are really keen to get into the field of politics, start early by keeping abreast with current affairs not just in India, but all around the world. It’s important to learn how the governments of different countries operate. It’s also important to volunteer in various community groups to get a better idea of issues faced in your society. Volunteer in the youth wing of the political party of your choice so that you can learn a lot along the way. Interacting with journalists, social activists, resident associations and other key players of change also helps. yi OCTOBER 2011 ║ Youth Incorporated 27

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From social activist to India’s political change maker the victory of the power of the people in what can finally be called a democratic country. As per the recently-passed updated Lokpal Bill, the lower bureaucracy will be bought under the Lokpal, Lokayuktas will be set in all the states, and the concept of citizen’s charters that deal with public grievances will be introduced. In short, the process of cleansing the Indian system of corruption is well on its way. This movement was the first of its kind for India. It goes to show that the entire nation united for a single cause to end corruption. And, it was all because of the efforts of a single man with a big dream to give back power to the people. There could not be a better example than septuagenarian Anna Hazare to prove that even a non-politician can bring about a change for the country. The popular social activist who had the backing of an entire nation embarked on an anti-corruption movement in a typically Gandhian fashion. While he embarked upon a fast-unto-death peaceful protest, the young and the old both took to the streets to support Anna Hazare’s ‘India Against Corruption’ movement. Technology played a major role in facilitating awareness about this cause with Facebook groups, bulk SMSes and blogs that helped spread the word far and wide. In short, a revolution took place and this time the youth played a big role in it. Anna ended his 12-day fast after both the Houses of Parliament caved in to his anti-corruption campaign and agreed to pass the Lokpal Bill on August 28, 2011. Thousands of people came out on the roads to celebrate



“I want to tell the youth of this country that this fight should not be stopped with Lokpal alone. We have to fight for removing the faults of the present electoral reforms. The countrymen should not lose this spirit, this is our fight against corruption.”- Anna Hazare

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As someone who lets his work speak for himself, Aamir Khan continues to create awareness through his movies. It all boils down to a passion that effortlessly blends his love for perfection with matters close to his heart. Education has always been one such issue. Youth Inc gets inspired by the perfectionist

30 Youth Incorporated â•‘ OCTOBER 2011

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e is a man of many faces. He can well be the face of Indian cinema given that he played meticulously selected roles in movies as fantastic and meaningful as Rang De Basanti, Dil Chahta Hai, Mangal Pandey and Sarfarosh amongst a host of others, where he displayed his method acting skills to the fullest. Indian cinema got an intellectual boost with his productions like Taare Zameen Par and Lagaan. And, with regards to the former film along with 3 Idiots, he could also well be the face of the education system! That’s because in Aamir Khan’s world, making films is a form of art and not just merely a business. However, success did not come easy to the actor. After the high of the wellreceived Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak in the late eighties, his acting career experienced a lull, and although this period of failure lasted till 1990, Aamir showed no signs of giving up. In fact, proving the old adage that what brings

one down only makes one stronger, he went on to act in a host of excellent films during the nineties and this high hasn’t seemed to end till date! With over 35 films in his kitty, Aamir Khan certainly knows the world of cinema inside out. So much so that the actor turned into a producer with the launch of his production company, Aamir Khan Productions. As expected, his first self-produced film, the critically acclaimed Lagaan, was a huge success, weaving the country’s favourite sport in a touching tale of Indian peasants taking on the British Raj. What makes Aamir stand apart from the rest is the fact that he chooses to be a part of films that centre around matters close to his heart. Two films on education (Taare Zameen Par and 3 Idiots), another on the issue of farmer suicides (Peepli Live) and yet another on the vibrant hues of Mumbai (Dhobi Ghat) followed; clearly illustrating that Aamir has a mission to fulfil. “I don’t do different things; I try to do it in a

different manner. I think every person should follow his/ her dream and try and make it possible to create an ability to achieve it, backed by its practicality. There are hurdles in everybody’s life!” he says. “I think the audience has really changed as they want to see a variety of cinema. Today’s moviegoers have matured and are practical. They don’t want the stereotype stuff to be played and that’s why films with unusual subjects are being hugely appreciated and accepted,” he explains. Interestingly, Aamir plays two very contrasting roles inTaare Zameen Par and 3 Idiots. In Taare Zameen Par (2007), he took on the role of an art teacher who identifies that one of his young students suffers from dyslexia. The film touches upon the complexities of this disability and highlights the talent that such children are known to have. Awareness on this issue became mainstream as emphasis was laid on the need to provide such children with special help and care with their

Education Reformist


AAMIR KHAN OCTOBER 2011 ║ Youth Incorporated

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studies. Further supporting the need for awareness in this area was the fact that Aamir played an active part in many a drive, including the launch of a special cell at HR College that supports students with dyslexia and other disabilies. “Allowing and recognising the uniqueness of each child and helping each and every child to blossom…to empower children – that is what I mean by education,” says the actor who gave up studies after class 12 to pursue his passion for tinsel town. Aamir strongly believes that there is no balance that has to be maintained between pursuing your parents’ dream and following your heart. “It is true that parents ask their children to follow a certain path based on their understanding of what they think would be best for the child, but these aspirations are purely emotion driven. Parents should not impose their ambitions on their children. In fact, they should help their children discover and realise their dreams and then support them in their endeavour to fulfil their ambitions. Children, on the other hand, must listen to their parents’ point of view before making any major decisions, but ultimately, follow their own heart. Make your own mistakes and never listen to the ‘practical’ advice of others,” he says. If Taare Zameen Par portrayed him as a concerned educator working with his special students, 3 Idiots (2009) was diametrically opposite, where he was on the receiving end as an intelligent yet mischiefmongering engineering

student who defies the system, to take away the importance from scoring high marks to gaining knowledge. There was not a single viewer who could not identify with the problems the system is plagued with. This made the film relevant for many good reasons. Openly highlighting the rigidity and pressure of the existing system and offering plausible solutions was no mean task. And yet, director Rajkumar Hirani wanted to achieve it only with his 43-year-old student Aamir Khan. Despite Aamir’s efforts to convince the director to go for someone younger, the movie was made with the actor himself. The result is evident – it is one of the most epic movies that Indian cinema has witnessed, earning not only the love of the audience but critical acclaim as well. The movie also uses real inventions by lesser known people in India, offering them a platform. Inventions such as the exercise-bicycle washing machine, the bicycle-powered horse clipper and the scooter-powered flour mill all found their way into 3 Idiots. The message was clear. If students follow their passion and gain knowledge, success is bound to follow. So what does the actor feel about what could be done to improve the situation? Inclusive education, he feels, is the need of the hour. There are burning questions that are unanswered. “The Indian education system deals only with two intelligences — reading and writing. It does not focus on the development of any other kind of intelligence, like communication and caring. Students


32 Youth Incorporated ║ OCTOBER 2011

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are expected to be proficient in subjects like mathematics and science, and the ones who cannot understand these subjects are looked down upon. Why is it so? Why are people who are able to sing neglected? Isn’t singing a skill too? The education system should be designed to accommodate and benefit all, particularly children with disabilities. There is an immediate need for inclusive education,” says Aamir. In late 2009, when Aamir joined Hillary Clinton at an interactive session on education, he was praised for his involvement with educational campaigns. Using this discussion as a platform, he said that children should be encouraged to be creative and there should be less emphasis on learning by rote. “Today, students are mostly focusing on memorising the content because they have to face questions like ‘Did you stand first in class?’, ‘How much did you score in math?’ I would like to hear teachers saying: ‘Hey, your friend is weak in this subject, would

you help him? This will incorporate the feeling of sharing and caring among students and will help in making them good individuals. We should teach our kids to be caring. Sadly, more emphasis is given to report cards and less on exploring minds. Teaching should be a high-paying job so that youngsters aim at becoming teachers. I would like to see that one day in India, teaching is the most highly paid job.” Along the years, Aamir has also been actively involved in a number of issues like the Narmada issue and the Mumbai terror attacks, “I’m not a social activist. I feel that if there’s any issue I feel strongly about, I can give a voice to it,” says Aamir, mentioning that Gandhiji is one person who inspires him. No wonder he was the first Bollywood persona to crusade with Anna Hazare and lend his support for the anti-corruption campaign. Aamir is a free thinker and a fierce utilitarian, always advocating truth and justice be it in the field of

education or politics. Earlier this year, he was a part of the launch of a virtual learning education system owing to his association with education through his films. Aamir was also called upon to share his leadership insights with Teach for India's teachers. Aamir could perhaps be the epitome of a ‘thinking actor’ in Indian cinema. Not only has he managed to evolve into an extraordinarily passionate actor and filmmaker, reigned by his quest for perfection, but it is also clear that he has succeeded at doing it. What he would like is to see the sytem succeeding in bringing about the much needed changes that he talks about in his films. And then in real life too, he can say proudly proclaim, “Aal izz well.” Want to be like Aamir in Taare Zameen Par and be a special educator? Turn to page 34 to see how. Also, see Student Speak: one student talks about studying with a learning disability and the other, about the miseries in the system. Page 50 ►

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The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart. - Helen Keller Yes, it’s all about the heart… it’s only with one inexplicable twist of the heart that a self-obsessed person got into working with the physically and mentally challenged, and has reached a stage where at every waking moment he’s thinking about them! About a decade ago, Kishore Rawat was a regular career-minded individual who kicked up his job for a long holiday. He came back to work again, enjoying his life to the fullest. Somewhere along, in an indefinable moment, he just started working with ‘special’ children. Since then, he’s 34 Youth Incorporated ║ OCTOBER AUGUST 2011 2011

34 special.indd 34

13/09/11 2:21 PM

played an active role in setting up the Little Angel School for such children and Human Development Centre for slightly older students, both in Mumbai. Though he continues to fly, the Human Development Centre is his home, for home is where the heart is. This could well be your own story, if you find in yourself a passion to work with special children. Rawat’s kind of satisfaction is one that any person looks for when working in special education, but the real challenge is to work with the students every day, day after day, making them as independent as they can get. “Our children have some limitations, but I look at what they can do, instead of what they can’t,” says Rawat, pointing out that it’s important to teach them to be independent in their daily activities. “Students may have a retention and communication problem. They may have to be reminded repeatedly about certain activities, making them more responsible. In a class, besides other things, I train them for tasks, from talking over the phone to first aid.” In fact, students are taken for regular outings, and recently, they went on a two-day outstation picnic, away from home, learning how to socialise with ‘regular’ people, besides learning to stay with company other than family. “It is one thing to talk about adopting education policies from the Western countries and another to actually do something about it,” says veteran educator Jyoti Mehta, who has been coaching the mentally and physically challenged for many years. Inclusive education is pegged to be the need of the day, but where do our schools have the facilities to support children with special learning needs? Does our annual spending on education allow for it? In fact, to look after children with special needs, the National Policy on Education in 1986 had recommended integration of students with special needs with other students in general schools. This, however, could be recommended for students with slight disabilities only. A provision was made by the National Council for Education Research and Training (NCERT) to orient teachers and education officers by introducing a module on needs of special children in training programmes.

“Even if that may be the case, I cannot have my child go to a ‘regular’ school,” says Kusum Mehta, mother of Dhaval who is a case of mental retardation. Dhaval, 15, struggles to even cope with everyday activities like wearing his shoes or buttoning his shirt. “I need a sensitive special educator who can at least mould him to take care of his basic needs and be as independent as possible,” says the concerned parent. “According to many experts, the problem with special education is that no two students are the same. So a uniform method cannot be applicable to students in a class, year after year,” explains Nikita Sheth, who has a BEd in Special Education from SNDT University in Mumbai and works with students with learning disabilities. According to her, the theory taught in colleges does not help as much in practical working life as hands on experience. “The college exposed us to special children from all strata of society, which challenged us students in every possible way,” she informs. Despite having all the knowledge and being prepared for a class that you are going to conduct, it could be that things don’t go as planned at all. “I remember once when working with a student who is a patient of cerebral palsy and epilepsy. I was going to explain to him a concept as basic as a playground. I had my model ready, but the kid had an epileptic fit. There was nothing I could do then!” says Sheth. She adds that knowing the student’s exact problem is imperative, citing the example of a student whom she pushed to learn how to spell for a month, because she thought he was a slow learner and will pick it up. It so turned out that he was borderline mentally challenged and could not have learnt how to spell. Apart from oodles of patience, sensitivity, and knowledge, one quality that is absolutely necessary to be in this field is creativity. “You have to keep them interested. My basic objective for any class is that no child should feel that he shouldn’t be in my class. I work towards getting the child to do the best he can,” Sheth concludes. The work can be frustrating but those with patience emerge as winners. True winners, not just for themselves but for the students as well. yi

Institutes in India • Amar Jyoti Rehabilitation and Research Centre, Delhi • Indira Gandhi National Open University – Distance Education • Dr B R Ambedkar Open University – Distance Education • Rehab Council of India – Distance Education • The National Association for the Blind, Mumbai and Delhi • Ali Yavar Jung National Institute for the Hearing Handicapped, Mumbai • Pandit D Upadhayaya Institute for the Physcially Handicapped, Delhi • Dr S R Chandrashekar Institute of Speech & Hearing, Bangalore • Mind's College of Education Research Society for the Care Treatment and Training of Children in Need of Social Care, Mumbai • Dept of Special Education, SNDT University, Mumbai • Dikush Teacher Training in Special Education, Mumbai • Hashu Advani College of Special Education, Mumbai • The Spastics Society of India, Mumbai • Manovikas Kendra, Rehabilitation and Research Institute for the Handicapped, Kolkata


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Jayanti Ghose is a career and education consultant. She holds an honours degree in Economics and a degree in Education. Her research in career counselling and guidance spans more than 25 years. She pioneered the concept of career counselling and career writing in the print media. She is actively involved in personal and group counselling. For queries email

Agriculture options and beyond Is maths required for agricultural science courses? What are the other career options after class 12 with PCB? -Sumana Reddy Clearing class 12 or equivalent with physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics provides access to all agricultural science degree programmes at agricultural universities. You can get a listing of these colleges on the website www.icar. You can apply for some of them (except agricultural engineering, food science and technology, dairy technology) without class 12 maths by taking additional maths courses in the first year. MBBS, BAMS, BDS, BHMS, BUMS, pharmacy, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, prosthetics and orthotics, audiology and speech language pathology, optometry degrees, BSc Medical Science Technology or Bachelor of Paramedical Technology etc, and even BTech Biotechnology/ Bioinformatics at a few universities are open to class 12 with PCB. Examples are of only some of the possibilities available.

Securities markets I am in class 12. I have opted for the commerce stream. I am interested in courses related to securities/ stock markets. What degree do I need? -Praneet Kapadia BCom, BBA or BCom Financial Markets or Bachelor of Financial & Investment Analysis (BFIA) or equivalent would be appropriate. NSE (, BSE Training Institute ( including Global Financial Markets Professional (GFMP) Programme ( offer courses open to undergraduates. Graduates may pursue the ten-month part-time PG Certificate Program in Capital Markets (PGCPCM) by BSE Training Institute Ltd(, two-year full-time MBA Financial Markets at BSE Training Institute (, or equivalent programme by NMIMS Mumbai (www., or one-year PG Programme in Securities Markets at National Institute of Securities Markets (www. NISM and ICICI Bank offer a one-year, specialised Post Graduate Certificate in Securities Markets (PGCSM) for students selected by ICICI Bank. The examples are indicative only.





Naval architect Which are the best colleges in India for naval architecture? What does the work involve? -Yatin Mehta Listed below are among the relevant courses: • BTech - MTech Dual Degree Ocean Engineering and Naval Architecture at IIT Kharagpur ( • BTech - MTech Dual Degree Ocean Engineering and Naval Architecture, IIT Madras ( • BTech Naval Architecture and Ship Building at Cochin University of Science and Technology, Kochi (www. • BE Naval Architecture and Ship Building at Andhra University, Vishakhapatnam (www.andhrauniversity. info/engg/marine/) • BSc Ship Building and Repair (BSc SBR) under Indian Maritime University ( Naval architects are engineers who oversee the design, construction, maintenance and repair of sea going vessels and off-shore constructions, such as oil rigs.



Engineering services I want to prepare for the Engineering Services Exam. Please indicate eligibility criteria and selection process. -Tushar Sharma The eligibility criteria are as follows: age above 21 years and below 30 years (general category), and bachelor’s degree in engineering in any discipline makes you eligible for the exam conducted by UPSC ( The written e$xamination (1000 marks) comprises of three objective type papers and two conventional papers. Objective type papers include General Ability Paper (General English and General Studies), and two papers of the selected Engineering discipline (civil/ mechanical/ electrical/ electronics and telecom engineering). The two conventional papers are based only on the engineering discipline of your choice. There is a personality test (200 marks) for candidates qualifying the written examination.



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Pervin Malhotra has helped students for over 15 years to make educational and career choices by providing them with information and guidance on the options available. Zubin Malhotra is a management graduate and journalist by training. He is an alumnus of IIM Kozhikode where he majored in Marketing and Finance. For queries email

Does the US accepts average scores? I scored an average of 64 per cent in class 12. I’ve always dreamt of studying in the US. Will I be accepted to a college in the US for undergrad? -Jyoti Sabharwal As long as you passed all the subjects for admission to a college in the US, you can get into an average or regular college straight out of class 12 even with not-so-great scores. It also helps to have extracurricular activities. I suggest you try for a good two-year programme at a community college. Besides, it is considerably less expensive than regular colleges and universities (in California, a college unit is $20, while a four-year college costs around $360 per unit). And the low cost doesn’t imply low quality education. Moreover, many colleges don’t even ask for SAT scores. These colleges award associate degrees after two years of full-time study. A great variety of subjects are offered at these colleges. And once you have a few credits under your belt, you are a transfer student. Then you can go to any college that will accept your grades.



Is the TOEFL mandatory? Is it true that some institutes don’t require TOEFL scores to evaluate a student’s English proficiency? -Gayatri Khanna That is correct. Many institutions don’t require TOEFL test scores from certain international applicants. Those who fall under the following points, do not need the score • Those who have successfully completed at least a two-year course in which English was the language of instruction. • Students from US or Canada who have taken a transfer and whose academic course work was favourably evaluated for content and duration. • Also non-native Americans who have successfully pursued academic work at schools where English was the language of instruction in an English-speaking country for a specified period – generally two years. • Ideally you should contact your prospective institution directly concerning specific admission requirements. A word of advice: Over 7,500 institutions in 10 countries around the world accept TOEFL scores. So do check the credentials of the schools that don’t ask for TOEFL scores. They are generally not the best of schools! A complete listing of institutions that accept TOEFL scores can be found on the TOEFL destination directory.



Destination Japan! Can you give me some details about studying in Japan, the costs, procedure and career prospects? - Daisy Anand Japan has a good education system and you have the added bonus to experience its fascinating and unique culture, language and people. Every year over 500 Indian students choose Japan as their destination for pursuing higher studies. Perhaps the best way to know more about higher education in Japan would be to contact Mombusho Scholars Association of India (MOSAI), an association of Indians who went to study in Japan on a prestigious scholarship. You can contact the folks at MOSAI through its website Another great source for information is the website of the Japanese Student Services Organisation – JASSO ( They have come out with a very handy book for anyone planning to study in Japan – Student Guide to Japan – which can be downloaded here html. Other links to explore for more information and scholarships are: • • • • government_scholarships.html There are about 778 universities, and the duration of study in an average undergraduate programme is four years except medicine, dentistry and veterinary science which are six years. Master’s courses are of two years duration. Even as a developed country, Japan is not really very expensive for higher studies. Your total annual expenditure, including tuition and living expenses, should be in the range of `5-6 lakh, wihch can be reduced with scholarships. Courses at several universities are taught in English, but in your daily interactions, knowledge of Japanese will help a lot. Do get a good grasp on it before you leave. Although not mandatory, the Japanese Language Proficiency Test is useful for getting scholarships. It is meant for foreigners learning Japanese to measure and certify their proficiency in the Japanese language. This test is conducted both in Japan and overseas during the months of July and December.



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Skin canvas I

ndian culture is changing and evolving constantly. Traditionally, tattoos and mehendi have been around as a core part of our traditions. Today, people are becoming more fashion conscious. Modern-day tattoos are an important aspect of Western culture; sometimes as a form expressing your bold attitude, a way of showing someone you love them or even simply a design to remind you of something important. A 69-year-old woman in Mumbai, Kaanta Shah, is comfortable enough with the trend to get a tattoo on her skin of Durga Ma, fulfilling a long-standing desire to have the deity be part of her in some way. The tattooing trend is even having an impact in the corporate world; even GMs of well-known hotel companies and CEOs are getting tattoos today. People who earlier would have had a social stigma attached to getting a tattoo now see it for the freedom of expression it really is. Although tattoo parlours now abound in India, the well-known tattoo artists based in metro cities are not too pleased with the trend. After


38 Youth Incorporated â•‘ OCTOBER 2011

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the tattoo industry in India received intensive media attention in the late 90s, people began to order the tools online and ‘ink’ people. However, most only learned the technique of making tattoos but not the creative skills required. To make it in this industry, one needs to know more than how to simply mix paints and draw; they need passion for the art, a vivid imagination, patience and an understanding of the human psyche. Sameer Patange was an early pioneer in the game, featured in the



Limca Book of Records as the youngest tattoo artist in India at the age of 20. For Patange, who has made a name for himself in the Bollywood industry and has inked stars such as Hrithik and Suzanne Roshan, Sushmita Sen, Ajay Devgan, Sanjay Dutt, Riya Sen and Neil Nitin Mukesh, business is booming. Patange is quite candid about the dark nature of tattooing. As a musician in the 90s, tattoos, parties and drugs went hand in hand. He began to make tattoo drawings for his friends and came under the radar of

Dr A J Kohiyar, the father of modern tattooing in India. Dr Kohiyar was a psychologist and a therapist who trained in London and learned his techniques there. He felt that tattoos were an expression of the individual’s internal psyche, and it was the job of the artist to find the image that best represents the psyche of the individual he or she is inking. He was the first person to introduce tattoo equipment and processes in the city. Dr Kohiyar advocated tattooing as an art form – he got his early designs from students at the JJ School of Art. Today, however, the scenario is such that people are picking up machines and making tattoos. Copying crude images from the Internet is commonplace in this scenario, but true artists always make their own drawings to fit in with their client’s requirements. It’s all about visualising skills and creativity. Patange says, “Tattooing is all about catering to people’s vision. They come to us because they think that we can foresee what they can’t.” Customising each design to the client is a lengthy process that requires a lot of patience. A lot of people want to get a tattoo but are very confused about what they should get. For example, some individuals want to have text tattoos but are not sure about what they want – they sometimes come to the artist for advice. Patange laughs and says, “I am tempted to say that you should get ‘I am an idiot’ tattooed on yourself.” However, he clarifies, as a tattoo artist, one needs to have a lot of patience to put up with a lot difficult people. He explains his process, saying, “About 70 per cent of people are blank about what they want to get done. So you start showing them designs blindly. Somehow, based on their responses, you figure out what they like and what are their inclinations. After that you can begin guiding them. At some place, you reach a point where your ideas match theirs.” Savio D’Silva, an independent tattoo artist and graphic designer, says a prerequisite for making tattoos OCTOBER 2011 ║ Youth Incorporated 39

38tatoo.indd 39

15-09-2011 18:46:11


is that one should have an art and design background. Tattooing today has become mere ‘tracing’ or ‘scratching’ after learning the essential techniques, as it is a lucrative industry to be in. Beginners can easily make up to `25,000 per month, while for well-known artists, the sky is the limit. However, there is a theory to the art and a lot of people take on apprentices and teach you how to fuse

the equipment without teaching the basics of art. D’Silva says, “The tattoo industry is like a dot com boom. Everyone is getting into it without the necessary qualifications. For some people, just like mehendi artists, their strokes get better over years. Yet, they don’t have a sense of design or proportion. Some tattoo figures have twisted fingers, elongated necks and so on. I think


RIP TATTOOS, DELHI Cost: `50,000 to 75,000

INKTRIBE, PUNE Cost: `100,000

if you don’t have an art background, then you don’t have an eye for good work and bad work; you don’t even realise what is good and bad. It’s the same scene abroad, in that there are artists and there are stencil drawers. If an artist tattoos, the level of tattooing will change.” If you are interested in tattooing as a career, you need to have an artist's mindset, creativity and skill. D'Silva elaborates, “I come from a creative background – I was sculpting and painting since an early age and I have been an illustrator for over 15 years. I am more interested in making good tattoos than making money. My clients are few and mature enough to understand that my work is focused on quality and appreciate the art behind it. I sometimes charge double and triple of commercial rates, depending on the design. I select my clients and work very slowly compared to others. Some designs take me up to a week. In time, I want to start a design studio and start making tattoos as fine art.” Interstingly, D’Silva does not have a single tattoo on him. He says, “For me, the skin is an extension of my canvas.” What about the educational scene? D’silva says, “These tattoo courses are total rubbish – the people teaching don’t know how to draw. Most of them have learned through renowned artists for free and now charge other people to learn. These guys are not art literate at all. If the person is not an artist, then they have no artistic integrity and should not learn how to make tattoos.” If one is serious about making tattoos, then the best way to learn is to become an apprentice with a well-known tattoo artist and build one’s experience. D’Silva thinks there should be a basic set of requirements for apprentices in the industry; “I make sure that their line quality is good, that they have strong figurative style and good sense of proportion. My only hope is to get artists from JJ as Dr Kohiyar originally did. The standard of tattooing in India will go up again to a fine art level.” We can only hope! yi

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Cook it UP!


“There is no love sincerer than the love of food.” - George Bernard Shaw


here certainly is no 'sincerer' love; but of course, that love for food does not necessarily transcend to the love for cooking. And that’s because you have food so readily available everywhere you look! Does it get there by magic? Sort of – the magic created by someone who loves to cook. “Cooking

42 Youth Incorporated ║ OCTOBER 2011

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THE FIRST RESTAURANTS Who started the first restaurant? There are at least three theories: Boulanger, 1765 In about 1765, a Parisian 'bouillon seller' named Boulanger wrote on his sign: 'Boulanger sells restoratives fit for the gods.' This was the first restaurant in the modern sense of the term. Mathurin Roze de Chantoiseau in Paris, 1766 The forgotten inventor, Mathurin Roze de Chantoiseau, moved to Paris in the early 1760s and began floating a variety of schemes he believed would enrich him and his country at the same time. Beauvilliers, 1782 The first restaurant worthy of the name was the one founded by Beauvilliers in 1782, in the Rue de Richelieu, called the Grande Taverne de Londres. He introduced the novelty of listing the dishes available on a menu and serving them at small individual tables during fixed hours.

is like love. Both come from the heart and need a tender touch and a soulmate to relish them,” says Chef Hemant Oberoi, Grand Executive Chef of The Taj Mahal Palace and Towers and author of The Masala Art: Indian Haute Cuisine. It is for this love that he says “I want to outdo myself... again and again. What gives me utmost satisfaction is the spontaneous smile on the face of a guest after a satisfactory meal. Trying

to better my best is the philosophy which drives me.”

What it takes Most chefs agree that the most important quality required to make it in the culinary arts is the love for it. “I became a chef to eat food. Which other job pays you to eat such good stuff?” laughs Chef Paul Kinny, Executive Chef of the Intercontinental Marine Drive in Mumbai. On a

more serious note, he says, “Many times while interviewing, I come across candidates who say ‘Cooking is my hobby.’ My answer to them is a straight no, because you cannot work for your hobby for 16 to 18 hours day in and day out.” According to him, to enter this field, you need a level of passion much higher than what a hobby would require. To join the exciting and fast pace of cooking, you need several OCTOBER 2011 ║ Youth Incorporated 43

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INSTITUTES IN INDIA • Institute of Hotel Management, Catering Technology and Applied Nutrition (Dadar Catering College), Mumbai • University of Delhi, New Delhi • The Goa Swiss Institute of Hotel Management, Mumbai • Delhi Institute of Hotel Management, New Delhi • Dina Institute of Hotel Management Studies (DIHS), Pune • Subbalakshmi Lakshapathy College of Hotel Management & Catering Sciences, Madurai • Ram Krishna Mission - Kolkata • Oberoi School of Hotel Management, New Delhi • Indian Institute of Hotel Management (Taj Group), Aurangabad

qualities, most important of which is an understanding of food or a willingness to inculcate it. “A career in culinary arts can mean many different things. There are several different chef jobs involved in the preparation of food. An important facet, in addition to cooking, is making sure that everything is running smoothly in order to properly serve food throughout the day,” says Shubhada Kotibhaskar, teacher of Bakery at the Institute of Hotel Management, Catering Technology and Applied Nutrition (Dadar Catering College), Mumbai. In a large, high-end kitchen, there are several teams and a hierarchy of chefs. Executive chefs coordinate the kitchen and food preparation. They determine portion sizes, plan out special menus and oversee daily

operations, with every respect, whether it is quality, uniformity or presentation. “It is very important to research about and know your audience well,” opines award-winning international chef Ian Kittichai whose restaurant Koh at the Intercontinental Marine Drive in Mumbai serves his signature Thai cuisine, cooked using traditional methods blended with contemporary international styling. He should know, since he understands not only vegetarian cuisine, since more than 60 per cent of his clientele is vegetarian, but also Jain cuisine, where anything grown under the ground is forbidden. “There is such a contrast among the different guests from different parts of the world that I have to lend that tiny twist to my signature cuisines to suite their

palates. It is essential that students understand that very early on in their careers,” adds the renowned chef.

Patience is the key “Benefits come a long way down the line,” informs Chef Kinny. “You have to wait it out. If you are thinking of entering the field to be the celebrity chef on TV two months down the line, or even two years down the line, drop the idea,” he adds. According to him, you have to be aware of the backend as well and the perseverance it takes. Glamour cannot be a starting point. Seconds Chef Kittichai, “A lot of work and practice goes into making good food. It is a difficult job to work in a hot kitchen for many hours at a stretch.” Both say that one day the guests may be happy, and on another, not.

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Food is a very subjective issue with strong personal choices, so those who try to appease others with their food need to keep this in mind.

Education and training “An education is essential because it gives you a well-rounded experience and knowledge of other related departments, apart from just the kitchen,” says Chef Kinny. According to Chef Kittichai, “Going to college will help you get the basics right and also help you to get into some of the best kitchens to train under real masterchefs.” Kotibhaskar feels that, “College training is essentail in many ways. It prepares you for all kinds of roles and helps you start at a reasonable level in the field rather than start right at the bottom.” Training also equips you to handle the tensions of the kitchen better, since there is so much practical exposure. There are several kinds of roles that chefs can play, apart from the most obvious one. Training in the field can vary accordingly. A few preferred programmes are as follows: Catering and Restaurant Management Apt for those who want to pursue management positions within the food service industry. Culinary Management Focuses on imparting practical experience in the kitchen while studying the business. Baking and Pastry Main focus on hands-on baking skills and fundamental pastry techniques. Bar Management An interesting option for those who are above the legal age! Great for those who are looking for part-time options.

Innovation matters “When I started as an apprentice, I had five different styles of making a Caesar Salad. Being young and having only ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ in mind, I struggled to find out which one was the ‘correct’ style. I didn’t for one minute think of making a sixth style, calling it my own,” reminisces Chef Kittichai. According to him,

innovation is the key to survival. Even today, he says he learns a lot from other chefs’ kitchens. “Also, if you think of sustainability and local produce, it will go a long way,” he adds. So where does one draw the inspiration to make new dishes all the time? “You got to have the creative keeda,” says Chef Kinny, “and that will never let you stop thinking of new things. In fact, now, with ingredients so freely available, that is not even a challenge any more.” He says that over his 20 years of cooking experience, he has seen the industry evolve, not only from the inside but also from the outside. “Today, even our guests appreciate the international food that we present, which was not the case say a decade ago. We travel, and so do the guests. International exposure

expands the learning manifold,” he says. No wonder he can whip up delicacies from around the world in a matter of minutes. It’s something he loves to do. Doesn’t it get boring though? What would he have been if not a chef? Pat comes the reply, “If I wasn’t a chef, I’d be a dead chef.” That says it all! yi OCTOBER 2011 ║ Youth Incorporated 45

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Sophia College

for Women



NIHARIKA PANDIT WALKS YOU THROUGH AN ACADEMIC YEAR IN THE LIFE OF A STUDENT FROM SOPHIA’S COLLEGE About Sophia's campus – originally owned by The British East India Company, the property was later attained by the Society of the Sacred Heart in 1940 from the Maharaja of Bhavnagar. The property was owned by a lot of people before the college was established. The main heritage building of Sophia’s was a bungalow, which belonged to Sir Henry Somerset before 1882.

ophia College for Women is one of the best women’s colleges in the country, rated 3.61 on a scale of 4 with an ‘A’ grade by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC). Quite recently, Sophia College was declared first in rankings by the University of Mumbai. The college offers a variety of degree courses; BA, BMM (Bachelor of Mass Media), BSc, MSc, DCA (Diploma in Clinical Analysis), DLM (a postgraduate diploma in Laboratory Management), postgraduate diploma course in QA (Quality Assurance) in the Foods/ Pharmaceuticals Industry and an addon career-oriented certificate course in bio-informatics. Sophia's, founded in 1941, has a huge campus, the highlights of which are the basketball court and the canteen area. It includes various renowned departments such as the Arts Department in the main heritage block, the Sophia’s Centre for Women’s Studies and Development, the BMM department and the Geeta Israni Centre for Quality Assurance in the Sophia Andersson Annexe and the Bhabha Institute of Science. The college has its own Counselling Centre to help with any mental or emotional problems, be it your comfort level not matching with others or a more serious issue. Sophia's is equipped with good infrastructural facilities; the psychology and science laboratories, the Suman and Ramesh Tulsiani Convention Centre, AV hall, etc, all add to the quality of education at Sophia's, which is unmatched! Faculty at Sophia’s is the best one can get. Some of the teachers,

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13/09/11 3:49 PM

LOCATION: who are ex-Sophiates, are often seen cherishing their memories of Sophia's. Renowned visiting faculty are one of the major plus points here at Sophia's. Prodigies from various sectors impart practical knowledge to students. The enrichment programmes and guest lecturers are very frequent too. Sophia's is one of the best colleges in terms of quality education, faculty, campus, co-curricular activities and of course, the canteen too! But the best thing about Sophia's is the set of values one inculcates while in college and the persistent search for wisdom which never ends. It makes you realise who you are and at every step you tend to become better. So at Sophia’s nothing matters but you (and of course, attendance and marks!) “Coming to Sophia’s is like coming home. There is a sense of calm acceptance that you don’t get anywhere else. I believe it has something to do with the fact that there are so many girls here from so many different backgrounds and cultures. To be here is to be in the middle of a symposium of great work, amazing creativity and a collection of opportunities,” says Sharanya Ramesh, Student Body President (2011-2012). When June approaches, the women of Sophia set out on a new mission; the annual college festival, Kaleidoscope, which has been organised by students since 1985. It is generally a month of exuberance and vivacity. With a new task to be accomplished every year, the motto for the current academic year is ‘Education for Peace, Justice and the Integrity of Nature’, which Sophiates are all set to conquer.

Placed on a small hillock in Bhulabhai Desai Road, South Mumbai, Sophia’s is easily accessible to many. Nearest station Grant Road has connectivity to the Western line. Theatres like Roxy, Eros aren’t really far and food joints on Breach Candy lane, nothing like it! And who would not want to go to places like Marine Drive and Amarsons Park?

One of the most famous college festivals in Mumbai, Kaleidoscope is single-handedly run by Sophia girls. In the college life, it marks the beginning of the academic year. It is a platform to unleash your creative horses and bring out the lunatic in you; who else but Sophiates could think of this? Managed and coordinated by the ‘Workforce’ (the Organising Committee), Kaleidoscope has something whacky every other year. All aspects ranging from creatives, events, technology and even security are well-managed by Sophiates. While Kaleidoscope is on, one can spot guys waiting to be frisked by the Security chicks and others flabbergasted at their wit. Well, beware! These girls work in the Den! Kaleidoscope work mostly happens in the Den; girls brainstorm together and ideas generated here are totally out of the box. The Den, a place dear to every single soul in Sophia, is singled out by its poor phone signals. What's more, it's the exclusive place on campus where one can use the phone (except the canteen)! But before you try making a call, watch out; your phone just conked off dude! Exhilaration has no end at Sophia's. So before Kaleidoscope ends, various Club activities begin. All Club Secretaries are generally heard saying, “Try your luck and come for the competition. You might get lucky. And yea, prizes are fabulous!” Around 12 clubs dwell in the large campus of Sophia's, so opportunities never end! One after the other, Saphenia (the Wall Newspaper), EXAP, EXSP, Film Society and Model United Nations by the International Relations Club add a slight electric charge to the

effervescent life at Sophia's. Apart from Kaleidoscope, Sophia hosts another intercollegiate event‘Pratidhwani’- an initiative by the Bhartiya Sanskritik Parishad. yi

SOPHIATES are mostly...  Bothered about attendance. (Arrey! I just hope I am not on the black-list this month too.)  Spotted in the canteen. (TeacherYou have an enrichment programme I suppose, what are you doing here?)  Found in the Computer Centre (Oh shit! I need to get another copy printed…my project!)  Heard saying “Let’s go to AP’s (Anda Pav- a joint right outside college) yaar! Or how about UTBT (Under the Banyan Tree)?”  Spotted reading books in the library (Sophia’s library is one of the best. It is a paradise of knowledge, unearthed!)  Seen chilling with friends on marble steps. OCTOBER 2011 ║ Youth Incorporated 47

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Exploring the {




e has seamlessly managed to connect the digital world with the physical world; created intelligent sticky notes that can send one a reminder and a pen that can draw in 3D! Pranav Mistry, India’s very own tech genius wowed the world along with his MIT Media Lab advisor, Pattie Maes at TED2009 as he demonstrated the mind-blowing SixthSense technology. It all began with a Bachelors degree in Computer Engineering from Nirma Institute of Technology, Ahmadabad and a Masters in Design from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay, after which Mistry went on to pursue a Masters in Media Arts and Sciences from the Massachusettes Institute of Technology (MIT). Today, the ‘designeer’ continues his extensive research as a Research Assistant at the MIT Media Lab, blending technology with design and vice versa. For this PhD candidate, life has evidently not been the same since his TED moment! SixthSense is a gesture-based technology that comprises a pocket projector, a mirror and a camera, which can be worn like a pendant. The possibilities are endless and using any surface, one is able to simply draw a watch and see the time, pick up a book at a bookstore and read Internet reviews on any page of the book, or even check whether your flight is running on time using your boarding pass as the receptive surface. The technology aggregates all searches from the Internet. Speaking of the inspiration behind his 2009 invention Mistry says, “SixthSense was a result of lengthy research conducted by me from a very long time. Basically, I have always



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sense se

wanted to create something that would be as easy as interacting with things we use everyday, such as a cooking utensil or even a pen. My inspiration was the real world, since the physical world is so beautiful! Spending much time in front of computers tends to take us away from the human experience. We are confined to this ‘rectangular screen’, which acts as a block in making information free to all. Simply put, I wanted to paint the world with pixels.” When asked whether he feels that the human experience will diminish with this technology, he goes on to explain that it is in actual fact, the other way around. “I want people to meet face to face; to actually touch products and learn more about them. This is very important instead of just seeing something on screen. The key reason is that the physical world is still important. The digital world offers one the advantages of speed and connectivity,” explains Mistry, who hopes to eventually do away with computers. “ It's about time we stopped asking what the computer can do for us, and instead ask ourselves what we can do for the computer,” the innovator says. Mistry believes that in the future, this technology could be developed to such an extent, that we could even come to know which materials were used to make an object like a spoon. “The human mind is curious to know more. We will always want to know whether the spoon has been made in India or abroad. That’s when the digital world comes in. So yes, it’s very

possible the technology will reach that stage,” he states. Unlike most tech companies today, Mistry has made SixthSense available as an open source code, allowing anyone and everyone to utilise this amazing piece of technology. After all, he believes that technology should not reach just a handful of people. “It should even be used by the developing and under developed countries.” says Mistry in the humblest of tones. As someone who has studied at the Mecca of technology – MIT, Mistry who started off with a brilliant foundation at IIT, Bombay feels that the visibility offered by Indian schools is fantastic. “At conferences, I’ve seen many promising projects by Indian students. However, to improve our educational facilities, the solutions should come from within India; we should not look to the West for the same,” he believes. Mistry, who hails from the small town of Palanpur in Gujarat visits his hometown often and plans to go back in January 2012. “I get so many emails from young students in my hometown and elsewhere in India as they are inspired by me. The power of the youth is the key for a country to become successful. The youth must continue to follow their passions and at the same time leverage the educational facilities,” feels Mistry. When asked about whether he always dreamed of becoming a scientist, Mistry replies with a laugh saying, “Yes and no; in fact, I still dream a lot. I’ve always dreamt of

doing something on the lines of being a creator and not just a consumer. This has helped me build my skills to innovate new things. I continue to contribute in the best way that I can.” “We have become very social and we take this social aspect into the virtual world too. Computers could become invisible in the future,” concludes an optimist Mistry. The young innovator who is strangely not a huge fan of science fiction continues to woo global imagination with inventions like Teletouch and Mouseless. At the moment, he is working on a blinkbased robot control programme in Japan. All one has to do is blink at the robot, and move their head and blink in another direction, after which the robot gets the message that it has to move. We can only wait and watch as this genius continues to add new dimensions to the real and digital world! yi OCTOBER 2011 ║ Youth Incorporated 49

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dreamer Disillusioned



t was January 2008, when the question first popped into my head: What the hell am I doing? Why have I spent the last two of what would have been the best years of school life slogging over preparations for a single test – the JEE – to 'change my life forever'? CBSE mandates that you should have an attendance of at least 75 per cent in high school. Officially, I did. Unofficially, I went to my school for a whole of three times in two years. The first time was to ensure that the school existed, and was not one of those fraudulent schemes to con unsuspecting students. The other two were to complete mundane formalities such as pre-boards and boards respectively. Wonder of wonders, my coaching centre and my school were in different states. At the end of ‘high school’, I qualified in the bottom 2 per cent of my batch and the top 2 per cent of the country. Up, up and about was the feeling in my heart when the selection list for IITs announced that I was selected into IIT Kharagpur. Aah, the dreams of academic achievement! Three years post IIT selection, the mayajaal has lifted. It’s just the regular life right now; bad roads, crowded streets, early morning classes with

bleary eyed and professors who have only half a heart to teach as you doodle on the corner of your notebook with your Parker pen that your proud nani gave you – her IITian granddaughter. If only she knew. It has become a routine practice to do a last-minute scramble before the exam and call it ‘preparation’. Of course I try to get work done; but try listening to your professor’s lecture as a 150-strong population of mostly boys swear, joke and make small talk. The professor is really too pressed for time to pay attention. Let’s not forget that IITs have a student teacher ratio of 1:15 compared to NUS, which has 1:5; and about 33 per cent of the posts are lying vacant. As you open the door to your thirdyear room, your roommate takes up most of the space in what is not really a double room, at least for two grown people! Of course the government thinks otherwise. Why else would the MHRD decide it was ok to raise the intake of students to about twice the built capacity of existing hostels? You know, it would really be alright if we had the other perks. But fact is we don't. Where is the encouragement for original thought? Where is the support that is needed for a student

with a spark to make it in exactly what he/she wants to do? Well, you see, in an island of millions clamouring to get to the top of the coconut tree, a dreamer would be squashed. The system has teachers converted to practical managers whose job doesn't really go beyond the structured L-T-C: give Lecture, check Tutorial, award Credit. Nobody's counting the hours I spent trying to figure out why that pi suddenly disappeared from the final line of a long derivation. I would like to roll up my sleeves and work on something tangible but there is hardly any information about ongoing projects that professors could use help in. Research is supposed to be a big deal, as it is around the world. Why is it that we aren't able to scale it up? My guess is too little motivation and too much privatisation of funds. The issue really is that there are way too many issues. Here's a thought though: If the IITs are left to become run-of-the-mill engineering colleges, what else has modern, powerful, young India have to boast of, apart from being the giver of cheap skilled labour to the First World? We're IITians and we're proud. We rubbed our noses to the grindstone to get here and we deserve much better than what we get. yi

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13/09/11 3:47 PM

Against I all odds t was not a surprise that when Taare Zameen Par released, many people told me that they then understood my plight. Only, it was a little too late. About six years too late. I started out as a normal schoolgoing child; only, I was labelled a brat for not doing homework and not listening to my teachers and parents. It was not entirely unfounded; I had become one of those kids who did not want to listen to anything my elders said. Since there was nothing to praise about me, all I got to hear about, was my ‘bad’ behaviour with examples of model children. I had no intention of listening to that! There was a time when I would shut out completely. You know, like when we say ‘ek kaan se andar aur doosre kaan se bahar’? I had become so thick-skinned that my unrevealed motto had become ‘kaan ke andar hi mat jaane do!’ The reason was beyond me though, and I never understood why I was like that. Gradually, I started lagging behind at school. There came a time when I would sulk, bang doors and cry nonstop for hours if I didn’t get what I wanted. My poor mother, who was catering to four generations of a joint family, could not help but give in to pacify me. Those around me, including my parents and other family members, began to call me mischievous, hardheaded and stubborn. It was amidst all this that a teacher at school suggested to my mother to take me for a dyslexia examination. She thought I might have a learning disability and that treatment would help. At that time, the only available option was at a clinic in Sion Hospital, where it was determined that I did not have dyslexia. I had a slight disability where I confused b’s and d’s; and p’s and q’s; nothing that therapy couldn’t cure. That didn’t help my parents though, since I remained that difficult child. And it didn’t help me either, since even after all that, no one understood me. My middle-class family could only envision me studying and earning a degree to make it good in life, and that’s what they were pushing me for. I went through the toughest times in middle and high school, sometimes



barely scraping through the passing mark, and sometimes not. The foul behaviour continued. Somewhere down the line, I found a passion – football. I became one of the craziest fans of the Chelsea Football Club, and watched every game with super passion. That’s when trouble multiplied. All I wanted to do in life was play football, not study. I was determined to pay no heed to anyone who explained the basics of sustenance to me. It went to such heights, that finally my father resigned, and resolved that he would feed me as long as he could! I failed ninth grade. And that turned my life around. To save my academic year, I decided to leave my upscale ICSE school, and join class 10 with the NIOS board. It was an easier syllabus, and I could bid goodbye to my worst nightmare – math. I excelled at commerce, economics and business studies. I was among the toppers, and had absolutely no idea how to handle the attention. With this praise came the motivation that even the threat of sustenance could not bring. The motivation to succeed. And I worked hard for that. I topped my batch in

class 10, but my academic woes were far from over. I couldn’t secure a seat in any college of my choice since they did not recognise the NIOS board. I finally got admitted to Siddharth College of Commerce, and am grateful for that. The rough patch did not end. I worked hard again, and this time was on the college merit list in class 12. Even then, I could not secure a seat in another college since in-house students have to be admitted first. My father offered to pull strings, but I refused. Finally, my patience paid off. Way after the admission were over, in mid-September last year, a couple of FYBCom seats opened up at KC College. I got the break I needed. Today, I am proud to be an SYBCom student at KC, and also proud to have successfully completed my Diploma in Entrepreneurship Management from Welingkar’s and getting my Beginner’s Certification in Financial Markets from the NSE. Although I remain to be one of the most enthusiastic Chelsea fans, I have long since realised that I cannot live off being a sports fan. For that, I aspire to become a successful businessman. I can and I will! yi OCTOBER 2011 ║ Youth Incorporated 51

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- By Niloufer Gandhi Choose the option that is closest in meaning to the highlighted word and complete the sentence.

1. Jamboree (jam-buh-ree)

A spectacular _______ had been organised by the college students who ensured that everyone who attended enjoyed themselves. (a. destination b. festival c. interview)

2. Revellers (rev-uhl-urs)

The ______ celebrated the victory of their favourite football team on the streets till dawn. (a. merrymakers b. introverts c. turncoats)

3. Carousel (kar –uh-sel)

The children were disappointed when they could not ride the _______ at the fair. (a. estate b. merry-go-round c. freeway)

4. Cacophony (kuh-kof-uh-nee)

The ________ of the cars greeted the tourists as they approached the main city. (a. harmony b. noise c. silence)

5. Iridescent (ir-i-des-uh nt)

The spectators gaped as the sky was aglow with _______ lights from the fireworks. (a. glimmering b. monotonous c. colourful )

6. Medley (med-lee)

The dance floor was filled with couples when the live band at the carnival played a 10 minute ______ of popular jazz numbers. (a. procedure b. agreement c. assortment)

7. Kaleidoscopic (kuh-lahy-duh-skop-ik)

On New Year’s Eve, the Sydney Bridge looks spectacular with _________ lights. (a .multicoloured b. monochrome c. stable)

8. Festooned (fe-stoon-ed)

For the Christmas party, the children _______ the classrooms with colourful streamers and balloons. (a. decorated b. overlooked c. reflected)

9. Smorgasbord (smawr-guh s-bawrd)

Festivals have always been an integral part of our lives in India. Our society is a confluence of cultures, a union of varied traditions and rituals and a plethora of myriad religions. Festivals are a time to rejoice with our friends and family and enjoy that much awaited holiday. Well, let’s start with a few basic words that you can use in your day-to-day conversation.

A perfect hostess, Jill laid out an extensive ________ of delectable dishes for her guests. (a. substitute b. aptitude c. buffet)

Festivals unite people of diverse religions by spreading love and ______ between them. (a. hate b. confusion c. friendliness)

Answers: 1.B 2.A 3.B 4.B 5.C 6.C 7.A 8.A 9.C 10.C

10. Bonhomie (bon-uh-mee)

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entertain Greater Noida plays host to the country's first F1 Grand Prix

K E E PI N S I D E яГо


53entsec.indd 1




13/09/11 2:51 PM


All the he e One of the earliest forms of entertainment to hit the world, and yet struggling to find its place amidst the digital entertainment deluge in the country. Shraddha Kamdar takes a walk through India’s experimental theatre scene

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54 a stage.indd 54

a 13/09/11 2:12 PM


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world’s world s


OCTOBER 2011 â•‘ Youth Incorporated 55

54 a stage.indd 55

13/09/11 2:13 PM



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1.10.32 and 1.10.33 of "de Finibus Bonorum et Malorum" (The Extremes of Good and Evil) by Cicero, written in 45 BC. This book is a treatise on the theory of ethics, very popular during the Renaissance. The first line of Lorem Ipsum, "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet..", comes from a line in section 1.10.32. The standard chunk of Lorem Ipsum used since the 1500s is reproduced below for those interested. Sections 1.10.32 and 1.10.33 from "de Finibus Bonorum et Malorum" by Cicero are also reproduced in their exact original form, accompanied by English versions from the 1914 translation by H. Rackham. Contrary to popular belief, Lorem Ipsum is not simply random text. It has roots in a piece of classical Latin literature from 45 BC, making it over 2000 years old. Richard McClintock, a Latin professor at Hampden-Sydney College in Virginia, looked up one of the more obscure Latin words, consectetur, from a Lorem Ipsum passage, and going through the cites of the word in classical literature, discovered the undoubtable source. Lorem Ipsum comes from sections 1.10.32 and 1.10.33 of "de Finibus Bonorum et Malorum" (The Extremes of Good and Evil) by Cicero, written in 45 BC. This book is a treatise on the theory of ethics, very popular during the Renaissance. The first line of Lorem Ipsum, "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet..", comes from a line in section 1.10.32. The standard chunk of Lorem Ipsum used since the 1500s is reproduced below for those interested. Sections 1.10.32 and 1.10.33 from "de Finibus Bonorum et Malorum" by Cicero are also reproduced in their exact original form, accompanied by English versions from the 1914 translation by H. Rackham. Contrary to popular belief, Lorem Ipsum is not simply random text. It has roots in a piece of classical Latin literature from 45 BC, making it over 2000 years old. Richard McClintock, a Latin professor at Hampden-Sydney

56 Youth Incorporated â•‘ OCTOBER 2011

54 a stage.indd 56

13/09/11 2:13 PM

CONTRARY TO POPULAR Contrary to popular belief, Lorem Ipsum is not simply random text. It has roots in a piece of classical Latin literature from 45 BC, making it over 2000 years old. Richard McClintock, a Latin professor at Hampden-Sydney College in Virginia, looked up one of the more obscure Latin words, consectetur, from a Lorem Ipsum passage, and going through the cites of the word in classical literature, discovered the undoubtable source. Lorem Ipsum comes from sections 1.10.32 and 1.10.33 of "de Finibus Bonorum et Malorum" (The Extremes of Good and Evil) by Cicero, written in 45 BC. This book is a treatise on the theory of ethics, very popular during the Renaissance. The first line of Lorem Ipsum, "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet..", comes from a line in section 1.10.32.

College in Virginia, looked up one of the more obscure Latin words, consectetur, from a Lorem Ipsum passage, and going through the cites of the word in classical literature, discovered the undoubtable source. Lorem Ipsum comes from sections 1.10.32 and 1.10.33 of "de Finibus Bonorum et Malorum" (The Extremes of Good and Evil) by Cicero, written in 45 BC. This book is a treatise on the theory of ethics, very popular during the Renaissance. The first line

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Ipsum used since the 1500s is reproduced below for those interested. Sections 1.10.32 and 1.10.33 from "de Finibus Bonorum et Malorum" by Cicero are also reproduced in their exact original form, accompanied by English versions from the 1914 translation by H. Rackham. Contrary to popular belief, Lorem Ipsum is not simply random text. It has roots in a piece of classical Latin literature from 45 BC, making it over 2000 years old. Richard McClintock,

a Latin professor at Hampden-Sydney College in Virginia, looked up one of the more obscure Latin words, consectetur, from a Lorem Ipsum passage, and going through the cites of the word in classical literature, discovered the undoubtable source. Lorem Ipsum comes from sections 1.10.32 and 1.10.33 of "de Finibus Bonorum et Malorum" (The Extremes of Good and Evil) by Cicero, written in 45 BC. This book is a treatise on the theory of ethics, very popular OCTOBER 2011 â•‘ Youth Incorporated 57

54 a stage.indd 57

13/09/11 2:13 PM


s e x

in the city


58 Youth Incorporated ║ AUGUST OCTOBER2011 2011

58samesex.indd 58

13/09/11 4:44 PM


In July 2009, India’s LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Transgender) community woke up to a new beginning; the first of many steps towards being perceived no different than others in the eyes of the law and by society. The 150-year old law relating to Section 377 that criminalised intimacy in same-sex relationships was annulled and the first of many battles was won for the gay and lesbian community. Rainbow hues, ecstatic cries and celebratory fervour took to the streets, replacing a once taboo and closeted view of this section of society. Mumbai-based Fay Barretto, an indie musician and founder of It Started Like This ecstatically says, “The queer parties at Banana Bar as well as the recent gig at Blue Frog programmed by Ma Faiza were great! Every August, we also have the march in South Bombay followed by a party to celebrate. The unity that we see is great.”


Gay pride parades, once a thing of the Western world, are now commonplace in metros like Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. In fact, queer rights movements are no longer restricted to one-day parades or marches, but extend into daily life with parties at nightclubs and pubs, film festivals, book exhibitions, poetry readings and open-mic nights for indie artists in the LGBT community. “It’s really nice to know that people have come out and taken this initiative,” says Barretto. Very iconic is the two-year-old Mumbai-based Azaad Bazaar that sells t-shirts, mugs, key chains and other knick-knacks that proudly scream ‘Rainbow Pride’. But to the LGBT community, Azaad Bazaar is more than just a store that offers one a method of expression; it is a community and a platform that

supports all things queer from pride marches to community events and is synonymous with the Queer Azaadi March as well as the famous 33-footlong rainbow flag!


Awareness may have increased in recent times, what with the many websites and blogs popping up by the day along with the above-mentioned activities. However, acceptance of the LGBT community in India has yet to become a part of Indian culture, especially at the workplace and in orthodox sections of society. India’s Union Health Minister, Ghulam Nabi Azad, recently came under fire from the LGBT community for his homophobic and illogical remarks on homosexuality being a disease. “There is no doubt that society has opened up to looking at the LGBT community differently. But it still remains a world that some people can’t even imagine, and so, there yet exist sections of society that won’t accept us. It’s a very slow process since we live in a country that still practices Sati and won't even allow interracial and inter-caste marriages,” says Barretto.


New York has been touted as the birthplace of the gay liberation movement. It was only in July this year that same-sex marriages became legal much to the delight of straight supporters as well as the state’s queer folk. Clearly, the next step for India’s queer community is to push for this historic vote to be passed. “What India needs to do now is to legalise marriages because everyone has the right to get married. While we are at it, we also need to encourage more LGBT musicians, singers, songwriters and drag queens to come and do their thing,” explains Barretto. In a turn of events earlier this year, two Gurgaon-based women became

India's first same-sex couple to legally get married. Interestingly, one of the women who happened to be recently divorced was permitted to marry her female childhood friend since they met the legal marriage requirements by a court near New Delhi. Looks like there is hope for India on this front!


Once the same-sex marrriage vote has been won, only then can India’s LGBT couples win the legal status of joint adoption of children. Brazil, Canada, Spain, England and South Africa are just some of the many countries that offer legal adoption for same-sex couples. Navonil Das, one half of the designer duo Dev R Nil, concludes, “The laws relating to same-sex relationships are very stringent. If you look around, while places like New York have just passed the same-sex marriage vote, in India the scene has come to a standstill. However, the demand for adoption by samesex couples is only going to rise in India. We hope that joint adoption becomes legal in the years to come, if not immediately. By using the right platforms, we can only hope to make a change. The movement as a whole needs to be addressed so that further action can be mobilised. We await the day when same-sex couples will be able to legally adopt without a worry.” yi

FAMOUS LGBT ICONS Lady Gaga George Michael Boy George Cindi Lauper Kylie Minogue Cher Madonna

We await the day when same-sex couples will be able to legally adopt children without a worry. OCTOBER 2011 ║ Youth Incorporated 59

58samesex_2.indd 59

23-09-2011 16:18:17


Raising the


Will the recent hike in the minimum drinking age keep the youth from hitting the bottle at an early age, or is this yet another case of a haste-makeswaste scenario? Youth Inc taps into this issue


hile the rest of the world is moving towards a more liberal era, Maharashtra seems to have taken a good number of steps behind with the recent hike in the minimum age for alcohol consumption. According to this new legislation, India’s young adults can only sip on beer and wine if they are 21 years of age, while hard liquor can be enjoyed by those who are 25 years and above. “The world over, the legal drinking age is lower than 25. If we are adult enough to be married and to drive a car, then I think we’re adult enough to enjoy a drink too. Plus, raising the bar in general is not going to curb drinking whatsoever. We have all been at that age and know how easy it is to get it as well as the inclination towards wanting it. Do we have the capability to really enforce it?” says Nikhil Agarwal, Sommelier and Director of All Things Nice, a platform for knowledge, networking and indulgent experiences for aficionados of wine, luxury spirits and gourmet food. PROHIBITION LEADS TO CURIOUSITY While it stands true that the intake of excess alcohol at a young age can curb the development of the brain, a common woe is that the complete prohibition of alcohol consumption

only makes the younger generation want to try it, causing some to get addicted at an age earlier than they actually would. “If you raise the curiosity level, the chances of youngsters taking to the bottle are very high. Further, by making it difficult for them to drink legally, the only way out for them will be to rely on grey market vendors where quality is suspect. It will also most likely motivate them to try other substances which may become less of a hassle to acquire but are potentially more dangerous,” feels Agarwal. In fact, a number of countries who have toyed with the idea of prohibiting alcohol have ultimately not gone on to pursue it. Most know that Gujarat is one of the few Indian states that prohibits alcohol consumption. But few know that in such places, people, including young teens, purchase alcohol from illegal sources at high prices, while corruption and bribery become a by-product in such conditions. RESPONSIBLE DRINKING 20-year-old Mumbai-based student Sarja Pednekar, however, welcomes this new policy, depicting the responsible way of thinking in youngsters today. “I have seen students my age wasting their lives drinking, so much so that it has now become a part of their lifestyle. Young people who drink, feel as if they are enjoying their lives, but the truth


SPEAK • Kimberley Fernandes, 19 years

“I read about it a while ago, and I support Imran Khan who tried to take on the State Government after they issued a drinking age hike. I feel that the hike is a silly move.”

• Binoy Sharma, 19 years

“Why are they abusing our right to freedom? The only thing this does is increase the illegal sale of liquor and more ways to make money, adding to the corruption.”

• Jason Fernandes, 22 years

“I feel this move was uncalled for. It’s unfair as well, and I really don’t think that it will help kids become more responsible.”

remains that it is during these crucial years that they need to work toward their goals; however, most seem to be losing themselves in alcohol. But I do feel that the law alone cannot govern the age limit of drinking. Those who want to consume alcohol will do so in any way that they can. If everyone takes responsibility, there will be no need for such laws,” says Pednekar. “Education on the dangers of excess would be a great way forward. Making the subject taboo rather than talking about it openly will definitely not make it go away,” feels Agarwal. Even with the high drinking age law, most young adults will not wait till they are older to drink socially. yi

60 Youth Incorporated ║ OCTOBER 2011

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With Diwali round the corner, here’s how you can enjoy the festival of lights with an eco-friendly twist


o celebrate victorious Lord Ram's return to Ayodhya, people lit diyas to show him the way and help him conquer the darkness and demons that befell his path. Today during the festival of lights, real-life demons such as global warming, pollution and loud bursts of sound lurk in our presence from grand displays of lights and sound. Don't get carried away in the festive frenzy; reduce the harm we cause to the environment with these ecofriendly tips!

From light to blight Firecrackers may be fun to light up; but today’s increasing population, purchasing power and clever selling schemes have resulted in a lot more crackers being burst and smoke-filled air. Since firecrackers contain chemicals which are not only harmful to human beings and animals but also to the environment, there are a number of things you can do to mitigate this damage. Instead of bursting firecrackers

with your own family or group of friends, why not join other groups of people? This will result in fewer firecrackers being lit up. Try to buy eco-friendly firecrackers that emit less smoke and are made up of recycled paper. Instead of decorating your home with electric lights that consume tons of energy, use the much prettier and traditional form of décor, diyas. Also, few realise that firecrackers are made in harsh conditions sometimes by employing child labour, exposing factory workers to hazardous conditions. For instance, avoid buying the Sivakasi brand of fireworks, which has come under the scanner for employing underage children and making them work in unsafe factories for a meagre wage.

Noise-free Diwali There have been many cases of people suffering from loss of hearing, asthma and other respiratory problems, as well as high blood pressure due to loud bangs and excessive smoke around

Diwali. Besides humans, animals get petrified by the loud sounds produced by firecrackers. Ecofriendly firecrackers can help to reduce the sound of crackers to manageable levels. Many produce pieces of paper and coloured lights instead of a noisy bang.

Green gifts Diwali is also the time to buy new things for the house and gifts for others. However, excessive consumerism is directly related to greater consumption of raw materials and natural resources used in the manufacturing process. When you are shopping for Diwali, try to buy recyclable gifts instead of items that can be used just once. Also, when cleaning your home before Diwali, give away things to the needy instead of just throwing them away. By adopting an eco-friendly way of celebrating Diwali, you will not only be able to save your money, but you’ll also be able to do your part towards helping to save the environment. OCTOBER 2011 ║ Youth Incorporated 61

61eco.indd 61

13/09/11 3:46 PM

Puduch e Joie De Vivre _OFF THE MAP




t’s a rare thing to be able to stand at both the centre of history and of present-day activity. Such an experience awaits you in Pondicherry, the Cote d'Azure of Southern India. At two hours by car from Chennai and an overnight bus from Bangalore, Pondicherry is ideally suited for that weekend trip you’ve been planning to take. The city is filled with amazing activities, and from shopping for handicrafts to art exhibitions, there’s something for everyone. History shows up everywhere in the city, with much of the modern area laid out on top of one or more past incarnations. There are few cities left in modern day India where you can take a walk from the 21st to the 19th century within 20 minutes. However, all is not about history in Pondicherry. The city offers everything a modern, savvy traveller or family vacationer might want. The wide array of restaurants and culinary options is staggering, from British-style swanky bars to open-air pubs designed to suit a backpacker’s taste and budget, your tongue and tummy

can both expect a great experience. For kids, there’s the beach, swimming pools or a horse-riding lesson. For art lovers, there are many exhibitions to visit, or better still, art classes or pottery lessons that you can sign up for. For shoppers, there are a number of handicraft or leather stores and lots of clothes shops to choose from. Pondicherry is also a great place to buy handicraft, art and pottery. The best way to start a day in the city is to get up and about early. Hit the seaside for a stroll to build up your appetite for the emperor’s breakfast that awaits you. There’s a nice little café, Le Café, on the sea front where you can stop to catch your breath and sip on a cappuccino while you watch the sun wake from its slumber. Then head out to one of the many bakeries for a power breakfast. My favourite breakfast choice

is Baker's Street on Rue de Bussy. Fresh French bread and other fine eateries await you there. Start off with a chocolate éclair to whet your appetite and then chase it with a pain au chocolat and perhaps some fresh juice, chai or an oh-so-French press

62 Youth Incorporated ║ OCTOBER 2011

62travel.indd 62

15-09-2011 18:50:27

h erry coffee to down the overdose of bread. You’ll find it easy to overeat when such a wide range of delicacies are presented to you for breakfast. It’s perhaps a good idea to follow breakfast with something a bit active, such as exploring the city. The most practical way to see Pondicherry is either on foot or, even better, on a bicycle. You can rent a bicycle for as little as `3 per hour, with a per-day rate of about `30. The city centre is surrounded by a boulevard that runs all around its perimeter. This is the main town, while the city has grown well beyond these boundaries. The town, which is about 3 km by 3 km, is split into two and the part near the sea front is known as White Town. The White Town is where the French lived in the colonial days. It’s packed with beautiful villas, heritage hotels, churches and cafés. After you are done with a bit of exploration, it’s time to look for a place to have lunch. Depending upon which time of the year you visit the city, around noon the sun and the humidity could start getting to you. Duck into one of the air-conditioned

restaurants to have a filet mignon or salad. Most local Pondicherrians take a siesta after lunch till about three or four in the afternoon. I suggest you do the same. This is usually the time when the sun beats the hardest. Also, a number of stores would be shut for an extended lunch break. It is a commonly known fact that Pondicherry has low-priced alcohol. If you enjoy a fine wine or a beer, you must take advantage of this fact. There are a number of bars and pubs to choose from. One of my favourite bars is Quality, an open-air bar on the roof of a guest house. This place is usually packed with tourists, mostly backpackers and a number of locals who are regulars. It’s also a great place to network with the people who live in Pondicherry to find out what’s happening in the city. After you have downed a few beers, you can choose a restaurant to have a fine meal. Le Club and Satsanga are two open-air restaurants that serve some great continental cuisine. I would highly recommend trying out some of the seafood on offer while you are on the coast. After dinner, head

out to Chocolat, a chocolate store on Mission Street, to have some desert. The chocolate shot they serve there is to die for. They also have cakes, cookies and chocolate balls. Pondicherry does not have a very big nightlife scene, with parties being mostly private. The locals also tend to retire a bit early to get ready for the 6 am walk or jog on the beach. So say bonne nuit to your friends and head back to your room to get some sleep. yi

OCTOBER 2011 ║ Youth Incorporated 63

62travel.indd 63

15-09-2011 18:51:35


How to Wear


COLOUR Here are 7 easy ways to wear colour:

to picking the right handbag is to make sure that it meshes with the rest of your wardrobe. If you have lots of cool colours in your wardrobe, then pick a blue bag. If your wardrobe has warm tones like brown and orange, then pick a yellow bag. 4. Pick a neon shoe: The great thing about bright shoes is that they have the power to jazz up the most boring outfit. Try neon green, pink, red, yellow- the options are endless!

5. The multi-coloured dress: If you can’t be asked to trouble your head over matching colours, wear a multi-coloured dress. It will add that much-needed colour to your life.


6. Colourful jewellery: Paired with a neutral outfit, colourful jewellery can make a bold statement. Sport a bright cocktail ring, emerald earrings, a turquoise bracelet, or yellow hoops. You can even go dressy with a black cocktail dress! 7. A colourful top with denims: One of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to wear colour is to wear a bright coloured top over your skinny jeans — hot pink, yellow, green — pick your colour in a cool silhouette and prepare to stand out!



1. Find a new neutral: Black is great as a sophisticated base to any outfit but you can’t take refuge in it. Find a new neutral, like gray, brown or navy blue. 2. Colourful accessories: Wear a pair of bright yellow ballerinas with a black and white outfit, a red belt over a black dress, a cerulean scarf with your favourite neutral jacket, or colourful tights. Accessories are a cheap and easy way to add some excitement to an otherwise dull and boring outfit. Guys can think of wearing a bright tie to brighten up a boring office look.

3. Carry a bright handbag: The trick



earing colour can do wonders for your skin tone, hair colour, overall appearance and more importantly, for the way you feel. . Learn how to use colour intelligently in your clothing to make a fashion statement!


64 Youth Incorporated ║ OCTOBER 2011

64fashion.indd 64


13/09/11 3:24 PM

Take India A new age of Indian designers are finding inspiration in everything desi. Its time to ‘take India home’ in the form of key chains, t-shirts, flip flops, shorts, magnets, wrapping paper — the product range is vast and exciting! Indian motifs and street graphics are alleviated to the level of art as designers transform these to products that put a smile to your face!

home... Chumbak Auto Charm m `160 each

Available A il bl att L Loose End Ends, Bandra

Play Clan C Auto Tee `1,295

Availa at the Play Available Clan store, Hill Road, Bandra Roa

Play Clan Hanuman man Tote Bag `995

Available at Play ayy Clan, Hill Road, ad, Bandra

Chumbakk Turban Boxer Chumb Shorts `425

Avai Available at Mother Earth, SOBO SOB Central, Tardeo Kya Ch K Cheez Hai USB Wr Wrist Band `580

Availa at Loose Available Ends, End Bandra Play Clan Cl Kathakali Watch `1,385 `

Chumbak Auto Flip Flops `495

Available at Play Avail Clan, Clan Hill Road, Bandra B

Available at Mother Earth, SOBO Central, Tardeo

Tantra 'Anti-Corruption' Tee `449

Available at the Tantra store, store Hill Road, Bandra 65 OCTOBER 2011 ║ Youth Incorporated 6

64fashion.indd 65

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Religion Gray and Black Wide Stripe Cardigan This cardigan-dress should be a cl closet staple this fall. Wear it wit with colourful accessories to turn heads.


Gant Canvas Multi Coloured lti C Striped Belt

Nicole Farhi Fine Striped Linen Cardigan

Striped belts are a great accessory for men; add some colour and detail to solid t-shirts and jeans with this green and purple belt.

Stripes and asymmetricall silhouettes are a perfectt match! Slip on this jackett over a dress or a tank topp and skinny jeans andd make a modest yet eye-t. catching statement.

Hari Green These uber-cute Stripe Espadrille green peeptoes Peeptoe Wedges are worn best

Multi Rainbow Stripe Knee High Socks Up your cute quotient the candy-striped with these W them with socks. Wear shorts oor a mini dress sh off your true and show colour colours!

Dorothy Perkins Purple Gold Bead Bikini Top

with white shorts and are a comfortable choice for a day of shopping with friends.

An excellent pick for that fall-break vacation! Add gold earrings to get that chic resort look.





` 100 00

Hill Road

Goa Go

` 750

`8 800 00

O Only


Stree Street ShopHongkong ` 150

Goa Go




` 550

` 400


Austin Reed



Peter England ` 150 Hill Road,, Bandra

0 ` 1200 Levis

` 900 Vogue Linking ra Road, Bandra

66 Youth Incorporated t d ║ OCTOBER OCTOBE 2011 OCTOB

64fashion.indd 66

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Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner `375

those Bat thos hose eyelids in style with h th this 24hour, smudge-proof smudge-p e-proof and waterproof gel liner.

MAC My Paradise Cheek Powder `1,250

Perfect P erf for day by the pool this fall vacation. Try this shimmery orange-cor orange-coral cheek powder for instant glow, whether sun or none!


MAC Crushed Metallic Pigments `2,050 each

Surf the ocean with these metallic pigments, that are sure to add a touch of flirty glamour to your evenings. Available in frosty platinum, light yellow green, gold bronze, and dirty graphite with silver pearl from M.A.C.’s Surf Baby! collection.

MAC Ocean Dip `760


Add a little touch of the sea to your nails to go with that beach dress with this mid-tone creamy aqua nail lacquer from MAC’s Surf Baby! Collection.

Maybelline Colour Sensational Lip Colour `299

Pull out all the stops this vacation and pout away with these stunningg shades shad from om Maybelline. Maybellin

Monica Dogra is one half of the Mumbai based electro-rock duo Shaa'ir + Func and recently acted in the film Dhobi Ghat.

Celeb Secrets Beauty regime B

I'm actually a really simple person when it comes to what I do for beauty. I try and drink a gallon of water every day. I think that sweating really helps keep your skin look good. Also, yoga and being happy mentally are two crucial things that change the way I look by th leaps and bounds! lea

Magic make-up trick: M

I llove bright red lipstick. These days, it’s all I need to feel a good way. al

Beauty/makeup trick: B

I love l benetint, by Benefit. It’s a lip stain that doesn't look like you're wearing th anything, but gives your lips a bitten an look. lo

5 things in makeup bag:

I oonly have 5 things in my makeup bag! I have a mineral powder by Laura ba Mercier, tinted Burts Bees tinted chapstick, a herbal Kajaal, a Chanel liner my sister gave me and bright red lipstick by Mac called Lady Danger...I love the title of that one.

Favourite fragrance:

I don't like perfumes actually, they give me headaches. But I really love the brand AESOP, as their scented lotions are made with only essential oils. I love their Geranium Leaf Body Lotion.

Beauty Mishap:

I think generally, people wear too much makeup. That's the biggest mishap. Less is more! OCTOBER 2011 ║ Youth Incorporated 67

64fashion.indd 67

13/09/11 3:26 PM





Interests: Enjoys writing poetry, sketching and reading





Interests: ing jo c Dis ckeyjoys en (DJ) a nd onic tr playing elec music


ey guys! This is a new platform for models and actors and for those who have always wanted a break in the glam world. Send your portfolio pictures to us and if you are selected by our team, we will send your images to leading production houses in the country.

Nishaad Currently worki Masalawala ng as a script wri ter

dhary Vineet Chou as well as ing Currently act ling el d mo

Interests: Drawing and pa inting

Anshu Gau Currently a fashion tam also styles for films an designer and d T V shows 68 Youth Incorporated â•‘ OCTOBER 2011

68model.indd 68

Interests: spending ys jo En st of time in the mid ves lo ly al re d nature an places discovering new

eshi Mahanav Pardy business mil Helps with his fa


Send your images to No phone calls will be entertained. Disclaimer: Youth Inc is only a platform to share your pictures. Youth Inc will not be responsible for any decision made by you or any sort of contract signed between you and the production house. Send your pictures at your own risk.

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Dr glowing Good holiday SKIN skin In this holiday season, you are sure to be planning a trip. A vacation may reduce the stress on our nerves, but it can also take a toll on our skin. Follow these tips to keep your skin healthy and fresh when away from home! •• No matter where you go or what you do, drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated. •• In long flights, apply a moisturiser frequently, depending on how dry your skin is. •• It is important to know the climate of your destination and take the right advanced skincare products. •• Give yourself at least 10 minutes every day to keep up with your skin routine. If your skincare line has travel-sized products, that’s perfect! •• Carry sunscreen to protect your skin. Apply it every three hours when you are in sun and every two hours when you are in water. •• Wear a hat to protect your skin from sunrays and/ or cold weather. •• Use sunglasses to avoid sun glare and to protect your eyes from sun damage. •• Spray your face with ready-todispense thermal spring water regularly and then retouch with sunscreen. •• Protect your lips with chapstick in extreme temperatures, cold or hot. •• Take your own shampoo, especially if you have very sensitive skin. •• Make sure that every single thing you eat is healthy and nutritious. •• Keep your hands clean with an antibacterial lotion and hand sanitiser. •• Sleep is very important in skin rejuvenation. Try to take a catnap whenever you can. •• The worst thing is not taking off your makeup at the end of the day. Cleaning the skin is the best way to keep it healthy. You may be tired after a long day of sightseeing, but this is essential for your skin!

I have a hair-fall problem. I started using a special shampoo but there is no difference. In fact, I feel it has increased. What can I do to reduce this? Nisha Nambiar, Mumbai If you have been losing hair for three months, it could be due to fever, physical stress, severe dandruff or an allergic reaction to hair colour. Acute hair loss is self limited. You can take hair vitamins, which are easily available at pharmacies. If your hair problem is persistent for more than three months, then you should check your vitamin B12, vitamin D3 and ferritin levels and correct the deficiencies after consulting your doctor. Do not go for vigorous hair massages during the period of active hair fall. Hair-care products such as shampoos and conditioners can’t correct hair fall. I have many melanin spots on my skin that cause uneven skin tone and dark spots, especially on my face. How do I cure this and what can I do to prevent it in the future? Swati Kumar, Pune Avoid excessive sun exposure and protect your skin from the sun as much as possible. Use a good sunscreen with SPF of at least 50 regularly; apply a good amount, at least one full finger tip unit, every two to four hours. Pigment spots can be treated with skin-lightening creams or laser treatments through a dermatologist. I have developed dark circles under my eyes lately since I am severely stressed about work. Is there a natural way to get rid of them? Kalpana Venkat, Delhi Your dark circles are due to eye fatigue

DR MALAVIKA KOHLI A renowned dermatologist, she has made her mark in aesthetic dermatology in India for over 15 years. Send your query to

and congestion. You need to use products which have soothing and hydrating effects, such as aloe vera, green tea or cucumber. You can also use soothing eye drops to reduce eye congestion. Avoid rubbing your eyes as it can worsen the pigmentation. A restful sleep will help to reduce the fatigue factor. I have developed too many cracks on my feet due to the weather. I have noticed these develop due to open footwear, but in Mumbai weather it is impossible to wear just closed shoes. I got rid of them using Krack cream when I used to live abroad, but they are back. Please help with permanent solution. Heena Desai, Mumbai There is no permanent solution. Keep your feet clean and apply special foot creams containing urea and lactic acid, easily available at the pharmacies. Use them at least twice a day. My skin is oily and I have been suggested a high SPF sunscreen, but it makes my skin even more oily. Is there a solution? Sheetal Jog, Nagpur Higher SPF sunscreens are difficult to formulate in a gel form. So you could use a non-oily sunscreen of SPF 30 more often. OCTOBER 2011 ║ Youth Incorporated 69

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refresh} _MAKEOVER

Two students are given an edgy, yet funky look by hairstylists Santosh Gahatraj and Valan Fernando at Juice



“I’m so happy with my new easy-to-wear hair style! I actually love the way it has been given a voluminous look. And, the best part is that it looks cool, yet so chic!”

( HAIR )


• Gave her an asymmetrical look on the whole. Went short with the lower layers at the back, giving more volume to her hairdo • Bangs have been redefined • Deep red tones in the front accentuate her dusky look • Blow dried her hair and styled it with a finishing product

• Used a foundation to hide pigmentation and finished off the face and neck with a translucent powder • Accentuated her eye lids and eyes with kajal and blended in turquoise eye shadow, which lent a contrasting look to her red highlights • Used a nude lip shade and a copper blush to highlight her cheekbones


“My look is so easy to style and the colour is really funky! I just cannot wait to go to college and show my friends my new look!”

( HAIR )


• Squared the sides of his hair for less volume • Created a disconnected V-cut look at the back of his head • Created a semi-Mohawk to create height and enhance his cheekbones • Used Mahogany Brown as a global hair colour, and finished off with a diagonal panel on the side of his head • Styled his hair using hair wax

• Concealed his undereye circles to match his skin colour • Created an even skin tone using a skin toned foundation

Send your photos to Youth Inc to get a makeover and transform your look! Email us at 70 Youth Incorporated ║ OCTOBER 2011

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16/07/11 12:13 PM


Need for

SPEED With India at the helm of its premier Grand Prix in Greater Noida, Indian F1 fans get pumped up as the countdown to this ubiquitous race begins. Youth Inc takes you for a drive on the inside track


ust a two-hour drive from Delhi, in the heart of Greater Noida, lies India’s very own state-of-the-art Formula One circuit, putting India on the F1 map as one of the host countries of the celebrated Grand Prix race. Later

this month, F1 legends and other big names in the racing world will gather at the Buddh International Circuit to participate in India’s premier Grand Prix. Indian Formula One fans are looking forward to this three-day

racing extravaganza, what with the likes of everybody’s favourite teams like McLaren and Ferrari and legendary drivers like Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso and Michael Schumacher participating in the Indian leg of the race.

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r a F o s s e r o c S e Th TEAM



426 295


F1 ICONIC LEGEND/ 1950s F1 Italian driver Alberto Ascari, winner of 13 championship Grand Prix titles (like his father Antonio Ascari) died while testing a Ferrari sports car. Strangely, both Alberto and his father died at the age of 36 after surviving serious accidents. Both died on the 26th day of the month, leaving behind a wife and two kids, and both crashed on easy left-hand corners. Known to be highly superstitious, it is known that Alberto was not wearing his lucky blue helmet at the time of his death.

72Need.indd 73


Mumbai-based Trysen Sequeira, a Formula One enthusiast, says, “I’m rooting for my all-time favourite, Lewis Hamilton. I really hope he wins this race since he is rated in the third place so far.” Jaclyn Bredemeyer-D’Mello, who is currently studying and training to become a pilot, has been an F1 fan for as long as she can remember. She has always been amazed at how precisely the drivers come in at a pit stop without running anyone over as well as how they endure the heat, seated in their cars, especially when the race is in a hotter-than-usual temperature. She excitedly says, “This season I’m rooting for Sebastian Vettel. Last year, he showed a lot of class and considering the fact that he races in a car that isn’t your typical Ferrari or Mclaren, it’s amazing! Besides, the way Vettel started this season was fantastic. However, as the season has progressed, he’s seen some tough competition lent by the two British drivers showing their class and skill too.” The Buddh International Circuit can accommodate around 1,10,000 people. Tickets have been priced at `2,500 for green spots, `6,000 for Picnic spots, `6,500 for Classic seats, `8,500 for the Star section, `12,500 for the Premium Stand and `35,000 for Grand Stand seats. It is known that the 5.14km track has been intelligently designed with a good blend of slow-speed turns and

13/09/11 2:19 PM


high-speed straights. If reports are to be believed, this circuit is one of the most challenging ones for drivers! According to India's first F1 driver Narain Karthikeyan, who will be racing on October 30, 2011 for his Spanish outfit Hispania Racing, hosting a Grand Prix in India is sure to bring about a change like it did for Malaysia and China. He also added that he could relate some of the corners on the Noida circuit to corners of other global grand circuits. There are are a lot of overtaking opportunities and long straights, he was quoted as saying. “With regards to India hosting its very own Grand Prix, this is a huge deal for us. It’s great that our country finally gets to be up there too! But I’m still wondering whether the circuit will be like Monaco or even Singapore, and whether the track is along the normal roads of the city. I just can’t wait to see it,” says Bredemeyer-D’Mello. Mercedes-Benz is the official automobile partner for the F1 event at Buddh International Circuit Furthermore, heavy metal giants, Metallica, will be playing at this event, making it a double delight for fans. It has also come to be known that Jaypee Sports International (JPSI) plans to launch a driving academy in 2012 together with Mercedes-Benz. The selected young drivers will get a chance to train in Germany too! FORCE INDIA India, not one to be left out of global events, is represented by Force India, a team that was formed way back in 2007 when businessmen Vijay Mallya and Michiel Mol bought the Spyker F1 team for €88 million (approx `580 crore). This year, the team comprises Adrian Sutil and Paul di Resta who unveiled their new car known as the VJMO4 in February 2011. The car incorporates a Mercedes-Benz engine and Pirelli tyres. Sequeira, who is not too fi xed on Force India being the winning team in the Formula One

Nationality: German Team: RBR-Renault Position: 1


Sebastian Vettel


Nationality: British Team: McLaren-Mercedes Position: 3


Team: RBR-Renault Position: 2 Mark Webber

Lewis Hamilton

Nationality: Spanish Team: Ferrari Position: 4

Nationality: British Team: McLaren-Mercedes Position: 5 Fernando Alonso

Jenson Button

F1’S LIVING LEGEND/ Austria’s Niki

Lauda, 3-time F1 World Championship winner, is known for his quick and courageous return to racing after surviving an appalling accident. Post his racing career, the former racing champion managed the Jaguar F1 team, worked as an adviser for Ferrari, became an aviation entrepreneur and went on to launch Niki Airlines.

this year, says, “I don’t mind if they get points, but I don’t really want them to win in the end.” “I’m definitely excited and proud that our country’s name is on the map along with the big guns of the Grand Prix. Also, Force India has managed to get a good number of points this season. It’s a good feeling! Being Indo-German however, I continue to support Vettel as well as Force India,” Bredemeyer-D’Mello says. Many F1 fans in India are vying for the coveted tickets to this race. “I just

hope to get my hands on tickets for the Indian Grand Prix in October,” Sequeira concludes. One thing's for sure, all those Formula One fans who will not be able to make it to Noida for the race, will be watching the Indian leg of the race on large screens at pubs, where the excitement is bound to be at an all high. F1 fans in India, most of which are already glued to the 2011 season's lap-after-lap races are gearing up slowly but surely with F1 merchandise like t-shirts, jackets and caps of theior favourite teams. yi

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Start small,

think big

Neither crash diets nor irregular fitness routines can help you lose weight. If the weighing scale has become your enemy of late, it’s high time you get started with this seemingly Herculean task


he healthiest way to lose weight involves a complete change in one’s lifestyle and does not include crash diets or sporadic bursts of exercise. Indeed, this revamped lifestyle might be a putoff for some, while others may resort to procrastination. However, once you make a start and begin to see and feel the difference, you will be motivated to go on. There are a number of vital steps that you should stick to when it comes to effectively losing those extra kilos.

PERSISTENCE IS KEY It’s important to be motivated, persistent and have a strong belief in yourself. In fact, you might only begin to notice any changes after a few good weeks of keeping with your fitness routine and diet. One of the most difficult aspects of losing weight is maintaining a high level of motivation. There might be days when you feel like binging on your favourite food, but this is only natural, and you should try your best to not give in. A good way to remain motivated during your healthy weight loss plan is to celebrate when you hit your goals. For instance, when you check your weight and see the scales dip, you can reward yourself with a new piece of clothing

or a day full of relaxation at the spa! Sandeep Sachdev, who successfully lost a whopping 50.7kgs on the reality show ‘India’s Biggest Loser’ says, “Start small, think big was the golden piece of advice that was given to me by my commerce teacher when I was studying in Class 12. These words have stuck with me, and I make sure to apply this saying in every sphere of life. It has kept me motivated, confident, strong and an achiever for life." Sachdev, who became a fitness trainer after losing oodles of weight and managing to keep it off, feels that the saying ‘Rome was not built in a day’ would be apt to describe the process of healthy weight loss. ON THE WORKOUT FRONT Exercise daily if you wish to keep those extra kilos at bay and make it a practice to kick-start your metabolism (a vital factor that helps one in the weight loss process). The consumption of certain foods will help you with that much-needed metabolism boost. The combination of these practices is the main secret to losing weight. Gradually increase the minutes in your exercise routine as the days go by. One of the most important pointers to keep in mind during your weight loss process is to take in fewer calories

than you burn. A nutritious food plan coupled with a well-planned fitness regime will take you in the direction you wish to go when it comes to effectively losing weight. It's important to push yourself to go on and not cave in when it comes to your workouts. Sachdev, says, “Back in 2007, my trainer had asked me to run 3km in a span of 20 minutes as part of my daily 90-minute routine workout. The first time I managed to clock 2.76kms. After this session, I thought of applying the ‘start small, thing big’ mantra, which effectively worked to my advantage. I managed to reach the 3km mark only after seven sessions, since I made sure to beat my previous record each time. My pace of running accelerated by small margins but it was only increasing, and this is what kept me motivated. After sticking to this disciplined practice, I managed to run 43kms a day!” If you gradually increase the pace or include more exercises in your OCTOBER 2011 ║ Youth Incorporated 75

75fit.indd 75

13/09/11 2:16 PM


workout routine as the days go by, and at the same time keep a watch on your calorie intake, you will most certainly lose weight. It's the only proven way after all!


st Loser’ After winning ‘India’s Bigge kgs on the .57 50 g for losing a whoppin dev went ch Sa p reality show, Sandee tant sul con ss on to become a fitne the is he ay, at Fitness First. Tod dor for personal training ambassa personal the as ll Fitness First, as we t of his ou rn Bo trainer to celebrities. ve up ga v de ch Sa passion for fitness, in the r ree ca a for a career in banking . ng ini tra field of fitness and

ON THE EATING FRONT Have you always imagined losing weight without going on one of those crazy diets? Well, it’s possible,

weight loss wonders

 Never skip a wholesome breakfast  Eat five small meals at regular intervals and all you have to do is maintain a nutritious eating plan. It’s important to burn more calories than the calorie count of your food intake. Since fat contains the highest amount of calories, which are more difficult to burn as compared to other food types like carbohydrates and proteins, it’s best to cut down on fatty foods. Try to incorporate more wholegrain breads, fruits and vegetables instead of white bread, sugar-laden colas and fried food. Drink a lot of green tea, a well-known metabolism kick-starter. Avoid skipping meals as it slows down your metabolism. Instead, you should try to eat around eight small meals a day. "You will be surprised to know that if you eat healthy, you will be able to consume enough food that has the ability to keep you satisfied at all times of the day,” says Sachdev. There are no shortcuts to losing weight the healthy way. Out of personal experience, Sachdev feels that when it comes to fitness, one must realise that expecting quick results can eventually lead to a downer. “The

 Replace unhealthy treats like fried potato chips with a healthier substitute like baked potato chips or sunflower seeds  Try and avoid the intake of carbs after 5 pm and fruits after dinner  Avoid sugar-laden fizzy drinks. Instead, drink a good amount of water and fresh juices  Swap whole milk for skimmed milk  Exercise daily to stay in shape and to boost your metabolism  Keep a food journal to keep track of your food habits  Avoid white foods like white sugar and white flour. Replace this with brown sugar and try to eat whole-grain breads instead  Include high-fibre foods in your diet  Cut down on the intake of processed foods, alcohol and fried foods

one and only mantra that should be applied to your weight-loss regime is to start scaling up workouts (calories out) and scaling down unhealthy eating habits (calories in). The mantra of starting small and thinking big is also very effective,” he explains. By keeping your weight in the healthy range, you will also less likely be troubled by illnesses in the years to come. VISUALISE YOUR GOALS Utilising the power of positive visualisation can help you to a great extent during your weight-loss process. You heard that right! Just imagine, envision and see how the results show. This is because positive imagery sets the stage for positive results. Obviously, you need to supplement this with your fitness routine and nutrition plan. After all, nothing comes really easy in life! This powerful method of programming your mind automatically helps the body to conform to this image. Visualisation also helps to break bad habits since this method puts one in charge of their subconscious, the place where all habits are stored. It's a good idea to fi x a goal for the ideal amount of weight you wish to lose. Remember that weightloss is a combination of hardwork, persistence, motivation and sacrifices. If you really want to lose weight, you will be able to. Now that you are armed with this information, it's time to get going and begin working towards a happier and leaner you! yi

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XBOX 360 (KINECT) Release Date: OUT NOW





Fruit Ninja is a popular iPhone and Android app that has you wildly swiping away at your touchscreen and slicing and dicing at fruits of all shapes and sizes. The latest version makes the transition from smartphones to the controller-free motion gaming on the Xbox 360. The transition to Kinect is quite a graceful one. Gameplay is responsive and more or less accurate, and while the core concept is as basic as before, it can be a whole lot of fun. The two-player modes in particular are great party games, where you and a friend can either decimate some fruit together or in a race to see who scores the most points. There are instances when the Kinect does show its inadequacies, such as the lack of accuracy when you have to avoid certain objects, but otherwise, this is a fine port from touchscreen to living room gaming. The biggest problem though is the price. At 800 Microsoft Points, the Kinect version costs ten times more than the iOS version; a premium it simply does not justify.

CALL OF JUAREZ: THE CARTEL The first-person shooter genre is one of the most competitive, and it sometimes becomes hard for games to stand out from the crowd. In that respect, Techland have done a commendable job with the Call of Juarez series. The old Western setting, the gripping gun battles, and the unique missions helped the series create its own identity. The one thing that was missing, however, was campaign co-op. The third game - The Cartel, changes that, but unfortunately also takes a few steps back for the series. The biggest of these changes is the move from an old Western setting to the modern-day urban environs of Los Angeles. Much of the charm that helped the first two games feel unique is lost instantly. It also doesn't help matters that The Cartel is a massive step back for the series in terms of visual fidelity. All the environments seem to have an excessive haze that makes enemies hard to spot and tell apart from other objects. The AI isn't the brightest but having to squint to look for enemies does up the challenge, just not in the way you would have hoped. Los Angeles and its surroundings aren't very well realised either; it all just looks painfully generic. The Cartel's biggest hook is the addition of online coop. You can play as one of three law enforcement officers, and in a half-hearted attempt at linking it to the first two games, one of these characters is a descendent of Ray


XBOX 360, PS3, PC Release Date: OUT NOW

McCall from the earlier games. Each of these characters also has his/her own hidden agenda, and these play out as side missions in amongst the main missions. This sounds good in co-op, but fails when playing solo, because the AIcontrolled characters conveniently skip their side missions. While it's great to see co-op in Call of Juarez, Techland chose to do it in a game that would have been just fine without it because all the characters play nearly the same. Even in co-op, The Cartel is a mediocre effort and one that doesn't do justice to Techland's talents. OCTOBER 2011 â•‘ Youth Incorporated 77

77game.indd 77

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of the MONTH

 SAMSUNG N100 Netbook

If you are one of those who are always on-the-go, then this lightweight wonder of a netbook will be your faithful companion. This netbook is powered by the dual core Intel Atom N435 processor that runs at 1.33 GHz and the Intel GMA 3510 graphics processor along with 1GB DDR3 RAM with a hard disk drive of up to 250GB, which when combined offers a fantastic user experience. Further, the option of DOS or Windows 7 offers you a great deal of flexibility. Its well-designed keyboard, non-reflective 10.1inch screen and the 4-in-1 card reader make this netbook a good buy. The price too is very affordable considering that this netbook offers two USB ports as well as a headphone and microphone-in port.


 MAXX Scope MT150 With the entire world completely obsessed over all things touch, here comes yet another gadget, albeit one with a highly affordable price tag, to join the touch screen league. The dual SIM option allows you to do away with the burden of carrying an extra phone, while the smooth web browsing feature makes logging on to Facebook and Twitter a breeze! Plus, the 2.8-inch touch screen makes for an easy browsing experience ` 3,732 too, while the 1.3 megapixel camera offers decent image clarity. In the looks department (and this is a major factor for touch screen lovers), the Scope MT150 phone is sleek and is available in black. A 2GB memory card, Yahoo messenger and tons of videos, music and multimedia content are the phone’s accompanying goodies. Touching isn’t it!

 BRANDO USB Cassette

Capture & Player


Whil audio While di cassettes are pretty much h non-existent i in these digitally forward times, a lot of us still haven’t managed to part with our large collections of analogue goodness. At a fantastic price, you’ll be able to convert all your music into the MP3 file format with this device that runs on AA batteries or USB. Besides transferring music from your old audio cassettes to your computer, you can also relive those good ol’ days by hooking up this device to a compatible device using the 3.5mm audio jack.

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CX 215 Earphones


If you happen to be on the lookout for some fantastic sounding in-ear earphones, look no further because the CX215 model by audio specialists Sennheiser are here. Those looking for a powerful, bass-driven stereo sound and noise cancellation features will be happy with the output of these earphones. Besides, they offer a comfortable wearing experience, allowing users to use their MP3 players and portable gaming system with ease. Choose from funky colours like orange, navy blue, green, brown and pink.

 VIOLIGHT Cellphone UV Sanitiser


Clocky Alarm Clock `2,999



This strange-looki strange-looking alarm clock on wheels is the f companion for those who find themselves perfect repeatedly going for the snooze button each morning! This smart little alarm clock will not rest until you have decided to get up. After allowing you to press the snooze button just once, it will leap off your bedside table, wheel itself around the room and find a place to hide, all this while continuously letting out a shrieking sound, until you are left with no option but to run after it and turn it off. This alarm clock is worth the chase for sleepyheads looking to break their oversleeping habits.

 INSPAN G-Shot HD525 Digital Camcorder


We’ve all come across studies about mobile phones being the hub of the nastiest of germs. In fact, cell phone surfaces are known to be carriers of more pathogens than a toilet seat! Now, you can keep yourself away from one less viral cold using the Violight Cellphone UV Sanitiser. Apart from your phone, this nift y device can also sterilise earphones, small MP3 players and Bluetooth adapters. All you have to do is place the device of your choice in this contraption and after three minutes, you’ll no longer be ‘bugged’ by lurking bacteria.

A pocket-sized high-definition video camera is something that everyone’s dreams are made of. Now make that dream a reality with this user-friendly, light and compact digital camcorder. The G-Shot HD525 camcorder has an 8x digital zoom and shoots videos and pictures with a resolution of 16 megapixels. Its 2.4-inch screen together with blur reduction, voice recorder, night mode, burst mode and a good battery life complete the features of this camcorder.


OCTOBER 2011 ║ Youth Incorporated 79

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iMHO {







Dia Mirza, Cyrus Sahukar, Tisca Chopra This movie showcases the stories of seven different people, depicting their take on love. While Jai (Zayed Khan) is on the hunt for the perfect woman, Naina (Diya Mirza) has no ambitions as such. Strangely, they could make the perfect couple but movies things don’t seem to take off for them. Then, there’s Govind (Cyrus Sahukar) who has been twice divorced and cannot wait to get remarried. Ritu (Umang Jain) lives to see her relationships break, while Sheila (Tisca Chopra) waits for her Mr Right and thus remains single. Arjun (Satyadeep Misra) and Gayatri (Auritra Ghosh) seem to be the only couple who are truly happy and ready for their dream wedding. Will their love inspire the others?


Starring: Prateik Babbar, Kalki

Koechlin, Arjun Mathur, Shruti Seth Interestingly, Prateik, who is usually known to play serious roles, takes on a funny role this time around in this comedy flick that tells the story of Michael Pinto (Babbar), a clumsy boy from Goa who comes to Mumbai to surprise his best friend. However, he keeps getting into trouble, resulting into hilarious situations. Along with Kalki Koechlin, they sizzle in the leading roles of this movie. Expect the house to come down with the freeflowing entertaining jokes.

REAL STEEL Starring: Hugh Jackman, Dakota


Movies / Music / Books

THE KOOKS JUNK OF THE HEART Like every other album of this indie British group, this one too has the power to captivate the listeners’ senses with a 12-song tracklist that oozes surplus energy, sweet notes and easy rhythms. The album’s title track, Junk of the Heart (Happy), has poetic and catchy lyrics that go: "Junk of the heart is the junk of the mind. You’re a lover of the wild and a joker j k off the h heart/ h / music but are you mine?" Is it Me is more power-driven and can well be described as a positive song to start the day. Th is album’s production is fantastic, cleanly handled by producer Tony Hoffer of Beck fame. Rosie and Eskimo Kiss use the traditional Kooks sound, while How’ d You Like That has that edgy feel to it. Junk of the Heart is one of those albums that you can listen to from start to finish at one go! It’s also one of those that offer you an instant pick-me-up.

LUCKY ALI RAASTA MAN Lucky Ali is back after a long gap with another gem of an album. True to the album’s inspiration of the extraordinary life and times of a nomad, this album is ablaze with songs that present a plateful of nostalgia. The 11-song album comprises melodious ballads that Lucky Ali is known for, beginning with Yeh Zindagi, a happy blues song, perfect to kickstart your day, and goes on to the soulful Dil Gaaye Ja. Duniya ke Samundar will captivate you with interesting vocal sections and various instruments, while Main Kya Karoon has a catchy tune. Rastaman is one of those albums you need to keep stashed in your car, perfect for long drives out of the city.

STRAW DOGS Starring: Alexander Skarsgård, Kate

Goyo, Kevin Durand

Bosworth, James Marsden

This one’s for all you sci-fi fans waiting for a visual treat. The fi lm is set in the year 2020 when robots replace humans in boxing. Charlie Kenton (Jackman) loses his chance to become a boxing champion after robots take over. He is now forced to become a small-time promoter but fails to make a decent living. He then turns to what he does best by building a robot with his son Max (Goyo).

David Sumner (James Marsden) is a screenwriter based in LA who relocates with his wife (Kate Bosworth) to her hometown in the South. Once they reach there, tensions start brewing between the two, as well as with the locals and they are now faced with a threat. This thriller fi lm is a remake of the 1971 fi lm of the same name. Interestingly, it is also based on the Gordon Williams novel, The Siege of Trencher’s Farm.

80 Youth Incorporated ║ OCTOBER 2011

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`55 books

Author: Lev Grossman Grossman’s The Magicians, a worldwide bestseller, was a departure from the fantasy genre that is populated with Hogwarts and hobbits for teenagers; it talked about adult issues of sex, drugs, alienation and teenage angst. The protagonist, Quentin Coldwater, returns in this sequel set deep in the magical land of Fillroy (with striking parallels to Narnia) where he is the acting king along with his friends, Janet, Julia and Eliot. Quentin goes on an adventure in this fantasy, simply because he is bored of the rich, extravagant life of a king. The intersection of ‘real’ life and fantasy is brilliantly constructed in the book, as magicians use everyday items such as Google Maps to enhance a spell and deal with broken relationships, the difficulty of finding happiness and making colossal mistakes. Grossman seems to blend the fantasy genre with literary realism, where the inner life of the protagonist is constructed with vivid detail. Even the magical world of Fillroy is not the perfect, children’s book, fairytale land but has all the violence and conflicts of the ‘real’ world. Fans of CS Lewis and JK Rowling will enjoy this adult fantasy and the striking dénouement that promises a third novel in the series.


EMILY BRONTË’S Wuthering Heights is a must-read. It’s a passionate tale of love, unresolved passion and eventual destruction of the lovers and those around them.

ALEPH Author: Paulo Coelho Paulo Coelho is back with a new novel that can perhaps be described as his most personal to date. The story sees Paulo travelling to different continents like Europe, Africa and Asia in an effort to revive his energy and passion for life and to embark on a spiritual journey after he faces a very grave crisis. He decides to start from scratch and along the way meets people and is faced with new experiences. On his journey, he meets a young Turkish woman named Hilal, who happens to be a gifted violinist. He finds out a lot about himself and his soul by travelling into the future and back to the past, and is able to find a connection with the woman through a past-life experience. Together, they embark on a voyage that transcends space and time. It’s yet another one of his books that has the ability to lend meaning to the reader. It has the ability to confront the reader with hard-hitting questions about one’s life. Meaningful qualities of life like love, courage and forgiveness, as well as magic and mysticism form the central theme of this book, much like Coelho’s previous books. Readers can expect yet another gem of a story in Aleph.




S Starring: Rishi K Kapoor, Neetu Singh Two out-of-work T musicians escape m ffrom murderers by ddisguising themselves aas women and joining aan all-girl band. This ffast-paced, rom-com is a must watch!



AMISH TRIPATHI’S The Secret of the Nagas, the sequel to The Immortals of Meluha of the Shiva Trilogy, is a fast-paced tale of Shiva in search of the truth in a deadly land. Perfect for that mid-term vacation!

LEGALLY BLOND Starring: Reese Witherspoon, Luke Wilson, Selma Blair Sorority queen Elle Woods follows her exboyfriend to Harvard, where she finds out that she is no dummy and her savvy side comes to the fore.

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600 `500 -ers n per p o

Pan-Indian food has never tasted or looked as delicious as it has at Siaa. The menu consists of a wide range of Indian dishes, some pure to the region that they are from while others are a blast of fusion, such as the Salmon Grilled Tikka with tamarind mayonnaise. Kori Gassi, a coconut-based chicken gravy, takes you straight to the breezy Konkan belt of India. The Paneer Singhada Khada Masala is a good option for vegetarians. Try out the Chicken Chettinand Biryani too. The restaurant’s parathas, rotis, khulchas and other assortments of Indian breads are freshly prepared and succulent. Desserts include a vast variety of fruit-based savoury treats. It’s a great place for a nice meal with family or friends as you are sure to love the décor as well as the view.  - SAMEERA KHAN


400 `300p-ers on per

Nestled in the hub of designer stores in Hauz Khas Village, Yeti is perfect for those mid-shopping hunger pangs. The restaurant offers low seating options surrounded by Pali writings on the walls. The Himalayan kitchen serves Nepalese, Tibetan and Bhutanese dishes, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. The humble servers will be happy to recommend in case you are not familiar with the menu. The Datchi Chicken, which is in a creamy white sauce flavoured with green chilly served with Tingmo, a Tibetan bread, must not be missed. Well-known dishes Tibetan dishes like momos and thukpa are available as well that will leave you smacking your lips for some time. 



`500 - 750 per person

Mia Cucina is one place that comes to mind when one thinks of a no-frills, yet delicious and authentic Italian meal. With around ten tables set in a cosy brickwalled room as well as an alfresco section, this restaurant, the name of which translates as ‘my kitchen,’ literally feels like one is seated in an Italian friend’s kitchen or living room! You can enjoy a steady flow of wine in the warm ambience of this little hole-in-the-wall restaurant, but they don’t serve beer. Must-try dishes include the Chicken in Porcini Sauce, a filling meal that consists of flattened pieces of chicken in a white sauce with mushrooms, accompanied by garlic-tossed beans and roasted potatoes, or the yummy Spaghetti Carbonara. Vegetarians too will be spoilt for choice with dishes like the Parmigiana di Melanzane – a dish with eggplant, mozzarella and parmesan, or even the Zucchini Ripiene (Zucchini stuffed with parmesan, pine nuts and sultanas). Top your meal off with a dessert like the all-time favourite Panacotta or Tiramisu. - MEERA PUNJABI

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In a

Jiffy Chef Ian Kittichai has continually been experimental and pushed the limits of notions of food – especially for Asian cuisines. A skilful student across a wide span of cuisines, Chef Kittichai’s food is a parallel for his life experience and philosophy. Currently, he owns and runs four restaurants around the world (New York, Mumbai, Bangkok and Abu Dhabi ). His television shows air across 700 cities. At his restaurant Koh, at the Intercontinental Marine Drive Hotel in Mumbai, he whips up an interesting recipe for our readers to cook and relish.



Pakchoy is one of the popular mainland crop in SE Asia and a staple ingredient for vegetarian dishes. The vegetable has gained popularity even in the western world for its sweet, succulent nutritious stalks and is now freely available in most parts of the world. Nutrition facts  It is one of the rare vegetables that is very low in calories and is very rich in vital minerals and anti-oxidants.  Fresh pakchoy is an excellent source of vitamin C and B-complex.

POTATO PRIK INGREDIENTS Potatoes Enoki mushrooms Pakchoy Dry red chilli (small) Galangal ginger Lemon grass Onions Garlic Coriander roots Maca Root fruits Coriander powder Cumin powder Palm sugar Oil

200gms 25gms 50gms 75gms 15gms 15gms 15gms 15gms 15gms 1 5gms 5gms 5gm 15ml


Peel and cut potatoes in wedges. Parboil the potato wedges in salt water. Let them cool for some time and then deep fry the wedges until crisp. For the sauce, soak the dry chillies in warm water and grind them with all the other ingredients to a fine paste. • Heat the oil in a wok. Sauté garlic and add curry paste. Cook it with little stock or water and add the potatoes, pakchoy and enoki mushrooms. Toss and adjust the seasoning. • Garnish with julienne chillies.

CHEF'S NOTES  Enoki mushroom is a special slim mushroom, but you can use local mushrooms instead.  The Maca Root fruit is an important ingredient in Thai food, it is available in gourmet markets.  Palm Sugar – it is available in the market but can be easily replaced with jaggery. OCTOBER 2011 ║ Youth Incorporated 83

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As the name itself suggests, this 3-tiered, UFOshaped magnificent structure offers one the experience of a lifetime. It not only houses a discotheque but also a banquet-style restaurant. Be prepared to experience a mind-blowing night of swaying and stomping to the beats with the nightclub’s state-of-the-art sound. The lights too add to the out-of-this-world experience. Besides partying, one can also gorge on some fantastic food here that includes Indian, Chinese and Continental. The succulent kebabs are not worth a miss. However, this place is known to rank low on cleanliness. A visit to Area 51 is a must if you happen to be in Pune, simply to have a look and feel of this engineering marvel.


If you are a serious music aficionado on the look-out for a music-filled night out on the town, then Blue Frog is a must-visit. On weekends, one can generally expect this nightclub to be packed to the hilt, heaving to the beats belted out by international electronic DJs. With a fantastic sound and light setup, you also shouldn’t miss out on live bands performing here. Exceptional bands like Soulmate and Cobblestone Jazz as well as electronic artists like Shpongle, have all rocked this nightclub to the core. The setup is minimal, yet futuristic, while the projected visuals are top-notch. Sample the food at this nightclub together with delicious cocktails, all of which are worth the price!

The newly opened Kismet has been designed to fascinate. With mind-bending installations in every corner of this place, as well as the fantastic light and sound setup, all taken care of by a London-based design firm, you can expect nothing but a treat to the senses. The drinks menu is extensive, with a host of interesting cocktails to choose from. There are seating options too, making it feel like you are in a lounge. Or if you really want to let your hair loose, you can groove to the DJ’s music on the spacious dance floor. Visit Kismet with your group of friends. You are sure to love it! 84 Youth Incorporated ║ OCTOBER 2011

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kiss&tell Breaking DAW N!

Krist Stewart will Kristen nal marry boyfriend finally and heartthrob h Robert Patti Pattinson; or rather, their alteralter-egos, Bella Swan will tie th the knot with vampire Edwa Edward Cullen in the first insta installment of Breaking Daw Dawn next month. Kristen and Robert R have been in love since the first movie and have been living together for a num number of years. She even pulle pulled out of her mother’s direc directorial debut K-11, to spen spend more time with him in th the summer. Since then, she h has been shooting in Lond London for Snow White and the H Huntsman, while he’s been moping around without her. D Don’t worry Kristen, the dawn will break soon!

Designs on Kat Katrina Kaif is planning to design her clothes for her upcoming film, Ek tha Tiger, if Yash Raj and Aditya Chopra grant her permission. Interestingly, Katrina had given her input for the rocker chick look that she sported in Mere Brother ki Dulhan. For this film, she actually accompanied her designer friend, Rocky S, to search far and wide for clothes, shoes and accessories. Katrina is said to have a keen interest in fabrics as well as in designing clothes. Can’t wait to see your creations, Kat!


NO FAME for this DAME

Sarah Jessica Parker claims to have never wanted fame. She was quoted as saying that she never wanted to be known as a celebrity. The Sex and the City star even enjoys doing her own grocery shopping. And, she also loves to take her kids to school. The mother of three has managed to remain ever so gorgeous. Even though she didn’t yearn to be famous, SJP has been quoted as saying that she totally enjoys the business of acting!

Christina is “FAT”! Twenty-six-year-old Kelly Osbourne who has famously lost 51kg after a hardcore diet, recently called Christina Aguilera “fat” during a recent episode of her E! style show, Fashion Police. “Maybe she is just becoming the fat b**** she was born to be,” Kelly sniped. “She was a **** to me.” Kelly is still upset with Christina who had called her Kelly “the Belly” earlier this year. It was old-fashioned revenge at the heart of her childish outburst; she went on to say, “She called me fat for so many years, so you know what? You’re fat too!” Kelly may have lost the puppy fat, but now it’s time for her to lose her other childish bits! OCTOBER 2011 ║ Youth Incorporated 85

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AQUARIUS/JAN 21 - FEB 20 A steady start to the month is indicated. You will continue to strive for a balanced approach to life. These methods may well be unorthodox and require innovative thinking, but they won’t be risky. Your inventive imagination will get you out of tight spots. Contemplate going for a new look to push forward your ideas. Lucky Numbers: 2, 9 Lucky colour: Green Love Dates: 18th, 24th

PISCES/FEB 19- MAR 20 This is an excellent period to express your ideas and plans for important future projects as you will find willing backers. Express your thoughts and make long-term decisions. You may get into a routine that enhances your appeal and helps you be on the same wavelength with people who matter. Follow through with all commitments you make. Lucky numbers: 6, 7 Lucky colour: Crimson Love dates: 22nd, 25th

ARIES/ MAR 21 - APR 20 Work pressures dominate and your hectic routine makes it imperative for you to put in extra efforts to meet deadlines. A note of caution though – instead of feeling crushed, try to present things in a more measured manner. Emotional pressures and conflicts may make you want to get away from it all. Chance meetings bring exciting times ahead. Lucky numbers: 4, 9 Lucky colour: Yellow Love dates: 11th, 25th

AJAI RAI MADAN Astrologer, Numerologer & Aura reader




You are likely to be in a competitive mood and your steely determination to get through your tasks will give you productive results. Someone may want something that you are not prepared to give. An intense and dramatic confrontational situation may arise unexpectedly. Find the patience to deal with unreasonable attitudes and closed thinking. Lucky numbers: 4, 6 Lucky colour: Mauve Love dates: 2nd, 9th

LEO/ JUL 23 - AUG 23

A popular Bollywood vedic astrologer takes you through your starry forecast this month


Strive for consistency and move as quickly as possible. Long-term career planning will help you set benchmarks and give you the incentive to work towards goals. Stick to one thing and take the way that leads to prosperity. Don’t make hasty commitments as what may seem to be a good proposition may need to be reworked to be viable. Lucky numbers: 6, 8 Lucky colour: Scarlet Love dates: 16th, 30th

You may have greater independence to set the agenda at work as colleagues extend full cooperation. Proactive efforts will also help reduce bureaucratic delays. Minor differences with family can be eased by considering their views, even if you don’t agree with them. One-sided decisions could lead to tensions. Steer clear of gossip. Lucky numbers: 5, 9 Lucky colour: Sky blue Love Dates: 16th, 24th




You will address daily issues in a big way, but only because you want to. You may begin to emphatically deal with finances. You are in for a surprise as some calculated risks are likely to pay off. Just don’t get overconfident and keep track of things. Include your partner in the decision-making process if you want his or her support. Lucky numbers: 3, 6 Lucky colour: Red Love dates: 7th, 29th

You may find yourself in serious discussions. Study new proposals carefully as impulsive decisions could lead to avoidable mistakes. Give others the benefit of the doubt, and trust in yourself and your abilities. Joint finances and funds along with some buying and selling are all on the horizon, so be on the lookout for exciting new opportunities. Lucky numbers: 2, 9 Lucky colour: Black Love dates: 16th, 31st

Bide your time and avoid stirring up controversies or picking fights this month. You will need to be extremely calm in the face of trying circumstances. This is a good time to deal with pending personal issues and domestic tasks. Finance and love could both need your immediate attention, so go slow and don’t take undue risks. Lucky numbers: 2, 7 Lucky colour: Indigo Love dates: 17th, 20th




Being alert and maintaining a flexible schedule will allow you to take advantage of sudden changes. Be patient and do not let delays stress you out. Career demands and social obligations will bring in challenges. Listen to advice from senior colleagues but be careful to not let their contrary opinions dampen your enthusiasm for pet initiatives. Lucky numbers: 1, 5 Lucky colour: Orange Love dates: 7th, 14th

You may be in a restless mood. Channel your energies to help you complete pending tasks. Sudden changes can add to your workload, but extra efforts on your part will ensure that you meet your commitments on time. Your opinions on new developments will be appreciated and colleagues may wonder at your transformation. Lucky numbers: 3, 8 Lucky colour: Ivory Love Dates: 6th, 20th

It may be difficult to get your ideas across to others. Utilise your chief asset of patience when things get stressful. Work possibilities will automatically make you a leader in your own right. Don’t fail to strive for what you feel is right. You will get what you want, though differences with associates may make it difficult to accomplish your tasks. Lucky numbers: 4, 5 Lucky colour: Grey Love dates: 3rd, 19th

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A duck’s quack doesn’t


Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon

changed the name of the company from Cadabra to Amazon after the world’s most voluminous river


eye is actually bigger than its brain is


is the longest word that can be made using only the letters on the top row of a computer keyboard

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