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The quirkiest museums of India



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THINGS TO DO BEFORE YOU GRADUATE Youth Inc gives you the ultimate college bucket list



From wax statues to miniature trains, the museums in this country have some really quirky offerings



A handy exam guide for people who wish to join the civil services



We simplify the dating game by telling you exactly what the opposite sex is looking for

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From the silent films of Dadasaheb Phalke to Karan Johar’s big budget entertainers, Indian cinema has travelled a long, explorative journey. Our country has produced movies that have entertained millions throughout the world. However, within the Indian film industry, there lie several tales of stardom, jealousy, betrayals, love affairs and rivalries, some of which are more dramatic than the masala films of the 1970s. O N L I N E E XC L U S I V E S


EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES Find out how your hobbies can benefit your career


WHO’S PAINTING THE TOWN BOLLYWOOD? The walls in Mumbai have come alive with images of Rajesh Khanna, Amitabh Bachchan and other Bollywood stars. An initiative called The Bollywood Art Project aims at paying tribute to Indian cinema through street art. Find out more about Ranjit Dahiya, the artist behind this project.


THE MUSEUM GUIDE Find out how to make a trip to the some of the country’s quirkiest museums; we give you locations, timings, tips and much more.

WORM We tell you how to enjoy the benefits of early decision and early action while applying to foreign universities


Find out why young people are choosing to work in rural India

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Does hitting the ‘like’ button actually mean you support a cause? Or is it plain ‘slacktivism’?

75 FOAM UP WITH A BEAUTY BATH Make your bathing experience a luxurious treat


Relish the challenging trip to Lake Mansarover and Mount Kailash

Calling all fitness fanatics! Explore the emerging career options in the world of fitness training


Mr. Vardan Kabra, Head of Fountainhead School, shares his vision of improving education in India


Become a saviour of teeth and preserve smiles by entering the field of dentistry


Fashion designer Nishka Lulla on the ramp with boho chic fashion


An inside view into one of the coolest colleges in Mumbai





Shruti Vijayachandran shares the story behind her journey from Chennai to Cambridge



Meet the talented kids who have started their own app development company


WORD ZONE…48 DR GOOD SKIN…76 73 CAUGHT RED HANDED Find out about the oh-no-please fashion crimes to refrain from 74 SHORTS FOR YOUR SHAPE Check out the best shorts for your legs



Find out about the latest, novel ecofriendly gifts in store



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Volume 2 Issue 4 Oct 2012



Entertainment, entertainment, entertainment This year Indian cinema celebrates its platinum jubilee, a century of celluloid dreams right from 1912 to 2012. What a journey it has been with silent movies, black and white movies, Technicolor movies, animated movies, 3D movies and so on. And for all these, we must thank the Lumière brothers who pioneered the medium. They shot a series of short films (each around 50 seconds long), the most famous being Arrival of the Mail Train. When audiences watched footage of a train arriving at a station, they jumped out of their seats and ran for safety, believing the train was going to run over them! Motion pictures made their debut in India on the 7th of July, 1896. An advertisement appeared in a popular daily newspaper, informing people about ‘the marvel of the century’ being unveiled at The Watson Hotel in Bombay. Those who attended the event were shown a series of six short films by the Lumière brothers and thus began India’s love affair with cinema. Today Indian cinema produces the highest number of films and is the largest employer in showbiz. All through my childhood and years growing up, movies were an integral part of my family. We would eagerly await the Friday releases and were excited to hit the theatres and gorge on wafers and samosas. I even had a great collection of video tapes at home and some films like Satte Pe Satta and Seeta Aur Geeta I watched repeatedly and ended up learning their dialogues. I will always fondly recall Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander because its young characters, placed in a school setup, dealt with first love and teenage angst which were feelings that I identified with. Today where real meets surreal, I am a big fan of cult movies like Delhi Belly and Shaitan, and ‘arty movies’ like Bol and My Brother Nikhil. Although Bollywood has always been synonymous with song-and-dance, it is great that independent cinema is also growing and getting its share of the limelight. Indian cinema has kept audiences enthralled for 100 years and will continue to do so. As they say, “The show must go on!”

Nitish Shah

Editor-in-Chief NITISH SHAH



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Actor and funnyman Arshad Warsi, aka Circuit, was seen carrying a copy of our magazine at an event in Mumbai.

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“This is an awesome magazine! There is so much information about different careers and I really like that.” -Ramya



Jason Menezes and Nikita Deshpande ( How the blog works is: 1. A word is randomly selected; 2. Pieces of writing on the word are privately worked upon by Jason and Nikita and then uploaded; 3. Bottoms up! Creative, innovative and word-a-licious.




His twitter page is a collage of mock Chetan Bhagat book covers – guaranteed laughter. His best tweets: What if this 5 SMS a day thing is a conspiracy by cell phone companies to shortchange you on your unlimited SMS plan?


I would’ve understood if Korn cancelled because of the heat. Pop-Korn would’ve been quite sad. If you own a big umbrella and have never ‘knighted’ a dog with it, you’re living life all wrong.


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NewsNewsNews New News _EDU NEWS

Around the World Exam panel gets social networking


he exam panels in Maharashtra have opted for social media to improve the entire system. Following a saga of exam paper leaks, a 19-member examination reform panel was set up by the Maharashtra government. Students will be able to apply for revaluation online across universities in the state. Universities will also be able to hold online exams for specific courses. For the first time, a state government panel has uploaded their recommendations to a social networking site to reach out to as many students as possible. The suggestions include a range of advices, from conducting online exams for professional courses to grading colleges as per certain criteria. The panel unanimously decided that all universities will implement online examinations for internal exams or for a part of external examinations on a pilot basis in certain courses. The attempt to use social media is for a positive output this time.



he technical education system in Maharashtra will be undergo a radical shift in the way it allows students to study technical subjects. For instance, currently, the only way to an engineering degree is by writing entrance exams after class 12. The new overhaul proposes multiple entry points to engineering which would allow students to study the subject after completing diplomas or even BSc degrees. Courses themselves will become cross-disciplinary, encouraging students to study both cognate subjects (like metallurgy) and disassociated subjects (like literature). Training in soft skills and leadership will be given to make students more employable, along with compulsory internships. Plans to increase studentteacher ratio are also being developed. Streams that will see these changes are engineering, management, polytechnic courses, pharmacy and architecture.



he British Council has launched a new global English test known as the APTIS. APTIS is a global English assessment tool designed for organizations and institutions. APTIS is the premier major international English test wherein a student can sit for the test through one or more channels, conducting it from many locations via computers and face to face interactions. The students can also access APTIS from remote locations around the world with limited Internet connectivity, allowing many more individuals to develop relationships with the English language. APTIS can be used to assess ability in all four English skills i.e. speaking, listening, reading and writing. It can also be suited to test one or more specific skills, which can allow organizations to test relevant skills in candidates. This new test complements tests such as the IELTS.

Expensive courses not a guarantee for a well-paid job


he boom in India’s management education sector tripled the number of business schools to almost 4,000 in the last five years. But the economic slowdown has left students who have completed these courses after investing lakhs of rupees unable to find well-paying jobs. About 140 schools offering Master of Business Administration (MBA) courses are expected to close this year; also 35 per cent of their places were vacant in 2011-12. Those who entered this industry with the motive to make money are also departing after seeing the bubble deflate. The formerly high placement record for MBA graduates has also taken a dip. Aditya Dighe took a `330,000 loan to fund his MBA from a school in Mumbai, India’s financial hub. Four months and 18 job interviews after graduating, the 26-year-old is still looking for a job that will pay enough to cover his expenses and monthly loan instalments of `10,000. Schools with little or no track record fill seats by paying existing students upto `40,000 for referring other students, whereas some hire agents, paying them upwards of `50,000 for every student they get.

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News NewsNews


‘Oye! Peeke Mat Chala’ says Wilson College


ilson College’s proactive, socially relevant ‘Peeke Mat Chala’ campaign hit the roads, the web and the brains of many. Team PMC says, “If you are sober, we like you. If you are drunk, we like you even more! Stay with us. DON'T DRIVE.” Peeke Mat Chala wasn’t about cursing drunk drivers and making everybody else look at them with apathy. It was about reaching out to the targets. It got more people ‘talking’ about it, than just getting ‘likes’ on Facebook. PMC was a five-member team – Shweta Ramesh, Yash Singh, Abhay Raha, Alisha Mishra and Thomson Muriyadan. Their mascot was P.M. Singh’s body that pointed a finger at anyone. The team did not invite anyone to ‘like’ their page, knowing that people would do it for the sake of doing it and not to actually support the cause. The team kicked off the ‘stirrer’ project: they set out on a partyhard Saturday night to five popular bars where youngsters hang out and whose owners readily distribute drinks. Their Post Post Post-It Mumbai project was another hit before their car tour commenced. Team PMC decided against promoting the campaign themselves. They got celebs like Cyrus Broacha, Tanaaz Irani, Rahul Vaidya, Suchitra Pillai and Pooja Bedi who firmly believed in the cause and spoke in the Peeke Mat Chala style. Peeke Mat Chala has gone from a few to a massive fan base of followers so far. Check out the PMC campaign’s Mumbai Anthem on YouTube.

CBSE to test students for English oral proficiency


he Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has decided to assess students of class 9 and class 11 for oral English proficiency from this academic session. This would include assessing listening and speaking skills in English and would be formally called Assessment of Speaking and Listening Skills (ASL). The speaking test would be conducted for two students at a time, and it will last for a duration of 12 minutes. There will be one experienced teacher who is an expert in English language to assess both the students. The test has been divided into three parts – general introduction, mini presentation and pair interaction. The listening comprehension section assesses the student’s ability to attend to and listen for basic interpersonal, instructional and academic purposes. Students will hear a set of recordings of the listening input, or listen to a reading of the listening input. Each recording will be played twice and the students will not be allowed to ask questions or interrupt the teacher at any point. In case a student has not been able to speak, or has not been able to speak owing to nervousness, the dominance of the second candidate or any other external or internal factor, then the interlocutor may use a minute to give another opportunity to that student.



tudents pursuing online courses from prestigious US universities will be able to take their final exams in a global network of invigilated test centres. Online platforms for education such as online universities have been claimed as a ‘revolution’ for higher education and this is another big step towards achievement. Renowned education company Pearson will provide the test centres for the edX online courses provided by Harvard and MIT. Supervised exam centres will be placed. This mitigates any haywire allocations or invigilations. The true identity of learners is altered fraudulently several times. Also, authenticating the identity of all the registered online learners is another significant step that ensures fair, just and unbiased evaluation. These aspects will cut the cost of tuitions too and revolutionise the traditional higher education model. OCTOBER 2012 ║ Youth Incorporated 13

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Projects, lectures and deadlines making you glum? Vatsala Chhibber gives you a bucket list to add some excitement to your college life


hen we are in school, confined to our boring uniforms and living under the rule of the school bell, we derive hope from one thought: “Soon, I will enter college”. College life seems like the panacea for all our pre-teen problems. While it may seem like college life will last for a long time, it won’t. So we suggest you make the most of your campus life so that you graduate with an abundance of memories.

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College festivals help you meet new people in your college and also add great value to your CV once you graduate. Join the organising committee or enroll as a participant and you are guaranteed laughter sessions, gossip and maybe some fights as well.


Ahh... sweet memories of that college romance… oh, wait. To have those memories you have to first gather the courage to ask someone out. Don’t waste time pondering over the consequences or fearing the possible rejection. Go up to your crush and tell him/her how you feel. If you’re lucky, your college years will be enriched with movie dates, couple homework sessions and shared icecreams. If the answer is no, rest assured you will laugh at the incident some day.



If you feel the food options in your canteen are limited or boring, we assure you there will be a time when you will crave the spicy pav bhaji or the unique chinese bhel offered there. Make sure you try everything your college offers – the samosas, vada pavs, even the suspicious looking cheese Maggi. Your access to tasty, affordable food will reduce in the years to come, so enjoy your college binge sessions.

dwindle in the years to come. New jobs, new friends, marriages and families will contribute towards increasing the distance between you and your buddies. But spot that one (if you’re lucky maybe even two or three) friendship that you would like to preserve for a lifetime. New friendships will form in the years to come, but this person will probably know you better than anyone else.


Firstly, ensure that the prank will not cause any physical harm or emotional damage to anyone involved. Keep it light-hearted and fun. Maybe play an annoying song in class and smile secretly while the teacher tries to figure out who it is. Or maybe call your friend and tell them there is a surprise test the next day. Be creative but keep it harmless.


It could be a book lovers club, an antiragging campaign, a new college song, If you find your boredom levels escalating an annual costume party or even a new to dangerous heights during a lecture, word that becomes popular in your try and sneak out through the door college. Use this time to explore your while your teacher is looking away. If creative side. You might end up creating you manage this without being captured, a college tradition that is carried step one of the mission is complete. Next, forward by future students. try and sneak into another class. Why would we ask you travel from one torture MAKE A TIME CAPSULE Get all your friends to write down chamber to another? Because it’s a great way to explore another subject, especially where they see themselves in ten years’ time and lock all the answers in a box. without the pressure of having to write Someone takes the responsibility of an exam on it. Psychology, biology, photography, political science – whatever holding onto the key and the box will only be opened ten years later (no subject suits your liking, get some free cheating!). It’s a great excuse for a reknowledge. union and looking back at your teenage HAVE A MEAL WITH aspirations can be very entertaining.


Gather your friends and share an informal lunch or dinner with your professor. You might be surprised by how different teachers can be outside classrooms; chances are the session will be full of candid conversations and laughter. After listening to their stories, you may also realise what teachers have to put up with on a daily basis!

MAKE A FRIEND FOR LIFE You might have hundreds of friends in college but the numbers will mostly


Yes, you will have that big farewell party and fill ‘slam books’ with loving messages. But take a moment to say goodbye to the watchmen who let you enter college without an ID card, the librarian who excused your delays, the peon who told you when a teacher was absent or the canteen boy who custommade your sandwiches. College life is never sweet without these generous, loving souls. yi OCTOBER 2012 ║ Youth Incorporated 15

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What do you want to do before you graduate?



i i Tolan t i r k u S t

uden SYBMM st

Graduation for me was a big question; I had no clue which city would I land in exactly a year and a half back, so I have a lot of aspirations. I want to explore the whole of Mumbai and visit every exquisite eatery. I would also love to work with a chef and see how they go about their business. Tattoos fascinate me; one on the wrist would look good. Some mental peace through meditation will be the top-most priority by the end of my BMM life. I want to roam the streets of the city, aimlessly jotting down every minute detail in my book; ride a bike; go on a road trip with friends; become a food critic. Along with that I would also love to be a teenage counsellor and solve peoples’ problems. A topping of social work is another important priority. But the most essential thing to do – I am high on life, but have never been high in life, so get high someday soon!

Saying this to a girl – I know you must be thinking I am crazy and I’ve just met you, but can you do my assignment for me? I i want to dance right in n dla Pawan BaTYBMM student the middle of class to ghati songs, do some belly dancing and salsa in front of a huge audience. I want the Mission Impossible theme song to be played live when I’m running late for a lecture. I want to make a lot of short films. I want to speak like a small baby for a whole day in college. I want to chase a girl on the beach and click a photograph of her while she tries to hide her face. I want to go abroad all by myself for two weeks. I want to do a photo shoot with 12 pretty ladies and make a calendar. I want to be featured on TV, radio and newspapers before the end of 2012. Well, we all have this phase after high school where we start thinking “out of the box”. Like every teenager, even I have a set of tasks to accomplish before graduation, and the first thing which comes to my mind is a road trip to Goa. Apart from that, participating in some big movement like saving the environment to help create a difference would be good.

Pranav Swaminathan

2nd year engineering student

Aanchal Tripathi

I have a year and a half on me before I graduate. Here are some activities that I wish to carry out before graduation: being a BMM student I am overloaded with projects so I wish to have a project-free month; mentor a younger student; intern with a television channel or work with a production house; make a sitcom on some of the funniest people around me; take up a course in TV journalism and anchoring; meet some eminent media professionals and gain an insight into the profession. Also, there should be a Karaoke night with college teachers. I want to shoot a horror movie. I wish to be thrown out of a lecture and stand outside the classroom like I had done in school. I want to host an event. Some of the things that I had in mind have already been accomplished, like changing my college, interning with a magazine, heading some committee in college, learning a new language and working with an NGO.

SYBMM student

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Not all museums have inscrutable objects on display with criminally long placards. There are delightfully peculiar ones in India, especially eight of them which Aparna Sundaresan recommends


f your childhood memory of a museum is that of an old, stuffy place with greasy glass cases that house boring, dusty items from an unrecognisable past, it’s not too far from the mark. Traditionally, museums in India have been just that, coupled with perhaps indifference on part of the authorities in charge. But in branding every museum as boring and consequently overlooking them all, some true gems have never made it outisde their four walls. These are museums that tread on the border of quirky and novel.

Is your Facebook news feed overrun with photographs of your friends with stars like Johnny Depp and Nicole Kidman? Fret not; they’re most likely the actors’ wax replicas at Madame Tussauds Museum in London. Their workmanship is definitely a thing to be admired, but if you can’t make the trip to UK, head to Lonavala instead. The wax museum here, the only of its kind in India, is a Tussauds-inspired display of homegrown superstars and celebrities. The statues are not exactly doppelgangers but are instantly recognisable. The museum showcases an assortment of personalities where the likes of Kapil Dev and A.R. Rahman (toting his two Oscars) are found alongside spiritual powerhouse Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and Mother Teresa. From beyond India Angelina Jolie and Michael Jackson share space with Adolf Hitler and Saddam Hussein. If that doesn’t excite you, the location should as Lonavala is a popular weekend getaway for Mumbaikars.



OCTOBER 2012 ║ Youth Incorporated 17

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K. Shankar Pillai was a political cartoonist whose love and fascination for costumed dolls spawned this museum. Starting with a personal collection of 500 dolls from all over the world, the present collection boasts of nearly 6500 dolls from Europe, the Americas, the Pacific, Asia, and of course, India. There are dolls of all kinds: Kathakali dancers, Samurais from Japan, traditional dancers from Spain and Hungary, dolls modelled after the Queen’s dolls in the UK and so on. From India alone there are over 150 dolls in traditional wear and in regional costumes. But dolls here do not merely pose – there is a series of dolls that teaches saree draping, step by step. Attached to the museum is the Dolls Designing and Production Centre which makes and repairs the Indian dolls on display, but alas, this workshop is not open to general visitors.

Mumbai’s best kept secrets. Even the bus service’s drivers and conductors are unaware of its existence. Countless old photographs and newspaper clippings apart, the museum is home to hand-written Marathi placards, amateur mini models, and even some of the first electric tram cars that once plied in Mumbai. Tram benches and backrests from these models are displayed as well, along with a comprehensive presentation of BEST’s history, its relevance and its significance to the city. Though weather-beaten and quick-aging are the trademark red buses, their museum is a must-see to catch a whiff of the culture of Mumbai.







For all Ross Geller fans and aspiring palaeontologists, the sylvan mountainous expanse of Himachal Pradesh is home to Asia’s only museum dedicated to natural history remains. Nestled in the Shivalik Hills, the park is built around the Shivalik fossil site, the richest site in India for large, extinct animals. The collection is fascinating: 21 million-year-old rocks, skulls of bovids and hippopotamuses that roamed the region 20-30 lakh years ago, 10 lakh year old elephant tusks, fossils of amphibians and fish from Mumbai, Kota and Kashmir, and stone tools used by early Palaeolithic men, among others. There are also life-size models of a crocodile, sabre-tooth tiger, hippopotamus, giant land tortoise, giant elephant and fourhorned giraffe – all extinct. In every sense, this massive, 1.5 sq km park is a national treasure, but negligence has deprived it of tourist revenue. What also do not help are the park’s far-flung location and difficult terrain enroute. Recommended for outdoor-loving, adrenaline junkies.

To assume that one of India’s oldest bus services would not have its own museum is absurd. Set up in 1984 by a Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport (BEST) Undertaking officer, P.D. Paranjape, who had a passion for collecting bus tickets, engines and ticket-issuing machines from depots across the city, the BEST Transport Museum is now one of

18 Youth Incorporated ║ OCTOBER 2012

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22-09-2012 11:44:52



It is a common misconception that folk art comprises nothing more than paintings and conventional craftworks by locals. As the backbone of India’s rich artistic heritage, folk art finds varied expression in a variety of mediums, ranging from costumes to musical instruments. This museum has a stunning collection of over 6500 items from Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala under five categories: folklore, large dolls, folk life, literature and art. The collection includes Kathakali, Yakshagana, and folk dramatist costumes; masks, puppets, leather and sawdust dolls;

string, wind and percussion folk instruments; ceremonial and religious headgear; figurines of kings, queens, soldiers, sages and gods; and massive dolls and statues that are used in the local folk dances of the region. Also present are the instruments of farmers, goldsmiths, blacksmiths, weavers etc, and household items like cooking and agricultural implements, folk games, lamps, pots and baskets. Recommended for culture buffs and fans of trinkets and odds and ends.




Speaking of transport, this museum dedicated to rail is another unique one in India. As the country’s only miniature city, this place is a world within a world, a microcosm of our surroundings. Like many other quirky museums in this article, this one too began with a personal collection – that of a certain B.S. Joshi (better known as Bhau Joshi) who had an affinity for model trains. Sharing space with the Soudamini Instruments factory in Pune, in just 676 sq feet there are as many as 65 signals, fences, lampposts and flyovers – all handmade and working in tandem with the running trains. The little trains themselves are from all over the world, and the tracks pass through miniature towns, rest stops, cities and the countryside. The model trains span several years in locomotive history, from the early coal-powered engines to the electric bullet trains of today. So wondrous is this exhibit that the museum is now an integral component of Pune tourism and is included in the official Pune Darshan route.

The state of our sports may receive a lot of flak during the Olympics, but the truth is that India does care about its sporting legacy. In Asia’s largest sports institute, contained within the princely Moti Bagh Palace, there is a display of sports memorabilia from India’s greatest sportspeople. While primarily comprising photographs, medals, trophies, shields and kits, the highlights of the collection are Dhyan Chand’s gold medal, P.T. Usha’s running shoes, Milkha Singh’s spikes, flags of countries that participated in the first Asian Games at New Delhi, and Muhammad Ali’s boxing gloves (even though he was not Indian his achievements are acknowledged here). A thing of wonder in this museum is a 95 kg heavy hass (doughnut-shaped exercise disc) that was used by wrestler Ghulam Muhammad, better known as The Great Gama, for squats. If sports is your thing, this museum is your temple.

Sex completely, unequivocally and tirelessly sells, but with rising numbers of AIDS and HIV casualties, sex needs to be approached scientifically and not titillatingly. Antarang was set up by Dr Prakash Sarang, the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai and the Mumbai District Aids Control Society with this aim in mind, even if the museum’s strategic location in Kamathipura, Mumbai’s red light district, seems to counter that claim. India’s only sex museum draws inspiration from the country’s sexual heritage and thus a phallic-shaped Shiva linga and verses from the Kama Sutra greet you on arrival. 20-odd life-size nude statues of the human body, and sculptures of amorous couples indulging in sexual intercourse are part of the collection. There are also numerous exhibits on the human reproductive process, several displays of sex and safe sex props (accompanied by instructions on how to use a condom) and high-resolution illustrations of STDs. Considering how iffy Indian society is about sex education, there were talks of moving the museum to Goa where Dr Sarang believes it might be received better. As of printing this article, the museum is still in Mumbai, and before it is shut down by the misguided moral police, make sure you visit it. yi OCTOBER 2012 ║ Youth Incorporated 19

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22-09-2012 11:45:08







verseas, participating in extracurricular activities earns you credits. India too is now placing significance on extracurricular activities. Extracurricular activities aren’t anymore only for ‘loafers who dislike academics’. In fact, they are already in a neck and neck position with academics. Conventionally redundant statements like ‘I missed the first position by 0.11 per cent’, or emotions like crying for not getting a 100/100 in Maths are thankfully fading. Vomiting the mugged material on an exam sheet and eventually obtaining a distinction do not guarantee a job anymore. A strong backing of extracurricular participation and victory is a significant contributing factor to getting great jobs and opportunities.

This trend is definitely going to bloom in our society, eliminating horseblinkeredness and the rote learning culture.

elocutions are given an edge when applying for PR jobs. Rejuvenation and refreshment are best obtained by extracurricular activities.

FROM THE MOUTH OF RESEARCH Psychological research has shown that those who engage in extracurricular activities right from school are more likely to come up with innovative ideas at their workplace. The reason behind this is that the creative regions of their brain in the left hemisphere are nurtured and enhanced almost completely by the time they graduate, and hence bosses prefer looking at more activities embedded within the subtitles hobbies/extracurricular activities in CVs. Social research has shown that people engaging in debates, seminars, workshops and

FROM THE MOUTH OF FORTUNE COMPANIES AND ENTREPRENEURS Several top companies and institutes say that they prefer employees who have pursued at least three different extracurricular activities during their school or college life . Academics is not anymore the sole criterion for acquiring employment. Qualities, skills and practical knowledge developed from different extracurricular activities are highly useful in a job nowadays. An overall approach is taken when choosing candidates for a job, placing immense significance on indulgence in hobbies.

20 Youth Incorporated ║ OCTOBER 2012

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Yogesh Chabria, Entrepreneur, Author and Investor

Yogesh Chabria, author of the Happionaire series, investor, entrepreneur and developer, made all these titles possible due to his engagement in extracurricular activities since childhood. His love for sports and regular cycling sprees made him notice the booming sectors in India (like the burgeoning redevelopment of the country and the elevating need for cement). He began investing in these booming sectors and is today developing plush luxury housing with his associates at JRLE Sippy Housing.

He had an early start. During his school days, his love for reading comics and drinking lemonade imbibed in him entrepreneurial skills as he formed the Indian Lemonade Company and a comic book business venture when comics were as rare as dinosaur eggs. Several companies are nowadays not sticking to conventional methods in hiring employees. Dynamism is an extremely significant trait needed today. Extracurricular activities help one to develop this trait and move up the ladder towards success and overall growth.

HOW DIFFERENT EXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES CAPITALISE YOU WITH SKILLS PERFORMING ARTS Any performing art when displayed looks beautiful. However, behind-the-scenes dedication, commitment and practice are essential. Dealing with pressure is a skill that becomes ingrained eternally in a performer. When an interviewer sees qualities of dedication, commitment, confidence, handling pressure, they are taken as beneficial skills for the company. Employers love having employees who can work under constant pressures and orders; and deliver rosy outputs. Such qualities aid in marketing, the hotel industry, and finance-related and PR jobs.

CREATIVE ART Any piece of creative art does bring a glow to the viewers’ eyes. The creativity in the art brings to fore the artist’s imaginative skills. Creative people attract eyeballs to their creative and visually appealing work. Many people do judge a book solely by its glossy and beautiful cover. If the product or the output – whatever it may be – looks good, it is bought. Also, the quality of being creative involves being able to think in unique, out-of-the box ways. It is an esteemed trait needed in many fields today – film making, script writing, photography, stand-up comedy, designing, commercial arts and even in marketing.

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SPORTS SUPPORT Any game or sport has rules and secret moves that make a team victorious. Be it an indoor sport like chess or an outdoor sport like cricket, learning the tricks of the sport, its conventional moves and rules, devising new moves and working as a team inculcate essentially indispensable skills. Such qualities aid in jobs that require intense brainwork. Among stock market investors who minted money last year, 73 per cent of them played chess or golf almost daily. Also, many successful employees in tech jobs play Monopoly or football as a hobby. Team work tactics obtained from this extracurricular activity helps in jobs that look for people who work well in a team and can both avoid and resolve catfights as well as dogfights. are finding that the best schools are nowadays providing extracurricular opportunities to enhance the future of many students. Many extend the school day to enable this; others bring extracurricular activities and services into the school through partnerships with NGOs and the local government services. Others bring in experienced volunteers from the corporate world, to provide these at no cost and create effective role models in the process.”

LEADERSHIP EXPERIENCES AND FOREIGN LINGOS Students who have bagged roles of leadership in school or college such as ‘head of students’ council’ or ‘house captain’ are preferred by future bosses for the obvious reason that they can lead and manage other employees. Having learnt foreign languages in school gives such students an edge in embassy jobs and foreign tourism. Sharath Jeevan , CEO of STIR Education says that “Underprivileged children face a significant disadvantage in accessing these extracurricular opportunities. We find promising ‘microinnovations’ in classrooms that improve outcomes for the Sharath Jeevan, CEO STIR Education disadvantaged children. We

FRESHERS TAKE Suresh Tulsiani who is currently pursuing tech-operating system analysis says, “Playing football and volleyball has taught me perseverance and simultaneously how not to lose one’s head under pressure. These qualities help me a lot in my techanalysis.”

Menaka Lakhani who is currently working in the hotel industry says, “My passion and intense dedication towards singing, getting all the ‘ragas and tals’ perfect, has given me the quality of patience that helps a lot in the hotel industry.” So guys and gals, add calories to your kitty. Start boosting your kitty with extracurricular activities and follow your hobbies and hearty passions; it will give you a mind-blowing edge at the interview table and aid you with skills that will be your besties in your job scenario. yi

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Know your ‘basic’ rights

We often don’t know our ‘basic’ rights and end up remaining ‘ziplocked’, bearing ‘injustice’. Get the knowledge hat on

live like a king


The right to life just put on some calories. A citizen’s (deshdrohis not included) right to sleep peacefully has been placed under it. Teachers will surely have a hard time telling students ‘Don’t sleep in class’.


If a person is arrested, he has the right to inform a friend or relative or any other person (who would hopefully come and help) about his arrest and the place he is detained in.


A woman cannot be arrested before sunrise or after sunset; that doesn’t mean women can flaunt the sins at that time. With prior permission of a magistrate, a woman can be arrested before sunrise or after sunset, and taken into custody only in presence of a woman police officer.



Advocate Nikhil Ved says many states have promulgated their own laws. Rajasthan Public Examination (Prevention of Unfair Means) Act, 1992 vide Extraordinary Gazette Notification states that the use of unfair means at a public examination is an offence and

DRY DAYS ACQUIRING A DRINKING PERMIT • You must be or above the legal age for drinking specified by the state government (this is applicable for non-dry states only) • Fees for the permit are approximately `100 for 1 year and `1,000 for life

the person(s) found guilty can be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend up to three years or with a fine which may extend up to `2,000 or with both.


Mr Ved says indecent behaviour, an offence under Sections 110 and 117 of Bombay Police Act, 1951, would be registered as a complaint, but there is no clear definition of the terms ‘obscenity’ and ‘indecent behaviour’ in the Act. The Act also prohibits use of indecent language or disorderly behaviour on a street, at a public place or in an office.


Driving without a horn, or improper horn usage amounts to `100 fine. Jumping redlights or not wearing a helmet/seatbelt amounts to `500 fine.


Parking at a taxi stand, within 15 metres on either side of a bus stop, at corners or any other parking misdemeanor amounts to `100 fine. A higher fine is clearly a bribe request.

Papers to submit: • Proof of age and residence (passport/PAN card/driver’s license copy) • One small, stamp-sized photo • One 25x30 mm photo for the permit (this is two sizes smaller than the regular passport photo) • One regular, passport size photo for the application • Court stamp • Application form • Permit fees • Running from pillar to post with these papers • Now what kills? Drinking or acquiring a permit? Let the supreme authorities decide. DRUNK DRIVING LAWS • The blood alcohol content (BAC) limits are fixed at 0.03% or 35 µl alcohol in 100 ml blood. Any person whose BAC values are above this limit is booked under the first offence. A person may be fined about `2000 and\or he or she may face a maximum of 6 months’ imprisonment. • If a second offence is committed within 3 years of the first, then the person may be fined about `3000 and/or he or she may face a maximum of 2 years’ imprisonment. • If the BAC limit is between 30 and 60 mg per 100 ml of blood, the penalty would be 6 months of imprisonment and/or `2,000 fine. DON'T TALK-A-DRIVE • Even if you are in a sober state, talking on a cellphone, using hands-free instruments or texting while driving amounts to `500 fine. Subsequent violations can be as high as `5000.

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Can’t wait to get into that American university you’ve set your heart on? Don’t wait then. Youth Inc gives you the lowdown on applying early to the US and saving time for the next important bit – packing and going!

Institutes that have ED and EA allow candidates to apply much earlier and receive a decision earlier as well. For ED one would apply by the end of October and hear back by the middle pplying to colleges and of December, and EA, apply getting admitted is one by November 1 and receive a decision of the most harried mid-December. ED and EA, however, and stressful times in differ on the nature of the obligation the transition from high school to they place upon the candidate. In university. It could get a lot more an ED application the candidate confusing if a student is looking to go cannot apply to any other university abroad. To help students cope with offering ED, and once accepted into the mounting pressure of application an ED university, must enrol there deadlines, Early Decision (ED) and and withdraw all other applications. Early Action (EA) are two early But ED does allow candidates to apply application policies used by several to as many universities as they wish American universities for undergraduate during the regular admission time. The admissions. EA, however, is more flexible: it allows candidates to apply to more than one EA What are Early Decision and Early university and the candidate may choose Action? any one of the EA Typically, one would submit their schools that has university applications by January accepted 1 and receive a response by April 1. them.

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Sounds too good to be true. There must be a catch! There is. The binding nature of ED is not to be taken lightly; the only way a candidate can turn down an ED is on grounds of genuine financial hardship. If turned down for other reasons, no other university will offer the candidate a place. While the EA is more accommodating, some Ivy Leagues offer Single Choice Early Action (SCEA) which means the candidate can apply to only one EA university early but endless other universities during the normal admissions round. However, unlike ED, if accepted under the SCEA, the candidate can turn it down in favour of another offer. They’re both too restricting. Is there a leeway? SCEA applies only to private universities, so the candidate can apply to a private SCEA institute and other public or state EA institutes simultaneously. And when the time to choose one arrives, he/she may reject the SCEA offer and pick an EA offer.

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What’s in it for you? Early Decision

• Biggest pro: Early admission to a university you’re absolutely sure you want to go. • Biggest con: You can’t compare financial aid packages with other universities because you have no choice but to accept the ED offer. • Some ED universities: Brown University, Carnegie Mellon University, Virginia Tech, Northwestern University, Barnard College.


Garrett Brinker, Director of Undergraduate Outreach and Senior Assistant Director of Admissions at the University of Chicago, talks to Youth Incorporated about early admissions.

Early Action

• Biggest pro: You can apply to multiple universities, compare financial aid packages and then choose accordingly. • Biggest con: SCEA limits application to only one SCEA university, in many cases an Ivy League. • Some EA universities: University of Chicago, University of Notre Dame, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, California Institute of Technology. • Some SCEA universities: Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Stanford.

Some myth busters

• There is pressure to decide and choose a university quicker than one usually would. • If not accepted under ED and EA, there is less time to apply to other universities. • ED and EA applicants are usually high achievers and are likely to up the ante in the competition for places. • Not recommended for students who apply early only because their friends are applying early. Say no to peer pressure!

The kind of student that applies early Students who want flexibility in managing the demands of their individual application schedule may find that applying early is useful. Early Action is simply an option for students who prefer to stagger their deadlines for applying to colleges, or for those who prefer to hear their decision a bit earlier. On whether an early application is given preference over regular applications The University [of Chicago] evaluates all applications by the same standards, whenever they are submitted. The kind of student that is accepted early We look for bright students with

an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and passion for learning. We are hoping to find out who each student is, and what he or she will bring to our campus. Show us how you maximized your high school experience and pursued opportunities to develop unique talents. We consider all of the information that students present in their application, not just test scores and GPA. There is no single quality that can determine the strength of an application. Advice for students who want to apply early Take a deep breath and relax. Applying to college and choosing the right place for you can be fun. If there is one thing to take away from this process, it should be that college, no matter where you choose to attend, is going to be a fantastic experience. yi OCTOBER 2012 ║ Youth Incorporated 25

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Change the


Armed with a zeal to change, India’s youth is quickly embracing the path of revolution, but from within the system. Siddharth Gupta tells you how to enter the Civil Services


laming the government over those gossip demanding sips of cutting chai; one who wishes to change the so called “system” meeting with ridicule and raising their hands in defeat – these are things of the past. The pride in working for your nation, the lust for power or authority and the tempting pay has made the civil services a career choice for many Indian citizens. The Civil Service examination is a pan-India exam held every year in three phases to select personnel for nearly 21 notifications (branches) of the Indian government, including administration, foreign, police, revenue etc. To appear for the examination, you should be at least 21 years old. Also, you have to be a graduate (or be in the final year of your graduation). Fluency in English and one Indian language (many opt for Hindi) is recommended. Beyond such necessities required by the Union Public Service Commission, skills such as an excellent memory, a willingness to work hard for a year or longer, and being articulate, well informed, well read, etc. are assets.

The three stages of the examination are as follows:



Also known as CSAT (Civil Services Aptitude Test), it consists of two papers of two hours each. The first paper tests the candidate’s knowledge of current affairs, general awareness, history, geography, environment, climate, etc. A wide majority of the questions are in context to India. The second paper tests logical reasoning, analysis, reading comprehension, vocabulary, decision making, data interpretation skills, etc. The examination is conducted in May/ June and the results are released in the first half of August


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Open to candidates who qualify from the prelims, the main examinations (or mains) consist of nine papers held over a period of 20 days. The mains are designed to test the candidate’s academic gauge as well as their ability to present their knowledge in a clear, coherent manner. The first two papers are language-based (one is English and the other an Indian language of the candidate’s choice). These are followed by a paper devoted solely to essay writing, two papers on general studies, and finally, four examinations on two subjects (two papers each) of the candidate’s choice. It is interesting to note that the language papers are only QUALIFYING in nature and not used for RANKINGS i.e. a candidate only has to pass in the language papers while the other exams are used to assess their ranks. On the basis of their ranks, applicants are called in for the interview.



The interview is where the candidate is involved in a natural, directive and purposeful conversation which would test the candidate’s knowledge and intelligence on a range of topics. It is important to understand and respect the fact that the Indian government does not compromise on the quality of its civil servants. With a selection rate of 0.3%, the Civil Service examination is one of the toughest examinations to crack, but if you are tired of the

banal marches, protests, campaigns, and the like and have a burning desire to change India’s face, civil services is the job you want to do, irrespective of the challenging, olympian selection procedure.



There is no definitive study method, as everyone has their own approach to the study material. But if you become overwhelmed by the amount of studying you need to do, do not panic. Follow these guidelines and get into your study groove: • Pick your ideal study time. When are you your productive best – morning, afternoon, evening or night? • Write notes. They will help you remember the material better. Either condense what you have read into headings, subheadings, points and bulleted lists, or draw mind maps: write the topic at the centre of the page and draw diverging lines from it. Each line radiating out represents a branch of the main idea. Write points under each branch briefly using a key word or a phrase. This method is ideal for those who learn pictorially. • Understand the question before you write the answer. ‘Critically appreciate’, ‘discuss’, ‘elucidate’ and ‘explain’ mean different things and their answers must be written accordingly. • Practise writing precise answers. Present them in an appealing manner. They should not be textbookish. Use simple English. • Do not do anything mentally exhausting the night before an exam. Do a short review and get a good night’s sleep. Good luck! yi

HERE IS A LIST OF THE NOTIFICATIONS (SERVICES) YOU CAN JOIN AFTER QUALIFYING FOR THE CIVIL SERVICES: All India Services • Indian Administrative Service • India Foreign Service • Indian Police Service Group A Services • Indian P & T Accounts & Finance Service • Indian Audit and Accounts Service • Indian Revenue Service (Customs and Central Excise) • Indian Defence Accounts Service • Indian Revenue Service (I.T.) • Indian Ordnance Factories Service (Assistant Works Manager, Administration) • Indian Postal Service • Indian Civil Accounts Service • Indian Railway Traffic Service • Indian Railway Accounts Service • Indian Railway Personnel Service • Post of Assistant Security Commissioner in Railway Protection Force • Indian Defence Estates Service • Indian Information Service (Junior Grade) • Indian Trade Service, Group ‘A’ (Gr. III) • Indian Corporate Law Service Group - B Services • Armed Forces Headquarters Civil Service (Section Officer’s Grade) • Delhi, Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Lakshadweep, Daman & Diu and Dadra & Nagar Haveli Civil Service • Delhi, Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Lakshadweep, Daman & Diu and Dadra & Nagar Haveli Police Service • Pondicherry Civil Service • Pondicherry Police Service 27

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his year’s Kaleidoscope (Sophia College, Mumbai’s festival) saw six days of inter-collegiate competitions, panel discussions, workshops, fun-fair-like stalls, freebie giveaways, shows, and the staple of every college festival – celebrities. Spanning from 4 to 9 September, the theme was Rewrite the Future, inspired by the supposed Mayan prediction of the world ending this year. But instead of letting it be a doom-inspired festival, Sophia ensured it would be a carpe diem (seize the day)-esque celebration. In spite of the festival being staggered over nearly a week, the days were action-packed. The first three days were devoted to eliminations and had an almost eclectic mix of both events and participants. The highlights were Last Supper, a cooking contest, whose participants had to make pasta; Cogito Ergo Sum, a panel discussion on how to eradicate corruption in the city government with panelists the likes of Mira Sanyal and Dolly Thakore; Sponstageous, an improvised acting contest which drew out personalities like Lallu Prasad and Hitler from the participants; Open Mic Night for budding stand-up comedians; and Cannon Workshop by Pritish Rao which taught beginner photographers the basics of a camera. The celebrities emerged for the second half of the festival. Rani Mukherjee and Raghav Sarchar turned up for the launch of Times Green Ganesh by the Times Group. Lisa Hayden and Femina Miss India Vandya Mishra judged the final round of Mr and Ms Kaleidoscope. Actors Varun Dhawan and Sidharth Malhotra promoted their film Student of the Year oncampus. There were also events aplenty, including Sway with Me, a ballroom dance event; the finals of JAM; and Symphonique which had three categories: Final Countdown, a singing event where participants sang songs they thought would save the world, Apocalips, a theatre performance competition, and Keep Calm and Disco where both participants and the audience grooved to disco. Dus Ka Tees, Kaleidoscope’s signature event, was all about participants impersonating Captain Planet in different storylines. The winners of this year’s Kaleidoscope are HR College (placed first), Jai Hind (second) and Sophia College (third). The celebrations came to a close with After 8, Kaleidoscope’s curtain call event, with contemporary Indian rock band Indus Creed.

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KIRAN 2012




arMa 2012 – Thadomal Shahani Engineering College (TSEC’s) magnif icent three-day fest was a plethora of management, literary and fun events that lef t the audience dazzled and rejoiced . The fest commenced with a f lash mob in its opening ceremony, wherein the of f icial CarMa’12 video was featured . Quiztacular 2012 as was one of its f lagship events. Participants came f rom across states. The other dazzling events included One hour Job, Stockmania , Revamped , and a host of other events. Spelling Bee, Talk-a-thon, Sound of Silence and Verbal genius were the literary and oratory events convened by CarMa’12. They were seriously brain-storming. On the lighter and fun side, there was the The Amazing Race, Bluf f master, MUnopoly, Ad-apt and Flash. Appetizing food and beverage stalls were just what the participants needed af ter Over & Out and Goal Manager, the box cricket and rink football tournaments of CarMa’12 respectively. These events received massive crowd cheering. It was a tummy-satisf ying and fun-inducing fest. All did commit serious, benef itting karmas!


hree marvelous days packed with exuberant vibrance, hardwork and fun swayed at K.C. College’s 2012 Kiran Fest: The Rise. It truly did make all the energetic participants and audience rise with socially relevant events, humour-filled stand ups and jaw-dropping performances. Principal Manju Nichani said, “Kiran 2012: The Rise is a call to the youth of this youngest nation to rise up to fight all the evils prevalent in the country today. The students worked very hard and touched many socially relevant subjects through their events like women's rights, child abuse and I am glad that their hard work has paid off beautifully.” The fashion show imbibed a glamorous streak with judges like actor/Vj Ranvijay and model Nikita Dutta. The stand-up comedy event filled laughter to the brim in the audience’s guts. Suresh Menon and Amogh Ranadive judged this humorous saga. Luke Kenny was present for the dramatic film event which made the crowd cheerfully hoot. Tributes were paid to their late superstar alumni Rajesh Khanna through a special round in the group dance event and Antakshari event. The closing ceremony was a huge marvel closure. Actor Boman Irani and Niranjan Hiranandani were an integral part of it. The team behind the youthful film ‘From Sydney with Love’ was also present. OCTOBER 2012 ║ Youth Incorporated 29

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he possibilities of suburbia are exhausted, and your capacity to dream has reached a dead end,” said sociologist and writer Donna Gaines in a book. She was talking of the decadence and decay of urban and suburban life, but read between the lines, was she encouraging us to look towards the rural countryside? Perhaps I am reading too much into her words, but what cannot be discounted is that the rural country is as significant to a nation’s development as is the urban. Okay, so the countryside may not have high-end restaurants, malls and multiplexes, but the arable land out there supplies us and the rest of the country with food. Apart from that, the rich valuable natural resources available in rural India are priceless: coal, natural gas, petroleum – you name it – they are all mined for outside the cities. Why then is rural India still neglected? Why are there still villages that have no electricity, running water, schools, hospitals or even adequate transport to the


nearest town or city? One could argue that since nearly 70 per cent of our staggering 1.2 billion-strong population lives in rural India, it is difficult to take care of them all. That is a valid argument, consdiering the Ministry of Rural Development under the country’s government is not sitting idly. But what we do not seem to realise is that the government alone cannot develop the country; our nation is too massive to be handled single-handedly. We, as responsible citizens, could lend our helping hands and effect change. THE WORKER With this notion in mind, in 2010 Pooja Lapasia, a journalism graduate then only 22-years-old, ventured into rural India. Pooja had been inclined towards the rural sector for a while and wanted an enriching experience of life away from the city. Taking up the ICICI Fellows’ Management & Leadership in Rural Development Program which places young people in rural India, she committed two years of her life to a village called Rukka,

about 20 km away from Ranchi, Jharkhand. Armed with only her degree and her strong communication skills, she began work in the Public Health department. Pooja says she did “anything and everything” she could, right from working with anaemiastricken teenage girls, revamping the nursing school in the village, helping out with agriculture to diversify cultivation and animal rearing and thus increase income, to helping rural youth with BPO jobs and working for the rights of the rural residents to secure work through the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MNREGA). Although working to uplift the people in rural India is a satisfying experience, it can take quite some time to realise and feel that a difference is being made. For Pooja it took around four months to be accustomed to her rustic environment and nearly six months to settle in her job. For a fresher who had no previous, substantial knowledge of the countryside, Pooja gradually developed a deeper insight into her

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Nandita Roy (far right) with the female staff of a government hospital in Satara

work. But it took a year of tireless efforts for her to start seeing the impact she had made on the village. She was soon given the flexibility to work in other departments which helped her gain a broader perspective of what it takes to develop the rural sector in India. THE STUDENT Now realising that young, helping hands are what rural India needs, higher education institutes and certain degrees have put in place courses and internships in the rural sector. The Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS) degree offered by Mumbai University has a compulsory paper on Rural Marketing in the third year. Although the premise of this paper is ‘the urban market is saturated therefore inroads must be made into the rural market’, it does manage to familiarise students with the nature and status of the rural sector. And growth in any sector translates to increased employment opportunities in that particular sector. Says Aakriti Sharma, a BMS graduate and a current

MBA Marketing student, “Today NorthPoint students in conversation with Rural a lot hiring in Relations representatives business schools happen for job villages are like those shown in Indian profiles in the rural market. Small, films – backward, cramped and far medium and big-sized companies are removed from urban India. But when coming up with rural market-centric they arrive, they receive quite a shock. initiatives, even those like Amul, “The villages are quite developed. The Hindustan Unilever Limited and panchayat office looks like a corporate ITC.” This, she says, is beneficial to office with cubicles and other both the company and the rural sector. facilities,” says Nandita Roy, a former In the process of fulfilling a need student of NorthPoint. “The Sarpanch or want of the rural demographic, looks nothing like the turbaned old companies gain loyal customers. man we are used to seeing in films.” NorthPoint Centre of Learning, a Medical and engineering schools are postgraduate management institute, also aplenty, as well as government makes it mandatory for its students hospitals that provide free and cheap to complete a two-week internship medical facilities to villagers. in rural India. In partnership with “There are many Marathi-medium Rural Relations, a consumer relations schools in Satara and Sangli, and when organisation for the rural sector, I interacted with the teachers, they students spend a week in Satara and would admit with pride that some another in Sangli, both in the rural of their students have gone abroad heart of Maharashtra, to observe for higher education. They too have first-hand the life and marketing dreams and aspirations and that was opportunities there. Students an eye-opener,” says Nandita. typically start the internship with This kind of development, however, the preconceived perception that is not uniform. Even remoter regions, OCTOBER 2012 ║ Youth Incorporated 31

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LINKS TO RURAL INDIA • The ICICI Fellowship on Facebook:

• The SBI fellowship for working in rural India:

• The Prime Minister’s fellowship for working in rural India: • NorthPoint Centre of Learning:

Neha Prabhu (second from right) with the teachers of a local school in Satara

• Rural Relations:

• Diksha, Ministry of Rural Development:

Pooja Lapasia (centre) with a villager in Rukka

like Rukka, where Pooja worked, the government is still making inroads. Diksha, a programme of the government’s Ministry of Rural Development, aims to train villagers themselves to help them take advantage of the various schemes offered by the Ministry and empower their community. Volunteers from the rural sector are accepted under the Bharat Nirman Volunteers programme and are trained in governance, welfare and development affairs. IS IT WORTH IT? Rural India is nothing like its urban counterpart. There are no shiny buses or trains and not many pukka roads. Comforts are few and there is no running water 24x7. Travelling is also a pain unless you own a vehicle. Says Pooja, “In Jharkhand, which is Naxal affected, every other day [I] had to face a bandh. Public transport is negligible and private buses and autos are overcrowded and stuffed. An auto in which eight people can travel safely and comfortably is packed with fifteen people, a bus operator has

different ticket prices for one who wants to sit, one who stands and Pooja at work in a village office one who travels on top of the bus.” But in the same breath, also had apprehensions about she adds, “Many a times people gave approaching villagers in trousers and me ride in their bikes, tractors, trucks jeans, but they needn’t have worried. when I failed to get transport due to a No one had any grouse with their bandh.” choice of clothes and interacted freely About the people she dealt with, with them. “Even the women were Pooja has nothing but praise for friendly and didn’t bother with our the rural residents. “I have had western wear,” says Neha. “People were innumerable impromptu delicious curious about where we were from,” meals served to me by total strangers says Nandita, “but they were helpful.” while on field,” she says. Neha Prabhu, Would they go back to the rustic another NorthPoint graduate agrees. environment of the countryside? “People invite you to their houses for Definitely. Pooja says the rural meals whether you are friend or foe,” surroundings grew on her and she she says. “One fruit-seller gave away 15 now misses it as she is back home in bananas to me for free! I have never Mumbai. “Though my day would start experienced such generosity in any early and end late, the pace of work city.” was saner, the job more satisfying, But what about their attitude the people warmer and the weather towards city folk? Pooja says eyebrows cooler,” she explains. “I wanted to go were raised at her when she did not back to Satara and Sangli and live wear a dupatta with the rest of her there, perhaps start an advertising outfit, “but [people] also invariably agency,” says Neha. “I loved it there.” followed the ‘ladies first’ rule in public Is working in rural India worth it places”. The students from NorthPoint then? We leave that to you. yi

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ad.indd 14

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Jayanti Ghose is a career and education consultant. She holds an honours degree in economics and a degree in education. Her research in career counselling and guidance spans more than 25 years. She pioneered the concept of career counselling and career writing in the print media. She is actively involved in personal and group counselling.

ERGONOMICS Q: I heard about ergonomics, but I am not sure about the field or its applications. Can I pursue specialised training in ergonomics after an engineering degree? Please advise. Venkatesh ANSWER ANSWER

Ergonomics draws its knowledge from various fields in human sciences and technology. As an ergonomist, you could design products to make them easier or more comfortable to use, analyse pilots’ tasks to ensure maximum performance under stress, or improve accessibility for disabled people. You could opt for a post graduate degree in engineering or product/ industrial design and focus on ergonomics. Reading up on the PG Diploma and MSc in Ergonomics courses by RECOUP Neuromusculoskeletal Rehabilitation Centre, Bangalore (http://www. online could help you to you understand more about the field.

Master of Fashion Management or PGD in Fashion Merchandising & Marketing course, and Apparel Management courses are offered at National Institute of Fashion Technology (, Pearl Academy of Fashion (, Institute of Apparel Management (, and Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International School of Textiles & Management, Coimbatore (www.svpitm. Such a programme would provide insight into general fashion trends/market competition, product planning, advertising, public relations and promotion. Placement after such a course would be in the fashion and retail businesses, in international marketing, fashion merchandising, brand management, retail buying and global sourcing, product development, retail management, visual merchandising, export merchandising, management consulting, teaching, retail technology, advertising, supply chain management, customer relationship management, advertising, etc.



Interest combined with aptitude for music would be the right foundation for considering a career in music. Hence, assess if you have any particular talent such as singing, composing, playing a musical instrument or technical aptitude for a career in music. You could look for internships to get an idea of the workings of the music industry. Sound engineering definitely offers good prospects, but a formal electronics/ communication degree or diploma or a diploma in audiography/sound recording and engineering from a reputed film school or a diploma in sound engineering from a reputed and established formal training institute would offer the best prospects of a remunerative career in sound engineering. You could do an MBA and work on the business development and marketing aspects of the music industry.

FASHION MANAGEMENT Q: I am a BCom Accounts Honours from Calcutta University. I want to do an MBA in fashion management. Please tell me about the course, its future prospects and opportunities. Please tell me about this course and the relevant institution in India. Chirag Somani

SOFTWARE ENGINEERING Q: I would like to do BSc IT with the aim of taking up a career as a software engineer or software tester. How do I go about doing that? Sarangi Doing BSc IT or BSc with Maths or Statistics would give you an edge while applying for MCA at premier institutions. MCA is the best vehicle, other than engineering degree in IT/Computers, to take up a career in software engineering. A software tester should be a BTech/BE or MCA, but one can also start off with a BCA or BSc Computers/BSc IT.


MUSIC Q: I am a second year BCom student. I want to pursue a career in music. What is its scope in India? Should I become a sound engineer instead? How difficult is it to break into the industry? Pratik Karia

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22-09-2012 12:08:01


Pervin Malhotra has helped students for over 15 years to make educational and career choices by providing them with information and guidance on the options available. Zubin Malhotra is a management graduate and journalist by training. He is an alumnus of IIM-Kozhikode where he majored in marketing and finance.


One can no longer go by the claims and promises made by foreign education consultants and agents for whom commission and target quotas take precedence. Today when the information you need on foreign universities, courses, admission requirements and application procedures are available online, you hardly need to visit agent offices. Anyway, the official Information Centres are: United States India Educational Foundation (USIEF) 12, Hailey Road, New Delhi 110001. Tel: 01142090909/23328944; British Council Division British High Commission, 17 Kasturba Gandhi Marg, New Delhi 110001. Tel: 011-41299000; www.; Canadian Education Centre D1/56, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi 110057; www.; index.htm Australian High Commission 1/50, G Shanti Path, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi 110021. Tel: 011-41399900; http://www.india.embassy. Germany – DAAD 176, Golf Links, New Delhi 11003. Tel: 4615009/148;;

Post your queries in our Counsellor Forum at Queries sent by email will not be responded to.

34 Q&A_new.indd 35

ENGINEERING IN THE UNITED STATES Q: I want to do my Masters in Engineering from a top-notch university in the US such as MIT. What kind of GRE and TOEFL scores do they look at? Sarika Bhatnagar ANSWER ANSWER

STUDY ABROAD RESEARCH Q: My son is currently in Class 11 and we are considering sending him abroad for his undergraduate studies. We live in Abu and are finding it difficult to get genuine and honest information here. I am loathe to approaching “foreign education consultants” as I’m not convinced they’d keep my son’s future upper-most in their minds when recommending universities and course options. We are planning to come to Delhi for a week during the Dussehra holidays and would like to use this time to do our research and fact-finding. Could you please list the official Information Centres and offices of various countries (US, UK, Canada, Australia and Germany) in Delhi? Dinesh Jain

At the outset, you should be aware that the average GRE score is usually indicated as a range. Further, the average GRE scores do vary greatly from course to course; in your case, it would vary according to the branch of engineering. More popular, and therefore more competitive, branches such as Computer Science or Electronics would tend to require even higher GRE scores than the universitycum-course reported average. In August 2011, the GRE underwent a change in its test pattern and scoring format. The new scoring format reports scores for the Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning sections from 130 to 170 in 1-point increments along with corresponding percentiles, while the Analytical Writing score ranges from 0 to 6 in half-point increments. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (or MIT) would undoubtedly require a high GRE score. While no minimum score is specified, several of those admitted score in the 90th percentile or higher. In the old format a good score for admission would be 650 and above; in the revised format this would be equivalent to 163 in each section. However, GRE is not the sole determinant. The Admissions Committee takes your entire application “package” into consideration. You would also need a consistently high academic track record, fantastic extra-curriculars, recommendations and a solid Statement of Purpose (SoP). Log on to the MIT website ( for the acceptable GRE score. The TOEFL presents a relatively simpler challenge. The minimum TOEFL scores acceptable are: • 570 for the paper-based test (PBT) • 230 for the computer-based test (CBT) • 70 for the Internet-based test (iBT) OCTOBER 2012 ║ Youth Incorporated 35

22-09-2012 12:08:29


ld a r o w e h t e k Want to mpalace? A career in healthier aining allows you to fitness tr at do just th



ll those who have adopted various fitness methods to get in shape usually have one basic complaint. After the first few attempts, they lose the motivation to continue their workout and accept that they’d rather spend an evening with a bucket of chocolate ice cream than a demanding treadmill. This is where a fitness trainer steps in. On paper, the primary responsibility of a fitness trainer is to instruct their clients through a recommended exercise routine (pilates, aerobics, weights, etc) and help them reach optimum fitness levels. However, in reality, the job demands much more than instructional abilities. A fitness

trainer needs to ensure that his/her client selects the right workout, sets a clear goal and consistently works towards that goal. Most often, meeting the last criteria can be the most challenging.


Our sedentary lifestyles and dependence on fast (junk) food has created a simultaneous increase in the number of victims of obesity as well as the cautious fitness freaks. Either way, this means that more clients for a fitness trainer and the opportunities in this field will only grow further. In fact, according to a recent report, the fitness industry in India is slated to grow by 20

to 30 per cent annually. Sunil Kudva, owner of Elite Fitness, has more than fourteen years of experience in the field of fitness training. He says, " The fitness industry in India is still in a nascent stage; it is nowhere as developed or streamlined as at international levels. It is a budding industry with plenty of potential for growth and it is only going to expand. For a fitness trainer who is willing to use his brains along with brawn, the industry is very promising!"


Opportunities are plenty in this field and one can diversify into many other related avenues as a fitness trainer. One

36 Youth Incorporated â•‘ OCTOBER 2012

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22-09-2012 12:11:11


Course Canvas Gold’s Gym Fitness Institute, Mumbai GFFI Fitness Academy, New Delhi Reebok Fitness Trainer Program, New Delhi Lakshmibai National University of Physical Education, Gwalior Better Fitness For You (institutes all over India) option is working with health clubs, gymnasiums and other fitness institutes as a trainer. If you have special training in a particular field such as martial arts, kickboxing, pilates, etc, you can use that to your advantage by offering classes in these specific fitness forms. If being confined to a gym has you longing for fresh air, you can opt to be a sports fitness trainer. The need for specialised facilities for our athletes is gradually being acknowledged and acted upon. So if the idea of keeping the athletes of our nation in shape excites you, jump into this profession. Your contributions might help us bag more medals at the next Olympics! If you’re picky about who you work up a sweat for, you also have the freedom of choosing your clients as a personal trainer. Once you establish a dependable reputation for yourself, you can decide to exclusively train film stars and other celebrities. But while these stars might be lavish in their expenditure, they can also be unrealistic in their demands.


The entry level salary of a fitness trainer can be humbling (around `12,000 per month) but with time, your earnings can grow substantially. As you gain experience and credibility, you can earn anything from `50,000 to `1 lakh or more per month. There is scope for making money from various sources in this field (weekend classes, personal training sessions, guest training, etc).

Sunil Kudva, owner of Elite Fitness, training a client

As a successful personal trainer, you can earn on an hourly basis (from `400 to `1000 per hour).


If you expect your clients to manage 50 push-ups, you need to be able to show them how it’s done. Therefore, it is also essential for you to constantly be in good shape as your clients need like to visualise the results they can hope to achieve. Accurate knowledge of the human body such as BMI (body mass index), cardiovascular levels, nutritional requirements, etc is also necessary. In addition to your body, your interpersonal skills need to be in good shape as well. You have to create a bond with your clients for them to value your advice and instructions. The world of fitness is dynamic with frequent developments and workouts entering the industry, so while you train your body to keep up with rigorous exercises, make sure your mind keeps up with the latest developments as well.


Acoording to Sunil Kudva, the biggest perk one enjoys as a fitness trainer is that it allows you to maintain your own health. "One also meets lots of interesting people on a day to day basis, so the work is social and interactive. There is rarely a dull moment in our day. Afternoon naps can be seen as another necessary perquisite!," he

explains. "This industry has its fare share of challenges as well," says Sunil. "If you are a freelance trainer and you fall sick or are injured, there is no income till you recover", he adds.


To enter this profession, you can either apply for a professional degree in physical education or opt for a certificate course. A number of institutes offer programmes in fitness training which range from two months to a year in duration. If you want to specialise in a particular field such as pilates or martial arts, you can find courses for the same in your city. However, ensure you train under a certified instructor as many people have found ways to exploit the opportunities in this industry.


For the fitness trainers of tomorrow, Sunil Kudva offers a piece of advice, "Think hard before you decide to enter this field. It looks good from outside, but it's hard work both in effort and time. To be successful, you have to always be on your toes and engage in continuous education. It's the knowledge you have that gives you success with your clients." So if you love your workouts, go ahead and spread the joy by entering the adrenaline-pumping world of a fitness trainer. yi OCTOBER 2012 ║ Youth Incorporated 37

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22-09-2012 12:10:21



Vardan Kabra, head of Fountainhead School, talks about his efforts towards re-defining education in India

for overall development – I engaged in sports, arts and organizational activities in a big way at IIT-B, which helped me grow into a well-rounded individual. I also realised that my biggest strength lies in leadership. At IIM-A, the course, while being hugely demanding, was quite exciting as learning was primarily through the case study methodology. I also did a lot of organisational behaviour and self-exploration sort of courses at IIM-A, which have been invaluable to my attitudes and skills sets today.

What motivated you to start Fountainhead School? I have wanted to do something different for as long as I can remember. Having studied in many different schools, I thought that education can be much more exciting and joyful. By the end of the 2nd year in IIM-A, I had decided to venture into education with Ankita who was my batch mate. Our aim and intention has been to make a huge change in the way education is perceived and delivered in India and we believe that we have made a good start. Having studied at both IIT-Bombay and IIM-Ahmedabad, do you think your education has played an important role in your life? At one point of time in my schooling, around Grade 7 or 8, I was quite excited about science. But by the time I got to IIT, all my excitement about science and therefore engineering had died due to the teaching and examination patterns. The teaching at IIT-B was not inspiring either. However, IIT-B offered a great platform

Fountainhead School is an IB World School, what are the advantages of this Board? IB students become active learners. All courses encourage students to understand how they learn, connect learning, and apply learning. The inquiry based approach develops skills and attitudes needed for a rapidly globalizing world. It challenges students to think out of the box, take challenging projects and connect it with real life applications. IB is a learning process for both teachers and students as it gives freedom to question teachers and curriculum which prepares them for higher education and challenges in life. Tell us about the Student Support Services offered in your school. The Student Support Services (SSS) at Fountainhead are based on the belief that every child is unique in his/her learning styles and needs. We provide Psychological and Behaviour Counselling through our in-house counsellors who help children and parents with emotional or behavioural issues, which may or may not be

related to their academic performance. We also have special needs departments which currently consist of five specialists who work primarily on a one to one level with students requiring special attention. There is also Additional English Language Support (AELS) available for students who require English language support. Fountainhead School has some compulsory arts programs such as visual arts, music and drama. How do these programs benefit students? Regular participation in the arts develops self-confidence, self-discipline, persistence and the knowledge of how to make multiple revisions to create high quality work. Through arts children learn about their world, they explore different perspectives, work together, explore culture and beliefs and can explore the feeling of success. We also promote and coordinate physical activities and sports through various tournaments. In addition, we have a ‘Leader in me programme’ which is adapted from 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Steven Covey. yi


Mr. Vardan Kabra engaged in a discussion with his students

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Million dollar


Dentistry has imbibed a wider career scope. Jasmine Chabria tells you more about career options in dentistry


n India, training in dentistry is through a five-year BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery) course, which includes four years of study and one year in a compulsory internship. Post graduate training is for three years in the concerned speciality.


This involves addition of dental materials to teeth or gums, gum grafts or removal of tooth structures; bleaching; straightening of teeth and other techniques to enhance one aesthetically. Dr Rashika Vijan, Cosmetic and Aesthetic dentist, says once a person is successfully

out of dental school, it is necessary to work under a good dentist to gain an inevitable tool – experience. The dental materials used in dental school differ from the materials used in real practice. Dr Rashika too worked for a year under a dentist, and then with another reputed dentist for a year and a half.


While an intern, one manages to cover only travelling expenses. After gaining experience one can draw `50,000`2 lakhs monthly. Depending on the clientele one is looking at and experience gained, figures vary. Ayesha Takia, Vivek Oberoi, Kunal Kohli and Hemant Trivedi are some of Dr Rashika’s clients.


Aesthetic dentistry in India is lucrative. A massive NRI clientele prefers getting treated in India. Nowadays all age groups want perfect white teeth. Dr Rashika has several grandchild-grandmum jodis undergoing dental treatments.


Dr Rashika says it is a balanced life. Speaking of a typical day at work, her schedule from Mondays to Fridays is hectic and jam-packed with appointments. She is occupied by the two loves of her life – her twoyear old son and her clinic practice. On weekends, she manages to incorporate ‘me & family time’.

OCTOBER 2012 ║ Youth Incorporated 39

39-Career Watch.indd 39

24-09-2012 19:26:40


Dr Rashika says never to waste the patients’ time. The patients are Gods for any dentist. It is extremely significant to understand a patient, talk to them and convey to them the situation and procedures to be undertaken. Also, if you aren’t experienced in a particular technique, you should refer them to the right dentist.

IMBIBE THOSE PRECIOUS GEMS IN THE TEETH With the rise in tooth jewels and piercings, Dr Rashika too got such a request to embed diamonds in the posterior tooth of a jeweller. She feels the trend of teeth tattoos hasn’t picked up much in India yet. In India, people prefer to have the ‘white smile’.


Once a child who didn’t need braces, adamantly insisted Dr Rashika to imstall braces on his teeth just because ‘all his friends had braces’. Dr Rashika managed to convince him by telling him that he didn’t need braces for the moment, but he could come for regular visits every 6 months.


“Invisible braces for the perfect smile” Orthodontics is a super specialised subject of dentistry which includes correction of facial aesthetics, straightening

crooked, protruding teeth with the help of braces, and cosmetic facial surgery. It also aids one to grow in a normal manner. Dr Pravin Shetty, M.D.S (orthodontics) says there are types involved – fixed (straight wire technique), lingual/invisible braces and invisible aligners technique.


Orthodontics is a full-time course. It involves three years in a postgraduate institute recognised by the Dental Council of India. The course imbibes theory and patient management, along with treatment of different cases.


Dr Pravin Shetty says that the initial salary ranges between `50,000 and `1,25,000 per month. In private practice, there is no limit.

monotonous. Technology in this field has evolved rapidly, and several new procedures for the betterment of all can be implemented.


Once Dr Pravin Shetty got a request from a model to make her teeth ‘irregular’ so that her teeth look natural.


As an orthodontist, you will receive several complex cases. Among several complex cases Dr Shetty has dealt with, one of them had irregular teeth with facial deformity, which was corrected with braces and a surgery of the nose and chin.


Dr Pravin Shetty says that it is a highly skilled job. Not all orthodontists are good orthodontists. The scope is better abroad, but then one needs to graduate from their universities. Upgrading one’s skills is essential. After his M.D.S, he also pursued Cert. Lingual Orthodontist (Germany, Korea) and Cert. Clear-Aligner Orthodontist (France).


Dr Pravin Shetty says life as an orthodontist is good, not

Course Canvas

• Dental Institute at King’s College, London • NYU College of Dentistry, New York • State University of New York at Buffalo • Inderprastha Dental College, Delhi • A.J. Institute of Dental Sciences, Mangalore • D.A. Pandu Memorial R.V. Dental College, Bangalore • Bharati Vidyapeeth Dental College, Maharashtra


Periodontics involves gum care and treating diseases afflicting them. Paedodontics deals with the care and treatment of teeth of children from birth to adolescence. Maintenance of primary teeth that aid in chewing and nutrition and speech development, and permanent teeth are addressed.


In Indian states, 15% of seats in state-run dental colleges are filled with a national examination. Selection to postgraduate courses are through national/state entrance examinations. yi

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Make me look weird doc! With gothic, rapper trends emerging; a dentist’s job isn’t only to deliver perfectly aligned white smiles. Dentists get quirky requests.


Rapper Paul Wall started the teeth grillz movement in Houston Texas and it became a worldwide phenomenon. “All I want for Christmas is that GRILL in my teeth” he rapped in a song. #HouXmasList he later Tweeted. Lil Jon didn’t choose anything lil but a pure white ice look with platinum and diamonds. Designed by Paul Wall himself, they cost a cool $50,000. His investment paid off as Lil Jon was crowned ‘King of da Grillz’ Lil Wayne told talk show host Jimmy Kimmel that he spent around $150,000 for his diamond-clad teeth. He decided to get a permanent set to guard his deteriorating dental work, a result of a teenage addiction to sweets. The rapper said “I like Skittles and Starburst, but I have bad teeth due to too much candy, so I got them covered with a grill. It doesn’t come out.” And how does one care for such precious accessories? “I brush ‘em with Colgate everyday.” Paul Wall appeared in Brooke Hogan’s “About Us” video and afterwards decided to freshen up Brooke’s mug with an exclusive custom-made diamond grill for her. It was reported that dad Hulk Hogan was so pleased with the look that he ordered a set for himself. Flav Flav got 22K semi-permanent gold caps top and bottom made by the legendary Eddie Plein. Being the lovable egomaniac that he is, Flav’s teeth spell out his own name in diamonds.

Rihanna was recently spotted with golden grills. Rich lady on the peak!

They are here to impress the bitches.

Nelly makes sure you’re not left behind in the latest trend in jewelled accessories.

Johnny Depp – He decided to keep his grill after shooting the first ‘Pirates of The Caribbean’ movie. He plans to put them on e-bay.

Kayne West – diamonds are cooler than teeth! ‘I just thought that diamonds were cooler,' says Kayne West. He asked the dentist to remove his bottom row of teeth and replace them with diamonds.

Rihanna – After Chris Brown (her ex-boyfriend) got grills, she too tried on a pair of golden chompers for her “You Da One” video. OCTOBER 2012 ║ Youth Incorporated 41

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Bamboozling R.D. National College

Serious F4 racing sways in this campus – Fun, Freedom of thought and expression, Friendships, Fruity knowledge. Let’s get to know this family WHAT’S THE HISTORY, BABY

Kareena Kapoor and Imran Khan shaking a leg at 'Cutting Chai'

The esteemed R.D. National College of Arts and Commerce & W.A. Science College, famously known as National college was established in Hyderabad in 1922, under the guidance of Rishi Dayaram Giduma and Annie Besant. After the Partition of India, it got repositioned to the funky location of Bandra west, Mumbai. The Hinduja Group had a premium hand in making this esteemed building stand with its head high. The college was built to cater to the educational needs of the Sindhi refugee community, and later the local population joined the college.


‘Go green’ mantras are bombarded as one enters the huge green campus. The botany garden possesses almost every type of rare, exotic plant. Freshness from the oxygen emitted by the umpteen trees does freshen up students for the early morning 42 Youth Incorporated ║ OCTOBER 2012

42-Campus Review.indd 42

22-09-2012 12:27:38

lectures. The other wonderful thing is that the beautiful campus also acts as a park, and students get a chance to opt for oxygen-infusement sessions rather than attending lectures. The auditorium is exquisitely welcoming.


National’s dictum is “Play the Game”. This message does encourage an all-round development, and not solely academic rote learning. Sportsmanship is encouraged in this college. Football and basketball top the list. Many indulge in our national game, hockey, to show their support and motivate others to take part in it (which sadly isn’t in a good position in this country). Brain storming games are endless.

buddies of several Nationalites. This college just resembles a big, fun family. Lucrative assignments, discussions and healthy gossip also composite the canteen fragrance.

and plenty more fun events rejoice the Nationalites. The BMM fest ‘Cutting Chai’ with its massive level of delivery leaves everybody jawdropped.



Hootings and whistlings topped with months of dedicated practice describe the annual fest of this college ‘Blowfest’. A series of celebration days prior to drama plays, fashion shows, exquisite dances, ad-mads, fine arts

Fashion, trends, funkiness, boldness and hotness are soaked into the Nationalite blood. It is not hard to find young, dazzling gals ‘n’ guys. It has an esteemed celeb alumni, and blooms and blossoms bright minds every year. yi

A.R.Rahman singing melodiously at 'Cutting Chai'


The college has taken several steps to spread social awareness and make this society a better, resourceful place. Yearly water, electricity saving campaigns, go-green, anti-drinking and anti-smoking campaigns are among the few social relevant campaigns taken up by them.

National college auditorium


The wide range of courses right from graduation, postgraduation to MBA, the academics focuses on overall development. Practical studies are given as much significance as theoretical studies. The Honours Programme encourages students to research topics outside the curriculum. The mentor system has one teacher mentoring 20 students. A credit system encourages students to take up extracurricular activities. There are also UGC-sponsored certificate courses in Hindustani Classical Music, Heritage Management, Beauty Care and Finishing School lessons. The faculty is highly experienced and are like the students’ friends.


Frankies and varied ‘jhakas’ dosas top the menu. The canteen walahs are



‘What time is the lecture?’ ‘So I won’t be around the classroom that time.’

Amjad Khan

‘Is the exam timetable put up?’ ‘The exam is next week. Now it’s too soon for it to be out.’ ‘I need to get working damn hard. Sleepless nights. Nah, not for exams; Blowfest and Cutting Chai are coming up.’

Anil Ambani Kiran Kumar Javed Jaffrey Prateik Babbar Tamanna Bhatia OCTOBER 2012 ║ Youth Incorporated 43

42-Campus Review.indd 43

22-09-2012 12:27:53



BEST YOUNG SPEAKER FROM ASIA I Sruthi Vijayachandran holding the prestigious trophy


was introduced to the Business English Certificate Exam course (offered by the University of Cambridge). I decided to take it up, as a certificate from a leading university would add to my master’s degree in PR which I was pursuing at that time. It would be a great value added to my career. At that point of time, I didn’t expect to come so far in the Best Young Speaker from Asia competition.


I scored 96/100 and was listed among the top 100 performers in the BEC exam in 2011. From there, I went on to the national level round which was held in Chennai. This in itself was a big achievement for me. I was competing against the best from different Indian states. The biggest honour was to represent India. The competition was huge considering the number of talented students from India. After winning that, I was

Sruthi along with her mother who accompanied her to London

44 Youth Incorporated ║ OCTOBER 2012


22-09-2012 12:31:32

Tips for public speaking • You can’t speak rehearsed every time, nor do you always have the time to make prepared speeches. Grab every opportunity – be it giving a sudden vote-of-thanks speech or compering for an event. It helps develop confidence. • Push yourself. Don’t worry if you make an error or say something irrelevant. One learns that way. • Capitalise every opportunity you get.

I was honoureednt to represA INDI

Sruthi being awarded 'Best Young Speaker from Asia' award at Robinson college, University of Cambridge

asked three questions, to which we had to give one-minute responses. The three questions I was asked were about India’s population, virtual classrooms and social networking.


short-listed as one of the nine young students from across Asia to be flown to the UK to take part in the finals of the competition.


The first round of the finals required all contestants to give a five-minute prepared speech about the advantages and disadvantages of hosting the Olympics and how the Games could impact the economy of the host country positively or negatively. In the second round, the contestants had to give an impromptu speech. Every contestant was given a different topic. I had to talk about the aspects involved in preparing for an interview and a job. In the third round, we were

The finals were held on my birthday! I was too nervous and too terrified being on stage on the main day. I was highly honoured to represent my country. I wasn’t excited. I needed to think and be very attentive to be able to make my country proud.


The ability to speak any language well develops over time. For me, it came with practice and time. I would grab every opportunity that enhanced my language skills, be it reading the newspapers, watching movies or even giving a sudden vote-of-thanks speech after an event. I capitalised on every opportunity I got. It helped me develop confidence. For the prepared speech that I had to deliver, I did rehearse it a couple of times.


This competition began a year back when I was in my second year of the PR master’s course. It didn’t take time away from the course; instead it

COMMON ERRORS WHILE SPEAKING ENGLISH • one of my friend/one of my teacher– how can the friend/ teacher be divided? • honest pronounced as ‘h’onest

helped to keep the stress levels out of my course.


I was awarded the First Prize in the final of the Best Young Speaker from Asia competition. And I was awarded a scholarship to study MBA at the London School of Business Finance. There was a flexibility provided in the subject I wanted to choose (an MA or an MSc). The MBA is for a duration of 15 months. I would be taking that up later. [psst…she also recently passed Cambridge English: Business Vantage (BEC) – a high level business English qualification developed by Cambridge ESOL.]


Before the final results were going to be declared, we had a 15 minute break when one of the judges came upto me and told me that I was placed among the ‘top 3’. I rejoiced!


I’ll be pursuing a career in communications in the PR field. I’ll take up the MBA scholarship later.


Do what you love to do. Do your best at it. yi OCTOBER 2012 ║ Youth Incorporated 45


22-09-2012 12:31:57


What prompted you to devise mobile apps? How did you get the concept of your first mobile app ‘Catch Me Cop’? We have always had a fascination for computers and games. We started by learning how to use PowerPoint and then gradually began learning programming software. It was always our dream to create our own games and applications. We began working on our first application four years ago (at ages eight and six), which was based on cricket. The first application we released was ‘Catch me Cop’ where you have to prevent being captured by the cop. There are three stages in each level and the difficulty level increases with every level. What motivated you to start your own company, ‘Go Dimensions’? We wanted to start a professional company and our father encouraged us to register our company. We decided on the name ‘Go Dimensions’ because ‘go’ is Sanjay’s favourite word and ‘dimensions’ because we want to create a universe of applications. If you notice, the name ‘Go Dimensions’ also begins with the word ‘God’. How did you manage to learn complicated programming softwares at such a young age? We first learnt Q-Basic, which was really simple, then Java, Android, SDK and iOS. In the beginning, we developed over 150 test applications to master these programs. Honestly, the entire process was easy and fun. We learnt everything through books and with the help of our dad. Do you have any dream that would change the tech world? Any ‘SS’ invention? Our dream is to make our own tablet one day, called ‘Go Sheet’. The tablet will be extremely thin and also very cheap. A large number of people are unable to afford tablets due to their exorbitant prices and the thought of a villager owning a tablet seems impossible. But we want to make this technology affordable even in villages to stimulate economic growth in the county. Through our inventions, we want to see India transform into a superpower.

India’s Youngest



46 Youth Incorporated ║ OCTOBER 2012

46 Indias Youngest CEOs.indd 46

22-09-2012 12:33:15

SHRAVAN AND SANJAY’S PICKS • Favourite Go Dimensions App:

Catch me Cop

• Role Models: Steve Jobs and

Bill Gates

• Favourite App in the Market:

Sketch Book Pro

• Favourite Games: Amazing

Alex and Subway Surfer

• Favourite Gadgets: Samsung Young minds at work. Sanjay Kumaran (Left) and Shravan Kumaran (Right)

How many downloads of your apps have taken place till date? Our games and applications have received over 17,000 downloads from more than 43 countries. Currently, our applications are available for free download, so our earnings are through advertisers on our website. Of the $150 we have earned, we will be giving a substantial amount to charity as we strongly believe in the cause of educating underprivileged children. We receive a number of resumés from people requesting to work with us. What’s surprising is that of the 30 plus resumés that we have received, about 15-20 of them are from IIT and IIM graduates. What is Go Dimensions' next app about? We are working on a new game with motion-sensitive controls, which means that you can manoeuvre the player by tilting the screen. The game will be called ‘Extreme Impossible 5’ and is based on the superhero theme. We also have some Android applications, which will soon be released. What kind of apps can we expect from you in the future? We are currently working on an application that will allow you to find a location using Google and then give you updated information on the

Galaxy Tab 2 and the iMac

traffic status, pollution levels, quality of shopping destinations, etc. Other users can view and benefit from these updates. The application is similar to Google maps, but a more advanced version. Also, unlike Google, which spent millions of dollars on Google maps, our application will be developed at a minimal cost.

What is the biggest lesson you have imbibed from your parents? It was our dad who told us not to just play games but to learn from them and then make them. Our mother guides us in our studies and encourages us to enjoy our childhood and not spend all our time in front of the computer.

What is the relation between this President and CEO at work and otherwise? Our relation is exactly the same while discussing work and otherwise. We work really well together and there is a great degree of co-operation in our relationship. In fact, we never have any fights; except over chocolates.

Does your company take time away from your studies? Not at all. Once we come back from school, we spend two hours studying. For these two hours, we focus 100% on our studies and don’t waste that time. We then spend 1-2 hours working on our applications. We don’t really enjoy studying too much, we think the breaks should be increased in duration and general school timings should be reduced by 1-2 hours. Our teachers have encouraged us a lot through this process.

As you two are ‘Youngest Tech Connoisseurs’, could you give a few success mantras for tech lovers and inventors? Keep working on developing applications if you are interested in that, but at the same time don’t neglect your studies as that is really important as well. Also, while testing or designing applications, it is better to first design them for Android rather than Apple. This is because Apple has a really stringent submission process; once we spent more than 3 hours answering the list of required questions!

Any other line you plan to venture into? Sanjay: I really enjoy drawing cartoons. Both of us have worked on a couple of comic books and we hope to publish them sometime in the future. Shravan : I enjoy cycling and singing as well as composing songs. Both of us enjoy skateboarding a lot. yi OCTOBER 2012 ║ Youth Incorporated 47

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- By Niloufer Gandhi Choose the option that is closest in meaning to the highlighted word and complete the sentence.

1. forebode (fawr-bohd)

A strong earthquake and a sudden rise of the ocean tide _____ an impending tsunami. (a) portend (b) proffer (c) envision

2. subterfuge (suhb-ter-fyooj)

After robbing the store, the criminals used ____ to escape the police. (a) responsiveness (b) improvidence (c) deception

3. apparitions (ap-uh-rish-uhns)

One of the amusement park’s attractions was the rollercoaster ride through the tunnel of horror which had many ____ passing through the patrons. (a) mansards (b) procedures (c) ghosts

4. bloodcurdling (bluhd-kurd-ling)

After seeing the severely mangled cat, the children let out a _____ scream that gathered all the residents of the street. (a) subtle (b) horrifying (c) snide

5. cryptic (krip-tik)

The tourists feared that they would lose their way in the _____ passages of the abbey. (a) mysterious (b) straight (c) ornate

6. abhorrent (ab-hawr-uhnt)

The _____ practice of beheading, although abandoned by most of the countries of the world, is still conducted by certain fundamentalist groups. (a) fascinating (b) despicable (c) manipulative

7. tomfoolery (tom-foo-luh-ree)

Paula was embarrased to see the pictures of her boyfriend’s drunken _____ on a social networking site. (a) prudence (b) prowess (c) ludicrousness

8. clamor (klam-er)

The word Halloween is a contraction of ‘All Hallow’s Even’ or ‘All Hallow’s Eve’ . It is celebrated on October 31st, that is, the night before ‘All Hallow’s Day’ or All Saints Day, a day for honoring the saints. In Celtic Ireland, in the 5th century BC, summer officially ended on October 31 and this day was observed as Samhain (sow-en), the Celtic New year. Well, let’s start with a few basic words that you can use in your day-today conversation.

The principal punished the misbehaving students for the ____ they had created in the absence of their teacher. (a) peace (b) noise (c) influx

9. hellions (hel-yuhns)

Many night clubs appoint extra police officers to keep ____ likely to cause problems. (a) troublemakers (b) mendicants (c) communicants Gautam Buddha ,the founder of Buddhism has been _____ as Lord Buddha by his followers. (a) censured (b) sanctified (c) apprehended

Answers: 1aB 2.C 3. C 4. B 5. A 6.B 7. C 8. B 9. A 10. B

10. canonised (kan-uh-nahys-ed ) 48 Youth Incorporated ║ OCTOBER 2012

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K E E PI N S I D E 


55 A ent sec.indd 55




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Century o

Indian C I

t is common knowledge that Indians have two obsessions: cricket and cinema. Movies empower audiences with the ability to see new places (planets and beings even!), experience a variety of emotions and be a part of other people’s lives. For those three hours, we are collectively transported to another world. Movies can touch, inspire, shock, teach, sadden, sometimes even anger audiences and the Indian film industry has been successfully doing this for 100 years. While the menace of illegal downloading has had a huge impact on the music industry, the movie-going experience is as valued today, if not more. We are as eager today to sit in a dark

50 Youth Incorporated â•‘ OCTOBER 2012

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y of

As Indian cinema turns 100, Vatsala Chhibber takes you on a journey through the different ages and milestones in Indian celluloid history

n Cinema theatre with a hot tub of popcorn, ready to laugh with Govinda, cheer Sallu-bhai and whistle at Kareena’s item number. There certainly is something magical about the movies. The diversity of Indian culture is reflected in the films we make. From the glamorous Yash Raj flicks to the over-the-top South Indian action movies and the sliceof-life flicks for ‘multiplex audiences’, Indian cinema is generous and varied in its offerings. We might not be bagging medals by the minute at the Olympics, but Indian cinema has certainly left an indelible mark on the history of celluloid with the quantity and quality of films produced each year.

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echnically, the first Indian movie released in India was Shree Pundalik, a 22-minute long film directed by Dadasaheb Torne. However, since the film was shot by a British cameraman and the negatives of the film were sent to London for processing, the title went to Dadasaheb Phalke’s Raja Hasrishchandra, which told the story of a king who never lied. The film had an all-male cast as no woman was ready to enter this unfamiliar profession. In fact, Phalke even approached prostitutes for the role of the lead actress and even they were unwilling to disgrace themselves by acting in films. This is difficult to imagine, especially today, when thousands of girls endure years of struggle in pursuit of their ‘big screen aspirations’. But back then, a desperate Phalke offered the role of the lead actress to a boy called Salunke, who can perhaps be called India's first heroine. Other regions soon came out with their cinematic contributions, thus beginning the diverse journey of Indian cinema.

The first love story

Bilat Ferat (1921), a Bengali film, was the first Indian love story in Indian cinema. When it was released, the film shocked audiences with its intimate scenes.

The first women on-screen

In 1913, Durgabai Kamat became the first woman to act in Indian cinema. After she separated from her husband, she was desperate to make a living to support her daughter. She could either become a domestic servant, a prostitute or an actress. Durgabai dared to be the first actress and Indian cinema and paved the way for generations of future actresses. Her daughter also acted in the film and became India’s first female child star.

Since no woman considered it moral to act in movies, a boy named Salunke became the first Indian cinema’s first ‘actress’

Film of the Decade Lanka Dahan, a mythological film directed by Dadasaheb Phalke, became the first Indian box office hit.

Star of the Decade

Dadasaheb Phalke, who is considered the ‘Father of Indian Cinema,’ laid a strong foundation for the film industry. In his 19 years as a filmmaker, Phalke made 95 movies and 26 short films. Unfortunately, the most successful filmmaker of the silent era was unable to transition to sound and by 1938, Phalke retired from cinema and moved to Nashik.

Controversy of the decade

Bhakt Vidur was the first film to be checked under the censorship rule for being ‘politically subversive’.

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uring this period, Indian cinema began its transformation into an organised industry, with a steady number of films produced every year. From making 27 films a year in the beginning of the decade, the count escalated to 207 films a year by 1931. Sadly, of the 1200 films made during the silent era, barely 10 are preserved today. In 1931, sound made its debut in Indian cinema through Ardeshir Irani's Alam Ara. The inclusion of sound is especially significant in the history of Indian cinema. Sound gave birth to songs, which continue to feature prominently in our films, setting our cinema apart from that of other countries.

The first film poster

Baburao Painter designed the first film poster for his film Maya Bazaar (1923), also known as Vatsala Haran. His film Savkari Pash is considered the first attempt at social realism. The film tells the story of a greedy moneylender and his methods of exploiting a peasant family

Movie of the Decade

The first Indian talkie, Alam Ara, starring Master Vithal and Zubeida, was so popular among audiences that the police had to be summoned to handle the crowds. Alam Ara has another first to its credit: ‘black tickets’ were first sold for this film. Owing to the huge demand, tickets were sold for `5 instead of the official four annas!

Star of the Decade

The first female filmmaker

in Indian cinema was a woman named Fatima Begum, who released her first movie, Babul-e-Paristan in 1926.

Owing to the huge demand, tickets for Alam Ara were sold for `5 instead of the official four annas!

Master Vithal was the most popular star of the silent film era and therefore was an obvious choice to star in the first Indian talkie, Alam Ara. However, the downfall of the silent era stars, as highlighted in the Oscar winning film The Artist, was witnessed in Master Vithal’s life as well. His poor Hindi speaking skills were revealed in Alam Ara and Vithal went back to doing silent films (and some Marathi films). Like many silent movie stars, he faded into oblivion.

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fter the introduction of sound, talkies dominated the movie screens and silent films (and stars) gradually faded into the background. While the talkies ended numerous acting careers, one star who managed this transition easily was Zubeida, the lead actress in Alam Ara. In fact, her career grew immensely after her performance in the first talkie. Soon, Indian cinema then propelled towards its next milestone, the first film in colour. This period is also saw the rise of regional films and Maharashtra, Punjab and Gujarat added their cinematic offerings to the growing list of talkie films. This decade also witnessed the emergence and rise of various studios such as the Prabhat Film Company, Imperial Film Company, Wadia Movietone and Bombay Talkies.

The first action star

This might be hard to believe but the first action star in Indian cinema was an Australian woman popularly known as Fearless Nadia. She starred in several stunt movies, the most popular of them being Hunterwali. Prior to acting in movies, Nadia performed stunts for a circus group.

The birth of playback singing

Dhoop Chhaon saw the first use of playback singers. Before this, songs were sung by actors themselves. We shudder to think what damage would be inflicted if we had to listen to Rani Mukerji croon. Thank God for playback singing!

Controversy of the Decade

Film of the Decade Achhut Kanya (1936), starring Ashok Kumar and Devika Rani, told of issues faced by low caste girls in a love story.

First colour film

Kisan Kanya (1937), produced by Ardeshir Irani was the first colour film that was processed in India

While lip locks had been seen briefly in earlier movies such as A Throw of Dice, the kiss that caused quite a controversy was shared between Devika Rani and Himanshu Rai (who were also a couple off-screen as well) in the movie Karma (1933). The kiss was especially scandalous since it was 4 minutes long!

Star of the Decade Achhut Kanya was a love story between an ‘untouchable’ girl and a Brahmin boy Song of the decade Main ban ke chidiya ban ke from the movie Acchut Kanya was sung by the actors themselves and was the most popular song of the decade.

Regarded as the finest actors of Indian cinema, K.L. Saigal was not only adored as an actor and singer; his portrayal of Devdas earned him thousands of fans.

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he 1940s saw the demise of some founding pillars of Indian cinema such as Himanshu Rai, K.L. Saigal and Dadasaheb Phalke. While there were some unfortunate departures, this decade also saw the debut of some prominent film personalities such as Raj Kapoor, Dilip Kumar and Asha Bhonsale. This is also when Indian cinema welcomed its first ‘star’, Ashok Kumar. Dilip Kumar, who was popularly known as Tragedy King, also met with great success during this time through films such as Mela, Andaz and Deedar. At the beginning of the decade, the film industry suffered a setback due to the shortage of equipment and resources caused by World War II. However, the recovery from this hurdle was quick and by 1946, more than 150 films were produced annually by the Hindi film industry alone.

RK Films is established

The first family of Bollywood, the Kapoors, claimed their space in the history of Indian cinema when Raj Kapoor established RK Films studio in 1948. The ‘Showman’ delivered his first hit Barsaat in 1949. The image of him and Nargis in the film poster also became the logo for RK films.

First International Award Neecha Nagar (1946) won the prestigious Grand Prix du Festival International du Film (Best Film) award at the first Cannes Film Festival.

Movie of the Decade Star of the decade

Kismet, starring Ashok Kumar and Mumtaz Shanti, is considered one of the first blockbuster hits of Indian cinema. The film was so popular that it ran at a theatre in Kolkata for three years. Kismet was the first film with an anti-hero (a con man) in the lead and also introduced the concept of ‘double role’ to Indian films.

One of the biggest scandals of the 1940s was the love affair between Nargis and Raj Kapoor Song of the Decade The mellifluous Lata Mangeshkar’s song Aayega Aanewaala from the movie Mahal became the first of many hits to be delivered by her.

Fondly called Dadamoni by his fans, Ashok Kumar is regarded as the first star of Indian cinema. He delivered many memorable performances in movies such as Mahal (which was the first film based on the subject of reincarnation).

Controversy of the decade

One of the biggest scandals of the 1940s was the affair between Nargis and Raj Kapoor. The two were a popular on-screen couple, acting together in 24 movies. However, Raj Kapoor was a married man and refused to leave his wife for Nargis. This ended the affair and Nargis went to marry Sunil Dutt, who allegedly saved her life during the filming of Mother India. OCTOBER 2012 ║ Youth Incorporated 55

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his decade is regarded as the golden age of Indian cinema as it produced some of the biggest stars, filmmakers and critically acclaimed films. Guru Dutt, Raj Kapoor, Nargis, Bimal Roy, Meena Kumari, Madhubala, Dilip Kumar, etc made their historic contributions to Indian cinema during this period. Filmmakers experimented with styles, plots and preferences and the result was an industry which steadily produced quality entertainment. From the commercial films of Raj Kapoor to the brooding social commentary of Guru Dutt, these diverse genres were widely accepted by audiences. ‘Art’ films also thrived during this period, with Satyajit Ray’s monumental Pather Panchali and Bimal Roy's Do Bigha Zamin finding national and international acclaim. Along with historic films, historic couples were also formed during this time, such as Nargis and Sunil Dutt, Kishore Kumar and Madhubala and Dev Anand and Suraiya.

First Indian movie Film of the Decade Controversy of nominated for an 100,000 people gathered outside the Decade Academy Award Maratha Mandir to buy tickets for the Mother India became India’s first submission to the Foreign Language Film category at the Academy Awards. The film also secured a nomination.

opening show of Mughal-e-Azam! The film managed to earn `40 lakhs in its first week. Well, the film’s earnings are certainly well deserved as the movie took eleven years to complete!

First comedy film

Albela, the first comedy film in India, was directed by Bhagwan Dada. However, it is saddening to know that the man who gave Indian audiences their first feature-length laughter session ultimately ran out of successes and moved to a chawl, accepting petty roles to make a living.

100,000 people gathered outside Maratha Mandir to buy tickets for Mughal-e-Azam!

Star of the Decade Madhubala (meaning a woman of honey) is one of the most beautiful women to grace Indian cinema. During this period, she had a string of hits attched to her name and was also offered a role in a movie by an American filmmaker. But this enigmatic beauty concealed a tragic secret from the world for many years. She suffered from a serious heart disease and succumbed to it at the young age of 36.

The hardships that Madhubala’s characters faced on screen were faced by her in real life as well. Her affair with Dilip Kumar came to an abrupt end when her father forbade her from travelling to Bhopal with him for a shoot. The result was a court case against her by disgruntled filmmaker B.R. Chopra and the end of her love affair. She later married the popular playback singer Kishore Kumar.

Song of the decade

Humour and patriotism combined to make the popular song, Mera joota hai Japani from the movie Shree 420. This song has retained its popularity and relevance in today’s globalised world.

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ndian cinema in the 1960s was in the middle of a transition. From the new age of directors in the 1950s, the film industry progressed into a new era. One interesting development in this decade was the first use of international locations. Raj Kapoor’s Sangam was the first film to be shot abroad, in places such as Paris, Venice and Switzerland. This trend is still followed by filmmakers to date who travel far and wide to find the most picturesque locations, especially for film songs. Indian cinema also began travelling to foreign locations, a trend that is still prevalent. The theme of nationalism was prevalent across many films in 1960s due to the war being fought against Pakistan.

The first one-actor film

The legendary Sunil Dutt directed, produced and starred in the movie Yaadein, which entered the Guinness Book of World Records for the ‘fewest actors in a narrative film’

Movie of the decade Guide, starring India’s Gregory Peck – Dev Anand, was the first film to win all the major Filmfare Awards (Best Movie, Best Director, Best Actor and Best Actress).

Star of the decade

The superstar status that was enjoyed by Rajesh Khanna in the late 1960s remains unmatched till date. He still holds the record for the most number of consecutive hits (15 films between 1969 and 1971). Women were crazy about him, marrying his photographs and gathering in large groups to catch a glimpse of him. The public obsession heightened to such a degree that Rajesh Khanna required police protection from large, uncontrollable crowds.

Controversy of the decade

The feisty Sharmila Tagore was the first Indian actress to sport a bikini on the big screen, a move that was followed by several actresses such as Zeenat Aman and Parveen Babi. While Tagore shocked conservative audiences by posing in a bikini for a film magazine, it also earned her the title ‘Sex Symbol’.

The feisty Sharmila Tagore was the first Indian actress to sport a bikini on the big screen The largest producer of films

In 1971, India officially became the largest producer of films in the world with 433 films and continues to hold that title today.

Song of the decade Aradhana was one of the biggest hits of the 1960s and was the vehicle of the much-loved song Mere sapno ki rani.

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n the 1970s, Hindi cinema entered a new phase, which is now called the age of the ‘masala fims’. Angry heroes, evil villains, violent fights, hot babes and many twists in the tale – films in the 70s were unabashed entertainers. This format was carried forward through several decades and in some ways still exists today (Main hoon na, Dabangg). The genre of romantic films also blossomed during this era with most leading actors showcasing their romantic sides such as Amitabh Bachchan in Kabhie Kabhie, Rishi Kapoor in Bobby and Dharmendra in Dream Girl.

The horror genre is established Technically, the first horror film in Indian cinema was Mahal which released in 1949. But the Ramsay brothers introduced gore to horror films in 1972 with Do Gaz Zameen ke Neeche, the first of their many spooky offerings.

First Bollywood star on the cover of Time Magazine Parveen Babi was the first Indian actor to be featured on the cover of Time magazine. But at the peak of her career, Parveen disappeared from the city and returned years later, an unrecognizable version of her former self. Her last years were lonely and she was found in her apartment three days after her death.

Film of the Decade

When Sholay released, the response to the film was unexceptional. But soon, audiences started praising the film and through word of mouth publicity, the movie became one of the biggest hits of all time. The character of Gabbar became so popular with audiences that he was asked to endorse children’s biscuits! This is the first time a villian was used to advertise any product.

Star of the Decade

With the success of his film Zanjeer, Amitabh Bachchan became the ‘Angry Young Man’ of Indian cinema. But he proved his versatility as an actor through his laughter-inducing antics in Amar Akbar Anthony and romantic shayaris in Kabhie Kabhie.

Controversy of the Decade

In the early 1980s, news of a secret affair between Amitabh and Rekha shocked the industry. Ironically, there last film together was Silsila, where Amitabh and Jaya Bachchan play a married couple and Rekha, ‘the other woman’. Later, Rekha married an industrialist, Mukesh Aggarwal. Tragically, her new husband committed suicide a year later.

Song of the decade The song that best depicts the mood of the 1970s, Dum maro dum from the movie Hare Rama Hare Krishna became a cult song, especially for the youth.

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his decade can almost been seen as a transfer of power from the stars of the 1970s to the Khans, who made their debuts during this period. While many memorable films have been produced in this decade, there have also been several disasters. Uninspired scripts, run-of-the-mill sequences and terrible fashion dominated many of these films. This was also when women directors found space and recognition in Indian cinema. Movies such as Salaam Bombay directed by Mira Nair, Chashm-e-Baddoor directed by Sai Paranjpye and 36 Chowringhee Lane directed by Aparna Sen were appreciated by critics and audiences.

First Oscar for India

Star of the decade

In 1983, India won her first ever Oscar through Bhanu Athaiya. She was awarded an Academy Award for best Costume Design for Richard Attenborough’s Gandhi.

First 3D film

My Dear Kuttichathan, a Malyalam movie, became the first film in India to use 3D technology. The film was later dubbed in Hindi under the name Chhota Chetan.

Movie of the Decade

Sooraj Barjatya’s Maine Pyaar Kiya was one of the biggest hits of the decade which also catapulted Salman Khan’s acting career. The music of the film also contributed to its popularity with songs like Dil deewana and Kabootar ja ja ja.

South Indian actress Sridevi started acting at the age of four and made her Bollywood debut in the 1970s. But the peak of her popularity came in the 1980s when she delivered some of the biggest hits of the decade. such as Nagina (where she transformed into a snake), Mr India, Chaalbaaz and Lamhe. Between 1985 and 1992, Sridevi was the highest paid actress in Hindi cinema.

Uninspired scripts, routine sequences and terrible fashion dominated many of films in the 1980s

Controversy of the decade

Amitabh might have found success in acting but he struggled in his political career. In 1984, Amitabh Bachchan decided to enter politics in support of his family-friend, Rajiv Gandhi. But he soon resigned from politics after his name was included in the Bofors scandal. After a tiff with the media, leading film magazines such as Stardust decided to enforce a media ban against Amitabh bachchan for 15 years! Amitabh responded to this by banning the press from entering his film sets until the year 1989.

Song of the decade

The song that had the nation brushing up their counting skills, Ek do teen from the movie Tezaab was immensely popular. Madhuri’s dancing abilities were highlighted in the song and is one of her best known performances to date. OCTOBER 2012 ║ Youth Incorporated 59

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he three Khans – Shahrukh, Salman and Amir – found success in this decade. Shahrukh Khan was the romantic hero with hits like Dil Toh Pagal Hai and Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. Amir Khan came to be known as a perfectionist with his quality performances in Rangeela and Dil Chahta Hai. And Salman created his own base of loyal fans who admired his work in Hum Aapke Hain Kaun and Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam. But someone who proved you don’t need to carry the name Khan to make it big in Bollywood was Hrithik Roshan. The success of Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai made him the heartthrob of the nation. Girls swooned over his unique style and boys tried to mimic his dance moves.

The longest running film in Indian cinema

People can still watch Simran and Raj at Maratha Mandir theatre in Mumbai, making Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaayenge the longest running Indian movie of all time.

First film on homosexuality

Deepa Mehta’s bold and candid portrayal of a lesbian relationship in Fire was the first of its kind in Indian cinema. Conservative groups stronglly opposed the film, calling it “pornographic, immoral and against Indian culture”.

Film of the Decade

Ashutosh Gowariker’s Lagaan became the second Indian film to be nominated for an Oscar. Though the film did not win the golden statue, Lagaan has been included in Empire magazine’s list of 100 Best Films of World Cinema.

The song Choli ke peeche kya hai was discussed in the Indian Parliament

Controversy of the Decade

The song Choli ke peeche kya hai from the movie Khalnayak sirred quite a debate on its release. The song’s suggestive lyrics, exaggerated thrusts and sighs scandalized the nation. Soon the debate escalated to new heights when the song was discussed in the Indian Parliament as well!

Song of the decade Shahrukh Khan, Mallika Arora Khan’s hips and a moving train all contributed towards making Chaiyya Chaiiya a hit song. The dance moves from the song soon caught on with the masses, though they were mostly performed on even ground.

Star of the Decade

SRK, as he is popularly called, managed to secure the title ‘King Khan’ with his series of hits. However, this decade also proved that there is enough space in Bollywood for three superstars to find success simultaneously, if not peacefully.

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igger budgets, bigger stars, international technology; movies in this decade have been really have been pampered. But the returns on investment have been explosive with movies like Ek Tha Tiger and 3 Idiots earning more than 300 crores each! Remakes and remixes found prominence in this decade though they were not always guaranteed success (Don, Agneepath). While the scale of blockbusters got bigger, the multiplex culture also provided a space for smaller films to find their audiences, such as Vicky Donor and Paan Singh Tomar. New story lines and fimmaking techniques entered Indian cinema during this time and met with success due to the changing preferences of audiences in the country.

Highest paid actor in Asia The south Indian superstar Rajnikanth dethroned Jackie Chan and became the highest paid actor in Asia after being paid ` 26 crore (phew!) for his role in Sivaji.

The most expensive film After spending US$30 million, Shahrukh Khan’s superhero flick Ra One became the most expensive movie in the history of Indian cinema. Oh, and it also cost Shirish Kunder a slap in the face. Now that’s priceless.

Movies like Ek Tha Tiger and 3 Idiots have managed to earn more than `300 crores each

Movie of the decade

3 Idiots is not only the biggest hit of the decade, but also the highest grossing film of all time. The film was also in the news for the public feud between Chetan Bhagat and the makers of the fim.

Controversy of the decade

Looks like the title of ‘Angry Young Man’ has been transferred to Shahrukh Khan. Recently, King Khan has been at loggerheads with an alarmingly large number of people. First, there was the highly publisized spat between him and Salman Khan at Katrina Kaif’s birthday bash. Then there was the abusing session at the IPL finals and the Shirish Kunder slap. There are also reports of a troubled marriage due to his rumoured affair with Priyanka Chopra.

Star of the decade

Since the jury is still out on the battle of the Khans, we’d like to give this title to another star who has made invaluable contributions to Indian cinema, not through his acting, but through his music: A.R. Rahman. This ‘Mozart of Madras’ (as he is fondly called) is one celebrity who has managed to remain grounded, humble and focused on his art. Now, that’s a real star.

Song of the decade

This decade has been filled with ‘Munnis’, ‘Sheilas’ and ‘Chammak Challos’, all making for catchy but forgettable songs. We think the real find of the decade is Pakistani singer Atif Aslam, whose fresh voice was discovered with his song Woh Lamhe. yi OCTOBER 2012 ║ Youth Incorporated 61

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Jasmine Chabria brings you ‘six sexy guides’ to help lovelorns discover what the opposite sex wants



1. HAIRY LOVE TALES She places her gaze first at your facial hair (and not your chest hair). A well-kept stubble, suggesting that you’re a kind gentle caretaker does turn her on rather than a beastly hoarse beard. She prefers short hair on the man’s head rather

than long, straightened hair (she doesn’t want competition nor does she want you to look like her. Few such as Farah Khan like it). She prefers the guy’s arms and legs to be unwaxed, yet not a hairy jungle. A man’s arms are an integral turnon for women, so guys keep them clean topped with average hair.

She does like a fit, muscular look on the man who has strength. However, the extremes are a strict turn-off for her – she doesn’t want to date or mate a hulk, nor a toothpick-y size zero.

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The size of the lips don’t matter much to her (yes, true, here is one thing where size doesn’t matter). But cracked dry lips of the ‘he’ disappoint her. You could apply Vaseline, but avoid a glossy look, or it would back fire.


She loves the fragrances of strawberry, mint and chocolate. Sweat odours are a strict no-no.


She loves him to have big eyes. It makes her think she can decipher him and rate his honesty level as well as health. She doesn’t like extremely well shaped eyebrows on him (again, stop competing with her).



He loves long hair (even shoulderlength hair does turn him on). Long locks tell the world that you’re a sensual woman. You take care of your hair because sensuality and looking sexy is important to you. The message you’re telegraphing is that you’ll take care of him in ‘that way’ too. However, an unwaxed gal does put 99 per cent of men into depression. Skip those parlour sessions if you want to play revenge with him.


He likes a fit and healthy girl. This is because he wants the girl to be able to reproduce. Talking of curves, who doesn’t know that a girl’s hour glass figure is like the man’s elixir. Now do you get why Playboy mints money?



The tall man provides a sense of security and comfort for her. Also, she finds his tallness very attractive and she sees it as a ‘protector’ quality in him. She loves to be treated like a princess. He does love full lips as he thinks they deliver sensuous, satisfying kisses. Also, lips that wear lipstick are instantly noticed by him. A research showed that lips without makeup are noticed by men after 2.2 seconds.


Girls love the fragrance of ‘He’ deos and perfumes and end up using them. That’s a faux-pas. The logic is that men use them to attract you. You need not use them. And he loves ‘for her’ perfumes better than ‘for him’ perfumes so you need to use them, and he shall fall for you.


He likes wideset, elongated eyes. These make him think you’re youthful and naughty. Also, wide eyes add a beautiful sparkle to the face. Make up can enhance the size of your eyes. Thick eyebrows turn him on more than extremely thin eyebrows.


Her height does matter for him. He likes her to be between 5’3” and 5’8”. Sexy heels and stilettos always turn him on. They aid in enhancing his arousal level. Both subtle colours as well as bright flashy colours arouse him. OCTOBER 2012 ║ Youth Incorporated 63

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HOW DATEABLE SNAKES N' LADDER LOVE QUIZ Follow the rules (at least here): Keep on ticking the apt ‘ladder’ option for every ‘snake’ you answer. See what the grand total reveals in the ‘Real Date or Edible Date?’ box below. Cheating by you will not make a difference either to you or to us. Seasonal snake: What are the issues you would discuss on a date? Ladder a: Issues that both my date and I find interesting (now do I need to tell you what we find interesting…?) Ladder b: About the recent purchases I made. Ladder c: Both a and b. Ladder d: Let my date do the talking, I prefer eating. Poisonous snake: If there’s a tasty dish kept between you and your date, how would you proceed? Ladder a: Just take it and start eating. (What? You want me to stare at it?) Ladder b: I need to check if there are no onions and tomatoes in the dish. Ladder c: Serve my date and then serve myself. And then both of us have a ‘bon-appetit’. Ladder d: I get too nervous to eat when my date is along with me. Rattlesnake: Will you get upset if your date expresses his/her difference in opinion? Ladder a: Upset? Bashings will follow. Ladder b: My opinion is the first and last say.


Ladder c: I would be glad if my date expresses his/her opinions and then we shall discuss. Ladder d: His/her opinion is the last word. Philippine cobra snake: How many dates have you been on before? Ladder a: Let’s just call them flings. Ladder b: Phew, it would take ages to count. Ladder c: Several with my beloved. Ladder d: Ramanujan’s zero. I dislike dates, I just prefer the educate section. Viper: What ambience would you like to have on a date? Ladder a: Dark, great food and no candles on the table (it’s too clichéd). Ladder b: My date’s home. Ladder c: Any decent and romantic ambience will do. The person matters more Ladder d: Maybe the college campus; or after work in the bus/train. Black Mamba snake: What sort of person do you want to go on a date with? Ladder a: He/she needs to be fair and have brown hair. And should pick/ drop me. Ladder b: Who I want to go on a date with? There’s a line of people waiting to date me. Ladder c: He/she should be understanding and well-mannered. Ladder d: I don’t know what type of person I want to date.

Real Date or Edible Date? I mostly climbed 'a' ladders: You are a dominant person and can be hard to manage or satisfy. A highly dominant person of the opposite-sex would readily date you.

I mostly stuck with ' b' ladders: You are highly self-obsessed. You don't need to go for dates; if you go on any, it's mainly to preach.

I was mostly glued to 'c' ladders: You’re the 'perfectosweet-partner'. Any person would vroom and drool to date you.

I didn't shift from the ' d' ladders: You'll surely get an edible date but never a real date, unless you move out of your suppressed-geeky-nervous zone. Don't turn into a Devdas after reading this; hope is never lost. Relish edible dates until then.

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Green is the






Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a plant inscribed with a special message on its seed and glossy green leaves? Gift your loved buddy an imprinted plant this season, choosing from a variety of messages embedded on the seed – ‘I love you’ , ‘Get well soon’, ‘You’re sweet and cute’, etc. These are real plants imbibed with the usual and natural functioning to make your surroundings greener and healthier. The only twist is that they’re imprinted with a healthy fibre that doesn’t cause any harm. The price of this healthy gift commences at `250 and elevates depending on the length of the message. Few shops also offer the option to customise this healthy gift, such as imprinting the name of your beloved.

Gone are the days when typewriters were used, so now what does one do with the poor, redundant typewriter? Dismantle it and hang it on the ears, and create a sure-fire conversation among the eco-tech gals. Typewriter balls are very light, unlike other balls… These don’t put pressure on the ears. These sexy earrings come in varied colours and shapes, and the price changes depending on the exoticness of the colour and shape. This will be a unique gift that will surely make your girlfriend drool over you.



These are `300 crazy and thankfully non-stinky. These presents – photo albums, bags, frames, funky notebooks, etc are made purely and truly from elephant dung. The method used for making elephant dung paper is more or less the same as making other varieties of handmade paper. Disinfectants are used to make the paper bacteria free, safe and organic. Elephants were also fed lots of beetroot so as to give the paper a natural reddishpink colour, but alas, that didn’t work. `300 is the starting price for the best looking poo in the world.

ECO-FRIENDLY GIFTS OVERSEAS POLLUTION SENSITIVE DRESS that wrinkles up on bad air days via embedded sensors


Battery dead? Need the alarm to get up for your boring morning lectures or job? Just pour water into your clock and make it tick. The price would elevate if you pick up a large-sized and more exquisitely designed clock. Gift greenness and uniqueness this season and make your buddies and loved ones drool and twirl while they praise you. yi  OCTOBER 2012 ║ Youth Incorporated 65

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Nisarg Kamdar gauges the true impact of social media activism, juxtaposing various movements which have employed the channel to effect positive change



he acid test of any communication medium in its transition from puberty to adulthood lies in its ability to enact a constructive and fortifying role in channelling the collective angst of people into decipherable change. And with the advent of social media, come similar challenges. While the traditional media and the public at large (well the one who the media features, at least) have been quick to laud it as the new powerhouse channel of activism, doubts persist regarding its ability to translate into tangible action. Before we begin though, it is paramount to define the term to shed light on the perspective with which this piece has been authored. Wikipedia defines Internet activism (also known as digital activism, cyber activism and e-campaigning ) as the use of electronic communication technologies such as social media, especially Twitter and Facebook, YouTube, e-mail, and podcasts for various forms of activism to enable faster communications by citizen movements. With that settled, let’s dive right in.


The nationwide protest against the malaise, that is, corruption captured the nation’s imagination and was undoubtedly an overwhelming success when it came to the ability to mobilise crowds. What marked this movement out as a revolutionary one was its masterful and ingenious use of social media to expand its base and effectively disseminate its message, free from any propaganda or bias which plagues mainstream media today. The government was caught unawares at Team Anna’s canny use of social

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media in an attempt to effect direct communication with the proletariats. Not only did this help raise awareness regarding their demands, but also helped in organizing the forces on the ground. A live stream of the ground proceedings was made available and invitations to various local and national rallies populated the invite list in social media sites. As many bloggers branded it – it was a ‘triumph of communication’. On Independence Day, Anna featured in 500,000 status updates and comments across top social networking sites likes Twitter and Facebook. Two days later, the number was 9 million. On YouTube, over 40,000 people watched the video shot by Kiran Bedi inside Tihar Jail in which Anna

Anonymous, which has successfully orchestrated the Occupy Movements across the globe, had shifted their focus to India in recent months. Being primarily a beast of the virtual world, they attempted to whip up frenzy in the domain and created events to mark ground protests. The idea was to gather at Mumbai’s Azad Maidan wearing the iconic Guy Fawkes mask and create the necessary thrust to propel the movement into public consciousness. Out of the 2500 confirmed attendees on Facebook, no more than 25 bothered showing up which led the daily tabloid Mumbai Mirror to pass the acerbic comment “too wee for vendetta”.

a revolutionary stage to have truly embraced social media as a to tool. The Kony 2012 campaign stood out for its truly global nature in the long list of social media success. A word of caution though – social media is great for such viral issues or even to an extent personal issues but as Malcolm Gladwell argues in his 2010 article Small Change, the movement will be hoisted on its own petard unless able and impassioned statesmen force the issue after the initial euphoria wears off.


The Anonymous India and Team Anna protests have made for a study in contrast.

Social media is the tool and not the entire strategy. It is imperative to ensure that social media does not become another victim of the infamous slayer Slactivism. addressed his supporters which flared the passions of millions of Indians and drove them on to the streets. Facebook has 542 fan pages in Anna’s name. The movement certainly fuelled the idea that social media could empower and enable us. It is pertinent to recall the words of Gaurav Bakshi , one Team Anna’s faces: “Social media sparked Anna movement, can lead to demise too”.


Anonymous India was a loosely knit guerrilla group primarily focussed on opposing the government efforts to enforce internet censorship.

Such instances have made people wonder whether social media is just a convenient mode of communication or can be instrumental in delivering long-lasting and sustainable change The provenance of the pejorative term slactivism lies in an incident such as mentioned above.


Around the world social media activism has acquired colossal proportions. If not hoisted on its own pillars, movements around the world have certainly received a fillip out of social media. The Arab Spring is widely credited to be the first movemen, on such

While there is this inherent tendency, due to technological idealism, to hype up social media activism, there is no doubt that social media has helped embrace and involve those who were previously less than enthusiastic. As Shashi Tharoor famously said, “The means of communication can never determine the outcome.” The real challenge is in actually transferring the change into a world which extends far beyond the walls of Facebook. As to whether a movement with a solely virtual presence can deliver a knockout blow, the jury is still out on that. yi OCTOBER 2012 ║ Youth Incorporated 67

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ON THE CUSP OF R Long hailed as the ultimate spiritual destination, Mount Kailash and Lake Mansarovar are the Himalayas’ crown jewels, even for the non-religious folk. If you relish the challenge of journeying to places far removed from civilisation, this is for you, writes Aparna Sundaresan


ount Kailash – the snow-covered, insurmountable abode of Lord Shiva and his consort, Parvati, is one of the pillars of the world; or so it says in Hindu myths. In the real world, Kailash is not just an actual peak, but a nearly inaccessible one at that which lends even more mystique to its legendary status. Nestled in the Transhimalaya mountains in Tibet, Mount Kailash and its environs, which include the equally legendary Lake Mansarovar, have enjoyed an abiding sense of wonder, awe and intimidation. The clear and serene waters of Mansarovar are believed to be visited by the gods themselves everyday in the morning, from 3 am to 5 am.

For Hindus, Buddhists and Jains, this region will forever remain holy in their religious annals.

Buddhists believe Kailash is home to Buddha Chakrasamvara who represents supreme bliss. Jains, who

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know the peak as Meru Parvat or Sumeru, believe its neighbouring mountain, Ashtapad, is where the first Tirthankara, Rishabhadeva, attained liberation. It is thus no surprise that year after year thousands make the pilgrimage to Kailash and Mansarovar, keeping alive a tradition that is as ageless as the sites themselves. If your idea of a holiday is not lazing around in a hotel or a beach, but being up on your feet and accomplishing something, KailashMansarovar will not disappoint. For the adrenaline junkie, the intense outdoor lover, the achiever of the impossible, travelling to KailashMansarovar and back is one heck of a holiday.

 KNOW WHERE YOU’RE GOING THE GEOGRAPHIC NITTY-GRITTY Find them on the map: 30°N 81°E Altitude: 6,638 m (Kailash), 4,590 m (Mansarovar) above sea level Country of location: Tibet Wow factors: No one has ever tried scaling Kailash before. And it’s not recommended either as it would hurt religious sentiments. As for Mansarovar, its waters appear to change colour every few seconds. CLIMATE OVERVIEW Summer: May to October; day temperate as high as 22°C and night temperature as low as -10°C. Tibetan summers are dry and sunny, but expect rains in July and August. Winter: November to April; average temperature below 0°C. ARE YOU UP FOR IT? Considering how far-flung and remote Kailash and Mansarovar are, it is time to stop viewing them as mere pilgrimage sites for the aged and religious. Visiting them is not for the fainthearted. Even young, able-bodied people struggle to complete the journey. Here’s a checklist of how physically fit you must be to undertake the trip: • No blood pressure issues • No altitude sickness • No breathing problems • No asthma • No heart diseases • No epilepsy As a precaution, do a complete health check-up and get a fitness certificate from your doctor before you travel. OCTOBER 2012 ║ Youth Incorporated 69

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 GETTING STARTED FIND A TOUR OPERATOR Not even Indian Jones can make this trip by himself. The difficult terrain and sparse facilities en route demand travelling in groups under the guidance of experienced tour operators. Operators do all the grunt work, from getting you the necessary visa to organising transport throughout the trip. Some recommended operators: •• Yatra: •• Kailash Mansarovar Yatra: http://www. •• Kailash Mansarovar Yatra Pvt Ltd: http://www. PREPARE YOUR BODY Exercise everyday – walk or jog in the morning or evening, and if possible, trek too. Start getting fit as soon as you can. BEGIN PACKING Your all-essential checklist: •• After a certain point, you might wear as many as seven layers of clothing. Pack jackets, sweaters, gloves, caps with and without ear coverings, socks, scarves, shawls, track pants, thermals and any other woollen items you can think of. •• Regular clothes, nightwear and undergarments. •• Sturdy hiking boots/shoes. They must be light, waterproof, protect your ankles, be soft from the inside and have a firm grip underneath. •• Hooded raincoat. •• Bath and hand towels. •• Basic toiletries: toothpaste, tooth brush, soap, shampoo, comb, etc. •• Sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or more. •• Toilet paper rolls. •• Light backpack suitable for carrying when you trek. •• Hot water bottle. •• Binoculars. •• Torch and spare batteries. •• A plastic mug or vessel. •• Spectacles, if you wear them. •• Sun glasses. •• First aid kit and medicines: if you are under medication, carry what is prescribed to you. Check with your doctor first and then with your tour operator. Anything else you want to carry is up to you, but remember to keep it light. Your tour operator will also guide you on packing.


THE TYPICAL ROUTE Your trip will begin in Nepal from where you will follow this route more or less: •• Dhulikel: close to the Chinese border where you will clear immigration. You will cross over a bridge called Friendship Bridge. •• Nyalam: at 12,500 feet above sea level, this place will familiarise you with the thinning mountain air. •• Saga: 15,000 feet above sea level. From here on you will be required to drink at least 3 litres of water daily and pee every 45 minutes or so. •• Lake Mansarovar: You will see the marvellous Himalayan landscape en route. Circumambulate the lake, if not for religious reasons, for the opportunity to see its sheer natural grandeur. There is also a site to take a dip in the waters, but the weather must permit it. You will have a good view of Mount Kailash from the lake. •• Rakshasthal: steeped in mythological history, this nearby lake is believed to be where Ravana, the demon king of the Ramayana, performed a penance for Shiva. Its waters are considered to be poisonous and no bird flies over it. •• Ashtapad: the mountain peak holy to Jains where Rishabhadeva is believed to have attained liberation. You will see the south face of Kailash from here. •• Darchen: pit-stop. Buy necklaces and other jewellery made from semi-precious stones as souvenirs, but make sure you haggle to get a good bargain. •• Yama Dwara: literally, gate of Yama (god of death), last point a motor vehicle can go. Opt to continue the journey either on horseback or on foot. •• Diraphuk: see the north face of Kailash from here. •• Dolma Pass: 19,000-odd feet high. The terrain is rocky and inclined at nearly 90°. The Pass is believed to be Parvati’s domain. See Gauri Kund from here, the spring where Parvati is believed to take a bath. There is no oxygen up here, so don’t linger around. •• Zudulphuk: pit-stop on the way back to Darchen from where you will reverse your journey back into Nepal. SOME WORDS OF CAUTION •• Friendship Bridge is over the fast-running Bhote Koshi river. Be careful with your passport as there have been instances of passports slipping through fingers and falling into the river. •• The air thins as you ascend, so you will start gasping for breath, especially at night when you lie down. Ask your operator for an oxygen cylinder. When you trek, don’t walk too fast. Sit down at intervals and catch your breath. •• You can fall sick at any point because of the low oxygen level. You might get toothaches, your face might swell in places and your nose might harden. •• Water is scarce. The last point you can take a shower is Nyalam. Be ready to give up shower gels and running water for seven or eight days thereafter. •• Be alert at Ashtapad. Jeeps and land cruisers have toppled off the path. yi

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Meet the


Youth Inc speaks to the fun and vibrant fashion designer, Nishka Lulla, who lights the ramp with chic boho fashion

Designers you would love to work with. Betsey Johnson, Marni, and Dolce and Gabbana.

Nishka Lulla (left) with Neha Dhupia

Tell us about your latest (right) on the ramp collection. It is boho-traveller-chic. It can be worn daily while travelling or at an event. It has a boho feel to it along with an Indian touch. Greys, peachy pinks and lavenders have been used. Describe ‘Nishka Lulla’ in terms of fashion/dressing up. Vibrant, fun, bohemian, unpredictable What is the hottest sizzling trend this October ? Oversize. It is easy to wear it and comfy. It can be layered with skinny jeans and varied colours. What is the best fashion tip you learnt from your mother and mentor, Neeta Lulla? Dress according to your style. It should reflect yourself and your personality. Who is your Favourite designer? Neeta Lulla

Which celebrity would you like to see wearing your designs? Kareena Kapoor

Esha Gupta and Ameesha Patel draped in Nishka's Nisshk collection

A fashion faux-pas to avoid? Don’t wear two sizes lesser than your actual size. Many think that by wearing a smaller size, it makes them look skinny. But it makes the fit look extra tight. Wearing the wrong lingerie is another fashion faux-pas.


Fashionable person in Bollywood right now? Several. Genelia Deshmukh – her style is fun, vibrant and comfortable. Sonam Kapoor – her style is experimental. Deepika Padukone’s style is very classy and stylish. Vidya Balan has her own, unique style.

• high-waist or cutoff shorts: high-waist • Colour of the season:

Five wardrobe essentials for collegians? It should be practical and fun. Comfy leggings/jeans, sneakers, fun bag, sunglasses and a nice comfy shirt. What is your next collection going to be? It will be an extension of the autumnwinter collection.

• a malfunction you fear:

wrong lingerie

pink. Actually, pink every season (laughs)

• A dying fashion trend:

colour blocking

What is your advice for budding designers? One needs to work very hard. If they think it’s easy, it isn’t. It’s not about just putting on stuff. One needs to be true to their style and design their collection as they themselves would love to wear it. It must reflect one’s own personality and not be an imitation.

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Backpacking to work? Calling all professional trendsetters! Wearing a backpack to work is NOT trendy. If you’re a student, fine. But if you’re entering the work world, it’s time you upped your game and invested in a leather briefcase or messenger bag. You will be taken more seriously, so ditch the backpack and make the change now!

Wearing the wrong socks Which person in their right mind would ever pair socks with sandals? Or sports socks with formal shoes? Hello! Reality check! It’s tacky and senseless. But if you are feeling tacky, sport a pair of flip-flops or something. Never wear white socks with formal shoes. Always remember that the colour of your socks should match your pants, not your shoes.

You’re not fooling anyone Baggy t-shirts are so not in any more. They just make you look bulkier and fatter. You are not fooling anyone by wearing loose, ill-fitting clothes, trying to cover up all that flab and excess fat. Hit the gym pronto! Lesson to be learnt: wear fitted clothes that appeal to your figure.

Too long, too short When in the office, the length of your tie matters. Going into a meeting with a short tie or one that reaches below your belt shows a lack of professionalism or care towards your work. Measure yourself and be precise, but don’t make it too long or you’ll be committing another fashion crime! To save yourself from embarrassment, make sure your tie reaches your belt buckle or the waist band of your trousers.

Guylights Dying, highlighting, or bleaching the hair is for girls ONLY! Why do manly guys feel the need to do such girly things? Ditch that and embrace your manliness. Imagine telling your blind date, “I’ll pick you up when I’m done dying my hair.” We’ll see how well the date goes after that!



Skin care regime

Poorna Jagannathan made her Bollywood debut opposite Imran Khan in Delhi Belly. This talented actress will next be seen in Thanks for Sharing, a dark comedy directed by Oscar nominee Stuart Blumberg

During the day, I use an SKII moisturizer and add on a light sunscreen. At night, especially after a shoot, I cleanse my skin like a maniac. I use a special rosewater cleanser that my dermatologist makes and then use a Neutrogena wash pad to make sure there’s no makeup left on my skin.

Beauty faux-pas

I HATE the only lip-liner look. I can’t believe it was ever a trend! And coloured contact lenses freak me out.

Favourite fragrance

Sake by Fresh. It’s very subtle but has a musky/floral thing going on.

Favourite make-up brand

Chanel and Sasha – both are great for the weather in India.

5 beauty must-haves in your travel kit Kohl, rosewater, my Makeup Forever nude lipstick, Benefit tint and a cleanser.

Magic make-up trick

I’ve gotten the ‘smokey eyes’ thing down pat.

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Feeling conscious or are unsure about shorts? Find the right shorts for your shape and flaunt yourself in perfect style

Magnet Mall High Waist Shorts `990


If your legs are stick-thin, you need to accentuate your waist line and thighs. Check out the shorts that would look best on you.

Topshop Pocket Shorts `2560

Woolsworth Roll Up Shorts `250

Topshop Flared Shorts `2560



Shorts that cover the heavy areas would be perfect for you.

You will need short shorts to make your legs look longer.

Mango Relaxed Bermudas `5995

Woolsworth Lined Boxers `200

Benetton Knee-lengths `1999

Benetton Mid-lengths `2160

Mango Satin Finish Shorts `1499

Levis Cut Off Shorts `1750

Adidas Split Shorts `1750


Topshot Hot Shorts `1760

UNCURVY WAIST Shorts with layers create the illusion of a curvy waist.

Pleated or short shorts would make your long legs sexier.

Zara Flower Printed Shorts `1850

Topshop Bubble Shorts `1900

Amelia Shorts `1600 Topshop Runners `1900

Topshop Sequin Shorts `4800

Topshop fringe Shorts `800

Vero Moda Pleated Shorts `1900

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Bath & Body Works Body Cream `500 Victoria Secrets Body Mist `806

SEXY HER Fresh Line Bath Brulée `415

Bath & Body Works Shower Gel

Body Shop Body Butter `950

Fendi Body Lotion `850



Bath & Body Works Body Wash `800

Molton Brown Shower Oil `1440

Benetton Cold Body Lotion `850

Axe Shower Gel `387

Nylah Soap Loofah `100 per piece Lush Body Gel `602


Fabindia scrub `100

Nylah Loofah `75

Chumbak Soap `100

Oliana Olive Body Lotion `1000

Making Love Body Lotion `300

Lush Massage Bar `500

Lush Hottie Massage Bar `450

Lush Back Sponge `400

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A renowned dermatologist, she has made her mark in aesthetic dermatology in India for over 15 years. Post your queries in our forums at

I am a 19-year-old girl and have stretch marks on my lower back and thighs. How can I get rid of them? Rohini Sharma, Pune Stretch marks occur because of weight loss or gain, pregnancy, intake of oral steroids, excessive application of strong steroid creams and certain hormonal problems. Initially, when they are red, apply creams containing centella asiatica and allantoin, but if they are white, they cannot be entirely cured but can be treated to blend with the skin with combination treatments of retinoic acid peels, dermaroller and some special lasers. Visit a dermatologist for proper evaluation. My hair has been falling for the last month. I have also recently coloured my hair – is that causing it? What remedy would you suggest? Padmini Patel, Kanpur Hairfall is caused by deficeiency of Vitamins D and B12, Iron, Biotin and Calcium, insufficient proteins in the diet, dandruff, itchy scalp, stress (physical or mental), fever, infections, pregnancy, hair dyes, excessive blow drying, excessive handling of hair when it is wet and in some cases hormonal reasons. Get your vitamin levels checked and rectified, up the protein content in your diet, take a tablet containing 5 to 10 mg Biotin a day and use lotions containing peptides to stimulate hair growth. If it persists, visit a dermatologist. My lips have darkened due to smoking. I have recently quit. How do I lighten the colour of my lips?  Gagandeep Singh, New Delhi Lip darkening is common in smokers and those who lick or chew their lips. Use an ointment containing tacrolimus and use lip moisturisers with an SPF. Some laser treatments can help expediate the process. I have dark circles under my eyes. Treatment creams have been ineffective in removing them. Is there any home remedy?  Lily Fernandes, Mumbai The treatment is different for different causative factors, hence you will need to see a dermatologist to evaluate the cause in your case and advise accordingly.

Dr Good Skin


Care of the foot is important as everyone wishes TO PUT THEIR BEST FOOT FORWARD… In order to maintain healthy feet, you must make an effort. The sooner you start caring for your feet, the sooner they will care for you. Just as healthy teeth, hair and skin are important, so are healthy feet. It is essential you maintain a daily routine. Here are some basic 10 foot care tips:

WASH YOUR FEET DAILY. Use lukewarm water and a mild or antibacterial soap. Rinse and dry thoroughly, especially between the toes.


look at the bottoms of you feet. Look for cuts, blisters and ingrown toenails. If you have diabetes, check your feet every day.

KEEP YOUR TOENAILS TRIMMED with a nail trimmer. Cut straight across and not too short. Do not cut down the corners as this can lead to ingrown toenails.

KEEP YOUR SKIN SOFT AND SMOOTH. Dry skin causes itchy and burning feet. Use a mild soap in small amounts and a cream/lotion every day. AVOID WALKING BAREFOOT. Your feet are prone to injuries like wounds, sprains, etc and infections like fungus, warts, etc. Always wear shoes. SELECT PROPER SHOES. Measure your feet before buying shoes. Measure

at the end of the day when your feet are largest. One foot is usually larger than the other, so fit your shoe in your larger foot. Do not choose shoes by the size marked inside but by how they fit your feet: there must be enough space for your longest toe at the end when you stand. Feel inside your shoes before wearing them each time to ensure the lining is smooth and that there are no objects inside. Alternate shoes on different days of the week to give your feet a break. Your shoes will air out and decrease the risk of giving you a fungal infection. Wear the right shoes for the right activity.

GIVE YOUR FEET A BREAK, especially if you sit or stand for long hours. Stretch and elevate your legs every 3 or 4 hours. Do not keep them crossed for a long time. Have a gentle foot massage once in a while. SMOOTH CORNS AND CALLUSES GENTLY. Remove hard skin gently with

a pumice stone or a skin file to prevent corns and calluses. Do not use pumice or skin file over a joint. If a corn or a callus develops, consult a doctor instead of self-treating it.

DON’T IGNORE FOOT PAIN. Foot ache is not normal. It does not matter how old you are, if you have persistent foot pain, visit your doctor. CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR. Self-treatment creates more problems than

solutions. Call your doctor right away if you find a cut, sore, blister, or bruise on your foot that does not begin healing in a day. Follow your doctor’s advice on foot care.

76 Youth Incorporated ║ OCTOBER 2012

76 skin.indd 76

22-09-2012 12:13:09



ey guys! This is a platform for models and actors and for those who have always wanted a break in the glam world. Send your portfolio pictures to us and if you are selected by our team, we will send your images to leading production houses in the country. Presented in this issue, winners of Umang᾽s Model Hunt competition. Interests: mnastics da ncing, g yl a rts a nd ma rtia


Suchit Vikram Sing

h Currently pursuing LLB fro m Rizvi College

Zoya Afroz om from pursuing SY BC

Interests: acting reading a nd

Currently ge Mithibai Colle

Interest re a d i n g s : watchin , yoga, g movie s

Interests: Poetry, trekk ing, basketball, debatin g.

R a hu

Currently purs l Joshi uing T Y B St. Xavier’s Col MM from lege



Currentl nari Rathod y pursuin R A Poda g SY BCom from r College

Send your images to No phone calls will be entertained. Disclaimer: Youth Inc is only a platform to share your pictures. Youth Inc will not be responsible for any decisions made by you or any sort of contract signed between you and the production house. Send your pictures at your own risk.

77 model.indd 77

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22-09-2012 12:14:36


20 year-old Ankit Kashyap gets a stylish international look after Sumit Malkotia, stylist and academy trainer at B-blunt, Delhi gives him a cool makeover.

Next, Ankit is ready for a crop cut. The sides of his hair are cut very close to the scalp, but the top portion of the hair isn’t cropped. This creates a bold look.


1 Ankit’s hair is first shampooed by the stylist. The shampoo used soothes and softens the dry texture of his hair. This gives it more volume and a sheen.




“My new, strong look makes me feel more confident. I must say I am looking handsome. Thanks to B-blunt for transforming my looks in this way. Now I can impress many girls..haha”

Finally, a L’oreal pitch dark bluish-black colour is applied to the hair. The colour chosen isn’t a bright blue, but a tint of blue merged in black that suits Ankit’s complexion. Post this makeover, Ankit emerges as a bold and confident person. SUMIT MALKOTIA, STYLIST AND ACADEMY TRAINER, B-BLUNT DELHI “Ankit has emerged with an informal

look. This look is bright and suits a guy, surpassing all the dullness.”

STYLIST TIP “A professional needs to be crystal clear with the basics in hairstyling to obtain the best results in advanced hairstyling.”




It is ensured that the hair on top is not trimmed much and kept in line at all times. This contrast in hair lengths enhances his cheekbones and jaw line.

Send your photos to Youth Inc to get a makeover and transform your look! Contact 78 Youth Incorporated ║ OCTOBER 2012

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Rating:  For Counter-Strike players, it’s “Die to Live!” That’s how players master the game. Uncompromising modes urge gamers to contemplate diverse approaches to tackle challenges. Sequels must capture the zest of the original, add zing, and smack the gamer with a renewed interest, making it hard to desist. Simply put, three new gaming modes are pointless as the original strategies took the accolades, while the new game modes spoil the excitement brought to us by the classic mode. Flexibility has been compromised for enthusiasts, despite innovations. Game physics has improved, yet, not comparable to Call of Duty MW 3 or Battlefield 3. The ‘bullet dynamics’ is superior to prior versions. Continuing interest still forms the core of the game. Hard to put away I’d say. New escape routes and underpasses catch old gamers off-guard. Revolutionary tactics thrive, but CS: Global Offensive remains unapologetically unwilling to succumb to fads, reiterating its own strength of popularity. A perfect example of that fine balance between radically changed gameplay and boring repetition though fire and flames add a new dimension. The PC version of the game is superlative, I’d say. Exercise your choice and go for it. If PlayStation 3 is your preference, and you’re tired with inaccurate analog sticks, Counter-Strike: GO supports mouse and keyboard – a plus over the XBOX 360 version! There is the choice of Move, but with limitations. The XBOX 360 version compares well to the PS3 version, although you’re stuck with a controller. It lacks mouse and keyboard support. AND FINALLY: A follow-up expanded version of CS has enthusiasts begging for more, wanting ‘that kill of the next kind’ over and over again. Strategist play needs new ideas and out of the box thinkers are on! If manoeuvres, schemes, varied approaches and tricks can engage you, this game has fabulous repeat value for you.



TRIGGER FIST Rating: 

Two opposing pow-wow teams, no intrigue, a game that has you shooting and killing with friends! Just awesome.



CONTROLS: They’re uncomplicated and easy to manoeuvre. GAMEPLAY: Compelling! Four game types, Sacred Goat comes out tops. 6 different maps, three classes to play and several unlockables. FINAL THOUGHTS: The game is beautiful in iOS devices and is extremely addictive. A must buy for iPod Touch/iPhone enthusiasts.

Harsh Keswani OCTOBER 2012 ║ Youth Incorporated 79

79 game.indd 79

22-09-2012 12:19:10


of the MONTH


The iPhone 5 is out now, but if you’d rather stick to your iPhone 4, this accessory is worth investing in. The iPhone camera with its dinky lens is not the best but is decent enough among camera phones. The ITele-photo lens gives the iPhone camera a super upgrade with an 8x telephoto facility, handy not just for close-up shots, but also for taking better composed images. The great thing about the lens is that it can be manually focused which means it takes good pictures all the time, even in low light. Included in the box is a sleek, matte black iPhone case that you twist the lens onto, and a collapsible table tripod.


All PC loyalists for whom Windows 7 has already lost its charm, good news! Windows 8 is releasing on October 26 and it is going to be nothing like its predecessor. For one, its design is inspired by the typical smartphone and touchscreen tablet interface, and two, it can integrate directly with your social media accounts. The familiar Windows desktop that greets you on booting (which, by the way, promises to be much quicker) is replaced with the Metro screen – the home screen that is a tiled tapestry of apps. This means there is no more Start button to help you get, well, started, as soon as

you switch on your computer. You choose an app instead. As for the apps, say, you want to look through your pictures in your Facebook, Flickr or even Sky Drive account, you pull up the Photos app and link it to all these web services which will then let you browse your photos from all your accounts. This integration is new to Windows. What might irk users is the need to relearn how to use their PC as Metro hides many functions, making it difficult to know how to do even ordinary tasks.

80 Youth Incorporated ║ OCTOBER 2012

80 Tech.indd 80

22-09-2012 12:30:25

 IPHONE 5 (EXPECTED PRICE `47,000–`50,000 ) The ‘WOW’ is to be launched soon. Apple says iPhone5 is the thinnest smartphone. The “iSight” camera stays at 8 megapixels but the dynamic light mode is new, and photography apps can be launched up to 2.1 times faster. Another addition is an image signal processor in the A6 chip that aids to capturing photos faster. Face detection is now available in clips for up to 10 people. The image stabilization has enhanced. The secondary front camera now can shoot 720p HD video. Video resolution remains at 1080p HD. The iPhone 5 gets an additional microphone to make a total of three. You’ll find one on the bottom, one on the handset’s front face, and one on its rear side. The screen size doesn’t account for a ‘wow’ expression though it is larger than the iPhone 4S screen. On the bottom of iPhone 5, there is the long-awaited smaller dock connector called Lightning. The novel feature imbibed is Passbook, an app that puts in one place all your digital coupons, tickets and loyalty. Earpods have arrived to deliver the bass punches sans damaging the ear lobes. It delivers an improved sound and has a small carrying case too. However, until now the design doesn’t fit all and some sound leakage is possible. So mind what you listen!



of the


With Diwali festivities approaching the next month, here’s your chance to get the perfect light – sans electricity bills. Watch your shoes glow in the dark or the light as you flaunt LED shoe laces. These are available in five vibrant flashing colours- red, yellow, orange, blue and green. You can coordinate them with your outfit for the day. These can be used for all types of shoes. Each shoelace is Teflon-coated, water-proof and 26 inches long; operated by CR2032 lithium batteries. Like the modes in Diwali lights, these too have 3 flashing modes – always on, flashing lights and super-fast flashing lights. Get lightning. Get flashy.

The mobile app from is an on the go version of the parent website, currently India’s largest online movie-on-demand service. The app functions exactly as the website does, offering an eclectic collection of Indian language movies (Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam, among others), in multiple genres (action, comedy, drama and romance) all in HD quality. The movies themselves span several eras, from classics to the latest releases; in fact, some movies are made available here within 15 days of their release. Though the app is free, you will need to subscribe to the service for a nominal fee. Our verdict: the perfect app for long journeys and rainy days. OCTOBER 2012 ║ Youth Incorporated 81

80 Tech.indd 81

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iMHO {






SHUTTER (2004)


Soothing, sexy, funky and different are the words to describe this money-minting album. Commercial success notwithstanding, the most popular track Breathless has a stream of soothing beats and rhythms that will make even the lovelorn singles press the replay button. It has an aura of a transient fairytale. No U Hang Up’s percussion arrangements wouldn’t make anyone break up to it; its rhythm and bass is catchy and keeps one hooked. Tangled Up’s striking beats music will set your dancing legs on fire. Its high and low pitches will tangle up for the better in your mind. Innovation pops with Just Be Good to Me and the lyrics will make you ponder and probably also act on the bold verses. But don’t worry; Breathless won’t make you go literally breathless.


This Thai horror film will give you eternal goosebumps. A young photographer and his girlfriend discover mysterious shadows in their photographs after a tragic accident. The photographer blames the shadows on other people’s technical flaws. But soon a series of suicides of his close buddies commence. Chilling and bloody incidents follow. The photographer soon learns that he cannot escape his past, no matter how hard he tries. Visit the loo prior to watching this film.





A word of caution: read this Stephen King novel when surrounded by earthly beings. Danny, a five-year-old, is a ‘shiner’ who is aglow with a psychic voltage and can see things that other people cannot. When his father becomes the caretaker of a hotel, his terrifying visions go way beyond control. The hotel is eventually struck by an evil force, turning things extremely horrific. The empty hotel soon reveals itself as a home to mysterious guests. Not recommended for the weak-hearted reader.


If you think an album by Alanis will be filled with angst, powerful lyrics and raw expression, you are likely to be disappointed. With her latest album, Havoc and Bright Lights, it is obvious that she is keen to explore new sounds. The only problem is that the album lacks havoc, which is something Alanis fans usually crave (in terms of music at least). Strangely, the song Havoc reveals a mellow Alanis with gentle piano sounds and wiser lyrics. Edge of Evolution sounds most like the Alanis we know and is one of the best tracks of the album. Woman Down is another song rich in the orginal Alanis flavour – bold lyrics with a distinct sound. Recieve and Empathy are the most addictive of Alanis᾽s musical experiments. Til You is the biggest dissapointment of the album. A mellow song about unrequited love with a defeatist attitude is an unlikely and slightly unwelcome offering from Alanis. Less anger, more pop and some sitar (Win and Win), you cannot blame Alanis for palying safe, but you cannot blame us either for expecting better music from her.




Movies / Music / Books


The Phantom of the Opera is a book that has been adapted into a stage musical and a film. The “Phantom”, who lives beneath the Paris Opera House, is a man with a curiously masked face. He makes his presence felt only as a thundering voice that demands money from the theatre’s owners for sustenance. When they refuse, he murders a crew member or performer. He yearns to make Christine, a rookie singer, a sensation, but falls in love with her and kidnaps her. This is the goosebump-inducing song he sings as he transports her to his lair.

Starring: Siddharth


Malhotra, Varun Dhawan, Alia Bhat Abhimanyu Singh (Malhotra) and Rohan Nanda (Dhawan) compete for the Student of the Year trophy at their school. Karan Johar’s latest might just be worth a dekko.

82 Youth Incorporated ║ OCTOBER 2012

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22-09-2012 12:39:50

QUICK FIRE INTERVIEW WITH MALTI BHOJWANI Self-help and personal development books have come a long way in helping many people cope with their losses and personal demons in assisting them with realising their dreams. Don’t Think of a Blue Ball by Malti Bhojwani is one such book, but Malti is not the typical therapist. She is a professional life coach whose long list of credentials establishes that she is a top practitioner. Her book reflects her years of experience. It guides readers in areas as diverse as interpersonal relationships, positivity, love, spirituality, health and gratitude to the universe. At the end, one feels refreshed and recharged. Don’t Think of a Blue Ball is a must-read for everyone, not just for those looking for answers. 1. What prompted you to become a life coach? After my personal journey, I realised the importance of personal development and the benefits of having a coach. I stumbled on life coach training courses about 13 years ago and realised this was my calling.

1. As a life coach, what have been the most difficult and inspiring situations you have had to handle?

The difficult ones are those whose potential and resources I can see but they are not ready to. I get them to connect their body, emotion and language to help them change the way they “see”. Recently I attended a client’s wedding. She was working on her weight, finding a partner and changing her career, and at the wedding, I saw how she had truly manifested all her desires and it warmed my heart.


2. Apart from your book, which other books would you recommend for those who are seeking help in their lives?

Napolean Hill’s Think and Grow Rich is an important book to read. I also recommend A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson, T. Harv Eker’s Secret of a Millionaire Mind , Neale Donald Walsch’s Conversations with God and Deepak Chopra’s Synchrodestiny.

3. Do you personally have any favourite books/authors?

I am reading Amish Tripathi’s The Immortals of Meluha and the last book in E.L. James᾽s 50 Shades of Grey series. I also love Dan Brown᾽s books.

4. What tips do you have for the youth of today?

Decide what you want, know what it is and drop the fears of “how”. Let the path unfold, make your decisions and stick by them. You cannot fail if you never give up. Clarify your values and what means the most to you. This will guide you as you forge towards your dreams. Start now. If not now, then when?





Mehdi Nebbou Touted as Sridevi’s comeback film, English Vinglish is about a housewife enrolling in an English speaking course to please her husband and family. It will be released simultaneously in Hindi and Tamil. Sridevi is returning to cinema after a 14-year absence! Let᾽s hope this film is worth it.

Rani Mukerji plays a Marathi girl who falls in love with Tamil artist Surya (Sukumaran). When she tried to woo him, there is a hilarious clash of cultures, replete with jokes on stereotypes of the west and the south. We can’t wait to watch this one.

Starring: Sridevi, Adil Hussain,

Starring: Rani Mukerjee,

Prithviraj Sukumaran

OCTOBER 2012 ║ Youth Incorporated 83

82 IMHO.indd 83

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1 CAFÉ, NEW DELHI The Arabian nights set up at 1 Café is sure to present you with an exotic time topped with a varied mouth-watering meal. Low comfortable sofas adorned with glamorous cushions like the ones in the middle-east to enhance your appetite. A pint of beer would cost `190 while solacing you with the live music being played. The timings are from 12 noon to 1 am, and the happy hours elongate widely from Monday to Thursday (12 noon-9 pm). The hazelnut coffee priced at `120 will make you nattily in love with it. The coffees under the ‘naughty stuff’ give you a double high of fun and serve as an aphrodisiac. Side snacks, soups, sandwiches, pastas, infinite maincourses, grills- this place gives you everything under the sun. If you are a fan of chicken and breast, relish the polo ala fungi priced at `305. This contains large strips of boneless chicken breast so that you eat without interruptions, and is topped with smoked mushroom. For the vegans, the marvellous kebabs starting at `200 are a must-try. Lebanese and Mediterranean cuisines are offered invaried range here. Give yourself an Arabian night experience at 1 Café. M 89/90,1st Floor, Outer Circle, Connaught Place, New Delhi


n per perso

-Sunita Bhargav



n per perso

Has Mumbai seen enough frozen yogurt places? Until a few months ago, there were five in the city, all within driving distance of each other. Then came along SMOOCH, the third frozen yogurt shop in the Juhu area, prompting Mumbaikars to ask “Another one? How can it be any different?” When you walk into SMOOCH, you are greeted by a décor that is a cross between a spaceship and the 80s’ vision of the future, replete with neon lights, angular seating and pod-like stools. One of the walls inside is a massive “Kissing booth” – a whiteboard where you can leave messages – which is probably why SMOOCH is called just that. Another fun surprise is the iPad installed inside for customers to play with. The bonus: it has free Wi-Fi internet. And now for the yogurts. This is where SMOOCH lays to rest Mumbai’s doubts. Their menu has 100-odd flavours, but only 6 a day are offered, on a rotation basis. The day this reviewer visited, flavours available were original tart, caramel, pomegranate açai, blueberry, mango and green tea – a good mix of conventional and unconventional tastes. But where your mouth really waters is at the toppings section. You name it, they have it. Sprinkles, M&Ms, coconut flakes, gummy bears, marshmallows, crushed cookies, chocolate chips, raspberry sauce, chocolate fudge, chopped fruits… the selection is seemingly endless. And there is no limit to how much of each you can have either as SMOOCH runs on a policy of self-service. What goes against SMOOCH is its pricing system. You pay for your frozen yogurt by weight – `0.85 per gram for just the yogurt, but `1.10 per gram if you opt for toppings as well. So if you fill up the 200 g cup to capacity with no toppings, you end up spending at least `170 for just one serving..Shop No. 2, Sagarika Building, Juhu-Tara Road, Juhu, Mumbai -Ken Joseph

84 Youth Incorporated ║ OCTOBER 2012

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22-09-2012 12:41:08

In a



Rushina Munshaw Ghildiyal is a gastronomy writer and “Chief Foodie” at A Perfect Bite Cook Studio – India’s premier state of the art ‘home kitchen’ style cooking studio. It is a dream kitchen designed by a home cook for other home cooks who fantasise about cooking up deliciousness.

CURRY LEAF POTATO WEDGES INGREDIENTS For the curry leaf seasoning salt 1 cup curry leaves, washed and air dried 5-6 dry red chillies ½ cup toasted sesame seeds 2 tbsp rock salt For the potato wedges 1 kg potatoes, cooked in salted water and cooled 3 tbsp sesame oil 6-8 cloves garlic crushed 1 tbsp Amchur


TO MAKE THE SEASONING SALT Toast the curry leaves in a dry pan till the leaves curl up, turn olive green and become brittle and aromatic. Transfer them to a bowl to let them cool. Now, toast the chillies until they darken in colour slightly and release their aroma. Next, in a mortar and pestle (or blender) place the rock salt and the chillies and pound or grind them to a coarse powder. Finally, add the curry leaves and pound again for a while. Stir in the sesame seeds and transfer the resulting mixture to an airtight container. Use as required.

TO MAKE POTATO WEDGES Preheat your oven to 200 °C/400 °F/Gas mark 6. Cut the cooked potatoes into large wedges and place in a large mixing bowl. Reserve. In a smaller bowl combine the seasoning salt garlic and Amchur. In a small pan heat sesame oil and pour over the mixture. Pour the resulting paste over the potato wedges and toss well. Tip the potatoes onto a baking tray. Place in the oven and bake (about 30 minutes) until reddish goldenbrown, crisp outside and cooked inside. Serve hot from the oven.

THE MAGIC OF CURRY LEAVES: Curry leaves are usually the first ingredient added to a tadka. The aroma of the leaves spluttering in hot oil fills Indian homes every time a dal is tempered. I love recipes that allow for the consumption of more curry leaves because they are rich in iron. They are also light on the body: 100 g of curry leaves have only 110 calories. Home remedies and Ayurveda also attribute to them a lot of medicinal values. They are a rich source of micronutrients, antioxidants and carotene. OCTOBER 2012 ║ Youth Incorporated 85

85 recipie.indd 85

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 


TURQUOISE COTTAGE, NEW DELHI The first thing you must know before you decide to go to Turquoise Cottage is that they serve their music loud. The speciality of Turquoise Cottage is their karaoke nights, so if you enjoy singing, make sure you attend one of these nights. But we must warn you, these sessions can be highly addictive. The wooden furniture and rock n’ roll décor makes this place a music lover’s nest. Their in-house DJ is diverse in his offerings, with house, rock and retro music being played on different nights. Turquoise cottage (or TC, as it is popularly called) also has live music nights where upcoming/established bands perform. In terms of food, they offer Chinese and Thai cuisine. The stars of the menu are the Singapore chilli prawns, corn fritters and the Thai curry. The prices of their mains range from `300–`450, so heading there on an empty stomach could make your wallet considerably lighter. If you want to save some money, start your party early and head there during the happy hours (from noon to 8:30 pm). There’s no saying what a night at TC will lead to: a fun session on the dance floor, croaking into a karoke mike, or even performing on stage. However, on the downside, there are some nights when the place is so crowded that making your way around can be a nightmare. While the original outlet is in Vasant Vihar, they have another branch in Gurgaon which carries forward their legacy of good music. 47, Basant Lok, Priya

Cinema Complex, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi


`9 n per perso

By Mahima Bhatia

-Jarrod Moharir

VOLARE, MUMBAI This lounge, beautified by bright neon lights in the middle of a dark space, delivers some much-needed rejuvenation and a bon appetite. The DJ in the house is terrific and ensures that the audience has a gala time. It offers a wide range of cuisine, right from Middle-Eastern to Italian to apna desi. The tuscany potatoes, along with the Italian bruschetta, is finger-licking delicious. The desi food is not soaked in tons of oil, so that’s good news for the health freaks. It leaves you feeling full and glad, not stuffed and sick at the thought that you might burst into an oily disaster. The Lebanese cuisine can be ordered either as a starter or as the main course. It is light and tasteful which is why it can qualify as both. The average pint of beer here costs around `150. You will relish it after a few minutes of major indecisiveness when you cannot figure which drink to choose from an exhaustive list of regular and exquisite drinks. Their Bloody Mary will make you merry, while their tangy Planter’s Punch will give your dance a wild punch. You can also go healthy on the drinks by choosing something to drink from the Volare Undercover section. You can party here from 4:00 pm to 1:30 am, so hit the floors with your dancing wings this weekend. 4th Pasta Lane, Pipewala Building, opposite Camy Wafers, Colaba, Mumbai

0 `50rs on

-Raksha Deshpande

per pe

86 Youth Incorporated ║ OCTOBER 2012

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rom reading minds to baffling an audience with his card tricks, Karan Singh can do it all. This boy from Delhi has managed to expand his fan base far and wide. In fact, popular illusionist Derren Brown complimented Karan on his abilities as an illusionist. His response to one of Karan’s many tricks was, “I have absolutely no idea how you did that.” Earlier this year, Karan held his first solo commercial performance in New Delhi, which was a great success. The show was also India’s first ever one-man mindreading show. With many tricks up his sleeve, we’re sure Karan Singh is all set to go places, entertaining his audience along the way.

Rising STAR

Meet the ‘psychological illusionist’ Karan Singh, who has shocked audiences across the world with his mindboggling tricks


First Magic Trick: Biting a coin in half and putting it back together. Favourite magician/illusionist: Derren Brown Signature ‘Karan Singh’ Trick: After asking someone to look at a contact on their phone, I guess the name and the last three digits of the contact’s phone number. You can’t seem to get enough of: Butter Chicken One person you’d love to perform for: Can I name three? Shah Rukh Khan, Christopher Nolan and Jose Mourinho One person whose mind you want to read: Every girlfriend I’ve ever had Biggest achievement: Reading Derren Brown’s mind Your next goal is to….: Change people’s perception of magic in India. Dream date: Megan Fox Biggest compliment you’ve received: “I have absolutely no idea how you did that.” – Derren Brown. An unforgettable experience: My first commercial show, Saltus, which also happened to be India’s first ever commercial one-man mind-reading show. Dream holiday destination: London Latest obsession: Game of Thrones Biggest Fear: Lizards, bird flu and to have people not willing to see me perform. One thing you can’t stand: People asking me to make their wives disappear. There’s so much more to magic.

OCTOBER 2012 ║ Youth Incorporated 87

87 rising star.indd 87

22-09-2012 12:46:20



AQUARIUS/JAN 21 - FEB 20 Your perspectives will change and new horizons and people will beckon. Long term business planning will be productive but don’t neglect current assignments. Make a to-do list. Controlled aggression may be the answer to some pressing problems. Working in a vibrant atmosphere will uncover hidden talents. Trust your instincts. Lucky numbers: 5, 7 Lucky colour: Black Lucky love dates: 16, 27


AJAI RAI MADAN Astrologer, Numerologer & Aura reader


People skills and delivering information with panache will ensure that seniors and colleagues implement your ideas and plans. Concentrate on building alliances with likeminded work associates. Don’t discuss sensitive matters just yet. Your competitive streak may come to the fore and if careful, you could avoid making mistakes.

Profits through unexpected sources are likely and a twin source of income is possibile. Be patient and state your case politely but firmly so others understand your perspective. Don’t make haste; be fair to all concerned. You may concentrate hard on some important matters. Don’t waste time in trying something new. Stick to trusted plans and methods.

ARIES/ MAR 21 - APR 20

LEO/ JUL 23 - AUG 23

Lucky numbers: 1, 8 Lucky colour: Maroon Lucky love dates: 19, 30


Lucky numbers: 6, 9 Lucky colour: Violet Lucky love dates: 12, 23

A popular Bollywood vedic astrologer takes you through your starry forecast this month SCORPIO/OCT 24 - NOV 22

A marked consistency to deliver quality results could open up new avenues. Focus your energies on immediate tasks and the mundane and practical aspects of your work that require analysis. Make time for loved ones who need your guidance. Spur them to adopt a pacific approach to move forward and minimise emotional disappointment.

You may be contemplative and want to plan your goals and set benchmarks to measure your progress. Don’t make financial decisions without weighing the alternatives. Act and take the lead in resolving the domestic issues that are straining close relationships. Get a fresh perspective and open up new career and relationship responsibilities.

Lucky numbers: 1, 6 Lucky colour: Blue Lucky love dates: 11, 24

Lucky numbers: 2, 8 Lucky colour: Orange Lucky love dates: 17, 29




Constantly updating your skills and learning about new developments will give you an edge. Those looking for career opportunities should be proactive and use their contacts. Colleagues/seniors may provide insights but don’t act on them if the timing isn’t right. Some bold strategies will be beneficial and will lead to achieving anticipated goals.

You will be inspired creatively and be better able to manage yourself. Indulge in activities that feed your soul, nurture your playfulness and nudge you towards the spiritual side of things. You may not like direct confrontation to resolve contentious issues. Think deeply about everything and then act accordingly. Separate your work life from your social one.

You have optimism and faith and you take chances at deep emotional levels because you are less rigid, flexible and generous with your time. Keep your heart wide open as your skill for dealing with unrealistic people will be severely tested. Trusting your intuition will help you cope with unrealistic fears and add a bit of colour to your life.



Lucky numbers: 4, 7 Lucky colour: Yellow Lucky love dates: 16, 25

Delays and last minute changes are likely to test your patience. You will be needed to come up with innovative strategies to deal with complicated assignments. Voice your opinions in meetings only when you get an overview of the situation about to unfold. Hedge your bets if you need to take risks in the best interests of all concerned. Lucky numbers: 3, 5 Lucky colour: Red Lucky love dates: 19, 28

Lucky numbers: 5, 7 Lucky colour: Green Lucky love dates: 13, 30

You are fuelled by a desire to earn the best deal to get the most of life. Let loose and don’t censor yourself much. Seek guidance on issues you can’t solve yourself. Obstacles can be quelled with middle-path solutions if you are unwilling to accept other people’s suggestions. Don’t delay crucial matters as there are other areas you need to work on. Lucky numbers: 1, 4 Lucky colour: Indigo Lucky love dates: 18, 31

You’ve been trying to get settled and are doing the best for your mind and body. Take a leap of faith, restore your physical balance and strengthen your resolve. In matters of love, besides an emotional impulse and genuine caring, there has also been some spirituality. You will forge ahead and shape circumstances to suit your requirements. Lucky numbers: 3, 9 Lucky colour: White Lucky love dates: 14, 27

Lucky numbers: 2, 6 Lucky colour: Fawn Lucky love dates: 20, 26

CAPRICORN/DEC 24 - JAN 20 An upswing in your romance will motivate you to discuss your plans for the future. Your creative abilities will help you look at problems from a different perspective and enable you to find ingenious solutions. Learn to delegate instead of trying to micromanage. Scrutinize details to make them more feasible before making up your mind. Lucky numbers: 4, 8 Lucky colour: Grey Lucky love dates: 15, 21

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Crack the CMAT Videos gone Viral Lakme Fashion Week freshers



Teacher's Day Special


Interview questions everyone hates

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As Indian cinema turns 100, this column examines the top lessons that Bollywood has taught us over the past century Dodging bullets is easier when driving

All terminal illnesses cause coughing of blood

Indian airport security is sensitive to the demands of young boys who wish to propose to the girl of their dreams at the boarding gate REINCARNATIONS ARE ESSENTIALLY CLONES OF THE PERSON BORN AFTER THEIR DEATH




This column is brought to you by Laugh Out Loud – The Indian Humour Brand

Doobie & Mary Jane

By Gokul Gopalkrishnan

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bio scope to live

streaming bollywood has come a long way

Bollywood Hungama

salutes Bollywood on its 100th year of completion

Be it movies, songs, wallpapers, gossips, reviews, trivia, box office collections or anything else, we bring it all at your disposal. So log onto and get to know Bollywood even better.


*Image Courtesy: T-Series and Shemaroo Entertainment

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October 2012  

Cover Story: A tribute to 100 years of Indian Cinema