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Nantucket Association of Real Estate Brokers ACK Distinctive Properties 508-330-4432 PO Box 254 Nantucket, MA 02554

Chatfield-Taylor Real Estate 508-228-5828 PO Box 1881 Nantucket, MA 02554

Fisher Real Estate 508-228-4407 21 Main Street Nantucket, MA 02554

J Pepper Frazier Co 508-228-3202 19 Centre Street Nantucket, MA 02554

Amy Sanford Real Estate 508-332-8692 5 Catherine Lane Nantucket, MA 02554

Compass Rose Real Estate 508-325-5500 137A Orange Street Nantucket, MA 02554

Great Point Properties 508-228-2266 1 North Beach Street Nantucket, MA 02554

LandVest-Nantucket, LLC 508-325-5090 Anchor Village 37 Old South Road #5 Nantucket, MA 02554

Congdon & Coleman Real Estate 508-325-5000 57 Main Street • PO Box 1199 Nantucket, MA 02554

Great Point Properties / ‘Sconset Real Estate 508-257-6335 Post Office Square PO Box 122 Siaconset, MA 02564

Lee Real Estate 508-325-5800 10 South Beach Street Nantucket, MA 02554

Atlantic East Nantucket Real Estate 508-228-7707 82 Easton Street Nantucket, MA 02554 Bamber Real Estate 508-228-1416 PO Box 26 Nantucket, MA 02554

Craigville Realty 508-775-3174 PO Box 216 West Hyannisport, MA 02672

Bass Point Realty 508-228-6515 85 Pleasant Street Nantucket, MA 02554

Denby Real Estate 508-228-2522 PO Box 901 Nantucket, MA 02554

Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Island Properties 508-228-6999 35A Old South Road Nantucket, MA 02554

Dilworth Real Estate Nantucket 508-221-2956 PO Box 2163 Nantucket, MA 02584

Better Homes @ ACK 508-221-1115 PO Box 2726 Nantucket, MA 02854

Douglas Elliman of MA, LLC 617-227-6070 20 Park Plaza; Suite 820 Boston, MA 02116

Boyce Realty 508-257-6962 PO Box 453 Siasconset, MA 02564 Centre Street Realty 508-825-5741 34 Centre Street Nantucket, MA 02554

Engel & Volkers 617-936-4194 46 Gloucester Street Boston, MA 02115 Exit Cape Realty 508-499-2200 4527 Falmouth Road Cotuit, MA 02635

Grey Lady Properties 508-257-0064 5 Chuck Hollow Road PO Box 2668 Nantucket, MA 02584 Harbor Light Properties 508-680-1367 25B Washington Street Nantucket, MA 02554 Hunter, Reed & Company 610-347-1000 55 Eel Point Road PO Box 1450 Nantucket, MA 02554-1450 Islandwide Realty 508-776-5859 PO Box 987 Nantucket, MA 02554 J Feeley Real Estate Group, Inc 508-825-8825 37 Old South Road #6 Nantucket, MA 02554 Jordan Real Estate 508-228-4449 8 Federal Street Nantucket, MA 02554

LMR Realty 617-982-2299 310 Harvard Street; 2nd Floor Brookline, MA 02446 Maury People Sotheby’s International Realty 508-228-1881 37 Main Street Nantucket, MA 02554 Nantucket Realty Advisors 508-367-9557 15 North Beach Street Nantucket, MA 02554 Nantucket Rentals and Sales 917-414-4979 800 West End Avenue New York, NY 10025 Nantucket Residential Properties 508-280-4420 3 Lyon Street PO Box 206 Nantucket, MA 02554 Osprey Real Estate, LLC 508-228-7890 PO Box 955 Nantucket, MA 02554

Real Living Coastal Real Estate 617-697-5857 Reinemo Realty 508-680-1839 9 Cachalot Lane Nantucket, MA 02554 Shepherd Real Estate 508-228-5668 Zero Main Street Nantucket, MA 02554 Tea Rose Realty 508-228-7719 22 Golfview Drive PO Box 19 Nantucket, MA 02554 Territory Real Estate / Blue Flag Development 877-860-2239 10 Post Office Square Boston, MA 02109 Vaughan Machado Real Estate 508-228-5062 5 Sesapana Road PO Box 1095 Nantucket, MA 02554 Welch & Associates Inc. 7 Nashaquisset Lane Nantucket, MA 02554 Westbrook Associates 508-257-6206 PO Box 262 Siasconset, MA 02564 William Raveis Real Estate 508-228-9117 17 Main Street Nantucket, MA 02554

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2 nantucket HOME

Discover the magic of The Nantucket Club. In the heart of downtown

Memberships available for the summer, monthly, or weekly • Two seasonal outdoor heated

• Outdoor hot tub

• Locker rooms

• World class gym

• Saunas

• Supervised day and evening

• Fitness & yoga classes

• Award-winning personal trainers

• Kids’ Club

• Massage treatment rooms

pools (family/kiddie & adult lap)

To join, or for more information contact: Deb Ducas, Club Manager | | 508-901-1295 AT T H E N A N T U C K E T H OT E L | 7 7 E ASTO N ST R E E T, N A N T U C K E T | T H E N A N T U C K E TC LU B .CO M

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Welcome to Nantucket … or even better welcome bACK! >ÛiÊ ÞœÕÊ Lii˜Ê Vœ“ˆ˜}Ê ÌœÊ >˜ÌÕVŽiÌÊ vœÀÊ Þi>ÀÃÊ >˜`Ê >Ü>ÞÃÊ `Ài>“i`Ê œvÊ œÜ˜ˆ˜}Ê >Ê …œ“iÊ …iÀi¶Ê œÊ ޜÕÊ …>ÛiÊ >Ê«Àœ«iÀÌÞÊ œ˜Ê >˜ÌÕVŽiÌÊ Ì…>ÌÊ ÞœÕÊ >ÀiÊ Ì…ˆ˜Žˆ˜}Ê œvÊ Ãiˆ˜}¶Ê *iÀ…>«ÃÊ ÞœÕÊ …>ÛiÊ >Ê …œ“iÊ …iÀiÊ ÞœÕ½`Ê ˆŽiÊ ÌœÊ ˆÃÌÊ >ÃÊ >Ê ÃՓ“iÀÊÀi˜Ì>¶Ê "À]Ê “>ÞLi]Ê ÞœÕ½ÀiÊ ˜œÌÊ µÕˆÌiÊ Ài>`ÞÊ ÌœÊ LՈ`Ê œÀÊ LÕÞÊ …iÀi]Ê >˜`Ê ÞœÕ½ÀiÊ œœŽˆ˜}Ê ÌœÊ Ài˜ÌÊ >Ê …œ“iÊ œ˜Ê >˜ÌÕVŽiÌÊ vœÀÊ ÞœÕÀʘiÝÌÊÛ>V>̈œ˜°Ê 9œÕ½Àiʈ˜Ê̅iÊÀˆ}…ÌÊ«>Vi° >˜ÌÕVŽiÌÊ œvviÀÃÊ Ãœ“iÊ œvÊ Ì…iÊ “œÃÌÊ Li>ṎvÕÊ >˜`Ê Û>Õ>LiÊÊÀi>Ê iÃÌ>ÌiÊ ˆ˜Ê ̅iÊ 1˜ˆÌi`Ê -Ì>ÌiÃ°Ê iÀiÊ ÞœÕÊ ÜˆÊ vˆ˜`Ê >Ê À>ÀiÊ Vœ“Lˆ˜>̈œ˜Ê œvÊ Li>ṎvÕÊ Li>V…iÃ]Ê ÜœÀ`Ê V>ÃÃÊ ÀiÃÌ>ÕÀ>˜ÌÃÊ EÊ Ã…œ«Ã]Ê >Ê œÜ‡ŽiÞÊ ˆviÃÌޏiÊ >˜`Ê >˜Ê i˜`ÕÀˆ˜}Ê Vœ““ˆÌ“i˜ÌÊ vÀœ“Ê ̅iÊ Vœ““Õ˜ˆÌÞÊ ÌœÊ «ÀiÃiÀÛiÊ >˜ÌÕVŽi̽ÃÊ Ãˆ}˜ˆvˆV>˜ÌÊ …ˆÃ̜ÀÞÊ >˜`Ê Vœ˜ÃiÀÛiÊ ˆÌÃÊ ÃÌ՘˜ˆ˜}Ê Li>V…iÃÊ >˜`Ê œ«i˜Ê >˜`°Ê œÊ ܜ˜`iÀÊ >˜ÌÕVŽiÌÊ `À>ÜÃÊ ÃœÊ “>˜ÞÊ ÛˆÃˆÌœÀÃÊ iÛiÀÞÊ Þi>ÀÊ

vÀœ“Ê >VÀœÃÃÊ Ì…iÊ 1˜ˆÌi`Ê -Ì>ÌiÃÊ >˜`Ê Ì…iÊ ÜœÀ`Ê oÊ “>˜ÞÊ œvÊ Ü…œ“Ê Տ̈“>ÌiÞÊ V…œœÃiÊ ÌœÊ LÕÞ]Ê LՈ`Ê œÀÊ Ài˜ÌÊ>ʅœ“iʅiÀi° 7…>ÌiÛiÀÊ ÞœÕÊ ˜ii`Ê >˜`Ê Ü…i˜iÛiÀÊ ÞœÕÊ ˜ii`Ê ˆÌ]Ê ˆvÊ ˆÌÊ ˆ˜ÛœÛiÃÊ Ài>Ê iÃÌ>ÌiÊ œ˜Ê >˜ÌÕVŽiÌ]Ê Üi]Ê Ì…iÊ >˜ÌÕVŽiÌÊ ÃÜVˆ>̈œ˜Ê œvÊ ,i>Ê ÃÌ>ÌiÊ ÀœŽiÀÃÊ ­ , ®]Ê >ÀiÊ …iÀiÊ ÌœÊ «ÀœÛˆ`iÊ ÞœÕÊ ÜˆÌ…Ê Ì…iÊ œV>Ê Ž˜œÜi`}i]Ê ÀiÜÕÀViÃÊ >˜`Ê «ÀœviÃȜ˜>Ê iÝ«iÀ̈ÃiÊ ÌœÊ …i«ÊޜÕÊ>VVœ“«ˆÃ…ÊޜÕÀÊ}œ>Ã°Ê , Ê ˆÃÊ Vœ“«ÀˆÃi`Ê œvÊ {ÈÊ œvvˆViÃÊ >˜`Ê ˜i>ÀÞÊ ÎääÊ >}i˜ÌÃ°Ê Ê "ÕÀÊ “i“LiÀÃÊ >ÀiÊ iÝ«iÀˆi˜Vi`Ê >˜`Ê Ž˜œÜi`}i>LiÊ Ài>Ê iÃÌ>ÌiÊ«ÀœviÃȜ˜>ÃÊ Ü…œÊ ÃÌÀˆÛiÊ vœÀÊ iÝVii˜ViÊ iÛiÀÞÊ `>Þ°Ê -œÊ ܅i˜Ê ޜÕÊ ˜ii`Ê >˜Þ̅ˆ˜}Ê Ài>Ê iÃÌ>ÌiÊ Ài>Ìi`Ê œ˜Ê >˜ÌÕVŽiÌ]Ê Vœ˜Ì>VÌÊ >Ê , ʜvvˆViʜÀÊÌ>ŽÊ̜ʜ˜iʜvʜÕÀÊ>}i˜ÌÃÊ>˜`ÊÌ>ŽiÊ Ì…iÊvˆÀÃÌÊÃÌi«Ê̜Ü>À`ÃÊ>Ê}Ài>ÌÊÀi>ÊiÃÌ>ÌiÊiÝ«iÀˆi˜Vit

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/œÊVœ˜Ì>VÌÊ , \Êi`ˆÌœÀJ˜>ÀiL‡œ˜ˆ˜i°Vœ“ ÜÜÜ°˜>ÀiL‡œ˜ˆ˜i°Vœ“ 4 nantucket HOME

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• • • NANTUCKET by the Numbers OUR NIGHT SKIES Nantucket is one of the best places to stargaze. With open vistas and dark skies, we are fortunate to be able to look up see the celestial world above us. Light pollution threatens these views, and it is estimated that 2/3 of Americans can no longer see the Milky Way. Learn more about protecting our night skies at

9 celestial bodies are visible in our summer skies Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, Sun, and Moon

August 12 & 13 Perseids Meteor Shower

August 19 Jupiter at Opposition Closest approach to Earth and its face will be fully illuminated by the Sun. It will be brighter than any other time of the year and will be visible all night long. A medium-sized telescope should be able to show you some of the details in Jupiter's cloud bands. A good pair of binoculars should allow you to see Jupiter's four largest moons, appearing as bright dots on either side of the planet.

August 22 Full Moon/Blue Moon

September 7 New Moon There has been a 2.4 percent annual increase in light pollution on Nantucket since 2012. There is 22 percent more today than 9 years ago.

80 percent of mammals are nocturnal - light disrupts their lives & habits. Nantucket has 199 decorative streetlamps & 593 cobra streetlamps.

• • • NANTUCKET by the Numbers Maria Mitchell, America’s first female astronomer, was born on Nantucket on August 1, 1818. She was the 3rd of 10 children. At the age of 12 she helped her dad calculate the location of their home by viewing a solar eclipse. With her knowledge of astronomy, math, and navigation, she helped ship captains rate their chronometers for their whaling trips by the age of 14. On October 1, 1847, at the age of 29, Maria discovered a comet. She became the Professor of Astronomy at Vassar College in 1865. She was a founder of the Association for the Advancement of Woman, the 1st woman member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and one of the 1st women members of the American Philosophical Society. She retired in 1888 and died in 1889. Maria Mitchell Association: Founded in 1902, Incorporated in 1903 Maria Mitchell House: Acquired in 1818, gained museum status in 1903 Maria Mitchell Research Center: Built in the 1830s as her dad’s schoolhouse and became a science library in 1919. A new wing was added in 1933 for Maria’s papers and library. It was conserved and renovated in 2018. Vestal Street Observatory: Built in 1908, addition of astronomical study in 1922, additional in 1987 Loines Observatory: Built in 1968, refurbished in 1998

Liberty Street c. 1890 photo courtesy Nantucket Historical Association archives

A Cause for the Cobbles by C. Oscar Olson

Rumors abound when it comes to how the cobblestones came to cover the streets of downtown Nantucket. We’ve heard them all and probably even spread a few of them ourselves, but what is the real story? Some say they came over as ballast in ships sailing from Europe; others claim they were procured from the shores of nearby Gloucester. And still others are certain they were unearthed from glacial deposits right here on Nantucket. The truth of the matter has remained elusive to this day, as no receipts of sale or evidence of any kind have been found in the many records of the Nantucket Historical Association. In 1954, a map was created for the Nantucket Information Bureau with the assertion that Main Street was “paved with cobblestones in 1837 brought from Gloucester.” When the mapmaker was asked about his source, he could not provide any proof for such a claim. Dr. Will Gardner, an expert in Nantucket history, reached out to local historians in Gloucester who confirmed that there was a huge cache of cobblestones located on the waterfront of Gloucester and that such 10 nantucket HOME

stones had been sent to Boston, though they could not say the same for Nantucket. “There was an account of a lot of these cobbles in Gloucester,” adds Hillary Hedges Rayport, chair of the Nantucket Historical Commission, “but no one has ever found any shipping records or bills of lading indicating they were ever shipped to Nantucket.” As they are today, movement of goods were very well documented at the time. As for ballast, ships coming to port in Nantucket harbor were almost always heavy with cargo. It would have been hard to justify adding rocks to such a load with little room or weight to spare. “There’s really no evidence for that,” says Rayport, “and logically it just doesn’t make sense.” Another source for the stones could be from the centuries of processing sand, which was collected island-wide and spread on the muddy streets. When glaciers carved out the seafloor and created the island on which we stand today, they brought with them stones of all sizes. Rounded granite, much like continued on page 24...

Nantucket Event Highlights Here are some of our favorites and regularly scheduled summer events. For an up-to-date calendar of daily events, visit, the Insiders Guide to Nantucket.

Festival Season Nantucket by Design: August 5 to 7, 2021 The NHA’s premier summer fundraiser, Nantucket by Design celebrates the island’s unique influence on American design with engaging keynote speakers, unique discussions, a partnership with The Nantucket Summer Antiques Show, a design panel, and more! Tickets at

The Best of the Beach: August 14 This Nantucket program features highlights from previous years celebrations of The Boston Pops for Nantucket. Saturday, August 14 at 8 pm, the show will be broadcast by NCTV Channel 18. “With the difficult news of The Pops cancellation this year, we wanted to give the community something we can all rally around in celebration,” said Gary Shaw, President and CEO of Nantucket Cottage Hospital. “Best of the Beach is just that, an opportunity for our community to get together in their homes, for an event highlighting the spirit of inclusivity and celebration that The Pops brings to Nantucket year after year.” The telecast will include musical performances by The Spinners, Kenny Loggins, and RAIN, with tributes to the medical professionals who served Nantucket throughout the pandemic.

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Live Music for All Ages Concerts at the Beach... The Town of Nantucket presents outdoor concerts at the bandstand on Children’s Beach all summer at 6 pm — there is one left, and it’s well worth the trip to town: August 8 - Chris Hanson

Concerts on the Atheneum Porch...

uF S

The Nantucket Community Music Center (NCMC) and Nantucket Atheneum present an outdoor Porch Concert Series featuring island musicians performing in a variety of genres for all ages. The free one-hour concerts take place on the Atheneum’s Weezie Library for Children porch. August 8 at 1:30 pm - clarinetist Nick Davies & bassoonist Ivy Ringel August 15 at 1:30 pm - The Local Notes August 22 at 1:30 pm - Opera singer Greta Feeney

Nantucket Community Music Center Concerts... These in-person concerts are held in the NCMC at 56 Centre St. Tickets at August 12 - Nick Davies and Ivy Ringel August 26 - Jazz on the Rocks September 9 - Mollie Glazer, Nigel Goss, & David Spear continued on page 56...

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nantucket HOME 11

ICONIC BRICK AT 19 PLEASANT STREET Moors End, a stately three-story brick home, was constructed between 1829 and 1834 by Jared Coffin, a wealthy mariner and ship builder, during the heyday of Nantucket’s prosperous whaling era. This iconic property, situated on over an acre of land, includes an extensive heirloom rose garden framed with formal boxwood hedges, and is encircled with a brick wall for privacy on Pleasant Street. Two additional structures complete the estate including Nine and Eleven Candlehouse Lane featuring an 1850 carriage house and stable and Two Mill Street, a 1921 home, awaiting renovation to become an in-town private residence. Linda Bellevue & Mary D. Malavase | Price on Request

82 Easton Street, Nantucket, MA 02554



Located in a sought-after very private enclave off Cliff Road, this property features deeded beach access, and is move-in ready. Built in 2010, this property is very well maintained, with 6 bedrooms, 6.5 bathrooms and an outbuilding with a studio/bathroom/garage. Designed by Botticelli and Pohl, this home is sited to capture the beauty of Nantucket Sound and the surrounding area. Completing the estate-like property are well manicured grounds with mature landscaping, decks, patios and balconies. There is a 7-bedroom septic system in place, with town water; and there is the potential for a swimming pool. Meg Ruley | $11,995,000

82 Easton Street, Nantucket, MA 02554



Situated on almost 2 acres surrounded by conservation land, this property features a four-bedroom main house, two-bedroom guest cottage, a 20x50 heated pool and a garage. Located close to the beach with easy access to town, this is the perfect island getaway for all seasons. Lisa Sherburne | $5,250,000



Fantastic location on a private, hedged-in oversized lot. Short distance Privacy abounds on this 2-acre lot with one-story main house and detached to Steps Beach and town. Antique main house circa 1884 with two sweet garage. Convenient to Town, Surfside Beach and the bike path. Potential for cottages located on Cabot Lane, just off of Cliff Road. Potential subdivision. expansion and a pool. Offered furnished. Linda Bellevue & Ken Beaugrand | $3,995,000

82 Easton Street, Nantucket, MA 02554

Penny Dey | $3,250,000




Located on a quiet cul-de-sac, this three-bedroom, two-full bathroom home has an open-concept kitchen/dining/living room and a cozy book-lined den. Professional landscaping enhances the outdoor living spaces with a stone patio, brick walkway, and a sweet garden shed — all the comforts of a well-loved home.

Located on the tree-lined portion of Fair Street, 51 Fair is a classic Victorian home that exudes storybook charm. Recently restored architectural gem, located in the historic district a short distance from Main Street. Four bedrooms, three and one-half baths, and off-street parking offer a sweet spot to enjoy all four seasons of life on Nantucket.

Linda Bellevue | $1,695,000

Linda Bellevue | $3,295,000

STATELY COLONIAL Heidi Drew, ABR, RSPS, SRS Penny Dey, GRI, ABRM Ken Beaugrand Linda Bellevue, GRI, CBR Peter DuPont Alison K. Forsgren, e-Pro, NAR Green, SRES Mary D. Malavase, ABR, RSPS, TRC, SFR, SRS Jane B. Miller, ABR, RSPS Erikka Perkins Meg Ruley, ABR, RSPS Lisa Sherburne, ABR, RSPS Melinda Vallett

This five-bay colonial home in Naushop has three bedrooms, two and a half baths with a bonus sunroom and second floor office. Brick driveway has two-car off-street parking on Sparrow Drive, with arbored entrance to the backyard with brick patio, shed and a raised bed garden. Mature trees complete the landscaped yard.

Geri Walker, RSPS, SFR Christine Whelden, ABR Tanya Babaitsava, Office Manager

Mary D. Malavase | $1,795,000

82 Easton Street, Nantucket, MA 02554


Decorative Arts Classes in Remarkable Historic Home by Suzanne Daub

Dedicated to celebrating and reviving island’s rich tradition of historic decorative arts and crafts, the Nantucket Historical Association’s Decorative Arts program, now in its 16th year, for 2021 is offering classes and workshops at Greater Light, 8 Howard Street. This historic NHA property has a long history of creativity, beginning in the 1930s, when the Monaghan sisters converted a barn into their summer residence, creating an art colony of their own. Designed and run by Mary Emery Lacoursiere, the Peter M. & Bonnie J. Sacerdote Chair of Education and Community Relations, more than 30 classes and workshops are being taught through September. These include needlework, penwork, ceramic transferware, sailors valentines, scrimshaw, lightship basket bracelets, shell art, letterpress, fraktur, and more. A full list of the classes, their times, and the instructors is at A graduate of Pratt Institute with an M.F.A. in printmaking and painting, Lacoursiere is a member of the Historical Society of Early American Decoration. “I’ve always taught,” she explained, adding that at this NHA program, “we hold to the traditions of the past and make them current. The key is that many of our classes are for all levels: you can come in never having touched these materials and have success. If you have experience, you can take your skills to the next level... because the prep work is done, people can experience the joy of creating and finishing their projects.” She describes the classes as “Nantucket artisanal crafts made modern to be more applicable to today”— function and beauty brought together. “There are not many places where you can come to learn early American techniques and create something new,” she added. The program offers single-session and multi-session classes, and some evening programs. Lacoursiere teaches classes along with other guest instructors, many of whom are well-known in their fields. With the new affiliation between the two island organizations, expert weavers who previously taught youth basketweaving classes at the Nantucket Lightship Basket Museum are now teaching at this NHA program. Class size is small, and private classes popular with families and groups of friends can be arranged. Looking for something different for a wedding party activity? Arrange for a class to make an island craft. 16 nantucket HOME

Free stitching gams—informal gatherings to finish projects or start new ones without instruction—are held on Wednesday mornings through August 25 from 9:30 am to 12 noon. Holding the Decorative Arts program at Greater Light “carries on the tradition of the Monaghans: they created a space that suited their artistic endeavors, and they drew in like-minded people,” Lacoursiere explained.

Originally built around 1790 as a livestock barn, sisters Gertrude and Hanna Monaghan discovered Greater Light in 1929, when they followed a herd of cattle up Main Street... The garden, once a barren barnyard, was a key to the sisters' vision for Greater Light. Independent, highly educated Quakers from Philadelphia, the Monaghans first came to Nantucket in 1923. Gertrude was a well-established and award-winning muralist; Hanna, the younger sister, was an author and amateur actress. The two devoted their lives to art as an expression of their faith. Hanna wrote: “I truly believe that art captures the Eternal in the everyday.” They converted this barn into their home and studio in the 1930s. Combining art and whimsy with unique handcrafts, they incorporated many cast-off architectural elements they had collected: iron gates, gilded columns, stained glass and unusual windows, and various bits of trim and embellishment. According to the NHA, “Every element of every room in the house was designed by them, with carefully selected handcrafted pieces — from door latches to windows and iron balcontinued on page 88...

Park It on Easy Street by C. Oscar Olson

The open air and room to wander is one of the best features of Nantucket, and you just can’t have too much of a good thing. Thanks to the Nantucket Land Bank, there are even more places to roam and relax coming to an island near you. Where once was just a green space by the water is now a lush escape with a gorgeous view of Nantucket Harbor. Perhaps you’ve seen the newest addition to the Land Bank’s portfolio of properties while disembarking the steamship or strolling around town. Located along Easy Street, it’s complete with benches and plantings, sunshine and shade. Though the new flora is still getting established, the new park opened early in June. “The Easy Street Park was designed by Micheal Van Valkanbergh Associates from New York City,” explained Jesse Bell, new Executive Director at the Nantucket Land Bank. “The firm specializes in climate resilient parks and is most well known for Brooklyn Bridge Park in NYC and for the work they’ve done for The Trustees in Boston.” The first program of its kind in the United States, the Nantucket Land Bank was created by Nantucket’s Planning Commission, later adopted by the voters of Nantucket, and finally established by a special act of the Massachusetts Legislature in 1983. Its sole purpose as a conservation program is to acquire, hold, and care for vital open spaces and unique outdoor areas for the general use and enjoyment of the public. Easy Street Park is among the newest of the Nantucket Land Bank projects. “All the plants were carefully

selected for evironmental conditions. The trees are honey locusts, providing dappled shade that won’t obscure the wonderful view,” adds Bell. And, thanks to the Land Bank, the best is yet to come: two more parks are set to open during 2021. With excellent elevation and great views, Hayes Park will be a new nine-acre property overlooking The Creeks and Nantucket Harbor. “It will be handicap accessible, great for strollers and wheelchairs,” says Eric Savetsky, former Executive Director of the Land Bank. “We intentionally retained and fully restored an iconic cottage from the 1890. There will be tables and benches for everyone to enjoy.” In addition, Nantucket is finally getting a dog park. The large dog area will be about an acre and the park for small dogs will be half that. “This project came out of a study years ago based on what people want the most,” said Bell. “We started planning at a different site where the Intermediary School has the playground, but then the town gave us this property [at the corner of Surfside & Miacomet roads].” The Land Bank was able to retain as many trees as possible while accomplishing this feat. “There will be drinking fountains for everyone, a secure chainlink fence, and, ultimately, our hope is to plan for a trail from Surfside to Miacomet Pond, expanding the property even further.” Thanks to organizations like the Land Bank, the island we know and love just keeps getting better. See you at the park! nantucket HOME 17










Erin understands what it is like buying and renting a house on island when you are far away, or planning an island getaway to simply get your Nantucket fix. She is excited to help others realize their dreams by leveraging her unique background, personal experiences and network. She is also the founder of A Salty Soul, a sea-inspired lifestyle brand that gives back, funding surf lessons in partnership with the Nantucket Boys & Girls Club and ACK Surf School. Erin is a true beach girl at heart and is more than happy to share any tips to help you enjoy your time on island. She is among the top agents on island and is a great resource for all your sales and rental needs.

ERIN WILSON Sales & Rental Agent 267.625.1441 (c) |

240 Polpis Road | $8,250,000

39 Monomoy Road | $7,495,000

39 Monomoy - portion | $4,195,000

7 Bartlett Road | $1,685,000

7 Sherburne Turnpike Lot 1 | $5,200,000

3C Freedom Square | $1,000,000

Local Knowledge | Experience | Personal Service | 508-228-6999 | 35A Old South Road, Nantucket, MA Michael O’Mara | Robert Sarkisian | Elizabeth Almodobar | John O’Mara | Antonija Mulichkoska Jody Paterson | Portia Valero | Jessica Mayerjack | Meagan Malloy | Mark Norris | Dan Alper | Lucy Lau

THREE HOUSES ON THE CLIFF Fantastic location on a private hedged-in, oversized lot. Short distance to Steps Beach and Town. Antique main house circa 1884 with two sweet cottages located on Cabot Lane, just off of Cliff Road. Potential subdivision. $3,995,000

QUIET CUL DE SAC 4 Curlew Court has a warm, sunny exterior surrounded by lush lawn and tall trees. Once inside, there are three generously proportioned bedrooms, two full bathrooms and a powder room, open concept kitchen/dining/living room and a cozy book- lined den. Professional landscaping enhances the outdoor living spaces with a stone patio, brick walkway, and a sweet garden shed all the comforts of home. Community tennis and swimming pool are amenities that summer guests and residents enjoy in Naushop. $1,695,000

Listing Broker: Linda Bellevue, GRI, CBR 508-325-2700 82 Easton Street, Nantucket, MA 02554




Iconic Pleasant Street Moors End, a stately three-story brick home, was constructed between 1829 and 1834 by Jared Coffin, a wealthy mariner and ship builder, during the heyday of Nantucket's prosperous whaling era. This iconic property, situated on over an acre of land, includes an extensive heirloom rose garden, and is encircled with a brick wall for privacy on Pleasant Street. Two additional structures complete the estate including Nine and Eleven Candlehouse Lane featuring an 1850 carriage house and stable and Two Mill Street, a 1921 home, awaiting renovation to become an in-town private residence.

Classic Fair Located on the tree-lined portion of Fair Street, 51 Fair is a classic Victorian home that exudes storybook charm. Recently restored architectural gem with outdoor living enjoyed on the rear enclosed patio or while sitting on the iconic front porch. Located in the historic district a short distance from Main Street. Four bedrooms, three and one-half baths, and off-street parking offer a sweet spot to enjoy all four seasons of life on Nantucket. $3,295,000

Listing Broker: Linda Bellevue, GRI, CBR 508-325-2700 82 Easton Street, Nantucket, MA 02554




MARINER VILLAGE Harbor and beyond by day, town by night; squeeze the most out of your Nantucket experience by situating yourself at the heart of it all. Those looking for downtown proximity will love the ability to meander down the hydrangea-lined side streets for their morning coffee or meet friends for breakfast. For those who have a more active lifestyle, this neighborhood sits near the harbor and Monomoy Creeks, making a morning SUP or kayak session a breeze. Three land lots, 2, 4 & 6 Mariner Way are available and range from $1,500,000 to $1,800,000.

10 ACKERMUCK WAY High Tide Homes Development has brought together the best of the best for the construction of this lasting Nantucket estate just moments to downtown. Constructed to the highest standard of quality and professionalism, this offering gives the rare opportunity to be involved early and make customizations to fit your ideal Nantucket home. This property is a respite for generations to come. | $7,495,000

BRIAN SULLIVAN Principal Broker | 508.414.1878 |

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Cobblestones continued from page 10

what lines our streets, can be found on Tuckernuck, but not even close to the number that would be needed to complete such a job. Thus, the most likely scenario for their origin is some combination of these theories. When we take a closer look at our cobblestone streets, they seem to reveal a few clues. Geologists have analyzed local cobbles like the ones found on Main Street and revealed that their composition is consistent with the glacial erratics, a glacially deposited rock differing from the size and type of rock native to the area in which it rests, that comprise our island. “If you spend time in places like Dionis, you’ll see that these granite stones do indeed wash ashore,” says Rayport. “We know that the cobbles are a naturally occurring formation, and they were undoubtedly harvested locally.”

discovery in our own local Registry of Deeds. For now though, Rayport has only searched in online archives. “It’s certainly on my to do list,” she adds, “and hopefully something we can take on in the future.” The stones were first put into place around 1837. At this time, several large homes for well-off owners were being built starting at the the intersection of Fair Street and Main Street, up to the old town center and at the intersection of Gardner, Milk, and Main Streets. Town records seem to indicate that the streets were being widened and improved at the same time, all at the expense of private homeowners. Our best guess is that this was when the dirt roads began being covered with cobbles. The cobblestone paving continues down Main Street, as well as Cobblestone Hill, Stone Alley, India Street, Liberty Street, and Ash Street. All of these are a character-defining feature of the historic nature of Nantucket. These are among the few excellent examples of cobble paving on public streets in Massachusetts.

c. 1900 photo courtesy Nantucket Historical Association archives

For years, Hillary Hedges Rayport has been after the truth of the matter. “Personally, I’d like to get my hands on some of the archival information on scanned indexes and in boxes here on the island.” Nantucket has had an organized government for centuries, so hand-written notes from town meetings, financial records, and other such documents might be awaiting 24 nantucket HOME

Before the advent of cobblestone streets, Nantucket roads were a mess of mud and debris only occasionally spread over with sand. Mosquitoes must have thrived in the puddles piled with soaking waste, and when combined with the reek from the whaling ships, one can continued on page 25...

imagine a different world from the picture perfect scenes of downtown we all enjoy today. The original stones selected for use as paving were oblong, with flat tops. They were installed over unpaved streets that had been spread over with sand to control mud. For the most part, the streets were durable and required little maintenance. That is, until the turn of the century. During that era, a series of underground infrastructure improvements began, such as sewer pipes and electrical cables, which led to the repeated digging up of the streets and putting the cobblestones back into place. This resulted in a cycle of increased potholes, maintenance, repairs, complaints, and debates that continue to this day. Not many streets in America function as a time machine, harkening back to days before black top and long white lines. And though the cobbles may be less ideal for driving, they have a certain advantage over blacktop, especially given our island’s moody climate and sea spray: permeability. There’s a definite cause for the cobbles. When rain inevitably falls, rather the pooling in cracks and divots causing puddles in summer and potholes during the colder months, water is able to pass through the spaces between stones and move into the ground where it belongs. This reduces runoff, erosion, and a number of other rain-related woes. The health of the ancient elms along Main Street and other trees beyond also comes into play. Their roots are able to wind down into the sand and silt, unencumbered. Traditional paving would surely mean an end to many of them. Cobblestone streets are renewable. Paved roads call for petroleum, something we’re all actively trying to use less of. All the materials required for repairing our cobblestone roads are available locally and virtually free. Despite the clear advantage to properly maintaining the cobbles, every so often there are moves about town to pave over them once and for all. In 1920, Nantucket was on the brink of covering Main Street with blacktop. The world was moving faster than ever, and sensibility almost took precedence over sentimentality. But in the decades since, Nantucket has been holding on to its historical roots. Looking back on how we arrived here, Rayport continues, “In the late 1960s and and early 1970s, there was a preservationist movement, a sort of revivalist movement, happening on Nantucket. People making decisions for the town were really motivated by this idea of embracing the old ways.” This was due a combination of factors. America was experiencing growing pains, and most cities and towns in the country were under sig-

photos courtesy Nantucket Historical Association archives

continued on page 46...

nantucket HOME 25





Private 1.3 acres in coveted Monomoy location

Almost 8 acres to build your dream Nantucket estate

One acre site in Monomoy with main house & garage

Monomoy | $3,495,000

Bruce Beni 508-280-6131

Monomoy | $7,695,000

Monomoy | $4,695,000

30 UNION STREET Town • $4,795,000

Exceptional property located just moments from Nantucket’s charming and historic cobblestoned Main Street. Boasting a rare and impressive oversized lot with serene outdoor living spaces and gardens, 30 Union features three levels of finished living area and offers four bedrooms, 5 full baths, 5 fireplaces, formal living and dining rooms, a fully equipped chef ’s kitchen, great room with fireplace and additional dining and living space. The 11,066 sf property offers a stunning and thoughtfully designed landscape with established gardens highlighted by a beautiful patio and stone walkways.

Mimi Huber, 508-325-2073 Jeff Lee, 508-648-6987

8 SACHEM ROAD Cliff • $13,500,000

One of Nantucket’s most coveted locations on the North Shore connecting Hinckley Lane and Gosnold Road with magnificent ocean views. Protected by surrounding conservation land and complimented by a deeded beach path only moments away. Private acre is bordered by mature privet with lush gardens and manicured lawn. Fabulous ocean views across Nantucket Sound.

Carolyn Durand, 508-566-4713 Maya Kearns, 508-517-8039

2-6 HIGHLAND AVE Cliff • $10,450,000 Dreaming of a compound in the Cliff area? Then look no further this oversized, multi-lot property is one of the last remaining parcels of its size in the Lincoln Circle area. The half acre of land allows for up to 7,300 square feet of ground cover including multiple dwellings, a pool, and outbuildings. The depth and width of the property, coupled with a private lane along one side, ensure privacy for the most discerning owner.

Liza Ottani, 508-566-3894

7 FARMER STREET Town • $3,595,000

Th i s a n t i q u e t re a s u re d a te s b a c k to 1 76 8 . Th e h o u s e wa s l ov i n g l y re s to re d i n 2 0 1 3 w i t h a n ew a d d i t i o n to co m p l i m e n t t h e o r i g i n a l h o u s e. Th e n ew co n s t r u c t i o n b r i d g e s h i s to r y to to d ay w i t h a fa b u l o u s k i tc h e n , f i r s t f l o o r m a s te r s u i te a n d a n a t t a c h e d s i n g l e c a r g a ra g e. Fo u r b e d ro o m s , fo u r f u l l b a t h s w i t h b e a u t i f u l i n d o o r a n d o u td o o r l i v i n g s p a ce s .

Carolyn Durand, 508-566-4713

5 MAGNOLIA AVE Sconset • $3,600,000

5 Magnolia Street is a charming blend of old and new. Dating back to 1885, the original house is a village jewel with a classic covered front porch and characteristic cottage-style features. The water horizon of the Atlantic at the end of the road is a welcome greeting as you come onto Magnolia. Stairs to the beach are right across Ocean Avenue and the bridge to the village is just down the way.

Carolyn Durand, 508-566-4713

33 SHELL STREET Sconset • $4,475,000 Part of the original Wade Cottages, this spacious home with water views, is accessed down a private shelled driveway lined with privet hedges. The property has deeded rights across the abutting priority to the Bluff Walk where Land Bank owned stairs offer beach access. A water view, yard, and 2 full levels of living space - a rare find in the Village of Sconset.

Liza Ottani, 508-566-3894

35 MIACOMET AVE Mid Island • $1,695,000 Sunny single family home with an accessory apartment on a quiet street convenient to town, schools, Surfside bike path and south shore beaches. Approximately 2400 square feet of ground cover remaining for expansion. Nicely landscaped yard with garden shed and a great deck for entertaining.

Maya Kearns, 508-517-1897 Mimi Huber, 508-325-2073

159C MAIN STREET Town • Call for Details A comfortable condominium at the top of Main Street, offers a great opportunity to enjoy in-town living.

Liza Ottani, 508-566-3894

9 TASHAMA LANE Mid Island • $1,349,000

Meet your new Nantucket home! This turnkey 3 bedroom and 2 bath house sits on a mature and beautifuly landscaped lot; A wonderful outside space to enjoy coffee and cocktails! This fully renovated home features an open kitchen and living room with granite and stainless appliances.

Joe Lloyd, 617-571-1897

4 AMES AVENUE Madaket • Call for Details Beachfront in Madaket with panoramic views of Hither Creek and the ocean. An open 昀oor plan living space with three bedrooms and multiple decks and porches.

Joe Lloyd, 617-571-1897 Bruce Beni, 508-280-6131

134 MAIN STREET Town • $6,995,000

A stunning renovation on coveted Upper Main Street. This remarkable property exudes all the charm and integrity of historic downtown without any of the compromises that come with historic structures. This recently completed renovation boasts a modern and open 昀oor plan with fabulous space for entertaining and a truly light and airy feeling from each of the three 昀nished living levels. There is also a 10 foot un昀nished lower level plumbed and laid out for numerous future uses. The large yard has a southern exposure with bluestone patio just off the kitchen for entertaining. 134 Main Street awaits a new owner to enjoy gracious living in this highly desirable location.

Bruce Beni, 508-280-6131

24 N CAMBRIDGE ST Madaket • Call for Details This is Nantucket summer living at its best. Whether is 昀shing, swimming, or sailing, you can do it all with deeded harbor front access right out your door. After a day at the beach, come back to your home for an afternoon swim or relax in the screened in porch while waiting for the best location on island for sunsets! The 4 bedroom home has been masterfully executed by Norton Preservation Trust with many custom details throughout as well as taking advantage of the surrounding water views. Tucked away in the Little Neck area and surrounded by Conservation land, the property offers much privacy but is also conveniently located nearby the bike path with easy access to town! This is a perfect island compound and is not to be missed!

Bruce Beni, 508-280-6131



24 & 26 Old North Wharf | $10,250,000 | 4 BR, 3.5 BA Robert Young | 508.325.1571

1 Old Quidnet Milk Route | $3,750,000 | 4 BR, 4.5 BA Robert Young | 508.325.1571



5 Hillers Lane | $3,295,000 | 5 BR, 3.5 BA John Arena | 617.771.3511

157 Main Street # Unit 1 | $3,700,000 | 4 BR, 3 BA Nonie Slavitz | 508.325.2414

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17 MAIN STREET | NANTUCKET, MA | 02554 | 508.228.9117



49 Red Barn Road | $2,795,000 | 4 BR, 3.5 BA John Arena | 617.771.3511

4 Plumb Lane | $2,395,000 | 4 BR, 3.5 BA Josh Lothian | 508.221.7630



2 Sea Fox Circle | $2,295,000 | 6 BR, 4 BA Paula Maloney | 508.332.8412

6 Flint Road | $2,195,000 | 2 BR, 2+ BA John Arena | 617.771.3511

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17 MAIN STREET | NANTUCKET, MA | 02554 | 508.228.9117



ol nc i e Josh Lothian | 508.221.7630


17 Milk Street | $1,895,000 | 3 BR, 2 BA Richard Matheson | 248.719.1896



16 Bluebird Lane | $1,495,000 | 4 BR, 2 BA Susan Renzulli | 508.332.0528

22 Woodland Drive | $1,495,000 | 2 BR, 2 BA Paula Maloney | 508.332.8412



14 Plover Lane | $1,395,000 | 0.9 Acre Robert Young | 508.325.1571

12 Main Street #2 | $795,000 | Investment Opportunity Melanie Gowen | 202.365.0240

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rwa o f g n i k oo L of ll a h t i w u helpin g yo es tate needs. your real C YNTHIA SADLER LENHART 17 Main Street, Nantucket MA | O. 508.228.9117 | C. 508.325.1648

7 Easy Street, Town | $3,950,000 ilt in t e s y oat il e a illai ett t is ni e ate ont p ope ty o e s a st oo comme cial etail space an ea ti l e oom apa tment on t e secon oo eally locate on the corner of Easy St. and Old North Wharf, this harbor-side retreat has been tastefully renovated with modern amenities. This is a one-of-a-kind piece of Nantucket history with many options. Contact Josh Lothian at 508.221.7630 and at

Josh Lothian, Broker Associate 508.221.7630

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17 MAIN STREET | NANTUCKET, MA | 02554 | 508.228.9117

TUCKED IN ON CLIFF ROAD Close to Town, Jetties Beach and the bike path with views of hidden pond. Extensive landscaping with mature perennial plantings and a stone wall complete the property. Excellent rental history. $2,975,000

STATELY COLONIAL This five bay colonial home in Naushop has three bedrooms, two and a half baths, a bonus sunroom and second floor office. $1,795,000

Listing Broker: Mary D. Malavase, ABR, RSPS, SRS 508-221-2093 82 Easton Street, Nantucket, MA 02554




The secret to a lasting cobblestone street lies in a mixture of materials commonly called “dirty sand,” a combination of clay, sand, and silt. “It sounds simple,” continued from page 25 says Rayport, “but it’s not exactly something we can nificant financial constraints. Hardly the most prosperspecify.” Though the exact recipe remains elusive, dirty ous time in our nation’s history, everyone was feeling sand can be identified as sand with enough fine matethe weight of stagflation, an oil crisis, and civil injusrial mixed in so that it holds its shape when squeezed, tice. “There was a lot motivation to be independent, yet not so much fine material that it becomes muddy to do things in the old way, to be resourceful.” Their when wet. Water runs right through and into the view was simple: With the right kind of maintenance ground, giving it no chance to freeze over. and labor, the picturesque cobblestone streets could Currently, repaired cobblestones are being set in last decades. stone dust. Though it is widely available, it simply isn’t The town took time to educate and employ people ideal. Stone dust absorbs water which leads to puddles, to fix the roads the right way. One of the biggest hurfrost heaving, and eventually potholes and more repairs. dles in that regard today is labor. “At the time,” Rayport “One of the things that the Historical Commission continued, “the blue collar workforce was abundant. It is advocating for is that we take the ‘dirty sand’ to the was easy to find, educate, and hire people who wanted Department of Public Works or even the Department of to do this work.” On top of that, the materials required Transportation as part of a research study.” Rayport’s for the potential paving were expensive due to the onhope is to have it analyzed in a lab in order to reproduce going oil crisis. it on demand. “Once we have a specification for the difToday, though petroleum is seemingly more abunferent supporting layers, we can reproduce perfect roads dant, both the labor and the expertise are virtually every time.” It might take longer to build, but over time nonexistent. Instant gratification has become the it will prove its worth in price, sustainability, and beauty. norm, and speedy machines pouring out pavement The shape of the stones themselves is also an immake the cobbles appear inconvenient. portant factor in a long-lasting road. Originally, stones Hillary Hedges Rayport wants to see a more fowere selected carefully for use in paving, based on their cused pursuit of cobblestones streets on Nantucket. “I size and shape. Ideal stone were flat-topped and obwould love to see the cobblestone roads expanded, but long in shape, allowing them to be driven vertically into it undoubtedly would require a study and investment the sand mixture. in learning how to lay them correctly, what materials Today, there are more cobblestone streets in town to lay them in, and so forth.” than before. Recently the town tore up a portion of India Street to replace antiquated sewer pipes. Inphoto courtesy Nantucket Historical Association archives stead of resurfacing the street with macadam, workers laid many of the same cobblestones that had been buried under the blacktop for nearly eighty years. “The question is will the town be willing to investigate and learn the proper aproach,” Rayport says. It might be a different and more tedious way of doing things, but all the benefits are undeniable. “Wouldn’t it be amazing,” she continues, “to completely rehabilitate the streets and sidewalks of our iconic, historic town. It’s a big project that would require a lot of research and preparation, but the results could last a lifetime.”


46 nantucket HOME


78 BAXTER ROAD | $2,960,000 Charming Sconset home with a good-sized yard, landscaped for privacy. Well-maintained house with central A/C and a full basement, living space of 2,056 square feet, rose-covered front porch, rear dining deck, 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.

76 BAXTER ROAD | $4,150,000 A bright corner lot with a 6-bedroom, 3.5-bath house and ample space for a swimming pool and expansion potential to add a cottage, and still have a large yard. Ocean views and open horizon to the west offer spectacular sunsets. An upside-down design with lofted ceilings, an open floor plan, two second-floor decks – one with an outside staircase that leads to a large entertaining area with beautiful ocean views. Ideal home office with wet bar and French doors opening to outside. Expansive covered porch and a blue stone patio with a fire pit provide additional living space.

OPPORTUNITY | VALUE: IMMEASURABLE Two properties on almost three quarters of an acre on a corner lot on Baxter Road. Properties with this potential (10+ bedrooms in multiple structures) with space for a pool and large yard this close to the village are limited in Sconset. Existing structures could be modified to provide unlimited opportunities.

Daryl Westbrook | 508-257-6206 | of昀 |


TURNKEY, FURNISHED, AND READY FOR IMMEDIATE SUMMER OCCUPANCY Central AC, harbor views, three floors of living, large basement, and a detached studio cottage with full bath are some of the many features of this light-filled, historic home.

$5,995,000 GARY WINN Broker | 508.330.3069 MAURY PEOPLE SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY | 37 MAIN STREET, NANTUCKET, MA 02554 | 508.228.1881 | MAURYPEOPLE.COM Each Office is Independently Owned and Operated. Equal Housing Opportunity.


BEAUTIFUL 7 BEDROOM HOME CLOSE TO STEPS BEACH This gracious, shingle style home was built in 1900, totally renovated by the present owner in 1998 and has been meticulously maintained. Expert craftsmanship went into the renovation, blending the old and new. Multi leveled decks provide private outdoor enjoyment on over one half acre of land. There are water views from many rooms and the sound and harbor views from the third floor deck and the roof walk are panoramic. It is a short walk to Steps Beach and close to Jetties Beach and town as well.

$16,950,000 GARY WINN Broker

BARBARA JENKINS Broker 508.330.3069 508.246.3143

MAURY PEOPLE SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY | 37 MAIN STREET, NANTUCKET, MA 02554 | 508.228.1881 | MAURYPEOPLE.COM Each Office is Independently Owned and Operated. Equal Housing Opportunity.


CLIFF | $8,355,000 7 Bedrooms, 8+ Bathrooms Gary Winn

TOWN | $3,800,000 5 Bedrooms, 5.5 Bathrooms Gary Winn & Mary Taaffe

TOWN | $3,250,000 5 Bedrooms, 4.5 Bathrooms Gary Winn,BUIZ(BMMBIFS

SCONSET | $2,995,000 3 Bedrooms, 3.5 Bathrooms (BSZ8JOOKathy Gallaher GARY WINN Broker | 508.330.3069 MAURY PEOPLE SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY | 37 MAIN STREET, NANTUCKET, MA 02554 | 508.228.1881 | MAURYPEOPLE.COM Each Office is Independently Owned and Operated. Equal Housing Opportunity.

Town | $4,500,000

Town | $4,395,000

Town | $3,950,000

Naushop | $1,995,000

Barbara Jenkins

Bernadette Meyer

Bernadette Meyer

Bernadette Meyer

Hummock Pond | $3,495,000

Madaket | $1,595,000

Sconset | $8,495,000

Tom Nevers | $1,675,000

Bernadette Meyer

Bernadette Meyer & Wayne Viera

Chandra Miller

Chandra Miller

Sconset | $899,000

Sconset | $2,495,000

Brant Point | $2,895,000

Quaise | $4,265,000

Chandra Miller

Chandra Miller

Shawkemo | $15,250,000

Town | $1,895,000

Sconset | $2,195,000

Town | $6,950,000

Daniel Barber

Donna Barnett

Jenny Paradis & Roberta White

John Trudel

Craig Hawkins & Bernadette Meyer Craig Hawkins & Bernadette Meyer

Town | $4,950,000

Pocomo | $6,295,000

Surfside | $1,150,000

Brant Point | $1,995,000

(Main House) John Trudel

Kathy Gallaher

Kathy Gallaher

Mary Taaffe

Town | $1,325,000

Town | $2,725,000

Town | $3,950,000

Pocomo | $4,500,000

Mary Taaffe

Mary Taaffe

Marybeth Gibson

Susan Chambers

MAURY PEOPLE SOTHEBY’S INTERNATIONAL REALTY 37 MAIN STREET, NANTUCKET, MA 02554 | 508.228.1881 | MAURYPEOPLE.COM Each Office is Independently Owned and Operated. Equal Housing Opportunity.

Nothing Compares 256 Polpis Road is truly an exceptional offering. Properties of this caliber rarely become available on Nantucket Island. This beautiful compound, spread over six+ acres of pristine land, includes a sprawling circa 1920s 5 bedroom/4+ bathroom main house with spectacular water views from every room, a 2 bedroom guest cottage, a 3 car garage, a boat house and a 1 room cottage perched on the rim of Polpis Harbor, and two boat moorings. A path meanders from the house to the harbor, where favorite Nantucket pastimes such as boating, kayaking, canoeing, fishing, and scalloping can be enjoyed. This is a rare opportunity to call a serene piece of Nantucket “home.” A legacy property to be enjoyed in all seasons, for many years to come. Offered at $26,500,000

Gary Winn Broker 508.330.3069

Lisa Winn Broker 617.281.1500

37 Main Street, Nantucket MA 02554 Each Office is Independently Owned and Operated. Equal Housing Opportunity.

7 Comeau Lane $1,595,000 This charming cape is located in the

3 Beds | 2 Baths

heart of ‘Sconset on a quiet dead end lane. The property offers a large yard that is a blank slate for the outdoor living space of your dreams. With over 1,500 square feet of ground cover available and the ability to add a pool with a special permit, this is a wonderful opportunity a half-mile from the village. Easily meander the hydrangea-lined streets of the East End into the idyllic ‘Sconset Village. Complete with a market, beloved sandwich shop and three restaurants, there is everything one could need. Take in the beautiful Bluff Walk views or stroll along the beach all year-long.

LIZA HATTON Sales & Rental Agent 617.645.9551 (c) | |

LET OUR TEAM HELP YOU FIND YOUR HAPPY PLACE! 34 Centre Street, Nantucket MA 02554 • 508.825.5741 •

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Enjoy Island Art + Design ... Artists Association Exhibits and Events

Live Music, cont.

Cecelia Joyce & Seward Johnson Gallery, 19 Washington Street, Visual Arts Center on Amelia Drive, and online at

Classical Music concerts presented by the Musical Arts Society

through August 21: Light of Day online show August 14: Sidewalk Art Show at the VAC, 24 Amelia Dr. Aug. 20-Sept. 6: Artist Patron Show in Downtown Gallery Sept. 20-27: Autumn Colors Online Exhibit Sept. 20-27: 10 x 10 Show in Downtown Gallery

Summer concerts in the First Congregational Church. Doors open at 6:30 pm; concerts begin at 7 pm. Tickets at August 10 - cellist Adrian Daurov and pianist Spence Myer August 17 - soprano Raven McMillon plus... Live music at Cisco Brewery: 5 Bartlett Farm Rd. Local live music in The Rose & Crown, 23 S. Water St.

Theatre White Heron Theatre - Making theatre truly transformative with classical, contemporary, and new plays that speak to audiences in timeless ways. through August 6 - Peter and the Starcatcher August 20-September 5 - The Half August 24-September 11 - See Monsters of the Deep

August 5-7, 2021: Nantucket by Design Nantucket Historical Association celebrates the very best in creative and inspirational design with engaging lectures, lively panel discussions, and an antique show. Details on 2021 presenters at

...Maritime Fun... Boat Charters aboard: The Endeavor - Capt. James Genthner offers daily sailing cruises around the waters of Nantucket Island aboard a Friendship Sloop. • 508-228-5585 The Shearwater - Whale Watches, Seal Cruises, Harbor Tours, Ice Cream Cruises, Cocktail Cruises, Coastal Clamming, and Flyboarding. • 508-228-7037 Blue Moon Charters - A local island family-run sail to explore Nantucket Sound aboard a classic seventy-foot luxury yacht. 508-241-7245

photo of Peter and the Starcatcher by Cary Hazlegrove

Theatre Workshop of Nantucket Community theater dedicating to enriching, educating, and challenging artists and audiences of all ages. through August 22 - Mamma Mia! through August 20 - A Grand Night for Singing August 12-14 - Godspell (with the Dreamland Stage Company) September 9-25 - Neil Simon’s London Suite

The Lynx - Re-live history aboard an 1812 privateer: hoist the sails, steer the ship, fire the main battery of sixpounder carronades aboard a traditional, square topsail schooner. mid-June through early September.

...and Island History Walking Tours focusing on Nantucket History Walk the Old Historic District with a Nantucket Historical Association guide. Tours are 1-hour long and depart morning and afternoon from the Whaling Museum lobby, rain or shine. Tickets at And email to sign up for walking tours of Main Street, Nantucket, on Tuesdays and of ‘Sconset on Thursdays with Nantucket Preservation Trust.

photo of Mamma Mia! by Laurie Richards

56 nantucket HOME

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860.200.4139 BUY . S E L L . DREA M .

1 TWIN & 2 FARMER STREET Multi-generational living just moments from the heart of Nantucket’s historic district, these homes offer the ease of downtown living, but with the comfort and tranquility of a quaint, side street location. The three building, two lot property features over 10,000 square feet and 11 bedrooms total. This magical enclave offers a spacious yard, multiple outdoor nooks, colorful gardens and was meticulously renovated with impeccable craftsmanship. | $16,200,000

Twin & Farmer is available for sale as a compound or as separate properties

Tasteful upgrades abound; this 1800’s home has been meticulously renovated and beautifully juxtaposes historic craftsmanship with contemporary style. Tucked away from the heart of town on quiet and alluring Twin Street, this property boasts seven bedrooms as well as ample interior and exterior spaces for gathering. With two dwellings and a spacious, well-maintained yard, this home has no shortage of room for family and guests alike.

1 Twin Street 7 Beds | 5 Full + 1 Half Baths $10,900,000

2 Farmer Street 4 Beds | 3 Full + 1 Half Baths $5,300,000

The quality of details and unique design elements deftly evoke the days of yore in this 1800’s home in the downtown historic district of Nantucket. Wide-plank floors lend warmth to the interior and are the perfect anchor for your own dream design. Skillfully brought to modern standards of comfort, 2 Farmer St. is a stunning example of the highly soughtafter blend of historic and impeccable craftsmanship and contemporary conveniences

J. BRENT TARTAMELLA Sales & Rental Agent 508.901.0191 (c) | |

Idyllic Cisco Setting with Sweeping Views of the Atlantic Ocean 9 Falmouth Avenue | 5 Beds 5 Baths | $7,250,000

Keri Kalman, Broker Exclusively listed by:

Cell: (508) 325-2585

57 Main Street, Nantucket MA |

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Island History, cont. Shipwreck & Lifesaving Museum Learn about the seafaring history of Nantucket. See the new 2021 exhibit: Duty & Diligence: Station Life the U.S. Life-Saving Service. Tour the museum, see Folger’s Marsh, enjoy scenic outdoor picnic seating. 158 Polpis Road.

Coskata-Coatue Wildlife Refuge This wild, remote barrier beach has rolling maritime dunes that cover more than 200 acres. The Cedars, a red cedar savannah & woodland, is the largest of its kind in New England. Coskata Woods is a mature maritime oak forest with gnarled, wind-blown trees. Gray & harbor seals feed in the Great Point riptide and use the nearby beach as a haul-out. Permits are required to drive in the refuge. Certain times of year restrictions on driving are in place due to wildlife; check online for updates.

Linda Loring Nature Foundation for summer schedule The Linda Loring Nature Foundation is dedicated to being stewards of the property and fostering learning that promotes environmental literacy. Walking trails, field trips, environmental education programs, and collaborative activities with partner organizations.

Summer Galas August 5, 2021: The Stargazer Gala Tickets at Party-goers will enjoy breathtaking views, dancing to The Sultans, delicious food by Island Kitchen, games, stargazing with professional astronomers, & more! Dance the night away all while celebrating and supporting the Maria Mitchell Association.

Meet Nantucket’s Natural World Nantucket Walkabout Guided Wilderness Hikes Offering natural history walks on Nantucket's protected lands all over the island. Hikes inform on how, geologically, the island was created by the last glacier, how Nantucket got its unique collection of plants and wildlife, how and when Native Americans and European settlers impacted the island's natural world, conservation efforts, and what the future may hold for Nantucket.

Maria Mitchell Association for summer schedule With its Aquarium, Historic Mitchell House, Vestal Street Observatory, and the Loines Observatory, Maria Mitchell Association offers small tours & programs to quench everyone’s thirst for science and nature. Adventures in Nature Story Hour for Age 3+ Morning Meditations • Marine Ecology Trips Beach Biology Field Trips • Tree Walk at Mill Hill Open Nights on Mondays & Wednesdays from 9-10:30 pm “Nantucket Nature: an Interactive Series for Families” 62 nantucket HOME

August 9-16, 2021: Annual August Fete Tickets at A celebration of the architectural heritage Nantucket Preservation Trust works to preserve, and our incredible supporters who help make that work possible. Secret Lanes & Hidden Ponds will feature pre-recorded house tours of historic homes along Lily Street and secluded Gull Island Lane. These video tours will be available for viewing in the week prior to the Fête. Small group walking tours of the Lily Pond neighborhood will also be offered. On August 12, tune in for a Q&A with homeowners, architects, builders, and other preservation experts. NPTs annual Sense of Place Exhibition & Auction will run online from August 9-16, with in-person viewing available from 10 am to 2 pm at 11 Centre St.



Locally owned and operated, Fisher Real Estate was created to elevate the way real estate is discovered and explored.

94/21 TUCKERNUCK Tuckernuck









$5,300,000 Fisher Real Estate • 508-228-4407 • 21 Main Street • Nantucket, Massachusetts 02554


2, 4 & 6 MARINER WAY



$1,500,000 - $1,800,000

81 POLPIS ROAD Shawkemo







@fishernantucket Brian Sullivan • Jen Allen • Cam Gammill • J. Brent Tartamella • Erin Wilson • Lara Hanson • Liza Hatton • Sarah Holmes Danno Lynch • Gina O’Callaghan • Joelle Bouchard • Quinn Veysey • Spencer Heydt • Marleah Lydon • Gaelan Truyman • Cait Kappler

We take pride in raising the bar when it comes to showcasing the island’s unparalleled lifestyle and exceptional real estate.









Mid Island










#fishernantucket Fisher Real Estate • 508-228-4407 • 21 Main Street • Nantucket, Massachusetts 02554




South of Town










$4,895,000 Brian Sullivan • Jen Allen • Cam Gammill • J. Brent Tartamella • Erin Wilson • Lara Hanson • Liza Hatton • Sarah Holmes Danno Lynch • Gina O’Callaghan • Joelle Bouchard • Quinn Veysey • Spencer Heydt • Marleah Lydon • Gaelan Truyman • Cait Kappler

2021 Marks the 100th anniversary of the Beetle Cat otherwise known as the Rainbow Fleet. We are looking forward to seeing the beautifully colored sails parade around Brant Point on Sunday Morning, August 22, starting at 9:40. Another treat for spectators will be the Opera House Cup Parade of Wooden Boats also on Sunday, August 22. Boats will start leaving the harbor around 9:00 am after the cannon is shot from the LYNX. Some of these boats have been sailing for a century, others are new with modern technology. We are fortunate to have such a spectacle here on Nantucket’s waters.

MID-SUMMER MARKET OBSERVATIONS Over the course of the past 12-18 months, one of the most common factors driving our market has been inventory. We have seen rising demand due to the new work- and school-from-home lifestyle and barriers to international travel, which has garnered buyers’ interest and also left many potential sellers waiting it out and holding onto their Nantucket properties for a while longer. Over the past four years, inventory peaked in the summer of 2019 with almost 500 properties on the market at the height of summer, very clearly a prepandemic figure. 2020 saw a marked drop off with 350 properties available in June and a further steep decline with a meager 171 properties available in June of this year. Looking more specifically at June single-

Inventory Over Time

family inventory by price point from the past three years, we have seen the most notable decline in the sub- $3MM price point. Despite the decline in inventory, rising prices and robust demand has 2021 looking to be another banner year and we are on track to surpass 2020’s historically high numbers. On a positive note looking forward, summer is progressing and more and more sellers are stepping up and capitalizing on the robust real estate market. Expect to see continued high demand, but with more properties hitting the market during our busiest part of the year.

An 8th generation Nantucketer, Lara’s roots trace back through several historic whaling families, most notably the Starbucks. Her comprehensive local knowledge gives her an unparalleled perspective, as does a unique set of skills from her previous career in aviation. Beginning with the airlines and ultimately working in airport management and operations, and as an aircraft rescue firefighter, Lara thrives when working as part of a dynamic team and prides herself in finding solutions to even the toughest problems. Lara’s attention to detail, focus on continued education, and analytical way of thinking has earned esteem from the real estate community and her clients alike.

LARA HANSON Sales Broker & Rental Agent 508.221.0883 (c) | |

Powerful Research, Insightful Thinking In a market more dynamic than ever before, information is power. It’s knowing the bigger picture trends and having a pulse on the day-to-day nuances of the market to understand where it may be headed. In addition to my monthly market report, here’s what I’m tracking to help clients navigate this market: •

Historic & projected inventory levels by price point

Multiple-bid strategy & analysis

Current factors influencing future pricing







-54% FROM 2020

+5% FROM 2020





-61% FROM 2020

+172% FROM 2020





-61% FROM 2020

+130% FROM 2020

23 Orange Street 5 Beds | 5 Full + 2 Half Baths

Few properties boast a location that is just moments to Main Street while also offering water views, a private pool and spa, and four finished floors of living space. The largest of the historic Folger Block Row Houses, this property has plenty of room for the whole family with multiple living areas, five bedrooms, five+ bathrooms and over 4,000 square feet of living space. Aside from the gracious floor plan, soaring ceilings and oversized windows, one of the unique aspects of this property is that it offers something that can no longer be obtained in this location -- a private pool and spa.


110A Orange Street 1 Bed | 1 Bath

If you’re seeking a convenient island dwelling where you can literally drop your bags and head to the beach, look no further. This light-filled condominium is surrounded by conservation land on two sides and is close to the enthralling water vistas of Nantucket Harbor and The Creeks.


JEN ALLEN Principal Broker 508.332.0568 (c) | |

lets us have two classes at once—we can open the spaces up. Nature here is so beautiful, we want to be in it!” The house and grounds are the perfect setting to continue artistic pursuits that are in keeping with the Monaghan tradition. “Now the creative pursuits are happening here. Instead of just honoring [the Monaghans’ inspiration], we are participating.” To sign up for the NHA’s Decorative Arts Classes and Workshops, visit Greater Light is also open to the public during daylight hours, closing occasionally due to special events, weather, or maintenance.

Decorative Arts continued from page 16

conies...What the sisters created was an intensely personal environment made up of widely disparate parts that came together with harmony in the three-dimensional collage that was their home.” The garden was another massive endeavor for the Monaghans. Hanna wrote in her diaries “As we sat in our patio and surveyed its surroundings, I said ‘A patio must have a garden, a green grassy room under the sky.’” With assistance from a local gardener, “renowned for her talent in garden design and her knowledge of flowers,” a garden was added that became integral to the property. Part of the Nantucket Art Colony that thrived on the island in the 1920s, 30s, and 40s, the Monaghans enjoyed decades of artistic exploration at the property, hosting gatherings of artists of all disciplines. Bequeathed to the NHA in 1972 by Hanna Monaghan, the property was open to visitors for a number of years until it was deemed structurally unsound. After a complete restoration of the house and the garden, Greater Light was reopened for public visits in 2011. “The vibe here is good,” Lacoursiere commented. “It’s key to have an outdoor space as well as

Lisa Sherburne Accomplished Real Estate Broker on Nantucket Island (508) 560-0204 cell

BEACH BOUND “Beach Bound” is the perfect spot to enjoy Nantucket with all of your friends and family. Set on 1.84 acres this Dionis property features a 4-bedroom main house, 2-bedroom guest cottage, heated pool and garage. $5,250,000.

82 Easton Street, Nantucket, MA 02554 88 nantucket HOME


38 & 38A Vestal Street | 0.33 Acre with room for Pool & Spa l $3,850,000 38 Vestal Street | 0.26 Acre with room for Pool & Spa l $2,850,000 38A Vestal Street l Town l 0.07 Acre l $1,025,000

Keri Kalman, Broker Exclusively listed by:

Cell: (508) 325-2585

57 Main Street, Nantucket MA |




40th Pole: Great for families and young children, but no lifeguards. On Nantucket

Siasconset: Regular shuttle bus service or seven-mile ride on paved bike path.

Sound; warm water during July, August and September inspired nickname “The Bathtub” for area nearby. Parking. Best access via 4WD vehicle. Dionis: 3 miles from town by bike on the north side of Eel Point Rd off Madaket Road. Look for the boulder marked “Dionis.” Sheltered by dunes, calm waters for swimming, safe for children; restrooms, & parking. Beachgoers can take NRTA shuttle bus to Eel Point Rd stop & walk. Steps: Between Dionis and Jetties beaches; access from Cliff Road. No lifeguard, no facilities, very little parking. Gentle surf; sandbar. Many steep steps must be descended to get to the beach. Jetties: Easy bike ride from town, or take the shuttle bus. Great beach for families. Lifeguards, changing rooms, playground, volleyball nets, restrooms, showers, public phones, restaurant and take-out food service. Concession and restrooms handicap accessible; boardwalk to the beach. Tennis. Windsurfing, sailboat, and kayak rentals. Shuttle service from town to Jetties Beach is available seasonally. Brant Point: Easy walk or bike ride from town. No lifeguard. Strong current; experienced swimmers; beach drops off suddenly under the water. Scenic beach with Brant Point Lighthouse; nice to sit and watch the boats rounding the point. Here is where to go to wave goodbye to friends and family departing on the Steamship. Children’s: Harbor Beach, an easy walk from town down So. Beach Street and off Harbor View Way. Flotation devices are not permitted within the guarded area. Ideal for small children; park, playground, and bandstand; lifeguard, restrooms, showers, food service, picnic tables. Food, playground, and rest room are all accessible. Activities sponsored by Park & Recreation Commission are often held at this beach during the summer. Francis Street: Five-minute walk from Main Street. Calm harbor waters for swimming; no lifeguard. Jungle gym, kayak rentals, bathroom.

SOUTH SHORE - OCEAN BEACHES Cisco Beach: Four-mile bike ride to end of Hummock Pond Road. Heavy surf; lifeguard. No facilities. Parking. Rip currents can be strong.

Ladies Beach: To access, turn left at the end of Bartlett Farm Road. No facilities; no lifeguard. Limited parking. Rip current can be strong; heavy surf.

Miacomet Beach: at the end of Miacomet Road. Surf and rip currents can be dangerous. Parking. No facilities or food service. Families with very young children may prefer Miacomet Pond. South Shore Beach: at the end of South Shore Rd. Limited parking; difficult to access beach, 4WD is advisable. No lifeguard; no facilities. Surfside: Located at the end of Surfside Road, a three-mile ride on paved bike path or take the shuttles. Easy to park. Plenty of surf, wide beach is good for picnics, beach games, and surfcasting. Kite flying west of Surfside Beach is acceptable; for safety reasons, please do not fly kites east of Surfside toward the airport. Due to the number of people who frequent Surfside Beach during the day, it is inadvisable to fly kites during the peak beachgoing hours. Lifeguard, restrooms, showers, public phones, food service. Shuttle service from town to Surfside Beach is available seasonally. Fisherman’s Beach: Located between Surfside Beach and Nobadeer. No parking; Beach access via steep wooden steps. Plenty of surf, wide beach is good for picnics, beach games, and surfcasting. No lifeguard; no facilities. Nobadeer: Located near the airport. Limited parking; difficult to access beach. Plenty of surf, wide beach is good for picnics, beach games, and surfcasting. No lifeguard; no facilities. Madequecham: Land Bank property at the end of Madequecham Valley Road; rough sand road. Parking. No facilities; no lifeguards. Rip current can be strong; heavy surf. Tom Nevers (“Pebble Beach“): Surf can be heavy; very coarse sand. No lifeguard; no facilities. Good for fishing. Strong rip currents; heavy surf. Access to the beach can be difficult.

WESTERN SHORE - OCEAN BEACHES Madaket: As far west as you can go, six-mile bike ride on scenic, paved bike path, or take the shuttle bus. Heavy surf, lifeguard, restrooms. Famous for its incredible sunsets.

96 nantucket HOME

Surf can be heavy; lifeguard. Food available in nearby village of ’Sconset.

Low Beach: 4WD access. Surf can be heavy; no lifeguard.

BAY & POND BEACHES Miacomet Pond: Fresh water pond on Nantucket. Good for young children. Parking; no lifeguard, no facilities. Snapping turtles may be encountered.

Pocomo Beach: Great for kayaking and to learn to windsurf. Just west of the Head of the Harbor. Good for children. No lifeguards, no facilities.

Eel Point: Good for fishing and watching the sunset. No lifeguard; no facilities. Limited parking. Rip currents can be strong.

Coskata-Coatue and Great Point: at the end of Wauwinet Road, past The Wauwinet Inn. Coskata-Coatue Wildlife Refuge managed by Trustees of Reservations; beach sticker required for vehicles from Trustees of Reservations. Great for fishing and for seeing Great Point Lighthouse up close. Rolling dunes, bayberry, beach plum, heather, and beach grass. Salt marsh and maritime shrubland. The largest red cedar savanna and woodland in New England. Gray and harbor seals. Public restrooms available at the lighthouse Memorial Day-Columbus Day. Sections of the refuge are sometimes closed to protect nesting shorebirds. Dogs permitted only from Sept. 16 thru March 31 and must be leashed at all times. Guided tours with Trustee naturalists offered in-season. Seasonal hunting permitted. For more details, go to Property Lookup. Sesachacha Pond: off Polpis Road. Great for families; warm water; no facilities; no lifeguard. Parking. Near the Audubon Sesachacha Heathlands and Wildlife Sanctuary.

Leave only footprints...

Nantucket has some of the most beautiful and pristine beaches in the world. Please respect Nantucket’s fragile environment and the beauty of our island. Clean up your litter, respect private property, and use only designated entry points. In areas where dune reclaimation is taking place, please do not cross the rope or fence barriers protecting the dunes.

BEACH SAFETY •Learn to swim. If you can’t swim an overhead stroke for at least 15 minutes you should not be in the ocean. •Never swim alone. Always swim with a buddy, and swim near a lifeguard whenever possible. •Stay out of the “surf zone” where the waves break at the shoreline. Waves are at their greatest force here, and even a small wave can lift you up and throw you headfirst into the sand. •Never run from the beach into the water and dive headfirst into the waves. Sandbars that cannot be seen from the surface may be present and/or the water may be too shallow. •Don’t jump or dive into the water from a pier or rock jetty. From a pier or jetty, water appears much deeper than it really is. What looks like 10 or 20 feet of water may only be 2 to 3 feet deep. Diving in could be fatal. The same applies for jumping headfirst into the ocean or a wave from a surfboard – don’t do it! It’s not a risk worth taking. •If you are body surfing or boogie boarding, always keep your arms out in front of you to protect your head and neck. •A rip current will pull you away from the shore, but it will not pull you under. If you’re caught in a rip current, do not swim toward the shore! Instead, swim parallel to the shore, until you’re out of the rip current. Then, swim in to shore. •Never drink alcohol or use drugs at the beach. It clouds your ability to make wise decisions, and that could be fatal! •Take direction from lifeguards at all times.

New Citizen Advocacy Group Formed to Combat Light Pollution on Nantucket Island Nothing can beat the magic of the Nantucket sky on serve Nantucket’s dark skies that Nantucket Lights suspects a clear night. Thirty miles at sea, far from the glow of many property owners aren’t aware of and will voluntarily major cities, the island can feel at times like an ocean comply with once they are. liner, alone beneath a canopy of stars. It’s a view to stir The website has a link to a downloadable handout that the soul. But now that velvety blackness, and the celestial supporters can print out and distribute to property owners bodies it reveals, could be lost to us. Light photo contest entry by Jonah Elkowitz to spread the word about the Bylaw as well pollution on Nantucket has increased as educate them about the “Five Principles for 2.4% each year since 2012, according to Responsible Outdoor Lighting” agreed on by data obtained from satellites. That means the International Dark Sky Association and that there is about 22% more light polluthe Illuminating Engineering Society. tion today than just nine years ago. Nantucket Lights hopes many more likeA new citizen advocacy group called minded people will join Nantucket Lights to Nantucket Lights aims to do something show their support for its mission and help about that. With a diverse steering comit achieve its goals. A link for joining is on the mittee that includes year-round as well as Home Page of its website. Membership is seasonal residents, its mission is to prefree. serve and protect Nantucket’s nighttime The Maria Mitchell Association (marienvironment and heritage of dark skies by, the Nantucket Civic League raising awareness about light pollution on (, the Nantucket the island and advocating for environLand Council (, and mentally responsible outdoor lighting. the Marine Mammal Alliance Nantucket Its recently launched website at nan( are among the is intended to serve as a resource for the izations that have already signed on as “Supporting Organisland community. It has information about light polluizations.” Any organization or business that would like to tion specific to the island, including information about join them should send an email to Nantucket’s Outdoor Lighting Bylaw. Adopted in 2005, that Bylaw contains a number of provisions to help preNantucket Lights is entirely non-profit and volunteer-run.

nantucket HOME 97

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57 Main Street, Nantucket

57 Main Street, Nantucket

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Broker Directory


Principal Broker & Market Analyst

M (508) 228-8217 O (508) 325-5000

508.332.0568 (c) | 508.228.4407 (o)

Suzi Spring

57 Main Street, Nantucket 21 Main Street, Nantucket, MA 02554 | | @fishernantucket

Joelle Bouchard

Gina O’Callaghan

Sales Broker & Rental Agent

Sales Broker & Rental Agent

508.221.0134 (c) | 508.228.4407 (o)

508.633.4757 (c) | 508.228.4407 (o)

21 Main Street, Nantucket, MA 02554 | | @fishernantucket

21 Main Street, Nantucket, MA 02554 | | @fishernantucket

Liza Hatton

Sarah Holmes

Sales & Rental Agent

Sales & Rental Agent

617.645.9551 (c) | 508.228.4407 (o)

603.493.9504 (c) | 508.228.4407 (o)

21 Main Street, Nantucket, MA 02554 | | @fishernantucket

NICOLE BOUSQUET T 508.228.2266, ext 137 C 508.221.6810 1 North Beach Street, Nantucket, MA 02554


21 Main Street, Nantucket, MA 02554 | | @fishernantucket

AMBER CANTELLA T 508.228.2266, ext 134 C 508.292.0657 1 North Beach Street, Nantucket, MA 02554




T 508.228.2266, ext 135 C 508.737.0134

T 508.228.2266, ext 113 C 508.450.3379

1 North Beach Street, Nantucket, MA 02554

1 North Beach Street, Nantucket, MA 02554



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Broker Directory Elizabeth Almodobar Sales Associate SAM PARSONS T 508.228.2266, ext 119 C 508.332.0682

mobile: 508-685-7703 office: 508-220-6999 ext. 118 1 North Beach Street, Nantucket, MA 02554


Mark Norris Sales Associate mobile: 508-566-2013 office: 508-220-6999 ext. 123

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Broker Directory

Bruce Beni

Broker 508.280.6131 508.325.5800 • 10 South Beach Street • Nantucket, MA •

Dan Dunlap

Broker 508.257.1152 508.325.5800 • 10 South Beach Street • Nantucket, MA •

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Shellie Dunlap

Broker & Rental Specialist 508.901.9890 508.325.5800 • 10 South Beach Street • Nantucket, MA •

Broker Directory

Peter Engen

Sales & Rental Agent 781.710.1277

508.325.5800 • 10 South Beach Street • Nantucket, MA •

Joe Lloyd

Broker 617.571.1897 508.325.5800 • 10 South Beach Street • Nantucket, MA •

+$*ƫ.!* ƫ.+'!.ƫ//+%0! OFFICE ĆĀĉċĂĂĉċĊāāĈ • CELLćāĈċĈĈāċăĆāā Email: +$*ċ.!*Į.2!%/ċ+)


0$5ƫ2% /+*



OFFICE ĆĀĉċĂĂĉċĊāāĈ • CELLĊąĊċĉćāċāąĆā Email: .'ċ1.(%*#$)Į.2!%/ċ+)

OFFICE ĆĀĉċĂĂĉċĊāāĈ • CELLĂāĆċĊćĂċąāĂĀ Email: 0$5ċ2% /+*Į.2!%/ċ+)

!**5ƫ%""+. !*0(/ƫ++. %*0+.ƫ* ƫ(!/

Sales and Rental Specialist

OFFICE ĆĀĉċĂĂĉċĊāāĈ • CELLĆĀĉċĂĂāċąĀĉă Email: !**5ċ%""+. Į.2!%/ċ+)

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Broker Directory




(!/ƫ *#!.ĥ IJ

OFFICE ĆĀĉċĂĂĉċĊāāĈ • CELLĂĀĂċăćĆċĀĂąĀ Email: !(*%!ċ+3!*Į.2!%/ċ+)

OFFICE ĆĀĉċĂĂĉċĊāāĈ • CELLĆĀĉċĊĀāċăăāā Email: !**5ċ%(%#Į.2!%/ċ+)

1!ƫ !)%/+*


(!/ƫ* ƫ!*0(/ƫ//+%0!

(!/ƫ* ƫ!*0(/ƫ//+%0!

OFFICE ĆĀĉċĂĂĉċĊāāĈ • CELLćāĀċăĀāċăĀĀĂ Email: 1!ċ !)%/+*Į.2!%/ċ+)

 ćĀăċąĀāċĉāāāƫđƫ ƫĆĀĉċĂĂĉċĊāāĈ  Email: .ċ.$%(Į.2!%/ċ+)





OFFICE ĆĀĉċĂĂĉċĊāāĈ • CELLĆĀĉċăăĂċĀĆĂĉ Email: 1/*ċ!*61((%Į.2!%/ċ+)

OFFICE ĆĀĉċĂĂĉċĊāāĈ • CELLĆĀĉċĂĊĂċĆĆĀĂ Email: !*0ċ$,+2(+2Į.2!%/ċ+)

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+!.0ƫ+1*# .+'!.ƫ//+%0! OFFICE ĆĀĉċĂĂĉċĊāāĈ • CELLĆĀĉċăĂĆċāĆĈā Email: +!.0ċ+1*#Į.2!%/ċ+)

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