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nantucket HOME Real Estate News & Property Listings compliments of NAREB

nantucket HOME Autumn 2016

Vol 8 Issue 4

Autumn 2016 Vol 8 Issue 4

Real Estate News & Property Listings

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Contents Volume 8 Issue 4 - Autumn 2016

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Sales: Corinne GiďŹƒn Editorial: Suzanne Daub Design: Sarah Morneau Nantucket Home Real Estate News & Property Listings is a publication of the Nantucket Association of Real Estate Brokers, published four times in 2016 and distributed free on Nantucket and elsewhere. All contents of this magazine, including without limitations the design, advertisements, art, photos, & editorial content, are copyrighted 2016 by Coastal Internet Access, Inc. No portion of this magazine may be copied, reprinted, or reproduced in electronic media without express written permission of CIA, Inc.

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Local Color by Island Designer, Donna Elle

ne often hears the words echo over and over


you should consider the natural feel rendered from its

again: “Nantucket is a special place.” I have no

alignment to the sun. For example, if your living room

doubt it is for many reasons, yet one in particular

predominantly faces north and is displaying a sense of

that drew me into its sandy shores is the island’s light. There is

cold tones, a grey-feeling, and you look forward to lively,

something that subtly affects our senses through the source

end-of-the-day conversations with family members, you

of natural light. We become almost unaware of the inherent

would enliven the room by using harmonious colors that

persuasion it plays on color in our homes. Perhaps being

balance the energy in the space.

removed some thirty miles out to sea, with less light pollution

Harmonious colors

than the mainland with our big sky overhead, provides the

are those on the color wheel

landscape with a very imperceptible slice of island light that

adjacent to one another and

creates a haven of pure color.

are to be used in at least two

While the very basic language to perceiving color

(2) but no more than five (5)

is realizing the angle and intensity of the sun shift throughout

consecutive colors on the

our day, the wavelengths that reflect from the objects

wheel. For example, select-

around us shift, resulting in natural subtleties of how we

ing warm colors of red, red-orange, orange, yellow- orange

perceive color.

and yellow in an array of pillows and a carpet, while

By evening during sunset, our brains experience faster changes in light differences, as colors will change more rapidly throughout the day, during dawning morning hours towards dusk to dark. So it is then, towards dusk, one finds it the most inappropriate time to be selecting colors for one’s home interior walls or furnishings. That said, one would see hues of warm orange, which throws off the true color. Contrast that with a sunny, high noon hour, rendering a more true color. People often feel confused when trying to select a color palette for their homes. First, you need to decide what emotions you want to experience when you are in that space. Additionally, noting the room’s orientations to natural light, Photo: Jeffery Allen Photography

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Local Color

– Continued from page 10

can be inspired by the colors from a rug that currently exists in your home, to aid you in selecting wall color. To create harmony within the colors of an item, focus on the natural lighting in the room around noontime on a sunny day. To create harmony within the space, choose a monochromatic scheme and select a similar tint, tone, or shade of just one color, adding subtle and subdued interest that is alluring and calming. However, if you prefer tension over harmony, and a desire to heighten the energy in the room, you would select a split complementary color palette using any color with the two colors on each side of it’s complement. For example, if you have a printed duvet cover with multiple shades of green in its pattern, you could select the colors of red-orange and red-violet for pillows, which would add

refreshing the rooms walls in a freshly painted neutral white

drama and pizazz for a long winter’s season, echoing

color such as white dove will add a zest towards conquering

memories of late summer hydrangea blooms.

your intention of livening up the space. If the walls were painted a warm beige, and you

Keep in mind that our decisions are best coordinated when we formulate an intention. Ways to improve your color

didn’t desire to change the color, by adding pillows, a throw,

confidence is to purchase two to three sample cans of color

and a rug in cooler colors of yellow-green, green, blue-green

that you are considering, and paint large squares of color

and blue, you would create another harmonious effect.

patches on a sun-lite wall as well as on a dark wall in the

It’s always best to start with one element in a room

same room. Testing fabrics from the upholstery by placing

that is working and that appeals to a sense of good taste.

them next to the color patch on the wall will help your

To further aid the quest for establishing a color palette, you

decision further in choosing a wall color. Be aware of your Continued on page 14

Photo: Jeffery Allen Photography

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Local Color

– Continued from page 12

flooring material, and if you are not planning on using what is currently on your floors, placing a sample of your new flooring material near the paint sample on the wall will also aid in your visual decision. Artificial light can be viewed more realistically in a simulated situation, in order to show you the impact on color perception. Northern light tends to skew light towards cooler blue tones, while western facing windows are affected most by a golden, warm shift at sunset. The additional use of window blinds or a sheer translucent drapery can impact your color shifts as well. Living on the island has gifts that keep on giving. Be sure to pause this fall, and fill your senses with local color. Watch how the light shifts and bends, allowing for a connection deeper within. Perhaps it will inspire you to capture colors from nature, and bring that same experience inside your home – looking outdoors you may find the color palette that will lift your spirits and fill your home with joy.

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Island Spotlight: Nantucket Boys & Girls Club

Rendering courtesy of Stanmar, Inc.

Preparing Island Children to Meet Life’s Challenges by Carl Oscar Olson

antucket Island is a good example of how “it takes a village to raise


Computer Lab

a child” can benefit all children in a community.

There’s no doubt the once idealized “nuclear family” is in decline, and people across the country sometime struggle to find new solutions to fill the void. According to the CDC, nearly a quarter of households on our island have just one parent. Combine that with the growing need for both parents to have jobs—sometimes more than one—and it becomes inevitable that many children will likely be left alone after school. This is a growing crisis that can lead to lower grades, drug use, crime, or worse. On Nantucket, however, we are grateful to have The Nantucket otherwise be left alone at home. They are challenged daily to succeed in Boys and Girls Club. sports and express themselves creatively, helped to excel in school and in The Boys and Girls Club got its start in 1860 Connecticut. It was just their social lives. “The Boys Club” in those days, but the idea eventually spread across the Not long ago, it was becoming clear that the Nantucket Boys and country. In 1906, fifty-three independent clubs from across America came Girls Club was beginning to outgrow the building they called home. together in Boston to form one national organization: The Federated Boy’s On July 16, 2013, the Club announced plans to expand and enhance the Club. Twenty-five years later the club renamed itself The Boys’ Club of existing structure on Sparks Avenue. The building expansion would include America, and in 1990, the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. Today there are a learning center, computer lab, gymnasium, activity space, and more, over 4,000 clubs across the United States serving more than 4 million all of which would help alleviate the critical need for space due to the boys and girls. club’s ever growing popularity. The Nantucket branch of The Boys and Girls Club got off the ground in 1945. Since then, their purpose on the island has been to help children

Game Room

of all ages succeed; kids are the only source of motivation required. More than 700 island children are members—that’s 50% of all Nantucket school children coming from both public and private school backgrounds. “We offer kids challenges balanced with encouragement and praise,” says Jamie Foster, Director of Operations at the Nantucket Boys and Girls Club. “Kids are given room to grow grounded in a sense of security and connections, and opportunities for individual expression reinforced with validation and support.” The Club is a safe place for all kids, but especially those who might

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Island Spotlight: Nantucket Boys & Girls Club - Continued from page 38 With enthusiastic help from community fundraisers and donors, construction of the new facility began in summer of 2014. Thanks to

ing on Nantucket is a challenge...we kept saying we’ve got once chance at this, let’s do it right!

Stanmar, Incorporated of Wayland, Massachusetts, the construction firm

“The gymnasium is spectacular! We said to StanMar ‘make this place

in charge of the project, which involved 11,150 s.f. of renovation and 25,000

kid-proof’... they really responded beautifully. I can look at details through-

s.f. of expansion, the building adhered to the timeline and the budget.

out the building and no kid could beat this up...It’s exhilarating and thrilling

This was quite the accomplishment, considering it took place during one

to see the kids faces when they first walk into this building.”

of the worst winters on record for Nantucket. Stanmar is the nation's only

During the school year at the new club, the average attendance is

design and build firm that specializes in delivering custom, multipurpose

about 350 kids every day during the week, but that’s a number that is

athletic facilities for non-profit colleges, prep schools, and institutions like

likely to grow. The club is currently working on a Teen Room to expand

the Boys and Girls Club. The project was completed in June of 2015.

what it can offer. The room will be dubbed “The Robin’s Nest,” named in

According to John Loose, Board Member of Boys & Girls Club, “Build-

memoriam for Robin Harvey, a dedicated community member and a huge supporter of the Nantucket Boys and Girls Club.


The future is looking as bright as ever for the Nantucket Boys and Girls Club, as the club’s new home is already opening new doors. “With our new building we can offer variety of programs to enhance the member’s experience. We now have dedicated rooms for certain programs that we could have never offered,” says Foster. There’s no doubt that Nantucket is a kind of paradise, but even paradise comes with challenges. Thanks to the Nantucket Boys & Girls Club, our children will be better prepared to meet them and succeed. Photos: Runaway Bride Nantucket

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Nantucket Autumn Event Highlights Here are some of our favorites and regularly scheduled autumn events. For an up-to-date calendar of daily events, visit Live Music Almost Every Day at Cisco... Nantucket’s famous winery-brewery-distillery is also one of the island’s favorite spots for live music year-round. Every day of the week they feature live bands, some local, some regional, all offering great music for dancing or for listening while you relax with friends. Check out for times and who’s playing.

Celebrating the Arts Nantucket Arts Council’s Fall Arts Festival for 2016 opens Friday, September 30 and closes on Sunday, October 9. This annual celebration spotlights the broad array of arts and culture on Nantucket, with plans to include visual, musical, theatrical, literary, and other fine arts along with appreciation of the island’s historical, architectural, and other cultural assets. For the full calendar of art events, visit

Theatre NOVEMBER: Through September 24 Theatre Workshop of Nantucket • Tickets: A president on the brink of losing his second term, at war with Iran and pardoning not one, but two turkeys for Thanksgiving is the setting of November, David Mamet’s Oval Office satire. How far will one man go to rule the free world? Will he let two turkeys smell his hand, will he sell Nantucket Island? Will he have the money to build a presidential library? In this election year, we vote for Mamet.

The Met: Live in HD at The Dreamland Theatre Shows in October and December • Live opera performances transmitted in high-definition video via satellite from the Metropolitan Opera in New York City, showing in Nantucket’s Dreamland Theatre. See dates and buy tickets for Tristan Und Isolde, Don Giovanni, and L’Amour de Loin at

A CHRISTMAS STORY: The Musical November 18 - December 10 Theatre Workshop of Nantucket • Tickets: You will not have to wait until Christmas Eve and the 24-hour moviethon on TBS. Join us as we follow Ralphie Parker tap, belt, and dream, in pursuit of his ultimate present.

Benefits Family & Children’s Services of Nantucket Annual Golf Tournament: Saturday, October 1 Held at Nantucket’s Miacomet Golf Club, this annual fundraiser focuses on funding youth treatment at FCSN. To sponsor or to play, contact Family & Children’s Services at 508-228-2689.

Ladies’ Night: Saturday, November 12 • 5:30 pm Local artisans, craftspeople, and merchants gather at Bartlett’s Farm for a holiday show and sale that benefits an island organization.

Holiday House Tour: Christmas Stroll Weekend National Theatre Live at The Dreamland Theatre Shows in September, October, November, and December The best of British theatre live from the London stage, showing in Nantucket’s Dreamland Theatre. See dates and buy tickets for A View from the Bridge, Frankenstein, Hamlet, and War Horse at

LOVE, LOSS & WHAT I WORE: Sept 29 - Oct 9 Theatre Workshop of Nantucket • Tickets: Stories of women, clothes, and memories—from mothers, prom dresses, mothers, wedding dresses, and mothers, this play is full of love, laughs and wearing black. Written by Nora Ephron & Delia Ephron. 76 nantucket HOME

The House Tour features a small group of Nantucket homes on display within the historic core district. Each home is spectacularly decorated for the holidays by a professional decorator, or in some cases the home owner, and strollers are allowed to tour the first floor of each home. Homes range from the truly historic to the historically updated. Proceeds benefit Friends of the Nantucket Public Schools.

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Broker Directory

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Calendar of Events - Continued from page 76

Autumn & Holiday Festivals & Fun Cranberry Harvest Festival: Oct 8 • 11am - 4pm Watch the berries being harvested, learn about the history of cranberry farming on Nantucket, participate in the family activities, or just kick back and enjoy the music and the spectacular autumn scenery of one of the most unique and beautiful places on our island. Don’t forget to bring home a pound or two of Nantucket cranberries for the holidays. Rain or shine at Milestone Cranberry Bog; free admission, parking is $15 a car.

Halloween Downtown on Nantucket: Oct 31 • 4pm Adults and children are invited to don their Halloween costumes and gather on Main Street to join the parade, trickor-treat together, and enjoy some old-fashioned fun with live music and plenty of candy. Main Street will be closed for this event.

Festival of Wreaths: Preview Nov 22; Show November 23 - 27 The Festival of Wreaths is the NHA's kickoff celebration for the holiday season. This community event features an array of wreaths beautifully crafted by local businesses, non-profits, schools, and organizations that are displayed during the week of Thanksgiving (closed Thanksgiving Day). Visitors can bid on their favorite wreaths in a silent auction to benefit the NHA's

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year-round outreach efforts. From traditionally-decorated greens to unconventional materials, all of the Festival of Wreaths entries capture the creativity of Nantucketers.

Nantucket Noel & Nantucket Christmas Stroll: Nov 27, 2016 - Jan 2, 2017 Nantucket Noel begins Thanksgiving weekend with the annual Christmas Tree Lighting and Caroling November 27. Main Street (closed to traffic) teems with well wishers who gather in anxious expectation as the countdown begins and over 150 trees come alive in a blaze of light with caroling filling the air. Nantucket Christmas Stroll Weekend takes place this year from December 2-4 with most of the activities on Saturday, December 3. For a complete listing of events, visit &

Festival of Trees: December 2 - 31 The Festival of Trees is the NHA's highly anticipated holiday tradition that begins during Nantucket’s Stroll weekend and transforms the Whaling Museum into a festive winter wonderland for the entire month of December! This event features community-crafted trees designed by local merchants, nonprofit organizations, artists and children.

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nantucket HOME Real Estate News & Property Listings compliments of NAREB

nantucket HOME Vol 8 Issue 4

Autumn 2016

Autumn 2016 Vol 8 Issue 4

Real Estate News & Property Listings