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nantucket HOME Real Estate News & Property Listings compliments of NAREB

nantucket HOME Late Summer 2017

Vol 9 Issue 3

Late Summer 2017 Vol 9

Issue 3

Real Estate News & Property Listings

Real Estate News & Property Listings

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Nantucket Association of Real Estate Brokers

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Nantucket Association of Real Estate Brokers

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Volume 9 • Issue 3 • Late Summer 2017

NAREB Member Directory................................................2 NAREB Welcome.............................................................. 4 Nantucket by the Numbers............................................. 8 Being Smart about Smart Technology in the Home..................................................10 Late Summer Event Highlights....................................... 14 Broker Directory.............................................................136

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Real Estate News & Property Listings Current Issue Vol 9 Issue 3 Late Summer 2017 Visit Real Estate

Nantucket Events Home Design & Decorating Landscapers & Lawn Care

Sales: Corinne Giffin

Build, Repair & Renovate

Editorial: Suzanne Daub

Hardscapes, Gardening & Fences

Design: Louise Martling Cover Photo: Peter Nugent Nantucket Home Real Estate News & Property Listings is a publication of the Nantucket Association of Real Estate Brokers, published four times in 2017 and distributed free on Nantucket and elsewhere. All contents of this magazine, including without limitations the design, advertisements, art, photos, and editorial content, are copyrighted 2017 by Coastal Internet Access, Inc. No portion of this magazine may be copied, reprinted, or reproduced in electronic media without express written permission of CIA, Inc.

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For inquiries about our 2017 publishing schedule and information about advertising, or to tell us what you might like to see in Nantucket Home, please send an email to Suzanne Daub at or call 508-228-9165.

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NANTUCKET by the Numbers Nantucket ’s beaches are a treasure for us to enjoy.

Beach vehicle drivers must help ensure that Nantucket’s fragile ecosystem remains healthy and strong by following rules and regulations on Most beaches on Nantucket are privately owned. Although most owners have been very generous in permitting the public to use their beaches, our cooperation and respect for private property rights is crucial to keeping all of Nantucket’s beaches open to the public.

Nantucket has

82 miles of shoreline

22 Town Managed Beaches: Brant Point

‘Sconset Beach

Jetties Beach

Madaket Beach

Dionis Beach

Madequecham Valley Beach

40th Pole Beach

Mass Ave Beach

Cisco Beach

West Miacomet Beach

Fisherman’s Beach

East Miacomet Beach

Francis St Beach

Nobadeer Beach

Galley Beach

Pocomo Beach

Jackson Point Beach Steps Beach Ladies Beach East

Surfside Beach

Ladies Beach West

Washing Pond Beach

390 Acres of Barrier Beach in t he Coskata-Coatue Wildlife Refuge

$100 to purchase an Oversand Vehicle Permit 12

Tires must be deflated to psi to drive on the beach Vehicle Access Points on Nantucket Beaches


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Number of Beaches with Lifeguards: Number of Beaches with Restrooms: Public Beaches with Food Service:

9 4

3 Number of Lifeguards for 2017 Season: 20 women and 25 men • Average age is 19 Initial training is 2 weeks Same number of lifeguards for the past 5 years

On a busy day, the lifeguards rescue as many as people on Nantucket beaches Lifeguards are on duty from am to pm, seasonally.


Private events are permitted on wit h proper permits

45 20 to 30


7 town beaches

Best Beaches for Surfcasting:

Great Point, 40th, and anywhere on South Shore

Best Mont hs for Surfcasting: Mid-May through September

Best Beaches for Surfing: Cisco, Nobadeer, Madaket


Gatherings of or more unrelated persons require a permit from the Board of Selectmen’s Office.


Do not exceed MPH at any time and within yards of a pedestrian



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Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication Being Smart about Smart Technology in the Home by Sanibel Chai

For so many, Nantucket is an escape. A large part of the freedom that the island offers from the hustle bustle of work and school is distance from the prevailing forces of technology. In taking a ferry or a flight decidedly away from the contiguous US, you are delivering yourself to happy isolation. Why, then, would you consider bringing more technology into your island home? There’s been a growing concern about the role of artificial intelligence in our society. Incidences of Amazon Echos ordering products they believed owners want without express instructions and the self-driving Tesla fatality in 2016 demonstrate how far we are from mastery. The Pixar film Wall-E showcases a society with a paralyzing dependence on technology. Done right, technology in the sacred domain of the home can be purposeful, unobtrusive, and in no way threatening. In the same way that clothes should not wear the man, technology should not rule the home. We crave technology to ease “pain points” and erase inconvenience. Wouldn’t it be a dream if your refrigerator could produce your grocery list? It is tempting to purchase a smart fridge and a smart washing machine and a smart oven. These products were designed with lofty goals of saving time and streamlining our lives—goals that are admirable and worthy, but not always met. There sometimes exists a disconnect between our technological aspirations and its actual functionality. When your Chromecast won’t sync with your iPhone so you end up watching Netflix on a six inch mobile screen while sitting in front of a dark 72 inch flatscreen, it’s a modern day tragicomedy. The Apple TV used as a paperweight and the Bang & Olufsen speakers used as a hat rack are further crimes against technology. When you consider the wide range of technology you can bring into your home, you have to approach any so-called improvements and upgrades like a plastic surgeon. Will my house look better or just different following said procedures? 10 nantucket HOME

Most families do stand to benefit from incorporating technology into their homes. Consider the following features and determine where you fall on the spectrum from technology neophyte to tech embracer. Whether you’re looking for a low-key upgrade or a complete makeover, Jobe Systems offers what you are looking for. We spoke to Jason Jobe of the eponymous audio visual consultant firm about the best approach to integrating technology into your Nantucket home. He explained that it is key to stay focused on additions instrumental to living, rather than “gee whiz” nonsense. Jason cites a funny example of gee whiz technology wherein the lights turn on and a certain song is played simultaneously. “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,” Jason explains, reiterating the Leonardo DaVinci quote from the Jobe homepage.

It is key to stay focused on additions instrumental to living, rather than “gee whiz” nonsense. When integrating technology into your home, the best place to begin is establishing a good home network from which you can add wireless functionality to numerous features. For the more conservative client, lighting control is an excellent introduction into weaving tech into your home. Lights can be set to turn off and on with timer control, and you can take leave of your home without worry by implementing vacation mode. If waking up in the morning is a chore, imagine how much more pleasant it would be if you could time your lights to go on and your motorized blackout blinds to open instead of setting a jarring alarm clock. Installing a telephone intercom system is another way to use tech in a noninvasive manner. Jobe will install cordless phones that sync up with a door or gate intercom and allow for house-wide paging. Additionally, there is a “restrict phone access” feature, which anyone who has had dinner ruined with incoming calls will appreciate. Jobe Systems also offers environmental control options that provide practical solutions for the headaches concurrent with running a household. In terms of home security, you have the option of installing a surveillance system and gate access controls. Environmental controls also include climate control, control of fountains on your property, as well as pool/spa controls. For a single-room smart-system that controls television, light, climate, and music, prices start at $2,500. Continued on page 12

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Smart Technology - Continued from page 10 If you have all of the basics covered and you’re looking for something more, consider Jobe’s Distributed Audio/Video options. They offer outdoor speaker systems for your pool or backyard, DVD library systems, and whole home speaker systems. In the Jobe show home we visited, the subwoofer was built into the kitchen wall and the speakers into the sheet rock. If you have the luxury of designing your house with Jobe from square one, this is a great way to conserve space and keep a streamlined aesthetic. Also available for home installation are plasma/LCD displays and satellite radio. You can install waterproof televisions in your kitchen backsplash, shower wall, and bathroom mirror. Tech devices often require outlets for charging, but outlets are unsightly when scattered every few feet. Jobe’s solution is to install panels of outlets on countertops in the kitchen that retract when not in use. The hideaway panel can also be installed for knife storage to allow for clutter-free counters. If you use your iPad in the kitchen for recipes, you will love the idea of installing an iPad into the countertop that will descend into a hidden slot when it is not needed. Those already initiated to home technology will appreciate the final category: Home Cinema. Jobe offers everything from acoustic analysis and design, to the projector and screen for your theater. The all-encompassing services will provide you with cinema architecture and furnishing, surround sound audio, and sound installation. Home technology should be as carefully considered for its design aesthetic as furniture and as carefully considered for its utility as central AC. The best home technology is simple, error-free, and nearly invisible. In an environment of natural beauty like Nantucket, an overwrought den of gadgets is incongruous. A Nantucket home requires the sort of technology that creates the illusion of freedom from technology. Think

motorized blinds to maximize natural light (banish the thought of fluorescents) and a large screen that emerges and unfurls at your command. Once everyone has settled in for a movie, you can restrict incoming phone interruptions with the push of a button. Evade technology with the aid of technology. Jobe is no stranger to highly-customized requests. They have taken on projects that require secret entrances with hidden access doors. Clients have asked for motorized walls that drop below the house to incorporate the outdoor landscape. Jobe has delivered televisions that are hidden beneath the floor and rise when powered on. Ron Jobe explains, “the marine market is one of the areas that we serve that really pushes the technology envelope.” Yachts often pose the most serious challenges for Jobe Systems and Ron continues, “We have built a reputation for being able to execute challenging one-off solutions when desired.” When asked about patterns he has noticed in Nantucket homeowners, Jason mentions that camera installation for remote monitoring is the most requested feature. Given the abundance of secondary homes, owners appreciate the ability to check on their homes during bad weather and control temperature from their primary residences. Caretaker access is available which allows caretakers on island to check on clients’ homes from their own. Jason has also noticed a shift away from theater specific rooms in the past few years. Clients tend to prefer installing theater quality projectors and screens in more accessible rooms. Jobe Systems installs the technology so the equipment is hidden in your basement where it can cool properly and be accessed easily if it needs service. Technology gratia technology—what Jason described as “gee whiz”—is a meaningless pursuit. Overly sleek operations will look dated in a year’s time and are already obsolete upon installation. Technology that ages well is technology that performs its function

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Nantucket Late Summer Event Highlights Here are some of our favorites and regularly scheduled summer events. For an up-to-date calendar of daily events, visit

Special Events Nantucket by Design: August 1-5

Nantucket by Design is the premier fundraiser for the Nantucket Historical Association, and brings together those who love design with those who are experts at design. There are cocktail parties, luncheons, panels, parties, and even a picnic. Tickets at 508-228-1894, ext 130.

Big Game Battle: August 10-13

An offshore sport fishing tournament held on Nantucket. Fishing is done east or south of the island for a wide variety of game fish from bluefin, yellowfin, albacore, mahi mahi, blue marlin, white marlin, big eye, and more. The Nantucket Boat Basin is centrally located to fish these waters.

Swim across America: August 26

Nantucket Swim Across America hosts an annual open water swim at Jetties Beach. Swim half or 1 mile or join the kid splash to raise funds to support cancer treatment and patient car at Nantucket Cottage Hospital and Palliative & Supportive Care of Nantucket. Details at

Island Fair: September 16 & 17 from 10 am to 4 pm

Live music, food, farm stand competitions, livestock, giant pumpkins, craft demos, flower exhibitions. $15 per car and $5 for bikers and walkers. Held at the Old Navy Base end of Tom Nevers Road.

Nantucket Maritime Festival: September 30 • 10 am to 4 pm

Nantucket Antiques Show: August 11-14

Join the Egan Maritime Institute at Children’s Beach for this family-friendly event celebrating past, present, and future maritime culture. Family-style fun activities include a 4-way tug of war contest, harpoon throwing, and a shucking contest. Local musicians will perform maritime songs & shanties. Additional festival events take place at Brant Point. Details at or 508-228-2505.

Boston Pops on Nantucket: August 12

Live Music

Specialties include marine antiques, paintings, fine antique furniture, maps, prints, botanicals, silver, antique rugs, garden antiques, antique jewelry, clocks, ceramics, antique wicker, midcentury art & design.

This fundraiser for Nantucket Cottage Hospital brings thousands of people together at Jetties Beach for an unforgettable night of entertainment. All funds generated during the event stay on Nantucket to sustain the hospital’s year-round commitment to the health and wellbeing of the island community. This year’s special guest is The Beach Boys. 508-825-8250.

Nantucket Race Week & Opera House Cup: August 12-20

Nine days of regattas, awards ceremonies, & parties hosted by Nantucket Yacht Club and Great Harbor Yacht Club to benefit Nantucket Community Sailing. Race Week culminates with the Opera House Cup, the first all-wooden single-hulled classic boat regatta on the East Coast. Spectators can watch the colorful Harbor Start from the beach at Brant Point the morning of August 20.

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A variety of bands and musicians perform daily at Cisco Brewers, 5 Bartlett Farm Road. for details. Local musicians perform on the Front Porch of The Nantucket Hotel, 77 Easton Street Mon.-Sat. from 5:30 to 7:30 pm through Sept. 1.

Summer Sunset Series on Tucker’s Roofwalk...

Special evening performances on the Whaling Museum’s rooftop observation deck from 7 pm, where you can enjoy stunning views of the sunset over Nantucket Harbor, live music, light bites, and a cash bar. Tickets at August 7 & 24 – Foggy Roots August 14 & 28 – Audio Architects

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Late Summer Event Highlights - Continued from page 15 Nantucket Supper Club

Thursdays • 7:30 pm • through August 24 A sophisticated evening reminiscent of an earlier era, with fine dining, stylish dancing, and live music capturing the mood of the 1920s – 1940s. Recommended dress is “Island Elegant” (jackets for men and flowing dresses for women). Details & reservations at or 508-228-4730. August 3 – Swingadelic Quartet August 10 – The Recessionals Jazz Band August 17 – Vibrant Trio August 24 – Hot Club of New England

Classics in concert... Nantucket Musical Arts Society has brought world-class artists to Nantucket for 58 years. Meet the artists the Monday before each concert. Tickets at the door or 508-228-1287. August 1 – The Verona String Quartet August 8 – Cellist Thomas Mesa with pianist Ilya Yakushev August 15 – The Cavatina Duo

Theatre SeaWife

An original musical by The Lobbyists. A musical tale of monumental scope inspired by the stories of sailors and captains who sailed the whaling ships of old Nantucket. Percy, a sailor with natural talent, rises to become the whaling era’s greatest hero. On stage through September 1 White Heron Theatre. 508-825-5268.

Romeo & Juliet

A brand new, hour-long, musical adaptation of Shakespeare’s masterwork. Featuring a nimble ensemble of five performers, the piece incorporates live music, intricate choreography, spare & inventive staging, and Shakespeare’s timeless poetry. On stage August 3 to September 3 White Heron Theatre. 508-825-5268.


What would it look like if one word could alter the course of your life? Audiences watch as Marianne and Roland’s relationship unfolds across time and space, with each variation sending their relationship on an entirely new trajectory. Science and romance collide in this unusual love story. On stage September 7-23 White Heron Theatre. 508-825-5268. Continued on page 140

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Smart Technology - Continued from page 12 unflaggingly. The watch that runs well never needs to be replaced. Technology is often over-complicated because more is conflated with better. A simple litmus test is whether you spend more time troubleshooting than enjoying the benefits of a given apparatus. Take, for example, home theaters, which are notorious for finicky remotes and long warm up times. The question you should ask yourself before adding systems to your home is whether you will be able to use them as naturally as you flip a switch. Will a guest be able to lower the blinds and turn off the bedroom lights and adjust the AC? A light control panel that looks like a switchboard is antithetical to the spirit of technological evolution. A change as simple as light dimmers (as opposed to simple switches) can be misery for visitors who cannot intuit. We aren’t going to abandon all analog technologies anytime soon. There will always be a place for stalwart, dependable, old fashioned technologies: whether it’s for nostalgia sake or sheer use-value. But with the right guidance, tech that is convenient, easy-to-use, and unobtrusive can enhance your Nantucket home.

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Broker Directory

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Broker Directory

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Broker Directory

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Broker Directory

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Broker Directory

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Nantucket Late Summer Event Highlights Continued from page 15

Page to Stage

The Dreamland Theatre hosts authors who discuss their newest books and their writing process. Tickets are available for $25 at; proceeds will benefit The Dreamland’s Children’s Theatre program. August 3 • 5 pm – Buzz Bissinger August 14 • 5 pm – Mark Tercek August 15 • 5 pm – David Gregor August 17 • 5 pm – Ben Mezrich

Enjoy Island Arts & Crafts... Sustainable Nantucket Farmers & Artisans Market

Every Saturday from 9 am to 1 pm, Sustainable Nantucket offers an open air venue to island artisans. • Cambridge & N. Union Streets

Artists Association of Nantucket has exhibitions, receptions, and workshops at their Cecelia Joyce & Seward Johnson Gallery, 19 Washington Street August 4 • 6-8 pm – Art Imitates Life Imitates Art August 18 • 6-8 pm – A Juried Exhibition: Artist/Patron August 19 • 10 am to 3 pm – Sidewalk Art Show 2 September 8 • 6-8 pm – 10 x 10 Open Exhibition September 29 • 6-8 pm – People’s Choice

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Donn Russell Print Collaborative

Artists Association of Nantucket , hosted at their Visual Arts Center, 24 Amelia Drive. August 12 • 10 am to 1 pm

Robert Foster Fine Art features a selection of talented artists work-

ing today. They have Friday night receptions for exhibits throughout the season at the gallery at 8 India Street. August 4 • 6 to 9 pm • Whitney Kreb and Anne Rose August 18 • 6 to 9 pm • John Devaney September 1 • 6 to 9 pm • Diane Dicker, Meghan Weeks, Jessica Sosebee, Ian Mood

Rafael Osona Auctions often include stunning and valuable artwork. They have represented Johan Albaugh, John Austin, James Francis Barker, Rodney Charman, Molly Dee, Kenneth Layman, and many other artists. Saturday morning auctions • 9 am • American Legion Hall, 21 Washington Street • previews two days before. August 5 • August 12 • August 19 • August 26 • September 2

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Nantucket Late Summer Event Highlights Continued from page 140

Meet Nantucket ’s Natural World Nantucket Walkabout Guided Wilderness Hikes

Offering a variety of morning and sunset natural history walks on Nantucket’s protected lands all over the island. For schedule visit

Water Cruises and Tours

Shearwater Excursions offers Seal Cruises, Harbor Tours, Whale Watching Tours, and Sunset Cruises. Book your tours at Endeavor offers sailing adventures and sunset sails. Book your reservations at

Solar Eclipse Week: August 14 to 21

On Monday, August 21, 2017, a total eclipse of the Sun will be visible in the continental U.S for the first time in almost 40 years. Although Nantucket is not in the band of totality, we will see a partial eclipse in the afternoon. For the week leading up to the eclipse, the Maria Mitchell Association is offering lectures, talks, and workshops, all leading up to a free eclipse party from 1:30 to 4 pm on Monday, August 21 at the Vestal Street Observatory.

Science Speaker Series

Each summer, the Maria Mitchell Association hosts scientists and research experts on a wide variety of scientific topics. Some of the topics highlight research here on Nantucket. Broaden your knowledge and appreciation for science and attend the MMA’s Speaker Series. These talks are held at 7 pm in the MMA Science Center, 33 Washington Street. Admission $10 (free to members). August 2 – Dave Remsen August 9 – REU Student Presentations August 16 – Dr. Regina Jorgenson and Jascin Finger August 23 – Laura Ludwig August 30 – Dr. Dick Veit September 6 – Dr. Marko Horb September 13 – Dr. Loretta Roberson September 20 – Sarah McGrath

Marine Ecology Field Trips with Maria Mitchell Association

Wednesday – Friday • 10 am - 12 noon. Night Marine Ecology Field Trips offered on August 9 & 23 at 9 pm. The harbor is filled with interesting animals that will amaze you in their shapes, colors, and habits. Learn about island marine life during this program which is part of a long term research project.

Beach Discovery Field Trips with Maria Mitchell Association Mondays • 2 – 4 pm • August 7, 14, & 21 Learn how to identify crabs, shells, sponges, and seaweeds commonly found along Nantucket’s beautiful beaches.

“Early-Bird” Bird Walks

Tuesdays • 7 am / Fridays • 8 am Join the MMA’s Field Ornithologist, Ginger Andrews, on a boutique birding experience at various spots around the island. Pre-register on-line at

Stargazing Nights at the Maria Mitchell Observatory

Mondays & Wednesdays in August • 9 – 10:30 pm Nantucket’s clear night skies are perfect for stargazing. Join Maria Mitchell’s professional astronomers for a tour of the sky and telescopic viewing of the Moon, planets, nebulae, & galaxies. Loines Observatory at 59 Milk Street Ext., weather permitting. $10 (free for members).

Stars & Senses Night Hike

August 3, 10, 17 • 9 pm An evening hike under the stars: test your night vision, listen for nocturnal animals and learn about their adaptations, take a solo journey if you dare, learn the stories of summer constellations and more. Pre-registration required. $25 ($10 for members).

Learning from t he Experts Coaching at the Corner - Every other Thursday morning throughout the summer, Marsha Egan, CSP, PCC leads discussions on interesting and challenging coaching topics ranging from personal effectiveness to professional impact. Every Thursday • 8:30 am • upstairs at Mitchell’s Book Corner on Main Street • Fee: $15. Schedule: Geschke Lecture Series - Nantucket Atheneum presents a

diverse roster of speakers who address the issues of the day as part of their Geschke Lecture Series. Tickets are on sale at the library or at August 9 – Robert Traver August 16 – Peter Baker & Susan Glasser August 21 – Richard Haass August 23 – Pam Allyn, Dianne Calvi, and Vanessa Kerry

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Real Estate News & Property Listings

nantucket HOME Real Estate News & Property Listings compliments of NAREB

nantucket HOME Late Summer 2017

Vol 9 Issue 3

Late Summer 2017 Vol 9

Issue 3

Real Estate News & Property Listings

Vol. 9, Issue 3, Late Summer 2017  

Being Smart about Smart Technology in the Home, Late Summer Event Highlights, Broker Directory

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