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nantucket HOME Real Estate News & Property Listings compliments of NAREB

nantucket HOME Early Summer 2018

Vol 10 Issue 2

Early Summer 2018

Vol 10

Issue 2

Real Estate News & Property Listings

Real Estate News & Property Listings

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NAREB Member Directory

Nantucket Association of Real Estate Brokers Atlantic East

Denby Real Estate

Bamber Real Estate

Edith Delker Real Estate

Nantucket Real Estate 508-228-7707 82 Easton Street Nantucket, MA 02554 508-228-1416 PO Box 26 Nantucket, MA 02554

Bass Point Realty

508-228-6515 85 Pleasant Street Nantucket, MA 02554

Better Homes @ ACK 508-221-1115 PO Box 2726 Nantucket, MA 02854

Boston Realty Advisors 617-850-9608 745 Boylston Street Boston, MA 02116

Boyce Realty

508-257-6962 PO Box 453 Siasconset MA 02564

508-228-2522 2 Thirty Acres Lane PO Box 901 Nantucket, MA 02554 508-257-9698 27 Stone Post Way PO Box 790 Siasconset, MA 02564

Exit Cape Realty 508-499-2200 4527 Falmouth Rd Cotuit, MA 02635

Fisher Real Estate

508-228-4407 21 Main Street Nantucket, MA 02554

Great Point Properties 508-228-2266 1 North Beach Street Nantucket, MA 02554

Grey Lady Properties

774-333-5154 34 Centre Street Nantucket, MA 02554

508-257-0064 5 Chuck Hollow Road PO Box 2668 Nantucket, MA 02584

Chatfield-Taylor Real Estate

Harbor Light Properties

Centre Street Realty

508-228-5828 91 Washington Street Ext. PO Box 1881 Nantucket, MA 02554

Compass Rose Real Estate

508-680-1367 25B Washington Street Nantucket, MA 02554

Hunter, Reed & Company

508-325-5500 137A Orange Street Nantucket, MA 02554

508-325-7000 55 Eel Point Road PO Box 1450 Nantucket, MA 02554-1450

Congdon & Coleman Real Estate

Island Properties

508-325-5000 57 Main Street PO Box 1199 Nantucket, MA 02554

508-228-6999 35A Old South Road Nantucket, MA 02554

Craigville Realty

508-228-6396 PO Box 987 Nantucket, MA 02554

508-775-3174 PO Box 216 West Hyannisport, MA 02672

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Islandwide Realty

J Pepper Frazier Co

Shepherd Real Estate

Jordan Real Estate

Tea Rose Realty

508-228-3202 19 Centre Street Nantucket, MA 02554 508-228-4449 8 Federal Street Nantucket, MA 02554

Killen Real Estate

508-228-5668 Zero Main Street Nantucket, MA 02554 508-228-7719 22 Golfview Drive PO Box 19 Nantucket, MA 02554

Territory Real Estate

508-228-0976 10 Easy Street, PO Box 1166 Nantucket, MA 02554

877-860-2239 10 Post Office Square Boston, MA 02109


Vaughan Machado Real Estate

508-325-5090 Anchor Village 37 Old South Road #5 Nantucket, MA 02554

Lee Real Estate

508-325-5800 10 South Beach Street Nantucket, MA 02554

Maury People

Sotheby’s International Realty 508-228-1881 37 Main Street Nantucket, MA 02554

Nantucket Residential Properties Inc

508-280-4420 3 Lyons Street, PO Box 206 Nantucket, MA 02554

Osprey Real Estate

508-228-5062 5 Sesapana Road PO Box 1095 Nantucket, MA 02554

Welch & Associates Inc. RG 508-228-7777 7 Nashaquisset Lane Nantucket, MA 02554

Westbrook Real Estate 508-257-6206 PO Box 262 Siasconset, MA 02564

Windwalker William Raveis

508-228-9117 12 Oak Street Nantucket, MA 02554

508-228-7890 PO Box 955 Nantucket, MA 02554

Reinemo Realty

508-680-1839 9 Cachalot Lane Nantucket, MA 02554

’Sconset Real Estate 508-257-6335 Post Office Square PO Box 122 Siasconset, MA 02564

Massachusetts has a mandatory licensee-consumer relationship disclosure that will be provided to you, the consumer, by the real estate agents that you choose to work with. Please make sure to complete this form with your broker, so that agency is disclosed.

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NAREB Welcome

Nantucket Association of Real Estate Brokers

Welcome to Nantucket … or even better welcome bACK! Have you been coming to Nantucket for years, and always dreamed of owning a home here? Do you have a property on Nantucket you’d like to sell? Perhaps you have a home here you’d like to list as a summer rental? Or, maybe you’re not quite ready to build or buy here, and you’d like to rent a home on Nantucket for vacation, or holiday…or the whole summer. You’re in the right place. Nantucket offers some of the most beautiful and valuable real estate in the US. Here you’ll find a rare combination of beautiful beaches, world class restaurants & shops, a lowkey casual lifestyle…and an enduring commitment on the part of our community to preserving Nantucket’s significant history and conserving its stunningly beautiful beaches and open lands. No wonder Nantucket draws so many visitors

every year from across the US and the world…many of whom ultimately choose to buy, build, or rent a home here. Whatever you need and whenever you need it… if it involves real estate on Nantucket, we’re here to provide you with the local knowledge, resources, and professional expertise to help you accomplish your goals…we are the Nantucket Association of Real Estate Brokers (NAREB). NAREB is comprised of 38 offices and nearly 300 agents. Our members are experienced, knowledgeable real estate professionals who strive for excellence every day, in every way. So when you need anything which involves real estate on Nantucket, contact a NAREB office or talk to a NAREB agent… take the first step toward a great real estate experience!

NAREB Executive Board

President/ Past President Ken Beaugrand • Atlantic East Nantucket Real Estate Vice President Gloria Grimshaw • Jordan Real Estate Secretary/Past President Dalton Frazier • J Pepper Frazier Company

Treasurer Cynthia Lenhart • Compass Rose Real Estate

Past President Edward Sanford • Great Point Properties

Member-at-Large Michael O’Mara • Berkshire Hathaway Island Properties Member-at-Large David Boyce • Boyce Realty

Publications Committee

Education Committee

Community Outreach Committee

Bruce Beni Lee Real Estate

Chair Marion Roland Conley J Pepper Frazier Company

Chair Heidi Drew Atlantic East Nantucket Real Estate

Debbie Killen Killen Real Estate Jeff Lee Lee Real Estate

Jack Bulger Grey Lady Real Estate Lara Hanson Congdon and Coleman Real Estate Kim Owen Jordan Real Estate

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Kim Owen Jordan Real Estate

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Volume 10 • Issue 2 • Early Summer 2018

NAREB Member Directory........................................................ 2 NAREB Welcome....................................................................... 4 Nantucket Schools by the Numbers....................................... 8 Passion and a Dare....................................................................10 Growing Roses in a Container ................................................ 12 Early Summer Event Highlights.............................................. 14 Broker Directory......................................................................125

Sales: Corinne Giffin

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Editorial: Suzanne Daub

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Design: Louise Martling

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Nantucket Schools by the Numbers

Nantucket Elementary School 30 Surfside Road • 508-228-7290



• Students: Grades: K-5th

Average class size:



Cyrus Pierce Middle School

10 Surfside Road • 508-228-7283 Teachers:


• Students: Grades: 6th-8th

Average class size:

Nantucket New School

15 Nobadeer Farm Road • 508-228-8569 Year founded: 1985 Teachers:


• Students: Grades: PreK-8th

2016-17 Operating Budget

$26,086,642 Percentage of Teachers Licensed


Advanced Placement Participation







• Students: Grades: 9th-12th

Average class size:

Lighthouse School



1 Rugged Road • 508-228-0427 Year founded: 2000



Future plans: Class of 2017

65% 2-year college: 4% Military: 1% Work: 31%

4-year college:

Nantucket High School

10 Surfside Road • 508-228-7280

• Students: Grades: PreK-8th


Varsity Sports Participation 2016-17 Football, Soccer, Field Hockey, Golf, Volleyball, Cheerleading, Basketball, Swimming & Diving, Ice Hockey, Baseball, Softball, Lacrosse, and Sailing

52% participation NHS: 371/538 = 69% participation

CPS: 169/328 =

Nantucket High School Average SAT Scores: Reading:

553 Writing:

8 nantucket HOME




Statistics from Mass DOE

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Passion and a Dare by Suzanne Daub


looked out over Madaket Beach one recent sunny Saturday morning and noticed two people moving purposefully up and down the sand. I thought these early risers might be vacationers staking out a prime plot for a day at the beach or perhaps they were beachcombing, looking for shells and sand dollars. But as they came closer to the parking area where I stood, I saw that instead of swimsuits they wore long pants and gloves. Instead of beach towels they carried large trash bags. Their neon t-shirts were emblazoned with “Clean Team,” marking them as members of a very dedicated group of volunteers who help keep our pristine island clear of trash. The man behind this effort is William Connell. Every June for more than 50 years, this California resident has traveled east to the summer home he loves on Nantucket Island. “I love the independent spirit here, the architecture, the history, the theatre… what really brings me back are the friendships we’ve made with people from Nantucket. There’s a commonality of spirit among those who are here,” he explained. Connell speaks of Nantucket with passion, and it is that passion that led him to form The Clean Team. Passion and a dare. “It drove me to distraction to see all the trash on the roadsides here, so I made a habit of stopping and picking up the big things—it was a visual-aesthetic thing for me (I still do it). A Nantucket neighbor of mine in 2003 wrote a letter about me to the Inky, about me picking up the trash, and in it he wrote that ‘we all owe Bill a great vote of thanks.’ “But what the neighbor who wrote that did not know is that another neighbor of mine also saw me [picking up trash] and HE said to me

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‘I see you out picking up things all the time. It’s great, but it’s meaningless and inefficient. It’s meaningless unless you leverage yourself: you’ll never clean this place up. You’ve done Milestone Road, but what have you done for Sconset Road?’ “It was mean, but he was right — it was like a dare. I knew what he was saying…Nantucket is under siege…I needed to be organized… so he’s really the father of The Clean Team. “I wrote back to the Inky referencing the letter from John Berman, and they published my letter. In it I asked for people to join me. I put in my email and phone number, and a handful of people, maybe ten, wrote and called. Two were Grant Sanders and Dr. Sarah Oktay. I said to them ‘let’s meet at 8 am on Saturday at the corner of Nobadeer Farm Road and Milestone,’ which was a hotbed of mess. Grant went toward Sconset; Sarah went toward Old South Road; and I headed back toward town along Milestone. We met in an hour and had so much stuff! We stashed our bags along the route, and I picked them up and took the bags to the landfill.” Now, 15 years later, there are more than 400 volunteers on The Clean Team email list, and every Saturday (rain or shine) from the end of April through October a few dozen of them gather at a location Bill chooses. “I look at the map and pick a spot that we radiate around. I mix it up so we alternate among beaches, roadsides, parking lots… and now we also have volunteers in town. The town volunteers meet at The Handlebar Cafe. Jason Bridges coordinates in town and graciously allows us to store the supplies for town at The Handlebar. We average 10 people in town every Saturday and 25 out of town... One morning, when we were cleaning out around Altar Rock, 56 people came.” Continued on page 70

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Growing Roses in Containers D by Hilary Newell

id you ever walk through a garden center and see a plant that you just fell in love with and said to yourself “I wish I had room for a garden big enough for this!” It’s true (at least at my house) that a large percentage of plants are purchased without a clear plan of where we are going to fit them in. But when it comes to container gardening, it pays to have a plan. I love a container with lots of different types of plants in it, but sometimes I crave the simplicity of just a single type of plant. That’s where roses can come into the container gardening arena. You can grow just about any rose in a container, and sometimes it’s necessary to do that temporarily, until you have prepared the perfect spot. But some roses are better than others if you are looking for a long season of continual bloom. Climbing roses are not a great choice for containers (unless you are providing a trellis), nor are hybrid teas (too fussy). Grandifloras and heirloom varieties, though beautiful in their own right, have a very short bloom time. But there are some great varieties that are delightful in containers. Before you start, be sure you have a pot of sufficient size, no less than 15” in diameter and at least 12” deep. All container plants require drainage holes in the bottom. You should also have a good pair of gloves to deal with thorns. A pair of good pruners is helpful too.

For a long-blooming cascade of flowers over the side of the pot, find a rose that is labeled “groundcover.” Rainbow Happy Trails® has lots going for it. Single, golden yellow flowers with a broad pink edge appear freely from spring through fall. Small in stature (12-18”) but wonderfully scented, this would work well in a container that you might walk by regularly. With a spread of 30”, you can just plant one per pot. Red Meidiland® is another very hardy and disease resistant rose. It is used on difficult slopes and in rock gardens, where the arching canes root and spread. With a very long bloom time from late spring through fall, this beauty makes a statement when you plant it in a container. It will only reach about 24” tall and will fill a pot as large as a whiskey barrel. Be sure to place the container where you want it, as you will not want to move it after it is planted.

Continued on page 44

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Nantucket Early Summer Event Highlights NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN Here are some of our favorites and regularly scheduled summer events. For an up-to-date calendar of daily events, visit

Independence Day Celebrations July 4 at 9 am: Reading of the Declaration of Independence at the Unitarian Universalist Meeting House, 11 Orange Street.

July 5 at 9 pm: Fireworks are shot from a barge off of Jetties Beach. Public transportation to Jetties Beach leaves from outside the Whaling Museum on Broad Street for a minimal fee every 15 minutes starting at 6pm. Bring a blanket to sit on, the sand can be cool.

July 4 at 10 am: Downtown celebration begins with a sing-a-long

Festival Season

with NCMC artists at the top of Main Street; join them in the National Anthem and America the Beautiful. From 10 to 11:45 am there will be face painting, pie eating contests, watermelon eating contests, a dunk tank, a puppet show, a decorated bike contest, and more.

July 4 at 12 noon: Nantucket’s famous Water Fight between Town

firefighters and the Boynton Lane Reserves. If you’re on Main Street, you will get wet!

July 4 from 5-6 pm: Games for ages 6-12, including 3-legged

races, potato sack races, wheel barrow races, and tug-of-war at Children’s Beach. Balloon Wizard, Bobby Lamb will be on site to create animal shaped balloons for kids of all ages. Free outdoor concert by the Nantucket Music Center Jazz Band at Children’s Beach.

Nantucket Plein Air Festival: June 12-17

Open to all ages and artists, this outdoor painting festival hosted by the Artists Association of Nantucket is in its seventh year, featuring daily Wet Walls of freshly painted works and the Frank Swift Chase Awards.

Nantucket Book Festival: June 15-17

The Nantucket Book Festival brings authors and readers together in intimate settings around Nantucket for talks, book signings, and celebrations. Most events are free; for a complete list visit Continued on page 105

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Growing Roses...Continued from page 12 Easy-care Knock-Out roses have been around for many years, and they are very satisfying. The only problem is if they are left unpruned, they continue to get bigger every year, ultimately reaching six feet tall and six feet wide. The original breeders saw an opportunity and they came up with a new series. Low, spreading Drift® roses have been improved to be perfect for containers, as they have all the good traits of Knock-Outs, but they only grow to 18”. At this height, they are good at filling empty spaces, spreading around larger specimens. Peach, Pink, Coral, and Sweet Drift® will bloom from mid-spring until the first hard frost. Many groundcover roses lack that one defining rose trait – scent. But the Drift® series has a few notable scented varieties: Coral and Sweet are both sweetly fragrant. “Flower Carpet” roses are another line of groundcover roses that are hardy to Zone 4 or 5, depending on the specific variety. There is a good range of colors including scarlet, pink, amber, coral, red, and yellow. Distinctive to this series is the size of the clusters. Single flowers bloom in six-to-eight-inch bunches of up to 20-30 flowers. Perfect for a traffic stopping container plant! Care of groundcover roses is a bit different from other garden roses. They still prefer full sun, and will thrive there, but because of their disease resistance, they can survive well in partial shade though there will be fewer flowers. Like other roses, groundcover roses prefer rich, well-drained soils. In a pot, use a potting soil that is specifically for containers. Leave an inch or two of space below the rim of the pot so you can water by placing the hose head right at the soil. Overhead watering is not recommended for these or for any roses, as wet foliage promotes diseases. One of the great

benefits of groundcover roses is that they do not need to be deadheaded! They will continue to bloom regardless. Hardy down to Zone 3, these robust plants should easily survive the winter if they are well-prepared. Stop feeding your rose by early October. This will keep them from putting on soft new growth that could easily be damaged by cold temperatures. You can reduce, but not eliminate, watering at the same time. After the first hard frost, let the leaves fall off and move the pot (if you can) to an unheated area that is not in the sun. Keep an eye on it and don’t let it dry completely. Normally, our Nantucket winter weather consists of enough rain to keep pots like this watered. Be careful that your rose doesn’t sit in standing water, as this will encourage the roots to rot while they are dormant. As spring approaches, and before new growth appears, cut back your rose by about two-thirds. Move it back to its full-sun or part-shade spot and begin to fertilize when you start to see new growth. This encourages full plants with tons of buds and blooms. Every gardener I know has their own recipe for success with roses, but every one of them includes regular fertilizing and good water management. Rose-Tone is a tried-and-true rose fertilizer that is in my garden shed. Follow the directions on the label and do not over-fertilize. Not only is excess fertilizer bad for our environment, you aren’t doing your plant any favors by giving your plants more than they need to grow. Growing roses in containers has lots of benefits. They can live for many years with relatively little care. If you are challenged for space, they can offer a big punch of reliable blooms. Movable containers also offer the chance to have some fun experimenting with colors and textures with a minimum of labor. You can place pots near seating areas or a place you walk by often, or on a small deck or patio, or you can make one a focal point right in the garden. Regardless of where you put them, they will provide instant appeal and beauty from spring through fall.

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There is a structure to the one hour a week that The Clean Team works. Bags, gloves, and pickers are supplied so volunteers never have to touch the trash. Connell makes assignments within the chosen out-of-town area. “I scatter people… we have a leapfrog system,” Connell explained, “those who have arrived in cars I send a distance away from the meeting point. We never do this in one big group so that we cover a linear space by dividing it up into rough segments… then you grab your bag and go… NO FRATERNIZING… We want you to collect, not chat,” Bill chuckled, “some of our volunteers have been asked if they are on work-release.” “Then at 9 am sharp, the DPW shows up and they weigh our ‘catch of the day’ and pick it up and take it to the landfill. Every year we pick up six tons of trash! It’s a great cooperation between private citizens and the town.” Bill emphasized how much fun his volunteers have during these weekly one-hour cleanups. “Some mornings are exquisitely beautiful and calm with the sunshine and the

The Clean Team

Passion and a Dare...Continued from page 10

waves! And it’s terrific exercise. Volunteers bring their guests, their kids, their grandkids’s like a treasure hunt,” said Bill, “and the kids are good: they’re closer to the ground.” Several of the regular volunteers agree wholeheartedly with Connell that this Saturday morning cleanup is more than just a chore. “It’s gratifying,” commented Annie, who compared it to an archaeological dig. “It makes you feel good doing it; it’s good for the community; and it’s great exercise,” added Rob, “and it’s just an hour a week.” Libby chimed in with “Bill really is the glue that holds all of us together. His weekly emails are great fun. He calls the people who can’t make it out here every week but who clean up around their neighborhoods ‘add-junks’,” she laughed and added “Be careful if you’re driving behind him ‘cause he still stops to pick up trash along the roads.”

Most of what The Clean Team picks up are small items: straws, coffee cups, pull tops, beer cans, and many, many plastic water bottles. Last summer they found a 35-pound metal pole with a handsome metal placard from New Brunswick, Canada that had floated to Sconset Beach. “The ocean brings a lot of trash to us…one of the most difficult clean-ups was in ‘Sconset… On the road that passes The Summer House down toward the old Navy Base there was a wooden boat that had been destroyed in a storm, and the debris was very, very heavy. It was difficult to haul it all up to where the DPW could pick it up. That one day we did work more than one hour.” Sometimes they find treasure: a winning scratch ticket ($2), a $50 bill, coins, and “one morning a little girl helping us at Jetties Beach came to me and said ‘Mr. Clean, I have something for you.’ I opened her hand, and there was a Continued on page 71

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Passion and a Dare...Continued from page 70

bleached and crumbled but intact 10 dollar bill.” Wallets, credit cards, and drivers licenses found by members of The Clean Team are turned over to the Nantucket Police Department. “There’s a depth of emotion that people show for this place. You can see it in locals and in summer people… take the Conservation Foundation: the people who created that, who recognized that this place has to be preserved. So many families were so generous, giving land… People help each other here, and there is tremendous pride in the people who are part

of Nantucket. That is part of what lead to the clean up and what keeps it going.” The Nantucket Clean team occasionally receives donations: “Donations would not be deductible though they will be put to good use,” but, said Connell, “we’d rather have donations of time. With another person or two, we could do so much more! Come when you can — that’s our motto — we’d be thrilled to see you!”

The Clean Team If you’d like to join this dedicated group on their one-hour Saturday morning cleanups, contact William Connell at 917-287-7493 or at, and he will be happy to add you to the team. nantucket HOME 71

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Nantucket Early Summer Event Highlights

N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N N Continued from page 14

Nantucket Film Festival: June 20-25

Preview screenings, Screenwriters Tribute, ”In Their Shoes,” talks and forums. This island festival celebrates screenwriters, storytellers, & filmmakers; stars to be in attendance for 2018 include Ben Stiller, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Noah Baumbach, Chris Matthews, and Sera Gamble.

Yoga Festival: July 6-8

The Nantucket Yoga Festival is a community focused celebration that will bring together the very best yoga teachers, wellness experts and healthy living guides. Held at Bartlett’s Farm.

Nantucket Comedy Festival: July 11-14

This annual summer event brings top comedic talent to Nantucket to benefit Stand Up & Learn program for island kids. Ladies Night, Friday Night Lights with Jeff Foxworthy, Sneak Peek with Peter Farelly & Brian Regan, the Boston vs. NY Comedy SmACKdown, and more. For details and tickets:

Nantucket Garden Festival: July 17-19

This festival highlights the unique and beautiful garden ecosystems on Nantucket and focuses on the importance of sustainability, conservation & gardening ethics. It celebrates gardening through creative workshops for all ages, garden tours, and family activities.

Nantucket Dance Festival: July 23-28

Stars from the New York City Ballet, Houston Ballet, Pacific Northwest Ballet, and Miami City Ballet come to the island for five days of free events and two spectacular ticketed performances. Now in its eleventh year, the Nantucket Dance Festival is a major fundraiser for the Nantucket Atheneum.

Live Music for All Ages Concerts at the Beach...

The Town of Nantucket presents outdoor concerts at the bandstand on Children’s Beach from mid-June through mid-August: June 24 Foggy Roots July 1 The Dunbars July 8 4EZ Payments July 15 Steve Tuna & Friends July 22 Restless Leg Syndrome August 5 The Shepcats


Live music every day outdoors at Cisco Brewery: 5 Bartlett Farm Rd. Local live music every night in The Rose & Crown, 23 S. Water St. Local live music every weekend at the Sandbar at Jetties Beach. Continued on page 128

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Broker Directory

Continued on page 126

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Broker Directory

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Broker Directory

Continued on page 128

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Broker Directory

Nantucket Early Summer Event Highlights NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN Continued from page 105


White Heron Theatre -

Making theatre truly transformative with classical, contemporary, and new plays that speak to audiences in timeless ways.

Theatre Workshop of Nantucket - Community theater dedicating to enriching, educating, and challenging artists and audiences of all ages.

Enjoy Island Art and Design... Artists Association Exhibits and Events

Artists Association Cecelia Joyce & Seward Johnson Gallery, 19 Washington Street June 28: Pat Gardner Retrospective opens in the Visual Arts Center June 29 • 6-8 pm: Moors & Moorings June 30 • 10 am-3 pm: Sidewalk Art Show in Atheneum Garden July 7 • 5 pm: Benefit Art Auction & Gala; tickets: 508-228-0722 July 13 • 6-8 pm: Summer Small Works Exhibition July 18 • 6-8 pm: Master Artist Demonstration: C. Robert Perrin

July 19-22: The Nantucket Art & Artisan Show

A celebration of all things handmade, featuring over 60 local and nationally recognized artisans and highlighting both traditional and modern day techniques: pottery, glass, textiles, folk art, photography, jewelry, sculpture, furniture. This is a benefit for Small Friends on Nantucket, 508-228-6769.

August 1-4: Nantucket by Design

Nantucket Historical Association celebrates the very best in creative and inspirational design with engaging lectures, lively panel discussions, and intimate & grand gatherings. 128 nantucket HOME

... and Island History

July 19: Nantucket Preservation Trust Summer Lecture & Luncheon featuring a presentation by Gil Schafer, award-winning architect and author of the new book “A Place to Call Home.” Attendees will enjoy a lunch to follow at the Great Harbor Yacht Club. For reservations, call NPT at 508-228-1387.

Real Estate News & Property Listings

nantucket HOME Real Estate News & Property Listings compliments of NAREB

nantucket HOME Early Summer 2018

Vol 10 Issue 2

Early Summer 2018

Vol 10

Issue 2

Real Estate News & Property Listings