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Eligible for student staff positions. See Org. Chart

Course Offerings From Student to Facilitator to Staff

Soc 469 Advanced Facilitation Skills (4 credits) 30-35 students

SOC 119 Lecture (4 credits) 800 students

SOC 300 Dialogues Across Cultures (3 credits)

Audition Process for Foundational Team

SOC 297 Foundational Facilitation Skills (4 credits)

Audition Process for Advanced Team

36 students

LA 496 Advanced Facilitation Practicum (3 Credits) 30-35 students

45-55 students

Student Dialogue Participants

Student Dialogue Facilitators

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Students do not need to have taken SOC 119 or SOC 300 to audition for the Foundational Team although a large pool of students come from these classes Seasoned students who have successfully completed at least one of these WinC courses can apply for a student staff or non-student staff position

Updated April 2019

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WinC Facilitation Courses Flowchart  

WinC Facilitation Courses Flowchart