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MARCH 2017

Power Grab Tier 4 regs present design challenges.

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MARCH 2017 • VOLUME 74, NO. 3

A Moteurs Baudouin diesel installed in a ferry for New York under construction at Horizon Shipbuilding. Photo by Citywide Ferry

FEATURES 22 Construction Survey A list of vessels under contract, under construction or built in the last 12 months.

36 Focus: Charter Party Passenger vessel operators say illegal charters are a growing problem.

42 Cover Story: Tier Drop The commercial marine industry deals with tough new Tier 4 emissions rules for diesel engines.

BOATS & GEAR 38 On the Ways


• Clean Gulf Associates takes delivery of 95' oil spill response vessel from Midship Marine • 5,350-hp Tier 4 tug for Harley Marine Services from Diversified Marine • Gladding-Hearn Shipbuilding delivers first of three 165' sightseeing vessels for Circle Line • Bollinger delivers 2,000hp towboat to Lorris G. Towing and 22nd 154' FRC to the Coast Guard • Eastern Shipbuilding builds new 96' Z-drive tug for McAllister Towing • Vigor delivers first of four 400-passenger ferries for San Francisco Bay

48 See the Light Navigation lights have moved from oil lamps to incandescent bulbs to LEDs that can communicate with other boats.

AT A GLANCE 8 8 9 10 11 12 13

On the Water: Digital charts — Part II. Captain’s Table: Marine casualty and incident thresholds raised. OSV Day Rates: Are OSV operators prepared for a pickup? WB Stock Index: Stocks enjoy positive start to 2017. Inland Insider: Major growth may elude barge operators. Insurance Watch: Final thoughts from Gene McKeever. Legal Talk: The law of general average.

NEWS LOG 14 14 15 16 20

Customs proposes to close Jones Act loopholes dating back 40 years. NTSB releases shared waterways report. Tough times ahead for the barge industry. Downstreaming cited by NTSB in deadly 2016 Texas towboat capsizing. First tug-and-barge tow transits the new Panama Canal. • MARCH 2017 • WorkBoat

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HAMILTON MARINE 40th Anniversary




In-Sight Offshore Auto/Manual Inflatable

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Build, build, build


espite some sluggishness in the workboat industry (most notably the energy sector), boatyards continue to build hundreds of boats for scores of operators. Our annual construction survey which begins on page 22 shows that boatyard activity held steady after last year’s 18% drop in the number of newbuilds under contract, under construction or delivered from 2014-15 to 2015-16. Last year there were 515 vessels contained in the survey, compared to 2016-2017’s 510. (The annual survey covers the previous MarchFebruary 12-month period.) Several yards that used to enjoy big offshore service vessel backlogs continue to suffer from the depressed energy sector. But there is always plenty of good news. One big project that’s currently under way has a pair of Gulf Coast yards — Louisiana’s Metal Shark and Alabama’s Horizon Shipbuilding — building new ferries for New York City. In early February, Horizon launched the first of 13 ferries it will build for New York. Horizon has 10 hulls currently under production, with the first New York ferry set for a spring delivery. The top building category this year was again patrol boats, which have seen Metal Shark, Safe Boats and others land several contracts. Passenger vessels continue to enjoy strong demand which is translating into more new construction. The survey’s “Dinner, Excursion and Sightseeing” category jumped to 31 from 19 in 2015-16. Just take a look at this issue’s On the Ways section that begins on page 38 to see a sample of the variety of boats

David Krapf, Editor in Chief

being built at U.S. second-tier yards. This month we feature a new tug from Harley Marine Services, reportedly the first vessel to be powered with Caterpillar 3516C Tier 4 Final engines. Other newbuilds covered in this issue include the first of three 165' sightseeing vessels from Gladding-Hearn Shipbuilding for New York’s Circle Line, a new 2,000-hp towboat from Bollinger Shipyards, a new 96' Zdrive tug for McAllister Towing from Eastern Shipbuilding, and the first of four 400-passenger ferries for San Francisco Bay from Vigor. There’s no shortage of construction activity for us to write about.

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Series 4000

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We provide custom training Solutions for One individual or to large fleets · Emergency Response · Shipboard Safety · Basic Safety Training · Marine Fire Training

Building a culture of safety since 1989.



Jerry Fraser


David Krapf


Ken Hocke


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Dylan Andrews



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Theodore Wirth

EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT Michael Lodato • MARCH 2017 • WorkBoat

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Only ONE Radar clearly stands above the rest!

Radar Series

Selected by the USCG Cutter Fleet

20.1˝ Color LCD, 23.1˝ Color LCD or Black Box 12kW, 25kW or 50kW X-Band 30kW or 60kW S-Band

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➤ Displays 1,000 AIS targets*

➤ Display ranges in Nautical Miles (nm) or Statute Miles (sm) ➤ On-screen “Tow Icon” displays length & width of towboat/barges

➤ Backed by Furuno’s Worldwide Service Network ➤ Furuno’s Radar Technology has been awarded “Best Radar” by the National Marine Electronics Association for the past 37 years

* Appropriate sensors required

EXCLUSIVE: World’s first IMO ECDIS that directly interfaces with Furuno’s FAR2xx7 Radar Series!

ELECTRONIC CHART DISPLAY AND INFORMATION SYSTEM One of the outstanding features of Furuno commercial Radars is the Ethernet-based network capability, which makes it possible to create a navigation network with other onboard equipment such as the new FMD3200 ECDIS (Electronic Chart Display and Information System). The Ethernet-based data link makes the data transfer speedy and stable, while keeping maintenance simple. For more information on the New Furuno ECDIS, scan QR Code.

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Look out for paddle boarders in NY Harbor


was happy to see Capt. Alan Bernstein’s column “Sharing the waterways” (part one) in the November issue. I am a tugboat operator in New York Harbor and the summer season can be harrowing, moving barges amidst congested pleasure boat traffic. I wanted to share an especially dangerous situation we have in New York.

We deliver bunker barges to the cruise ships that dock at the Manhattan cruise ship piers on the Hudson River. In the summer there is a steady stream of kayak and paddle boarders who paddle close to the piers. When we sail a light barge from alongside the cruise ship, it is necessary to come out aggressively due to the strong currents running perpendicular to the piers. Once we are underway and committed, there is no way to stop without being overcome


by the current and potentially being set under the stern of a cruise ship. The deckhand cannot see anything that might be coming past the piers until the bow of the barge is past the stern of the ship and well into the current. I am sure you get the picture. Before getting underway, I try to find a ferry that’s going by to ask them if they saw any paddlers by the piers. I also sound the horn, but paddlers who are not aware of sound signals are not likely to understand what’s happening. There have been numerous near misses with paddlers in this scenario and I feel like it is only a matter of time before there is a tragic accident. I wrote a detailed email with my concerns to a company that rents kayaks and paddle boards just a few piers south but received no response. I don’t know if there is a harbor safety committee for New York Harbor. However, I am going to find out. I always look forward to Capt. Bernstein’s articles that provide insight and address subjects that are not always discussed in a public forum. James Berman Batavia, Ohio

Editor’s note: In New York, there is the Harbor Safety, Navigation and Operations Committee of the Port of New York/New Jersey. Contact the New York Shipping Association for more information at 732-452-7800. Photo courtesy of Sanmar Shipyards

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WorkBoat encourages readers to write us about anything that appears in the magazine, on or pertains to the marine industry. To be published, letters must include the writer’s address and a daytime phone number.


WEKA Boxcooler®

Tranter® Heat Exchangers

Send letters to: MAIL BAG P.O. BOX 1348 Mandeville, LA 70470 • MARCH 2017 • WorkBoat

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On the Water Digital charts — Part II

I By Joel Milton

Joel Milton works on towing vessels. He can be reached at joelmilton@

’ve used the two primary non-ECDIS electronic charting and navigation software programs geared towards the workboat market, Nobeltec and Rose Point, for years. During this time, I have had to learn basic electronic charting 101 and more from a manual, teach it to others, and come up with an effective system for regularly handling and documenting e-chart updates. It’s always a mistake to assume that users of a given technology completely and thoroughly understand it. Electronic charts are no exception. A complete understanding of the functional differences between raster and vector charts is fundamental to their proper use, yet that knowledge is far from universal among mariners. Nobeltec and Rose Point utilize both raster and vector charts, but have their own distinct methods of performing updates. Formal training can be very helpful. However, particularly in this case, only if it involves learning and training on the actual system that will be used. Rose Point says its software “improves op-

Captain’s Table Marine reporting dollar thresholds to be raised

A By Capt. Alan Bernstein

Alan Bernstein, owner of BB Riverboats in Cincinnati, is a licensed master and a former president of the Passenger Vessel Association. He can be reached at 859-292-2449 or abernstein@


WB_AAG_LINO.indd 8

s you know, for some time I have been pleading with the Coast Guard to increase the dollar thresholds that trigger marine reporting requirements for “marine casualty” and “serious marine incident.” I have argued, along with the Passenger Vessel Association (PVA) and other industry groups, that the thresholds simply don’t reflect today’s costs. The amounts should be increased substantially to account for inflation. According to the Coast Guard, the $25,000 threshold that triggers a 2692 marine casualty report was established in 1980 and has not been adjusted to account for inflation. As a result, mariners have had to submit numerous unnecessary casualty reports, an administrative burden which takes away from our core missions and exposes vessel operators to potentially costly legal and media scrutiny. But it now appears that our hard work is be paying off.

erational efficiency, situational awareness, and decision making with straightforward, uncluttered displays and controls that provide instant access to the information professional mariners and fleet operators need to navigate safely.” For this to occur, users of the software need to go beyond just general theories of e-navigation and learn the step-by-step specifics of how to fully utilize their specific system. When updating e-charts for Rose Point, are you aware that those updates can be done automatically via wireless internet? And are you aware that this typically means that only the vector charts will be updated? That would be fine if you were aware of this and only used vector charts. But it does little good to update your vector charts if you routinely use raster charts for navigation and are unaware that they aren’t being updated too. What you don’t know can hurt you. This potential unintended use of old charts can be easily avoided by downloading the weekly updates for both chart types from NOAA onto a USB drive from a fast shoreside internet connection. Once you do that, it can be brought on board for manual transfer into the marine navigation software your boat uses.

In late January, the Coast Guard published a proposed rule in the Federal Register to raise the marine casualty and incident reporting thresholds to $72,000 for a marine casualty and $200,000 for a serious marine incident. Current regulations call for amounts of $25,000 and $100,000. This long awaited change is not yet final and your input and support is needed. While I am pleased that the proposed rule has been published, many of us, including PVA, had hoped that it would also include an automatic indexing feature. This would ensure that future threshold adjustments will account for increases in the consumer price index without going through the formal rulemaking process. The proposed rule does not do this, and we should continue to strongly encourage it. All commercial vessel operators have a stake in this debate and your input and comments on this proposed rule are very important. I urge you to support increases in the Coast Guard’s marine casualty reporting thresholds. The deadline for comments to the docket is March 24. Please join me in commenting on this proposed rule. My hope is that together we can improve this situation once and for all. • MARCH 2017 • WorkBoat

2/13/17 3:25 PM


OSV Day Rates


JAN. '17

JAN. '16


1,999 & below $ 7,800 $ 7,800 $ 8,694 61% 74% 2,000-2,999 $ 9,103 $ 9,103 $14,031 40% 55% 3,000-3,999 $25,800 $25,800 $25,333 66% 87% 4,000-4,999 $23,800 $24,340 $24,340 75% 100% 5,000 & above $30,662 $28,864 $26,225 44% 75%

Are OSV operators prepared for a rebound? By Bill Pike


f the Trump administration is able to open the Arctic and other offshore waters for exploration and production, rein in the Environmental Protection Agency, refuse to ratify the Paris climate accord, end federal carbon taxes and block some 1 million bbls. per day of Saudi oil imports, it could have a positive effect on the U.S. offshore energy market. Let’s say all this occurs and it has a positive effect on the industry. Will the workboat industry be prepared for a rebound after a prolonged downturn that has seen scores of OSVs coldstacked and the exodus of thousands of skilled workers? A large part of the answer lies in a December presentation at the Capital One Securities 11th Annual Energy Conference in New Orleans by Joseph M. Bennett of Tidewater. In his presentation, Bennett, Tidewater’s executive vice president and chief investor relations officer, spelled out the preparations made, and the mindset employed, by the New Orleans-based

Under 170' $ 3,230 $ 3,230 $ 3,558 49% 170' & over $ 7,368 $ 7,368 $ 5,653 60% SOURCE: WorkBoat survey of 32 offshore service vessel companies.


offshore service vessel operator to be able to quickly respond to an uptick in the market. The preparations made by Tidewater appear to be common sense but that doesn’t make them easy. First, Bennett said, is maintaining Tidewater’s focus and commitment to safety. Next is the company’s fairly new fleet (150 active vessels at the end of September with an average age of 7.7 years) with vessels to service all water depths. The company also said its “new vessel” count is 249. Tidewater defines new vessels as vessels built or acquired since 2000. Third is geographic diversity, with vessel operations spread around the globe. Fourth is Tidewater’s commitment to “stay close” to its customers, a solid base of international and national oil companies. Fifth are prompt, proactive cost cutting initiatives (“control what we can • MARCH 2017 • WorkBoat

WB_AAG_LINO.indd 9

JAN. '16


44% 79%

control,” Tidewater said). From the June 2014 quarter to the September 2016 quarter, the company has cut approximately 3,000 jobs, reduced vessel operating expenses by approximately 60%, and reduced general and administrative) costs by about 36%. Sixth is the reduction of capital expenditures. Tidewater has reduced its vessel construction commitments by 10 vessels over the past 18 months. Seventh is the maintenance of liquidity to deal with industry uncertainties through continued discussions with banks. Tidewater suspended its dividend and stock buyback programs in January 2016. This is not rocket science, and Tidewater is certainly not the only one employing these strategies, but the company does appear like it is providing a solid base in order to respond to an improving market.


2/13/17 3:35 PM


WorkBoat Composite Index

For the complete up-to-date WorkBoat Stock Index, go to: workboat-index.aspx

Index posts 1.6% gain


he WorkBoat Composite Index began 2017 on an up note, rising by 28 points. Suppliers led the way, gaining almost 3%. For the month, winners edged out losers 15-14. The Operators Index was down slightly in January, however, as several oil service operators lost ground.

INDEX NET PERCENT COMPARISONS 12/30/16 1/31/17 CHANGE CHANGE Operators 336.61 336.12 -0.49 -0.15 Suppliers 2820.54 2897.69 77.15 2.74 Shipyards 2353.18 2317.65 -35.53 -1.51 Workboat Composite 1776.66 1805.13 28.46 1.60 PHLX Oil Service Index 183.79 180.24 -3.55 -1.93 Dow Jones Industrials 19762.60 19864.09 101.49 0.51 Standard & Poors 500 2238.83 2278.87 40.04 1.79

Congratulations to American Commercial Barge Line on the Christening of the


Proudly Built By:

Steiner Construction Company, Inc.

3,000 HP, 3512C Engines w/Twin Disc MGX5600 Gears, 99 KW John Deere Generators, Sound “Dominator” Propellers, Rice “Flap” Rudders Patterson 40T Winches, Capstan, Omega Stainless Steel Doors & Showers Working closely with American Commercial Barge Line, Steiner Construction Company, Inc. has also delivered 12 state of the art Z-Drive Vessels in the past 4 years. STEINER CONSTRUCTION COMPANY, INC. Bubba Steiner, Owner P. O. Box 609 - 8690 Hemley Street Bayou La Batre, AL 36509 251-824-2320


WB_AAG_LINO.indd 10

Tidewater had a rough month, losing 35% to $2.20 a share. The erosion continued in February, with shares in the service vessel operator falling another 32% to 1.51 on Feb. 9. In its fiscal third quarter conference call on Feb. 5, the New Orleans-based operator painted a bleak outlook. During the quarter, Tidewater’s vessel revenues fell to $125 million, down 41% from the same quarter a year ago and down 10% from the prior quarter. “This is disappointing, but not surprising given the rather dramatic and continuing supply demand imbalance in the OSV market today,” Jeff Platt, Tidewater’s CEO, said during the earnings call. During the quarter, Tidewater added one additional vessel to its stacked vessel fleet versus a net 26 stacked vessels in the prior quarter. “The reduced level of revenue in the December quarter is a direct reflection of the full quarter’s absence of those net 26 previously stacked vessels, along with the continued pressure on vessel day rates,” Platt said. “Unfortunately, this is the nature of our business … as activity and day rates continue to fall during the downturn phase of the oilfield cycle.” Tidewater also continues to negotiate with its lenders and note holders. On Jan. 26, the company received its most recent limited waiver from its lenders that extended until March 3. “Our focus remains on reducing leverage so as to best position the company both during the current ongoing industry downturn and for an eventual industry recovery whenever that recovery may occur,” Platt said. — David Krapf • MARCH 2017 • WorkBoat

2/13/17 3:26 PM

Inland Insider Brownwater for sale?


ne of the best industry interviews I ever had was with the owners of a midsize oil and gas Gulf Coast fabricator, who described the then bleak state of the industry burdened with overcapacity. “I can pick up the telephone and buy any oil and gas fabricator along the Gulf Coast,” one owner said. I was reminded of this decades-old conversation when I read a recent headline that said that Amazon had begun handling its ocean shipping of goods from Chinese markets to the U.S., acting as By Kevin Horn an ocean carrier. Amazon, from a logistics perspective, is becoming its own integrated network, gradually replacing the standard for-hire package carriers with its own network of warehouses, vehicles and drivers. Amazon’s latest leap into ocean freight is but an extension of the emerging international logistics network. Will we see a similar strategy from the barge industry? Most definitely not. Amazon is vertically integrating in the consumer goods transport sector to control competition, costs and customer service. The consumer goods sector as it relates to e-commerce is growing very fast. Witness the shuttering of more brick and mortar stores and shopping malls in deference to online shopping. One of the irrefutable requirements for investment in an industry is market growth either from increased demand, market size, or by competition, market share. This is the Amazon niche. The barge industry does not have the growth to foster this kind of interest. The coal sector has declined with little prospect for a rebound, and long-term agriculture forecasts show a near flat U.S. export grain market into the next decade. This leaves some possible

growth in bulk chemicals and some niche markets such as fertilizer and steel imports, which have been facing increased competition from domestic producers and rail. The prospects for significant overall growth for the barge sector are not good. At best, the industry will retain its overall business volumes with some modest growth that, optimistically, will take up the slack in the hopper market caused by the near permanent loss of • MARCH 2017 • WorkBoat

WB_AAG_LINO.indd 11

substantial coal volumes to natural gas. Fast forward from the oilfield fabricator’s description of the dire state of the industry at the time, and I wonder if someday I can pick up the phone and buy any barge and towing company in the brownwater sector. Kevin Horn is a senior manager with GEC Inc., Delaplane, Va. He can be contacted at













2/13/17 3:26 PM

Insurance Watch

Some parting shots


t’s finally time for me to fully retire, so this is my last column for WorkBoat. Here’s some final thoughts to share with you as I move on. Remember the Townsend Case where an employer disregarded an employee’s report of illness? The owner told the employee to use his own health insurance, but after the trial the employer was assessed punitive damages. There is no insurance coverage for punitive damages. The employer had to pay that portion of the court judgment. Always turn claims in to your insurer even if you think they’re not covered. The U.S. Coast Guard is always your friend. They are also the cops. Just because a Coastie looks very

young, he or she still has the upper hand. Always comply with them. It’ll help your insurance situation in ways you can’t imagine. Insurance people nearly always find out about bad experiences with authorities. Try to get an OSHA pre-inspection of your workplace. It’s always better to ask them to inspect your place. Make sure you’re with them during the entire inspection so you can answer questions. If they have to assume anything they will assume the worst. An OSHA pre-inspection will almost always prevent a surprise inspection later and you’ll establish a nice working relationship instead of an adversarial one. There is one absolute. Always tell your insurance agent about all of your properties, where they are, what exactly happens at each location and exactly who owns it. In other words, who’s on the deed, what company operates there, and any ownership/operational details. No exceptions.

Tell your insurance people more than you think they should know. It’ll help you get the correct and least expenBy Gene sive insurance McKeever premium. And as you know, insurance costs are usually second only to taxes for many businesses. Communicate with your employees and crews. Don’t treat them as an expense. You need them to be successful so make them part of your success. I’ve had a terrific time writing these columns since 2008 and will continue to enjoy reading this fine magazine in the future. Thanks and take care. Gene McKeever was a marine insurance agent for 39 years. He can be reached at gene@mckeeverconsulting. net or 207-596-1738.

DIESEL 80 gp FIRE PUMP m, U.s.c.g 60 psi for un inspec ted

ABSOLUTELY NO DISCHARGE. INCINOLET incinerates waste to clean ash, only electricity needed. 120, 208 or 240 volts. INCINOLET – stainless steel, American made for years of satisfaction. Used in all climates around the world. Tested, listed by UL NSF USCG




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Call 1-800-527-5551

RESEARCH PRODUCTS • 2639 Andjon • Dallas, Texas 75220 • MARCH 2017 • WorkBoat

2/13/17 3:29 PM

Legal Talk

The law of general average


aritime law is unique in many ways, particularly when it relates to resolving property losses caused by perils of the sea. The law of general average is a prime example of this distinct feature of admiralty law. In a nutshell, general average provides for the compulsory sharing of losses at sea between the carrier/ship owner and the cargo owner. It is based on the fact that the carriage of goods by sea has inherent risks, and those risks should be borne by all parties involved in that common venture.
 The law of general average typically arises when a ship’s cargo is jettisoned or a vessel takes measures that result in added costs of carriage as a means of avoiding an impending danger during the voyage. For example, if a

ship is too heavily laden to withstand unexpected rough seas or threatening weather, it can sacrifice some of its cargo, delay or reroute the trip, or take similar steps to save the voyage and carriage from a total loss. The law of general average protects the carrier from covering the full extent of the losses resulting from such actions. The losses are spread equally among the ship, the cargo interests and others involved in the voyage. However, general average is not automatically applied. To recover under a claim of general average, three factors must be established. First, there was an imminent common danger or peril to the ship and/or cargo. Second, there was a voluntary jettison of the ship’s cargo or some other loss purposely incurred for purposes of avoiding the peril. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the attempt to avoid the peril was successful. • MARCH 2017 • WorkBoat

WB_AAG_LINO.indd 13

Generally, the vessel owner/carrier cannot benefit from general average if the incident that led to the sacrificing of the cargo was By Daniel Hoerner due to its own fault. However, courts have recognized that the carrier and cargo owner can consent to general average by contract. Thus, bills of lading and other contracts of carriage now typically include provisions that the carrier is entitled to a general average contribution even when the need arises by its own fault. Daniel J. Hoerner is a maritime attorneywith Mouledoux, Bland, Legrand & Brackett LLC. He can be reached at 504595-3000 or


2/13/17 3:29 PM

MARCH 2017




A ‘Christmas tree’ subsea assembly before installation by Maersk off Western Australia in 2014.

U.S. Customs to close Jones Act loophole


t is called the “Christmas tree case” – a 2009 ruling by U.S. Customs officials that allowed an exemption to federal law governing the transport of oilfield equipment in U.S. waters. The 2009 decision involved subsea valve assemblies – called Christmas trees in the oil and gas industry, for their branchlike arrays of pipes and valves. Because the assembly was transported to a well site by a foreignowned construction vessel, the matter was viewed by the U.S. offshore services industry as creating a serious exemption to the Jones Act and its requirement to use U.S.-built and -crewed vessels. It spurred a years-long effort to persuade U.S. Customs and Border Protection management to reconsider in light of how the industry works, recalled Aaron Smith, president and CEO of the Offshore Marine Service Association. In January, OMSA and other advocates reached their goal: an announcement that CBP had proposed the modification and revocation of nearly 30 Jones 14

WB_Newslog_LINO.indd 14

Act related ruling letters dating back 40 years affecting the offshore oil and gas industry. Maritime industry groups that criticized CBP rulings as blowing “loopholes” that opened the Gulf of Mexico to foreign shipbuilders and workers praised the Jan. 18 notice issued by CBP under the outgoing Obama administration. Tom Allegretti, chairman of the American Maritime Partnership (AMP), asserted the move will “rightfully restore over 3,200 American jobs to the American economy and close loopholes that gave preference to foreign workers and foreign shipbuilding.” That jobs estimate comes from studies commissioned by AMP, but with the continuing slump offshore there will not be a very big impact soon. Where 20 subsea construction vessels could be working in the Gulf of Mexico a few years ago, perhaps five are active now. The CBP’s move to reverse those earlier findings hinged in large part on how it translated federal law govern-

t the Passenger Vessel Association annual convention in Seattle in January, the National Transportation Safety Board discussed a growing problem for operators — shared waterways. “The consensus from the industry was that we take a look at this,” said Capt. Morgan J. Turrell, chief, marine accident investigations with the NTSB. Turrell, who appeared at a PVA session on the subject, presented the findings from a new NTSB report “Shared Waterways: Safety of Recreational and Commercial Vessels in the Marine Transportation System.” He listed several NTSB recommendations from the report including: the Coast Guard, through harbor safety committees, should identify the safety risks posed by the interaction between commercial and recreational vessels; and the Coast Guard should develop recommended practices to mitigate those risks. The report was officially released through the NTSB website on Feb. 9. — David Krapf

ing the coastwise transport of oilfield equipment in U.S. waters. Starting in 1976, a series of rulings came on use of foreign-built vessels, and whether energy-related equipment counted as “vessel equipment” or “merchandise” subject to Jones Act restriction. The 1976 case dealt with offshore construction vessel operations, and culminated in the 2009 case when the subsea valve assembly was determined to be “vessel equipment” when transported by a construction vessel with the mission of installing it. Industry groups protested that the Customs ruling was too broad, and it led the agency to start a review. The turnaround is a significant win after years of skirmishing between the U.S. • MARCH 2017 • WorkBoat

2/8/17 6:02 PM

Barge industry facing tough times in 2017


he U.S. barge industry is facing a litany of problems this year — an overbuilt market, mild winters and drops in moves of commodities such as aluminum, coal and crude oil. Sluggish demand coupled with additional equipment moving into the inland barge sector has hurt utilization numbers. According to Department of Energy numbers, shipments of crude oil, biofuels and refined products shipped from the Midwest to the Gulf Coast in 2016 were at their lowest level since 2010. On the dry cargo side, grain exports have been strong the past year, but the

Corps of Engineers Pittsburgh District

maritime industry and Jones Act critics, who say the 1920 statute and associated law is obsolete and puts the U.S. economy at a disadvantage. — Kirk Moore

Coal barges at the Monongahela River lock and dam in Charleroi, Pa.

chances of that continuing at 2016’s pace is not likely. “Every year is a new cycle,” said Sandor Toth, publisher of the River Transport News. “Last year we benefitted from a stunted corn crop in South America. Odds are we aren’t going to see that again this year.” In late 2016, the U.S. Department of Agriculture slightly lowered its estimate for this year’s harvest to 15.148 billion bushels from 15.226 billion,

according to RTN. USDA also projects that corn exports for 2016/2017, a banner year, will hit 2.225 billion bushels, but drop to 1.95 billion bushels in 2017/2018. During the first two weeks of 2017, however, spot rates for export grain shipments spiked sharply because of weather related problems that affected barges from the Gulf region moving back up the waterways system. Meanwhile, the coal industry has



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WB_Newslog_LINO.indd 15

(337) 330-4407 15

2/8/17 6:02 PM

been battered over the last few years because of environmental restrictions and low natural gas prices. There have been some signs of recovery. At the end of 2016, stockpiles of coal had been shrinking, falling to a low of about 158 million tons in September 2016. In addition, natural gas prices have been climbing, rising to their highest levels since December 2014. Yet when RTN compared the third quarter of 2016 to the same period in 2015 and found that total U.S. electricity generation increased by 2.7%, it also discovered that coal-fired generation fell by 1.3%. “But at least the war on coal is over,” Toth said, referring to President Trump’s promise to help the coal industry get back on its feet. Hopper barge deliveries in 2016 increased by 10.6%, with deliveries of almost 1,000 new barges. Using Coast Guard and its own data, RTN found that barge operators took delivery of 973

new jumbo hopper barges. With record deliveries of tank barges in 2013 and 2014, the industry is suffering from a severe equipment hangover. (Kirby Corp. bought more new barges than anyone else in those years.) “We’ve seen cheap steel and many of the barge builders thought it would be a good time to build barges, I guess,” said Toth. “I’m hearing that 2017 will be much slower for barge building.” Trinity Marine Products closed its Port Allen facility in Brusly, La., in December 2016 in spite of the fact that the company built 660 of the 973 hopper barges delivered last year. The barge industry seems to have learned its lesson as far as new tank barges are concerned. According to RTN U.S. shipyards delivered only 112 new tank barges in 2016 compared to 251 in 2015. Toth said his outlook for the rest of the year is mixed. “I’ve been doing this long enough to know that you never

know what might be coming,” he said. “Doesn’t look good, but you never really know until it plays out.”

— Ken Hocke

Downstreaming move blamed in 2016 towboat capsizing


2016 towboat capsizing that killed a crewman in Texas was the result of a failed downstreaming maneuver, similar to a 2015 fatal accident in Louisiana, according to a National Transportation Safety Board report. The 67'×24', 1,800-hp Ricky J Leboeuf , owned by D&S Marine Service and operated by Kirby Inland Marine, was picking up two empty tank barges on the San Jacinto River near Channelview, Texas, when the accident occurred on the morning of April 19. The river stage was 15', a full 5' above flood stage as a result of pro-

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WB_Newslog_LINO.indd 16 • MARCH 2017 • WorkBoat

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6 M26.3 M26 26. 2 63

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2/8/17 12:02 PM

D & S Marine Service/NTSB

Remote Monitoring & Diagnostics for Commercial Vessels & Fleets

The towboat Ricky J Leboeuf sank in an April 2016 downstreaming accident.

longed heavy spring rains across that region of Texas, topped off by 5.17" of rainfall in the river basin itself the day before. The Ricky J Leboeuf was dispatched from its mooring at the Cemex facility near Channelview, with instructions to pick up the barges from Kirby’s nearby fleeting area and proceed with them to Beaumont, Texas. “The relief captain expressed concern regarding the stronger-than-average current and, given the prevailing conditions, took control of the vessel from the junior tankerman/steersman because he wanted to demonstrate the proper way of performing the downstreaming maneuver,” the report states. But after contacting a barge with the

port bow push knee, the towboat was turned by the fast current and rolled to starboard, flooding through open doors on the main deck, NTSB investigators found. Four crewmembers escaped but a deckhand drowned. The NTSB determined that the probable cause of the capsizing and sinking of the Ricky J Leboeuf was the relief captain’s “ill-advised decision” to perform a downstreaming maneuver in high water conditions without implementing the operating company’s risk mitigation strategies or other safeguards. The NTSB report makes note of parallels to the Miss Natalie case, when the 59'×28'6"×7'7", 1,600-hp fleeting towboat operated by Western Rivers

Booth 613

18 gplink_third.indd 1 WB_Newslog_LINO.indd 18 • MARCH 2017 • WorkBoat 1/25/2017 3:00:41 PM 2/14/17 4:09 PM

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2/8/17 12:02 PM

New Orleans tug and barge first through widened Canal


onors for the first transit by a tug and barge through the newly widened Panama Canal went to New Orleans-based TradeWinds Towing LLC and the crew of the tug Hollywood, when they took the deck barge JMC 3336, bound for Seattle, through the canal Jan. 20.

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WB_Newslog_LINO.indd 20

TradeWinds Towing

Boat Management was pinned against the bow of a coal barge, rolled over and sank near Convent, La., on May 30, 2015. One of its four crewmembers drowned. In both reports on the Miss Natalie and the Ricky J Leboeuf, the NTSB stressed findings from a nearly 20-yearold joint Coast Guard-American Waterways Operators study of downstreaming maneuvers and their risks. — K. Moore

The TradeWinds Towing tug Hollywood enters the Aquas Claras lock on the Panama Canal.

During the canal transit, a Panama Canal Authority assist tug kept control of the barge stern and slowed it as the Hollywood and its tow entered each lock chamber. “Everything went pretty well. The initial conversation was whether we’d have to break tow and let their tugs take it through,” said Mike Brook, TradeWinds port captain. But the Hollywood took the barge all the way through the two-day transit, tying up midway in Gatun Lake. The 106'6"×33'8", 4,200-hp Hollywood is an industry veteran, built in 1985 by Sanchez Marine Shipbuilding Inc., Fall River, Mass. TradeWinds acquired the tug in 2016, and recently put her through a life-extension program at Conrad Deepwater Shipyard, Amelia, La. With two EMD 16-645-E2 engines and a Markey TDSD-32 winch with 2,000' of 2" wire, the Hollywood has a bollard pull of 52 tons. The 317'×120'×20' JMC 3336 is 14' wider than the old Panamax standard before the canal widening, and was used for oilfield work in Mexico before its purchase by new owners in Washington state, Brook said. For their big barge tows “400'×100' is typical. This one is a little bit wider,” Brook said. If not for the wider canal, the only route to Seattle would be 9,000 miles through the Straits of Magellan and up the Pacific coast, which is “economically not workable,” Brook said. TradeWinds has a fleet of seven oceangoing tugs, ranging in power from 2,600 hp to 5,750 hp. They operate throughout the U.S., Caribbean and the Americas. — K. Moore • MARCH 2017 • WorkBoat

2/8/17 6:14 PM

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Construction Survey Xxxxxx

Yard Markers

WorkBoat‘s 2016-2017 Construction Survey

By Ken Hocke, Senior Editor

boats/Pushboats” partly due to an overhang of equipment, he total number of vessels in the 2016-2017 construcbut the category still totaled 48 newbuilds. Last year it was tion survey, which includes the number of newbuilds 52. under contract, under construction or delivered in the The past year has been an eventful one for some shiplast 12 months, is 510. This compares to 515 in 2015-2016. yards. Moose Boats was purchased by Petaluma, Calif.The total is a fluid number. Why? Shipyards like Kingston, based Lind Marine in October, but continues to operate as Ontario, Canada-based MetalCraft Marine are building evusual at its Vallejo, Calif., location. Geo Shipyard, New erything from boom boats to fireboats, landing craft, patrol Iberia, La., was not as fortunate. The shipyard closed its boats and more, but list the number of each as “multiple” doors before the end of 2016. “There were just no boats to rather than a specific number. build,” said Geo’s David LeCompte. Geo built a 64'9"×21'6" As they have for the past several surveys, patrol boats research, training and academic vessel for Texas A&M again led all categories this year with 137 vessels, compared University at Galveston that was one of WorkBoat’s Sigto 101 last year, a sign of the times. nificant Boats of 2015. “We have the yard up for sale,” said Passenger vessels continue to make strong gains. The LeCompte. “It’s a good facility. Somebody will want it.” “Dinner, Excursion and Sightseeing” category totalled 31, a big jump from the 19 in 2015. “Ferries and Water Taxis” Powered Vessels Reported for 2016-2017 more than doubled from 14 last year 31 to 30 this year. Again, these categories 8 30 have been boosted by a stronger econoTOTAL- 510 9 my and more discretionary income. 31 48 Tugs construction remains steady, 68 increasing from 60 to 68. The category 7 Boom: Spill Response 2 that made the biggest jump was “Other,” 8 which includes everything from “barg137 4 es” that carry people along the River 59 Non-self-propelled Vessels Walk in San Antonio, Texas, to skiffs to 68 “multipurpose” vessels. The number last 90 200 year was 12, compared to 68 this year. Owners pulled back slightly on “Tow-



WB_ConstructionSurvey_2017_LINO.indd 22

Ken Hocke

Eastern Shipbuilding in Panama City, Fla. • MARCH 2017 • WorkBoat

2/9/17 4:02 PM

Vessel Name or Hull #

Delivery Date


Type Vessel


& Hull Material Steel, Aluminum, Fiberglass


A&B INDUSTRIES • Sean C. Torgrimson Sr., General Manager • P.O. Box 1137 • Amelia, LA 70340 • Tel: 985-631-0888 • Fax: 985-631-0880 Brenda Ann Cacioppo TBD Dahli Brooke

— — —

66'x30'x10' 150-class 66'x30'x9'


1,350-hp Pushboat Supply Boat Pushboat

Blessey Marine Services A&B Industries Devall Towing & Boat Service

ALL AMERICAN MARINE • Matt Mullett, CEO • 200 Harris Ave., • Bellingham, WA 98225 • Tel: 360-647-7602 • Fax: 360-647-760 Killkohook 2016 68'x26' A Hydrographic Survey Catamaran (2) Pelican Perch, Turtle Runner 2016-17 72'x28' A Passenger Ferry Catamaran TBD Fall 2017 125' A Passenger/Tour Vessel TBD Spring 2017 128' A Passenger/ Tour Vessel

Army Corps of Engineers Gulf Islands National Seashore (NPS) Argosy Cruises Red & White Fleet

ARMSTRONG MARINE 151 Octane Lane • Port Angeles, WA 98362 • Tel: 360-457-5752 • Fax: 360-457-5753/270 Hogans Road • Swansboro, NC 28539 • Tel: 910-708-1295 • Fax: 910-7081318 Salish Sea Dream 5/16 79' — Passenger Vessel (2) TBD 2017 81'x23'x4' S Paddlewheel Passenger Vessel

Prince of Whales Whale Watching Hampton Roads Transit

AUSTAL USA • Michelle Bowden, Sales & Marketing Assistant • P.O. Box 1049 • Mobile, AL 36633 • Tel: 251-434-8000 • Fax: 251-445-1955 (10) Montgomery (LCS 8) Gabrielle Giffords (LCS 10) Omaha (LCS 12) Manchester (LCS 14) Tulsa (LCS 16) Charleston (LCS 18) Cincinnati (LCS 20) Kansas City (LCS 22) Oakland (LCS 24) Mobile (LCS 26) (7) Brunswick (EPF 6) Carson City (EPF 7)), Yuma (EPF 8) Bismark (JHSV 9) Burlington (JHSV 10) Puerto Rico (JHSV 11) EPF 12

2016 418'x100' A Littoral U.S. Navy 2016 Combat Ship TBA TBA TBA TBA TBA TBA TBA TBA 2016 338'x93'6" A Expeditionary Fast U.S. Navy 2016 Transport Vessel TBA TBA TBA TBA TBA

BAE SYSTEMS SOUTHEAST SHIPYARDS • Richard McCreary, Vice President and General Manager • P.O. Box 3202 • Mobile, AL 36652 • Tel: 251-690-7100

Ocean 2016 353'x72'x S Subsea Evolution 29'5" Support Vessel

Oceaneering International

BAE SYSTEMS SOUTHWEST SHIPYARDS • Richard McCreary, Vice President and General Manager • 8500 Heckscher Dr. • Jacksonville, FL 32226 • Tel: 904-251-3111 Squall Sea Power Hercules

2016 2016 2016

252'x60'x25.7' 141', 12,000 hp 288'x62'x26'


Platform Supply Vessel ATB Tug Platform Supply Vessel

Jackson Offshore Operators Seabulk Tankers GulfMark Americas

BLOUNT BOATS INC. • Julie Blount, Executive Vice President • 461 Water Street • PO Box 368 • Warren, RI 02885 • Tel: 401-245-8300 • Fax: 401-245-8303 Atlantic Pioneer 1/16 70x24' A Crew Transfer Vessel Skyview 2016 100'x35' S Passenger Vessel Connecticut 7/17 90'x26' S Research Vessel (Midbody Extension) Hull 367 2018 82'x26' A Crew Transfer Vessel

Atlantic Wind Transfers Shoreline Sightseeing University of Connecticut Blount Boats

JOHN BLUDWORTH SHIPYARD LLC • Gasper C. D’Anna, President • 3101 E. Navigation Blvd. • Corpus Christi, TX 78402 • Tel: 361-887-7981 • Fax: 361-887-6014 Christopher Scott 3/16 92'x32' S (8) Caroline Frances 5/16 84'x32' S Eleanor Hadley 7/16 Kaylin Nicole 10/16 Mackenzie Hope 12/16 • MARCH 2017 • WorkBoat

WB_ConstructionSurvey_2017_LINO.indd 23

Inland Pushboat Conventional Propulsion Inland Pushboat Conventional Propulsion

Genesis Marine LLC Genesis Marine LLC


2/9/17 4:08 PM

Vessel Name or Hull # Margaret Anne Hull 158 Hull 159 Hull 160

Delivery Date


Type Vessel


& Hull Material Steel, Aluminum, Fiberglass


2/17 4/17 6/17 8/17

BOLLINGER SHIPYARDS INC. • Eric Bollinger, Vice President, Sales • P.O. Box 250 • Lockport, LA 70374 • Tel: 985-532-2554 • Fax: 985-532-7225 (16) Donald Horsley Joseph Tezanos Rollin Fritch Lawrence Lawson John McCormick Bailey Barco Benjamin Dailey Oliver Berry Jacob Poroo Joseph Gerczak Richard Snyder Nathan Bruckenthal Forest Rednour Robert Ward Terrell Horne Benjamin Bottoms Cole Guidry

2016 154'x26'8"x14' S 2016 2016 2016 2016 2017 2017 2017 2017 2017 2018 2018 2018 2018 2018 2019 12/16 80'x36' S

Fast Response Cutter (FRC) Patrol Boat

U.S. Coast Guard


Lorris G. Towing

BORDELON MARINE SHIPBUILDERS LLC Wes Bordelon, President & CEO • 682 Thompson Road • Houma, LA 70363 • Tel: 985-601-5777 • Fax: 985-601-5778 Brandon Bordelon 2016 260'x54' S

Ultra Light Intervention Vessel (ULIV)

Bordelon Marine

BREAUX BROTHERS ENTERPRISES INC. • Vic Breaux, Vice President • P.O. Box 1100 • Loreauville, LA 70552 • Tel: 337-229-4232 • Fax: 337-229-4951

(3) Hulls 1327-1329 — 205'x32' A Crew/Supply Edison Chouest Offshore

BURGER BOAT CO. • Doug Borys, Commercial Business Development • 1811 Spring St. • Manitowoc, WI 54220 • Tel: 920-686-5117 Lucia




Passenger Ferry

Wendella Sightseeing

BRUNSWICK COMMERCIAL & GOVERNMENT PRODUCTS • Jeremy Davis, Director of Sales • Megan Z. Ave. • Edgewater, FL 32132 • Tel: 386-423-2914

TBD Multiple 21' A TBD Multiple 24'-40' A TBD Multiple 32',37' A

RIB RIB Patrol Boat

Marine Spill Response — U.S. Southern Command

CHESAPEAKE SHIPBUILDING CORP. • Charles Robertson, Owner • 710 Fitzwater St. • Salisbury, MD 21801 • Tel: 800-784-2979 • Fax: 410-742-3689 Fort McHenry 2016 94'x32'x13' S (3) American Constellation, 2017 — S TBD, TBD

Tug 170-Passenger Cruise Ship

Vane Bros. American Cruise Lines

CONRAD INDUSTRIES INC./CONRAD SHIPYARD • Robert Sampey, General Manager • Gary Lipely, Director of Marketing & Sales • 1501 Front St., P.O. Box 7908 • Morgan City, LA 70380 • Tel: 985-384-3060 (9) TBD (2) TBD (2) TBD (2) TBD (4) TBD (4) TBD TBD (9) TBD TBD

— — — — — — — — —

— S Aggregate Barge — S Anchor Barge — S Crane Barge — S Dry Bulk Barge — S Deck Barge — S Spud Barge — S Towboat — S Tug — S Ferry

— — — — — — — — —

CONRAD INDUSTRIES INC./CONRAD DEEPWATER SOUTH • Lynn Falgout, Vice President • Gary Lipely, Director of Marketing & Sales • 995 Duhon Road • Amelia, LA 70342 • Tel: 985-384-3060 (7) TBD TBD

— —

— —


Tank Barge Asphalt Barge

— —

CONRAD INDUSTRIES INC./CONRAD ORANGE • Eric Bland, General Manager • Gary Lipely, Director of Marketing & Sales • 710 Market St. • Orange, Texas 77631 • Tel: 409-883-6666 (3) TBD


WB_ConstructionSurvey_2017_LINO.indd 24


Tug • MARCH 2017 • WorkBoat

2/9/17 3:51 PM




Choose from a range of radar technologies to suit diverse applications such as navigation, weather monitoring, docking support, and anti-piracy Enjoy effortless radar operation with our new R3016 16-inch widescreen and R2009 9-inch portrait Radar Control Units Trust robust Simrad construction to meet the high demands of offshore commercial use Satisfy SOLAS radar requirements with our IMO type-approved solutions

• • •



R2009 WB_FULLS.indd 25

2/8/17 12:04 PM

Vessel Name or Hull # TBD TBD (2) TBD (4) TBD

Delivery Date — — — —


Type Vessel


& Hull Material Steel, Aluminum, Fiberglass

— — — —


LNG Bunker Barge LPG Barge Stop Log Barge Tank Barge

Owner — — — —

CONRAD INDUSTRIES INC./CONRAD ALUMINUM NEW CONSTRUCTION • Lynn Falgout, Vice President • Gary Lipely, Director of Marketing & Sales • 9752 Hwy. 182 E. • Amelia, LA 70342 • Tel: 985-631-2395 TBD — — S (3) TBD — — S TBD — — S

Crane Barge Deck Barge LPG Barge

— — —

DAKOTA CREEK INDUSTRIES • Mike Nelson • P.O. Box 218 • Anacortes, WA 98221 • Tel: 360-293-9575 • Fax: 360-293-1372 (2) Neil Armstrong, Sally Ride (3)WETA Ferry 1, WETA Ferry 2, WETA Ferry 3

Delivered 238'x50'x22' S Delivered 12/18 144'x40' A 7/19 12/19

Auxiliary General Oceanographic Research Vessel Passenger Ferry


DIVERSIFIED MARINE INDUSTRIES • Kurt Redd, President • P.O. Box 83723 • Portland, OR 97285 • Tel: 503-289-2669 • Fax: 503-289-2825 Catalina Provider Earl W. Redd

2016 2017

150'x50' 120'x35'x19'3"


Landing Craft Tug

Avalon Freight Services Harley Marine Services

Hybrid Electric Drive Scientic Catamaran Hybrid Market Delivery Vessel

City University of New York Harbor Harvest

DERECKTOR SHIPYARDS 311 East Boston Post Road • Mamaroneck, NY 10543 • Tel: 914-698-5020 • Fax: 914-752-3595 — — 65' — Harbor Connect 2018 62'x21' A

DONJON SHIPBUILDING AND REPAIR J. Arnold Witte, President and CEO • 220 E. Bayfront Parkway • Erie, PA 16507 • Tel: 814-455-6442 • Fax: 814-455-8121

TBD 2016 185,000-bbl S ATB Barge

Seabulk Tankers

EASTERN SHIPBUILDING GROUP Kenneth R. Munroe, Vice President • 2200 Nelson St. • Panama City, FL 32401 • P.O. Box 960 • Panama City, FL 32402 • Tel: 850-763-1900 • Fax: 850-763-7904

(2) HOS Warland 1/16 302"x76"x26" S Z-Drive Hornbeck HOS Woodland 4/16 MPSV Offshore Services (2) Harvey Sub-Sea 2017 327'x73'x29'3" S Z-Drive Harvey Gulf Harvey Blue-Sea 2017 MPSV International Marine Harvey Stone 8/16 212'7"x59'1"x25'7" S Anchor Handler/ Harvey Gulf Tug Supply Vessel International Marine TBD 2017 90'x32'x10' S Canal-class Florida (3) Lawrence Campbell 4/16 Inland Towboat Marine Capt. Ricky Torres 10/16 Transporters Cullen Pasentine 12/16 Douglas B. Mackie 2017 158'x52'x33' S ATB Tug Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Ellis Island 2017 433'x92'x36' S ATB Dredge Barge Great Lakes Dredge & Dock (3) Neptune 3/16 80'x38'3"x15'9" S Z-Drive Suderman & Oceanus 7/16 ASD Tug Young Towing Poseidon 10/16 (3) H. Douglas M 2/16 80'x38'3"x15'9" S Z-Drive Bay-Houston Zyana K 5/16 ASD Tug Towing Co David B 6/16 Laura B 9/16 96'x34'x14'9" S Z-Drive Tug Bisso Offshore Columbia II — 141'x25'6"x19'6" S Expedition Sailing Schooner — Magdalen 2017 356'x79'6"x27'3" S Self-Propelled Trailing Weeks Marine Suction Hopper Dredge (4) Impala Soledad 11/16 134'x42'x9' S Inland River IWL River Inc. Impala Salgar 12/16 Retractable Towboat Impala Mompox 2017 Impala Cantagallo 2017 Jeffery McAllister 1/17 96'x34'x14'9" S ASD Z-drive Tug McAllister Towing and Transportation (3) Michael Ollis 2018 320'x70'x21'6" S Staten Island City of New York TBD 2019 Passenger Ferry Department of TBD



WB_ConstructionSurvey_2017_LINO.indd 26

Transportation • MARCH 2017 • WorkBoat

2/9/17 3:52 PM

Mack Boring & Parts Co. Phone: (908) 964-0700 East Coast

WB_FULLS.indd 27

2/14/17 4:17 PM

Vessel Name or Hull #

Delivery Date


Type Vessel


& Hull Material Steel, Aluminum, Fiberglass


FINCANTIERI MARINE GROUP/MARINETTE MARINE CORP. • • Bethany Skorik, Business Development • 1600 Ely St. • Marinette, WI 54143 • Tel: 715-735-9341 ext. 6282 • Fax: 715-735-4774 (Multiple) — 45'x14' S (Multiple) — 378'x57' S

Response Boat-Medium Littoral Combat Ship

U.S. Coast Guard U.S. Navy

FINCANTIERI MARINE GROUP HOLDINGS/BAY SHIPBUILDING • • Bethany Skorik, Business Development • 605 N. 3rd Ave. • Marinette, WI 54143 • Tel: 715-735-9341 ext. 6282 • Fax: 715-735-4774 Barbara Carol Ann Moran Louisiana Hull 3779 Hull 3780 Hull 3781 Hull 3782 Hull 3783 Hull 3784 Hull 3785

5/16 5/16 9/16 9/16 6/17 6/17 8/17 8/17 11/17

121'x36'x18' 468'x78'x34' 521'x72'x41' 123'x38'x22' 521'x72'x41' 123'x38'x22' 521'x72'x41' 130'x42'x23' 578'1"x78'x42'


Hull 3786




5,300-hp ATB Tug Moran Towing 110,000-bbl. Tank Barge Moran Towing 155,000-bbl. Oil & Chemical Tank Barge Kirby 6,000-hp ATB Tug Kirby 155,000-bbl. Oil & Chemical Tank Barge Kirby 6,000-hp ATB Tug Kirby 155,000-bbl. Oil & Chemical Tank Barge Plains All American Pipeline 8,000-hp ATB Tug Plains All American Pipeline 185,000 bbl. Oil & Chemical Tank Barge AMA Capital Partners 8,000-hp Tug

AMA Capital Partners

FOSS MARITIME, RAINIER SHIPYARD • Doug Nugent, Sales & Marketing • 611 East A. St./P.O. Box 759 • Rainier, OR 97048 • Tel: 503-556-5833 • Fax: 206-281-4732 (2) Denise Foss 7/16 131'x41' S Arctic-class Tug Nicole Foss 2017 Protector 7/16 108'x35' S Fireboat

Foss Maritime Company Port of Long Beach



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Vessel Name or Hull #

Delivery Date


Type Vessel


& Hull Material Steel, Aluminum, Fiberglass


GLADDING-HEARN SHIPBUILDING, THE DUCLOS CORP. • Peter Duclos, President • 1 Riverside Ave./P.O. Box 300 • Somerset, MA 02726 • Tel: 508-676-8596 • Fax: 508-672-1873 (3) Circle Line Bronx 1/17, TBD 165'x34'x28' S TBD Manatee — 53'x17'x4'5" A Port Arthur 2016 53'6"x17'8"x8'6" A Grey Lady IV 2016 153'6"x34'6" A Huron Spirit 1/17 52.5'x16.7'x4.8' A — — 53.6'x17.8' A — 2017 56' A Grey Lady IV 2016 157'7"x34'6"x6'11" A

Sightseeing Vessels 600-Passenger Pilot Boat Pilot Boat Catamaran Ferry Pilot Boat Pilot Boat Pilot Boat 493-Passenger Vessel

Circle Line Sightseeing Tampa Bay Pilots Association Sabine Pilots Hyannis Harbor Tours Lake Pilots Association Mobile Bar Pilots Virginia Pilots Association Hy-Line Cruises

GREAT LAKES SHIPYARD • Joseph P. Starck Jr., President • 4500 Division Ave. • Cleveland, Ohio 44102 • Tel: 800-321-3663 Breaker II Cleveland (10) TBD

2017 2017 Various

45'x19'7"'x8' 65'x24'x11' 63'x24'


Tug Tug Ice Tug

N.Y. Power Authority Great Lakes Towing Great Lakes Towing

GULF COAST SHIPYARD GROUP Phil Nuss, VP Engineering and Project Development • 13085 Seaway Rd. • Gulfport, MS 39503 • Tel: 228-276-1000 • Fax: 228-276-1001 (4) Harvey Liberty 5/16 302'x64' S OSV Harvey Freedom, 3/17 Harvey America, 11/17 Harvey Patriot TBD FMT 38 4/16 297'x54' S Tank Barge

Harvey Gulf International Marine Florida Marine Transporters

GULF CRAFT 320 Boro Lane • Franklin, LA 70538• Tel: 337-828-2580 • Fax: 337-828-2586

Alya McCall Liam J. McCall TBA

2016 1/17 2017

208'x32'x15' 194'x32'x15' 150'x40'


Fast Supply Vessel Fast Support Vessel 600-Passenger Ferry

Seacor Marine Seacor Marine Seastreak LLC

GULF ISLAND SHIPYARDS LLC • Dan Gaiennie, VP Business Development/Engineering • 583 Thompson Road/P.O. Box 310 • Houma, LA 70363 • Tel: 985-635-6009 • Fax: 985-635-6011 (2) Hulls 367-368 1/17 300'x62'x24' S PSV 5/17 (2) Hulls 369-370 1/18 362'x76'x26' S PSV 5/18 (4) Hull 6085, Hull 6086 2/17 150'x55'x9' S Spud Barge Hull 6091, Hull 6092 4/17 Chad Pregracke 2016 180'x48'x11'6" S Linehaul Towboat


Hornbeck Offshore Services McDonough Marine Marquette Transportation

GUNDERSON MARINE/THE GREENBRIER COMPANIES • One Centerpointe Dr., Suite 200 • Lake Oswego, OR 97035 • Tel: 503-684-7000 • Fax: 503-684-7553 (2) Kirby 185-01 — 578' S Kirby 185-02

185,000-bbl Tank Barge

Kirby Offshore Marine

HORIZON SHIPBUILDING INC. • Travis R. Short, President • 13980 Shell Belt Road • Bayou La Batre, AL 36509 • Tel: 800-777-2014

Dan Reeves 1/16 95'x43'x S Towboat 10' (2) Andrew Antrainer, 1/16 120'x35'x S Towboat AB York 11/16 Marty Cullinan 6/16 120'x35'x11'6" S Retractable Pilothouse Towboat Hull 190 4/16 27'x10'x5'6" A Harbor Patrol Boat (2) Hull 191, Hull 192 4/16, 6/16 30'x10'x4'8" A Research Boat

Corps of Engineers Florida Marine Transporters Florida Marine Transporters U.S. Air Force National Science Foundation

(2) Hull 185 Hull 186 Hull 189 Hull 193 (13) Hull 200 Hull 201 Hull 202 Hull 203 Hull 204 Hull 205 Hull 206

McAllister Towing Florida Marine Transportation — Hornblower New York Ferry Fleet LLC

4/17 100'x40'x16'4" S Escort/Rescue 7/17 " Tug 4/17 120'x35'x11'6" S Towboat 6/17 88'x27'x10' S — 3/17 85'4"x26'3"x9'2" A Passenger Ferry 3/17 4/17 4/17 5/17 5/17 6/17


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Pushing For More.

Inland river operators have been successfully running Cummins K Series engines for decades. Barge, tug and towboat operators now have even more options â&#x20AC;&#x201C; with ratings up to 800 hp (597 kW), our proven QSK19 is more powerful than ever before. Today, we offer engines from 6.7 liters to 19 liters to meet current EPA emissions requirements in the U.S., marine generators from 4 kWe to 1240 kWe, as well as a broad range of controls and optional equipment. For more information, visit or contact your local Cummins distributor.

Š2017 Cummins Inc., 4500 Leeds Ave., Suite 301, Charleston, SC 29405 U.S.A.

WB_FULLS.indd 31 WorkBoatAd2017_QSK19.indd 1

2/8/17 12:05 PM 26/01/2017 10:57

Vessel Name or Hull # Hull 207 Hull 208 Hull 208 Hull 210 Hull 211 Hull 212

Delivery Date


Type Vessel


& Hull Material Steel, Aluminum, Fiberglass


6/17 6/17 6/17 3/18 4/18 5/18

LAKE ASSAULT BOATS/FRASER SHIPYARD 1 Clough Ave. • Superior, WI 54880 • Tel: 985-876-6302 (43) TBD



River Barge

City of San Antonio


Ship-Assist Tug

Bisso Towboa

MAIN IRON WORKS 148 Old Ferry Road • Houma, LA 70364 • Tel: 985-876-6302 Mr. Rubin.



MARINE INLAND FABRICATORS • Rudy Sistrunk, Managing Member • 1725 Buchanan St. • Panama City, FL 32409 • Tel: 850-265-1383 • Fax: 850-265-0487 Hull 292 Hull 293 Hull 294 (2) Hull 295 Hull 296 (2) Hull 297, Hull 298 Hull 299 Hull 300 (2) Hull 301, Hull 302 (2) Hull 303, Hull 304 Hull 305 Hull 306 Hull 307 Hull 308 Hull 309 Hull 310 Hull 311 (2) Hull 312, Hull 313 Hull 314 Hull 315

2/16 3/16 2/16 4/16 4/16 5/16, 6/16 6/16 5/16 9/16 8/16 9/16 12/16 3/17 1/17 12/16 2/17 2/17 10/17 10/17 9/17

25'x14'x5' 25'x14'x5' 25'x14'x5' 25'x14'x6' 25'x12'x6' 25'x14'x6' 25'x14'x5' 25'x12'x4' 25'x14'x5' 30'x10'x3' 25'x14'x5' 25'x14'x5' 25'x14'x5' 38'x16'x5' 25'x14x'5' 25'x18'x5' 25'x12'x5' 25'x14'x6' 25'x14'x5' 30'x14'6"x5'10"


Towboat Towboat Towboat Dredge Tender Towboat Towboat Towboat Dredge Tender Towboat Barge Dredge Tender Towboat Towboat Dredge Tender Dredge Tender Towboat Towboat Towboat Towboat Tug

Royal Bridge Ed Kraemer & Sons Scott Bridge Co. Marinex Construction Marine Constactors Newt Marine Liberty Maintenance Gator Dredging Scott Bridge Co. Nelson Marine Coastal Dredging Paducah Barge Johnson Brothers North West Aggregates Co. Southern Dredge 5R Enterprises Corps of Engineers Corps of Engineers Eastman Marine Rybovich

MASTER BOAT BUILDERS • Andre Dubroc, General Manager • P.O. Box 702 • Bayou La Batre, AL 36509 • Tel: 251-824-2388 • Fax: 251-824-4401

Seacor Olmeca 5/16 221'x48'x18' S OSV (3) Trident, Triton 2017 98'6"x43'6"x15'7" S Rotortugs TBD

Seacor Marine Seabulk Towing


Randy Orr, President • 14284 Shell Belt Road • Bayou La Batre, AL 36509 • Tel: 251-824-4151 • Fax: 251-824-7050 (2) St. Philip, St. Simon

2016 78'x34'x11' S 2016

Z-Drive Towboat

Marquette Transportation

METALCRAFT MARINE • Bob Clark, Contracts Manager • 347 Wellington St. • Kingston, Ontario K7K6N7 • Tel: 800-410-8464 • Fax: 613-542-6515 Kingston 30 (Multiple) Kingston 30 (Multiple) Kingston 25 (Multiple) Firestorm 30 (Multiple) Interceptor 8M (Multiple) St. Lulc (Multiple) Oil Spill Response (Multiple) Interceptor 11M (Multiple) Interceptor 9M (Multiple) Interceptor 9M (Multiple) —




Boom Boats

U.S. Navy




Landing Craft

U.S. Navy





U.S. Navy





(North America)




Patrol Boat

U.S. Navy









Boom Boats

U.S. Navy




Long Range Interceptor

U.S. Coast Guard





Canadian Navy




Riverine Patrol




Tour Boat

Tobermory, Ontario


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Vessel Name or Hull #

Delivery Date

Dimensions (LxB)

& Hull Material Steel, Aluminum, Fiberglass

Type Vessel


METAL SHARK ALUMINUM BOATS • Christopher Allard, Owner • 6816 E. Admiral Doyle Dr. • Jeanerette, LA 70544 • Tel: 337-364-0777 • Fax: 337-364-0337 (Multiple) 2016 26'x9'4" A High-Speed Maneuverable Surface Target (Multiple) 2016 29'x8'6" A Response Boat-Small Patrol Boat (Multiple) 2016 32'x10' A Force Protection Boat-Medium (Multiple) 2016 25'x10' A RIB — 2016 28'x10' A Fireboat — 2016 28'x10' A Fireboat — 2016 38'x11'5" A Fireboat Flying Hub II 2016 40'x14' A Foil Assist Catamaran Head Boat 90' Cat 2016 90'x23' A DSV — 2016 21'x8'6" A Patrol Boat — 2016 24'x8'6' A Patrol Boat — 2016 25'x8'6" A Patrol Boat — 2016 28'x8'6" A Patrol Boat — 2016 32'x10' A Patrol Boat — 2016 42'x11' A — (Multiple) 2016 36'x10' A Patrol Boat (Multiple) 2016 27'x8'6" A Patrol Boat (Multiple) 2016 29'x8'6" A Patrol Boat (Multiple) 2016 32'x10' A Patrol Boat (Multiple) 2016 33'x10' A Patrol Boat (Multiple) 2016 38'x11'6" A Patrol Boat (Multiple) 2016 45'x15' A Patrol Boat

U.S. Navy U.S. Coast Guard U.S. Navy U.S. Navy West Manatee (Fla.) Fire Rescue Miami Beach Fire Department Harrod's Creek Fire Department Hubbard's Marina Aqueos Corp. Larimer Company DNR Langley AFB Michigan DNR Florida Fish & Wildlife National Park Service — Puerto Rico Police Department FMS (Latin America) FMS (Africa/Caribbean) FMS (Africa/Caribbean) FMS (Africa/Latin America) FMS (Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Latin America) FMS (Asia)

MOOSE BOATS • Abbie Walther, Vice President/General Manager • 274 Sears Point Road • Petaluma, CA 94954 • Tel: 707-778-9828 • Fax: 707-778-9827 Salish Star Jesse Pacheco

2016 2016

38'10"x13'x6" 38'


Fire/Rrescue Catamaran Emergency Response

Bellingham Fire Dept. New Bedford Fire Dept.

NEW GENERATION SHIPBUILDING LLC • Joe Gregory, Owner/Managing Member • 440 Browning Court • Houma, LA 70363 • Tel: 985-868-4088 • Fax: 985-868-9986 (2) Ray "Chief" Tony TBD

2016 88'x35'x10' S Pushboat 3/16

Blessey Marine

NICHOLS BROTHERS BOAT BUILDERS INC. • Matt Nichols, CEO • 5400 S. Cameron Road/P.O. Box 580 • Freeland, WA 98249 • Tel: 360-331-5500 • Fax: 360-331-7484 TBD 2016 140'x38'x13' — Multipurpose Vessel Tina Pyne 2016 136'x44'x19' S 10,000-hp ATB Tug (2) TBD 2017 120'x35'x19'3" S 4,900-hp Tug (2) National Geographic Quest 6/17, 238x48'' S 100-Passenger Coastal TBD 6/18 Cruise Vessel

American Samoa Kirby Offshore Marine Kirby Offshore Marine Lindblad Expeditions Holdings


Matthew Velluto, Director of Business Development • 88 Hoods Lane • Marblehead, MA 01945 • Tel: 866-742-7872 • Fax: 781-639-9062 (16) Multiple 24'x8'8" A RIB

U.S. Navy


Joseph Rodriguez, President • 14300 Shell Belt Road • Bayou La Batre, AL 36509 • Tel: 251-824-4067 • Fax: 251-824-9557 Dianna Lynn




Triple-Screw Towboat

Mid-River Terminals

SAFE BOATS INTERNATIONAL Scott Peterson, President • 8800 SW Barney White Road • Port Orchard, WA 98367 • Tel: 360-674-7161 • Fax: 360-674-7149 (3) Mk VI PB (3) 65 Full Cabin-Inboard 41' Interceptor/CPB CIV (10) TBD (46) Over the Horizon

2016 2016 2016 Various 2016-

85'x20'6" 66'6"x16'5" 41'6"x11'10" 25'/27'/31' 26'x8'6"


Patrol Boat Patrol Boat Coast Interceptor Vessel Patrol Boat OTH

U.S. Navy (International) U.S. Customs and Border Protection Israel Marine Police USCG

SIGNET SHIPBUILDING & REPAIR • • Swathin Kannalath, Manager/Stacy Reese, General Manager • 3802 Port River Road • Pascagoula, MS 39567 • Tel: 228-762-3460 • Fax: 228-762-3461 • MARCH 2017 • WorkBoat

WB_ConstructionSurvey_2017_LINO.indd 33


2/9/17 3:53 PM

Vessel Name or Hull # Gladys B

Delivery Date 2016

Dimensions (LxB)

& Hull Material Steel, Aluminum, Fiberglass



Type Vessel Tug

Owner E.N. Bisso & Son

STEINER SHIPYARD INC. • Russel R. Steiner, President • 8640 Henley St. • Bayou La Batre, AL 36509 • Tel: 251-824-4143 • Fax: 251-824-4178 Arkansas, South Carolina

11/16 92'x38' S ASD Tug 12/16

Crescent Towing

ST. JOHNS SHIP BUILDING 560 Stokes Landing Road • Palatka, FL 32177 • Tel: 386-328-6054 • Fax: 386-328-6046 (8) Elizabeth Anne, Hudson, Baltimore, Delaware, TBD





Vane Brothers Co.

Patrol Boat Kit Special Operations Craft Prototype Coastal Patrol Craft

Egyptian Navy Swiftships, ICS Nett Inc. Foreign Military Sales

SWIFTSHIPS • 1105 Levee Road • Morgan City, LA 70380 • Tel: 985-380-2544 • Fax: 985-380-2559 (10) PB 641-PB646, TBA 35mx7.25m A Hulls 654-657 AN-2 — 35'x8' A (4) — — 92' A

VIGOR • Carol Reid, Marketing Manager • 1801 16th Ave. Southwest • Seattle, WA 98134 • Tel: 206-623-1635, Ext. 861

(2) Chimacum 2/17 362'3"x83'x24'6" S Passenger/ Suquamish 7/18 Vehicle Ferry (2) Ryan Pointe 6/16 102'x38'11" S Inland River Granite Pointe 6/16 Towboat St. Francis 7/16 88'x25'x14'4" S Fireboat Fight ALS 2/16 422'3"x76'8"x27' S ATB Barge (2) Tazlina 10/18 280'x67'x12'6" S Day Ferry Hubbard 10/18 Dale R. Lindsey 6/16 95'x38'x16' S ATB Tug (2) Amjaad, 4/16 62.3'x19.7'x3' A All-Weather Ibhar Pilot Boat Det. Anthony J. Venditti 4/16 44'11"x14'7"x3' A Response Boat-Medium C Sound Guardian 6/16 48'x18'8"x3' A Research Catamaran Sentinel 12/16 60'x24'x3' A Research Catamaran (4) Hydrus, Cetus, 2/17, 2017 135'x38'x6.75' A 400-Passenger Ferry WETA 3, WEDA 4 3/18, 12/18

Washington State Ferries Tidewater Barge Lines San Francisco Fire Department Harley Marine Services Alaska Marine Highway System Harley Marine Services Port of Duqm, Oman

New York Police Harbor Unit King County Enviromental Laboratory California Department of Water Resources SF Bay Water Emergency Transportation Authority


Merdith S. Foster, Manager, Business Development • 900 Bayou Casotte Parkway • Pascagoula, MS 39581 • Tel: 228-696-6888 • Fax: 228-696-6893 (2) Morton S. Bouchard Jr., 2/16 130'x38'x S 6,000-hp ATB Tug Frederick E. Bouchard 6/16 22' B No. 272 2016 628'x91'x47' S 250,000-bbl ATB Barge Donna J. Bouchard 2/16 150'x50'x29' S 10,000-hp ATB Tug (10) Hull 2007- — 320'x64' S Super 300 Hull 2016 OSV (2) Hull 2022, 6/17 720'x106' S ConRo Hull 2023 12/17 Ship Hull 1991 2/16 353'x58' S T-AGS 66 Hull 2026 8/16 343'6"x94'x21' S Flat Deck Barge

Bouchard Transportation Bouchard Transportation Bouchard Transportation Hornbeck Offshore Services Crowley Maritime NAVSEA Pacific Marine Leasing


29120 Hwy. 75 • Plaquemine, LA 70764 • Tel: 225-659-2647 Capt. Troy Greene TBD

2016 2016

70'x30'x10'8" —


1,350-hp Towboat 2,000-hp Towboat

Blessey Marine Services Blessey Marine Services


WB_ConstructionSurvey_2017_LINO.indd 34 • MARCH 2017 • WorkBoat

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Vessel Name or Hull #

Delivery Date


Type Vessel


& Hull Material Steel, Aluminum, Fiberglass


WASHBURN & DOUGHTY ASSOCIATES INC. • Katie Doughty, Marketing Director • P.O. Box 296 • 7 Enterprise St. • East Boothbay, ME 04544 • Tel: 207-633-6517 • Fax: 207-633-7007 (6) Jonathan C. Moran 4/16 93'x38'x15'5" S Z-Drive Jack T. Moran 6/16 Tug Cooper Moran 9/16 Maxwell Paul Moran 12/16 Clayton W. Moran — Hull 121 — Independent — 93'x38'x15'5" S Z-Drive Tug

Moran Towing Corp.

Marine Towing of Tampa


Karen Jacquelin, Director of Marketing • 1250 N. Grove St. • Anaheim, CA 92806 • Tel: 714-666-2150 SOLAS 670 1/16 22'5" A RIB (Crystaliner Licensed) 2016 33'4" A Patrol Boat


U.S. Army Oceanside (Calif.) Police Department

500 Metcalf St. • Sedro Wooley, WA 98284 • Tel: 800-745-1727

(2) TBD — 25'x8'6" A Skiff TBD — 29'x9'6" A Skiff TBD — 26' A Surface Support Craft

— Metropolitan Water Reclamation District Chicago U.S. Navy

YANK MARINE • 7 Mosquito Landing Road/ P.O. Box 569 • Tuckahoe N.J. 08250 • Tel: 609-628-2928 Betsy Ross


109'x26'x6' • MARCH 2017 • WorkBoat

WB_ConstructionSurvey_2017_LINO.indd 35


400-Passenger Catamaran Ferry

NY Waterway


2/9/17 3:54 PM

Illegal Charters

Charter Party Passenger vessel operators are increasingly alarmed about illegal charters.

By Dale K. DuPont, Correspondent


WB_Focus_Charters_LINO.indd 36


llegal charters are becoming more of a menace, not just cutting into commercial passenger vessel operators’ business but also raising the specter of accidents leading to higher insurance rates and more regulation. The boats also are a draw for licensed captains who may not know the risks. The law requires a boat to be inspected if it carries more than six people with at least one paying passenger. Operators must be licensed to legally carry up to six paying riders. Commercial operators with six or more onboard — with at least one paying — must have a master’s license and a Certificate of Inspection (COI). Bareboat charters may carry a maximum of 12 without a COI. The Coast Guard has several enforcement options including taking control of the vessel, civil penal-

ties up to $37,500, violation notices and revoking a master’s license. “The Coast Guard has been made aware of more incidents of individuals operating illegally,” said Coast Guard Lt. Cmdr. Tim Tilghman, who’s based in Miami. “People who are good citizens and responsible marine operators” are feeling easier about reporting suspicious charters. “There have always been instances of people taking vessels that are not Coast Guard inspected saying, ‘I’ll make a little bit of money.’ It’s a slow burn type problem in many areas,” said Ed Welch, legislative director of the Passenger Vessel Association (PVA). The problem has grown in recent years, said Mike Borgström, president, Wendella Sightseeing Co., a Chicago tour boat operator. “This type

USCG photo

The Coast Guard from Station Mayport in Atlantic Beach, Fla., provided medical support to a passenger aboard the charter fishing vessel Majesty in 2013. Although this was a legal charter, commercial passenger vessel operators say the problem of illegal charters is growing. • MARCH 2017 • WorkBoat

2/11/17 12:14 PM

WorkBoat file photo

of illegal activity that goes on constantly has been exploding in Chicago.” Borgström said people don’t fully understand the laws that apply to bareboat charters. “The public is being misled into thinking it’s safe. Many of these boats wouldn’t stand up to Coast Guard inspection. People have gotten away with it without any repercussions. We need a couple of these guys to get busted big time.” Al Skalecke, owner of Capt. Al’s Charter Boat Fleet, Chicago, said it’s tough to compete against someone who doesn’t play by the rules. “It’s running rampant. They’re getting away with it. They’re not paying the taxes. Nobody knows how much money’s being exchanged,” said Skalecke, who’s been in business for nearly 40 years. His boats are licensed and inspected with all the required safety equipment such as life rafts and fire extinguishers. “The public doesn’t understand the safety of the water,” he said. The Coast Guard’s biggest challenge is education. “The regulations are complex,” Tilghman said. “We continually find individuals who do not truly understand the regulations – even on the master’s side.” At the PVA’s annual convention held in Seattle in January, Borgström led a session on illegal charters. “Why is this important to us as an industry as small passenger vessels?” he asked. “For starters, some of these boats are doing the same thing we’re doing without the inspection criteria. That’s putting people in jeopardy because the boats aren’t inspected, the crew’s not licensed.” Borgström showed a few slides of alleged illegal charters and what to look for. One slide showed a boat that operates in Chicago with a crew outfitted in matching shorts. “The boat is not inspected, has no registration numbers, and is registered in the Cayman Islands. They take anywhere from 10 to 30 people out on that boat in and out all day. This is one of those things that you see and something’s not right there. But how do you prove it? That’s up to the Coast Guard.”

Many people don’t understand the regulations or insurance requirements involved when operating a passenger vessel.

Borgström said the Coast Guard is now trained to look for suspicious examples and can take action. Borgström said that it’s important to note “a lot of this illegal activity is not necessarily being done intentionally. It’s ignorance of the law, ignorance of insurance requirements. In most cases, I think all of us on the panel here feel that people that are breaking the law or operating illegally don’t realize it.” BOAT-SHARING APPS Now there’s a new wrinkle with boat-sharing applications that connect recreational boat owners with people looking for fun on the water. “On these boat-sharing apps, you get a mixture of people who are doing things perfectly legally, because they have inspected vessels. Then there are illegal charters,” Welch said. PVA and its members have been working with the Coast Guard to deal with the issue and discourage the practice, Welch said. They’re also trying to come up with materials to give to licensed captains, who “might not realize insurance from their regular employer might not cover them, and they could lose their license.” The Coast Guard is looking into boat-sharing apps and “making them aware of Coast Guard requirements,” Tilghman said. The apps operate as third-party negotiators. “That’s why we really do want to advance our ‘Ask the Captain’ program,” an initiative that • MARCH 2017 • WorkBoat

WB_Focus_Charters_LINO.indd 37

encourages passengers to be sure the vessel is operating legally. “All of our boats have to comply with Coast Guard regulations and laws,” said a spokesman for San Francisco-based GetMyBoat, which bills itself as the world’s largest boat rental and charter marketplace. Seattle-based Boatbound, another site, describes itself as “the largest and fastest growing pier-to-pier boat rental marketplace in the world.” The company has over 15,000 boats listed in 2,100 cities. Its core features are marketing and insurance, and also offers payment processing and booking management tools. Boatbound is one of the good ones. “Let’s be clear,” Borgström said at PVA. “Illegal charters and Boatbound don’t go together.” “The on-demand type platforms are the ones that give everyone a bad name,” said Boatbound’s Chris Fox, who was on the panel with Borgström at PVA. “These are the ones that are highly illegal and they don’t care.” “We applaud what you’re doing with your website,” Borgström said, “but the concern we have is when these guys get kicked off of your website and can’t rent the boat from you they’re going to go to somebody else. So they’re still out there. We just need to figure out who those bad players are.” — Editor in Chief David Krapf contributed to this report.


2/9/17 5:18 PM


On TheWays


Clean Gulf Associates

Clean Gulf takes delivery of OSRV from Midship Marine

95' spill response boat for the Gulf of Mexico.


idship Marine, Harvey, La., has delivered a new 95'×21'×11' aluminum rapid response vessel to Clean Gulf Associates Inc., a non-profit oil spill cooperative based in New Orleans. With a deadweight tonnage of 95 tons, the J.L. O’Brien is the fourth in a series of offshore oil spill recovery vessels constructed by Midship for Clean Gulf to help ensure a speedy and efficient response to future oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico. The new OSRV, which has a 5'6" draft, is prepositioned in Leeville, La., to help anchor spill response readiness all along the Gulf Coast. The O’Brien represents a $5 million investment in new Clean Gulf response resources designated for the Gulf of Mexico. “In order to stay fully responsive, CGA is continuously improving and expanding our equipment inventory and response fleets with the latest technology to ensure the protection of the Gulf Coast, our marine habitat and commercial and recreational fisheries resources in the event of an oil spill related incident,” Capt. Frank Paskewich, president of Clean Gulf Associates, said in a statement announcing the new boat’s delivery. The O’Brien is the first OSRV designed with advanced Seakeeper 35 gyrostabilizer technology that reduces the vessel’s rolling motion by up to 75%, allowing for productive skimming in rough seas. The Seakeeper is a computer38

WB_OTW_LINO.indd 38

controlled gyroscope that provides counter-torque to the natural rolling motion of the vessel thereby reducing crew fatigue, anxiety, and seasickness. Additionally, the more stable platform allows for skimming in increased sea states. The O’Brien is Coast Guard certified with overnight accommodations for a crew of six. The OSRV is outfitted with the Aptomar-Rutter integrated X-Band oil spill detection system and infrared camera oil spill detection sensor allowing for 24-hour oil skimming operations. Additional electronics include an ICOM VHF/ aircraft/SSB radio, Furuno DRS12A radar and FAR211 X-band radar, Inmarsat data and voice satellite communications, and Simrad autopilot. The O’Brien is also equipped with two, three-brush Lamor side-mounted skimmers with an effective daily recovery capacity of 22,885 bbls. of oil per day and 249 bbls. of recovered oil storage. The OSRV also has a 3,500-gal. fuel capacity for extended offshore response. Other tankage includes 1,500 gals. of water. Main propulsion for the O’Brien comes from twin Caterpillar C-32 diesel engines, producing 1,320 hp at 2,100 rpm each. The Cats are connected to ZF 40"×42" props through Twin Disc QuickShift marine gears with 2.44:1 reduction ratios. The propulsion package gives the new boat a cruising speed of 24 knots. For additional maneuverability, the OSRV has been fitted with a Thrustmaster 16TT60 AL tunnel • MARCH 2017 • WorkBoat

2/9/17 5:28 PM

Diversified Marine delivers Tier 4 tug to Harley Marine


iversified Marine, Portland, Ore., recently delivered the Earl W. Redd, a 120'×35'×19'3" Tier 4-powered tug, to Seattle’s Harley Marine

Harley Marine Services

thruster. Ship’s service power is the responsibility of two Northern Lights gensets, sparking 65 kW of electrical power each. The controls are Twin Disc EC300s and the steering system is a Jastram DSC100 with dual 3-hp hydraulic pumps. The boat has a MarQuip 2,500-lb. crane on deck. The O’Brien is named after the late James (Jim) L. O’Brien, who pioneered professional oil spill response management for more than 40 years. He died in 2014.  — Ken Hocke

120' Tier 4 tug is working in Puget Sound.

Services. This is not the first vessel that Diversified Marine has built for Harley Marine. “They’ve built several boats for us,” said Steve Carlson, Harley’s

vice-president of engineering. “We have a very close commercial relationship with Diversified.” That explains the tug’s name, for the late Earl W. Redd. He was the father of Kurt Redd,


Bollinger Shipyards Inc.

New triple-screw towboat for Louisiana. • MARCH 2017 • WorkBoat

WB_OTW_LINO.indd 39

Point, Va. Designed by JMS New McAllister tug Naval Architects, Mystic, is based at the Port of Conn., the new boat will reCharleston, S.C. place the 65' Bay Eagle. Vigor, Ballard, Wash., (formerly Kvichak Marine Industries) has delivered the first of four aluminum 400-passenger ferries to the San Francisco Bay Area Water Emergency Transportation Authority (WETA). The 135'×38' passengeronly ferries are powered by two MTU 12V4000 M64 Tier 3 engines each rated at 1,950 hp at 1,830 rpm. The Incat Crowther-designed ferry also has an MTU SCR exhaust aftertreatment system. Western Fire & Safety Co. Inc., Seattle, is supplying equipment and service to vessels such as the 652'×105' cargo ship Tiger Shanxi, which recently needed emergency repairs to its fixed fire system; the 610'×84' Whidbey Island, to which Western recently shipped a supply of damage control equipment The 400-passenger Hydrus for and materials; San Francisco. and the 649'×85' Emory S. Land that needed four new galley hood fire suppression systems installed. Eastern Shipbuilding Group

n December, Bollinger Shipyards LLC, Lockport, La., delivered the 80'×36', triple-screw towboat Cole Guidry to Lorris G. Towing, Cut Off, La. Designed by Bollinger, the new vessel is powered by three Caterpillar C18 670-hp Tier 3 engines, supplied by Louisiana Machinery. Bollinger has also delivered the 22nd 154' fast response cutter (FRC), the Bailey Barco, to the U.S. Coast Guard. The agency took delivery on Feb. 7. Eastern Shipbuilding Group, Panama City, Fla., delivered the 96'×34'×14'9" twin Z-drive reverse tractor tug Jeffrey McAllister to New York-based McAllister Towing and Transportation Co. Inc. Main propulsion is from two EMD 8-710G7C Tier 3 diesel engines, producing 2,500 hp at 900 rpm each. The mains connect to Schottel SRP-1215FP Z-drives. Matane, Quebec, Canada-based Meridien Maritime Reparation is building a 93'×28'×12.7' research vessel for the Virginia Institute of Marine Science, Gloucester




2/9/17 5:27 PM

the founder and president of Diversified Marine. The Jensen Maritime-designed Earl W. Redd, which was built to ABS Loadline standards, is based in Puget Sound, Wash. The new tug’s primary mission will be moving oil barges, but the boat’s also configured “to do any type of rescue towing offshore, also possibly some ship assist work,” said Carlson. The Earl W. Redd is reportedly the first vessel to be powered with Caterpillar 3516C Tier 4 Final engines. Being a “first” in this area is probably not surprising since Harley Marine does operate with a goal of being environmentally friendly. “We will do things as a company that are for responsible environmental use of resources,” explained Carlson. Part of that Tier 4 package means pairing each engine with a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) aftertreatment system. It required some adjustments by the designer and builder from previous 120 footers. In the Earl W. Redd that meant “reducing the size of a couple of fuel tanks to make room for a pair of urea tanks,” said Lee Boltz of Jensen Maritime, who designed the Earl W. Redd. A dosing cabinet, which regulates urea going to the engine, dosing tube and scrubber system for each engine also had to be accommodated. There’s “a fair amount of extra machinery going in the boat. You always have to be aware of the space requirements,” said Jonathan Parrott, vice president of new design development at Jensen Maritime. Each Cat 3516C puts out 2,675 hp at 1,600 rpm and is hooked up to Rolls Royce US 255-P30-FP Z-drives. That power package should provide a bollard pull of 63.8 tons ahead and 70.24 tons astern and give the Earl W. Redd a cruising speed of 14 to 15 knots and 10 to 12 knots when pulling barges. Cat has estimated that Harley Marine should save over $1 million over a 15year lifecycle on total fluid consumption (diesel plus diesel exhaust fluid) costs compared to an equivalent Tier 2-powered vessel. For towing and ship-assist work the 40

WB_OTW_LINO.indd 40


On TheWays

New 600-passenger vessel for New York City.

Earl W. Redd has a Markey TESD34B 100-hp double-drum towing winch aft of the wheelhouse, and a Markey DEPC 48 50-hp winch is on the bow. A pair of 125-kW John Deere gensets powers both electric winches and two Stang firefighting monitors. On deck there is also a Rapp Marine HP 25-5 crane. The Earl W. Redd has accommodations for 10 crew. — Michael Crowley

New Circle Line sightseeing vessel from Gladding-Hearn


ladding-Hearn Shipbuilding has delivered the first of three new 165'×34'×12.8' monohull sightseeing vessels for Circle Line Sightseeing Cruises Inc., in New York City. This follows the shipyard’s delivery of three sisterships to the company in 2009. Like the three earlier vessels, the new 2,600-hp, 600-passenger steel Circle Line Bronx was designed by DeJong & Lebet, Jacksonville, Fla. The new boats’ accommodations include space for loose seating and tables for 275 passengers in the main cabin. The second deck provides space for seating and tables for another 150 passengers indoors, plus reserved seating for up to 50 VIP passengers, and outdoor seating for 88 passengers. Aft of the pilothouse on the third deck is outdoor seating for 84 passengers under a fixed canopy. “The new vessels will offer guests an enhanced sightseeing experience on every level. Notably, visitors will enjoy upgrades in classes of service and the introduction of a variety of new and innovative experiences, including improvements in content and entertainment options, viewing sight lines, as well as enhanced food and beverage selections,” Costas Markou, president and

chief operating officer of Circle Line’s owner, New York Cruise Lines, said in a statement announcing the delivery. The Circle Line Bronx has a draft of 8' and is powered by twin Cummins QSK-38M1, Tier 3 diesel engines, delivering a total of 2,600 hp at 1,800 rpm. The engines connect to ZF W3355 gears, spinning Hung Shen 60", 5-bladed bronze propellers from Marine Propulsion, Ocean Springs, Miss. The engines were supplied by Dedham, Mass.-based Cummins North East. The power package gives the vessel a top speed of 14 knots. For dockside maneuvering, the vessel is equipped with a 125-hp Wesmar bowthruster powered by an electric motor. Ship’s service power comes from two 140-kW John Deere-powered gensets. IEM Marine supplied the control panel. The pilothouse is equipped with ZF Premium ClearCommand port and starboard wing stations, in addition to the center console. The Kobelt steering system features two Vickers/Rexroth gearbox PTO-driven hydraulic pumps, with a full follow-up power-assist control unit. A 210,000-Btu diesel-fired boiler and six 10-ton water-cooled chillers supply heating and air-conditioning. The keel coolers are from Fernstrum. Capacities include 8,200 gals. of fuel and 4,000 gals. potable water. The crew room, located below the main deck, is outfitted with storage cabinets, a refrigerator, shower and head, and walk-in cooler. The electronics suite from MacDougalss’ Cape Cod Marine Service, Falmouth, Mass., consists of Furuno radar with open array, GPS and plotter, AIS and depth sounder, two Standard VHF radios, and Richie 5" Globe Master B-200P compass. — K. Hocke • MARCH 2017 • WorkBoat

2/9/17 5:28 PM

Allemand Industries, Inc. Harvey, LA (504) 340-5581 Servicing: LA Florida Detroit Diesel Allison Fort Lauderdale, FL (954) 327-4440 Servicing: Al, FL, MS, Bahamas Helmut’s Marine San Rafael, CA (415) 453-1001 Servicing: AZ, CA, HI, NV, UT, Guam Johnson & Towers, Inc. Egg Harbor Township, NJ (609) 272-1415 Servicing: DE, MD, NJ, NY, Eastern PA, Bermuda Pacific Power Group Kent, WA (253) 854-0505 Servicing: AK, ID, OR, WA Power Products Wakefield, MA (781) 246-1811 Servicing: CT, MA, ME, NH, RI, VT Superior Diesel, Inc. North Charleston, SC (843) 553-8331 Servicing: GA, KY (Eastern), SC, TN (Eastern) Volvo Penta Canada Burnaby, BC (604) 872-7511 Servicing: Western Canada Wajax Power Systems Ste. Foy, QC (418) 651-5371 Servicing: Labrador, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, St. Pierre et Miquelon Western Branch Diesel Portsmouth, VA (757) 673-7000 Servicing: NC, OH, PA (Western), VA, WV

Conserving Resources Eco-friendly and fuel-efficient: two important attributes the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources considered when evaluating engines to repower fisheries vessel R/V Palmetto. And their selection of Volvo Penta D16 MH600 Tier 3 engines is paying off. “The fuel efficiency provided by the new Volvo Penta engines will contribute to considerable savings in operating costs and increase endurance time on station,” says Robert Boyles, deputy director of the Marine Resources Division, SCDNR. At least a 45% improvement in fuel economy is expected.

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2017-03 Workboat.indd WB_FULLS.indd 41 1

2/8/2017 10:19:09 AMPM 2/8/17 12:05

Tier Drop Engine manufacturers, vessel operators

An MTU 12V4000M64 diesel being installed in the second of four WETA San Francisco ferries built by Vigor.

By Kirk Moore, Associate Editor

WB_CoverStory_LINO.indd 42


t the 2016 International WorkBoat Show in New Orleans, the coming year’s onset of tough new Tier 4 emission standards for diesel engines hung over everyone’s head. Literally, as in the Rolls-Royce floor display of a selective catalyst reduction (SCR) exhaust gas aftertreatment system, a lime-green box looming over an MTU 4000 series engine. And Tier 4 was on many show visitors’ minds, with panel sessions on the engineering tradeoffs forced by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s long campaign to reduce diesel emissions. From previous Tier 2 engine designs, Tier 3 reduces nitrogen oxides (NoX) by another 20%, and cuts diesel particulate matter (PM) by 34%. The new generation of Tier 4 engines over 804 hp


and builders navigate new Tier 4 emissions rules.

make a bigger leap still: further reduction of NOx by 74% and cutting PM by 82% from Tier 3. “That’s a big jump,” Ram Ottikkutti, executive manager for advanced technologies with GE Transportation, explained at one session on emissions and fuel economy. “That means more tradeoffs” in engine temperatures, pressures and power, he said. Selective catalytic reduction (SCR), with its use of urea as a reagent to reduce NOx, has become the easiest way to comply with Tier 4, widely used in new-generation heavy trucks and off-road equipment, Ottikkutti noted. But for maritime use, urea requires new tankage capacity – in some newer tug designs, even more than fresh water. For vessel designers and builders, new emis-

2/9/17 10:47 AM

A display of MTU engines and SCR emissions controls at the 2016 International WorkBoat Show shows the extra machinery space needed to meet Tier 4 requirements.

Kirk Moore

sion control systems can require two to three times the internal space of old exhaust setups, said Mukul Girota, global product leader for marine and stationary products with GE Transportation. Operators are focused on the total lifespan costs, Girota said. The growing adoption of SCR technology brings with it new maintenance issues, adding about 2% to operating costs over 20 years, he said. The Rolls-Royce MTU display showed the 20-year evolution of the company’s Series 4000 engines into new offerings for Tier 4 power. This includes the M05 Series 4000, being marketed for delivery starting in 2018 as primary propulsion systems for tugs, ferries and supply vessels, and for generating power on ships and offshore platforms. Through improved turbocharging, combustion and injection systems, and the new MTU SCR unit, the engine makers say they reduce NOx emissions by 75% and PM by 65%, without using separate diesel particulate filters. MTU had another successor to show: a new 16-cylinder gas engine, based on its MTU 16V 4000 M63 diesel, available in 2018 with a range of 2,011 hp to 2,682 hp, to be followed with an 8-cylinder with a 1,005-hp to 2,011-hp range. With multipoint gas injection, variable combustion pressure control and improved turbocharging, the engines can meet IMO III emission standards without additional exhaust aftertreatment. A compact, built-on oxidizing catalytic converter can be used to achieve EPA Tier 4 standards. Likewise in a center spot near the main entrances at the WorkBoat Show was Caterpillar’s 3500E Tier 4 Final/ IMO III engine, near the same spot where the company rolled out its first comprehensive Tier 4 packages – the 3516C and C280 – at the 2013 show. “This is our product of the future to meet EPA Tier 4,” said Jason Spear of Caterpillar’s 3500 line product development team, in a promotional video produced at the show. Now in its 35th year of production, the latest iteration of the 3500 series, launched in Novem-

ber, is rated for 3,385 hp constant duty. Past models were intermittent “so we’re building in more power,” Spear noted. The emissions system includes new electronic controls, a closed crankcase that sends its emissions to the engine intake and filtering, and a compact SCR system. EMISSION CONTROLS On the show floor in New Orleans in December, there was speculation about how the Trump administration might affect Tier 4 enforcement on the maritime industry. Some joked that, like the Affordable Care Act, Republicans might “repeal and replace.” But regulators and industry alike have invested too much already in the technology, through years of Republican and Democratic administrations in Washington – and marine manufacturers are selling to a worldwide audience governed by international regulations. “We are now fully into EPA Tier 4,” with its standards for NOx and PM, and international IMO standards focused on NOx, said Jeff Sherman, senior commercial marine sales manager for MTU America Inc. “For MTU we have chosen to deliver a product that will meet both markets.” Over the last couple of years, companies planning new vessels had to base their decisions on engine and design choices, leading to a flurry of new construction. There are 13 new fast ferries in the works with MTU engines. • MARCH 2017 • WorkBoat

WB_CoverStory_LINO.indd 43

“Customers realized they were coming up to the end of Tier 3 (for larger horsepower) and made the decision to move ahead,” Sherman said. “One of the challenges for the ferry industry is with the Tier 4 engines. There’s not a lot of space in high-speed aluminum catamarans. That is a huge challenge.” In its 2004 regulatory impact analysis for marine and off-road diesel engine emission regulations, the EPA said those two sources accounted for fully 40% of all PM pollution, and could grow to 47% by 2030. But with tiered emission standards, emissions of NOx and PM will be cut by 738,000 and 129,000 tons. The EPA estimates this will “prevent 12,000 premature deaths, over 8,900 hospitalizations, 15,000 nonfatal heart attacks, and approximately 1 million days that people miss work because of respiratory symptoms.” Overall, those health benefits will top more than $83 billion annually by 2030, the EPA said. The onset of Tier 4 for bigger engines has become a design issue for the new generation of harbor tugs to service bigger neo-Panamax container ships. But “our emissions inventory was intended to reflect the contribution of the full range of workboats, including harbor craft, with category 1 and 2 engines,” an EPA spokesman said. “EPA is seeing a variety of technologies that are being used to comply to meet the emissions requirements,” the spokesman said. 43

2/9/17 10:48 AM

Kirk Moore

To achieve Tier 4 standards, engine manufacturers and power system designers use techniques and choices in several aspects of the system, including fuel injection, electronic engine controls, air management, and exhaust aftertreatments. The basic challenge has been to control for NOx pollutants produced at higher temperatures and PM or simply carbon soot that comes out at lower temperatures. Exhaust treatments include oxidation catalysts – think of catalytic converters on passenger automobiles – and diesel particulate filters to capture PM. Combined in an exhaust treatment module, catalytic oxidation and filters help hot exhaust gas to oxidize carbon soot in a process called passive regeneration. Some systems can provide an automated heating boost at appropriate times to maintain regeneration. SCR injects diesel exhaust fluid, a solution of water and urea. Encountering the hot exhaust gas, urea breaks

Caterpillar’s 3500E Tier 4 Final/IMO III engine on display at the 2016 International WorkBoat Show.

down into ammonia, which mixes with NOx and passes into the SCR catalyst. There a chemical reaction converts it into nitrogen and water vapor. The treatment systems bring new maintenance issues, particularly for particulate filters. That was one motivation when engineers at Pacific Power

Group, Vancouver, Wash., developed a propulsion and exhaust treatment system for new ferries for San Francisco Bay Ferry to achieve Tier 4 performance without using particulate filters. The San Francisco Bay Area Water Emergency Transportation Authority’s (WETA) longstanding policy has been

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E: • MARCH 2017 • WorkBoat

2/9/17 10:48 AM

WB_FULLS.indd 45

2/8/17 12:06 PM

to use the best available green technology to control emissions. WETA had PPG design the packages for an earlier set of San Francisco Bay ferries in 2011 – the 118' Gemini and Pisces, 149-passenger vessels designed by Incat Crowther that exceeded then-current Tier 2 emissions standards by 85% using SCR technology then available. For the four new WETA Incat Crowther 135' aluminum catamarans being built at Vigor (formerly Kvichak

Marine Industries) in Ballard, Wash., PPG is installing MTU 12V4000M64 1,950-hp engines and ZF 7600 reduction gears. The ferries will each carry up to 400 passengers at 27 knots. The first ferry was delivered in February. The 4000 series engines were previously certified to EPA Tier 3 marine emission levels, and PPG’s aftertreatment system brings that to Tier 4 Final standards. Independent emissions test results verified by InfoWedge, El


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WB_CoverStory_LINO.indd 46

Dorado Hills, Calif., and the University of California, Riverside, showed those “emissions are believed to be lower than any currently operating passenger ferry in the U.S.,” according to PPG. COST, WEIGHT, SPACE The WETA contract sought EPA “Tier 4-like performance,” said PPG vice president Bill Mossey. “When the contract was bid, there was no Tier 4 in this power class. These are relatively high-speed aluminum vessels, so they’re very restrictive in weight and space.” The power designers kept their eyes on “cost, space, weight, and maintenance.” Filters tend to be maintenance-intensive, and can be affected even more by duty cycles and speeds. Filters mean more back pressure too, so the system tends to be bigger and heavier, Mossey noted. The designers went with a diesel oxidation catalyst to reduce PM, and SCR for NOx reduction. Working with Vigor, PPG optimized the reactor housing with a catalyst so it would have the least impact on the center of gravity and exhaust structure. “We probably reduced the weight by 30%, about 800 pounds,” Mossey said. “The bigger benefit for the operator is reducing the maintenance and the complexity.” Cleaner air with new Tier 3 engines is a selling point in the growing New York ferry market. New York’s Citywide Ferry operated by Hornblower New York said its fleet of 19 aluminum catamarans launching this summer will meet the latest emission standards. That market niche, where the best of Tier 3 can bring performance up close to the next level, is where Moteurs Baudouin is aiming to expand in North America. The century-old French marine diesel manufacturer and its U.S. distributor Motor-Services Hugo Stamp Inc., Fort Lauderdale, Fla., are getting their big chance with Hornblower’s selection of Baudouin’s M26.3 diesel series to power the Citywide ferries. “We are the small guys,” said Torsten • MARCH 2017 • WorkBoat

2/9/17 10:48 AM

The Atlantic Pioneer, the first U.S.-flag offshore wind crew transfer vessel, is outfitted with MAN Tier 3 engines.

Kirk Moore

Schmitt, engine sales manager for Hugo Stamp’s high-speed division. While other power suppliers have been slowed by the offshore energy slump, “we came from a totally different angle,” he said. Hugo Stamp is positioning itself with the Baudouin 6 M16 engine to be right below the Tier 4 threshold in the workboat sector. “We are lucky we discovered this brand at the right time,” Schmitt said. Volvo Penta offers another way to tweak Tier 3 performance with its IPS900 vectoring drive units. The forward-facing puller propeller system offers efficiency and fuel savings, and higher Tier 3 performance for small workboats, such as offshore wind farm crew transfer vessels and pilot boats. With the higher thrust of IPS900 drives, an 800-hp Tier 3 power package can effectively yield the performance of a 1,000-hp Tier 4 engine without

the expense, weight and maintenance issues with those emission standards, said Gerard Torneman, marine commercial sales project manager for

Volvo Penta. “That means we don’t need SCR,” he said. “That’s going to be very important.”

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See the Light

Orca Green Marine LED navigation lights were installed on this Maryland fireboat .

By Michael Crowley, Correspondent


WB_BG_lighting_LINO.indd 48


ack in the 1930s in Boston Harbor, the Luna, a 100' tugboat operated by Boston Towboat Co., could be spotted moving barges into and out of the harbor. (Boston Towboat is now part of Boston Towing & Transportation, a Reinauer company.) At night all three of the Luna’s towing lamps, mounted on the forward mast, would be lit when she was towing a barge. If only two lamps were lit, she was pushing a barge. A crewman had to fill each one of the oil lamps daily. In a good blow the lamps might go out. The incandescent bulb that replaced the oil lamp was a lot more reliable. Generally, as long

Orca Green Marine

Navigation lights have come a long way since the oil lamp.

as a vessel’s batteries remained charged you had navigation lights, though they were susceptible to vibration damage and some of them had to be frequently replaced. “The old incandescent, every 30 days you were changing the bulb,” said Vernon McDermott Sr., president of Julian A. McDermott Corp., Ridgewood, N.Y., and its subsidiary, McDermott Light & Signal. Though with some barge lights, “you were lucky to get one night.” LED LIGHTS That’s a lot of bulb changing. In bad weather, you might not even know if a bulb on a long tow • MARCH 2017 • WorkBoat

2/7/17 4:25 PM

the battery,” said McDermott. “So I came out with the fog module.” The fog module can be supplied with new lights or added to old lights. When the fog rolls in and a barge light is equipped with the module, you just turn the light switch off and then on. Now the light will stay on during the fog-bound day as well as at night. Then it will reset itself to normal operation, so the next day it’s off. “Guys are starting to use it because they are worried about getting sued,” McDermott said. A fog module-equipped light should help operators stay out of court because it controls its energy output. But what about an LED light that’s self-sustaining? Or how about one that can be used to communicate with another boat? That would be an LED light that’s vaguely similar to the old World War II Aldis lamps that signaled by opening and closing a shutter in front of the lens. For the LED versions of these lights you will have to go to Orca Green Marine LLC, Annapolis, Md. In 2002, the company offered “the first Coast Guard LED navigation lights in the world,” said its founder and CEO Meghan Matthews. Since about 2004, Orca has featured its LX Classic series of LED navigation lights, but in the past year it began developing a new line of LED products. One of those, the Q Series, is starting to come on to the market. There will be an AC and a DC version. The AC version is the Q Series Pro. Besides being Coast Guard approved, the lights will be UL1104 certified, which means it’s good for ferries and inspected vessels

McDermott’s two-head spare-bulb LED.

larger than 75'. In the next year, Orca should come out with a controller that can be matched up with the Q Series LED to provide short-range communication with another boat. Data will be uploaded from a computer to an LED light. You will “stream communication data through your light,” said Matthews. It will use LiFi technology, which modulates the light at a very high rate — you won’t notice it — for data transmission. It might be an LED light on your mast or a spotlight that streams data in the direction of the boat you are communicating with. “Everyone else would just see a light but that boat [you are transmitting to] would receive data and then encrypt it,” said Matthews. Both boats need to have LiFi connectivity for this form of wireless internet to work. Orca is also in the early stages of developing LED white lights for inflatables that would be mounted on a collapsible pole in the back of an inflatable. A collar over the bow with a small solar panel will charge a lithium-ion phosphate battery. Utilizing a Picatinny mounting system, the lights can be quickly taken off and stored in a Pelican case.

LED navigation lights now last five to 10 years.

Orca Green Marine

Orca Green Marine

LED navigation lights are now almost standard.

McDermott Light & Signal

was on. That changed with the advent of LED lights. “LEDs completely changed the industry,” said McDermott. “They are not susceptible to vibration and are good for five to 10 years.” Some early LEDs had problems with leaking but even those lights, because of their longevity, saved vessel owners a lot of money in replacement costs. These days, LED lights are pretty much standard. However, “there’s some resistance in Europe,” said McDermott. “They still use old propane tank lights.” One of the newest LEDs from McDermott Light & Signal is a two-head spare-bulb LED. If an LED bulb burns out, the light automatically switches to the second bulb “without a guy having to be there,” said McDermott. The spare-bulb LED light has been available from McDermott Light for about eight months. McDermott describes it “as the new thing that’s coming” and sees demand for its use increasing for both barges and tugs. An LED light feature from McDermott that’s been out for over two years is its fog module. It’s designed for reduced visibility, such as towing in the fog. That’s when the Coast Guard requires that “you have to go out and put your barge lights on,” said McDermott. In the past that often meant sending a crewmember out to cover up the light’s photocell eye, which turns the light on and off based on the daylight, with a piece of tape. Thus the light is always on as long as the tape is in place. The problem with this is that when the fog lifts and the next crew comes on, they might not realize the light is on during the day. “Basically you killed • MARCH 2017 • WorkBoat

WB_BG_lighting_LINO.indd 49


2/7/17 4:31 PM


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Applicants will also be required to pass a USCG Merchant Mariner to Physical and a USCG 24/7 access important DOT Drug Test.

industry resources. Become a member today.

IMMEDIATE OPENINGS: Captains, Mates, Engineers, AB’s and Deckhands Dann Ocean Towing is A leading provider of marine towing services, serving the Eastern Seaboard, Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean and beyond. To Apply Please Visit 3670 S Westshore Boulevard Tampa, FL 33629

Phone (813) 251-5100

Seabulk Towing, Inc. is an established leader in harbor ship assist operations and towing services. We are regularly seeking talented crew and shoreside professionals to join our successful and rewarding team. We offer a competitive compensation package and support career advancement. Please visit the careers section of our website for our current opportunities. Equal Opportunity Employer/Vet/Disability. • MARCH 2017 • WorkBoat

2/9/17 1:50 PM

To advertise please contact Jeff Powell • 207-842-5573 • EMPLOYMENT



PRECISION THE ORIGINAL PRECISION TANK MEASURING SYSTEM! TANK MEASURING SYSTEM! Accurate tank Accurate tank soundings have soundings have TANK TENDER ™ never been easier Accurate tank never been easier when one TANK when one TANK TENDER monitors soundings have upTENDER to ten fuel and monitors up to ten fuel water tanks. never been easier Reliable andnon-water tanks. Reliable nonelectric and easy when one TANK to install. electric and easy to install. ™


Have you thought about the accomplishment you have made by obtaining a Captain’s License? The many hours of study and time at sea?


Push button in and hold, pump slowly. Do not test with deck fill pipe full. Pressure over red line may damage gauge.

HART SYSTEMS, INC. Gig Harbor, Washington

TENDER monitors

up to ten fuel and HART SYSTEMS, INC.


253-858-8481 FAX 253-858-8486


water tanks. TANK 1 TANK 2 TANK 3 TANK 4 PUMP FAX 253-858-8486 253-858-8481 Reliable electric and easy to install. Push button in and hold, pump slowly. Do not test with deck fill pipe full. Pressure over red line may damage gauge.

HART SYSTEMS, INC. Gig Harbor, Washington



253-858-8481 FAX 253-858-8486




DUVIC’S PUMPS “Greater Downtown” HARVEY, LA 70059 Box 1237 • 504-341-1654 PH/FX

Lake Superior Cabs, Inc. Building Pilot Houses, Equipment Cabs and Control Houses since 1992

8-500kW Marine Generators // Pull harder in the harshest marine environments // More copper and premium corrosion resistance // Superior motor starting and low operating temps // Better fuel economy and longer engine life // Easy to service and worldwide dealer support // Proudly made in America 121 W. Harney Rd Esko, MN Toll Free: 800-328-1823 Fax: 218-879-4640 Dean Myers

1.800.777.0714 toll free • MARCH 2017 • WorkBoat

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2/9/17 11:13 AM


Your Source For Employment, Equipment & Services MARINE GEAR & SUPPLIES


A Veteran Owned Business

John E. Zuehlke

1-800-757-8250 US: AU:

From sunrise to sunset,


for removing coatings and rust

the news and information you need, when you need it. 24/7 access to important industry resources. Become a member today. Rustibus® is designed to de-scale and power brush ship decks, hatch covers, tank tops, etc. free from paint and rust!


USA OFFICE Ph: 832-203-7170

Reduced Price, $1,690,000

Call: 850-255-5266

TUGS/BARGES FOR RENT BARGES SIZED FROM 8’x18’ TO 45’x120’ ALSO “SHUGART” SECTIONAL BARGES “TRUCKABLE TUGS” HERE Smith Brothers I nc., G alesv ille, MD 20765 (410) 867-1818 w w 52

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Now Manufacturing and Installing Fire Retardant Bunk Curtains

We are a Custom Manufacturer of Wheelhouse Tinted Shades & Crew Quarter Blackout Shades

We custom build every shade to fit each window in our facility. They are Incredibly durable, driven by over-sized clutches and operated by a stainless steel pull chain. We offer measurement and installation services in Southern Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. We carry $5,000,000 workers’ compensation, and liability insurance policies with U.S.L.&H. and the Jones Act.

Download our order form to purchase your shades today.

Contact: Edward Kass III | 504-615-5833 | | • MARCH 2017 • WorkBoat

2/9/17 11:14 AM

To advertise please contact Jeff Powell • 207-842-5573 • SERVICES

2021 Dauphine Street

(800) 823-1324


Keel Coolers

New Orleans, LA 70116

(504) 945-8917

Trouble free marine engine cooling since 1927!

THE WALTER MACHINE CO, INC Tel: 201-656-5654 • Fax: 201-656-0318



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TECHNICAL SERVICES 10/19/16 11:14 AM 53

2/9/17 11:15 AM


Your Source For Employment, Equipment & Services SERVICES

BAYFRONT MARINE, INC. WORLDWIDE VESSEL DELIVERY SERVICE EXPERIENCED PROFESSIONALS Licensed Masters, Engineers and Crews Call Mel or Diane Longo (904) 824-8970

Become a Certified and Accredited Marine Surveyor

Fishing Vessel Qualified. Complete course and examination for all vessel types and uses. 1-800-245-4425 or

USCG License Software Affordable–Merchant Marine Exam Training Freelance Software, 39 Peckham Place, Bristol RI 02809


We Build the Ship First. Production Lofting Detail Design 3D Modeling St. John’s, NL | Vancouver, BC | New Orleans, LA 709.368.0669 | 504.287.4310 |


Maritime TOAR Assessments N

Coast Guard & State Pilotage License Insurance Available Coverages; Legal Defense for CG, NTSB and State Pilot Hearings; Federal and State Civil Actions Reimbursement for Loss of Wages Group Coverage Also Available R.J. Mellusi & Co., 29 Broadway, Suite 2311 New York, N.Y. 10006 Tel. 1(800)280-1590, Fax. 1(212)385-0920,



Providing Mariners with Solutions for USCG TOAR Requirements


BPE Consulting, Inc. Blast & Paint Equipment Consulting

• Floor plan layout consulting • Equipment design & selection • Code compliance consulting • Operating & unit cost studies • Concept-to-commissioning consulting • 952-486-2623


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Your Source For Employment, Equipment & Services





Ahead Sanitation Systems Inc...........15 Aventics Corporation.........................47

Mari2me Ins2tute of Technology

Blount Boats Inc................................15


925 Cherry Street

Panama City, FL 32401

Bloom Incorporated...........................15 Brunswick Commercial

& Gov't Products............................. Cv2

USCG Approved Courses Basic First Aid, CPR & AED

Leadership & Managerial Skills

STCW (Basic Safety Training)

Radar Renewal

Able Seaman / Lifeboatman Limited

Exam Prep (500 / 1600 / 3rd Mate)

100 Ton Master (Upgrade)

T O A R (Towing Operator Assessment Record)

200 Ton Master (Upgrade)

Visual Communications (Flashing Lights)

Celestial Navigation

OUPV (Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vehicles)

Commercial Marine Expo Inc.............28

Cummins Marine...............................31 Diesel America West..........................12 Duramax Marine LLC.....................CV3 Fremont Maritime Services..................4 Furuno USA.........................................5 GPLink, LLC......................................18 Hamilton Marine Inc.............................2 Hougen Mfg., Inc...............................50 Imtra Corp.........................................50 JMS Naval Architects.........................44 John Deere Power Systems...............20 Karl Senner, LLC............................CV4 Louisiana Cat.....................................19 MAN Engines & Components Inc......45 Marine Machining & Mfg....................16 McDermott Light & Signal..................29 Mitsubishi Turbocharger and Engine America, Inc...................27 Motor-Services Hugo Stamp Inc........17 MTU America Inc.................................3 Nautican Research & Development Ltd............................46 Power Panels, LLC............................18 Research Products/Blankenship........12 RIBCRAFT USA................................50 R W Fernstrum & Company.................6 Scania..................................................7 Sheaves Inc.......................................47 Simrad - Navico.................................25 Steiner Construction..........................10 TMS - LevelCom................................44 Total / Lubmarine...............................21 Volvo Penta........................................41 Walker Engineering Enterprises..........9 Western Fire & Safety........................35 Yanmar America................................13 ZF Marine.......................................... 11 • MARCH 2017 • WorkBoat

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2/10/17 9:30 AM


• A Treasury Department order took effect on Feb. 24 that transferred from the Bureau of Customs to the U.S. Coast Guard the responsibility of admeasurement and documentation of vessels and certain other technical marine functions. • Two high-speed Equity Standard 59' water taxis have been placed into service on

the Mississippi River in New Orleans to provide scheduled service between midtown and the entire New Orleans port area. The Citation and the Whirlaway are each powered by two General Motors 12V71N diesels that provide a speed of 27 knots. The vessels have passenger capacities of 49. • Neville Stone, executive vice president of Crounse Corp., Paducah, Ky., was elected chairman of the board of MARCH 1977 the American Wa-

terways Operators at the annual Washington, D.C., meeting of directors. He succeeds Robert L. Bryant, corporate marine manager, The Dow Chemical Co., Freeport, Texas. Bryant continues as a director of the association.

• Jeffboat has begun construction on • The Delta Queen has inaugurated a new 200'×73' ferry for the Mississippi cruise service between New Orleans River Bridge Authority. The 1,400-hp and Houston on the Gulf Intracoastal Capt. Neville Levy will carry up to 40 Waterway. The service began on Dec. cars and 1,000 passengers across the 17 with a five-night cruise from New Mississippi River in New Orleans. Jeff- Orleans. More cruises are set for Februboat will deliver the ferry late this year ary and March. and a sistership early next year. The new ferries will feature three decks. The main deck is for automobiles and the upper and Texas decks for MARCH 1987 passengers. • Bollinger Machine Shop and Shipyard, Lockport, La., has landed a $99.3 million contract to build 16 more 110' Island-class cutters for the U.S. Coast Guard. Bollinger’s original $100 million contract awarded in 1984 for the first 16 boats is almost finished. The shipyard has delivered the first 13 with one more in the water and the remaining two under construction. The 56

WB_LooksBack_LINO.indd 56

primary mission of the Island-class cutters is high-speed drug interdiction. • The National Association of Passenger Vessel Owners (NAPVO) held its 15th annual convention in Hollywood, Fla., in January. Most NAPVO members enjoyed strong demand in 1986 and were optimistic about the 1987 season. NAPVO reported that over 300 attended the meeting. • MARCH 2017 • WorkBoat

2/10/17 10:51 AM



Engineered for Optimum Sealing Performance.

The DryMax™ seal is a robust, environmentally friendly, water-lubricated stern tube seal system. Engineered to accommodate the most axial and radial shaft movement of any seal design while eliminating wear on the shaft.

Reversible DuraChrome™ mating ring gives 2X the life extending drydock intervals

Keeps seawater out of your vessel and your bilge dry. The DryMax™ engineered nitrile rubber ring rotates with the shaft and creates a hydrodynamic seal with the DuraChrome™ mating ring.

Superior sealing and wear life. The proprietary rubber polymer seal ring and the DuraChrome™ alloy mating ring have been engineered to provide optimal sealing and long wear life.

Virtually maintenance free. An inflatable seal is built into the housing allowing seal inspection and primary sealing ring replacement at sea without dry docking.


DryMax™ is ideal for vessels operating in both brown and blue water. It accommodates shaft sizes and stern tubes up to 36".


The DryMax™ seal is also available as a rudder stock seal.

For more information on DryMax™ Shaft Seal or to purchase contact: Duramax Marine at 440-834-5400 or go to

Duramax Marine® is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company

Products And Knowledge You Trust WB_CVRS.indd 3 2016WORKBOATAd_8.125x10.875.indd 1

p: 440.834.5400 f: 800.497.9283 2/8/17 11:59 11/4/16 9:33 AM



“When it came time to change the reduction gearbox on the Ocean Rover, Karl Senner, LLC helped make an incredibly big job a manageable endeavor. They were a great partner helping us outfit the Rover with a new REINTJES gearbox and even a new Alconza shaft generator. We couldn’t be happier with the results!” Kevin Kiive Director of Port Engineering American Seafoods Company

Karl Senner, LLC is proud to equip the F/V Ocean Rover with a REINTJES LAF 6755P reduction gearbox, a 2880 kW EPD supplied generator, and Vulkan torsional couplings for American Seafoods Company’s most recent DNV ice class repower.

Karl Senner, LLC proudly represents:

(504)469-4000 WWW.KARLSENNER.COM WB_CVRS.indd 4

2/8/17 12:00 PM

WorkBoat March 2017  

WorkBoat March 2017

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