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2020 State Convention

Historian's note ............................. 3 Officers (Scorpio)............................ 4, 5 Credits ............................................. 26

Start of State ................................. 13 Spirit (Taurus) ............................... 14, 15 Certamen (Libra) .......................... 16 Toga Dinner (Pisces) .................... 17, 18 That's Entertainment (Gemini) .. 19

2019 National Convention Quarantine - Latin Edition Nationals! .................................... 6 Spirit (Aries).....................................7-9 Online Board Meetings ................ 20 Olympica/Ludi (Sagittarius) ......... 10, 11 Certamen (Leo) ............................... 12 Chapter Highlights ........................ 21-25


Historian's Note Salve reader! My name is Olivia Patel, and welcome to my journey through the past year in the WJCL! For this year's theme I decided to go with something that could relate to everything I would be presenting, and I thought what better than the zodiac signs! Zodiac signs, having Greek roots and relatable traits, were assigned to each section to really personify the events that occurred in the photographs and the story the scrapbook is trying to tell. So, while reading the scrapbook, it would be helpful to take note of the connections that have been made between the events in the photos and the traits of the signs. Enjoy the WJCL version of 2019-2020! Olivia Patel, WJCL Historian


Meet the Officers

Niels Armbruster

Patrick Walsh

Camille Deslongchamps


1st VP

2nd VP


Ben Lorenz

Noah Abuhajir

Eddie Kustner





Meet the Officers

Olivia Patel

Ilia Mikhailenko

Emma Canga


Tech Co


What does the sign mean? Scorpio is the zodiac sign of strength and power when it comes to bearing the pressures of fire, or in this case, the WJCL. The zodiac sign scorpio relates to the WJCL Board because each and every one of the board members works together to create a well running WJCL.





Fargo, North Dakota

Camille and Ben passing the long bus ride together with a smile!

The official 2019 Nationals schedule!

Rebecca and Elizabeth ready to head out for Fargo!


2019 National Convention

Spirit, Day 1 What does the sign mean? WJCL Delegates preparing for their first day of spirit at the 2019 National Convention.

Aries represents one's need to project their personality onto others. Aries also like to be #1. This compares to what takes place at Spirit during National Convention. Delegates from all around the country raise their voices in order to express "vox populi" or "the voice of the people", in hope to place first.

Delegates Olivia and Rayen ready to participate in their first National's Spirit Day!

"WI in your EYE!

7 Aries

2019 National Convention

Spirit, Day 2 Ben and Niels preparing for the second day of spirit dressed as bees.

Ben leading the WJCL section in the classic "We are Wisconsin" cheer.

Wisconsin delegation getting crazy for cheer after cheer.

laetificet clamore magno!

8 Aries

2019 National Convention

Spirit, Last Day Wisconsin delegation cheering their way into the last day of spirit at convention.

Niels, Adam, and Sanjiv all smiling for the last day of spirit!

Rebecca and Shir enjoying their last day in Fargo before their last spirit at nationals.

9 Aries

2019 National Convention

Olympica Sagittarius

Team Wisconsin cheers on their fellow delegates in the pool. Wisconsin delegates take to the pool!

What does the sign mean? Wisconsin delegates throwing up the W after a great morning of Olympica track and field races.

Sagittarius represents the idea of aiming for high goals and having fun. The bow and arrow symbol itself can be drawn back to ancient Roman sport. Players in Ludi typically don't play the sports they participate in for serious competition, but more for the camaraderie of it.


2019 National Convention

Ludi Ludi Ludi! Team WIsconsin breaks it down after a win in basketball.


Rayen serving up heat in the Ludi volleyball tournament.

Wisconsin delegates all happy after finishing their soccer tournament.


2019 National Convention


"IPSA SCIENTIA POTESTAS EST" Wisconsin's novice team bringing the heat in one of their first certain matches!

Leo What does the sign mean? Leo is the zodiac sign consequently known as "the king of competition" due to its nature of competitiveness and determination. Certamen teams all around the country gather to preform a battle of the whits, and display tough competitive nature, similar to the sign Leo.

The advanced team slowly making their way to the championship round.


State Convention booklet including running officers, the schedule etc.,

WJCL State 2020 Torch Edition.

Homestead delegates bus ride all the way to Madison.


2020 State Convention

Spirit, Day 1 Homestead delegates rocking the pirate outfit to show they like Cap'n Cruch.


What does the sign mean?

DSHA delegates dressed as "Lucky Charms" to fit the cereal theme.

Taurus is considered the most high spirited sign, right behind Aries. The sign Taurus is a symbol of expression and spirit, which is something that can be found in every WJCLer at the spirit part of convention.Â


2020 State Convention

Spirit, Day 2 Madison West delegates challenging the rest of the school to the ultimate spirit battle.


"She doesn't even go here!" Mean Girls

DSHA delegates dressed as rays of sunshine to fit day 2's theme: memes.


2020 State Convention


Brookfield East

University School of Milwaukee

Catholic Memorial

What does the sign mean? Libra represents a fair and unselfish nature, which are two characteristics a great certamen player must possess in order to be sucessful. By not being selfish, a player can allow for a greater chance of sucess in the game by allowing a teammate to answer the question.



2020 State Convention

Toga Dinner


DSHA girls ready for the toga cena!

Brookfield Academy students ready to feast in their togas!

What does the sign mean? Pisces is a sign that has a hidden enjoyment for food and good conversation, more so than the other signs. They are all about a sociable meal full of great food and spending time with friends and family. This most closely relates to the cena at state convention, where people from all around the state gather for a big meal together.



2020 State Convention

Toga Dinner

"cibum et bonam conversationem!"



2020 State Convention

That's Entertainment!

Luther Prep's band

This year was the WJCL's first ever That's Entertainment, modeled after Nationals. Since it was the first year, only one school participated; however, the officers also put on a skit!


What does the sign mean? Gemini twins are known for the expressive nature of their many talents. Luther Prep's band sure showed the audience an excellent display of their ability to get up on the state and express themselves in a way of which everyone could enjoy. The officers also expressed their different personalities through the characters they played in their skit "Chopped".

Officer's skit


Quarantine - Latin Edition

Board Meetings Virgo

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the officers have been unable to meet in person since March; however, they have been meeting virtally via Zoom! This is how the officers have been having their monthly board meetings.

What does the sign mean? The zodiac symbol Virgo, although commenly viewed as an introvert, is described to have great problem solving skills. This directly reflects on the board member's ability to adapt to online meetings instead of in person meetings to get things done within the board. This ability to adapt to Zoom calls shows the qualities of a Virgo.

veni, vidi, vici 20

Chapter Highlights

Madison West

at State

at Nationals

What does the sign mean? Capricorn traits can vary between anywhere from dependant and connected to cunning and hard working. Since this is the most broad of the zodiac signs, it fits the many characteristics each chapter has to offer to the WJCL. No chapter is the same, and it is better that way.Â



Chapter Highlights


at Nationals

at State

club event



Chapter Highlights


at Nationals

at State

club event



Chapter Highlights

Brookfield East

club event

at State



Chapter Highlights

Brookfield Academy

at Nationals

at State

club event Capricorn


Credits Photographs



Bella Cicero Olivia Patel Elizabeth Foster Emma Canga Allison Schmidt Madeline Schultz Ali Fishbain Mary Kaup


Olivia Patel