2018-2019 WJCL Scrapbook

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Musca Borealis

2018-2019 WJCL Scrapbook

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2019 WJCL Convention

Historian's Note.............................3 Taurus (Officers)............................4 Credits...........................................31

Orion (Spirit)...............................16 Leo (Certamen)...........................18 Ganymede (Toga Cena)..............19

2018 NJCL Convention

State Meetings

Virgo (Spirit)...................................6 Perseus (Capture the Helen).......20 Hercules (Service and Certamen)...10 Lyra (Photo of the Month)..........22 Sagittarius (Ludi)............................12 Hydra (Chapter Pages)................24


Salvete mea amici! This past year was not only driven by a theme of bees, but by an interest to reconnect with all that the JCL is: friends from other schools and states, service projects benefiting charities locally to internationally, and the classical languages we love This scrapbook tells the story of the WisconsinJCL from the beehive in Miami, Ohio to our delegation's return to the hive in Fargo, North Dakota. through constellations. The cover features Musca Borealis, which today we regard as a fly, but the constellation's discoverer, Petrus Plancius, originally named it "Apes," or "Bee." Constellations are featured throughout the scrapbook, connecting with each page's content. Enjoy the stargazing!

Elizabeth Foster

WJCL Historian 2019-2020

Historian's Note


2019-2020 WJCL Officers

Hope Judge president


Caleb Saffold 1st vice president

Ben Lorenz parlimentarian

Arushi Dhingra 2nd vice president

Niels Armbruster treasurer

Kyle Jain secretary


Elizabeth Foster historian

Reena Singhal editor

Taurus is a constellation of Jupiter, having transformed into a bull to woo Europa. Jupiter led the gods, and in the same way, the WJCL Board leads the WJCL

Corrina Callahan tech co


2018 NJCL Convention 2018 NJCL Convention Miami, Ohio

WJCL delegates gather around on the first day of convention



As Virgo's weapon is the scales of Libra to achieve justice, the WJCL competes using the knowledge of the classics to win victories.

Convention Packet and Schedule

Roman Procession

Officers lead spirit

make comments yeet

University of Miami, Ohio

Maddi and Katie cheers on certamen


Friends+Ludi= Memoriees

Roman Procession


Spirit Days Oh, HI! O JCL

Hello! Welcome to Convention

Make New FRIends But Keep tHe Old, One is Purple and A classic Girl Scout the Other's Gold song, but applicable to

friendships made from the classics.


Rock n Roll JCL

Cincinnatus Had a farm In true WIsco spirit, delegates dress as cows

Rock 'n' Roll JCL

2nd VPs pass on traditions

The iconic red togas, cheese hats, and a day of pictures in the home of the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame the certamen team finally rests



Wisco makes blankets

Bella Cicero finally learns to braid

In the same way that Hercules served ancient civilization and won victories, WisconsinJCL served the homeless by making blankets and won Intermediate Certamen.



From novice...

To intermediate...

To advanced to... NATIONAL CHAMPS!




Katie McCarthy has the Wico Ludi team hold up a "W" after winning Ludi Soccer.

Ludi Wisco plays Ludi Ultimate Frisbee before losing their only game at convention to Florida.


Ludi ultimate frisbee

Just as Sagittarius aims his bow, Wisco teams aim for victory in Ludi and Olympika.

Ludi basketball

Ludi volleyball


Ludi soccer

Wisco wins in Ludi Basketball, Soccer, and Volleyball and scores big in Olympika


2019 State Convention Madison, Wisconsin

Joanna Boyland shows off her owl after winning convention sweepstakes

Delegates are bundled up for the cold

Thursday and Friday's schedule

This year's state convention was particularly unique-- while cold days across the state occured, Latin students made the trek to Maidson in weather with a high of -11 and low of -24 degrees Fahrenheit, with windchill around 50 below zero.



Jake Brink addresses the WJCL after the officer auction

The WJCL commemorates the legacy of Mags at her last convention before her retirement Magistra Knight, Magis, and Mags


Spirit at State


ever wanted to see an entire state dressed as cereal? Homestead as Captain Crunch



Similarly to Orion, chapters are huntsmen of points. To win points, chapters participate in spirit.

Brookfield Academy as your cereal cupboard


pax et amor~ Homestead Brookfield Academy

~peace and love

Delegates showing off their groovy spirit

The sixties

Welcome John Lennon glasses and tie dye


Certamen Leo As Hercules defeated the Nemean lion, represented by the constellation Leo, Certamen teams seek to defeat one another.


Delegates gather on the last night of convention. Brookfield Academy sports blue togas.

Max Franks organizes his table to purchse an officer in the upcoming auction.

Toga Dinner


As Ganymede is the cup bearer and allows Jupiter to dine, WJCL delegates dine in togas on the final night of convention.


"Capture the Helen" To reach Mags's house, across the flood street, WJCLers carried their shoes, rolled up their jeans, and took pictures as they waded through the lake.



orion + spirit Just as Perseus made a water journey to win yeet Andromeda, May Meeting Attendees drove though lakes to play Capture the Helen.

Mags's farm proved more interesting than any game. WJCLers climbed the silo and took a hike through the woods.

Half of the board posed (and played) on the swing set

orion + spirit yeet

& May Board Meeting


Photo of the Month May

Victoria Toledo, Brookfield Academy



Bella Cicero, Homestead High School


Camille Deslongchamps, DSHA


Similar to the art Orpheus makes on his lyre (represented by the constellation Lyra), WJCL members take artsy photos.


Chapter Pages Brookfield Academy Homestead High School Brookfield East University School of Milwaukee Divine Savior Holy Angels



Whiile Hydra is made of many heads, and the WJCL is made of many chapters, each entity functions as a part of the whole. The following pages are some of the different chapters within the WJCL.

At a Latin Club meeting, students gather to work on club activities.

BA delegates at NJCL Convention gather on the spirit day "Rock 'n' Roll JCL"

Brookfield Academy


Homestead High School After state convention, HHS Latin poses in front of the state capitol with their Latin Club merch..


HHS Latin marches in the Homecoming Parade with a student favorite, a chariot.

The "BEAST" Latin II Certamen Team takes on finals at state convention.

"BEAST" poses during "Rock 'n' RollJCL" on the last day of nationals.

Brookfield East High School 27

University School of Milwaukee Due to extreme weather conditions, Caleb Saffold was the only delegate to attend the WJCL State Convention on Thursday evening. He still competed in certamen and won the election for 1st VP!


The group poses in front of the Arch of Constantine, with their amazing tour guide, David. Over spring break, DSHA's Latin Club traveled to Rome and Italy.

Divine Savior Holy Angels 29

Wauwatosa East High School On World Language Food Day, Augusta Dictatrix is holding her homemade Roman bread

Sieg is dressed in traditional Roman attire and talking to freshmen about the wonders of Latin



Photographers: Elizabeth Foster Reena Singhal Evan Day Alex Castroverde

Software Canva

Graphics Elizabeth Foster

2018 WJCL Delegation to NJCL Convention


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