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GENERAL NOTES In consideration of your fellow audience members’ comfort and enjoyment of the show, we ask the following: Electronic Devices: We request that all cellular phones and watch alarms be turned off prior to the show. Late Seating Policy: Patrons who arrive after a performance has begun will not be seated until an appropriate interval in the program. At the Pavilion Theatre, this will not be possible until intermission. If there is no intermission, latecomers cannot be seated. Scent-free Facilities: Pease arrive perfume/cologne-free and do not bring flowers into the lobby or theatre. Children: WCT Productions, unless they are identified as Family Friendly, are not suitable for children or babes in arms. Every patron, regardless of age, requires a ticket. For more information, go to wctlive.ca. Recording Policy: Due to copyright regulations, the use of cameras and other video or audio recording of this performance by any means is strictly prohibited. Services for Patrons with Disabilities: Both the Pavilion and Sagebrush theatres are wheelchair accessible and equipped with wheelchair seating locations; please see the House Manager for details.


WELCOME FROM THE ARTISTIC DIRECTOR I’ve always loved the shiver of anticipation that happens right before we watch a play. The house lights start to dim, the audience buzz gets just a bit louder. Perhaps there is music. The auditorium goes dark. We go silent. The possibilities in that moment are endless: Will we experience joy, sadness, mystery, fun? Will we shed tears or bust a gut laughing? Will the actors come into the audience and make us dance? Whatever happens, we know that what we are about to see will make us better in some way: smarter, happier, more engaged with the world. Live theatre is a chance to be entertained, moved, and inspired – and it’s a chance to share that experience with our families, our friends, and our community. This sharing is an essential part of the experience – and for me, it doesn’t end when the houselights come up. If you aren’t talking about the play on the drive home, or at work the next day, we haven’t done our jobs. We are in the business of changing lives – and every time you come through our doors, we want yours to be changed for the better. Exhilarating live theatre is essential to the life of a city. Theatre is entertainment, but it is also much more: it is a gathering place, a place to exchange ideas, a place to meet your neighbours, and a place to relax and enjoy. This experience can be particularly valuable for our young people, through our performances as well as through classes in our Stage One Theatre School. For them, theatre education can be a vital tool in developing confidence, interpersonal and communication skills, lateral thinking, and awareness of the world. You will enjoy a fantastic season at WCT in 2016-2017. From great new work, to high-spirited comedy, to Canadian favourites, to a musical which will guarantee you some of the most fun you’ve ever had in a theatre. Capped off with Daryl’s own adaptation of a wonderful novel, this season is a fitting tribute to the outstanding work that he has given to WCT for the past six years. During Canada’s upcoming 150th Anniversary, we will take pride in our country and in what we have accomplished. We will also take the opportunity to reflect on the challenges and grave mistakes of our past and to seek reconciliation. When we can do this, we will move forward in a tremendous spirit of unity and collaboration that crosses culture, gender, and age. Western Canada Theatre looks forward to playing a leading role in that process through 2017. On a final note, I hope to meet as many of you as I can. For me, theatre is not a one-way street – your participation in what we do at WCT is the most important part of my job. I’d love to hear from you – james@wctlive.ca. If you have thoughts, ideas, or opinions, please let me know – I’m an open door. Thanks to all of you for being so generous in welcoming me to your beautiful city. I am ecstatic to be here, and I look forward to sharing theatre experiences with you for many years to come. James MacDonald Artistic Director Western Canada Theatre is a professional non-profit company. It is an active member of the Professional Association of Canadian Theatres (PACT) and engages, under the terms of the Canadian Theatre Agreement, professional artists who are members of Canadian Actors’ Equity Association. Program Producer: Western Canada Theatre • wctlive.ca • 250-372-3216 Printer: Noran Printing • noranprinting.ca • 250-372-1055 Box Office: Kamloops Live! Box Office • kamloopslive.ca • 250-374-5483


FIND YOURSELF AT WCT SUBSCRIBE & SAVE! Subscriptions Preview Performances PWYC MatinĂŠes Student Discount 25 and Under 65 and Over

Your best value overall! 5-Play Adapt Passes available until December 31. Your best single ticket values are the first Thursday or Friday evenings before the official Opening. A limited number of Pay-What-You-Can tickets are available for the Saturday matinĂŠes of our regular season productions. Only available at the door, so come early. Single tickets for students are only $19. Join us on Preview Thursday or Friday for just $25. Great discounts are available for both subscriptions & single tickets

Contact Kamloops Live! Box Office for more details - 250-374-5483

Western Canada Theatre continues its history of delivering vibrant, professional theatre to our community. The City of Kamloops is proud to be a sponsor and wishes the company all the best in its 2016-2017 season. 4

WELCOME FROM THE GENERAL MANAGER Welcome to WCT’s 41st season of producing professional live theatre for our wonderful community and beyond. I am very proud of our community, and for many of the same reasons, I am proud of Western Canada Theatre. We are a community that takes risks, we continually hit above our weight, and we know how to put on a good show! There are few regional theatres, let alone cities, in this country that embrace the breadth of programming that we do here. From Mamma Mia! to the works in the (RE)Imagine Series: this is a range of productions and corresponding discussions that define who we are without drawing solid lines. We create space to explore emotions, ideas and important subjects without specifying what the answer should be. Attending live theatre is a unique and personal experience within a communal context. As James notes, our aim is to have that experience mean something after you’ve left the theatre. I am particularly proud of our upcoming (RE)Imagine Series. We will be hosting in our community a group of talented First Nations artists over the course of producing a world premiere of The Cure for Death by Lightning and the seminal work Only Drunks and Children Tell the Truth. These brave artists will be helping us create a conversation with our equally brave community based on the recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. To effect real change and understanding, we all need to understand that, to quote Justice Murray Sinclair, “Reconciliation is not a First Nations issue; it is a Canadian issue.” We look forward to re-imagining a bright new future with all of you! It has been my pleasure and honour to work alongside Daryl Cloran in creating these opportunities for our community over the past six seasons. We all wish him and his family only the best in Edmonton. I strongly suspect we will continue the relationship in a new form! I am also extraordinarily pleased to welcome James MacDonald and his partner Tracey Power to Kamloops and WCT! Like Daryl, James is a gifted artist and accomplished professional. I can hardly wait for you to meet him! Thank you for coming to the theatre. Enjoy the show! Lori Marchand General Manager


1322 McGill Road


info@kamtileworks.com Phone: 250-374-1300 • Fax: 250-374-8115




2016 - 2017 SEASON


September 8 to 24, 2016 PAVILION THEATRE A coming-of-age story of a kid with the heart of Rocky Balboa and the moves (and hair) of John Travolta. DID YOU KNOW? As a child, Farren made his parents rent the Rocky movies so often that, much to his mother’s chagrin, the video store gave their life-size Rocky V display to Farren.

THE PLAY Opening Night Reception: Saturday, Sept 10, & SO MUCH Playback Wednesdays: Sept 14 & 21, after the show Pay-What-You-Can Saturday Matinée: Sept 17, 2pm MORE


Produced in association with Thousand Islands Playhouse, Gananogue

October 6 to 15, 2016 SAGEBRUSH THEATRE Spirited fun as the ghost of Charles’ first wife works hard to get rid of his new wife. DID YOU KNOW? The title of the play is taken from Shelley’s poem “To a Skylark”: Hail to thee, blithe Spirit! / Bird thou never wert

Opening Night Night:Reception: Saturday, Sept 10 Oct 8 Saturday, THE PLAY Pay-What-You-Can Saturday Wednesday: Oct 12,Matinée: after theSept show17 & SO MUCH Playback Playback Wednesdays: Sept 14 & 21 Oct 15, 2pm Pay-What-You-Can Saturday Matinée: MORE 7


2016 - 2017 SEASON

MAMMA MIA! Music & Lyrics by


Produced in association with Theatre Aquarius, Hamilton

November 24 to December 6, 2016 SAGEBRUSH THEATRE A mother. A daughter. 3 possible dads. An unforgettable trip down the aisle. Packed with all your ABBA favourites. The ultimate feel-good musical loved the world over. DID YOU KNOW? When ABBA approved the writing of this “jukebox musical,” it was with the agreement that the songs’ lyrics could not be changed. The play had to work around the songs.

THE PLAY Opening Night Reception: Saturday, Nov 26 & SO MUCH Pay-What-You-Can Sat. Matinées: Nov 26 & Dec 3 Playback Wednesday: Nov 30, after the show MORE

Proud to sponsor cultural events in our community New Afton welcomes your feedback. Call us at 250.377.2100 or email us at info@newgold.com Follow us on Twitter @NewAfton www.newgold.com


2016 - 2017 SEASON


Produced in association with Theatre Aquarius, Hamilton, and Thousand Islands Playhouse, Gananogue

January 26 to February 4, 2017 SAGEBRUSH THEATRE Shakespeare’s funniest comedy! Two sets of twins, separated at birth, unknowingly together 25 years later. DID YOU KNOW? Based on the Roman play Menaechmi, Comedy was then adapted for the Rodgers & Hart musical The Boys from Syracuse — over 2,000 years of comedy!

THE PLAY Opening Night Reception: Saturday, Jan. 28 & SO MUCH Playback Wednesdays: Feb 1, after the show Pay-What-You-Can Saturday Matinée: Feb. 4, 2pm MORE


Adapted from the Broadway Production by RICHARD MALTBY, JR. and JASON EDWARDS

Produced in association with Chemainus Theatre Festival

February 23 to March 4, 2017 SAGEBRUSH THEATRE The ultimate tribute to the iconic Johnny Cash, a story of finding love, success, faith & redemption. Includes all Cash’s classic hits. DID YOU KNOW? “The NY Times said, “Though Mr. Cash...is not himself a character... his spirit is invoked as a friendly ghost with dimples and a twinkling disposition.”


Opening Night Reception: Saturday, Feb 25 Playback Wednesdays: Mar 1, after the show Pay-What-You-Can Saturday Matinée: Mar. 4, 2pm 9


2016 - 2017 SEASON (RE)IMAGINE SERIES This season, in recognition of Canada’s 150th Anniversary and the recommendations from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, WCT is presenting two plays — a world premiere and a seminal piece of First Nations writing — that explore the relationship between the Indigenous peoples and the settlers of Canada from different perspectives. The (RE)Imagine Series will also feature readings and events to inspire dialogue, understanding and change.



Based on the book by Gail Anderson-Dargatz

April 6 to 15, 2017 SAGEBRUSH THEATRE

Set in Turtle Valley in the shadow of WWII. The fifteenth summer of Beth Weeks’ life is full of strange happenings. DID YOU KNOW? The Boston Sunday Globe called AndersonDargatz’s style for this novel, her award winning debut, ‘Pacific Northwest Gothic’.

THE PLAY Opening Night Reception: Saturday, Apr 8 & SO MUCH Playback Wednesdays: Apr 12, after the show Pay-What-You-Can Saturday Matinée: Apr 15, 2pm MORE


Produced in association with Thousand Islands Playhouse, Gananogue

May 4 to 13, 2017 PAVILION THEATRE A moving and surprisingly funny story of two sisters finding a way to each other as adults. DID YOU KNOW? In addition to publishing 27 books, Hayden Taylor has performed stand-up comedy at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C.

THE PLAY Opening Night Reception: Sat, May 6 & SO MUCH Playback Wednesdays: May 10, after the show MORE Pay-What-You-Can Sat Matinée: May 13, 2pm 11


And the creative team at the Echo is very proud to support another exciting season with Western Canada Theatre.


1 - 219 Victoria St • 250.374.3246 • echo@shawcable.com



An important, and most enjoyable, part of WCT’s mandate is to provide educational opportunities to promote the performing arts. We look to the future by providing theatre arts education for children and youth, including through our Stage One Theatre School, and professional theatre training for artists and technicians, through internships, mentorships and first-time professional on-stage experience. Nothing brings us greater satisfaction than when one of our students begins to build a career in theatre. Sixteen-year-old Mahekan Anderson is one very recent example. From being a Stage One student last season, he was a Stage One assistant instructor and WCT assistant in the summer of 2016. In the fall of 2015, he also performed onstage in the public reading of The Language Reclamation Project: ECHOES OF THE HOMESICK HEART, by Laura Michel, during the High-Wire Festival. How did you find yourselves at Western Canada Theatre? My mom signed me up for Stage One Theatre School when I was 12. I hadn’t studied at a school, and she wanted to see how I would react to being in a class. Would it help me break out of my shell? And it was good. I connected with the class. It was nice to interact with kids I wasn’t related to. On the reserve, I mainly hung out with cousins.

I’ve been taking Stage One classes for four years now. And then this summer, my reserve (the Neskonlith Indian Band) offered to support me when I proposed working as a summer student at WCT. I’ve done some work painting and in the office and am now working with students in the Stage One classes. Right now, we have the 4 to 8 year olds, who are tiring but fun. They’re easier to work with than the teenagers in the performance class. Teenagers are easily distracted. While I’m busy at work, it’s relaxing not having to remember lines and blocking. What do you find you get out of WCT and Stage One? As a person, I’m kind of shy. On stage, I don’t feel shy. It’s a different way you react when you’re on stage. And off stage, it’s allowed me to talk without as much anxiety. For the last two years I’ve gone to the School of the Arts, where I’ve tried other arts. Theatre is the one where I feel confident and competent doing it. I like how preparing for a show and my studies complement one another. It’s like my brain’s already in its thinking, memorizing portion when I move from one to the other. Mahekan as the King in the Stage One production of Alice in Wonderland, 2013

I love the whole atmosphere of Stage One. The production process and productions are so different from those at school. I love the process here. It’s surprising how much work happens on this side of the curtain. I wanted to work at WCT this summer, because I’d like to have the knowledge to work backstage so I have the knowledge to help those who don’t have the skills. I really want to learn the skills, so I can run my own class on the reserve for those who can’t travel to Kamloops. I want to share my knowledge and love of theatre.


A SEASON OF EVENTS ONSTAGE AND OFF 15th Annual VW Turtle River Race Day

September 17, 2016 • Noon to 3pm • Riverside Park Beach Join us for this free, fun family event to cheer on the turtles as they race down the river. Why not make a full day of it and check out The Children’s Art Festival between races. . . Many thanks to Terry Lowe and staff at Volkswagen of Kamloops for having this year’s proceeds once again support Western Canada Theatre’s youth programming. www.vwturtlerace.com

Stage One Theatre School Teen Performance

September 17, 2016 • Children’s Arts Festival, Riverside Park After a full summer of Stage One theatre classes, our students are ready to entertain you! Take a break from cheering on your turtles at the VW Turtle River Race to see the fruits of some of our teen students’ hard work this summer.

BrewLoops Festival

September 28 – October 2, 2016 • venues around town Five days of beer-centric events with some of the best beer, food, entertainment and mountain biking the world has to offer. The ticket proceeds from BrewLoops will be split between Western Canada Theatre and Kamloops Rotary West. Cask Night on Saturday, October 1 at The Rex is hosted by Western Canada Theatre. www.brewfest.ca

High-Wire Festival – SECRET CITY

October 22 & 23, 2016 SECRET CITY is a unique, personal audio adventure, created by local artists, featuring true, untold stories of the citizens of Kamloops – like you – that reveal a secret side of our city you didn’t know. Presented as a podcast, a play and a personal confession all rolled into one. Put on some headphones and explore Kamloops in a way you never imagined.

Hallowe’en Family Dance Party

Saturday, October 29, 2016 10am-12pm • Pavilion Theatre Free for the whole family! Do ghosts and goblins have dancing shoes? They should!! Put yours on and bring your family to our 6th Annual Hallowe’en Family Dance Party!

Ed Barker

Your Realtor for “Results” in Kamloops

258 Seymour Street Kamloops, BC V2C 2E5 Ph: 250-374-3331 Toll Free: 1-877-374-3331 Fax: 250-828-9544 E-mail: edbarker@remax.net




The Mayor’s Gala for the Arts

January 21, 2017 The Kamloops Art Gallery, Kamloops Symphony, Western Canada Theatre and the City of Kamloops together celebrate Arts and Culture of the region in one of the largest fundraising events of the year. Given the creativity of the hosts, this is always special evening out. www.mayorsgalaforthearts.com

The House at Pooh Corner

By AA Milne. Adapted by Kim Selody. March 4 & 11, 2017 • 1pm & 4pm • Pavilion Theatre An inventive theatrical retelling of the wonderful story of the classic bear. Recommended for ages 3 to 8.

Wine Bluff

May 2017 A new event on this year’s fundraising calendar, the Wine Bluff is a hugely entertaining team game where the audience pits their wits, wine knowledge and intuition against the lying, devious and cheating expertise of the expert wine panel! W 
 ithout pomp and ceremony, the Wine Bluff is an opportunity to learn about, taste ­­– and drink! ­– 6 different wines in a fun and friendly atmosphere. www.wctlive.ca

Donor Appreciation Event

June 2017 We can never acknowledge and thank our generous donors enough, but our annual Donor Appreciation Event is a small token to say how much we appreciate their help in bringing the best in live theatre to our audiences.


BEYOND THE STAGE ENRICH YOUR EXPERIENCE Throughout the season, we host events to complement and enhance your theatre experience.


Wednesday evenings, after curtain call, through the season Pavilion and Sagebrush Theatres Join us for a short, lively discussion on the show you’ve just seen and the theatrical arts in general after every Wednesday evening performance. Playback is an opportunity to share what moves, inspires or provokes you about the plays you see with other theatre enthusiasts. Ask your questions and give us your feedback during dynamic faciliated discussions.

Opening Night Receptions

First Saturday evening of Mainstage shows, after curtain call • Sagebrush Theatre Lobby The first Saturday evening of each of our show runs is the official Opening Night. Please join us after the show for a special evening reception. It’s a chance to mingle, nibble and meet the artists.

Culture Days – Meet the new Artistic Director on a Backstage Tour

October 2, 2016 • Pavilion Theatre Culture Days is a nation-wide event to raise awareness, accessibility and participation of Canadians in the arts and cultural life of their communities. All around Kamloops, arts and cultural organizations will offer free public activities. WCT’s event will introduce you to the new and fresh. Meet our new Artistic Director, James MacDonald, as he guides you through backstage tours of the recently renovated Pavilion Theatre.

Be the first to hear of more events as they are announced through the season. Sign up for our e-newsletter at wctlive.ca.


FIND YOURSELF AT WCT as a... Sponsor: BEST WESTERN PLUS WCT Board President: TIM RODGERS The Best Western Plus Kamloops and Tim Rodgers’ relationship with WCT is a great example of cross-pollination between the arts, individuals, and businesses in nourishing a community. Tim, amongst his many hats, wears those of General Manager of Best Western Plus Kamloops and President of the Board of WCT. We spoke with Tim Rodgers about those roles:

How did you and Best Western Plus Kamloops find yourselves at Western Canada Theatre? Bringing together theatre with hotels is old hat to me. I first began to do so in Kamloops in the days when I ran the Stockman’s Hotel downtown. By starting evenings of dinner theatre with the Kamloops Players, and later adding on WCTC (as it was then), it combined two entertainment events into one. When I moved onto other hotels, I continued the relationship with WCT through rooms and cash support. WCT’s season covers much of our quieter time, so we usually can accommodate their needs. The owners of the Best Western Plus Kamloops, John and Stephanie Hampel, share with me an appreciation of arts and culture’s role in a strong, liveable community; it was natural for us to support WCT in a number of ways. We especially value being the Pay-What-You-Can (PWYC) Mainstage Matinée Sponsor, opening up the possibilities of theatre to as many as possible in the community and engaging the next generation. As WCT Board President, now for six years, I can bring my strengths in governance and team building to help build this valuable cultural mainstay of the Kamloops community. I find my long-time tourism experience crosses well with theatre. What do you find you get out of WCT? What we get out of WCT is what Kamloops gets from the company: a stronger, more culturally diverse city, one that is appealing to professionals, such as doctors, and others who look to quality of lifestyle when deciding where to work and live. For the Best Western Plus Kamloops, we appreciate that WCT offers us flexibility in providing several ways we can give back to the community through the one organization. In addition to the PWYC matinées and rooms, we can engage directly with patrons by offering discounts as part of the subscribers’ benefit package. And the youth programming is always a favourite of ours, for all the possibilities they offer to those in the next generation who wish to go into the Arts. As for the theatre itself, I love the feedback of live performances. I was actually introduced to the work backstage before I ever saw a show, as my brother did some carpentry at a theatre. Then early in my career in hospitality, I organized dinner theatres, improv and nightclub evenings. So, I know the efforts that go on behind the scenes while enjoying from the audience the apparent effortless performances.


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Western Canada Theatre homehardware.ca

Rick Kurzac Home Store Owner Kamloops, British Columbia

1325 Josep Way Kamloops BC, V2H 1N6

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www.kamloopsthisweek.com 1365B Dalhousie Drive • 250-374-7467


Home Owners

helping homeowners Hours: Monday - Saturday 7am-6pm Sundays 9am-5pm


This season, to help us honour the sponsors, major donors, and key stakeholders who contribute to our fund development efforts to keep tickets affordable for all, we are partnering with Terra Restaurant and Celista Wines for our Mainstage Pre-show Salons. In partnering with regional companies for which “local” and “the best” are synonymous, we will also celebrate local talent, creativity and industriousness, onstage and off. We spoke with David Tombs of Terra Restaurant:

How did you find yourselves at Western Canada Theatre? I know some of the staff and Board, as well as others involved in theatre, and was struck by the symbiotic relationship theatre has with the community. WCT’s profile is strong, including in how it promotes arts to the community. There’s a richness to a community that can combine arts, culture, recreation and lifestyle. In Kamloops, we have those in proportions that punch above our weight. One of theatre’s relationships is in the natural pairing of dinner with a play. I was interested in developing on that culture of the pre-theatre dinner by unveiling dinner themes as the season progresses. What will people find with Terra Restaurant as a WCT partner this Season? The theatricality of food. Essentially, our menu through the year is a series of 12 plays, with a different theme highlighted in each one: spring to summer; the seasonality of Christmas; the comfort foods of winter, as a few examples. When we opened Terra six years ago, we began with the premise that Kamloops has such an abundance of local produce that no one was showcasing, we could design our menu around that produce by providing seasonal offerings. And by working with the seasonality and timeliness of local foods, we also draw attention to food’s place in the community. The great culinary regions of the world are celebrated for eating that which is there. Kamloops offers that same opportunity to sample exceptional local produce and wineries. A fine dining experience, as with theatre, captures a moment in time; with dining, that experience is framed on a plate — “a perfect little work of art”, the Vancouver Sun called our plates. Together, dining and theatre create an evening of unique experiences; with both Terra and WCT, you can also celebrate the rich offerings of the community.




medals • • • in six years • • •

Open Daily 10:30 to 5:30 May 1st to October 31st We ship to clients in Kamloops and area. • Special tours Wednesdays and Saturdays at 11 a.m. • Private Tours (party of 8 or more) upon request • Socials: Adult Birthday / Anniversary, Corporate • Venue for photo shoots • Stagettes On the North Shore of Shuswap Lake, just past Scotch Creek Provincial Park.

2319 Beguelin Rd, Celista • 250-955-8600


Fine Dining & FrienDly PeoPle

326 Victoria Street • 250-374-2913 • terrakamloops.com

“Each dish arrives, a perfect little work of art” Vancouver Sun



DINNER & THE THEATRE: THE PERFECT PAIRING blue. * Hotel 540, 540 Victoria Street, 250-372-2281 www.bluekamloops.ca

Mittz Kitchen * 227 Victoria Street, 778-471-5050 www.mittzkitchen.com

Burning Barrel Cookhouse & Rooftop Lounge Kamloops Ramada Hotel 555 West Columbia Street, 250-374-0358 www.ramadakamloops.com

The Noble Pig 650 Victoria Street, 778-471-5999 www.thenoblepig.ca

Flavours of India * 610 West Columbia Street, 250-374-0340 www.flavoursofindiakamloops.com Frick and Frack Tap House * 577 Victoria Street, 250-851-2030 www.frickandfrack.ca Kelly O’Bryan’s Neighbourhood Restaurant * 244 Victoria Street, 250-828-1559 www.kobcob.com

Romeo’s Kitchen & Spirits * 1250 Rogers Way, 250-372-5312 www.romeoskitchen.ca Scott’s Family Restaurant * 551 11th Street, 250-372-8221 www.scottsinnkamloops.ca The Smorgasbord 225-7th Avenue, 250-377-0055 www.lookkamloops.ca/the_smorgasbord.htm Storms on the River * 1502 River Street, 250-372-1522 www.stormsontheriver.ca Terra Restaurant 326 Victoria Street, 250-374-2913 www.terrakamloops.com Vittorio’s Italian Restaurant * 650 Victoria Street, 250-851-2112 www.vittoriositalianrestaurant.com * Special discounts to subscribers

To Our

2016/17 SPONSORS & ADVERTISERS THANK YOU for your Partnership!


Northern European Deli

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THERE’S SO MUCH TO DO IN & AROUND KAMLOOPS ACCOMODATION Best Western Plus Kamloops * 660 Columbia Street West, 250-374-7878 www.bestwesternkamloops.ca Kamloops Ramada Hotel 555 West Columbia Street, 250-374-0358 www.ramadakamloops.com Riverland Inn & Suites 1530 River Street, 250-374-1534 www.riverlandinn.com Scott’s Inn & Restaurant * 551 - 11th Street, 250-372-8221 www.scottsinnkamloops.ca * Special discounts to subscribers AROUND TOWN Aberdeen Mall 1320 Trans-Canada Highway, 250-374-3400 www.aberdeenmall.ca Celista Estate Winery 2319 Beguelin Road, Celista, 250-955-8600 www.celistawine.com Fratelli Foods 223 Victoria Street, 250-314-0702 Kamloops Art Gallery 465 Victoria Street, 250-377-2400 www.kag.bc.ca

Kamloops Arts Council 7 Seymour Street West, 250-372-7323 www.kamloopsarts.ca Kamloops Blazers 300 Mark Recchi Way, 250-828-1144 www.blazerhockey.com Kamloops Courthouse Gallery 7 Seymour Street West, 250-314-6600 www.kamloopscourthousegallery.ca Kamloops Film Festival www.kamloopsfilmfest.ca Kamloops Museum & Archives 207 Seymour Street, 250-828-3576 www.kamloops.ca/museum Kamloops Symphony #6-510 Lorne Street, 250-372-5000 www.kamloopssymphony.com Project X Theatre Productions www.projectxtheatre.ca TRU Actors Workshop Theatre Old Main Building, TRU, 250-377-6100 www.actorsworkshoptheatre.com More activities around town can be found at www.tourismkamloops.com





As with all great community organizations, WCT’s success is thanks in no small part to its talented, hard-working, dedicated volunteers. As well as our most visible volunteers – our theatre ushers – we have volunteers who help behind the scenes in wardrobe, the carpentry shop and the office, as well as at fundraisers and on the Board. Laurie Harder is one of our longer serving volunteers who can be found in many of those roles:

How did you find yourself at Western Canada Theatre? Through a friend at Search and Rescue who was already also a volunteer at WCT. After my children had grown, I’d begun to volunteer, beginning with the Canada Summer Games that Kamloops hosted in 1993. Since then I’ve been with various organizations, including sporting events, the 2141 Steam Locomotive, and Search and Rescue. I enjoy volunteering for all it has to offer: working with different people, learning new skills, contributing my own skills. It’s certainly better than sitting around, especially now that I’ve retired. So after my friend recommended WCT, I called Jean, the Volunteer Coordinator, and began as an usher. One day, Joel, the head carpenter at the time, suggested I “give them a hand” and that was the beginning of my volunteering in the carpentry shop.

Photo: Penny Powers Contributed by Laurie Harder

What do you find you get out of WCT? I enjoy working behind the scenes, seeing how all the parts come together into a play so audiences can absorb the seemingly effortless performance. I’ve always been impressed by the efforts people will take to entertain me, in operas, plays and symphonies.

I’m also impressed by the uniqueness of each performance. What you see is what you get from performance to performance; you don’t know how it will go. One of the benefits of being a volunteer usher is you can sometimes see multiple performances of a play and see how the actors handle the subtle changes from night to night. There never is the definitive performance. That impermanence of performance extends into the building of sets. As a woodworker, I’ve had to draw on different skills to work as a theatre carpenter. Here fine joinery is not required on joints that will not be seen from many yards away on sets that are not expected to be needed for more than a couple of months, tops. The carpentry is not slip shod, but it’s different. And it relies on great inventiveness to translate the set designers’ visions into workable sets that are multi-functional, yet at the same time give the audience that wow factor.


WCT welcomes new volunteers to add to the wonderfully skilled & committed team we already have. We are looking for people who are interested in theatre, live performance, & working with others. In addition to ushering & fundraising, & depending on his or her skills, a volunteer could become part of production, painting sets & scenery, sewing costumes, working with lights, & building props & sets. For further information, please contact Heather Regan, Audience & Client Services Manager, at hregan@wctlive.ca.


FIND YOURSELF AT WCT as the ... Presenting Partner: KELSON GROUP Ron and Rae Fawcett and the Kelson Group have been most generous supporters of WCT for a number of years. This season, their generosity has taken our relationship to a new level: they are now our Presenting Partner, a new category of sponsorship for us. The Fawcett family supports organizations around the city, including for the John Tod Centre Y, Thompson Rivers University, the Fawcett Family Wildlife Health Centre at the B.C. Wildlife Park, Royal Inland Hospital and the Kamloops Symphony. Through their efforts, they encourage people to help their neighbours and become champions for their communities, creating an engaged citizenry and a healthy community. Thanks to the Fawcetts and Kelson Group’s commitment to giving where they live, we are all enjoying a more vibrant, more balanced and more rewarding lifestyle here in Kamloops and in the region. How did you and Kelson Group find yourselves at WCT? Kamloops has been our home for many years, and we are proud to have our head office here. The community’s been extremely good to us, and it’s just our time of life to give back. We want to live in a healthy, active town. For that, it needs a wide range of activities, educational, lifestyle, and of course, cultural, which is why we like to be involved with a variety of organizations. We’ve been a proud supporter and sponsor of Western Canada Theatre for many of these years and are looking forward to another fine season of productions. What do you find you get out of WCT? We believe a strong community requires investment and support. Kamloops’ remarkable arts community not only attracts new visitors, but also leads to a more vibrant lifestyle for those in our city and surrounding areas. The lives of residents across Kamloops are improved— even those who don’t use the facilities. So, our partnership with WCT is a symbiotic relationship, brought together by a shared vision of a strong community.


While you know Western Canada Theatre is one of the premier arts organizations in BC, do you know that it is also a registered charity? Box office sales account for only 25% of the income. WCT relies on its generous supporters to meet its ambitions while keeping live theatre accessible. Your support helps bring the vision of exciting writers, actors, directors and designers to life and inspire the audiences of today and future generations.

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