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Amuse-bouche Home smoked brisket with green asparagus and hoisin sauce Smoked beetroot with pickled cucumbers and crème fraiche

Cold dishes & toppings Charcuterie with e.g. Parmaham, roast beef, fricandeau, salami and mortadella Cheeseboard with e.g. aged Rotterdam cheese, creamy brie, Roquefort and mild cheese Homemade beefsalade with poultry páte Gravad lax, marinated salmon sliced at the buffet, with mustard-dill sauce Potato salad with creme fraiche, chives and bacon Salad with roasted tomatoes, feta and couscous with cucumber-yoghurt dressing Russian egg salad with smoked salmon, shrimp and eel salad buffet with a variety of lettuce, toppings and dressings a variety of bread, herb butter and tapenades

Sweet dishes Coffee rolls, croissants, raspberry croissants, Berlinerbol, and stollen Chocolate sprinkles , Greek yoghurt,dried fruit and cereal Pancakes with syrup and powdered sugar

Hot dishes Smoked sweet potato soup with roasted pumpkin and goat cheese Entrecote with truffle gravy, charcoal- grilled and sliced at the buffet Hot ham on the bone with mustard-honey sauce sliced at the buffet Skrei cod in white wine sauce with grapes Quiche with mushroom, pommodori and spinach Stewed pears in red wine, vanilla and cinnamon Moussaka with different kinds of grilled vegetables Aritisan potato croquettes and Roseval Lyonnaise ( bacon & onion ) For the kids: sausages, cheese soufflés and fish sticks Scrambled eggs, boiled eggs, sausages and oven-baked tomatoes

Dessert A dessert buffet with a variety of pastries and desserts Chocolate fountain, fresh fruit, tarte tatin and cheesecake