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Oysters Oysters have always been closely associated with Hotel New York. Our extensive range has been tempting our guests for years, and people find their way here from far and wide. As a starter to your dinner or with drinks – oysters are always delicious. This connection goes back a long way. Early Dutch settlers made New York City the then oyster capital of the world. Oyster consumption in New York City was so high that the city was literally founded on it: income from oysters enabled the economy to flourish, while the shells left after consumption were often used in the foundations of roads and buildings. New York City’s oyster capital days are over, though, as oysters closer to home have greatly increased in importance. Think, for example, of the Norman and Breton coast – and our own Zeeland coast, of course. Oysters from these areas are renowned, so it is only natural to select the oysters for our own menu from there

Why not enjoy our oysters together? You and your companions may savour our oyster selection by means of one of our two platters:

Raspberry Point 25.00

Oyster platter 39.50

From New London Bay, Canada. The flavour of this oyster differs from that of any European oyster, being sweet and briny at the same time. The meat has a full and meaty structure.

2 Fines de Claire, 2 Zeeland creuses, 2 Papillons, 2 Raspberry Points, 2 Normandy creuses and 2 Zeeland flat 00.

Normandy creuses 19.50

Platter of mixed creuses 19.50 2 Fines de Claire, 2 Zeeland creuses and 2 Papillons.


These oysters are grown in open waters and finished in a ‘claire’ upon reaching maturity after three to four years. Briny and nutty flavour.

Fines de Claire 25.00

Papillon 14.50

‘Claires’ are shallow basins or former saltpans. There, the water is very rich in plankton and not too salty, resulting in these French oysters having a more delicate flavour.

The smallest French Creuses. Very refined, slightly briny flavour. A beautiful oyster to enjoy as a starter with a glass of champagne.

Zeeland flat 00 22.00 Zeeland flat 0000 35.00

Zeeland creuses 19.00 Dutch oysters, mainly cultivated on the nutritious bottom of the Eastern Scheldt or Lake Grevelingen.

Famous for its fine, soft meat and creamy flavour. This delicate oyster is only ready for consumption after 5 to 6 years.

Hotel New York is a World Wildlife Fund partner in the context of the ‘Helpful Shells’ restaurant campaign. We collect empty oyster shells, which are then used to create new oyster beds. These oyster beds form the perfect basis for new marine life, enabling us to contribute to a healthy North Sea.

Oyster bar noon - 11:00 pm Fruits de mer platter 47.50 A selection of our shellfish and crustaceans served cold. 2 Papillons, crab legs, large shrimp, Greenland unpeeled shrimp, Norway lobsters, 4 kinds of seasonal shellfish and crayfish. Price incl. half lobster (330 g) 83.50 / Whole lobster (660 g) 119.50

Crustacean platter 65.00 A selection of crustaceans. Cooked and served cold. Lobster (330 g), large shrimp, crab legs, crayfish and Greenland unpeeled shrimp Price incl. whole lobster (660 g) 101.00

CRUSTACEANS AND SHELLFISH For the crustaceans below you have a choice of two methods of preparation:

Razor shells 10.50 Mussels 11.75 Clams 19.00 Cockles 12.50

SERVED COLD Crab legs 14.75

The best meat is found in the brown crab’s powerful pincers.

Looking for a good wine pairing with your oyster bar selection? No seafood platter is truly complete without a fine bottle of wine. Our Picpoul de Pinet or a GrĂźner Veltliner will make an excellent pairing.

Greenland unpeeled shrimp 9.00

And with oysters you can never go wrong with a deliciously fresh and dry Chablis.

Large prawns 13.50

From the cold waters of the northern Atlantic Ocean.

Half a cold Canadian lobster (330 g) 38.50 Boiled lobster with lemon and home-made mayonnaise.

10 unpeeled prawns. Delicious with our home-made mayonnaise and cocktail sauce.

Winkles 11.50 Small, snail-shaped shellfish from the Netherlands. Fried in olive oil and garlic, then finished with white wine.


Main courses

noon - 11:00 pm

noon - 11:00 pm

WHET YOUR APPETITE Charcuterie platter 16.50



Meat dishes are served with French green beans, string beans and Hassalback potatoes and red port sauce.

Fish dishes are served with Hasselback potatoes and vinaigrette of cherry tomatoes and small black olives

Steak with herb butter 23.00

Salmon sautéed on the skin 23.50

Tenderloin medallions 29.00

Tuna 26.00


Rolled turkey 19.50

Halibut 29.50

With its own meat and celeriac.

Steak tartare (raw) 16.50

Tomato soup 5.75

French fries with home-made mayonnaise are available on request: 3.50.

Tasting platter of mixed creuses 19.50 Sushi and sashimi platter 37.50

Clear oxtail soup 6.25

Crème fraiche, basil and mozzarella tortellini.



Butternut squash 14.50 Falafel burger 18.00

Winter salad with Trappist cheese 12.50 - 8.00 Caesar salad 16.50 - 9.50 Niçoise 21.50 - 12.50


Carpaccio 12.50 Salmon and tuna mix 16.00 Shrimp cocktail 15.50 vegetarian or optionally vegetarian Hotel New York strives to use biological and fairtrade ingredients whenever possible.




noon - 00:00 pm

9:00 am - 5:00 pm

9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Figs from the oven 8.00

Stir-fried mushrooms 9.50

Our sandwiches are served on gluten free bread

Butterscotch sauce, white-chocolate ice cream, thyme, ras el hanout.

Pearl onions, herb butter, fresh herbs.

Dame blanche 8.00


Vitello tonnato 9.00 Veal, tuna mayonnaise, capers and salad rocket.

Smoked salmon 11.50

Cheese platter 12.50

With ham or cheese 8.50 With ham/cheese or roast beef 9.75 Bacon and eggs 9.75

Dutch blue cheese, extra old goat’s cheese, Munster (red bacteria) and blue mould Gorgonzola

Farmer’s omelette 9.50

Cottage cheese, pesto and roasted cherry tomatoes.

Vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce.

Bacon, mushrooms, bell pepper, carrot and leek.


Muscat de Frontignan, Languedoc 4.50 A concentrated Muscat with a good balance of freshness and sweetness.

Domaine de Baillaury Banyuls Grand Cru, Roussillon 4.75 A classic ‘vin doux naturel’. Pairs excellently with chocolate.


Hazelnut meringues 4,00 Afternoon Tea 19.50 p.p. A selection of sweet and savoury snacks, with unlimited tea or coffee. (Reservations are preferred)

Omelette with fresh herbs 8.00 Spring onion, chives and parsley. Bovenstaande gerechten worden geserveerd op glutenvrij brood.

Crème fraiche, salmon roe.

Avocado 9.50 Carpaccio 10.00 Pine nuts, bacon bits, truffle mayonnaise, Parmesan and salad rocket.

Tuna salad 9.50 Capers, tomato, cucumber and egg.

Egg salad 8.50 Boiled ham, green asparagus.

Parma ham 9.50 Artichoke, cornichons.

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An Afternoon Tea is always a party. Make it complete with a glass of prosecco 5,00 pp #hotelnewyork

1 TERRACE A wonderful view, the most beautiful sunsets – pure enjoyment 2 RESTAURANTS Hotel New York: history and real Dutch ‘gezelligheid’ in an informal atmosphere. NY Basement: fine dining and cocktails in 1930s style. Also available for exclusive bookings.

7 FUNCTION ROOMS Anything but standard, and suited to any occasion – from weddings to dinners to meetings 72 HOTEL ROOMS All of them unique, each more beautiful than the other. Spend one night in one of our rooms and you will never want to stay anywhere else!

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