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1st/2nd Quarter 2013 Newsmagazine of the

A Top 400 Contractor


Vecellio & Grogan Celebrates Milestone

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CEO’s Career Tells Story Of V&G’s Continued Expansion, Group’s Rise Pages 2-7


Advanced Energy Services & Products

High-Quality Construction & Materials

Heavy/highway and bridge construction, drainage and site development throughout the mid-Atlantic states and beyond in the eastern U.S.

Grading, utilities and asphalt paving/resurfacing in the Piedmont Triad area of North Carolina. A division of Vecellio & Grogan.

(Photo from company archives)

Estab. 1938

First Generation: A Firm Foundation; Second Generation: A Family Business . . . . . . . . . 2-3 Third Generation: Growth Into New Markets & Industries . . . . . 4 Fourth Generation: Furthering The Family Legacy . . . . . . . . . . 5 Leo Vecellio, Jr., Receives ‘ARTBA Award,’ Industry Association’s Highest Honor . . . 7 Michael Vecellio Leads Vecellio & Grogan As New President . . . 7 Supervisor Safety Awards Honor Team Leaders . . . . . . .8-10 Vecenergy and Ranger Among Vecellio Operations Receiving Safety Council Awards . . . . . . 11 From Site Development to Interstate and Airport Work, Ranger Crews Keep Busy . . . . 12 Ranger’s I-4 Overlay Project Earns Award for Excellence. . . . . . . . 13 US-220, Hartley Drive and Lindsay Street Are Looking ‘Sharpe’ . . 13 New Hires, Promotions and Notable Retirees . . . . . . . . .14-15 Quality & Experience Provide Best Value On Site Work . . . . . 16 Vecellio Group Contact Information . . . . . . . . 16

Heavy/highway contracting, site development, and asphalt paving/resurfacing across northeastern, central and southeastern Florida.

DOT-certified limerock aggregates and screenings. Located in Miami, Florida, White Rock is one of the top producers in the U.S.

Petroleum products terminals and related services in multiple U.S. locations (total capacity exceeds 2 million barrels).

Vecellio & Grogan, Trusted Contractor Since 1938, Reaches Major Milestone M

any hard-working folks dream of one day starting a business. Some will go on to build their roadway to success. The founders of Vecellio & Grogan did just that and more.


This year marks the 75th anniversary of heavy/highway and site contractor Vecellio & Grogan. Beginning with one small street paving project in 1938 – the winning bid was less than $7,000 – the venture has grown over the decades to become a well-diversified, fourth-generation, family-owned corporation.


In heavy/highway and site development work, the Vecellio Group ranks among the nation’s top 400 contractors and among the leaders in transportation construction. The Group also has extensive mining and petroleum operations.

As Chairman, President and CEO Leo Vecellio, Jr. celebrates his 40th year of service in 2013, his career tells the story of the continued growth and transformation of the company, and the emergence of the Vecellio Group (see page 4).

First Generation: A Firm Foundation The story dates back to the turn of the 20th century. Enrico Vecellio, grandfather of Leo Vecellio, Jr., provided stone masonry and contracting services in the mid-Atlantic states, first for the coal industry then as a road contractor, in various partnerships with other contractors. As road construction boomed to meet the demand of the burgeoning automobile industry, Enrico saw his future. He took a trip back to Italy, returned with a bride and grew his family along with the business, bringing up a boy and two girls.

(Photos from company and family archives)

Second Generation: A Family Business


Enrico’s son, Leo (Sr.), was interested in road construction from an early age. Having grown up around the industry, he felt destined to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a second-generation contractor. By 1938, he had completed his studies and earned a degree in civil engineering from Virginia Tech. His sister Erma did office and accounting work for their ON THE COVER: An early V&G construction project involving substantial excavation work. Page 2 photos: In its first few decades, Vecellio & Grogan became well known for its expertise in road construction, excavation, pipe laying, drilling and blasting, and building drainage structures, in later years adding bridge construction to its range of services.

VanGuard • Newsmagazine of the Vecellio Group • 1st/2nd Quarter 2013

Above: As a young man Leo Vecellio, Sr., seated at the controls, gained experience working for his father, Enrico, posed at the front of the tractor. Right: An early V&G highway paving job. Below right: V&G founders Enrico Vecellio, Leo Vecellio, Sr., and Gene Grogan. Bottom right: One of three 1960s Kentucky railroad excavation and grading projects. Bottom middle: Leo Vecellio, Sr., served as a U.S. Army officer during World War II.


rom that determined start in 1938, Vecellio & Grogan was born. V&G began with street projects in Beckley, W.Va., and expanded steadily thereafter. Things weren’t always easy for the new company, but as it became known for its high standards and ethical treatment of employees and vendors, it flourished even in the face of challenges. For example, when Leo was called into active duty during World War II, overseeing construction of quickly and efficiently built roads and runways for military use overseas, V&G was able to stay afloat until he returned home safely. After the war, Leo married Evelyn Pais and they soon began a family, with Leo Vecellio, Jr., arriving in 1946.

Vecellio & Grogan was formally incorporated in 1948. Leo Vecellio, Sr., would later say it was during those first 10 years that he learned his most important lesson about managing a business — that superior employees are the only basis upon which one can build lasting success. This lesson was indeed critical, as both Gene and Erma had been pulled away from the business during those early years due to Gene’s declining health and Erma’s devoted caring for him. After Gene passed away in 1949, Erma eventually came back to the office, handling administrative work at V&G for many years, making crucial contributions to the business’ growth.


hile the company continued to work in other fields, especially coal mining, highway construction became an important part of the business. However, it was railroad construction rather than highway contracts that provided V&G with its next opportunity to reach new heights. In the 1960s the company was awarded three large, simultaneous railroad excavation and grading projects in Kentucky. Together, the jobs created a make-or break opportunity. V&G rose to the challenge and gained not only a more highly skilled work force, but a hardearned reputation for successfully completing projects even in difficult and rugged conditions.

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(Photos from company and family archives)

father’s business partnership, while Erma’s husband, Gene Grogan, worked with Enrico as well. Leo’s desire was to start his own company, so Enrico agreed to loan start-up capital and rent the needed equipment, while Leo and Gene, assisted by Erma, ran the daily business operations.

In the mid-1950s the federal government authorized construction of the Interstate highway system, a boon to road contractors. V&G was awarded its first Interstate job in 1959. The 1950s also saw the Vecellios welcome two more children, Enrico (Ricky) in 1953 and Patricia in 1958.

VanGuard • Newsmagazine of the Vecellio Group • 1st/2nd Quarter 2013


Leo Vecellio, Jr.’s 40-Year Career Tells Of Continued Expansion, Rise Of Group (Continued from previous page)

Third Generation: Growth Into New Markets & Industries Just as Leo Vecellio, Sr.’s following in his father’s footsteps led to new business opportunities, so too, was the impact of Leo Vecellio, Jr.’s joining the family business in 1973.

Above: Anna and Enrico Vecellio with Evelyn and Leo Vecellio, Sr., and Leo Jr.

The third-generation contractor celebrates his 40th year of service in 2013, and his career tells the story of the company’s continued expansion into new markets and industries, and the emergence of Vecellio Group, Inc., which he leads as Chairman, President and CEO.

Left: Leo Jr. admires a toy bulldozer he received as a Christmas present. Below left: Leo Jr. with Anna Vecellio and the late Ricky Vecellio, who died of leukemia as a teenager.

Literally growing up in the business, Leo Vecellio, Jr.’s earliest memories include listening to his elders’ conversations about the latest construction projects and the various mining ventures that complemented the heavy/highway work.

Below: Leo Jr. as an Air Force officer, and on the job at V&G.


s he got older and began visiting jobsites, Leo Jr. realized that, should he choose this work for his own career path, the expectations would be very high. Leo Vecellio, Sr. was a highly regarded man known for his vision and integrity, who accepted only the best from himself and others. He stressed the importance of being well-organized, operating efficiently, having a solid work ethic, and providing strong leadership while delegating to trustworthy associates – all traits the younger Vecellio would incorporate as his own.

(Photos from company and family archives)

When Leo Jr. joined the family business, he was ready, putting to work his degrees in civil engineering and construction management from Virginia Tech and Georgia Tech, along with four years of international project management experience gained as an officer in the United States Air Force.


Demonstrating the same keen eye for emerging opportunities as his father — who in previous decades had expanded V&G’s operations to include various mining and asphalt contracting ventures — Leo Jr. was instrumental in the company’s continued growth from the 1970s onward, particularly in Florida, transforming the already successful family business into the well-diversified operations of today.

On the personal side, he married Kathryn Cottrill and they soon started their own family, welcoming sons Christopher, then Michael. Both joined the family business as adults. Breaking into the Florida market in the late 1970s, the Group acquired a West Palm Beach road construction firm, renamed it Ranger Construction Industries and expanded it well beyond its origins. Over the next several decades Ranger grew to serve seven regional markets, encompassing the northeastern, central and southeastern areas of the state. Projects have ranged from

VanGuard • Newsmagazine of the Vecellio Group • 1st/2nd Quarter 2013

Above: The late Evelyn and Leo Vecellio, Sr. (left); Leo Sr. with the late Erma Vecellio Grogan; and a cherished moment between Leo Sr. and his grandsons, Michael and Christopher (right).

major highway construction work valued at more than $100 million, to milling and resurfacing streets and parking areas for homeowners associations and businesses, and every level of federal, state and municipal road work in between. Ranger also provides extensive site development and underground utilities services, and has operated a golf course construction division that worked with many of the game’s top designers throughout the eastern U.S., building projects for the PGA Tour, high-end residential communities and other demanding owners.

Leo and Kathryn Vecellio, Jr., with sons Michael and Christopher, and Evelyn and Leo Vecellio, Sr.

Fourth Generation: Furthering The Family Legacy


uring the 1980s, with Leo Vecellio, Jr. logging frequent flights between Florida and West Virginia, Vecellio & Grogan continued its legacy of growth in the mid-Atlantic states. The company acquired long-time bridge-building partner Foster & Creighton to expand its slate of heavy/highway construction services. V&G literally has moved mountains – or at least significant parts of them – to build bridges, drainage structures, railroad beds and entire sections of highways, with substantial projects in Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, Maryland, Florida and other states.


he dawn of the new millennium saw the fourth generation of family-owned leadership join the business, which by this time had been formally reorganized as Vecellio Group, Inc. Leo and Kathryn’s sons, Christopher and Michael, had completed their graduate studies and were welcomed to the corporate ranks, accelerating Leo’s plans for growth through the additional executive oversight. Within a few years an entirely new business emerged – providing liquid asphalt cement to the region’s asphalt contractors through a terminal built at Port of Palm Beach.

White Rock Quarries in Miami, Florida, is another major operation launched during the 1980s. Built from the ground up, the quarry produces DOT-certified limestone aggregates for use in asphalt pavement mixes and as road base material, along with fine screenings used to make concrete for bridges, drainage pipes and more. With its highly efficient operations, White Rock grew to become one of the largest producing single-site quarries in the nation.

Growing up in the family business is a tradition that has been passed on to the fourth generation. Leo Vecellio, Jr. is shown with sons Michael and Christopher on a jobsite in the 1980s (right) and visiting the site of a golf course project in the 2000s (far right).

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(Photos from company and family archives)

In the 1990s, Leo Vecellio, Jr. continued guiding Ranger’s growth while examining opportunities in the petroleum industry, intent on further vertically integrating the Group’s operations. The decade also marked the passing of Leo Vecellio, Sr., fully transferring the mantle of executive leadership.

Based on this success, the Group established Vecenergy, its energy and petroleum division, which is supervised by division President Christopher Vecellio. In its first decade,

VanGuard • Newsmagazine of the Vecellio Group • 1st/2nd Quarter 2013


Tradition Of Excellence Continues (Continued from previous page)

Vecenergy expanded the port operations to include a diesel terminal, built an even larger fuel terminal at Port Everglades, and purchased existing terminals in Georgia, Alabama and New Mexico, for a total of more than two million barrels of capacity. The division also provides unloading services for all incoming fuel shipments at Port Everglades, and is involved in biofuel feedstock development and production technology.


mid all this growth, Leo guided Vecellio & Grogan’s entrance into the North Carolina asphalt contracting industry, then added to it with the acquisition of Sharpe Bros., a Greensborobased grading, utilities and paving company. Sharpe has since grown to include three asphalt The Vecellio Group’s extensive manufacturing plants serving public- and privateoperations include petroleum sector customers in the region. Projects have terminals, limestone quarries, included partnering with V&G on a $200 million heavy/highway and road package of site development and paving work for construction, paving, and site a major FedEx distribution hub, new runway and development for commercial, realigned boulevard at Piedmont Triad Internaresidential, industrial and energy-related ventures. tional Airport.

(Photos by Joe Mattlin, John Riley, Jr., API and Carl Thiemann)

From the top are Vecenergy’s Port Everglades terminal, White Rock Quarries’ main Miami site, a Ranger Construction Interstate project, a Sharpe Bros. and Vecellio & Grogan airport runway construction and paving project, and a V&G coal site job.


During this time, Michael Vecellio received increasingly greater responsibility for the Group’s heavy/highway construction operations, which he now oversees (see page 7).


s Vecellio & Grogan and the Vecellio Group look back on 75 years of business success, the milestone is a tribute to the many hard-working employees, at all levels, who have been the backbone of operations over the years. It is also a tribute to the trust and hard-won confidence earned from so many valued public- and private-sector customers. From the company’s earliest street-paving days in 1938 to the Group’s extensive, multi-faceted operations of today, the goal has always been to provide customers with excellent value. The family’s name is on the line every day, so how could it be any other way? With the fourth generation of family-owned and operated leadership integrally involved in executive management, and with the continued emphasis on working safely and producing high-quality results, the Vecellio Group is well-positioned for many more years of success.

VanGuard • Newsmagazine of the Vecellio Group • 1st/2nd Quarter 2013

Transportation Association’s Highest Honor

Leo Vecellio, Jr., Receives ‘ARTBA Award’


ecellio Group CEO, Chairman and He and his wife, Kathryn, are active President Leo A. Vecellio, Jr., is the in philanthropy as well. The Vecellio recipient of the 2013 “ARTBA Award,” Family Foundation, established in 1973, the highest honor given by the American has provided nearly $3 million in college Road & Transportation Buildscholarships to worthy students ers Association. It recognizes over the years. The Foundation his 40 years of private-sector also supports numerous other service in transportation coneducational, civic and charistruction, and his 15 years of table organizations. leadership on ARTBA’s ExecuThe “ARTBA Award” was tive Committee, including elecestablished in 1960. Recipients tion as 2007-2008 Chairman have included several goverof the Board and, since 2009, nors, more than 25 U.S. senahis Chairmanship of ARTBA’s tors or representatives, two Transportation Development Leo A. Vecellio, Jr. U.S. secretaries of transportaFoundation and the expansion tion, and top leaders and exof its programs. ecutives from government and the private

He is a member of Virginia Tech’s Academy of Distinguished Alumni and its Academy of Engineering Excellence, Georgia Tech’s Academy of Distinguished Engineering Alumni, and the West Virginia Academy of Civil Engineers.

ichael A. Vecellio, a Vecellio Group Vice President, has been named President of Vecellio & Grogan following the recent retirement of Bill Medcalf. A member of the Group’s executive ranks since 2002 after earning a Business Management degree from Virginia Tech, Michael Michael Vecellio provides oversight of V&G and its mid-Atlantic operations.

sector of the transportation construction industry.

Christopher Vecellio, above left, President of the Group’s energy division, Vecenergy, talks with Leo Vecellio, Jr., during the 2007 grand opening of a diesel terminal at South Florida Materials, the division’s Port of Palm Beach facility. They are walking next to a liquid asphalt tank at the facility.

The V&G team includes Joe Mattlin, Vice President of Heavy/Highway Construction, and Matt Farley, Vice President of Structures, who have almost 60 years of combined company experience. Dan Castrodale, Vice President of Equipment, contributed more than 40 years of experience before his own recent retirement. Many more decades of expertise are added by L.L. Gwinn, Secretary/Treasurer; Rick Hertzer, Chief Engineer; and Ivan Clayton, Vice President of the company’s Sharpe Bros. division in North Carolina.

(Photo provided by the Vecellio Family)

Mr. Vecellio is a founder of Floridians for Better Transportation, serves on Florida’s “Council of 100,” and is active in the Florida Transportation Builders Association. In West Virginia, he was a founder and first president of the Flexible Pavements Council and is active in the Contractors Association.


(Photo by Carl Thiemann)

The award also recognizes the Group’s support of ARTBA’s vital “Transportation Makes America Work” advocacy campaign, along with many other Group and family charitable and industry activities.

Michael Vecellio Leads V&G As New President

In addition to his executive role at Vecellio & Grogan, Michael oversees the Group’s facilities, equipment, and heavy/highway operations in the southeastern United States. He also supervises corporate functions such as human resources and safety.

Proud parents Leo and Kathryn Vecellio, middle, welcomed two daughtersin-law to the family in 2013. At left are Christopher and Tara Vecellio; at right are Michael and Angela Vecellio.

VanGuard • Newsmagazine of the Vecellio Group • 1st/2nd Quarter 2013


Congratulations To Our Award Recipients! Keeping our crews and work areas safe is the most important job our team leaders do. It requires attention throughout each work shift, day or night, with regular training sessions and safety meetings to maintain peak awareness of “Job #1” — Safety! The Vecellio Group is proud to recognize this dedication with our supervisor safety awards, based on criteria tracked throughout 2012. Just a few points separated the four award levels. (Captions are L to R.)

Ranger Construction (South Florida Operations)

Top-Level Awards: John Parker and Juan Bravo, middle, are congratulated by, from the left, Ranger Safety Director Mike Scarborough, Ranger V.P. Ponch Frank, Vecellio Group V.P. of Safety Mark Ligon, Ranger V.P. Miguel Correa and Safety Director Rick Boardman.

3rd-Level Awards: Doug Conley, Wayne Thames, Richard Morris, Robert Sneed, David Crowell, Bob Roche, Kevin Phillipson and Abe Cantu.

2nd-Level Awards: Kenny Newhouse, Lazaro Valladares, Kenny Durham, Pat Kirrman, Dan Pickel, Raymond James, Wayne Bolin, Greg Evans, Eyon Gordon, Pedro Torres and Charles Purvis. (Not shown is Jose Treminio.)

3rd-Level Awards: Miles Purvis, Tom Brigham, Johnny Green, Sr., Louie Dazil, Richard Conde, Tony Leal, Luis Delgado, Dalton Rachal and Jamie Timming.

(Photos by Carl Thiemann)

Contest Entries Promote ‘Safe Life’

4th-Level Awards: Moe Macallister, Mark Webber, Doug Rosencrans, Ezell German, Rick Morris, Randy Scarberry, Mac Brooks, Chris Watson, Paul Schwager, Steve Brown and Dave Boston.


One of the ways the Vecellio Group promotes safety awareness is through safety phrase contests, the response to which has been very positive. Strong participation and a number of creative ideas are helping employees keep safety as the core principle. At Ranger, two winners have emerged in 2013. Tyler Smith and Walt Pierce submitted entries that were combined into one and made into hard hat stickers. The stickers promote “Safe Life,” in a style reminiscent of a popular outdoor apparel logo, followed by, “IF IT IS TO BE, IT’S UP TO ME.”

VanGuard • Newsmagazine of the Vecellio Group • 1st/2nd Quarter 2013

Ranger Construction (Central Florida Operations)

2nd-Level Awards: V.P. Scott Fowler, left, with Group V.P. Safety Mark Ligon, right, present awards to Zach Horton, Don Henry, Michael Morris, Charlie Geiger, Trent Dion, Rusty Dalberg, Chris Carpenter and Joey Johnson. (Also earning awards were Jim Abernathy, Rick Angel, Jim Bessey and Johnny Hughes.)

3rd-Level Awards: V.P. Scott Fowler, left, with Vecellio Group V.P. Safety Mark Ligon, right, present awards to Will Nash, Mike Neal, Larry Verk, Jimmy Greims, Scott Dickson and Rufus Robertson.

4th-Level Award: V.P. Scott Fowler, left, with Vecellio Group V.P. Safety Mark Ligon, right, present awards to Mike Jensen, Pete Scholer and Frank White.

(Photos by Carl Thiemann)

2nd-Level Awards: V.P. Scott Fowler, left, with Vecellio Group V.P. Safety Mark Ligon and Ranger Safety Director Mike Scarborough, right, present awards to Jerry Stewart, Dan Walker, Walt Pierce, Pat Monroe, James Olortegui, Eddie Martin, Terry Overcash and Mike Trail. (No Top-Level given.)


Vecellio Group V.P. Safety Mark Ligon and Vecenergy Safety Director David Iglesias, left, with Safety Manager Keurin Acosta, right, present Supervisor Safety Awards to Adam Rafford, Thomas Hecker, Gerardo Almodovar and David Rivera. Not shown is Kent Brown. Each earned a 2nd-Level Award. Vecenergy is the Vecellio Group’s energy division. Operations include petroleum products terminals and related services in Florida, Georgia, Alabama and New Mexico, with more than two million barrels of capacity.

Congratulations To Vecenergy For Working More Than 2 Years With No Lost-Time Incidents

At Vecellio & Grogan and affiliated companies, 16 Supervisors earned Safety Awards for their outstanding efforts keeping crews safe in 2012. Top-Level: N/A 2nd-Level: Ray Adkins, Steve Adkins, Brad Moles, Danny Walker and Mitch Webb. 3rd-Level: Eddy Adkins, Clyde Bailey, Argel Cook, Sr., Jerry DiLorenzo, Bob Drylie, Francisco Torres and Ron Woodford. 4th-Level: Floyd Adkins, Ruben Adkins, Jim Bower and Jim Smith.

Congratulations To V&G For Working More Than 1 Year With No LostTime Incidents

(Photo by Eddy Adkins)

(Photo by Chris Hodge)

Vecellio & Grogan

Vecellio & Grogan Safety Director Bob Kennedy presents Francisco Torres with a 2013 Safety Phrase award for his entry: “Stay On Track Of Safety”.

VanGuard • Newsmagazine of the Vecellio Group • 1st/2nd Quarter 2013


Award Recipients!

White Rock Quarries Congratulations To White Rock For Working More Than 1 Year With No Lost-Time Incidents

Congratulations To Sharpe Bros. For Working Well Over 6 Years With No Lost-Time Incidents The management and employees of Sharpe Bros., a Vecellio & Grogan division operating in the Piedmont Triad area of North Carolina, have continued in their diligence to make sure everyone performs their jobs safely. Crews have worked without a lost-time incident since 2006. The division celebrated reaching six years in 2012 and is now striving to reach and celebrate the seven-year milestone in August.

Top-Level Safety Award: Sharpe Bros. V.P. Ivan Clayton, left, and Safety Manager John Riley, Jr., right, congratulate Todd Nelson.

2nd-Level Awards: V.P. Ivan Clayton, left, and Safety Manager John Riley, Jr., right, present awards to David Branscome, Isaac Owens, Donald Carter, Bill Hill, Tim Bailey and Mike Bishop.

(Photo by David Branscome)

Top-Level Awards: Vecellio Group V.P. of Safety Mark Ligon, left, and White Rock Safety Director Tony Diaz, right, present awards to Alfredo Martinez, Gary Daniels and Steve Harbin.

Sharpe Bros.

(Photos by David Simmons)

Congratulations To Our

2nd-Level Awards: Bud Thompson, Nate Malone, Nick Rudanovich, Tony Reyes, Angel Aguero, Juan Lermo, Matt Thompson, Jose Hernandez and Attila Szucs.

3rd-Level Awards: V.P. Ivan Clayton, left, and Safety Manager John Riley, Jr., right, present awards to David Simmons, Todd Owens, Randy Beal and Allen Westmoreland. Not shown is Tommy Mabe.

(Photos by Carl Thiemann)

4th-Level Award: Dale Martin (not shown).

3rd-Level Awards: Steve Truglio and Charles “JR” Payne, Jr.


Left: Sharpe Bros. V.P. Ivan Clayton congratulates Betty Herring for her winning Safety Phrase: “Right From the Start... You’ve Got To Work Smart.” It was made into a hard hat sticker for all field employees. 4th-Level Awards: Hector Barrios and David Vega.

VanGuard • Newsmagazine of the Vecellio Group • 1st/2nd Quarter 2013

(Photo by John Riley, Jr.)

Safety Council Recognizes Vecellio Group’s Operations The Safety Council of Palm Beach County has once again recognized the Vecellio Group’s local operations for their proactive safety programs and low incident rates.

At a recent luncheon recognizing outstanding performance for 2012, the Council presented “Excellence in Safety” awards to Vecellio Management Services, Ranger

Construction Industries, and Vecenergy’s two regional operating units, South Florida Petroleum Services and South Florida Materials Corp. (Port of Palm Beach and Port Everglades terminals).

“Our operations have done a great job making safety their core value,” said Vecellio Group V.P. Safety Mark Ligon.

Accepting the award for South Florida Materials Corp. (Port of Palm Beach terminal) are Terminal Mgr. Eddie Palenzuela, Vecenergy COO/Senior V.P. Todd Cannon, Operations Supervisor Gerry Almodovar and Safety Dir. David Iglesias.

(Photos by Carl Thiemann)

Presenting awards from the Safety Council of Palm Beach County are, at left, Mike Dillon and Mark Davis, and at right, Harry Lux. Accepting on behalf of Ranger Construction are Vecellio Group V.P. Safety Mark Ligon, Ranger President Bob Schafer and Ranger V.P. Ponch Frank.

Accepting the Safety Council’s award on behalf of South Florida Petroleum Services are Operations Supervisor David Rivera, Vecenergy COO/Senior V.P. Todd Cannon and Safety Director David Iglesias.

Accepting an award for South Florida Materials Corp. (Port Everglades terminal) are Vecenergy COO/Senior V.P. Todd Cannon, Safety Director David Iglesias, Terminal Manager Eddie Palenzuela and Operations Supervisor Gerry Almodovar.

Accepting the Safety Council’s award on behalf of Vecellio Management Services are Vecellio Group V.P. Safety Mark Ligon and V.P. Finance Doug Smith.

A statewide Heat Safety education program was recently promoted by the Safety Alliance for Excellence, with the Vecellio Group’s Florida operations among hundreds of companies and work sites participating. Among the program’s tips: WATER: Have plenty of fresh, cool drinking water available throughout the day. SHADE AND REST: Have a place where workers can rest and cool down as needed when temperatures exceed 85 degrees. TRAINING: Train workers how to recognize and prevent heat illness. EMERGENCY PLAN: Teach workers who will provide first aid, who gets notified, and how to describe the work location if an ambulance is needed.

(Photo by Jim Barlow)

Florida Businesses Participate In Education Program Stressing Heat Safety

MORE THAN A SLOGAN: It’s always “Safety First” as Vecenergy’s South Florida Petroleum Services prepares to off-load petroleum products for sister company South Florida Materials Corp. at the Port of Palm Beach.

VanGuard • Newsmagazine of the Vecellio Group • 1st/2nd Quarter 2013


(Photos by Carl Thiemann)

Big Blue Trace • Wellington, FL Ranger Construction is performing approximately $5 million in roadway improvements for the Village of Wellington. Among the work is a milling and resurfacing project, with a Petromat interlayer, on Big Blue Trace (left). Assisting with project traffic maintenance is Bert Flowers (above).

From Site Development To Interstate Construction, Ranger Crews Stay Busy On Variety Of Projects Ranger Construction is providing complete site development services and asphalt paving for a major South Florida retail center, Palm Beach Outlet Mall, while in Broward County crews are improving drainage at Gulfstream Park race track. Current work also includes design-build construction on I-595 and Florida’s Turn(Photo by API)

Left: Ranger received praise from authorities for its work on Taxiway C at St. Lucie County Airport.

(Photo by Carl Thiemann)

Below: Ranger is reconfiguring and adding lanes to two sections of I-595 in Broward County, FL.

pike in Broward County, I-4 in Seminole County, and I-95 in St. Lucie County. Milling and repaving work includes sections of Okeechobee Blvd. in Palm Beach County, A1A in St. Lucie County, and US-1 in multiple Florida locations. Other current or recent Ranger projects include paving at Disney, bridge approach construction in Martin County, and SunRail crossings north of Orlando, while airport work includes runway, taxiway and flight services improvements in Lantana, Fort Pierce and West Palm Beach.


VanGuard • Newsmagazine of the Vecellio Group • 1st/2nd Quarter 2013

Ranger’s I-4 Overlay Job Wins ‘Excellence In Pavement’ Award “Fairbanks Curve,” an infamous .6-mile section of I-4 in Orange County, FL, saw a dramatic decrease in crashes after Ranger Construction completed an asphaltover-concrete overlay of open-graded friction course.

(Photo by Steve Skubal)

Ranger Construction has won an “Excellence In Pavement” Award from the Asphalt Contractors Association of Florida for an asphalt-over-concrete overlay on a curved section of I-4 in Orange County. Ranger completed the project in only one weekend, dramatically improving surface traction and rideability on a section where crashes had been common — sometimes dozens per week — particularly in wet weather. In the six months following project completion, there were no recorded accidents attributed to the angle of the curve or the roadway surface properties. The superior grip of the open-graded asphalt friction course, as compared to the previous concrete surface, made an immediate and remarkable difference. Ranger produced the asphalt out of its Winter Garden facility. Using its own crew members and a subcontracted,

asphalt-over-concrete spray paving machine, Ranger took care to also fix existing cross slope irregularities, producing a smooth roadway with all-weather skid

resistance. The project featured a low construction cost and fast production schedule, while significantly improving driver safety throughout the curve.

US-220, Hartley Drive And Lindsay Street Look ‘Sharpe’

(Photos by John Riley, Jr.)

Sharpe Bros. has begun improvements to Lindsay Street (right) as an addendum to its Hartley Drive Extension project (below and inset) in High Point, NC. Vecellio & Grogan constructed the bridge on the Hartley Drive job. In Asheboro (below right), Sharpe recently completed work on US-220 to bring an 8-mile section up to Interstate standards for future designation as I-73/74.

VanGuard • Newsmagazine of the Vecellio Group • 1st/2nd Quarter 2013



WELCOME ABOARD! We extend a warm welcome to all new employees who have completed their introductory period as of May 15, 2013, as well as to the newest members of our management team (in italics). Ranger Construction

Grout, Anthony J. Project Manager Hataway, Eddie L. Project Foreman Reed, Michael Truck Manager Wilkerson Jr., James M. Project Foreman Ali, Addeal Alicea, Luis A. Anderson, Andrew D. Arnold, Cody T. Baker, Karry L. Barnes, Kakio K. Bell, Myron C. Brower, Brian R. Brower, Steven T. Brown, Gabriel D Brown, Richard F. Bryant, Robert J. Bush, Roger L. Camero Prego, Manuel Capers, Stephen L. Castano, Andres F. Christian, Kale R. Cole, Andrew Cooper, Phillip E. Cordova-Quesada, Ignacio Davis, Ray A. Diaz Pena, Arael Dinnoo, Mahadeo English, Courtney Evans, Robert E. Foster, Vincent M. Gonzalez, Fernando Gonzalez, Santos R. Granados-Alvarez, Santana Green II, Murray R. Gwinn, Andrew B. Hawkins, Sean E. Hogwood, John A. Holley, Raymond D. Howell, Steven S. Huddleston, Penni L. Ingham, Jesse W. Johnson, William A. Jones, Judson J. Jones, Tyrone E. Kack, Karl E. Kennedy, Michael J. Kidd, Randy L. Klock, Jason W. Krebs, Michael J. Long, Douglas A. Loper Jr, John D.


Lopez, Adolfo Lopez-Gonzalez, Santos A. Mahaffy Jr., Almon McGowan, Timothy M. McLamb, Terrance D. McLeod, Nigell McMillen, Scott A. Mieras, Ernest G. Miller Jr., Brian S. Mills, Danielle S. Montano, Mark D. Neal, Joseph A. Oliver, Nicholas D. Olson, David L. Phaitien, Daleus Powell, Pernell Y. Ramirez, Felipe Ray, Lorenzo D. Reed, David L. Reyes, Jose O. Saarinen, Jennifer A. Samet, Abraham Scholer, Garrett G. Segarra, Uriel Sequeira, Anthony A. Sims, Timothy D. Sims, Tyrone D. Suarez, Jose Taylor, John W. Thomas, Leo L. Thompson, Gregory E. Vannucci, Deborah L. Walker, Otis D. Weaver, Takari Williams, Barry M. Williams, Courtney F. Williams, Wayne A. Wiseman, David E.


Torres, Bivian D. Lab Manager Walker-Evans, Theresa Area Manager Almonte, Pedro P. Kneller, Kevin H. Lebron, Carlos A.

White Rock Quarries

Bonilla, Jose R. Daniel, Miguel A. Domingo, Sergio Garcia, Jose L. Ham, Sedrick D. Hernandez Lara, Pedro

Hernandez Tundidor, Raimundo Hernandez, Humberto T. Lopez Rodriguez, Enrique Marrero, Fernando Ortega, Roberto Sanchez Alfonso, Edel Smith, Steve Y.

GREAT JOB! Congratulations to all our employees receiving recent promotions. Keep up the great work! (List reflects promotions through May 15, 2013.)

Ranger Construction Industries Terry Hunter, Backhoe Operator Jamie Timming, Project Manager Wayne Williams, Dozer Operator

> Ranger Also Congratulates... Survey Party Chief Will Nash, P.E., who recently passed the Professional Engineer’s exam.

Vecellio Management Services

Vecellio & Grogan*

*and affiliated companies

Brown, Fredrick C. Grade Foreman Harvey, Brian E. Project Manager Hicks, Eddy G. Pipe Foreman Lee, Russell A. Bridge Superintendent Stewart, Shadrach J.

Vecellio Management Services Robert P. Colozzo H.R. Director

Julie Hernandez, Safety Administrator Mindy Samet, Executive Assistant


Angel Leon, Dockman Class II Candace Lien, Marketing Manager Ashlee Ruddell, Marketing Manager

The Vecellio Group provides Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) for all persons, without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, marital status, disability, or status as a qualified Vietnam-era, special-disabled or other protected veteran.

White Rock, Ranger, V&G and Vecellio Management Have Notable Retirements

Retiring White Rock Quarries’ V.P. of Operations Raymond Maddy and his boss, President Jim Hurley, go way back. The two grew up together in West Virginia, worked together at Jim’s father’s quarry, started and operated a quarry across town, then signed on with the Vecellios to build WRQ in Miami, FL, in 1986. After many decades of friendship and business, Raymond has headed back to West Virginia with his wife, Linda, also a White Rock employee who retired in 2013. She worked as the Office Manager. Another recent WRQ retiree is Pit Foreman Nate Malone, whose 34 years of service began at Ranger Construction before he was transferred to help run the quarry. Also at Ranger, Horace Bedford retired after 55 years of service, a work record second only to the late Leo Vecellio, Sr., cofounder of Vecellio & Grogan. Horace was joined by Ranger Supt. Steve Brown, who hung up his hard hat after 20 years. Other recent retirees (photos next issue) include Vecellio Management Services’ V.P. Human Resources Bob Leadbetter after eight years, and Vecellio & Grogan’s V.P. Equipment Dan Castrodale, whose more than 40 years of service were recognized in the 4th Quarter 2012 VanGuard.

In Memoriam: James A. “Jim” Bessey

Jim Bessey, a Ranger Construction Asphalt Plant Foreman with 32 years of service, passed away earlier this year. Jim was one of the first employees hired at Fort Pierce Contracting after the Vecellios purchased and upgraded a St. Lucie County asphalt plant in 1981. The operations later became part of Ranger Construction. Jim’s career spanned all aspects of asphalt plant operation, including maintaining aggregate inventory and preparing invoices. He was also an experienced welder and loader operator. Jim was well-liked and will be sincerely missed.

VanGuard • Newsmagazine of the Vecellio Group • 1st/2nd Quarter 2013

Clockwise from above left: White Rock Quarries’ retiring V.P. Raymond Maddy; employees and associates at Raymond’s retirement luncheon; Operations Manager Ronnie VanLandingham; retirees Linda and Raymond Maddy; V.P. Eddie Allsopp; retiring Pit Foreman Nate Malone; and President Jim Hurley,

Right: After a 55-year career with Ranger, Horace Bedford is all smiles as he holds the keys to his retirement present — a 4x4 pickup truck.

Left: Christopher and Michael Vecellio chat with Steve and Denise Brown (middle), during Steve’s retirement gathering.

Below right: Leo Vecellio, Jr., visits with members of Horace Bedford’s family.

Employees enjoyed a buffet lunch (left) while commemorating Steve’s career and retirement. Ranger V.P. Miguel Correa delivered congratulatory remarks (below).

(Photos by Carl Thiemann)

Below: Horace Bedford is congratulated by Ranger’s Rick Morris, light blue jacket, and Mike Slade, dark blue jacket. At right are Leo Vecellio, Jr., Bob Schafer and Michael Vecellio.

VanGuard • Newsmagazine of the Vecellio Group • 1st/2nd Quarter 2013



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For Energy Site Development, V&G Proves Quality & Experience Provide Greatest Value Site preparation is the foundation of any field operation, especially in the energy and natural gas industries. Cutting corners on this phase by considering “price only” can put an entire operation at risk. Consider the consequences of pads, slopes or faces that fissure or slide, containment ponds that leak, or retaining walls that aren’t adequate. At a minimum, poorly planned or performed site work Vecellio & Grogan’s heavy equipment experience in diffiwill need to be redone. Vecellio & Grogan has been cult terrain proved very helpful recently when a rock slide in southern West Virginia shut down a section of I-77. Working called in to fix these exact kinds diligently for several straight days, V&G crews stabilized the of problems, proving the wisdom rock face and removed all loose material from the base to that a “dirt cheap” price often reopen the roadway. ends up costing more, not less. A better way to save money on site development work is through quality and experience. Vecellio & Grogan contributes a wealth of knowledge, gained from 75 years’ experience in heavy/highway/site work, throughout the planning and construction process. As a result, V&G is able to plan and perform work in the safest, most cost-effective manner possible, providing real-world savings to its customers. In West Virginia alone V&G has saved the state more than $1 million since 2010 through value engineering, and provides the same high level of service to private-sector customers as well. Vecellio & Grogan, as part of the Vecellio Group, is a Top 400 Contractor and one of the leaders in heavy/highway construction and site development work, providing services throughout the mid-Atlantic states and beyond in the eastern United States.

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VanGuard • Newsmagazine of the Vecellio Group • 1st/2nd Quarter 2013

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