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27 september 2012



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ild the numb Help us buspaper in Alabama.

Whether you’ve had experience on a newspaper or yearbook staff or you simply have an interest in journalism and related technology-based fields, our growing and friendly staff has a position for you!


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Multiple studies suggest that students who participate in extracurricular activites are more connected with their universities, report higher levels of satisfation with their college experience, and most importantly, are more likely to graduate. Moreover, building a portfolio of work and having worked with a professional staff look great on a resume.

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Whether you’ve had experience on a newspaper or yearbook staff or you simply have an interest in journalism and related technology-based fields, our growing and friendly staff has a position for you! Contribute as a part-time stringer or earn credit for your work in JN219. For more information about scholarships and staff positions, contact Greg Jones at 205-652-3752.

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cheer update

27 september 2012

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cheerleaders recieve new coach, awards

jeromy shaw

Simply because we do not run across goal lines, slam dunk basketballs, or hit home runs, doesn’t mean we can’t change the score,” junior UWA cheerleader Katelyn Knight stated. The University of West Alabama cheerleaders are all about promoting school spirit this season. The squad is busy practicing and preparing all week with stunts, cheers, pyramids and tumbling. All these aspects of cheerleading will be used in order to pump up the crowd and lead the Tigers on to victory. This summer the University of West Alabama cheerleaders attended camp at the University of Alabama. While in attendance the cheerleaders acquired a great deal of new material and stunts. On the final day of camp, the cheerleaders competed in the game time competitions. They competed with a cheer, sideline, band dance and the University of West Alabama fight song. The cheerleaders placed fist in all divisions except the fight song, where they placed second. They also received the award of overall first place in their division. The Tigers defeated every Division II University present. The cheerleaders have set major goals for themselves this year. After returning from camp, they obtained some remarkable news. The program was taking a major step forward to ensure the goals and the cheerleader’s magnitude of greatness. The squad was informed that former coach Jason Gardner was stepping down from his position as head coach. Jason Gardner stepped up as coach in the 2011-2012 season, after former coach Audrey Crawford resigned from the position. He stated that, “I wanted the give the cheerleaders more and have someone who would challenge them even more than I did.” Gardner pushed the cheerleaders as they made their return to the competition scene last season. The cheerleaders have had many setbacks while preparing the routine for the competition held in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The squad pushed through the devastation and, through their preservation, placed fourth out of sixteen teams. The Cheerleaders earned the highest ranking at a national cheerleading competition UWA history.

When new coach Dr. DeShannon Davis asked Junior UWA cheerleader Chase Alvis what came to mind when she thought of the word “cheerleader,” she stated that, “Many answers went around the room that day, but one is still stuck with me. The word fierce by Coach D.” According to definition, it is a feeling, emotion, or action. Fierce essentially means demonstrating a heartfelt and powerful intensity. Dr. Davis is a native of Mississippi and earned her doctorate degree in Educational Administration from Mississippi State University. She is always working hard along with the squad and is getting a great response from the cheerleaders and the university. When asked how she felt about the squad Davis said, “Our talents are a gift that God gives to us... what we make of our talents is our gift back to God.” When asked what led to her decision to accept the position as cheer coach, Davis said, “I have had a passion for coaching, especially cheerleading, for more than 15 years, but since I had to give it up due to taking an administrative job within my school district, I no longer felt like I was giving back. Thus, when approached with the opportunity to coach the UWA cheerleaders, it did not take me long to decide to jump back in the game. Having a new squad is like having a fresh start–a clean slate, and I was ecstatic when UWA offered me the chance to coach on the collegiate level. Building a cheerleading program involves assembling the components that will ultimately define what makes us great. To me, building is the same thing as growing: You learn from mistakes, try new ideas, and reach for the next level of success. This takes time, energy, knowledge, and love, all of which can be found in the hearts, bodies, minds, and souls of the UWA Cheerleaders. I have known this since the first day I met them back in July. I am humbled by the opportunity to build each person on my team through cheerleading, and to focus on building an exception person, versus an exceptional cheerleader. One thing is for certain; we will cheer by the rules, work towards our academic goals, present ourselves with pride, and do our best, while placing emphasis on positive values, high standards, responsibility, and dedication.” UWA’s sophomore cheerleader Hannah Johnson observed that, “DeShannon is always pushing us to better ourselves and to not be satisfied with anything less than perfection.” So look out for The University of West Alabama cheerleaders as they reach the goals for this year. This is an exciting time for the squad to represent the university in the best ways possible.


shaw chosen for uca staff

How were you chosen to be a part of staff?

When I first got asked to try out for UCA staff, I was attending a summer camp. It was a bit overwhelming because I look up to people on staff. I want to be as good as they are in my cheerleading career.

How did the selection process work?

I had to send in a application that was given to me at camp, along with a head shot and some other cheer-related information. I did not hear back from them for awhile and I began to think there was no way I could be chosen. I finally got a confirmation email that informed me I was invited to the try-out process.

How did you prepare for try-outs and how were they run?

I began to get in the gym more than ever. I also did some privates at some cheerleading gyms to work on my tumbling and stunts. The try-outs were broken up into three rounds with cuts after every single round. The first round was tumbling and an interview. The second round consisted of cheer material we had to perform. The third round was stunting. I don’t think I have ever tried so hard in my life and being the perfectionist that I am that day was so stressful. After all was said and done, they broke us up into groups and made the final selection! Then I was announced a UCA Staffer.

How was your experience as a rookie?

My rookie year was amazing. I learned a lot about cheerleading and the industry. I had the oppurnity to travel to many Universities in the state and also out of state. I got to meet some amazing staffers who I looked up to. I most of all enjoyed the fact that I got to represent my school in a positive manner. Nobody had ever heard of The University of West Alabama and now they have. I don’t think I could have made it through the summer without the support of my team as well. They would always send me text messages about how proud they were of me and to keep up the good work. That has to be the best feeling in the world to know that you have people that support you and have your back. My favorite part of being a UCA instructor is being able to travel and share my passion for cheerleading.

*uca-universal cheerleading association

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27 september 2012

student spotlights

dedication sheffield is a leader on and off the soccer field


his week, Jeremy Sheffield has been announced as UWA’s student of the week because of his dedication,

of Jeremy’s younger team mates and Coach Thorne described him as a good role model. “I see him as a good captain because he is the oldest, yet is very social with the younger teammates in and outside of practices,” Thibault Charmey, an exchange student from Paris, stated. “He is the first person I met when I came overseas and he helped me get to know my teammates and the campus better.” “He let me stay at his place for a week and took me on a tour around campus my first night here,” said Alex Brown an exchange student from Essex, England. “He is a genuinely nice guy.” Coach Thorne didn’t disagree. He sees Jeremy as an efficient, professional and very responsible young man. “No matter what, Jeremy is reliable,” Coach Thorne adamantly stated. Despite his status as one of the captains for the UWA men’s soccer team, Jeremy still finds time to contribute to UWA. Outside of practice, he is like an older brother to his teammates. He enjoys being a leader on and off the field. To the freshmen, participation and accomplishments he he is known as JFS, Legend or Mr. UWA. has made while being a UWA Tiger. With all of these accomplishments one Jeremy Sheffield came to UWA the wonders how Jeremy stays grounded fall of 2009 on a football scholarship as and stress free. “I’m very thankful for what a kicker. The spring of his freshman year, UWA has given me academically and he was announced as president of the athletically and I’ll always look for ways Sigma Pi fraternity. At the time, Jeremy to give back.” Speaking of his affinity for was the youngest president in Sigma Pi UWA, Jeremy further stated that “It’s big chapter’s enough to do big [Jeremy] let me stay at his history. things but small That is only enough to have place for a week, and took one of interactions with me on a tour of the campus the many my professors and accomclassmates. I like my first night here. He is a plishments being able to genuinely nice guy. he has walk to class and fulfilled know everyone -Alex Brown, freshman during I pass.” When soccer player his three asked if he has years as any advice for a student underclassmen, at UWA. He was also in the top 7.5%of Jeremy encouraged that they “Get the college’s academic system and was involved in clubs and organizations. Don’t recently named Mr. UWA. Jeremy is a sit back and let things go by. Go out and director for the Hoover Hall Apartments, make a change in the world.” Jeremy orientation leader and a tutor. Along Sheffield is a busy man, but he has always with those responsibilities, he is captain found a way to help however he can. of the men’s soccer team along with Jeremy Sheffield has definitely earned his Zach Traweek and Danny McCarthy. Two Tiger stripes.

grayson redefines well rounded shelby campbell


f a student has ever believed that he or she is too busy to be involved in many things at school, Tara Grayson is the perfect student to prove them wrong. Tara is a senior at UWA, and she plans to graduate in December with a Biology Comprehensive Pre-Medical Degree. Not only has she been very involved over the past four years of her college career, but Tara has also been inducted into Tri-Beta Honor Society, Alpha Epsilon Delta Honor Society, and Blue Key Honor Society as a result of her academic achievements. Moving to Livingston from Hazel Green, Alabama, Tara began her freshman year as a member of the UWA girls’ basketball team and served as treasurer for the Student Athletic Advisory Committee. Along with her sports involvement, she has also performed the lead role of Cesario/ Viola in UWA’s production of Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night.” Tara has shown her love for her school by participating as an Orientation leader from 2010 to 2011 and as an ambassador her Junior year. She has been a member of the Stars of Alabama dance team for the past two years, as well as a member of the UWA Choir and UWA Singers. Competing in the Miss UWA Pageant for the past two years, Tara has won First-Runner up and the Talent Award. Last year, she was awarded the title of Homecoming Queen, who is chosen by fellow students all over campus. Tara says that this was her “biggest honor of all.” She served the Campus Activities Board Marketing Director last year. She has also been an active member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Baptist Campus Ministries. Last year, Tara started a Women’s Bible Study with fellow student and friend, Hannah Wilson. They continue to do these Bible studies on Thursday nights for any girl who would like to come. Upon graduating in December, Tara plans to attend Optometry school. She has won awards for her research done here at UWA with the microbial communities that grow on the eyes of college students. When asked how she continues to be involved in all that she does, Tara replied, “For nothing is impossible with God. Luke 1:37.”


Oil Change, Tires, and Brakes Chris or Doug Schmidt Ph. 205-652-7770

1124 N. Washington Livingston, Alabama 35470

living, learning communities

vast opportunities arrive with new residence hall hayley taylor

Not only does Gilbert Hall bring a new look to UWA’s campus, but it also introduces UWA to the first Living and Learning Communities. Gilbert currently has six Living and Learning Communities: Creative Arts, Healthy U, Nursing, Service and Learning, Teachers of Tomorrow, and World of Women. The communities are designed to connect students with similar interests and goals and to offer support systems that give students opportunities to grow in their major field of study and become more involved. One of the purposes of LLCs is to provide occasions for students and faculty to connect outside of the classroom. Such opportunities can take place in the form of a field trip, a themed event, or the appearance of a guest speaker. Every community will participate in four mixers each semester, involving all four LLCs. During the mixers, faculty, staff and students can enjoy refreshments and casual conversations. In addition to the mixers, students will participate in one mini-seminar per year, and two additional events per semester planned by the LLC staff. Junior Elementary Education major, Allie Carson, resident assistant for the Teachers of Tomorrow community, shared some tips with her experience leading an LLC: “I provide my residents with need-to-know facts about their education majors. I try to prepare my residents for what to expect in future classes for their major. This helps guide students to decide whether they’re going to stay within a particular major or change.” Another helpful aspect of living in a community is that “students lean on one another for help on assignments.” The Living and Learning Communities bring great opportunities to West Alabama. Students can find out more information by contacting their resident assistant.

dymond hannon

Many people in America stated that their greatest fear was talking in front of a large crowd, also known as “public speaking.” The fear of public speaking, or glossophobia, can affect people more than they realize. Just giving a presentation in a class scares most students, regardless of how big or small the class may be. However, many do not see the positives in conquering this fear. Public speaking helps build confidence which can increase chances of success in job interviews, working in teams, and giving seminars at work. With confidence as a speaker, breaking the ice and making friends with strangers will be much easier. All these rewards make it clear that a fear of public speaking is worth conquering. The only way to overcome any fear is to jump in head first. Here are some tips to be a better public speaker and conquer that nasty fear: Slow and steady: Try practicing with family or friends first. Then gradually build up to small groups. Before long, that big presentation or interview will not pose such a problem. Preparations: Know your material. It is always easier to talk about familiar topics of interest. High interest subject matter makes it more engaging to find the information and allows the pleasure of stumbling upon something not previously known. Memorization: It is important to be familiar with, but not memorize, the presentation’s content. Standing there reading bullet points off of a slide shows that the work done was probably last minute. By knowing the material, one can look at a bullet point and elaborate off that, allowing more time to make a presentation flow. Stress release: It is one minute before a presentation, and uncertainty is creeping in. Calm down and do not

Visit for test taking help

UWA Counseling Services Foust 7


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keys to giving a speech

27 september 2012

Great Great rates rates + +agent local local agent = =

Value Value


panic. Take that minute to do some deep breathing and tell yourself that you can do it. Visualize a positive outcome. Put that faith in yourself; even if you make a mistake, you can still recover. Audience participation: Get the audience involved. Ask for questions and opinions. Involving the audience will keep their attention, reduce boredom, and allow the opportunity to get thoughts together.


a-muse me

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international news

dymond hannon

china protests

In multiple Chinese cites, protests broke out against Japan for the second day. The government cannot seem to find level ground with the overwhelming anger and violence coming from its people. This animosity could possibly destroy an already fragile leadership succession. The reason for the protests is that a few islands have been claimed by both Japan and China. On Saturday, demonstrators began throwing eggs, rocks and bottles at the Japanese embassy, which led to the anti-riot police being called. Around other cities in China, protestors looted shops, destroyed some Japanese cars, and also broke into about twelve Japanese factories in Qingdao. Japan decided to purchase the islands, much to the dismay of China. Both countries believe that they may have gas reserves that could prove valuable. The reserves are said to be owned by a private Japanese businessman.

al-qaeda planning attacks

The most active branch of Al-Qaeda in the Middle East demanded more attacks on Unites States embassies Saturday. The group was seeking revenge because of an anti-Muslim film. In order to avoid violence, Muslim religious authorities plead for peaceful demonstrations. Anger rose up because of the movie after attacks on the United States and Western embassies. These attacks killed at least eight protestors. A Saudi Arabian cleric condemned the film, saying that it could not affect Islam and encouraged the Muslims to not let their anger lead them to violence. However, protesters believe that retaliation is needed for such a degrading movie. The film is said to belittle the Prophet Muhammad. The police finally got protestors to disperse after clashes that went on for days. Two hundred and twenty people were arrested and a wall was erected across the road to the United States embassy.

gun fire in africa

Miners on strike in South Africa were denounced by the Council of Churches. The South African Council of Churches dispatched police to put a stop to the strikes. Police fired and used tear gas in order to disperse the strikers, who were made up of men, women, and children. The shots and tear gas sent people scrambling for their shacks. This show of force reflects the government’s vow to stop protests and get strikers who work in the one gold mine and six platinum deposits to end the strike and return to work. The strikers are said to be destabilizing South Africa’s important mining area. It is still unknown how many people were hurt in the attack. One woman had to be put in the hospital.

27 september 2012

music review- carly rae jepsen dymond hannon

Canadian-born singer Carly Rae Jepsen, most known for her single “Call Me Maybe,” placed third in “Canadian Idol” and was in the Idol’s Top Three tour in 2007. In 2008, following the completion of “Canadian Idol,” she was signed to Fontana and Maple Music with whom her debut album, “Tug of War,” was recorded and released. Jepson’s single “Call Me Maybe” was released in 2011, with much success. The song hit the number

one spot in America, Canada and 19 other countries. Jepsen appeared on the “Ellen DeGeneres Show” and performed “Call Me Maybe” on March 23, 2012, for the first time on American TV. Jepson was the first “Canadian Idol” contestant to be on the UK charts when “Call Me Maybe” reached number one. At 26 years old, Jepsen has been told that she “dresses too young for her age.” Critics believe that she dresses this way to appeal to younger audience or as an attempt to keep a clean, scandal-free image as opposed to other artists in the same music/age group. Jepsen has been nominated for 16 music awards from 2010 to 2012 and has won seven with two nominations later this year.

music review-greyson chance margaret moseley

At one point in everyone’s life, the thought of becoming a wealthy musician crosses the mind. For 14-yearold Greyson Chance, of Edmond, Okla., that dream became a reality. During a 6th grade festival in April of 2010, young Greyson performed Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi” and within days had one of the most popular videos on Facebook, with over 45 million views making it the #3 video of 2010. The ever-growing popularity landed him guest appearances on shows such as “Good Morning America,” and “The Elen DeGeneres Show.” Greyson, who began playing piano at the age of eight, has never received vocal training. Watching Lady Gaga performances inspired young Greyson’s musical talent and has led him abroad. Since his fortuitous YouTube performance and after his first appearance on “The Elen DeGeneres Show,” he returned a week later to announce that he was the first artist to be signed on Elen’s newly formed label eleveneleven. Since then, Greyson has appeared 8 times on the show and has continued his growth as an artist with debut singles including “Waiting Outside The Lines” and “Unfriend You.” “Waiting Outside The Lines” was released in October of 2010 and has sold over 160 million copies. The message behind this popular debut single is to simply live life to the fullest and seize the day. It has become one of the most recognizable songs in Greyson’s catalogue and has potential to explode even further. “Unfriend You,” realeased May 17, 2010, sends out a message to an audience that brings social networking into relationships. It promotes the message that when

heartache occurs sometimes it’s just best to “unfriend” that person and move on. Today, Greyson has lived his dream to the fullest. He still acclaims Lady Gaga’s performances as his reason for taking a chance at his dream. Thanks to his YouTube video, this young man has gone around the world performing and has had an absolutely remarkable time in the process.

amuse me ;)

27 september 2012

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snl strikes back te duffour

On Sept. 15, “Saturday Night Live” premiered their 38th season with host and Family Guy-creator Seth McFarlane, musical guest Frank Ocean and a special appearance by John Mayer. McFarlane’s monologue was spot on and hilarious in his typically irreverent fashion, but the opening sketch is deserving of extra attention. Cast member Fred Armisen, who has been portraying President Barack Obama since season 33, surprisingly took the stage as a press secretary introducing Obama to the stage, now played by third year cast member Jay Pharoah. With a smart one-liner delivered by Armisen—“Wouldn’t want his job, right?”— and a shaking of hands, the torch was symbolically and effectively passed on. SNL has a long history of priceless Presidential impersonations, including Dana Carvey’s Bush Senior, Darrell Hammond’s Clinton, and Will Ferrell’s Bush. Pharoah certainly has big shoes to fill, but his impressions have always garnered fan approval, and his debut as Obama was, if nothing else, highly promising. The 2012-2013 season will bring many more changes to America’s longest running sketch comedy program. For example, Upright Citizen Brigade veterans Josh Patten and Neil Casey have officially joined the writing staff. Sadly, fan favorites Andy Samberg and Kristen Wiig left the show by the end of season 37, but despite purists’ eagerness to lament the passing of “the good ol’ days” when their preferred cast-members ruled, an ever changing

lineup of up-and-coming comedians has always been an integral part of SNL. The void left by Samberg and Wiig will be filled by newcomers Aidy Bryant, Tim Robinson and Cecily Strong, who are all former members of Second City, a famous Chicago-based sketch and improv troupe. If the talent that proceeded them is any indication, their becoming house-hold names is only a matter of time. Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Daniel Craig are among those scheduled for hosting duties in upcoming shows, along with musical guests Muse and Mumford & Sons. “Saturday Night Live” has gone through many changes over the years, but it would be dismissive to say it has gone downhill. Always a work-in-progress, it has delighted generation after generation, and there are no signs of it slowing down.

actor review- alexander skarsgard dymond hannon

Alexander Skarsgard, a Swedish actor best known for his roles as vampire Eric Northman on the HBO series “True Blood,” Meekus in “Zoolander” and Brad Colbert in the HBO miniseries “Generation Kill,” was born in Stockholm, Sweden, and is the oldest of six children. His father and three of his siblings are also actors. Skarsgard began acting at the tender age of seven, receiving his first role from a friend of his father. He also was the star of a Swedish hit TV show at the age thirteen. Skarsgard left acting for a while after this and did not return until 2001 when he auditioned for the role of Meekus in “Zoolander” while on vacation in the United States. His acting in “Hundtricket-the movie” or “The Dog Trick” earned him a nomination for Best Supporting Actor in 2003. In addition to his acting success Skarsgard has claimed the title of Sexiest Man in Sweden five times.

In 2004, Skarsgard moved to Los Angeles while still working in Sweden, when he was cast in the HBO mini-series “Generation Kill” as Sergeant Brad Colbert. “Generation Kill” follows the story of the First Recon Battalion of the U.S. Marines during the beginning of the Iraq War. Skarsgard almost didn’t receive the role due to his Swedish accent. He was unaware of his casting until three hours before he needed to be on a plane to the shooting site. Throughout the filming of “Generation Kill,” Skarsgard worked with a dialect coach to better master an American accent. Skarsgard found out about “True Blood,” a new series that HBO was planning based on books by Charlaine Harris, right before leaving to shoot “Generation Kill.” Unsure of playing a vampire, Skarsgard sent in an audition tape after learning that Academy Award winning screenwirter, Alan Ball, was in charge of the project. Skarsgard originally auditioned for the part of Bill Compton that eventually went to Stephen Moyer. He was cast as Eric Northman, a 2,000 year old Viking vampire. He owns the bar, Fangtasia, and serves as a love interest of main character Sookie Stackhouse. “True Blood” has completed its fifth season in August of 2012. Skarsgard’s popularity in his role led to him appearing on the Sept. 2010 edition of “Rolling Stone” alongside co-stars Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin, who portrays Sookie Stackhouse. The six-foot-four Swedish stud appeared in the music video for Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi” in 2009. Skarsgard was nominated for 13 awards and won seven for his acting in various roles from 2003 to 2011, some of which he received for his work in “True Blood.”

national news

superbug claims seventh victim


amanda nolin

At the National Institute of Health Clinical Center in Maryland, a seventh victim’s life has been taken by a deadly germ that is untreatable by most antibiotics. The death of this young boy occurred Friday, September 7, 2012. In April of this year, the boy arrived at the hospital in Bethesda, Md., where he was being treated for complications from a bone marrow transplant when he contracted KCP, or Kiebiella pneumonia. He was the nineteenth patient at the hospital to contract the superbug. This outbreak stemmed from a single patient who arrived at the hospital last summer carrying the fatal bug. The Washington Post reported that the case of this young boy marks the first new infection the hospital has seen since January.

woman to lead training after sex scandal

The Air Force has chosen Col. Deborah Liddick to command the 737th Training Group at the San Antonio, Texas, Air Force Base. The decision to place a woman in charge stems from sexual assault and harassment accusations many female recruits have made against male instructors within the past year. Six male instructors at the base have been charged with crimes ranging from adultery to rape, and many others are still under investigation. She will replace Col. Glenn Palmer, who was ousted due to the scandal. In July, one instructor was sentenced to twenty years in prison for raping one female recruit and sexually assaulting many others. Just last week, another instructor was dishonorably discharged for admittedly having sex with a trainee. The president of the advocacy group, Protect Our Defenders, Nancy Parrish, stated that the scandal at Lackland is only part of “a much broader problem endemic throughout all the services.” Liddick is scheduled to take command on Friday, Sept. 21, 2012..

google keeps anti-muslim clip

Google has refused to remove an anti-Muslim video clip from YouTube, despite requests from the White House that it be taken down. Google will, however, restrict certain countries access to the video. In a statement given Friday, Sept. 14, YouTube said that the video clip is “clearly within our guidelines and so will stay on YouTube. “Innocence of Muslims,” the short film causing so much uproar, criticizes Islam and the Prophet Muhammad. The video sparked mob violence against U.S. embassies throughout the Middle East. The video may have been a contributor to the violence in Libya, where the U.S. ambassador and three others were killed, but the exact cause of the attacks is still under investigation. Outside the countries of Libya, Egypt, India and Indonesia, the video will remain on YouTube.


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27 september 2012

alpha psi omega revamped the fair is coming to town te duffour

“We’re insane but not alone.” Drama enthusiasts rejoice: UWA has taken the first steps in rebooting their theater-based fraternity, Alpha Psi Omega. This new and improved society will be putting on their own shows, helping with the University’s productions, organizing unique and entertaining fundraisers as well as encouraging a growing appreciation in the theater community. An interest meeting was held on Monday, Sept. 10, but students wanting to join the ranks still have plenty of time to commit. All that is required is a GPA of at least a 2.5 and a fascination with acting, stage production, playwriting or any other aspect of the dramatic process. Interested parties should try to get involved in some of UWA’s many theatrical outlets in order to get the most out of the experience, but even those who have never taken a theater class will be accepted. The invitation even extends to those who are already members of other fraternities and sororities. Elise Keller, 20, an Interdisciplinary Arts major, UWA Stage Manager and the fraternity’s President, said, “The main objective of Alpha Psi Omega is to help stimulate interest in theater activities as well as to secure for the department all the advantages and mutual helpfulness provided within a large national honor society. It also provides acknowledgment to those who demonstrate

high standards of accomplishment in theater and promotes a wider fellowship for those interested parties; in other words--to form a theatrical, bonded family.” The first official meeting will be held on Oct. 1 at 5:30 p.m. in Pruitt Hall, during which a vote will be cast for the remaining open office positions. Those considering offering their candidacy for Secretary, Treasurer or Historian should simply request an application by emailing Keller at After being accepted as members, individuals will maintain a certain number of points for continued participation. These points can be earned by acting in plays, directing, assisting in the building and taking down of sets, handing out flyers and taking part in other activities. Among the fundraisers planned for the coming weeks are bake sales, a student game night and a “No Talent Contest,” during which students and faculty will be invited to take the spotlight for tone-deaf singing, dancing like a fool or any other type of performance they can think of, as long as their “talent” is performed without any. As the University’s newest fraternity, Alpha Psi Omega is shaping up to be an excellent social outlet for drama buffs of all kinds and will provide a perfect opportunity for students who want to make UWA history.

michael kimberly

The fair is coming this year, and admission is free! The School of Public Health at the University of Alabama is offering a virtual fair. The fair will be held online, September 24-25, 2012. The SOPHAS Virtual Fair will connect envoys from 32 Graduate Schools with students seeking to further their education in the field of public health. Representatives of attending schools will be glad to answer questions and help guide students to a rewarding future. Any student who has earned a bachelor’s degree is eligible to pursue a Master of Public Health Degree (MPH). The MPH degree opens doors in both governmental and private sector opportunities towards securing jobs designed to improve public health in our local and state communities. Students who are interested careers in the field of public health are encouraged to attend the online fair. Registration for the event is easy, and you can attend from the comfort of your own home. Online registration for the event can be found at: http://

demopolis campus news te duffour

Thanks to the Demopolis Higher Education Center’s recent expansion of the dual enrollment program, forward-thinking high school students can get an even greater head start in their approaching college careers. Juniors and seniors attending Demopolis High School will have the opportunity to acquire college credits before graduating by taking courses such as Sociology and Speech at the Higher Education Center and courses in English and History at the high school. Those in DHS’s class of 2012 who have taken full advantage of the program will be entering their first official year of college as sophomores, a benefit that will undoubtedly bring them many rewards. Also reaping the benefits of the newly revamped dual enrollment program is Merengo Academy, which is currently offering two college classes this semester. In additional news, courses in OSHA, PLC, and Hazardous Materials training have recently been offered at the center, and the Continued Education program has added classes in painting, stained glass and bridge.

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get fit

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27 september 2012

find your perfect workout shelby campbell

The new variety of group exercise classes is all that is on the mind of any student minds as he enters the UWA Fitness Center this fall. From running to relaxing with yoga, there is a wide selection of classes to choose from to suit any style! The class could even be led by a fellow student. Classes are taught on various weekdays ranging anywhere from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Many students love the Spin class offered this semester. Taught by Angela Sanders, Evan Lemons, or Rebecca Hall, this class encourages everyone involved to push themselves through various cardio challenges and exert themselves harder than before. Cross Training class is also offered at the UWA Fitness Center this semester, and it is quickly becoming a favorite among cardio lovers. Taught by Jarrod Barnes, everyone is taken to the limit. Combining the qualities of endurance and strength, this class causes everyone to come running back for more! Angela Sanders teaches a class

called Spin and Core that truly combines two of the best workouts. This class includes the qualities of Spin class, but it also works on the toning

of your core. For those gym lovers who are seeking a true strength training work out, the UWA Fitness Center is the place to go. In the TRX Circuit and TRX Body Blast classes taught by

Jarrod Barnes, Logan Humbers, and Rebecca Hall, participants have a true strength, endurance, and cardio workout. Boot Camp, taught by Angela Sanders, is one class that no student wants to miss. It involves the use of many cardio drills that are guaranteed to get a heart pumping. Butts and Guts is also a group exercise class offered at the UWA Fitness Center this fall. Rebecca Hall targets the areas of the butt and abs to make everyone involved look great! For the students who want a good workout but want to dance while doing it, the Hip-Hop class taught by Chelsea Lesinger is the perfect choice. The fundamentals of Hip-Hop dancing as well as new and creative choreography guarantees a great workout and a challenge for all. Lastly, Yoga is taught by Ciara McIntyre and involves a challenge of breathing, stretching, and relaxation. No matter what your favorite type of exercise may be, the UWA Fitness Center is the place for everyone this semester!

uwa named one of the fastest growing campuses amanda nolin

“The Chronicle of Higher Education” named The University of West Alabama as one of the fastest growing college campuses from the year 2000 up to the year 2010. UWA also ranked number two in “The Chronicle’s” 2012 to 2013 Almanac. While the ever-increasing number of on-campus students being accommodated by UWA is commendable, UWA has also seen large growth in its online educational programs. University Provost David M. Taylor stated that “Much of UWA’s recent growth is attributable to the success of its online offerings, particularly the master’s and education specialist degree programs in a wide range of areas. The University’s online program has been a pacesetter in the field of distance education, providing the same rigor and integrity as an on-campus experience.” The listing in “The Chronicle” compares enrollment figures from the years 2000 and 2010 to determine the amount of increase

each university experienced its number of students. The number of students enrolled at The University of West Alabama in the fall of 2000 was 1,924. Over a ten-year period, the number of students enrolled at the university jumped to 5,094, a 164.8 percent increase. This increase comes in second to Florida Gulf Coast University, whose numbers increased 227.9 percent. Other institutions ranked among the top twenty include Texas A&M International University, University of Maryland College, University of North Carolina at Pembroke, and Arkansas Tech University. The National Research Center for College and University Admissions ranked UWA among the top ten universities declared by high school seniors. Established in 1835, The University of West Alabama offers associate, bachelor’s, master’s, and numerous specialist degree programs through both on-campus and online educational programs.

+ 3,170 students

zeta week caleb wlaters

Last week, the sisters of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc., held their annual “Zeta Week.” Throughout the week, many UWA students came out to support the sisters and have a good time as well. The girls kicked off the week on a good note by attending a church service at Living Word Church on Sept. 9. On Monday, the SUB was filled with excitment as the lovely ladies hosted a spades tournament. Tuesday’s event was more informative: the sorors created a safety awareness seminar in Wallace Hall

We are proud that we could honor our beloved deceased sorority sister, Thelma Red Westbrook this week.

-Danica McCall, Zeta Phi Beta sister Auditorium to increase safety among UWA students. The rest of the week was filled with events like picnics. The week culminated in “Zeta Idol,” a singing competition, on Friday night. Danica McCall, a sister of Zeta Phi Beta said “This week, for me, has been phenomenal! I am privileged to receive a chance to participate in and plan a week of great activities for the campus and community alongside my sorority sisters. We are grateful for the participation of the student body and other Greeks. We are proud that we could honor our beloved deceased sorority sister Thelma Red Westbrook this week. Our theme, ‘Diligently Seeking Perfection Towards Finer Womanhood’ represents our sorority’s values well.”

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27 september 2012

27 september 2012

alumni spotlight


justin smith

outdoor adventure anyone can try shelby campbell

hayley taylor

They say home is where the heart is. That is exactly the excited about Smith’s position as president. Stone comcase with the University of West Alabama National Alumni mented that “Past President Mike Holliman left some big Association President Justin Smith. A native of Sumter shoes to fill, and we are glad that Mike will be staying on County, Ala., Smith graduated from Sumter Academy as a Member at Large for NAA. His experience will assist and earned his baccalaureate degree in Business Ad- Justin in many ways. Justin is very enthusiastic and excited ministration from UWA in 1999. He later received his J.D. about the NAA and has already suggested a few revisions from the Mississippi College School of Law, graduating to the Constitution.” cum laude. Under Smith’s leadership, While a student at UWA, he the Alumni Association has One of the benefits of bewas actively involved around established new membering involved as alumni is makcampus, including membership ship categories, including ing the University a stronger in Blue Key, ODK, and SGA. He Lifetime Memberships, which also worked as an admissions Smith commented has been institution, and the stronger counselor. When asked why he appealing to many peothe University is the more your wanted to become an involved ple. Among Smith’s goals degree is worth and the better alumnus, the Emelle native reas president is “increasing sponded, “The University means membership … and just to it’s viewed. a ton to my family and me. I just increase the presence of the -Justin Smith, NAA president want to give back in any way I Alumni Association among can. Growing up in the area, I believe the University is the alumni.” He stressed that UWA alumni can become more key to Sumter County, so it’s important that is success- involved by visiting campus and seeing everything that is ful.” Smith explained that both of his parents are UWA happening, adding that “joining the Tiger Club is a good graduates, as well as his sister. His father, Mickey Smith, is way to get involved and meet people.” a long time faculty member of the UWA Department of Smith encouraged students to remain connected to Mathematics. UWA after graduation for several reasons: “One of the The UWA graduate has worked at Cross & Smith, LLC as benefits of being involved as alumni is making the University an attorney in Tuscaloosa, Ala., for the past nine years. He a stronger institution, and the stronger the University is the credits UWA and its excellent faculty in preparing him for more your degree is worth and the better it’s viewed.” Job law school and mentioned that he was just as prepared, opportunities, networking, and the satisfaction of helping if not more, as his fellow classmates who came from larger others were other benefits he mentioned. institutions. Smith believes this is one of the University’s asThe NAA President concluded, “As graduates, we have sets in which students and alumni can take the greatest a sense of loyalty and want to give back to the institution. pride. Personally, being from there, I want the region to be strong. UWA Director of Alumni Affairs TyAnne Stone said she is And without the University it wouldn’t be.”

Looking for a unique opportunity for adventure? If so, geocaching is the perfect solution! As many of the students here at UWA know, living in this small town could leave one with limited ways of entertaining themselves. However, with geocaching, no student will ever be bored again. Geocaching is known as the worldwide treasure hunt, and it brings out the child in all of us. This game is very simple; all that one needs is a GPS-enabled device, such as a cell phone. To participate in this worldwide treasure hunt, one uses the GPS coordinates given to them to locate the hidden container. Many unfamiliar with the world of geocaching may wonder just what they should be looking for. Geocaches vary greatly in their appearance. They can range from a small plastic containers to a fake rock with a secret compartment. Hints are given to each participant in order to find the geocache they are looking for. Once the geocache is found, there will be a logsheet or logbook for you or your group to record your name in, and there may be other surprises left for participants at geocache locations as well. If a geocache is so intriguing that you want to keep it, just remember to replace it with something else great for other fellow geocachers to enjoy! After finding geocaches, each participant may keep up with their findings online, and they can even submit and add their own geocaches to the search as well. This treasure hunt is different from any other because it is worldwide and gives each participant the ability to find something that has been all over the world. A student at UWA could even find a geocache that began in London, England and has traveled all over the world before it came here. So what are you waiting for? Step outside and start geocaching here today!




Where can you go to study and do research? Julia Tutwiler Library Hours:

Downtown on the Square


Julia Tutwiler Library


Coming Soon!

6:30pm 9:00pm Nightly

s for Visit u fee, hot cof ks, & drin d e l l i h ! c as tries p h s e r F

UWA Students Admitted Free

Once a Week with Student ID $6 Adults / $3 Children

16 Franklin Street • 205-652-5500


Mon-Thurs 7:30am - 10:00pm Friday 7:30am - 4:00pm Sunday 5:00pm - 10:00pm

M-Th F Sat Sun

..... ..... ..... .....

7:30 a.m.-11:00 p.m. 7:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m. 9:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m. 4:00 p.m.-11:00 p.m.

Julia Tutwiler Library 205-652-3613

Curriculum Library Hours:

(in the old Armory building with the Campus School) Sun ..... 5:00 p.m.-9:00 a.m. Tues ..... 5:00 p.m.-9:00 a.m. Thur ..... 5:00 p.m.-9:00 a.m.

Curriculum Library 205-652-3781

12 10

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27 september 2012 06 october 2011

UWA and UWA’s Demopolis Higher Education Center, in partnership with RockTenn, offer a range of academic, workforce technology, continuing education, and graduate programs.

uwa family day

27 september 2012

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school spirit; the band, cheerleaders, color guards, and dance line demonstrated that practice makes perfect, nailing every routine. Meanwhile, the Lab Rats reunion was being held at the Bell Conference Center. Events included a slideshow of all the students who had participated, awards for the Oldest Attendee -- Mr. Leslie “Bud” Nixon – and for the attendee who traveled the greatest distance -- Frances Mellen from California. Live music was provided by the Lab Rat Reunion Band. The finale of the day was the landslide victory over Mississippi College, with a final score of 41-3.

megan clark | muse megan clark | muse

megan clark | muse

megan clark | muse

megan clark | muse

he University of West Alabama’s expectations of a large crowd were met Saturday, September 15, on Family Day. Many students’ families attended the event, touring the campus and the newly built Gilbert Hall, meeting professors, and supporting the football team against Mississippi College. Families enjoyed barbecue and ice cream in the cafeteria while receiving their free tickets for the game. The Bookstore also had a sidewalk sale, providing low prices on their University of West Alabama merchandise. The Tiger Walk and pep rally pumped up everyone’s

megan clark | muse

elise foster



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27 september 2012

Livingston Press ~ UWA

Alabama Authors:

The constant running through this collection is a cool Southern voice that crosses sexual, economic, and age barriers.


Contemporary fiction from Alabama women. What could be better? $12.95

A collection to spotlight emerging writers from our state who at the time had no more than two books published. $15.95

Comic stories from some of Alabama’s best: Eugene Walter, Caroline Haines, Truman Capote and more. $15.95

available online

An Elixir discovered in the Florida swamps promises life eternal. Well, sorta, anyway. $22

A woman sells her soul to the Devil so she might become a man. What could possibly go wrong?


Livingston Press ~ UWA

This is Tiger’s third book of motorcycle tales. He’s put over a million miles on is BMW, so no wonder.


A sultry Florida mystery. A woman obsesses with uncovering facts about the murder of her childhood sweetheart.


Livingston Press ~ UWA

Livingston Press ~ UWA

A novel that could be interpreted as a coming of age not only for its characters, but for a whole region. $14.95

National Authors:

Streamline comedy. If only Sid Straw could get out of his own way, life would be grand. $18.95

A young eco-terrorist on the run finds a family willing to forgive her past. $18.95

available online

Southern with a vengeance, these stories soak the reader in an atmosphere as thoroughly as might a river baptism. $14.95

available at UWA bookstore

adMuse.indd 1

Livingston Press ~ UWA Livingston Press ~ UWA

Livingston Press ~ UWA

available at UWA bookstore

Livingston Press ~ UWA 7/2/12 3:43:43 PM

2 1 1 4 2 $ $ 3 5 7 $ 97 $ 99 99 $ 19 1 2 $ 97 1 1 3 9 $ 87 5 $ $ 97 1 2 1 1 1 5 10 52 5 ¢$ $17 4 97 5 1 1 97 $ 99 $ 883 119$97 97 39 $ 2 $ 97 5 $ 179 $ 99 99 ¢ 1 5 1 $7597 105 1 59751$$397 89 $ 17 2 9 $ 99 13 $ 2975 57 5 119711$¢ $1197 587 3 2 10 5 3 77 1 $ 79 39 $ 97 ¢ $ $ 97 5 $ 99 3 1 89 5 875 21 91 5 1 4 $ 29 5 11 5 1 $ 37 57 ¢ 99 $ 99 15 1 2 97 ¢ 5 $ 97 5 $ 29 4 $ 87 1 3 97 1 1 11 2 11 3 5 99 11 5 75 11 $ 97 $ 97 3 2 7 12 9 $12$994299$287 5¢ 2 1 $ 29 39 5 5 5 99 3 4 1 97 4 8 ¢ $ 99 1 2 1 99 11 99 11 3 97 5 3 6 3 2 12 88 9 5 39 $ 15 5 2 $ 99 97 3 2 2 12 15 4 1 12 ¢ 99 2 2 15 3 4 11 3 2 5 99 9 11 $ 37 97 99 1 5 3 79 6 97 39 $ 29 $ 97 ¢1 Flour or Meal or Cheese Alabama Shreds Demopolis, 3/$ Kraft Deluxe Zesta Saltine 2/$ Full Cut $ 99 Maxwell Crackers Dinners

Fresh Pack BaconLB $ 12 37oz. S Family Pack 1 ¢ 4House 40 oz. Bottle Bunny Thin Ground Chuck Coffee Center Slices Removed! Round Steak 27 september 2012 muse: to ponder; toNo be absorbed in deep thought 15 Fresh Family Pac US Inspected Sold 2 Per Cry O VacSandwich Bag5 BreadPackage Heinz Sanderson Fa F R E S H M A R K E T Lean & Tender Lean & Tender Ground 2/$ Carolina Pride Bar S Zesta Saltine LB. 625 Hwy580 East LB. Fryer Ketchup LB. Thig 3/$ Kool Aid Whole Boston Crackers Demopolis, Alabama Beef Family 67 RES H M A Meat R K E Franks T Shank Half Ham Baby BackEA 2/$ BestFChoice Kool 99 Jammers Pack Drumsti Butt Pork Roast 67YoplaitLB. Fritos Family Pack raft Chunks or $ 10/$ Demopolis, Alabama Can Tomatoes 4/$ oz.$ pkg. 99 16 oz. Package Pork Ribs 2/$ Kraft Chunks Chips or Bounty19.76 Basic Fresh Black Canyon Angus Select LB. $ 99 5 625 Hwy 80 East Demopolis, Alabama Red Baron redded Cheese 3/$ Regular or BunShreds Size KraftFormer Deluxe Yogurt or Cheese Cheetos Paper•Selected TowelsVarieties Food World Location 334-287-3292 Pizza FR E &S H MJohnsonville A R KChuck E T99 $137 Ground T-Bone 2/$ BigFamily “G” Dinners Owned Operated • Over 65 Years in Business F R E S PictSweet H ¢M A R K E T No Center Slices Remove ¢ 625 6AM-9PM, Hwy 80 East Carolina Pride Open Sunday Monday-Saturday 6AM-10PM Family Pack US Inspected Banquet Family Pack Family Pack Cheerios ¢ 625 Hwy 80 East Green Demopolis, Alabama Steaks LB. EA. 2/$ Lean & Tender Fresh Black Canyon Angus Select LB. Saltine Vegetables Brats 5 Meals Demopolis, Alabama D Carolina Prid 1 Zesta Jumbo Franks Cabbage Family Pack 5 Crackers Ground 10Operated - 15 oz. Cans Bone-In Center Family Owned for Over 65 T-Bone Years LB Big “G” &2/$ LB. Shank Half Ha Selected Varieties Fresh USDA Choice Cheerios Family Pack ¢ US Inspected Bunny Thin Beef Cut Pork Chops Steaks Best Choice Boneless Ground Beef Fresh 67 LB. 5 Lean & Tender Sandwich Bread 1 19.76 oz. pkg. 10/$ Yoplait for 16 oz. Package Pepsi Can Tomatoes Family Pack LB. 4/$ Full Cut $ 99 $ Selected Varieties Fritos Chips or Bounty Basic 2/$ RedBoneless Baron 4/$ Oreo Bunny ¢ Best Choice Fresh Fryer Regular99 or Bun Size Best Choice 99 Yogurt Coca-Cola Thin $ Family Whole $ 79 F Bunny Products Cookies Cheetos Paper Towels Pack EA. Pizza EA.Steak Soft Drinks Family Pack Johnsonville Round amburger Buns ¢ PictSweet Sandwich Bread $ Products Tombstone Prid Sandwich Bread Ground FR E SBlack H MLivers ASelect R KPork E3/$ T 3 Loins 3/$ Angus 99Canyon Kool Aid Carolina LB Fresh Vegetables Family PackPizza 625 Hwy 80 East Brats B LB. ¢ LB. Kool Jammers LB. ¢ PictSweet Deluxe32/$Imperial 3/$ Beef Lean & Tender T-Bone USDA Inspected LB. Big5“G” Demopolis, Alabama Jumbo Frank 3 lb. Package Ground Chuck 5 Margarine Vegetables 99 $ Family Pack, Fresh C 2/$ Individually Quick Frozen Zesta Saltine Cheerios Pork Steaks 4/$ Family Pack Fritos Chips Family or Pack Kool Aid 3/$ US Inspected CrackersFamily Pack Lean & Tender Tenderbird Budweiser or USDA Choice 99 Wednesday,Green Fryer Thighs or Lean LB. & Tender ¢ Cheetos Kool Jammers Prices Good Steak Sanderson Farms April 11Boneless through2Tuesday, April 17,12012Lean & Tender LB. LB. Bone-In Sirloin Bud LightWhole Bush’s Best 3/$ Cabbage Party Wings I 4 6 oz. Miller Lite or Bonele ¢Bounty Drumsticks 1 Fryer Thighs or 5 Pork Baked Beans $ 99 Selected Varieties 5 Thin Full CutLight Bunny 99 Beer Basic $ Pork Chops 4/$ Best Choice $ 79 9 Bunny 2/$ Kraft Chunks EA. LB. 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NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR Prairie FarmsPepsi Best Ch Everyday up to 50¢Keystone Family4 Pack Baked er or TYPOGRAPHICAL Hot or Lean Products Sanderson Farms OR PICTORIAL ERRORS. PRICES GOOD WHILE QUANTITIESCoca-Cola LAST. 99 OR PICTORIAL see store for details Pork Chops Bone-In Center White Sa ERRORS. PRICES GOODTYPOGRAPHICAL WHILE QUANTITIES LAST. see store details Fresh forWater Blue Bell 2/$ Kraft Chunks $ 99 Pizza Potato Chips Velveeta Cheese Red Baron 10 Ch Drinking Water Milk Pork Beer Beer EA.Best $ 79 Brea Pockets Doubl Bunny ght Light Products LB. Products Tombstone Best Choice Fresh Fryer 3/$ Ice Cream 3 Fryer Chops Cut Pork Pizza Medium Sandwich Bread ¢ r or Cheese$Shreds 79$ 99 Bunny Thin 99 $ Steak $ 79 $ 49 Beer Pizza Large Eggs 2/$ $ 99 3/$ $LegLivers 99 3/$Sandwich Bread F Quarters 2/$ 3/$ Coca-Cola 2/$ 49 Red Family$ Pack 99 $ 49 ¢ PictSweet Deluxe ¢ LB.¢ 7.5 - 16 oz. Selected Varieties

Nabisco Ritz Crackers


Selected Varieties



Carolina Pride Butt Half Hams Former Food World Location 12•Double 334-287-3292 • Roll 20 oz. Loaf

$ 99



pRices good while Quantities last. if we Run out of a sale item we will suBstitute an item of eQual value oR pRovide a Raincheck upon ReQuest.

Charmin BasicYears in Business Family Owned & Operated • Over 65 lb. Tissue Open Sunday 6 AM-9PM, MondayBath - Saturday 6 AM-10PM

$ 99 15- 16 oz. 12.9 - 15.6 oz. Apple Cinnamon Selected Varieties Cheerios orOct. Wheaties 20 through Tuesday, Oct. 26, 2010 Prices Good Wednesday, 10 ct. Big “G” Cereals Selected Varieties 2/$

5 - 9.6 oz. Selected Varieties

4 - 6 oz. Selected Varieties

Quanity Rights ReseRved. no sales to dealeRs. some items may not Be availaBle at all stoRes. not ResponsiBle foR typogRaphical oR pictoRial eRRoRs. pRices good while Quantities last. if we Run out of a sale item we will suBstitute an item of eQual value oR pRovide a Raincheck upon ReQuest.

3 Bulb Sleeve

Fresh Garlic

FOR Ground Fresh In 5 - 8 oz. pkg. 9.25 - 10.5 oz. ¢ Former Food Location • 334-287-3292 • Cut Fresh 12.9 - 15.6World oz. Store Several Apple Cinnamon Selected Varieties Selected Varieties Family 625 Owned &or Wheaties Operated • Over 65 Years in Business 80 East 8 Roll Package 15.77Hwy -Cheerios 23.45 oz. Daily 9.4 - 14 oz. Open Sunday 6 for AM-9PM, Monday - Saturday 6 AM-10PM No Center Selected Varieties Big “G” CerealsTimes Daily! in Store! Velveeta Shells or Slices Removed 10.5 oz. 2/$ World Location • 334-287-3292 • Former Food Package for Carolina Pride for10.9 - 18 oz. Family Owned & Operated • Over 65 Years in Business Blue Bird Prices Good Wednesday, July 11 through Tuesday, July 17, 2012 Butt Half Hams Selected Varieties Open Sunday 6 AM-9PM, Monday - Saturday 6 AM-10PM Honey Buns Over 35 Varieties for ¢ 12-16 oz. Sel. Varieties lb. Prices Good Wednesday, April 11 through Tuesday, April 17, 2012 Cut Fresh 12 Double Roll Garden Fresh Daily FOR 20 oz. Loaf Charmin Basic Honey or Bath Tissue in Store!

2 ct. Breadsticks or 4.9 10.5 oz. Selected Varieties

Cut Fresh 15- 16 oz.

20 oz. Loaf King Thin

lonial or Sunbeam Daily Selected Varieties Sandwich inBread Store!


10 - 15 oz. Cans FOR Selected Varieties


Sara Lee Classic




FOR Prices Good JulyFryer 17, 2012 4 - 6 oz.Wednesday, July 11 through Tuesday,Boneless Big “G” Cereals Breast Prices Good Wednesday, Oct. 20 through Tuesday, 26, 2010 SelectedOct. Varieties

Hot Dog or


Selected Varieties

20 oz. Loaf


Store Several Selected Varieties

16 oz. Package Times Daily! Quarters

10 oz. Selected Varieties

Bath Tissue





Blue Bird Bag Donuts

8 Roll Package

$ 1289 Double Roll Washingto State Charmin Basic Extra Fancy Bath Tissue $


24 10 oz.ct.Loaf Selected Varieties

Arbor Mist 8 Roll Package FOR 7.5- 34.5 -16.6oz.oz. 33 Winery Wines for 12Selected Pack, 12 oz. Cans Varieties

z. Cans rieties


10 oz. Selected Varieties

A-1 FOR Steak Sauce





20 oz. Bag Loaf 5 lb.

US #1

24 Pack 1212oz. Cans oz. Cans Suitcase d Varieties Budweiser or

2 ct. Breadsticks or 4.9 -

12 Pack10.5 oz. Selected Varieties 12 oz. Cans

5 lb. Bag US #1

24 Pack, 12 oz. Cans Suitcase

Bud Light Beer

. Cans ase

3 Bulb Sleeve

Fresh 5Garlic - 8 oz. pkg.




Garden Fresh



12 Pack, 12 oz. FOR Cans Ground In SelectedFresh Varieties

Cut Fresh Daily 24 Pack in Store!

1/2 Liter Bottles Store Several 12 Pack, 12 oz. Cans Times Daily! Selected Varieties


16 oz.





77 lb.

Limit20 oz. 4 CartonsLoaf Please

12.9 - 15.6 oz. Apple Cinnamon Cheerios or Wheaties

Big “G” Cereals

2/$ 56 oz. Selected Varieties Prairie Farms

Half Gallon Selected Varieties

37 oz. Selected Varieties

Sara Lee Frozen Pies




in Store!

18 oz. Loaf



$ 99


Barefoot Vinyard 20 oz. Loaf Wines Honey or

89 Sara$ Lee Classic for Wheat Bread 2/$

Garden Fresh

20 Pack, 12 oz. Bottles

1.5 liter bottles Selected Varieties

12 Pack, 12 oz. Cans

Cut Freshfor Daily in Store!


12 inch Li Everyday up to 50 D 750 seeVarieties store for deta Pl Arb

FOR Selected





15.77 - 23.452/$ oz. Selected Varieties

2 Bags Please

20 oz. Loaf Sara Lee

37 oz. Selected Varieties



Frozen Pies


10 - 12 oz. Includes Tiny Lima, Brussels, Broccoli Garden Fresh Florets and Green Peas

Green 5 - 8 oz. pkg.

20 oz. Loaf Honey or

Sara Lee Classic Wheat Bread

5 lb. Bag US #1

12 Pack, 12 oz. Cans Selectedfor Varieties



for 6 ct. Size 5 PotatoesProducts



12 inch Selected Varieties




Sara Lee Frozen Pies

Li 4 Pa Pl


Assorted Varieties

Domino 2/$ Wines

Half Ga Selected Va

10 ct. Limit Selected Varieties

20for Pack, 12 oz. Bottles 21-28 oz. Cans 750 ml Selected for Cut Varieties Fresh 36 oz. 8.5 oz. Selected Varieties Ecco Domani Apio Large Selected Varieties 16 oz. Daily FOR oz. 12 oz. Cans 10.5 - 11 oz. 24 Pack Selected Varieties Lay’s Tray 32 24 Pack Vegetable 12 Pack, Pinot Grigio 12 inch LB. 6.5 -1210oz.oz. in Store!Varieties International Delight Cans Selected SelectedSelected Varieties 1/2 Liter Bottles 12 Pack, Kettle Cut Fresh Varieties 1/2 Liter VarietiesSelected $ Chips 99 750Bottles ml Selected Varieties Coffee Creamer Limit

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cooking ideas 16

muse: to ponder; to be absorbed in deep thought

27 september 2012

win over a date with pasta liz stainton

So you have been dating him for six months and never actually had to cook for him. You always found a way around it by ordering pizza or buying frozen meals. But now he wants a homemade meal, and you never told him that you have never cooked an actual meal in your life. You know he likes pasta, so you want to make something good but easy with it. Here is an easy one to win him over quickly. Start with a pound of fresh chicken tenders, a canister of Italian style bread crumbs (found in the baking isle) and vegetable oil. First, take two eggs and two tablespoons of milk and make a simple wash for the tenders. Then, pour about an inch of oil into a frying pan, and place it on medium to let the oil begin to heat. Then, take the tenders and dip them in the egg wash and the bread crumbs, coating them thoroughly. Drop a little water into the oil to make sure it is hot; it will pop and crackle if hot enough. Do not use your oil yet if it is not hot because the bread crumbs will float off. When the oil is hot enough place your tenders about an inch apart, making sure they do not touch. Do not over-crowd the pan; this mistake will cause the oil temperature to

lower and your food to over-or under-cook. After about 4 minutes, turn your tenders over so that the other side can gather some color. The tenders should be done in 8 to 10 minutes, depending on how many are in the pan and how hot the oil became. Pull the thickest one off and cut into it. If the middle is completely white the tenders are done. While your chicken is cooking, take a jar of your favorite spaghetti sauce and pop it open to begin heating up. Also, start cooking about a pound of spaghetti noodles. The directions and times will be on the back of the box. To add a little extra to the meal, get a loaf of cut French bread. Take a few pieces and put butter and garlic pepper on each side, excluding the crust, and place them in the oven on 350 for about 6 minutes or until the tops are golden brown. After each piece of the meal is completed, start making your plates. Place a bed of pasta down and pour some sauce on top of it. The put two or three tenders down, depending on the size. Once the tenders are down, place a piece of mozzarella cheese of top and let it melt. Place your bread alongside and serve up your very own homemade pasta.

chicken and vegetables make for a easy meal liz stainton So, you invited that new girl over for dinner and a movie, but you don’t really know how to cook. There are a few simple ways a man can impress a woman. Making her a nice dinner is one of them. Here is a small but impressive idea for your first dinner night at home. Run to the store and buy a pack of chicken breasts. They usually come in packs of four, so freeze the excess for later. Also grab some fresh green beans, about ten small red potatoes, salad mixings, olive oil and herbs. Place the two chicken breasts in a Ziploc bag or between two pieces of wax paper. Place your frying pan on top of the chicken. Take a few heavy cans and put them in the pan, putting pressure on the chicken to flatten it out. Leave it there while you prepare the rest of your meal. Now start on your side dishes. First, turn your oven on to 350 degrees to let it preheat for your vegetables. Then take about a pound of the green beans-they shrink in the oven, so you need more than you think-and cut off the ends before washing them. Then clean the red potatoes and cut them into quarters. Place both vegetables on a baking pan and pour a little olive oil on top of them. Be sure not to add a lot because the beans will turn out mushy. Take whatever herbs you prefer and sprinkle them over the beans and potatoes. A good idea is to use two tablespoons of parsley, a tablespoon of rosemary, a teaspoon of garlic pepper, and half a teaspoon of salt. After putting the seasonings on the vegetables, run your hands through the veggies to make sure they are all covered with the oil and spices. Place the pan in the oven for about 30 minutes, or until it looks like the ends are turning brown and beginning to crisp up. Now it is time to turn back to the chicken breasts. Take the frying pan off and put in a little bit of olive oil, just enough to cover the bottom of the pan. Set the frying pan on the stove on medium heat. Make sure the chicken is about half an inch thick; if it is too thick, take a rolling pin or sturdy plate and press it. Mix up a little bowl with a teaspoon of pepper, a teaspoon of salt, a teaspoon of fresh minced garlic, and a teaspoon of sweet basil. Take your hands and spread the mixture on the meat before carefully placing it in the oil. While your chicken is cooking, fix yourself a salad for the second side. Cut some lettuce, tomato, carrots, and bell pepper. Wash, and place it in a bowl. Add some mozzarella cheese on top, and you have an easy second side dish. A light vinaigrette dressing makes a nice complement to this dish. After about seven minutes, turn your chicken over so the other side can begin to cook. The chicken should take about 15 minutes depending on your stove and the thickness of the pan. Test for closeness by cutting the center of your chicken before serving it to yourself or anyone else. You can never be too safe when it comes to cooking poultry. Once you know the chicken is done, cut it into diagonal strips to make it look nice and so there is less work to do at the table. Place the strips on your plates. Place your roasted vegetables and salad next to the meat and set the table for you and your date to enjoy.


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very well be ready to launch a full scale boycott should their hero not be able to leave The Flash in his dust with ease. It was impossible. DC had tried, for years, to get a “Justice League” movie off the ground, to absolutely no success. They even tried to scale their ambitions back in the late 90s and put out a movie that only featured Batman teaming with Superman. However, a satisfactory script was nowhere to be found,and the project was ultimately shelved. While DC Comics, ironically the company that innovated the entire concept of the superhero teamup, experienced great success with Chris Nolan’s series of “Batman” films, they’ve struggled to create solo films for the rest of their properties. Meanwhile, Marvel Comics masterfully set up a shared film universe for all of their characters, starting with 2008’s “Iron Man.” With references to other films and cameos galore, Marvel managed to pave the way to, and create massive interest in, the prize at the end of the tunnel: “Avengers.” Released this past summer, “Avengers” is a sight to behold from an effects stand point. More importantly than the effects, though, is the film’s tremendous juggling of Iron Man, Captain America, The Incredible Hulk, and Thor. All four have had successful solo films, all four have substantial followings, and any one of the four was easily capable of completely dominating (and utterly ruining) any type of “team-up” movie. But they don’t. “Avengers” is the prototype for the superhero team-up film, a genre that we can all rest assured to be seeing more of considering the profits “Avengers” earned over the summer.In 2008, “The Dark Knight” experienced a milestone in comic book cinema when it was nominated at the Academy Awards and went home with an Oscar to its credit. This recognition, observers argued, had legitimized comic book adaptations as a serious genre of film. It opened up the doors for the movies to be taken as more than simply live action cartoons and instead as serious, poignant, and even timely pieces of cinema. Another milestone was set in 2012 by “The Avengers.” A superhero team-up film was supposed to be impossible. The only thing it could be relied on for was raising the ire of comic book fans everywhere and utterly confusing those who weren’t intimately familiar with the property being adapted. Instead, “The Avengers” was completely accessible to anyone, whether they’d read a comic book in their life or not. Every character was treated with equal respect, and no one, not even Robert Downey Jr’s scene-stealing performance as Tony Stark, took the center spotlight away from the other characters. Overall, it’s a ridiculously fun movie with an engaging and fast-moving plot and a brilliant finale. Not only is “The Avengers” one of the best comic book films I’ve seen, it’s the first one since the original “Superman” to break legitimate new ground in the genre. 5 out of 5 stars.

$2.00 Coors Lite

nelson sims

$2.00 Bud Lite

avengers breaks new ground It’s hard to believe, today, that it was difficult for filmmakers to get a “Superman” movie off of the ground. It’s almost completely unthinkable to imagine that the production of a “Batman” movie was once considered a risky project to be involved in. No longer the taboo that they once were, comic books are quickly becoming one of the few sources of original thoughts and ideas in film today. This summer, Mountain Dew drinkers the world over were introduced to “Dark Dew,” a special flavor of Mountain Dew featuring Batman himself plastered in front of the familiar Mountain Dew logo while his comic book brethren, Marvel’s Avengers, found their likenesses on cans and bottles of Dr. Pepper. As a five-year-old, I regularly enjoyed a morning bowl of “Batman” cereal (complete with an offer for a free Batman Bank on the box) for breakfast. The only thing I don’t understand about comic book films is why it took them as long as it did to be regarded as the potentially profitable properties that they are. It seemed like a bit of a stretch, to me, to attempt to turn some of the great films of yesteryear into lucrative merchandising campaigns. The “Rambo” films just don’t really seem to scream “successful toyline,” but it didn’t stop Remco from trying (and ultimately failing) to turn it into one. A talking Freddy Krueger doll was taken from shelves almost as soon as it was put on them due to parental complaints. It really makes one wonder just how close we were to getting a plastic version of the Titanic, complete with an exclusive “freezing and drowning action” Leo DiCaprio figure. In a world of endless remakes, rip-offs, rehashes, and reboots, comic books have provided a rare opportunity for viewers to see something new in theaters. From tales of superheroes fighting injustice to fictionalized accounts of history’s most famous battles, comic books have provided a unique variety of different ideas and adventures for film to bring to realize. Superhero team-ups are hardly anything new to seasoned comic book readers. Batman, Superman, The Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, and The Flash were the most recognizable members, but the Justice League consisted of a seemingly never-ending roster of other, lesser known, characters. The Justice League debuted in 1960. It only took three years for DC’s main competitor, Marvel Comics, to follow suit with their own superteam, The Avengers. Despite the notable popularity that The Avengers and The Justice League were able to gain through comics, the idea of attempting to realize the groups’ adventures on film was considered to be virtually impossible. There would simply be no way to satisfy the audience as a whole. The Flash’s fans would be upset if their favorite hero received notably less screen time than Wonder Woman, or worse yet, if he was depicted as not being fast enough to keep up with Superman. On the flip side of that, Superman’s fans may

muse: to ponder; to be absorbed in deep thought

27 september 2012

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Hot and Honey Wings 60¢ Grilled Chicken or Fried Chicken Tenders $1 Off All Steaks $1 Off

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The brothers of

Tau Kappa Epsilon


muse: to ponder; to be absorbed in deep thought

would like to welcome you to

27 september 2012

september- classical music month nelson sims

UWA Johnson Homes

by the numbers


HOMECOMING 2011 muse sponsorships

Beethoven was 26 when he first began to lose his hearing.

Join us for tailgating on the starting $11/wk. armory lawnat and our alumni party.


Beethoven was the second child born to his parents, the only of 7 to survive.


Bach died at the age of 65.

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& Jones

Greg Jennifer Vocabulary

is the key to intelligence. Read to your children every night.


Mozart was 5 when he first began writing music.

Mozart composed over 600 arrangements.



“The Art of Fugue,” Bach’s unfinished work, consisted of 18 complex fugues and canons based on a simple theme.

Breitkopf & Hartel published the controversial and legendary final piece from Mozart, “The Requiem Mass in D Minor,” in 1799.


Beethoven’s most famous piece, “Piano Sonata No. 4” was completed in 1801.

soap updates

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL Rick made himself cozy in Ridge’s office. Hope and Thomas got reacquainted during their photo shoot, which was arranged by Rick. Bill was proud of Liam’s new attitude at work. Brooke learned the truth about what really happened in Italy. To Rick’s delight, an angry Caroline confronted Thomas about his feelings for Hope. Katie vowed to protect her unborn child from Bill’s influence. Steffy received an unexpected visit from Liam. Bill was stunned to see Deacon in Los Angeles. Katie was rushed to the hospital in early labor. Taylor asked Liam what his intentions were toward her daughter. Wait to See: Katie fights for her life. Thomas gets honest with Hope. DAYS OF OUR LIVES EJ and Rafe got into a fistfight after arguing about Sami. Jennifer overheard EJ threaten to ruin Daniel’s medical career.

27 september 2012

Bo decided to quit the force after asking to take a pay cut. EJ insisted that a DNA test be performed on Nicole’s baby as soon as he is born. Will felt that he inherited his family’s curse and would always be unlucky in love. Nicole viewed Jennifer as a grow-

Heather Tom stars as "Katie" on "The Bold and the Beautiful"

ing threat. Chad asked Melanie to leave town with him. Melanie realized that Nick was no longer a danger to her. Sonny was

able to track down Will and do damage control. Chad misinterpreted Nick’s actions and assaulted him physically. Wait to See: Sami sees an incriminating photo of Rafe. Bo makes a final decision about his career. GENERAL HOSPITAL Sam fled in tears after seeing Jason and Elizabeth’s kiss. Tea hired a new nanny, unaware of the person’s true identity. Kate’s other personality, Connie, emerged and realized that Trey was her son. Sam hastily signed her divorce papers to Jason. Lulu and Dante were interrupted while trying to make a baby. Sonny realized that Joe Jr. was really Trey’s father. A new nurse, Sabrina, found herself instantly smitten with Patrick. Tracy found herself succumbing to Joe Jr.’s charms when she tried to break up with him. Jason collected evidence

muse: to ponder; to be absorbed in deep thought dana block

to support his belief that Sam’s baby was still alive. Wait to See: Shawn questions Alexis about her with involvement with Jax. Will Sam overhear Elizabeth’s confession? THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS Sharon was reinstated as CEO of Newman Enterprises. Tucker got busy buying up shares of Victor’s company while Victor remained missing. Adam and Kevin butted heads over a business decision. Heather and Daniel took their secret romance to the next level. Christine was shocked to learn that Phyllis had a fling with Ronan. Heather broke up with Daniel after finding out that Daisy was alive. Paul was hopeful that Daisy’s testimony would help his case. Phyllis confessed to Leslie about how Ronan gave her an alibi. An angry dockworker led Victor into a trap. Wait to See: Danny Romalotti returns. Nikki receives an unexpected visitor.

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“It’s easy to stand with the crowd. It takes courage to stand alone.” - Danny Buckalew


political opinion

Amor is fati


Dr. Debbie Davis RodEnglish and Tracie UWA Professor

justin broderway

political needle is drawing a poison into its reservoir as we speak. Roy Moore is seeking re-election as Chief Justice of the state of Alabama. I am sure you remember Mr. Moore and his, ahem, exploits, but in case you don’t, let me give you a refresher. Elected as Chief Justice in 1992, Moore gained national notoriety by hanging a wooden carving of the Ten Commandments on the wall behind the bench in his courtroom and by insisting that a prayer be held before each hearing. He went largely unnoticed until the ACLU filed suit against Moore in an effort to have the carvings removed. Moore countered that the commandments were the moral foundation of the law in the United States, and besides, they covered and otherwise unsightfully bare courtroom wall. The case was finally settled in 1995, when an Alabama Supreme Court panel ruled the prayers unconstitutional but decided that the plaque could stay. Fast forward to 2000, when Moore defeated Sharon Yates in a bid for re-election to the seat of Chief Justice. To celebrate his victory, he commissioned the carving of a two-and-a-half ton granite statue that featured the Ten Commandments proudly on top. Upon the statue’s completion, Moore announced his intentions to place the monument in the Alabama Judiciary Building. A consortium of Alabama politicians urged him not go through with his plans. Moore ignored the pleas, and on July 31, 2001, at midnight, Moore had the statue installed in the central rotunda. By October of that year, several state employees had begun to avoid the building altogether, citing differing religious beliefs and problems caused by the crowds that gathered at the statue daily to pray and pose for photographs. A letter was sent to Moore on behalf of the ACLU and the Southern Poverty Law Center, asking that the statue be removed. Moore refused. A second letter suggested a “Cultural and religious monument collection” be created by allowing Atheist, Jewish and civil rights statues to be placed alongside Moore’s hunk of Godly


granite. Moore refused once again, scoffing at the offer and reminding everyone that there is only one God, and insisting that no mortal monument has any place near or around the sacred. The ACLU and SPLC, joined this time by the Americans United for Separation of Church and State, filed suit and, Glassroth v. Moore went to trial. It took just 18 days for the U.S. Supreme Court to decide that the statue violated separation of church and state principles and ordered the statue removed. Moore denied the order, and thousands of protesters marched on the Judiciary Building for nearly three months before the statue was cut in half and removed, causing several thousand dollars in damage in addition to the five thousand dollars per day fine from the date of the judgement ordering the statue to be removed. Moore used the publicity gained from the statue shenanigans to run unsuccessfully for governor. His decision to run marked the first time I got actively involved in Alabama politics, as I campaigned aggressively for Lucy Baxley in the 2006 primary, even going so far as paying $10 for a barbecue plate at a lunch fundraiser. It is no secret that I have an intense dislike for Moore, and based on the brief history outlined above, it wouldn’t make any sense to me if anyone did actually like Moore. The sad truth is that most people don’t know this history; they just know that Moore stood for Jesus, and standing against Jesus means going to Hell. This history lesson is key for one reason: Moore is running for re-election as Chief Justice once again. That’s right, the cantankerous, overzealous former kickboxer/cowboy has decided that costing taxpayers over a hundred thousand dollars in fines and repair costs wasn’t enough, and he has decided to try again. I have no idea what Moore has up his sleeve this time, and I don’t want to know. I don’t want you to know either. Election day is creeping ever closer and I am begging you to vote against this lunatic and end his political career.

Power Henson

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27 september 2012

fact or fiction

weird news or urban legend? you decide.

feed a cold; starve a fever alan brown

Everyone has heard this seemingly sage piece of wisdom, usually from a mother or grandmother. The exact source of this saying is unknown, but most people believe it originated in the Middle Ages, when people believed that diseases were brought on by excessive heat or cold. Diseases caused by high temperatures, like fever, was fueled by food, so refraining from eating for a few days was the recommended treatment of choice. Colds, on the other hand, were caused by the body’s inability to fight infection, so patients were told to strengthen their bodies by eating hearty meals. In 1574, a dictionary maker named Withals wrote,

“Fasting is a great remedy of fever.” As a result of advice given by authorities like Withals, generations of children were told to drink only hot liquids when they ran a high fever. Of course, it is possible that following this advice had a placebo effect on the sufferer, who “willed” himself well.

See page 23 for the answer.

strange news . . .

assault with a deadly foot alan brown


randon Fleming, a resident of Cantonment, FL, told police that his ex-girlfriend beat him with his own prosthetic foot while trying to abduct their two-yearold son. Brandon said that he looked out the window one day last week and was shocked to see his ex-girlfriend, Jadian Hatfield, walkin gup the driveway with two very large men. He ran to the back room to call the sheriff. Suddenly, he heard his son screaming outside. He ran out the door and saw Jadian trying to pull the child out of his bedroom window. When Jadian saw Brandon running toward her, she jerked the boy out of the window and ran to her car. Just as soon as she opened the door and threw the boy in the back seat, Brandon pushed her aside and reached into the car to grab. The two men who were with her opened the other door and tried to pull him out by his arms. She went to the other door and pulled off his prosthetic foot. Then she proceeded to beat him with it on his arms and legs. He managed to get away, but before he could hobble back to his house, Jadian began shooting at him with a shotgun. After he shut the door, she and the two men drove off with her son. The deputies caught up with her a couple of hours later and returned the boy to his father until custody can be determined in a court of law. Meanwhile, Jadian was charged with battery, interfering with the custody of a minor, possession of a firearm by a felon, and assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill.

t s e t a i v tri

fifi rodriguez

1. LITERATURE: Who was England’s first, unofficial poet laureate? 2. MUSIC: Which musical group had a hit with “Penny Lane”? 3. MEASUREMENTS: How many meters are in an “are,” a unit of land measurement? 4. INVENTIONS: Who invented frozen food in 1923? 5. GEOGRAPHY: Which countries share the region of Patagonia?

6. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: What is the traditional birthstone associated with July? 7. ASTRONOMY: The moon called Titan orbits which planet in our solar system? 8. HISTORY: In what year did Ohio’s National Guard kill four war protesters at Kent State University? 9. MOVIES: Which Disney movie featured a character named Dory? 10. RELIGION: Who is the patron saint of carpenters?

see page 21 for answers!

27 september 2012

t s e t a i ge 20 triv from pa s r answe fifi rodriguez

1. Ben Jonson 2. The Beatles 3. 100 square meters 4. Clarence Birdseye 5. Argentina and Chile 6. Ruby 7. Saturn 8. 1970 9. “Finding Nemo� 10. St. Joseph

muse: to ponder; to be absorbed in deep thought


muse: to ponder; to be absorbed in deep thought

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c Tiger Bucks A

greg jones

mac art

In an amusing twist, KRAFT Macaroni and Cheese has developed “Dinner, Not Art,” an iPad app that encourages would-be artists to create digital macaroni art and “save the real noodles for dinner.” Noodles in the app can be resized, brightly painted, and rotated to your heart’s content. While the app is perfect for children and children at heart, the real benefit comes from KRAFT’s commitment to the Feeding America charity. KRAFT will donate 10 real noodles for every noodle used to create artwork for customers’ digital refrigerators, up to 1,000 noodles per piece of art. In total, KRAFT expects to donate up to 110 million noodles to feed the needy. For more information, visit 

some big lens

Leica now holds the distinction of manufacturing the world’s most expensive SLR lens, which sells for $2,064,500. The Leica APO-Telyt-R f/5.6 1600 mm telephoto lens measures over 47 inches long, has a 16.5 inch diameter, and weighs in at a whopping 132 lbs! The lens, commissioned by Qatar’s former minister of Culture, Arts and Heritage Sheikh Saud Bin Mohammed Al-Thani of Qatar, is so large that the sheikh commissioned automaker Mercedes to build a special four-wheeldrive vehicle to transport and support the lens in state-of-the-art tripod style.

cow boy - the legend Visit for a free readers’ delight from Archaia Entertainment. The free four-chapter comic records the adventures of ten-yearold Boyd Linney, a smart-talking bounty hunter with moxie, who seeks to round up, one-by-one, every member of his outlaw family. Cow boy’s creators Nate Cosby and Chris Eliopoulos have some serious credentials as Marvel Entertainment editors and writers, who have both been acknowledged by the Eisner/Harvey awards. The panels are beautifully illustrated and evoke a sense of actually being in the Old West. In March of 2012, Archaia released the Web comic collection as a hardcover edition, gold debossed, artificially aged, and perfect for collectors. I bought it, and it’s being passed around and enjoyed by friends and family from ages 10-80. In a world of “Fifty Shades of Grey” and its imitators, how many books have you seen lately that have such broad appeal?


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27 september 2012



27 september 2012

muse: to ponder; to be absorbed in deep thought


Mom, Wish you were here. —G

. . . fl o r

alan brown A man whose wife had just died was in dire need of a companion. He had read that the unconditional love given to the pet owner by a dog or cat can be very therapeutic, so he decided to look for a pet at the local pet store. He looked at all of the pets in the store—puppies, kittens, iguanas, fish, canaries, turtles—but they either required far too much maintenance, or they were too expensive. He left the store feeling more depressed that he was before. He walked in the front door. After he had walked a couple of

blocks, he decided to sit down on the park bench and collect his thoughts. He hadn’t sat there for very long before he felt something crawling on her arm. He looked down and saw a fairly large, black centipede. Instead of flicking the little creature off his arm, the man stared down at him, and the centipede stared back. Convinced that he had found the perfect pet, the man picked out an empty box from a garbage can and placed the centipede and a handful of leaves inside.

FALSE Some folk remedies really do work, but this is not one of them. Most modern physicians and pharmacists believe that feeding a cold and starving a fever will do more harm than good to the sufferer. People who have colds should drink more fluids than they normally would, such as water, soup, juice, and tea. They should eat enough to satisfy their appetite. Hot fluids, like tea, will open clogged nasal passages and soothe a sore throat. Nutrients provided by food will bolster the immune system. The bester home remedies for colds and fevers, therefore, are chicken soup, tea, and honey. Indulging in one’s “guilty pleasures,” like rocky road ice cream, won’t hurt either. Don’t forget that going to the doctor and getting a prescription is also a viable option to taking grandma’s advice.


muse: to ponder; to be absorbed in deep thought


27 september 2012

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27 Sept 2012  

September 27 issue of muse

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