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11 october 2012


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Positions for All Majors

er one

ild the numb Help us buspaper in Alabama.

Whether you’ve had experience on a newspaper or yearbook staff or you simply have an interest in journalism and related technology-based fields, our growing and friendly staff has a position for you!


student ne

Scholarships Available

Multiple studies suggest that students who participate in extracurricular activites are more connected with their universities, report higher levels of satisfation with their college experience, and most importantly, are more likely to graduate. Moreover, building a portfolio of work and having worked with a professional staff look great on a resume.

Training Provided

email Greg Jones, Advisor or stop by 108 Wallace Hall

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UWA Station 22, Livingston, AL 35470 Wallace Hall 108A • (205) 652-5511

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Whether you’ve had experience on a newspaper or yearbook staff or you simply have an interest in journalism and related technology-based fields, our growing and friendly staff has a position for you! Contribute as a part-time stringer or earn credit for your work in JN219. For more information about scholarships and staff positions, contact Greg Jones at 205-652-3752.

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muse is published weekly during the fall and spring semesters by the students of The University of West Alabama. The opinions are those of the individual writers and not necessarily those of the school administration, the student body, or the Board of Trustees. The staff and advisor of muse are committed to journalistic principles of fair and objective representation of the pros and cons of all issues.

submissions policy

Announcements, stories, pictures, letters to the editors, or ads may be submitted by 3:00 pm each Monday for the weekly edition of muse. The editors reserve the right to edit for libel, news style, and space limitations. All letters to the editor must be signed. Submissions may be dropped by WH 108A, mailed to Station 22, phoned to 5511, or e-mailed to

the caf course:

Mashed Potatoes

237 9 23 666 35

Grilled Potatoes

Cali Blend


0 0 33 5

Seasoned Corn

102 4 9



2 0 146 15


84 2 0 146 15

356 2 66 693 52

Crispy Chicken

270 8 83 359 27

Stuffed Porkchop

286 16 44 495 25

Rotisserie 354 19 125 237 3 Style Chicken

Roasted Red 123 0 0 17 27 Potatoes

Mac n’ Cheese

229 11 33 316 21

Scalloped Potatoes

175 5 16 207 27

Roasted Sweet 109 2 Potatoes

Scalloped Apples

155 4 8

Peanut Butter 124 6 Cookie

26 198 101 16 146 93 130

when eating on campus. Don’t worry; there is room for that chocolate chip cookie or ice cream cone in most diet plans!



Fried Talapia 318 18 58 240 12 Creole Sauce


486 32 99 999 23


Mrs. Linda’s Fresh Fruit Friday Ham and Potato Soup Saturday Creamy Ranch Pasta Salad Sunday Spicy Spinach Monday Lucky Charms Bar Tuesday Sweet Tomato Soup Wednesday Fresh Cut French Fries


Hamburger Steak/Gravy

Belgian Waffles

334 15 97 868 44

BBQ Pork Sandwich

366 8 41 999 60


237 10 41 525 21

Chicken Tenders

347 24 34 607 17

179 5 0 152 32 French Toast 188 5 142 207 27

Scrambled Eggs

162 12 332 427 1

Spicy Black Beans

118 3 4 460 17

Mac n’ Cheese

229 11 33 316 21

Steakhouse Potatoes

97 2 0 161 18




69 1 3 50 14


20 0 0 24 4

Stewed Tomatoes

47 2 1 431 7


84 2 0 146 14

2 17

Green Beans


2 0 80 4


33 0 0 158 6



2 0 146 15


84 2 0 146 15

Scrambled Eggs






Daily Low-Calorie Alternatives


Students on a diet or wishing to identify a low-calorie snack may want to reference the “under 500” section. One pound is equivalent to 3,500 calories, so students can drop roughly one pound each week by cutting 500 calories out of their daily diet. Turn to muse every week to access helpful nutrition facts and tips, directly from campus dining and other relevant sources. UWA students will be able to use this information to develop a personalized meal plan,




Total Calories: 2,000 Total Fat: 65g Cholesterol: 300 mg Carbohydrates: 300g





for America’s Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation in 2011 showed that the state of Alabama ranks second in obesity and first in adult diabetes nationally, across all age groups. Follow the Caf menu below to identify which foods will be served for lunch and dinner, daily. Students who wish to maintain current weight should follow the nutrition facts next to each item to stay within the published guidelines designed for a 2000 calorie-per-day diet.


To avoid the dreaded “freshman 15”, many students spend time sweating away the calories at the UWA Fitness Center, on the Loop, or at an intramural sports events. However, calorie intake and nutrition can have a bigger effect on the body than one thirty minute workout on the treadmill. So how can students eat healthy, yet still enjoy the delicious, all-you-caneat meals the Caf has to offer? muse has decided to tackle this challenge head-on with a weekly article to include everything students need to know about food options on the UWA campus. Aramark has provided muse with the weekly menu, complete with nutrition facts. Students will be able to access this information weekly in muse along with special features, such as an “Under 500 Calories” menu. The concern for calorie intake and overall nutrition is not limited to the UWA campus. Sure, college students are young; but healthy habits start now, when students have the freedom to make their own choices. According to the American College Health Association, the percent of overweight and obese college students in the United States has increased significantly to 29.2 percent in the past five years. The situation is even more dire in the state of Alabama. A study released by Trust

Montreal Chicken


eating healthy 101


hayley taylor

muse: to ponder; to be absorbed in deep thought

11 october 2012

162 12 332 427 1

252 1 0 9 115

Pork Sausage 62 5 15 136 0 Links

1 33


252 1



6 145 0


9 115


84 2 0 146 15 Sugar Cookie 123 5 7 104 18


269 12 95 531 20

0 130 21

Delmonico Potatoes

207 9 19 246 27

6 136 17

Brusells Sprouts

28 0 0 16 6

Grilled Chicken

137 7 92 106 0

Sofrito Black 186 6 0 110 28 Beans & Rice Seasoned Corn

100 1 0 180 19

Chocolate Rocky Road Chocolate Caramel Pecan 128 6 6 95 17 274 11 0 179 45 128 6 6 95 17 235 10 0 184 36 Brownie Chip Cookie Brownie Chip Cookie

Tiger Dining reserves the right to change the menu. The nutrition facts of each item are approximate.

Turkey with 139 6 55 434 3 Gravy Mashed Potatoes

122 3 9 82 21

Peas and Carrots

71 4 9 60 9


84 2 0 146 14


muse: to ponder; to be absorbed in deep thought

tigers gain determination from loss to midwestern hayley taylor

Fans arrived at Tiger Stadium full of anticipation to watch the UWA Tigers face off against the Midwestern State Mustangs on Thursday night. The team started out strong, ending the first half with a lead of 24-14. Quan Fletcher put the first points on the scoreboard for the Tigers with a touchdown in the first quarter. However, this strong start didn’t continue throughout the game. West Alabama’s only points in the second half came from a 33 yard field goal by Ryne Smith, which bumped his consecutive field goals to 22.Midwestern took the lead at the end of the third quarter when Pat Gardner recovered a fumble by Gary Johnston. The recovery led to a touchdown by Keidrick Jackson, setting

michaela perry

This past weekend, our men’s soccer team took on UAH and Shorter University and came out on top for both games. Not only did our Tigers come home with a clean sweep, but also two of their players walked away with a title. Goal Keeper Jack Moore (freshman #23) was named the Gulf Shores Conference Defender of the Week. Moore says he feels very excited about winning the award and hopes to carry on winning titles with the team as well. Moore said, “Fans watching can expect to see a very vocal and confident goalkeeper. They will see very big kicks when kicking the ball and, hopefully, more wins for the team as that is the most important thing at this moment in time.” the score at 28-24. Jackson would later score again in the fourth quarter to run the score to 35-27. The Mustangs scored one more time in the last 59 seconds of the game to make the final score 42-27. Coach Will Hall stated, “We need to learn from this and then put it behind us. We can still focus on winning the Gulf South Conference and work toward being a top two seed in the NCAA Playoffs.” Those in Tiger Stadium didn’t let the second half spoil their spirit, though. Sounds of cheers, proud fans and the Scarlet Band from Tiger Land could still be heard for miles.The Tigers will return to the field on Saturday, October 13 when they rival against College of Faith at 6:00 p.m.

cowboy up shelby campbell

soccer team sweeps 11 october 2012

Rodeo is a sport unlike any other. In the past, rodeo was not a considered a sport at all. Derived from the Spanish word meaning “round up,” the idea of rodeo originated from the tasks required of cattle ranchers; each cowboy learned the skills he needed in order to stay fit. Today, rodeo has become not only a sport, but it has also become a way of life. It has expanded to include popular spectator events, such as steer wrestling, calf roping, team roping, goat tying, barrel racing, bareback and saddle bronc riding, and bull riding. The last three of these events are considered the roughstock events of rodeo, typically thought to be the most dangerous and crowd-pleasing events. A common saying among bull riders reminds them of a harsh truth: “It’s not if you get hurt, it’s when.” Although dangerous, the events of rodeo involve much more skill than one would imagine. They require a great deal of dedication to the event each cowboy or cowgirl is entered in as well as, coordination, balance, flexibility, and courage. Rodeo is one of UWA’s most underestimated sports; however, it is growing in a huge way. The team has more than doubled in the past year, and members are excited for what is coming their way. Want to be a part of their excitement? “Cowboy up” and come support your UWA Tigers Rodeo team as they take on other schools in our local rodeo October 11-13 at 7:00 p.m!

Also, Clay Green (freshman #26) was awarded Gulf Shores Conference player of the week. Green’s biggest motivation is his family each time he takes the field. “I feel very honored by this accomplishment especially because my teammates supported and believed in me.” Both players were individually recognized for their talent and hard work but both know they couldn’t have done it without their teammates. This is the first year for West Alabama to have a men’s soccer team and to have two players awarded within the same week and for our tiger’s record throughout the conference so far a 5-0, is something to be proud about. Continue to support our Tigers throughout the remainder of the conference games, as they continue their road to the ring.


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11 october 2012

guide to job searching caleb walters


s college students aimed at graduating and finding lifelong careers, the state of the economy and overall job market plays a large role in how we plan our futures. In recent years, as the US economy has fluctuated downward, it has become increasingly more difficult for college graduates to find work in their fields. With potentially hundreds of aspiring employees applying for the same position, applicants must make themselves stand out during the job search process. One of the easiest ways to do this is to make your resume unique and as complete as possible. It is a complete representation of who you are, so it needs to be as detailed as possible without being overbearing and difficult to read. After you have perfected your resume, the task becomes finding the right type of job for which to apply. Although everyone would love to go in to a job making a six figure salary right out of college, the reality of the matter is that this scenario does not often happen. Be sure to apply for jobs that interest you, but don’t simply look for the highest paying one. Also, consider the

proximity of this job to your target location. Oftentimes, jobs will be open in places outside of one’s target city. Relocating becomes a major factor in the job search; don’t always rule it out. When a decision has been made to apply for a job and the interview portion comes into play, be ready to exemplify what you have placed on your resume to your potential boss. When preparing for a job interview, the way you dress is important; this is the first initial impression the employer will have of you, and it needs to be a good one. Always ensure that your dress is professional and interview-appropriate. For guys, this usually means slacks, a button-down shirt and a tie, dress shoes, and a blazer. Professional attire for women usually consists of a skirt or dress pants, a nice top (nothing too revealing), and appropriate shoes. Either way, make sure your appearance is appropriate for the job. The job search can be a long and daunting process. If done the right way, though, one can be rewarded with the chance at a lifelong, enjoyable career.

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Saving Saving Money Money is is Elementary Elementary .. .. .. Sumter Insurance Agencies, Inc. AGENCY NAME Livingston, Al 205-652-9591 AGENCY NAME AGENCY NAME Town Name • 555-555-5555 AGENCY NAME Town Name • 555-555-5555 Town Name • 555-555-5555 Town Name • 555-555-5555 website

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Great rates Great+ rates + local agent local =agent =

Value Value

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poetry at the lake nicole pearson

The English department held its eighth biannual “Poetry at the Lake” at UWA’s Lake LU on Wednesday, Oct. 10, at 5:30 p.m. This event, initiated by UWA and UAB alumnus Sheila Limerick, encourages students, faculty and the community to come and recite a favorite poem or story. Those without material to read are warmly welcomed to simply enjoy works, old and new. No sign-up was required for those interested in performing at the lake under the pavilion, just down the winding road toward the baseball field. Presentations were no longer than five minutes and did not consist of original works. Examples of past selections include a reading of “The Raven” from Poe and “I Killed the Taco Bell Dog.” Refreshments, including hot dogs, sides, and drinks were provided.

breast cancer awareness month alexis davis

The month of October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (NBCAM). Many may wonder why an entire month would be set aside just for breast cancer awareness. Breast cancer touches the lives of Americans from every background and in every community across our Nation. Thought the exact causes of breast cancer are unknown, understanding its risk factors is essential to prevention. NBCAM was founded in 1985 as a partnership between the American Cancer Society and the pharmaceutical division of Imperial Chemical Industries which is now part of AstraZeneca, maker of several anti-breast cancer drugs. From the start, the aim of NBCAM was to promote mammography as the most effective weapon in the fight against breast cancer. During National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we honor those we have lost, lend our strength to those who carry on the fight and pledge to educate ourselves and our loved ones about this tragic disease. This month, we stand with the mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts and friends who have been affected by breast cancer, and we recognize the ongoing efforts of dedicated advocates, researchers, and health care providers who strive each day to defeat this terrible disease.


a-muse me

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international news

dymond hannon

11 october 2012

phone hacking new additions to dvd and blu-ray in britian In Great Britain, there have been multiple reports of phone hackings by tabloid reporters. David Cameron, British Prime Minister, felt that the people of Britain would not want a lot of intervention from the government against national press. However, he received many letters from the phone-hacked victims encouraging him to look into the matter as a media ethics problem. Charlotte Church, a singer, and Hugh Grant, an actor, and 50 other people were victims of this hacking. These people stated in their letter to Cameron that they were afraid that he had already made the decision to reject the regulation of the media, particularly the press, before further investigation. Cameron said he would not make a decision before the inquiry and even let Grant know that he would allow the regulations, if they were not outrageous. Cameron told BBC television, “It is clear people and their families have been abused and torn by this press intrusion.” This is not the first time something like this has happened either. Cameron had to order a huge investigation after the tabloids hacked the phone of a schoolgirl who had been murdered. The plan is to reveal the shameful practices of certain British newspapers and implement tougher standards.

libya’s dismissed prime minister

Libya’s congress has recently dismissed its new prime minister. A recent vote in the national congress of “no confidence” means they do not believe that the attempts or plans Mustafa Abushagur has made for the government are in its best interest. The national congress of Libya is looking for a prime minister who will bring together the diverse groups and regions of the country. The prime minister had actually just appointed ten new ministers to serve with him before he was given the boot. This was his second try after the first ten ministers were protested by the people who believe that what he was trying to do did not represent what they wanted. Abushagur was just put into office Sept. 12.

sacred graffiti in egypt

In Egypt, graffiti has always been a powerful art form. It was also one of the tools of Egypt’s revolution. People believe it to be very important and useful to them. For two years, Egypt’s people have put up portraits and artwork on buildings and walls all over the country. The pictures depict the people, their goals, and their heroes. However, all this hard work has been erased as quickly as it was produced. Since then, a publisher, artists and photographers had gotten together to keep those images around forever. “Wall Talk” is their newly published book that has a collection of photos of Egyptian graffiti from all over the country.

te duffour


he following DVD’s hit stores on Oct. 9, but are they worth a peek, purchase or pass? Here’s the rundown. “The Raven” (R) – Inspired by the life, death and stories of Edgar Allan Poe, this crime thriller employs a cask of artistic license and pits America’s favorite morose poet against a serial killer intent on recreating the gruesome deaths within Poe’s tales of suspense. As its tell-tale synopsis suggests, “The Raven” plays out like any other formulaic, puzzle-based serial killer flick and is further encumbered by an uninspired John Cusack in the lead role. Neither the magnetism nor the mystery of Poe are retained in the script, but the quick pacing and cheap thrills make this one worth renting on a midnight dreary, if for no other reason than to catch all the literary references. “Prometheus” (R) – Ridley Scott’s sci-fi/horror epic was polarizing for audiences when it premiered last summer, so much so that its status as a cult classic is practically guaranteed. Revolving around an interplanetary science expedition for the origins of life and the meaning of the universe, “Prometheus” expands upon Scott’s 1979 creature feature “Alien” in daring, unexpected ways. Infused in the uniquely broad scope of the film are high-tension action scenes, horrifying creature sequences, romance, tangents on religion and the human condition and a whole lot of loose ends. Ultimately, these weighty concepts may have been a little heavy for the script, but few offerings in horror or science fiction in the last several years have even approached the ambition of “Prometheus.” Flawed? Sure. Pretentious? Maybe. But it was one of the most entertaining movies of the year by a long shot. For those who have not yet decided whether “Prometheus” is a mess or a masterpiece, give it a rent for its chest-bursting excitement. “E.T. the Extra- Terrestrial” (PG) – This Thirtieth Anniversary reissue of this timeless family classic is a godsend to cinema-lovers and cinema-casuals alike. “E.T.” is one of the most beloved movies of all time, regardless of genre or era, and the latest home-release does a pretty good job at recognizing that fact. The package includes the Blu-ray, DVD, a digital download and UltraViolet download for the Cloud. The original 35mm footage has been digitally remastered and the special features are plentiful, but what makes this edition a keeper is that it tosses the extra special effects and edits from the painfully misguided Twentieth Anniversary cut, in which a totally unnecessary CGI overlay was added to E.T.’s face in an attempt to modernize it. But the thing is, E.T. was never in need of modernizing. The original puppet-work was so believably engaging that improvement is out of the question. The emotion is there, the acting, directing, and script are all equally brilliant, and John Williams’ touching score has never sounded better. “E.T. the Extra- Terrestrial” is a mustown for every household, period.

amanda palmer and the grand theft orchestra theatre is evil te duffour

Amanda Palmer has been very busy. While still occasionally touring in the popular punkcabaret duo The Dresden Dolls, she has been involved in countless other musical projects, recording with The Young Punks, Ben Folds, The Magnetic Fields and The Flaming Lips among others. She has put out several solo albums, toured the world with a ukulele in hand and has somehow found time to form a new band, The Grand Theft Orchestra. Like Palmer’s blistering musical career, her latest band’s first album, “Theatre Is Evil,” is difficult to categorize. At once mellow and bombastic, the album has great range in mood from the slow and sad “Bottom Feeder” and “Grown Man Cry” to the pumped-up and in your face “Do It With a Rock Star” and “Melody Dean.” “Theatre Is Evil” seems more mainstream than most of her previous work, but reflection reveals its progressive spirit. Hidden behind the stripped down synth, oldschool guitar riffs and other retro nods are complex arrangements including horns, strings and piano. Interspersed throughout the ‘80s pop-inspired radio-friendly songs are classically inspired ballads and pieces that

fill the senses. If anything negative can be said of the album, it’s that there’s so much of it. Credit is due to the other members of The Grand Theft Orchestra: Michael McQuilken, Chad Raines and Jherek Bischoff. Their beautiful instrumentation and programming lend depth to “Theater Is Evil,” and nothing else quite like it exists today. But at the heart of it all is the provocative energy of a singer-songwriter who pushes envelopes and ignores boundaries with fury and grace. “Theatre Is Evil” is one of the best and most unique rock albums of the year.

amuse me ;)

11 october 2012

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october horror movie spotlight

freddy’s dead nelson sims

Freddy Krueger made his debut in the 1984 horror classic “A Nightmare on Elm Street.” Directed by Wes Craven, this film provided a unique and terrifying twist to an already tried and true slasher movie formula. Notable for the unforgettable scene where Johnny Depp, in his acting debut, is eaten alive by his bed, “A Nightmare on Elm Street” was legitimately packed with unrelenting terror. Fred Krueger, a factor worker in the fictional suburbia of Springwood, Ohio, ruthlessly murdered over twenty of the town’s children before local law enforcement was able to bring him in. Unfortunately, in their haste to bring the fiend to justice, a search warrant was improperly signed, and the case against Krueger was thrown out of court. Unable to accept that the man who had taken away so many innocents was walking free, the parents of the town gathered in a vigilante mob and burned Krueger alive in the boiler room where he worked. While it seemed that the town’s nightmare had come to a grim end, the true horror had only begun. Granted with the unholy power to turn dreams into reality, Krueger returns a decade later in the nightmares of the children of those who killed him. The premise is simple: if you die in your dream, you die for real. Over the course of five movies, Freddy carved his way through all of the “Elm Street children,” dispatching them in increasingly inventive and terrifying ways. Debbie, a stereotypical “tough ‘80s girl,” was hideously transformed into a cockroach and crushed to death in “A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master.” Mark, a comic book nerd, found himself trapped inside one of his own books and forced to do battle with “Super Freddy” in “A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child.” Phillip, an highly talented woodcarver who is committed to an institution due to his refusal to sleep, is cut up and used as a human puppet by the malicious dream stalker before falling twenty stories to his death in “A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: The Dream Warriors.” Without a doubt, no one pulled off the whole “killing annoying teens” in ‘80s horror better, or with more enthusiasm, than Freddy Krueger. As the sequels began to pile up, Freddy’s penchant for spouting hilariously corny one-liners before finishing off his victims increased. The downside of Freddy’s growing personality, however, was the fact that critics and fans began feel that the “Nightmare” series, which had started as a full-fledged horror movies, had become far too comedic. Despite the fact that Krueger’s success ultimately led to New Line Cinema being regarded as “The House that Freddy Built,” the company decided in 1991 that the Springwood Slasher had finally run his course. Robert Englund reprised his role for what was thought to be the last time in “Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare.”

With cameos from Roseanne and Tom Arnold, Johnny Depp, and Alice Cooper, “Freddy’s Dead” is easily the most unusual entry in the “Nightmare” franchise. Far more comedic than horrific, the characters and events in the film are so off-beat and bizarre that one cannot help but recall “Twin Peaks.” The movie’s premise is that Freddy has successfully killed every child in Springwood and is ready to move on to greener pastures. In a common trend for “final” horror movies, it’s revealed that Freddy can only accomplish this feat with the help of his daughter, Kathryn. Of course, the whole “long lost relative” angle is completely ridiculous and tacked on. One would think that after five movies, all of which feature characters delving into Freddy’s origin to figure out how to survive, that it may have come up that Freddy had a daughter who was taken away from him following his arrest. Apparently, no one regarded that information as important enough to even speak about. This illogical plot twist is probably the worst thing about the movie, but by the time you get to “Nightmare 6,” mild jumps in logic are easier to forgive. Sure the premise is forced and absurd, but the real reason audiences watched this movie was to pay their final respects to a beloved horror icon, not nitpick plot points. Thankfully, Freddy is on the top of his game in this one. Well, sort of. While many may have liked to have seen Freddy return to his darker roots, that’s not really on the agenda of “Freddy’s Dead.” Freddy is more comedic than ever before, mugging for the camera, dancing behind his unaware victims and just having a hell-of-a-good time. I’m a fan of this version of Freddy. The funnier he is, the more disturbing it is. The whole “silent killer” trend had been done to death in horror. A killer that actually manages to make you enjoy watching him do his work? That’s a unique and rather twisted approach, and the extremely talented Robert Englund makes the wise-cracking version of Freddy an absolute joy to watch. In this movie, Freddy Krueger sucks a stoned Breckin Meyer into a television set, while Iron Butterfly’s “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida” plays on the soundtrack, and traps the stoner in a sadistic video game. Freddy gleefully tortures Meyer to death, forcing him to encounter a barrage of classic Nintendo obstacles until the boy can take no more. Not even a movie called “Freddy’s Dead” could manage to kill off Mr. Krueger. The Dream Demon of Springwood returned for two more sequels, firmly establishing that evil, especially evil with a sense of humor, never truly dies, confirming once again that the formerly safe world of our dreams was entirely his domain. 4.5 out of 5 skulls for ghoulishly fun horror action.

national news amanda nolin

kaboom stick

On Wednesday, Oct. 3, the Akron, Ohio, City Hall was evacuated after someone spotted what they thought to be a pipe bomb. The Summit County Bomb Squad, the Akron police, fire crews and the University of Akron’s K-9 unit all responded and determined that the four-foot-long aluminum stick with duct tape at both ends and the word “Kaboom” written across it was, in fact, not a bomb. The curious “Kaboom” stick belongs to sixty-six year old James “Natural” Kaboom. Kaboom is a regular attendee of Akron City Council meetings and had simply forgotten his homemade walking cane.

farmer eaten by pigs

Early morning on Wednesday, Sept. 26, seventyyear-old Oregon farmer Terry V. Garner went out to feed his animals. After several hours passed, there was no sign of Garner. A family member went to search for him. What they found on the ground of the hog enclosure were Garner’s dentures. Though most of Terry Garner’s body was devoured by his 700-pound hogs, there were some visible body parts strewn throughout the enclosure. Now it is up to the Coos County Sheriff department to determine what happened to put Terry Garner in the position where his pigs could devour him. It is believed that the victim may have had a heart attack, or that the pigs knocked the elderly man to the ground.

teenager licks entire subway rail for a dollar

A New York City teenager is now a dollar richer and a Youtube sensation after a video surfaced on the Internet of the teen licking an entire handrail of a subway entrance on a dare. Microbiologist, Charles P. Gerba, said, “If anyone dares you to lick anything in public, lick a toilet seat. It would be safer to lick a toilet than a handrail on a bus.” In spite of the amount of bacteria he consumed, the likelihood of him getting ill is low due to the protective bacteria commonly found in the mouth.



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11 october 2012

haunting tales at the black belt cafe nelson sims

The Black Belt Museum will launch its latest project, Black Belt Café, with a scream when Dr. Alan Brown presents “Ghosts of the Black Belt” on Oct. 17, at 5 p.m. It would be difficult to come by a more appropriate debut speaker than Dr. Brown. Inspired to begin collecting ghost stories by the works of Livingston’s legendary Ruby Pickens Tartt, Brown has published 22 novels on the subject of the paranormal. He possesses an encyclopedic knowledge of folklore, and when he shares his stories, he has the ability to hold an audience in the palm of his hand and have them hang on his every word. Brown’s affinity for The Black Belt is highly pronounced. He appreciates its rich tradition of oral storytelling, a tradition that was very much lacking in Brown’s native Midwest. Brown, who also conducts the famous annual Ghost Walk this month, may not be a native Southerner, but one would be hard pressed to find anyone as well acquainted with the region and its wide array of ghosts. On the subject of just how haunted The Black Belt is, Brown states: “Oh it’s extremely haunted. It is a gold mine of ghost stories because of the tragic legacy of slavery and war. Those two catastrophic events have generated countless ghost stories.” Brown’s upcoming presentation at The Black Belt Café will be unique in the fact that, for those only familiar with his Ghost Walk tours, the material will be completely new. “I was actually asked specifically not to tell stuff that’s on the Ghost Walk. I’m going to have some short ghost stories that could probably be better defined as folk tales. I’ll have some humorous stories about drunks in a graveyard that can be traced back to Scotland and Ireland. I’ll also have a campus ghost story that I’ve never told before dealing with a bell that used to be close to Webb Hall.”

There’s little doubt that Brown’s repertoire of material may leave some attendees sleeping with the lights on afterwards. However not even Dr. Brown, a man who

most assuredly keeps a proton pack and ghost trap in the trunk of his car, is immune to the effects of his paranormal pursuits. Brown still seems a bit shaken by his experience in Louisville, Ky.’s, world famous Waverly Hills Tuberculosis Sanatorium. While presenting a paper at the Midsouth Paranormal Convention in Louisville, Dr. Brown had the opportunity to take a private tour of Waverly Hills, which has been featured on nearly all of the “ghost hunting” television shows. He was joined by the head of “Ghost Hunters,” Keith Age, and the President of the American Ghost Society, Troy Taylor. The three men entered the sinister building, ensuring their distance from the tour groups by entering from the opposite end of the building. Reaching a tall flight of stairs, Brown bravely allowed both of his comrades to go in front of him. This proved to be a wise move, as the men found themselves faced with a tremendous iron door on the third floor of the building. Mr. Age reached out to open it, and the door rapidly slammed open and shut by itself. Brown gravely stated, at this point, “I’ve never heard a man let out such a high-pitched scream in all my life.” True to character, Brown was determined that someone was up to mischief after seeing the iron door open and shut at Waverly Hills. He quickly approached the door and opened it, unable to help but notice how tremendously heavy the door was. Once he had it opened, he was faced with a long hallway with no one in sight. Glancing down, Brown was shocked to see a single small wet footprint. Do not pass up the opportunity to witness Dr. Brown’s storytelling in person. “Ghosts of the Black Belt” will be the first of a series of upcoming Black Belt Café events taking place at Land Hall.

LIVINGSTON AUTO PARTS 111 S Washington St • (205) 652-2516 (Across from Dollar General)

• New and Rebuilt Parts • The Best Name Brand Products Available • Custom-made Hydraulic Hoses way hit the highdence with confi

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by Two UWA Graduates

We Appreciate Your Business!

Mike, Peggy, Michael, Tory, Christopher

11 october 2012

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the happiest 5k can you dig this?

jeromy shaw

Imagine yourself running and looking down and seeing all your hard work in the form of sweat. Now add splashes of your favorite colors along with many others. The color run is explained as the craziest, colorful 5k of your life. The Color Run was held on October 6, 2012 at the Munny Sokol Park, 320 Redwood Dr. Tuscaloosa AL 35406. Over 4,000 people came out to run or walk in this revoluntionary race. The run benefited Read Bama Read, an organization that is raising funds to provide books for libraries of Tuscaloosa schools affected by the April 27 tornado. The race welcomed all ages and runners at any pace. Runners arrived spick and span in white to start the race and finished by being created into a human canvas. After the finish, participants were encouraged to stick around, celebrate, and see exactly how much color one person can handle. The deejay held color thnrows every fifteen minutes which basically consists of There was be food, color, and festivities that would make your head spin in color hysteria. Being a part of this raving madness brought smiles and was be an unforgettable moment. If you did not make it for this one there are others avaliable for registration in surrounding areas. Do not miss your next chance to be a part of the self-proclaimed “Happiest 5k run of your life.”

michael kimberly

A good treasure map may offer valuable clues to where a fortune may lie buried. Oftentimes, a valuable treasure may be hidden in a field or, perhaps, buried in the sands under the deep blue sea. Professional treasure hunters are motivated, because they know that by operating with diligence, and working with the right tools, their hard work is usually rewarded. Sometimes searching for a particular article or a secondary source can be like searching for buried treasure. The Julia Tutwiler Library continues to offer students a treasure trove of books and articles in every major field of interest. Solid secondary sources are a must to help secure an “A” on that next term paper. Whether doing research on the latest project, or searching for a classic novel containing high seas adventure, the Julia Tutwiler Library has the right tools to discover the answers students are searching for. As vast as the holdings of the library may be, sometimes texts are not on hand. For hard to find texts or articles outside the UWA family library, interlibrary loans are available. Books and articles can be located, shipped and usually received within seven days. Fortunately, UWA faculty and students do not have to be professional treasure hunters to find the valuable information they seek. For all the maps and tools needed to find the prized information, X marks the spot at the library. Additional information on loan policies may be found online at ILL/policies.html or by contacting Anna Bedsole.

treasures of greece trip deposit due soon liz stainton

Dr. Schellhammer and the University of West Alabama are planning/helping host a trip to Greece, the cradle of western civilization. The trip is for students, staff and parents as well as Livingston citizens. Schellhammer is going through EF tours to plan the trip and says Greece offers the experience of a lifetime. To lock into the program fee for the trip, each person has to put down a $95 deposit by Oct. 31. The fee for the trip is $3600. While that number seems high, the EF toursite offers monthly payment plans that will see the trip being paid for 45 days before the departure date of May 12. The trip will be from May 12-24, four days of which will be spent on a cruise. The program fee includes airfare, hotels, the cruise, in which all food and fun is included, transportation, breakfasts, and 4 dinners. As the group travels through Greece each will have off time to explore and see the places and events he personally wants to see. The tour guides are Greek locals who speak English and love teaching other people about their home. This top-of-the-line adventure would be completely unaffordable if not for the tour company’s school/student prices. For questions about the tour, contact Dr. Schellhammer at

Wood Properties To tour the best selection

of comfortable apartment homes, contact Andy, Jason, or Tommy today!

1&2 bedroom


apartments around town off campus living at its finest! Limestone 4 Apartments



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11 october 2012


11 october 2012


skydiving causes adrenaline rush dylan cooper

Last weekend, my sister gave me the best 21st birthday surprise ever. She took me skydiving at Gold Coast Skydiving, a company located south of Hattiesburg, Miss., in a small town called Lumberton. The adrenaline rush and experience gained from this trip is unlike any other I have gotten around this area! First, we had to sign a waiver that pretty much told us they were not liable if the parachute did not open and we all died! After signing my life away, we went through the basics of what to do when we were on the ride up and what to expect on the fall back to earth. I got geared up with my goggles and jumpsuit and headed towards the plane with my jumping instructor. As the plane took off, I started to get butterflies, but they were more from excitement than from nerves. As the plane neared 14,000 feet, I saw my brother, who had accompanied us, with his instructor, getting ready to exit the plane; I was next! As I dropped to my knees with my instructor and we moved toward the exit door of the plane, it finally hit me that I was about to jump out! That is when I started freaking out and thinking, “What have I gotten myself into?” but at that point, it was too late. We rocked forward, and then back, and right before we rolled out of the plane, I looked to my right and tried to give the cameraman a big grin! At that moment, I really couldn’t tell you what was go-

ing through my head, but I remember flipping and spinning a few times as we fell at 120 mph. The fall was not a “stomach-catching” fall that makes it feel like your stomach is in your throat but more of a flying-type of feeling. It is honestly the closest thing to flying one can achieve without any type of machine or plane. This free fall was unlike any rollercoaster or ride I have ever been on. After that, we were free falling for about a minute and a half before the main chute was opened. This was when reality began to catch up with me. I realized the chute had opened and I was still alive. All I had to do now was enjoy the view and glide back down to earth. After the parachute deployed, it took us about 3 minutes to get to the landing zone. During this time, I just tried to catch my breath and make sure we landed correctly. The landing went flawlessly, and I was finally standing on solid ground. Being the adrenaline junkie that I am, I have experienced plenty of death-defying stunts, but skydiving has by far been the biggest rush I have ever had. As Hunter S. Thompson said, “Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming ‘Wow! What a Ride!’”




Where can you go to study and do research? Julia Tutwiler Library Hours:

Downtown on the Square


Julia Tutwiler Library


Coming Soon!

6:30pm 9:00pm Nightly

s for Visit u fee, hot cof ks, & drin d e l l i h ! c as tries p h s e r F

UWA Students Admitted Free

Once a Week with Student ID $6 Adults / $3 Children

16 Franklin Street • 205-652-5500

Mon-Thurs 7:30am - 10:00pm Friday 7:30am - 4:00pm Sunday 5:00pm - 10:00pm

M-Th F Sat Sun

..... ..... ..... .....

7:30 a.m.-11:00 p.m. 7:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m. 9:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m. 4:00 p.m.-11:00 p.m.

Julia Tutwiler Library 205-652-3613

Curriculum Library Hours:

(in the old Armory building with the Campus School) Sun ..... 5:00 p.m.-9:00 a.m. Tues ..... 5:00 p.m.-9:00 a.m. Thur ..... 5:00 p.m.-9:00 a.m.

Curriculum Library 205-652-3781

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passing the crown

11 october 2012

miss uwa looks back on past year, gives advice for upcoming queen michaela perry


his past year, Elaina Helms has been proudly representing this University as Miss West Alabama. Along with her Miss West Alabama duties, her schedule has consisted of being a cheerleader, an ambassador, a sorority sister, and a member of the nursing program. Her schedule this past year has been hectic, but Elaina has felt blessed and rewarded every step of the way. “The best part about being Miss UWA this year is having the opportunity to see this university grow so much throughout my reign and to be a part of that has been such a blessing. I also got the chance to be a part of a non-profit organization of my choice and to promote Read Across America right here in our local schools. These past twelve months have been amazing.” Yes, she won the beauty pageant and competed for the Miss Alabama title, but Elaina isn’t the typical “pageant girl”. Last year’s pageant was the first pageant she had ever participated in. “I am not a pageant girl, nor am I a very girly girl, so the most difficult part about this process has been to learn how

to ‘do hair’ and trust me, it’s not as easy as it seems.” Throughout Helm’s pageant week for Miss Alabama, she was overwhelmed and thankful for the experience she says she will never forget. For a girl who has never been involved in the pageant world and to have only been a freshman, to take on all of this must have been overwhelming. Instead of letting the titles and accomplishments get to her head, Elaina has stayed well-grounded and knows whom she really has to thank. “I am so thankful I was crowned Miss UWA 2012 and I give God the glory. I didn’t think I would actually be the girl to wear that crown this year but I have enjoyed every minute of it and will cherish this UWA memory forever. With a shiny crown on my head, it is easy to get caught up in the glamour of it all, but no crown is greater than the one received in heaven.” One of the Bible verses that has guided Elaina throughout this past year is Jeremiah 29:11-“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.” Our current Miss West Alabama encourages all women to participate in this year’s Miss West Alabama beauty pageant, which will be held Nov. 15 in the Bibb Graves Auditorium. “If I had to give advice to a competitor it would be to enjoy the experience and the opportunity to meet new people throughout the pageant process. Win or lose, it will be a great memory to add to her college experience. Have fun, be yourself, and enjoy the night! To the next Miss UWA, although it is fun and exciting to compete in the pageant and to be in the spotlight, it is also important to keep UWA closest to your heart. Above all else, Miss UWA is a representative of this university.”

former nestle executive speaks to sife l.iz stainton

The University of West Alabama SIFE/ ENVOCUS program invited Mr. Collin Taylor a former Nestle executive with over 30 years of working in the business market to speak to students Oct. 1-5. He teaches other people how to make their way to the top in marketing and business. Taylor lectures about how important it is to be willing to make a move for your company and how important it is to be open to any type of change that may come in your direction. Taylor started working for Nestle in 1977 in England. In 1992, the opportunity of a lifetime came when they sent him to move to Switzerland to better the company and his career. After 4 years in Switzerland, Taylor was promoted and moved to Poland, where he got his own team. When he walked in, he was told that the very same people he was working with were the people who helped bring down the communist government in Poland. Realizing he had a strong team, he led them

but he also let them help themselves and make a better company. Also, on his first day in Poland, he had people who could not speak English come into his office and tell him they wanted to work with him and better their careers. Now people like that are at the top of their game in the marketing and business world. After returning from Poland, Taylor worked in 13 other countries in South and West Africa starting in 1998. Then in 2001, he became the Marketing Manager of Nestle Ghana where he helped turn a $30 million company into a $120 million company. Taylor helped build brands in other countries, such as the Milo brand in 2006. Taylor left the Nestle Company in 2008 and now owns a consulting firm called Taylor Matters. He lives in Dubai and teaches at the university there. Mr. Taylor teaches student about market relations and building a better market, but most importantly, Mr. Taylor teaches students about how succeed in a competitive world.

homecoming week

11 october 2012

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OCT -----17


OCT -----18


serendipity 7pm

bonfire, pep rally 8pm band party at lake lu

OCT -----19 OCT -----20


alumni party 6pm, moon house


parade, 10am downtown festival, 1pm tiger hill pep rally, pre-game show 2:30pm, stadium UWA vs Shorter 3:30pm



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11 october 2012

Livingston Press ~ UWA

Alabama Authors:

The constant running through this collection is a cool Southern voice that crosses sexual, economic, and age barriers.


Contemporary fiction from Alabama women. What could be better? $12.95

A collection to spotlight emerging writers from our state who at the time had no more than two books published. $15.95

Comic stories from some of Alabama’s best: Eugene Walter, Caroline Haines, Truman Capote and more. $15.95

available online

An Elixir discovered in the Florida swamps promises life eternal. Well, sorta, anyway. $22

A woman sells her soul to the Devil so she might become a man. What could possibly go wrong?


Livingston Press ~ UWA

This is Tiger’s third book of motorcycle tales. He’s put over a million miles on is BMW, so no wonder.


A sultry Florida mystery. A woman obsesses with uncovering facts about the murder of her childhood sweetheart.


Livingston Press ~ UWA

Livingston Press ~ UWA

A novel that could be interpreted as a coming of age not only for its characters, but for a whole region. $14.95

National Authors:

Streamline comedy. If only Sid Straw could get out of his own way, life would be grand. $18.95

A young eco-terrorist on the run finds a family willing to forgive her past. $18.95

available online

Southern with a vengeance, these stories soak the reader in an atmosphere as thoroughly as might a river baptism. $14.95

available at UWA bookstore

adMuse.indd 1

Livingston Press ~ UWA Livingston Press ~ UWA

Livingston Press ~ UWA

available at UWA bookstore

Livingston Press ~ UWA 7/2/12 3:43:43 PM

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Charmin BasicYears in Business Family Owned & Operated • Over 65 lb. Tissue Open Sunday 6 AM-9PM, MondayBath - Saturday 6 AM-10PM

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3 Bulb Sleeve

Fresh Garlic

FOR Ground Fresh In 5 - 8 oz. pkg. 9.25 - 10.5 oz. ¢ Former Food Location • 334-287-3292 • Cut Fresh 12.9 - 15.6World oz. Store Several Apple Cinnamon Selected Varieties Selected Varieties Family 625 Owned &or Wheaties Operated • Over 65 Years in Business 80 East 8 Roll Package 15.77Hwy -Cheerios 23.45 oz. Daily 9.4 - 14 oz. Open Sunday 6 for AM-9PM, Monday - Saturday 6 AM-10PM No Center Selected Varieties Big “G” CerealsTimes Daily! in Store! Velveeta Shells or Slices Removed 10.5 oz. 2/$ World Location • 334-287-3292 • Former Food Package for Carolina Pride for10.9 - 18 oz. Family Owned & Operated • Over 65 Years in Business Blue Bird Prices Good Wednesday, July 11 through Tuesday, July 17, 2012 Butt Half Hams Selected Varieties Open Sunday 6 AM-9PM, Monday - Saturday 6 AM-10PM Honey Buns Over 35 Varieties for ¢ 12-16 oz. Sel. Varieties lb. Prices Good Wednesday, April 11 through Tuesday, April 17, 2012 Cut Fresh 12 Double Roll Garden Fresh Daily FOR 20 oz. Loaf Charmin Basic Honey or Bath Tissue in Store!

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Hot Dog or


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Bath Tissue





Blue Bird Bag Donuts

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Bud Light Beer

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Fresh 5Garlic - 8 oz. pkg.




Garden Fresh



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Cut Fresh Daily 24 Pack in Store!

1/2 Liter Bottles Store Several 12 Pack, 12 oz. Cans Times Daily! Selected Varieties


16 oz.





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cooking ideas 16

muse: to ponder; to be absorbed in deep thought

11 october 2012

easy to do pizza at home liz stainton

So you want pizza but you hate the local offerings. You would rather sit at home and make a good pizza on your own but it just seems a little complicated. Instead of ordering out and being disappointed, learn the cheaters’ way to make your own. Buy a pizza-making kit, a jar of marinara sauce, a bag of mozzarella, herbs and your favorite toppings. Open the pizza kit and throw away the can of sauce included; it’s greasy and not very appetizing. Use the packet of Parmesan cheese at your own discretion. Begin with turning your oven on to 350 degrees and letting it preheat. Look at the back of the kit to see how much water the dough needs to mix. Begin adding the hot water, very slowly mixing as you go so you do not add too much. Then, the box will not say this part, let your dough sit next to the oven as it preheats. Put a damp towel over the dough and let the yeast rise and the dough set. (This will make it easier for you to spread the dough on a pan.) After about fifteen minutes, take out a cookie sheet and spray it with non-stick spray, and then begin spreading your dough out on it. It is going to stick to your fingers, but if you continue to put hot water on them as you knead the dough, it will help you. The dough will be a little hard to spread around the pan. If you spread a little bit all the

way to lip of the pan, it will stop it from moving so much. Once you have a good layer of dough covering the pan, place it in the oven for about three minutes. The dough will begin to cook, giving it a solid foundation so that the sauce does not make it soggy. Take the dough out of the oven and pour enough oil to cover the dough in a very thin layer. Then sprinkle some salt, pepper, parsley, and basil on the dough and put it back in the oven for about four more minutes. Take the crust out and begin putting marinara on the pizza, the amount of sauce used is up to personal discretion. After spreading the sauce, put a thin layer of mozzarella cheese down followed by toppings. Remember that meats like ground beef, sausage and some ham may need to be cooked first. Sauté vegetables, such as onions and green peppers, for a minute to make them softer. After your toppings are on, put a slightly thicker layer of cheese on the pizza and place it back in the oven for at least ten more minutes. If you pull it out and the top looks done, take a butter knife and lift part of the pizza up to check the bottom, which should be a little bit golden. If you are feeding a few people, you can make your pizza and serve it with a nice antipasto salad along-side it. Just make a normal salad with lettuce, carrots, tomatoes and whatever you like. Then add cheese, olives, and chopped ham and some peppers to the salad. Cover the salad in a light coat of balsamic vinaigrette or Italian dressing. Then serve both up to your family and friends.

homemade rice krispy treats liz stainton

Everyone likes Kellogg’s Rice Crispy Treats but not everyone realizes how easy they are to make at home. First put 3 tablespoons of butter in a large pan and then add an 8 oz. jar of marshmallow fluff to the butter and let it melt, stirring constantly so than it does not burn in the bottom of the pan. After the butter and marshmallows are melted take it off the heat and begin to mix in about 4 cups of Rice Crispies cereal until the cream is mixed throughout. If there is left over marshmallow in the bottom, add more cereal and continue stirring. Then pour the mixture on a baking sheet immediately so that it does not harden and set inside your pan. If you want to add a little bit of a surprise, you can put 2 tablespoons of peanut butter in the mixture, along with the marshmallow fluff and butter to be melted. Or you could add half a cup of caramel chips at the beginning. After the Rice Crispy’s have been poured onto the pan, you can pour mini chocolate chips on them, making sure to do it as soon as you have the treats on the pan the chips will stick to the treats.

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11 october 2012


All lunch sandwiches are

under $4


es eb h rt

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halloween decorating on a dime Tiger Bucks Accepted (205) 652-2743 · across from UWA $1.50 Miller High Life

Call in orders are welcome! (205) 652-5750




Come enjoy our Thursday night specials!

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$2.00 Miller Lite

with a guard stationed on your porch or yard. Just grab a ratty, unused outfit and stuff it with leaves, garbage bags or newspaper; virtually any unneeded filler will do the trick. Gloves and shoes complete the ensemble, but aren’t necessary. A plastic bag or burlap sack makes a fine head, especially when matched with an oversized hat, and a mask can be added to give it some monstrous character. Stick some straw out of the seams to create a scarecrow, or hack off a limb and paint it red for zombification. Quick Fixes – Cut out spooky faces and eerie silhouettes from black construction paper and hang them in your window for all to see. The old bedsheet over a balloon trick never fails to attrac ghouls. Bags of fake spider webs are an affordable Halloween staple. Cover bushes and railings outside, but don’t forget to hang some across your furniture and bookshelves inside, too. Colored light bulbs are a great way to give an entire room a “creepy” feel with minimal effort. Lights! A twelve-or-so-foot strand can be found for just a few dollars. A few go a long way.

$2.00 Bud Lite


atch out! That college loan money is going fast, and filling a home with store-bought decorations will only make it go faster. So before filling a shopping cart with plastic skulls and noisy fund-drainers, consider some of these free and inexpensive alternatives: Tombstones – Plywood, cardboard or Styrofoam will do the trick for this one. First, outline and cut out the tombstones in the preferred shapes—rounded, pointed and cross-topped for variety—and paint them gray. To make them appear weathered, mottle them with black, brown and green paint. After they dry, use black paint or a thick magic marker to write “RIP” or madeup names on the front, and voila! Instant graveyard! Pile up some leaves in front with some old boots sticking out of the end for that nice, freshly-buried look. Lab Specimens – This is a great way to repurpose some empty mason jars. Simply fill them with water, stir in a couple of drops of green or yellow food coloring and add novelty items like rubber eyeballs, fingers, bats and rats. Set them in a windowsill where they can delight and disgust onlookers from in- or outdoors. Autumnal Wreath – Christmas doesn’t have a monopoly on wreaths, so this year, deck the door with the colors of fall before hanging up the Yuletide variety. Take a wire clothes-hanger and bend it into a circular shape. Untwist the top of the hanger and start threading the length of the wire through the center of some previously gathered leaves. Mostly dead, brown leaves will do, but make sure to collect some yellow, orange and red leaves for color. When it has been filled end to end, retwist the hanger and use some string to tie pinecones securely to the bottom of the wreath. Throw in some maize, ribbon and lettering for further personalizing. Watchman – The Halloween season is ripe with mischief-makers, so it might be a good idea to ward off any would-be-TP’ers

$13.95 Strip/Sirloin

Hot and Honey Wings 60¢ Grilled Chicken or Fried Chicken Tenders $1 Off All Steaks $1 Off

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te duffour

The brothers of

Tau Kappa Epsilon


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would like to welcome you to

11 october 2012

october: diabetes awareness month

liz stainton

UWA Johnson Homes

by the numbers

11.5 million


HOMECOMING 2011 muse sponsorships

African Americans are twice as likely to get diabetes than whites.

Join us for tailgating on the starting $11/wk. armory lawnat and our alumni party.

11.5 million women have diabetes.


Diabetes is the fifth leading cause of death in Asian Americans.

*sponsored by the active members and alumni of Tau Kappa EpsilonLivingston Chapter


!"# #%!&'( )*%#T(,'Tiger Connection

Willie Nelson Ronald Reagan Are TKE alumni Join the brotherhood

Tau Kappa Epsilon

career services UWA Career Services wants to help all students in 2012. have a great year! Located in Foust Hall 7

Old Ramsey Cattle Company Supports UWA Â

& Jones

Greg Jennifer Vocabulary

is the key to intelligence. Read to your children every night.


About 7.1 percent of all people with diabetes are white.

68,705 people die from diabetes each year.




12.1 million men have diabetes.

About 1 in every 400 children has type 1 diabetes.

10 million About 10 million diabetes patients are over 60.

soap updates

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood stars as “Steffy” on “The Bold and The Beautiful THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL Eric disagreed with Stephanie over who should be named CEO of Forrester Creations. Caroline made a decision about her love life based on Thomas’s actions. An emotional Brooke shared with Katie the details of her wrecked honeymoon. Deacon began making crazy demands from Bill. Brooke turned to Stephanie for advice on how to

11 october 2012

handle Ridge. Steffy and Hope shared an awkward conversation about Liam. Stephanie and her family worried that her cancer was back. Bill asked Brooke to talk to Katie about his mistakes -- and how he has changed. Pam warned Donna to stay away from Eric. Liam and Hope reached closure. Wait to See: Thomas tries to redeem himself. Steffy and Liam go public with their relationship. DAYS OF OUR LIVES Nicole continued to keep the loss of her unborn baby a secret from everyone. Rafe and Sami agreed to forgive their past transgressions and rekindle their relationship. Caroline began showing signs of dementia. Daniel told Nicole that he would move to Utah with her. Abigail was determined to find out why Melanie left town so quickly. Kate offered Nick a job before Sami could. Nicole fell down the stairs after a tussle with Jennifer. Ste-

fano met with a mysterious woman in Europe who turned out to be the notorious Kristen Blake. Jennifer was arrested for causing the death of Nicole’s unborn child. Wait to See: Caroline tells Roman that she has Alzheimer’s disease. Will and Gabi reflect on their impulsive act. GENERAL HOSPITAL Sam discovered that her baby was alive and being raised by Tea. Carly was still devastated by the fact that Johnny married Connie. Duke sat at a very much alive Robin’s bedside. Later, Anna was stunned to see her late husband Duke at her door. Spinelli was annoyed to see that Maxie and Ellie were becoming friends. Luke made good on his word and tracked down Robert. Dante and Lulu continued to try to make a baby. Sam was horrified to learn that Heather had kidnapped her baby. Todd vowed that he had no prior knowledge of the baby switch. Olivia tried to

muse: to ponder; to be absorbed in deep thought


dana block

channel her psychic powers to find Heather. Wait to See: Duke woos Anna. Trey begs Kristina for a second chance. THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS Nick told Phyllis that their marriage was over, and then rebounded by kissing Avery. Chloe blurted out that Kevin helped move Tim’s body. Nick suggested that Summer see a therapist after she took a baseball bat to her mom’s car. Victor was shocked that Sharon sold some of his personal stock while he was missing. Sharon felt guilty for turning Tucker in to the feds after she realized that he was looking out for her best interests after all. Gloria offered to throw Chelsea a baby shower. Victor tried to reach out to Adam for his support at Newman Enterprises, but Adam politely rejected him. Wait to See: Phyllis receives a surprise ruling in her trial. Chelsea gets some devastating news.

welcome back referees

Student Support Services Reminds you that fall registration starts apr. 18th.Now is the time to meet with your advisor! (And don’t forget to get your 2012-12 FAFSA done)

“It’s easy to stand with the crowd. It takes courage to stand alone.” - Danny Buckalew


Amor is fati


Dr. Debbie Davis RodEnglish and Tracie UWA Professor


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11 october 2012

fact or fiction

weird news or urban legend? you decide.

did napoleon shoot the nose off the sphinx? alan brown Although Napoleon is known primarily as an aspiring world conqueror, he was also the first world leader to recognize the importance of preserving and documenting Egyptian artifacts. In 1798, Napoleon was ordered by the French Directory to invade Egypt, a Turkish province, to avenge supposed insults to French merchants. His 35,000-man expedition reached Alexandria in July 1798. The expedition included artists, historians, civilian scholars, and a group of scientists

known as savants. A few weeks, later, Napoleon engaged the local Mamluk forces in Egypt in The Battle of the Pyramids. After Lord Nelson’s British Fleet, Napoleon moved into Palestine and Syria in 1799. He then returned to Egypt, where he defeated the Turkish army. Legend has it that after the battle, Napoleon took out his anger for the Egyptians by ordering an artilleryman to aim his cannon at the Sphinx and shoot off its nose.

see page 23 for answer

strange news . . .

wooly mammoth revealed by global warming alan brown


n late August of this year, an eleven-year-old boy walked along the Yenisei River in northern Russia when he detected very bad smell coming from the ground. Yevgeny Salinder, whose nomadic family lives near the Taimyr Peninsula, took a closer look and discovered the limbs of a large creature sticking out of the ground. After his family alerted the authorities, a team of scientists was dispatched to the site. The scientists were elated because the find turned out to be the best-preserved wooly mammoth since a similar animal was discovered in Siberia in 1901. “Alexei Tikhonov, who is affiliated with the Zoological Museum of St. Petersburg, told reporters, “It is the mammoth of the century.” Tikhonov speculated that the animal was fifteen or sixteen years old when it died over 30,000 years ago. He credited global warming with melting the permafrost that had entombed the mammoth. It took the team five days to dig out the creature, whose remains were transported to the city of Dudinka. Scientists named the mammoth “Jeny” after the boy who found it. Tikhonov believes that the animal could have died because a missing left tusk impeded its ability to fight with other males. However, a split in the right tusk suggests that the mammoth could have been killed by human beings.

t s e t a i v tri

fifi rodriguez

1. ART: Where is the world-famous Prado museum located? 2. ANATOMY: Where are muscles known as triceps found in the body? 3. ADVERTISEMENTS: What breakfast cereal did Sonny the Cuckoo Bird promote? 4. NATURAL WORLD: Where would stalagmites be found in a natural cave formation? 5. GEOGRAPHY: Where was the ancient city of Persepolis located?

6. SCIENCE: What was the first elementary particle to be discovered? 7. MUSIC: What is the national anthem of Canada? 8. COMPUTERS: What does the acronym DOS stand for? 9. FAMOUS QUOTES: Who once said, “I worked my way up from nothing to a state of extreme poverty.” 10. LANGUAGE: What is an atelier?

t s e t a i ge 20 triv from pa s r answe fifi rodriguez

1. Madrid, Spain 2. Upper arm 3. Cocoa Puffs 4. The cone-shaped deposits rise from the floor of a cave 5. Modern-day Iran (formerly Persia) 6. The electron 7. “O Canada” 8. Disk Operating System 9. Groucho Marx 10. Artist’s studio

11 october 2012

muse: to ponder; to be absorbed in deep thought


muse: to ponder; to be absorbed in deep thought

UWA’s Full Service Pharmacy


108 Lafayette Street Livingston, Alabama 35470 (205) 652-9595

Free Prescription Transfers • We Accept All Insurance Carriers, Including Medicare and Medicaid • Tiger Bucks Accepted Storewide

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c Tiger Bucks A

greg jones

and you were worried about big brother

Just when you thought privacy concerns couldn’t get any more challenging than the most recent Facebook terms of service change, a new, proof-of-concept app developed by researchers at Indiana University should put a real scare in you. Known as “sensory malware,” PlaceRaider allows cell phones to randomly capture 2-D images and reconstruct them to create a 3-D environment filled with remarkable detail. Once installed on an unsuspecting user’s phone, tech criminals can virtually recreate a victim’s environment, effectively performing reconnaissance that could be later used by a thief. The app, which runs on Android and can easily be ported to other operating systems such as Apple’s iOS, takes remarkably clear photos and seamlessly stitches them together. In fact, in tests, researchers could even make out the bank routing and account numbers on a check casually tossed on top of a desk. An entire office takes about an hour to capture, though in practical terms, it could take several hours to capture a small space based on how a person typically moves in familiar spaces. Moreover, this spy malware is worthy of James Bond himself. The user has no idea the software is present and the software even momentarily turns off the requisite Android camera click as it snaps each image. Lest you think this is no reason for concern, consider how ubiquitous cell phone use has become. According to, the Web site for the International Association for the Wireless Telecommunications Industry, U.S. citizens already own more active cell phones than they have population, with a whopping 105% penetration, and these figures even include the arguably less advanced populations in Guam, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico. While Indiana researchers have not released the PlaceRaider malware into the wild, it doesn’t take a psychic to realize how close we are to facing real threats from similar “virtual burglary” software very soon. After all, much of the programming used to generate PlaceRaider was readily available, free, open-source code.

prey for help

The Find my iPhone app has garnered much attention in the news for the past year, but not everyone has a Mac portable device—not yet, anyway. If you would like the same protection afforded Mac-addicts for your non-Apple laptop, phone, desktop, or portable tablet, grab a free software download from The open source site gives users the same ability to track down missing devices with geolocation services that the makers refer to as “shockingly” accurate. I’ve tested prey on Linux and Android, as well as a PC (not mine, of course), and I wholeheartedly agree.


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10 10101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101


at The Drug Store of Livingston 1 01 01010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101 01010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101010101 0 0


11 october 2012



11 october 2012

muse: to ponder; to be absorbed in deep thought


Mom, Wish you were here. —G

rofl... alan brown

A man walked into a bar. He chose a bar stool next to a pirate, who was drinking a rum and Coke. The man introduced himself and asked the pirate how he lost his leg. “Well, matey, I lost me leg when I fell of the ship and a shark took it off.” “How did you lose your ear?” the man asked. “I was a-fighting with me best friend in a bar after a few glasses of rum, and he bit it off and spit it right in me face.”

The man then asked the pirate how he got the hook for an arm. “That’n was really painful. A winch tore it off during a storm at sea.” Staring into the pirate’s face, the man asked, “How did you get that eye patch?” “Arrgh, I had a horrible itch in me eye.” “You lost your eye because of an itch?” the man asked, incredulously.” “Aye,” the pirate replied, “it happened after I got me hook.”

FALSE The savants contributed to the Description de L’Egypte, a comprehensive report of ancient and modern Egypt. Included in the report are sketches showing the appearance of the Sphinx that had occurred long before Napoleon’s arrival. The sketches clearly show that the Sphinx was missing its nose when Napoleon’s army arrived in Egypt. Archaeologists are now convinced that the damage to the Sphinx was caused, not by the hand of man, but by the passing of time. The Sphinx was carved from a giant piece of limestone. Because limestone is a relatively soft mineral, it wears easily. Upon close inspection, one can also find large cracks and crevices in the Sphinx, all of which were probably caused by simple erosion by the sands of time. Good examples of limestone’s susceptibility to damage by the elements can be found in old cemeteries. Many of the inscriptions carved into the face of limestone tombstones have faded to the point that they are almost impossible to read. Most likely, rumors of Napoleon’s defacing of the Sphinx were generated by his detractors in the early 19th century.


muse: to ponder; to be absorbed in deep thought

11 october 2012


We’ve got you covered from head to toe. New Fashions Arriving Weekly.

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muse Oct 11 2012