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Manufacturing Month 2022 Donut Day Tours, Cybersecurity, Developing a Growth Mindset, and More.


Helping Leaders Create Healthy Working Environments for Hard-Working People ESC-Series Evaporative Cooling

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M-Series Make-Up Air

DELIVERING HEATING, VENTILATION, and TEMPERED COOLING SOLUTIONS TO MANUFACTURERS and WAREHOUSE OPERATIONS in UTAH As everyone knows, today’s employees spend a substantial amount of time in the workplace. When the air in your facility is too hot in the summer, too cold in the winter, or too contaminated from your manufacturing process, you can compromise employees’ performance, safety, and health. The Cambridge S-Series and ESC-Series are the most efficient at providing year-round temperature relief. Keep your facility warm in the winter months and cool in those hot summer months. Now, being smart about your workplace ventilation just got easier with ThermWise Rebates. Take advantage of available rebates to help offset your initial investment.













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You’ll Love Us Going Forward! Petersen Inc. has been acquired by Precinmac. With this change, Petersen Inc. is still the reliable manufacturing partner you have always known, we’ve just gotten better. We have increased machining capabilities and more strategic partners to work with. From NQA-1 fabrication to aerospace quality precision machining, what can we build for you?

About Precinmac high-tolerance precision machined components and fabricated products for high-requirement industries. With eight locations in the United States and Canada, we are an ideal single-source partner for medium- to high complexity projects that rely on close tolerance fabrication and precision machining.

2022 BOARD OF DIRECTORS UMA CHAIRMAN Clint Morris Lifetime Products, Inc.

1ST VICE CHAIR Johnny Ferry Honeyville, Inc.

2ND VICE CHAIR Matt Wardle JD Machine


Karen Griffin JAS. D. EASTON, INC.

IMMEDIATE PAST CHAIR Doug Dahl The Boeing Company

UMA PRESIDENT/CEO Todd Bingham Utah Manufacturers Association


Alex Dobsky Mity Inc. Todd Groll Orbit Michael Henry Northrop Grumman Mark Walker EnergySolutions Brian E. Anderson Rocky Mountain Power Jeff Lowe Petersen Inc. Richard Stonely BD Medical Bill Johnson Barnes Bullets Brett Barton Fresenius Medical Care Chris Locke Nucor Steel Ryan Carlile L3 Harris

Steve Allred Liberty Safe

Frank Peczuh Jr. Peczuh Printing

Blair Blackwell Chevron

Eric Pope US Synthetic

Brett Burningham Hydro Extrusions Doug Dilley Parker Aerospace Jim Divver Zions Bank Erin Barry Merit Medical Michael Gleason Hexcel Corporation

Travis Aardema Swire Coca-Cola, USA Kirk Holden Autoliv America Steve Young Holland & Hart Mariacarmen Ventura Edwards Lifesciences Lucy Andre Stadler Rail Rob Crossman Rio Tinto

Brad Shafer Marathon Petroleum Company

Scott Chandler Dominion Energy

Jace Johnson Key Bank

Mark Paul Stryker

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Celebrating Manufacturing Month


Developing as a Leader through a Growth Mindset with Carol Dweck

Todd Bingham, President, Utah Manufacturers Association

Martin Moore

9 SBA Regional Innovation Program by Dr. Tulinda Larsen, Executive Director, UAMMI

11 UMA Staff October 2022

Tips to Protect Your Operations from 13 7Cyberattacks EMC Insurance and CUI Agency

Training is Key to Proper 17 Employee Cyber Hygiene Sam Haslam, Diversified Insurance

23 Protecting Your Most Valuable Assets! 25 Manufacturing Day 2022: Looking to the Future iMpact Utah

Celebrating Manufacturing Month Visiting Fabulous Companies By Todd Bingham, President, Utah Manufacturer’s Association

Each October is National Manufacturing Month. The Utah Manufacturers Association celebrates all month long by visiting manufacturing companies and celebrating with their frontline employees. Utah has more than 3500 manufacturing companies. The average manufacturing company in the state of Utah is around 50 employees. Perhaps smaller than you might have anticipated. However, manufacturing is still one of the largest driving economies with more than $20 billion annually and close to 200,000 individuals working directly in manufacturing. When applying the multiplier effect, manufacturing is a significant impact on the economy of the state. For every dollar spent directly on manufacturing there is a six time multiplier effect related directly to manufacturing. I truly enjoy delivering thousands of donuts and drinks to the individuals often not recognized nor seen that drive the manufacturing economy in the state. The unsung heroes of the manufacturing economy are the frontline workers. The individuals who daily come to work for manufacturing companies in assemble, produce, and manufacture the very products that make our modern life possible. These individuals often ask me, “What are the donuts and drinks for?” The response….just because we want to 5

thank you for working in manufacturing. I love to see the look on their faces when someone thanks them for simply coming to work. It’s definitely one of my favorite times of the year as we take the Utah Manufacturers Association on the road and get the opportunity to visit with a myriad of different companies and tour their manufacturing facilities. The ability to learn more in depth about the products that are made right here in Utah is truly an amazing opportunity. I enjoyed the opportunity to visit with Frontline manufacturing workers and ask them what they love most about their jobs. Overwhelmingly, the response was the culture and environment in which they work. It is a testament to many manufacturing companies who strive daily to create a culture and environment that encourages today’s generation to be a part of the miracle of manufacturing.




Developing as a Leader Through a Growth Mindset with Carol Dweck By Martin Moore With his back up against the cage in a rare moment of rest, UFC Champion Conner McGregor said, “There is no talent here, this is hard work. This is an obsession. Talent does not exist; we are all equals as human beings. You can be anyone if you put in the time. You will reach the top, and that’s that. I am not talented. I am obsessed.” Is what it takes to be successful in athletics, academics, or your career only dependent on the mindset and grit that is put into your effort? This is what is at the heart of Dweck’s Growth Mindset. The idea is that we are not just born with “it” or that we come from this fixed position in life and that our growth as a spouse, parent, employee, or leader is not up to us. Dweck’s theories pair very nicely with Angela Duckworth’s theories on Grit. Duckworth’s takes the idea that we can grow through our failures and our ability to get up after we have been knocked down. Duckworth conducted a study at the United States Military Academy with a class of incoming cadets. These cadets all come from different backgrounds across the United States, but one thing is certain with this group of test subjects, none are typical college kids headed off to the public university. All have had to not only get great grades and GPAs, but near-perfect SAT and ACT scores.


All have received a letter of recommendation from a member of their state’s congress representative, and most have some type of extracurricular activity, and the list goes on. Even with all of those requirements to get in, the freshman class still suffers a dropout rate of 4% in the first-year cadets. Duckworth’s goal was to identify cadets that might be at a higher risk for failure by identifying their grit score or, in terms that would align with Dweck, students with a growth mindset embrace the challenges before them. Change is something that everyone will face. Being able to handle change in a position of leadership is essential to being an effective leader. One of the core principles of having a growth mindset is handling the change that your team can face and embracing the change as not a setback or a negative but something to be embraced and even find the positive in the change. Having a growth mindset also means that there is an opportunity to grow in the face of failure. To learn from our mistakes as a leader is a principle that also involves swallowing are pride and putting our ego to the side, and taking the criticism from failure. When the role of leadership is placed upon us, I believe that one has to be open to all possibilities. Our coworkers might not be the person we would pick to


be on our team. You could find yourself in the role of peers and stepping up to take ownership of a project to help move the company forward. It’s important in these situations to not turn on our blinders and look at those coworkers at a fixed point and give each other an opportunity to step up and take ownership. This will help them flourish in these situations. A growth mindset needs to be something that is in constant motion or an ongoing project of yourself in leadership situations. Realizing that at any stage of leadership, we are growing, evolving organisms that will face highs and lows. That growing leadership takes practice. Malcom Gladwell has said ten thousand times that it takes ten thousand hours of deliberate practice to become a master at the skill. Leadership is no different. What a growth mindset can help me achieve through those ten thousand hours is being able to learn from my mistakes, and take criticism, not as a personal attack but as a guide to things that I can do better next time and personally, for me, to continue to persist. Pick myself up, dust myself off and go at it again.



SBA Regional Innovation Cluster Program: Benefits for Utah’s Manufacturer

By Dr. Tulinda Larsen, Executive Director, UAMMI

Since 2010, the Small Business Administration (SBA) has invested in regional clusters throughout the country. The goal of the SBA’s involvement in clusters is to increase small business participation and economic activity. While the industry focus of the 17 clusters varies and includes optics, drones, powered energy, agtech bio sciences, and agfood, their core activities are similar: to act as networking hubs to convene resources to help small businesses navigate funding, procurement, and supply-chain opportunities. Through technical and legal assistance, these cluster networks also work to help innovators commercialize promising technologies needed by government and industry buyers. Regional Innovation Clusters (RIC) are geographically-concentrated networking hubs of small businesses, suppliers, service providers, and related institutions that work together to maximize resources, compete on larger scales, and drive innovation and job creation. The SBA RIC program is designed to help small businesses in emerging industries thrive. There are currently 17 Clusters in the program across the nation, with 7,800 hours of mentoring provided annually to 361 small businesses nationwide. In 2018, SBA designated Utah as a Regional Innovation Cluster for Advanced Materials and Advanced 9

Manufacturing and contracted with UAMMI to create and grow this important ecosystem and cluster in Utah. Under the SBA Regional Innovation Cluster program, there are two types of Cluster Member companies. Small Business Cluster Member, which are small businesses (less than 500 employees as defined by SBA), based in Utah, and working in advanced materials and/or advanced manufacturing. Associated Industry Cluster Members include any organization (large corporation, academic, government, service provider, etc.), based anywhere, interested in supporting the UAMMI Small Business Cluster Members. In 2019, working with software developer i5, Grow Utah Ventures and consulting firm LSI, UAMMI identified companies in the cluster and launched CONNEX, a powerful online manufacturer database and connectivity platform designed to help manufacturers connect with each other, find local and domestic suppliers, explore production capabilities, and manage their supply chain such as identify single supplier risks and find opportunities for diversification. CONNEX is now part of the services offered by the Utah-MEP Alliance. In 2020, despite COVID, UAMMI grew the Cluster through virtual meetings, plus Go Utah (Governor’s Office of Economic Opportunity) designated


Advanced Manufacturing as a targeted industry for Utah. In 2021 in-person company mentoring resumed and UAMMI teamed with Utah-MEP Alliance to include SBA Regional Innovation Small Business Cluster Member companies into the programs offered by iMpact Utah, Utah Manufacturers Association, and World Trade Association. Under the SBA RIC Program for Utah Manufacturers, UAMMI provides services at no costs to Small Business Cluster Member companies, including: • Access to CONNEX, the online connection tool for manufacturers • Networking opportunities to meet government contracting offices, prime contractors, and other cluster members to team on projects • Technical consulting provided by experts in ad•

• • • • • • •

vanced materials and advanced manufacturing Invitations and scholarships to Grow Utah Venture’s entrepreneur mentoring program known as RAMP Access to Utah-MEP alliance partner programs, including iMpactUtah business improvement, Utah Manufactures Association safety program and World Trade Center Export assistance UAMMI networking events, such as CrossTalk Networking and collaboration among Small Business and Associated Industry Members Help with capital assistance, including grants, loans and contracts Workforce program information and assistance SBIR/STTR Proposal Support (with PTAC and Go Utah Innovation Center) Product testing assistance Reduced costs to participate in national industry conferences, such as the Composites & Advanced Manufacturing Expo (CAMX), JEC, Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering (SAMPE) UAMMI Association Group Employee Benefit Program

Associated Industry Cluster Members services include: • Recognition as supporting Utah’s advanced manufacturing industry • Networking and collaboration among Small Business and Associated Industry Members

• •

UAMMI networking events, such as CrossTalk UAMMI Association Group Employee Benefit Program

SBA RIC Results Since 2019, the SBA RIC program has grown to include 119 Small Business Cluster Members, including 52 new business startups, and 142 Associated Industry Cluster Members. Over the past four years, Small Business Cluster Members have realized more than $30 million in new funding through grants and other programs. More than 150 companies have received technical consulting, 33 have completed RAMP mentoring program, and 645 Small Business Cluster Member companies have attended UAMMI networking events. Small Business Cluster Members have created almost 600 new jobs, introduced 241 new products or services and received almost 70 new patents. Additionally, the SBA RIC program has fostered collaboration among cluster members to leverage economic opportunities. For more information, please go to our website and contact Cathy Blomquist, UAMMI Member Services

SBA Regional Innovation Cluster Successes January 2019 to September 15, 2022


Number of Small Business Cluster Members


Number of Associated Businesses participating in UAMMI Small Business Innovation Network


Number of small businesses starts in the cluster area


Total capital flowing to small business participants in the cluster (grants, contracts, loans, and investments from public and private sources)

$30, 212,000

New job creation by Small Business Cluster Members


New products, services, or business lines


Number of Small Business Cluster Member participants in UAMMI networking events


Number of patents obtained, applied for and /or licensed for by UAMMI Small Business Cluster Members





Todd Bingham

Lloyd Jensen

Megan Ware


Director of Business Development

Director of Workforce Development

Austin Emery

Justin Hawkes

Jenny Snow

Mikenley McQuiston

Business Development Manager of Business Executive Office Administrator Marketing Manager

Office Information Phone: 801-363-3885 428 E. Winchester St. #210 Murray, UT 84107 11

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7 Tips to Protect Your Operations from Cyberattacks EMC Insurance and CUI Agency October is a month dedicated to a subject that, if ignored, can be far scarier than any trick-or-treater knocking on the door—cybersecurity. Improving your defenses against cyberattacks doesn’t have to be daunting. There are several simple solutions to protect your data and keep your employees, customers and finances safe online. What is a Cyberattack? First, let’s make sure we’re all on the same page. A cyberattack is an unauthorized attempt to expose, destroy or access your data. The two most common types of cyberattacks are: • Malware—short for “malicious software,” malware acts against the intent of the user and can come in the form of a virus, Trojan horse or worm. • Phishing—this is when scammers send fraudulent emails or text messages that may look like they’re from a reputable company. Phishing scams often tell you to click a link or open an attachment and can then steal sensitive data. Smaller organizations are often prime targets for cyberattacks because they aren’t protected by the same level of security infrastructure as larger companies—yet they still have valuable data to offer. Untangling the aftermath of a cyberattack can be expensive, stressful and time-consuming for your business. But you can take simple, proactive steps to safeguard your company’s most important information. 13

7 Tips to Prevent Cyberattacks Here are seven tips to improve your business’s cybersecurity measures: 1. Back up your data Regularly back up your business data. If it’s compromised in any way—lost, leaked or stolen—you’ll want to ensure you have a backup, or copy, available so you can restore it. Set your backups to happen automatically and store them somewhere secure offline. Regularly back up your business data. If it’s compromised in any way—lost, leaked or stolen—you’ll want to ensure you have a backup, or copy, available so you can restore it. Set your backups to happen automatically and store them somewhere secure offline. 2. Educate employees Stronger cybersecurity starts with better employee education. Provide regular training for your team to teach them about common threats and what to look for, including: • Secure storage of client information and the businesses responsibility to protect client data • Clicking on unknown links in emails • Using USB sticks, which could introduce viruses into computer systems • The use of mobile devices and what to do if they are lost or stolen 3. Use a firewall and antivirus software A firewall acts as a digital shield, preventing malicious software or traffic from reaching your


network. Establish a policy on what your firewall will allow to get through and use a content filter to prevent access to sites most likely to contain threats. 4. Be smart about passwords Believe it or not, the world’s most-used password in 2022 is still “12346.” Too many employees use passwords that are easy to hack. Encourage your employees to create a complex password (at least eight characters with a combination of upper and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols) and require them to update it at regular intervals. If you deal with highly sensitive data, you may want to require multifactor authentication, which requires users to present at least two identifying factors, such as a password and a code.


5. Encrypt everything Encryption software will make sure that even if someone does hack into your business’ network, they won’t be able to read or get access to any of your files. It may add a little time to your day having to decrypt and then re-encrypt everything you use, but if you were to be hacked, it would keep your sensitive data out of the wrong hands.


organization react to and recover from a cyber-related event. CyberSolutions includes access to cyber security tools and resources, such as: • eRiskHub—an online risk management portal that includes tools to manage cybersecurity risks and resources and help you stay informed of the latest security threats. • Cyber Safety®—scans for vulnerabilities in your web applications. Get a report that details any issues identified so you can take action to eliminate security vulnerabilities. Employee training is provided, including security awareness training, a skills assessment and customized curriculum based on each employee’s strengths and weaknesses. Protecting your business from cyberattacks and threats is one of the most important things you can do as a business owner. By taking an active role in your cybersecurity and implementing protective measures now, you can save yourself time, money and heartache in the future.


6. Protect yourself against physical theft While you may be wary of hackers trying to breach your network, don’t forget that your hardware can be stolen too. Make sure to train your employees on physical security, such as when doors need to be locked, which devices are to remain on-premises, procedures for reporting lost or stolen access cards and visitor access procedures.

Find More Online Visit EMC’s website for free loss control resources, including tips for managing cybersecurity risks.

7. Don’t mix work and pleasure Finally, make sure that everyone who works for you has a separate work computer—even if they work from home. Don’t store business information on a device you share with family, friends or housemates. EMC Cyber Security Tools Almost every business relies on data and computer systems, and when these systems experience an attack, critical information can be lost. The effects of a cyberattack or data breach, including loss of income and expensive litigation, can be long-lasting and financially devastating. That’s why EMC offers CyberSolutions—a robust product that combines cyber liability and data compromise coverages to help your business or 14

You make it. Let us protect it. EMC and CUI Agency is the team you can trust to protect your manufacturing operation. We provide personalized, local service that supports long-lasting partnerships, helping us better understand your business and offer the right insurance options to keep your manufacturing operation running smoothly. And with the knowledge and expertise to protect countless types of manufacturers, you can Count on EMC ® and CUI to have you covered.

Ask CUI about their preferred pricing for the EMC Manufacturing Program. TANNER OWENS, CUI Agency President | 801-352-1161

EMC Insurance Companies | Des Moines, IA | 800-447-2295 13

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2022 UMA Memberships Belong to an association that shares your same ideas while providing new opportunities. We are working on your behalf to deliver solutions to help your manufacturing business thrive. We know what Utah makes, makes Utah.

Governmental Affairs and Representation

Networking Events

Discount Programs


OSHA Safety Trainings


Legislative Representation on the Hill Networking and Social Events Industry Recognition Awards UMA Member Insurance: Medical, Vision, & Dental UMA Multiple Employer Plan 401(k) Representation on Industry & Educational Advisory Boards NFP HR Roundtables Utah - MEP Annual State of Manufacturing Survey & Results UMA Frontline Leadership Training (SLCC curriculum 20% discount) CUI & EMC Insurance Discount Program (minimum 5% package discount) Industrial Supply - 10% Discount Applicant Pro - 20% Discount Motivosity - 10% Discount WCF - 5% Discount VenConnect - 15% Revenue Share

Everything in Member, plus: ZyWave Resource Library with CUI & EMC ($500 $1000 / month value) Safety Training / Online Library with CUI & EMC Manufacturing Facility Tours Executive Roundtables (quarterly, by invitation) Michael Best HR / Compliance Counseling ($500 value) Michael Best HR / Academy (six 2 hour sessions, more than $2500 value) Frontline Leadership Training (more than $2500 value) Workforce Audit & Strategy Plan ($600 value) UMA Advanced Sales Skills Training (more than $3000 value) UMAWEB.ORG (801)363-3885


For more information on Member & Member+ please contact the UMA office

14 428 E. Winchester St #210, Murray, UT 84107

Employee Training is Key to Proper Cyber Hygiene Sam Haslam, CCIC, Executive Vice President, Diversified Insurance Increasingly, manufacturers rely on software as a service (SaaS) and cloud technologies to reduce costs and closely integrate with business units, customers, and suppliers. This inevitably increases the risk of cyber intrusions. As noted in the graph below from Chubb Insurance, manufacturers and their facilities have seen a dramatic rise in cyber incidents since 2018. These include ransomware attacks, attempts to obtain financial and personal information, infiltration to obtain trade secrets and more. It’s never been more important for businesses to adopt cyber controls such as Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR). Overwhelming data proves that these controls will greatly reduce the risk of a cyber incident from occurring. Beyond companywide controls, proper training of employees can help protect companies from cyber incidents. In every working environment, user error proves to be a critical weak link that opens the door to cyber infiltration. For example, when an employee clicks a link or opens a document within a phishing email, they can grant cybercriminals access to the user’s account and ultimately to the manufacturer’s systems.


When discussing the cause of the Colonial Pipeline crisis, Bloomberg said, “the hack that took down the largest fuel pipeline in the U.S. and led to shortages across the East Coast was the result of a single compromised password.” This vulnerability extends outside the walls of manufacturing facilities, as employees work offsite or from home while accessing the company’s IT systems via public Wi-Fi or poorly secured home networks. These kinds of attacks will continue and valuable information will remain vulnerable, unless manufacturers offer exceptional, ongoing employee training about cyber risks and what to look for in phishing emails. Some organizations go so far as to periodically send test phishing emails to their staff to evaluate vulnerability and provide training moments. It is imperative that you partner with a knowledgeable insurance broker to identify the best cyber policy for your company. This should include ongoing online cyber security training for all employees. This is an effective way to reduce risk and can make all the difference!


Additional training opportunities include: • Requiring strong passwords • Keeping personal account and company account activity separate • Adhering to rigorous backup protocols • Knowing how to report an issue or incident Cyber risk is a reality everyone deals with. Training employees should be a top priority for all companies. If you have questions about cyber risk, please contact: Sam Haslam, Cyber COPE Insurance Certification (CCIC) Executive Vice President, Diversified Insurance 801.325.5048



UTAH MANUFACTURERS ASSOCIATION HEALTH PLAN An outstanding option for Utah manufacturers! With large group plan designs offering low out-of-pocket maximums and broad plan choices. For more information or pricing on the Utah Manufacturers Association Health Plan, contact Beehive Insurance today.


801.685.6860 | 800.323.6303


Janicki Proprietary 5-Axis Machines Envelope size up to 80′ × 15′ × 6′ ► +/- 0.002″ Accuracy ► Fly-Away Parts and Assemblies ► State of the art Laser Metrology Inspection ► Production machining and specialty parts ► Design and Fabrication of Factory Integration Tooling ► ►

Serving commercial aerospace, military aircraft, and space exploration Exciting Career Opportunites Please visit to apply



Cybersecurity protects the conÿdentiality, integrity and availability of your information. A cybersecurity program provides advantages for small and mid-sized manufacturers:

Improve Recovery Times After Disruptions

Avoid Potential Losses

Protect Valuable Data

Reality of Cyber Attacks and Breaches

61% 58% 34% $60K

Ensure Employee and Customer Privacy

Mitigate Risks

Common Types of Attacks and Breaches

of small businesses have experienced a cyber attack in the past 12 months. of cybercrime victims are identiÿed as small businesses.

Spear Phishing

of all documented attacks targeted manufacturers.

Identity Theft

Web Attacks

is the median cost of a data breach.


5 Steps to Reduce Cyber Risks Protecting the information of your company, employees, and customers is an ongoing process. Manufacturers will beneÿt from a program that:


Defense Suppliers: Compliance Manufacturers in the DoD supply chain had until December 31, 2017 to be in compliance with new DFAR cybersecurity requirements.

Learn more at

Enhance Your Cybersecurity Whether you’re a manufacturer implementing a cybersecurity program, or a DoD supplier looking to achieve compliance, the MEP National Network can help you with your cybersecurity needs.

Contact your local MEP Center or learn more at mep-national-network


Sources: Ponemon Institute’s 2017 State of Cybersecurity in Small & Medium-Sized Businesses, 2018 Verizon Data Breach Report Global Threat Intelligence Center 2017 Q2 Threat Intelligence Report, NTT Security, 2016 NetDiligence Cyber Claims Study

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A Family Owned & Operated Painting Company Dedicated To High Moral & Ethical Standards

Protecting Your Most Valuable Assets!

According to OSHA, in the US “4,764 workers died on the job in 2020 (3.4 per 100,000 full-time equivalent workers).” In 2021, OSHA conducted 24,333 inspections, including 13,749 (about 57%) unprogrammed inspections, which includes employee complaints, injuries/fatalities, and referrals. Of these 24,333 inspections, 10,584 (about 43%) were programmed inspections that focused OSHA’s enforcement resources on industries and operations where known hazards exist (e.g., COVID-19, respirable silica, combustible dusts, chemical processing, ship-breaking, falls, Powered Industrial Trucks and Lockout/Tagout). OSHA Fines can range from $1,036 to $145,027 per Violation. In 2020 there were 2.7 million nonfatal workplace injuries. Millions of people were injured trying to provide for their families. Workplace injuries not only hurt the injured but, place a burden on families as well as our businesses. So, what are you doing to ensure that your most Valuable Assets, your Workforce are protected? Promoting a safe work environment for your employees not only helps to drive down costs from incidents and injuries, but also shows that you care about the people and improves culture, both of which make your business possible.

member companies do not have the luxury of staffing full-time safety personnel. The new Director of Workplace Safety, Joshua Davis, is in the process of developing safety services for members that will help to facilitate safety excellence and compliance that will help small and large companies alike. Upcoming Services Include: • Site and Task Risk Assessments • Machine Guarding Assessments • OSHA 10-hour & 30-hour trainings • OSHA required Safety Program Development • Root Cause Analysis (Cause Mapping) • Safety Program Development • PPE Assessments • PIV(Forklift) Training • Ergonomic Assessments As we continue to expand our Safety Department, we would love to hear from our members. What challenges are you having in driving an injury free workplace? What safety services are you in need of to drive a Safe, Productive and Profitable business? Please feel free to reach out to our Director of Workplace Safety, Joshua Davis, with any comments and or needs. Joshua@manufacturingutah. com Remember “SAFETY is Everyone’s Responsibility”

The Utah Manufactures Association is excited to announce that in a further effort to aid our members, we now have a full-time Safety Resource. The new Workplace Safety division of the UMA is dedicated to helping member companies protect their most important assets, people! We understand many of our 23




After two years, the Utah Manufacturers Association Annual Awards Banquet is finally back. We are thrilled to bring our members together to celebrate our outstanding manufacturing companies in Utah. Multiple manufacturing excellence awards will be presented based on size. More information on the awards you can apply for is coming soon. If you have any questions, please get in touch with the UMA office at

November 12th, 2022

The Little America Hotel

The Roaring 20s are back Dress to Impress

6:00 pm - 11:00 pm Table of 10 - $1500 Couple's - $300




Manufacturing Day 2022: Looking to the Future iMpact Utah National Manufacturing Day, an annual event that takes place on the first Friday of every October, is an occasion during which manufacturers open their doors, showcase the potential of modern manufacturing, and foster interest in manufacturing careers. But why the need to generate interest in manufacturing? There is, after all, ample opportunity for high-paying jobs—according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis and Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual income of U.S. manufacturing employees in 2020 was $92,832. Moreover, there are 4 million manufacturing jobs that need to be filled between now and 2030 according to The Manufacturing Institute and Deloitte. Despite these promising figures, more than half of those jobs could be left unfilled due to skill gaps, misperceptions about modern manufacturing, and the retirement of baby boomers. How can the manufacturing industry grow its labor force and prepare them for work with advanced technologies? We can begin by exploring future trends in manufacturing and the exciting, high-paying career paths they will foster.


Digital Transformation Potential Careers: Robot Teaming Coordinator, Digital Offering Manager By utilizing 4.0 digital technologies like AI and machine learning, augmented reality, and the IIOT, Digital Twin Engineers can help manufacturers handle marketplace disruptions, like the ones experienced during the pandemic. For many companies in 2020, access to labor and workspace was significantly reduced. Those who were best equipped to weather the disruptions had the digital infrastructure needed to keep their operations running. That infrastructure includes 5G networks, robotics, computers, and machine learning—all parts of the digital transformation we’re seeing in the manufacturing sector. Automation Potential Careers: Smart QA Manager, Drone Data Coordinator, Smart Scheduler As technology continues to advance, the cost of automation is decreasing, allowing more manufacturers to leverage the power of automation to increase productivity, precision, and efficiency. As manufacturers look to the future, they should consider prioritizing


automation to stay competitive. Of course, not all processes should be automated—that decision should be driven by data and your company’s specific goals. Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) & Digital Twins Potential Careers: Digital Twin Engineer, Smart Factory Manager, Predictive Supply Network Analyst Much of the power behind automation is driven by IIOT and digital twins. The IIOT is made up of interconnected devices within industrial/manufacturing settings that are used to collect data on how things are performing. With this data, manufacturers can better maintain their machines, reduce machine downtime, and leverage predictive maintenance. A digital twin is a virtual representation of a real-world process or system. Using AI and machine learning, digital twins can be used for system simulations, integration, testing, monitoring, and maintenance. With a digital twin, manufacturers can digitally reproduce machinery, factory layouts, products, and entire supply chains, making it an incredible aid to lean companies.

Visualizing a future in which our businesses are transformed by technology opens up promising career paths that will need skilled workers. Manufacturing Day and the whole month of October is an opportunity to inspire students and reach out to educators by offering workshop tours or internships. Be sure to use the #MFGDay22 #CreatorsWanted hashtags to share your manufacturing story on social media. If you’re ready to transform your company and grow your team, visit to learn more.


Healthy is on the horizon.

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