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Whether the plans for your next event call for a small, informal gathering, an offsite business meeting, or the wedding of your dreams, the grounds & facilities of California State University, Stanislaus offer everything you need to make your event memorable.

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Š 2011 COUPON DIRECTORY™ of Chico (530) 877-7766

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C O N T E N T S Sean & Raina • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 5 Wedding traditions • • • • • • • • • • • • • 6 2014 Trends from Pinterest • • • • • • • 8 Michelle & Bill • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •10 Ashley & Stan • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •12 Wedding registry • • • • • • • • • • • • • •14 Lacey & Michael • • • • • • • • • • • • • •15 Event security • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •16 Wedding planning timeline • • • • • •17 Kayla & Kory • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •18 Publisher Editor Cover & Ad Design Writing & Photography


Hank Vander Veen Kristina Hacker Harold L. George, Jaime Ramirez, Javier Moreno





Whether Traditional or Contemporary, let Olde Tyme Pastries fullďŹ ll this most important part of every Wedding, the Wedding Cake...The Food of Love.

Elizabeth Arakelian & Kristina Hacker Beth Flanagan, Mo Jerner & Krista Messer

To advertise in the next special section contact the advertising department at (209) 634-9141. Cover photo: Bill Penney and Michelle Aakelian pose for a picture after their June 2013 wedding. Photo by: Danielle Gillett Photography

Olde Tyme Pastries offers custom design Wedding Cakes, for you, by our Award Winning Decorators.



Bridal Guide 2014

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Sean Raina Hallam


Sean and Raina’s love story began in their early high school years, when the two started dating in the summer of 2005. Although the two went separate ways after high school, their love was rekindled when Sean came back home to Turlock during military leave. A few months later, Sean took Raina to a local park where they sat on the swings, reminiscing about their high school days when the two would spend hours at the park talking, which had led to them falling in love five years before. Sean then got down on one knee and asked Raina to marry him. The two became engaged, and Raina quickly began planning their wedding while Sean returned to the U.S. Army for his deployment to Afghanistan.

Rita Youanis & Hanibal Taryorn

In July 2011, Sean returned homee from Afghanistan for a two-week k leave, during which time the two were married at the First Presbyterian Church of Turlock. Shades of deep purples, emerald, sapphire and turquoise adorned the peacock-inspired décor of the wedding, including peacockfeathered hairpieces worn by the bridesmaids and boutonnieres by the groomsmen. Both the wedding and nd reception, which featured a cupcake tower in addition to their wedding cake, were photographed by local photographer Sharon Elia. The newlyweds then went on a three-day honeymoon at a private resort in Northern California before Sean left

year. back for Afghanistan until later that year After the deployment, Sean and Raina continued to live in Kentucky while Sean was stationed at Fort Knox until being released from the Army in 2013. The

two then moved to Turlock where they continue to live with their 11 month son, Aiden.

Stanislaus County Fairgrounds Stanislaus County Fair


eautiful tree-lined grounds perfect for outdoor weddings. eception halls of every size — from 40 to 400 guests.

ncludes ample parking! elicious full-service catering available or use your favorite caterer instead! xciting marriage announcements on the electronic sign. (Corner of Fulkerth & Golden State)

Call to Reserve Your Special Date!

(209) (209)668-1333 668-1333Ext. Ext. 303 315

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tanislaus County Fairgrounds!


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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

WEDDING Queen Victoria and Prince Albert (circa 1854) recreate a wedding pose for the newly developed art form of photography. The Queen’s choice of a white gown started a wedding tradition that continues to this day. Photo contributed



When Her Royal Highness Queen Victoria walked down the aisle of the Chapel Royal of St. James’ Palace on Feb. 10, 1840, she started a wedding tradition that has migrated from Europe to America and continues 169 years later. The Queen’s choice in wedding attire,




a pale gown trimmed in orange blossoms, has since been copied by thousands of brides every year who choose to wear white. Before Victoria’s historic nuptials a bride would wear her best outfit, no matter what color it was. Traditions and weddings go hand in hand. Some traditions, such as the bride wearing something old, something new,






something borrowed and something blue, originate with ‘old country’ superstitions about good luck. While other traditions are very modern and have developed over time as a convenience, such as bridal registries. Whether old or new, traditions are an integral part of wedding planning. A couple have to decide which traditions to

keep and which to delete. Most of the wedding traditions that are followed by brides and grooms in America originate in northern Europe. But those who have emigrated to the U.S. from other parts of the world often bring their traditions with them. The following are just a few wedding traditions from around the world and close to home.

! r o f g n i k o o l e r e have what you a


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Bridal Guide 2014

Wednesday, March 26, 2014




In the Sikh culture, a traditional wedding begins the departure of the barat, the groom’s side of the family, from the groom’s house to a Gurdwara, a Sikh place of worship. Upon arrival, the barat is greeted by the male relatives from the bride’s family who sing “Hum Ghar Saajan Aaye,” a hymn expressing gratitude for the barat’s attendance. This begins the Milnea, a formal introduction ceremony where the Ardas will be performed by the Giani, a priest, and the main male players in the families meet, exchange garlands and gifts, and have their photographs taken, usually in the foyer area of the Gurdwara. Afterward is the Jaimala, where the bride and groom exchange garlands, signifying the bride’s acceptance of the groom as her husband, followed by tea. During tea, guests are served with savories, typically samosa and pakoras, and sweets, normally jalebis, ladoos and barfi. The Anand Karaj, the main wedding ceremony, follows in the Gurdwara with Kirtan, the singing of the Sikh holy hymns. Next is the Ardas, where the couple and their parents stand straight with folded hands, joining in prayer; and Palla, where the bride’s father formally hands an end of a sash, worn by the bridegroom over his shoulder, into the hands of the bride while the Kirtania Jatha, musicians, sing “Palla Tanda Lagee.” The end of the song signals the start of the Laava, during which the couple slowly walks clockwise around the Guru Granth Sahib, the Sikh holy scripture, four times at set intervals according to the reading of a Laav from the GGS by the Giani and the singing of the same Laav by the Kirtania Jatha. Proceeding the Laava is the Ardas. Guests all stand and join in the Ardas and sing the “Hukamnama,” a hymn from the GGS. The conclusion of the singing marks the beginning of Sagaan, the blessing of the couple by their parents, key people and the congregation. This part of the ceremony is where the bride and groom can receive gifts or money and have photographs taken. The ceremony concludes with the serving of Kara Parshad, a blessed sweet pudding to guests. Lunch, departure of Doli and a reception for family and invited

In some Jewish sects, no jewelry is worn under the chuppah to signify the marriage is not based on material possessions.

Photo by Ravi Bhatia

Gagan and Esha Bhatia are married in a traditional Sikh wedding ceremony.

guests usually rounds out the celebration. For departure of Doli, the groom’s family presents the bride with new clothes to change into. After doing so, she leaves her parent’s house. Mazal Tov! Like any other culture or religion, followers of Judaism have certain traditions they observe when it comes to marriage, or as Jews call it, kiddushin. Kiddushin translates to “sanctification” or “dedication,” indicating that marriage is more than just a social

or contractual action, but that a wedding is a spiritual bonding and the fulfillment of a mitzvah, or divine precept. Kabbalists believe that the complete dedication between bride and groom in a Jewish wedding unites the participants as one soul in two bodies. The wedding day is considered to be a personal Yom Kippur, or the Jewish Day of Atonement, for bride and groom, or chatan and kallah as they are called in Hebrew. Both fast from dawn until completion of the ceremony, as on Yom Kippur, and the chatan wears the traditional white robe worn on Yom Kippur as the couple ties the knot. In the week before the wedding, it is customary for the chatan and kallah to not see each other so as to build excitement and anticipation for the marriage. The two greet guests separately on their wedding day, with kallah seated like a queen on a throne to receive her guests while the chatan is sung to and toasted by his friends and family. The kallah is veiled by the chatan, recalling Rebecca covering her face before marrying Isaac. The veil represents modesty, emphasizes that one’s character is more important than appearance, and also refers to the groom’s commitment to clothe and protect his wife. The wedding itself takes place under a chuppah, or a canopy that symbolizes the home that the new couple will build together. The structure recalls the tent of AbraSEE TRADITIONS, PAGE17


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Turlock Journal & Ceres Courier

2014 Wedding Trends from Pinterest Color

orchid, shades of pink, nudes, mint, black Cake Texture, macaroon cake, monogram cake, naked cake

Dress lace, dramatic backs, dramatic veils

Bridal Guide 2014

Hair loose halo braid, floral crowns, embellishments

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Flowers succulents, garden roses

Style woodland, blush with metallic accents, rustic Parisian

Grooms styled grooms



Turlock Journal & Ceres Courier

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Michelle Arakelian Bill Penney JUNE 8, 2013


The first time Michelle Arakelian saw her future husband it was on the playground as he was in another fifth grade class at Julien Elementary School in Turlock. Little did she know that Bill Penney would grow up to become the quarterback of the Turlock High School football team where they both attended school and remained friends. Though they stayed in loose contact, it wasn’t until after college that the two reconnected and began dating, much to the surprise of their close-knit group of friends and even themselves. Fast forward three and a half years and Michelle and Bill wed on June 8, 2013, in Carmel at the Carmel Presbyterian

Church with 115 of their closest friends and family in attendance. With a theme of simplicity and elegance, Michelle was inspired by the coastal location and included typically nautical colors into her wedding, dressing the bridesmaids in tea length navy blue dresses and the men in light grey suits. Eleven of the 14 members of the bridal party were Turlock natives, making the wedding a tight knit affair. Following the ceremony, the guests made their way to the La Playa Hotel nearby where they enjoyed the classic traditions: cutting the cake, the tossing of the bouquet and the father-daughter dance among others, all with views of the ocean.

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Ashley Olsen Stan Brandstater BY KRISTINA HACKER

Golf isn’t just a career for Pitman grad Ashley Olsen, the game also led to finding the love of her life. It was while working at Stevinson Ranch Golf Course in 2009 that Olsen reconnected with fellow Pitman High graduate Stan Brandstater, who was looking for a job after serving in Iraq with the National Guard. “One night I had to work carts with Stan, we hit it off and started dating from there,� said Olsen. Their budding romance soon turned into a long-distance relationship when Olsen left to attend Colorado Christian University on a golf scholarship. When she was nearing graduation, she was torn between returning to California and pursuing career opportunities in Colorado. Brandstater’s decision to move to the Centennial State was the deciding factor and the two have resided in Colorado since. A year ago, the couple embarked on two milestones in their lives together — moving into their first house and getting engaged. On their last night in Denver, they went out to dinner and then on a walk near Olsen’s favorite river. “He was fidgeting and I could tell he was getting nervous. Then when we walked across the bridge and sat down on these big rocks, he got down on one knee in front of me and proposed and then I saw flashes of light. He had three friends hiding out to take our pictures,� said Olsen of the memorable event. Although living in Colorado, the couple decided to get married in California to be closer to family and lifelong friends. A Tiffany wedding Olsen’s favorite jewelry store — Tiffany

& Co. — was the inspiration for her wedding. The colors for their May wedding are Tiffany blue, silver ver and white, which will be seen in the ing decorations and with the wedding party’s attire. Olsen found her wedding dresss at rapDavid’s Bridal in Modesto, a strapless ball gown with a sweetheart neckline and beaded detailing. “I feel like a princess in it,� Olsen said about her wedding dress. She will top the dress with a fingertip veil and be carrying a bouquet of white peonies. Her bridesmaids will wear cocktail length strapless dresses in Tiffany blue. Brandstater will say his vows wearing an all grey suit, while his groomsmen will flash the event’s signature color in Chuck Taylor shoes. The wedding will be held at a Turlock country home in front of a picturesque gazebo. The ceremony will be officiated by someone close to Olsen’s heart, her grandfather. “I got emotional asking him; I think it’s really special because he married my mom,� she said. Her grandfather, Bill Steel, is a retired Presbyterian pastor. Sound advice Olsen said the hardest part of planning her wedding was living in Colorado and getting married in California. She was able to overcome the long-distance challenge with the help of family and friends. Her advice for newly engaged couples: don’t do it alone. “It’s overwhelming in the beginning. Have someone who can help you plan; you can’t do it alone. And take it one thing at a time.�

HOSTS EVENTS UP TO 315 PEOPLE Types of Events:











MAY 24, 2014



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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wedding Registry 101 (Family Features) For engaged couples, it can seem as if there are a million things to accomplish before the big day arrives. One essential piece of the wedding puzzle involves creating a registry that makes it easy for guests to celebrate your union with gifts that reflect your personality as a couple. Before Building Your Registry It’s no wonder why guests love the ease and simplicity of a gift registry. But many couples may not know where to begin when setting out to create this useful list. Here are some helpful pointers from Macy’s to help you get started on creating a perfect wedding registry: * Meet with a Consultant: These trained professionals are on site to assist and discuss everything you want and need. It’s a good place to start if you have questions on what items to include and what brands are available. * Look for Special Programs: Some stores offer special features, such as Macy’s, whose Dream Fund allows guests to contribute any amount to the ultimate gift card, so the bride and groom can later choose exactly what they want. * Start Early: Most couples like to register 4-6 months before their wedding date, which allows more time for choosing items, planning for showers and meeting other deadlines. * Register Together: Whether it’s instore, online or both — make a day of it and have fun selecting all the things that will be part of your new life together. * Choose Different Price Points: Guests will appreciate a varied list that has many gift options to fit their personal budget. * Create a Registry That Reflects You: If you’re a laid-back, easygoing couple, consider registering for a more casual dinnerware pattern that you can use every day, then mix in some fancy pieces to use for those special occasions. If you enjoy entertaining friends and family, be sure to choose a range of serveware and barware. Making the Right Choices With all the things needed to properly stock your home, selecting the right ones can seem overwhelming. Here are some tips to keep in mind while adding to your registry: * Select Your Settings: A five-piece set-

ting is meant to serve one person and includes a dinner plate, salad plate, bread and butter plate, tea cup and saucer. If you want to serve eight guests, you will need to register for eight five-piece settings. * Factor in Some Extras: When registering for drinkware, be sure to register for a few extras in each glass size in case some break down the road. * Protect Your Cutlery: Be sure to

choose a sturdy cutting board to protect your knife blades from chips and cracks. You can keep your cutlery in top condition by registering for a honing steel and knife sharpener. * Stock Up on Kitchen Must-Haves: When it comes to cookware, make sure to stock up on the essentials. This should include a fry pan, sauté pan, grill pan, sauteuse (round, deep-sided design for sautéing on the stovetop or baking in the

oven) and a chef ’s pan. * Opt for the Basics: White dinnerware allows you to transform the look of your table year-round by changing the décor and accessories around it. The classic look will be a design that you can appreciate for years to come. Visit for a full registry checklist, helpful tips and more information on Macy’s Dream Fund.

Bridal Guide 2014

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Lacey Morgan Michael Perales APRIL 12, 2014

Lacey Morgan remembers walking to school and seeing what would become her future fiancé, Michael Perales, working on a forklift at a local lumber yard. “For years I would wave at him. Finally, when I was of dating age, he asked me out on a date,” Morgan said. Six years later, Perales would turn a typical family holiday celebration into a day Morgan would never forget. As was their tradition, the couple first visited her family’s house on Christmas Day. Before leaving to make a trip to his family’s, Perales slyly said that his mom was planning to take formal pictures this year and she might want to get dressed up. Morgan said she didn’t think another thing about the unusual request, but it soon became clear that more than just a picture shoot was about to happen. “When I got to his parents house, my entire family was there and his entire fam-

ily. When I looked back, he was kneeling; it was sweet,” she said. Morgan said yes to his family-witnessed wedding proposal and soon began planning their special day. Colorful, outdoor affair The first thing Morgan decided for her wedding was the color scheme — turquoise, white, and hot pink accents. The bright colors will be represented in the wedding party’s attire, the decorations and especially the flowers — stargazer lilies, orchids, roses and baby’s breath. The exotic flowers will enhance the natural beauty found at Morgan and Perales outdoor venue, Borges Ranch in Farmington. “I went to a wedding there and thought it was very pretty. There are lights everywhere, so when it’s dark it’s beautiful and there are flowers every-

“When I got to his parents house, my entire family was there and his entire family. When I looked back, he was kneeling; it was sweet,”

where,” Morgan said. Morgan is also excited about the delectable menu planned for the outdoor reception. Sherrie Wood of Merced is catering the event, that features pecan glazed chicken, tri tip, cheddar biscuits, broccoli salad and mashed potatoes. The groom chose the cake, white with chocolate dripping down the sides, and guests will be served double chocolate fudge cupcakes topped with pink flowers. A candy bar — turquoise and pink treats only — will also offer sweet snacks throughout the night. After indulging in the comfort food din-

ner and chocolate dessert, guests will be able to dance to tunes by DJ Jason Gulley and get a souvenir photo from Candy Padilla Photo Booth.

Sound advice Morgan said the hardest part of her wedding planning was finding the best prices and getting friends and family members to return their RSVPs. Her advice for newly engaged couples — book early. “Book the venue early; everyone books early and you won’t get the spot you want or the time you want if you don’t. Also, start saving as soon as you get engaged because it’s expensive.”


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Is your wedding




Liberty Private Security, Inc.

H ere at Liberty Private Security, Inc. one of the questions we hear often is, “Why do I need security at my wedding?” To a bride on a budget, security may seem like just another bill to pay; but in the end, it could end up being what makes or breaks your special day. There are many reasons to hire security for your wedding or special event. Being a former State of California Peace Officer, I can tell you from experience that law enforcement agencies are overwhelmed with calls for services and cannot attend to the numerous events happening in the area. Hiring a professional security company ensures a safe environment for the bride and the groom, as well as their guests, and prevents unwanted individuals from ruining your special day. Some of you may have watched a movie called “Wedding Crashers” starring Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn; a comedy about two divorce mediators who “crash” weddings in hopes of snagging free drinks and seducing vulnerable women. Although a bit of a stretch, wedding crashing isn’t just for the movies. Since

2005, our professional security officers ing that can ruin a good party quite like have escorted out many so called “crash- having to kick out an uninvited guest, or ers” attempting to have a good time on having multiple car break-ins, which is why security is so important to the sucthe bride and groom’s dime. In addition to “crashers,” another type cess of your wedding day. You’ve spent of unwanted guest at your wedding is the your whole life dreaming about your wedding, so why would you want to one who wants to steal your stuff. While risk having it ruined by wedding you party with your family and crashers or criminals looking to friends, criminals often like to take make a quick buck? advantage of the opportunity to In addition to security being go through the parking areas, money well spent, it’s also a break into cars, and steal personal items, gifts, vehicle registrarequirement for most venues. tions, and sometimes even garage Unless you plan on being mardoor openers. The brave ones will ried at a private residence, you even show up at your reception can pretty much guaranand steal your wedding tee that the venue gifts as your guests is going to reboogie away on the quire some dance floor. Sadly, sort of security stories like these presence. Here are among some at Liberty of the horror tales Private SecuIn addition to security that we’ve heard rity, Inc. we being money well spent, from people who recommend didn’t hire secuthat you it’s also a requirement for rity—and regretbudget one most venues. ted it. security offiThere’s nothcer for every

100 guests that you are having at your event, however, each venue has their own requirements. Be sure to look over your rental agreement carefully to ensure that you have enough security at your event. As with other wedding vendors, remember that when it comes to security, you often get what you pay for. You wouldn’t scrimp on your dress or the food, so be cautious about who you hire to provide security at your wedding. Don’t be afraid to ask what the company’s Private Patrol Operator (PPO) License number is, as well as having them provide proof of insurance. These two important questions will ensure that you are working with a legitimate security company and not someone who is trying to scam you. It’s also a good idea to ask about the company’s uniforms and the types of training that their officers go through. As you embark on this special journey towards the rest of your life, Liberty Private Security, Inc. wishes you a safe and happy wedding day! For more information on our company, and to receive a free quote for services, please visit www.

Bridal Guide 2014

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ham and Sarah, open on all sides to welcome guests in unconditional hospitality. In some Jewish sects, no jewelry is worn under the chuppah to signify the marriage is not based on material possessions. In others, the kallah circles the chatan seven times to recall the world being built in seven days, and to signify building the walls of the couple’s new world. When time comes to give the wedding ring, the only the groom gives a ring to the bride. The ring is plain gold, without ornamentation, to convey the idea the wedding will be one of simple beauty. After the ring is on the bride’s finger, the marriage contract, or ketubah, is read in the original Aramaic text and signed by two witnesses. The ketubah, often an ornately decorated scroll that is framed and displayed in the home of the couple, outlines the chatan’s responsibilities and protects the rights of the Jewish wife. The Seven Blessings, or Sheva Brachot, are recited, and the chatan then places a glass on the floor and shatters it with his foot. This act recalls the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem, and links the couple to the Jewish people as a whole. In some sects, the glass is broken before the reading of the ketubah. At this point, the formal ceremony concludes and the newly married couple is escorted to a private room where they are given a few minutes of privacy, signifying their new status of living together. They also generally eat something, since they have been fasting all day until this point. A reception, or seudah, follows the ceremony, where bride and groom are entertained as amateur guests juggle, perform acrobatics, and dance. The point of the seudah is to bring as much joy to the new couple as possible. The meal ends with the Jewish grace after meals, or Birchas Hamazon, and the Sheva Brachot are recited again. Following the wedding, friends and relatives will host dinners in honor of the newlyweds for the week of Sheva Brachot, in reference to the Seven Blessings said during the ceremony and at the seudah.


46 44-6



„ Make your decision about the type of wedding you want and how many guests may attend. „ Announce your engagement in the newspaper. „ Decide your budgetary parameters. „ Pick a date and time. „ Find and book your ceremony and reception locales. „ Register for your gift registry.

„ Check the requirements for a marriage license. „ Select and reserve the men’s attire. „ Confirm the date and time with all your contracted services. „ Make reservations for a limousine. „ Order invitations, stationary, gifts, and favors. „ Finish guest list. „ Select a cake.


„ Schedule a final fitting for the bridal party and the groomsmen. „ Set your final consultations with contracted services. „ Pick up wedding rings. „ Buy gift for groom/bride. „ Establish a seating chart for reception and write placement cards.




„ Shop for your wedding rings. „ Make your wedding attendant selections. „ Select your officiant, photographer, florist, videographer, caterer, musicians/DJ, and cake baker. „ Set honeymoon plans. „ Start shopping for wedding and bridesmaids dresses. „ Begin a guest list.

„ Mail out invitations. „ Schedule rehearsal dinner. „ Make appointments with hairdresser, make-up artist, manicurist, and any other beauty professionals that will be needed on the day of the wedding.

„ Confirm the menu and the wedding cake. „ Buy your guest book, champagne glasses, and any other accessories needed for the day of the wedding.


1-2 WEEKS AWAY FROM THE DATE „ Assign attendant responsibilities; i.e. who has the payments for the DJ, official, etc. „ Book a spa appointment. „ Hold rehearsal dinner. „ Pack bags for honeymoon. „ Review all the details with photographer, florist, videographer, etc. „ Give a final count to caterer.

„ Give yourself plenty of time to get ready. „ Make sure you have two witnesses to sign the marriage certificate. „ Take a moment for yourself and have fun!

brought to you by

with Krista Messer




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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Kayla Messer Kory Vitato

Rita Youanis & Hanibal Taryorn

OCT. 4, 2014



When Kayla Messer tried on her fifth wedding dress at David’s Bridal in Modesto she knew it was the one. As it turns out, so did everyone else in the store as people she did not even know began crying upon seeing her in it. “I still had two other appointments to go to other shops but once I found this dress, I instantly knew it was the one and cancelled the other appointments,” said Messer. Native to Turlock, Messer will be marring her fiancé, Kory Vitato, at their alma mater, California State University, Stanislaus in an outdoor ceremony. Messer now works in government while Vitato works in law enforcement, but the two will return to the campus at which they first met to say their vows. The ceremony will take place at the Sequoia Lake Gazebo with a reception to follow on the patio of the Faculty Development Center. Neutral tones highlight outdoor wedding The bridal part consists of three bridesmaids and Messer’s sister, Krista, serving as the maid-of-honor and Vitato’s older brother, Kevin, as the best man. The bridesmaids will wear strapless, floorlength champagne colored gowns and the groomsmen will wear similar neutraltoned vests and slacks, leaving Kory to standout in his suit. A traditional wed-

“It was about the last thing I expected coming home from work on a Monday,” Messer recalls.

Photo contributed

Kory proposed to Kayla last fall by lining the walk to their home with carved pumpkins saying, “Will you marry me?”

ding with a neutral theme rich in champagne colors and burlap accents, 175 guests will be in attendance to witness Kayla and Kory say “I do” and take their first step towards marriage. “Stanislaus is so pretty, there’s so much natural beauty that I felt like I didn’t need to go and bring in all these colors to create the scene,” explained Messer. The Messer-Vitato wedding will take place on Oct. 4, about a year after Kory proposed to Kayla by lining the walk to their home with carved pumpkins saying “Will you marry me?” Kory, who organized for both of their families to be there, held the final pumpkin with an engagement ring placed on top.

Pinterest fuels bride’s inspiration While the venue is booked, the dress is purchased and ‘save the date’ letters are in the mail, there are still several details to which Messer needs to attend as she anticipates her big day. She met with Cheryl Oliveira of Abra Cadabra Gifts Baskets and Floral Design of Modesto this month to decide the flowers for the wedding, spending the afternoon browsing through pictures and looking at images Messer has pinned to her Pinterest boards. Pinterest is an online website that allows users to collect images based on


Kayla Messer meets with Cheryl Oliveira of Abra Cadabra Gifts Baskets and Floral Design in Modesto to discuss floral options for the wedding.

Photo by Chloe Allen/Escape Photography

Kayla Messer and Kory Vitato will return to their alma mater, California State University, Stanislaus, for their October wedding.

themes and virtually “pin” them to inspiration boards. “I’ve used Pinterest a lot and it’s given me a lot of ideas for details that I want in the wedding,” said Messer. While Messer has a binder of ideas and is working hard over the next few months to ensure that all of the details are ironed out before the ‘big day’, she is enjoying the process of creating her very own wedding which is something she has thought about for some time. “You could say I’ve dreamed about it since I was a little girl, but what girl doesn’t? I think what has changed is that I used to want a really big wedding and now I just want my close friends and family and really, that’s all you need,” said Messer.


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