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New UK government ‘must address play crisis’

The Fields in Trust’s latest Green Space Index research shows that 2.3 million children in Britain under the age of nine (31%), live more than a ten-minute walk from the nearest playground.

These fi ndings are part of the unique annual barometer of publicly accessible park and green space provision across Great Britain.

The research highlights a growing concern about the accessibility of playgrounds for Britain’s children, with far-reaching implications for health, wellbeing, and physical activity levels.

It is calling on the new Government to appoint a Minister for Children and Young People and to ensure that children’s right to play is secured by access to spaces.

Decades of underinvestment and poor planning choices are some of the driving factors behind the current situation with nearly 800 playgrounds facing closure since 2013.

Despite making up around 20% of the population, children

and young people’s voices are missing from the discussion of the nation’s future, leaving their needs overlooked and ideas unheard.

FiT also found varying levels of provision across the nation, with 4 out of 10 councils having more than a third of their children living further than a ten-minute walk from a playground which alarmingly rises to two-thirds of children in some areas. Local authority funding for playgrounds has significantly declined, with the annual park budget in England falling by 14% between 2009 and 2020. The closure of hundreds of playgrounds has left many children without safe and accessible places to play.

FiT is calling on the next Government to ensure the recent Select Committee Inquiry into Children and the Built Environment report is published and its recommendations actioned, as the ball cannot be dropped on this crucial issue again.

Helen Griffiths, Chief Executive of Fields in Trust, said: “The upcoming General Election is an opportunity for the new

government to take the action needed to reverse years of damage to families and communities.

“We have seen an overwhelming interest in the access to parks, green spaces, and playgrounds agenda. We must take this

opportunity for every party to put children’s access to play at the top of their election pledges. But we need to go beyond vague promises, which is why we have created our ‘A Better Future For Parks and Green Spaces’ Manifesto with a set of asks that

Thousands expected as GroundsFest visitor registration soars

GroundsFest 2024 is set to become the largest and most dynamic event in the groundscare and landscaping industries, with thousands of visitors already signed up since registration went live.

GroundsFest is not just another trade show—it’s the only event where visitors can see machinery in action and get hands-on experience with the latest equipment. Witness top brands compete in thrilling face-offs, showcasing the best products in action. Many exhibitors will be running exclusive offers and

discounts, making GroundsFest the perfect place to secure great deals on the equipment you need.

After a day of exploration and learning, unwind with live music, street food, and fun activities such as bumper cars.

Registration is now open and free for all attendees. Every registrant will be entered into a draw to win a Toro ProStripe 560 mower. Profits from the event are reinvested back into the industry to provide invaluable support to students at land-

will deliver a future that parks, people, and nature deserve.

“It’s time, now more than ever, to take parks and play seriously.”

Fields in Trust Enquiry 1

based colleges, ensuring they can overcome specifi c barriers that might otherwise hinder their educational journey.

“GroundsFest is more than just a trade show—it’s a celebration of the groundscare and landscaping industries. The incredible response from visitors underscores the demand for an event that offers hands-on experiences, live demos, and comprehensive networking opportunities,” says Christopher Bassett, Event Director.

GroundsFest Enquiry 2


The new government has a long list of priorities following the July 4 election.

Thanks to the efforts of various trade bodies and membership organisations, that list will include a number of points related to the wider industry.

From the HTA to the API, these groups have been lobbying consistently throughout the election campaign and will continue to push forward key areas for the government to address.

Whether the Government listens is, of course, the big unanswered question. But just as voting in the election was so important, so are the efforts of the industry to push its own agenda and get recognition. We will wait to see what progress is made in the coming months.

The wish lists might be stacking up for the new administration, but it is vital to make sure the industry is represented.

As summer hits, this month we look at various areas that have an all-year-round impact- including Turf Maintenance and Weed & Pest Control.

Creating high quality surfaces is hard enough, but maintaining them to a consistent standard is even harder in so many respects. But there are a significant number of innovative products and services on offer to assist in this task.

In our regular Professional Groundscare supplement we also look at Line Marking and have a round up of the latest product news and sector case studies.

Elsewhere, there is a feature on Top Dressers & Spreaders, as well as a look at hard and soft landscaping and pedestrianisation

It’s going to be a busy summer as always and we hope to see you out and about in the next few weeks.

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New battery mower joins Pro X series

EGO Power Plus, is expanding its offering with a robust mower designed specifically for professionals.

The LMX5300E-SP brings all the benefi ts of battery power to heavier-duty applications in gardening and groundscare.

The backbone of the selfpropelled mower is its 53cm cast aluminium deck, ensuring it is strong, stable enough to withstand all-day use and transportation, and delivers consistent performance. It features EGO’s proven Peak Power technology, which means the mower can draw on energy from two 56V ARC Lithium batteries at once, while the 1600W motor has ample torque, providing high power for tough cutting conditions.

Durability is built into the LMX5300E-SP thanks to the cast aluminium deck and wheel hubs, with rubberised front and back wheels for added traction and longer working life. There are also eight cutting height adjustments via front and rear wheel levers, offering heights from 20mm to 105mm.

Standard features on the LMX5300E-SP include adjustable self-propelled drive speed and blade engagement. It comes with a large capacity 85L collection bag with a “full” indicator, meaning fewer stops for emptying. There is also a side discharge shoot for jobs where grass collection is not necessary.

Additional features that professionals love include

The Etesia Hydro 80 at Repton School

Maintaining the expansive grounds of Repton School requires precision, efficiency, and innovation.

For Andrew Butler, Head of Grounds and Gardens, and his team, the introduction of the Etesia Hydro 80 ride-on mower has not only streamlined operations but also revolutionised the way they manage the school’s green spaces.

Andrew explains, “There is a lot of mowing carried out around the boarding house where the team were previously using pedestrian mowers. I felt it was just taking too long, and then other jobs were getting neglected because of it. It just felt like the gardening team were out mowing all the time, and less time was being spent on the actual gardening.”

Introducing the Etesia Hydro 80, a compact yet powerful ride-on mower designed to tackle both long and short grass with ease. Featuring a hydrostatic drive and a robust 15hp twin-cylinder Kawasaki engine, the Hydro 80 offers unparalleled efficiency and output. Its specially contoured deck ensures clippings are collected without clogging, even in wet conditions, while anti-scalp rollers maintain a pristine finish on uneven terrain.

Andrew recounts the transformation brought about by the Hydro 80, stating, “Now instead of spending all week mowing, it literally takes just a couple of days. This means that we can concentrate on the gardens instead such as getting more colour into various areas. The time management is significantly better.”

One of the Hydro 80’s most impressive features is its ability to navigate tight spaces with ease. Andrew notes, “The reason we were using pedestrian mowers is because there was always the problem of getting a ride-on mower in and out of gates, so we thought about taking various gates out to make the job easier, but then we came across the Etesia Hydro 80. It allows us to get into areas where previously we had to use pedestrian mowers. These areas, which previously would have taken an hour or two, are now taking just 15-20 minutes.

“Its ability to cut and collect in the rain is amazing,” continues Andrew. “Even in the heavy rain the Hydro 80 is going out and cutting, so again it improves our effi ciency.”

Etesia Enquiry 6

robust barrier bars to protect the motor and housing from impact damage – they also double as handles, enabling an easy twoperson lift of the mower in and out of a van.

There are LED headlights for working in low-light conditions and single-tube steel handles which fold flat for transport and storage. The simple controls include a screen display showing battery capacity and drive speed.

The LMX5300E-SP is part of the new Pro X series of hardwearing and powerful tools for professionals, which also includes a chainsaw, hedge trimmers, brush cutters, line trimmers and mowers.

EGO Power Plus Enquiry 5

Hail the connected course

John Deere invited Greg Rhodes to Germany to drive home its precision turf technology mission for golf machinery operations.

Connectivity was the buzzword across the greens and fairways of the 27-hole Golfpark Kurpfalz venue in Limburghofer as the global manufacturer demonstrated electric E-Cut walk-behind greens mowers, the 7700A E-Cut hybrid fairways mower and HD 200 ProGator GPS precision sprayer, following a tour of Deere’s Mannheim factory, where the two millionth tractor recently rolled off the production line.

Greenkeeper and machine will work closer and more efficiently as software and hardware link in this transitional era of preautomation was the clear message.

Under the Connect, Guide and Manage protocols, turf kit is

linked to an Operations Center cloud central platform for managing machines and workrelated information where team heads can view round the clock where and when the fleet is out on course or in the shed.

Managers can make data-based decisions “quickly and easily” to modify and adjust duties and running times to optimise performance and reduce machine idling periods, which for lease agreements can cost courses money.

Machinery connected via the JDLink telemetry system has hours of use, fuel level and location data logged in the operations centre, where managers can plan tasks precisely to “maximise uptime and use machines’ position to ensure optimal use”.

Attenders had access to Carnoustie’s Operations

Center to view the theory put into practice – a complex network of connecting lines tagging machine locations and movements in real time.

Model year 2024 golf machines have the JDLink modem fitted in base “for any turfrelated operation”, including the 1500 series TerrainCut front mowers and 1600 Turbo wide area units. Commercial Z Trak zero-turn mowers and compact utility tractors can be retrofitted. That ability allows courses to move their entire fleet online potentially.

New walk-behind E-Cut 185 and E-Cut 225 greens mowers also are connected, as is the E-Cut 2750 ride-on greens mower.

Likely to be taken up largely by Top 100 courses – Wentworth for example has been connected for about three years - the

Campey named new distributor for Foamstream

Weedingtech are pleased to announce the appointment of Campey Turf Care Systems as a new nationwide distributor for their industry-leading herbicide-free weed control system Foamstream. This partnership promises to extend the benefits of the 100% organic solution to more commercial companies and contractors working in green space management.

Campey Turf Care Systems are one of the country’s leading suppliers of equipment for the professional turf sector – trusted by facility managers across the sporting and amenity spectrum. Lee Morgado, Sales Director for Campey Turf Care Systems said: “Campey Turf Care focuses on natural solutions to turf maintenance, always looking to promote best practice

in a considered, environmentally friendly way. That makes Foamstream a very good fit for us. It offers an innovative, ecofriendly solution to the age-old problem of tackling weeds on paved areas – an issue which affects all sporting venues, including private and public spaces which have carparks and pedestrian walkways for club members and the general public. Campey is delighted to be able to offer a totally new approach with Foamstream.”

Weedingtech’s Chief Commercial Officer Thomas Hamilton added, “We are delighted to have Campey Turf Care Systems on board. They are renowned for providing quality turf management solutions and have built long-lasting and trusting relationships with a number of venues, including Chelsea FC, who

operations centre model presents a powerful insight into tech’s potential to smarten and rationalise greenkeeping.

“It’s about doing more work in less time, comfortably,” said Christoph Metz, John Deere product marketing manager for turf, presenting. “The journey starts with connectivity and educating customers for what’s coming.”

Application of precision guidance tech, even in low visibility or at night, is delivering proven financial savings for clubs, thanks to components such

as Starfi re receivers, universal displays and AutoTrac guidance systems, which Deere says are “easily transferred from one machine to another”.

Deere’s HD 200 ProGator GPS precision sprayer for example, has been around long enough for claims that it can reap major reductions in input costs to be documented.

Predictions of up to 21% saving on turf treatments and up to 25% less water usage have not only been met but surpassed, Chris Meacock, John Deere division

“The Leicestershire estimates a 30% reduction in chemicals. GPS control helps operators avoid wasteful over-application or missed areas. Standard individual nozzle shutdown ensures the sprayer only covers pre-defined turf while lower maintenance areas are automatically omitted.”

The six-figure price for the sprayer could be paid back in as little as five years, he added.

John Deere Enquiry 8

have already adopted Foamstream along with a number of other topflight teams across Europe. With Campey’s enthusiasm and expert team, we know Foamstream is in safe hands.” Foamstream was launched in 2011 when developers Weedingtech saw the potential for a cleaner, greener alternative to traditional forms of weed control. Since its introduction, the controversy around ingredients such as glyphosate has continued to grow, with customers from all corners of grounds and green space management looking for a ‘natural’ solution and discovering the many benefits of Foamstream.

Combining hot water with a foam made from plant oils and sugars, Foamstream is proven to provide effective control on a wide range of weed species, with the contained heat penetrating the waxy outer layer of the leaf and travelling down the stem to the roots, killing or severely damaging the plant.

In addition to eradicating the weed, Foamstream also sterilises surrounding seeds and spores that haven’t yet germinated, helping to reduce future weed growth and the number of treatments required.

Weedingtech Enquiry 9

Protect turf from the

inside out with Insignia

Greenkeepers across the UK are turning to strobilurin-based fungicide Insignia to keep their turf protected this summer.

With its key ingredients helping to prime the turf immune system, resist disease attacks, withstand heat and drought, and grow more efficiently, Insignia® works in a variety of ways to keep turf green, strong and healthy.

As a fungicide, Insignia® works by severely inhibiting the mitochondrial respiration inside the cells of pathogenic fungi, preventing the breakdown of carbon that is required for fungi to produce the energy they need to function.

As well as stopping fungi, it also works by triggering a cascade of positive events which lead to plant health benefits. In a nutshell, it works both by stopping negative forces, and encouraging the good.

At this time of year, red thread is a particular threat that Insignia helps to banish. The fungal infection causes slow growing grass and red to coral-pink strands – not ideal on prized pieces of turf.

Insignia controls diseases like this and dollar spot – which creates pale, blighted areas of turf – ensuring continued grass health throughout the summer.

BASF Enquiry 10

sales manager for golf and turf, told LAPU.

Why you need to a end...

Outdoor Demos

Free Practical Training

Indoor & Outdoor Zones

Landscaping Zone

Retail Area

On-site Camping

Central location

Evening entertainment including a fully licensed on-site bar, Live DJs and bands.

Network, relax and listen to some great music Test before

Enjoy the summer weather – but cover up for shade

Professional tradesmen and women in the UK often assume our climate is not hot or sunny enough to cause harm. But even on overcast days there can be enough UV radiation to damage skin.

That’s why Snickers Workwear’s working clothes and accessories for the coming months combine superior comfort and protection for working on site in the summer.

There’s new sun protection caps, shirts, shorts, trousers, jackets and jackets that deliver enhanced freedom of movement and ventilation plus lightweight workwear that

combines all the features of high-performance sportswear.

With 37.5 fabric technology it’s quick-drying and functional as well providing UPF 40+ sun protection. It’s also longer lasting and more sustainable than other comparable workwear.

So, as we all become more aware of the dangers of over exposure to UV, choose Snickers Workwear’s working clothes for summer - the sensible choice for personal wellbeing and working efficiency.

Snickers Workwear Enquiry 12

Two outdoor furniture collections launched

Foster + Partners Industrial Design has launched two outdoor furniture collections with ESCOFET, a Barcelonabased company that works with urban elements and architectural concrete to transform cities and promote the use of public space.

Developed in conversation with the practice’s landscape and urban design teams, Tiers and Gather offer different levels of ergonomic support and privacy to meet a range of needs. The durable elements are made from ultra-high-performance

concrete (UHPC) for a sleek and thin profi le.

Mike Holland, Head of Industrial Design, Foster + Partners, said: “We are delighted to be launching our first collection with ESCOFET. With their understated elegance and refined profiles, Tiers and Gather provide an array of creative options for architects, urban planners, and landscape designers.”

Foster + Partners Enquiry 13

Digitalis purpurea Apple Blossom wins Best in Show

The Bransford Webbs Plant Company’s Digitalis purpurea Apple Blossom has been recognised as Best in Show at the New Plant Awards, sponsored by the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS), at this year’s HTA National Plant Show.

The Bransford Webbs Plant Company - Digitalis purpurea Apple Blossom was

awarded top in the herbaceous perennials category.

In shades of primrose yellow to apple blossom, with a frilly appearance which attracts bees to the garden, this unique pale pink and purple flowerform has a creamy bud, and throws up multiple flower spikes which impressed the judges.

New Bobcat Skid-Steer Loaders

Bobcat has launched new Stage V versions of the company’s M-Series S630 and S650 Skid-

Steer Loaders, designed for use in higher regulated markets in Europe.

Customers now have a wider selection in this size of machine, with a choice between

the new M-Series S630/S650 models and the more advanced R-Series S66/S76 machines.

The new S630 radius lift path loader combines excellent manoeuvrability in tight areas with the reach and visibility needed for applications such as dumping materials over walls, backfilling or loading fl atbed trucks.

The S650 model features vertical lift path boom arms particularly suited to lift and carry as well as materialhandling applications.

The S650 has a rated operating capacity of 1227 kg and a tipping load of 2455 kg. Both models continue to offer excellent versatility through compatibility with a very wide range of Bobcat attachments.

Bobcat Enquiry 15

Martin Simmons, HTA Member Engagement Manager said: “This year’s New Plant Awards showcased a spectacular range of innovative and beautiful plants, with numerous stunning entries making the judging process particularly challenging.”

HTA Enquiry 14

DHF sponsors 2024 AFI Awards

Door & Hardware Federation (DHF) has announced that it will be sponsoring the 2024 AFI (Association of Fencing Industries) awards taking place on Thursday 17th October 2024 at St James Park in Newcastle.

The awards recognise and promote the skills, innovation and work of the fencing industry with the categories enabling all of the fencing sector to demonstrate its work and give recognition to its organisations and workforce.

DHF has been involved in the automatic gate industry since 2011 when it formed the Automated Gate Group.

It offers a number of gate safety training courses which can be taken online or at its training academy based near Tamworth.

The Association of Fencing Industries exists to promote safety, quality and professionalism throughout the fencing industry.

It represents members across the UK fencing industry, ensuring members are kept up to date with industry news, technical information, and business opportunities available within its network.

The Group now has 327 members and has played a major role in raising the industry understanding about the safety elements involved in a compliant and safe gate installation.

DHF Enquiry 16

Firms unite to enhance grounds of new care home

Two leading Yorkshire horticultural companies, Johnsons Nurseries Ltd and Palmer Landscapes, have joined forces to enhance the grounds of the newly established £9 million Highfield Care Home on the outskirts of Tadcaster.

Johnsons Nurseries Ltd, centrally located between Harrogate and York, supplied a diverse selection of plants chosen to complement the landscaping to the value of £30,000.

This included 800 Euonymus Greenspire, over 1,000 bare root hedging transplants, 260 Santolina ‘Nana’, 100 Salvia ‘Caradonna’, 275 Pachysandra terminalis, 200 Hebe’s, and 32 trees.

Meanwhile, Palmer Landscapes, headquartered in Pudsey, Leeds,

took charge of soft landscaping for the project. Their contributions included supplying and installing over 450m³ of topsoil and 1,478m² of compost and wood bark for shrub beds.

They also implemented irrigation systems, tree anchors, and root barriers for all the trees.

In addition, Palmer Landscapes seeded and turfed over 6,000m² of land and carried out planting to enhance the project’s green spaces.

The duo have transformed the grounds of Highfield Care Home into a vibrant oasis, where residents can enjoy a new home amongst beautiful grounds.

Johnsons Nurseries Enquiry 19

Make the most of timber landscaping opportunities

Landscaping can increase a home’s resale value by 15-20% on average, making it a popular choice with homeowners looking to improve and add value to their property.

The quality of the timber is key as decking is exposed to various weather conditions and undergoes regular wear and tear, therefore, it’s crucial to invest in timber that is naturally resistant to moisture and rot.

Phil Taylor, Regional Sales Director at International Timber says: “We provide hardwood decking that is highly resistant to fungal growth, which offers naturally superior levels of durability and wear resistance without additional chemical treatment. Expert guidance can be provided to merchants on the benefits of using hardwood timber for decking purposes, ready for the outdoor home improvement season.

“As well as durable hardwoods, International Timber supplies a range of softwood decking for a more a cost-effective option. In addition, a variety of modified decking is also available. Products such as Accoya, Thermowood decking boards and slip-resistant decking, provide further options for every type of project, as well as an opportunity to gain additional margin.”

International Timber Enquiry 18

Pro X grass trimmer and brush cutter

EGO Power Plus is expanding its Pro X range with a new heavyduty grass trimmer and brush cutter which are ideal for all-day use.

Both the STX4500 Pro X loophandled grass trimmer and the BCX4500 Pro X bike-handled brush cutter boast a powerful 1.6KW motor and are an integral part of EGO’s new Pro X series.

They are well-balanced for more comfortable all-day working and feature a 45cm cutting diameter with a 2.7mm line and rapid reload head.

Both models come with a rear-geared motor and are compatible with all portable EGO ARC Lithium batteries.

They feature a carbon fibre drive shaft that reduces weight while maintaining stability and strength.

They are compatible with EGO’s metal brush cutter blades and its Rotocut attachment for the toughest of tasks.

EGO Power Plus Enquiry 20



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transform your grounds at SALTEX. and aboriculture.


partners from all over the world.

Green-tech supplies bio retention soil

Plymouth City Centre embarked on a transformative regeneration project to revitalise the key areas of Old Town Street and New George Street.

The £1.6 million contract aims to deliver signifi cant visual and environmental improvements, including 25 new semimature trees, new islands of greenery, and a sustainable urban drainage system that includes three rain gardens with ornamental planting.

YGS Landscapes turned to Green-tech, a leading provider of landscaping materials, to supply 160 tonnes of Green-tree Bioretention Soil to create the three rain gardens.

Green-tree Bioretention helped to address the project’s sustainability and drainage needs. Designed to facilitate rainwater absorption, filtration, and plant growth, this specialist

soil played a central role in the creation of the rain gardens.

The scheme plays an important role in the city’s flood management strategy and its Climate Emergency Action Plan as the three rain garden tanks are capable of holding back 75.5 cubic metres of storm water.

Sustainable Urban Drainage systems (SuDs) are designed to protect streets from flooding. On this occasion, it entailed creating large holes in the ground that were reinforced and layered with material to act like a giant plant pot to hold rainwater which will

irrigate the new plants and trees.

Green-tree Bioretention Soil uses the highest quality sands and green composts to provide an efficient permeability rate to avoid waterlogging on the surface area while holding sufficient nutrient levels and organic matter to support the vegetation used.

The soil’s composition ensures the successful establishment of vegetation and the effective management of stormwater runoff.

Green-tech Enquiry 22

Green-tech’s materials for tree planting around SuDS scheme

Set in the vibrant town of Ipswich, Wolsey Grange is a growing community of newly built homes by Taylor Wimpey

As part of the Construction Environmental Management Plan, a sustainable surface water drainage system (SuDS) was implemented, designed to reduce rates of stormwater run-off.

Cox Landscapes is the experienced landscape contractor on this large-scale project and has vast experience in the landscaping of attenuation basins. They were responsible

for the planting area outside of the attenuation basin which involved planting potted plants and bare root trees and protecting these by staking and installing Tubex tree shelters.

Green-tech is Cox Landscapes supplier for landscaping materials and supplied circa 500 stakes and Holdfast natural tree hessian ties for securing the stakes to the trees, as well as 60cm Tubex tree shelters.

In Keeping with this biodiverse and sustainable project the Natural tree ties are made

entirely of natural fibres and are fully biodegradable.

Unlike other tree ties, a spacer is not required when using with Natural tree tie. You can form a spacer by using the tie itself.

Fifteen rolls of Ecomatt weed control fabric were supplied and installed before being planted and finished off with decorative bark. The Ecomatt offers a great biodegradable tree weed control option that degrades over two growing seasons.

Green-tech Enquiry 23

Ten years of success in Norwich city centre

In 2013, Norwich City Council Highways Department targeted trying to halt the ever-increasing costs due to reoccurring problems with premature paving breakdown and urgent repointing requirements.

Together with their term contractor, Tarmac Highway Services, they carried out extensive repointing trials.

As a result, GftK vdw 850+ paving joint mortar from NCC Streetscape, was the clear winner. Over the last 10 years, they have now successfully jointed or repointed many different areas including natural stone setts and slabs of granite, porphyry, limestone, sandstone, as well as concrete elements.

The Project Leader recently commented: “The first phase that we installed in 2014 still looks as good as new. GftK vdw 850 has proven to be the best value for money jointing mortar we have ever used - and believe me, we have used them all! They also added: ‘Rapid installation with minimal cleaning, plus the ability to be applied in wet conditions, are real advantages for us.”

The root cause of many paving failures is that the original pointing, or previous repointing, was carried out with perfectly good jointing products, but which were not suitable for application in the typical UK conditions at the time, such as application in cold and wet conditions, and with residual

water in the joints, or inadequate initial protection and curing.

There are no such problems with the unique GftK Paving Joint Mortars that can even be applied safely and securely in the rain, and at lower temperatures!

GftK vdw 850+ is probably the ‘Gold Standard’ of paving jointing, as it can be applied in cold and wet conditions, even in the rain and it self-compacts into the joints and hardens quickly.

NCC Streetscapes Enquiry 24

& Repointing

Patio Grout by GftK, the best 1-part, air-drying, paving joint mortar!

- Unique with big advantages! EASIER to apply by wet slurry techniques, it is FASTER because it fully self-compacts into the joints, with no additional finishing or tooling required. Patio Grout then gives BETTER results, including higher stengths, and better optimised performance, with higher resistance and durability than any other 1-part material. For both DIY and professional use.

GftK vdw 400 plus Color, the best cement-based, flowable jointing mortar!

GftK vdw 850 plus, the unrivalled 2-part, “state-of-the-art” epoxy jointing mortar!

- The unique, 2-part epoxy, dust-free, fast-curing, no shrinkage cracks, plus a sheen free finish. It can be applied in cold ( > 5oC) and wet weather conditions, is very high flow and self-compacting, for ease of application, resulting in optimum strengths. Fully resistant to traffic, de-icing salts, and jet-washing. The way forwards with no more delays, plus the highest performance and durability.

GftK vdw 815+, the narrow joint version of 850+ with the same benefits

- Based on the same state-of-the art technology as GftK vdw 850+, but designed for narrow joints from 3mm wide in larger format natural stone paving, and also absolutely ideal for external porcelain tile paving grouting, and without delay - No waiting required. Supplied in smaller 10kg units for fast and residue-free, wet-slurry grouting of porcelain paving.

- Highly flowable and self-compacting, polymer-modified, cement slurry, paving jointing mortar. Ideal for both natural stone and external porcelain tile paving, with light, medium and heavy traffic loadings. It is fast setting, walkable after a few hours, then achieves high strength and is very resistant to frost and de-icing salts. A proven track record over 20 years. For professional use only. Visit:

Controlling unwanted growth with Ventrac

The Tough Cut deck attachment for the Ventrac 4520 all-terrain compact tractor has been specifically designed for mowing high grass, thick weeds and heavy brush.

Able to work on slopes of up to 30 degrees, it can save huge amounts of man-hours when compared to strimming.

A large front opening directs material into the deck where three heavy-duty blades counter rotate to cut and deposit waste evenly without windrowing. The blades are sharp on both sides so they can be used on right or left-hand spindles, allowing for extended blade life.

Capable of tackling saplings up to 2.54 mm (1 inch) in diameter, the Tough Cut makes short work out of overgrown thickets. It has three cutting heights: 76 mm, 92 mm and 108 mm. Easy servicing of belts and pulleys is provided by the hinged and removable cover, while the flip-up deck provides easy access for cleaning and changing blades.

Peter Pattenden, the Golf Courses and Estates Manager at Carden Park, is a 30-year veteran in the industry having begun his career at Gleneagles back in 1991. He is an

enthusiastic advocate of the Tough Cut deck.

“We manage over 1400 acres at Carden Park including the two championship golf courses, the owner’s house and grounds and the tenant farms dotted around the estate. Every piece of equipment we buy has to earn its keep and this Ventrac certainly falls into this category.

“The Tough Cut deck is superb as it can cut through saplings, bracken and gorse, helping to maintain the areas that consume man-hours. We do a lot of woodland management, removing trees and scrub, and this means travelling across fairways to reach particular areas. The light footprint of the Ventrac, which I believe is just 6 psi, allows us to go in with either the Stump Grinder attachment or the Tough Cut deck to maintain these sites, without leaving wheel marks across the courses.

“I’ve been buying machinery since 1996 and can honestly say this is one of the best machines I have ever bought. Summed up in three words, it’s exceptional, versatile and robust.”

Precision application from Smithco

Precise and consistent application of liquid pesticides and weed control chemicals to the exact areas that need to be treated, are key attributes of GPS-enabled sprayers.

Assisting in the precision, individual nozzle control means sprayer operators will only spray inside designated boundaries,

without wasting chemicals on nontargeted areas, negating the need for the operator to turn on and off boom sections when spraying.

Smithco were one of the fi rst companies to introduce GPS technology when the Star Command system debuted in 2012. The ability to correct

over spraying/over application brings additional environmental benefits, including reducing the usage of chemical inputs and more accurate distribution.

The Spray Star range features four self-propelled sprayers with control options such as the TeeJet Radion Rate Controller, Radion

with Dyna-Jet Pulse Width Modulation, or Smithco’s Star Command 2 providing minimal corrections, turn compensation, and the industry-leading 25cm nozzle spacing offering a 100% greater accuracy than competitors. Hydrostatic drive allows a constant engine RPM providing constant flow and pressure to the spray system for a consistent spray application.

As the largest capacity dedicated sprayer in its class, the Spray Star 1200 ensures that efficiency is optimised with a 757-litre low profi le elliptical polypropylene tank, warrantied for life. The high performance, cost-efficient pumping system features a selfpriming and corrosion resistant, stainless steel centrifugal pump generating 341 litres/minute and providing the capability for high flow applications with superior agitation. The cab-forward design provides superior visibility, handling, and operator comfort.

Smithco Enquiry 28


Husqvarna’s 525i Brushcutters are a range of robust, highperformance and high power professional battery brushcutters.

long-lasting and reliable tool. The high performing Bli-X 36V battery system also offers a wide range of options, from lightweight integrated to backpack batteries.

Designed for full time use, the 525iLK brushcutter is wellbalanced, lightweight and has the power equivalent to a 25cc petrol machine.

The 525iLK has a high cutting capacity due to its unique, brushless high torq motor and outstanding 46cm cutting diameter, while the cutter is designed for use in a variety of weather conditions and meets the IXP4 classification for rain resistance, making it a

The 525i range is designed for fulltime use and can be operated easily and efficiently with the intuitive keypad and ErgoFeed trimmer function. The machines built-in connectivity module can be easily connected with Husqvarna Fleet Services, allowing you to see each machine’s last known location, usage stats, service history and much more.

Price Turfcare Enquiry 27
Husqvarna Enquiry

Landmark report examines future climate change impacts on rugby

World Rugby has published a landmark report looking at the projected impacts of climate change on the sport of rugby in an effort to raise awareness of the issue that is already affecting the game as whole.

With the world heating up and likely heading towards a 1.5-degree increase in global average temperatures by 2026, the study demonstrates that consequences on rugby’s practice and ecosystems are significant and will continue to deteriorate in the coming decades.

Heat waves will continue to affect athlete performance and spectator health. Droughts will more frequently affect turf pitches, while submersions from flooding and/or sealevel rise will increasingly impact infrastructure.

World Rugby has therefore used climate projections from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC),

interviews with experts and data from 10 of its member unions to compile the “Rugby and climate change” report, a study looking at six main climate hazards that impact both directly and indirectly the sport, its athletes, spectators, infrastructure, and pitches to evaluate the likely implications for rugby.

While varying from one climate region to another, the projected consequences of a world with +2°C involve overall:

• Surge in number of extreme heat days (temperatures exceeding 35°C) per year in all nations studied with 60% of them having ten or more additional days when rugby can’t be played.

• Increase in frequency and intensity of droughts for half the nations studied.

• Rise in both the occurrence and severity of heavy rainfall and fl ash fl oods for 80% of countries analysed.

• One in 10 of the major stadiums researched

worldwide will be exposed to an annual submersion risk.

• One third of the stadiums investigated (111 venues) are in cyclone zones and will face amplifi cations of wind and cyclone activity.

• Most climate regions considered will experience periods of increased humidity, at levels that will cause additional heat-related suffering for athletes, offi cials and spectators.

To go further, authors have also undertaken an in-depth analysis of impacts for 10 countries representative of World Rugby’s membership including Argentina, Australia (Rugby World Cups 2027 & 29 hosts), England (RWC 2025), Fiji, France, India, Japan, New Zealand, South Africa, and USA (RWCs 2031 & 33). For each nation, the main consequences are highlighted per climate region(s) with projected repercussions in

a +2°C and +3°C scenario. This endeavour falls into World Rugby’s Environmental Sustainability Plan 2030 and its fourth pillar committing to

It’s GKB for GBB

As the team at GBB Services look to extend their operation to include the maintenance and cleaning of synthetic surfaces, it’s a Deep Clean from GKB Machines trusted with the task at hand.

The Harrogate-based sports turf contractors purchased the unit in early 2024 having identified a number of 3G and 4G installations in their local area and have already seen dramatic improvements in pitch presentation and playability in as little as a one pass.

Family-run GBB Services offer a wide range of landscaping and groundwork services for commercial and domestic customers across North Yorkshire. For sports surfaces, owner George Booth along with business partner Iain Bullock and their small team can offer the full complement of maintenance operations – including those for synthetic turf with their recent purchase from GKB.

“We know a number of facilities locally, particularly schools, that conduct regular brushing

promote sustainability in rugby through education, advocacy and knowledge sharing.

World Rugby Enquiry 32

but maybe don’t have the time or resources to carry out the more thorough cleaning that’s required,” George explains. The GKB Deep Clean quickly and effectively screens and clean-out contaminants from a synthetic surface in a single pass. The combination of a vibrating screen and vacuum unit removes dirt, dust and other detritus returning clean, de-compacted infill to the surface for optimal visual and play performance.

GKB Machines Enquiry 33

Transforming school with Playrite’s Multi Sports MUGA Surface

Success for Gerflor’s

Sport Court PowerGame Plus

When a sports enthusiastic family in Gloucester wanted to create a basketball court in their garden, they turned to international flooring specialist Gerflor to supply their world class Sport Court PowerGame Plus tiles in eye catching Black and Red colours.

This ‘back yard project’ would need the highest standards of fitting to deliver a top-flight finish. The task would be the responsibility of Birmingham-based Bradleys Surfacing Systems.

Tom Bradley, Managing Director Bradleys Surfacing Systems said: “We specified Gerflor’s PowerGame Plus outdoor sports surface thanks to its unique construction. The Sport Court PowerGame tiles were exceptionally easy and fast to lay.”

PowerGame Plus from Sport Court is the safest outdoor court in the world, featuring the lowest skin abrasion of any outdoor court surface and is made of the

St Joseph’s Primary School recently undertook a project to rejuvenate their outdoor play area.

Recognising the need for a safe and top-quality play space, the school turned to Playrite, a brand name synonymous with multi-sport surfaces, to replace the old existing synthetic turf with a new 15mm in situ pad and Playrite’s versatile Multi Sports Surface (MUGA).

The school’s decision to install a 15mm in situ pad combined with Playrite’s Multi Sports MUGA Surface proved to be a wise one for several reasons.

Playrite’s Multi Sports MUGA Surface is renowned for its versatility. It’s perfect for various sports and activities, making it an ideal choice for a school play

area. Students at St Joseph’s Primary School would be able to enjoy playing a variety of sports from football, hockey, and tennis, on the same surface.

One of the key benefits of choosing a Multi Sports MUGA Surface is its ability to withstand heavy use, ensuring its longevity and reducing the need for frequent maintenance. This not only saves the school money but also guarantees a consistent, high-quality playing surface for years to come.

Playrite’s Multi Sports MUGA Surface offers exceptional shock properties and impact protection, minimising the risk of injuries during play.

Playrite Enquiry 35

highest quality materials and UV stabilisers to protect it from wear and tear. Perfect for a host of performance sports including badminton, tennis, basketball, netball and hockey. The patented Double-Tier shock absorbing

grid and Lateral Forgiveness reduces joint strain and fatigue to help participants play longer and more safely than ever.

Gerflor Enquiry 37

Dennis and SISIS partner with DCF

Dennis and SISIS, renowned names in turf maintenance, have announced a partnership with the Derbyshire Cricket Foundation.

This collaboration aims to bolster grassroots cricket pitches throughout the county, promising a significant enhancement in the quality and accessibility of cricketing facilities.

The Derbyshire Cricket Foundation (DCF), a dedicated cricket charity situated at The County Ground, Derby, use the power of cricket to engage and inspire people in Derbyshire to have a lasting connection with the game. Their purpose is to empower communities and improve lives through cricket.

They seek to engage diverse groups and promote community cohesion through various inclusive projects. They also aim to empower leaders, coaches, and volunteers to ensure cricket is accessible to everyone in the county with the ultimate mission of inspiring a generation to say that ‘Cricket is a Game for Me.’

Tom Coxhead, Club and Community Officer for Derbyshire Cricket Foundation, expressed his enthusiasm about

the partnership, emphasising the shared values and ambitions driving this collaboration. He said. “We were seeking partners who share our vision and values, and Dennis and SISIS stood out as an organisation with a well-established reputation for excellence and integrity.”

Roger Moore, Head of Marketing for Howardson Group, echoed Tom’s sentiments, highlighting the longstanding relationship between Dennis and SISIS and the Derbyshire Cricket Grounds Association. Roger emphasised the multifaceted approach of the partnership, focusing not only on providing machinery but also on offering educational seminars and workshops to groundspersons.

“We see this partnership as an opportunity to support the foundation and the grounds association while fostering education and skill development among groundspersons,” Roger explained. “By inviting association members to our headquarters and organising workshops and webinars, we aim to empower them with knowledge and insights into turf maintenance.”

Dennis & SISIS Enquiry 36

In a strategic re-shuffle of their partner network, Redexim are pleased to announce an expansion in the coverage area for George Browns Ltd.

Effective immediately, the team will be responsible for the sales, service and support of the Redexim range to customers across the IP postcode region.

Operating out of five depots across Befordshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex, Northamptonshire and Oxfordshire, George Browns Ltd are one of the UK’s largest agricultural and groundcare dealerships, representing many of the industry’s leading machinery franchises.

Long-standing partners and distributors of the full Redexim range of natural and artificial equipment, this announcement extends the reach and support of the George Browns technical team to customers old and new in the IP area.

Redexim UK Enquiry 39

Origin Amenity Solutions (OAS) is delighted to announce the launch of a groundbreaking product - Fiata Stressgard to the UK golf market.

This new Biostimulant promises unrivalled results that will transform the care of turfgrass.

OAS is the UK partner and distributor of Fiata Stressgard, developed and manufactured by Envu, a leading brand in sustainable turf management solutions.

Fiata Stressgard contains a blend of compounds that act as powerful bio-stimulants which activate plant defence mechanisms and enhance turf health, resilience, and overall performance.

At the heart of Fiata Stressgard lies a unique pigment that instantly enhances turf colour and plays a crucial role in long-term

OAS introduces Fiata Stressgard from Envu

stress management. By reflecting the harmful light only, it helps optimise photosynthesis and energy production, preventing the breakdown of chlorophyll.

Stressgard Technology also contains proprietary plant health compounds specially selected to promote turf health under the most stressful conditions.

This latest product further bolsters Origin Amenity

Solutions’ (OAS) comprehensive range of biostimulants.

Their partnership with manufacturer Envu, reinforces OAS’ commitment to the golf and sports turf market, providing its customers with new and innovative products alongside advice that enhances their turf management programmes.

OAS Enquiry 40

PSD strengthen SABO partnership with visit to manufacturer

A team from PSD Groundscare have recently taken part in a two-day visit to German manufacturer SABO, following the recent announcement of a partnership between the two organisations.

The trip was designed to further strengthen the relationship between the two companies.

Representatives from PSD met with the SABO team and underwent exclusive product training both at the factory and in the field which they will take back to the UK and pass on to their dealer network and enduser customers.

Avant compact loaders powering success

In the coastal town of Whitby, Joe Cook wears many hats. Not only is he the Head Groundsman for Whitby Town FC, overseeing the maintenance of their pitch, but he also runs his own gardening business, JC Gardening.

In both of his roles, one tool stands out as indispensable: the Avant compact loader. The Avant compact loader is

a versatile workhorse that has become Joe’s go-to solution for pitch renovations and maintenance tasks.

Additionally, the Avant aids in accessing hard-to-reach areas of the football ground.

Joe relies on loaders from the Avant 500 series, sourced through APSV, the main dealers

Turf Science Live 2024 at North Hants GC

ICL and Syngenta are pleased to announce the Turf Science Live 2024 event, scheduled to take place at North Hants Golf Club, Minley Road, Fleet, Hampshire, GU51 1RF. This free-to-attend event, on July 31, 2024, offers valuable insights and strategies for golf course turf management from industry experts.

Turf Science Live, created by ICL and Syngenta, is the premier event for those who want to improve their knowledge in golf course turf management. The event tackles the complex challenges faced by golf course turf managers, providing a

excellent platform for enhancing turf management skills. The event is designed for all professionals in the turf management industry looking to stay at the forefront of the latest developments.

Turf Science Live 2024 is an invaluable opportunity for professionals in the turf management industry to gain expert insights, discover innovative solutions, and network with peers. Attendees will leave with actionable knowledge to improve their turf management practices.

ICL Enquiry 43

for Avant compact loaders in North Yorkshire, Co. Durham, and Northumberland. The Avant 500 series, known for its power and manoeuvrability, has become a reliable partner for Joe’s diverse needs. With over 200 attachments available, the Avant offers a solution for every task, from plowing and sanding to lawn care and brush clearance.

Describing the Avant as a “Swiss army knife,” Joe highlights its versatility and adaptability. “Whether you want a snow blower or a rake for clearing out stalls on farms, it can do anything. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Avant –I have already passed on APSV’s number to lots of other people who the machine would benefit.”

Avant Tecno UK Enquiry 42

The visit was hands on, and the PSD team came away with a greater depth of product knowledge and insight in to the history of SABO and the true capabilities of the exciting range of mowers.

SABO, one of the leading brands for high-quality battery and petrol walk behind collection mowers (“WBMs”) for both Residential & Commercial markets, announced in spring that they are re-entering the UK and Irish market. SABO chose to partner with PSD due to their proven track record of successfully taking specialist landscaping equipment to market.

PSD has a long-standing track record of expertise in long and wet grass mowing solutions and the SABO range of mowers are perfectly set up for working in UK conditions.

PSD Sales Director Stuart Mercer said: “The trip to Germany was fantastic in terms of building on the already strong relationship we have developed with SABO. It was very interesting to see the rigorous process of product testing in action and to obtain in depth knowledge that we can take back to UK customers.”

PSD Groundscare Enquiry 41

Nothing beats the ProFlex 120

Following more than 12 years of reliable service, a ProFlex 120 at Mid Herts Golf Club has been joined by another ProFlex 120.

Delivered by Vanmac’s James Boyle in April 2024, the five floating rotary decks on the Progressive unit conform to the peaks and troughs of the terrain at the Hertfordshire club making the like for like purchase a straight forward one for Course Manager Jody Wilson.

The Progressive ProFlex 120 delivers a uniform cut on both flat and uneven ground, the five floating decks covering an area of 3.0m in a single pass and evenly dispersing clippings for an immaculate finish. The ability to quickly and easily adjust the HOC on each individual

deck makes the mower incredibly versatile, and the ideal choice for stepped or transition cutting.

“The build quality has always been exceptional, and our new ProFlex is no different” Jody explains. “We’ve kept hold of our older machine for the weekly cutting of the practice ground. It still cuts exceptionally well and, with a good jet-wash, would still clean up a treat. Besides the expected wear and tear, we’ve rarely had any downtime or costly repair bills, and with the sealed blade spindle bearings on the new ProFlex, the routine maintenance will be even easier.”

Vanmac Enquiry 46

At the forefront of turf R&D

BASF is perfectly positioned to create a powerful portfolio of product solutions that can be tailored to meet the demands of every turf landscape.

Effective and efficient research and development underpins every solution that BASF creates, and it is not a company that is content to rest on its laurels. It constantly invests in the growing opportunities that digitalisation and supercomputing power offers, meaning that it constantly maintains its place as an industry leader.

For example, brand-new product Maxtima was launched at BTME 2024 by BASF Turf, a new cutting-edge demethylation inhibitor (DMI) fungicide. This crop safe solution was devised after BASF’s scientists discovered new enzyme assays in their research.

Rob Gladwin, head of technical management for UK said: “The assays test the efficacy with which the DMI chemistry, which includes azoles, inhibit the fungal

target site, CYP51 –– blocking this enzyme prevents a fungal cell from producing ergosterol causing it to die.

“Together, the team discovered a unique property of an entirely new family of triazoles –– this molecule has a ‘hook’. It’s an isopropanol linker. This moiety is a small part of the larger molecule and it’s unique for a DMI. We synthesised it and noticed very strong fungicidal effects.”

BASF Enquiry 47

VGR TopChanger plays its part

A range of products created by nature ...perfected by Mansfield Sand

Mansfield Sand is one of the UK’s leading providers of premium sand based products to the landscaping sector.

Tel: +44 (0)1623 707555


A new addition at Royal Troon – venue for the 152nd Open this July - is a VGR TopChanger.

thought it was brilliant” he said.

“The flexibility of having our own machine, meaning we could conduct passes more frequently and, importantly, when the weather conditions were right made both financial and agronomic sense.

Course Manager Billy McLachlan opted to purchase the TopChanger, which uses high pressure waterpower to aerate the soil, with the option to simultaneously fill the channels with wet or dry sand – preventing anaerobic conditions, improving drainage and diluting organic matter throughout the profile.

“Tom Peter from VGR brought the TopChanger in and we immediately

“It’s already proven to be a brilliant investment, which will also be put to good use on the Portland Course as well as the Old Course again later this year. The support from VGR throughout has also been first-class.”

VGR Enquiry 49

DSV’s trial triumph at Monmouthshire

Mark Simmons, Course Manager at Monmouthshire Golf Club in Abergavenny, embarked on a journey of trial and evaluation to find the perfect grass seed for the club’s greens.

After extensive experimentation, Mark concluded that DSV’s PRO Bent grass seed was the optimal solution.

DSV’s PRO Bent is emerging as a game-changer in turf management, boasting remarkable density, drought tolerance, and adaptability for close mowing. Comprised solely of high-quality Browntop bent, PRO Bent from the DSV EuroGrass range is tailor-made for summer/autumn overseeding and species exchange operations,

aligning perfectly with Monmouthshire’s vision for superior greens.

EuroGrass, the pinnacle of over a decade of breeding and testing, stands as a testament to DSV’s commitment to excellence in turf grass quality. With a diverse portfolio of over 90 approved turf varieties worldwide, EuroGrass offers tailored solutions for professional use across various sporting landscapes, solidifying its position as an industry frontrunner in turf innovation.

Mark’s meticulous approach to seed selection involved a series of rigorous trials conducted over several months. Armed with soil samples and a passion for perfection, Mark evaluated seven

seed varieties from different manufacturers, subjecting them to various conditions to assess their performance. “I didn’t want to just do the trial with some sand and a pot,” Mark explains. “I wanted to do it specifi cally for my site. Once the trial had finished, I carried out the trial again just to make sure. On both occasions, the results showed that DSV PRO Bent was the best seed for my greens.”

Mark purchased the DSV seed from Rhys Norville at ReGen Amenity, someone who he claims has become a key partner in providing invaluable products, support, and expertise.

DSV Enquiry 51

University’s field specialist applauds SISIS sweeper

Seattle University’s commitment to maintaining first-class athletic and sporting facilities has received a significant boost with the introduction of the SISIS SSS1000 towed sweeper.

Peter Larson, the Athletic Field Specialist overseeing the university’s sports grounds, has praised the effi ciency and versatility of this innovative machine, particularly in its ability to effectively pick up grass clippings on both synthetic and natural grass pitches.

The SSS1000 sweeper serves as an indispensable tool for

maintaining pristine playing surfaces. Featuring a spiral rotary brush, it efficiently sweeps debris into a mesh hopper, allowing for the preservation of pitch infill. This crucial functionality not only enhances the aesthetics of the field but also ensures the safety and performance standards demanded by athletes.

Regular cleaning of synthetic surfaces is vital to avoid contamination and remove potentially harmful debris before play. The SSS1000 has proven instrumental in achieving this goal for Seattle

University, providing Peter and his team with a fast work rate that helps keep the surfaces in optimal condition.

One of the standout features of the SSS1000 is its adaptability to different surfaces. Whether it’s synthetic turf or natural grass, the sweeper’s adjustable brush height ensures thorough cleaning without causing damage. Furthermore, its unique spiral brush design minimises vibration, guaranteeing constant brush contact with the surface for consistent results.

SISIS Enquiry 52

New addition to the Kubota Front Collect range

The newest addition to Kubota’s Front Collect mower series features a simplified design, complementing the professionalgrade models currently available in the Front Collect range.

The primary objective with the FC2-221 was to create a machine that brings simplicity to the existing range.

Significant design changes have led to a notable reduction in the number of wearing parts and maintenance needs, while the operating platform now features a more traditional and userfriendly layout.

With a 480-litre grass collector, you can easily cut and empty large quantities of grass into

trailers or existing heaps - with the raising, lowering and tipping functions of the FC2-221’s high-lift feature easily operated with a single lever.

The FC2-221 offers the option of a rotary deck (112cm/44”) or a flail deck (110cm/43”).

The rotary deck features twin rotors with overlapping blades for precision cutting, while the flail deck offers various cutting blade options to suit different conditions and applications.

The latter option also comes with the patented “Smart System” of blade removal, incorporating an innovative magnetic pin for swift and effortless blade changes.The FC2-221 is

Switching from petrol mowers to Kress RTKn robotic mowers significantly reduces carbon emissions. They autonomously operate in parallel lines and travel seamlessly between areas of turf. Their sleek design, no need for on-site aerials, and ability to handle significant slopes make Kress the best choice for a greener change today.

Speak to your local garden machinery dealer today to learn more.

powered by a Kubota D902 engine producing 22hp/16.2kw. The size and weight of the engine fits perfectly into the dimensional design criteria and has abundant power to perform all operations, even in more demanding environments.

Additionally, it incorporates the patented HST transmission to maintain consistent traction on all four wheels while turning, preventing damage to the turf caused by skidding or slipping.

Kubota’s reputation for dependability and reliability is upheld in the FC2-221, with the majority of its components manufactured in-house. This ensures internal quality control measures and reduces reliance

on external suppliers. The FC2-221’s compact size and straightforward design makes it a versatile option for operators of any skill level, ideal for the effective upkeep of lawns, paddocks and other areas where larger machines would struggle.

Its size also facilitates easy transportation in a van or on trailer, making it easier for professional users to move it from site to site.

The lighter weight also substantially prolongs the operational season, while guaranteeing peak performance and optimal results.

Kubota Enquiry 55

Transforming school’s grounds with MM Seed

Repton School in Derbyshire is a well-known institution which mixes tradition with new ideas.

Behind the scenes, Andrew Butler, the Head of Grounds and Gardens, is the man responsible for ensuring the grounds are not just aesthetically pleasing but also resilient to the rigours of yearround sporting activities.

That’s where MM Seed comes in, a name synonymous with excellence in the UK sports turf and amenity industries.

Andrew’s decision to switch to MM Seed, particularly utilising MM Tetra Sport and MM50, proved to be a pivotal moment.

MM Tetra Sport, a versatile blend of Diploid and Tetraploid Ryegrass, emerged as the solution for Repton’s winter pitches and cricket outfield. Its ability to improve sward composition and recover from scarring perfectly complemented the school’s diverse sporting calendar.

The inclusion of Tetraploids also improved drought resistance during the summer months which is important on the cricket outfi elds.

Meanwhile, MM50, with its fast germination, establishment and ability to withstand heavy wear plus its ability to recover quickly after use found its role on Repton’s cricket squares, ensuring optimal playing conditions season after season.

What sets MM Seed apart is not just its performance on the field but also its commitment to innovation. Treated with HEADSTART GOLD, a unique seaweed-based seed treatment, MM Seed ensures rapid and even germination, laying the foundation for a resilient and vibrant turf. Andrew confirms this, stating, “I think it is down to HeadStart in the mixture which gives it that extra boost.”

MM Seed Enquiry 57

Going green with the ES-34R

In the ever-evolving landscape of sports turf management, combining sustainability and efficiency are becoming paramount for professionals like Colin Davie, Head Groundsman for Heart of Midlothian F.C.

In a recent move towards greener practices, Colin has invested in a Dennis ES-34R rotary mower, heralding a new era in pitch maintenance for the club.

The Dennis ES-34R, a 34” (860mm) battery-powered twin-blade rotary mower, with lithium-ion battery technology has been designed for mowing and cleaning operations.

Its contra-rotating hardened steel blades ensure maximum collection performance. Moreover, its weatherproof colour LCD programmable display and keypad provide operators like Colin with vital information,

including ground speed and battery charge level. Colin is full of praise for the ES-34R, citing its ease of use and long-lasting battery as standout features. It’s nice not to have to go away to the garage and waste time having to get fuel,” he remarks. “I have every bit of faith that a battery will cut the whole pitch every time on a single charge.

“My favourite feature on it is the toggle switch, which works like a clutch, so you operate that with your thumb, and it’s just very easy to use and manoeuvre the machine.”

While colin’s trusty Dennis G860 petrol cylinder mowers remain integral to matchday preparation, the ES-34R excels in cleaning up and achieving an impeccable finish.

Reduce inputs, not quality, with Microclover

Whether it’s for environmental reasons or a result of budget constraints, reducing fertiliser applications are being considered.

With Microclover from DLF, this can be achieved without a compromise on turf quality.

Microclover is a legume with the natural ability to fix nitrogen from the air. To capitalise on this benefit, DLF developed a unique small leaved variety, specifically for use in professional grade lawns and surfaces.

When sown alongside more traditional varieties, Microclover will contribute to a dense, uniform appearance and a harder-wearing, more drought-tolerant sward that stays greener for longer. Its own natural fertiliser reserves feed the Microclover and the surrounding companion plants via root nodules that convert atmospheric nitrogen into a natural fertiliser, improving nutrient availability and reducing the risk of leeching. This process continues throughout the growing season until the

first frost. The competitiveness of Microclover is another benefit for less intensively managed areas, quickly filling gaps to lock out weeds and reduce the need for herbicides.

Microclover is incorporated into the PM26 and PM27 mixtures from DLF’s Masterline collection, these two formulations specifically developed to reduce input costs and be kinder to the environment by eliminating the need for excessive fertiliser, water and herbicides. Incorporating 5% Microclover, both PM26 Ecosward and PM27 Ecosward Plus offer lowmaintenance yet tolerant and visually attractive swards, ideal for landscape applications.

Self-sustaining Microclover is just one of a number of sustainable seed developments borne from DLF’s global research and breeding programmes, seeking to meet the needs of today and those of the future.

DLF Enquiry 59

Club’s greens flourish with Mansfield Sand’s MM35

Andy Unwin, Course Manager at Rotherham Golf Club, relies on Mansfield Sand’s MM35 for top dressing, ensuring the greens remain in impeccable condition year-round.

Rotherham Golf Club, established in 1903, is celebrated for its rich history and picturesque parkland setting.

Andy, who has been associated with Rotherham Golf Club for 15 years, is committed to upholding the course’s prestigious reputation.

With a dedicated team of six members of staff, he ensures the greens are in pristine condition, utilising Mansfield Sand’s MM35 Golf for top dressing. “We use MM35 Golf from Mansfield Sand because we think it is the best top dressing for the greens – and

certainly the most compatible,” Andy explains.

“Every fortnight through the growing season, we apply a light top dressing of 5 tonnes. In the spring and autumn, we do a heavier top dressing, applying 30 tonnes each time.”

Mansfield Sand’s MM35 Golf, a pure silica sand sourced from the company’s Two Oaks Quarry, is renowned for its benefits, including improved recovery, firmness, smoothness, and an enhanced rootzone. “We use it mainly for smoothing the surface out,” Andy notes. “It helps drainage and the overall health of the grass.”

Andy’s relationship with Mansfield Sand spans his entire 21-year career as a greenkeeper. “We’ve

had a really good relationship with the company over the years,” he says. “Louise Barrington-Earp, our rep at Mansfield Sand, has been really good. Louise visits us regularly and is always available on the phone if ever we need anything. If I ever need advice, Louise is quick to offer their assistance.”

Rotherham Golf Club’s use of MM35 Golf underlines the product’s exceptional quality and reliability. “We have never used anything else and wouldn’t need to because the product is fit for purpose,” Andy says. The superior performance of MM35 Golf ensures that Rotherham Golf Club’s greens remain smooth, welldrained, and healthy, providing an optimal playing surface for golfers year-round.

Mansfield Sand Enquiry 61

Revolutionising turf care for groundskeepers and landscapers

With Kress RTKn mowers, Kress showcases the pinnacle of possibilities in automated mowing.

These mowers integrate advanced technologies such as RTKn (Real-time kinematic to the power of network), MAP (Mowing Action Plan), and OAS (Obstacle Avoidance System) with new innovations, setting a new benchmark for performance and precision in turf care.

The Kress RTKn mowers utilise a real-time kinematic network, eliminating the need for traditional powered antennas. This innovation not only makes the system immune to power surge damages, enhancing its reliability and resilience, but also avoids the extra costs and eyesores associated with lineof-sight aerials, this ensures the aesthetic and beauty of the landscape is preserved.

The Mowing Action Plan (MAP) optimises the mowing pattern for efficiency, ensuring complete and systematic coverage of the area.

Advanced sensors and algorithms enable the mower to detect and navigate around obstacles, minimising the risk of damage and ensuring uninterrupted operation.

Kress mowers excel on sloped areas, showcasing their exceptional performance even on uneven terrain. They are engineered to manage slopes of up to 20 degrees effortlessly, ensuring consistent and even mowing.

Signifi cantly decreasing labour costs and reduces energy bills,

the durability and advanced technology reduce maintenance expenses. These mowers provide a quiet, emissionfree alternative to traditional
mowing methods, contributing to a healthier environment and sustainability goals.
Kress Enquiry 62

Consistency on fine turf from Smithco

There’s no finer sports turf than that found on golf greens and for discerning golfer true greens with consistent ball roll are more important than fast greens.

Rolling will immediately produce a smoother, truer

surface with the improvements easily measured using a Stimp Meter. Perhaps less well known is that this effect will last on the green for up to forty-eight hours after the roll, leaving a residual effect and higher than ‘normal’ speeds, improving


the standards of the playing surface, without requiring daily use of the roller.

Smithco’s Tournament greens rollers provide consistent and true putting surfaces.

With rolling widths from 91 cm to 1.78 metres, there’s a machine ideal for maximum efficiency on any golf course.

Smithco has been family-owned since 1967 and manufactures products that are built to last.

With over 50 years of experience as an industry leader in golf course and turf management for parks and recreation facility managers, we believe that consistent products produce consistent courses.

Smithco Enquiry 65

gets to the core

A common problem on completion of a development is compaction, which can caused by the movement of traffi c and materials across the ground and leaves areas prone to waterlogging.

Deep penetration aeration is the solution, but how do you know what lies beneath the grass and to what depth the aeration is needed?

Terrain Aeration has been treating such problems for over 25 years. The Terrain Aeration Terralift machines penetrate the ground to a depth of one metre, releasing a blast of compressed air which fractures and relieves the compacted soil, creating permanent aeration and drainage.

However, before carrying out the aeration, it is often necessary on old site layouts to determine what lies beneath and

Terrain Aeration takes a core sample using their specialist machinery. The plastic sleeve which slides out of the metal casing reveals what the soil is like, from the topsoil down to the structure beneath. The soil cores are taken to one metre depth can also be a good indicator of where oil and diesel spillages have penetrated and how deep.

The Terralift can then deal with the oil-bioremediation using specialist products in the area down to one metre depth.

Penetrating deep into the ground, hard areas may be encountered, such as fl int and solid building

Foley Company supplies grinder to Cyril Johnston

A new Foley Company 633 AccuTouch 3 Control precision grinder has recently been purchased by Northern Ireland machinery dealer Cyril Johnston.

Installed by Ian Robson of ProSport UK Ltd, UK and Ireland distributor for Foley, the new grinder was chosen specifically for its quality and accuracy of relief grind.

Although capable of spin and relief grinding, Cyril Johnston services

has expanded its operation, and a large number of its customers use Baroness mowers.

Baroness are very insistent that their mowers retain the relief edge that was honed in manufacture to deliver the best performance and cut out on the grass. Melvin Pogue is Service Manager at Cyril Johnston and is very aware of the standards they need to achieve to compete with other dealers in their area. “We collaborate closely with Baroness

material. The Terralift probe is designed to break through the solid layers, employing a JCB hammer incorporated as part of the machine.

Once the hard materials have been penetrated, the compressed air blast released creates fractures and fi ssures.

These are injected with dried seaweed as part of the process, keeping, in this case, the clay seen in the core sample open and allowing surface water to drain quickly down one metre and naturally percolating away.

Terrain Aeration Enquiry 67

to deliver the high spec and cutting quality that they expect. Too do this we know we have to relief grind our reels. The Foley meets that expectation and in addition is fully automated, so it can be set up and left to do it’s work, while our mechanics team just walks away and gets on with other jobs. Another essential element is the speed of operation. The grinder is quick to set up and then completes the cycles much faster than our previous grinder. This saves us time and means we can process more grinding in the same time period. Keeping our customers happy is a priority, so we provide a quick, responsive service.”

All of Foley’s ACCU-series reel grinders combine the two most desirable features in the grinding business: spin and automaticindexing relief systems.


And it’s that flexibility that sets the Profihopper apart from the crowd.

The sharpened wing blades on the horizontal SmartCut rotor cleanly cut and shred the grass before conveying it via the cross auger on to that unique second vertical auger to be packed into the collection hopper - meaning less time emptying and more time mowing. To add to that versatility, the sward is rolled after cutting and scarifying comes as standard.

The more than adequate power is provided by engines that are already Stage V Exhaust emission compliant and require no AdBlue.

Don’t compromise - choose the machine that comes with more compaction built-in for maximum work rates and less emptying.

Contact the Amazone Team on: 01302 755 725.

Profihopper 1500 Cab
Foley Enquiry 66

Turf care from Acacia Groundcare

When it comes to turf care, Acacia Groundcare has got you covered.

Our hire fleet has a range of turf cutters and aerators whatever your job.

For turf cutting, our Groundsman TMC 26 is a real workhorse giving excellent cut quality in all conditions for landscaping work or fine sports turf.

For aeration, our Groundsman Elliptical Aerator is a first-rate machine and perfect for bowling clubs, general hire work or professional groundsmen.

It can work on all surfaces and in all conditions including areas with stones and debris present and can be supplied with hollow or solid tines.

Major Swift features at award-winning historic site

Newby Hall and Gardens is setting the highest standards of presentation. Located near Ripon in Yorkshire, the stunning home and gardens won the coveted “Historic Houses Garden of the Year” award twice.

“We have over 300 acres of parkland with an inner area of formal gardens covering some 25 acres,” begins Nigel Allison, Grounds Manager, Newby Hall & Gardens. “Our cylinder mower was getting expensive to maintain, so we acquired a new Major MJ71-

400T Trailed Swift Roller Mower.

“The finish we are getting from the Major Swift is superior to anything else we have used. And, we are covering the grassland areas in half the time it took with the previous mower.”

Nigel and his team demonstrated several mower brands on the estate through their local dealer Wilfred Scruton.

“The build quality of the Major Swift mower was far superior to anything else we looked at,”

begins Nigel. “It’s a very well put together piece of kit that comes with front and rear rollers, eight rotors and sixteen blades. It has a direct gear drive - so no belts to tension or wear out and it’s a very simple machine to maintain. We can also set the height of cut very quickly anywhere between 10-130mm.

The wings on the MJ71-400T fold to give a 2.4m transport width. “The undulating ground here was always a challenge with our cylinder mowers which often scalped the turf,” continues Nigel.

“The Major Swift handles even the roughest of ground without scalping, because the front and rear rollers means it follows the contours perfectly,” explains Nigel.

“Our decision to buy the Major Swift was based purely on build quality and mowing finish, and our experience has shown that we definitely made the right choice.”

Major Equipment Enquiry 70

Center is beginning to enable Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole (BCP) Council to optimise its output and maintenance.

Coordinating part of a 70-strong workforce is Simon Woodall, Team Operation Manager for BCP Council.

“We’ve got teams of three going out in areas working independently of each other across the council area, so if the team leader wants to see where the operators are, they can just look at the app on his phone and find them in an instant,” says Simon.

MTG modems connect each machine to the John Deere Operations Center – a cloud-based platform allowing operators, managers and, with permission, the machinery dealer to access live information about a piece of kit. This includes its exact location, what it’s doing, where it’s been and details about idle time and fuel use, for example.

Anyone with a log in can manage their entire fleet from their laptop, tablet, or smartphone from wherever they may be.

With a fleet of 12 6R Tractors, nine 4066M Compact Utility Tractors, 20 1580 TerrainCut Front Rotary Mowers, and four X948 Diesel Mowers, at the time of writing 36 of their 43 John Deere machines have been connected.

John Deere Enquiry 72

Acacia Groundcare Enquiry 69

Fine turf equipment from Turfco Ventrac is king at Schloss


Schloss Roxburghe, set in the rolling countryside of the Scottish Borders, is the latest resort to purchase a Ventrac compact tractor and selection of attachments to maintain their championship golf course and the wider estate.

New owners, the 12.18 Group, bought the property in 2018 and have invested heavily adding a state-of-the-art spa with outdoor heated pool, a new restaurant, a conference centre and banqueting suite.

Ross Ovens is the Estates & Golf course manager, a position he has held for the past eight years. “We purchased the Ventrac package as it can be used on both the golf course and on the estate,” he said.

“We included a Contour deck for our semi-rough mowing,

a Tough Cut deck to help us tame our woodland margins and a Power blower for dispersing leaves. However, with the completion of the new cottages, we are using the Contour deck to maintaining the grassed surrounds.

“We’ll also be looking at the snow clearing equipment, because we can still get some up here in the winter. We have extensive pathways around the cottage developments and it’s very labour intensive to clear these.

“I was amazed when I saw the whole range of attachments on their website. I couldn’t believe the number of attachments there is for it.”

Price Turfcare Enquiry 73

Power and safety with Irus

The Irus range of remotecontrolled mowers are designed for mowing and maintenance of precipitous slopes, parks and roadside verges and railway embankments - this offers reduced risk of injury to operators.

Irus remote controlled mowers will go where standard walk behind or ride-on mowers cannot go safely, being able to run on slopes of up to 50 degrees.

Radio control ranges of up to 300m ensure that operators are always out of harm’s way.

Loxston Groundcare are the sole UK distributor of IRUS Mowers and IRUS Mowing Machinery.

They are a family firm, based in South Somerset, UK. They have a fully equipped workshop run by a full-time service manager with three factory trained and time served technicians. They also have a mobile workshop, for onsite repairs and maintenance plus a comprehensive spare parts department with over 15,000 different parts in stock.

Loxston Groundcare Enquiry 76

Turfco turf maintenance equipment is ideal for fine turf management, ideal for recreational and professional sports pitches, stadium pitches, cricket outfields and most fine turf areas on golf courses.

The TriWave 60 and TriWave 45 are a new breed of overseeder that can signifi cantly increase the success of overseeding operations by up to 30%, especially on contoured ground.

Disruption of existing turf, the inability to follow ground contours and limited seed germination when using existing equipment, was the driving force behind this development.

WaveBlade counter-rotating blade technology creates a

U-shaped slit (instead of the usual V-shaped slit of competitor products) providing more seed to soil contact and the patented seed delivery system places seeds into the slits without waste, increasing germination.

The TriWave 45 is a selfcontained trailed overseeder, which can be towed behind a utility vehicle, quad bike, bunker rake or tractor, and provides versatility and easiest operation of any overseeder on the market. Power comes from an 18.4 kW (25 hp) Briggs and Stratton Vanguard petrol engine and it quickly attaches to most turf vehicles making it convenient and efficient to use.


Enquiry 74

ShockWave key to quality at racecourse

Track quality was a primary reason for Hamilton Park Racecourse Grounds Teams’ award-winning 2023, and their use of the Imants ShockWave from Campey Turf Care Systems played a key role.

Head Groundsman Mark Bemrose and his team won the Racecourse Association (RCA) Flat Racecourse Grounds Team of the Year 2023 for their exceptional work and high-quality presentation of Hamilton Park.

For Mark, a combination of the linear aeration from the ShockWave and spiked aeration produces a better routing system and aids drainage, helping to produce a high-quality surface.

“Recently, we had a really bad patch that was consistently wet, so I went across angles over the existing drainage to open up the linear drains

underneath and what a difference it made,” he said. “Within three days, you wouldn’t have known there was an issue at all.

“There is no visible surface disruption, and with us having a longer sward at three and a half inches, the lines disappear very, very quickly. That’s important when we’re busy and have regular races because there is no risk of us causing any instability, and by using the ShockWave after races, we can decompact the hoof prints.

“With our own ShockWave, when we’ve got time during the racing calendar, we’ll get on and do the whole racing surface, which is four and a half hectares. It takes three days to do the whole track, which is a long time, but it is worth it with the results we get.”

Campey Turf Care Systems Enquiry 75

Improve infiltration, enhance recovery and effectively control organic matter on both fine and sports turf surfaces with our range of trailed, mounted and pedestrian broadcast and drop dressers.

Getting the right training

A grounds person or keeper is primarily responsible for the care and maintenance of turf across a variety of facilities including sports grounds.

Daily tasks typically comprise of maintaining the high quality of various types of playing surfaces, turf management and pitch marking.

It’s vital to keep practical qualifications and knowledge up to date with industry standards and legislation.

Lantra groundcare training includes initial sports line marking, this accredited course focuses on the efficient, safe and legal aspects of line marking, and the skills needed to mark out. It introduces the basic competencies for preparation, setting out sports markings from scratch, and the application of line

marking materials. It also provides attendees with knowledge and understanding of the range of line marking machines and line marking paints and materials available.

On completion participants will be able to interpret the rules of the sport when setting out and marking out and understand and read the required dimensions of the sports pitch (i.e. from a diagram).

The course provides safe working practices and environment when marking out and ensures competence in the usage and maintenance of line marking machinery, and competence in understanding the cost effective best practice of applying different types of materials available and be able to calibrate them correctly.

Step up to Supaturf linemarking

Supaturf Linemarking machines and purpose-developed linemarking liquids provide the complete solution to the provision of high quality, accurate and highly visible lines at any sports venue – from international stadia to local, village pitches.

Whatever the requirement, from bright, white lines for a televised event to economical, long-lasting lines on multi-use local sports pitches, Supaturf provides the ideal solution.

There are also comprehensive ranges of accessories and spares for all line marking machines. Vitax has invested in new machinery and racking space to increase productivity and improve capacity to meet customer demand.

Vitax Amenity Enquiry 79

Precision and efficiency - the future of line marking

Origin Amenity Solutions has seen a surge in sales of their cuttingedge TinyLineMarker robots: the Sport and the Pro X.

These advanced machines are designed to transform how you approach line marking, delivering precision, efficiency, and reliability.

The TinyLineMarker Sport is perfect for smaller sports facilities and schools. Its compact size and ease of use make it an ideal choice for maintaining pristine playing fields with minimal effort. With its intuitive user interface and highprecision GPS technology, the Sport offers speed and accurately placed lines every time.

For larger venues and professional settings, the TinyLineMarker Pro X is the ultimate solution. This powerhouse robot boasts enhanced features and the ability to handle complex marking tasks with ease. The Pro X delivers unparalleled performance and consistency.

Make your mark

With our range of line marking machines and consumables

We supply leading technology brands TinyMobileRobots and iGo, together with a comprehensive range of Impact ready-to-use and Duraline dilutable concentrate paints. So, whether you need cutting-edge GPS robotic technology, the convenience of a spray marker machine, or the traditional transfer wheel marker, we have the product, expertise and support you need.

and enquiries:

Both models are designed with user-friendly interfaces, making them accessible to operators of all experience levels. Additionally, the environmental benefits are significant: reducing paint and water usage.

Origin Amenity Solutions is committed to innovation and excellence. With the TinyLineMarker Sport and Pro X, we are setting new standards in line marking technology, ensuring that every field looks its best with minimal hassle.

If you would like a FREE noobligation quote or demonstration, simply call our team on 0800 138 7222 and we’ll be happy to help!

The innovative technology is being rolled out across the UK with new robots being recently delivered to Durham County Council, Kadar Football Club, Bolton Council, Hurdcott Landscapes, and Chequers Contractors. These esteemed organisations trust TinyLineMarker robots to maintain their facilities to the highest standards.

Origin Amenity Solutions Enquiry 81

Lantra Enquiry 78

Turf Tank automatic solution for SETU

As pitch use grew at Ireland’s South East Technological University (SETU) Arena, Grounds Manager David Grant needed a solution for increased pitch marking times, and the Turf Tank One was the automatic answer.

High-quality playing surfaces and indoor facilities are a significant draw, but as demand to use the site grew, David’s team spent 630 hours line marking a year. Using the Turf Tank One, that has reduced to 120 hours.

David explains: “We started looking for an automatic solution to a problem because we were getting busier.

“Now, the pressure for lining is gone. We don’t have to worry anymore. If a booking comes in that we didn’t know about last minute, it’s not a big problem. The pitch will be lined in less than an hour.”

Using Turf Tank One, the SETU team can mark a soccer

pitch in 23 minutes and a GAA pitch from scratch in an hour. Reducing what used to take six and a half hours is significant for David, and it allows the facility to take last-minute bookings while always knowing the lines will be perfect.

David said: “There are so many variations of what we want on the tablet. We can literally select it and send it off. It’s doing its job while we’re off doing something else. And we know it’s going to be done perfectly. It’s the exact same line from the exact same spot every time.

“There’s no variation. There’s no worry that a new guy who’s brilliant at lining is going to go out, but he’s going to be different from me or someone else. The robot’s going to do the exact same thing every time and has done since we’ve been using it.”

Turf Tank Enquiry 82

Line Marking Solutions

Grassline is a family-owned business with over 40 years of experience in the line marking industry.

Responsive to customers’ individual needs, they can offer bespoke products to cater for particular requirements.

Line marking machines are essential tools for sports fi eld managers, road maintenance teams, car park operators, and anyone who needs to create clear and precise lines on various surfaces.

Grassline provides a selection of line marking machines to the highest industry standards. They are expertly designed for a variety of surfaces, utilising modern polyethylene technology and finalised in consultation with professional groundsmen.

Line marking machines are essential for achieving precision when marking sports pitches.

Whether it’s a football field, tennis court, or any other sporting arena, accurately marked lines are vital for fair play and adherence to regulations. These machines allow groundskeepers and facility managers to create clear and consistent lines, ensuring a level playing field for athletes.

Grassline’s premium line marking paints are designed with durability in mind for grass, synthetic, all-weather pitches or hard surfaces.

Grassline line marking paints can be applied via transfer wheel or spray line marker for the perfect finish.

Grassline Enquiry 83

alex@turftank co uk

Topdressing options from Turfco

As a turf manager you can tire of doing wheel-to-wheel overlapping spreads, which waste material and money, dealing with complicated mechanical adjustments and wasting time checking in with your team to verify spread settings?

The Widespin 1550 solves these problems and more.

ICL’s new hand-held spreaders

ICL has added two hand-held spreaders to its comprehensive range of spreaders: the ShakerPro and the HandyPro.

These compact tools are designed for turf managers and landscaping professionals looking for a convenient solution for small-scale applications.

The HandyPro is a hand-held rotary spreader. It allows for the easy application of ICL fertiliser or grass seed with just a turn of the handle. Its design focuses on ease of use and

comfort, making it an excellent choice for quick and small-scale spreading tasks. Its portability and straightforward mechanism make it a valuable tool applying products to small areas.

Similarly, the ShakerPro is a shaker style spreader, offering users a simple and efficient way to apply the ICL range of fertilisers, granular wetting agents, and seeds to small areas. Its hand-held design is particularly suited for tasks such as divot repair, where targeted application is more important

than extensive coverage. The ShakerPro stands out for its ease of handling and for making fertilisation and seeding on small areas hassle-free.

The ShakerPro and HandyPro and are now available through ICL’s network of distributors.

Both spreaders have been added to Turf Rewards. The ShakerPro can be claimed for just 5 points and the HandyPro 10 points.

Turfco’s WideSpin 1550 topdressers are available in truckmounted and tow-behind models with engine or hydraulic power options. They are available with standard electronic control or a patented digital Smart Controller. Standard electronic control models are easy to use and offer good value for the money. Smart Controller models offer rate calculation and programmable pre-sets for greater productivity and labour savings.

exact spread required, every time, is easier.

The result is that when using the WideSpin 1550 calculating and retaining application rates is easier. Adjusting settings is easier and saving preferred settings is easier. Loading is easier. Topdressing greens, approaches and tees at the same time is easier. And getting the

The Mete-R-Matic IV drop spreader is the ideal choice for golf greens, tees, driving ranges and sports fields. The patented Chevron belt guarantees a uniform application of all types of materials regardless of moisture content. The patented ground drive system means that you’re always getting a consistent rate regardless of how fast or slow the operator drives. No hydraulics, no pumps, no engines. Just set your application rate and go.

The Mete-R-Matic XL is a larger version with a 2.25 cubic yard hopper is the ideal choice for large turf areas, requiring less reloading and transportation for increased efficiency and productivity. The self-propelled Mete-R-Matic Topdresser has a lighter footprint on turf and easily manoeuvres around tight greens, lawns, tennis courts and smaller green areas.

Ever since Turfco developed the first top dresser in 1961, they’ve been the industry leader, setting the standard for uniform applications and easy to use designs.

Turfco Enquiry 87

passion for the profession

Be prepared with the right spreader

Broadcast spreaders work by covering a large area in a thin but consistent layer of salt or seed.

For smaller areas, the Handy THS50 broadcast push spreader is ideal as it’s robust but lightweight and easy to use. This machine is ideal for salt, grass seed and fertilisers with its adjustable feed control and a spread of up to 3.66m and you can actually vary the spread width by walking quicker or slower.

As the machine is pushed forward the product in the hopper drops onto a rotating agitator that then distributes the product consistently, reliably and efficiently so there’s no overdosing or wastage and you can even control the flow of the product onto the agitator from the hopper.

This particular Handy spreader also has pneumatic wheels which makes it easy and effortless to use on uneven surfaces.

It also has a hopper-cover to prevent spillage and wind or rain affecting the contents of the hopper.

For larger areas Towable spreaders and Drop spreaders can be used. Towable spreaders, such as the Handy THTS, are ones that can be attached to vehicles and used at low speeds to cover very large areas. Drop spreaders will deliver a large volume of salt in a targeted area in a consistent and even way. Easy to push, drop spreaders such as the Handy THTDS are particularly suitable in areas up to 5,000 sq. ft.

Cramer Enquiry 89

Pro Flora helping to boost biodiversity

After witnessing good results with the Johnsons J All Bent mixture, Woolley Park Golf Club are now enjoying similar success with new eco-friendly areas created with DLF’s Pro Flora range.

The project to enhance habitats and encourage diversity of wildlife has gathered pace in recent years under the stewardship of Head Greenkeeper John Rowbottom who, with the help of DLF’s Stuart Yarwood, has not only boosted biodiversity but brought new life to previously unmanageable areas.

The West Yorkshire club are longstanding users of seed mixtures from DLF. So, when a major renovation project two years ago left a large area of ‘unmanageable’ land, it was then that John consulted with his DLF Regional Technical Manager Stuart Yarwood for advice. “I didn’t want bright, bold colours, instead something more subtle and in keeping with the surroundings that would provide some cover and

habitat for pheasants and ground nesting birds.”

Stuart recommended Pro Flora 13, delivering a species-rich mix of UK native origin wildflowers and fine leaved low growing

grasses. “This has given us exactly what we wanted from an ecological perspective and, visually, blends in brilliantly beside our in-play areas. I believe it is our responsibility as custodians of land to ensure we

are doing what we can to protect the environment, and this is something both Stuart and I are keen to continue developing with our wildflower projects.”

DLF Seeds Enquiry 104

Mini-excavator from Develon

DEVELON, formerly Doosan Construction Equipment, has launched the new DX10Z-7

1 tonne zero tail swing miniexcavator, providing a significantly improved performance compared to the previous DX10Z model it replaces.

The DX10Z-7 is compact and easy to transport, offering a width of only 730 mm when the tracks and the front blade are fully retracted, allowing the machine to pass through doors. The hydraulically expandable undercarriage

provides the DX10Z-7 with one of the widest stances in the miniexcavator segment. When it is extended, the width of the square footprint becomes 1100 mm, providing unsurpassed stability.

In addition, to make access to the job site even easier, a foldable TOPS (Tip Over Protective Structure) canopy meeting ISO 12117 requirements is standard on the model.

Doosan Enquiry 105

Eco Green

Why buy Eco Green?

• Range from 5 - 30 cubic meter

• • Heavy-duty 4 auger machine

• •

• Outlet discharge elevators built with heavy duty stainless steel chain

• PTO / diesel / electric drives

• Rear loading hopper as standard

• Large comprehensive range of spares with next day delivery

• User safety training on all machines

• Flexible payment plans with guaranteed buy-back

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