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Portfolio TRAVel Media is the biggest communication partner in the travel industry with B2B initiatives. As a market leader, TRAVel Media has been conducting business for over 37 years, leading with titles such as TravMagazine, MICE& Events Travel, the e-learning platform TravEcademy and the linked line-extensions. TRAVel Media is a dynamic publishing group, who have specialized in multimedia communication over the past few years. TRAVel Media has the target to develop a suitable cross medial communication mix for every client. Employing Innovative techniques, promoting usability and providing a positive experience are our main points of focus in the process. With a national and international oriented client portfolio, TRAVel Media Is positioned as an important and experienced member of the industry. TRAVel Media exercises its expertise through online communications and events to inform and facilitate the travel industry. Portfolio B2B

Portfolio Business Travel & MICE


Vakantiebeurs MiniGuide

TravMagazine + E-Newsletter ZRA Webmagazine + E-Newsletter Dedicated Newsletter TravXtra Business Traveller

MICE & Business Travel Magazine MICE + E-Newsletter MICE Business & Travel Event Business Traveller

Vakantiebeurs Xtra Edition Election: Travel Agency of the Year Travel Awards Vakantiebeurs Knowledge Quiz Election: Independent Travel Agent Challenges, Fam Trips & Sales Visits Nederland TravEvents Travel Gala






For over 37 years TravMagazine is the steady beacon in the Dutch travel-industry. Every week this print magazine presents a perfect mix of news, education, and infotainment.

Rates 1/1 page full colour: € 3.219 (210 x 297 mm + 3mm bleed)

• Target Group: Travelagents & management (B2B) • Frequency: Every two weeks on friday • Circulation: 6.300+ • Distribution: Payed subscriptions • Market share: leader, 98% reached within the travel industry

Het grootste reisvakblad van Nederland

1/2 page full colour: (landscape 180 x 125 mm)

€ 2.093

1/4 page full colour: (88 x 125 mm)

€ 1.256


Het grootste reisvakblad van Nederland

Het grootste reisvakblad van Nederland JAARGANG 39 NOVEMBER 2020 WEEK 45

Van Verre/Special Traffic

EEn keuken met twee koks


Code geel voor gastvrij Aruba

Bonaire: geel reisadvies voor roze paradijs KAMERLID BRUINS (CU):



‘Dit is hét moment van verandering’

bieden branche perspectief

hoogtepunt in bizarre tijden




over het leven na Tenzing

‘We zijn er en we blijven er’

samen naar de retail




wanneer dekt de verzekering?

‘Klant wil weer plannen maken’

mogelijk in Rotterdam


TravMagazine Xtra Xtra is published on a regularly base together with TravMagazine. This special issue is dedicated to a specific destination and is focused on increasing knowledge and making that destination top of mind with the Dutch travel trade. The Xtra is highly appreciated; most readers keep them as a reference guide. It is possible to adopt an Xtra and fill this with content completely to your own choice.

• Target Group: Travel agents & management (B2B) • Frequency: on request • Circulation: 6.300+ • Distribution: Payed subscriptions • Market share: leader, 98% reached within the travel industry Rates: 1/1 page full colour: (210 x 297 mm + 3mm bleed) 1/2 page full colour: (180 x 125 mm) 1/4 page full colour: (88 x 125 mm)

€ 3.219 € 2.093 € 1.256

Dedicated Xtra magazine: Size

20 Pages

16 Pages

12 Pages

A4 A5

€ 21.800 € 14.360

€ 16.700 € 10.790

€ 12.000 € 8.500


TravMagazine online

TravMagazine newsletter

• Online magazine and newsplatform • Target Group: Travel agents & management (B2B) • 200.000+ page views a month

• Target Group: Travel agents & management (B2B) • 5 times a week • 8.700+ subscribed professionals • Banner advertising • Recruitment possible Rates* TravMagazine Newsletter Advertorial: € 850 Leaderboard (728 x 90) € 40 CPM Vacancy* € 650 Dedicated newsletter € 1.850 *In combination with and

Rates* Leaderboard (728x90) € 40 CPM Rectangle (336x280) € 35 CPM Advertorial € 850 Vacancy* € 650 Sponsoring poll € 750 per month *In combination with placement in newsletter 6

TravMagazine Specials Edition

3 5 7 9 11 13 15 17 19 21 23 25 29 27 31 35 37 39 41 43 45 47 49 51


3 5 7 9 11 13 15 17 19 21 23 25 29 27 31 35 37 39 41 43 45 47 49 51

Publication date



(Friday 12:00 PM)

22/01/21 12/02/21 26/02/21 12/03/21 26/03/21 09/04/21 23/04/21 07/05/21 21/05/21 04/06/21 18/06/21 02/07/21 16/07/21 30/07/21 13/08/21 27/08/21 10/09/21 24/09/21 08/10/21 22/10/21 05/11/21 19/11/21 03/12/21 17/12/21

15/01/21 05/02/21 19/02/21 05/03/21 19/03/21 02/04/21 16/04/21 30/04/21 14/05/21 28/05/21 11/06/21 25/06/21 09/07/21 23/07/21 06/08/21 20/08/21 03/09/21 17/09/21 01/10/21 15/10/21 29/10/21 12/11/21 26/11/21 10/12/21

Special 1

Special 2

Noviteiten zomer Stedentrips 1 van 2 ZRA 1 van 2 Cruise 1 van 4 Riviercruises Carribean 1 van 2 Airport & Services 1 van 2 Griekenland Midden Oosten (Qatar, RAS, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Oman) Cruise 2 van 4 Adults only Last Minutes Midden Amerika Azië Travel Technology Fly Drive Cruise 3 van 4 Spanje en Portugal 2 van 2 Kerst Duitsland Airport & Services 2 van 2 Camper Alaska Cruise 4 van 4 Groepsreizen 7 TRAVECADEMY.NL


The most successful e-learning platform for reaching your target at once; the (independent) travel professional Wide variety of information about destinations, products, vacancies, news and promotions for travel agents Page views per month: 150.000+ Registered users: 6.900 The ultimate medium to reach the Dutch travel industry Special section for independent and business travel agents

44.1% 34.4% 11% 8% 2.5%

Independent travel agents Travel agency employees Business travel agents Product managers Other

Banner Rates Leaderbord (728x90) Rectangle (336x280)

€40 CPM €35 CPM

Would you like to take a look? Please use the information below to log in: Username: Password: WelcomeGuest


Regular TravEcademy newsletter

Dedicated newsletter

2 to 3 times a week 5.500 subscribed members Open rate: 28%

Banner Rates Advertorial €850 Leaderboard (728x90) €450 Dedicated newsletter €1.850 (in your look and feel)


TravEcademy Full Course Approx. 25 pages including text, photos and videos, hyperlinks to your website and an exam with various sorts questions Average duration: 12 minutes Certificate for participants 1 year online € 4.200 Includes costs for creation, standard marketing and hosting

Game Course (Shortened course, possible with time limit) 5-6 pages with short texts, photos, video, hyperlinks to your website and 5-6 questions The goal is to answer all questions as quickly as possible Certificate for participants 3 months online € 2.100 Includes costs for creation, standard marketing and hosting

10 CREATE YOUR OWN ECADEMY Within TravEcademy we offer you the opportunity to create your very own section in which you can communicate your content to all users of TravEcademy. We call this an Ecademy (mini website). Consider it your own classroom in which you can also include courses.*

Components An Ecademy contains the following: Your daily news and special offers Special pages Photo gallery Embedded videos Courses Sales tips Give-aways Win items Events And all other content you request

*Courses are developed by the TravEcademy-team

For an Ecademy we have two options: Self-Service - € 2.000,- per year 100% control over your own Ecademy Post whatever your want, whenever you want Perfect for companies with a medium to large sales team Price includes the initial design of an Ecademy, hosting for one year and 4 hours training of your sales team Any support requests will be offered to you based upon an hourly rate of €79,50 per hour excl. VAT Full-Service - € 3.750,- per year The best choice for companies with a small sales team Our team does all the work for you Simply send us the content you wish to publish and we get it done for you This option also includes 5 hours of suppert per month!


Banner Advertising Banner placement is possible in different positions on the following webpages: • (TM) • (TE) • (MICE) • (BT)

Banner Size Full Banner 728*90 pixel Rectangle 336*280 pixel LeaderBoard 728*90 pixel LeaderBoard Newsletter 728*90 pixel

File Type

CPM Rate

.gif of .swf .gif of .swf .gif of .swf .gif of .swf

€ 35 € 40 € 45 € 45

Possibilities -

Procedures We charge a CPM (cost per 1.000 banner views) rate, so you’re sure that you get the amount of banner views that you pay for. First the position and campaign size should be determined. Then we include the position of your choice, and the amount of positions that you buy in our banner management system. The banner will then be shown exactly the amount of times that we agree, in the agreed period. When the campaign is finished, we’ll inform you about the specifics of the campaign, including the click through rate. For our banner advertisement campaigns we use the services of Adbutler. While this system also monitors our campaign statistics, you are 100% sure that you will get the exact amount of agreed exposure.


Dedicated E-newsletter • On an average of twice per week, about 8.700 travel trade professionals receive a newsletter •, and • It is possible to completely customize and focus these e-zines to the clients product, destination and organisation • This is the ideal tool, for example, launching a new product. € 1.850 per e-zine Including all cost for composition, layout and shipping. Based on the demand of the client.


Reis Management Club THE PLATFORM FOR TRAVEL MANAGERS, FOR OVER 31 YEARS Share experiences, provide opportunities to deepen knowledge and provide a platform for networking. These are some of the activities of the new Reis Management Club (translated: Travel Management Club). For over 31 years Reis Management Club (RMC) has been the podium for travel professionals to meet and exchange knowledge and experiences, as powered by TravMagazine all those years. Through these years some 1.400 travel managers have joined in the RMC, a household name in the travel trade in the Netherlands. RMC focuses on the management of all travel companies. These include directors/owners of tour operators and retail companies, managers, product managers, sales specialists, affiliate managers, but also ambitious employees. This RMC addresses a broad audience interested in the whole travel industry. The objective of the RMC is to contribute to the continuous quality and professionalism in the travel industry. The RMC is the ideal platform for a company to present itself as a major supplier. A partnership with the RMC offers you high level connections and the opportunity to generate new business in a relaxed setting. For potential partners, we have three different packages.

Bronze (€ 5.000)

Silver (€ 7.500)

Gold (€ 15.000)

• Attendance at Meetups. • Indication of logo and company name on all manifestations of the RMC. • An interview as RMC sponsor TravMagazine. • Placing a 1/1 page advertorial in TravMagazine and the online platform of RMC.

• Attendance at Meetups. • Indication of logo and company name on all manifestations of the RMC. • An interview as RMC sponsor TravMagazine. • Placing a 1/1 page advertorial in TravMagazine and the online platform of RMC. • The opportunity to give a presentation during one of the meetups. • The placement of three columns per year TravMagazine, which are edited by the editors. This be posted on the online platform of RMC. • Hosting a RMC Meetup in private business. • An advertisement (1 x 1/1 page) in TravMagazine.

• Attendance at Meetups. • Prominent mention of logo and business name in a larger size, through all the manifestations of the RMC. • A 2/1 page interview as RMC sponsor TravMagazine. • Placing a 1/1 page advertorial in TravMagazine and the online platform of RMC. • The ability to hold a presentation at two of the meetups. • The placement of six columns a year TravMagazine, which are edited by the editors. This will be posted on the online platform of RMC. You will get your own login to our website. • Hosting a RMC Meetup in private business. • The possibility of sharing your news, aimed at the target of the RMC. • Exclusive participation in the annual CEO dinner • 2 x 1/1 page ad in TravMagazine. • You enjoy the highest quantity discount for products Travel Media. 14

N O V E M B E R / D E C E M B E R 2 0 2 0 €4.95

Business Traveller DE AWARDS VAN 2020

De beste airlines, airports, hotels en meer medailles...

MERRY CHRISTMAS De allermooiste luxe cadeaus voor onder de kerstboom



De strenge maatregelen van airlines om veilig te vliegen

Tophorloges • Staycation • Puglia en Bonaire culinair

Business Traveller Netherlands BUSINES







MBER 2 0 2 0 €4.9 5



DE AWAR DS VAN 2020 De beste airl ine hotels en mee s, airports, r medailles...


J A N U A R I / F E B R U A R I 2 0 2 0 €4.95


Zon, zee, culinair, mooie wijn en meer redenen voor Libanon 2020

SAFETY FIRST De strenge ma airlines om atregelen van veilig te vlie gen

PLUS Tophorloge s • Stayca tion Puglia en Bonaire culi • nair



IWC Horloges • Interlaken • De ambities van Istanbul





Cover BT6.

indd 1

Nieuwe covermaten BT10.indd 1






ORANJE IN 2020 We gaan voor goud! De grote sportagenda om niets te missen



In de beste Business Class naar een bijzondere bestemming

MERRY C HRISTM AS De allermo oiste luxe cad voor onder de kerstbo eaus om

Target Group: Most of our readers are between 30 and 49 years old, average to higher education, luxury-oriented, tech-adept and have an above average gross income. Frequency: 4 times a year Circulation: 11.000 copies Pageviews: 10.000 views monthy Type: mobile, cosmopolitan and with a wide range of interests. Success-oriented but also with a keen interest in some fun in life.



The first edition of Business Traveller appeared over 42 years ago in the UK. It is without a doubt the global leading title for the business traveller and business travel sector. Business Traveller has fourteen editions worldwide: Asia / Pacific, Middle East, Africa, USA, Germany, ONVERBETERLIJK Russia and many other SCHOTLAND countries and regions. In November of 2016, TRAVel Media acquired the license for publishing Business Traveller in The Netherlands. Business Traveller is published in a circulation of 11.000 copies each issue.


20 17:13

29-01-2020 16:09

BUSINESS TRAVELLER TRAVELS GLOBALLY WITH YOU: this prestigeous title is found all over the world in rooms of large business hotels, airport lounges and on board selected airlines. The title is read by members of several major industry associations and of course by our subscribers, corporates that are frequently on the move, anywhere in the world.

Business Traveller offers its readers the latest information, significant content presented in a structured and reader-friendly manner in a nice glossy look and feel. Business Traveller brings the traveling know-how that is crucial for successful business wherever it may bring you.


Distribution At this moment, the 11.000 copies of BUSINESS TRAVELLER are distributed as followed: • To 9.500 middle and large businesses in the Netherlands, who do a minimum of 8 million euros of import and/or export yearly • 900 addresses within the business travel industries (TMC’s, airlines, airports, suppliers, OTA’s, IT-companies, destinations, hotels) • At more than 10 Dutch hotels popular amongst business travellers: • Ibis Schiphol • Novotel Schiphol • Novotel Amsterdam City • Novotel Rotterdam • Worldhotel Wings Rotterdam Airport • Novotel Den Haag • Mercure Amsterdam City • Mercure Den Haag Central Station • Pullman Eindhoven • Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam

• In the lobby of Schiphol Valet Parking • In the lobby of Schiphol Excellence Parking • In the Privium Lounge at Schiphol Airport • In several lounges at Schiphol Airport: • British Airways Lounge • Cathay Pacific Lounge • Aspire Executive Lounge at Amsterdam Schiphol - Lounge 41 (Non-Schengen) • Aspire Executive Lounge at Amsterdam Schiphol - Lounge 26 (Schengen) • Digital in the TUI Cloud (all TUI flights) • Digital on Readly, world wide media app


Commercial opportunities The commercial opportunities in Business Traveller are diverse and will offer a full scale of possibilities for your communication demands. The possibilities are as followed: Ads, Dedicated Booklet, Advertorials, themed or product annex, Business portraits & Specials ADVERTISEMENTS In order to increase your brand awareness an advertisement is the best communication method. ADVERTISING RATES 1/1 page: 2/1 page: 1/2 page: Inside or backcover:

3.150 € 5.950 € 1.950 € 3.400 €

INSERTS Max. 15 gram: Max. 30 gram: Max. Size:

4.200 € 6.200 € 208 mm x 275 mm

SIZE 1/1

Dimensions (W x H) Size 1/1: 208 mm x 275 mm Size 2/1: 416 mm x 275 mm Size 1/2 landscape: 175 mm x 110 mm Size 1/2 portrait: 88 mm x 220 mm Bleed: + 3 mm File Size: PDF with cropmarks Resolution: 300 dpi Colors: CMYK

ADVERTORIAL A good form of substantive content with promotional attention, a very powerful combination.

SIZE 2/1

ADVERTORIAL RATES 1/1 advertorial: 2/1 advertorial:

SIZE 1/2

3.500 € 6.580 €

SIZE 1/2


Business Traveller Online BUSINESSTRAVELLER.NL is the online platform of the magazine Business Traveller. The website contains the latest news from the business travel industry, interviews with professionals and public figures, information on locations, product specials and is updated daily with news. This platform provides our subscribers also with a weekly digital newsletter.

BUSINESS TRAVELLER E-NEWSLETTER Every week our database containing 4.300+ travel managers and business travellers are sent a Business Traveller newsletter. Here we offer a full banner option in .jpg format advertorials and a dedicated e-zine. Rates


Full banner (728x90): 55 € CPM Advertorial: 850 € Dedicated newsletter: 1.800 €

Page views: 37.000+ p.m Social followers: 2.000+ Live since: 12-11-2016 Newsletter: 4.300+ subscribers, sent on weekly basis

BANNER POSITION LEADERBOARD Banner Size File Size Reclangle LeaderBoard


336*280 pixel 728*90 pixel

Max 40 kb Max 40 kb

File Type

CPM Rate

.gif or .jpg .gif or .jpg

€ 35 € 40


Topics planned for 2021 BUSINESS TRAVELLER




J U N I 2 0 2 1 €4.95

D E C E M B E R 2 0 2 0 €4.95

M A A R T 2 0 2 1 €4.95

IN DEPTH INTERVIEWS De CEO van een luxe rederij, en een jonge horlogemaker




De beste 10 livewedstrijden om mee te pakken op zakenreis...

London Heathrow • Marrakech • Airline in the spotlight

Zakendoen en ontspannen in het Midden-Oosten...

WEG NAAR WINTERZON De leukste tips om de herfst zo snel mogelijk achter je te laten



Hoe een airport groeit en groeit en nog veel meer wil...

Tried & tested • Porsche horloges • Winnaars BTMF Awards


S E P T E M B E R 2 0 2 1 €4.95

ECONOMY LONG HAUL Alles wordt anders. Wie biedt wat en voor hoeveel achterin?

INTERVIEW TOPCHEF Margo Reuten & de ambities van een (Michelin-)ster...



De allerbeste stoelen uit de tussenklasse gerangschikt

Tried & tested • Oris horloges • Audi Q3 & Wellness in Spanje

Trendy update. De allerhipste adressen van Amsterdam...









#2 - JUNE • Het beste van de buren (special buurlanden zakelijk) • Interview zakelijk reisbureau • De beste gadgets voor op reis • Reismode • De nieuwe zomerroutes airlines • BTMF update • Bestemming Europa DEADLINE 15th of June



DEADLINE 17th of March

PLUS London Heathrow • Marrakech • Airline in the spotlight




• Rondgang last minute • Schiphol airlines • De nieuwste hotelopeningen • Interview zakelijk reisbureau • Luxe reizen om nu over na te denken • Legendarische hotelbars • Bestemming

SPORTS & TRAVEL De beste 10 livewedstrijden om mee te pakken op zakenreis...

MEI 2018



#1 - MARCH

IN DEPTH INTERVIEWS De CEO van een luxe rederij, en een jonge horlogemaker


HEET IN DE HOOFDSTAD Trendy update. De allerhipste adressen van Amsterdam...



• De stand van zaken in de business reiswereld • Interview CEO airline • Special Premium Economy • Verslag IATA top • Back to nature • Bestemming: Boston en stad Europa

• Special Business Class Stoelen • De nieuwe winterroutes • De Business Traveller Awards • Back to Asia, de stand van zaken • Bestemming ver en dichtbij

DEADLINE 20th of September

DEADLINE 14th of December

EVERY ISSUE: • Need to know airline information • Hotel updates • Destination Reports

• Reviews on hotels and travel • Business updates

• Lifestyle and technology (cars, watches, and so on) • Luxury Travel

• Interviews • And much more


MICE & Business Travel MICE & Business Travel For over 17 years this business magazine has been focusing on Meetings, Incentives, Congresses as well as Events and is the ultimate medium to reach all relevant players in this industry throughout the Netherlands. The magazine is filled with creative ideas for successful business meetings and congresses, incentives as well as practical information for events. MICE & Business Travel is published four times a year with more than 6.000 copies and since 2020 as digital interactive magazine. The MICE market is very interesting because of it`s high yield. It is complementary to the leisure market. As of right now, companies and business professionals are gaining more and more interest by the day in MICE trips. Already 40% of the Dutch market organizes MICE trips and over 52% of Dutch companies are planning to introduce these trips in the near future. This is a very promising trend and as a result, the need for information about different types of accommodation and destinations is enormous. MICE & Business Travel fulfils this need, and has become an excellent platform to promote mice (related) companies and destinations. To inform Dutch trade professionals about the possibilities that your company or destination has to offer, this will be communicated to our target audience of 11.000 professional MICE organizers and corporate companies.

FACTS Target Group: Decision makers in MICE and business travel Frequency: 4 times a year Circulation: 6.000+ copies

Rates Small advertisement: € 9.50 Full advertisement: € 1.150 Dedicated advertisement: € 1.450 Cover take over: € 4.100 Dedicated magazine, rates:

10 Pages

15 Pages

20 Pages

€ 4.750

€ 5.700

€ 6.080


Specifications 1: SMALL ADVERTISEMENT - € 950,-


The small advertisement is an image or GIF on a fixed position, designed based on the full width of the users screen within an article. The small ad will scale to the users platform and device. In total the banner option will give you 2 inserts throughout one magazine, on pages like Specials or interviews written by our editors. The banner consists of 1 image (static or dynamic) and 1 clickable call to action.

The full advertisement opens up a world of options to get your message across in the travel industry. The user will see your ad when scrolling through an article. This dynamic advertisement is custom build by our design team, based upon content provided by you. Text, images, but also rich content such as video and audio: these are the ingredients for this dynamic option.

Specifications: Advertisement size for web and tablet*: 1920x540 px. Advertisement size for mobile**: 375x335 px. Image: PNG, JPG or GIF Image file size: max. 2MB Video***: Youtube or Vimeo url.

Specifications: Advertisement size for web and tablet*: 1920x1080 px. Advertisement size for mobile**: 375x667 px. Image: PNG, JPG or GIF Image file size: max. 2MB Video***: Youtube or Vimeo url


Specifications 3: DEDICATED ADVERTISEMENT - € 1.450,-

5: COVER TAKEOVER - € 4.100,-

The dedicated advertisement has almost unlimited options. Add all the content you desire, as many call-to-actions and website links as you please and have the users scroll as long as you wish. The dedicated advertisement, is the only option that gives you multiple layers within your ad. Have buttons show a pop-up or open a whole different section with new content, without ever leaving your page and your URL. The dedicated ad is almost like having your own website in our magazine!

TravelPro is well known for its creative cover pages, sometimes in cooperation with a partner. We call this the cover takeover. Imagine the whole travel industry opening the latest edition of TravelPro with on the cover, your logo and company message that can even contain video. On the second page, you will get a premium advertisement to tell your story to the travel professional and have them interact with your page.

Specifications: Advertisement size: Own page Image: PNG, JPG or GIF Image file size: max. 2mb Video***: Youtube or Vimeo url.

6: DEDICATED MAGAZINE Interested on collaborating with us to design your own digital magazine? With this magazine you can reach travel professionals, consumers, or both! You get your very own custom URL, no TravelPro branding. So you decide how you wish to distribute. We can deliver reports of all statistics such as openings, locations and clicks per page. Your magazine will be online for 12 months. As this is completely tailor-made, please contact us to discuss all options. 21

MICEtravel Online With 41.000 page views per month is a major player in online communication towards to complete Benelux MICE-market. Commercial opportunities we offer are described below. FACTS Target Group: Decision makers in MICE and business travel Page views: 47.000 per month Visitors: 3.400 unique per month

BANNER POSITION LEADERBOARD Banner Size File Size Reclangle LeaderBoard

336*280 pixel 728*90 pixel

Max 40 kb Max 40 kb

File Type

CPM Rate

.gif or .jpg .gif or .jpg

€ 35 € 40 - Homepage This unique and dedicated section is focused entirely on your destination including video, news items, photo gallery’s, contact dates etc. STARTING FEE € 75 PER MONTH Including all cost for composition, layout, content managament and marketing.


Planning and themes EVERY ISSUE Columns by:



• What’s coming up? De plannen van een aardig aantal Conventionbureaus

• De hot spot bestemmingen voor het najaar

• Groot interview • MICE Hotspots in Nederland

• Preview IMEX • Update BTMF • Special Buurlanden

FALL 2021 • We mogen weer, de laatste plannen van de bestemmingen • Alles over BTMF • Special Frankrijk

• Special bijzondere incentives

• MPI Netherlands • SITE Chairman Roger Scheurs • Marije Breuker, incentive specialist from Motivation Travel

• Artikel sport en mice

News on:

• Wat brengt 2022?

• Hotels • DMC’s • Market Research • Airlines • New openings • Trends • News from SITE, ICCA, MPI, GBTA and so on…


• Aankondiging BTMF • Nieuwe hotelopeningen voor 2021

DEADLINE 15th of Februari

DEADLINE 17th of May

DEADLINE 23th of August

DEADLINE 15th of November




PUBLICATION November 23 30

Events & Fam trips Business Travel & MICE Fair Every year MICE & Business Travel organizes the BTMF, the Business Traveller and MICE Fair, in The Netherlands. This one day event will bring together suppliers and Dutch buyers in an educative and inspiring setting. We welcome the top 150-250 buyers (agencies & corporate clients) of the Dutch MICE industry, who will utilize this event to exchange information as well as to discuss on decision-making level on destinations, venues and accommodation. A select number of tourist boards, DMC’s, hotel chains, congress & meeting facilitators will present their latest news to the Dutch market.

Rates on request

Several packages are available with different advertorial combinations, starting at € 1.900.

MICE Fam trip or event? MICE & Business Travel magazine has many years of experience in organizing dedicated fam trips to destinations (for example Malta, South Africa) and hosting an event in the Netherlands for MICE buyers (for example Miami). We have the connections with the MICE buyers in the Netherlands, the media reach to connect with the right people, the team to organize the whole fam trip or event and ability to generate lots of exposure during and after the fam trip or event. Interested in what we can do for you? Get in touch! Date: 13 September 2021 Location: Amsterdam


Events Election Travel Agency of the Year Mission


For many years the Election of the Travel Agency of the Year is a recognized election to reward good travel agencies with a provincial or even a national title. The election consists of a few rounds, in which the travel agency will be pushed to look critical to the management. After a final presentation before the jury, the best Travel Agency of the Year will be selected per province.


Dutch Travel Agencies PERIOD

November - May Join the election as a sponsor, be involved for 6 months, take a seat in the jury, build a partnership with the best Travel Agencies in the Netherlands and make them your ambassadors.



Independent Travel Agent of the Year



The platform for every independent travel agent in the Netherlands. A Battle will take place for the title of the best independent travel agent, but also endless creative possibilities to lift your company up to a higher level. All the aspects of being an entrepeneur in travel will be tested and most be excellent, to become the Best Independent Travel Agent of the Year.


Independent Travel Agents PERIOD

September - January Join the election as a sponsor, be involved for 6 months, take a seat in the jury, build a partnership with the best Travel Agents in the Netherlands and make them your ambassadors.


Events Travel Gala & Travel Awards Mission


During the Travel Gala the complete Dutch travel industry shows appearance. There are OTA’s, tour operators, travel agents, airlines, tourist offices, travel technology providers, ZRA’s and e-commerce players.


The Travel Gala is a well known event for over 25 years and running!

The Dutch Travel Industry PERIOD

Every year, last Saturday in January Become a sponsor of the gala and get the spotlights on you before, after and during this festive evening joined by over 450+ decision makers in Dutch travel industry.




Feel free to contact us! Sales



T.J. van Apeldoorn Tel: +31 (0)35 67 28 855 E-mail:

Dennis Ebbers Tel: +31 (0)35 67 28 855 E-mail: