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LIFE Winter 2019 Edition Issue 43

• New this edition! A pull out children's magazine • Past times... the case of the missing house on Southgate Green • Paint colour trends for 2019

Minchenden House viewed from The Cherry Tree

n today Southgate Gree

welcome Happy New Year! Myself and my team at Anthony Webb hope you have all had an enjoyable break and got to spend some time with family and friends. I have been looking forward to the New Year as this is traditionally a busy period for us with lots of valuations are booked in already! The latest report from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) predicts that the number of homes being sold nationwide will fall over the next three months. "It is evident from the feedback to the latest RICS survey that the ongoing uncertainties surrounding how the Brexit process plays out is taking its toll on the housing market," said Simon Rubinsohn, RICS' chief economist. We are fortunate in Palmers Green and Southgate that our area is a very desirable part of London with great amenities, transport links, green space and schools. Enfield is one of a few boroughs in the capital to see an average price rise during the last year, despite the uncertainty, and high demand for homes locally has contributed to this. If you’re thinking about selling or renting your property this year, please do get in touch for a free valuation. In this edition of Palmers Green and Southgate LIFE you will find a new ‘pull-out’ magazine for children to enjoy. We have included a competition, games and some freebies to collect from our office. We hope to make this a regular addition to our magazine and ask you to send in any suggestions you may have for this section of our magazine!


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Two local restaurants have advertised this month, January is often a quiet time of year for the restaurant trade so please show your local support by visiting, they have some great offers to entice you!


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Anthony Webb, supporting local schools, charities and local action groups to enrich our community.


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A view from City Hall

by Joanne McCartney AM

Extra support for rough sleepers E: joanne.mccartney@london.gov.uk www.joannemccartney.com Tel: 020 7983 5524 It is a scandal that in one of the richest countries in the world we have growing numbers of people without a home, forced to sleep rough on our streets. The Government needs to tackle this issue urgently and deal with the causes of homelessness, such as cuts to welfare and support services. I raised this issue with the Mayor of London at a recent Mayor’s Question time. In response he told me that he has doubled of the size of City Hall’s street outreach team, increased funding, created a new team to help those sleeping rough on London’s transport network, and agreed with London boroughs that severe weather shelters will now open London-wide if the temperature is predicted to drop below zero anywhere in the capital. Previously, shelters were opened on a borough-by-borough basis, leading to patchy provision. I am pleased that the London Borough of Enfield has signed up to the Mayor’s ‘In For

Good’ principle - a promise that, when a rough sleeper goes to an emergency shelter, they will be accommodated there until a support plan is put in place to help them off the streets for good. If you see someone sleeping rough you can alert outreach services to rough sleepers needing support via the Streetlink app and website. Trees for London In my last column I wrote about the 75,000 trees being planted across London as part of the Mayor of London’s £1.5m Woodland Fund. On the weekend of the 3/4th December, along with hundreds of volunteers, I helped to plant over 3,000 trees to create a new woodland at Montagu Recreation Ground in Edmonton; and 600 trees were also planted in Broomfield Park to create a hedgerow along Aldermans Hill. Trees and woodland store carbon, help improve air quality, create habitat for wildlife,

and provide spaces for recreation and inspiration. Thank you to all the volunteers who came out in the rain to make this possible - your support is really appreciated. London Assembly Investigations The London Assembly scrutinises the work of the Mayor and matters of importance to Londoners. We investigate and make recommendations to the Mayor and other bodies on how their policies could be improved to make London better. Current investigations are examining; the disability employment gap, temporary accommodation and welfare reform, social prescribing for London, secondary school exclusions and the Mayor’s Healthy Streets initiative. Full details and how you can send in your views can be found at www.london.gov.uk

Joanne is the London Assembly Member for Enfield & Haringey and is the statutory Deputy Mayor of London.

Exploring art after children! by Annette Donouzjian My interest in art started from an early age but has steadily resurfaced again since having children and is now one of my greatest passions. I am an incredibly proud mother of four which consumes all my time so creating a space for my art is so important to me and for the development of my work. I’ve always been fascinated by the discipline of image making. I find myself engaged by many types and styles of work. Being able to take myself off into my own space creates that real sense of escapism that is so necessary to indulge in the creative process. Having been out of practice for so long I feel very fortunate to have developed and arrived at a style/process which really speaks to me and the direction I want to continue to take with my work. With figurative art you choose your subject and observe it. If it’s a still life, all the answers are there for you - you just need to refer to its form, colour, light and environment but with abstract art you have no point of reference, you continue through emotion and ideas. Your job is not to observe but to explore and discover through your own processes. This is the part I have found very interesting. I love the spontaneity of my work; the colour combinations and forms

8882 7888

that occur through exploring and pairing. The medium I mainly work in is acrylic paint. Acrylics can take on such beautiful movement and colour, it seems as if there is no end to the variations I can achieve by manoeuvring and manipulating. I love the way my children see my paintings, they engage them with such innocence and excitement. They talk me though some of the things they see in an attempt to make their own sense of them. It’s such a beautiful way of experiencing any artwork and I would hope that anyone who views my paintings could approach them in the same way.

Please enjoy my exhibition at Anthony Webb from January to March 2019 or visit www.andartworks.com



Past Times...The Case of the Missing House on The Green – MINCHENDEN HOUSE by Chris Horner This is essentially a story of the most substantial house in Southgate occupied by a succession of titled nobility, hosting King William II and appointed with works of art including the only genuine portrait of William Shakespeare, but then falling into disrepair due to its owners bankruptcy.

An impressive 35 bedroom home once located on Southgate Green now lost to history

This article describes the evolution of the site and the story of its inhabitants. The penultimate owner being described in the Times as “he flung all away by extravagance and folly, and reduced his honours to the tinsel of a pauper and the bauble of a fool”. From the beginning of recorded time Southgate and Palmers Green had been a wooded landscape, that have now evolved into a built landscape interspersed with trees. A thousand years ago dense oak forests covered the South East of England and the ancient communities living within the woodland of Southgate used the forests as a resource. Oak timbers for constructing their houses and furniture; fuel for kindling and charcoal; oak acorns for milling into flour or for feeding to their herds of pigs which roamed freely in the forests. Oak bark was used in the leather tannin process and as a medicine. In the 1600s the lands around Southgate were held by the Augustinian Priory of St Mary in Clerkenwell forming part of the Charterhouse Estate. The enclosure Act of 1750 instigated a change to the surrounding landscape; trees were felled and common lands fenced, sold and divided into


plots for cultivation, farming and raising livestock.

Sir David Hechstetter. It was then bought by John Nichol as his residence in 1736.

The derivation of minchenden was “myncen” or minchen, an order of nuns in Clerkenwell holding land at Minchen Wood. The wood passed on to the Cecil family of Hatfield, then to John Weld in 1614, to Sir Thomas Stringer; then onto Sir Thomas Wolstenholme who built Minchenden House in 1664. The House and grounds were sold to

The house built on the south side of The Green was a substantial three storey brick built house with a lower basement and 35 rooms. The front elevation was formed in three bays, each bay having three large windows in the classical Georgian style, including a stable block and a coach house all being surrounded by a high brick wall. The view from the Cherry Tree today

348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ

Parts of the estate wall can still be seen running along the footpath on the south side of The Green towards Christchurch and the Minchenden Oak Garden on Waterfall Road. The Estate comprised extensive gardens including land which was then known as Chapel Fields, now known as the Walker Ground. Improvements were made to the house, including the addition of a smoking room, a library, a new staircase and alterations to the entrance portico and roof parapet. Soon after buying the house John Nichol died and the estate passed to his only daughter Margaret Nichol who became a wealthy heiress with marriageable status. Margaret Nichol then aged 18 was courted and married James Brydges aged 22 on 22nd May 1753. James was a local man educated at Cambridge University, a Ranger of Enfield Chace and Governor of Charterhouse, and a man with a title, 3rd Duke of Chandos whose family wealth had accumulated in part from trading interests in the West Indies. The couple married at St Georges Church, Hanover Square, Westminster, a church where Handel, a family friend had been organist. The Minchenden House Estate became the Duke and Duchess’s country seat in place of the Brydges earlier country seat at Canons Park, Little Stanmore near Edgeware, which had been demolished in 1747. The Duke and Duchess divided their time between leafy Southgate and their Westminster home; Chandos House, a stone built grade 1 listed town house, designed in the Georgian style by Robert Adam, located at Chandos Row behind what is now The Langham Hotel. The Dukes responsibilities included his appointments as Grand Master of the Freemasons 1754 – 64, Whig MP. for Winchester 1754-68,Whig MP. for Radnorshire 1761-68, Lord of the Kings Bedchamber 1760-64, Lord-Lieutenant of Hampshire 1763-64 and 1771-80, Invested as Kings Privy counsellor on 12th May 1775 and Lord Steward of the Royal Household 1783-89. Margaret Nichol, the Duchess of Chandos died on 14th August 1768 aged 33 after 15 years of marriage and is buried in a marble sarcophagus at the Church of St Lawrence, Little Stanmore on the Canons Estate in the Chandos family mausoleum. The Chandos Mausoleum was built as an addition to the

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Margaret Nichol's tomb on the left hand side at The Church of St Lawrence, Little Stanmore

Church of St Lawrence by the 1st Duke of Chandos in 1735. Its walls are decorated with trompe l’oeil figures and Italianate columns and has a marble monument to the first Duke designed by Grinling Gibbons . After the death of his first wife Margaret Nichol, the Duke married Anne Elizabeth Gamon on 21st June 1777, again at St Georges Church in Hanover Square and they had two children Georgianna Charlotte Brydges born 6th September 1778 and Anna Eliza Brydges born 22nd October 1779. The third Duke died on 29th September 1789 aged 58 from injuries received when his wife inadvertently moved the chair that he was about to sit on. He was buried in the family mausoleum at Little Stanmore. His wife the Dowager Duchess Anne, was certified insane and continued living at both Minchenden House and Chandos House until her death at Chandos House on 20th January 1813, aged 78. The estate then passed to the daughter Anna Eliza Brydges, a ward of court. She married Earl Temple, the Marquess of Buckingham and son of Prime Minister George Grenville, in April 1796, when she was aged 17. He was aged 20 and the marriage needed an act of Parliament to enable them to marry under age. By 1815 at the age of 39 the now Duke of Buckingham and Chandos, known as the Marquess of Buckingham, had accrued country houses at Minchenden, Stowe, Wooton, Gosfield and Avington and two London town houses, Chandos House and Buckingham House and some 58,000 acres

of land and a Jamaican Plantation. Through poor management and profligate spending outgoings soon exceeded income. Borrowings, interest repayments and debts mounted and properties fell into a state of disrepair. In 1823 the Duchess desperately packed away the contents of Minchenden House including a collection of paintings and put the house out to rent. She died in 1836 after 40 years of marriage. Her husband followed soon after and the estate and debts fell to their son the Marquess of Buckingham. The Marquess died on 17th January 1839 and Minchenden House (which had been rented out and fallen into neglect) then passed to his son Richard the second Duke of Buckingham and Chandos. Richard was declared bankrupt with debts of over £1 million in 1847 and in 1848 all the contents of Stowe House were sold by Christies, including the portrait of Shakespeare inherited from Margaret Nichol and now hanging in the National Gallery. In 1853 Minchenden House and Chapel Fields were sold to Isacc Walker of Arnos House. The land was absorbed into the Arnos Grove Estate and Minchenden House was demolished to create a clear view. Following the sale of Arnos Grove detached houses were built on the south side of the green on the previous site of Minchenden House. All that remains as a reminder is a blue plaque on the wall of number 18 The Green which serves as a reminder of things past.



Parliamentary Comment by Bambos Charalambous MP

Thin Blue Line bambos.charalambous.mp@parliament.uk Parliament: 020 7219 3460 Constituency Office: 020 8882 0088 472 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, London N13 5PA Over the last two months I have been shocked by the spike in violent crime being committed across Enfield. The most shocking for Enfield Southgate was the murder of a vulnerable elderly man in Bowes Ward in his own home. Our community is heart-broken and we send our deepest sympathies to his family. Subsequent aggravated burglaries and attempted burglaries have been reported in Southgate Green and Winchmore Hill and I have heard first hand, from the victims of those burglaries, of the sheer terror and fear as to what happened to them when their home and their security was violated. At numerous packed out public meetings, I have heard from residents who have deep concerns about their safety and the safety of their families. Constituents have approached me to let me know of worrying incidents while out in Enfield, where their safety was at risk. Although there are actions we can take ourselves to make our homes a bit safer and to be more safety conscious while we are out,

we should not be forced to live in fear. I know our police service is doing the best they can, but the huge cuts to their funding by Central Government is making it close to impossible to deliver the public service that we need. The recent Home Office Affairs Select Committee Report, ‘Policing for the Future’ concluded that without additional funding for policing, there will be dire consequences for public safety, criminal justice and public confidence. We recognise this effect in Enfield right now. In Enfield we have lost 400 officers and we now have only between 20 and 30 officers on duty at any time. The small amount of resources will have to focus on a serious incident at any one time, leaving some other parts of the borough without a police presence. This isn’t just my conclusion, this is what our police officers told residents at our public meeting in Bowes. I remember back in 2006 when the safer neighbourhood teams were rolled out across the borough with six dedicated officers (one sergeant, two police officers and three PCSOs) for each ward – this

number has dwindled to just three officers per 10,000 people. When you consider that officers have to work shifts it’s a sobering thought that this thin blue line is all that is keeping us safe. I’ve heard some residents suggest that they want to pay for their own security on their road, but this really isn’t the society I want to live in. I am absolutely opposed to the ideology of draining our public services, forcing people to pay privately. Our society should be collectively responsible for everyone’s safety, health, education and prosperity. We do this through fair taxation, redistribution of wealth and decent public services based on need. The first duty of any government is to keep its citizens safe – my fear is that we have reached the tipping point. I have raised the need for substantial investment in policing in Parliament and will continue to do so. We cannot allow things to continue the way they have been.

Help save Enfield’s green belt by Councillor Joanne Laban email Cllr.Joanne.Laban@enfield.gov.uk Conservative Member for Highlands Ward Happy New Year, my article for this edition focusses on the new Local Plan which is an extremely important document that will affect our borough for years to come. You might be thinking what is a local plan? Local Plans set out the big decisions on planning for the future of communities. They outline the longterm strategy for each planning authority in our case Enfield Council. Every local planning authority must create a Local Plan to guide the future development of their area. Future planning decisions must then be made in accordance with that plan. Consultation with neighbourhood organisations and business is a key part of creating Local Plans making sure that they reflect the future needs of the whole community. Engaging in that consultation process is the best way to help shape the future development. Local Plans set out the strategic priorities for development of an area and cover housing, commercial, public and private development, including transport infrastructure, along with protection for the local environment. Enfield Council is currently working on a new Local Plan to shape how our borough is developed in the future. The key challenges it needs to address are:


• ensuring there is enough housing to meet everyone’s needs; • creating better employment opportunities and promoting economic growth; • reviewing infrastructure and community facilities; • the future role of our town centres; • creating places that promote health and wellbeing; • ensuring development is high quality and protects the environment. A draft Local Plan document has already been created. I do not think anyone can argue that Enfield and indeed London requires more homes. However, this draft document floats the idea of potentially allowing development on Enfield’s green belt by re-designating the use of the land. Enfield’s green belt is therefore under threat. For many residents, Enfield’s unique selling point and charm is its mix between town and country within one borough. The mix of housing, town centres, businesses, high streets, parks, open spaces and countryside make Enfield what it is. The green belt benefits London’s air quality, supports our agricultural industry, helps

reduce the risk and impact of flooding and provides habitats for London’s wildlife. Enfield does have brownfield land. The council has been working on a 10,000-home scheme in Edmonton called Meridian Water for a decade, yet it has not produced a single home. A development project on several very small sites, has been going on for eight years. Enfield needs to get on with completing these schemes and developing new ones on brownfield land before taking the easy way out through building on green belt. Our neighbouring boroughs have been more successful in building new homes than Enfield, so it is time that we caught up.

Consultation The consultation on the draft document will run from 5 December 2018 to 28 February 2019. This is your chance to save Enfield’s green belt and help develop a vision by telling Enfield Council what you think the borough should be like in the future.

348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ

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Keeping you safe this year by Chief Inspector Neil Billany

Firstly can I start by wishing everyone reading a Happy New Year. 2019 represents a significant year for Enfield Police as we merge with Haringey to become the North Area. While some aspects of your police will change the core basics uniform policing – that being Neighbourhoods and Response will remain locally based within Enfield and you should see little difference should you have to contact us in coming months. To touch briefly on a couple of issues affecting this area, firstly the sad burglary of Mr Gouldstone in Evesham Road in early November which, ultimately led to his death. We are still seeking witnesses to this violet robbery and information as to who is responsible. Sadly burglaries are a feature of London life, however in the


vast majority of cases no suspects are seen, let alone threaten or use violence. Detectives in Enfield remain focused on this investigation and our thoughts remain with Mr Gouldstones’s family. Secondly we are aware of reports of drug dealing in and around Green Lanes. The local ward team has increased patrols and have made the significant arrest of a young man for dealing cocaine and cannabis. This man has now gone to ground and is wanted, however since his arrest local businesses have reported a decline in crime and anti-social behaviour so

despite justice pending with regards to the drug dealing charges the main fact is the area has improved since we took action. As always I finish by pointing out that this is a relatively safe part of London and remains a nice place to live and work. With the challenges of violent crime in other parts of Enfield you may not see as much of the police as others, however please rest assured that your local ward teams are dedicated specifically to you here and remain your first point of contact for low level crime and anti-social behaviour.

348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ

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Citizens Advice have been providing essential services to communities since 1939 Many people don’t realise that their local Citizens Advice is a charity just like any other. We are so used to seeing a Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) in every part of the country, since way back in 1939, that it is hard to imagine being without it. Citizens Advice Enfield is trying to keep its essential services running in the face of funding cuts and has opened two charity shops right here in Palmers Green. These are the first two Citizens Advice charity shops in the UK. The first shop at 40 Green Lanes, N13 6HT opened in April with the second at 370 Green Lanes, N13 5PE following in December. Why are these shops different? Francesca and Antonia who manage the new shop at 370 Green Lanes explain – `Every penny we make will be spent right here in Enfield helping local people through

times of trouble. The money you spend with us might be used: • To provide a home visit to a disabled pensioner to sort out their benefits • Advising someone who has been made homeless or lives in bad housing about their rights • Helping a family affected by domestic violence. Whatever issues you care about, we will see local people affected by those issues.’ Francesca explains how you can help • We urgently need volunteers to help at both shops. If you have a few hours to

spare each week, do pop in and see us. • Donations are always welcome (sorry, we can’t take electrical items, furniture or children’s equipment such as car seats) • Come and shop with us! We have lovely things for sale at both shops. Both shops are open Monday to Saturday 10am to 5pm and 370 Green Lanes is also open on Sundays 11am-4pm. If you need our advice, please don’t hesitate to ask. Our services are free and confidential and open to anyone in Enfield borough. To talk to someone in confidence, phone our adviceline – 0300 330 1167 - on Mondays or Thursdays 10-4pm. Any of our shop staff will also be happy to arrange for an adviser to call you.

Happy New Year Enjoy a glass of IZAKAYA Japanese wine, on the house, with all orders over £30 when you dine in during January and February For home deliveries please use the UBER EATS app and search Sushi Inn.

396 Green Lanes, Palmers Green N13 5PD

To book call 020 3302 1670 10 |

348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ

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The community came out in force to bring Christmas to our high street in 2018! With the help of the local Green Lanes Business Association, the shops on our high street and members of the community, the Palmers Green community where able to raise over ÂŁ5,000 to match the ÂŁ5,000 offered by the council to ensure that we had lights and a tree on our high street last Christmas. Crowds joined in the with the carol singers from Walker School to help celebrate the switching on of the lights and the high street shops held a competition where the public had the opportunity to vote for their favourite window.

And the winner was...Cancer Research UK. Sally Figueira from Cancer Research UK said "It was amazing to find out that Cancer Research Shop had won the Palmers Green Christmas window competition. Our window was created with love and appreciation to all our local supporters, both donors and clients who support Cancer Research UK all the year round. It is always gratifying to watch passers-by (children, young and old people) stopping at our window and simply offering a warm smile and often giving a positive compliment too. These gestures are so precious to me and our team who willingly volunteer to help run our shop to the best of our ability. We are a big family and I am very proud of our great team! Cancer Research Team

The Nativity theme was welcomed by our locals as it reminded us all of the real reason for celebrating Christmas. I would like to take this opportunity to leave a message to all our supporters who help us to fund life-saving research into the causes, prevention and treatment of cancer. Without you, none of this would be possible, thank you! Our Annual Review 2017/18 is packed with highlights of our work across the UK and the inspiring stories of people who have benefited from it. Please visit www.cancerresearchuk.org and read our reports to discover some of the ways your support is making a difference."

12 |

348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ

Pomegranate Flowers, your local florist Bringing glamour and glitz to our high street www.pomegranateflowers.com/ 72 Aldermans Hill, London N13 4PP 020 7018 0990

Introducing Andreas Neophytou of Pomegranate Flowers, florist with an extraordinary talent. Andreas trained at Westminster College and then went on to work at Primrose & Primrose, McQueens, Moyses Stevens before he

8882 7888

went solo. Andreas’s floral creations adorned the House of Versace, Gucci, Valentino and Dolce & Gabbana to name a few. His arrangements were found at Capital Radio and numerous celebrity parties including one hosted by Channel 4 at which Andreas adorned Madonna’s dressing room with hundreds of white Tulips, her favourite flower. By 1997 Andreas had carved out niche amongst the glitterati of London and was appointed as florist to the Royal Family of Dubai. With a personality as colourful as a vase of wild Poppies Andreas now charms residents and

visitors of Palmers Green. Come along to Pomegranate Flowers and experience yourself the magic made by us. Looking forward to seeing you all, no matter how big or small the journey will be amazing.



Seven Italian words you think you know by Laura Scaramella of Parla Italiano Latin and later the Italian language have had a strong influence on the English language in the past. This is usually an advantage when learning Italian as a great deal of vocabulary has the same origin and can be easily recognised by an English speaker. For example words such as: ironico, sofisticato, musica, arte, architettura, dilemma, teatro, piano, scenario, ballerina, etc However, nowadays, it is actually the Italian language that is absorbing more words from English, for example from the technology and business world. And Italians are embracing the English words with open arms. However, the English language is still importing some Italian words. The new vocabulary entering the English dictionary is often related to food and drinks. However, there are a few words that you need to be aware of as they are used in Italian in a different way. Here are a few examples:

– In Italian this word means milk – Prosciutto is both cooked 1Latte 5Prosciutto so when ordering a coffee, if you wish ham (prosciutto cotto) and also cured for a milky coffee it is better to order a ‘caffè latte’, to avoid being served a glass of milk. Panini – In Italian this is the plural noun of ‘panino’, which means bread roll, rather than grilled sandwich. In Italy order a ‘panino tostato’. Pepperoni – In Italian this word does not exist. ‘Peperone’ is a similar word, however this is not a spicy sausage but a sweet pepper. When ordering a pizza, order a ‘salame piccante’. Bolognese – This means ‘from Bologna’ but the meat and tomato sauce you are looking for is actually called ‘ragu`.

2 3 4

(prosciutto crudo). – This means ‘in a cool place’ 6Albutfresco does not mean outdoors. If you wish to be outside, better say ‘all’aperto’. Funnily enough, ‘finire al fresco’ means to end up in jail. – This is actually a false friend. 7Confetti In Italian confetti are sugared almonds and are distributed to family and friends in special occasions such as weddings. The pieces of colored paper are called ‘coriandoli’.

Parla Italiano is a school of Italian language for adults and children. We have classes at various levels and a new complete beginners class starting on 22 January. For information please email laura@parlaitaliano.co.uk or call 07941 092593

Bengal Bertie’s charity night in aid of the Whittington Hospital Palmers Green restaurant Bengal Bertie’s ran a very successful charity night on 29 November, in aid of Whittington Hospital Children’s Play Terrace Scheme, raising more than £1,300 for the project. The restaurant was full, with more than 50 people attending, who all enjoyed a traditional home-style Bangladeshi buffet meal to a background of live music. Everyone enthusiastically took part in the raffle that included prizes from other local restaurants, businesses, hairdressers,

shops and Bambos Charlambous MP, who donated tea for two on the Houses of Parliament Terrace. The top prize was a curry master class from Bengal Bertie’s own Chef! Manager Abul Khair says: “I am thrilled the evening went so well and how much everyone enjoyed the traditional food we served.

My son is currently receiving treatment at Whittington Hospital and I have seen how much an outside play area is needed to support the recovery and well being of children who attend the hospital as patients, as well as offering entertainment to their siblings who visit. Thank you to all my customers, the hospital staff and local business who supported the event.” bengalbertiesN13@gmail.com Call 020 8882 9537

14 |

348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ

Points to consider when registering for VAT by Alex Chrysostomou Alexander Associates, your local accountant 24A Aldermans Hill, Palmers Green, London N13 4PN Tel: 020 8882 6611 Fax: 020 8882 6621 Email: alex@alexassociates.co.uk Website: www.alexandersandco.com Question: I’ve been running my own business and have never needed to register for VAT. I know that if I want to grow the business I will need to start thinking about VAT. I also know that it’s quite a minefield. Do you have any advice? Answer: VAT is every business person’s worst enemy. The complexities of how VAT works in different industries seems to catch most people out, which is why it is vital that the correct advice is given at the onset, even before you register for VAT. The current threshold for registering for VAT is an annual turnover of £85,000. This means that if your turnover is above that figure, you HAVE to register for VAT (there are of course some industries where VAT registration won’t be necessary, even if your turnover is above the

threshold). If your turnover is below the threshold, you can still register for VAT if you choose to, however, it is not mandatory. The key point when registering for VAT is to choose the correct scheme. Most businesses choose the standard VAT scheme. However, it is always important to analyse the type of business you are and the industry you operate in, before deciding which VAT scheme is best. An alternative scheme occasionally chosen by small businsesses, is the Flat Rate Scheme (FRS). This scheme is easier to manage and can usually result in a lower VAT bill compared to the standard VAT method. Also, if you join the FRS when first registering for VAT, you’ll get a 1% discount on your VAT liability for the first 12 months. We also need to consider whether you’d fall into the ‘limited cost trader’ bracket, as this

could also impact on whether the FRS option is the best for your business. There are of course other options like the cash accounting (this is particularly good for new businesses) and annual accounting scheme. It is important to analyse how each option will impact your business going forward. It is also important that you plan ahead for the VAT liability that you’ll now be paying. Businesses often underestimate the impact of paying their VAT liability, particularly in the first few quarters, which could have an impact on cash flow. The final key point to take note of is that once you register for VAT, you can potentially claim VAT back paid in the previous 4 years on purchases (6 months on services), which should help ease the burden of any VAT liability, particularly in the first quarter of registration.

If you have an accounting question for Alex please e-mail him directly he will be happy to assist you, alternatively Alexander Associates offer an initial free consultation please contact them to find out more. Disclaimer: The information provided in this article should not be construed as legal advice and the information is offered for information purposes only. You should always seek advice from an appropriately qualified accountant on any specific accountancy enquiry.

‘R’ Well-being, ‘R’ Happiness, ‘R’ Time, 'R' Voices Choir by Richard Forbes I often ask people what’s the first thing that comes to their mind when they think of a choir. The two most common responses are either; school, church and classical music or dancing, matching t-shirts, auditions... This is where R Voices Choir is different.

The 'R' Voices choir is an inclusive mixed bunch of ordinary folk, currently between the ages of 18-70 (there's no maximum!) who come together in a pub setting, once/twice/thrice a week to have a drink and sing classic songs. It is a wonderful community, full of new friends who bond and socialise through the power of music. Young parents who haven’t got the time to do anything other

8882 7888

than work and look after their families and older people who have lost confidence, and energy for social activity. It is extremely good for your well-being and de-stress after a long day at work or with your family. A time to relax and give yourself an hour and a half of freedom to not have to think too much. Above all else, to meet others and have fun. The result of that relaxation and release is a really good sound. We work in harmony, and sing songs from Beyonce to The Beatles, with White Stripes, Dolly Parton, Chaka Khan, Killers, Adele and Joni Mitchell in between. There are no auditions, no musical experience necessary, no dance routines and the nucleus of what we do are the practice sessions. There is no compulsion to do gigs, but a pub setting for rehearsal is always my stipulation, as it sets a different vibe to be in a social, public

venue. It feels less like a rehearsal and more of a night out. It is £100 per term (12 weeks) ★ Members are able to attend all sessions

Everyone’s first session is FREE! We meet ‘Upstairs’ at THE WINCHMORE PUB 235 Winchmore Hill Rd, N21 1QA on: Tuesdays (8.30-10pm) Thursdays (7.30-9pm) ★ THE CLISSOLD ARMS 105 Fortis Green Rd, London N2 9HR on: Wednesdays (8-9.30pm) from Feb 25th, 2019 For more info please email: Rvoiceschoir@gmail.com







eautiful period home a few minutes walk to Southgate Green. This six bedroom Edwardian linked semi-detached house offers over 2000 sq ft of living space across three original floors. Walker and St Monica's primary schools are within easy walking distance. The property perfectly pairs modern features with an abundance of original period features. With off street parking and a wonderful 125ft mature South facing rear garden this really is a fantastic family home.

n impressive four bedroom property offering 1518 sq. feet of living accommodation over three floors. The property is located within easy walking distance of Palmers Green. Downstairs you can enjoy a spacious entrance hallway with original parquet wood floor, a living room with large bay, a sitting room with French doors to garden, and a kitchen/diner. A shared drive to garage/storage, a large front garden and a mature rear garden measuring 57ft x 30ft.

£1,200,000 Freehold

£750,000 Freehold F SA OR LE

Ashridge Gardens Palmers Green, N13


The Mall Southgate, N14



well-presented four bedroom house located in this most popular turning off Fox Lane close to both Palmers Green and Southgate. The property benefits from a spacious reception/dining room and a modern kitchen. A master bedroom with en-suite shower room, a further double bedroom, two single bedrooms, and a family bathroom. With an integrated garage, driveway, beautiful front garden and a rear garden measuring 29ft x 28ft.

spacious and extended well-presented four bedroom terrace house with garage located in this quiet residential turning off Pasteur Gardens. The property consists of two receptions, an extended kitchen/diner as well as two good size double bedrooms, a single bedroom and a family bathroom. The loft conversion offers a spacious master bedroom with a shower room. Off street parking, garage to rear and a beautiful rear garden.

Crothall Close Palmers Green, N13

£635,000 Freehold 16 |

Lodge Close Edmonton, N18 OIEO

£525,000 Freehold

348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ





hain free well-presented three bedroom mid terrace house family home. Located within easy reach of Palmers Greens shops, bus and road links (A406 and A10) and mainline station. The property consists of a front reception an open plan kitchen/diner with doors to garden, modern first floor bathroom, two good size double bedrooms, a single bedroom, wood/tiled floors, paved drive to front for two cars and a rear garden of approx. 40ft.

stunning two bedroom Victorian terrace house located in this popular residential turning within a few minutes walk of Lancaster Road’s shops, restaurants and bus routes. Gordon Hill mainline station is also within half a mile. This immaculate property benefits from a living/dining space with wood floors, a kitchen, utility room with door to garden, a spacious master bedroom, a good size second bedroom and a bath/shower room. Front garden and a well maintained rear garden.

£485,000 Freehold

£425,000 Freehold F SA OR LE

Merton Road Enfield, EN2


Mitchell Road Palmers Green, N13



well-presented two double bedroom house located in a quiet cul-de-sac within easy reach of Palmers Green's shops, restaurants, bus routes and mainline station. The property benefits from a spacious through lounge with laminate floor, a galley kitchen with door to 50ft rear garden, two double bedrooms with laminate floors, a bathroom and an off street parking space.

well-presented one bedroom apartment situated on the second (top) floor of this modern purpose built block. The property, which is offered CHAIN FREE, benefits from a 17ft living room, kitchen and bathroom, a double bedroom, entry phone system, loft space, electric heating and free parking facilities. Medesenge Way is within easy reach of Wood Green underground station.

Wauthier Close Palmers Green, N13

£410,000 Freehold 8882 7888

Medesenge Way Palmers Green, N13 OIEO

£245,000 Leasehold |


22 |

348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ

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In the Garden with Paul Knight Winter in the garden Contact Paul on 07957 942728 info@outside-designs.co.uk Winter is a great time to prepare for spring. Divide any perennials (plants that die down in winter, but reappear year after year), such as sedum and perennial geraniums, that you feel are getting too large by using a knife or spade, just prise apart the root. It might seem brutal, but they are pretty hardy and you can then take your divided plants and fill empty gaps in the garden. It will also help keep your plants healthy and vigorous. Do take care to make sure that the new location has the right growing conditions. For example, a sunloving perennial such as sedum will not relish being stuck under the shade of a tree. It's wise to take photographs of your garden throughout the year and note down the things you were happy with and those you were not happy with. It is also worth noting the plants that flourished and those that didn’t do so well, whether caused by the

soil type or shade. Year on year, this will help you to plan and improve your garden. Don't forget that gardens benefit from having a layer of leaf litter and foliage, so put the rake down. By leaving leaf litter on beds of perennials, you are providing them with a kind of duvet to protect them from harsh frosts and snow. This is the one time of the year the garden can be less than pristine. And it’s also a nice way to provide a home for creatures to shelter from the cold weather. This will ensure their roots can establish before the spring, and it gives them a head start on growth for next year. It is also much easier to do this before the frost hits and the ground gets harder to dig. Winter can be tough on garden wildlife, so it’s always good to give them a helping hand where possible. Aside from feeding the birds, it’s worth making overwintering places for creatures to find refuge. For

example, piles of logs will offer a safe place for endangered stag beetles and amphibians such as toads and frogs, the gardener’s friend because they love eating slugs! When it comes to bonfires, be careful to bring together your garden debris only at the last minute because they are a popular hiding place with hedgehogs (another slug-eating friend). Don't be tempted to cut back ornamental grasses in beds and pots because this can kill them at this time of year. It’s best to leave these until spring when the new growth is just emerging. As for the lawn, once you have got rid of perennial weeds and moss, and pierced the lawn with a rake to aerate it and help with drainage, you can sit back and put your feet up until spring.

Call us for all your garden needs; Garden design • Planting design • Landscape construction • Irrigation. Follow us on Twitter @outsidedesigns1

Bored with your home? Why not inject some colour in 2019! by Mick Lawton your local Palmers Green DIY Doctor Our homes are our own personal sanctuary, a space where we want to feel safe, comforted and happy. Given how colour can have an immense effect on our emotions, happiness and well-being, painting a room could be the key for creating a contented happy home.

Here are three of my favourite 2019 colour trends, don’t be afraid to give one a try Brown tones of Spiced Honey: Revealed as Dulux’s Colour of the Year 2019, this deliciously caramel shade is set to spice things up this winter. Alongside fashion, where brown is the new black, it would appear that a touch of 1970s chic is back in style. Serene greens: Is green the new grey? It’s everywhere in interiors right now. It’s synonymous with nature and calming qualities, which could explain its

popularity for creating a contented home. From velvety dark greens to the light and uplifting tones, greens can be used all over the home and have a powerful, restorative quality. Used in home offices, green shades aid contemplation and deep thought.

Pinky nude neutrals: If you don’t fancy a radical colour change in your home then a nude wall colour can go a long way to creating a soft and warming interior space. A rich nude is the perfect neutral tone to compliment trendy darker hues.

For more paint inspiration ideas visit www.idealhome.co.uk I am a specialist painter and decorator based in Palmers Green, please do not hesitate to contact me for a no obligation quote. Visit my website to see examples of my work www.micklawton.com, or contact me on 07985 412 599

24 |

348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ

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Hair trends for 2019 by Kiri from Fabulous Hair Company Fabulous Hair Company 382 Green Lanes, N13 5PD Tel: 020 8886 7070 I would like to start by saying thank you to all the clients who made 2018 such an amazing year for Fabulous Hair and a big thank you to the Fabulous Hair team that made it possible. My last 3 articles have been all about how at Fabulous we have never used products tested on animals, how our colour brand is vegan and what we as a hair salon do to reduce our use of single use plastic and how we are working to reduce our carbon footprint. This article is all about hair which is what Fabulous Hair, is all about. Next Day Beachy Waves: The Pony tail that won’t be big in 2019 think of French sex icon Bridgitte go away: I’ve lost count on Bardot. The thing to remember is for fringes to be These are like the next-day how many seasons the pony noticed they have to either be micro (really short) or bed-head waves you wake tail keeps being re-invented, long covering the top of the eyes, curtain fringe are up with — just better. "This ponytails work on every hair cut long and swept to the sides for comfort. Cut your style is great because you texture they elongate and fringe longer than usual, keep it shorter in the centre look polished, but not like compliment the face and are and longer on the sides blow-dry the fringe flat you tried too hard. It’s the easy to do, this time it’s using a dryer and flat brush over the top of the fringe ultimate L.A. girl vibe," "The extremely high use a hairspray at the root tie it and finally bevel the edges with a round brush and hair isn’t stiff, so you can easily flip the hair from tight and as high as you can and add polish with a separate for the perfect curtain fringe. side-to-side, and it can easily go with jeans and a little serum. T-shirt or a chic cocktail dress." Products are My next article we will look at colour trends for essential to achieving this look Paul Mitchell Curtain Fringe: There was a time I thought fringes 2019 if you cannot wait to find out about dirty Texturizing Sea Spray is my product of choice and belonged to 12 year old school girls, but fringes are brunettes and this season’s colour Living Coral a flat iron or curling tong will help you get the next a great way to change your look especially if you please go to the salon website and check out our day look. have medium to long hair. Curtain fringe is going to new Fab Life page. If you have any questions that need answering quickly, please email me at kc@fabuloushaircompany.com and I will get back to you soon as I can. If you enjoyed my article let us know, like us on Facebook or follow us on Instagram and we will enter you in our monthly competition for a chance of winning a Paul Mitchell in-salon Lavender Mint Mineral Mask treatment worth £25. Just go to our website www.fabuloushaircompany.com, and click the Facebook/ Instagram icon to follow and a chance to win a Fabulous hair treatment.

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348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ

Why a FOR SALE board can help you find your perfect buyer by Martin McKelvey So you have decided to put your home onto the market for sale or to let but you don’t know if you should have an estate agency board. You may be concerned about your neighbours knowing that you intend to sell, however this will quickly become obvious when strangers in suits are standing outside your home with property details and accompanied viewings are taking place. We actually recommend telling your neighbours as over 68% of buyers look in an area where they already have friends or relatives, therefore your neighbour may know someone looking to buy on your street. Some sellers are genuinely concerned that they may be too many estate agency boards in their road already. This is another prime reason why having a board could attract buyers looking at properties already located on your road, don’t miss out on this

opportunity to attract prospective buyers who want a comparison. It’s worth noting that active buyers make a point of driving around to find their ideal location and on average we received 4-6 calls per property from a buyer that has seen one of our sale boards. Some vendors are concerns relating to security. However, there's no evidence to suggest a board increases security risks. In fact nosy neighbours will often keep a closer eye on your property, keen to see any prospective new buyers as they arrive! A board is also a sign of your commitment to the sale, showing buyers you are serious and can often help people to locate your property for viewings.

Boards are a key tool for estate agents, generating momentum and interest that could help you find your perfect buyer. If you are thinking of moving or renting your property in 2019 please do not hesitate to give us a call for a no obligation valuation.

Introducing new members of our team

Edmund Khoury

James Dionysiou

Juliet Stafford

Senior Sales and Lettings Negotiator

Head of Property Management

Assistant Property Manager

James is our Head of Property Management, he joins Anthony Webb from a well established estate agency in Enfield. James has been a property manager for over 8 years, with a background as a Lettings Negotiator. In his role as property manager James has flourished, helping deal with landlords and tenants needs and ensuring smooth running tenancies for all managed properties. With a flexible approach to lettings you will be sure to find the right level of service that suits you without comprising on service at Anthony Webb.

Juliet has a solid background working in administration and retail positions across London. Her vibrant personality and friendly nature make her ideal in her vibrant personality and friendly nature make her ideal in her role as Assistant Property Manager. She works alongside James to streamline the efficiency of our property management department and ensure that our clients are well looked after. Juliet is fondly known as the I.T whizz-kid in the office, always happy to help out and be part of the team.

Edmund joins the team as a highly experienced, dynamic and driven Sales and Lettings Negotiator with demonstrable success, knowledge and wide-ranging experience. Edmund is a result driven and skilled In dealing with problems in a resourceful manner and negotiating to achieve beneficial agreement. Edmund is passionate about his work, because he love's what he does, He prides himself in providing an honest and professional approach, giving strong accurate and informed advice.

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www.talkies.org.uk THURS JAN 10 THE DUGDALE CENTRE




This enchanting documentary-cum-road movie was co-directed by 89year-old Agnès Varda.


THE PIANO Jane Campion’s powerful film, first released 25 years ago, is set in mid-19th century New Zealand.

A father and older brother resort to a desperate scheme in order to save their ranch.

HERE – Talkies’ suburban film festival returns in 2019 with a feast of talent, starting with local actor Lindsey Coulson introducing Funny Cow. Professor Kurt Barling using film extracts to introduce the recent history of the capital through Londoners he met as a BBC correspondent and for our grand finale, yet another batch of amazing short films commissioned by Talkies and shot in the area. SAT FEB 16 WATERHOUSE HALL N21

FUNNY COW Maxine Peake plays the gritty role of a comedian who breaks through the glass ceiling of the all-male 1970s comedy circuit. THURS MAR 21 THE DUGDALE CENTRE





An anthology about modern Londoners, from a largely female-led talent pool of emerging filmmakers.

A smartly layered psychological thriller that puts an eerily windswept island location to fine use.






Kurt Barling uses film footage to introduce 10 Londoners who frame key social and political events.

Live WHO tribute from local band before a classic film about the alienation of 1960s British working-class youth.

The 2019 Talkies commissions by talented young makers creating short films located Palmers Green.

Palmers Green Tales by Jenny Bourke www.palmersgreentales.com Find us on Facebook and look for Palmers Green Tales and ask to join the group. Our twitter address is @PGTales Susan Mehmet and myself have edited our interviews with a local singer, Kat Neocleous, Peter Brown a local historian and a short walk around the latest exhibition at the Dugdale Centre. The exhibition is about Broomfield House, the ruins of which we can see in Broomfield Park.

Broomfield Park and she writes her own songs which are available on line. She presents 2 programmes a week on London Greek Radio, the first called Scandalous on Tuesdays, 8-10pm, the second is on Fridays, 10am-Noon, ‘A little before Noon’.

Kat is a great local singer and we were lucky enough to interview her in a great local café in Palmers Green, MyTime, thank you Brian.

Our tour around the exhibition about Broomfield House was extremely interesting. It is very sad to see the ruins in Broomfield Park but great to see the artefacts which were saved and read the reminiscences of the house, which was a vivid part of many childhoods in Palmers Green in the exhibition. Of course the restoration of part

MyTime has lots of events so pop in to see what’s on. Kat has lived locally all her life, she studied music in London and she is a singer, songwriter and actor. She is involved with lots of local music events, singing at the Palmers Green Festival, Music on a Sunday at

28 |

Good luck with your latest record Kat and we look forward to seeing you at more local events.

of the Lanscroon Murals is a highlight of the exhibition, which now runs until April. Here is a picture of a model of Broomfield House originally made by Geoffrey Dyer and his father in the 1950’s and recently restored by Ralph Hutchins. Finally I spoke to Peter Brown who set up the original friends of Broomfield Park and wrote a short history of the Park and you can now access on our website www.palmersgreentales.com, so you can take a self guided walk around the park and learn about it’s history.

348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ

8882 7888







spacious, furnished, two double bedroom first floor flat located above commercial premises opposite Broomfield Park and a few minutes walk to Palmers Green's shops, restaurants and mainline station (Moorgate), The flat benefits from a spacious open plan living/kitchen space with appliances, two good size double bedrooms, a modern bathroom, gas central heating, entry phone system and newly decorated communal hallway.

newly redecorated second floor flat located in this private purpose built development set back on Hedge Lane. The property is within easy reach of Palmers Greens shops and transport facilities. Benefits include a spacious living room, a new kitchen with appliances, a new bathroom, two good size bedrooms, some new carpets and gas central heating.

Mintern Close, Hedge Lane Palmers Green, N13

£1,250 per calendar month

£1,300 per calendar month







Aldermans Hill Palmers Green, N13



newly decorated three bedroom, first floor flat located within easy walking distance of Green Lanes shops, restaurants, bus routes and both Wood Green underground and Bowes Park mainline stations. The property benefits from an open plan modern living/kitchen space, modern bathroom, gas central heating and double glazing.

30 |

contemporary modern two double bedroom ground floor flat with sole use of the rear garden located in a quiet residential road walking distance to the supermarket, local shops and restaurants as well as Enfield Town shopping centre. Fully furnished with high quality furniture. Within 7 minutes walk to Enfield Town mainline station (15 minutes to Seven Sisters or 30 minutes to Liverpool Street). Close to Available mid February.

Kelvin Avenue Palmers Green, N13

Halstead Road Enfield, EN1

£1,450 per calendar month

£1,450 per calendar month

348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ

8882 7888



Do you sing in the shower? St John's Choir wants to hear from you The Choir of St John the Evangelist is currently seeking new singers of all voice types. Founded in 1904, the choir has a proud history of producing fine choral music in the cathedral tradition in the heart of Palmers Green, and is inviting local amateur singers to try out with them at training sessions for new choristers held in the church every Thursday at 7pm. “Whether you have lots of experience or none at all, we'd love to hear from anyone who wants to learn to sing in a supportive and encouraging environment alongside experienced choristers,” says Robert Hainault, the choir's Director. “We sing a wide range of music from the choral repertoire, and we offer our members opportunities to attend workshops with some of the country's leading choral conductors and at cathedrals across the UK.” St John's Choir can often be spotted during the festive season sharing their love of carols with shoppers at

Sainsbury's and in local pubs to raise money for charity. Every year they reprise their popular Nine Lessons and Carols Service as a private concert for residents of The Conifers Nursing Home. “We've been active in the local

community, but we want to do more,” says Hainault. “This spring we are inviting people join us in singing the Faure Requiem in concert, we are soon to be announcing an ambitious series of free admission concerts with leading soloists, and are looking to further our collaboration with local schools, to continue to support their musical activities.” “Members can be involved in whatever capacity is right for them. My goal is to give anyone in the local area who wants to sing the chance to learn. We have members of all faiths and none.”

If you would like to try out for the choir, or just want to know more, Robert can be contacted at roberthainailt@gmail.com, or you can find him in the Parish Centre after a Sunday service where he is never far from the plate of biscuits.

Would you like help with your pain? by Nicola Forward, your local Amatsu Practitioner If you are like many of my clients, you are a strong and capable person who others rely on and respect. You live a full and busy life. But, right now, you are in pain. You may have had an injury or maybe you can’t really pinpoint the reason for your pain. Perhaps you’re taking painkillers or you’ve tried physio exercises, yoga, massage or acupuncture and seen some improvement, but it’s not been long lasting and you are still not feeling quite right. You really just want to be able to get on with your life without the fear of your pain getting in the way, enjoying a good night’s rest without it disturbing you or relaxing with friends without the worry that too much sitting or standing could bring your pain on. Amatsu client, Trudy thought she was going to have to learn to live with the pains in her knees and back, and she was left feeling low and quite alone with her problem as she put

on a brave face for everyone else. “I feel much better these days,” says Trudy, “not least as I had the courage to seek help and was received with such respect by Nicola. Overtime I have come off my painkillers and antidepressants and I now use Amatsu as a regular body MOT.” Amatsu is a fully clothed physical therapy that addresses not only your physical concerns but also other issues that could be affecting your overall health. Another Amatsu client, Annie reported that her constant back pain often resulted in her being irritable and snappy, upsetting both her and those around her. She wished that other people could understand how difficult things were for her when she was living her life with

the constant fear of pain, and this began to affect her confidence and self-esteem. “Amatsu is a refreshing experience,” says Annie, “as Nicola worked with me as a person, not a set of symptoms and she helped me understand how some of the things I was doing were contributing to my pain.”

Mobile: 07720 81 01 01 Email: nicolaforward@aol.com www.amatsutherapyintl.com Call me for an informal chat and explore how Amatsu could ease your pain. Special Introductory Offer with this magazine…your first three sessions for the price of two.

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348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ

Your Legal Questions Answered

by Fariz Uvais

Fariz Uvais is a Consultant Solicitor at Fahri LLP based in Whetstone North London. Write in and ask your legal questions. Fariz will try and answer your questions in Palmers Green LIFE each month. Send your questions to Fahri LLP, 1268a High Road Whetstone, London N20 9HH or by email to fariz@fahrillp.com. Tel: 0203 813 8457 Our neighbour is commencing work to build a conservatory in their garden. The boundary between our property and the neighbour's property is currently separated by a hedge. We are concerned that the conservatory wall may come right up against our property so that the conservatory wall will replace that section of the hedge. Is there anything that we can do to protect our rights? The Party Wall etc. Act 1996 (Party Wall Act) provides a mechanism to allow parties who share a boundary to carry out building works. If the boundary has a hedge on it, then removal of that hedge will not cause the

Party Wall Act to be engaged because a hedge is not considered to be a party wall. However, depending on the depth of the new building's foundations, and their location relative to your own buildings, there may be a requirement to serve notice under section 6 of the Party Wall Act. There may also be a requirement to give notice under section 1 of the Act. A building owner's obligations under the Party Wall Act are mandated by the relevant statutory provisions. If the building owner carries out works without complying with those statutory obligations, it will be deprived of the Act's protection because he/she will have failed to comply with the statutory regime and

will have failed to engage the Act at all. Any damage or loss sustained by an adjoining owner as a consequence of works carried out without first giving notice, obtaining consent or obtaining a valid award under the Party Wall Act is actionable in private nuisance. Additionally, the building owner may be liable in trespass. It may also raise issues related to the boundary itself. In practical terms, it would be sensible to engage in urgent written correspondence with your neighbour and also to seek legal advice on whether or not you should take action to prevent the neighbour from proceeding any further.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article should not be construed as legal advice and the information is offered for information purposes only. You should always seek advice from an appropriately qualified solicitor on any specific legal enquiry.

Improve your Maths grade at A-Level/GCSE. Qualified tutor with 30 years experience. Your home. ÂŁ30/hour. 0208 882 5904 or 07733 556211

Fahri LLP L

Specialist affordable af fordable e property property

Law L aw Firm aw Firm advice is only a pho phone one call away

We act for clients We s across London on C Us Call all types of property property matters. Our focus at all times is to keep the client 0203 3 813 8450 updated by communicating comm municating regularly FFax ax Us: via email and by y telephone telephone and we 0203 3 745 7370 aim to achieve the best possible results at a re easonable cost. reasonable

1268a High Ro Road oad Whetstone, London London, n, N20 9HH


Tel’s Tails Local dog walking and boarding service Contact Terry Bishop

07943 868 079

www.telstails.co.uk 8882 7888



Happy New Year to you all. I hope that 2019 brings health (wealth!) and happiness. 2019 will be (yet) another year where I vow to lose weight and will let you know how I get on in December but please do not hold your breath! I enjoyed a cheeky away to our beloved Valencia, Spain for the New Year. As our regular readers will know, January is one of the busiest months of the year for us in terms of new enquiries. Understandably, those contemplating separating from their partners often wait for the festive season to end before contacting us. Even more so, if there are children involved as no one wants to upset the family at what should be a joyous time of the year. Over the years we have published many articles and it got me wondering what I would want to know before picking up the phone and making an appointment to see a family solicitor. Below you will find some questions and answers in bite size chunks which I hope you will find helpful.

Q: Do you offer a Fixed Fee Initial Consultation? A: Yes, we do. It’s £75 plus VAT of £15 = £90. You will be given advice by a solicitor so that you can consider your options moving forward. Q: How long do I have to be married before I can file for divorce? A: You need to be married for at least one year. Q: What grounds are there for divorce? A: In England and Wales, there is only one ground for divorce known as the irretrievable breakdown of the marriage. It has to be proven by one of the following five facts:i. Adultery ii. Unreasonable behaviour iii. Two years separation and consent iv. Two years desertion v. Five years separation We will advise you and guide you on the facts most relevant to your case.

Q: How much does it cost to get divorce?

34 |

A: We charge a fixed-fee of £750 plus VAT of £150. In addition, there is a Court fee of £550 when the divorce papers are filed. This is for a straightforward divorce.

Q: How much does it cost to deal with the finances of the marriage and child arrangements? A: To deal with other associated family law matters such as child arrangements and reaching an agreement on the distribution of assets, payments of spousal maintenance etc., you are charged at the solicitor’s hourly rate. We are a team of six family law solicitors with varying degrees of experience so you have a choice of solicitors whose hourly rates vary depending upon their level of experience. Q: What are my options other than having to go down the divorce route? A: If you and your spouse decide that you are not ready to divorce, we can try and agree the financial arrangements and the arrangements for the children on an informal basis. This will be an agreement drawn up by solicitors which sets out the agreed financial arrangements for the period of your separation. It can also set out the arrangements in relation to the children.

same financial orders that it can upon divorce except that it cannot make any orders in relation to the sharing of pensions. The decree of judicial separation does remove your obligation to remain living together. Judicial separations are exceptionally rare and most often arise when there are strong cultural or religious reasons for not wishing to divorce.

Q: What about the kids? A: As a parent, this is (and quite rightly so) your first consideration. Often, we are able to assist our clients with agreeing the arrangements for the children while advising on the divorce and financial arrangements too. We always prefer and endeavour for the parties to avoid costly and stressful Court proceedings if at all possible, we encourage our clients to put to one side their ill-feeling and avoid animosity toward the other party. This is not always possible and therefore if Court proceedings do become necessary, you will be well prepared, guided and advised from the outset to the conclusion of your matter.

If, after entering into a Separation Agreement on an informal basis and on a subsequent divorce, the Court is not obliged to follow the terms of your agreement but is a factor which the Court will take into consideration.

Q: What can I do if my ex-partner will not allow me to move to another part of the country or abroad with the children? A: If your ex-partner has parental responsibility, you should not attempt to remove the child from the jurisdiction of England and Wales or to another part of the world as you could be committing a criminal offence. The consent of the nonresident parent is needed before such drastic steps are taken. It is a complex area of law and both parties should seek independent legal advice. There should be proper planning and a comprehensive presentation of those plans are key to your success in any such application. The Court has power to decide whether or not a child should be allowed to move away with one of his or her parents.

Q: What is judicial separation? A: This is a formal separation recognised by the Court and the process that you have to go through is very similar to the divorce process. However, a decree of judicial separation does not end the marriage, although the Court can make many of the

Q: What level of child maintenance should my ex-partner be paying me? A: The amount is calculated by reference to the non-resident parent’s gross income and varies upon the number of children and whether the non-resident parent has other children living with them (i.e. his new

Both parties should obtain independent legal advice so that an agreement can be reached on how you would like the finances divided should you decide to proceed with a divorce at some time in the future. There should be some exchange of financial disclosure to ensure that any decision made is on an informed basis.

348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ

Chapman Pieri Solicitors Tel: 0208 882 9850 www.cpfamilylaw.co.uk

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partner’s children). The child maintenance is payable to the parent with whom the children live. The calculation takes into account the number of nights that the children stay with the non-resident parent and if you visit the Child Maintenance Options website, you can put in the relevant figures and a calculation is very easily produced. The Child Maintenance Service deals with those types of queries and the family Court generally only becomes involved if the non-resident parent’s gross income is over £156,000 and a separation application is made.

Q: Will I get to keep the house once we divorce? A: This really is the $64 million question and will largely depend on the financial needs, responsibilities and resources of you and your ex-partner. Often, the former family home is one of the main assets of the marriage and sometimes there is simply not enough equity in the property to re-house both parties. Understandably, the first consideration for the Court is the welfare of any children of the marriage and often (and again largely depending on the specifics of any particular case), the primary carer of the children may argue to retain the property until the youngest child finishes fulltime education at which point the house is sold and the net proceeds of sale are split between the parties. It really does depend on whether the Court considers you are “over-housed” and if there are sufficient assets and income elsewhere, then it may be possible to retain the family house. However, the answer to this question is very much fact specific.


Q: How will my business be affected by the divorce? A: A business is not automatically protected on divorce and will be treated as a matrimonial asset. One of the first things we need to do is ascertain the value of the business before we are able to deal with it in the context of dividing the matrimonial assets. Whilst the business may be a capital asset it will probably be an income source and sometimes it doesn’t make commercial sense to stop that income stream as that doesn’t help either party. The Courts do prefer to leave the business with the owner with the other party being compensated with some other capital assets of the marriage and/or spousal maintenance. The aim of the Court is to distribute the resources of the marriage fairly, taking into consideration all the circumstances of your case. Again, this is where we can advise you on your best options.

Q: What is Mediation? A: When we meet with clients, one of the first things that we do is explore whether or not we think that Mediation will be suitable for their case and if so then we will make a referral. However, for Mediation to work, both parties must be willing to attend and do so with an open mind and with a view to settlement. Mediation is a good way of resolving disputes when you are separating and it does help to avoid costly and lengthy Court proceedings. Mediation can be in relation to the divorce, financial settlement and/or arrangements for your children. The Mediator must act impartially. They are not there to give legal advice to either

Professional Personable Pro-Active Passionate party. They do not have the power to impose a decision on how to distribute the assets of the marriage as this requires both parties’ consent. Mediation meetings are confidential and it’s a good forum in which to discuss and to try and resolve issues that arise both honestly and openly. When parties go off to Mediation, we are often here in the background to advise and give guidance and this gives you some confidence in what agreement you should be seeking. However, as always, for us to be able to advise you on the fair distribution of matrimonial assets and/or payment of maintenance, we need to understand the financial position of both of you and this is when you exchange financial information. Otherwise, it is impossible to advise whether or not you are getting a fair deal when we only know one half of the finances.

Q: If we reach an agreement in Mediation does that make the agreement legally binding and enforceable? A: No, it does not. Any agreement reached in Mediation must be reflected into an order of the Court and this is where we can assist with the drafting up and filing with the Court, the relevant documents to ensure that it is a full and final settlement. At Chapman Pieri Solicitors, we practice exclusively in all areas of family law so please feel free to give one of our solicitors a ring on 020 8882 9850 to arrange a fixed fee initial consultation.

Chapman and Pieri Solicitors are here when all avenues have been exhausted and you need professional support to help you navigate what may be a very emotionally challenging time ahead. We have a team of experienced family lawyers chosen for their warm approach to help you through your journey. If you want to speak to a solicitor please call on 020 8882 9850. We offer a no obligation initial consultation for £75 plus vat.

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