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The Walker Ground • A jewel at the heart of Southgate

Palmers Green Action Team • Cleaning up our community

The Met Police • Keeping our community safe

The Walker Ground, home to cricket for over 160 years. Christ Church in the distance

Cricket today

welcome As Easter approaches and the weather improves we look forward to taking part in some local events. The Business Association are hosting their annual Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday 6 April, find out more in our children’s section of the magazine. Also, on page 10 you can read all about a new initiative in Palmers Green, The Palmers Green Action Team. They will host their inaugural event the ‘Palmers Green Spring Clean’ this May. As a long standing local business owner I am pleased to be able to sponsor this event. It is lovely to see local residents getting behind a community project that will ultimately benefit everyone and hopefully increase footfall to our high street. Traditionally spring is also a busy time for those looking to move home during the summer months. Despite the uncertainty brought about by Brexit, Palmers Green’s properties are in fact selling faster today than they were this time last year. If you are considering selling or have a property that you want to rent out please do not hesitate to contact us for a current market appraisal on 020 8882 7888.


Tony Ourris Director / Editor at Large

A recent Zoopla report showed that the wave of new “online estate agencies” were losing market share across London and the UK, particularly on properties with values in excess of £200,000. In recent months a number of these businesses have either gone into administration or have posted unsustainable losses and, on the basis that they generally take their fees from clients “upfront”, many homeowners have found that the promise of a low-cost sale has actually turned into a nightmare of lost money and no sale.

Martin McKelvey

Claudia Sidoli

Office Manager

Sales and Lettings Negotiator

As a traditional estate agent we combine a prominent high street location, experienced local staff and extensive online targeted marketing to ensure that the best interests of our clients are forefront. Coupled with a personal approach to customer service we only get rewarded on the successful conclusion of a transaction. Please contact us for more information on our services.

Greta Andrijauskaite

James Dionysiou

Sales and Lettings Negotiator

Head of Property Management

Juliet Stafford

Panayiota Kyriakides

Property Manager


Georgina Tanner Administration Assistant

Ellie Sales

Happy Easter!


Director Anthony Webb Estate Agents If you've got a local business why not tell people about it in our magazine. It's distributed to 12,000 local homes and places of interest. Quarter page £70 Half page £120 Full page £220 Double page spread £350 Contact us about your artwork requirements and discounts for repeat advertising at

Magazine Editor

Anthony Webb, supporting local schools, charities and local action groups to enrich our community.


348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ

A view from City Hall

by Joanne McCartney AM

City Hall investment for policing and crime E: Tel: 020 7983 5524 One of the annual tasks of the London Assembly is to examine the Mayor’s budget to check it is being spent efficiently and in areas which will make a difference to the lives of Londoners. I was pleased to see that yet again the Mayor has increased investment in policing and to support the fight against crime by allocating an extra £234million in this area. This will be funded from an 11 per cent increase to the Mayor’s council tax policing precept - the equivalent of 46p a week – and from business rates. It will fund new police officers, specialist investigators to disrupt gang violence, the new Violence Reduction Unit and providing more youth workers at hospital Accident and Emergency units to tackle the rise in violent crime that is concerning us all. The budget also has funding for preventative youth activities as part of the Mayor’s Young Londoners Fund. However, around three quarters of London’s policing budget comes from central government and the Met police have had to make £850million worth of cuts since 2010,

with a further £263m cuts to be made by 2022-23 – that is why both the Mayor and London Assembly are calling for the government to reverse these cuts to our public services. ULEZ and Vehicle Scrappage Scheme The Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) will come into effect in the central congestion charge zone from April this year and will expand up to the North and South Circular roads from 25 October 2021. The ULEZ is part of a package of measures that the Mayor is putting in place to tackle the public health crisis created by London’s air pollution. Thousands of Londoners die prematurely each year because of long-term exposure to air pollution, while 438 schools in the capital are in areas exceeding legal air quality levels. This action will protect children from lung damage, reduce the risk of breathing illnesses and heart disease in adults, and improve the health of people exposed to the highest levels of pollution. The Mayor has now announced £48million worth of vehicle scrappage

funding to help micro-businesses, charities and low-income Londoners to scrap older polluting vehicles and prepare for the UltraLow Emission Zone (ULEZ). More details on the ULEZ, scrappage scheme and to check if your vehicle is compliant can be found on the TfL website. London Assembly Investigations The London Assembly scrutinises the work of the Mayor and matters of importance to Londoners. We investigate and make recommendations to the Mayor and other bodies on how their policies could be improved to make London better. Current investigations are examining; child dental health, organ donation in BAME communities, the disability employment gap, temporary accommodation and welfare reform and Full details and how you can send in your views can be found at Joanne is the London Assembly Member for Enfield & Haringey and is the statutory Deputy Mayor of London.

Introducing local artist Feroze Antia Feroze Antia was born in Bombay, India and studied mathematics before moving to London to complete his PhD. He recently retired from teaching mathematics in East London. He lives in London and Bangkok. Feroze has no formal qualifications in art but has had a great love for it since childhood. Between 1998 and 2003 he concentrated on collage and developed a unique style of depicting l a n d s c a p e s. Then till 2008 he worked in oils mainly interested in architectural landscapes of London. In 2010 he moved to Thailand and started painting in watercolour, a medium he now loves but still finds very unpredictable and challenging. His love of vibrant colour and the sensuous layering of paint became his new mode of expression in oils, but the unpredictability of watercolour has led to a more subdued style and colour. He sometimes works plain air, but prefers to translate photographs taken on location to construct his striking compositions.

8882 7888

EXHIBITIONS Feroze paints for pleasure and relaxation, but most of his paintings are for sale. He has shown his works at The Alex (Bethnal Green, London), Forty Hall (Enfield, London), London Artist Book Fair (ICA – The Mall, London), All Saints Church (London), The Station Cafe (London), Starfish (London) as well as Jamjuri Gallery (Bangkok) and Wangna Art Gallery (Bangkok) This current exhibition illustrates paintings done on location during his travels in Europe and recently to Thailand, Myanmar and Vietnam. Commissions are undertaken. Visit our gallery to view Feroze's exhibition between April - June 2019



Past Times...The Walker Ground: A Jewel at the Heart of Southgate – Hidden from view but open to all This article was composed by: Chris Horner a Walker Trustee; And has been abridged from the newly published book. The Walkers of Southgate and Middlesex a Cricketing Fraternity by Peter Jouning and is available to purchase from the Walker Ground pavilion office.

Walker almost beat the touring Australian team, losing by one wicket. Twelve years later the club won the County championship under Donnithorne Walkers captaincy. WG Grace was one of many famous cricketers invited to play at the Walker Ground and in 1868, at the age of 20, played for the United South against John Walkers fifteen team, with a crowd of 10,000 people watching. Teddy Walker had been regarded as the best all round cricketer of his time until WG Grace appeared on the scene and for a couple of years they were on a par.

The Walker Sports Ground formerly known as Chapel Fields

The Walker Ground is a 16 acre Sports Ground located on Waterfall Road, opposite Christ Church in the heart of Southgate; held in Trust since 1907, for the people of Southgate, to be used for sports and recreation activities. The ground is home to Southgate Cricket Club, Southgate Adelaide Cricket Club, Southgate Adelaide Hockey Club, Southgate Squash and Racketball Club, Oakhill Tigers Football Club, Southgate Rugby Club, Omonia Youth Football Club, 6th Southgate Scouts and The Southgate Weld Lawn Tennis Club. The Walker Ground, formerly known as Chapel Fields formed part of the Walker family home estate, Arnos Grove. The ground was given by Russell Donnithorne Walker, the last surviving brother of a cricketing dynasty, of seven brothers and this is their remarkable story. The Walkers are the only family in the world known to have provided seven brothers to play for a first class cricket team. Isaac Walker the grandson of the original owner of Arnos Grove and his wife Sophia had twelve children, five daughters and seven sons. Isaac Walker was a most imposing figure strolling around Southgate village dressed in silk stockings and knee breeches, as befitted his role as an old fashioned country squire. The Walker boys were encouraged to play cricket by their uncle and initially learnt how to play cricket at their respective prep schools. Isaac was a director of the Taylor Brewing Company and had married into the Taylor family of the neighbouring Grovelands Park Estate.The uniting of the two families lead to the formation of The Taylor Walker Brewing Company. Some may say that the Walker brothers were born with silver spoons in their mouths as they lived in the grandest and most imposing house for miles around; Arnos House on Cannon Hill, set in 300 acres of green pasture and woodland. Others may say that the seven brothers were born holding seven cricket bats.


The first organised County match played by Middlesex was against Kent in 1859 at Southgate.

The Walker Brothers - John, Alfred, Frederick, Arthur, Vyell, Russell and Isaac

They were all great enthusiasts of the noble game of cricket and encouraged people young and old to play. Where necessary they would fund matches and provide hospitality for the visiting teams. Southgate Cricket Club was formed in 1855 and a second team, Southgate Adelaide, specifically for the villagers of Southgate was formed in 1870.

The Adelaide CC formerly known as The Villagers 1889

The full Middlesex side did not return to The Walker Ground until 1991 after a break of 132 years when they entertained Kent in a Sunday League match. The County then used the ground regularly between 1998 and 2011 playing over 20 games. The first four day County match was against Essex and was notable for a fine innings of 241 by Mike Gatting in his last season of County cricket. This remains the highest individual score on the ground by a home batsman. In 1907 at the age of 65 the last of the seven brothers, Russell Donnithorne Walker gave The Walker Ground to be held in Trust, to be used for sport and recreation. He sold Arnos Grove and moved away from Southgate passing away in 1922. Since then the Ground has been managed by a board of Trustees and now operates as a charitable trust. Cricket has been played there for over 160 years and the trustees have honored the wishes of the Walker family and continue to promote the playing of a wide variety of sports and welcome new members, visitors and volunteers. The ground has evolved over the years and now offers Bar and Catering facilities in the pavilion which is open every day. Details can be found on the Walker website.

The contribution that the Walker brothers made to cricket was considerable, as founding member players and as presidents of Middlesex County Cricket Club. They were also MCC participating team players, selectors and Teddy Walker was a president of the Marylebone Cricket Club. In 1866 Middlesex CCC won the County Championship for the first time and captain, Teddy Walker led from the front. During the same year the County team including John

Siva bowling

348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ

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Parliamentary Comment by Bambos Charalambous MP

School Funding Crisis Parliament: 020 7219 3460 Constituency Office: 020 8882 0088 472 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, London N13 5PA It is clear now that the Government’s failure to fund our schools properly is threatening the life chances of our children and young people. While it is always an absolute honour to visit schools across Enfield Southgate, to witness their exciting work and the enthusiasm of our children, the message I am getting from staff, parents and governors is that the serious funding threats and historic underfunding is inevitably having an adverse impact on children’s education. Figures from the House of Commons library show that since 2013/14 the block funding from the Department of Education for schools in Enfield Southgate has been cut by £6million (9.1%) and will decrease further. One head teacher has told me that as things stand, in just two years’ time, her school will only be able to afford to keep her and one teacher in each classroom. The Schools Minister has proclaimed that the Government has never put so much into education, but schools in Enfield Southgate

don’t seem to be seeing this money. The reality for some schools is that the cuts mean, no Deputy, no staff to do planning, preparation and assessments, no one to do lunch duty and hardly anyone for Special Educational Needs interventions. Schools are even struggling to afford statutory posts such as Special Educational Needs Coordinators. Fifty per cent of the school workforce is support staff – they are the lowest paid and have been completely ignored by the Government. The cuts also mean fewer learning resources, fewer educational trips and extra curricular music lessons are under threat. Schools have either already requested or are considering requesting financial contributions from parents. The situation could not be more dire and I made this point in a packed Westminster Hall debate on school funding in Monday 4th March 2019. I spoke up for our schools in Enfield Southgate and for our schools staff. I have been campaigning with schools for

years to get an increase in school funding and I have raised it in the House of Commons at every opportunity. I’ve supported the Fair Funding for Enfield campaign group and I have even shown my awful dancing skills when I ‘flossed for funding’, but in one of the richest countries in the world, we should not have to campaign and protest for the right to a decent education for every child. There is only one chance for a child to get a good education and as we all know getting a good education is the springboard for success in the future. The very thought that this is being threatened due to lack of funding is scandalous. Schools should be given the appropriate funding that they need to pay all their staff and run the schools to ensure children get the best education they can. I am a school governor at two local schools and I know the value of a good education. I will keep campaigning for better funding for schools.

Central London ULEZ is coming this April by Councillor Joanne Laban email Conservative Member for Highlands Ward I wrote last year about the fact that the Ultra Low Emission Zone will be expanded out to the North and South Circulars in 2021. I also highlighted the issues it will cause when visiting vital services such as North Middlesex Hospital within the zone if your car is not compliant. Its forerunner the central London ULEZ will launch next month, a year earlier than originally planned. The earlier implementation of the central London ULEZ was not supported by business groups such as the Federation of Small Businesses as it was felt that Londoners had a shorter time to prepare for the scheme. Central London ULEZ The ULEZ will replace the T-Charge from 8 April 2019. The daily charge will run from midnight to midnight, 7 days a week, every day of the year, within the same area as the current Congestion Charging Zone (CCZ). The ULEZ has tougher emission standards than the current T-Charge. ULEZ Standards Vehicles need to meet the different emission standards for the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) or face the daily charge. The ULEZ standards are: • Euro 3 for motorcycles, mopeds, motorised tricycles and quadricycles (L category) • Euro 4 (NOx) for petrol cars, vans, minibuses and


other specialist vehicles • Euro 6 (NOx and PM) for diesel cars, vans and minibuses and other specialist vehicles • Euro VI (NOx and PM) for lorries, buses and coaches and other specialist heavy vehicles (NOx and PM) • Euro 3 became mandatory for all new motorcycles in 2007 Euro 4 became mandatory for all new cars in 2005 and light vans in 2006 Euro 6 became mandatory for all new heavy duty engines for goods vehicles and buses from January 2014, September 2015 for cars and light vans, and September 2016 for larger vans up to and including 3.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight. Daily charge If your vehicle does not meet the above standards then you will have to pay the ULEZ charge. The charges are as follows: • £12.50 for most vehicle types, including cars, motorcycles and vans (up to and including 3.5 tonnes) • £100 for heavier vehicles, including lorries (over 3.5 tonnes) and buses/coaches (over 5 tonnes) This will be in addition to the weekday Congestion

Charge and the Low Emission Zone (LEZ) charge. You can check whether your vehicle complies or not with the new standards by using this link Driving into the ULEZ The area covered by the ULEZ will be signposted with road signs. There will be no barriers or toll booths. Cameras will read vehicle number plates as they are driven within the zone to check against TfL's database to see if they meet the ULEZ emission standard. TfL has stated that road signs will be in place before the ULEZ starts at every entry point along the boundary and along key arterial approaches. They are due to sit alongside or below existing Congestion Charge signs. ULEZ 2019-2021 The ULEZ will cover the same area as the Congestion Charging Zone until 2021 when it will be expanded to the North and South Circulars. In conclusion, if you regularly drive into the Congestion Charge Zone please check whether your car complies with the new ULEZ emission standards so that you are ready for when the scheme launches on 8th April 2019.

348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ

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Keeping school children safe by Erica Crawshaw, Neighbourhood Inspector

Hello everybody! I am Erica Crawshaw and I am the Neighbourhood Inspector for Enfield Borough. Firstly I’d like to explain the opportunities for you to be able to meet your Neighbourhood Officers. Each week they hold an hour long Contact Session where you can discuss any issues you may have with Crime or Anti-Social Behaviour. This can be in the theme of Cuppa with a Copper or Park runs that we attend in Grovelands Park on Saturday mornings. PCSO Jenny Arkwright is one of those Officers and she has been working in Palmers Green for a number of years. The Officers use Twitter, Nextdoor and their own Local Life web pages to advertise these sessions as well as local police updates. Importantly, can now contact your local Officer by their local web page. We have seen a rise in robbery in Southgate particularly around Chase Side which peaked in November with 19 reported robberies. This reduced to 5 in December but has increased to 11 and 10


know that some offenders use the public transport network to travel to Southgate to target pupils. We encourage parents and children to report these offences as soon as possible so that we can apprehend offenders at the earliest opportunity.

PCSO Jenny Arkwright, attending a community event at Hazelwood School

respectively in the last two months. This is a Ward priority in Southgate. The robberies are mainly targeted towards school children and we are working with our Schools Officers and Roads and Transport Officers to work on the prevention, detection and deterrence of suspects as we

We receive many complaints about begging along the A406 and Green Lanes. Palmers Green and Southgate Green Officers have been focusing on this and have been working with Enfield Council enforcing the Public Spaces Protection Order which prohibits intimidatory and aggressive begging. A number of beggars are not homeless and are part of an Organised Crime Group who move around the Borough. We do not advocate giving money to beggars. To finalise, anti-social behaviour can now be reported on line report/asb/asb/report-antisocial-behaviour/

348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ

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New River Crescent Palmers Green, N13


imply stunning 5 bedroom Edwardian family home. The property is within easy walking distance of Palmers Green's shops and mainline station. This beautifully presented home offers 1679 sq ft of bright and well appointed living accommodation over three floors, packed with original features. On the ground floor you will find good size living room, a spacious open plan kitchen/diner with sliding doors to garden and utility room. The first floor offers two generous double bedrooms, a single bedroom and a modern bathroom. The bright converted loft space offers a spacious landing and two further double bedrooms. A front garden and a well maintained 85ft rear garden.

O.I.E.O £780,000 Freehold

Can you help Spring Clean Palmers Green? by the Palmers Green Action Team Email: Facebook/Instagram: @palmersgreenactionteam Twitter: @pgactionteam Last autumn, local resident Claude was asked by the Green Lanes Business Association to market the Christmas event. She, together with other local residents Däna, Justine, Heather and Christine worked tirelessly on the project visiting all the shops asking them to get involved. Claude had the brilliant idea of having the shops decorate their windows and put on a contest for the children to vote for their favourite. There was a great turn out, and the kids seemed really excited to see all of the window displays. All of this was done in a short space of time, and we were so pleased with the results we decided to continue. Now we have more people joining our team, as they too are invested in our community. Our aim is to continue to partner with local businesses and other community groups to boost the energy of the High Street as well

10 |

Left to right - Heather, Christine, Claude, Däna and Justine. (Just a few of our fab members!)

as to bring our community together overall. Our focus is positivity and inclusion. We do not have any specific affiliation with any particular businesses or groups, but aim to work collaboratively with everyone for the benefit of our community. We have some ideas for upcoming projects and would love to hear ideas from other people in Palmers Green. We particularly

Proud to be sponsoring this community event

would love to connect with local artists for some of our projects. We are supporting the 2019 Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday 6th April, hopefully with an Easter Bunny for photos with the children, as well as face painters. You’ll soon see our temporary exhibition in the vacant Montclare shop next to The Fox. Many thanks to Dominvs, developers of The Fox, for this opportunity. Our next solo project is our Spring Clean Palmers Green on Saturday 11th May. We’re asking our volunteers to assemble at The Triangle at 10am. Clean Up UK is providing equipment such as gloves, graffiti wipes and litter pickers. Enfield in Bloom is also donating some supplies to help us tidy up the green areas. Papa John’s will have some free pizza samples as well. We hope to see you there!

348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ

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The community comes together in a bid to curb David B student muggings urrowe sw After a series of mugging incidents involving local secondary school students being targeted, a new Community Patrol has launched in Enfield Town. Enfield Grammar School’s head Chris Lamb had written to parents each time one of the boys were victim of mugging around the Enfield Town area. Fed up with what seemed to be too regular an occurrence and worried for the safety of the students a meeting was held with parents and other key members of the local community. After much discussion it was felt that having an increased adult presence around the town area might help students feel safer and deter some of these crimes taking place.

Love Your Doorstep Founder Emma Rigby held a further meeting with over 50 local people, a mix of parents and community members, head teacher Chris Lamb, the local police team, town centre manager Mark Rudling and Metrobank’s Guy Jones-Owen. The community-led patrol scheme was launched with many keen volunteers signing themselves up on the rota. The first patrol took place on Monday 11th March with instant success. Parents reported that their children felt more confident travelling between sites at lunch and after school. There was even one incident where a group of boys approached the patrol team when a small group of youths were hanging around intimidating them.

ith volu


Emma Rig their firs by and volu nteers t patrol embark

ing on

If you want to support this scheme there are two ways you can get involved. You can join the team of volunteers who are patrolling in groups before school, lunch time and after school. If you can’t commit your time but still want to help we are also looking for donations to enable us to develop the scheme further. To register, email

12 |

348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ





tunning chain free apartment with views over cricket ground. A spacious three bedroom, two bath/shower room apartment. Located on the first floor of this recently built (2013) modern gated development it is within easy walking distance of Enfield town and mainline station. Benefits include a secure gated entrance, an impressive living/dining space with a modern kitchen and doors to balcony with splendid views, a master bedroom and en-suite shower room, two further bedrooms, a bathroom and an allocated parking space.

ewly built with 10 year warranty, three bedroom end of terrace family home. This CHAIN FREE property benefits from an open plan living/dining/kitchen area with wood flooring and bay window and a ground floor cloakroom. The first floor consists of three spacious bedrooms fully carpeted and a modern family bathroom. Further benefits include rear and side gardens with decked patio and off street parking.

£510,000 Share of Freehold

£575,000 Freehold F SA OR LE

Kenmare Gardens Palmers Green, N13


Warne Court Enfield, EN1



well-presented spacious two bedroom flat situated on the forth floor popular purpose built development on the corner of Fox Lane and Green Lanes. The property benefits from a spacious lounge/diner, a modern kitchen, a bathroom and separate w.c, two double bedrooms, gas central heating, double glazing, lift service to all floors, entry phone system and communal parking facilities. The property is currently rented on an assured shorthold tenancy and is achieving a rent of £1,100pcm.

eautiful chain free Edwardian garden flat. A spacious modern converted flat occupying the entire ground floor of this Edwardian property is located within easy reach of Palmers Greens shops, bus routes and mainline station. The property consists of a spacious living room with large bay window, a modern kitchen/diner with appliances, a contemporary shower room, a double bedroom with doors to own 60ft approx rear garden with decked/lawn areas. 69 year lease remaining.

Pellipar Close Palmers Green, N13

New River Crescent Palmers Green, N13

£340,000 Leasehold

£325,000 Leasehold

8882 7888



Italian classes for children and the importance of movement by Laura Scaramella of Parla Italiano In our Italian classes no matter what the student age is, we never just sit on a chair but we offer a variety of activities so that our students can move. We believe that learning takes place when we feel free and relaxed. This is why movement is important in our classes. Even in our adult classes we carefully select games to consolidate vocabulary and structures learnt. Adults move in class during the games, during ‘mingling’ activities, and they are also invited to the board to take ownership of a particular activity. Movement is even more important in our children classes. Children unlike adults have a short attention span, albeit which grows with age. We account for this in all of our classes. For example our 3-5 classes are taught mainly on the carpet. Moreover, children are invited to stand during singing time, they can move around during our role plays and during games. Because the class is varied and time standing/moving/on the carpet is alternated, when it is time to listen to a story in Italian or to work on activities that require attention,

children are able to sit, listen and concentrate. Storytelling is a very important element in our classes. Our storytelling time is always interactive, so children are asked questions – always in Italian – and they are invited to participate actively in it. All our classes at all levels and for all ages are taught exclusively in Italian and students are interacting with our teachers in Italian. As the children grow their attention span grows and they are more able to sit still for longer periods. Students in our Italian 7-9 class, have a chair with a table as they are asked to write in some of the activities. Activities however, are varied and students are expected to move during some of the activities. For example we offer time to work as pairs in small groups on the floor as well as standing time; for example time on the board during a game, a mime activity and so on.

Class 3-5 years old, Storytelling

Our new Italian classes for children and adults start after Easter in London in Palmers Green. For more info please visit: email or phone 07941 092593

Personal Taxation - update by Alex Chrysostomou Alexander Associates, your local accountants 24A Aldermans Hill, Palmers Green, London N13 4PN Tel: 020 8882 6611 Fax: 020 8882 6621 Email: Website:

The chancellor brought forward the proposed increase in the personal allowance from £11,850 to £12,500 with immediate effect from 6 April 2019 instead of 6 April 2020 as originally proposed. The higher rate threshold was increased to £50,000 and this is also the upper limit for NIC purposes where employees and the self-employed begin to pay NIC at 2% instead of the higher percentages that apply below that level. This means that if your income is below £12,500 a year, you don’t pay any tax.

Further you can earn up to £50,000 a year before you fall into the dreaded 40% tax bracket. This will have a positive effect on the amount of money you can earn from April 2019 onwards, which makes it even more important to plan your affairs wisely for the new tax year. The other allowances and reliefs were adjusted either in line with the above change. The transferable marriage allowance which is always 10% of the personal allowance in line with the effect of inflation.

No changes were made to the tax rates themselves nor the personal savings allowance, the savings rate of tax or the dividend allowance. For those of you running your own companies, the government have also stuck to their promise of lowering corporation tax to 17% from April 2020. If you require any advice on tax planning or any other tax matters, please feel free to contact us.

If you have an accounting question for Alex please e-mail him directly he will be happy to assist you, alternatively Alexander Associates offer an initial free consultation please contact them to find out more. Disclaimer: The information provided in this article should not be construed as legal advice and the information is offered for information purposes only. You should always seek advice from an appropriately qualified accountant on any specific accountancy enquiry.

14 |

348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ

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ell presented apartment in great location. A one double bedroom, first floor purpose built apartment located within a few minutes' walk of Palmers Green's shops and mainline station. The property is accessed via a secure video entry phone system and benefits from a living room with balcony, a fitted kitchen, a modern spacious bathroom and a good size double bedroom and an allocated parking space.

eautiful modern apartment. A well presented and spacious one bedroom apartment located on the second floor of this former office block which was converted in 2014. The property is located within a few minutes walk of Green Lanes shops and mainline station. Benefits include a secure communal entrance via video entry phone, a lift to all floors, an open plan living/kitchen space and oak wood floor, a spacious bedroom with fitted wardrobe, a modern bathroom and an allocated parking space via secure gates.

£275,000 Leasehold

£340,000 Leasehold F SA OR LE

Dumayne House Palmers Green, N13


Shapland Way Palmers Green, N13



reat location! A five bedroom Edwardian terrace house located within a few minutes walk of Palmers Green's shops, and mainline station. This CHAIN FREE property which requires MODERNISATION consists on the ground floor of a 25ft through lounge, a 20ft kitchen/diner, a conservatory with w.c and door to garden. The first floor offers three double bedrooms, a single bedroom and a family bathroom. The converted loft offers a further double bedroom. Front garden and a rear garden measuring 88ft approx.

16 |

well presented four bedroom extended terrace house offering a very generous 1561 sq ft of floor space. The property is located within a few minutes walk of Bush Hill Park mainline station into Liverpool street. The property benefits from a spacious through lounge, a morning room, a modern kitchen/diner with doors to garden, and utility room. The first floor offers three double bedrooms, a single bedroom, a spacious bath/shower room and loft space with potential to convert. Off street parking and a well maintained rear garden of 55ft.

Lightcliffe Road Palmers Green, N13

St Marks Road Enfield, EN1

£649,000 Freehold

£675,000 Freehold

348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ

8882 7888



22 |

348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ

8882 7888



Why Choose Palmers Green High School? A PGHS education will give your daughter a great start in life. Headmistress Wendy Kempster discusses the reasons why… ✔ Traditional Values: A forward thinking school with strong traditions. We are driven by our aims, ethos, tradition and values to create a community of parents, pupils and teachers working passionately towards the same goals. Our teaching and pastoral care embed strong moral and spiritual values, exemplified by our 114 year old school motto “By Love Serve One Another”.

✔ Academic Success: We specialise in educating girls, providing exciting learning opportunities to encourage curiosity, creativity and confidence. PGHS is Number 1 of the Sunday Times League Table for small independent schools. Girls leave PGHS with outstanding GCSE results transferring to high achieving sixth forms before moving on to the top universities in the country.

✔ Nursery to GCSE: PGHS is a very special 'through-school' where strong friendships are formed and extend beyond year groups. Pupils progress in a familiar setting, benefiting from seamless transitions across Key Stages and there is an authentic feeling of being one family.

✔ Attention to detail from small class sizes: Small class sizes enable staff to spot and nurture the potential of each individual. Our lower staff to pupil ratios encourage close relationships between staff, pupils and parents and a greater level of individual attention.

✔ Wide range of extra-curricular activities and trips: In addition to academic success, we understand the importance of developing well-rounded individuals. PGHS offers an exciting programme of extra-curricular activities with over 80 running every week! School trips to museums, theatres, galleries, field trips, as well as Language, History and Art trips abroad offer valuable learning opportunities outside the classroom. Other activities include Kingswood, skiing and the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

✔ Teachers: Our School combines high standards of teaching with superb pastoral care. PGHS teachers are highly qualified and passionate about their subject. Specialist teachers deliver timetabled sport, music, drama, art, D&T and languages to pupils at all educational stages. Pastoral care is exceptional and dedicated staff support pupils throughout their time at PGHS. Pupils develop the strength of character and vision to become confident and responsible young people.

✔ Excellent facilities: Learning is enhanced by specialist teaching, facilities and resources. Teaching rooms are all equipped with state of the art teaching walls providing modern, bespoke learning environments. Girls benefit from using the specialist science laboratories, D&T workshop, music suite, library and art studio.

✔ Sports: We are committed to enabling girls to discover and develop their sporting talents. Sports are taught on site and at the local Walker Cricket Ground where the pupils enjoy year round use of the high quality netball and tennis courts, athletics field and football pitch. In addition, we use both Southbury and Southgate Leisure Centres to ensure pupils are offered a diverse range of sporting activities including aerobics, badminton, basketball, swimming and trampolining.

✔ Wrap-around care: In an environment that nurtures and cares for children combined with healthy, nutritious food. We run a Breakfast Club and have exclusive links with M+M Childcare who provide bespoke After School provision for PGHS.

✔ Location: We are your local school. Your daughter can be involved in extra-curricular activities after school and be home at a reasonable time to be involved in activities outside of school, to tackle her homework and still have time to relax.

Come along to one of our Working Open Mornings or arrange for a personal tour at a time that suits you. Details can be found on our website at or telephone 0208 8886 1135. Nursery Open Mornings - every Wednesday at 9.30am Prep Open Morning - Friday 3rd May Taster Day for Year 7 entry - Friday 24th May 9.00am to 3.00pm Late testing for Year 7 entry - Please call the school for details

24 |

348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ

8882 7888



Fabulous hair begins with a healthy scalp by Kiri from Fabulous Hair Company Fabulous Hair Company 382 Green Lanes, N13 5PD Tel: 020 8886 7070 Welcome, firstly I would like to start with an apology. In my last article I wrote about hair trends for 2019 and would continue in this article with colour trends, but with the launch of our new product range of treatments for scalp disorders I couldn’t wait to talk about Mediceuticals products. At Fabulous Hair we have noticed in the last few years an increase in scalp disorders and felt it was time to address this issue with the introduction of Mediceuticals products to the salon. Before we can remedy a scalp problem, we need to identify the condition and to help us, we use a hair analyzer which magnifies the hair by 200x and allows us to choose the best product & a treatment plan for your hair. There are many disorders to discuss and unfortunately not enough space to talk about all the conditions, you can have a look at the full article by visiting our salon website. I’ve chosen two of the most common conditions to write about.

Dandruff Dandruff, put simply, is the hyper-production of skin cells often linked to P. Ovale Fungus. Skin cells are produced and shed too quickly which causes flakes of dead skin to fall off the scalp. Millions of people have this chronic disorder. The unmistakable symptoms of dandruff are white, oily-looking flakes of dead skin covering the hair and shoulders, and an itchy, scaly scalp.

Oily Scalp Oily scalp is a problematic condition that can lead to greasy hair, dandruff or a skin disorder known as seborrheic dermatitis. Excess oiliness, also known as seborrhea, is one of the most common scalp conditions. Oily scalp often results from an excess production of your skin’s natural oils, or sebum. This can cause your hair and scalp to feel greasy or dirty, even if you’ve recently washed your hair. The above conditions can be managed using Mediceuticals products. 200 X

200 X

If you have any questions that need answering quickly, please email me at and I will get back to you soon as I can. If you enjoyed my article let us know, like us on Facebook or follow us on Instagram and we will enter you in our monthly competition for a chance of winning a Paul Mitchell in-salon Lavender Mint Mineral Mask treatment worth £25. Just go to our website, and click the Facebook/ Instagram icon to follow and a chance to win a Fabulous hair treatment.

Interested in a fresh look at your overall wellbeing? by Nicola Forward, your local Amatsu Practitioner Our clients report that Amatsu has been very effective for them over a range of health issues including back, shoulder or knee pain; migraine and digestive problems; managing more long term health conditions and rehabilitation after accident, injury or surgery. Amatsu is a bodywork therapy that addresses the whole of your wellbeing. As Amatsu Practitioners we use ancient Japanese movement principles underpinned by modern research into anatomy and physiology. Its gentle approach through movement can create far reaching change for our clients. Tess, like many others, is happy to tell her Amatsu story. She had quite a bad stroke nearly thirty years ago and has struggled with a lot of physical problems on her right side, as well as speech and language communication difficulties. With her first Amatsu session control of the right side of her body improved and six months on she says, “Amatsu is something that has been extremely important to me in my recovery. Even though it is a physical therapy, I find that it also helps with psychological and emotional things for me. It

seems to calm the whole of me.” April 2019 is Amatsu Awareness month and Amatsu Therapy International (UK) Ltd is running a campaign to draw more attention to this therapy by sharing the success stories of current clients with the hashtag #AmatsuHelpedMe. You can read Tess’ full story, along with others, and find out more about Amatsu by visiting Testimonials During April ATI (UK) Ltd practitioners are running special offers to encourage people, who may not have come across Amatsu, to take this opportunity to try it for themselves. You may feel you have tried everything…so why not try Amatsu now? Your local practitioner, Nicola Forward says, “Please feel free to call me if you have any

questions about Amatsu or maybe you might want to find out how Amatsu could help you? I am always happy to chat Amatsu! And please don’t worry, you won’t be talked into a session…it’s your body, so you know what feels right for you. If you do decide you would like to go ahead and try Amatsu I am offering 3 sessions for the price of 2 with this article.”

Mobile: 07720 81 01 01 Email: Make 2019 the year you tackle your overall health and wellbeing!

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348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ

Bathroom Tile Trends for 2019 by Mick Lawton your local Palmers Green DIY Doctor There are quite a few questions that need to be asked when considering the tiling of walls to either your bathroom or kitchen. One of the first things is the size of the room versus the size of the tiles you are considering. If you are lucky enough to have a large bathroom, for example, then you may be looking at the large, 60cm x 30cm oblong wall tiles. These can either be fitted with the joints in line or in a brickwork effect (my personal

favourite). If your bathroom is on the smaller size, then maybe a 6 or 8 inch tile might be more effective. Kitchen tiles tend to be the smaller option, generally used as a 'splash-back' along the worktop area and above the hob or oven. Oblong tiles are the modern option, as opposed to the 4 inch square tiles of the 80's. There are many, many varieties, shapes and sizes on the market and it can be quite a daunting decision. If

you need advice or would like an estimate on any works to your property, please feel free to contact me and we can arrange a visit.

For some instant inspiration visit this site they have some great examples of beautifully designed bathrooms. Visit my website to see examples of my work, or contact me on 07985 412 599

In the Garden with Paul Knight Creating curb appeal with your front garden Contact Paul on 07957 942728 A front garden can be a thing of beauty. Not just a drab area of concrete with bins on right in on front of your house. It can be an eye-catching place full of plants and shrubs that can add interest all year round. Of course you have to take into account the practical issues of where to put the bins and bike stores etc but this can be accounted for in designing the garden. Even in a small front garden that most of us have there will be space for a few choice plants and possibly even a small tree that will soften the appearance of the property and collectively, the neighbourhood whilst creating a natural environment for birds and insects.

A good front garden will really enhance the appearance of any property and will add value too. It is the entrance to your home and its style should reflect you and the property style so materials for the structure should be chosen carefully. If it is done well it will give you pleasure every time you see it. Which is all the time! If you are installing a new front wall, choose the type of brick carefully. It doesn’t have to match the bricks the house is built with and you do not want a wall that stands out too much as your eye will be drawn to the wall rather than the garden

within. A simple bin surround constructed with trellis and climbing plants to grow round it to disguise the bins but still gives you easy access to them. The garden path is an important aspect as you use it constantly and you see it all the time The materials for the path can match the materials in the rest of the garden or they can differ, for example have a tiled path with a separate area of paving. As I said before, plants will soften and enhance a house. Whether the garden is in sun or shade there are lots of plants that will thrive. Window boxes will add a splash of colour and can change with the seasons and a climbing rose, Wisteria or many other climbers will look amazing trained on the front of the house. Get outside and get gardening!

Call us for all your garden needs; Garden design • Planting design • Landscape construction • Irrigation. Follow us on Twitter @outsidedesigns1

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ewly refurbished two bed flat,occupying the entire first floor of this imposing Victorian building. The flat is offered UNFURNISHED and benefits from a BRIGHT and MODERN living room/kitchen, a master bedroom with an en-suite shower room, a further single bedroom, a bathroom. The property also benefits from communal off street parking. The property is ideally located for Baker Street's local shops and bus routes with both Enfield Town (Liverpool Street in 35 minutes) and Gordon Hill (Moorgate in 35 minutes) stations within easy reach.

stunning converted two bedroom duplex apartment occupying the first and second floors of this grade two listed former school building. Renovated to a high standard it benefits from a spacious living area with 14ft high ceiling and original wood block parquet floor, contemporary kitchen, modern bathroom, secure entry phone system and secure gated parking to rear for two cars. Unfurnished, available now.

Corrib Court Palmers Green, N13

£1,250 per calendar month

£1,300 per calendar month







Baker Street Enfield, EN1



odern gated apartment. A two bedroom, two bath/shower room flat situated on the ground floor. The property is a few minutes walk to Green Lanes shops and Palmers Green's mainline station into Finsbury Park and Moorgate. Benefits include a spacious living room with doors to a communal garden area, modern fitted kitchen, a newly fitted bathroom, a master bedroom with en-suite shower room, a good size single bedroom and an allocated parking space. The property is offered part furnished and is available from the 23rd of April.

28 |

5 minute walk to Soughgate tube station. Three bedroom 1930s built end of terrace house located within a few minutes walk of Southgates shops and underground station (Piccadilly line). The property which has recently been decorated benefits from a spacious entrance hallway, a bright through lounge with doors to garden, a brand new kitchen, a family bathroom, two good size double bedrooms, a single bedroom, off street parking and 80ft approx rear garden. The property is available end of March/April and is offered part furnished.

Ashbourne Lodge Palmers Green, N13

Winchmore Hill Road Southgate, N14

£1,450 per calendar month

£1,925 per calendar month

348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ





eautiful unfurnished family home. A 1920's style extended three bedroom terrace home. The property benefits from a through lounge, extended kitchen/diner, modern first floor family bathroom, two good size double bedrooms with fitted wardrobes, a single bedroom and hard standing to front and 80ft west facing rear garden. The property is within easy reach of Palmers Green's shops and mainline station and falls within Hazelwood School catchment area. Available from the 13th of April 2019.

our bedroom family home. The nearest stations are Wood Green and Bowes Park, which are within ten to fifteen minutes walking distance. The property which has just been painted benefits from a spacious through lounge with doors to garden, a kitchen/diner, two double bedrooms and two good size single bedrooms, first floor modern bathroom, off street parking and large rear garden. The house is offered furnished and is available from the 23rd April 2019.

Hamilton Crescent Palmers Green, N13

Grenoble Gardens Palmers Green, N13

£1,950 per calendar month

£2,100 per calendar month

GC Chartered Certified Accountants & Registered Auditors

Services provided:-

• Financial accounts & audit • Landlords rental accounts & tax • Landlords capital gains tax

• Inheritance tax • Business consultancy • Company formations

Georgiades Charalambou & Co LLP Chartered Certified Accountants & Registered Auditors 283-285 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, London N13 4XS Tel 020 8886 3672 Fax 020 8882 2713 Email

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A father and his thirteen year-old daughter are living an ideal existence in a vast urban park in Portland, Oregon, when a small mistake derails their lives forever.

Based on the story of Dido Elizabeth Belle (1761 – 1804), an illegitimate bi-racial girl raised at Kenwood House by her great uncle, Lord Mansfield.

SON OF THE BRIDE A funny and moving film about one man’s midlife crisis and his father’s wish to give his wife, suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, the perfect silver wedding anniversary present.







Ryota learns that his biological son was switched at birth with the boy he has raised, and he must make a life-impacting decision between his two sons.

A woman returns to her Orthodox Jewish community that shunned her for her attraction to a female childhood friend. Once back, passions reignite.

BlacKkKlansman uses history to offer bitingly trenchant commentary on current events – and brings out some of Spike Lee's hardest-hitting work in decades along the way.

Palmers Green Tales by Jenny Bourke Find us on Facebook and look for Palmers Green Tales and ask to join the group. Our twitter address is @PGTales

Susan Mehmet and myself have been very lucky in filming a wonderful local stained glass artist and teacher Cheryl Powling. We have been to Cheryl’s open house sessions and marvelled at her fabulous pieces and we finally managed Cheryl standing by her barbecue

30 |

to arrange a mutually suitable date so we could film an interview with her. Cheryl holds classes in her home and you can make pieces yourself, such as the one pictured left, or you can commission pieces from her. Please look at her website for further information

We couldn’t resist taking photos of some of the work Cheryl has done inside her own home, such as this splash back.

Our next film will be about that wonderful institution Palmers Green Netball Club. They were founded in 1959 and it is great to see how popular Netball remains to this day. Great to see Netballers of all ages playing in our lovely local park.

348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ

Local care ca are agency y named ¿QDOLVW LQ +HDOWK &DUH ¿QDOLVW LQ +HDOWK & &DUH Investorr Awards Investo Awards This month Hom Home me Care Preferred, a domiciliary ca are provider based in care l, ,received news that for the Hill, Winchmore Hil 5th executive y selecte ed as year they were selected ¿QDOLVWV LQ WKH SUHVWLJLRXV +HDOWK ,QYHVWRU ¿QDOLVWV LQ WKH S SUHVWLJLRXV +HDOWK ,QYH HVWRU Awards A wards 2019.

Awards A war a ds 2019 2019




If you orr a loved one re require quire care and d support in you ur home your please contact c a memb er of member our frien ndly team: friendly 020 8364 4 3670 www .ho omecarepreferre info@ho omecarepreferre +RPH &DUH 3UHIHUUHG 6WDWLRQ 5RDG :LQFKPRUH +LOO 1 1% +RPH &DU UH 3UHIHUUHG 6 6WDWLRQ 5RDG : :LQFKPRUH +LOO 1 1 1%

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The Southgate Cultural Fund The small local charity, The Southgate Cultural Fund, ultimately owes its existence to Victorian philanthropists who did so much for the well-being of the villagers of Southgate. In its present form the fund was established by the Court of Chancery in 1950 when the court laid down how much the Southgate Club had to pay to purchase the lease of their premises in Chase Side, Southgate. (The present premises are dated 1889 but the Club was started as the Southgate Reading Society in the mid nineteenth century with money put up by the incumbent of the Weld Chapel, the Vicar of Christ Church and John Bradshaw of The Grange). The Fund’s early records were lost in a fire but it is believed that the annual ground rent paid by the Club was the Fund’s original source of income and subsequently the income has been from the investment of the price paid for the lease. The resources of the Southgate Cultural Fund are necessarily very limited but it

Southgate Club © Copyright Christine Matthews

deserves to be brought to wider notice as an aspect of Southgate history. The Fund’s operation is restricted to the area covered by the former Borough of Southgate, which, these days, the trustees interpret as the parliamentary constituency of Enfield Southgate. Its purposes is the provision of financial assistance for cultural activities undertaken by and for the benefit of

groups of young people who are ineligible for support from the local authority. The definitions of a ‘group’ and ‘young people’ are for the trustees to decide, but, broadly speaking, three and more are regarded as a ‘group and an age up to the early twenties is thought to be ‘young’. In the recent past, there have been grants to groups involved in music-making, drama, bell-ringing and scouting. Groups in Southgate who would like to be considered for a grant, should apply to the trustees by post to 52, Townsend Avenue, Southgate, N14 7HJ. The trustees will wish to know the activity of the group, the number of people involved, the age-level, the purpose for which funds are required and what money is already available. Ian Cameron Black.

Barnet Furniture Centre, a local treasure trove! 4 Queens Parade Close, Friern Barnet, London N11 3FY Tel: 020 8361 6802

Barnet Furniture Centre started out in 2011 as the first and only furniture reuse project in the Borough. Today they continue as a non-profit charitable organisation that works hard to give back to the community and help lowincome families by providing them with affordable furniture. Their voucher scheme goes hand-in-hand with their two-tier pricing strategy. The vouchers enable those who are referred by Barnet

32 |

Homes to receive free furniture and the two-tier pricing strategy allows those that are in receipt of benefits to be given a discount on already low-cost furniture. They rely solely on donations and as a result have diverted more the 871 tonnes of unwanted furniture that would otherwise have been sent to landfill. "A huge thank you goes out to our hardworking pool of volunteers as the work we do would not be possible without their help. Our volunteers provide us with an amazing range of skill sets, from carpentry, painting, upholstering & upcycling furniture to answering phones, administration and helping in the warehouse. We pride ourselves in offering training in the above skill-sets to the long-term unemployed and for those who have had difficulties in life.

We are always looking for new people to lend us a hand, so if you have some spare time and want to give a little back to your community then please do get in touch!" They offer a free collection service in the Borough of Barnet and the surrounding areas. They collect all reusable household furniture, household electricals, white goods, homeware, brica-brac, glassware and crockery. All items must be in a good, clean condition; hard furniture must be structurally sound, soft furnishings must be free from rips, tears and stains and are required to have a fire-regulations label attached; household electricals and white goods must be working, clean, disconnected and no older than 5 years in order to be accepted.

348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ

Your Legal Questions Answered

by Fariz Uvais

Fariz Uvais is a Consultant Solicitor at Fahri LLP based in Whetstone North London. Write in and ask your legal questions. Fariz will try and answer your questions in Palmers Green LIFE each month. Send your questions to Fahri LLP, 1268a High Road Whetstone, London N20 9HH or by email to Tel: 0203 813 8457 A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is a legal document which enables you to plan ahead and set out in advance what you would like to happen should you become incapable of managing your affairs in the future. In the LPA, you appoint one or more ‘attorneys’ who will be able to make decisions on your behalf. An attorney is anyone you choose and trust. He or she must consider your best interests when making a decision on your behalf.

There are two types of LPA: A property and financial affairs LPA This gives your attorney the authority to deal with your property and finances, as you specify. A health and welfare LPA This allows your attorney to make health and care decisions on your behalf, only when you lack mental capacity to do so yourself. This could also extend, if you wish, to giving or refusing consent to the continuation of life sustaining treatment.

The importance of taking action now You can only make an LPA whilst you have capacity to understand the nature and scope of the LPA. You must choose a person to certify within the LPA document that you have the capacity to make the LPA. It is also important to discuss all these matters with family and friends, particularly those who you choose to appoint as your attorneys, whilst you are able to so that your attorneys are well aware of your wishes in the event that you do lose capacity. Choosing your attorneys As with any power of attorney, it is an important document and you should take care who you appoint as they should be trustworthy and have appropriate skills to make the proposed decisions. When can the attorney act? The attorney will only be able to act when the LPA has been signed by you and your attorney/s, certified by a person that you understand the nature and scope of the LPA and have not been

unduly pressured into making the LPA. It must then be registered with the Office of Public Guardian before it can be used. The property and financial affairs LPA can be used both when you have capacity to act, as well as if you lack mental capacity to make a financial decision. The health and welfare LPA can only be used if you lack mental capacity to make welfare or medical decisions for yourself. What happens if you have not made a LPA? If you lose capacity and have not made an LPA then it may become necessary for a relative or friend to apply to the Court of Protection, to make decisions on your behalf. Although the Court endeavours to appoint somebody who would act in your best interests, you could potentially have somebody managing your affairs that you would not have chosen had you had capacity. An application to the Court is very time consuming and costly. To avoid this, it is sensible to put in place an LPA when you can.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article should not be construed as legal advice and the information is offered for information purposes only. You should always seek advice from an appropriately qualified solicitor on any specific legal enquiry.

Maths Tuition at your home. £30/hr. Fully Qualified Tutor, B.Sc. PGCE. DBS cleared. Free Trial Lesson with no obligation.

0208 882 5904 or 07733 556211

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Specialist affordable af fordable e property property

Law L aw Firm aw Firm advice is only a pho phone one call away

We act for clients We s across London on C Us Call all types of property property matters. Our focus at all times is to keep the client 0203 3 813 8450 updated by communicating comm municating regularly FFax ax Us: via email and by y telephone telephone and we 0203 3 745 7370 aim to achieve the best possible results at a re easonable cost. reasonable

1268a High Ro Road oad Whetstone, London London, n, N20 9HH

Tel’s Tails Local dog walking from £10 per day Contact Terry Bishop

07943 868079

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Hello to you all! I hope that you are all keeping well and enjoying the unusually good weather. I love spring time and seeing all the daffs and other flowers blooming everywhere. I have asked a couple of our junior solicitors to prepare articles for this edition which I hope you find interesting. Warm wishes, Christina Pieri

Proposed Draft Domestic Abuse Bill On 21st January 2019 the Government published the long-awaited draft Domestic Abuse Bill that aims to help raise awareness, protect and support victims suffering from domestic abuse and transform the justice process by prioritising the victim’s safety in criminal and family courts.

children that are exposed to the abuse as a result of living in the same household. This alone can be detrimental to their future relationships and therefore it is imperative that children have an understanding of what a healthy relationship should be.

For the first time, a broad statutory government definition of domestic abuse will be incorporated into legislation that identifies the complexity of the abuse as it acknowledges the various forms of abuse on a psychological, emotional, economical and physical level. It is hoped that victims will be better equipped to recognise the signs of abuse early on and take steps to seek help.

2. Introducing Domestic Abuse Protection Notice and Domestic Abuse Protection Orders to give victims the protection and time to seek help. Party’s subject to ongoing family proceedings, criminal proceedings and some civil proceedings can apply for these Orders. The draft Bill proposes that under a Domestic Abuse Protection Order, the Court will be able to Order electronic monitoring so that the perpetrators are monitored in terms of not only their geographic location but also if they are complying with other Court requirements such as attending an alcohol rehabilitation programme. Breach of such orders will be regarded as a criminal offence with a maximum penalty of five years imprisonment and/or unlimited fine. The Court also has discretion to punish a breach as a contempt of Court which is an alternative option to criminal proceedings.

There are various ways in which the new Bill proposes to tackle domestic abuse moving forward, a couple of examples include: 1. Introducing regulations and statutory guidance to schools to educate children about healthy, respectful relationships and to teach secondary school children about the laws governing domestic abuse and how to recognise the signs. It is not just the adult victims that are impacted by domestic abuse but also any

34 |

3. The draft Bill will prohibit a victim from being cross-examined by the abuser during family court proceedings. This will ensure that victims are not deterred from making the relevant family law applications from fear of having to be crossexamined by their abusive spouse/civil partner or co-habitee. It is hoped that the draft Bill will lead the way for our society to be better equipped at recognising the signs of domestic abuse in its various forms, provide enhanced protective measures for victims of the abuse and deter perpetrators from re-offending. Under current legislation if you are a victim of domestic abuse and in need of urgent help please call the police immediately. There are also protective orders you may be eligible to apply for in the event that you would like a more long-term arrangement in place. We at Chapman Pieri Solicitors specialise in this area of the law and will be happy to assist you in any way possible. You can call us on 0208 882 9850. Rene Panayiotou

348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ

Chapman Pieri Solicitors Tel: 0208 882 9850

Why instruct Chapman Pieri Solicitors?


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Professional Personable Pro-Active Passionate

What is “Coercive Control” that has been all over social media? A woman who was sentenced to 22 years in prison in 2011 for killing her husband has won her appeal against her murder conviction which will now be retried. Her sons fought tirelessly for this.

in 2015. Specifically, Section 76 of the Serious Crime Act 2015 created a new offence of controlling or coercive behaviour in an intimate or family relationship:

Sally Challen killed her husband Richard in 2010 during an attack in which she hit him more than 20 times with a hammer. Sally has maintained that she had been subjected to years of psychological abuse and controlling behaviour from Richard and during the original murder trial, she claimed diminished responsibility on the basis of this.

An offence is committed by A if: • A repeatedly or continuously engages in behaviour towards another person, B, that is controlling or coercive; and • At time of the behaviour, A and B are personally connected; and • The behaviour has a serious effect on B; and • A knows or ought to know that the behaviour will have a serious effect on B.

That conviction has however now been quashed by three judges sitting at the Court of Appeal. This decision was made following the presentation of new evidence by a psychiatrist which was not available during the original trial. One of the judges, Lady Justice Hallett said “….in the opinion of a consultant forensic psychiatrist, the appellant was suffering from two mental disorders at the time of the killing”. As a result of this, the judges held that the murder conviction was unsafe and a retrial will now take place.

Examples of behavior which a perpetrator may engage in can include but is not limited to; isolating the person from their friends and family, repeatedly putting them down such as telling them they are worthless, enforcing rules and activity which humiliates, degrades or dehumanises the victim, and financial abuse including control of finances, such as only allowing a person a punitive allowance.

The outcome of this case will be significant as it concerns the concept of ‘coercive control’ which was only recently classified as a criminal offence

When Sally Challen’s case was heard in 2011, ‘coercive control’ was not recognised as a form of domestic abuse. Her legal team have argued that the

outcome of the 2011 trial would have been different had it been recognised at the time. Following the decision of the Court of Appeal, Harriet Wistrich, one of Sally Challen’s lawyers said “Whatever may be the ultimate outcome, we have managed to raise awareness and a much deeper understanding of the concept of coercive control, which is such a recent one”. We therefore wait to see how the law on coercive control will be considered in this matter, which will likely prove to be an important precedent for future cases. One thing we can be pretty sure of though is that Sally Challen’s appeal will act as a catalyst for a much needed discussion on the impact of domestic abuse on victims and how this can be properly considered by the Courts. Speaking after the appeal, Sally Challen’s son, David said:

"It's not just our appeal. It's an appeal for thousands of victims who are silenced by coercive control, who are listening and watching this case to see if abuse will be heard and recognised properly because in the courts the severity isn't recognised at all." Peter Vassila

Chapman and Pieri Solicitors are here when all avenues have been exhausted and you need professional support to help you navigate what may be a very emotionally challenging time ahead. We have a team of experienced family lawyers chosen for their warm approach to help you through your journey. If you want to speak to a solicitor please call on 020 8882 9850. We offer a no obligation initial consultation for £75 plus vat.

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