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• Past Times Old Grammarians 90th Anniversary • Local care homes raise over £7,000 for the Alzheimer's Society • Bambos Charalambous MP, ‘I refuse to support a No Deal Brexit’ PalmersGreenLife 12,000 COPIES

The Old Grammarians, through the ages

welcome With Brexit still looming it is fair to say that the local property market has seen some stagnation over the last year. Some buyers have held back in the hope that prices will fall, but as this hasn’t materialised, they are starting to come back into the market. In fact, mortgage lender Nationwide has indicated that house prices in August rose at the fastest annual pace in three months, with prices rising 0.6% year-on-year. The difficulty we face now is the lack of properties coming to market, as people are worried they won’t get the best price for their property. This just isn’t the case, properties that are coming to market are in demand and this has had a positive effect on the price and the speed in which they sell their property. Please contact us for a market appraisal to help you understand where your property sits in today’s market. Landlords have seen some recent changes to legislation and tax that has impacted their bottom line. Some landlords are selling up, and we are now seeing rent rises as a result. The difficulty of managing a property can become overwhelming, especially in winter when the dark nights draw in. We see a spike in central heating breakdowns and an increase in issues with condensation and damp, causing a headache for both Landlords and Tenants. Our experienced property management team can help take the stress out of managing your property, to find out more please contact the team on 020 8882 7888.


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Lastly, don’t forget the Walker Fireworks on Saturday 2 November, a great opportunity to wrap up warm and enjoy the display with family, find out more on page 24. Enjoy autumn and we wish you a merry festive season.


Director Anthony Webb Estate Agents If you've got a local business why not tell people about it in our magazine. It's distributed to 12,000 local homes and places of interest. Quarter page £70 Half page £120 Full page £220 Double page spread £350 Contact us about your artwork requirements and discounts for repeat advertising at ads@palmersgreenlife.co.uk

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Anthony Webb, supporting local schools, charities and local action groups to enrich our community.


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Building better town centres for our community by Nesil Caliskan @Nesil_Caliskan Labour Council Leader Enfield

Dear resident, One of the great strengths of this borough are its vibrant and attractive town centres – each with its own unique characteristics. To survive and prosper in today’s economy town centres need to act as community focused hubs and be accessible, pleasant and welcoming with high quality public realm. However, that doesn’t mean every local centre should develop in the same way. I believe it’s the Council’s job to help each town centre identify and build on its particular strengths. The Council is planning the future of our town centres with local communities – listening and facilitating based on your input rather than directing. As a result, I have been meeting and engaging with local residents and businesses across the borough in order to progress work to improve our town centres and transforming them into vibrant destinations for all of our residents and visitors.

In July I met residents and businesses in Palmers Green and we discussed some of the ways Enfield Council could support community-led activities to help make Palmers Green Town Centre a more vibrant place in which to live, trade and work. It was an animated and constructive meeting which showed how much people care about Palmers Green and produced a wealth of ideas to help develop a vision and action plan for the town centre. Currently, we are collating and analysing the feedback we received and will use it to put together an action plan that we will launch later this year. However, we are already dealing with some of the things that attendees at the meeting mentioned and we have established a working group to look at issues regarding waste, the public realm and community safety. I also met the Palmers Green Action Team, and the Green Lanes Business Association to discuss their ideas and how Enfield Council can most effectively support their plans and

work with them to improve the town centre and support businesses. I am confident that like all Enfield’s town centres Palmers Green will see a growing mix of uses over the next few years in order to grow and thrive. By building on its unique strengths, communities and characteristics we will help to ensure we create a vibrant Palmers Green Town Centre which meets the needs of local people and businesses and attracts visitors from further afield. I am committed to keeping you informed of plans and developments in Palmers Green as they get delivered in the coming months and look forward to engaging with the community in Southgate. In the meantime, you can get involved in this work by contacting us at towncentres @enfield.gov.uk. You can find out more about what’s going on in your neighbourhood by signing up to Enfield Council’s digital newsletters at www.enfield.gov.uk/enewsletters.

Introducing local artist Antonina Adamou Antonina Adamou is a UK, London based artist working with mixed media approaches to painting and drawing. Her recent practice takes a modern day approach to the classic 'Alla prima' style in which the process is very direct, painting wet on wet and building layers on top of existing wet layers. With brush strokes that are fast and spontaneous, 'in the moment' marks are embraced as part of the final picture. The human form takes the main focus of subject matter in her current body of work with ideas that have stemmed through the exploration of themes such as self-acceptance, letting go of control and moving away from the idea of perfection. She intends for her work to depict emotions that convey a narrative through which the viewer can question, therefore anticipates that the viewer looks

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deeper than the surface of her subjects and rather into the story behind them. Antonina says ‘Reconnecting with nature is good for the soul. Through my artwork, I try to bring nature in. Whilst there may not be representations of plants or animals, I want my subjects to look like they have grown and evolved and that there is a story behind their expression. Through the gestural style I work in, I am able to use natural movement and energy that I feel in the moment of creating, and I believe this adds an organic and diverse element to my work’. You can see more of Antonina’s work by visiting www.antoninaadamou.com or see what she is up to on Instagram @antonina.adamou.art To see Antonina’s artwork, pop in to our gallery between October and December 2019



Past Times... Old Grammarians 90th Anniversary by Richard Kemp

Where World's End & Green Dragon Lanes meet near Highlands Village you will find Old Grammarians RFC - one of the oldest rugby clubs in North London.

One of the oldest rugby clubs in North London, established in 1929

The club was founded in 1929 by former pupils of ‘The Grammar School, Tottenham’ who wished to continue playing rugby together after leaving school rather than joining Upper Clapton or Saracens, the other local options. The Grammar School itself no longer exists, but had a long heritage, potentially back dating to 1456. The school emblem was taken from the coat of arms for Sarah Seymour, Duchess of Somerset, a seventeenth-century benefactor, which in turn became badge for the rugby club. Whilst the Club has been open to all members of the public for many years, the name and badge remain as a reminder of its origins and are reflected in the ongoing tradition, spirit and friendliness of Old Grammarians RFC (OGs). OGs was not the only sporting legacy of the Grammar School - in 1882, pupils from the same school helped form Hotspur Football Club, which subsequently became Tottenham Hotspur F. C.

played against Gravesend on 20th September 1930 and following a season of away games the Club established itself at Ladysmith Road, Enfield in September 1931. In 1936 the Club began to use the school pitches at Queen Street, Tottenham. The clubhouse was moved to Percy House on the High Road near White Hart Lane, where it remained until the outbreak of the Second World War. During the war a joint team of OGs and Old Tottonians, known as Tottenham RFC, was fielded from time to time. After the war the Club re-grouped for the 1946/47 season, and during the following years took up residence in the now-legendary cellar at 11 Bruce Grove. In 1974 the Club lost the use of the Bruce Grove cellar and consequently for some years members were to be found after the game at the British Legion, The Railway Tavern et al. Establishment of the 100 Club by Barry Nicholl enabled OGs to build up its finances and eventually, with a mixture of grant aid, and generous contributions from the Grammar School Old Boys, players and ex-players, the Club was able to purchase the Church Hall at Denmark Street. Thanks to the sterling efforts of Ken Stapleton and several working parties the Club finally occupied its new home under the shadow of the Spurs ground in 1979. The Queen Street pitches had been the OGs

home ground since 1936, but for many years it became clear that the local council had other plans. This resulted in yet another move, this time enabling the Club to consolidate pitches and clubhouse with a move to its current location in Winchmore Hill where the refurbished pavilion was opened in 1996 by England rugby legend Peter Winterbottom MBE. Now in its 90th anniversary year, and under the continuing stewardship of Keith McGuinness BEM (who also enters his 40th season as OGs President) Old Grammarians RFC continues to go from strength to strength. In August 2016 OGs gained affiliation to the Rugby Football Union - a mark of quality in the rugby world. September 2018 saw the launch of OG Unicorns - a dedicated girls and women section, and in June this year the Club won Middlesex Rugby’s Presidents Award for ‘Growing the Game’. In addition to two senior sides playing in the Hertfordshire & Middlesex Merit League the club has a thriving junior section offering rugby coaching to children aged 6-18 and is always on the lookout for new players of any age or experience. New members and visitors can be assured of the warmest of welcomes - so why not pop along and see why we are all extremely proud to be a part of the Old Grammarians rugby family.

Over the years OGs has led a somewhat nomadic existence. The first match was

Tottenham Grammar School

OG Unicorns, the girls and women section

Find us online: www.oldgrammariansrfc.com or via email: mail@oldgrammariansrfc.com


348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ

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Parliamentary Comment by Bambos Charalambous MP

I refuse to support a No Deal Brexit bambos.charalambous.mp@parliament.uk Parliament: 020 7219 3460 Constituency Office: 020 8882 0088 472 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, London N13 5PA Brexit continues to dominate the news and Parliament. These are unprecedented times. Our laws are being tested to their limits, Parliament is being pushed to its limit and the new Prime Minister is stepping over those limits. Even before its new occupants stepped over Larry the cat and walked through the famous shiny black door, Parliament could see this coming. Back in July, I was one of the MPs who voted to stop the new PM proroguing Parliament to push through a No Deal Brexit. But Parliament has still been stymied and while I love being able to spend more time in Enfield Southgate, I was also elected to attend Parliament to defend democracy, hold decision makers to account and to make the case for my constituents.

Just before Parliament was shut down, I voted in favour of our new law to stop us crashing out of the EU with No Deal. I firmly believe that a No Deal Brexit will be damaging for the whole country. After Parliament forced the Government to release the Yellowhammer papers, we now know that the immediate consequences could be a decrease in fresh food supply, rises in food and fuel prices, medicine shortages, lorries waiting at the channel crossing and businesses ceasing trade. To put this in perspective - even Enfield's school meals provision is at risk - shortage in food supplies and rising costs could affect the food your children eat while at school. The threat to peace in Northern Ireland is also finally laid bare in the Yellowhammer

papers which state that the promise of ‘no new checks with limited exceptions’ could prove to be unsustainable. Not only is the new Prime Minister completely trashing the EU and the years of peace that it has achieved, he is now actively putting peace at risk in Northern Ireland. Not everyone in Enfield Southgate voted the same way in the EU referendum. I have always been clear that, while I don’t think the EU is perfect, I support us remaining. My view is in line with 62% of my constituents who also voted Remain. Therefore, it is no surprise to anyone that I refuse to support a No Deal Brexit, but given the information that we now have about the huge risks, all MPs should be against such a reckless and chaotic No Deal exit.

A Great Summer in Enfield by Councillor Joanne Laban email Cllr.Joanne.Laban@enfield.gov.uk Conservative Member for Highlands Ward

We are now approaching autumn after a summer of sunshine, sport and community events. Enfield is lucky to have so many organisations that hold events for residents to enjoy. The weather has been fantastic making it more enticing to be outside. Enfield has numerous great parks to visit. It has been good to see so many children enjoying our parks and open spaces during the summer holidays. People sometimes forget that parks provide a free location not just to use the play equipment but to exercise and get back to nature. I have been involved in a park upgrade project with a local friends of the park group during my time on Enfield Council. I have to admit that nothing pleases me more than when I


I have enjoyed attending community events over the summer. I recently visited the Palmers Green Festival held in Broomfield Park. The scale of the event was quite something. The preparation that goes into holding an event of that scale is enormous. The level of responsibility is vast, and we can only thank the organisers for continuing to put on the event.

Summer is the season for school fetes and fayres. Parent and Teacher Groups are usually the main organisers of the events. The amount of effort that goes into delivering a fete shows the commitment that parents and teachers have for their school. Teachers, in particular, stay after hours or come at the weekend to help with what is predominantly the biggest fundraising event of the year for schools.

The annual Fancy Fair was also a highlight. The Winchmore Hill community really came out and supported the event. It was good to see so many families having fun. The weather was glorious making it even better.

Enfield is a remarkable place because of the people who give up their time to provide events that our community can enjoy. I want to use this article to say thank you to all of them who make our borough such a great place to live, work and visit.

go to the park and see it so well used.

348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ

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A view from City Hall

by Joanne McCartney AM

Why we need more powers and investment for London E: joanne.mccartney@london.gov.uk www.joannemccartney.com Tel: 020 7983 5524 The government has recently announced the devolution of more powers to northern cities, such as over rail services, and so the question arises - what further powers should be handed from national to London government? Well, for starters, Transport for London should be given control over London’s suburban rail network. Locally we know that the performance of the current rail operator of the Great Northern franchise has been poor, with cancellations and delays causing misery and frustration to our daily lives. I have written to the new Secretary of State for Transport urging him to hand our line to TfL. Of note is the fact that he is a Welwyn MP so is well aware of our problems having previously called for TfL to take control of the line – I have my fingers crossed! Having pushed TfL’s case for a number of years now, I was delighted upon my recent questioning of the Mayor to hear that TfL is working up a bid for the franchise. One very recent area where control has been given to the Mayor is London’s adult education budget, and we are already seeing


changes to benefit Londoners with programmes to support those on low incomes to skill-up and support for young people at risk of serious youth violence get back into learning. The Mayor has recently published a report calling for a radical new devolution deal for London and other UK cities, ‘London and the UK - A Declaration of Interdependence’. Too often the national debate turns into a London versus the rest of the country story, but we know this is not a zero-sum game; when London succeeds the rest of the country succeeds too. London also suffers from a major problem of inequality and poverty, and once housing costs are taken into account average household incomes are on a par with the rest of the UK. My recent report on child poverty (‘Children: victims of austerity’) highlighted that London has the highest rate in the UK, and across Enfield nearly 42% of our children are living in poverty. Of those, 58% are in working families (this figure has doubled in the past 9 years).

A housing shortage and over-crowding on our transport network are other reasons why London has huge investment needs, and why, especially given our expected loss of funding from the EU, the government needs to deliver for all regions of the country, including London. London Assembly Investigations The London Assembly scrutinises the work of the Mayor and matters of importance to Londoners. We investigate and make recommendations to the Mayor and other bodies on how their policies could be improved to make London better. Current investigations are examining: air pollution in London; parental mental health, substance abuse and domestic abuse; and London’s transport now and in the future. Full details of the reports mentioned and how you can send in your views can be found at www.london.gov.uk Joanne is the London Assembly Member for Enfield & Haringey and is the statutory Deputy Mayor of London.

348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ

The community make great strides in aid of the Alzheimer’s Society On World Alzheimer’s Day 2019, Saturday 21 September Autumn Gardens and Anastasia Lodge Care Homes and Day Care Services raised an incredible £7,150 in support of the Alzheimer’s Society by completing a 4km walk between their Care Homes located in Winchmore Hill and Southgate. Joined by the Mayor of Enfield Council, Kate Analoue, The High Commissioner of Cyprus in the UK Andreas Kakouris and Francesca Markland from the Alzheimer’s Society, alongside over 200 members of the community and even a few dogs they completed the walk in just over 1 hour. Elena Makrides, the homes’ director said

‘Our walk brought people together, sharing their stories as we walked. It was a place where people were able to support each other, even for those who had lost loved ones to this terrible disease. There was a real spirit of togetherness. The support for the event and the substantial amount raised was heart-warming’.

The walk coincided with the announcement of the Homes’ new Come Together Memory Club. A free club for those suffering with dementia. The club aims to bring older people with their carers together to enjoy socialising, fun activities and music in a dementia friendly and welcoming environment. The Come Together Memory Club will be held on the first Tuesday of every month between 1- 4pm at Autumn Gardens, commencing on Tuesday 1 October 2019. To attend, please book your space by contacting Autumn Gardens on 020 8344 2600, email welcome@autumn-gardens.com or visit www.autumn-gardens.com to find out more.

Sixth Form Open Evening Thursday 28th November 6:00pm-8:00pm Details and booking will be available on our website

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My Slimming World journey by Mel Cooper

My Slimming World journey started on the 2 January 2019 and I achieved my target on the 17 July, with a weight loss of 3 stone 11.5 pounds! Now, still at target with a 4 stone weight loss it’s been an exciting journey, embracing all the tools which Slimming World has given me, during weekly meetings on ideas of how to reach goal. At the same time meeting lovely people and of course my consultant Gyll Cowell who has inspired all to lose weight. I feel passionate for so many reasons, but briefly, my life and health has changed for the better. One can only imagine what the excess weight does to our joints and

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body. My cholesterol has been radically reduced, and my blood sugar, which had once been high, is now within the normal range. Nowadays, I walk 2 miles per day, without any problems of breathlessness or fatigue and enjoy every moment. This in itself is called “living again” almost going back 20 years. Everybody’s journey is different, there is no right or wrong, and the pace is ours to choose. Perseverance is what really counts and second to this is continuing the healthy lifestyle. On my appearance, I can now wear the sort of clothes I want to wear and not the ones I have to wear. How have I achieved this weight loss? Simply sticking to plan and realising my weak triggers and managing them. Triggers like alcohol, milk chocolate, and high fat foods i.e. takeaways (foods where we cannot control the ingredients). I don’t miss the foods which I ate before the New Year, because I have learnt to cook different, tasty recipes, and most importantly satisfying and filling. On this plan as it states, you really don’t need to go hungry, which is probably one of the reasons why the plan has worked for me.

• Salmon - Add salmon to a good non-stick pan with some Frylight cooking spray. Cook, skin side down and do not turn, for around 20 minutes (depending on size). Add fish seasoning towards the end. • Roast Potatoes - Boil for 5 minutes, spray with Frylight and season then into oven for 60 minutes. • Salad with lemon dressing • Mushy pea’s with home-made mint sauce - Dried mint with hot water to cover, half teaspoon Splenda, 1 tablespoon malt vinegar then add to cooked peas and mash.

This recipe is my favourite, it’s syn free and simple to make: Enjoy – Mel

348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ

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Networking, awards, and our community patrol by Jo Johnson

It’s been a busy few months at Love Your Doorstep with some really exciting developments. We held one of our biggest business networking events at the recently opened Metrobank in Enfield Town. These events are perfect for creating opportunities and forming great business relationships, and the chance to put names to faces. Sometimes we forget we haven’t actually met someone in real life when have become familiar with them due to the online world!

pleased to be able to launch a second patrol this academic year – this time covering the Highlands area. If you would like to join in with our patrol it really is rewarding and we would love to hear from you.

We like to keep our business events relaxed and informing – don’t be put off by the word ‘networking’. We use the occasion to update our business community on any of the latest news and developments, often with guest speakers, and then you have the chance to mingle and get to know what others are up to and whether there’s any potential for collaborations.

It is due to the support from our local businesses that we are able to carry out our community work. Another of these schemes is our School Reward Cards. Participating schools are able to hand out a loyalty card to their staff and as a little thank you for their work they can access exclusive discounts and offers locally.

Another amazing thing that happened over the summer – Emma Rigby – Founder of Love Your Doorstep was invited to the Palace of Westminster to receive a British Citizens Award. She was nominated as a result of all the wonderful work she has done for the community and was proud to be the first ever New Zealander to receive this award.

We were thrilled to watch the feature on Love Your Doorstep on the BBC1 show ‘A Matter of Life and Debt’ along with the North London Credit Unit. Hopefully you can catch it online if you missed it when it was aired!

Our Facebook community has been up and running for eight years now and it’s been great to reflect on all of our achievements and awards won over the years. One of the most recent achievements has been setting up a Community Patrol. Initially in the Enfield Town area, our team of volunteers don their high visibility vests baring the Community Patrol area and stroll around the busy spots acting as extra eyes and ears for our local police team. We were really If you would like more information on how your business can become a member please email hello@loveyourdoorstep.co.uk

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348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ

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What to expect from your Italian class by Laura Scaramella of Parla Italiano So, what can you expect from our Parla Italiano classes, what can you expect to learn after a term, and what kind of teachers and methods are used in our classes? Here is the answer: Parla Italiano, led by myself, has been providing Italian classes since 2006. The success of our school is due to our professional approach. First of all, our native teachers must have a qualification for teaching Italian and experience. Just being a mother tongue is not enough to be able to analyse language, prepare lessons plans with specific aims and deliver it successfully. Second of all, at Parla Italiano we believe that learning a language is all about motivation and fun. So the environment created in class is stress-free and noncritical, even if the lesson includes correction stages. The role of our teachers is to guide and make it possible for

students to learn. Our teachers are able to make the learning process simple, effective and fun by using a variety of activities and material, including games, role plays and so on. Last but not least, we give students the opportunity to speak. Our classes are small, so students can expect interaction and speaking from lesson one. We don’t expect our students to have previous knowledge, however they will acquire enough of it each lesson to be able to use it straight away. Students are never put on the spot and are given help at each stage. After a term of classes, students should be able to talk about themselves, ask basic questions, order at the bar and at the

restaurant, express preferences and so on. You would have learnt some basic grammar such as the present tense, articles, and so on. And most importantly, have gained some confidence. The atmosphere in class is positive and encouraging. Mistakes are considered part of the journey. Each person will develop their language skills at their pace and although we give all the tools and advice to work on outside of the class, this is by choice, you don’t have to do it. We understand that the Italian class means different things to different students and we respect that. Please get in touch if you wish to know more!

For our full list of classes please visit our website: www.parlaitaliano.co.uk For information please email: laura@parlaitaliano.co.uk or phone 07941 092593

Gifting the family home – Inheritance Tax implications by Alex Chrysostomou Alexander Associates, your local accountants 24A Aldermans Hill, Palmers Green, London N13 4PN Tel: 020 8882 6611 Fax: 020 8882 6621 Email: alex@alexassociates.co.uk Website: www.alexandersandco.com

One of the most frequent questions we are asked is on advice to help reduce the value of the estate for Inheritance Tax purposes. It is difficult to gift the family home without falling foul of the ‘gift of reservation of benefit’ rule, which could render the move ineffective in helping to reduce the potential Inheritance Tax bill. There are three potential options available which could be key with your estate planning: The first option could be to transfer your property to your children and then pay them the market rate rent. After seven years, the gift is likely to fall out of your estate and therefore avoid any Inheritance Tax. This option is usually undesirable

because the parents may not be able to pay the market rent (and they probably wouldn’t want to either!) and also the children would need to pay tax on the rent received each year. Usually, this option falls at the first hurdle. The second option could be to gift a share of the land, say to their children. When a parent gifts a share of the land, say a percentage of the home, this falls out of the ‘gift of reservation of benefit’ criteria and so will help with estate planning. There are certain rules that must be adhered to, for example, there would have to be some form of shared living in the property and the running costs of the property would need to be split according to the ownership

of the land. The third (and little known) option is what’s known as the ‘de minimis benefit’ – where the parent can gift a share in the property, which may be so small that an element of shared living would not be as stringent. For example, staying in the parent’s home, whilst they’re away on holiday would count. There are certain criteria that must be followed, which, if adhered to, would help with their estate planning. Helping with estate planning is often the most complicated and emotional part of working with clients. We would always advise people to seek assistance from a tax specialist before pursuing any change with the family home.

If you have an accounting question for Alex please e-mail him directly he will be happy to assist you, alternatively Alexander Associates offer an initial free consultation please contact them to find out more. Disclaimer: The information provided in this article should not be construed as legal advice and the information is offered for information purposes only. You should always seek advice from an appropriately qualified accountant on any specific accountancy enquiry.

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F SA OR LE • Five bedrooms

• Kitchen/diner

• Four bedrooms

• Semi-detached house

• Two bath/shower rooms

• Semi-detached house

• Lakes Estate conservation area

• Off street parking • Mature rear garden

• Three receptions

• Two bath/shower rooms • Study

• Open plan living/dining space

• Off street parking

• Extended kitchen/diner

• Rear Garden

Farndale Avenue Palmers Green, N13

£1,100,000 Freehold

£675,000 Freehold



Derwent Road Palmers Green, N13

• Three bedrooms

• Original features

• Three bedrooms

• Gas central heating

• Edwardian terrace

• Triple glazed

• Two spacious receptions

• Modernisation required

• 1930s built terrace house

• Quiet residential turning • Garage to rear

• Kitchen/diner

• 80ft approx rear garden

• Extended kitchen/diner

16 |

• Rear Garden

• Spacious lounge/diner

Caversham Avenue Palmers Green, N13

Kenmare Gardens Palmers Green, N13

£675,000 Freehold

£515,000 Freehold

348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ

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348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ

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348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ

Yoga, Hot or Not? Practicing yoga when you feel that you’re not fit or flexible may seem scary, but practicing in the heat on top of all that? Madness, right? Well no, there is logic to the madness, which is why we offer hot yoga and Pilates classes at Yoga Rocks and why thousands of hot yoga devotees swear by it. Practicing hot yoga may actually help you achieve your health and fitness goals quicker, as well as giving you additional health benefits over practicing yoga at room temperature… • Increased weight loss Yoga can be as effective a cardiovascular workout as a high intensity gym workout and this is intensified in the heat as your heart rate (HR) is increased, forcing your body to work harder and your muscles to be more pliable. This makes it easier to stretch and hold poses for longer, resulting not only in increased flexibility but in more calories expended than in a cool environment. On top of that, the mental challenge of practicing in the heat often makes us focus more on our yogic breathing, which increases lung capacity and improves our fitness and many respiratory conditions, as well as increasing the oxygenation of the body, which also aids fat loss. • Detoxifying In increased heat, the body’s

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thermoregulation process kicks in, in order for it to reach homeostasis. Part of this process is sweating and an increase of blood to the skin. This opens the pores and helps to eliminate damaging nasties blocking our pores with toxins from environmental pollution. So, in addition to that lovely glow and release as we sweat, we are also relieving the stress on our immune system and improving the health of our skin. • Improves circulation Being in a hot studio will increase your blood flow and so improve circulation. This increases the blood and oxygen coming to the surface of the skin and pumping through the body and aids the lymphatic drainage system, further boosting our immune system, elevating the body’s regenerative capacity and nourishing our skin. • Relieves stress Prolonged sweating boosts endorphins in the brain and nervous system, our body’s natural mood enhancers and pain relievers. Furthermore, the extra

challenge of practicing in the heat means that we are more likely to focus and be more present in our yoga practice, leaving us feeling calmer and more relaxed. • Improves heart health and more! Studies have shown that prolonged periods in the heat can help reduce the risk of developing hypertension, heart disease, vascular dementia, eyesight problems, memory and cognitive impairments, strokes, kidney disease, diabetes, aneurysms and sexual dysfunction. Yoga helps us accept our body’s limitations and practicing in the heat may be one of them. If you have any pre-existing medical conditions or are pregnant, please check with your doctor before practicing hot yoga. At Yoga Rocks we welcome all and believe in the universality of yoga. We therefore offer a variety of classes to suit our communities needs, including non-hot classes for those who aren’t able to practice in the heat.



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348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ

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Embracing the grey revolution! by Kiri from Fabulous Hair Company Fabulous Hair Company 382 Green Lanes, N13 5PD Tel: 020 8886 7070 With nearly a 900% increase in internet searches for going grey, as a hair company conscious of hair trends we have to take it seriously that many of our clients wish to transition away from colouring their hair and embracing their natural grey hair. But before we look at ways of helping you to accept what is now your natural hair colour grey, let’s have a look at why hair turns grey and if we can do anything to slow the process down. Genetics is king here you are likely to start going grey around the same time as your parents did, but you can control the rate of how quickly you go grey. Smoking, poor eating and a lack of vitamins help to speed up the greying process, extreme shock or stress has been known to turn hair grey overnight. Every hair follicle contains pigment cells called melanocytes. The melanocytes produce melanin and pass the melanin to the cells, which produce keratin, the chief protein in hair. When the keratin-producing cells die, they retain the colouring from the melanin. When you first start to go grey, the melanocytes are still present, but they become less active. Less pigment is deposited into the hair, so it appears lighter. As greying progresses, the melanocytes die

off until there aren't any cells left to produce your hair colour. The quickest and easiest way to go back to grey is to invest in a great haircut, removing as much of your coloured hair, just look at Jamie lee Curtis and how amazing she looks.

If this is too drastic for you, talk to your hairstylist for advice on the best way of growing out your coloured hair, possibly by lightening your hair with baby lights so you have less of a contrast while growing out your coloured hair. Grey hair tends to be more unruly and needs more taming, this is where good quality products matter, invest in moisturizing products to leave the hair manageable and shiny one of my favourite shampoo’s is Paul Mitchell Platinum Blonde is has a purple tone to banish brassiness and bring out the best in blonde white and silver hair.

If you have any questions that need answering quickly, please email me at kc@fabuloushaircompany.com and I will get back to you soon as I can. If you enjoyed my article let us know, like us on Facebook or follow us on Instagram and we will enter you in our monthly competition for a chance of winning a Paul Mitchell in-salon Lavender Mint Mineral Mask treatment worth £25. Just go to our website www.fabuloushaircompany.com, and click the Facebook/ Instagram icon to follow and a chance to win a Fabulous hair treatment.

“Mind the Gap!” by Nicola Forward, your local Amatsu Practitioner Many of us are familiar with this iconic message that keeps us safe as we travel around London on the Tube. And for Amatsu client Fiona, it is also a painful reminder of one such journey back in July 2018 when she slipped awkwardly between the train and the platform edge. Over the following months she began to realise that she was losing strength in her right arm and her GP diagnosed a frozen shoulder. But despite a number of physio appointments her neck and shoulder were actually getting more painful. Fiona says, “I knew my condition was worsening and by the time I found Amatsu in May 2019, I was pretty much in despair. I was struggling with sleeping, finding it difficult to get comfortable and waking most nights in agony. I was also having a hard time with everyday stuff like reaching up into my kitchen cupboards.” “I did feel apprehensive during my first session and I could sense myself bracing for the pain to worsen. Happily, this never

happened! Nicola was patient and mindful of my limits and of my willingness to push beyond them and I have in fact found the sessions extremely relaxing and nurturing. I have appreciated Nicola’s explanations of the nature of my shoulder problems and I’ve incorporated several of her exercise suggestions into my morning routine.” Fiona reported having her “best night’s sleep ever” after her first Amatsu session and she said that her shoulder felt “generally freer.” And as her shoulder continued to improve she shared her other small achievements…like being able to tie her apron and put her hair up without a second thought. Three months on, with sessions spaced further and further apart as her shoulder became more mobile,

Fiona announced “I nearly trampolined on the bed when I could do my bra up properly again!” “I value my Amatsu sessions enormously,” says Fiona “and I intend to continue with them. When I was caught in that vortex of pain I could not imagine that I would ever be free of it, but I hardly ever notice my shoulder anymore. It just doesn’t figure in my life like it used to.”

Mobile: 07720 81 01 01 Email: nicolaforward@aol.com www.amatsutherapyintl.com Call me for an informal chat about how Amatsu could help you with your pain or discomfort and please do take care and…Mind that Gap! Special Introductory Offer with this magazine…your first three sessions for the price of two.

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Have you seen the newly refurbished Paramount Gym? by Mick Lawton your local Palmers Green DIY Doctor I’ve been busy helping a local business, Paramount Gym!

During September I have been working on the refurbishment of Paramount Gym in Palmers Green, situated above the Alfred Herring public house on Green Lanes. Traditionally a lot of my work is undertaken in private homes so it was

a welcomed challenge to work on such a large project for a local business. The gym is now under new management and they are currently updating the studio area to accommodate new classes including: Zumba, spinning, pole dancing and boxercise. The gym now has spacious and modern showers and the studios are inviting and bright. The refurbishment has been positively received by existing and new members, which is always nice to hear. My next few projects are flat refurbishments, installing new

kitchens and bathrooms, then fully redecorating the properties, so it's back to my usual habitat. If you are considering some home improvements please do not hesitate to contact me for a quote!

Visit my website to see examples of my work www.micklawton.com, or contact me on 07985 412 599

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Autum Autumn mn G Gardens ardeens & A Anastasia nastasia Lodge Come C ome Together Toge g ther M Memory emor y Club Club

Day D ayy Care Care Services Ser vices

Attendance A ttendance is ccompletely ompletely ffree! ree!

For F or older older p people, eople, open open 7 d days ays a week week

Our new Our new Come Come Together Together Memory Memor y Club Club bring older people with their aaims ims tto ob ring o lder p eople w ith the ir ccarers arers ttogether, ogether, where where you you can can enjoy: enjoy : ¾ ssocialising ocialising with with other other visitors visi s tors in a safe, safe, dementia dementia friendly friendly environment environment ¾ rrelaxing elaxing with with refreshments reffreshmen nts and and homehomemade made sspecialties, pecialties, ensuring ensurin ng that that no no guests guests go go h home ome hungry! hungry! ¾ li live ve entertainment, en ntertainment, memory mem mory ga games mes aand nd activities. activities. essential IItt iiss es sential tto o rreserve eserve yyour ourr sspace pace aand nd tthat hat all members accompanied byy ttheir cclub lub m embers aare re acco mpanie n db heir ccarer. arer. Please P lease aalso lso ad advise vise o off aany ny die dietary etary rrequirements. equirements. Th Thee fir first st T Tuesday u uesday o off eevery very m month onth When: W hen: Autumn utumn Ga Gardens, rden ns, Location: L ocation: A 73 T Trent rent Ga Gardens rden ns SSouthgate outhgate N14 4Q 44QB B 1-4pm 1-4p m Time: T ime: ar p ark o ree on on the the street street Car park orr ffree Parking: P arking: C or email email Booking: B ooking: 020 8344 2600 or welcome@autumn-gardens.com w elcome@aautum mn-gardens.com

Our Day Our Day Care Care Services Ser vices at at Autumn Autumn Gardens Gardens Anastasia aand nd A nastasia Lodge Lodge can can help help tto o ssupport upport yyou ou llooking ooking aafter fter a lloved oved o one ne o on nad day ay day tto od ay basis. basis. Designed Designed to to provide provide ccare, are, sstimulation timulation aand nd ccompanionship ompanionship ffor or o older lder adults, including thosee w who living ad ultss, incl uding thos ho are are liv in ng with orr w ith dementia, dementia, who who need need assistance assistance o ssupervision uper vision d during uring the d day ay ¾ Fle Flexible exible h hours ours aand nd d days ays y tto o ssuit uit yyour our u lifestyle liffeestyle aand nd rrequirements equirements ¾ H Home ome m made ade m meals, eals, in including cluding special special dietary dietary needs needs wide-range off ac activities ¾ Aw ide-range o tivities everyday everyday Friendly with ¾ F rien i dly environment en nvironment w ith English English aand nd Greek Greek sspeaking peaking sstaff taff To taster day T o arrange arrrang ge a ffree ree tas ter d ay ccare are ssession esssion ccontact ontacct us on on 020 8344 2600 or or email email welcome@autumn-gardens.com. w elcome@a m utumn-gardens.com. Our Day Our Day Care Care Services Ser vices are are available avvailable at at Autumn A utum mn Gardens Gardens in Southgate Southgate aand nd Anastasia A nastaasia L Lodge odge in W Winchmore inchmore H Hill. ill.

www.autumn-gardens.com w ww.a . utumn-gardens.com 8882 7888



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A refreshingly original comedydrama about a young man on parole trying to steer clear of trouble, while his best friend, Miles, can’t stay out of it.



Bittersweet comedy-drama set in Nazareth, with moments of humour as a Palestinian father and son handdeliver wedding invitations.


WILD ROSE St.Andrew's Night special with live music intro about a musician from Glasgow who dreams of becoming a Nashville star.




A visual and emotional treat. Schreck's vampire is truly nightmarish, scuttling from shadows. With unique live church organ improvisation.

Palmers Green boy Dexter Fletcher directs this epic musical fantasy about the uncensored human story of Sir Elton John’s breakthrough years.

WOMAN AT WAR A dark comedy that takes as its subject matter a middle-aged woman’s fight against the despoiling of rural Iceland.

Palmers Green Tales by Jenny Bourke www.palmersgreentales.com Find us on Facebook and look for Palmers Green Tales and ask to join the group. Our twitter address is @PGTales Susan Mehmet and myself have been very excited by 3 local initiatives, Better Streets for Enfield, Pop-up Parklets and Play Streets. We were intrigued by these new ventures and were lucky enough to interview Adrian Day, Claire Barcoe and Megan Sharkey who are all involved with different aspects of the 3 initiatives. Adrian talks about trying to make our local streets places in which pedestrians, cyclists and children are welcome and where neighbours can talk to each other. This ideal is to be contrasted with rat runs, where motorists race through (often bringing noise pollution and danger) and don’t interact or shop locally. Claire talks about the Devonshire Road Play Street scheme, which started some time ago before she moved into the area. This runs

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one Sunday afternoon a month and the many volunteers within the street organise it so that children can play Claire Barcoe together and neighbours can get to know each other, often sharing food and catching up. I went along to their most recent event and it was wonderful to see. The road was blocked off to motor vehicles by volunteers and if a car had to move volunteers walked in front of it to ensure the safety of local children who were playing and cycling together along the road. One very engaged child

It was great to see neighbours outside chatting and I enjoyed tasting some of the lovely food on offer. The Pop-up Parklet, consists of one or two parking spaces and

some pavement, which are transformed into a mini park with the use of artificial grass, some potted plants and some seating. There was a playhouse and lots of toys to engage A bigger picture, so the visiting children. demonstrating what The idea was to join 2 car parking spaces the two ideas together can be occasionally transformed into. so that the Play Street could enjoy the additional benefits of a PopUp Parklet and that some much-needed greenery and relaxation space could be brought to Green Lanes, encouraging shoppers and visitors. It was a great success with the Deputy Leader of the Council and 6 local councillors, as well as council officers visiting to see it in action. Better Streets for Enfield hope that the Council will adopt the idea and that permanent parklets can become a common feature in the borough.



Street Kind UK aim, helping the homeless this winter


We are a group of four individuals based in North London, two of our core members live in Palmers Green. Once a month we visit central London, Southampton Street along with our 15 or more volunteers to distribute food and every-day essentials to our homeless friends living rough in London. We also arrange for barbers to come and cut hair too!

Our team supporting the homeless in London

Alone we would not be able to help many people, but the continued support and kindness from our local community, businesses, friends and family help us go that extra mile. We’ve seen such kindness from a fine dining Indian restaurant called Anokhi (Winchmore Hill) who donated £1 from every delivery to our charity. They have also donated 25 meals and bought

36 |

drinks on another occasion. Another local business who helped us is Green Dragon Nursery. They started a raffle to win some wonderful prizes (again lots donated by local businesses) they raised an incredible £490, which was spent on items such as sleeping bags and roll mats. There are lots of way you can help us: ✔ You could volunteer your time and help us give out food and items. ✔ If you’re a local business, could you hold a raffle or a fundraiser? ✔ If you are a commercial caterer can you help us make food?

✔ You could make some sandwiches or food for one of our outreaches. ✔ You can purchase essential items from our amazon wish list https://www.amazon.co.uk/hz/ wishlist/ls/1N0YMOGLINGKR/ ref=cm_go_nav_hz Donations such as sleeping bags, toiletries, nail clippers, men’s clothing, underwear, women’s hygiene products, lip balm, hand sanitizer, mini shampoos and conditioners can be dropped off at either of our local collection points: Kb02 venue in Palmers Green, Wednesday-Friday 10am-5pm. Sprint Printers & Stationers in Oakwood are also happy to take in donations Mon - Fri 9am-6pm, Saturday 9am-5pm

348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ

Your Legal Questions Answered

by Fariz Uvais

Fariz Uvais is a Consultant Solicitor at Fahri LLP based in Whetstone North London. Write in and ask your legal questions. Fariz will try and answer your questions in Palmers Green LIFE each month. Send your questions to Fahri LLP, 1268a High Road Whetstone, London N20 9HH or by email to fariz@fahrillp.com. Tel: 0203 813 8457 Evicting tenants who have stopped paying rent A common feature among quite a few landlords who approach me for advice relating to tenants who have stopped paying rent is that they tend to wait for several months before taking action. It is not unusual for landlords to have waited 4 to 6 months or longer before seeking advice. The process of evicting tenants can be fraught with difficulties, so adopting a disciplined approach would minimise these difficulties, although it is impossible to completely eliminate all risks. Chase unpaid rent immediately. If the rent is fourteen days late, send the tenant a Rent demand letter. After one month, if the rent is still not paid, send the tenant a Final rent

demand letter confirming your intention to take legal action and repossess the property if the rent is not paid. If rent is paid monthly and a tenant is at least two months in rent arrears you have the right to take action to evict your tenants by serving a Section 8 (of the Housing Act 1988) notice. Two months' rent arrears is one the Section 8 mandatory grounds for repossession, which means that so long as the tenant was at least two months (8 weeks if rent is paid weekly) in arrears of rent on the date the notice was served and remains to be so on the date of the Court hearing, then the order for possession must be granted. However, landlords should be aware of two common ways in which tenants attempt to

avoid the mandatory grounds. First, if by the date of the Court hearing the rent arrears are brought below the two months requirement, then it becomes discretionary to the Judge as to whether or not to grant the order for possession. The second way in which tenants seek to overcome the mandatory basis is by making a counterclaim against the landlord on claims for disrepair, or if the deposit has not been protected under an approved Tenancy Deposit Scheme, then by making a claim for statutory penalties (of up to 3 times the deposit) against the landlord. Evicting tenants can be emotionally stressful for all parties concerned and requires navigating through complex legal provisions. So it is advisable to act promptly and to seek professional help.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article should not be construed as legal advice and the information is offered for information purposes only. You should always seek advice from an appropriately qualified solicitor on any specific legal enquiry.

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Hi there, I hope that you have all enjoyed the summer which at the time of writing appears to be making a comeback! That said, I cannot believe how quickly we have headed into the autumn months and the dark nights which are just around the corner. We have a lovely new solicitor, Sarah Peters who has just joined the Chapman Pieri family team. Sarah has also written an article for this edition on pre-nuptial agreements whilst I have written about recent case law where a husband was reluctant to share financial information with the court nor indeed with his wife.

How can a Judge assess the wealth of a party that fails to disclose it? by Christina Pieri When dealing with the financial aspects of divorce, it is usual practice and expected that the parties exchange full and frank disclosure of their respective financial positions. We often agree with the other party to deal with disclosure on a voluntary basis trying to avoid costly and stressful court proceedings. If there are court proceedings in place, and one party fails to provide disclosure, they will be in breach of the rules and the Judge may be minded to draw adverse inferences and/or may be minded to make an order for costs or even imprisonment in exceptional cases. How does a court deal with a situation where one party is refusing to cooperate and fails to disclose their financial position? How can a court make a decision as to how the assets are to be divided between the parties if they only have one side of the story? The Judge has to look at all the circumstances to include trying to have an understanding of the finances of both parties and not just the party who has complied with the court order and disclosed the relevant information and documents. Background The parties married in 1995 and separated in 2016. They have 3 children, all of whom are financially dependent. During the marriage the husband was a businessman and, owned and ran a company which imported goods. The wife had initially made an application to the court for a financial order. At that hearing,

38 |

the wife maintained that what the husband had disclosed to the court was likely to represent a significant undervalue of the true extent of his assets. The Judge accepted what the wife had asserted. The wife sought a lump sum of £1.5 million. Having considered the matter (and despite the lack of disclosure on the husband’s part), the Judge was satisfied that there were resources available for the husband to meet that payment. This matter then fell to be determined by the Court of Appeal (Moher v Moher). Lord Justice Moylan, gave the leading judgment and stated that the husband in this case “had comprehensively failed to comply with his obligation to give disclosure of his financial resources.” Despite this, the Judge had made an order that the husband pay a lump sum of £1.4 million to the wife. The husband was not happy about so he appealed, to the Court of Appeal. The husband’s particular objection to the order was that when making the award the Judge had not given “a sufficient evaluation of the husband’s financial resources nor a sufficiently reasoned explanation for the award”. Which, in the circumstances is a little rich coming from someone who breached the court order by failing to provide full and frank disclosure. The Judge made this award of £1.4 million largely because of the incomplete picture in relation to “the assets”, and to the husband’s “income generating capability”. The Judge did not set out in detail what was comprised within his award of £1.4 million. On appeal, the husband’s side argued that a Judge is required to provide a figure for, or a bracket of, the financial resources in every

case, even when confronted by nondisclosure. However, Lord Justice Moylan did not agree. It depended upon the evidence. Where the evidence was such that it was quite impossible for the court to be sure as to what financial resources the husband had, the Judge could hardly have then gone on to provide a specific figure or a bracket. Further, to place the court under the obligation to provide a figure or a bracket would be “to place it in a straightjacket which would be inconsistent with what [has been said previously], namely that the court must be astute to ensure that a non-discloser should not be able to procure a result from his nondisclosure better than that which would be ordered if the truth had been told”. The Judge recognised that he should have perhaps made some attempt to evaluate the extent of the assets, but must have decided that he could not undertake that exercise in this case. This was not possible due to the extent of the husband’s non-disclosure so he was unable to do so. Lord Justice Moylan’s view was that the Judge undertook a sufficient determination of the extent of the husband’s resources, having regard to the lack of evidence provided by the husband. The Judge was entitled to conclude that there were sufficient resources both to meet the wife’s needs at the level of the proposed award and to meet the husband’s needs. The husband’s appeal was therefore dismissed and perhaps on reflection, had the husband complied with the order of the court by disclosing the relevant documents and information, the Judge may have ordered for the wife to obtain a lower lump sum payment.

348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ

Chapman Pieri Solicitors Tel: 0208 882 9850 www.cpfamilylaw.co.uk

Why instruct Chapman Pieri Solicitors?


Caring Committed Cost conscious Compassionate


Professional Personable Pro-Active Passionate

I am extremely excited to have joined Chapman Pieri solicitors. I trained at a firm in central London, where I qualified 10 years ago and I specialise in divorce and financial relief matters. I enjoy helping clients achieve their goals in a pragmatic and sensitive way and my aim is to always try to resolve matters with as little acrimony as possible.

Protecting your assets with a Pre or post nuptial agreement, by Sarah Peters The wedding or civil ceremony is booked, the Champagne is on ice and you are dreaming about your honeymoon to a tropical destination. The last thing you want to think about is what would happen if you separate from your partner. Maybe you should! Having an agreement in place before you get married or form a civil partnership could ensure that your assets and business are protected if you were to separate at a later date. It could also save you time and money. Couples are deciding more and more to take steps to ensure that both know what will happen with their finances should they separate. A pre-nuptial agreement is a contract that a couple enter into before their marriage or civil partnership. The agreement will set out all the assets held by each person and the expectation of how they would be divided, should they later separate. There are a number of reasons why people choose to

enter into such agreements, such as protecting inherited wealth, ensuring that children from a previous relationship are financially secure, protecting a business or to try to ensure that there is as little conflict as possible should a separation occur. An agreement can prevent lengthy and costly court proceedings further down the line.

provided for in the agreement. The Court’s paramount consideration is the welfare of any children of the family and as such, any agreement would have to provide proper financial security for them. Agreements can include provision for any future children and can be amended at a later date.

A Pre-nuptial agreement is not legally binding, but a Court is likely to uphold the terms of it, if it has been entered into properly and fairly. To ensure this:

If you are already married or have formed a civil partnership, it’s not too late to think about protecting your assets. In these circumstances, you can enter into a postnuptial agreement. If you and your partner want to agree a post-nuptial agreement, each of you will have to receive independent legal advice, provide full financial disclosure to the other and ensure that the agreement provides for any children of the family.

1. The pre-nuptial agreement should be entered into at least 28 days in advance of the marriage or civil partnership. This would give the couple time to contemplate the agreement without the pressure of an impending union. 2. Each person should receive independent legal advice. 3. Each person will have to provide full financial disclosure to the other to ensure that they have a full picture of the other’s financial circumstances when reaching an agreement. 4. Any children of the family should be

Although thinking about finances after you separate is not particularly romantic, after the agreement is signed, you and your partner can go back to planning your big day or enjoying your marriage or partnership, in the knowledge that should the worst happen, there won’t be further acrimony or expense.

Chapman and Pieri Solicitors are here when all avenues have been exhausted and you need professional support to help you navigate what may be a very emotionally challenging time ahead. We have a team of experienced family lawyers chosen for their warm approach to help you through your journey. If you want to speak to a solicitor please call on 020 8882 9850. We offer a no obligation initial consultation for £75 plus vat.

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Palmers Green and Southgate LIFE Magazine, Autumn 2019  

All the local Palmers Green and Southgate community news, great advice and local services in one place! Our magazine is distributed to over...

Palmers Green and Southgate LIFE Magazine, Autumn 2019  

All the local Palmers Green and Southgate community news, great advice and local services in one place! Our magazine is distributed to over...


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