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LIFE Autumn 2018 Edition Issue 42

• Stone Hall, a lost building of Winchmore Hill • Protecting your home and car from theft, Chief Inspector Neil Billany • Should you furnish your rental property?

Stone Hall in Winchmore Hill before it was demolished in 1932

the that remains of Stone Lodge, all today ll ha ive ess pr im

welcome I hope you all took advantage of the Indian Summer, it was great to see so many locals supporting the Palmers Green Festival and the Talkies Event in Broomfield Park this September. As I write this I am trying to rally the community to help support another community project, the funding of a Christmas tree and lights on the Triangle in Palmers Green Town Centre. As we all know budgets are tight and the council have agreed to fund 50% of the project, this leaves a £5,000 shortfall. I have set up a fundraising campaign on Facebook and I am also approaching the businesses on our High Street, only time will tell if we are successful in raising the additional funds. As we head towards Christmas and the Brexit deadline next March there is still a certain amount of uncertainty hanging over the UK property market. The majority of London boroughs have seen a slight decrease in average asking prices however, Enfield has bucked this trend by maintaining property prices. It is fair to say that there has been a small drop in the number of properties coming to market and this has helped to keep property prices stable. Buyers still need to be realistic about their asking price in order to maximise the number of viewings in the initial weeks, the most crucial time to get the best price for your property. If you are thinking about selling in the near future please contact a member of our team for an honest valuation. We have had a busy summer in our lettings department with no shortage of professional tenants looking to move into the area. Vanessa, head of property management at Anthony Webb discusses the pros and cons of furnishing your rental property on page 15. If you would like to get a current valuation on your rental property please do not hesitate to contact us on 020 8882 7888.


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This month Palmers Green and Southgate LIFE magazine are pleased to welcome Imperial Kitchens, Body Beauty and Pomegranate Flowers as new advertisers. It is only with the support of local businesses that we are able to continue producing this free community magazine. Thank you to all our contributors.

Tony Director Anthony Webb Estate Agents If you've got a local business why not tell people about it in our magazine. It's distributed to 12,000 local homes and places of interest. Quarter page £70 Half page £120 Full page £220 Double page spread £350 Contact us about your artwork requirements and discounts for repeat advertising at ads@palmersgreenlife.co.uk

Anthony Webb, supporting local schools, charities and local action groups to enrich our community.


348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ

A view from City Hall

by Joanne McCartney AM

A Greener City E: joanne.mccartney@london.gov.uk www.joannemccartney.com Tel: 020 7983 5524 I have written before about the importance of our green spaces and green infrastructure to our health and well-being, and so I was delighted that the Mayor of London has recently announced funding for up to 5,000 new trees to be planted as part of a new woodland in the currently underused Montagu Recreation Ground in Enfield. In total an extra 40,000 new trees will be planted across the city in the latest round of his Community Tree Planting grants. These trees will help to maintain and expand the capital’s ‘urban forest’ of eight million trees which can store carbon, help improve air quality, and create habitat for wildlife. As part of the same scheme 20,000 trees were planted over this last year, including over 1,000 at the Prince of Wales Wetland in Enfield. Both schemes will help make London a National Park City, where more than half its area is green. There will also be a mass tree planting weekend in November, so if you are interested in helping out or want to find out more about our tree planting schemes please look at

https://www.london.gov.uk/greener-city A Public Vote on Brexit At the time of writing there is still great uncertainty around any Brexit terms that will, or will not, be agreed between our government and the EU. The London Assembly recently adopted a position to support a public vote on the terms of any deal and I was pleased that the Mayor has also called for such a vote. The chaotic approach to the negotiations is in danger of taking us down a path that could be hugely damaging – not only to London, but the whole country. Independent research† has suggested that crashing out of the EU with no deal could result in 87,000 fewer jobs in London alone (500,000 fewer jobs across Britain by 2030) than if we remained a member of the EU, and up to £50 billion lost in investment across the UK. I have raised with the Mayor at our regular Mayor’s Question Time the importance of the government guaranteeing the rights of the approximately one million EU nationals living

here, who are facing uncertainty and do not know what effect a no-deal or hard Brexit would have on them or their families. They are Londoners contributing greatly to our economy and society and deserve to know they will be able to remain with the same rights they have now. London Assembly Investigations The London Assembly scrutinises the work of the Mayor and matters of importance to Londoners. We investigate and make recommendations to the Mayor and other bodies on how their policies could be improved to make London better. Current investigations are examining; the impact of Brexit, the role of Housing Associations, school exclusions and resident-led regeneration. Full details and how you can send in your views can be found at www.london.gov.uk †Cambridge Econometrics, ‘Preparing for Brexit’, 2018 *Joanne is the London Assembly Member for Enfield & Haringey is the statutory Deputy Mayor of London.

Introducing local artist Kerry Zacharia Kerry is a North London born and based artist of GreekCypriot ethnic origin. She is a natural self-taught artist who is largely influenced by her London life. She has gained quite a following in a short space of time and is often described as having a distinct unique line style. Someone once commented that her art was “like Van Gogh from another dimension”. Creative talent was present in her as a child, however, her career took on a different path. Her passion for art long remained and in 2004 she began to paint with ink on paper and took part in her first group exhibition in March 2014. People mostly connect with Kerry’s London paintings because of the iconic landmarks they include, however, her main inspiration for their creation came from simple uplifting and sometimes spiritual moments she experienced during her day to day life. She fulfilled her ambition to bring her London art together under one roof earlier this year in her first major solo exhibition, entitled “London in Different Dimensions”.

8882 7888

This was hosted at the Salvation Army International Headquarters in their gallery located at the mouth of the Millennium Bridge. Alongside her show Kerry raised £1,207.50 for the Salvation Army. The show was a huge hit with the public and the feedback was remarkable, some saying that her collection belonged in the Tate Modern and that people should pay to see it. Kerry brings a selection of her London paintings to the gallery at Anthony Webb from the 1st of October to the 31st December, including her much loved London landscapes series, which were inspired from the local area - Grovelands Park, Oakwood Park and Cockfosters Road. All art on show is available for sale and on this occasion, 10% of any sales proceeds will be donated to support the UK Thalassemia Society.

Learn more about Kerry’s work at www.artistkerryzacharia.com and connect with her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter via @Artistkz64.

Would you like to meet Kerry? Contact her to arrange a meeting at Anthony Webb during the term of the exhibition.




348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ

Past Times...Stone Hall, a lost building of Winchmore Hill by Joe Studman, Historian Many of our readers would know about The Walkers of Arnos Grove but how many would be aware that there was another unrelated Walker who built an imposing home in Winchmore Hill.

Stone Hall

In 1872 Alfred “Ginger Wine” Walker paid the landlord of The Kings Head to construct a mansion in Church Hill, opposite the clapperboard cottages. Palmer (the builder and licensee) used materials from the recently demolished Beaver Hall in Waterfall Road. This included staircase, doors and windows. Walker’s namesake at Arnos Grove had purchased Beaver Hall with the sole purpose of demolishing it. The legend goes that both The Walkers of Arnos and The Taylors of Grovelands couldn’t bear to see another man’s chimney from their windows and consequently purchased and razed any substantial property that came on the market. They created an early Green Belt in Southgate, Palmers Green and Winchmore Hill. This begs the question what must they have thought when Stone Hall was erected! “Ginger Wine” Walker had a cousin who lived in Avondale which stood opposite St John's Church, Palmers Green and had family connections with The Morgans who owned land between Station Road and Vicars Moor Lane. However I can’t find a connection with Joseph Stone who marketed Stones Ginger Wine or the Bishop family who produced the product. It surely cannot be a coincidence that the property was called Stone Hall. Stone did retire to Barnet in 1894 so may well have been a relative by marriage.

8882 7888

You can still buy Stones Ginger Wine from Sainsbury’s in Winchmore Hill which coincidentally was built on land owned at one time by Alfred Walker. Walker’s trustees sold the land to Henrietta Cresswell’s brother Frank who was acting on behalf Bartholomew's Hospital. They purchased the land to build a sports ground for their students. It remained a sports ground until the supermarket arrived, despite local opposition, about 20 years ago. Alfred Walker served on the first Southgate Board of Health after the split from Edmonton in 1881 under the chairmanship of John Walker at Arnos. When he died in 1885 Stone Hall was purchased by Clare Henry Regnart who had been living in Hill House. Regnart had been associated with Maple the furniture Company for 70 years. No doubt he bought many fine furnishings for the interior of Stone Hall but he also added the oversize conservatory wing that dominates our cover photo. I wonder if the seven cricketing Walker Brothers at Arnos considered offering a prize to any batsman to hit a six into Regnarts greenhouse? Certainly the extension would not have looked out of place in Kew Gardens. Regnart also built outhouses including a lodge that still exists today, a more dignified and subtle reminder of what had previously dominated Church Hill. Stone Hall was demolished in 1932 and a fine row of detached houses were built soon after. These stand in the service road that protects them from Church Hill traffic. They hold one more secret connecting them to Stone Hall. When the original Blackfriars Bridge was

Stone Hall today

demolished in the 1860’s much of the stone was purchased as an investment and stored in Wades Hill. Henrietta Cresswell tells us that the lady investor could not find a buyer and the stones were eventually sold at a loss. They were then used for the foundations of Stone Hall and the 1930 homes that replaced it. Stone Hall proved that recycling is nothing new with its fittings and foundations. So today as you walk up Church Hill you wouldn’t be lying if you told yourself that you were walking across old Blackfriars Bridge. For more information on Joe's historical walks visit www.jaywalks.co.uk October 2018 • 13th October – The Dark Side of The City Walk • 21st October – Enfield Town Walk • 24th October – A History of Southgate Talk November 2018 • 6th November – Stoke Newington Walk • 10th November – Mayfair Walk • 18th November – New Southgate Walk • 28th November – Enfield in The Great War Talk



Parliamentary Comment by Bambos Charalambous MP

Is the Government pushing the boundaries too far? bambos.charalambous.mp@parliament.uk Parliament: 020 7219 3460 Constituency Office: 020 8882 0088 Enfield Southgate constituency is due to be ripped apart as set out in the Boundary Commission’s final electoral proposals. If the Government pushes these proposals through, they will be guilty of outright gerrymandering.

constituency will take in four (Winchmore Hill, Cockfosters, Southgate and Southgate Green) of the current seven wards along with three and a half wards (Coppetts, East Finchley, Woodhouse and parts of Brunswick Park) from Barnet.

The plans will reduce the number of MPs from 650 to 600, while the un-elected House of Lords continues to grow. Placing more power in the hands of fewer MPs is an attack on our democracy and an attempt to rig our electoral system. And who is set to lose the most seats? Labour, of course.

The plans cut out thousands of local voters as they are based on an out-dated electoral register from 2015. The communities around Palmers Green town centre will be split and represented by different MPs, while the constituency boundary will be spread across Enfield and Barnet boroughs. Grange ward would go to Enfield North, Palmers Green to Edmonton and Bowes would become part of Hornsey and Wood Green – not even in Enfield Borough.

Enfield Southgate is just one of the constituencies that will be abolished, and the new Finchley and Southgate

This gerrymandering will spell the end of the iconic seat that I now represent. Tightknit communities in Enfield Southgate will be torn apart, but the Boundary Commission has completely ignored their views and the views of millions of voters in the UK who have registered since 2015. For the sake of our democracy, the Government should scrap these proposals. The Government is due to table a vote on the proposals in Parliament, but while they benefit the Conservatives overall, some senior Tory rebel MPs have been causing trouble as they find their seats at risk (including Boris Johnson). Perhaps the Prime Minister will be forced to scrap the proposals in a bid to preserve her premiership.

Valuing our volunteers by Councillor Joanne Laban email Cllr.Joanne.Laban@enfield.gov.uk Conservative Member for Highlands Ward Enfield has been a beacon of community action over the last few months. The number of events held in Enfield showcased the many dedicated residents we have who want to give something back to our community. The Palmers Green Festival and Fancy Fair were fantastic events. However, events such as these cannot be delivered without volunteers working on the stalls from charities, amenity groups and other organisations. These events take a lot of hard work by all involved to make them successful. School fetes are normally organised by parents groups along with support from staff. The summer term is an extremely busy time for schools yet many staff go above and beyond in their spare time to work with volunteer parents groups to


deliver the annual fete. I attended the Nightingale Cancer Support Centre's Annual Golf Day. I am always amazed at how much they do with very few paid members of staff. The main support centre opened earlier this year and it could not have been achieved without the huge amount of work carried out by volunteers. The centre has already made a big difference to Enfield residents effected by cancer and their families. Enfield benefits from many Friends of the Parks Groups. The Friends Groups are volunteers who work with Enfield Council to make sure our parks remain great places to visit. The groups monitor the park and let the council know if things need replacing. They also apply for outside funding so more investment is given to our parks. Friends of the Parks Groups in short

play a key role in maintaining the parks to a good standard for all to enjoy. I recently spoke to a leader of a local Brownie Pack. The time needed to organise the activities each week and the responsibility especially with pack holiday is immense. She is one of many leaders in our borough who give up their time to deliver a variety of activities for young people. We are indebted to them for giving up their evenings and weekends to give our young people a safe environment for them to learn new skills and have fun. I have mentioned just a few examples of the volunteering that takes place in Enfield. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who volunteer. Enfield is a better place due to the work you do for our community.

348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ

tion Installa ble a il a v still a before as Christm 2018

We design and build build quality bespoke kitchens, kitcchens, helping our clients to balance balan nce their storage requirements requiirements with FRQWHPSRUDU\OLYLQJ:HR΍HU FRQWHPSRUDU\OLYLQ QJ:HR΍HU ɫ Free home person personal nal consultations traditional tional kitchen planning by ɫ Modern and tradi b experts kitchen ɫ High quality kitche en ranges with cabinetry y guarantees ɫ Elite partners with h Silestone (worktops) appliances ɫ Superior applianc ces installation ɫ Professional insta allation

Meet the Meet tea am team

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Find us at 134 Green Gree en Lanes, Palmers Green Gre een N13 5UN 8754 or visit contact us on 020 8447 8 www.kitchennorthlondon.com www.kitchennort thlondon.com Van n

8882 7888



Protecting your home and car from thieves by Chief Inspector Neil Billany Since the last edition of the Palmers Green and Southgate LIFE magazine went out I am pleased to say that there has been a reduction in burglaries across the area. The main crimes being committed now are those involving cars and vans being broken into. This is mainly happening at night and is spread far beyond this part of Enfield as a wider issue.

This makes trying to proactively deal with this hard given the sheer size of the borough and the speed which someone can break into a car and make good their escape under the cover of darkness. As in the last article I would stress the importance of making sure you put your valuables out of sight, ideally removed from your car altogether and try to avoid parking in dark corners. To further protect yourself it’s worth looking at installing motion activated sensors on security lights, this is a relatively low cost, but high impact way to


protect your house and car. In other news we are still getting reports of a flasher in Broomfield Park, although we aren’t getting as many reports as before. We are also working with Enfield Council staff to deal with reports of sexual activity taking place in the men’s toilets within the park. While some flippantly see this as a trivial matter and make jokes I can promise you we don’t and the local Neighbourhoods Team are dealing with this as a priority. Elsewhere the merger between Enfield and Haringey police is gathering pace, with a date for the go live being early January 2019. At the time of writing a postings panel is taking place involving the 5 Superintendents. In this panel each of the 1000+ officers working across the two boroughs are being posted to their role for the new ‘North Area’ command unit. While that sounds like a lot of police officers it is worth bearing in mind that combined Enfield and Haringey has a population of around 56,8000 residents. The

default position is that your teams will remain unchanged and I look forward to keeping Matt Bloomfield and Aaron King leading your teams then as they do now. For residents there won’t be a noticeable difference in the policing of the Palmers Green and Southgate areas, the neighbourhoods teams will remain locally based working to locally set priorities. The main changes will affect the Investigation and Safeguarding teams, with some likely to be based in Edmonton and others in Wood Green. Response policing will retain a base on each borough, with Enfield staying at the Lincoln Road site we have occupied for some time now. There is currently no update regarding the proposed sale of Southgate Police Station, we acknowledge that it isn’t the most attractive of buildings and was letting Chase Side down a little so we have arranged for it to have an early spring clean and hopefully it’s looking a little better for it.

348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ

POP P UP P BAR R Saturday Satur day 27 7 October & Sa Saturday turday 24 Nove November mber Your Y o our local Gin Distillery D opens on the last Saturday Saturday of every month ‘One of the

BEST BE EST places to drink G GIN in London’ All Gin cocktails served with fresh fruit garnishes and exclusive Japanese Tonic

‘I like everything about your Gin’ BBC Dragon, Deborah Meaden


seen on Venue: V e enue: Old Bakery Gin Limited Limited, d, The Old Grain Stor Store e Pymmes 4 Pymm mes Mews, London N13 4PF Time: T ime: 4pm 4 – 11pm www.oldbakerygin.com Call 020 0 8829 8241 or visit www w.oldbakerygin.com offers on Old Bakery Gin Special of ffers f G & Gift Sets!

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10 |

348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ

Events and private parties at My Time by Brian Hi everyone. Over the last ten months one of biggest growth areas at My Time has been the introduction of our “My Time into the Evening” concept, with our bar serving Enefeld Brewery ales and lagers and our wonderful gin infusions using Old Bakery gin in a chilled relaxed ambience. Events such as the “Vinyl record nights” are getting more popular; the “Singers Night” is starting to build both artists and customer patronage and a great time was had by all at our 2017’s Christmas and New Year’s parties. Look out for 2018’s Christmas and New Year’s events.

Customers that enjoyed our the cocktails, organic Prosecco, wines, food and the vibe of the bar starting asking us about parties. I suppose because we are a bit alternative; we have since hosted several events from birthday parties, christenings, staff parties, business events,

Testimonials: MS - We thoroughly enjoyed a double birthday celebration courtesy of the My Time team. We had a meeting with Brian a week before the event to discuss menus and other requirements. Everything was handled with expert efficiency and we all turned up on the day flying in from Abu Dhabi and our guests from around the world and South London to find a cosy warm venue. The staffs were friendly, professional and tended to our every need. We and all our guests had a truly wonderful and memorable evening, with great food (including attention to specific dietary requirements), fabulous cocktails and perfect entertainment by Zoe. We wholeheartedly recommend holding an event at My Time, where we had a much personalised service from a great team. No doubt we will be booking again!! Thank you guys! RR - Brian at My Time organised my 50th birthday celebrations, at this amazing venue in Palmers Green. He was professional and helpful delivering everything I requested regarding the party. I had 32 guests and each was impressed with the quality of food (authentic Asian style), drink and cocktails served through the night. The service and ambience was perfect and Brian even got us a vinyl dj playing tracks of my youth. I would highly recommend a party gathering at My Time. Thank you so much for all your time, effort and patience, a birthday celebration I won’t forget.

launches, mums night out, to a wake. Our first outside event where we ran a cocktail bar for a client serving some 400 cocktails was a great success and really fun to do. My Time will work closely with our clients to deliver the best party we can for your occasion. We can arrange food, welcome drinks, special cocktail lists, music (live, dj or playlist), cakes and desserts, decorations, and themed nights. We are now booking for staff Christmas parties and other private events. Please email Brian in the first instance info@mytimefare.co.uk


Body Beauty Ltd 466 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, London N13 5PA Phone: 020 8886 0336 Email: info@bodybeautyltd.com

90onthegreen 8882 7888



il of l, Doug, Dan and Ne Well done to Michae oth golfing mm ma ir the for b Enfield Golf Clu . Week's Golf in a Day' challenge to 'Play a ying pla les mi 40 g lkin wa 7 rounds,126 holes, h! Their aim, to raise around 600 shots eac ability minibus at dis new a £30,000 for eds School. Ne l cia Oaktree Spe

A group of year 6 pu pils from Hazelwood school: Isobel, Matilda, Ch arlotte, Bazile, Rosa and Madeleine took pa rt in the Noah's Ark Rainbow Run. Congratulations on completing the run and raising additional fun ds for the charity!

Matt and Adam An derson celebrate aft completing the North er London Hospice Big Fun Walk from East Finchley to Westminster. The hospi ce raised an incredible £147,310 from the eve nt. ddard ad Teacher Bruce Go Congratulations to He g a Lifetime nin win on l oo Sch 's of Highland run by . Held annually and Achievement Award to as ed err ref en oft are s Pearsons, the award n. sio fes pro ng teachi “The Oscars” of the

12 |

d up on Cannon Hill sai St Monica's baby gro er aft ft) (le ian uzj no farewell to Katie Do for the the Monday session volunteering to run ry Monday and eve s run up gro The past 8 years. time, at 9:30-11:30am, term Wednesday morning 4. N1 l, Hil on nn Ca on the Parish Centre All welcome.

348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ

ABTA No.24397


YOUR R CHRISTMAS C VACATION? VACA ATION? Enjoy the Christmas Market off Bruges Meander aro around ound Europe Europe’ss most popu popular lar Christmas Market. Full to the brim with food, dri nk and craft drink stalls and an n ice rink centre piece all under u the beautiful bac ckdrop of the Belfry of Bru uges. backdrop Bruges. Decem mber 2018 from £329pp ǖ 7-9 December ǖ Eurostar from frrom St Pancras to Bruges via Brussels Peellaert Hotel Bruges, Standard room ǖ 4* Peellaert ǖ Bed and breakfast b

Wrap up warm w in Sweden’s Icehotel Ice ehotel The Icehotel is not only a hotel built each e year of project; ice and snow w but is, in itself, an art pro oject; inspired Torneälven by the Torne eälven river. Located in the e tiny village Arctic of Jukkasjärvi, Jukkasjärvvi, 200 km north of the Arc ctic Circle in Swedish Lap Lapland. pland. ǖ 1 November Novemb ber 2018 - 12 April 2019 from frrom £945pp ǖ 3 Nights: ICEHOTEL I (1 x cold, 2 x warm) wa arm) ǖ Daily flights flights from Heathrow Airport

Lapland Santa S Experience D Day ay Trip Journey 100 kilometres above the Arc Arctic tic Circle to a sparkling lan landscape ndscape of snowy forests. Here, in the remote heart hearrt of Swedish Lapland, you u’ll find Pajala, you’ll the secret ho home ome of the real Santa Clau Claus, us, his reindeer and his happy happ py team of helpers. ǖ Exclusive festive f charter flight from Stansted ǖ 1 December Decemb ber 2018 for a family of four fou ur from £2,176 £2 176 ǖ Enjoy a magical magical ride in a reindeer drawn drawn sleigh, a dog-sled pulled p by real huskies, huskies, a th thrilling hrilling ride on a snowmobile snowmo obile and a visit to Father Christmas C


8882 7888




Do you want to live off Fox Lane?

• Spacious period family home • Edwardian semi-detached house • Lakes Estate conservation area • Five bedrooms

Old Park Road Palmers Green, N13


£1,250,000 Freehold

• Edwardian Period property • Three double bedrooms • Semi-detached house • Lakes Estate location

Conway Road Southgate, N14


£850,000 Freehold

• Four bedrooms • Modern semi-detached house • Spacious living room • Good transport links

Crothall Close Palmers Green, N13

£610,000 Freehold 14 |

348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ

Should you furnish your rental property? by Vanessa Gills Head of Property Management at Anthony Webb

Before you rush out to buy furniture for your rental property, think carefully about what you need and even if it’s really necessary to provide any furniture at all. About half of all prospective tenants are looking for unfurnished accommodation and furnishing a property does not necessarily increase the amount of rent you will achieve. Speak to your letting agent about the type of tenant your property is likely to attract and get their opinion on what items you need to buy. Families and young couples might not want any furniture at all; students, by contrast, will want the property fully furnished; and a busy professional single person or couple are more likely to be looking for furnished or partfurnished properties. OUR TIPS ✔ Make sure everything you buy is hard-wearing and easy to clean and maintain. Keep colours neutral and avoid over personalising with “statement” items that might put people off. Think modern, fresh, simple and, above all, well-lit and warm. ✔ Go for sofas with removable covers that can be machinewashed, or real or faux leather you can wipe clean. Divan beds with built-in drawers provide extra storage and providing mattress protectors will extend mattress life.

✔ Buy cheap ready-made curtains or blinds online, we recommend www.blinds-2go.co.uk. Blinds will help make rooms look more spacious and modern. ✔ Avoid including smaller electrical appliances such as lamps, toasters and microwaves as you will be responsible for keeping them in good repair and you could be held liable if they are faulty. While most tenants expect landlords to provide “white goods”, such as an oven, hob, fridge/freezer and a washing machine, they are usually happy to provide their own portable appliances, saving you money and hassle.

It’s important to remember that regardless of whether you are offering your property furnished or unfurnished we always recommend a professional third party inventory that protects both the Landord and Tenant. OUR SERVICES At Anthony Webb we offer Fully Managed, Let & Rent Collection and Let Only services to meet your needs. Contact a member of our lettings team for more information or a lettings valuation on 020 8882 7888.

Tony Ourris, Anthony Webb director says “A well-dressed and furnished property appeals to professional individuals. In general we find tenants are less likely to haggle on the asking price if the property is in an immaculate condition ensuring you obtain the best price as well as reducing unnecessary voids. Recently Anthony Webb achieved top rents on three properties furnished to a very high standard – we managed to attract high end tenants within the first week of marketing and our professional photos, selling a lifestyle, I think most definitely helped!”

Three furnished properties all let within a week!

Three bedroom apartment Southgate, N14 Full asking price £1,800pcm

8882 7888

Three bedroom apartment Bounds Green, N22 Full asking price £1,750pcm

Three bedroom apartment Finchley, N12 Full asking price £1,800pcm



16 |

348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ

Celebrating 20 years of Centre Stage! by Christopher O’Shea Centre Stage School of Performing Arts is celebrating 20 years in Southgate, with classes held each week at St Monica’s School for children from 4 to 19 years of age. Our Young Centre Stager classes are for children from Reception to Year 2 and meet on Saturdays, with a choice of 3 times to suit family commitments. Children are inspired through drama, dance, singing and creative play. Lessons are designed to stimulate imagination, increase concentration, develop social skills and build confidence by using movement, song, improvisation and imagination based games. Drama and performance are explored in an innovative and inspirational way in this fun class for young children. Young Centre Stagers endeavours to enrich children's talents and their working together through a diverse array of theatrical disciplines and techniques. Young Centre Stagers are also given their very own performance opportunities on the big stage - in fully costumed, sound and lighting equipped productions. The Young Centre Stagers will perform their next show in February 2019. They will also be performing at The Wyllyotts Theatre, Potters Bar in June 2019

8882 7888

when the entire school will be celebrating 20 years of past productions. Many schools have adopted values based education. At Young Centre Stagers we wish to continue this approach as we think it is very important to develop the child’s social and relationship skills that last throughout their lives. Every week a child is awarded the ‘Behaviour Award’, ‘Values Award’ and ‘Star of The Week’, which celebrates their achievements and raises awareness of the importance of values. The academic year concludes with a fantastic awards evening which celebrates and acknowledges the achievements of each child. For more information about our Saturday classes in Southgate please visit www.centrestageuk.com

Free Trial Class







well presented three bedroom 1930s semi-detached house located in this most desirable turning within a few minutes walk of the outstanding Eversley Primary school. Grange Park, Winchmore Hill and Oakwood stations are all within a mile of the property with local amenities and bus routes within an easy walk. The property offers off street parking for three cars and a beautiful landscaped rear garden measuring 74ft x 30ft. There is also potential to extend.

well presented and spacious Edwardian three bedroom terrace house located in a popular residential turning off Hazelwood Lane. The property is within easy walking distance of Green Lane's wealth of shops, restaurants, bus routes, Broomfield Park and Palmers Greens mainline station into Moorgate. With plenty of original features and front and rear gardens this family home is well worth a closer look around. The vendor has current planning permission in place to extend the ground floor rear.

£815,000 Freehold

£710,000 Freehold F SA OR LE

New River Crescent Palmers Green, N13


Oakwood Crescent Winchmore Hill, N21



his spacious, chain free, three bedroom end of terrace house with a garage to the side is located in a most popular residential turning off Hazelwood Lane. The property which requires MODERNISATION is within a few minutes walk of Palmers Green's shops, restaurants, Hazelwood School and mainline station into Moorgate. This property offers off street parking, garage to side and rear garden and the potential to extend into the loft. An internal viewing is essential to fully appreciate the potential of this character family home.

18 |

his 1930's three bedroom house requiring modernisation is located in a popular residential turning within easy each of Palmers Green's shops, restaurants, bus routes (W6) and mainline station into Moorgate. Generous living space with three bedrooms, off street parking, garage, a well maintained 50ft approx paved garden with mature shrubs. An internal viewing is essential to fully appreciate the potential of this family home.

New River Crescent Palmers Green, N13

Dorchester Avenue Palmers Green, N13

£675,000 Freehold

£495,000 Freehold

348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ





spacious two bedroom ground floor Edwardian, chain free flat on Fox Lane conveniently located for both Palmers Green and Southgates amenities, bus routes and stations. The property consists of a spacious living room opening to a modern kitchen, a bathroom/wet room, one good size double bedroom and one single bedroom. Further benefits include wood floors, double glazing, gas central heating, a parking space and own rear garden. Leasehold with 93 years remaining.

his modern first floor apartment recently refurbished with two bedrooms is located in this quiet modern gated development under five minutes walk to Green Lanes shops, restaurants, bus routes and mainline station into Moorgate. The property benefits from a spacious living/dining room, a modern fitted kitchen, a master bedroom with en-suite shower room, a good size second bedroom, a bathroom, loft space, engineered oak flooring throughout, secure video entry system and an allocated parking space.

£475,000 Leasehold

£450,000 Leasehold F SA OR LE

Ashborne Lodge, Hazelwood Lane Palmers Green, N13


Fox Lane Palmers Green, N13



arden flat with along lease. A two bedroom ground floor Edwardian flat located in this quiet residential turning off Green Lanes. The property is ideally placed for Palmers Green's shops, restaurants, Broomfield park and mainline station into Moorgate. Benefits include a spacious living room with doors to garden, a modern kitchen/bathroom, two good size bedrooms, laminate floors, a cellar, a side entrance, a 950+ year lease, a parking space and own section of garden to rear.

Elmdale Road Palmers Green, N13 Offers in excess of £399,999

8882 7888


eautiful Edwardian chain free flat. A well proportioned one double bedroom converted flat situated on the top floor of this imposing Edwardian building on the corner of Fox Lane and Derwent road. The property is ideally located for Palmers Green's shops, restaurants, bus routes and mainline station into Moorgate. Benefits include a bright and spacious open plan living/kitchen space, a double bedroom, cellar storage space, an allocated parking space and access to a communal garden.

Gainsborough Court, Fox Lane Palmers Green, N13

£335,000 Share of Freehold |


MTD: What, when and how by Alex Chrysostomou Alexander Associates, your local accountant 24A Aldermans Hill, Palmers Green, London N13 4PN Tel: 020 8882 6611 Fax: 020 8882 6621 Email: alex@alexassociates.co.uk Website: www.alexandersandco.com

If your business is VAT registered, and the turnover for the last year has exceeded £85,000, you should soon receive a letter from HMRC stating that you must comply with the making tax digital (MTD) rules from April 2019. The MTD regime requires you to keep all records relating to VAT in a digital format and submit VAT returns through MTDcompliant software. The online VAT return form on gov.co.uk will be closed to all businesses required to comply with MTD for VAT regime. This is because HMRC wants to minimise the risk of human error in submission of VAT figures.

The online form will remain open for businesses who have voluntary registered for VAT and whose annual turnover is under £85,000. But beware, as soon as your turnover for the last 12 months exceeds £85,000 you must comply with MTD from the start of your next VAT period. You are responsible for keeping your business records in a digital form. This means the data recorded from each transaction electronically. You don’t have to take a picture of each purchase receipt and sales invoice, but you must record the date of the sale, value excluding VAT and

the VAT rate applied. Shops which use retail schemes can keep a digital record of the gross daily takings, so don’t have to record each sale separately. Some businesses will prefer to use cloudbased accounting which enables people at different locations to access the data simultaneously. The account software will also automatically provide a back-up of the data. We have found that most small business are comfortable using the Xero bookkeeping software which caters for these changes and ensures that you’re compliant with the changes.

If you have an accounting question for Alex please e-mail him directly he will be happy to assist you, alternatively Alexander Associates offer an initial free consultation, please contact them to find out more. Disclaimer: The information provided in this article should not be construed as legal advice and the information is offered for information purposes only. You should always seek advice from an appropriately qualified accountant on any specific accountancy enquiry.

20 |

348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ

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In the Garden with Paul Knight Front gardens...making a great first impression Contact Paul on 07957 942728 info@outside-designs.co.uk A front garden can be a thing of beauty. Not just a drab area of concrete with bins on right in on front of your house. It can be an eye-catching place full of plants and shrubs that can add interest all year round. Of course you have to take into account the practical issues of where to put the bins and bike stores etc but this can be accounted for in designing the garden. Even in a small front garden that most of us have there will be space for a few choice plants and possibly even a small tree that will soften the appearance of the property and collectively, the neighbourhood whilst creating a natural environment for birds and insects. A good front garden will really enhance the appearance of any property and will add value too. It is the entrance to your home and its style should reflect you and the property style so

materials for the structure should be chosen carefully. If it is done well it will give you pleasure every time you see it. Which is all the time! If you are installing a new front wall, choose the type of brick carefully. It doesn’t have to match the bricks the house is built with and you do not want a wall that stands out too much as your eye will be drawn to the wall rather than the garden within. A simple bin surround constructed with trellis and climbing plants to grow round it to disguise the bins but still gives you easy access to them. The garden path is an important aspect as you use it constantly and you see it all the time. The materials for the path can match the materials in the rest of the garden or they can differ, for example have a tiled path with a separate area of paving. Plants will soften and enhance a home. Whether the garden is in sun or shade there are

lots of plants that will thrive. Window boxes will add a splash of colour and can change with the seasons and a climbing rose, Wisteria or many other climbers will look amazing trained on the front of the house. Get outside and get gardening this autumn.

Call us for all your garden needs; Garden design • Planting design • Landscape construction • Irrigation. Follow us on Twitter @outsidedesigns1

22 |

348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ

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Anthony Webb, successfully letting properties across North London

Tudor Way, Southgate, N14

3 bedroom apartment

3 bedroom apartment

Let for £1,750

Let for £1,800



Truro Road, Bounds Green, N22

Baker Street, Enfield, EN1

3 bedroom apartment

2 bedroom apartment

Let for £1,800

Let for £1,350



High Road, North Finchley, N12

Lytton Avenue, Palmers Green, N13

Lakeside Road, Palmers Green, N13

2 bedroom bungalow

1 bedroom ground floor flat

Let for £1,600

Let for £1,250

Thinking about letting out your property? Contact our team for a current rental valuation and free advice. We have packages to suit all Landlords including Fully Managed, Let and Rent Collection and Let Only Services. Call 020 8882 7888 or email martin@anthonywebb.co.uk

24 |

348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ

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348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ

Reducing our carbon footprint by Kiri from Fabulous Hair Company Fabulous Hair Company 382 Green Lanes, N13 5PD Tel: 020 8886 7070 Thank you for the great feedback on my last two articles on cruelty free hairdressing and reducing single use plastic in a hair salon. If you missed these issues, you can visit the salon website www.fabuloushaircompany.com and click Fab Life for all recent articles plus many more on subjects concerning hair. In this months article I address what we, as a small high street salon, do to reduce our carbon footprint. 1) The first thing we did was choose an energy supplier that uses a 100% renewable energy as opposed to energy deriving from fossil fuels. 2) We recently changed all the salon lights to LED and CFLs to reduce unnecessary use of energy and heat. In places where lighting is always not needed we have lights with occupancy sensors, only working when needed. 3) We've turned down our thermostat. Salons are naturally warm environments and the constant use of hairdryers means an abundance of hot air. Turning down the thermostat by 1 degree you’ll save up to 5% on heating costs and reduce CO2 emissions.

4) One of our salons largest expense is our laundry bill, a necessary expense. Energy efficient appliances are important but, also good habits like making sure washing machines and tumble dryers are full before we run a wash. A simple way of saving water and reducing salon CO2 emissions. 5) Salons use a lot of water washing hair and removing colour. Keeping the taps turned off between massaging the hair could save thousands of litres of water per year. Did you know one drop of water wasted every 2 seconds equals 4,000 litres annually wasted? We also use flow regulators on all our shower heads this inexpensive shower head nozzle reduces the flow by dividing the water into smaller particle and mixes air into the water, giving a stronger flow that helps to reduce water bills by up to 50% a month.

Other things we encourage at Fab Life are; staff members to carpool, use public transport or make use of our newly built cycle lane, go paper free, email clients till receipts and electronic forms for clients on tablets. There are so many more things we can all do to help make this a better world for everyone. I’m going to finish with one that’s important to me and my salon. We work with a brand that works towards helping the environment rather than exploiting it, that is why we partner with Paul Mitchell's professional products, a company that pledges to plant 750,000 trees by the end of next year plus many other great environmental causes.

If you have any questions that need answering quickly, please email me, Kiri at kc@fabuloushaircompany.com and I will get back to you soon as I can. If you enjoyed my article let us know, like us on Facebook or follow us on Instagram and we will enter you in our monthly competition for a chance of winning a Paul Mitchell in-salon Lavender Mint Mineral Mask treatment worth £25. Just go to our website www.fabuloushaircompany.com, and click the Facebook/ Instagram icon to follow and a chance to win a beautiful hair treatment.

Is it time to refurbish your rental property? by Mick Lawton your local Palmers Green DIY Doctor Refurbishment not only increases the value of your investment, but it also cuts down on long-term maintenance costs and attracts higher quality tenants who tend to stay put for longer.

Here are a few dos and don’ts to consider when refurbishing a buy-to-let property: • Who is your target market? If you are targeting young professionals you should consider refurbishing to a high standard. If the property is in a family area, it may be worth focusing a bit more on the garden • I always recommend neutral tones when redecorating such as off white keeping it clean and modern. Try to pick an 'off the shelf' colour so that if touch ups are required it's too hard to match the paint • The kitchen and living areas are

important rooms for tenants so concentrate your efforts here • New simple kitchens and bathrooms can be purchased on a budget and really add the wow factor on viewings • Make sure your property also looks good from the outside, consider repainting it if it is looking tired. My reliable and trusted team can help you renovate your property. I offer no obligation quotes with realistic turnaround times. It's worth remembering that if your tenancy is coming to an end and you are considering refurbishing get the builders in early to quote so that when the time comes you can avoid unnecessary voids.





If you want to freshen up the exterior of your property please do not hesitate to contact me for a no obligation quote. Visit my website to see examples of my work www.micklawton.com, or contact me on 07985 412 599

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Six things you should know about dementia Home Care Preferred is a local care agency providing support for people in their own homes. With a high percentage of their clients living with dementia, the award winning company seeks to assist, not only their clients, but also family & friends who EVIJEGMRKXLISJXIRHMJ½GYPXHIQIRXMENSYVRI] ,IVIEVI½ZIMQTSVXERXJEGXWEFSYX(IQIRXME 1. Dementia is not a natural part of ageing (IQIRXMEHSIWR´XNYWXEJJIGXSPHIVTISTPI3ZIV 40,000 people under 65 in the UK have dementia. This is called early-onset or young-onset dementia. 2. Alzheimer’s is a form of dementia 4ISTPIWSQIXMQIWXLMROXLEX%P^LIMQIV´WERH (IQIRXMEEVIX[SWITEVEXIGSRHMXMSRW%P^LIMQIV´W is one of the many types of dementia and the most common 3. Dementia is caused by disease of the brain (MWIEWIWWYGLEW%P^LIMQIV´WHMWIEWIGEYWIRIVZI cells to die, damaging the structure and chemistry of the brain.There are lots of other causes and no X[SX]TIWSJHIQIRXMEEVIXLIWEQI(MJJIVIRXX]TIW of dementia cause damage to different parts of the brain. 4. It’s not just about losing your memory When people hear the word dementia, they typically think of memory loss. (IQIRXMEHSIWHSIWSJXIRWXEVXF]EJJIGXMRKXLI short-term memory. Someone with dementia might repeat themselves and have problems recalling things that happened recently. But dementia can also affect the way people think, speak, perceive things, feel and behave. 5. People can still lead a quality life with dementia Although there is no cure for dementia, researchers EVI[SVOMRKLEVHXS½RHSRI Until there is a cure, support and treatments are available that can help with symptoms and managing HEMP]PMJI3JXIRXLIWIGEREPPS[TISTPI[MXL

28 |

dementia to lead active, purposeful lives and carry on doing the things that matter to them most. 6. Home Care Preferred is available to help In addition to providing support for people in their own homes, Home Care Preferred can also provide information literature and a friendly person to talk to. Home Care Preferred even have their own dementia PMFVEV]LEZISYVS[R(IQIRXMEPMFVEV][LIVIFSSOW can be borrowed free of charge. To contact a member of the Home Care Preferred team: T: 020 8364 3670 E: info@homecarepreferred.com W: homecarepreferred.com 49 Station Road, London, N21 3NB

“We are very appreciative of Home Care Preferred and it’s well trained Carers are there for us. Thank you so much” SB

348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ

G r e a t se r v ic e b y k i n d p e o p l e

FRIENDLY CARE & SUPPORT IN YOUR HOME • Long or short term care • Fully trained & referenced care team • Help with housework, personal care, meal preparation & much more • Kind & professional carers • All medical conditions supported • CQC registered with “Good” rating For more information please contact: T: 020 8364 3670 E: info@homecarepreferred.com

www.homecarepreferred.com 8882 7888



“So how DOES Amatsu work?” by Nicola Forward, your local Amatsu Practitioner Many of my clients ask me how can only your light touch here, a soft press there and a stretch of my limbs work so I feel better? After ten years of working with Amatsu I still find this a very difficult question to answer. Amatsu client, Chris however managed to sum up Amatsu in three words…dem dry bones. I’m sure many of you will know the song, “the heel bone connected to the ankle bone, the ankle bone connected to the shin bone, etc.” It really does describe how Amatsu works. As Amatsu Practitioners we have a global view of the body and by asking you questions, using observation, touch and some simple tests, together with our past experience and knowledge of anatomy, we are able to trace through clues in your body to find the area causing your problem. We then deal with that…and it won’t necessarily be your area of complaint! A scan on Chris’s knee showed no major

damage even though it had been “painful and difficult to move” for three years when he came to see me for his first Amatsu session. My assessment took me to his big toe which I gently freed. Then following the tensions up his body I integrated this realignment up his spine into his neck, shoulders and head. He was “walking on air” after our first session and got “a little twinge at the knee” just before his next session, a week later. “Since then my knee has been as right as rain. I don’t mean to say that it took one session, it took a few and I still go back for occasional maintenance,” says Chris. Three months on, with sessions spaced further and further apart as his knee

stabilised, he remembered that he had dislocated that toe back in the 1970’s. It all made sense…the toe bone IS connected to the foot bone, the foot bone connected to the heel bone…and so on up the body. “I find it comforting that my shin bone really is connected to my knee bone!” concludes Chris.

Mobile: 07720 810101 Email: nicolaforward@aol.com www.amatsutherapyintl.com Call me for an informal chat to explore how following the connections in your body could relieve your aches and pains. Special Introductory Offer with this magazine…your first three sessions for the price of two.

Join us at our Winter Ball in support of TODOS Together by Jo Johnson Head of Community at Love Your Doorstep Enfield The children are all back at school and suddenly we find ourselves in the midst of the Autumn Season. The days still seem quite mild yet shorter and the nights are certainly drawing in. Before we know it we are hurtling towards the festive season, where as well as making plans with family and friends, our thoughts turn to those less fortunate. The Love Your Doorstep community never ceases to amaze us with their generosity and kindness in supporting local causes and charities, but even more so in these coming months. We have lots of members asking about where they can donate gifts or food items, where they can do some voluntary work with their children to both educate them and give back to the community. We are proud to support a number of local charities and are extremely grateful to all the volunteers that dedicate their time to keeping them running. Love Your Doorstep holds a bi-annual Winter Ball, with profits in aid of a selected charity. Previous charities to benefit from this have been Age UK Enfield, Art Start, Noah’s Ark Childrens Hospice. This year

30 |

we will be raising money for homeless charity, TODOS Together. Founded by William Stock in 2014, the charity became registered in April 2017. In the early days, William and his brother would head into London with thoughtful care packages to hand out to the homeless people they encountered. TODOS now has two outreach

locations and feeds over 100 people every single week all year round thanks to the growing number of volunteers. To make these outreaches even more efficient, they are fundraising to purchase their own van. Hopefully our ball will help to raise funds towards this exciting project.

Love Your Doorstep Charity Ball – Todos Together UK todostogether.org How can you help? Join us for a fun evening at our Winter Ball at the stunning Trent Park Golf Club by purchasing your tickets here: https://todostogether.org/2018/06/26/love-your-doorstep-charity-ball/ Raffle prizes would be very welcome or if you want to be a sponsor for any element of the ball email us at customerservice@loveyourdoorstep.co.uk

348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ

David Williamson SAT SEPT 15 WATERHOUSE HALL, N21

Shooting in Palmers Green Every ticket sold at Talkies’ events goes towards young film makers that we commission to make a short film based on the theme of ‘suburban lives’. So far we have supported 19 films, each with £500. This autumn another four will be created – and all will be shot in Palmers Green and its surroundings. You can watch some examples on our website and put 30 March 2019 in your diary for the next premiere of Talkies short film commissions – a night not to miss!




Biting comedy satire with modern political parallels.

A bereaved couple bravely decide to resist the Nazi regime in their own way.




QUADROPHENIA London, 1965: Only when Jimmy is in his 'Mod' clique, cruising London on their scooters does he feel alive.

Live church organ a to a silent era classic, set in the amazing Christ Church, Southgate Green.




IN BETWEEN An empowering tale of three Palestinian women living in Tel Aviv, each reaching for independence and fulfilment.

2018 film makers with Talkies team.

A mother challenges the local authorities to investigate the death of her daughter. THURS DEC 6 THE DUGDALE CENTRE






A dazzling exploration of the obsession with mountains and their ongoing power to shape lives and dreams.

A darkly comedic tale based on one of the most sensational scandals in sports history.

Palmers Green Tales by Jenny Bourke www.palmersgreentales.com Find us on Facebook and look for Palmers Green Tales and ask to join the group. Our twitter address is @PGTales

Kurt at Hazelwood

Kurt reporting for TV

Kurt and Jesse Jackson

Susan Mehmet and myself have edited our interviews with a local TV journalist, author and educator, Professor Kurt Barling and children’s author, Jeanne Willis into several short films. Our interview with Professor Kurt Barling, documents his childhood in Palmers Green. He went to Hazelwood Infant and Junior Schools and then to Southgate School, ending up as head boy. He always had jobs growing up, from paper rounds to helping the milkman. He remembers

8882 7888

local shop owners such as the Westlakes, also what it was like as a mixed race child growing up in a Palmers Green which was not as racially and culturally mixed as it is today. Jeanne Willis is a very well known local author who grew up in St Albans. Jeanne has been maJeanne talking about one of king books since her Dr Xargle books which is illustrated by Tony Ross she was very young and in the first film she shows us some of the books she made as a child. When she recently connected with one of her favourite teachers, she was amazed to find Miss Stevens had kept one of very early books. Jeanne became a copywriter when she left school but it wasn’t too long before she

became a full time writer. She got her first story published when she was 21. Jeanne is Jeanne takes this box into by schools when she does author fascinated talks to children and shows us metamorphosis in one of the films, what’s and often incluinside! des an element of this in her books. Jeanne often works with Tony Ross, the wonderful illustrator and her latest books are about internet safety.

Our next projects include The Broomfield House Exhibition at the Dugdale Centre and a local singer!



A big HELLO from The Shane Project! We are a small registered local charity (no 1114230) based in Edmonton which supports people living with multiple sclerosis (MS), and their families in Enfield, Haringey and surrounding areas. We have just 2 part-time members of staff, our board of trustees and Chair are volunteers. Welcoming anyone with MS, our target group is supporting those individuals from African, Caribbean and BAME backgrounds in particular, who have MS. Why not support us by becoming a member, supporter or volunteer? Our organisation has been established since 2002, by our chair Norma McFarlane, whose son, Shane, was diagnosed with MS and later passed away. The project carries his name with the charitable object of raising awareness and providing support to people living with multiple sclerosis (MS), their families and carers. A month before losing Shane, Norma’s other son Ancel was also diagnosed with MS and continues to live with it. Over 100,000 people in the UK have MS, a disease of the Central Nervous System which damages the protective coating (Myelin sheath) around the nerves which transmit messages to all parts of the body,

especially connected with the control of muscular and sensory activity. Our main aim is to enhance the quality of life of people affected by MS by providing them access to information, advice, training and development. We endeavour to prevent social isolation, improve well-being,

physical health and employment prospects. Through all of this, it is our hope to increase their independence, improve life-style and overall well-being. Like any small charity, to continue our much needed services such as seated tai-chi, monthly peer support network club, reflexology, teleconferencing to members, Inclusive cycling we rely on: DONATIONS - you can donate by Paypal via our website www.shaneproject.org.uk NEW MEMBERS - to join SUPPORTERS - you can become a supporter, you don’t have to have MS, VOLUNTEERS - to continue providing our services and raising awareness of MS.

If you would like to help The Shane Project in any of the above ways, please contact us on 020 8884 6330 or email: enquiries@shaneproject.org.uk – THANK YOU!

Selborne's Beginnings by Elaine Hall-Freeman A warm sunny afternoon; the gentle clink of wood upon wood (well, actually, it's usually a plastic composite material these day) and the sight of Selborne bowlers enjoying an afternoon of green bowls on what used to be a weed infested paddock at the back of Ye Old Cherry Tree Pub in the heart of Southgate. Have you ever wondered how it all began? Well, let's take you back all the way to 1912, when Bert Plumb (pictured left), mine-host at the Cherry Tree Inn, gathered with a few friends to discuss the formation of what is now SELBORNE BOWLING CLUB. The 1912 season's subscriptions were set at 10/- and it seems that even in those heady, carefree, pre-WWI days, a few members had to be reminded to pay their subs. Bowlers all over the borough will be envious of the cost, as in today's money, they would be paying just over £56 for the season. In those unenlightened days, bowling was very much the preserve of the men and although ladies were not allowed to play, they were invited to the inaugural dinner, at the close of the season, for the price of 3/6d per ticket. (£19.61 today) However, storm clouds were looming and at the end of the 1914 season, it was decided that it would be inappropriate to host the annual dinner, therefore Bert Pumb's

32 |

wife was asked to present the prizes at the close of the AGM instead. During 1915, special social events were held, to help raise funds for the Roseneath Voluntary Hospital in Vicars Moor Lane, Winchmore Hill. In 1916, a bowling match was arranged to entertain wounded soldiers and although we have no idea if any were Selborne members, it must have been a very traumatic time for everyone. The great British spirit was strong and in 1919, when the war was finally over, the club sent a cheque for 10 guineas to the English Bowling Association in support of the St. Dunstan's fund for blinded soldiers and sailors. Raising money to support worthy causes is an aspect of the club that continues to this day and a wide range of charities have benefited from Selborne's fundraising efforts. Following the war, the club suffered some financial difficulties yet still felt able to make the following resolution in 1922, that is.....'That ladies do not play on Selborne green now, or at any future time' and 'No Sunday play to be allowed'. It was to be 51 years later in 1973 before lady bowlers would

grace the green. During WWII, Selborne mourned the lost of Bert Plumb and his wife, Jessie, but the tenancy was kept in the family when his brother James and daughter Jane, took over the reins until Bert's son, Harry returned from the forces. As the years passed, Selborne saw many changes but one thing has remained throughout and that is that the club continues to be a welcoming haven, set in a veritable sea of tranquility. Sitting on the veranda, drink in hand, watching a game of bowls in the shade of the summer sun is one of the most pleasant experiences. To think that for over 100 years ago, bowlers have been doing exactly as we do each summer long: playing, coaching, socialising....in other words, having great fun and keeping fit at the same time. Why not come and take a look? Our entrance is at the bottom of the Cherry Tree car park and we're always delighted to welcome people into our club or why not ring our secretary on 07513 075239 for further information.

348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ

Fahri LLP L

Specialist affordable af fordable e property property

Law L aw Firm aw Firm advice is only a pho phone one call away

We act for clients We s across London on C Us Call all types of property property matters. Our focus at all times is to keep the client 0203 3 813 8450 updated by communicating comm municating regularly FFax ax Us: via email and by y telephone telephone and we 0203 3 745 7370 aim to achieve the best possible results at a re easonable cost. reasonable

1268a High Ro Road oad Whetstone, London London, n, N20 9HH


8882 7888



Introducing you to our new team member, Vas Constantinou I am very excited and delighted to be joining the family law team at Chapman Pieri as a family law solicitor. Having qualified as a solicitor in 2003 and starting my career in Cardiff city centre, I moved to London in 2006 and have continued to expand and develop Vas Constantinou my experience exclusively in family law. The journey has been exciting and adventurous at times and it now continues with the reputable Chapman Pieri. What am I like as a solicitor? Well, I am an enthusiastic and ambitious family law solicitor and strive towards obtaining the best possible results and outcome for my clients. I pride myself on my friendly, approachable and professional manner and believe in tailoring my advice to each individual client’s needs and expectations. I recognise that what I do is a very sensitive area of law and quite often, an emotional rollercoaster for my clients. By being aware of this, it helps me to engage with my clients on a personal level and it is important to me for my clients to feel open and comfortable with me at all times.

I deal with all areas of matrimonial and family law matters including divorce and financial cases, domestic violence, dissolution of civil partnerships, cohabitation disputes and all issues concerning children. I have worked hard to develop an extensive high-profile caseload, dealing regularly with high net worth clients in financial proceedings. Many cases I have been involved in have been highly complex and include sensitive children issues resulting in successful outcomes. I am also a Special Accredited member of Resolution, an organisation committed to the constructive resolution of family disputes in a non-confrontational manner. By being a member, I am committed to encouraging solutions that consider the needs of the whole family - and in particular the best interests of children. In my spare time, I enjoy travelling, both home and away and have ventured into scuba diving, which I intend to master to perfection at some point. I enjoy hiking and cycling, going to the theatre and getting stuck into a good book. In reality, however, most of my spare time revolves around ferrying my two girls around all their extra-curricular activities and taking them to their friends forever ending birthday parties! Being a mum to my two girls is often demanding but of course I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Chapman Pieri client testimonials "The strength of service was consistent throughout and the variety of questions answered and communicated in a friendly and helpful manner, with clear and reassuring instructions. Excellent in every way!" Mrs D of Cockfosters "I have and will always recommend, this excellent team who give a 5* service! Truly Amazing And Unique!! Many thanks for the way in which you handled my case, from start to finish you were exceptionally helpful and thorough, I would certainly recommend you." Mr S.P of London "Chapman Pieri Solicitors helped me through my divorce and then again with an extremely distressing case involving relocating my daughter. I always felt that they had my best interests at heart. They genuinely cared about me as a person and the impact everything had on me both emotionally and financially. They sought the best possible outcome for me whilst all the time keeping my expectations realistic and measured. Christina Pieri and her team went above and beyond. I would highly recommend this firm and can guarantee you won't find better." Ms J C of Cornwall

34 |

348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ

Chapman Pieri Solicitors Tel: 0208 882 9850 www.cpfamilylaw.co.uk

Why instruct Chapman Pieri Solicitors?


Caring Committed Cost conscious Compassionate


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The Family Home – to stay or not to stay?! by Vas Constantinou Having started as a family law solicitor at Chapman Pieri this month, I have been asked to write an article to introduce myself. I thought it would be best to write about the area of family law I specialise in most, which is the financial matters of a divorce, i.e. how to divide all the assets upon a divorce. After specialising in family law for over 10 years, it is apparent to me that the main asset of usual concern is the family home. This is generally the most valuable asset both financially and emotionally. The family home is what provides security and certainty and the notion of potentially losing it can be a very daunting and scary concept. I am therefore often posed with the questions – do I have to leave the family home when I separate? Or, can I force my spouse to leave the home and can he force me to leave? Quite often, the answer to these questions would be no. Whether the property is in the sole name of one party or joint names with your spouse, the family home is considered to be a “matrimonial asset”, with both parties having an equal interest in the property. A lot will depend on how long you have been married and how the property was purchased, but until all this is established it is generally very difficult to force your spouse to leave the family home. There are however exceptional circumstances where it could be possible to force your spouse to leave the family home if you can prove that your spouses’ behaviour is intolerable and unbearable – in other words, there has been some form of domestic violence and not simply because you are sick to the back teeth of him or her which is often the case in divorce. In these circumstances, you may be able to obtain an injunction forcing them to leave the property or an occupation order regulating the living arrangements. On a separate note, it is important to always be aware that in the event the property is in the sole name of your spouse it is advisable to register what is called a “matrimonial home right notice” on the property. This will provide you with an element of

security and make it difficult for your spouse to sell/remortgage the property or carry out any dealings on the property without your knowledge. The next question frequently asked is – how will the property be divided? Again, this will depend on a range of factors, such as if there are any children of the family; the length of the marriage; any significant contributions made by one or the other prior or during the marriage; the needs of each individual party. In the UK, the staring point is generally a 50:50 division, however it will be up to the individual party to prove that there should be a departure from equality. Generally speaking, the most important point for consideration are the children of the family and the needs of each individual party, especially in cases where there is not enough in the pot to house both parties’. Overall, how the family home should be dealt with is not an easy subject to embrace and there are evidently many factors that must be taken into consideration when approaching this sensitive and delicate issue. Wherever possible it is important to strive for a solution where everyone is left with a suitable and appropriate home for themselves.

If you need advice on the above issue or any other family related matter, please call us and one of our team will be happy to have a chat with you to see how we can help you.

Chapman and Pieri Solicitors are here when all avenues have been exhausted and you need professional support to help you navigate what may be a very emotionally challenging time ahead. We have a team of experienced family lawyers chosen for their warm approach to help you through your journey. If you want to speak to a solicitor please call on 020 8882 9850. We offer a no obligation initial consultation for £75 plus vat.

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