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LIFE Summer 2019 Edition Issue 45

World War II • Wartime structures in Southgate

The Palmers Green Carnival • An event to be proud of

Public health • How Enfield is severely underfunded

Air raid precaution display in Broomfield Park, summer 1938

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welcome With the summer holidays approaching I can't believe how quickly this year is flying past... The property market is also fast paced and despite Brexit looming and the Conservative leadership battle it is comforting to see that people are still moving. It is true to say that less properties are coming to market than the same time last year however demand to live in Palmers Green and Southgate is as strong as ever, helping to return house prices to previous levels. Both the sales and rental market remain buoyant and property, priced correctly, quickly sells and rents despite current market conditions. If you are thinking about moving or renting a property this year and would like a valuation please do not hesitate to contact us on 020 8882 7888. Knowing what your property is worth is a great starting point if you are considering your options! Also in this magazine; thank you to all the local summer holiday kids clubs that have advertised. Fariz, our resident solicitor covers changes to the Section 21 Notice and how this will impact landlords on page 37. On page 14 Alex, a local property accountant, takes a look at the changes to Capital Gains Tax due to come in 2020. David Williamson from Talkies has organised a new community event in Broomfield Park, Park Life, find out more on page 20 and as if that wasn't enough don't forget to show your support at the Palmers Green Festival on Sunday 1 September 2019, see you there!


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Have a great summer!


Director Anthony Webb Estate Agents We are looking for a local artist to exhibit in our gallery during October to December 2019, please get in touch to find out more. If you've got a local business why not tell people about it in our magazine. It's distributed to 12,000 local homes and places of interest. Quarter page £70 Half page £120 Full page £220 Double page spread £350 Contact us about your artwork requirements and discounts for repeat advertising at

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Anthony Webb, supporting local schools, charities and local action groups to enrich our community.


348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ

A view from City Hall

by Joanne McCartney AM

The shame of child poverty E: Tel: 020 7983 5524 It is shameful that in one of the world’s richest economies, an increasing proportion of our children are regularly going hungry and without the daily basics needed for a minimum acceptable standard of living. The recent figures from the London Child Poverty Alliance make for shocking reading. In Enfield 42% of our children are living in poverty (after housing costs) - that’s over 39,000 children in our Borough. In my role as Deputy Mayor of London, leading City Hall’s work on education, I visit schools across our city and increasing numbers have set up food and clothing banks to support their vulnerable children and families. Teachers tell me of hungry children and the strain poverty is having on their learning and wellbeing. It is inexcusable to allow child poverty to blight our society and is a damning indictment this government’s failed austerity policies. I have long campaigned on this issue and recently published a short report, ‘Children: Victims of austerity’, which you can

read here: assembly/joanne-mccartney/publicationchildren-victims-austerity. Great Northern Rail Line I am continuing my campaign to hand our local overground train line (the Great Northern out of Moorgate) to Transport for London. Although new trains are being introduced, there are still too many cancellations. Last year in our Transport Committee investigation into the botched new timetable fiasco I questioned Govia Thameslink Railway (the franchisee) about their ability to run a reliable service, in particular focussing on their lack of drivers. Despite assurances it is disappointing that trains are still being cancelled due to lack of drivers. We need a frequent, reliable metro service that is more accountable to Londoners than the current franchise owners. I am pleased that TfL have informed me that they are preparing to bid for the line and I

have written to the Department of Transport (again) urging them to work with TfL to ensure this happens. I will continue making the case for a better train service. London Assembly Investigations The London Assembly scrutinises the work of the Mayor and matters of importance to Londoners. We investigate and make recommendations to the Mayor and other bodies on how their policies could be improved to make London better. Current investigations are examining: child dental health, organ donation in BAME communities, the disability employment gap, temporary accommodation and welfare reform. Full details and information about how you can send in your views can be found at Joanne is the London Assembly Member for Enfield & Haringey and is the statutory Deputy Mayor of London.

100 days of Birds, Butterflies and Blooms by Susan Smith I’ve always loved painting and drawing, and I have pursued a creative career as a costume designer and maker for stage and screen but over the years other interests and having a family has meant I had almost stopped what was once a favourite hobby. Getting into Instagram recently changed this as I started to follow various artists and designers online, I found many were posting design challenges and prompts to inspire creative ideas so I decided this would be my way to get painting again. I found one designer Victoria Johnson had suggested 100 days of Birds, Butterflies and Blooms where you illustrate your own interpretation of the theme, so I thought, “I love all three of these, I’m going to give it a go!” I’ve been back to the drawing board since March and posting my artwork online almost daily. I really enjoy finding different birds to illustrate and I’ve been aware of how fast flowers spring up and die back over the course of a few weeks. I’ve been really inspired by nature and just walking around the local area looking in gardens for interesting flowers and plants to draw and paint, it’s been wonderful watching the blossoms unfold and really paying attention to the change in seasons. The challenge has been really motivating to work through the number of days and keep going and to try and do something every day. I’m trying to

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develop a more illustrative style, and it’s been a great source of inspiration seeing other illustrators and designers post their work every day. It’s been really encouraging receiving many positive comments and likes from friends and the online community. One of the best things to have happened since I’ve started the process is that my two daughters are painting and drawing more and often ask to join me painting which is such a pleasure to see although it does frequently end in one of us having an artistic tantrum! I think getting back into the habit of painting again has been fantastic and I’m determined to see the project through to the end. I’m being a little more selective with my posts although I am trying to create every day no matter what the results!

Visit Susan's exhibition at Anthony Webb throughout July-September Follow my creative journey on Instagram @Susansmithcostume



Past Times... Wartime survivors in Southgate by Ian K. Jones After 1945 Southgate rapidly removed the majority of its wartime structures and street furniture. This article will look at some of what survives in Southgate in the hope that some readers will provide others to be added to the record.

Trent Park, type 22 pillbox remains

Broomfield, ARP demo, 1938

When preparations for war began in the late 1930’s Southgate was quick of the mark, putting on a comprehensive display of Air Raid Precautions in Broomfield Park in the summer of 1938 which was filmed for training purposes. On government instructions, structures including air raid shelters, air raid warden’s posts, pillboxes and gas decontamination centres were rapidly designed and built. At the end of the war many of the plans were put in a “safe place” and now form an important part of the WWII archive in the Local Studies Centre at Dugdale House. Many people built their own shelters but most who had the space opted for the earth covered corrugated steel Anderson Shelter while others later used the indoor table-like Morrison. Only some public shelters are presently known to survive here. Two in the

Anderson Shelter


grounds of Arnos School, now the Broomfield Campus, can be seen from the road. Shelters were also created inside structures deemed strong enough like the space below the bridge stairs at Palmers Green Station. The last surviving warden’s post in the Borough, D4, was demolished sometime after 1971 but the Gas Decontamination Centre in Broomfield Park still stands with its distinctive water tower. It was used as changing rooms for many years but is presently empty. Many existing buildings were used for civil defence purposes including Southgate Town Hall, whose basement was the local Air Raid Precautions, later Civil Defence, control centre.

couple of pillboxes. Everything else like tank traps, and anti-glider obstacles seem to have vanished. One pillbox at Oakwood Station covers both the line and the tracks to the sidings. The other was one of three on the perimeter of the Officers POW camp at Trent Park which kept rescuers out as well as the occupants in. Their recorded conversations, which are now being studied, provided the Allies with much vital information.* Much more information about Southgate and Enfield as a whole will be found in Enfield At War, 1939-1945 to be published in July 2019 in conjunction with a major exhibition at Enfield Museum in the Dugdale Centre.

*Find out more about the history of Trent Park during the war and the opening of the new museum in 2021 at

There were a huge variety of defences created to protect London from invasion but all that are presently known to survive are a

Broomfield Park gas decontamination station

Palmers Green Station shelter entrance today

348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ

Celebrating the Palmers Green Carnival by Tony Ourris

On Saturday 15 June hundreds of locals join in the fun at the Palmers Green Shopping Carnival. The Carnival is an annual event organised by the Green Lanes Business Association (GLBA), a collective of local shops in Palmers Green. It was thanks to the support of the community that this year’s event was such a great success. There was an active schedule of events all day with live entertainment from local schools and clubs. The event was attended by Local MP Bambos Charalambous, Enfield's Mayor Cllr Kate Anolue and Okan Gurhan, 15, and Christevie Ngoma, 17, recently appointed Young Mayors of Enfield.

Spring Clean Palmers Green organised by the Palmers Green Action Team and the Palmers Green Shopping Carnival. Both events saw a great turnout in the aim to encouraging residents to use our high street shops - use it or lose it. It was fabulous to see so many people coming out to enjoy the variety of cultural dancing displays, Enfield Blaze

Cheerleaders, stilt walkers, Indian drummers, Punch and Judy show and so many other attractions" The GLBA would like to pay special thanks to Kat Georgiou. Her energy, networking and organisation skills resulted in an event that Palmers Green can be proud of!

Tony Ourris, GLBA, vice-chair said "I love the amazing feeling when the Palmers Green community comes together to support its high street. In the last couple of months we have seen two community events take place, the

Anthony Webb joins CHiPS to help children feel safe in Palmers Green The Community Help Point Scheme (CHiPS) was created in 2006 by ECYPS in partnership with Enfield Council, Enfield Safeguarding & Metropolitan Police (Enfield) to establish a network of volunteer ‘safe havens’ across the Borough of Enfield. It aims to provide young and vulnerable people who are lost, at risk or feeling vulnerable a safe place to go in and ask for help & assistance from the community. Members are CRB checked and display the CHiPS H. logo and can make a phone call to get assistance for someone, allow someone to sit in safety for a while until a risk has passed, give someone directions on how to get to their chosen destination, call the police, medical or social care teams. There are around 200 CHiPS points across the borough including schools, leisure centres, libraries and a network

8882 7888

of shops, cafés and other street-front businesses that can provide help for young and vulnerable people. Baskervilles opposite Broomfiled Park are also registered with CHiPS. STAFF AT HELP POINTS CAN: ✔ make a phone call to get help for you ✔ allow you to stay in the premises until help arrives or until a risk has passed ✔ call the police if you are the victim of a crime ✔ call a member of your family or a care team if you need more help

Please share this initiative with your children and friends so that people are aware of CHiPS and can find help if they need it. If you would like to volunteer to become a member location please contact



Parliamentary Comment by Bambos Charalambous MP

‘Prevention is better than cure’ Parliament: 020 7219 3460 Constituency Office: 020 8882 0088 472 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, London N13 5PA ‘Prevention is better than cure’. When it comes to public health, never has there been a truer saying. Public Health monitors, protects, and promotes the community’s health and cannot be over-estimated. There are clear correlations between inequality and unhealthy lifestyles. Smoking, obesity and alcohol consumption are all associated with economic deprivation. Public health plays a vital role in addressing causes of illness. It also plays a crucial role in supporting our coveted NHS by preventing the spread of illness. It is no exaggeration to say that central government has taken an axe to public health budgets in recent years. Councils’ public health grant funding has been cut by £531 million between 2015/16 and 2019/2020. Recently the Enfield Borough Over 50s Forum’ has shone a light on this important issue. Their excellent work has uncovered the fact that on top of a national funding crisis for public health, Enfield is severely underfunded compared to other boroughs. For instance, it has emerged that this year per head of its

population, Haringey will receive £67, Islington £103, Camden £100, Kensington & Chelsea £130, but Enfield will receive only £47! So, the gap between Enfield’s public health grant and the London average is now £26. This just will not do. This level of funding takes no account of the changing needs of Enfield’s people or its expanding population. We live in an area which has some of the most deprived wards in the country. Even in relatively affluent Enfield Southgate, we have areas of severe poverty and pockets of chronic, preventable disease. It is time the Government fulfilled its duty and funded public health in Enfield Southgate properly. People here deserve nothing less. That is why I have written to Seema Kennedy MP, the Minister for Public Health, to express my deep concern about the situation. I have asked why public health funding for Enfield has not been updated since 2015 in line with the changing needs of its citizens. I have asked why the Government have also recently admitted that ‘no specific assessment of any

relationship between funding since 2015 and the effectiveness of services in Enfield’ has been made. Clearly, this latest admission is a deeply worrying sign that the Government has absolutely no grasp of the real level of need in Enfield Southgate. I know only too well from my weekly surgeries that the public health need in Southgate is chronic and worsening. There is no justification for the fact that Enfield’s public health grant is so much lower than the London average. I will continue to hold the Government to account on this issue. It is often said that the mark of a civilised society is how it treats its most vulnerable citizens. We are failing this test as a nation and only the Government can put this right. If you wish to join me in seeking to end the under-funding of public health in Enfield, you can write to Seema Kennedy MP, UnderSecretary of State for Public Health, House of Commons, London SW1A OAA.

Remembering the heroes of WWII by Councillor Joanne Laban email Conservative Member for Highlands Ward At the time writing, Britain is commemorating the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings. We are marking this event not just because of its importance in the history of our country but the sheer scale of the operation.

estimates, more than 4,000 Allied troops lost their lives in the D-Day invasion, with thousands more wounded or missing.

I will set the scene, by dawn of 6th June 1944, thousands of paratroopers and glider troops were already on the ground behind enemy lines, securing bridges and exit roads. The British and Canadians overcame light opposition to capture beaches codenamed Gold, Juno and Sword, as did the Americans at Utah Beach. U.S. forces faced heavy resistance at Omaha Beach, where there were over 2,000 American casualties. However, by day’s end, approximately 156,000 Allied troops had successfully landed on Normandy’s beaches. According to some

The Battle of Normandy, which lasted from 6th June 1944 to August 1944, resulted in the Allied liberation of Western Europe from Nazi Germany’s control. The invasion was one of the largest military assaults in history and required extensive planning. Prior to DDay, the Allies conducted a large-scale deception campaign designed to mislead the Germans about the intended invasion target. The Germans had thought Calais would be the landing point. Normandy was not the obvious choice. By late August 1944, all


of northern France had been liberated, and by the following spring the Allies had defeated the Germans. The Normandy landings have been called the beginning of the end of war in Europe. The generation who fought during World War II was a heroic one. Sadly, many of those involved in that war are leaving us, therefore, it is so important that we continue to mark these events. We owe the freedom to choose our government, follow a religion and express opinions freely due to the immense sacrifice made. In my opinion, thank you will never be enough for what those involved in World War II did for us and it should never be forgotten.

348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ

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Local businesses work together to beat crime by Erica Crawshaw, Neighbourhood Inspector

Hello Everybody, I am Erica Crawshaw and I am the Neighbourhood Inspector for Enfield Borough. April unfortunately saw another rise in robberies in Southgate and Palmers Green Wards but positively for May, a reduction in both, significantly so in Southgate. We have increased patrols in these areas and have utilised our Neighbourhood tasking team to assist us with uniform and plain clothed patrols. We have also been working with the Local Authority and McDonalds to share information around teenage individuals who are targeting school children. On a positive note burglary has reduced and remained stable since the Christmas peak in the area. Scam Alert – Over the last three months we have been notified of incidents that have occurred at local Supermarkets whereby the drivers of vehicles are being distracted by a male pretending there was

damage to their vehicle and then taking the opportunity to steal items from within the car. Please be vigilant around this scam. We are very pleased, in conjunction with the Local Authority, to have been involved in the launch of a pilot community initiative called Business Watch which has been co-ordinated and created by local resident Dionne John with the support from community member Toks Child. This is for businesses along and surrounding Chase Side, Southgate to notify each other in real-time of crime. So far over 60 businesses have signed up and through a Whatsapp group, this allows better sharing of offenders and incidents between businesses and Neighbourhood Officers. In the first week of June, CCTV footage from one of the recently signed up businesses

allowed us to identify a prolific motor vehicle offender seen breaking into two vehicles at the rear of the shops on Ashfield Parade. We have also been able to pursue a number of incidents as a result of information sharing. You may be aware there was a serious assault that occurred on 25th May 2019 in Broomfield Park which naturally caused concern locally. A male known to the victim has subsequently been charged with attempted murder. For daily updates on the Borough, you can follow Enfield Police on Facebook and Twitter @MPSEnfield. As always we hold our weekly contact points and will be at some of the summer’s events in particular the Palmers Green Festival on Sunday 1st September.

Uncovering local history by Martin Dearne The Enfield Archaeological Society has been excavating, researching and publishing on all aspects of the past of what is today the borough of Enfield for nearly 70 years. Our work in the 1960's and 70's located Ermine Street, the Roman road that runs north south through the borough and the small Roman town that lies beneath parts of the Bush Hill Park area and found the lost Tudor royal palace of Elsyng which is buried in the grounds of Forty Hall. Our professionally led team of ordinary members of the community continues to excavate further elements of all of these sites as well as, often on behalf of the borough, investigating and monitoring sites of all periods. Our most recent work, a few months ago, was in Broomfield Park where we revealed the original Tudor entrance to the water gardens around the house and projects in the last few years have ranged from recording large public WWII air raid shelters in Pymmes Park, Edmonton to investigating finds of Ice Age mammoths in local gravel pits. Many years of small


excavations in Bush Hill Park residents’ back gardens allowed us in 2017 to publish a substantial book detailing what Enfield was like in the Roman period and reconstructing the development of the Roman town that lay alongside Ermine Street and acted as a ‘services’ for travellers along this nearly two thousand year old ‘motorway’. By contrast, our annual excavations in the grounds of Forty Hall focus on the Scheduled Ancient Monument of Elsyng Palace, built and lived in by several national figures such as Sir Thomas Lovell, a key member of the governments of Henry VII and Henry VIII, and then acquired by the latter. Both the location for Edward VI being told he was king on his father’s death and a childhood home of Elizabeth I, we are slowly revealing what made this grand palace of Elsyng tick, such as the large furnace pictured which would have

fired a huge vat in which to boil joints of meat for the royal table when monarchs visited. Blogs on our website ( detail the day to day progress of past and current seasons of work on the site, there is an open day each year (in 2019 on the 27th July) and we welcome local people who want to join our digging team (details on the website).

348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ

8882 7888



SPRING CLEAN PALMERS GREEN On the morning of Saturday 11th May, you may well have noticed something wonderful happening on our high street... Dozens of members of our community in high vis jackets joined forces to clean up Palmers Green and make our local area a more pleasant place to live. The newly formed Palmers Green Action Team had an idea, to clean the high street of stickers and litter and install potted trees and fresh planting outside shops. This idea was met with enthusiasm DQG JHQHURXV RÎ?HUV RI VXSSRUW IURP (QČ´HOG &RXQFLO &OHDQ 8S 8. DQG ORFDO EXVLQHVVHV LQFOXGLQJ Anthony Webb, Papa Johns and Swirliz. We also took the opportunity at our exhibition to present to the community our vision and VXJJHVWLRQV IRU KRZ WKH DUHD FRXOG EH LPSURYHG DQG UHJHQHUDWHG 2Q WKH GD\ RI WKH 6SULQJ &OHDQ LW ZDV VWDQGLQJ URRP RQO\ DV ORFDOV ČľRFNHG WR WDNH D ORRN DW WKH H[KLELWLRQ DQG FRPSOHWH RXU VXUYH\ RQ what they would like to see more of in Palmers Green. A few doors down, in the newly opened Stitch! local children were decorating paper tulips to be displayed in the windows of businesses. 0HDQZKLOH RQ WKH VWUHHW RYHU YROXQWHHUV ZHUH SLFNLQJ OLWWHU IURP ČľRZHU EHGV VFUDSLQJ RÎ? stickers and generally getting their hands dirty in the name of community; The Guides and Scouts KHOSHG SODQW XS D EHDXWLIXO ČľRZHU EHG RXWVLGH WKH -RE &HQWUH ZKLFK ZH ZLOO DOO EH DEOH WR HQMR\ IRU seasons to come. So thank you to everyone who came out to show their support in the project. We have more ideas in the pipeline and to stay up to date, please follow PGAT on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. We’re holding an open meeting on Sunday 7th July 11-1pm at Baskervilles, Aldermans Hill, LI \RXȇG OLNH WR Č´QG RXW PRUH DQG RÎ?HU \RXU HQHUJ\ DQG LGHDV

Email us at Facebook/Instagram @palmersgreenactionteam Twitter @pgactionteam

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348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ

Autumn A utumn G Gardens ardens

Anastasia astasia Lod Lodge ge & An

Specialistt Day Care Specialis Care Services Ser vices and Care Care Homes Homes in Sout Southgate hgate and W Winchmore in nchmore Hill More and more people in the th he UK are informally infor mally or formally for mally looking l after a loved loved one. one. This This can n be a spouse, spouse, parent, grandparent grandparent or frien d, who ma ay have haave become physically physicallly ill or may maay be living living with demen ntia. Some friend, may dementia. have perform work carers are retired or ha ve reduced redduced their working wo orking role to be ablee to perfor m this role; others w o orkk full-time and provide pro vide this care around their theeir work. work. o Caring for yyour our loved loved onee can be an around the clock clock responsibility, responsibilityy, an enormous enor mous physical phyysical and emotional p emo otional strain. Manyy carers feel exhausted exh hausted and lonelyy as there is little opportunity oppor pp tunityy to ‘g et out’ or ‘switc h off ’ from m the caring role ‘get ‘switch role..

Our Day Centre Centre Se Services er vices can help suppor support r t yyou ou looking after a lo loved oved one Our experienced team will meet m with you you o to plan the needs off yyour our lo loved ved one one.. Our Da Dayy Care Centres at Autumn Autumn u Gardenss and Anastasia Lodg d to pro vide care ulation Lodgee are designe designed provide care,, stim stimulation and companionship for older oldeer adults, adults, including those who are living liivving with dementia, who need assistance or supervision supeer vision during the da y. Y o our lo vedd ones can mak day. Your loved makee friends work, business, and kkeep eep busy while yyou ou ggo o to w ork, handle personal business s, or just relax while kno wing your your lo ved one is w ell e cared for and safe knowing loved well safe..

What W hat you you can expe expect ect Our team m plan daily activities actiivvities around our dday ay guests’ hobbies hobbies,, abilit abilities ties and interests. interests. Although w wee pla plan an for the da day, y, if our day likee to da ay guests decide they would would o lik o do something on the spur of the moment, we’ll tryy to mak makee it happen! Our team we’ll tr m is enthusiastic and bustling with ideas to promote physical physical and mental stimulation. stimulation. Our vvaried aried rang rangee of acti activities ivvities include: Baking · Gardening · Group exercise exxercise · Beauty salon · Intergenerational Intergenerrational Bingo Excursions Flower arranging Singers fun · Sensory Sensory activities actiivvities · Bing o · Ex cursions · Flo wer ar ranging · Sing ers Playing Bowling and Dancers · Pla aying y cards andd backgammon backgammon · Bo wling · Arts Arts and a crafts · Reminiscing Events R eminiscing · Religious Religious visits · Celebration C of Cultural Ev ents Health He ealth and wellbeing wellbeing professionals professionals,, suc such h as hairdressers and cchiropodists hiropoddists regularly o Day Day Care Centres for con veni e ience and comfor t. visit our convenience comfort.

Why W hy we we are are dif different ffer f ent from from other Day Car Caree Centr Centres es 2XU +RPHV RSHUDWH DV KRXUV UHVLGHQWLDO IDFLOLWLHV DOORZLQJ XV WR RIIHU ÁH[LEOH KRXUV DQG days, 2XU +RPHV RSHUDWH DV K RXUV UHVLGHQWLDO IDFLOLWLHV DOORZLQJ XV WR RIIHU ÁH[LEOH KRXUV DQG dayss, including weekends weekends and public holida holidays ays y 365 da days ys of the year year.. W Wee pro provide vid de culturally sensiti sensitive ive care care,, acti activities ivitie v es and dining options to meet our members’ membeers’ diverse diverse cultural bac backgrounds. kgrounds. W Wee also ha have ve a Greek-speaking tea team am for our Cypriot community community at both our Care Homes Homes..

To T o ar arrange range a fr free ee day car caree se session ession please contact contacct our team at: Anastasia Lodg Lodgee 10-14 Arundel Arun ndel Garden, Winc Winchmore hmore Hill N211 3AE Call: 020 8886 1034, info@a,, www A uutumn Gardens 73 Trent Trrent G Gardens ate N14 4QB Autumn Gardens,, Southg Southgate Call: 020 8344 2600, info@a,, www

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Supporting local business owners in Enfield As we head towards the 8th year of Love Your Doorstep’s local business & community platform originally set up following the London riots we are thrilled to announce we now have over 25,000 members on our community forum! Our unsurpassed local knowledge enables us to provide community and business support 7 days a week 365 days a year. All enquires are responded to by real people who live in and around the local area on our active and engaged community forum. Our business model is established and has grown and developed over the last 7 years. We have the largest community platform in Enfield with over 25,000 local members. We can offer YOUR business a unique new customer base that are engaged and keen to use local goods and services. What's more Love Your Doorstep is about improving where we live and we actively work to make Enfield a safer and better place to live. Our Business memberships help to support our community work and enable us to carry out all that we do for our local area. It’s all about working together! We are proud to have successfully launched a Community Patrol, initially in the Enfield Town area where volunteers give up their time to be extra ‘eyes and ears’ at peak times. We've recently carried out an extensive redesign of our website and improved the functionality allowing businesses to keep their company information up to date plus a super-fast search function making it even easier to search for local goods and services. Are you a local business who could benefit from joining Love Your Doorstep? There are lots of great reasons to join including: • Access to Enfield's largest community group with over 25,000 local members • We are established and have been running for over 8 years

• Joining and set up is simple • Your own dedicated page on our website directory that you can update yourself at any time • Our team will recommend your business for all relevant requests • You can post weekly to the community about your business services (only Love Your Doorstep Business members are able to do this) • FREE business training sessions so you can learn how to make the most out of your membership with us • Regular networking events – the opportunity to meet other businesses and make connections • We've been recognised for our great work - being the National Award Winner for Community Business of the Year through the FSB & Worldpay We offer local businesses a way to grow their business right on their doorstep. A business that joins us will be featured on our website within our directory of goods and services, they can post out to our local community about what the services they offer and they’ll also be put forward for all relevant enquiries received on the group. We provide full training to get a business started and our experienced team and there to offer new businesses help and advice. More than just gaining new business, Love Your Doorstep encourages these businesses to engage with the local community on a personal and professional level and become more involved.

If you’d like to find out more about how your business can get involved with the community email us on

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348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ




PERIOD HOUSE CLOSE TO TUBE AND BOWES PRIMARY SCHOOL. Three bedroom home with a loft space (potential to convert), garage to rear and front and rear gardens.

£489,995 Freehold

£525,000 Freehold F SA OR LE

Moffat Road, Palmers Green, N13


Princes Avenue, Palmers Green, N13


STUNNING HOUSE, FOUR BEDROOMS, TWO BATH/ SHOWER ROOMS. In catchment for Hazelwood and Firs farm primary school and Winchmore secondary school.

£635,000 Freehold

£725,000 Freehold F SA OR LE

Askew Villas, Palmers Green, N13


Madeira Road, Palmers Green, N13

BEAUTIFULLY PRESENTED DETACHED HOUSE IN QUIET CUL DE SAC OFF FOX LANE. This modern family home offers great living accommodation and parking for three cars.

CHAIN FREE DETACHED NEWLY BUILT FIVE BEDROOM HOUSE. In a fantastic location with a gated drive, tiered garden and a double garage - a must see!

Crothall Close, Palmers Green, N13

Bush Hill, Winchmore Hill, N21

£825,000 Freehold

£1,999,000 Freehold

8882 7888



Learning a language successfully: you only need one rule by Laura Scaramella of Parla Italiano After many years of teaching Italian to adults I have come to the conclusion that for learning to be successful there is only one rule: don’t give up! Recently, a person that I didn’t know sent me a message telling me that she had been studying Italian for some time, but she had now given it up. She was contacting me for reasons other than studying Italian but my first emotion upon receiving such an email was one of sadness. The way she phrased her message made me think that she had been learning for a while and that she had lost hope. During my years of teaching I have come across many different students, some natural linguists, some average learners and some very slow learners. No matter the student’s talents, we worked together to achieve language learning and success. On the occasion that a person did not succeed it was because they had given up. Of course, I do understand, that sometimes

students only want to try something new. After a term of classes, some decide that this is enough and that they wish to try something else. Trying something new is a healthy and it is not giving up. Giving up is due to the belief that we are not achieving, we are not good enough and we might as well stop trying.

I still remember a student I taught about twelve years ago, he was clearly a very intelligent man, with a great career,

economic success and very satisfied with his life. He had a reason for learning, but teaching him was difficult, even extracting one word from him excruciating. He was not a natural language learner to say the least. However, he had something even more powerful, he had grit, he would not give up, year after year he stuck with it and he achieved his goal. He started to be more and more fluent and became satisfied with his language skills. What is the secret of his success? His determination of course. But also, even if he had accepted that learning was difficult, he never compared himself to others. He acknowledged and celebrated every little success. In this he was such a great teacher to me!

Parla Italiano new Italian classes for adults open in September, please get in touch if you are interested by email: or phone laura on 07941 092593

Capital Gains Tax changes on selling properties: by Alex Chrysostomou Alexander Associates, your local accountants 24A Aldermans Hill, Palmers Green, London N13 4PN Tel: 020 8882 6611 Fax: 020 8882 6621 Email: Website:

We have regularly reported how the changes in tax legislation have impacted landlords over the last few years, and the government continued with this stance during the most recent budget announcement late last year with the removal of letting relief and a reduction of the deemed occupation period allowable under Principle Private Residence (PPR) relief (commencing in April 2020). In a nutshell, if you sell a property (and especially if you own more than one property), you may have to pay more Capital Gains Tax (CGT). If you were to sell an investment

residential property, under the current rules, in instances where you have lived in the property at some point but not for the full duration of ownership, the last 18 months are currently considered to be automatically exempt. The Chancellor announced a proposed change in the final exemption period, reducing it from 18 months to 9 months. A second proposed change involves second home owners who rent their property following a period of occupation before they decide to sell, counting on what’s called ‘letting relief’. This is a valuable relief that currently provides up to £40,000 of exemption (£80,000 for a

couple) to people who let a property that had previously been their main residence. Starting from April 2020, it is proposed that letting relief will only apply where the owner is sharing occupancy of the home with the tenant(s) under the same roof. In conclusion, if you are considering selling an investment property, which was once your principle residence, then the capital gains tax is almost certainly going to increase, should you sell the property after 6 April 2020. A simple calculation could help decide whether it would be wise to sell the property earlier than planned.

If you have an accounting question for Alex please e-mail him directly he will be happy to assist you, alternatively Alexander Associates offer an initial free consultation please contact them to find out more. Disclaimer: The information provided in this article should not be construed as legal advice and the information is offered for information purposes only. You should always seek advice from an appropriately qualified accountant on any specific accountancy enquiry.

14 |

348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ

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Fresh milk to your door daily Hello! My name is John and I am your local independent Milkman. I can deliver milk, bread, eggs and a variety of other products daily to your doorstep before 7am. If you would like to reduce your plastic waste and give my service a try, please contact me to book your delivery on 020 8361 0687.

Thanks for reading, John 16 |

348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ

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The ‘Big Lunch’ at The Mall by Laura Fabunmi On Sunday 2nd June, cars made way for trestle tables filled with food, brightly coloured bunting fluttering in the wind and kids skipping through a sprinkler. The stench of car exhausts was replaced with the mouth-watering smell of sizzling food as the residents of the Mall celebrated the ‘Big Lunch’ in the blazing Southgate sunshine. Started by the Eden Project in 2009 the ‘Big Lunch’ encourages friendly, safer neighbourhoods by bringing together people who live close, but rarely speak. Following a spate of petty crime in December 2018, a neighbourhood WhatsApp group was formed. With about 80 participants (from a road of just over 100 households) it’s been a great success; improving community spirit, allowing residents to share local knowledge and updates on community issues. It also prompted the idea of the ‘Big Lunch’. Organiser Sam said, “We had never done this

before, but I thought it would a lovely idea to bring people together and put names to faces! By 1pm tables were filling with an amazing variety of delicious dishes to eat including a champion barbeque spread from enthusiast Stelio, “I just love doing a great barbeque and seeing the smiles on peoples faces as they eat” Laura, another of the organisers commented, “It was great to see the children getting to know each other and taking advantage of the quietness of the road to cycle up and down. We even discovered the hidden talent of one

of our neighbours as a face painter, which really delighted the young ones.” Carol who has lived on the road for over 20 years said , “I hardly knew anyone on the road before, but now it is lovely to wave and say hello to people” The Mallers appreciate the support of Anthony Webb Estate Agents in planning the event. They aim to keep fostering a friendlier, safer neighbourhood and hope some of the neighbouring streets will join them next year.

Stitch! Crafts and Classes comes to Palmers Green! Have you wandered down Green Lanes recently and seen a new haberdashery opened at No 397, the site of the once infamous Palmers Green shopping institution, Grouts? Well, this is the newly-opened, community hub craft store and class venue Stitch! aimed at satisfying the needs of the army of crafters who work and live in north London. The brainchild of Suzanne Kelly and fellow crafters and business women Karen Mautner and Carol Balfe, the shop opened in early May and has already seen a whole host of craft classes delivered, with stock of haberdashery, fabrics, quilting materials and wool supplies quickly building up along with a number of curated, handmade gift ideas, all made by local crafters. The launch of Stitch! is one of several initiatives supported by the Palmers Green Action Team aimed at creating Green Lanes N13 as the go-to local shopping experience. The three partners saw the potential to modernise this local iconic shop by adding various crafting classes for all ages, making it into a real community hub - a good old fashioned haberdashery with a modern twist. Suzanne said: “I have always had a passion for arts and crafts and have been overwhelmed with the interest and support

from local people who have welcomed us to the area. We believe that more and more people want to spend their spare time being creative. We have put a lot of time and effort into making a bright, comfortable, welcoming environment for all. We aim to work with groups in the community, including local schools and care homes, young professionals engaging all ages in crafting and sewing.”

The talented tutors will help those attending the sessions gain confidence, new skills and make new friends along the way with people from all walks of life who share a similar passion. With brand new sewing machines that beginners have already started getting to grips with, the classes have really taken off this half term saw the kids’ soap-making sessions sell out within days as well as the start of the Wednesday morning Knit and Natter sessions in support of North Mid neonatal unit. From knitting, crocheting, quilting to making a simple skirt, the team plan on expanding the classes to include a make-do-and-mend style session to help people turn up, tuck in and transform their loved clothes as well, as well as jewellery making for adults and a host of children’s activities scheduled at weekends and over the summer holidays.

To find out more about Stitch! and the summer holiday workshops for children go to, Instagram: Stitch_n13 Facebook: @N13crafts or Email:

18 |

348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ

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CHAIN FREE, GREAT LOCATION with a long lease and share of freehold. This first floor one bedroom apartment requires MODERNISATION and has a garage en bloc.

BEAUTIFUL EDWARDIAN GARDEN FLAT WITH SHARE OF FREEHOLD. One bedroom period ground floor conversion with communal parking and share of garden.

£285,000 Share of Freehold

£335,000 Share of Freehold F SA OR LE

Palmerston Crescent, Palmers Green, N13


Lady Shaw Court, Palmers Green, N13

CHAIN FREE, VICTORIAN HOUSE CLOSE TO SILVER STREET STATION. Two double bedrooms with a garden to rear.

BEAUTIFUL TWO BEDROOM FLAT IN CATCHMENT FOR WALKER/ASHMOLE SCHOOLS. Easy walking distance of Southgate underground station (Piccadilly line).

£359,995 Freehold

£369,995 Leasehold F SA OR LE

Sterling Court, Southgate, N14


Haselbury Road, Edmonton, N18


CHAIN FREE, TWO BEDROOM FLAT, CLOSE TO THE TUBE STATION. Own parking space and own section of the rear garden.

Palmerston Crescent, Palmers Green, N13

Fox Lane, Palmers Green, N13

£375,000 Leasehold

£425,000 Leasehold

22 |

348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ

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24 |

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Helping landl landlords orrds make make the most most of their pr property opertyy portf portfolio olio

Superior mark keting ti marketing and full fullyy managed rrental ental servic e service

Expertl Expertlyy mattched h d matched tenants e and tenants to Right to Re ent Checks Rent

Third part Third partyy i enttorie inv ies inventories and deposit protection n protection

Regular property t property inspections and maintenance maintenance

Added it security for your your for property property year 365 days a year

Call us for for a market market valuation valuation today today 020 8882 7 7888 888 | www .an

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Palmers Green community spirit by Kiri from Fabulous Hair Company Fabulous Hair Company 382 Green Lanes, N13 5PD Tel: 020 8886 7070 Hi everyone and thanks again for taking time to read my article. I have lived in Palmers Green for nearly 50 years, I went to school in Palmers Green and was a Hazelwood Parent for the better part of 2 decades and a have owned a business on the high street for the same amount of time, personally I feel my roots are firmly planted here and I have seen and lived through many changes.

Local MP, Mayor of Enfield and Costas Georgiou Chairman on Green Lanes business association attending the Palmers Green Carnival

residents and mums getting together and rallying the community to clean shop fronts, flower beds and adding to the high street with potted trees. You may have noticed how many shops now have hanging baskets and potted trees, I would personally like to thank The PGAT for their efforts in making it such a successful day. More recently the Green Lanes Business Association annual Carnival returned to Palmers Green. Local business got together to organise a day of festivities along Green Lanes a day when residents are encouraged to explore their high street and parents

can bring their children to watch local dancers from different cultures preform. The Punch & Judy was a great addition, keeping children enthralled for hours and with so many different acts on show and fortunately the weather holding out this was another great day for the community. I urge you to support our high street, explore what it has to offer, shop locally and keep Palmers Green vibrant. Discover what's happens in Palmers Green on Facebook, Instagram,Twitter by following Lovepalmersgreen or check the website

The last few years have been the most challenging for Palmers Green, the disruption to the high street to accommodate the cycle lanes and people opting to shop online rather than support their local high street has all had an impact. High streets all over the country has been in decline for years. At the end of 2016 we had two empty shops however in as little over 2 years, this has risen to over 20 shops! Like the saying goes “when the going gets tough the tough gets going” and that’s exactly what our community has done. In the last few months we have seen The Palmers Green Action team organise a mass spring clean. This group consists of local

If you have any questions that need answering quickly, please email me at and I will get back to you soon as I can. If you enjoyed my article let us know, like us on Facebook or follow us on Instagram and we will enter you in our monthly competition for a chance of winning a Paul Mitchell in-salon Lavender Mint Mineral Mask treatment worth £25. Just go to our website, and click the Facebook/ Instagram icon to follow and a chance to win a Fabulous hair treatment.

How many Amatsu sessions will I need? by Nicola Forward, your local Amatsu Practitioner This is the question I get asked most often by new clients. It’s only natural to ask… I know I would! Of course we want to know how much time, money and commitment we need to feel better. The answer however is not that simple. As a general rule, the longer you have had an issue, the more sessions you will need. So if you twist your ankle and you can book an early Amatsu session you may only need one or two sessions, together with some committed selfcare. But many people contact me with an issue they have had for months, or in some cases years. And it’s one of the hardest parts of my job – explaining that it may take quite a few sessions to resolve and that I can’t say exactly how many. For some that can be much harder to swallow than a painkiller. Amatsu client, Jessie’s story helps to explain. She tripped, badly hurting her ankle and, like

many of us, she thought it would just get better as nothing was broken. Months on and she was still in pain and not walking properly. To avoid pain we start to do things slightly differently and our body gradually changes shape. So Jessie may have hobbled for a while, possibly hitching up her hip to help lift her “bad” leg. Over time compensations like these begin to settle in the body so that it gradually takes on a new, unbalanced shape and unfortunately, getting back to balance is also a gradual process. My training as an Amatsu Practitioner has taught me to work with your body. Not forcing any changes, but offering realignment and allowing your body to take on only the

changes it can integrate at each session. Initially I work weekly with clients and as things improve our sessions are spaced further apart. Although it’s not unusual for clients to feel different after their first session, Jessie’s body made a huge shift. She was able to walk normally on her foot. In later sessions her neck and shoulder needed attention and she describes feeling “as if my whole body has been taught how to walk again.”

So if you have an old injury or a persistent pain, although Amatsu is not a quick fix it offers a sustainable recovery and long lasting whole body wellbeing. Mobile: 07720 81 01 01 Email: With this article you can try “3 for 2” to start you on your road to recovery.

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Are you looking for an

experienced painter?

Please contact me, Mick Lawton for a quote today on 07985 412 599

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LE T TO • Four bedrooms

• Bathroom

• Three bedrooms

• Modern bathroom

• Terrace house

• Great road and bus links

• Extended house

• Off street parking

• Spacious living/dining space

• Rear garden

• Unfurnished • Patio garden

• Modern kitchen/diner

• Living room • Morning room+kitchen

• Part furnished

Pembroke Road Palmers Green, N13

£1,800 per calendar month

£1,750 per calendar month







North Circular Road Palmers Green, N13

• Three bedrooms • Victorian House • Newly refurbished

• Two bath/shower rooms

• One bedroom garden flat

• Modern bathroom and utility area

• Patio garden

• Professional tenants required

• Flexible furnishings

• Close to Wood Green tube/shops

• Living room • Spacious kitchen/diner

• Spacious & bright living room

• Available from end of June • Own rear garden

• Modern kitchen/diner

Cumberland Road Wood Green, N22

Windsor Road Palmers Green, N13

£2,375 per calendar month

£1,400 per calendar month

8882 7888




CARE YOU CAN TRUST IN YOUR OWN HOME Helping you stay happily at home • From one hour per week through to live-in support • We introduce our carer ahead of services commencing • The most awarded local care agency, established since 2012 • CQC registered and rated good in all departments • Personal and individual service Call now for a free introductory visit

020 8364 3670 34 |

348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ

Great service by kind people

Our services include: • Light housekeeping • Personal care • Meal preparation • Help with washing & dressing • Medication support • Specialist dementia care • Hospital to home help • Post-operative assistance • Holiday & respite cover 8882 7888





LEAVE NO TRACE Colette is pushed by her husband to write novels under his name. Upon their success, she fights to make her talents known, challenging gender norms.

FRIDAY 30 AUGUST Gates open 19.00 screening starts 20.00 THE OLD BOWLING GREEN, BROOMFIELD PARK

THE JUNGLE BOOK Another great evening picnicking in the park in the dark – a great evening for all the family with the 2016 Disney version of The Jungle Book.


LIKE HAPPY PRINCE Poignant dramatization of Oscar Wilde’s final years in exile is a powerful parable of passion and redemption.

“….a terrifically enjoyable piece of old-fashioned storytelling and a beautiful-looking film: spectacular, exciting, funny and fun. It handsomely revives the spirit of Disney’s original film, while also having something of old-school family movies …” (Peter Bradshaw, Guardian) Book early to avoid disappointment – this event is often sold out

Palmers Green Tales by Jenny Bourke Find us on Facebook and look for Palmers Green Tales and ask to join the group. Our twitter address is @PGTales Susan Mehmet and myself have been very lucky in filming one great local club and a local musician who plays in a wonderful group called the Massive Violins. The North London Netball League have been playing in Broomfield Park for nearly 70 years. Teams from all over London come and play throughout the autumn and winter in all weathers! Indeed you will hear the wind whistling through some of our film and some of it had to be filmed again, due to the inclement weather. This does not prevent the teams from playing. Lots of people start playing when they are young and then alongside their playing become umpires and or coaches as they progress. Maria Miller, who helps run the league pictured here with, her daughter, Lucy

36 |

Turner, a NLNL player and umpire and grandson. The Netball Courts do need refurbishment and as they play such an integral part of North London Sporting Life for girls and women, we all hope they are refurbished in time for the start of the 70th season for NLNL in the autumn of 2020. Two of the England players who won Gold in 2018, started playing here and they are, Sasha and Kadeen Corbin. Sasha and Kadeen will both be playing in the 2019 Vitality Netball World Cup in Liverpool this summer. Our second film is about Camilla Farrant and the Massive Violins. If you haven’t

seen the Massive Violins perform you are in for a great treat when you do. They play at least two Camilla concerts a year at Cecil Sharp House in Camden and their next one is on 20 June. I have been to several concerts there Massive Violins and it’s a great venue. Camilla has lived in Enfield all of her life and was educated locally before she went to Cambridge. The name Massive Violins, is both a pun and a clue to their music, as they are all Cellists and there is a lot of humour in their work. They are all great singers as well as wonderful musicians who arrange popular music to suit themselves.

348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ

Your Legal Questions Answered

by Fariz Uvais

Fariz Uvais is a Consultant Solicitor at Fahri LLP based in Whetstone North London. Write in and ask your legal questions. Fariz will try and answer your questions in Palmers Green LIFE each month. Send your questions to Fahri LLP, 1268a High Road Whetstone, London N20 9HH or by email to Tel: 0203 813 8457

Being a Landlord is not easy at the best of times, but with new proposed changes to obtaining possession, many landlords may be questioning as to whether they are better off investing their money elsewhere. Currently, a landlord wishing to end an Assured Shorthold Tenancy has 3 choices. Firstly, to serve a “Section 21” two months’ notice once the term of the tenancy has ended and to seek possession without having to give any reasons for doing so (i.e., a no-fault eviction). Secondly, a landlord can serve a “Section 8” notice and seek possession by proving a Statutory ground of possession (for example, a breach of the terms of the tenancy agreement, such as rent arrears) which will result in a Court hearing, which leads to an Order for possession being made. The third option is to serve both a Section 8 notice and a Section 21 notice and bring proceedings in

the alternative which again will be listed for a Court hearing when a Judge will consider the evidence and grant a possession order if the landlord is able to satisfy the requisite criteria. The Government is looking to consult on new legislation to abolish Section 21 Housing Act 1988 notices (the no-fault option). In their press release of 15th April 2019, “Government announces end to unfair evictions” it was stated that change was necessary so as to provide tenants more secure private rented accommodation. Section 21 claims rarely require a Court hearing, yet with Section 8 claims, as they always require hearings, the process takes on average between 5-6 months before tenants are evicted, usually with the assistance of a bailiff or a High Court enforcement officer. The proposal is to remove Section

21 notices, speed up the Section 8 eviction process and to amend the grounds of possession to include new grounds when a property owner wants to sell the property or to move into it. As expected, not everyone is keen on these new proposals. The Residential Landlord Association surveyed over 6500 landlords and agents, of which half stated they would sell their properties if the changes came into force. So are Landlords right to be concerned? The short answer is yes. If the Government decides to abolish the Section 21 route then they will need to make sure that they have the systems in place to cope with the increase in Court hearings and ensure the Court process is sped up so as to prevent unnecessary costly delays.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article should not be construed as legal advice and the information is offered for information purposes only. You should always seek advice from an appropriately qualified solicitor on any specific legal enquiry.

8882 7888



Hello, to you all. I hope that you are enjoying our summer season and looking forward to a holiday if you have one planned. In this issue, I thought that I would again touch on a subject which is close to my heart – children and separating parents. This article is not legal advice but gives an overview on my own view on how to deal with children upon separation. No one knows their child like a parent so obviously, you should do what you think is best for your particular children and you should seek professional advice from your doctor or other relevant professional if there are issues that need addressing. Children’s matters are one of my preferred areas of family law hence another article on this very subject! Happy Summer Holidays to you all. Best wishes Christina Pieri

How to Reduce the Impact of Divorce on Children, by Christina Pieri A quick internet search of the “top 10 most stressful life events” will immediately show divorce amongst the top 3 events. Divorce is of course a stressful event for any couple and whilst not all divorces are acrimonious, it is fair to say that a significant change to the family unit that divorce/separation entails is highly likely to have some impact upon your children. At a time where we as a society (and the media) are becoming increasingly aware of mental health and the importance of psychological wellbeing, it is apt to address what parents can do to reduce the negative effects that a stressful divorce may have upon their children. Do not make your children take sides This is probably one of the most important factors that contributes to the stress children feel when they find themselves caught up in a divorce/separation between their parents. They are sometimes caught in the cross fire of warring parents. It is disheartening and to be frank, plainly wrong to find that upon separation, some parents attempt to alienate the other parent, making disparaging remarks about them in front of their

38 |

children or else trying to influence their children to “pick a side”. When both parents attempt to exert this pressure on their children, the stress simply compounds. Therefore, despite any personal own issues that you may have with your ex-partner, you need to remain mindful of the impact of this by unnecessarily involving your children. Ultimately it will be the children that will be caught up in the middle and may suffer because of this, whether they talk to you about it or not. You must consider your children’s best interests and they should be shielded so far as possible. Remind and reassure your children that it is not their fault This is a big one. Children, especially when they are very young can feel as though they are the cause of their parents’ break up. As children are still developing and learning about the world, it can be difficult for them to properly understand other people’s actions and intentions. As a result, they may feel that they are somehow responsible for what has happened. It is crucial therefore that both parents play an active role in helping their children to understand that the divorce was not

their fault. Remind your children that the separation does not change the fact that you both still love them and will be there for them. After all, it is the adults wanting to separate from one another and not the children. Encourage your children to talk Your children may be experiencing a lot of anxiety as a result of the divorce but may not know how to talk about it. Reminding your children that it is okay to feel the way they do given what they are going through will help to normalise their experience. As a result they will be more likely to talk to you about their worries and concerns but it is equally important not to push your children to talk if they don’t want to. Also, keep an eye out to ensure that your children do not withdraw from their friends or fall behind with their school work. Divorce represents a significant change to a child’s routine so it is important to keep as much of that routine as it was prior to your separation. Make sure that your child’s school is aware of the change at home so they can keep an eye out on how your child is adjusting and provide them with extra support if needed.

348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 5TJ

Chapman Pieri Solicitors Tel: 0208 882 9850

Why instruct Chapman Pieri Solicitors?


Caring Committed Cost conscious Compassionate

Family Therapy If you are both agreeable and willing to give it a go, family therapy can be a helpful option especially if there are issues that an independent third party can assist you to resolving with one another. Whilst it is true that divorce is one of the most stressful life events you and your children may experience, I hope this article has shown you that you


can take control to mitigate the harmful effects that can result from the break-up of a family. Here are Chapman Pieri Solicitors we specialise in dealing with child arrangements upon separation whether that is dealing with contact arrangements, relocation, specific issues, prohibited issues, matters

Professional Personable Pro-Active Passionate

concerning the choice of the children’s education and other such matters. If you need advice in this area of law, please don’t hesitate to contact us and I am sure that one of our solicitors will be able to assist you during a £75 plus VAT Fixed Fee Initial Consultation. Email us at or call us on 0208 882-9850.

Update on the Sally Challen Case Coercive Control, by Peter Vassila In the last edition of Palmers Green Life, I wrote about the case of Sally Challen who was sentenced to 22 years in prison in 2011 for killing her husband. In February 2019, the Court of Appeal quashed the murder conviction following the presentation of evidence by a psychiatrist which was not available during the original trial. Sally Challen has always maintained that she had been subjected to years of psychological abuse and controlling behaviour by her husband Richard. The opinion of the psychiatrist was that Sally Challen had been suffering from two mental disorders at the time of the killing. This case has been followed with interest by the media as it concerns the concept

of ‘coercive control’ in intimate or family relationships which was not classified as a criminal offence at the time of the original trial. Whilst Sally Challen was due to face a new trial in July, on the 7th June 2019, the prosecution at the Old Bailey accepted Sally Challen’s plea to the charge of manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility rather than murder. Sally Challen was sentenced to 9 years and 4 months for manslaughter but was released from prison as she has already served an equivalent sentence. She will not face a retrial. It is still early days in terms of the development of the law of coercive control, which was only classified as a

criminal offence in 2015. How the impact of domestic abuse in such cases will be weighted will become clearer as the body of case law in this area is built up over time. However, the outcome of this case may be indicative of a shift in society’s attitude to such matters. Speaking at a press conference following her release, Sally Challen called for children to be taught about coercive control at school adding that “Teachers also should be aware and look around their classrooms and make the children aware of what could happen”. Speaking after the decision, the shadow equalities minister, Carolyn Harris said that this was a “landmark case for victims of coercive control”.

Chapman and Pieri Solicitors are here when all avenues have been exhausted and you need professional support to help you navigate what may be a very emotionally challenging time ahead. We have a team of experienced family lawyers chosen for their warm approach to help you through your journey. If you want to speak to a solicitor please call on 020 8882 9850. We offer a no obligation initial consultation for £75 plus vat.

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