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The Fox Inn

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welcome On behalf of Anthony Webb Estate Agents, I would like to extend to you a very warm welcome to the October edition of the community magazine, Palmers Green LIFE. This month Palmers Green Life, includes an article by guest writer Shelley Shapir on the Palmers Green Market that can be found at Palmers Green train station every Sunday 10am-2pm. We also have some interesting articles, blogs and recipes from our resident writers and local businesses. It's official, house prices are back on the up. Fueled by cheap mortgages and the Government plugging its deposit-boosting Help to Buy scheme, the property market has swung back into growth and we have had a very busy summer. According to the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, rising house prices are spreading across the country from London and the commuter belt. Its most recent report says that more surveyors saw house prices rise in July than in any month since November 2006. Please call us for an informal visit and we can advise how best to market your property should you wish to sell.

This month, Past Times takes a look at The Fox Pub, its diverse history and constant reinvention. The Fox continues to be a prominent landmark and popular destination in Palmers Green. If you have an interesting story about our community or would like to be a guest writer for Palmers Green Life please get in touch with me at or call me on 020 8882 7888.

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Palmers Green Market by Shelley Shapir

Waking up, you can feel a true chill in the air, as the weak sun makes a valiant effort to heat the morning.

Also to be found most Sunday mornings are two local traders who have been supplying Palmers Green for many years.

Bundle up, wander out for papers and a coffee. Round it off with a trip to The Market to find something divine to make for a lovely Sunday lunch.

George Kyriacou has a pretty little stall, decked out with the fruits of his wife Yolundu’s labours. From brownies and other sweet temptations, to savoury cheese puffs and homemade preserves, you can really taste the love and effort that goes into everything she makes! George will happily pass on any special orders the The Baker in Chief on request.

Small, but perfectly formed, Palmers Green Market has been a haven for foodies in the know for over 17 years. Although it has had it’s ups and downs, it continues to forge forward and provide some really wonderful produce, and a very special shopping experience. This little local gem really does have something to offer everyone, whether you are shopping for the week, a special meal, or to augment your supermarket shop with some unique delights. Keith and Karen Matrill from Isle of Wight Produce (01983 408514) have been anchors of the market since it’s inception. Their large stall has a plethora of wonderful and varied products to choose from. They stock scrumptious artisanal bread for Flourish Bakery in Tottenham: from croissants and buns to specialty loaves. My family adores the wholemeal sourdough that can be bought by halves or whole, and the crusty crunchy olive bread that is beautiful toasted with a nice meze selection. They have a large selection of jams, chutneys and sauces; cheeses, pies, pasties and pastries. The delightful tomatoes are second to none, and are a real seasonal delight from late spring through autumn. Karen and Keith also provide Isle of Wight seasonal veggies, and can even arrange boxes to be ready and waiting for pick up. They have a wide variety of organic flours produced on the Isle of Wight by ‘Water Mill’. Which is, you guessed it, produced at a water mill. An over-feed water mill to be precise, which Keith assures me is a rare thing indeed!

Najib has some of the best olives I have ever eaten in my life. Just thinking about those green beauties stuffed with anchovies has me salivating! He also stocks a truly divine feta, as well as other varieties of olives, pickled garlic, and Turkish delight. A relative newcomer to the Palmers Green Market is George Portch of Gilmore Farm. He brings a rather delicious range of stock from his farm in Somerset. They supply eggs, cheeses, yogurt, butter, and unpasteurised milk from their small herd of dairy cows. By far the most alluring section of his stall is the wonderful variety of organic meat on offer. I was thrilled to find a large selection of cuts from duck, chicken, lamb, beef and pork, through to more specialized products such as quail, partridge, and even pigeon breast. My next dinner party will not be complete without a trip to see George! Tucked away, down the little hill and into the Station Car Park, it is worth the stroll, and the time to come and explore the delights of this bijou treasure of local shopping. The Market runs every Sunday Morning 10am-2pm in Palmers Green Main Line Train Station Car Park. Photos by Nathaniel Shapir Aged 9 (Hazelwood School)

020 8882 7888

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Past Times in Palmers Green ... 'The Fox' pub is one of the most recognisable landmarks in the Palmers Green High Street, but when you pass by you may not be aware that in its various forms it has a long, varied and interesting history. no surprise that a large number of local court cases were drink related. Driving under the influence was sadly no stranger to the courts, although in those days charged as “drunk in charge of a horse and cart”! In June 1870 Belinda Davey became licensee, paying a rent of £70 per annum for the privilege. It was Belinda's enterprising husband Robert Davey that had the bright idea of taking the drink to the people. Every Sunday he used to hitch up a wagonette to an old black horse, fill it with ale and take it on a circuit selling to thirsty customers on the main road, Hoppers Lane, Dog and Duck Lane, Bourne Hill and then back home.

The Fox Inn

The old 'Fox Inn', the original village 'local', started life as a country cottage in harmony with its surroundings, a twostoried brick building with sliding sash windows and a pillared entrance looking out onto a quiet and leafy Green Lanes. A sign board on the upper story showing a fox looking eagerly across Green Lanes was used to advertise its wares and to try and persuade weary travellers to stop and take a drink. At one time lanterns illuminated the frontage and billboards were propped messily along the front wall next to a sweet vending machine. At the rear there was a coach house and stables for up to 11 horses. ‘The Fox’ was one of 26 inns in Edmonton in the mid-18th century, and one family that had a long association with it at that time was the Storey’s. In 1722 Joseph Storey took what might have been the fairly controversial step of changing the name to 'The Doe'. It must have proved to be an unpopular choice in the long run because over the next thirty years the name reverted back to 'The Fox and The Doe' before reappearing again in 1752 back as 'The Fox'.

In those days the service we expected of our local publican did not stop at the saloon door. Long before any motorised transport or the coming of the railway, public transport relied much on the enterprise of innkeepers. The prestigious 'Illustrated London News' of June 1860 included in its columns an article, complete with an illustration, of an omnibus run by Robert Davey at 'The Fox' and housed in one of the large wooden sheds at the rear of the Inn. Indeed with his keen entrepreneurial eye, Robert Davey was the first operator to order and run a bus designed with a spiral staircase for access to the top deck, gradually replacing the slightly precarious older method involving a straight iron ladder at the rear (Of course this is not the only famous bus connected to the pub as keen eyed cinema-goers would have spotted 'The Fox' in the Hollywood block buster ‘Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban’ when Harry travels through Palmers Green in a three story omnibus!).

In 1801 the inn was the freehold property of R.T.Williamson. Requiring a corn rent of 1s 7d per annum, payable to the Vicar of Edmonton, by 1834 its rateable value was £48, second only to the 'Kings Head' in Winchmore Hill. Its clientele was almost certainly a varied bunch because it was able to boast a licensed tea room alongside serving as the meeting place for the ‘Society of Tradesmen and Labourers’. By modern standards the mid nineteenth-century provision of pubs in the area was extensive and so it was "The Fox Inn" image supplied with the permission of Melanie Mordsley, chairman of Postcard Traders Association "Inside the Fox Inn" prior to its demolition in 1903 from "Southgate & Edmonton Past"

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Inside the Fox Inn

5 The Davey family established themselves in the area through several generations. Arthur Davey was born in 'The Fox' and he went on to become a highly respected and popular member of the community. His rise culminated in him being elected as a member of the Southgate Urban District Council in 1901 and upon which he served for 18 years. In 1902 'The Fox', at around 200 years old with about 1 ½ acres of land, was sold for the princely sum of £11,020 to brewer Huggins and Company. In 1903-1904 Arthur Davey as landlord witnessed the demolition of the old inn to make way for the grand Edwardian Public House that graces our High Street today. This was an action entirely in tune with the sprint of its time, great change was abreast and the growth of Palmers Green was well underway. Arthur’s community spirit remained strong for many years, and so it was that at the end of the Second World War his

son in law Leo Whalen arranged charity billiards matches to raise funds for the Royal Northern Hospital annexe in Grovelands Park, then being used as a convalescent centre. The Davey’s family association with the pub finally ended in 1967, and in 1973 the function rooms were extended and turned into a restaurant. It was into this space that a fringe theatre group moved and at the end of the 1980’s a group called the ‘Company of Wolves’ were performing 5 nights a week. In 1994 the old function rooms were extended once more to create a theatre and the pub maintains a strong association with live entertainment encompassing theatre, music and comedy. Today it serves as an excellent venue for the 'Electric Mouse Comedy Club' as well as many other community activities and with a lively bar and a variety of function rooms it is well worth a visit to enjoy a pint in old Belinda and Robert Davey's memory!

News from Hazelwood Schools by Ellie Sales It’s good to be back to an exciting new year at Hazelwood and a special welcome to all the new families that have joined the school. Over the summer the school have relocated our reception classes to create a new “Free Flow” reception zone. The children can now move freely around the class room and outside space encouraging imaginative play and allowing them the freedom to explore and initiate play. HPSA (Hazelwood Parent Staff Association) have a packed schedule between now and Christmas with events including our annual Quiz Night, Craft Nights leading up to our Christmas Market, School Disco and we are excited to announce a new event this year our Pop Up Restaurant on the 23rd November. Our canteen will be transformed into a contemporary dinning space with seating for 100 people. Alasdair Beach & Helen Tsoi, both parents at the school and professional cooks have volunteered their time to create an exclusive restaurant on our door step. The evening will include a four course dinner, licensed bar including a winter cocktail, and live entertainment all at an amazing affordable price whilst raising vital additional funds for our school. The restaurant will be open to parents at the school and our community. Preparations for our Christmas Market on Sunday 1st December are in full swing we have contacted Santa who has confirmed that he will bring along two of his favourite reindeers to accompany our magical Grotto. We will have an extensive outside Christmas Shopping Market, supported by local business and our high street selling a variety of goods and gifts for Christmas!. We hope the community will join us to celebrate the magic of Christmas, if you would like to find out more information about our Christmas Market please get in touch Ellie Sales, HPSA Chair Hazelwood School

020 8882 7888

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Baskervilles Tea Shop Blog by Diane There is a distinct chill in the air as autumn arrives. I love this time of year, maybe something to do being an autumn baby. The view from the shop window with the leaves changing is wonderful, especially as the sun sets over Broomfield Park. The vintage wedding we hosted at the beginning of September was lovely, so many scones and such a lot of cake and a good time was had by all, including the staff. The staff loved their new aprons we got for the day. Our new autumn events programme is jam packed with lots of activities for kids as well as the yoga and knit and stitch for adults. Have a look on our website if you want to know more. As the cooler weather arrives we are promoting our speciality teas available both at the shop and to take home. Our teas are blended for us by a master tea blender; they are bespoke to us and have local names such as Broomfield Breakfast and Groveland’s Ginger. A lovely antidote to the cooling temperatures, why not pop in and try a new tea. We also have lovely coffees and tasty hot chocolates for those that are not tea lovers. The next few weeks are going to be really busy getting all those unfinished jobs done before we start our Christmas baking! I have chosen one of my favourite cakes for this month’s edition. It is a traditional Welsh fruit cake called Barra Brith, which translates as 'speckled bread'. It is my grandfather’s recipe handed down through the family on my mother’s side. It can also be adapted as a sugar free or low sugar version. Its best eaten after a couple of days and lasts for up to 1 week. It can also be frozen for up to 1 month. You can use any tea but of course we use Broomfield Breakfast. There is no fat in the cake so that must be good! Hope to see you soon, Diane

Barra Brith Ingredients

350g mixed dried fruit 225g soft brown sugar 300mls of strong tea 275g self raising flour 1 egg For low sugar use ½ the amount of sugar and use artificial sweetener or 2 mashed ripe bananas. For a no sugar cake use 2 bananas, increase the fruit a little or use another fruit such as chopped apricots. You can use whole-wheat self-raising flour as well. • Heat your oven to gas mark 4 or 180°C • Line a loaf tin or use a cake liner. • Soak the fruit and sugar in the tea overnight. • Give it a good stir and add the egg and flour • Bake for 1-1 ½ hours until the skewer comes clean • Wrap up in foil when cool and keep for at least 24 hours before eating. Serving Suggestions: Some people like this with butter but it is lovely on its own.

66 Alderman’s Hill, N13 4RE 020 8351 1673 Monday – Friday 9-5.30 Saturdays 9.30-5.30 Sundays and Bank Holidays 10-5

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Palmers Green Jewel in the North There are a thousand Palmers Green stories – and one of them is yours Suzanne Beard of Palmers Green Jewel in the North reports on a new project to tell the story of Palmers Green through local people’s memories. Do you remember the Black and White Café? Having afternoon tea in Evans and Davies? Buying your undies in Grout's, or your butter hewn from a big slab in Sainsbury’s? Those were some of the memories and stories shared by local people at a special event hosted by the Ruth Winston Centre in conjunction with Talkies Community Cinema a couple of weeks ago as part of the Palmers Green Festival celebrations. The aim was to look at what Palmers Green was like 50 years or more ago, and the way in which Palmers Green, and our feelings about it, have changed.

There are a wide range of topics that the group would love to know more about, including why people came to Palmers Green, their first impressions of it, and their views on how it has changed and what it is like now. We would also love to know more about Palmers Green people, places and events – for example, the story of Truro House and the people who have lived there, rumours that a gymkhana was once held in Broomfield Park, and memories of individual streets and people - did you have any notable, famous or infamous neighbours or stories about your own street?

Palmers Green once had a reputation for being rather snobby and high falutin’ - though not too posh for frequent unexplained disappearances – the results of midnight flits by people who couldn’t pay the rent. According to Thomas Burke in his 1921 book The Outer Limits, “Folk don’t let themselves go in Palmers Green…Children on scooters proceed along its pavement with almost Chinese placidity. Everybody proceeds. Even butchers carts proceed.”

“If you took part in the first event at the Ruth Winston Centre, the team will be back in touch soon, “says Jenny. “But we’ll also be asking for more people to come forward with their thoughts and local memories later in the year – we hope as many people as possible will want to be involved – every one of us has a piece of Palmers Green’s story.”

The event revealed a very different Palmers Green from the 50s onwards: teenage pursuit of the bright lights which definitely weren’t to be found in PG, fond memories of the Broomfield House Museum, cafes, jazz at the Cock Tavern, and a wonderful story of the night that blues legend Howlin’ Wolf came to Palmers Green for fish and chips! Palmers Green is now busier than many of its neighbours, truly multicultural, and, in the words of Ralph Hutchings, one of the introductory speakers, ‘definitely on the up’ – a far cry from the 60s when there was just one restaurant – the long gone Il Faro – and ‘you couldn’t get a decent kebab!’ A new oral history project is now emerging from the event. “We have yet to agree a title, but the emphasis will be firmly on ‘now’ as well as ‘then’", says former Hazelwood School teacher Jenny Bourke who is coordinating the project team, which includes Talkies and Palmers Green Jewel in the North. “The aim is to talk to as wide a range of people as possible, of all ages and from all parts of the community”.

Meanwhile if you need your memory jogging, do take a moment to view a fantastic new montage created specially for the event by Southgate Photographic Society ( Projects/Palmers-Green/) showing the way in which Palmers Green's streetscape has changed within living memory. 'Remembering Palmers Green' brings together stills of Palmers Green from Enfield Local Studies Archive and recent shots taken in exactly the same spot by members of the society. Old merges into new with stunning, and occasionally heartbreaking, results. If only we could go back and walk these streets as they were. Thanks to this fantastic film, it almost feels as if you can. A website for the project will be set up in the New Year, but in the meantime you can contact the project group by emailing For more Palmers Green history and people, visit Palmers Green Jewel in the North

The Triangle, 1921 Image supplied by Enfield Local Studies and Archive

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newly converted split level flat located in the heart of Palmers Green under five minutes walk to Palmers Green mainline station (Moorgate). The property, which is offered CHAIN FREE, benefits from one double

Green Lanes Palmers Green, N13

bedroom, a spacious 17ft living room, a modern kitchen with breakfast bar, a

1 bedroom, living room kitchen, bathroom

modern bathroom, double glazing, gas central heating, a new 125 year lease and an entry phone system. An internal inspection is essential to fully appreciate this brilliantly located property.

ÂŁ234,950 Leasehold

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AnthonyWebb Your Personal Palmers Green Estate Agent




well-presented and much extended three/four bedroom, semi-detached house located in this most desirable Lakes Estate turning within easy reach of Palmers Green's shops, restaurants and Broomfield Park. The property

consists of a sitting room, a study/hobby room converted from garage, a living room opening to the kitchen/diner with doors to garden, a utility area, a ground

Conway Road Southgate, N14 4 bedrooms, spacious living room, study morning room, kitchen, 2 bathrooms

floor bedroom with en-suite bathroom, a ground floor cloakroom, two double bedrooms and a single bedroom on the first floor, a family bath/shower room with separate w.c, double glazing, gas central heating, off street parking and well maintained front and rear gardens. Conway Road is ideally located for Palmers Green mainline station (Moorgate) and is within easy reach of both Southgate and

ÂŁ624,950 Freehold

Arnos Grove underground stations (Piccadilly line).

020 8882 7888

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well presented three bedroom semi-detached house benefiting from a plot to the side giving potential of a side extension (SSPP). The house benefits from a living room, a 19ft fitted kitchen/diner, a modern four

Ensign Drive Palmers Green, N13

piece suite bathroom including a shower cubicle, UPVC windows, gas central

3 bedrooms, living room kitchen/diner, bathroom

heating, off street parking for two cars and a glorious landscaped rear garden. The property is located in a quiet residential turning off Ash Grove on the borders of Winchmore Hill.

ÂŁ374,950 Freehold

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AnthonyWebb Your Personal Palmers Green Estate Agent




well presented and extended five bedroom round bay Edwardian house located in this popular residential turning close to Palmers Green's shops, restaurants and mainline station. The property benefits from a spacious

extended 23ft living room, a 15ft dining room with original feature fire surround, a modern extended kitchen, a ground floor cloakroom, two bath/shower rooms,

Hazelwood Lane Palmers Green, N13 5 bedrooms, 2 reception rooms kitchen, 2 bath/shower rooms

gas central heating, double glazing, a large rear shed/outhouse and a south facing rear garden. An internal inspection is essential to fully appreciate this well porportioned family home.

ÂŁ485,000 Freehold

020 8882 7888

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AnthonyWebb Your Pe




Palmerston Crescent, Palmers Green, N13 1 bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom

£244,995 Freehold ric e


Mintern Close, Pa

fu ll as ki ng

1 bedroom, living roo

£169,995 Shar

New River Crescent, Palmers Green, N13 5 bedrooms, 3 receptions, kitchen, 2 bathrooms




£534,995 Freehold



Ashridge Gardens, Palmers Green, N13 3 bedrooms, living room, kitchen, bathroom

£1,650 per month Like us on Facebook


New Park Avenue, P 3 bedrooms, living room, din


rsonal Palmers Green Estate Agent A SA G L RE E ED


Kingsley Road, Palmers Green, N13 1 bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom

£224,995 Leasehold fu A SA ll G as R LE ki EE ng D pr ic e

almers Green, N13

m, kitchen, bathroom

re of Freehold

WCASE The Fairway, Palmers Green, N13 3 bedrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom



£374,995 per month

Palmers Green, N13

River Avenue, Palmers Green, N13

ing room, kitchen, bathroom


2 bedrooms, kitchen/diner, bathroom

£1,050 per month 020 8882 7888

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Talkies is your very own pop-up cinema, operating in a range of venues locally. Talkies is more than just movies. We often have collateral activities, such as food and drink, music before and after the film, directors talking about their work or even fancy dress opportunities! Check out the programme, sign up for the mailing list and book tickets at We are always on the look out for creative ideas for events and volunteers to help with planning, marketing, front of house, graphics, technical and moral support. Get involved in your local cinema - email us at the website.

PAN’S LABYRINTH (2006) Thurs. 10th October 19.30 Dugdale Centre Tickets £5

I’M NOT THERE (2007) Wed 30th October 19.30 The Fox, Palmers Green Tickets £5

Pan's Labyrinth is Alice in Wonderland for grown-ups, with the horrors of both reality and fantasy blended together into an extraordinary, spellbinding fable.

Hot live Dylan music before, during and after the film will give a taste of what you can expect at the St Harmonica’s Blues Club Dylan Night on November 15th.

Look after your Hair by Kiri Constantinou Hello readers, I trust you’re all well and enjoyed reading my last article, this month, I’ve decided to share some tips and tricks on looking after your coloured hair. Let’s tackle grey roots. If you need a quick touch up and have no time to visit the salon, you can try hair crayons. (Available from your local salon. You may need to pre-order if it’s not a stock item) Match them to your hair colour for a quick fix or if you like to try a home remedy why not dust a little eye shadow on your grey roots again try to match the colour and apply this with a lightly dampened makeup brush. Braiding or plating hair is another great way of losing those greys roots mixing two tones of hair makes roots less noticeable. Dry hair from frequent colouring. If you colour your hair every couple of months you have some simple options to protect your hair from the damages colouring causes. Why not ask your stylist for a semi/quasi colour these are ammonia free and ideal for anyone with less the 50% grey. If you have more than 50% grey and need a permanent colour apply to the root area only and refresh the middle lengths and ends with semi/quasi colour. I also recommend a deep conditioning treatment like Supercharged Moisturiser from Paul Mitchell use once a week to helps restore moisture. Dull colour from product build up. A constant use of products can cause a build-up that coats your hair, giving it a dull appearance. To help restore the shine de-gunk your hair with a clarifying shampoo like Paul Mitchells Shampoo 2 Deep Cleanser that won’t strip the colour from your hair. I also recommend rinsing your hair with cool water to close the hair follicle and help enhance the shine. Use a good quality bristle brush to help distribute the natural oil through the hair for a beautiful shine.

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Chlorine green hair. We see regularly in the salon, our blonde guest coming after their holiday with that green tinge from swimming in the normally over chlorinated hotel pool. A quick wash with our Paul Mitchell Deep, Internal Cleanser Shampoo 3 the perfect product hero for removing chlorine, iron, minerals and medication followed with a Platinum Blonde Shampoo to brighten blonde hair also great shampoo to bring the best out in grey or white hair. Fading colour. Colour protecting shampoos and conditioner like our Paul Mitchell Colour Protect range of products are specially formulated to protect your strands from heat styling and other damages that can cause hair colour to fade. And finally always use good quality products, their more than likely to have fewer chemicals like sulphates which can damage your hair, ask your hairdresser which products they recommend for your hair type. And always use heat protecting products before styling to protect your hair from damage. If you have any questions please email me at and I’ll get back to you soon as possible. If you enjoyed my tips on colour let us know, like us on facebook and we’ll enter you in our monthly competition for a chance of winning 1 of 10 Paul Mitchell in salon Awapuhi Wild Ginger Keratin treatments worth £25. Just go to our website and click the facebook icon to like.



Be Green, Be Clean be Stylish... By Julia Sondack, Drapemasters Interior Furnishers Did you know standard double glazed windows allow 10 times more heat to flow through them? Imagine what the figures might be for more traditional forms of glazing. These 'energy holes' can leak up to 50% of your home's heating. Windows not only loose our heat they also permit radiant energy to enter the home in the summer, significantly increasing the temperature within. By reducing heat loss and limiting the amount of radiant energy entering we contribute to the reduction of CO2 as well as make notable savings of up to 50% on our utility bills. What's the solution? Gone are the days where we cannot enter a room which is uncomfortably cold or hot for there are several options to resolve this situation and all can achieve a stylish look in keeping with your home:Curtains & Roman Blinds Good quality curtains or blinds can help retain 30% of heat which roughly equates to a shave of 20% off your annual utility bill. Not only are they effective thermal insulators they will prevent light from streaming in on those bright sunny mornings! Specialist Blind Products Manufacturers have worked hard on reducing heat loss and radiation and now have some great products available in roller, vertical and pleated blinds with insulation properties and control of solar heat by reflection. Blinds have the additional advantage of giving us greater command of the amount of light entering a room.

Perfect Fit Blinds A relatively new innovation, they benefit from being fixed in a frame on the window, decreasing the amount of light and radiation seepage. However this is fixed within the window pane itself and therefore does allow some energy loss around frame -so not a good option for old windows. Exterior Awnings A superb product to help assist with UV damage and radiation, awnings can seriously reduce the amount of rays entering the room, which cause damage to your furniture and furnishings. They will also help keep the temperature a little more congenial in the summer both inside and out. Drapemasters offer advice on all these products and flawless fitting, safeguarding manufacturers’ warranties. We come to you, measure your windows, show you samples and recommend the best solution for your situation. We ensure your curtains or blinds realise their full beauty and potential allowing you to sit back and enjoy the atmosphere created by them and the energy savings achieved!



48 Vicars Moor Lane,Winchmore Hill, London N21 2QH

020 8360 3082 • • 020 8882 7888

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AnthonyWebb Your Personal Palmers Green Estate Agent





1st/2nd floor one double bedroom split level flat situated in this Edwardian house under 2 mins walk to Palmers Green's shops and mainline station. The flat, which is presented in good decorative order,

consists of a modern bathroom on the 1st floor, a living/kitchen area and double bedroom on the 2nd floor, gas central heating, double glazing and entry phone

Lodge Drive Palmers Green, N13 1 double bedroom living room/kitchen, bathroom

system. The flat is offered furnished and is available 20th November.

ÂŁ925 per month

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AnthonyWebb Your Personal Palmers Green Estate Agent





ffered to let this three bedroom Edwardian house located in a desirable residential turning within easy walking distance of Palmers Green's shops, restaurants and mainline station (Moorgate). The property benefits from

a spacious living room, open plan breakfast/dining room, fitted kitchen with appliances, family bathroom, front and rear gardens. The property is available in

New River Crescent Palmers Green, N13 3 bedrooms, dining room living room, kitchen, bathroom

early November and is offered unfurnished.

ÂŁ1,650 per month

020 8882 7888

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AnthonyWebb Your Personal Palmers Green Estate Agent





ffered to let this well presented three bedroom semi detached house located under five minutes walk to Oakwood underground station, (piccadilly line). The property consists of two receptions, a modern

kitchen/diner, a ground floor cloakroom, a modern bath/shower room, two double bedrooms and one single bedroom, off street parking for several cars and rear

Prince George Avenue Oakwood, N14 3 bedrooms, living room dining room, kitchen, bathroom

garden. The property is offered unfurnished and is available mid/end of October.

ÂŁ1,700 per month

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AnthonyWebb Your Personal Palmers Green Estate Agent





ffered to let a well presented two double bedroom first floor Edwardian flat located in this most popular residential turning within five minutes walk of Palmers Green's shops, restaurants and mainline station

(Moorgate). The flat benefits from a large living/dining room, a modern fitted kitchen with appliances, a modern bathroom and central heating. The property is

Devonshire Road Palmers Green, N13 2 bedrooms, living room kitchen, bathroom/shower room

offered fully furnished and is available now.

ÂŁ1,250 per month

020 8882 7888

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A Taste of Italy in Palmers Green A great local gem of a friendly, family run ristorante Italiano situated opposite Fox Lane along Green Lanes, Rimini in Palmers Green has always been a favourite with discerning locals.

With more than 30 years experience in the restaurant industry, brothers Francesco and Fabio know exactly how to run a restaurant that is warm, welcoming, delicious and full of pleasure. They opened their first restaurant further along Green Lanes in April 1996 and in February last year they moved to the larger 120 seated premises that they are in today. As one of the most established restaurants in Palmers Green, Rimini have gained a loyal following over the last 17 years. Decorated with an unfussy interior made up of painted walls, touches of exposed brick and oak woodwork all with contemporary twist, Rimini has an authentic style that makes it feel as if it really could be in an Italian city, an impression supported by the warm

service from the friendly, well informed and smartly turned out staff often of Italian descent that seldom forget a face.

and mouth-watering pasta dishes, delectable desserts made to perfection and excellent wines from top notch vineyards. Concise and carefully put together, the menu reflects the best of Italy, concentrating on creating flavours reminiscent of those very meals experienced during Adriatic holidays, Tuscan trips and city breaks in the country famed for its cuisine. The Anthony Webb team highly recommend Rimini for an unforgettable Italian dining experience.

The Rimini menu is entirely populated by extremely authentic dishes from throughout Italy with a superb assortment of antipasti, irresistible traditional thin crust pizzas

Rimini, the Italian Place 354-356 Green Lanes, Palmers Green N13 5TJ 020 8882 8880

020 8882 7888

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Property Matters by John Constantine Are you considering becoming a landlord? There are many reasons why people become landlords, you may want to temporarily rent out your home whilst renting yourself in a catchment area of an alternative local school. You may be considering a rental property as a sound investment for the future to replace state pensions. You may even consider renovating and renting out part of your existing home once the children move out! There are lots of options to explore if you are looking to become a landlord. One thing is certain, if you are new to renting a property management company is the only way forward. A property management company, such as Anthony Webb, will not only advertise and let your property but also ensure that all tenants are reference checked and suitable for your property. We offer a comprehensive service including completing all the necessary paper work and contracts, referencing, compiling an inventory of your property and ensuring that your new tenant moves in stress free. We take the headache out of renting and help you avoid any unnecessary rental voids that end up costing you money.

• Ensure that any and all electrical appliances provided with the property are safe to use.

We are also able to offer a full managed rental service, this will include the added benefit of the agent dealing with tenants on a day to day basis, rent collection, trouble shooting and where required we can also arrange gas certificates, EPC’s, engineer appointments for faulty appliances and cleaning.

If you require a buy to let mortgage loans will be calculated on achievable rental income taking into account things like location, rents achieved by similar properties in an area. For that reason almost any home will be considered for a loan. Traditionally, lenders don't discriminate between older and newer properties. A company's valuer will check whether the property is worth its selling price and whether it can achieve the proposed rental income. If it satisfies those requirements, most lenders will be happy to lend.

Here are some simple pointers if you are considering renting out a property... • Ensure the structure and exterior of the property in a good state of repair and looks as attractive as possible to prospective tenants. • Ensure that hot water installations, water supply, washbasins, sinks, baths, showers, toilets etc are safe, well sealed and fit for use. Consider fitting a shower screen as tenants won’t ensure that water doesn't spill out over the edge of baths and you will want to avoid unnecessary leaks! • Provide adequate lighting, heating and ventilation to avoid damp and condensation problems.

• Decided whether you want to let the property furnished or unfurnised • Verify that all furniture complies with regulatory levels of fire resistance as set down in Furniture and Furnishings (Fire Safety) Regulations 1988, and don’t leave your treasured family air loom sideboard and expect tenants to look after it for you!

We are currently experiencing record rents in Palmers Green helped by the attractive community appeal, the proximity of train stations for those commuting into town, good local shops and schools, added to the fact the housing stocks are low for those wishing to buy and rent in our area.

• Be prepared to repair and maintain any areas which you own or control, although gardens are the responsibility of tenants, however sometimes it’s useful to leave them a lawn mower otherwise you could return to a jungle!

Even with the responsibilities and certain risks, renting your property can be very lucrative, if you are unsure of where to turn please come and see us we can help you every step of the way. We have a great track record having helped many successful landlord’s earn money from their properties.

• Ensure that all gas appliances are maintained in good order, and pay for an annual check/service from a GAS SAFE approved tradesman. This can be arranged on your behalf by Anthony Webb

Please do not hesitate to contact Anthony Webb on 020 8882 7888 or by email to

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Ask a Local Lawyer by Fariz Uvais Fariz Uvais is a partner in the law firm Harper & Odell and has a consulting office in Palmers Green. Write in and ask your legal questions. Fariz will try and answer your questions in Palmers Green LIFE each month. Send your questions to Harper & Odell, 348 Green Lanes, N13 5TJ or by email to

We moved into our flat on a 6 month fixed-term AST, which has expired. The landlord is now offering a further 6 month fixed term AST but on a much higher rent.

will remain the same as your first AST. So the rent too will

However we have refused to sign the second AST.

by giving you at least two months’ notice by serving a

Can you please explain whether we are bound by the second AST even though we have not signed it? Once your first Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST) came to an end, your tenancy became a “Statutory Periodic Tenancy” that will continue on a month by month basis. However, all the other terms applicable to your tenancy

remain the same. The landlord, however, has the right to end your tenancy Section 21 Notice. Once two months lapse after a valid Section 21 Notice is served on you the landlord may start Accelerated Possession Proceedings to retake possession of the property. Therefore, in practical terms, if you do not wish to pay the higher rent, you should start looking for an alternative property as soon as possible.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article should not be construed as legal advice and the information is offered for information purposes only. You should always seek advice from an appropriately qualified solicitor on any specific legal enquiry.

We deliver the highest levels of expertise and attention to detail and deliver up-to-date advice in what is a fast-changing and challenging area of the law. Including:

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Successful Moves Become one of our successful movers, pop into our office today to talk about selling or renting your home

348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, London N13 5TJ

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