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Hazelwood Lane School circ. 1910

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welcome On behalf of Anthony Webb Estate Agents, I would like to extend to you a very warm welcome to the July edition of the community magazine, Palmers Green LIFE. This month Palmers Green LIFE has again grown in size due to additional writers and articles in the magazine. This month Joy, who has been living in New River Crescent since 1936, has written a lovely piece about her memories of Palmers Green, Emma Rigby writes about how Love Your Doorstep came to life and David Williamson writes about the Talkies Community Cinema that has been playing to packed audiences since October last year. I would like to thank Anne Watson from Hazelwood School for her amazing help with the Past Times article.

Do you have anything you would like to write about in a future issue of Palmers Green LIFE? If so contact me at tonyourris@palmersgreenlife.co.uk or call me 020 8882 7888. In the property market, the sun coming out seems to have encouraged many people to register with us looking for places to buy and rent. July and August are both traditionally very busy months for the lettings

market so if you have a property that you are thinking of renting out or have tenants that are due to be moving, now is the time to call Anthony Webb so that we can come round and discuss the best way to market your property. This month, Past Times remembers when Hazelwood School was first built in 1908. I am so glad that this is one building that I am writing about that is still very much a central part of Palmers Green. I have included many photos of past pupils that attended the school over the years‌. do you recognise anyone?

Tony Tony Ourris Director Anthony Webb Estate Agents

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Palmers Green Jewel in the North


The man who held back the tide It’s strange to think that, just over 100 years ago, the farms of Palmers Green were readying themselves to bring in the harvest. The fields and rural lanes may be long gone, but Palmers Green still has more green space than many parts of London. Look carefully and you will sometimes catch a glimpse of an ancient tree in a back garden that looks older than the house itself. It may well be. The modern day character of the area is often attributed to the actions of one man – John Donnithorne Taylor. Born in 1798, Taylor was one of the famous Taylor Walker brewing family of Limehouse and acquired Grovelands on the death of his uncle, Walker Gray in 1839. Four years later, he sold out his interests in the brewery and settled to private life in the country and pursuit of his two loves, hunting and property acquisition. There seems to have been rather more to the story, however: shortly before, Taylor’s wife, Elizabeth, had left him, citing adultery. Taylor then refused to allow her to return to the marital home, and when the courts found in her favour, Taylor appears to have resigned from the company and even temporarily fled the country to avoid taking Elizabeth back. Taylor was determined to prevent any disturbance to the sylvan surroundings and rural character of his estates (though he was quite happy to pull down the rustic

cottages near The Woodman which were interrupting his view). By his death in 1885 the Grovelands estate had expanded threefold to over 600 acres, and included much of the frontage onto Green Lanes, the whole of the present day Lakes Estate and roads to the north – nearly one sixth of the borough of Southgate. Taylor appears somewhat haughty and stern in some photographs we have of him. Certainly, Herbert Newby describes him as a strong personality. After being unable to prevent the coming of the Great North Railway, Taylor habitually snubbed Palmers Green station, instead taking a pony and trap to Colney Hatch station (now New Southgate) whenever he wanted to go into town. Newby tells another story about Taylor’s horse being startled one day by the

landlady of The Fox shaking out her carpets. Following Taylor’s remonstrations, the landlady declared she would shake her carpets when she liked. Taylor is said to have replied “Yes, but not where you like,” and promptly bought the inn, giving her notice to quit. Perhaps he mellowed, for in later years he could often be seen in a peasant’s smock digging up weeds, for all the world looking like a farm hand. Taylor was attempting to hold back a tide stronger than he, and it was only a matter of time before the spell would be broken. On his death, his estate passed to his son, and then in 1901 to his grandson John Vickris Taylor. With London encroaching, the land was hugely valuable, and in 1902 the whole estate was put on the market in a series of lots. Some of the land was eventually bought by the Borough to become Grovelands Park, but most fell to speculative builders who began to build ‘artistic’ residences for the discerning customer wishing to escape to the fresh air of London’s northern heights. Palmers Green was no longer, in the words of Leigh Hunt in the 1820s, a place ‘lying out of the way of innovation’. For a time, the old and the new coexisted. It must have been a strange sight, to see country people using public transport alongside smart city folk, the harvest still being gathered, and a thatched cottage still in the high street. By the first world war, Palmers Green’s transformation into a modern suburb was largely complete. For more about Palmers Green history, people and community, visit www.palmersgreenn13.com

Image supplied by Enfield Local Studies and Archive

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Past Times in Palmers Green ... On Saturday 14th November 1908 the new Hazelwood Lane Council Schools were publicly opened by County Councillor De Salis J. P., Chairman of the Middlesex Elementary Education Sub-Committee. This special day followed the development of what used to be old farm buildings that had been part of Hazelwood Farm. A public notice in October 1906 announced the intention to build a Public Elementary School for about 600 children on the chosen site which measured 1½ acres. Many news articles in The Recorder covered the proposal and eventual building and opening of the school between 1906 and 1908.

Notice to build Hazelwood School 1906

Messrs. Matlock Brothers of Wood Green won the tendering process for the erection of the school. The buildings were built under the supervision of Mr H G Crothall who was an architect for the Middlesex Education Committee.

Hazelwood Lane School circ. 1910

It was the intention of Middlesex County Council to build a school that did not resemble a barrack-looking education factory as had been done in other areas. This school was small in comparison to other schools that would have between 1,000 and 1,500 children. On 22nd January 1908 the Local Government Board sanctioned a loan to the County Council of Middlesex to build and equip the new school. The loan was divided into three parts, £950 to purchase the land, £8,030 to build the school and £420 for furnishing and fittings.

Hazelwood Lane School

Something that was not in the original plan was a caretaker’s house. In December 1908 the Education Committee decided that a caretaker should live on the premises so as to be able to supervise the buildings. As the school buildings were not yet out of the contractor’s hands it was decided that a Caretaker’s house was to be built at a cost of £400 as there were sufficient funds left over from the original loan. The first day of admission was Monday, 16th November 1908. 379 children came on this first day. Mrs Laura A Goulden was Headmistress. She lived with her husband Mr Goulden in Winchmore Hill. Mr Goulden was the brother of Mrs Parkhurst, the famous suffragette as written in an article in the June issue of Palmers Green LIFE.

Hazelwood School

Many children attended the school over the years as shown in various photos displayed on these pages. Do you recognise anyone? The Hazelwood School log book has many interesting things documented in it including how children had to go under the desks during air raids during the war, the retirement of various Headmasters, Headmistresses and teachers, a list of teachers that had been given permission to give corporal punishment and many lists of scholarships. In 2008 the school celebrated its centenary. An advert was placed in the local newspaper asking for past pupils to share their memories at the school. Enfield Gazette - 20th November 2008

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Hazelwood School class 1937

Hazelwood School class 1940’s

Hazelwood School trip 1953

Hazelwood School class 1965

Hazelwood School class 1977

Hazelwood School class 1980’s

Enid Perrin wrote about her mother Beatrice. “Beatrice Dixon was one of the first pupils to attend the school. In 1908 the family moved into a newly built house in Kingsley Road (off Hazelwood Lane). Beatrice was 10 years old and was the elder of the two children. She left the school at the age of 14 to go onto secretarial college. Her brother, Harry, who was seven years younger, also left at the same age to go onto the Northern Polytechnic”. Elizabeth Wright also attended the school and wrote about her memories during 1919. “We were notorious because we lived in the Southgate Town Hall (Palmers Green); I was actually born there, as were some of my other siblings. Our father was in the Southgate Fire Brigade and as the flats were not big enough for seven children we were given a home in the Town Hall”. She also said “Our many friends loved playing in our house”. She recollects that she had two friends called Josephine and Mary Hulme whose father was a famous Arsenal footballer. June Brown attended the school between 1932 and 1939 and remembers that herself and her friends used to giggle amongst themselves about Miss Preston and Mr Woodward as there was a rumour that they were ‘going out’. She also remembers being taught to swim at the Barrowell Green outdoor swimming baths and having to walk there along a stream (where Ash Grove is now). The pool was considered warm enough at 68º Fahrenheit. Ron Elliott was at Hazelwood School between 1941 and 1947. His memories include the ever present gas mask during the Second World War, ducking under the lunch trestles or desks during air raids, cold boys toilets as they were outside and had no roof, writing on slates and then later having an ink well in each desk with a nibbed pen, flicking ink soaked blotting paper with a wooden ruler and various corporal punishments by teachers. The school continues to teach the children of Palmers Green. The Headmistress, the teaching staff and the parent association have helped the school become the success that it is today.

Hazelwood School 1919 Empire Day

Hazelwood School trip 1995

Black & white images on page 4 supplied by Enfield Local Studies and Archive Colour image on page 4 and all pupil images supplied by Hazelwood School We would like to thank Anne Watson from Hazelwood School for her amazing help

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By: Emma Rigby

November 2011 an idea came to me…….it wasn’t one of those “pop into your head” ideas, it was more an idea I had been thinking about for years but couldn’t quite work out how to do it. I was heading back to work in the city after a year off on maternity leave with my daughter…..which is always hard. I knew I wanted to work and loved my job, but the thought of juggling a senior role, kids and home life needed to be addressed. During my year off I spent time with friends, enjoyed the children and what our surrounding area had to offer. During that year, two good friends decided to set up their own shops locally which I was in awe of. I admired their drive, ambition and passion for wanting to contribute to the area they lived. Visiting them regularly and watching their businesses grow, we talked a lot about what support local businesses were lacking and the help they needed to get local people to know they were there.

People are meeting and sharing ideas from the comfort of their own homes and naturally it’s bringing together businesses and individuals with a vested interest in supporting each other through job opportunities, charitable causes, networking, business referrals, and recommendations or just to laugh and share experiences with like minded people in their area.

So that’s when the idea resurfaced……and then a few months later I got the pop!

In turn it is leading to new clientele, money back into the local economy and its creating a real sense of community spirit.

I decided I wanted to create a central point for information sharing, on a bigger scale to what my friends and I were doing. “There must be lots of other people in the community that can share ideas about what’s going on and where to find things?” I wanted local businesses to share with us their products and services so we knew what was in the shops we walked passed most days, and I wanted local people to offer help, support and recommendations to each other. Following on from the dread and sadness of the London riots and the fear of having masked men running past my front door I also I felt our community had lost its voice! We had the “Community Spirit”, we just didn’t have the platform to communicate it on. So…………..Love your DoorStep was born…. The innovation and the uniqueness of Love Your DoorStep is the “real time aspect at which people are able to communicate“. You post, you get people responding straight away.

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It’s creating awareness about important issues in the borough and its getting people working together as a team…

My vision is that love your doorstep will be the first point of call for the following: a new person moving into Enfield, details on a local business, and if local people have questions, want to give recommendations and get support. We now support over 350 local businesses across the borough of Enfield, and our website gets 300-500 hits a day from local people looking for local products and services. I employ 5 part time staff and have just taken on board an apprentice through the Enfield Council Apprenticeship scheme and Love Your DoorStep is moving from strength to strength. We now plan to roll out to 4 other areas of London and one in Essex. Love your DoorSteps long term benefits will be regeneration, revitalisation and it will turn strangers into friends.

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Palmers Green Shopping Festival 2013

Costas Georgiou, Chairman of Green Lanes Business Association (GLBA) and his committee are pleased to announce that this year’s Palmers Green Shopping Festival that took place on Saturday 15th June was again a great success albeit a little wet as the afternoon progressed. The blustery event started at 11am opened by the Mayor of Enfield Cllr Anwar Choudry and Enfield’s Carnival Queen and Princess. The Event was held through Green Lanes and Aldermans Hill although the main activities were at the junction of Hazelwood Lane.

and has the voice of an angel. Unfortunately the heavens opened as she sang but that did not stop her finishing a truly wonderful set. There was also the popular annual Treasure Hunt for all children under 12 years old. Baskervilles Tea Shop offered Tea and Cake tasting in Aldermans Hill and Swirliz Ice Cream and Domino Pizza handed out tasters. Anthony Webb Estate Agents decorated the whole of Green Lanes with 1000’s of colourful balloons.

This year’s Shopping Festival had a whole host of fun events, including Dancing from Hornsey Ataturk Turkish School Dancers, Hazelwood Greek School Dancers, the award winning Irish Dancers and the Enfield Blaze Cheerleaders. Another highlight were the winners of Hazelwood School’s “Hazelwood’s Got Talent” who were fantastic. By popular demand Punch and Judy were back and there were Street Entertainers that included Charlie Chaplin and Troy the very talented street Magician who even baffled Cllr Bambos Charalambous and GLBA Chairman Costas Georgiou.

The Palmers Green Shopping Festival always proves to be a light hearted, fun day out for all the family and again this year was no exception. It brings the community together and reminds people in Enfield what a fantastic place Palmers Green Town Centre is. Costas, the members and committee of the Green Lanes Business Association (GLBA) and Mark Leaver, the Town Centre Manager for Enfield Business Retailers Association (EBRA), who jointly arranged this year’s event, look forward to seeing you again next year.

This year the audience were entertained by Marina, a 15 year old singer songwriter who lives in Palmers Green

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n extended modern four bedroom semi-detached double fronted house built in 2001 as one of two houses in this exclusive secure gated turning within easy walking distance of Palmers Green's shops, restaurants and

mainline station (Moorgate). The property benefits from a living room, a spacious kitchen/diner with granite work surfaces, a study, a utility room, a cloak room, a master bedroom with an en-suite shower room, three further bedrooms, a family

Hedge Lane Palmers Green, N13 4 bedrooms, gated development 2 receptions, study, kitchen/diner 2 bathrooms

bathroom, secure off street parking for two cars and a rear garden. Hedge Lane is a short bus ride to Southgate underground station and has excellent road links

ÂŁ484,950 Freehold

into London via the A10 and A406.

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well-presented first floor flat situated in a cul de sac location located within walking distance of Bounds Green underground station and Bowes Park mainline station. The property, which is offered on a chain free basis,

Eleanor Road Bowes Park, N11

benefits from a 17ft living room, a newly fitted modern kitchen, a modern

2 bedrooms, bathroom living room, kitchen

bathroom, two double bedrooms, laminate floors, gas central heating and double glazing. The property is offered CHAIN FREE.

ÂŁ250,000 Leasehold

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well-presented and extended five bedroom round bay Edwardian house located in this popular residential turning close to Palmers Green's shops, restaurants and mainline station. The property benefits from a spacious

extended 23ft living room, a 15ft dining room with original feature fire surround, a modern extended kitchen, a ground floor cloakroom, two bath/shower rooms,

Hazelwood Lane Palmers Green, N13 5 bedrooms, through lounge dining room, kitchen, 2 bathrooms

gas central heating, double glazing, a large rear shed/outhouse and a South facing rear garden. An internal inspection is essential to fully appreciate this well proportioned family home

ÂŁ485,000 Freehold

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ric e

w A SA ith G L in RE E 24 E ho D ur s



Connaught Gardens, Palmers Green, N13 3 bedrooms, through lounge, kitchen, bathroom, off street parking

£419,950 Freehold A SA G L RE E ED

New River Crescent, 1 bedroom, living roo


Ashbourne Lodge, Palmers Green, N13 2 bedrooms, living room, kitchen, 2 bathrooms, parking




£299,995 Share of Freehold



Corrib Court, Palmers Green, N13 2 bedrooms, kitchen, living room, bathroom

£1,300 per month Like us on Facebook

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Hedge Lane, Palm

4 bedrooms, through lou


rsonal Palmers Green Estate Agent w A SA ith G L in RE E 24 E ho D ur s


Green Lanes, Palmers Green, N13 2 bedrooms, living room, kitchen, bathroom

£249,950 Leasehold ov A SA er G L as RE E ki E ng D pr ic e

Palmers Green, N13

m, kitchen, bathroom


WCASE The Grove, Palmers Green, N13 1 bedroom, living room, bathroom, garden, parking



£235,000 Complete Freehold

mers Green, N13

unge, kitchen, bathroom


Windsor Road, Palmers Green, N13 2 bedrooms, living room, kitchen, bathroom

£1,200 per month 020 8882 7888


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Joy’s memories of Palmers Green My family, all three of us, moved to Palmers Green from Haringay in 1936 when I was five years old. Few people in those days owned a car, most of us used public transport. When we arrived, there were still trams and ladies had to take great care not to trap their high heels in the rails.

Green Lanes Palmers Green with overhead cables

Next came the trolley buses, much more comfortable and almost silent. They were the cause of some amusement (provided you were not in a hurry) when the trolley arms jumped off the overhead cables and the conductor had to catch them with a hook on a very long pole, which was stored beneath the bus. Should something park too close behind it was a mite inconvenient!

But the great thing about the trolley buses was the distance of their routes – the 629 from Enfield to Tottenham Court Road and the 641 from Winchmore Hill to Moorgate and when the petrol or diesel buses started, the 29 went from Cockfosters to Victoria, nowadays it requires at least four buses to do that journey. Everyone will tell you what a wonderful selection of shops we used to have, each one specialising in their own kind of merchandise. If you couldn’t find what you wanted in one of the small shops there was always Evans & Davies and if they didn’t have it there was always Grouts – and if Grouts didn’t have it, it probably meant it was unobtainable! One of my memories was Clarkes, who used to roast their own coffee beans and the whole of Green Lanes smelled just wonderful. Another was Miss Smith at the wool shop, who would put aside your wool if you were unable to afford to buy all you needed at once. Happy memories yes and many changes, some good and some not so good, but I would not want to live anywhere else.

An example of a trolley bus

Joy, from New River Crescent Images supplied by Enfield Local Studies and Archive

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N13 / N14 - A CULTURAL DESTINATION IN THE MAKING! - ART TRAIL HITS THE SPOT! “Southgate & Palmers Green are definitely on the map!” said a delighted, if exhausted Dan Maier (organiser) the morning after the event… 100’s of visitors were seen walking the trail over the June weekend and some culture vultures came quite a distance. Folk were heard talking about it in the small village of Ayot St. Lawrence in Hertfordshire! So the word is definitely out! Speaking to retailers who took part, Dan was delighted to hear of record sales at Heritage Coffee and Tea Company, a newcomer in Southgate who were thrilled to meet lots of new customers and similarly the Olive Branch in Palmers Green had double their normal diners on the Saturday as a result of the Art Trail. “There was a constant flow of visitors all day long…” said Olivia who works there, “…people loved coming to see the art on show here and we were very sad to see the paintings come down”. Ruby Blu, Southgate’s breath-of-fresh-air gift shop also gained lots of new customers as a result of taking part. Owner Emma very kindly gave one of her windows to glass artist Karen Davies for a week which attracted lots of attention and Migle of Your London Florist displayed Lorna Doyan’s butterfly art in her windows with similar results. “The great thing about the Art Trail was it got folk talking... total strangers spotted each other holding trail guides and struck up conversations about where they’d been, swapping notes and exchanging directions to other venues. Neighbours who’d never spoken discovered each other which was great!” said Colin at Heritage. One lady rang to thank the organisers saying: “It was a fabulous event, very inspiring… it lifted me out of my bereavement” Aside from increased footfall and sales for the retailers (part of the organisers’ mission), the creatives taking part also did well, reporting excellent sales, great feedback and interest in their work – proof that there is an appetite for high quality craft and art in our area. To further satiate our design hungry audience, Creative Exchange are holding a Designer Craft & Art Fair on 17th November. Join their mailing list at www.openstudios.uk.com and follow them on facebook for up to date news: http://www.facebook.com/OpenStudiosandArtTrail

SURAYA HOSSAIN – Jewellery maker It can be quite isolating when you’re a designer-maker working from home or from your studio. As a former solicitor I was used to meeting people on a daily basis. I changed career to fit in with bringing up a family so I could be at home more. This event organised by Creative Exchange was so much more than a selling event. I met so many wonderfully creative people, who I found I could connect with on so many levels. It gave me a sense of ‘community’ and of ‘being in a collective workspace’ again. Also, because we’re all local to the area, we’re able to keep in touch. As a self-taught designer-maker of knitted wire jewellery, I didn’t have prestigious qualifications to justify my existence as a jewellery designer. It was therefore exhilarating to see how the public appreciated and admired my work - a real confidence boost, and I sold successfully over the weekend. Support is vital in all spheres of life, and Creative Exchange gives that and more.

TAMI ST GEORGE HEDLEY - Decorative Glass Artist For many years I taught adult workshops in my Palmers Green studio. Annually I would trek off to Brighton, students in tow, seeking inspiration from Brighton's wonderful Open Studio weekends. Imagine my delight when I realised we have a wealth of creative energy and talent, right on our own doorstep and that Dan Maier already had the 2nd Open Studios event under way. I joined Creative Exchange, submitted my work and was thrilled to become part of this year’s event. I exhibited at Baskervilles Cafe on Alderman's Hill. For two whole days from early til late, the entire back area, kindly given over to us by owners Diane and Steve, was filled with art, the chink of teacups, and animated chat of people talking to designers who had created the pieces on sale. It was such a great atmosphere - busy, and buzzing with conversation about the art on display. The response I had from visitors was wonderful and has inspired me to develop my work even more - I took a lot of commissions and sold out over the weekend. I definitely want to exhibit again at the Autumn Fair on November 17th!

RINAT KOREN – Jewellery maker I didn't really know what to expect from the Art Trail and Open Studios event. During the months of preparation it started to feel like a very special event, a real group effort. We all helped with the publicity and felt responsible for it's success. Reactions from the people of Southgate and Palmers Green were enthusiastic and positive, everything we were hoping for, and when the weekend of the Art Trail came at last it exceeded all my expectations. The number of visitors, their genuine interest, the great feedback, and the fantastic community spirit made it a weekend to remember. I have made some good connections with other artists and am hoping to collaborate with some of them in the future. I can't wait to come back to the area to show some new designs!

ANGELA DIERKS - abstract painter Taking part in the Art Trail has made me feel 'plugged in' in a way I wasn't previously. Despite living in Palmers Green for 8 years, I didn’t actually know any local artists before the event. My work has sold nationally and internationally but not locally so this was new for me. Over 100 people popped in over the weekend. A beautiful aspect was meeting lots of neighbours - and possibly some new friends - from my street and the surrounding area. Going shopping now on Palmers Green high street is a different experience.

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- more than just movies A group of Palmers Green friends had an idea that film-going could be a more social affair. They invested lots of time and energy into setting up Talkies and money from their own pockets for equipment, aided by a grant from the Palmers Green Festival Investment Fund. By October last year Talkies Community Cinema was able to hold its first screening in St Monica’s social club in Cannon Hill. Since then, Talkies has played to packed audiences in local pop-up venues such as the Fox in Green Lanes and Baskervilles Tea Shop in Aldermans Hill. In June an old empty shop unit in Southgate was used for one night. Founder David Williamson says “We have had a fantastic response to our community cinema. People come both to socialize and to see good movies. Audiences are regularly between 70 and 100 and are events are often sold out.” Talkies is more than movies. People are encouraged to arrive early to meet old friends and make new ones. At the Fox, live music entertains you before and after the films and at Baskervilles meals cakes and refreshments are available before the screening. Talkies have revived the intermission into film evenings as a way to spread around more social glue! On August 31st - the eve of Palmers Green Festival Talkies are having a fancy dress, family sing along evening to the original Wizard of Oz at Burford Hall. This is an event not to be missed! You can sign up to the mailing list and see the full programme of future films and book tickets at Talkies website www.talkies.org.uk

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beautifully presented one bedroom first floor Edwardian converted flat located under ten minutes’ walk of Palmers Green's shops, restaurants and mainline station. This spacious and bright property benefits from a

New River Crescent Palmers Green, N13

large living room, a kitchen with appliances, a modern bathroom with shower unit,

1 bedroom, living room bathroom, kitchen

a double bedroom, loft storage space and gas central heating. The property is offered furnished and is available now.

ÂŁ1,000 per month

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refurbished three bedroom flat on the first floor of this 1930’s built mansion block located within easy reach of both Palmers Green's and Winchmore Hill's shops, restaurants and mainline stations. The property

benefits from a spacious living room, a modern kitchen/diner, a shower room, two double bedrooms and one good size single bedroom, gas central heating, mostly

Crestbrook Place Palmers Green, N13 3 bedrooms, living room kitchen/diner, shower room

double glazed windows and secure entry phone system. The flat is offered unfurnished and is available now.

ÂŁ1,250 per month

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AnthonyWebb Your Personal Palmers Green Estate Agent





well-presented one double bedroom apartment located on the first floor of this small three storey block five minutes’ walk from Arnos Grove's shops and underground station. The flat, which is presented in excellent

condition, benefits from a living room with laminate flooring and a door to a balcony, a modern fitted kitchen with appliances, a modern bathroom , double

Seafield Road Arnos Grove, N11 living room, bedroom, kitchen bathroom, balcony

glazing and gas central heating. The flat is offered furnished and is available from 22nd July 2013.

ÂŁ900 per month

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AnthonyWebb palmersgreen@anthonywebb.co.uk

AnthonyWebb Your Personal Palmers Green Estate Agent





well presented three bedroom end of terrace house located in this most desirable turning off Fox Lane. The property benefits from two reception rooms, a spacious kitchen/diner with appliances, a family bathroom, a

further shower room, laminate floors, double glazed windows, gas central heating and a beautifully maintained rear garden. The property, which is ideally situated

Burford Gardens Palmers Green, N13 3 bedrooms, 2 receptions kitchen/diner, 2 bathrooms

for Palmers Green's shops, restaurants and mainline station, is offered with flexible furnishings and is available from 18th August 2013.

ÂŁ1,750 per month

020 8882 7888


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AnthonyWebb Your Personal Palmers Green Estate Agent


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Ask a Local Lawyer Fariz Uvais is a partner in the law firm Harper & Odell and has a consulting office in Palmers Green. Write in and ask your legal questions. Fariz will try and answer your questions in Palmers Green LIFE each month. Send your questions to Harper & Odell, 348 Green Lanes, N13 5TJ or by email to farizu@yahoo.com.

I have been with my partner for 11 years and we have lived together for 8 years. Our mortgage is in his name. We both work full time and have both paid the mortgage and all bills etc between us for the past 8 years. We have recently broken up but I still live at the property. I sleep in the spare room, although we share all the other rooms, kitchen, living room, etc. My partner says that I do not have any claim against the property because the mortgage and title to property is in his name. Is this correct?

Even though a person is not a legal owner of a property because the title is not registered in his or her name, in circumstances such as those described in your question one may acquire an equitable interest in the property. Only a Court is able to determine the extent of the equitable interest held by a party and this in turn depends on all the circumstances specific to the case. Details such as whether or not there were any agreements between the parties before the contributions towards the mortgage payments and/or the upkeep of the property, the nature of the relationship between the parties and many other relevant details are taken into account in determining the share of interest in the property that is awarded on this basis.

If you have contributed towards the mortgage payments from your personal income, then the position taken by your partner is almost certainly wrong. However, this question raises many related issues which are impossible to cover in an article such as this and there fore you should seek legal advice as a matter of urgency.

The reason this type of an interest is referred to as an equitable interest is because the Court is engaged in bringing about a fair and equitable solution to a problem which would without the intervention by the Court end in unjustly enriching one party at the expense of the other.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article should not be construed as legal advice and the information is offered for information purposes only. You should always seek advice from an appropriately qualified solicitor on any specific legal enquiry.

We deliver the highest levels of expertise and attention to detail and deliver up-to-date advice in what is a fast-changing and challenging area of the law. Including:

• Residential & Commercial Conveyancing - Freehold and Leasehold • Wills • Probate Call for more information on:

020 8884 6707 Email: r.dawson@barnesandpartners.com 60 Fore Street, Edmonton, London N18 2TT

020 8882 7888


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AnthonyWebb Your Personal Palmers Green Estate Agent

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