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Past Times • St John’s Church

Broomfield School • A new vision

Woodcroft Wildspace • A nature reserve in N21

Image supplied by Enfield Local Studies and Archive

St John’s Church, 1907-1909

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welcome This month we continue to see a very buoyant housing market and in some cases we are finding prices exceeding the 2007 peak. According to Zoopla, property prices in Palmers Green have gone up by a whopping 8.2%, or £29,479 in the past year alone, which is above the national average. It’s definitely a seller’s market at the moment as many people are still reluctant to move and are choosing to extend their home instead resulting in low housing stock availability. We are finding that property marketed at the right price is quickly snapped up by eager buyers, boosted by the young professionals moving from Muswell Hill and Crouch End to the area in order to get more space for their money. Most recently the competitive market has lead to sealed bids, often well over the asking price, due to issues of supply versus demand. Mortgage products are available at good rates, for those with 15% and above deposits. If you are considering moving or downsizing to take equity out of your home, maybe to assist children to get on the property ladder or to supplement your own income or pensions now is the time. Please contact us to

discuss your options. Last month I was fortunate to visit the Houses of Parliament with Love your Doorstep, a local initiative to help boost community and business alliance. Anthony Webb continue to build strong community links and included in this month’s magazine is an article from Broomfield Secondary School (page 9), reviewing the exciting developments taking place and their vision for the future.


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AnthonyWebb 348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, London N13 5TJ

Past Times in Palmers Green ... This monthʼs Past Times article is kindly written by John Peace.

The great sale of the Taylor estate, in 1902, set the wheels in motion and development in Palmers Green began in earnest. slump. Unable to sell houses and with interest rates soaring he faced financial ruin and like many builders at that time was made bankrupt in 1914. My mother was born at the Gables in 1907 being the only surviving child out of 5. In those days babies were generally born at home as in my mother’s case. A neighbour was called into help if necessary. However, if there were complications, the survival rate was very low. Green Lanes

It is hard to imagine Green Lanes, Palmers Green being as quiet as the picture above shows. However, only a few decades ago, Sundays were almost silent in Green Lanes, apart from people on foot walking to church and talking in hushed voices. Until the beginning of the last century Palmers Green churchgoers had a long walk to their Parish church; all the way to Christchurch, Southgate, although my grandparents chose the easier walk along Hoppers Road to St.Pauls, Winchmore Hill. This was where they married in 1906 and where my mother was baptised in 1908. Then in 1904 Palmers Green became a Parish of its own and the building of St.Johns began. It was designed by John Oldrid Scott, son of the well known architect George Gilbert Scott. It was completed in 1908. My family continued to worship at St.Pauls until my grandfather died in 1920. The advantage of the walk to Winchmore Hill was that it gave him the opportunity to watch the houses he was building with his brother in law William Whitridge, on the west side of Hoppers Road, gradually developing.

St.Johns soon became the centre of religious and social activity in Palmers Green, following the completion of the church halls. Prior to that various groups such as the Hazelwood Park Lawn Tennis Club held their indoor events at the Avondale Hall. The church has changed very little during the last century. Stained glass windows were added at various times. Some of the early ones were from the William Morris Company factory. The front fence and holly hedge have been replaced by a wall. At the time I joined the choir in 1952 the holly hedge was used to initiate new choristers. In the great storm of 1987 the left side pinnacle of the front of the church was blown down crashing to earth, the pointed end impaling itself into the lawn. A passing rag and bone man, first on the scene, decided it was worth carrying it off. However he was stopped by a church member. Some years later it was put back on the tower in its rightful place.

many faiths. Within the Christian community the churches of Palmers Green and Winchmore Hill hold joint services from time to time. St.Johns is fortunate in still having a dedicated choir. A highlight of the Christmas time is the Nine Lessons And Carrols Service, sung by the choir. A new Parish Centre was added to the church in 2010 providing facilities for the uniformed organisations, meeting rooms and disabled access and toilets. One of the most prominent features in the grounds of St.Johns is the war memorial erected in 1920 just 2 years after the first world war ended. It was designed by Sir Frank Salisbury and sculpted by Sir John Angel. Following a recent clean the memorial is now revitalised, bright and fresh. Every year on Remembrance Sunday St.Johns congregation are joined by the congregation of the local Roman Catholic Church of St.Monica's at which we honour the local dead of the 2 world wars together.

St.Johns has seen many big events including many weddings and a memorial service for passengers of the Titanic when it sank in April of 1912. Stevie Smith, our local poet and author attended the church from time to time, when she lived in Avondale Road. There were big celebrations for the 50th and 100th anniversaries.

Hoppers Road

Hoppers Road was completed in 1905 and the houses have not changed much during the past 110 years. My grandfather Simmons then went on to build houses in Eaton Park Road, Natal Road and Green Lanes before starting on the Hazelwood Park Estate which was completed in 1914. Having borrowed heavily to finance the building of the estate the threat of WW1 resulted in a property

• The foundation stone of St. Johns was laid by V.E Walker on 17th October 1903 The choir walking with the congregation to Christchurch, Southgate during the 1954 celebration.

The population of Palmers Green has changed over the years. The area now has a diverse population of

• 12th November 1904 the church was consecrated by the Bishop of London • January 1906, St Johns was granted its own parish and ceased to be a “daughter” church to Christ Church

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Have your say about the future of Palmers Green public realm! What is great about streets and parks in Palmers Green? What is not so good and what would you like to see in the future? Enfield Council will be arranging a public consultation event to ask residents of all ages and backgrounds these questions in March 2014. On March 21st-24th, the Council will be setting up a ‘consultation space’ in collaboration with local groups, where residents can stop by to express their views on the Palmers Green public realm. During the consultation, residents will be asked to consider the area and comment by using a large scale model of the Palmers Green area created by local school children. Initial consultation work was carried out by a group of Palmers Green residents in 2013. The responses from these questionnaires will form the basis for the Palmers Green consultation project, with the aim to engage the entire community in the process so that the Council can better understand how people feel about the area. Improvements could include things such as more greenery and public artwork, amendments to street furniture and new crossing points on the High Street. However you may have completely different ideas that you want to let us know about. This is also an opportunity to let us know about problem spots and issues within the area. Enfield Council believes that working closely with local people is the best way for planners and designers to understand areas, and for places to be loved and looked after in the long term. The

Council has previously worked together with residents and local groups to develop ideas for areas such as Lytchet Way Estate in the east of the Borough, where over 350 residents assisted the Council in developing plans for the environment within the estate. The estate improvements, which were completed in 2011, include new play areas, better walking routes and an outdoor gym, and they have been hugely popular with residents. Following the Palmers Green consultation, Enfield Council will summarise and develop ideas for the area based on resident feedback, with the aim of raising funds for substantial improvements to the Palmers Green public realm. It is important that the Council get views from as many residents as possible, so please do stop by and let us know what’s important to you! Alongside the consultation light refreshments and activities for children such as face painting will be offered. You will not need to bring anything on the day. Council Officers will provide details of consultation locations and times via letters and posters in the area closer to the date. For further information please contact Liam Mulrooney ( or Hanna Salomonsson (

Love Your DoorStep by Emma Rigby Visit us on facebook

What is a sustainable community? We have often heard this term banded. It means in essence communities planned, built, or modified to promote sustainable living. However, in my view a sustainable community is all about the community because it’s the magic ingredient for sustainability to thrive in areas. We need communities to work together, communicate across all sections, tiers, authorities and ‘streets’. Essentially it is all about spirit, the spirit of the community. Last week, LoveYour DoorStep was very

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lucky to be featured in The Guardian’s Sustainable Business Pages and it was a great article that showcased the borough at its best. What The Guardian journalist saw immediately were all the diverse businesses we have here from startups, little cottage industries, mumpreneurs, small to international businesses all working together, supporting each other. The journalist also saw us, the local people supporting these companies, by buying local creating a strong local sustainable economy. There’s that

word again… ‘sustainable’, the other half to community! The Guardian story was based around a very special event taking place on the 24 of February, 2014 where we at Love Your DoorStep will be taking 70 local guests to the House of Commons, organised by our local MPs David Burrowes and MP Nick De Bois, to showcase how Love Your DoorStep has bonded our community together. Enfield should be very proud. We have come a long way from the negative media images that we saw after the London riots in 2011.



Woodcroft Wildspace by Bob Ladell Woodcroft Wildspace, Woodcroft, N21 3QN,

Woodcroft Wildspace is located in Winchmore Hill, accessed from Woodcroft, off the mini roundabout on Broad Walk, N21. The project started in 2003 with the brief to create an “Educational wildspace for the benefit of the whole of Enfield”. The project has evolved this simple one line brief and everything you see on the site today is derived from that. We have a series of wildlife habitats starting with the Wetland Area ponds, home to frogs and newts, complimented by a Boggy Area, where quite different plants and insect life abound. Stag Beetle havens have been created to support this protected species in novel ways from log piles to stick fencing around the ponds. Our orchard has 83 apple trees of 34 different rare varieties, both cooking and eating apples which you won’t find in your local supermarket. We’ve had 3 good crops since planting them, helped along by our bees. Unfortunately the bees have not fared so well with now 3 very difficult winters in succession. All of them died in the frost last winter and the new colonies have struggled with the late spring and now very wet winter. We hope that the remaining colony can survive until this spring. Our apiary building now houses not only the beekeepers but also provides a modest community / educational classroom. One of our current projects will extend it

imminently by adding an outdoor covered learning area to enhance it’s use providing shelter both in showers and full sun. It is available for community and schools groups use – please enquire about availability. Woodcroft Wildspace also has a large Community and Events meadow designed to hold outdoor community events, including small concerts and school plays, utilising our amphitheatre and welcoming the audience on the grass. We also have an Outdoor Classroom. Educationally we are encouraging schools and other groups to use Woodcroft right across the curriculum. The environment provides learning opportunities right across the curriculum, from the obvious wildlife, animals, birds, insects to art – painting, drawing, photography – maths and the sciences – application of levers, pulleys and other engineering, to English in the form of writing industry style reports through to inspiration for poetry. A wealth of opportunities – come and see.

going quickly. Please enquire about availability via the email address below – spring is only a few weeks away so ground preparation now is good. Woodcroft also supports other charities and hosts Team Building days for industry. Business in the Community promote Give and Gain Day, a global day of companies encouraging their staff to get out into their local communities to help with a variety of projects. Lloyds Bank do a similar thing with the Lloyds Make a Difference Day. We typically host 30 to 40 people in a day all doing something on the site to either create a new feature or maintain existing ones. We run 3 Project Days per week throughout the year, where volunteers come along and do various jobs between 10am and about 1pm on Tuesday, Fridays and Saturdays. You are welcome to come and join in the fun, have a chat or just take a walk and relax with the beauties of nature in this enclave of the countryside in North London.

We also support volunteering in various ways. Duke of Edinburgh’s Award scheme volunteers have been to Woodcroft and participated in various activities from creating the large ponds to the country craft of hedge laying. It not only teaches the skills involved but also team working and preparation for leaving school and going to work. Some volunteers have directly benefitted from volunteering at Woodcroft by getting a job as a result. One biodiversity graduate did just that by gaining the experience of doing a biodiversity survey and report for us, to then attend an interview and be the only candidate who had done so before. He got the job. Another project we have in progress in the creation of an Organic Sensory Garden. We already have two groups wanting to take on a patch, so hurry, the Wildspace Allotments that form the garden are

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Councillorʼs Corner by Cllr. Bambos Charalambous Tel: 020 8351 1362

I’ve never owned a bicycle – growing up next to the North Circular Road my parents wisely took the view that it would be too dangerous for me to cycle along such an incredibly busy road and although growing up in the 1980’s I did think that the Choppers and Grifters were cool, cycling on the whole passed me by. Recently my interest in cycling was awakened by various friends and colleagues who cycle and also by my employer pushing cycling very heavily to its work force. This also coincided with my being asked to take part in a Council run cycle Sunday session from Forty Hall along the new Greenway and also discovering that Enfield Council were about to submit a bid to the Mayor of London for share of £100 million for safer cycle routes in outer London boroughs known as the ‘mini Holland’ proposal. Enfield’s bid was submitted in December 2013 and is for £25 million.

The bid includes: • Creating a pedestrian friendly environment on Church Street by removing through traffic and installing separate bus and cycle lanes.

• Converting the Edmonton Green Roundabout into a Dutch Style Roundabout with separate lanes for cycles. • Introducing lightly segregated cycle lanes along the A1010, A105 and A110. • Developing a network of Quietway and Greenway routes across the whole Borough. • Developing Cycle Hubs at Enfield Town and Edmonton Green Train Stations. • Providing support for residents who want to take up cycling with free bike loans and residential cycle parking. • Involving the local community in the design of all schemes, particularly those in residential streets. One of the biggest barriers to people taking up cycling is concern about safety and part of this bid is designed to improve safety by having more segregated cycle routes and also to develop a Quietway and Greeway network to minimise contact with motor vehicle traffic. In Enfield of the 80% of motor vehicle journeys are less than 5 miles, a distance that could be cycled easily, yet only 2% of journeys are cycled. This startling figure also

coincides with the newly published Public Health England figures showing Enfield having among of the highest rates in London of both adult and child obesity with over 64.2% for all adults. There are many good reasons to start cycling such as the fact that it will save you money, get you fit and that you will probably arrive at your destination quicker to name but three but having the infrastructure in place for cycling is also very important. I believe in leading by example and having espoused the benefits of cycling it would be hypocritical of me not to try it for myself and so if you see a rather forlorn man wobbling on a bike along Hazelwod Lane in early spring then please be kind to him. Having just told you this news there can be no backing out for me now! The final decision on the mini Holland bid is expected in March 2014. To find out more about cycling in Enfield (including free cycle lessons, Sunday bike rides and Dr Bike sessions) please visit

Parliamentary Comment David Burrowes MP

RAIN, RAIN GO AWAY! COME BACK ANOTHER DAY! It has been an extraordinary month with the appalling weather and as ministerial aide to Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP, the Secretary of State for the Environment, I have been very involved with the Government's response to the national crisis. Parts of Enfield, like residents near Turkey Brook, have experienced minor flooding but thankfully not on the scale of 13 years ago when the Salmon's Brook flooded out residents in Montagu Road in Edmonton. Now there is a £15 million flood alleviation scheme which is making good progress. The biggest impact so far has been the knock on effect on transport. Anyone travelling on the Hertford Loop using Palmers Green station will have experienced serious delays. The problems though have gone beyond bad weather with the last 3 months seeing unacceptable delays.

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Together with Enfield North MP Nick de Bois I have met with First Capital Connect and Network Rail senior managers and have raised concerns in a debate in Parliament and tabled further questions to Ministers. As a fellow commuter I appreciate the frustrations and problems that unexplained cancellations, service alterations and delays can cause to those who work and travel daily into London. First Capital Connect and Network Rail can no longer ignore this issue. Whilst there is welcome long term investment in the 40 year old track and trains which will see improvements, there must be more to help ease the current delays and provide better communication. I will keep up the pressure for service improvement on our train line. Many constituents will have been affected by transport problems which were entirely avoidable if Bob Crow had not called the RMT out on strike. My view is that the strike was unnecessary. We

need to press on with modernising the London Underground to become a 24 hour service, which will mean embracing less of a need for manned ticket offices. In any event I think that the tube should be treated as an essential service which should not be stopped by a strike. The rain has taken its toll on our roads with some bad potholes in need of repair. I have launched a 'Palmers Green Pothole Watch' with my local action team - Ersin Celebi, Natasha McDermott, and Amy Yianniatsarou to ensure the Council take prompt action. Please email me at or tweet me @davidburrowesmp a photo of the pothole with details of location and I and my Palmers Green Action Team will follow it up with the Council. Best wishes David Burrowes MP



Sun Pharmacy A New Travel Clinic in Palmers Green More and more people are travelling abroad and it is expected that over 17 million Britons will be doing so this year and more than a quarter of these people will fall ill while abroad. If you are planning to travel outside of Europe then it is more than likely that you will need to get some Travel Vaccinations against some of the serious diseases found in other parts of the world. Unfortunately this can be quite tricky to do as many surgeries no longer offer Travel Vaccinations and those that do often want you to book many weeks ahead. Now there is no excuse to not get the correct vaccinations as there is a new Travel Clinic in Palmers Green. With its Late Night openings and friendly advice Sun Pharmacy Travel Clinic can take care of all your travel needs. It is useful to be cautious and practice simple avoidance measures to help protect yourself against illnesses while abroad but many diseases which vaccines protect against are almost unavoidable. For instance Hepatitis A travels in water supplies and is very difficult to destroy with disinfectants. Sun Pharmacy Travel Clinic can provide vaccinations to protect against many travelrelated infections and can also supply certain prescription only medicines (POMS) like antimalarials. It is always good to plan ahead and speak to one of the qualified staff at Sun Pharmacy Travel Clinic 4-6 weeks before you

travel but even the last minute traveller can be catered for. Sun Pharmacy Travel Clinic can also provide other vaccinations like Hepatitis B for occupational health and the seasonal Flu Jab and a range of services not previously available without prescription. These include medicines for Erectile Dysfunction, Smoking Cessation, Emergency Contraception and many more. A new blood test service is also being launched soon. This will be a simple finger prick test for things like Hep B immunity, Vitamin D levels, Iron levels, cholesterol testing and a food intolerance test. People may sometimes feel that they have little time to check these things but the pharmacy is open till late, actually till 10pm Monday to Saturday and from 11am to 6pm on Sundays. One local, Katie Donouzjain, who used the pharmacy, says “I discovered my son had nits late on a Tuesday night, having never experienced nits before I was at a loss what to do. Sun Pharmacy were still open and were able to advise me on what treatments were suitable and how to use them. The late night service was great and enabled me to treat the problem straight away with successful results". So, people who are travelling abroad this year can walk in to Sun Pharmacy Travel Clinic and get some free advice about travel health. And even those who aren’t travelling this year can take advantage of the late night opening times for over the counter medicines, health advice and a range of private services.

Sun Pharmacy Travel Clinic Services ✔ Travel Vaccinations ✔ Malaria Prevention Tablets ✔ Meningitis (ACWY) Vaccine for Haj and Umrah ✔ Travel Advice and Products ✔ Occupational Health Vaccination ✔ Seasonal Flu Vaccination ✔ Diagnostic Tests for: Vitamin D levels, Iron levels, Allergy/Food Intolerence, Sexual Health Tests, Menopause, Cholesterol, Hepatitis B Immunity and more coming soon

Pharmacy Services ✔ Private Prescription Dispensing ✔ Over The Counter Medication and Advice ✔ Blood Pressure/ Diabetes/ Cholesterol Testing (Heart Health Test) ✔ Erectile Dysfunction Tablets (Viagra, Sildenafil, Levitra and Cialis) ✔ Stop Smoking Medication (Champix) ✔ Weight Loss Tablets (Xenical) ✔ Emergency Contraception Tablets ✔ Oral Contraception Tablets ✔ Hair Loss Medication (Propecia)

Sun Pharmacy Travel Clinic 332 Green Lanes, Palmers Green N13 5TW Tel: 020 8882 0193 Fax: 020 8882 0194 Email: Opening Times: 9am to 10pm Mon-Sat 11am to 6pm Sun

020 8882 7888

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stunning four bedroom Edwardian period house located in a most desirable residential turning close to Palmers Green's shops, restaurants, bus routes and mainline station (Moorgate). The property, which retains

many original features including a tessellated tiled hallway, benefits from a spacious living room with original feature fireplace, a dining room with fireplace and French doors to garden, 25ft fitted kitchen/diner, a utility room and w.c, a

Caversham Avenue Palmers Green, N13 4 bedrooms, living room, dining room kitchen/diner, utility room, cloakroom bathroom, rear garden

contemporary family bathroom, two spacious double bedrooms and two single bedrooms, front garden and 100ft rear garden. An internal inspection is essential to fully appreciate this lovely family home.

ÂŁ724,995 Freehold

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Broomfield, a School at the Heart of Our Community by Peter Travis, Head Teacher

A brief history Broomfield School was originally founded in 1938. At that time it was called Arnos School. In 1984, Arnos School was united with Minchenden School on the current site and was renamed Broomfield School. Broomfield School grew into one of the largest secondary schools in the Borough of Enfield. One of the reasons for this was its location near the borders of the neighbouring boroughs of Haringey and Barnet, but it was also due in no small part to the dedication over the years of its staff and governors to the education and enrichment of its pupils and students.

Broomfield School is back... Readers may be aware that a number of years ago the school went through a difficult patch and in October 2011 it was placed in ‘special measures’ by Ofsted. However, in September 2012, the school began the academic year with a new head teacher and senior leadership team and a new governing body. Within a year, in June 2013, Ofsted revisited the school and was so impressed by the progress made that they took it out of special measures. This was excellent news for the school and the local community. It recognised the significant improvements made and the hard work and determination of the pupils, staff, parents, governors and the local authority. It is impressive for a school to come out of special measures within such a brief time and also to receive a Good in the category of Leadership and Management. Other comments in the Ofsted report are: “Students feel safe at the school and say that there is very little bullying.” “The headteacher and his senior team have been relentless in their drive to improve standards at the

school. Leaders, including governors, have high expectations and are working hard to raise standards for all students.” “All faculty areas in the school now have examples of outstanding teaching.” “Current sixth form students are making good progress in their learning and achieving their targets.” Ofsted, June, 2013.

... And Going Places Today, Broomfield School is going places. It is a school that is committed first and foremost to providing an outstanding education for the community. The Head Teacher, Peter Travis, writes: Our vision is to provide your sons and daughters with the very best education. We want our pupils to excel in all of the many dimensions that make up education in its fullest sense. Firstly, and centrally, we aim for our pupils to excel academically, vocationally and culturally, but also physically and in sports, as well as in their social, spiritual and moral lives. So that when your sons and daughters come to leave Broomfield School in five or seven years’ time, they will be knowledgeable, intelligent, well qualified, highly skilled, virtuous and well-rounded individuals, able to play their full part in society. In the summer 2013, Broomfield School - after just after one year under its new management - was able to boast some very impressive examination results. At GCSE level, 73% of pupils achieved A*-C in mathematics and 75% achieved A*-C grades in two sciences. In addition to exam success, there is a keen focus upon enrichment activities and a developing collaboration with the local primary schools and the wider community. Examples of recent work in

these areas are ‘Supernovas’, the exciting after-school science club for primary-school pupils, the laying of a wreath at the Remembrance Day service this November, the Bee Club, the Latin Club, a variety of sports clubs and many educational and cultural school-trips. As many of you will be aware, under the former Labour government Broomfield School was a part of the “Building Schools for the Future” programme. Under this programme the current buildings were to be demolished and a new school built. With the change of government it was decided, by the new government, that the fabric of the school was sufficient not to warrant this rebuild. There is therefore a commitment to upgrading, redecorating and refurbishing the original school building and hundreds of thousands of pounds are being spent on this project. The historic 1930s buildings, with their subsequent extensions, are therefore being rapidly transformed thanks to the commitment of the school leadership, governors and the Local Authority.

A School for the Community Broomfield School sees itself as a school at the heart of its community. It is providing the very best that is modern and the very best that is traditional; in short the very best education for all of its pupils and sixth form students. It provides a safe, caring and friendly environment. It places great emphasis upon the highest standards of academic achievement, behaviour and excellence in education and personal achievement. If you are looking for a place in Year 7 or the Sixth Form for September 2014, the school would be delighted to hear from you and to give you a tour. Contact details are as follows: Broomfield School, Wilmer Way London N14 7HY. Tel: 020 8368 4710 Email: Website:

020 8882 7888

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four bedroom Edwardian character house situated in a desirable turning off Hazelwood Lane within easy reach of Palmers Green’s shops, restaurants, buses and mainline station (Moorgate). The house benefits

from a living room, a sitting room, a conservatory, a fitted kitchen/diner, four double bedrooms (one with an en-suite shower room), a family bathroom with

New River Crescent Palmers Green, N13 4 bedrooms, 3 reception rooms kitchen/diner, 2 bathrooms

separate toilet and a 70ft rear garden. The house has double glazed windows in keeping with the original style and character and also boasts many original features including a cast fireplace in the living room, a tessellated tiled floor in the hallway, stripped and stained floorboards and an original front door.

ÂŁ614,995 Freehold

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Anastasia Lodge Autumn Gardens Luxury Residential Care Homes for the Elderly

We are looking to recruit

Nurses and a

Clinical Nursing Lead Must: ✔ be a Registered General Nurse ✔ have a Level 1 or above Nursing Qualification ✔ have a current PIN Autumn Gardens will soon begin providing nursing care. This means that residents who require nursing care, will be able to come to Autumn Gardens. We will be continuing all our current services including residential full time and respite placements and day care services.

To apply please call Elena on 07904 125 611 or email 73 Trent Gardens, Southgate, London N14 4QB

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AnthonyWebb Your Personal Palmers Green Estate Agent




five bedroom Edwardian linked semi-detached house located in this most popular residential turning off Fox Lane within easy reach of Palmers Green's shops, restaurants and mainline station with Southgate underground station only a short bus ride away. This spacious property, which boasts a wealth of original period character features, benefits from a hallway with an original Monks bench and original cast iron feature fireplace, a spacious living room with an original cast iron feature fireplace and original round bay window, a sitting room with original French doors leading into the rear garden, a fitted kitchen/diner with granite work surfaces, a ground floor cloakroom, a cellar, a bathroom, a converted fifth bedroom in the loft with an en-suite bathroom, high ceilings with original covings and central roses, original leaded glass windows, gas central heating and an approx 90ft rear garden.

Cranley Gardens Palmers Green, N13 5 bedrooms, 2 reception rooms kitchen, 2 bathrooms ground floor wc

ÂŁ749,950 Freehold

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Testimonials We strive for the highest standards and the happiest clients, hear what they have to say about us! ith Nick or Patrick w Happy Vend

Susan Landlord Anna with Happy Purchaser and

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348 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, London N13 5TJ

Tel: 020 8882 7888

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Hair Extension systems explained by Kiri from Fabulous Hair Company Hello and welcome back. The last couple of months we have covered many subjects regarding hair styles and hair health, for this month’s article; I was recently asked to answer questions about hair extensions on a radio show and proved a popular topic. There are many different types of hair extension available but I’m only going to describe the more popular and safer hair extension systems that are worth considering. Weave Hair Extensions. Natural hair is braided into what is known as a corn roll and a weft of hair is then sewn in with a needle and cotton. Pros: Weaves are good for medium to thick hair. Weaves instantly add lots of volume and length. Cons: If braids are made too tightly they can hurt, put strain on your scalp and cause hair to fall out at the root. If the weft is too heavy, it can cause hair to fall out. Weaves are best for thicker hair because the braids take up a lot of your natural hair. Because of this, wefts can also be obvious in very fine hair as there is not enough hair left to hide it. Pre-Bonded Extensions. Also known as fusion hair extensions, extension strands are bonded to the natural hair with various types of adhesives such as keratin, glue, plant based and petroleum based adhesives. If pre bonded, an application machine is used to soften the bond. All other methods use a glue gun. Pros: Fusion hair extensions are generally the most discrete (depending on the application techniques). They're permanent, meaning you have gorgeous thick hair everyday for up to 6 months. They're easy to maintain if you have the correct guidelines. With a little extra TLC (and depending on the bond) you care for fusion hair extensions in much the same way that you would your natural hair. Cons: If not applied and removed by a trained technician you could risk damage to your natural hair. Fusion hair extensions can require 4+ hours for application

depending on the amount of strands needed. Many fusion extensions are applied with "glue guns" which are messy and time consuming. Many fusion hair extensions use polymers which are petroleum based or glue adhesives - these are not compatible with the human hair and may cause unnecessary damage. Tape Hair Extensions. Tape weft extensions are semi permanent and very quick to apply. Tape hair extensions are applied quickly and easily. The pre taped weft of hair is typically sandwiched on either side of the natural hair. Results are seamless. Pros: Tape weft extensions are semi permanent lasting anywhere from 6-12 weeks. Tape extensions are easy to maintain - they are washed and styled in your natural hair. Tape extensions are very quick to apply. Cons: Most tape extensions are made from synthetic or low quality human hair. Most tape extensions do not have clear bonds and can at times be seen through the hair. It can be harder to tie your hair up as you need to be sure that the wefts are covered. Micro Beads. Also known as Micro Loop or Micro Bead hair extensions. The hair extension is looped through the natural hair and then clamped on to it using pliers and a metal bead. Pros: Micro beads can be moved up when the slip down the hair shaft.

As they can be moved up, they can be a cost effective option. Cons: Micro links can slip down the hair shaft and need frequent moving up. Hair used is typically low quality and will start to look tacky after a few months. Micro links can be damaging to the hair. The beads (which contain grooves like a screw) are clamped onto the hair shaft with pliers. Metal micro links are particularly bad and damaging to your natural hair. When heat is applied to the metal rings, such as a blow dryer or hair straightened, the metal amplifies the heat on the hair inside it resulting in breakage. At Fabulous hair we use 2 different types of systems. Great Lengths cold fusion and Vogetti tape extensions. Both systems use the best quality human hair available. I have added a face book album showing what can be achieved with the right hair extensions, just go to and take a look. If you have any questions that need answering quickly, please email me at and I will get back to you soon as I can. If you have enjoyed my article, let us know by liking us on facebook and we will enter you in our monthly competition for a chance of winning one of many Paul Mitchell travel size styling products. Just go to our website at click the facebook icon to like.



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‰To help celebrate our first 10 years in Palmers Green ‰Enjoy 10% Off your next picture framing order* ‰Wide choice of styles, helpful advice, attractive prices Telephone: 020 8886 8717 358 GREEN LANES . LONDON N13 5TJ * (Applies to all orders placed before end of March 2014 upon presentation of this advertisement)

Savour the Season by Lina Parsons

Pasta with Cavolo Nero Pesto Serves 4-6 People who know me well know there’s nothing I like more than talking about food (a legal requirement for us Italians), so I was really pleased to be asked to contribute a recipe to this month’s edition of Palmers Green Life. Over the years I have spent a disproportionate amount of time sourcing and trying countless recipes, so when I find one, which is not only quick and easy to make, but also tastes totally amazing, I get pretty excited – yeah yeah I know, I need to get out more often. Although I’ve only recently discovered this pasta dish, I already know I will be making it for many years to come, especially given that my children love it too. Cavolo Nero (I even love how it sounds), is a black cabbage from Tuscany, which is now available in most supermarkets. When made into a pesto it transforms into a stunning glossy shade of green, and has the most beautiful velvet consistency. I like to sprinkle a handful of toasted pine nuts on the top to add some contrast and texture. Buon Appetito!

Ingredients • 500g / 1lb 2oz of your choice of pasta (I love to use Mafalda Corta by Napolina) • 2 garlic cloves, peeled • 300g / 11oz cavolo nero • 3 tbsp of pine nuts, lightly toasted • 90ml / 3 fl oz of extra virgin olive oil • 3 handfuls of grated parmesan, plus a little extra to serve

Add the olive oil and parmesan, then blitz again and season to taste. You should now have a glossy and rich dark sauce. • Drain the pasta, reserving a cup of the cooking water. Toss the sauce through the pasta, loosening it with a little cooking water so the sauce clings to the pasta. • Finish with another drizzle of olive oil and a little grated parmesan.

Instructions • Strip the stems from the leaves. • In a large saucepan, bring some salted water to the boil, adding the garlic cloves. When it’s boiling, add the cavolo leaves and cook for 8-10 minutes until tender. Drain and put the garlic to one side. • Meanwhile, bring another large pan of salted water to the boil and cook the pasta according to the packet instructions. • Transfer the cavolo, garlic and pine nuts to a blender or food processor and blitz to a fine purée.

Lina’s Extra Tips • For added flavour you could add some pan fried pancetta (or bacon), or chopped large flat mushrooms such as Portobello. • For a punchier option add 2-3 (tinned) anchovies when puréeing the olive oil and parmesan into the pesto. • Make extra pesto and freeze for a super quick meal another day.

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Palmers Green Jewel in the North De Manio on the roof Suzanne Beard of Palmers Green Jewel in the North tells the story of Palmers Green’s most iconic photograph On a wintery afternoon in December 1912, pilot Jean de Manio was on his way from the aerodrome at Balls Park, Hertford, to Hendon in his 50 horsepower Bleriot monoplane. Unfortunately while his destination may have been clear, the weather had other ideas. Wind carried the plane off course and de Manio for a time found himself circling over St Paul’s Cathedral and Cornhill. A little later he was over twilit Palmers Green. Experiencing engine trouble he attempted a landing in Broomfield Park, but fell short and crashed into the roof of no 75 Derwent Road, at that time the residence of a Mr Andow, a postal official who cannot long have moved into his newly built house. There the plane came precariously to rest, one wing on the dividing wall, the other on the chimney stack and the tail portion hovering above Mr Andow’s front bedroom window. Sustaining only cuts and bruises, de Manio was rescued by two schoolboys, who ran to fetch a ladder from Southgate County School while de Manio calmly puffed on a cigarette. Those, indeed, were the days of aviation. 75 Derwent Road didn’t quite come off so well. A number of slates were gone, and the engine had fallen through into the box room, covering it in petrol. The Andows had to seek alternative lodgings that night. The spectacle was reported on by the Recorder on 19 December 1912

All ways led to Derwent Road, and the inevitable crowd gathered. I think it may be said that the majority of the inhabitants of this usually peaceful suburb felt the importance of the occasion, and I verily believe that they were even imbued with a feeling akin to pride that the first aeroplane to fall—I beg pardon, to fly—on to a house-roof should have performed that feat in their own neighbourhood. Sadly, de Manio died in a further accident a year later, before the birth of a baby son, also called Jean. As Jack de Manio, Jean Jnr became one of the most famous and

controversial radio presenters of the 50s and 60s. If it weren’t for the soft roofs of Palmers Green, the name de Manio might never have become famous. • Extract from The Recorder by kind permission of Enfield Local Studies Archive. The Recorder was published from 1907 to 1916. A searchable disc containing all 170 issues is now available from Southgate District Civic Trust. For more about Palmers Green history and people, visit

Are you considering selling your home?

Palmers Green LI FE


March Editio n Issue 13

Past Times

• St John’s Chur ch

Broomfield Sch ool • A new visio n

Woodcroft Wil dspace • A nature reser ve in N21

Anthony Webb can market your property online and exclusively within our Palmers Green LIFE magazine that is delivered for free to 11,000 local homes every month.

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AnthonyW ebb You r Pers onal Palm ers Like us on Facebook

by Enfield Local

Studies and


St John’s Church , 1907-1909

Pres ented by


Gre en Estate Age nt


Palmers Green Tales by Jenny Bourke We are on facebook Email us at We have been very busy this month and hope to be able to upload three films during the next couple of weeks. We have two new filmmakers, John Sollis and Hugh Humphrey. Many thanks to them both, as filmmaking is arduous, especially the editing and they are both spending considerable amounts of time completing films for the website. We have been working with Ralph Hutchings, who as many of you know is multi talented, being among other things a music aficionado, metal and wood worker and great raconteur. We hope to do a few films of Ralph but we are starting with his childhood in Palmers Green and how he became the expert he is today. We have also interviewed Jacques Wajnrych, his story involves many of the difficult events of the 20th Century, from the occupation of his native Paris during the second world war to the Berlin airlift and finally to his hobby of film making which allows us to see Broomfield House in all it’s glory. Thirdly we interviewed John Peace whose grandfather Alfred Simmons built the Hazelwood Estate before the First World War. During his interview we find out how the Hazelwood Tennis Club, got it’s name and how John feels that there is more of a community spirit in Palmers Green nowadays rather than when he was growing up.

Rolling the tennis court at Hazelwood Tennis Club.

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Refreshing, Innovative and Vibrant By Julia Sondack, Drapemasters Interior Furnishers

It’s a wonderful time of year in the interiors calendar. Light is starting to stream through our windows and brighten up our homes and thoughts switch to making the most of our longer, warmer days and all those decorative works we would like to achieve in the home. Advanced technology gives way to colour and design opportunities that are now endless. An extremely exciting time for us as all; the fabric houses unleash a wealth of wonderfully enriched palettes with infinite creative possibilities. Textile colours are more vibrant with fresh, crisp greens, sharp bright blues, hot pinks, and citrus yellows. Warmer more muted colours range from pale pastels through to soft and subtle cinnamons, radiant orchids, ochre and pistachios. Fabric and wall paper designs are also taking on a fresher feel with flora and fauna prints alongside simple prints of animals, giving a light, bright Scandinavian feel. Retro is still very much in vogue with some superb abstract and stylised designs again in both the strong and softer colour ways.

To hand are an influx of digitally printed cottons, cotton sateens and linens all mixed in with traditional weaves of wools in plaids and stripes, alongside embroidered silks and linens which have been beautifully re-coloured in the hottest interior shades. If you are a fan of neutrals you will find they have been warmed up. Grey hues are still the leader in this palette encompassing mushrooms, cappuccinos, cashews, seal, truffle, mole and ash - all sit well against each other or as a background to a few acid cushions and accessories.

motivate, encourage and provoke you to spring into some interior action! For further inspiration and advice please contact Julia or Lee at Drapemasters, designers, suppliers and installers of Interior Furnishings on: or call on: 020 8360 3082

Concurrently our blind and shutter manufacturers have also updated with the latest shades and hues to complement all our furnishings. Whatever your discerning style may be, there will definitely be something in our new collections to stimulate,



48 Vicars Moor Lane,Winchmore Hill, London N21 2QH

020 8360 3082 • •

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well presented three bedroom semi-detached house located within easy reach of both Palmers Green’s and Winchmore Hill's shops, restaurants, bus routes and mainline stations (Moorgate). The property, which retains

many original features, benefits from a living room with wood flooring and a feature fireplace, an 18ft sitting/dining room with sliding doors to the garden and a feature fireplace with original surrounding wooden panelling, a fitted kitchen,

Greenwood Gardens Winchmore Hill borders N13 3 bedrooms, 2 receptions rooms kitchen, bathroom

a modern bathroom, two double bedrooms and one good size single bedroom, gas central heating and front & rear gardens. This popular residential turning lies within the catchment area of St Monica’s primary school.

Offers in excess of

£475,000 Freehold

More properties urgently required, visit us today! 020 8882 7888

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Baskervilles Tea Shop Blog by Diane

A little bit of Wales One of the things I love about March is the arrival of daffodils. A splash of spring colour, to cheer us up after the cold and very wet days of winter. It is of course St David’s Day on March 1st. It’s customary in my family to always have daffodils in the house for March 1st and to make Welsh Cakes. They are a tea time treat made on a traditional bake stone on top of the stove. Bake stones are cherished family pieces passed down through the generations. The bake stone I have was my grandfather’s, made when he worked in a steelworks in South Wales. The family story is that he made it at work and then tied it around his neck and hid it under his coat. Quite a feat! Welsh Cakes are lovely eaten still warm, sprinkled with a bit of caster sugar or served with butter and honey. They are really easy and kids love to watch them cook on the bake stone. Why not have a go and make some.

Welsh Cakes • 225g (8oz) plain flour

1. Mix together flour, baking powder into a bowl

• ½ level tsp baking powder

2. Rub in butter and the remaining dry ingredients

• 75g butter

3. Stir in the egg and then add enough milk to make a firm dough

• 75g sugar • 50g sultanas or currants • ½ tsp mixed spice (optional)

4. Roll out the dough to 1-2cm think and cut into rounds using an 8cm cutter

• 1 egg

5. Cook a hot buttered griddle or in a heavy frying pan for about 10 minutes

• Milk to mix

6. Sprinkle with caster sugar whilst still warm

Diane 66 Alderman’s Hill, N13 4RE 020 8351 1673 Monday – Friday 9-5.15 Saturdays 9.30-5.30 Sundays and Bank Holidays 10-5

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Local Events Whatʼs going on in and around Palmers Green If you have an activity to list here please get in touch at Palmers Green Farmers Market Every Sunday 10-1pm Palmers Green Train Station car park The Buggy Network We are working networking parents that bring our children with us to play whilst we work. Baskervilles meetings are every third Tuesday of the month from 9.30 - 11.30. Call Eve for details 07521 679 142 Kings Market - Community Farmers Market Every Sunday 11-3pm Ashfield Parade, Southgate London N14 5EH BISH BASH BOSH Weekly drumming term time workshops at Hazelwood School

N13 5HE. Tuesday Evenings - hand drumming from 6-7pm and samba drumming from 7-8pm. Adults and secondary school children plus complete beginners welcome £4 for waged participants and £2.50 for unwaged. Southgate Photograph Society Meet every Tuesday at Howley Hall, St Pauls Church, Church Hill, London, Winchmore Hill N21 1JA For more information email: Access to Finance Networking Event The Chamber, Enterprise Enfield, London Community Finance and Enfield Council have come together to create an event to help local

existing, start-up and pre start-up businesses find out what finance options are available to them. The event will feature expert speakers on the current and future economic outlook, how this impacts at a local level and what assistance there is locally such as the Start-Up Loan Fund. Date: Monday 10th March 2014 Time: 10am – 3pm Cost: Free Venue: The Dugdale Centre, Thomas Hardy House, 39 London Road, Enfield, EN2 6DS Please visit for more details.

David Williamson Tickets available at Anthony Webb's offices Our future programme, with events up to August, is now on our website.





On International Women’s Day, this unconventional film is a portrayal of the late Bradford playwright Andrea Dunbar and plays out the tough choices she made to be a creative writer and the effect on her role as a parent.

Smart, powerfully acted, and incredibly intense, Captain Phillips offers filmgoers a Hollywood biopic done right – and offers Tom Hanks a showcase for yet another brilliant performance.

This month we have two amazing films. The first is a thought provoking screening on International Women’s Day - we want to see lots of men there too! The second is a gripping drama based on the true story of the captain of an America cargo ship seized by Somali pirates. Sign up to our mailing list, book tickets and see the results of our survey on our new look pages on the website. Tickets for Palmers Green events are also available from: Anthony Webb Office (opposite Fox) Annita’s Café on Palmers Green Station

Tickets £5 from Dugdale Centre 020 8807 6680 or Online from Talkies website

Tickets £5 Book online from Talkies website or buy direct from Anthony Webb or Annita’s at Palmers Green station

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spacious two double bedroom first floor converted flat situated in this popular residential turning within walking distance of Palmers Greens' shops, restaurants and transport facilities including Palmers Green mainline station (Moorgate). Benefits include a living room, a kitchen/diner with appliances, two bedrooms, a bathroom and gas central heating. The flat is offered furnished and is available now.

Lodge Drive Palmers Green, N13 2 bedrooms, living room kitchen/diner, bathroom




ÂŁ1,250 per month


luxurious newly built apartment set within a private gated development. Benefits include entry phone system, luxury fitted kitchen with appliances, two double bedrooms with built-in wardrobes, a modern bathroom, an en-suite shower room to the master bedroom and own rear garden with views over the New River. This development is within easy walking distance of Palmers Green's shops, restaurants and mainline station (Moorgate). The flat is offered unfurnished and is available now.

Bayswater Close Palmers Green, N13 2 bedrooms, living room kitchen, bathroom

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Property Matters Kate Faulkner is one of the UK’s leading property analysts

Buying and selling a property in good and bad markets The media, pundits, think tanks and property market analysts are very good at frightening people when it comes to property. The market is either ‘in a bubble’, it’s ‘overheating’ or it's ‘crashing’ around our ears. For me, this is irresponsible. It’s people’s lives the media are affecting. It doesn’t help that the industry knows the more of a ‘horror’ story on property it puts out, the more likely it is to get PR, so it’s not entirely the media’s fault. What we should all be concentrating on instead, is what to do if the market is overheating, or crashing. What does that actually mean to you the buyer or the seller? How should you behave differently? Property markets go up and down all the time, depending on how much money is around (cash and lending) and how many buyers are chasing properties for sales. It’s not rocket science! The more money, the more buyers and less properties, mean prices go up. If money is tight – as we saw during the credit crunch – and there are few buyers around and lots of properties for sale, prices come down.

4. Make sure you can afford the mortgage on-going Even if prices fall back, as long as you can afford the mortgage, you will hopefully be able to hold onto the property long enough for prices to recover. This is why buying as a home is very different to investing in property. 5. Check whether you can rent the property out and if it would cover your costs. If a property loses value and if you can’t afford the mortgage or don’t want to sell because you are in negative equity, renting can help you through difficult times. You can do other things, for example, go to auctions, leaflet drop properties you like (politely!), speak to family and friends, colleagues at work. BUT make sure you have a good local surveyor on your side who knows property values in the area to help you understand what price you should pay, so you don’t pay too much, or understand the downside if you do!

To some extent it’s a ‘perfect market’. But the reality is, it’s your home and it often dictates how well off you feel.

So what do you do if you are buying in a busy market?


The thing I love about property is whatever is happening in the market, there is always good news and bad news! The good news of buying in a busy market, is prices tend to be on the up, so when you buy, you don’t have the fear of the 15-30% falls buyers who bought between 2006 and 2009 experienced. The bad news though, is when you end up having to compete with others and end up submitting your ‘best price’ in ‘sealed bid’ contests. This, when buying in a busy market, can be dangerous.

So here’s five things to be wary of when buying in a busy market:1. Check whether average prices are growing at their ‘normal’ level or are overheating For example, in London, average prices grow at 11% per year, so if they were growing at 15%, I’d be cautious, as prices may come down again. 2. Be prepared. You’ll need to research roads and properties you like beforehand Make sure you have alerts from agents for these, get your finances in order and ensure you ‘drop everything’ to be the first to view. Have a legal company ready too. 3. Know how far prices may fall. If you find a property on a street, check what prices fell to from 2007/8 (at the highest) to 2009 (lowest). In the main, it was 15-30%. How quickly have prices recovered? This gives you an idea of what length of time you have to hang onto the property to make sure you don’t lose money.

Chartered Certified Accountants & Registered Auditors

Services provided:-

• • • • • •

Financial accounts & audit Landlords rental accounts & tax Landlords capital gains tax Inheritance tax Business consultancy Company formations Georgiades Charalambou & Co LLP

Chartered Certified Accountants & Registered Auditors 283-285 Green Lanes, Palmers Green, London N13 4XS Tel 020 8886 3672 Fax 020 8882 2713 Email

020 8882 7888

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Charity in the Community Enfield Night Hike 2014 - Friday June 27th 2014 Raising Money for local cancer charities glass of cava and nibbles before the walk commences and there are lots of refreshment and toilet stops on the way. Upon crossing the finishing line everybody also receives a free goodie bag.

Enfield Night Hike is a 15k night time walk around the Borough which raises money for local cancer charities The Nightingale Cancer Support Centre and Barnet and Chase Farm Hospitals Trust. The event is organised by Enfield council and the walk starts and finishes at the Enfield Civic Centre. It's a real community event and everybody wears flashing bunny ears, matching t-shirts and pyjamas (pyjamas are optional! But most do…). Participants receive a soft drink, a

Last year the support for the Night Hike was overwhelming. Local companies and individuals also get involved and offer refreshments along the route from their shops and outside their

Specialist Restoration to Water Damaged & Damp Properties Typical examples of services we offer: ✔ Full Refurbishment Programmes ✔ Damp Surveys and Insurance Estimates ✔ Damp & Condensation Control ✔ Fire Damage & Smoke Restoration ✔ Odour Removal Service ✔ Certified Mould Removal Service ✔ Surveys & Insurance projects undertaken against Insurance Claims SPECIALIST CLEANING OF BRICK – STONE – TIMBER – METAL

homes. Accompanying the event there is a raffle in which local companies donate prizes to. Last year nearly 700 people participated, the atmosphere was electric and it was absolutely amazing to see all of the flashing ears in the dark! Why not join in the fun at this event and complete an entry form on line today

Mick Lawton GENERAL BUILDING & PROPERTY MAINTENANCE Decorating • Plumbing Electrical • Kitchen & Bathroom Fitting • Tiling • Plastering Carpentry


M 07985 541 599 T 020 8245 9146 E


Office: 020 3700 6913 Mobile: 07931 920 193 IICRC Certified

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Your Legal Questions Answered by Fariz Uvais Fariz Uvais is a partner in the law firm Harper & Odell. Write in and ask your legal questions. Fariz will try and answer your questions in Palmers Green LIFE each month. Send your questions to Harper & Odell, 61-63 St John Street, London EC1M 4AN or by email to

I have a personal injury claim and I have been informed that the law on making a claim has changed, I would like to know how these changes will affect me? In April 2013 the Government changed the law on how most personal injury claims are funded and I am assuming that your question refers to these changes. The Government introduced changes to the law regarding “no win no fee” funding agreements made between personal injury claimant lawyers and their clients. There are now two types of “no win no fee” agreements: Conditional Fee Agreements (CFAs) and Damages-Based Agreements (DBAs), sometimes also referred to as contingency fees. Any fees payable to the lawyer under both types of agreements remain conditional on the case being successful and if the case is lost the lawyer is not paid. If the case is won the way the legal costs are paid has changed. Under the old rules it was only possible to enter into a CFA, which permitted the lawyer to recover their normal fees plus an uplift or a success fee of up to 100% of their normal fees. Importantly, these legal fees and costs were fully recoverable from the losing party. Thereby enabling the claimant to keep all the compensation awarded in relation to his or her claim.

Under the new rules, whilst it is still possible to recover the normal fees from the losing party, any uplift or success fee is no longer recoverable from the losing party. The new changes mean that any ‘success fee’ is now paid by the winning party, usually out of the compensation that has been recovered. However, the success fees cannot exceed 25% of the sum recovered, excluding any compensation received for future care and loss. DBAs could not be used in civil litigation before 1 April 2013 except for cases in employment tribunals. Now, however, they can be used in relation to personal injury claims and basically mean that a lawyer can take an agreed percentage of the compensation recovered for their client as their fee if the case is successful. However, in relation to personal injury claims, the percentage agreed is subject to the same 25% cap on the sum recovered, excluding any compensation received for future care and loss. There have been other important changes, including liability for costs if a personal injury claim is lost and the recoverability of premiums paid in respect of after-the-event insurance cover, which are too complicated to be covered in this article. Please make sure that your solicitor explains all these changes to your satisfaction before confirming your instructions.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article should not be construed as legal advice and the information is offered for information purposes only. You should always seek advice from an appropriately qualified solicitor on any specific legal enquiry.

Blitz Kleen C a rp e t & U p h o l s t e r y C l e a n i n g PLUS End of Tenancy Cleans for Landlords, Tenants & Letting Agents Please call for a FREE no obligation quote Telephone: 07973

419 028

Harper & Odell Solicitors Property and Litigation Solicitors Established 1948

Specialist affordable property advice is only a phone call away. We act for clients across London on all types of property matters. Our focus at all times is to keep the client updated by communicating regularly via email and by telephone and we aim to achieve the best possible results at a reasonable cost.

Tel: 020 7490 0500 Fax: 020 7490 8040 61-63 St John Street, London EC1M 4AN

We deliver the highest levels of expertise and attention to detail and deliver up-to-date advice in what is a fast-changing and challenging area of the law. Including:

• Residential & Commercial Conveyancing - Freehold and Leasehold • Wills • Probate Call for more information on:

020 8884 6707 Email: 60 Fore Street, Edmonton, London N18 2TT

020 8882 7888

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Creative Exchange News This year the Open Studios & Art Trail will have over 40 designer-makers and artists showing. Ear-mark the 7th & 8th of June for another inspiring weekend! In addition to hand made ceramics, glass, jewellery, textiles, fine art and photography, we are thrilled to have furniture, lighting and sculpture on show.

Who’s who at CE... introducing another member of the team that makes it all happen Denise Ryan is the person responsible for all our branding and promotional design. The benefit of using a professional graphic designer is incalculable – someone who understands typography, colour and the impact that graphic elements can have on a piece of communication is key to its success or failure. You may have seen a few of Denise's logos around the local area, including the N21 Festival, Symphonic Tots and, most recently, Holy Trinity Church in Winchmore Hill, which has just installed its new signage. “The beauty of freelancing is the variety – I can go from artworking an advert for a large sports company in the morning to designing a logo for a local photographer in the afternoon – which certainly keeps me on my toes! I’m thrilled to be on the Creative Exchange Committee and love creating graphics for our events. From the very first meeting at Dan’s studio a few years ago, it’s incredible to see how the art trail and the network have developed and grown – the yellow keyhole has come to symbolise such a high standard of work from local creatives.” To see more of Denise’s work vsit and you can contact her on email:

Visit the exhibition at Anthony Webb’s office: 348 Green Lanes Palmers Green N13 5TJ (corner of Hazelwood Lane)

This month’s artist: Helen Ryan My art documents a journey from my native Ireland to Australia, Europe and ultimately my chosen home - London. It forms a record of what I see, think and feel as I move through life. The paintings in this exhibition reflect the landscapes, cities, street scenes, people and energy that inspire me – through natural beauty, or by the scale and power of man-made structures and creation. While I have trained to work in all mediums, I’m currently using quick-drying acrylic paint. This allows me to re-work a painting many times, adding multiple layers until I’m satisfied that I have captured my initial enthusiasm of the subject or view. While I have exhibited solely in London, my work features in private collections in the UK and internationally. I’ve also participated in series two of the BBC2 programme Show Me the Monet, which was a great honour. I’ve also exhibited recently at the Crypt Gallery at St-Martin-in-the-Fields in Trafalgar Square, at the Highgate Scientific and Literary Institution, and The Cork Street Open Exhibition in Mayfair. Further information and to see more of my paintings go to my website at

Please mention this article when contacting Helen Ryan

P g life mar14  

March issue of