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By Jimmy Magahern A high-tech executive office building with adjacent taxiways and a helipad, as as well as an authentic ’50s-style diner in the departure lounge…John Meyer’s latest property is redefining the Scottsdale Airpark hangar as the ultimate personal airport. Let’s say you’re a jet-setting rock star in your field, whatever that may be, and you’re entertaining clients at your executive offices in Scottsdale before whisking them off to L.A. in your private luxury aircraft. Influential prospects are enjoying drinks in the second floor conference area and refreshment bar, taking in the sunset falling on the nearby McDowell Mountains,

18 | Scottsdale Airpark News June 2015

while you wait impatiently for the guest of honor, a celebrity entrepreneur, to arrive. Finally her limo pulls up through the double entry gates, observed on at least a couple of the 17 CCTV cameras monitoring the site, and it’s time to round up the entourage. “Let’s say you’re ready to go,” says commercial real

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Scottsdale Airpark News - June 2015  
Scottsdale Airpark News - June 2015