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to single-family homes purchased as shortterm rentals, Sindelar says she’s seeing a trend of people over 50 buying homes with an extra guest house specifically to use them as Airbnb rentals. “I have a friend who recently found a house she wanted to buy in Bisbee,” Sindelar says. “She had decided to shop specifically for a home for herself that included a guest house that she would then rent out.” “Then, just a couple of days later, I had clients in their early 60s purchasing over by the University of Arizona. They

chose a really neat ranch home with a guest house for the same purpose. I’ve seen other examples, and I think it’s definitely a trend.” Sindelar says it’s important that investors carefully consider a home’s location before buying property to use as a short-term rental. “First, you have to make sure you’re buying in a place where people want to stay, that it is a destination,” she says. “In Tucson, a lot of people like to be over by the University of Arizona or by Sabino Canyon in the Santa Catalina

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夀伀唀刀 䜀䤀䘀吀 吀伀 吀䠀䔀䴀⸀

伀唀刀 䜀䤀䘀吀 吀伀 夀伀唀⸀ 䘀刀䔀䔀 ␀㈀  䘀刀䔀䔀 ␀㔀  䜀䤀䘀吀 䌀䄀刀䐀 䜀䤀䘀吀 䌀䄀刀䐀 圀䠀䔀一 夀伀唀 倀唀刀䌀䠀䄀匀䔀 䄀 ␀㄀   䜀䤀䘀吀 䌀䄀刀䐀

搀椀氀氀漀渀ᤠ猀 䀀 琀栀攀 稀漀漀 ㄀㘀㌀㌀㔀 眀 渀漀爀琀栀攀爀渀 愀瘀攀 氀椀琀挀栀昀椀攀氀搀 瀀愀爀欀Ⰰ 愀稀 㘀㈀㌀⸀㔀㌀㔀⸀㐀㈀㐀㤀 搀椀氀氀漀渀ᤠ猀 琀栀甀渀搀攀爀戀椀爀搀 㠀㜀 㘀 眀 琀栀甀渀搀攀爀戀椀爀搀 爀搀 瀀攀漀爀椀愀Ⰰ 愀稀 㘀㈀㌀⸀㤀㜀㤀⸀㔀㌀㔀㌀

圀䠀䔀一 夀伀唀 倀唀刀䌀䠀䄀匀䔀 䄀 ␀㈀   䜀䤀䘀吀 䌀䄀刀䐀

搀椀氀氀漀渀ᤠ猀 愀爀爀漀眀栀攀愀搀 ㈀ 㔀㠀㔀 渀 㔀㤀琀栀 愀瘀攀 最氀攀渀搀愀氀攀Ⰰ 愀稀 㘀㈀㌀⸀㔀㘀㘀⸀㠀㄀   搀椀氀氀漀渀ᤠ猀 䈀愀礀漀甀 瀀氀攀愀猀愀渀琀 栀愀爀戀漀爀 洀愀爀椀渀愀 㐀 ㈀ ㈀ 渀 㠀㜀琀栀 愀瘀攀 㤀㈀㠀⸀㔀 ㄀⸀㈀㈀㈀㜀

圀圀圀⸀䐀䤀䰀䰀伀一匀刀䔀匀吀䄀唀刀䄀一吀⸀䌀伀䴀 Michael Pollack shows off his treasure trove of collectibles.


⨀洀椀渀椀洀甀洀 瀀甀爀挀栀愀猀攀 漀昀 ␀㌀㔀

一伀吀 嘀䄀䰀䤀䐀 圀䤀吀䠀 䄀一夀 伀吀䠀䔀刀 伀䘀䘀䔀刀匀⸀ 漀渀攀 挀漀甀瀀漀渀 瀀攀爀 琀愀戀氀攀⸀ 渀漀琀 瘀愀氀椀搀 漀渀 挀愀琀攀爀椀渀最 漀爀搀攀爀猀⸀ 䔀堀倀䤀刀䔀匀 ㄀㈀⼀㌀㄀⼀㄀㘀 䰀䰀

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Lovin' Life After 50: Phoenix - Dec. 2016  
Lovin' Life After 50: Phoenix - Dec. 2016